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The Delta Times Jul 9, 1907

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Array DEL
JUU31QQ7    *
���K"m>   .''-j iL'-J-a.1
Vol. 4, No. 44.
I.ADNER, B. C. TITSDAY, J'J I. -   9, loo;
We  Malm
io Order
Ihe Market    Trap .Shooting
Jtflrool iiocsrd.
-The regular mont&lf meeting r..
  ,'tbe Delia School Eoard was held ir
The'trap-Sbooting dhampionsliip -the Council Chamber on Saturday
be Province was won this yeartost, with Trustees  R..fi. Kittson,
: by 1
��� thc ��hool
H. Oliver, mi the Royal Gun ['���" "the cfeair, f.mirh  Wright, \V
Ladner.   Ten  competed   in :'r-vbus a*d R- K- &*&** P��ser.t
tvl ich   tad., plaice Wed-
Minntes   ot  .previous   meeting
! .were adopted -ts read,
i    The following resignations werc
i'rettd   acd   accepted    Miss
Perhaps you don't care for the accepted styles.
We'll modify them to suit your tastes.
Perhaps you have ideas ef year own in dress.
We'll carry them out to the letter.
New Westminster, July g ���Yes
lerday s market salei were'the !.e-it
attended for several months, due in :t
great measure to the line day. Ti:ere ,
���wis a very varied assortment o!
market produce, an improvement in
lhe quality of beef being noticeable.
Beef was>on.the market in a very
'iair uuautitv, and the demand  was; , ,       ,       ,       ,
. ,      _. ,.     -ant.   The score fellows: ire*d   acd   ��ccef*ed    Miss  S.   A.
equal to the  supply.    The quality; i Milis, Sunhurv;   M-iss C. P. Mill*.
was much improved  over  that of   l- M.Oliver, Ladner  -��+! -^ imieville   Miss M   F  Gray WeR-
last   week.    Hindquarters,  prime, l��-.Writer. Vworw... 82L        .^   ^   r  0 .^^.^
were raied at 8>_ to 9#c while the;-!- l- lllllis'   ir'"!1"'3 77 i&aduer.
auotationon forefltwrters, was-from P-' E*st���"- Na"dra�� 76      Therepott &tthe Medical Health
r-i'tn-r.-r- W. T. Haltby, Armstrong 75  --,,__ ...      , ���     ,     .
6J-? to 7>4c. ' & " Othcer, re the cleansing o;  schools
The supply of mutton was sh(.rt, *��� N.i.enteSty, Uaprtal.... 74 j aaJ rec��>mm;ndil]? tUat same  be
��ud the demand good,   prime  ram. I K Trapp, iNew % er.tminster 74L       ^     .vacati���      l9Q that  he
tton bringing 1. to ,3c.    Lamb was *��;   f^' Vancouver 7,gad ccmde|anda lnd ^ ,  ^
also short in quantity but  in  good J- * Bate, Cumberland  ...70      g^      Bay-,,chooU.R9,receiT.
C. Homewood, Mount Pleasant. .70>   .     ,  ,    ,.
; ed'sttd the .Secretary was instructed
' fio hare suggestions carried out.
demand aud from S4.50 to $5 was
realized. '
The ofteriugsof pork were -small,
j <and not equal to to the demand.;
at   ii
We'll show you -hundreds of samples of ch<sice patterns. We'll
have your Suits and Top Coats made up by the beat tailors iu Canada,
f e'D terantee BeforelidRd thai Everything
Will 5e Exactly as You Wish	
Tkere will be a big saving in prices, too. t
.No Custom Tailor can give the same quality of cloth and lining-
*he same trimmings and tailoring��� "or our prices.
The price of pork watt ixed
j cents per pound.
j     Veal was on the market in  good;
.quantities, and a very good demand 1
.aet tlie   supply.   The established |
quotation tor this article wa.s 1 ic.
I     The supply oi eg^s was lair and
very good demand at the wholesale
; price of 29 and 30  cent*.    The  re-
! tailers were receiving from.30 tu 35
! cents per dozen.
;     Butter was in fair quantity, -with
1 a strong  demand.    Matty   of  the
retailers   received   as   high 'a.s .35
��� cents per pound, .-.lti.ottgh'the  pre-
fviiliag quotation was 30 cents.
Fowls were in very good  supply,
1 and all sold et  the market quota-
; tious.    liens   brought  from  $7.50
.to ?H-5o per dozen.   Tlie supply of
Ler*f�� 8aj Id
Dr:  A.   A. King,  M.H.O. re*rf
I-a rather length y 'paper ot: the tnedi-
.        _       _        heal inspection   tf schools, dealing
111   (jHICUSC''la"l*':'Y ^'^'tkc-physieil condition
; af the scholars -di o*nr public school*.
���- lu regard  tc. the increasing ot
Revs, C. T. Scott, M.A., Provin-|salar��es fur the tea.hers, fee chair-
tial Secretary,--and J. G. Shearer, j man taidhe was in favor o: aj in-
General Secretary, i-nteryiewed the!ei*e"e. more especially iu  the case
Hon. Premier -and  Attorney-General Geuiu  in  Montreal on J%-.ne
of the older teachers.
P. T.  Gibbie entered a strong
13th to ascertain his attitude to the Me�� i��- iwcroased salaries to the
enforcement ofthe Lord's Day Act j older taachers :and more especially
and the Provincial Suuday Observ-jfor J- A- Cairnes, "of Gulfside
ance Law.    The   Premier  received school.
the delegation with the cordiality G- Clark, principal 01 Ladner
and lraukitess that Ws'TtSpuWtiotirs*hoil,Jnformed- the 'Board that be
would lead one to expect. Ke ��� did hlid received tempting offers from
not heiitate to say i.i', th.tt thej outside aud wished to know what
Provincial law must be respected in | tht Board intea.led to"do in tile
all its prohibitions as well as in its matter.
! permissions,  ar.d  (.3)'that against!    The Secretary was authorized to
; broilers was good, and astrong de
jtrand   for   lair  sized  birds.    Thej        'Actl^d w��t allowed -underthe!��* teaching sUff at $60 a  month,
; prices quoted on broilers were fa.So  l>rovincial Uw  be  would   ,eadily i and that the teachers at present ou
-I to J.4.50 per down. give consent to prosecutions.   This^he staff,   under the Principal, be
!    The offering of ducks v.a_  vary
jfairbutthe demand  weak at  the, ^..^ ^   ..lip,   Tl,mj],   .
j present time.   ^5 to #6 was all that | norations_ were a->p..nr-d ���.- f"A'.v'U-r to wait
1 this 'P.rticle would brinji-
���all things prohibited  by the Lord's; advertise  to  fill five  vacancies on
give consent to prosecutions.
: will apply to  ail  violations --by thc j raised to $60' per month.
tl,!"      ������       ���"---."   -"-- "--i---    --;     The Cheirma-n aud*Smith Wright
Marshall Smith & Go., Ltd.
._..._ ._  _   . .  _.. .    . The supply of,potatoes was very
j fair, and sold entirely at market
1 quotations. Old potatoes were quol-
' ed at $40 per tou, with uew  ones
.Let   us   take   your   measure   for   the   next suit, priced at 3# cents per pound.
;    There is no hay on  the  market,
-Learn the satisfaction and economy of our made-to-order !bl,\th.e ff" ��" %^J^
J quotetl at J18 a ton.    The prices on
oats were quoted at $X2.
With the exception  of  a strong
! demand for gooseberries and   black
currants, the berry market was normal,
Gooseberries   were  quoted  at  9
: and  10   cents   ier   pound,  -Straw-
|- berries -to cents ..per basket,   black
i currants   from S   to 10   cents   per
j pound.
fieo. McCltiskey, ot Crescent Is-
1 land, had sixteen sacks ol new po-
'��� tatucs at yesterday's market. The
; demand for this article was very
! brisk.
Mrs. II. G. Taylor, of Ladner,
] bought a Durham cow and calf at
: the auction for $50.
Mrs. R. McWaters was in from
j Sunbury with eggs.
Mrs. P. Peterson, of Suubury,
brought ducks and chickens into
yesterday's mwket,
Mrs. Martin, ot WestVtatn Island,
disposed of butter and eggs At
F. Parmiter, of  Annacis  Island,
I brought   in   some   veal  of choice
L.  Taraholine,  of Westham Island, was on the.market with veal.
Mrs. R.  H. Qu.iggau,  of Snn-
bury, retailed butter,   eggs and red
I portions. ���ere appointed �� oomffli
From this it follows that  British joa Mr- Clark.
Columbia is left to Stand absolutely |     Tl*.e following Sccounts  were or-
alone among tbe provinces in its invidious distinction by virtu* ef  the
unconstitutional, unreasonable and
The productiveness of the Delta
soil aud  its adaptability  to small
-fruits is shown by  the following-:
���C.  Beadleston sold   ioi   crates  ofj
(first-class strawberries, at $2.50 per!
crate.   The plot of ground is in'��he |
^neighborhood of a  quarter of an!
acre, on which there nre two 'rows
of raspberries which are expected
The Royal Bank of Canada is
here for your convenience and will
be pleased <to give you every attention.
noble army of 'smilers, a young
thresher having arrived at his
home yesterda)..
Donald McLean, the well known
Coquitlam dairyman, had his large
barn destroyed by fire on  the 24th
Jas. Kelson has" also joined  the .ult.    He-succeeded in Retting a lot
to produce between J40 and IpoU'* aim. *od 4 p.m.; fcM��s8twtt
of revenue.    The strawberry plants, ton at g am-  and $ EvMy
are i\i feet apart in the rows and1
3 feet between the rows. Xo manure has hern used to produce this
crop which is the third crop since
clearing ard thn second-"crop of
K. Seue .batigh visited his sister,
311X8. Arthur Roherls. last week.
of his machinery aud all  his stock |
out of the barn but his loss will be
very heavy  notwithstanding.    He 1
Wsis fortunate, however, iu having
(considerable fire  insurance  in thej
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner I Connecticut Fire Insurance Com :
pany  whose agents, White, Slides:
'A Co., New Westminster, paid bun
in full for their company's iusur-j
ance policy, four days after the fire.
He ��is   now   planning to  build  ai
smaller  but  thoroughly up-to-date
dairy barn.
9 a.m
day except Sunday
When you wish to buy visiting
cards call on tlie Delta Times who
will sell'-tlx' best money can buy.
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket bv calling on
the Delta Times first.
'   -' 'currant-.    The currants were dis-
Fred  Arthur spent   .Sunday   iu posed of for eijjht cents a pound.
Vancouver on a visit to -his mother. J    Samuel Gray of Scott I.oad,  had
deredpaid: Salaries, $665; W. N.
Diaper/f 5.
-The-account of Geo. Dennis, jr.,
indefensible action of its Attorney-j-01' janitor work at East Delta
General in refusing to gi-re consent school, of $14, ��us laid over til!
lor auy prosecutions whatever ] ntxt meeting,
under the Lord's Day Act.���S. The  Hoard  then  adjourned  till
        _ [Saturday, Jnly  20th,  at   7 p.m.,
-wo Collie pups of good  blood  ior!whena *ul!  Board  ^ requested to
sale at yesterday's market. be Pr*c8W,t*
Mrs.  P.   Mdtheson   of   i.adner, 	
catae up to the market with batter,
eggs and dressed chickeus, the lat
ter article at 25 cents per pound.      ,
Mis. T. Kobertt cf Boundary1
Bay, was on the market vending j
eggs and butter, also dressed, chick-;
T. -Weibon, of Sunbury,  offered
for sale fine fresh peas, leUuce, tur
retailing for f,c. jier lb.
Miss li. Kettles, of Canoe Pass,
was among the vendors ot'butter
and e"g*.
Police Court.
On Thtiisday  rrKSrntng,   RobeH
, Murray, better known as "Scotty,'*'
! was brought be:orethe Court  with
j H. M. -Vasey, andj. B. Run, J.  P.
on the bench, on the charge of veg-
and new  potatoes, the latter **"-*ncy.   In ttddref.Sing the prisoner,
the Reeve st id it was Iks intention
to put down crime \.f ail -kinds -fa
this district and, therefore, sefit
him up for 30 days.
  Win. Ma: tin wa.s brought up be-
Miss Rich returned home, en the fore the beak' cn  ?atUrday  m6��*
.st inst., on her vacation. I^��g charged with-being drunk and
, incapable.     After   a   lecture Ircm
! the Police Magistrate prisoner was
The Royal Bank of Canada with ; finedrf 5 ar.d costs,
its   splendid 'connection   all   over |
Canada,   affotds   you
banking facilities,
As will be seen by  reference to;
���ur advertising columns,' L. Inman :
bull     as
GRAIN SACKS���$90 per itfOB
t less $250 for spot cash)���Brack-
lnan-Ker Milling Co., Ltd., H,
X. Rich, Agent, Ladner, B.C.
is advertising another
having strayed onto his premises.. Have ycu g'Gl r. Savings l)m\.
Firs': ii was a black and white ! Account in the Royal Bunk of Cr.i,-
animal now it is a Jersey. This; ada? If not, yot: should open one
must be a favorite rendezvous for as soon as possible. Deposits t"
sti'uv bulls, L$l and up received THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, JUL? Q. tool
Hint, I will tell j
down ami t-a'l Hi
parts; not a chapt?i
.ni bow. Su
s life���uot iu
-ns day.   nnd
SuBscKir-i-ioi.. $1.00 per year.
a nvi 1 ; s.. i .
Csssaal ACirruy-mtr
, zt,:s pur line fo��
another the next; not a   paragraph
with your coat and  hat at your el-
l bow, ready to "-tart for the city; but
j read His life straight through, giv
I ing your mind  and  heart  time  to
the first irei-rtHwn*. and : ct-r.LS p��r line |->r etch    .   .      -     ..        ���..*_��� _.r   ...u. .    .._,,
jobsaqncnt ir".rri"i.     The   timber   ol   lines | take II] the   HtSanltlg   ot    what    VOU
bj- -The
ecupied, ntineetothe
ajBaanmmmmmmm maamaaawaaawa
"'"  ""! II   ItJTT    ni   IT"   I- Oeld-Ooppers lav
u mart II    <^ I      I III  I    I Big  Dividends   aft
nto the ___,���/V_ZL.1    * pfer British
.      .                         -"    *    > ' .       ���       ���       Columbia
Conti.inI'ifc ovrr ico Views in evervthing.   Post paid 50c., Stumps   '
Richest Province in the British Em-ire.
���*�����!������ ���I-��'I-����4-!->^'H-^}>��-��-H' *-i-e--*--.+-l-+**+.+,+*.:������. 4.*_��
I    Delta Transfer StaJ
. stei for Commersja) AdvarttiecuMti can bt
Bad od application a1.tlJts__Hee.
Birtr.sol Ittftth flUftfref,
liDf lu; e.tcb tn-
read.    Thus you  may view  Him j
in  His lowliness, and your aiTec-
tjons cannot  fail of being touched,
If   you    went    into    an    Artist's
StUdio   to  look   at   the  picture  of:
A-','   .., .,'.'.  ...        .   '1-   ' ',   .'.  ���:  .:..'. ,9,o| J0medistinSuislledPerS0nS0fWb0Sc|
���remote the pecuniary benefit, of any Individual  flnnearance    vou   wished   to   eet   a
or company, to b' considered so a.vcrUiuncnt  uFl-1 -���"""*-.���    j uu   \v i-sutru   iu   get   Bl
and charged accordingly, j cleflr   y^    how   do   you    thjnk   jj
oul^nip'ftd��""" ^'i'-1 f��.�� ��*�� <"'Jer<*J' would appear to have at  your fir t
_.-_.._   ,       ,   ,_ , ,,.   visit, all of that  painted  face,  ex
Garr.'sponJ.r.i r in7itn.! on matters ol public I ' r s    -.��.
S^^i. f.mmu*"��**>."' w ��"���� MUSt-�� ��*-1 cept the forehead, covered?    Look
tampanied by n_s_e ci  .niter, not neceotarily       r       -
;_..r pitbticatton, i*_t.i_s tvidenci-01 sjod'sitii. 1 ing at that a little  while,   vou    .0
Correspoadcnca ntn'sCtea.-h thi-icifficet.; Th.ir;. '       s "'    '""    *>"
jatei-eatnir, away, and come again  the  follow-
��� ing day.    The forehead is  covered
��� uow and th" lower parts ofthe face, !
hut the eyej are visble.    Vou  look
i at them a   lew   moments   and   go
away as before.    Tbe next day they !
���~- .-rr���   ...���  gave vou a view  of the  nose,   ex-:
,,    ��� ,. .,, ,     .    ,., 1 clusivelv; the next you  behold   tht;
Having opera!ions will be m full: *-' J
i upper lip; next they gave  yon   tl.e j
1 lower lip, and finally the chin. Now,'
 ^azz. ; y0U jjgy,. seen t}Je wi,0ie f.lCe; but I
Hay and grain on the Delta  will!do >'��u know  how it looks?   No 1
: othliii; Klskcd, Nctlilng Ualnt.i Nothln. Ventured, Nothlnft W-,n.
916 til {[mme. m nine .
GKjj.   R.
TCEsn.vv; ji t\ i). 1907.
.swing bv the end of this week.
only reach about  half a  crop, this
j you don't.    You can form uo   idea:
, . ,        of the effect of such a combination of
vear. and in some  instances there , ,    .       . .
1 features; you  can t  imagine  what:
sufficient   to carry Lh(. expressiol. of the iace  )l;  you|
t)i^m through the winter. 1.
The Richest Men in the World are investing in B. C. Copper-
Gold Mines.     Why can't you bttgin now?
Tlie Greatest OoliVCopter Discovery ol lhe A>je In B.C.
" Mil 1625,000
(���very Dollar Subscribed used In Development ol Mines.
Special Offer, 20c Per Share.
Mines directly wesi of L- Roi, whose 3hares are now about
���-ii; Le Roi No. 2 shares an about $15 and went tip _o$roo;
ind Consolidated Mintftg and Smelting Co. oi Canada, Ltd.,
shares $150 each. Granbj" Mine pain'over $2,000,000 Dividends
111 [906, shares $145; and all gold-copper mutes in H. C. paid
Large Dividends. Big Four assays irom S.S to JS80O in gold,
cupper, silver, with 32 per pent, in the Treasury* on tbe Railway
near Sntelters.
Notk���Most of these mines sold for a lew cents once, but
over-capitalized even now pay Big Dividends,
BUY!   TO-DAY,   VOL'   WILI.   NKVl.U   Nlit.Rl.T   IT.
Rossland Mints received Highest Awards lor richest gold-
copper ore sent to St. Louis Exposition, lit-T F-'our had Best
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
No less than 100 shares rold, Ali Cash. Above this shares
can be had on instalment plan, or yearly contract, 15 per cent,
cash, balance monthly.
Company has no debtsor liabilities:.   Semi Im Illustrated Prospect ns tto Secretary.
P.O. Box 174, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Team Work Bone at Specially Low Prices.
i JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
4- Telephone ** Ladner" No. 10.
.��-' A
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
will   be   barely
New Seivice���Port Guichon and  Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver. '
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vancou��'er, 16.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2-10 p,m.    Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.in.
Gives  Passengers  four  hours  itt   ckher   New   Westminster ��r Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   '06.
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichoa,
Siiifici-eut Cars will be furnished without delav.
Are our teachers amply rewa
for their service:^ Answer this iu
mext issue if you are sufficiently interested in the matter to do so.
Wt Will also give our ���pinion then.
Dating from ist June last it  will
be noticed that we have had te  at-
don't know it from Adam's.    Now,
.' who would for  a  moment  put  up
rdfd ' W'''J suck Portra't seeing?    We say
L' ..       .'.'t.
tion ofthe average teacher.
        The myopic eve is a diseased eye j    A respected dtiZen, of Chilliwack.
I When we come up before a picturf, PWeeding from small degrees ofpttssed away in tbe person of Gapt.
. "get out ofthe way; let me see the short-sightedness to those of enor John Vw.dy of cheaffl TJje (,e_
j whole effect of this." But it is in moU3 e:itel,t aK0I"Pa"'ed -b>' ^-1 deceased hatl been ailing lor some
': this dissected manner that men look ! aslrous ���Z^���* "f ���� eyes, de- j year. bei)Jg practicalIy C0Ilfined to
j at the character of Chris!. Not so 1tached retina, etc. The hyperme- hfa home ,or U)e past {eM mmtb^
I do   they   study   Washington,   nor troPlc e-ve   Cong-sighted)   renders K that tbe en(J WRSmi u cted<
ianr other man of whose character study exceedingly irksome by  pro- D,ceased 1rBf,or somotme't^tmhi
thev wish to lorm an opinion,   and|ducing headaches, tired eyes, tiery- |ot ss   SonovDa  ^
] of whose personal deserts they!
t.i_'h a . cent stamp to our papers wish to judge. Why should Christ'
s-rtit to the American side in siugle be so unjustly treated? Did it ever)
wrapper, therefore, reckoning from  occur to you  that  there are four
.'lives of Christ, each one written by
men   of different   minds   that ali j ory
forms of minds  might  be suited?
" | Sty      those      lives      BY
There  is a  grand opening here  WHOLE, and  you  will  find how
,   dining   his
personal   deserts   they!"*""   **""   - ��� .thus sowing : [ay lu,re ..i;!. wt]l tho'lls;)lt o!-._
the  seeds  ol   illiteracy,  ignorance'	
ous exhaustion,  etc.
that date  50  cents  per year must
|:>e added to the subscription price.
.Pitt.I keratites,
1 lit'. 1
for a lumber mill.    Our waterfront
! lo love Him.���Beecher.
'jus deep water sufficient to receive:
p .ean-goipg craft and, with a little!
dredging, ample accommodation for j
booms may be found. Our sites!
afford all the. advantages ol a fresh]
Viator harbor ns we',! as having:
cinnection- witli the O.N.R. We
jteed a mill the worst way and hope
to see a white man's mill start up
here. Many mills have located in
lar less favorable districts.
Meciicol Suspect ion
of Schoo.s
and idleness, all ot which might be
prevented  by timely detection and
I medical  intervention.      Inflamma-!
eye  conditions   such   as  the j
various   forms   of   conjunct!vites,
etc., besides   being   foci
of more or less dangerous contagion
to other children, produce conditions making suitable study impos-.   . r
sible   and   improper   and   provide, L)��V.     S .     MOOQAN,
scholars that are a burden to  their 1
teacher and encourage the swelling |
of tke ranks of the idle and the out
cast.      Nasal   and   throat   hyper
trophies such as polypus, adenoids ! Xew Westminster, B.C.
and  eilarged   tonsils  produce deaf | _____
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, EUard niock. New Wcatm(tiatcr.
M.R.C.V.S., Editi.
Vncorpi maud 1889.
CAPITAL, - - - $3,000,000
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $4,390,003
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 snd upwards received, and Interest Allowed at Higiiest Ourrent Bates.'*-
East End, ML Plea.-ant, Granville Street, Cordova Street; Grand
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Port Essington, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon,
Chilliwack, Cumberland, Port Moody and New Westminster.
; children unable to absorb ordinary
! education,   and   discharging    ears
! which no*, only induce deafness and
for Those
To the .School Board ef Delta Mu
Gentlemen: I have been asked to | may be a menace to life, but neces-
submit to you some reasons  tor the sitate   tbe   P^ductioa   of   germs
.... . ...       ,    I which should exclude such children
medical inspection  of schools;   thei. ,     , ,   .   ,   .
| Irom school, owing to their being a
necessity of which is already bein_g Lenace   to  the   health   of   other
D, S. Curtis'  Drug
Columbia St.
Phone 43
Ladner Exhibitor
Who Think
realized mere and  more each year
throughout  this province,  and  in
some of the
the  annual  medical  inspection   of
schools is already an  accomplished
The pity of it is that practicalities of this province a'l such conditions and many more
too numerous to mention, could be
cared lor and cured if detected early
in liie by the systematic medical
examination of school children.    I
In looking at lesus Christ, as He i     ]t wouU1  seem almost unQeces-.j have   no   desire   to   magnify   mv
n.-iv,--sliighand".Mm.t   from'all  0| j sary to.produce an  array  0r argu-! theme  but  to set  before you the
its in His perfectly spotless life, .
ments with  the  object  in view of
{eels as we have  felt  when gazing convincing   >*��u   who   have   such
pu the bright but distant glory 0f a | matters in charge of the necessity
itar that holds on   its  lofty course
through   the-  far   realms  of space
of such  examination, for  it  is an
i undisputed fact  that healthy eyes
ke Ohrist' we long' am' c*rs are clu'te essential to the
to reach   His re;K'-v acquirement of an education.
��� ft seems essential  to  remind you
thst  almost  ail  childre I  are born
' with  healthy  eyes  aud  ears,  and
that   such    conditions     as
plain   facts  and   earnestly   believe
there is enough real matter in this
���abject to claim your fixed attention both as a matter of moral obligation and public economy.
I will not be responsible for any
debts contracted by Mrs. Rachel
Rebecca Clark now going under the
name of Mrs. Embree.
E. Ur.    EMBREE,
Delta, IJ. C.
Jan. 8th to 11th.
Eight First Prizes.   Three .Specials.
Six Seconds.    Three Tforrds.
White Rocks, Barred RooJcs, Silver
Spangled   Hamburgs,   Buff
Orpingtons and IJlack
[To : e  Contitm :d.]
Remember thc Gloriou   Twelfth
hort: on Friday next.
Masters Sidney Rich and Edwin
��� Hutcherson have returne i home for
We wish to be
to be like Christ: but
high, and holy, and pure, and spotless   character,   seems   to  be like
wishing to reach that orb so  beau-
fi.til, and bright, and lovely, where
haply sorrow never weeps, and sin '. 5i8ht alrI lon8 si*ht' devastating
iias never entered. But to risp to inflammatory conditions, etc., arc
His example, to attain to His holy | uot due s" ��uch ,0 i: herit'inc a*
and blameless life, ah! tbat seems!'0 '"alm.trition, excessive study,
as impossible as lo climb the etberal!llndcr ""proper conditions, neglect.,;
heights where that  bright orb ,'s J'ack of medical attention, etc., etc.,; 	
shining, as it shone on Eden, ancl i most or wblch couk! al)d would bt' The members ol the local Orange
Shall shiue when the judgment o:1 c������ct��l " the situation was thor-j Lodfe tttcndefl divine sm.k.e ,���
this woild is cob.e. We wv who i J 0USh1^ understood and studied. lhe Baplist Chur:h 0,_ Su,ulay ,;iSt
sirfficieut for these thisgr-? Tht! Tbe sP^adic care of this child, and , whcn , very ab]e acWresg ,vas f;iv(M,
one .cems at times as impracticable!tbat chiid **��.��* s��ffice'- ^ 8e"' by Rev. A. IT. Huntley.
md impossible as the other. ' er��] aud kiudl>' observation of chil- j 	
'  rmpossibie!   Witb God ali things dren by ev.eu wiUi"6 and intelligent,
���itve possible,    He Vis never prom- teachers, witb occasional  adyice to
Jed that wc^hall'reach   tbe one   Parents   UuU   ine(l,cul   advice   be|S'   ']
bat His truth ar.d   His  \Vord  Rre sought, is not enough, for usually | Alta.
cledged ior it, that we shall attain n�� aUcuU0" ,s ,;ald t0 such SUS'
Stheother.-duthrie. j gestions,   and, besides,  many  in,
.   '���������   ,,|portant  and   serious  diseases  nii'\
.1   111 Ml    tO I l
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cars leave Wcattnin��t��-f for Vaucouver ftt 5.50
nnd 6.50 a.m. and hourly thereafter nmil n p.
tu.; Saturdays and Suntlnys al n p.mi
Chik toave Vancouv<?r fur Wesfctiitufllors -it ^,501
and 6.50 a. in. and hourly thereafler until to p. |
m,; Saturdays and Sunday* at ti t��.tn.
Wc run first'Class freight cars between Weat-
mlt)ater and Vanccntvet and all shipments ure |
handled with the utmost eare and delivered to
consignee without dtUy Special attention paid
to frurt shipments, out wagons meet all boats
aud trains.   For rates, etc., apply to
Traffic Mgr. Local Mgr.
Westminster, 8. C.
Eggs for Hatching���
B. C.
The Delta Times.
Fashion Stables =
Trucking and Drayiug.
EiveTy work of all kinds aft-
tended io promptly.i
J. Mm Collinson
LudBTr. B. C.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Always In Une,
If yon
(-1 HI
1 l;,a_
tr,  I'i
heart mii\ love
I ex.s's without e:
D. Woods has rented his farm to
Holbrook,   ol   Str. ihcona,
for twelve mouths  Irom November  next,   during   which   time
Mr.   and  Mrs. Woods  and  family
.'will  visit  their  old   l.onir.   in   the
B. C.
A Manufacturers of all kinds oJ
��� Soda Water, Ginger
.*.    A!e and Summer
.!. Drinks.
,*,       Your patronage solicited
With   Latest   Improved   FARM   IMPLEMENTS, WAGONS & BUGGIES.
Largest Stock in Province to choose from.
Gar.iage  Building, Repairing St   Painting. I aokm
smithing   &  Horse    Shoeing*
BeLaval Separators*
Q. T BAKER. Ladner, B. C, pp. ft 1 '
1 J i c
.A TilsiHS, l*I/ESi/A"
Receives bote. Laches-anl Gentlemen as resident'
or day  students.    Has a complete Commercial1
or Business Go-H.se.    Prepares .students to gain
Teachers' Oers.iicate.s of aU grades.   In affiliation
with Toronto  University gives the  four years'
course for B. A. decree, and the first year ofthe
Toronto School of Science.   Has a special ' !Pras-
*pectors; Coarse" for miners who work in jB, C.
Instruction given in  Art,  Mmsic,  Physical
Culture asd Elocution.
For    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
thin Is always! chance
to enjoy some snooting
A RELiABtE FIREARM; tne only kind we have
been muklnjr for upwards of fifty years.
Auk yonr Denier, und Insist .in Die
STEVENS. Where not sold by Kis-
tailcrs, tre'chip OlrectgiCTPreM prepaid, upon receipt of Catalog price.
Send lor J IO l"uUe illo.lriits-sl
catulotr. Aulndli|sei,��iit,lelsook of
rei.sly rclttren. �� lor man aad hov
shooters. Mailed lor A real. In
stiira.ss locover pontuue. Beautiful
��� en Color lljattgcr forwarded for
���Ik i-ent. Iw stamp*.
I'. O. Box 4007
C'hlcopeo Falls,
Mass., U.S.A.
i-a Grippe
-Etc., Etc.
It will *pay yeu ito fawn one anfl "be on the s<ife*
si3e. One Oxydonor in a family wiil banish all the ter-
Tors of disease from the household if only used .as soon
sts needed aud  in a reasonable way. ;
This is the ActU tl Experience in many thousands.
of families who feave adopted this advanced inathed of I
'treating disease. ��� *
Inflammatory    heumath. m.
��� -i
"Mr. Jns. Ausen, Rossland, B.C., Can., writes, March ii, _ooi : "Some five years ago 1 j
*ot Oxydonor for my wile who wn$ stiff .-ring from female weakness. After a week's use the {
doctor lilies elf Was surprised to find such a change, in fact it wns enough to Induce hiin to get''
en Oxydonor for his sister,
"A .Lh��rt time nfo my wife bad en at, ie_ of luSa minatory rheumatism, She could:
_sot walk a. fl her joint* were much Ssvoollen. She applied Oxydonor, and before night the .
1 pains hud fused, unit ne.it mottling 'there was very little swelling, ami she coul.l walk as well '
as ever. Site had u simitar attack before wc got Oxydonor ued wis under a doctor's care fur a*,
mouth, aud suffered agonal*.
'.Tt har cured me cf a severe colds"
Send at- onee for book No. 78, igiviug further in-1
.formation about ('XYDONCK and many reports from alli
parts of the country.
���i.l). SAINTS.
ELoly iGoinmunion-��� ist  anfl  3rd
'Sundays at 8:30-_i.ni.; 211K  and 4th j
��� Sundays tf t i a in.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School tit 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Lttativ nt I'-r,0-
Kev. E. R. Bartlett, M.A., Vicar.
V.-. THfH.IC j
Services first and third Sua.1 ay of'
each month .at 10:30 a.m.-; Benedic-I
tion, 7430 p.m.
'StinWiiy-scb'ool at 3 p.m.
Low Mn=s and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,     ,
������Pt'.rish driest.
364 St. Catharine St. West. Montreal.
Services next .Lord's Bay at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School at .2 p tn every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at K.
-Rev. J. F. Rrfis, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 11.
a.m. and 7,30.0.11.;.
SflHbath School at re a m Midweek meeting on .Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A. McAuley, Pastor.
RaUbitih  services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. ra.
Prayer .meeting on Thivrsday at
8 !>.-!!,.
i.ev. A. H.  Huntley, pastor.
When a mnn 111 uses his inuto-la Now
Orleans, tu ts fluid $_.. Boston flues a
man $10 fir beuting hi* wife.��� New > urh
That the.people, ot EnJUiu two generous
't<i a fault is exemplified by the fact that
they 1 ay fi por 1,000 coble feat for gas.���
Philadelphia, ^rase.
The sex uf a CliiesRo burgiivr vrns de.
lermi.iied by the eitia large size of tba
footprints. It Is unnecessary tt. statu wbr-t
��� it was.���i. S. Loiils Star.
.eternal vlgilanceand �� few sharp-prcse-
ttltlons aro the price nf deer air for New
York. The health board hits ^ .-jiua ire
pritBade against the snioke nuisance. It
should receive tho earnest support of the
people.���A'ew York World.
The Delta Times
. i.
Nurseries   8r.   Seedbouses;
Job Printing,
(     '' cai'l^11;.liens ior   Pacific   Coast
���grown  Garden, Field  and   Flowet
tj.Seeils thttt tire thoroughly tested as
���' to vitality before ofleritifj for sale���
.':.'. ���.c '.....j-.". to  gavernmen!  inspection asHo  freedom  From  weed
[seeds,    Sfltnple.s sent  to intattding
, purchasers.
. Large stook of HOKE GROWN
Fruit ami Ornamental Trees novi
matured for the spring trade.
No expense, loss or delay cf fumi-
gatiyti or inspection.
BEE Sl'PPLII'S, Spray Pumps,
I Spraying    Material,     Greenhouse
Plants, .Ct.t'I'lowers,
We   do   business   on   cur   own
-grounds-��� no -rent  to  pay aud are
^prepared to meet all eoinp i.tion.
Let tne price your list iieiore placing your order.    Catalogue F.-ce.
Cured 111* Cramp.
-At an -evening ' party in I/indon smn*
llrne ngo it gushing girl was Introduced
to Murk Twain.
"Oil, Mr. Clemens."' she suid. "Now,
-please, dotell-mel Vvr, been thinking i3
taking tip writing, but ] am so afraid of
that dreadful writers' crnuip one hears so
-much about. Did you ever have it?"
'-"I did, madam."
"And-,vhnt did you take tor-ltr"
"Just fancy I . Bu�� how and wlieTo did
ftn apply itf"
"Broiled and internally," said Mark
1'wain gravely. "I can't, answer for its
-feeing�� panacea, but it. cursfl tlu kind ot
araiup I had, all right."
The First -fcesvhoah.
The well known Assyrlologist, Dr
Hugo Winckler, published an account
of the'iegislution proniulgnted by King
Amraphel of Babylon, -which, so fur ����
ts known at present, wa�� the flrst book
of laws ever given to the world. King
Amrnphel Uvea 2,250 yen��� B. O. ��n<i
-ts mentioned ln the Bible as a contemporary of Abraham, so that his statutes
were drawn up fully five i_mturies be-
'fore the laws of Moses. Tbs'y ntunber
282 and contain the followiug:
"If a woman who sells beverages
.gives bad value for the money (MikJ
'hflr, she shall be thrown Into water.
"If a wife be a spendthrift or if she
otherwise uegloet tier duties, her husband maypnt her away without compensation, but If a ninn put away bin
wife for no otlier reason than ttwft ��h��-
has no ehildroti be shall return ber
whole dowry.
"If a betroth*! be rescinded, tb�� man
���ihtill-pny the womnn compensation.
".- widow with grown up children
umy not 'marry again without permission from it Judge."���I/ondon Kxpres*.
M. J.  HENRY,    ���
.WIO Westmmster r.oad,
HVANC.P1LJVER.   ������   B. C
h��w r��.   inotffh ot wonten nnd enssfh ��f
8ut Ins. -.ml wsits, nnd tl:f. sea *'ai!K. and the
.'ii..-. ini.*. i.i :i- is enoupli,
3ir*s mv . I-.'".' wliiw i't.n.1 .ind the vtiy, vt��*
path ''f Hie . a
Avid  liie-Hi-nd'. ivill aitd tlis bir.. s will fltiU
ir. ' hemtache HtlU in mu.
WTty sho'.:'..l  1 ncfl, ont aorrow and 8i\"egold
Mfor h i-i is-'
Cst:tiv�� 1,,-nl miteh snd Tift inn ... httt ts-nr.
'   .-'.nd love artitet iov Hit.
Thi, tutlp calls  i.i try heart, Slid tits fs-nn tc
my hlootl cr:.'' u^,
Aftii t^��� s.r'i s.|i'..it.h,'aid the rostl *liIneH, miu
tin- \ ...���'.���. .ii theeup.
I have I:; '     .;iii(_h of -_Msdfttn-tstui -euougU of
Fe.r tlio ,,... ��� i i.<s, and tlie end's ono, antl ti'��
���soon ;.. iln' end* of tin' earth,
4nd H'h  ms', i euod night ami tc-I.csl, n=d, if
herls or ticart aoiie,
ffell'e iln t .uml sleep twil dosi i: sleepasd ileep
toe dtrp to wake.
���Anirjr Pvnions in f-i.tidm-. On+lftok
A .  ImposNHtlltir.
I do not trust to luck, he said;
To tluia accuse me Is unjust.
1 never can be thus misled;
_ have no luck to which lo trust.
 -W��eliti_ ton sisr.
itles Agr,'j.i Repplle? of Phlladel. hi*
hh! linished her "History of Philr.d.;.-
Mme. Adellnn Patti, wlio has been ssuy
tng in Switzerland, ihlnlts of adopttitg a
youihfiil niece.
Lady Colten, ���whos* death la-announud
from Ad'lnlde, ..vaeone of ti.es leading
phllan.throjiio>workeM ofc; .ntfe At, .tr. lia.
1-ady ilctui'i.ne jIsImi Blacks ...>.-, a
dnugliter of Lord Dlillurin, Is ����� fa) ...jiimh a
trained nurse and Is now a probation?: nt
Chcliea Iiiflnnary.
Miss Jennie Floid, Who bas made a j^fii
of h.-r country place i, tho University ol
California, is worth ft.: uO.OOti atid in itii
riciicist unmarried iroman in t.'io suits.
Mrs. E, A. Bennett of Lajuore, v. 1).,
has an Angora tut Cbtiii and aoys ^iJc cannot raise enough '-its loeupt ���. th.. de.
luand, wiij.ii Is principally from thi east
Mrs, Emily Vuirren Roeblln> ..'!,' ol
kJolonel ffashinston A Itoebllnpt f Un "'������
lyn liridL'o fame, Iftittainlnjf oletiuctldii
as a lecturer on topics lnu ccsUiik toclo'
Mrs. Catherine Wltoomb, hf. yenrs old
a linUi and hearty resldciSt oi Oriloshurg,
Midi., and n bride of 188^, \>..- .��� ItJt hci
father, u Mr. Sari, when in is:;-' bis ner-
lo_( cabin was tlie tlrU in tbe forest ..
Isv'.cn Kalamazoo and ftognno pvulrle.
��� Klizobeth Hitler Whoa ton, the well
known prison evangelist, has vi it, .1 cm j������.
prison in every Important city in tlio
world. JSbo baa beoome .known to inosi
railroad men and receives aiinunl panseG
over all the large lines In'-thls eountry,
Miss Molltc At'i.i.i.son of Opd yke, IDs.,
weighs .'iilt' i 0.11 .', and measures 4 feet 1
-Inohes around the waist. Sl_ Is _��� good
cook, a skilled, 8<_,_srr0fis, !'. years old,
can pick up a 800 pound b.s-T' i of pork
*tid put ic on her shoulder and UAkos hor-
���olf generally useful.
Mrs. Margaret iilair is instructor of
���euFing'ir, tht i'Li.ei .ity ci' MIlllics_lta.
Mrs. Blair originated toe sewing depart
ment in tht Minnesota Sohool of Agriculture two yjurs ago. The students art
farmers' .daughters, and they receive board
and tuition for i'i is week,
Miss Mary H. Carroll, who has just died
-��t Cam bridge, .Md.,''.vns a daughter ci
.'.'homos Kii'B'C.'urMsii govornorof Maryland iu 18211, and it sinter cf Misu Anno
Ella Carroll, wbofo remarkable v.ork in
aid of the i'nlon entuc during tho civil
war lias a j eiu.auei_ place ln tbc record!
ei the government.
A^icrl \". women laughed so heartily
Ir. >-. t. .    - -   !' ;.;   r' ���:'���'��� .:   :''i. i'i.. A:
���,,.'���'     .   ill e i.j.d lit llted  that th
i- at' ' : In ,.'���      '  . 1 ave hi rsunbuist v...
0.; ;  i-i.'������',.:. ��� i;.-n\i r Post.
' A woman," said tbooorn fed philosopher, .nnd nt a i.miii if I ���:.���.'..���. >���
wuio in making ioveeid gets u:adder li
to ir.ai.es love 08 if lie had lots of expert
li:   '.' -   :'iii.' no) I'l'.s ,To:i!;.:.i.
lo ti.e ani'ii.ty to miss none of the grtut
sets on lie wt ild's stage it. 1 ould not bt
OVerioi I'd that a Deuvor von mi threw c.
ttotit ��� ni: an aid succeeded in knocking
iff i;!: [int.���Denver BepulWcau.
A'i  t hiu man wus struggling with e,
i't.i..!',   V itli    lis   t..... r    ML    l.s   l.AK.:A
ance, and, sn iking ac tin-thief with on ���
killed I .-!��� I i. li.ir.   And yet wo speak ol
the mm <jf  the new woman.���Richmond
Thero are 88,000 publications In North
i_Ljif...��!cn t^isii j.'iiiit advertisotnonts.
1 i.t aggregate annual cliciilntlon of tiie
worid't , : .diesis Is l'i,0u0.00Q,000 aud
eonsi 1... s 700,000 tons of; aper,
i. ts est mated that there is J1SS,000,000
��pc-iii. annually In North America for
newspaper .'md magazine advartistunents.
The grand total c!i'oulutlon of "the publications which print advertlscinents in
North America amounts lo'Ji,500,000 000.
Thc flrst Kngllsh newspaper was The
Enyiish Mercury, pamphlet shaped, Issued
lh Queen JClizahith's reign. The Gazette
of Venire was .i.i./jr'pii.al model of the
Modern newspaper. 'Ji.o Acta Diurna
.(Day's Doings., published lo the latter
days of the Human empire, wiv* the i_r_t
'luittiipKper die world eves- had.
Tf y.iu spill oil on the carpet, cover thi
si ot vviLh co; nms'iil as quickly ns you OOA.
.he ;i.i_ii vitl tnke up the gruiuo,
Wooden skewers are oonveolent to cleat
th: hairs and dust out of hairbrushes,
al.o to loosen the dirt which sometimes
.g-ts uiUed-lc. the coruci's-of Hours or win
itow sills,
it' cilsiics beoome'Biscolored from fruit
cr tea stains, take ti little flue ashes on t
cloth and rub off, .See to it that there ii
not;; stain of dust and dishwater whert
-f.:.,. .' .ndie. joina.the cup.
I, ti hassock bo taken up by bath c_rs,
lt ��;il last much lunger than if curried oi
���pulltd around by one, tho w-cigb�� lieJug
more evenly divided. It is nut the easiest
thing iu thu world to pu; back auu fustec
au tar whieh he_ como i arcly out.
H*rr io iioi. i \fayia,
Somotuic hat' told her that you r.lways
l have to register, but she wasn't used tc
' h- teis That was apparent from the way
! she lingered behind tho old time traveling
j man who stood by <ihe clerk's iJe;U. S'se
j wanted to see. how lt was dot.e. The i-H
I fidl'.v.- hatl hnd the eame room iu the house
j for nine .'.veers. It wns always lope for
J him���No. do, on tiie second no...r. He had
I wired ".hrtv days before Hint lie wns ��o_i-
; Ing, so tt was all ready for hi.n. Ho dtp-
pod tho pen ia tho Ink well and, with an
j e.'ttMi Qourish or two, scratched down liis
] nnme. -'James Edward Clifford."
"Tlie sa:ae old thing." lie u. ;,���__ uf tha
;  e'erk.
'���Veun," was the^uiswer,
j     Whereupon   Mr.  CUll'ord   wrote d-cwa
i opposite his-naue, "tia."
'j'hen the bdllnr grabt'i'tl his traveling
i case and conducted hiu.'. to the elevator.
! The clerk dipped tho jion in the in . and
bund, i it to thu demure maiden who had
. stood behind the old traveler. She glanced
at the last uaitiH on the page, than turned
: for a parting look at the form Just passing
i Into thetelevutor ear. She laid her hand-
; -erchief r.nd pocketbook on the desk aud
j  wrote, ".Is'titli Merrflwc.ither.'
'Then she  shot the clerk u  modest littie
glance und   finislted out the line iiy placing "24" after tho signature,    _llii.loo.od
I   Bp blushing.
The clerk  smiled,  and  whea  h_  lind
j  Whispered u  room   number  to the porlei
|  ��nd tins girl hatl passed behind the screen
hes.iid to himself, "Hy dove, -im doesn't
.  look it!"���DatN.lt; Fruo Press,
-> lie Itnsnlnn bociv-1. .", istu.-,��.
A Russian society woman knows only
one thing���fashion. Art Is a stranger tc
bor. She lovea'pdmlratlon and flirtation,
but her horn remains cold, though she
may be burning other hearts With tlie fire
of hor eyes. .Nowhere is woman more dan-
gerous than in Russian society. To begin.,
a Russian girl seeks a -husband only foi
tho position lie gives her. Matrimony l��
only a question of fashion, aud if a Ilufi-
elan girl cannot ilntl a husband within <>
reasonable time she can fill no place in
good society, and she Is ridiiuh.l by all
her acquaintances, Thus, r,he watohe|
with agony l!-.. npproach of the end r f her
youth. Bvery tentative'is thus mado to
win the grand prize of matrimony, i-.viii
her friends are ns anxious as :.be is antl
foarsenie oesr she -nin..- In- ae old maid.
Then when all efforts have failed, when
no more hup-, remains she takes ndviin-
tare of tiie sole remedy left to ber' maiden
Widowhood." Sho travels, she noes tc
Paris lim! NSee. Sho slays atvuy three
yenrtj maybe, then rotuNis to Russian so
clely, uo longer an oid maid, nor even a
wife, but a widow. Nobody asks whom
slio married, nor huwehe . eoamonwddow.
Hho is a widow; ih.it suffices. As a widow
Blie is received everywhere nttQ ia ����_��,���
Sody. ".Phllodelnhin Inquirer,
Tt tn a paraphnu-c���the colonel ar tin
tiger.���Syracuse lie raid.
Whichever tick.t (RooreveU or Van
Wyok) wins the ihitch will take Nttr
-Holland,���-Xew Veil. Tribune.
About all you oou any in favor of aa
Office holder is tlint when he Inn s ho has
ithe test ititenikssie In tka would. ���Atchi-
a,,ii Globe.
to far Ohio hne had three socre+nrles of
-eitite in ono ndinii.lsti'utioii. And tht
Inst it. in administration is not half over.
-Ofiotirse, if there arc other vacancies, Ohio
will flil them. ..oL.lc cttUI��� BalMmoro
Au.ri lean
'������'��� ���till * Baehelor.
��� ti waa at a aocisl. The young wo��-
I ��n said ou starting komc tbat she tteed-
���Kl soDicthlng more sronttU her. The
'young ni��n borrowed a sbawl. He ia
-still a bnfilielor. She is now,die ma of
four  interesting  ciilldt-cu.
*  Nice raicain.loa.
'A Tlcmish gentleman conceived ti*
'tdca that-he would only liven crrtate
time, so lie uu - a nice calculation *, Hit
fortune, w bleb lie so apportioned us to la ��� 6
-Just the same period as ho guessed his life
would extend to.
Strangely enojtlgh, bis calculation? earns
correct to the letter, for hc'tlied pnnrtin,'
1^ at the time he bad previously reckoned
iHo had so far exhausted his estr atkH
after his debts had been discharged a ro!!-
tary-pnir of Slippers repro_onted tbe ,:i���:_
property lie left
His relatives buried him, and a representation of the slippers was carved t n ti.v
tomb. Today ln a churchyard nt An.f.t-. r-
dam his grave muy be seen, the only inscription on the stone being two Flemish
-.voids. "Effen .Nyt" (1. e., '-Exactly").���
-.ondon Mall.
Tdatrlmi.fi y  la   I ei-.lii.
Matrimonial engagements ln Persia m%
divided into two classes The r��ul n ar-
rlage, which is rjun.siui.rt_i the niost-te*
spuctAble, is conilned to four Wives, "ilii
the other tho number of "partners" ol the
-husband's joy aud sorrow is unlimited.
The professor  hud  fallen  down stcire,
and es he thoughtfully  picked himseii up
lie remarked, "I wonder what noise thttt
.was I. just heard.."���Kew Orleans .Tiinoa-
Warrior A lit* .Flilcti Knsln ve the
Smaller n ,,t IVi-uker Species.
i The warrior ant H a siuveiuaking s[��e-
cies. it Is a largo red kind, and It makei
-raidsagainst nests of thesninll yellow tuft
ants, a mild and docile race, largo numbers of which It  carrie. off^lo act as scrv-
Hut  it  does  not steal fully grown turf
auu.    Their habits ure formed, and thoy
' would be usei��_s fur such purposes.    What
. tho warrior ant wants 'is ruw  material,
,' whicli can be turned Into thoroughly well
j tsalnod servants     Hu  it  merely kills tbe
; adult ants which   strive  to oppose its aggression and contents itself with trundling
���home to its own nest the larva: and pupa.
of the turf ants which It  has put to flight
and vanquished.
:in time tfaoae grabs'anfl cocoons producB
i full grown yellow-workers, which can be
taught by tbe wurrior-ants to act as nursea
ai.d housemaids     1 once so-'v in a garden
in Algiers a great \,itched battle going on
Betwcon slavemakers and the family of
tlie  future  slavoe,.io which  the grouriB
was strewn <wiI h'tire corpses o'f the vanquished.    Jwit-Hll thornost.of the siualh*
! ants was almost exterminated did thoyre-
Uro from the unequal oontest ami allow
the proud invader tc carry off their broth-
ers aud sisters lu tbeir cocoons, asleep an'<3
Occasionally by dlut of mere uurohers
..h'.y beat oL''  ihc invader witb heavy loeii,
: bin much uiore often the larjtc and strong
jawed warriors win-the day end destroy to
a worker the opposing forces.   Tbey crusb
their adversaries" heads witli their visciike
mandibles     Meanwhile  within   the   nest
i t.'.i other half oi th" workers���tho division
told off  as  special nurses���nro otherwise
I employed iu defending and protecting the
Tising generation.
At Iho   first ulnrm, at  tlie first watch-
. -word passethwitlrwaving antenna; through
thc Host, "A warrior host is attacking us,"
. they   hurry  to  the  ehu.ciiers   where  tlio
cocoons are stored nm!  boar them off  la
; their iuoli: s lino thu rcocusts of tlie nest,
, the ljwest and most inaccessible of all tho
ehnniber?.��� Vew Vork Telegram
I'-e.cliiH tt) Del the Newi A.bore.
Itaoing was a necessary business, and
'preparations for sticli uveuts on the Kaun-
fiuha were rarely out of mind. For III-
stall'.e, the yucht was trimmed In vnrir.j_
positions, until it was definitely determined in which one slio would travel rocifft
swiftly, liur av.iiings'wcro arranged to
furl quickly In case of a head wind, and
her sails so that thoy.������ould be handled
Wilh equal celerity when the wind WM
fair. A -luge trysail was purchased to balance the jib, and the topmasts, with ail
their standing rigging, wero sent ashore
to relievo tho weight aloft, for ln a wind
tit only for topsails no sails were worth
having. A watershed to throw tho Water
iway from the furccastlo hatch was built
.iu.i ample scuppers opened on each 6ldo bo
thnl she might be driven through a hard
Bei���literally, through the waves���without danger, ancl then, last of all. four barrels uf billow were taken on board for
greasing the coal In case of supreme need.
���"Afloat For Nows In Wartimes," by
John H  Hpoars, In Horibner's
Tbe  Knlser aa  a   Humeri*..
We went, up to the Kiel Vnrht club tc
���ee the presentation of tirizes by ills majesty. Ha was In particularly jolly humor, and hii> speeches of presentation were
most happily spoken, One pr ito winner,
a little Herman officer, fully renllwMl the
importance of the occasion und was tba
more easily embarrassod when with cap In
one bund .mt1 sword in the'ther he stood
ready to racoive his price���a pair of larg*
Ai tbe close of the kaiser's spoeuh hi
hm,did lhe vises to the little officer, who
hurriedly put tup under one Brm, sword
under tbeotbornnd recoived them, where.
upon tbc knlser Insisted upon (baking
hands in congratulation, much fo the eni-
1 larrn-sment, chagrin nnd bliss of the winner nmi the butt's of laughfer from every
onee!.-.*, led hy his majesty.
Tbe utxt winner Was given a liqueur
set and rooolvetl orders not to drink Iron
all l*' glasses alone.���Outing
'i*!ws '.i.ntv.l  rrmsi t'hlntb.
'���Chin*'-:   'in. -*.-' t'llif svlilllg*
-TM'i li'T   ;.'-.ui nn.:
tatcheo Uttea K ��.mst-e*s-
Gel tto tin the lunl
JLr.iiFes' i.'nsn ronuiii'iti
Savea ii i eiies hew:
<s)>dek%e eati bee piglalft
Makf.r- tnighls  low.
���Ola matinee I i Hung
TTearce yeily si at.
plenty longer ft. iMtr���
Lookee lilts. .. goat.
Rettee lotta fun;
^Muyhc lit tee Kwang Su
Mukee msnitnu tin.!
���Cloreland 1'luin HeiWr.
-, lenaar hnppnrt.
"I'm wtlilng  to stand on my merit*'"
1 KCelalmed Willie Wi, Mngtou.
'Miss Cayenne looked at*him thought.
I .fully and then exolultnod: "Mr. Wishing.
' ton, I".ve vim ever had any ejtjwrlenca tp
m ��� .ci i tone wRlkerl"-   Wuthtturtol) 'laj.. ������-TT? p?.T.f ..   7T-��tTre   "'TirQpiiv   .- "r.
it.**. Vtc.icc, i. visit.tig ���'���-��������� sister,
RCrs. W. J. LaaNine.
.-!.���.��� aupi
fi��fi QJUrlS SETTLED.
J. Fouutaiu returned,  yesterday,
from his wedding trip to California.
f' Mrs. T. McNeely returned home,
yesterday, from a visit to the Royal
The McClu.ky road is about finished ancl an excellent piece ot
Postmaster Campbell, of Clover-
.dale, paid a* short visit here, last
Coquitiaw, B.C.,
June 29, 1007.
Messrs. White, Shiles A. Co.,
Kew Westminster, B.C.
Gentlemen: Please accept thanks
for cheque, dated June 28, from the
Connecticut Fire Insurance Co.,
settlemeutTor loss in full, by fire
which destroyed my barn on June
I congratulate  you upon  repre-
seating a  company which  pays its
claims so  promptly, aud  with  uo
trouble to the assured.
Yours truly,
(Signed) D. McLF.AN.
Kew Westminster,
June 22, 1907,
Messrs. White, Shiles & Co.,
B|New Westminster.
Gentlemen-. We beg to acknowledge receipt of your cheques iu settlement ot our claims upon the
Hartford and Connecticut Fire Insurance Companies lor our loss by
fire of June 2nd. Please accept
thanks for your prompt payment of
these claims.
Yours truly,
L. A. Lewis, Manager,
White, Shiles & (��,
J. Simpson  and  J. (Meson  were) 2Q0 Columbia Street,
mmong  the  visitors  to   Blaine last'
New Westminster, B.C-
Best Machinery
On Earth
Miss Belle McMillan, of Portland, Ore., is visiting her aunt,
Mrs. D. B. Grant.
The Arthur Bros, brought in a
small flock of sheep, last week,
from Blaine, Waih.
Plans of the subdivision ot Wellington Farm aud all other information may be obtained at this oflice.
Several plots are being sought after
se that you want to hurry up, if
you wish to roakt a choice.
Gravelling on the River road is
progressing very favorably and a
good job is. being done.
Mr. and Mrs. ]*, Abercrombie, of
Meaford, Out. are guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Jas. McCallau.
At Grauer'a Beach, on the ist
inst., Gents' Collar, Tie and P.ir
Cuffs (laundry mark C288). Owner may obtain same on proving
property and paying for this ad.
Apply at
Vancouver Prices
l��OK   YOUR
Mr. and Mrs. McKay, of Port
Huron, Out., are guests of their
���niece. Mrs. J. A.  Paterson.
Broilers &
I can handle your Small j \Vf    I-I    TP�� vlOf
We Beg Leave
To notify tbte people ;of Ladiier and surrounding district that we are ��ow in a.
position to naffer Vancouver Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties wh�� contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or ��th��r inferior
Write for Prices,
B. 0.
Onto my premises, an the Farrell
road, a three-year-old Jersey Bull.
~" Owner may have tame ou proving;
Mrs. A. W, Carter,   ol  Oceania,  propertv and paying expemes.
.cirne down on the aSth ult., and is]     If not  claimed within  ten days j
���the guest of Mrs. H. N". Rich. j 'rot" date, will be sold to defray ex-
pens es.
Highest; Price   for Tip-
Top Article,
Ladner,   -    B. C
E. Shaw aud Hugh McDowell re-
iturned home, Tuesday, from   Vancouver,   where   they  took  in  the;
sports. 1
Mrs. Ketchum, of Vancouver, returned home, yesterday, alter a
short visit to het brother, Jas. McCallan.
Miss Vera Anderson, of Manitoba, arrived here, on Friday last,
and is tke guest of Miss Barbara
I.adner, B.C., July 9, 1907.
Port Guichon.
-a .UL-ii-'anJuLti'.1
C. H. Davis is carrying a broader
���smile than usual- as the result or
the arrival of a bouncing baby boy
;on Thursday last.
Mrs. Weare and son, of Winstan-
tton, Somersetshire, Eng.; mother
and brother of Mrs. W. J. Lanniig,
a.re here ou a visit.
T, Fountain, our local conductor,
,cook a trip to Anacortes, on Tuesday,  and ���.   Bailey, ol   Everett,
Wash., has taken his place.
Mr. and  Ure,  W. R. Ellis andl|
tamily have moved out to  the Bay
and Miss Thomasitie Kerr, of Columbian   College,   is   spending  herjj
vacation with them.
Mr. aud Mrs. Thompson, and
��unity, returned home to Eburnc,
on Thursday last, after spending a
week at Mr. and Mrs. W. Aber-
crombie's, Boundary Bay.
Dr.   T.   Iloggan,    M.R.C.V.S.,
al Edinburgh. Veterinary Surgeon,
has located  in  Xew  Westminster
and paid a short visit here on Sat- j
urdav last.    See card oh page 2.
Mrs.   Craig,  Lulu,   Sask., Mrs.,
Pettipiece, of Revelstoke, Mrs. Edwards and   family,    Victoria,   Mr.
��pd Krs. P. Lamb,  of Vancouver,
are spending the  holidays  visiting:
it Messrs, Hume ancl Storey's.
Fi_hermon|will_ please take notice that wo carry
Best Fishing Boot
Made in the World To-Day.
These" Boots are made bv The Robert Taylor Co.,
Ua V 7
of Halifax.
They are made from
TheyBare a Thigh Boot, the uppers being 38 inches high.
They are|; \ band-made throughout and are ABSOLUTELY
WATERPROOF. Fishermen don't have to wear gum boots
when they can get boots like these.
The price to everybody is
$S*00 a pair.
Sold exclusively by���
New; Westminster ami Vancouver, V C.
'JytJlES Silverware,
'IIMPL  Cut Glass-
Watch Repairing a Specialty.
JRndrew Clausen,
I.ADNER,   B. C.
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
English Oak Tanned Harness Leather
Saddlery Hardware, Horse Blankets and Stable
Closed   Uppers   Leather   and   Shoe   Findings,
Trunks, Bags, Valises.
Estate of
W.   L.   McBRIDE,
General Merchant,
Phone 5.   -   Port Guichon
Shipped Direct
To Ali B. C. Porta


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