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The Delta Times Feb 23, 1909

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First Opening
New Spring Goods-
Everyone predicts an Early Spring and we have gov-
Thc Market.    Our Victoria Letter    Obituary.
erned ourselves accordingly*
Arriving  Daily.
New Qoods
all the
Dry Goods Department.
New Wash Q-oods,, New1 Hosiery, New Whitewear, Summer
wear, Neckwear and Belts, Large Stock Ladies' Dress Skirts, in
New Colors and Styles*
McCall   -   Patterns   -   McCall
Men's Department-
New _S_arts in Neglige* and Begatta, in all the New Shades.
New  Spring Hats in Hard and Soft* in all  the new blocks and
See the New "-KADY" Suspender.
Shoe Department-
This is one of the leading departments of the Store, and a glance at
��ur window display will convince you of the uprtorthe-minute styles, we
aire, showing.
Wall Papers - 1909 -
'*������    T
All the new 19.09 Papers are, now int
���Hardware Department.
Seeds. Seeds. Seeds. ^^^^^^
All ready taa fill" yeror ordeirs for Spiring* Timothy and Glover Seeds
and all kinds c�� Garden and Flower- Seeds_
mHas- department strictly fresh and well   assorted.
New   Westminster,   Feb.   20.��� I
There was a fair market yesterday.
considering  the  very stormy and i
wet weather, with a fair attendance
ot sellers.    Generally a good supply
of all lines of produce ruled, which
fouud a ready  sale.   A number ot j
fine animals were sold in  the rings j
at good prices.
In meat, beet was not so plentiful j
but of good qnality, while lamb and j
mntton were short of demand. Veal
bad a fair supply, with a short de-1
mand.   Pork was in good supply
and all sold readily.
The supply of eggs was satisfactory and the expected sudden drop
came, the  market  opening  at  35c
and closed much  weaker, owing to
large importations arriving daily,,
and a  further decline  may be ex-
pected.    Hotter  held  at old prices j
and   does   not   warrant   an   early'
Victoria, Feb. 20.���On Monday
Hon. Mr. Fulton produced papers
wbich show foreshore lands granted
by this government to the Victoria
Terminal Railway near Blaine, and
to the V. V. & E. Railway near
Annieville, the granting ot these
lands have caused considerable dissatisfaction in each locality.
The  many  friends   of .\_r.   aud
Mrs.   Jas.   Vallanee   were   deeply
grieved   and   shocked   by  tbe  sad
news, last  Friday evening, of the
death  of Mr. Jas. Vallanee, sr., of
I Hamilton, Out., who was here on a
! visit   to   lii_   son.    The   deceased
I gentleman  had  attained   the   ripe
On the question of the ratification j aSe of 75 years, but appeared to be
ot the agreement between the  gov-'< remarkably  vigorous and cheerful
paJ when he arrived here just six days
ernment aud the Grand Trunk
cine relative to the Prince Rupert
Townsite the Opposition ask lor
a committee to enquire into the
facts and the Government has refused such enquiry. A very lively
'debate is expected on this question.
1 A great deal of interest has been
excited by the proposed Medical
Act which has met with such a
strong opposition   that   many im-
Wall Papers
stock and ready for your in-
portant changes will be male in the
There  was a  small   offering  of j Wll before final passage.
apples, which  was quickly bought |    Tbe  P"��P������J   b'll
up.    A fair supply of potatoes, and j
anything offered free from frost was 1
readily sold  at $20 per ton.    Few j
vegetables came in.
A  lair  supply  of chickens  and
fowls was disposed of, those in good I ^����� ______
.... .,       rr,, ��� (annual budget speech   on Wednes
condition going easily.    The small s       v
,       , ,    , ., , t        . day and submitted the estimates for
number ol ducks were easily turned
1 over.
Following i
to regulate!
Fire Insurance is one which ought
to be very materially modified as it!
is purely in the interests of thej
board companies and of the insur-l
ance agents.
The Finance  Minister  made his
the list of quotatioi s i
prevailing at yesterday's market:
Beef,    hindquarters,. 8}_-c to  9c
per lb: forequarters, 6c to 7c.
Mutton, 13c to 14c per lb.
Lamb, 14c to 15c per lb.
Veal,   medium,    ityic   per   lb;
large, 9c to ioe.     '
Pork, 8c to 9c per lb.
Eggs,  wholesale,   35c   per   doz;
retail, 40-.
Butter, 35c to 40c per lb.
Fowls,  $8.00 to $10.00 per doz;
chickens, $7.00 to $8.00 per doe.
Broilers, $4.50 to $6 per doz.
Potatoes, $20 per ton.
Apples, 75c to $1.00 a box.
Onions, $1.25 per sack.
Tnrnips, 50c per sack.
Carrots, 50c per sack.
Parsnips, 75c per sack.
Everything- ih
Seed Growing.
We Want Your Business.
Fawcett & Wilson
A movement is on foot, w e unr-
clerstand, to build an up-to-date
boat of about ninety feet in length,,
fitted with powerful gasoline engines, to eaten tbe trade between
Westniinstar. and down river points..
The idea is to fit out a boat that
3$JThe' mo>6 pleased man around
town to-day is,, pel baps,. Rev. J. F,.
Betts, w,ho is 1 rejoicing over tbe
fact that the lasti cent of indebtedness against tbe- ahtirai.; under his
charge has been wiped off. ^Hiring
Mr. Betts' tenure of office, no less
will be able  to travel at  about _��
knots   per   hour,  with   a   freight jthan >*** *��� ^n aaised and
capacity of say 25-tons; a boat capable of making a double trip if necessary, with comfortable passenger
accommodations. It i�� high time
that something new was sent here
instead of white elephant skeletons.
from the boneyard near Lulu Island
Ls. .-    ���""���*�����*s___________���s
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Follis went up
tojtbe Royal City this morning.
If you have not already done so,
kindly call on the Reeve, II. J-
Hutcherson, and take the oath ot
allegiance and sig,n tha roll provided for  that purpose, in order tbat j tablishing our
J. W. Gibson, Ottawa, read a
most excellent paper at tbe fifth annual convention of the Canadian
Seed Growers' Association, held in
Ottawa, on the 4th and 5th of this
month, on the influence of tbe
special seed plots scattered here and
there throughout the country, in
encouraging a greater interest in
some of the first essentials toward
the ultimate .occe-is of all agricultural endeavor. The speaker expressed tbe hope that the association would ever continue to recognize that well cultivated farms must
be preceded by well-cultivated farmers, and tbat tie bovs now attending our rural public schools
and academies, if properly trained
now, will eventually become a
mighty force in directing and es-
industrial and agri-
[ the coming year among which is
Ithe sum of $15,850 for Di-lta Electoral district. It is expected this
will be augmented by expenditure
from the contingent vote. This
does not include amount necessary
to complete Canoe Pass bridge. It
is expected that government assist-
jance will be extended to the Tmnk,
Scott and River roads.
The Government have been be
sieged by delegations from the
Trades and Labour Council, the
Mutual men, the lumber holders,
the liquor dealers, local option people and the usual crowd ot lobbyists, each with his little axe to
grind; all in the public interests,
j too. One half oi tbe time of the
Legislature is taken up with ijis-
cussing legislation which is lor the
special advantage of this or that individual, class or corporation, and
this kind o( legislation is producing
the inevitable crop of discontent
which is fast merging into socialism. Surely we are sowing the
wind, how can we possibly hope to
escape the whirlwind.
vital forces in the growing p'ant, ot
the bacteria in the soil and the
mysterious chemistry of the sunbeam." Mr. Gibson said that
while his work had been confined
to boys and girls, yet he bad fouud
that the parents ot this vounger
generation had come to take a deep
interest in the work and had received much t radical advantage from
so doing. Asa means of e HTcation
the seed'plotlends itself I n reat
variety o' researches anl <xperi-
ment. li.fford an adrni be opportunity o stud the com , ete life
of a plant and develops the | ower
of accurate and  thorough observa-
before his death. He was accompanied on his trip west by bis
daughter, Miss Bessie Vallaor- and
looked forward with pleasant expectation to an enjoyable visit with
his children iu this city and at the
coast. But this was uot to be, and
ou the evening of his arrival ha
complained of feeling slightly un*
well, and the next day was com-
p.lled to keep his bed. His illness
rapidly developed into an attack of
pneumonia to which he succumbed
on Friday evening.
Mr, Vallanee was for many years
a prominent resident of Hamilton,
having retired from business a  tew
years ago  alter  a long and useful
career  in  that city, during which
his many sterling qualities of char-
scter had won him the deep respect
and   esteem   of  a   large circle of
friends.    He  was educated in Dr.
Tassie's   famous   school   at   Gait,
where so manv men afterwards eminent iu Ontaiio seeurad  their education,   and  was reputed  to  be a
classical scholar 0!  no mean attain-
! ments.    He was a prominent metn-
. ber of St. Paul's Church  being an
' elder and for 52 years was a  mem-
j ber   of   the choir.   His character
, may be summed up by stating tbat
I he was in all respects an estimable
'' Christian gentleman whose life wat
j singularly free frsrn reproach.  The
j bereaved  relatives here   have the
most hearty sympathy of the entire
community in their sad and sudden
bareavement.    The body was taken
back to  Hamilton for burial, Mr.
Vallanee and his sister accompanying the remains.    The funeral service was conducted at the home of
Mr. Vallanee on Mare  Avenue, on
Monday   afternoon,   by   tbe  Rev.
Logie   Macdonnell, the  pallbearers
being  Messrs. Jas. Stodders, T. J.
Cummiskey, H.. F. Wilmot,  J. A.
McKelvie,   T.  E.  Crowell and A.
Leishman.     The   interment   took
place from St. Paul's Church. Hamilton.���Vernon News, Feb, n, '09.
At Home.
final arrangements might
towards organising.
be  ro
spent in renovation work upon tbe
churchi pnopartv whiah,. to-day, has
a much brighter appearance than it
had four years ago and still there
is room fbr improvement. We congratulate the rev. gentleman upon
the energy displayed in overcom*
ing tbe many obstacles which lay
in his path.
Reserve Monday,, March 8th.
SEKD WHEAT ��� Red   File and
Blue   Stem;   Timothy,   Clover,
Root and Garden Seeds.
Brackrr.an-fcer  Milling  Co.,  Ltd.,
Pa N. RICH, Ladner, B.C., Agent.
Frances Willard  Memorial Day,
February  17th, was  fittingly commemorated by Laduer W. C. T. U.
1 on Wednesday evening  last, by an
"At   Home"  held  in  the Baptist
Church.    First Vice-President Mrs,
: Betts presided, and :,fter prayer and
1 roll call Mrs. C. W. Nelson read  a
ver\' interesting paper on the "Life
; and  Work of  Frances   Willard."
' This was followed by  a  number of
short papers on
Chas. Dowding has purchased the
4P-ac_e farm on Crescent Island belonging to the late Alex. Gneurist
del cultural supremacy.
Mr. Gibson based his remarks
largely upon his experience ot the
last five or six years as a travelling
instructor in nature study and
school gardens. The cultivation of
useful and beautiful plants has always been associated with the highest and best Civilization. "The
successful seed grower must be a
close student of natme, He must
have a keen and discerning eye and
must be able to see in his work not
only cl >ds and weeds and  corn but
tion,  while the -scientific spirit is,  , ,      ,,T. .
���   ,        ,   ,    ... ' short papers on  the   "Liquor and
awakened  aud   ihe  whole life en-i^ .       _   _   . .     * ,,
,        ,      , . ..  ,     _    , ! Opium Traffic in Foreign  Lands,
larged and intensified.   Seed grow*   ,     ... , ...
.      . , ,,-,,,   r' A collection was taken up to aid in
ing is one ol the most delightful ofj ,
- . ._ tbe  W
exercises.     It   creates  enthusiasm |
lor the aesthetic in natme, wbich in1
itself is a matter ot  great  import
ance, especially  in  the  training ot
the young mind.
ln conclusion, Mr. Gibson presented the diary ot oue ot the boys
who Lad operated a plot in connection with one of the school gardens
and which went to sho.v to wbat
extent the Dowers 01 accurate observation and discernment  may be
C. T. U. World's Missionary Work. Mrs. Cosman and Dr.
I Woodley favoured the audience
! with solos which were greatly enjoyed, as was also a violin solo by
I Miss Jessie Maclnnis accompanied
! by Mi>s Leila Kirkland.
I Coffee and cake were then served
! by the ladies and all joined in a
I pleasant social time before parting.
he must be  abU to appreciate the developed.
Repairs have
public wharf.
been made to the fcHE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1909.
E~v,.'~       '" 5*	
fnti  UtiLIA   I'MAca.
C��w-��. s__dverttKmc_nU, 19 cen.L8 per Hat; foi
Ihc Ura't_u__rtt6n,__a4 5 crau jicr line [qi eac.i
stibbcquent iujerttoo. The uumbrr.' ol' lines
reckoned by the .space o^cupitU, laii-iett?Ilie
Rates to7.CommtrcUl AdT��t^emcntB cao be
ted on application At thia o&ct-.
ReftdlBg notices 10 ceaU per Uae for, each iu-
BlrtV.Death  nod Marriage o?Uce��,$i_w.
Any specihl ���Qtloe. tke object ot v;hich is tu
promote the pecualmVy benefit ot any individual
or Cumpany, tv'be1 considesed an advertisement
aud charged ace a tdiuyly.
AU advcrUsemonU charged foe uatil ordered
���mt aud paid for.
Correspondency invited on matters ot. public
merest. Communication!, to editor rauftt bt accompanied by inure of. writs*, uot necessarily
tor publication, hut*a? evidence ofj.good fajXh,
Correapoudeuce must reach this oMm by Th'ui s-
iay evening.
TUESDAY,   FEBRUARY 23,   1909.
In reply tp. the question of supplying water,to farms situate at a
considerable distance,, from,, the
main pipe Une. me wish,, to state
that tbere is a, couUngeut fund of
some $20,000 to meet just such
fir��t receive, the support cf a majority of the assessed value- of the
land within the area, mentioned in
the. pstitioq.before tbe Council can
do anything whatever. Tbe signing o( ttyfc. petition, simply means
that the people wi.)1'11 the said, area
are desirous of obuiuing. a, supply
ot pure wa. e^-.
2, After the Coupci.) has been
placed ia possession ol said petition
they wilt proceed to frame a,by-law
introducing a. water system and
setting forth ihe amount of taxation
necessary to be levied upon said
land in order to pay principal and
interest upon the loaji to be raised.
3. A Court of Revision, will be
held at which any, who wish, may
malfc^.objectian to their assessment
op even have, tbeii names, withdrawn while otihars who- have not
already done so mav. ask to have
their,narn^s added |tli^re,to.
Therefore, the nju_re fact of sign-
We are pleased to note that two^ing the petition aow binds ao one
questions  of pritnqr'importance to-j a:id the rate suggested; by the com-
If Crescent Inland does not wish
to take advantage of the water
scheme now, thev will find it a
very expensive business, coming
into the scjieme laters on. when it
will be necessary to lay a new main
in order tf>, supply tbem. Gentlemen, take advantage of vour opportunity a:wl come imto, line, si}.'11,
the petition and assist in boosting
the district ahead instead of knock-
l*t it.     	
C,C.op destroying
furred:, an_. fsTrvthercj}..
pes:3  i,f?r, i_mde-. short
brill qi mrjtb �� reU^b^
viia^intj STEVENS.
C?or Sport _r, Service
are unsurpassed.,
low Ki pRiCB
1 ��� gap ,"
8e_d- ssi.tr I/,
stsnjiifl in
I_.u2i-._Ui_ isnd
C'_tilcij. '"
_TET!-,(U .-Jd
_. Q. Bo* _T)98;,
Chicopee Ifu'.lr, Mass,
'i), ' 11 1    . ' 1      L
i|����u   S9S	
Fashion Stables'
Trucking and Draying.    Livery Work ofi
All Kinds Attended %o Promptly.
All'Kinds ox Firewood Always Q& Hand.   !
.mi 'un. m w���
I. M. C0LL1NS0N, 5_B ����� """��� '���'
Incorporated 18*9,
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED,,       - 510,000,000
CAPITAL PAID-UP,      - -- $ 3,900,001"
RESERVE FUND, - - $ 4,600,000
Total Assets Over Fifty Millions.
gHOEsj  sH2__UJ
of. Waterproof
For Winter Weather
Accounts of Qut-of-Town Customers Given
��':;n ctal
JMX REAQH,  ladnbr, b . c.
Repairing Mly and; Promptly Done.
 ...������.   . . -    i..1" I
Savings Bepartmenfm
Accounts may be opened1 with deposits of ONE DOLL - i
antl  Upwar^.      Interest pa,id,  or credited,
yearly on Jane 3C_1_ and December
3i,s.t each year.
K. X>. SIMPSON, Manager,  LADNER. B.  C.
R. D. McKenzie.. Pr-op,
Newly Furnished) Throughout, and
First-Class in Every Detail.
Rates 9n Application.
LADNER.       -       -       -       P.C.
the Delta Saw mills
q^=~ =    ... ���     i =-
Are Prepared tQ;.... _,
Furnish .ML. Kipds Qf
Shingles,  Doors, Sash  and
Hou^e  Finish  of  All   Dscriptions^
'.: n. c. ���?
our community are receiving a
measure of public attention. We
refer to the, water_qiy.stiou and tbe
njfiaas of ts^^spflrjatio^,. We understand that the petition cq behalf
of the water scbajne is being largely
signed. Sqme who,,were on the
fynee to begjn^witU.Afld-iOthers who,
were openly ogpo&fd have cone,
t^to line, and have signified their
appreciation of the schem^. by attaching their names to the petition.
Wh^t.we say,.gentlemen, is, let the.
good work go on,, let,us have your.J visit.
9Upport so-that at an early d; te we,
ntay have all tbe good, wholesome
water we require both for .man and
We pub_ishe^^last?wek, a fcttpr
fro_n one of our subscribers on the
transportations question. He refers
ie the two schemes whicli have already been outlined br previous
writere,. and. published, to The
Dblta. Times, Whjije we are of
the oprnion that tide- Woodward's
landingrottteis the tn^re fea;ilble
of. imOj ^\'o, we would be g'ad to
sttppori eitLer, wheu. the public
wakea, tjf> to their righ*^ aud take
ahold. What we do contend is
that if a w��ter,SYst. msjs introduced
and t-_t-,desircd facilities for roarket-
i',' TT    -   ��� . ��� . I
ing c��.r products in Vftycouver obtained, real estate will., double in
value. Instead of land changing
bunds a^it is doing tp-day, at from
$225 *�� $7'\.�� 8n  acre�� 'l  wr,��'d be
mittee also is not binding, and it is
up to every good citizen to come
forward and sign the petition so
that the woikmay be h?;ided over
to .the Council to deal ��� with, and relieve the present committee of their
onerous task for which they are
deserving of the highest credit from
the community instead of having
obstacles put in their way.
��� NKW WKSTMtNSTi;).,
���2*. Muiiufiicturers of alls Uiiulsol, V
. !
* Soda Water, Ginger ���?
>>    Ale and Sum-nter ���
Your patronage solicited     ,J,
Th& BEST  Water   Tanks   Are
Made at This Millet
Marshall Smith came over* from
Vancouver,, last night, ou a short
L. W. Embree went down to
Victoria, Saturday, oo a short business visit.
Mr. and Mrs, W. Lougjieed and
family returned, last week, from
the Northwest..
The S.S. SauQiiia leaves Ladner
at 8:30 a.m. aud 3:30 p_m.; returning, leaves Steveston at 9:30 a.m.
and 4:30 p.m.
Seed Potatoes.
Three kind_s.ot  },'ood  Seed'Potatoes for sale.    Apply to
I have installed a iS^heP- electric
tuotot in my crushing mill and am
now "Already Ready"' to do the
best work as cheap as any one.
lATlffiNTIC 5... R__t.CY
Whib. .Star.
Red Star.
Leyland Line.
Atlantic Transport.
White Star Dominion Line.
^i-fnri' pm -chasing, yonr tiil-c's cpiiBulf Ui.
Jderslfnied who i-iiu'si.-l! yo���< il k.-t. , t "i- lo
rate for yourself or to scn-l to ymir friend.
Tenders Waited.
Mr. and Mrs. Alf. Gowdy and
family left, tc-_ay, lor Eltua, Wash.,
where, having purchased pi-ppprty,
they will' make their home for the
.j. -1        .   ���   - i-i-
worth   from  five to   six   bunched
doilar.s an _cre.
Ia prder to- correct some er?on-
epus ideas, regarding the water
scheme, petitjous for which are nowl,. apprectate such ^ organ-wtion
lu circulatTcn, we would say:
That the said  petitions  n Ufjt a��d bave h.ld together well
The Dand-T Boys are- practicing
faithfully for their conci rt which
will- probably, be given m Friday
evening, March 19th. The proceeds wi 1 be used as a aucleas for
a uniform fund whicji the 1 oys are
sally i�� need, of. A fipe, programme is being a^anged, of
wbich due notice will be given.
The Band is a credits to the
village and deserves the patronage
of all wbo are. broad-minded enough
They have been organized ten yenrs
Separate sealed tenders, are, called
For;supplying and*erecting ti fltg
One toilet to be erected' at I.eltu
Janitor work on Ladner school
Particulars can be. obtained from
Tenders, to be in to the unde>
signed by March sth, 1.909.
Piano Timing..
(Westminster Branch)
Time Tahl*
, Car* lea.ve Westmfrnst-r for Vancouver . t 5.50
and 6.50 a.m. and hourly thereafter until 11 p.
..n.; Saturdays and Sundays nt 11 p.m.
\ Cars leave Vancouver fer Westminsters nt i.50
and 6.50 a. m.and' honrty thereafter uutil 10 p.
an.l Saturdays and Sundays at u :i.m.
We run (ir.st-clt.ss. freight c^rs b^veeu Westminster and Vancouver and all shipments are
handled with the utmost tare and delivered to
consignee without delay Special attention paid
to fruit shipments, p-ui wagons meet all boats
'ind trains.   For rates, eU. apply to
A. DeR.
B*   H.    WEARE
begs to announce that hs has reopened his Mand'ol.*. and Violin
Classes in Waddell's HaJl, over-
Oi (ford's barber shop.
For further paiHiculars  apply vc
siliuiwlotln&t. Strings, Etc..,,
Supplied at City Prices.
New Crop, Ornion, Carrot, Mangel, Timothy, Clover, .Alsyke, now
in stock, mote to arrive.
All on test at our Greenhouses���*
best to be  obtained.    sSamples sent
to intending purchasers.
Get them off first hands no mid-.
illeiiij4,''_, profits.
Leadinu varieties of home grown
Fruit and Ornamental Trees. Bee
Supplies. Spray rumps, Spraying
Mixtures, Fertilizers, Greenhouse
1 j{.o-Page Catalogue Free
IU. HENRY'S Nurseries,
30T0 Westminster Road
B. C.
, TTtolBc Mgr.
Ii M-cyr_-RR.il!,
Local Mgr.
Of Vernon,   Okanagan, has  come
to settle in Ladner, and ie prepared
to fix up
Iin good shape, or anything on the
(farm, by Day Work or. Contract,
and will take work on the share
Would take tbe management of
a Farm.
Good References.
Terms. Reasonable.
W. N. Baraper,
Room 2. Kll.'ird Block.New Wesfcm;fi_*:r.
For Sale*
Ij'_rm   for  sale  on  Trunk road.
Apply X.Y.Z.
Mr. W.. J. Coard tnned our
���iQ-RAND" Biano and regulated
the actimi to my 1 ntire satisfaction,
and I can conscientiously, recom-
me'tid _'nai to anvone roquiring this
line ol work..���Arthur BeVvell, Organist and Choii master, St. Andrews' Church, Vancouv<er,,B_C.
VI -ss
will maksv rigular trips In re and
anvone wishing theit instTuments
mi i--d or repaired will kindVj leave
their names at This Office.
Our ]^utii?e Stock of    ���
Ladies' and Chlldrens'
Ready-to-Wear Goods
and Fancy Go&tls
All  IVew ami Up-to-Date^ Btock, to Clear at  Coat and.
bUI-Pll litis a- HI
���LOR  TP
.1,-  ,iu> ;.
t:> wi,* 1
t mot ;,- o
���.;,-:..:    el
r. r for tiie* e.%> it
'I   rTnsTS-rl.
. 'I ;,!ic-i :lie follsisv-
._      ���;'���'Taininft
...r '������.l.i'f .1 i.i--ti 1 Hqitcr plana
v..- . ri ���,���,-.��� iii- mil] dm, _ ti .i'\_i
tS.      . mi-   t] 11   f'.'.i Her t_!:lsu*
1 :,t imi-, merely to show that
uo.siiuulloii  between  hi in nnd
������"ir.-Jislii!;. tbe larger _luss i��
��. moi "_ and he waves his hands oveeth*
_n Hliu- ono. The response is tnorvelnus.
The si'ivnr coin ht>��V*:ile_ but a muir cut.
Then it quivers slightly, lenves Its pl��_��
under tho water nnd slides up the inside
of tho ft Inss until It reuchos tho ton and
topples iiit. his intuit.
A olsaretts or clgnr is laid on the tabh
anil slid clear across it.
A half dollar lnid on a spectator's hand,
next, to thn wrist, crawls over the length
01 thn . .nil wd drops into big band at
bis bidding
Most af tho tricks relate to tho luysterl-
oils power of moving small light, object*,
sleighing loss than, (our ounces, and to
tho spill-lion of cards.
The "psyohU power" and at) such ex-
plaiihUoiis aro reduced to one: A humaa
hoir and a small bit of shonuiaUer's wax.
Usually tho performer bas sevoral ol
the. 11 long hairs stuck about bis porson,
but the clovorpr tb. performer Ibe fewer ol
il*it  high king of Ireland.
Fevhin s muuastery, Cony, IXnn'.y May
CI .ir 11s air, the fiouila of Corrlb
bvsji-iiiore iliuir old, nn'ehuiiging suaf
Huruiur from ilirir stun\ channel'.
liouml O'Cunor's eepclcber in lung.,
Crr.vnless. bcpeless, here be lingered!
Nomli-.i ye... 9 went V- liim litre ��.��Sr.��>i '
TfM.illi llll! Ills 11   Tirt-of oultqiT' ���*"���      .
a_ur_.Ti-c>d iTsiiulj- as the singing -stream.
Bt-n In- filed, tint! hero tbey tombed Win,
lien of r ��� tin, c!   ������ liiw round bis i.rave.
DM thoy I ui <v--n_. rtlcl the;   Itnov ii-
vVb.-n . .- ���. by Hi-   -,  stern/wave?
t..i.   u'iiivi! Ihu sleep of lT'-:lv
Holy ilniiKi-. and groat lnjt��"pa_9ed away.
itoiw hy stone thn stately abbey
Falls and fade, in |jn_>si<_ili'._ _��raj.
Pnrltiv grows tlm quiet ivy
Win re tin- broken nrelics n!>ni_ver through
Dark upon the . loistet gnrfiea
S>r*ia!u_. tin* slioilnw of the ancient yew
ThroiiKh tho roofless oislnB th. verdure
Flows,   the   meadowsweet  aixl    to_tflc._
Earth, the mother and consoler,
Winds soft arms about, lb* lately tomb.
Peace end holy frlooin possess him,
Lust of Gaellu monarelis tf ihe Gael,
Bltunberlug by liie young, eternal
liiver voice:! of the weslciu vule.
���T. _. Rolleston in Bpeototor.
hu will hove. I'o eacb eust of tht
a tip of shoemaker's wwt is fastened,
pioiso of the wax seifves to hold the
lo tbo perforator's ohithlng and keep
ilhit! roach, 'l'he other piece Is left
ti, .'itTTii-T-; to the div'tilred object and
ghe it Iho Ticcussary "jjsyeh'le force,"
'In ihovo a eignr, ooln or onrd hy
"ps,, 1 '.,ie" or any other kind oi mysteri-
cus fr.roo nsk u lipei t.itor for tho loan af ���
ii;_.-ir or coin. Ixiy it on a table orany other desired   place, and while  so passing it
HtiTioh one end of tho bair by tho affiled
wax, the other end being,, of course, still
n ��� -hod to your person. Make a ten
passes with tho herids over the object te
coin ry the trnprossi_�� that you oro tilling
It with magnetism,, then gradually draw
away. Tho object will follow you If the
hiiir nnd waxattwd to their'������d of tk*
slow B_��_r..Go�� Her _li-knanu.
Btitsy's mother was unusually busy on*
nn������������: ;'.. Sho nnd Hannah wero in the
be iln 1 making pies, cakes, puddings
and mils, lor siKuyanJ was expected that
Betsy ,Vtyg into tho kitchen ond was bo
hot her sumo that lie* mother gave ber a
eowl of oustard nud told her to feed hei
ypor dolls ln thn attic.
' Away ran Betsy, nn<t offer finding out
tbat her doll?, refused to eat she sat down
on ��� Utile stoo] and tasted it herself.
Meanwhile the oonipnny bad arrived,,
���nd among them was lictsy's favorite,
Unole .Tack. Suddenly they board som*
thing "bump, thump, bong, Wang," ond
What should they seo bnt Betsy rolling
down tha itoliie, tho bowl and spoon following.
Aftor Betsy bod jeoovcred from hey
fright sho told Uncle Jock thut a dreadful
Jlilmal hod chased her.
Uncle Jack told her that bo would ehaeo
it away, and Betsy cautiously showed the
i-iluging to UnoloJack's baud aU tba
'V  V��st   they ootse to the attic,  and
what should Undo Jack soo hut an Indus-
tl iiti. s-pidui; spinning nwny at his web, a
1.     iimi stiool and a good tlf.it] of custard.
I nolo Jtaek laughed  heartily and wiid.
II I'elsy would be bis "Little Miss Muf-
fol:t" ns long us Bho lived. ���Ui'auf. iietu
Statu in New York Herald
Show to Be 8_cpp_n.nl.
Th��sitceessful man glows up from tlm
boy whew0 11:0tto is���ovorything in plaoe
ogainst tho ttinttof neod. Whulher In the
ichool room, with the lesson prepared
fcours ln advitBAe, In tho workshop, witli
oil the tools i# order, no matter if be
knows they wHlj not bo required for day!
to come; In the warehouse, vrbojo a thousand and ono things can be found to occupy the spnro moments, or in the world
ol mind, where tho Importance of stotlng
she brain with useful facts is taken tote
*i,,:-nl-.11 ation. the successful career Qf th*
ful nre Is being laid with a fim fnnda-
%,���, ���Xew Vork Ijadger
THE  K133.
Be threw nm a _:.s.s.
..milium didn't knuvs- lt.
Shi.- would lake it amiss
Tii-: Ue Tluusv me a kiss,
But she wouldn't dream of thlo.
For my fnoe didn't show lt:
Be threw nie n lti - .
And mamma didn - , ... n it.
Piny where was The harm
When nobody know it?
Tlici'e'n no iittusi; for alarm!
Pray where was lhe hartvtf
Tlmt kiss had a cnarm.
Ko one stnv thai 1 threw lt;
Ttiuii where was tlie huru
If nobody knew it.
They think 1 am oltl���
GOttiztg llliuil, 1 supxiOMOs
But my henrt isn't i-old
If 1 am gottlllg old.
2 don't nt'i-il to be lold
Why sho blushed like a rose
Though 1 nm getting old-
Yes, aid blind, 1 suppose!
���Harry French iii Harlem Life.
(. .i]"lii_ati.)
I     Koly Communion���lit
���t 8:iio a.m.:
imwlays at 1 1 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock,
Evc-nsonK, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday .-.cbool at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litanv at 7:^0.
Rev. !���;. R. Hartktt, M.A..  Vicai
Mme. Bhea is reported ia ho dying o'
OB! leer.
Courtoniijr Thorpe is In Ellon Terry',!
Ethel Wlnthrpp Is with Sol Smith Re-
sell's eompuny.
Julio Opp will appear In iiOndon ir. '-j.
Han 0! Forty."
Delia Fo_,'s new operatlo oomody is on-
tltled "The tittlo Joker."
Walter Perkins is doing big business
with "Sly Friend From India."
Charles Dalton will again play Mricu
Suporbtis in "The .Sign of tho Cross."
"A Dangerous Maid" follows " Y,".nk����
Doodle Daiidy" at the New York Casino.
Harry Woodruff is tho litest vaudeville
star, llo appears in "A Bit of Business."
Harry Conor, wbo pla.v.4 the titloioloio
"A -iirangor In tvew York," Is a Huston
"A Misfit Marriage," the latest. fnr.*b>
Du Siiuchi't, will bo produeed Oot. 8 at
li'sibTayl,. Davenport has bonrnv-oiignged
for tho Columbus theater (New Yora)
stuck company.
Mary Hampton will ho starved in a now
piny lifter the holidays under tlio direc
tion of sTiicol) Dltt.
Grace P. Atwell has gone to Cleveland
to accept a piisili.ui uo leading liidy of a
stoek company there.
"���Mr. Jersey," or i:it!ier I_ily liitngtry,
i< to return to tho slai/e. The raeo truck
is nil right, but, tbo . tagu is better.
If Hobson will now raise the Colon, th
praise of his countrymen will nover coin,
lo a full stop.���St. Louis Republic
While ho is nbout the work of lifting tlu
sunken wrecks olV Suntiugo Hobson might
give tho Murrimoc a boost.���Detroit Jour
It took Mr. Hobson a long time to make
a rolse. There are lots uf people who an
qualified to sympathize with Mr. Hobson
���Philadelphia Bulletin.
All that seems necessary is to mentior.
to Lieutenant Hobson  whether it is tie
���ired  to  have tho ship  ouuie up or g
down.���Washington Star.
Constructor Hobson has shown hlmsrl
on engineer of tho very lirst order. . '���
under the foolish qhd ontiq-wited *y .ton
9_ our navy, being a staff ofllcer, bo cur
never be given executive command 01.
beard ship ami has only nominal rank.���
I'biladolphia l'rcss.
X $20 goldpicco Is a nlco round sum.
The happier somo men ure tho more
taoiwy l hey possess.
Tlm elevator in a department store ia
merely 0 shoplifter.
Popularity often wins new acquaintances and loses old friends.
It frequently rains on tho just because
tbo unjust has cwrvind ol? his umbrella.
When a young man squeezes nn heiress,
Sbe is apt to find herself pressed for money.
A pessimist is one who Is always expect-
leg- bad luek and is surprised when It
After spending a two weeks' vacation in
the country but few men are pntriotio
enough for lt.
A fisherman says flsh should not bo per
uittcd to lie wbsn they can hu hung. Tut
Mino might bc raid of fishermen.
When a woman oan speak three or four
Unguages fluently, sne is foolish to throw
herseit o,way on u mau who unddUtUud
but QBO.s-<sClUoago News.
Lighting the pyramids of Egypt with
lleot.lolty und the installation of a 25,OU.
horsepower plant, to cost some $4011,000,
Is ti plan vow under consideration by ths
British government.
Tlie Vatican, ts soon to be lighted with
eleotrio lights, tho plant being set up ln
tbe former bnrroeks of the French guards.
As there are U,0_) rooms the plant will be
quite an extensive ono.
A professional school ef electricity is to
b* established at St. Germain, near Paris,
to bo called the Ampere Institute. The
school is Intended to fnrnish laborers nnd
foremen with an electrical education, and
tirst. class instruction will Iio given la both
theory and practlr.fi
Not Courting;.
"Do you court an investigation?" Inquired tho interviewer.
"Well," aaid Senatoi Sorghum slowly,
"I don't exactly like tho phrase. I'm
willin to ment nu Investigation if circumstance?, make it necessary. Uut I ain't
mulsiii. love to tt. "���Washington Star.
nu Earthly lEfTects.
II. rt)--!o .TIth,". said  the lawyer,
"the etiiolur i-i'ys 1 here's no hope for you."
'Yes, suh, uoy tells 1110 I gwinotcr orosi
"Have yon mado your will?"
"Yes, suh, I done will ter go."
"1 nean,"  63id  the lawyer in on ex
planntoiy  way,  'have you  anything tt
"Oh, yes, suh!" explained tho old man
Jnyftilly.    "A v. i'iiiaudiiuriiuuiuatisinl"���
isQuutn Constitution.
Yule Man*. I.iitte .'okes.
ProfOHFor Tracy Peck usnd to tell nston
trf 1   HV !l Yale li:::'! .-il - i (1 l.i.   life,    liewsi
���limit tn he hung in 't'e_n�� ftu: iionn steal
lllg nnd .... i:
"Hold or. gentlemen I Do you 1-nnw win:
,--.,"    i.rii    : ���  '; ���:-,.���      .    .-ill    a   I'I* .'liTITtC  Ol
Vale cnllego. ts'hI hciij i- uiy diplmna."
l!   l:-i:  ���;   1,-il,   ll1 nil   Vl'^Ultl  ill   l.'llill, UC
nno coul il reail It. and. rlil nl. ing ho , ,ust lx--
tin in.; .ii.uu  -iiii'i.n.i,:,'. thoy lot him g"
l!ii tt.���' i !-i,etl   I::.-,'.
L'ii,,L. (tn.-iit C'tiols-<s.
A   traveler   thnmgh   snuil,i..:n  sivainp.,
iivi-ns linn".' things from his guide���cab
tion ,'ilie-ti;: 1 iie rest
Ono man, noticing that his guide tanned with bis foot enoli hollow ini; nud
t.l inn���> In ,'s certain pathway before step
1 dug on or part it, Inquired the reason,
"Looking out for snakes," wus thero-
"WiiiiD Uiiu! of snakes." asked the traveler, with an unpleasuut sensation along
his 8] ine
" .. incnslos," returned tho guido.
'V, ii.ii niukos you walk on  Ihu logs or
so close To ihtiiu, then?" demanded thciin-
i-Tisy   tTvvi'T ������-.    "Why   don't we walk  nil
i,'.ri'. whoro tlio ground i. 6olid?"
"V,i 11, yuu can try it," s_id the guide,
l.'iuni'.iiing n vigorous kick nt a stump and
then mounting it. "You mbughon't sink
bolow yer waist, and then ag'in you
tuoughti "���Youth's Companion.
Services first and third Sunday of
eacli mouth at 10:30 a.m.; Beuedic-
tio'-. 7:30 -p.m.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
J.ev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class r_-eetin.!��, alter the morning
service every Sunday.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at S.
Rev. I. F. Betts. pastor.
.Services next Lord's Dav at 1
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School 2:30 p.m. Midweek meeting ,011 Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock.
. Rev. J. H. White, M.A.
Founded 1802
Incorporated 1893
Sabbath services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:10 a, m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
S p.m.
Provides  a  Christian   Home for   .Students of  both
sexes  at  moderate   rates.'    Has   a   preparatory   class   for
jjunior students taking   Public   School   work.     Does High
I School work aud prepares for Provincial    eachers' Examinations,        caches   ail   branches  of a   Practical Business
j Course and confers Diplomas*     Imparts a Liberal Educa
tion in its   Collegiate   Course, aad   in  the Ladies' Course
j for M. E. L.,aicl M. L.  .V.     In Theology confers the de
gree of B.D.    Iu University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for  the   B.A. degree of Toronto
University, with which the College is in full affiliation.    In
Science teaches the  First Year of Toronto School of Science, and  has  a  Special   Engineering  Course  adapted  to
Practical Engineering work in this Province.    In Music, a
complete  course   in theory,   voice   culture, .and   piano  and
organ, in  conjunction   with  the Toronto college of music.
Special instruction in art and elocution, while all students
are  required to take physical  training with   all   the   privileges of a Well equipped gymnasium.
floxr WnKii- .   Wrottt HU Opwpna.
Wngner ourrlod un opi'ni in hi$ niinil foi
yours lii'iui\i holxignn togot it down ��n 1 s.-1 ���
per.    Tlio wwlt onco  begun, howevor, ii
wns performed with liglitningliko sncvil
Evon whon nn ��lil mnn ha wrote doVn tin
���euro tur (inn nf bi* (among i>|s.rn. will
8iir.li  rupidity that two  Irnlnwl nmnnu
er.st's with  unnbla to koop  up with   hii
So  ah .n'lioil in  (lis Writing  iliil Wnjn:
boroniB thnt, in hia cliirngrniihy wmo i ���
proHFud tho diiToront emotions of the pc:
buiiugiTs of tiio oporn iiortrayed by thc:
pa_..iiyo_.���Liiilios' Ilnnio Journal.
60   YEARS"
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Any ono .ending a .ketch and rtr._crlpti.-sn mn?
qulclsly ascertain our opinion tree whcLbcr an
InTflnlisin la probnbly piUent.-lile, Conimunlcn-
tlon��_ riotly cnnlldentlnl. HC.POOOOIC on Patents
Mntfroe. OMest aeoncy foi Eecurluffpateiit.i.
Pntenw taken tlirourh Slunn A Co. receive
IptciiUnotise, without olnirno, ln the
A bantlftopioty UJuiBtrutcd weekly.   LarKest eti
Sll at inn of uny acientinc jouranl.    Terras fo
Minda, $: .75 a rear, puutace propuid.    Bold b
all DonBdealerg.
Brunch OQce, tZb Y Bt. WMMn.ton. D. c.
If you average the.cost price of J-M Asbestos Roofing over
the penod of years it is in service, you will see that "J-M" is
cheaper to use than any other prepared roofing. Being made of
Asbestos, an indestructible mineral, it is permanently durable
and as it does not require any coating or painting, its first cost is
the only cost.   Easily applied by anyone.
Asbestoside is an Asbestos Sheathing and is the mwt eeo.
nomical, durable and easily applied siding known.
A��l_ for samples and prlues.
576 First Ave. S. Seattle, Wash'
m*m t* Handle. * Bar*,
kit-What, in timo did you let Blmbet
2#U Hurt long yarn nil over ugaln for? fit
��__��� it to you only tho day before. 1
!    Fork���The <Jw  boforo.     Why, ho hoi ]
told it to. me-1��9, less than lev* tlujogthe '
test wetm.
B��ssr_-AnJi you, let blm teUt tk again?
Vogg-_Qt oourse.   While he is telling j
tbftt Btqry  he isn't spying, anything else, ;
Wpi,AA  .'m not obliged, to listen,  yon
1 know, Hoan think of something.else with-
ontUoing la, the least dietvuibea.���liottoa j
*, new -_'���_>������
,    Gad-coke��� What's become of Blneb!ood,
; wbo used to bore everybody by talking
1 ttout hie anoestry?
Zounds���Oh, he got married a yoar or so
ego, and now he is boring everybody by
talking about bis posterlti.--. ew Yoxk
Tkey Pas It Sqjih . Infi-i.
Tho Spinster Mau���i Shall never marry
any one.
The Baehelor Maid���Rut perhaps some
one wili marry ynu.���Detroit Free Preua
H D-pei-ded.
Judge (to. witness)���\'ou say you hav*
knowu tbe prisoner all your life?
Witness.���Yes, you. honor.
Judge���Now, lo your opinion, do yoa
think he could be guilty of stealing
this money?
Witness.���Uom much was it)
1         I'li'u'inJ."   People will catc��
j you ut It nml think less of you, and
1 tl>i',v think uttle enough of you now.���
] Atchison Ulnlie.
I .
fh* Barrett  Road.
"There is only one road to success \w
j lite," said the maa who had made hie
lucky and retired.
"And how shall I know the roa^T*
Inquired tbe budding young mnn.
"Mieli," replied the man with th*
tueky, "yoo go right along this path
WC Adversity until you reach the first
turn to the right."
"Yes, yes."
"And you'll find a road barred off
wltb a gate and a sign that says 'He
Trespassing.'   Well, that's it"
fli* HemouNtriiteils
"Mr_. SmuU," nuiii tlie lodger to hli
landlady, 'I tbouslit you didn't allow
_n,i,kin;; in the parim'."
"1 don't," replied Mrs. Small, with en-
W_y. ''Who's tilling it, I'd like to know?"
"Well, if you have time, you might _tuj>
ln nnd remonstrate with the lumps"���
Pick Me Up.
A t;nod A.Tnhlnn horse r..ii rnnrci- in in'
desui-i fcr 1)4 liotu-s In sulnmur and 44
hours in winter without drLnkimc.
Perfoelly Sn����.
A tourist in n feuiote part of lrclaml,
having stayed the iiii,'lit at a wayside
Inn not usually frpquentod by visitors,
informed the landlord in the morning
tlint his boots, which hnd been plncril
outside his room door to be cleauoil.
hud not been touched.
"Ab, sliure." snid the landlord, "nnd
you uioight put your watch and chain
outside your room door in this house,
and they wouldn't be touched."���Loir
don King.
Quite Similar.
Ln Montt���Who Is thnt old fellow
thnt Is always hunting for you to liny
him a drink?
La Moyne���He claims to belong to
the upper crust.
La Montt���The upper crust, eh? Well.
t notice he is always short and always
..__ jmWl
Plenty of Truth.
"Perhaps," ventured the uiisuccps.
ful contributor, "you didn't consider
my little ode true to lifo."
"Oh, it was true enough," replied the
editor. "I assure you there was more
VfutU than poetry In what vou s&hL"
Any available Dominion Lands with
in the Railway Belt in British Colum
bhv, r.-.ay be homesteailed by any per
son who is the solu head of a family.
or any male over 18 years of ak'e, to
the extent of one-quarter Bectton ot
160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be mado personally at
the local land office for the district in
which the land Is situate. Entry by j
proxy may, however, he made on ror-
tain conditions by the father, mother
son, daughter, brother or sister of an
intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to per-,
form the conditions connected there 1
with under one of the following plans:
(1) At le��st six months' residence:
upon and cultivation of the land in,
each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the .
father Is deceased) of the homestr:i ier
resides uiKin a farm In tho vicinity ofi
the lam. entered for. tho requirements
U to residence may ,|ic satisfied by j
���uch person residing with the father |
or mother.
(3) If the settler has his permanent
residence uieon farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to residence may be satisfied by residence
upon the said land.
Six months' notice ln writing should
he given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
COAL.���Coal mining rights may be
leased for a period of twenty-one
years, at an annual rental of $1 per
acre. Not more than 2.560 acres shall
he leased to one individual or company. A royalty at the rate of five
cents per ton shall he collected on
the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
X. B.���Unauthorised publication of I
this advertisement    will not be paid |
lb?1* G^o* o&
The Bella Times y
Reeve, HuJtchei^oB. drovp uj- to
tbe Royal City on Thursday. l_sfc.
Donald Kean was among the
visitors to the Royal City, last
r-*     1    - ���r
T. W. Kerr came over from. Vancouver,, yesterday, on a s^or,t busri-
ness visit,, leavjug again in t^ie afternoon .
Asahel Smi h had the misfortune
to lose a valuable colt last week.
Ladner.Ijoyal Legion vkiil meet
at the schoolon, Friday next, Feb-
ruary 26th, at 3.p.n_
Mrs. Jas. Vallanee* of, Vf rppn, is
e. guest of her- sister .in-law t Mrs. D.
A. McKee.
Rer, J. H. White went over to
the Terminal City, yesterday, to
attend this meetings of P^sbytesy
iw session thgte.
We understand the 40-acre fat m
advertised ia. these, columps* belonging to John Honeyman. has
beea, sold.
Mrs. Crane, of Saa Jose, Cal., is
visitiag her sister, Mrs, IJ, N.
l^icb, and will remain here, until
the middle of April.
Mr. and Mm. A\t. Coleman, bave
njoved onto their newly acquired
property, anjl hwwe renjted the. house
they wepe Hying in to C. Corn-
Tenders Wanted.
Staled tenders will be.received
by the undersigned up to noom of
Friday, March 5th, 1909, tor- the
purchase of twenty acres of good
land with h<?use, bairn apd other,
outbuildings; also.youpg orchard 111
good bearing., abov. one,, mile
from, Ladner PostoESce on, good
gravel road.
The. highest or any tender: not
necessarily accepted.
For, lusher particulars apply to
Laduer, B.C.
Mrs. Wm. PeUapiecfs, of Manitoba, and her sister Mitss Hazel
Robertson, of L,ynden, Wash., returned homfi. yesterday, after an
extended visit ,to their sister,. Mrs,
Al. Wadded
Rev.  T.  G.  Barlow, of Clover
dule. wilVpreach,in the. ��l*^|^,^^^_^i^g;^^
In. ths   Matter, of   the Kstate   of
WII;LIA'i\I: sSA.yAC.E,  late-  of
Wesihats-Islandit District, of New
Westminster, Farmer, deceased.
1    NOTICE is hereby given otj be
I half of jaipes- Oilraour and Edward
��� Harriss .Savage, the I.xecuioss nam
��� ed1 t-n the last will a��<J testament of
the 3nid deceased that aU eseditor,s
Church here, on Sunday, next, bcjt.h
At   East 1
estate of the said' deceased; are,, re-
GujH-aateedi upep, .fcsokitely, safe secyiriity-*-.iwt
mortgages on -substantial Q.ty properties. ��5V_JK and
Eight Pf.i^. Cen-?. Guaranteed, free off 45. c_��ARges,
upon sums; ranging from Five Hunflr^di ��pilars ugk
White, Shiles & <&_
New; Westminster, B.C.
Agen <yes I^r,e-_..nttfd .-
Ilnrttoril Vir. Iiinitftict Cu. I_��u��_iicr C* oi North, America
V-ipBt* l^u^nct.Co of BrooW.n    Th* Ocaja. Accident Se r.u_ri.iii.. Coi:
Couneetl-sUt Kire Insurance ...y tion, Ltd., of London. Fug.
Imperial Trui(t Co^ Ltd.  Vancpnvrr. .B. ..
MH���1---I��� I  ��� '���'"'
We Beg Leave
To notify the peo^Je oft l^ae* an<i. $$_>
^Oiu^iw^ district, t-*a& wi are now in a
positives to* often- "Vgfiicoiswer Island
Portland Cement
At greasy reduced pzfieest, .sadeingr it pos*
gable for parties who contemplate balding
%> put ini concrete foj-uadationftafc about, th*
Write tor Pf ices.
B. 0;
WI1 "L HUi_i_1Sg_!
B,ornine. and tuning.__. ��_.., ^ ^^^^ ^ day ot
Delta in the afternoon, Mr. BmrlW , Mareb> ^ ^JQ send fey pDst
Will preach a missionary sermon.     j ^m qt ^.^    Edward j^,.
���    --     '  -   -    - - I Savage Dcfliinion, Trust Block, New,
Ce-sidenjble damage was done, j Westminster. B.C., their ehris,tiani
last week, to .hcGtslfside dyke, jand.sun.ames,addresses and descrip:
Quite a nunibtf of piles and a.j tions, the lull particulars of theit
quantity of sheeting being carriedi claims,..the statements of their ac-
nway by the battering b^tovned, | count aud the nature of the. secur-
upon it by. heavy drift "being conrjities.. >' an>'.. he\& by them, duly
tinually dashed against  it during j verified.
the  heavy,stor_D.s vv.^ch  oecuired.     And fnrthfir tafe^ncUpe that all
parties indebted ta the said   .state
I are required, to pay,fcr,thwith to the.
said  Edward  Harrisn,.Savage,, the,
given mmx.
W. arts. placing a itumbei^cl  coupon* im each 49^ l
sack of' BOYAL  STANDARD  Flour that leaves our'
mills^   Save your, qcmpQjvs and compare- thpn.i eacb mpntli
with thi? luqkyv numberss that will appear in thjs. space in the
first issuft. of the  montjt,    T.en, persons will', qjich receive-
p-uc nt these elegant presents without cost monthly., '   "     ~" '      ��� ��� ��� --
Tho. numbers will be announced in the first issue of All S@��tS Of Ftrst-ClaS__ JeWeWe?*^
thc mpnth. All) the person, holding.-a duplicate off tjiese
uumbcrsjias to,do,is- to,return it to(n^an^iwe will dqliver,
free, cf,'all charges,.a hapdgome rp9-piece-dinner set> Y,ou
will find all the details of the contest on the baek of each
Ia,buying, ROYAIs STANDARD Flour you willi
secure the most delieious,, nutritious and. h.psi_!.h.W bread
flour on the market.
8il .rer..rare,, Ornt Cfelass^ Ete*fc
Sold by W..H..Smith,.
Vancouver Milling & Grain Cfr^ Ltd;
vancouve:?, b. o.
At the n_e,etinss of the Dit;ector8-
o{ the Farmers' Institute,, held in,
the Council. Chamber on Saturday,
eyening last,, it w.��s decided to hold.
judging classes on liLcnday, March
8th, and the aanual social, gathering will be held ia.thq,evening.
Further particulars will appear
amount of their said indebtedness.
A,tjd further take notice that after
such  last mentioned date the said
Kxecutprs will proceed to distribute
the   assets   of   the   said   deceased
amcr.g the   parti*, entitled thereto
having regard ,on}y,t% ths   claims
of  whicli   they   shall   then   have
noticp aqd that, the said  Executors
,_,,,,.      r   ,    ,,r ,    ...    I will uot be liable *<?r tl?e said assets
The ladies of, the Woman s Mis-l ..        . .
_,   . .... . ,   1 or any part thereof, tp., any pecson
sionary Society, will; give an   "Atl <     _        t ��� .���
...     .     __   .   ,-    ....      .   or persons*., of whose claims notice
Home" in, the MpthQdistChprcb   ,  ;,     d. T .n  .   .
_,..      ,       ^ ,        *ball npt, have   beep., recoi-ved   by
here, on Thuisdajr aftemoon��. from. ..        7��i_  .        .      _ _��� .   _ _���
,    ' .      ,,!.',._       them at the,timeot such distribution.
three to si* o'clock,, when  Mer.-.
dames Sipprell and Bawaclough, of DatPdat N*w Westmiu-tpr, B.C.,
New Westminster, officers of tbe.| the3rd day ot FebBUary, A.Daiqog.
B. C. Branch of the Wv M. S., wilM COR^OULb Sc GRANT,
give interesting addresses. '    Solicitors* for the said Executors.
Try ie
For ��� Qomplete eaU^fiaiCfciO-Q',. in Bakery and
G^ord^CtmnoGlior Range*.
,*mam**m*em'reeemmm*emmemmm >   "i-
^H^Lf^ttAftp^^Aite, rim & mwrmwmR
Wtfcmak^a Specjaity-o? ALL KIjNDS c��$
1^5JMBINa;a��d TltfWXEiSL .   ....   ....
Latimer & Elliott
Mitem CJMStn*
���LASW&tL., B.. C.
Ail. Kinds of
Fanning Mills and* Gtean Seed
Qmw <3�� Together.,
IM* Plows
In All Makes and) to* Suit All
Gasoline Engines in All Sizes from* 1\
Horsepower. Up., Tvw mid 4, Cyjclt dud
QaKeaml Break or Amp Spark Ignition.
ty^ta hicnftators:
Are..the:Kind. tQ,HatcbiStrong Chicks..
DBC2P IN. and see us in regard toJtlieseTfewi-lines,,
they are all O.K. for this seasom of; tbe
H, Howard. ���
Fit an4l Style Guapante��d
Nexjbt Door txD FR. Mtol. owell'.   H&nresa Stopv
DR1.31A, SXBEBJ,.       -       ���       -,       LADNER, B.. C;.
E.    Sm   McBRIDE.
LADNS3^r, B.Q.
Phone 5,
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