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The Delta Times Dec 22, 1906

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LADNER, B. C SATURDAY* fo EttBER _-', J006.
Sorrew Council. : DELTA COUNOL Hoses! Mm Speaks   .
:    Council niif ia the Towa  Hall,
I Suf/ey Cenm r.).r*. 15th, the fieeve;
ar.il nil member-' being present,
Minute.*-, -of ��1 . vious meeting wcr ���
rojjd and ccnfirmr.!.
''CosffifrN .'CATIONS:
From H. Ot-W, Hon. Secretary S
Tieasurer,   ��,:   J..  C.   il-.,   re ue*
it to'.ie".\:imicipa! Clauses
Council n.'. t in
ChrnT.'-i-r on :7ntn-.
with th'.* Reevv*-, W.
th.-   Council
i'i'i Bir.  15th-
JT. Ladi
'.he  ehtih,
Vivi-. f'.'er
11 ���-! .
���Vcre ado:'to;
raVi..   fc
ins.   C
;er, in
>ew uurrai
New Raisins,
New Sultanas,
New Peels,
'Act*' and sity'.tg '.be matter would
be laid before li;1* executive at nest
From Rif.ht hi Way Agent G, '<���
. J..., re Beach read near St Leonard
Hotel, saying that where the  Rail*
! Way run? on mc highway is on thei o.vrc,ri
I Indian  Ee serve mirl permission to
construct- lid same h��d been ob-
From Gr.iui & Kerr, asking permissions io ptti a a -in. pipe throu,gib
tho toai opposite their lti ill. Request granted.
From   tk,e   V��icotJ'ver   I'ffope.rty
Association, :..��� Mt.iy.cipai
Book-keeping,    -'be Clerk to reply
The puilk"   meetjh^   uil>A   i>j
John 0 jvtjr, y. ' \, and hell ij��
:__ _>...!' Hall, L:'_:i.r. pa Thura-
day ev>i:;*j; la ���. ..vas i-r^ely at*
t.nde,: by bo'b politic., paii'mi auj)
a wry pleasant a-.-'! i..s.:r.'.tive
evening was spe.! by r}_. It wus .a
matrej 0:' r:v:.i that Mr. Mj*t-_en_ia,
l-J*<   ::���:'.*.:::';:_���:,t __tr.did_.Vi; VVSS P*"*."
vwited bv lie _t.-g._icy ef Lis bj-ti-
n*.?'- I. ,���...: alteriuiug, however, that
Sfeadem-M <.':..:.��� i. Toward the
latter part of tbc incrting and wa��
giveti an opportunity _-f addressing
those  who rersaiu-d at that  late
   *- "        - that tbe matter has  been  taken up
[Wined from t% W*�� Department; by ^ y^  �� R c_ MuDici>al.
'at Ottawa, thst the Compaay had.i.jj:ea
Frosu II. Bose, Hon. tier. Unton
, Liberal c_u_idate
New  Westmiuster,
(fi"*Jaght a strip.of laud 66 feet just-j
1 northeaster! y\ cfthe present road,
. and would co*n?:ruct a public kigh-
' way much belter than the one al-
i ready in *-_4_.,M.ce.    Raceived.
cf K. C��� iluaicipclities,
meiils to the Mu*i-:ipal
over i��r consideration.
Fiona   F.   C.   Cam!:
re am��ud-
'U..    Laid
:     F. VS. n-rr:
j :or ths City oi
who was miu? eyjjejj'c, was iuyit-
' eJ to the platform by The ctajr_sa��
Bud stsirtei  tb.  ball- rolJitig l*y ��
i short  &d'jr_.s  wherein he touched
; li'sht-T -on sev����i1 matters of political   concern    a_d    e>3��gized   Mr,
, Olive
i Works  Knfineer, �� Trunk  read.)
jofMr. QliVtr, M.l\l'.
From  H.   _J.  Vasey,   uctifyif.:
l!the Council that he -would apply t-e-j
J the Supre_sc Court to quasi* the:
��M-��. '  -
Eto.* Eto.
I. Groceri
From   ti.   C.  General Coiilract
Cempany,   rs   Widt Tire Art, e
cloning copy sii' instructions to their
teamsters that ihe load allowed  by
tlie .'B.helutltt^.ust uot be czceedud
i as thiy wp.uhl be  held  personal!
i responsible for any inlraclioua ot!
'.bin ride.    Eetiived.
I.   Prom   T3.   C   Mills, Timber fi
Trading Compear, asking perwis-
| sion t. croas tin* Hjorth,   Boii  Ac-
jcard   and   Vale  roada xrith  tU��Jr,.que>t Bfft.p^
linens   Utilyzy:   aeceived   and;    Qij  ^^  ^ t|.rk  was  .^
| firmiM-si-u   gJauiea uuder SKperri- j 9trn,ctea-.t0 ^*pj^te tfc,. Chief Com-
^  aion of Cs.uacil:or for the  Ward,    j raissio!.er.,f Iailds  a.)(l ^orks for
i sen!
* who, be i..id,   wus a repre*
ive of whoa Delta could well
be pr-:.-:.,.    Mr. Oiirei'��alulity aa_
| The matte-r was plnced ta the hands. Me:gy   HJj^   fooe^i**!,   couple*
Trith his well known integrity, had
made Uim a power ia the prorisoe
'land he strongly urged the dectore
.; * to ajaln return  ijr. Olifer at  the
'I Rivier Highway  By-law  1906, No.: ceu,jil�� ejeclj
1.   Laid Over for consideration.
J. D. Taylwr, ,-.f New Westaiie-
,     From J. Perratn nnd otner.s, ash-    .���_   ���ko  ^vm^   {qt  Mr<   ��c.
{ing  permr-sio.i  to -put   a   '-'t'l*'*-"*; Ken^.ie, was aUowed 45 mieutes by
, acuss the Uotinclery Bay road. J'e-j ti,.* chairman, which tim^ ke fullf
'; occBpied.   Ot;r space doea net permit m_ to _i?e in Jet-il nay ��f tbe_
From      Q.    P.    Gib.soa,    City j _ copT pf tfa ^ejd QQteg of ,ke sur
Controller of Vaacourer.  ra ��l^-jvey ef .the Trunk road; ais.
lish*!-��tit of   'Old  Peoples Home."
Best Qualify,
ef .the Trunk  road
engage Mr. Herman, of Her
' Received, already a��wered by thc B���me^  of Vanconrer,   to locate
! "-GCVS- 1 the road when notes were received.
;    Apprtspriatioss were made as fel- j    The CwttC-A lbpn  ac|j0nrKd till,
I ���f-nvs:                                                isSaturday, Dec. 22nd, at 2 p.m.    '  I
j    Ward 3, $25 for graTelling Mud I ^__
Bay road by dsy work. J
Ward _., A near Lift asd  repairs j    We    keep   Cadbary'i*    famoti-ij
speecJ'.es wliich  is a .natter of regret us   Mr. Tuylor'a speech wee
well delirered and prored reir ie-
teresting, ke made as good a caee
t!i ^laspossiMe fex t!je present gorera*
��� ojeflt and, alfhougk ke showed a
J lack af informatiou on soaie of tke
j matters discussed,   Lie speech   ea
Prices Right
in (Chocolates and  Cocoa  I.
race ia;
-W. H. Saiilk.
Tickets for Grand Xmas Drawing,
Co., Ltd
the whole jaatified the -wisdom of
Mr. McKe:._ie's action in staying
awsy ht'��_je.lf and having Mr. Taylor appear for him.
Mr. Oliver then   teok  the  platform and  it -ia  ueotlle*.. ta say hie
" j address was listened t��  wf.-h great
Fre9h Grapes, Cranberries, Layers interest by   everybody,   even   kie
, ,   . ,  .   .   , ��� ,    ,,   .Raisins.    Oraajes,    Figs,    Dates,^^'1 political oppoaents could not help
0 clock p. ra., work to bi let by the!.-. _.     .     ,    .,        .    ,     ,,, TJ   ; .   .      . .      , . .
. 7,        -,,     ,,     , Nuts, etc, fer Xmas trade���U. H.  but admire   ins   thoroughness   ia
Peeve and Councillor Murphy.        ��� ..*..,.,
l-m",:' ���-*-jiig up everv subject which is ef
to Huntley bridge, tenders to b
at aext meetiag. j stock
Ward 4, $ioe for repairing llosck |
tcudera to be ia at thej
Oflice,   Dec.   29th,   at   1J
j bridge.
I Clerk's
[Yesterday the public set-eel elosed
the Christmas racatiou which
ll continue fer tke next ceaple of
^Yesterday all the pupile aad _et-
..1 visitors assemWed in eae room
fd listened t�� �� well ren-ese- pro-
���.mijie,   ci>n$isliMg   ef .ekoruses,
_gs and  recitations by the chil*
Icn.    Revs. J.  F. Betts and A..
cAuley also made short speaches..
)n Thursday a   very   pleasant
frprise was given R. W. Fleming,
In Praise of Chamberlain's Cough
There* is .no other medicine-
manufactured that bas received
so much praise and so many 1
eitpressious of gratitude as Chamberlain's Cough Remedr. It is
effectiTe, and prompt relief follows1
its use. Grateful pareat? erery-
where do not hesitate to testify to
its merits for the benefit of others.
It is a certain cure for croup and
will prevent the attack if given at
the first appearance of the disease.
It is especially adapted to children
as it is pleasant to take and contains notli?ihg injurious. Mt. E. A.
Humphreys* a wefl known resident
and clerk in the store of Mr.  1_.
store of Mr
o severs his connectioa. with the r.ock,. of Alice,. Cape Colony. South
dner public school in er_er ts. Africa, says*:: "I: have use.. Cham-
osecutc- his  studies at Queen's berlain's Cough Remedy to ward
_. ���_      v.~-r.r.~       xxr.   i��_,c off croup and colds in my family,
iversitv.   Kingston.      He   was,__.,   .'. . ._,_,.
,���.,.-��� . , I fofind it to be verv  saiist.-.ctorv
���sented with a handsome shar- ;and ]t KJVC, ffift ,iieasur9 to -eaa-
mirror and sn a_di*-s-s from ths 'mended it.!'  For sale by All Drug-
pils. ' [gists.
Bright Xmas Services \vill bc
held in all Saints (Anglican) on
Xmas Day. HoIy'Commaaion at
8 .30, matins, sermon end Holy
Cetnmunioa at 11 a.m. The church
will be aieely decorated, .ad the
good old familar hymns will be
rendered. A good choir will be ia
The following teaders were accepted.
Ward 3, clearing Williams road
to Fred Klein at 75 cents per rod.
Ward 5. Ditching Wilson road,
to W. McAuley at 50 cent* per rod.
Moved by Ceuu. Murphy seconded by Coun.  Johnston,   That we
petition  the Lieuteaant-Gorernor-
in- Cot.ji.eiI, to pass an order in
Council to enable the  Municipality,'
ijf Surrey-to pnrckise their out-1
standing Debentures of $25,000 for;
the sum ot $2B,oop, and  that the
ar-ney lying-in the Sinking Fund
account be  ased to purchase the
staid Debentures and such remaining
sum as may lie necessary to pm -1
chase the same be borrowed from
; the Canadian  Bank of Commerce
j at 6 per cent iaterogt, and H. Bose,
Reeve of-Surrey be appoiatcd Trtis-
tee.   Carried. ,
E. Ls Webber was appointed
The usual moathly accents were
passed and cheqaea issued.
Conncii then adjourned to meet
again eq Saturday, January i.ib,
1907, at 1.30 p. m.
__���____������ 1
j publio i��t_r._..t, e?c.ry statement he
The Royal Bank of Canada hasj made he was prepared to substaa-
the following excellent record toitiateby public documents aad represent as a Christmas present: Ini cords, aud his grasp of the situation
of $35,000,000.
1870 the deposits aiaour.ted to j and fctiow.adge ef public affaiia
$288,000, and these have been j showed that he had devoted a great
practically doubled each year until; deal of his time i-n the public inter-
they now retch the handsome sum I est.    Although  the hour wa�� get*
I ting late ar.d the tear,-*, attire ofthe
I hall 'URCorafoitnbh* low he wai
Tisteued to with great attention and
! fr,qt.entiy applauded.
i Mr. sMcKcn.je, who came iv ta-
an all- ward the latter part ofthe meeting,
ed. vir.-.i asked to bc allowed to speak for a
I short time, which lime he occupied
Chocolate Bon Boas in fancy
boxes irom "25c to $3.50-���W. H.
In reply to a petition,
night light has bee*.prorata
j from 4 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.
Tne B. C. K. R. Co. is making a!by making a personal attack upoa
strenuous effort to s��pi_lv us with'] Mr. Oliver, And which was as vio-
light but are meeting obstacles at: lent as his somewhat slight ability
every turn.   They now have their, as a speaker won id permit.    .-__�����
expert bridge builder, C, Allen, at; onpst   other   in-ii_.n_ical   charge*
work endearoring to put in a solid'which he made was one that Mr.
. foundation under the machinery is-V Oliver had advised the Trustee, af
stalled' at Wadham's cannery. : Langley   not   to   supplement   tk*
Last evening we were treated to | government grant t�� their selsoola
a little exhibition of electric light-1 with the  result thai Langley waa
! ing but the foundation   was  nc.fwith.-_t   teachers,   evcrr   .cachet
j sntTiciently strong to permit of thei having resigned.   This Mr. Oliver
. ma"_hinery btiug run at more than 1 denied, stating that he even did aot
j half  speed.    But   with
! foundation it is hoped
BRAN,   SHORTS,   Whole
Cracked  Cora,  Rice Meal, Chit
the new, know who the Langley Trustees
to supply [were, but that he had sdrieed the
I people of Langley to keep up their
f*Qrn [the juice by Monday next.
(7-rest  headway   has  been made; schools  to  as  bigh  a standard aa
daring   the past  few  dsys en thai pessible aad cired his action in coa-
The* Christ mas Tree aad enter-
taii-tneat by the Methodist Sunday
School, which was ^ivea in the
Town Hall, last night, was a great
success and reflects great credit on
aU coaceraei*.
.towers  and with' a continuance of j section with ths East
Carder.  tiie present fine weather the power- w
Rice,   Chick Feed, Timothy
Clover  Seeds,   Sutton
and Field Seeds may be obtained.! will soon  be brot..,ht   across thcit<
at Brackman-Ker  Milling Coi'striter instead  of having  to be sup- fi
warehouse*,   L_adner, trom   Mr.' plied by thc temporary power house j
Delta school
tern be had personally givcu #iQO
ward* securing thc greatest eft
iency y. >:_.:bie.
The   meeting   dispersed    wi{j|
H. N. RICH, Local Agent.
cheers for the King. ���1.WI?  r>��-*r
r>r. .--*���-,"
TJ-BBt-S'-ED TVl'RY _t-AT?��_5-.-'.
SuHScauMrQX, jM-OO per year.
G*8o. R. MAKtKT,
. w_in_i'Ter.
_ I',i.',j _ '.; 2,  i
-. _���. a _-J��� -
'coi.U.'n-d  in   the  grant front  tb_!    When, you wish '.<>. buy yi<*iti��{*j:
Crown "(o   life   original   gran
Var-ci^ call on th" De_ta Times  who
A.  C).  l\   W.
D_;ta Lodge, Ko. i? mc-_._? firs
������������r^ *-:���*.������������*> 4-�����-:���*-������*. : �������� -.������*���'.���*���_�� k^.-^k-.-v.-s-.'v.k--.'_������**.��
Third, to. clear the highway of .nN1'*0** *** n.one-y can buy. and third Tuesdays of each month   | |")p]����   TfO n firfpr    ^fflhlp
. .J If yon need tb2m printed, why you la Oddfaiowa? HalL ! 4- l/vl-M    ���* ���*- <_*lS_��S*fc*      ���^L.-XSJ'iC
j l! yon need
are money in pocket by calling on
ohstriif.-iion.   o'Jter than  those  (if
I nny) which operated as a har to the i jj}e rwfa Times first,
i resumption 1 v the Crown.  Fourth,!       .,.,._._.....	
After defining   the  highway end
in Oddfellows' Hall.
Tho... Tsd!... MAY.
T. \V. K;;-..*.. Recorder.
1 clearing   it   of
.*���'''   ���  I structions
..eg* oh Notice to Creditors1   w.n,Draper
above,   the Council;
WESTHAM WA.\n-_BRinr,E.win   L'L"   iU  *   p0Si,i9n   t0 d .In the  matter of   the Companies' j
OX FERRY. ' w-!f-t*ir't cr not il is a(iv'5��We to ob-     Winding-!..;*- Act. i8g6, and Am- j
''��� '   _."_   , tain by  expropriation proceedings:    ending Acts, a,.:d iu the matter
,., .. ,   i    of Tlie Delta Creamcrv Co.,-I,im*
This paper has bps-n'roasist^it in j that portion (if any)  ot the high--    foed Liability.
advo^.-ting  th,  necessity of some'way as ti���i������''?**'s,' wbich the crown j iC'OTICE is hereby given that ell
positive   laeaBS   of   transportation | was debarred frota resuming  so as creditors   and others   having
r. . i claims against   the   above  named
between. Westbara   Island  aud the* to make the  highway ofa uniform | Company fire requested, on  or be-
Alaiulac-     EotL l..*- candidates at! width. . i forethe .-ist day of December, 1906,
the last Provincial election^ in]    As the present Reeve, ���oPpo*d -^V^S if^MltJ
favor.    Mi. Q'siv..r wan elected  by: to a large number of other ratepay- and claims to H. N. Rich, Ladner,
provincial i_a:*.d SURVEYOR
R-mjci i. Eli-Hi Cioci. Sew 5_.<*_lH_>itl_'le��s..
JJ.DN.SR, a c.
  ______��.I07;T NQT.CIy/
Team Work Boas at Specially Low Prices.
I.-*.*Jl* -.-__��*-_.
-    JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprieter.
Telephone " Ladner-' !no. io.
a large majority and it is pertinent [ers, is personally very much inter-
to ask what Mr Olivet hat done; rsted ia this question we venture to
aa_ what, the M>- liritle typj^rjome-atj suggest to hitn and ta tht ratepay-
ha. d'.ae
For Sale or Rent
The   property    known   as    the!
Palace Stables.    Applv  nt
B. C, Liquidator ot the saiJ Com*
patty, and further take  notice that j
after such  last mentioned date the
said Liquidator will proceed to dis- ���
,,.���,. -.-.-,       it.    .  ..    1 tribute the assets oi ihe Company'
teniae tp Mr. Oliver ; ers generally that it would Be tetter awcmg ^ ^^ culi,u,j ^J ���
ketabk thi.** question  up with the that some other geatlemaa without] bavitig regard only to t'.i_ claims of i
auy pecuniary interest iu tbis q_.es-iwhi.ch   tbe   Uq,aMat_r   has-,then j
r l notice.
tioo   should   be  selected   for  the' ...
i    Dated this
Reeveship pending the settlement }_��% 1906.
.Qe-esnweat, procured from the Po-
Siiaica Oavernment engineer souud-
yog* aad other information necessary 1*0 have iacouaiderisg whether  ,f this question,
fridge *t fe.rrv was taost advisable, j ���T   . ..-.. ^,..i}'~.
"Xke qaestiaa  was fnlly discussed j ^ 0^nm ju Chamberlain's Cough
���witk  Mr. Green, the Chief Com- j Remedy.
_B.ts3.0aer, with tke result that Mr. j    Tbere is not the least danger in
<?reen  authorised   Mr.  Oliver   to' g��ing Chamberlain's Congh  Rem j
jc-afer with  the electors on Wast- edy to small children ea it contains j
ika-al-Jan* ia. regard  to the coa-j noopiiun or other harmiul drug.,
��� _ ... A rt baa an established repuration of'
atra.tioa ai  it  ferry, stating mast ._.���_. .1
more than thirty vears as the most
p-diittvely  that   tke   Oijvernmeatt u_ceg3ful ajedldheja'vB* for colds,
jth day of Novem-
Liquidator, Laduer, B. C.
Fashion  Stables -
Trucking and  Draying,
I.iv*ry work  of all kin-** attended te promptly.
Jm Mm CollSnsen
Uidaar, ��  C.
-*W-K���-f<������4**^f���^���H������i������^-4*.���**K���������''hf-f-f^-f .���4-*^-**-I-*vA'. .������H'-H^'M4'
-.  _r ""        **
V. T. Ry. ��_ Ferry Co.
Ladner Carriage Works.
nanlm a��t caasidet the. pi*.jiositioa
\p build a bridge for a lingle i.M-
.{taat. Mr. Oliver called a meeting
t)i tke* oleetari*, lai* the position before tkata' aad als�� a proposition to
establish a Jerrr siniilar to the one j
ia ��aerati��a aa the Pitt I. irer
croup nnd whooping cough. It always cures aud is pleasant to take.
Children like Lt. For sale by A.l
>if Cart
New Service���Port Guictocm aud  Lactases* to New
Westtninster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. Guichou, 6.30 a.,i_.    Arrivi. Vaucou��-er, 10.30 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   3.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. G itich on, 6.00 p.m.
Monday, Wedaesday av.d Friday.
Give*.  Passengers  faur  hours  ini   eitlier   New  Wes-t-
mim>ter cr Yaiieouvcr.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    Septem-hcr   jtTa,   '0->,
Greatly Reduced Rates      For particulars ajij-ly to
Agent, Port Guichon.
SH-ficieut Cars will be furnished without delay.
..! L__.-__m_-,_L__jj. j... _���j j.j -_��� j. *_��CB!*_p**_3_*st-s*��_eBPBaiBg__tt_a__i
l ll l ill -
For every Dollar received (on account or new sale)|
one Ticket for thc above 'Drawing .will be given away.      'pAPTTAT
Drawing will Close at 5 o'clock Dec. 31, 1906.
.ti>-i*f<sor��fl<-J iKa1*..
,     Westham  Island   Faotball Club!
j still holds its place at tbe top of thei
In vieyr af tbe refnsal by the [ L":.��� ���t*^<-*��*t* .    |
paverntaaut to consider the prepo-
Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C.
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $4,000,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
I-JL-I IJ 1-1 _,U.._--J_.'. t ,111,1!
Sittaa to Iwiid a bridge a petition
���waa prepare., and signed hy practically all the rasideuta of tha, Is-
laad _trayiB_; ter tba establiflkmant
���fa ferry similar to the one over
tha Pitt Rber. This petitioa was
eaderscd hy tha Municipal Council
a,��A duly preseate- to the G.orern-
aseit. The matter has been preasad
Upea tb�� Gt.ferume.at by Mr.
Olifer, at each of tbe last three
9-___ions of tba legislator*, but the
l_.OT.tr._a_e.-t bas, tip ta the present,
made Ha prefisien fer carrying ont
tbis work,. Who is to bls��e, Mr.
QlWer or tbe Goteraaieiit ?
ably Mr. HcK,eaZie will en..fbtea| ^ AU'Dr�����i��ts.,
uh open tbi.-. matter.
Don't forget tbe Children's Paacy 1
Dresi Ball, on Friday efeaing next, j
ia the Town Hall.
> I
Kiag of AU Cough Medicines.
Mr. E. G. Case, a mail carrier ofj.
Canten   Center.   Coun.,  who basi
beea ia the 17 S. for about sixteen'
years, says: We bare tried  maay
ceus'n   medicine*  for   croup,   but
Chamberlain's   Cough  Remedy  is
king of all and one to be relied
upoa every time.    We also find it
tbe best   remedy   lor   coughs ar.d
colds,   gifing   certain results  and
prolj.! leeving ne bad eBectn."    For sale
.���jj_j��i-L_u��ix.,-. b I���ji ..liiiii,. ecag-g
1      married,   very   good   milke>r;|
understand cows and dairy wotk; j
xvitc to board men when  required.-j
House and land.   Apply Box ?oS,
Mission City, B.C.
The ratepayers ot Delta will
ftadonhteilly approve ef tbe
auction of the* Couacil in deciding to reproduce the original
Surveyor's Hues, oner that portion
m( the Trunk road  from the River
feank, to the Tewnship line in the.] Nurseries    &   Se.edhouses
Tillage of Ladner. and to establish ! Headquarters ior Pacific Coast j
tbe iact as to whether there was oriRrown Garden, Field and Flower
was Bet any obstructions existing, | See<ls t,,ftt arc thorouRbly tested as!
i. �����_  _.���     .���������   _���  _ . _ I to vitality before offering for sale���j
at tbe taiac this highwav was estab-.   , ...
Z _   _ 1 that are subject to governmeut in-
_��hed.wkich grated aaa bac'tpLpectionwt0 freedora  from wced
tbe reswption by  tbe. Crown ot!5mlSi    Sampler, sent to intending!
tb* who'aef tbe land us defined by' purchasers.
sietice   iu   tbe   __Jritis>__   Columbia!    Lsrgtstock of IIO.MC GROWN
Gazette. ! Fruit and Ornamental TraesnQW|
ITicre   cso,   t.e   n.   t
ienbt that partieas of the Iligb-
The highest attainment in milling has been
achieved in ,-
ffet's "BEST"
"Best" i:? the result of years of
stud)-, experimenting and experience. It is milled by the inoiet modern process known, from Western
Hard Wheat grown on virgin soil,
and for nutriment _ia.s out<_lassed
by actual test, every other flour on
the market today.
For sale by reliable Gijocers
everywhere. Say Moffet's "BEST"
to your dealer.
Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Inter-
eot .Allowed at Highest Ourrent Ratea
: -80 BRANCHES.������
I    BRANCHES IN  BT-ITLSM COLUMBIA���Vancouver, Vanceuvet
[East Kn_. Mt. Pleasant,- Gt.au*.'ille .tyr**.���;   Grand Porks, Nanaimo,
Nelson,   Jlossland,   Victoria,   Vernon.   CbilHvack,   Ct-t-abexkud  and
New W��st8Blnster.
L. M. RICH_^J>SOK. Manajssr, LADNER, ��. C
Cost S100
Very   Few   Left
f-r SO..
t'ay   I'ls    Dl\ IrfsrnJii
a I nvtr li.C.
Gor.-.-ur.f.fl ovct wo VirTTs la eT_rx-_tini:.   Post t(Ud 59C.
liltistTuUni; the FluuiiUleM KcMttrccn uf this the
Richest Province in the British Empire.
, t ; rnatursd for- the spring trade
tUDie      _., ...
Ne expense, loss-Qf.delay of fttmi-!
. ga'.ion or in_pection. i
way 6��: esta'biisked  by tbe Chief.     BEE SUPPLIES, Spray Pomps,"!
sp-ammissioner of La��d_ and Works j Spraj-ing .  Material,    Greenhouse'
ias hscn PURPQRTRD to lie. $oJd j Planta, Cut Ely .was,
I _ff the origiuil ow'aer,  but this iai    w��  id  bu5Kit_o  on  our  own
aot* mutter-ior p..��nt conctvu.^Torin6s~m ���lt *�� W fti are
���. i        ,-      r. ������     ,,���.'-,     p.epareid to.meefcail competition.
The -nty of the Council ie thej.     :   ���        . .    ,��� , ���    .
.__.,           ,  .    )    Let me price vour list before plac-h
v ft-ew.... ere ��W.    Tirst to dctme j .������ t_,tii n^M * f,^,iT. ,,,.;,    ;
jlMe highway as orij.in.uly establjsh-
M_.    Second, to asQcrlsiiii what por-
'.: iion (if ariyX ef said highway, the
iCrswiiw-S aej-wrci irom icsum-
ing j our order.   Catalogue _'"ree.
3010 Weatinnister RoQd.
NolhinB Risked, Nothlns '"l��1*i--.1. Milhln^ v��lttilrf_,
cnicumn fu.rii.HTn.iTV enn iiiucoTutuT
.FlMU BPFfflllll-i run INVtoiMtHI
The Richest Men in the World are investing in 11. C. Copper-
Gold  Mines.     Why can't yon begin now?
Tke sjr.iitcsl Ool_.Cs._,jV!r IMsceTerv of tlie Age In B.C.
sig m a���� m iiui
C.rtaiH to result profltetily.
Special One Month Offer, 15c. Per Share.
Mines directly west ofthe Le Roi an*?l La Koi No, 3, Irirgrfst
gold-copper mines in U.C., paid Large Dividends. ��Vj-_b_* ���.to:,,
1 $5,0��'to $800.00 ia gol'i, copper, silver, etc.
Rossland Mines received-Iligliest Awards-.or richest pold-
copper ore sent to St. Louisfclixiiositioii. Hig {-"our had best
Display at Dominion Fair,. New \Ve_t__iriftt_r, 3J.C, October, 1905.
No less than' 100 shares i-ald. Shares can bc had on instsil-
ment plan, payments monthly, ao per oent. crt-sh, b_.l_.ic,-
uiontlily. , '
Catnpanysl.as no d-hls or Hat-liMon.   K.tn.l Far Ill��strn.-_l Pra^pectus lo Secreterys
P.O. Box 174, Vancouver, B. G., Canada.
. ���
Just Arrived.
Toys, Books, Etc
li-ig. by r?j
.*bnvea_!i_. VANCOUVER,   -JB.C.7
�����*'___.!_ m^m      m>  - **��� .>'_���... ���'':.���''���' ���' TOP, D.EI;TA TlliM$, SATURD.YY;. DHCKi/BER 22, 1306.
_,��.  ." _��� .,j. - _> ji
 J.    Jl. J...  _J5
M,        . J*"" '.
*____. -�� . ii wana_ 1 aaa-aa-a-ar. rt*i_��iiit-i.iTin___rr
IE ns 19 TBE FRONT again this year with a larger Assortment than ever kfgfj.. of TOYS and
��� FANCY $00PS, Citffii aifl {.lass-ware, etc., CnHery, Fancy Drawn Line!, fancy fianfeKlfiefs, Ladles'
and Gents' Mwear ani EVE8YTHIN6 THAT IS IN MNAND AT CHRISTMAS TIME, Suitable Presents
Also large range "Ladner Souvenirs" _amd Cfe__stc__-S Post Cards KmasJCards. Calendars, Boohs,
Hym_a and Prayer Bodks, etc
Bring the Children to see the Mechanical Figures hi the window
f -. 1 in-4>nj.^tu jm
otter Tha,
>____?_. S_? _!
In Prizes
of or Oi
Be wing Machine
Steam t0.ook��_t.   .
Redroom Sel
Hall Lamp.
Tea Sat
���^-Dozen iTobie 5^pooE>*.
Drawn .Linen.
..Piano .Drape,
11   WaW get.
19 Bon Boe. �����_&_.
13 Cmei,,
14 jl^iindry "3a_fee-t.
15 Ladies' Umbrella.
16 Embroidered Cushion Top.
17 Inlaid Jardinier Stainl
18 Burnt Leather Panel.
1��  Ladies' JEJ-and Bag.
20 Souvenir Book of Rocky Mountain "View*.
Jt TICKET for a chance in our great drawing will be GIVEN AWAY with each 60 CENT PURCHASE and -the di-awing ���.will jt___se
place at 0 o'Olock Monday night, .Becerober 24th, in our store, in the .same way ae previous year*, which proves?
very _��ti___3_*-ctory to all concerned.
{(No ��� employee ;or member of his family will be alio wed ro participate in thie idrawing.)
Prizes wll bt on Exhibition in Our Show Window, Monday .November 12tb, on wbich _dat-?. we will
commence giving: away tickets.
.,- >' <-._ '. Ti*iK _>i.t.TA -f]dV."   i_ArTfJR1=)4'��; D^eEMBl.^  -._,  -90a.
i'!i' re will be up dip
:.-..< Pay  per  :��� > J:
iii cr cut.
il o i  Chi i*t
..Ctli ',  C-vCtr
Vt n '.**__ you ail a. Merry Christ-
Two Houses and Lot-, for Sale injj
I the vil'age of Ladner.    For  parlic-
Bctts risited the Ter-Lj.lrs appjy to W; II. Smkb,
The Gash Store
$ev. T,
-ujjal City'on Morula.,.
< ������ .	
i^iis   Rich   ha=, returned  home
fotf-thfi Chri-tnas holidays.
j The S.s".. Soucina Is-ayes* Ladner
I at8 ri.ni. and 3 p.m.; leaves Steves-
i ton at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Every
J day except .Sunday.
T. J. Artt-_.rt.ng paid an official-.-
.-..���it to Laduer on iMoaday.
meWa.  _���* .	
SS_a ��      fl
The public K__e_iug held by John!
Oliver,   M.L.A., iu  l-nst Bella on!
A c��eeo' Select Bacon lor f_UBily  Monday eveuins. last, is reported to j
use just arrived���W. H. Smith.       j Lave been the Urges. . olitical galh- I
 ; :  ! eriug ir. the history of that thriving!
Mis. T_oi..l�� _��T _.���,��_] If****.    Mr.   -,,,_������ popular-
".one, yesterdar, for the holidays.
ity iu his home district where he ie.
best known is apparently undiaiiB' I
...__._.. . 'shed.    A Tote <f conOdencc in.l_ri
Mrs. C. ...Ibe.'.srj, ef Weithan-  Oliver'., action;  in  the  llcnse as
(slaud,    viJtcd     .Vestminiter   on our representative was unanimous-.
Wednesday. Iy passed by the meeting.
Masters Ed wis  Hutcherson and
I ilH y Rich have arrir-d home fe."
the helidar-*.
Miss Kirkland ret__r__e*.l hone,
;.es.ert.i_v, from -_.-f.isit ._>' friends iu
*_>.H;pghat_i snd thc.Rots!.City.   '
��� Mr.*.. James Masou,
���LasSaer, B.C.
I.��ar Madam : I regret that iu a i
moment of excitement  I used an :
expression reflecting, on _r\>.ir char- !
acter, which was wb_>!'y uirjuetiited I
SsjfTicafs,  ia All Saints.next Snn-jand which I regret e*-.-cee���ingly.
.Jay   as uinai beginning with  the!    I  vrUh to withdraw any state-.
r:i_->ly C��_aiH.i��ioB Strrice at S.30.   j meat made hy  me  in  uny irny re-;
fr ���      ���      ' fi'tPtitig.  011  toh   and   I /sincerely j
la abundance is* the keyuafce of our uncsu- |
ally suseessful Christmas trade. |
In whatever par. of the score you go 1
you'll fijid attractive goods for old and 1
young, at prices which appeal very strong- |
ly to the economical. -
Umbrellas,  50c to $10.00.   Fancy
|    Linens, Blouses,. Handkerchiefs,
Neckwear,     Furs,    Suspenders,
Gloves, Cushions, Silks, Linens,
Dress Goods, Blouse Goods, Etc.
We Bog
To notify the people of Ladner and sur-
_*oun__iing distHct that we are sow ia a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland Cement
At greatly rediaced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put hi concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling- or other inferior
Write far Prices.
The theme of the sermon to the\^loSke..iej ney ha^t nn*
i siaerate acuot.
!        (Sgd.)   ISABEL CURTIS;.
l_.pt.st ��� Clnocfa,* to-morrow ��veii"
;n��, Till he "The OnestieB _,f the
/ '   ~
Xew. Archdeacon Fentreatb paid
a visit to .the con gregs tion of'All
jSaiitlB.-ji-Treaant, ..'runesday evening lijfit.
ifflE lines i siiisi
Thjre Will be service in
Math-dint -.Inarch on Christmas
morning at it o'clock.. All are
invited te aUei.-.,
A> Ftjjjl .Stock of Shades and fix- r
', tures pfc_.ll kinds kept ou hand.   .    j
���    Wiring and house furnishing a {
the .pecialty.
267 Columbia St., New Westninster, B. 01
Ik Msil ll House i l.,
_-_f-__-S_,      _^! _R17 (Pm
/ana m  m
SSlSR. ___. si*S_3_8_SfT_3��
R C.
Christmas   Goods
i;   Silverware, Cut Glass,
j_sMT for Xmas.. New Year Presents
1 !
Bert McD.naid, of the ele-eirc.
.L*��ht staff,was t;-.ken ��rer to Van-
eourer, yejterdar, suffji-inj from an
attackiof fl-pjieiiaicills.
Columbia St.,   -  New W____M.i3terj
P.O. Bo_:.3i54.    Phone 269.
id I III!!.
JSndrew Clausen,
We are sorry tn hear that the
iter. Canon Hilton kas resigned the
parish of All .Saints Ttenant, t��
ia!:e eiect Feb. 1, 190;'.
II. Trita sud dan_hter_, _��.ag��;;e
.md ..label, returned Iran Savouua,
on Monday, to .peud Christmoa at
home em Westhan. fslsmd.
F. C'Ollis nnd bride and  Miss E
Munkaoan, left, yesterday, for En-
derby, where they will spend tke
'.-Jrnas with R.v.   Mr.   and   Mrs.
j^OTICE.i.. ..creby given that lhe'
^ Partnership heretofore sub-j
sist'ino between us, the undersigned, 1
as Teamslcrs nnd Liverymen, has
been dissolved by muiual consent.
Al! debts owit-f to the snid'Part j
neruhip are to be paid to Toha M.j
Col'.inson, nt L��lncr, B C* r.nd all |
claims p_j;j:;;.x the -.nid portirership |
are to be presented to the snid J. M, j
Collinsou, by whom the same will |
be settled.
CatedJat Ladj_er, B.. Q:, Korem- j
ber 2-3, 1906.
M. K. WllMiTpx,
J.   M. COLLI XSON.     i
Have You Any Chickens ?
By an air Si, in last iisue,  II
Lewis was nanjed as the represent-1
ative on the executire oi the Lord's
Day Alliance,   wl _rea< it  nhoulii
have read G. W. Brewster, jr.
When you are wanting anything in the
line   of Blouses,   Dress   Skirts,   Petticoats, 1
* ' ���--  |
Underwear,  Hosiei*y�� Whifco   Goods,  Neck- f
wear,  Ribbons* Furs,  Smallwears,  Holiday
Gqodis, or
| Bonnets,. Uats, Furs, Dresse&,   CJhderwear,
Hosiery, Etc.
Call and let us, show you:.
Goods, and Prices. Right...
At $150
We have the Greatest Valne
iu Shoes
��cnd Solid fteilable Footwear,
Mat ihe Thing for Winter Weather.
We c..rry these in all Leathers and hare a lull line of Shaped
aud Sizes to Fit All Feet.
Nothing in Town to Equal Them.
i mil    ���.!. _        i i       I    i    ii
JTm REAGH,    -    Ladner, B.C.
The Annual Xatas tree entertain.
m.nt cf A   Saints v'.chool ia being
field thia after.loin-in tke Tewn-
Hall..   Mr.   A.   De  R. Taylor ie
/Jtiperl itanding the pjefae.pt affair.
I  Pay Highest Price  ton
AU  Kinds,. I,
flCC ;���"' irs w*>
.'_.,*��� o-m -a-, -^ts v���_ a
Port Guichon. i
A. J. BIRTCH,. - 275 Columbia Street
Estate When You Want, to Ship, cur Stora
Your Produce or Live Stock..
Rev. A. Bartlett, M.A., of Pea-
ict<��n, has been 'appointed by the
3isbop ci New Westminster te the'
-_' -': s> -�� ������ fats "r_<'��i*'i tj ��n
'o  , '..'_  c -.*,.,''   frote   . -
07.    Rev. A. Bartlett is a gradu-
of 3t.. John's College, Winni-
pg  i��!  fti ����ir--:cd   ��tsa,'   with-' fwo
.��-,!(���":���. _.��_!   :'���;   _r *aST,   of''good
.7^1001, EXPORT.
".    AT.Daify. Av.Actual
ivision L. I--..6        iS 36
ivis;-on,If 38.73       _jS;46
Ivistaa �����I-.....3o..267j    30,00
ivisic-i.-LV.....3~'.-2'-'       29-51--
,���'   ,.-,.;,;; *_^r-.       ��� '
7W,    .n-i."
Gasoline Engines, Root
���    ���   m
Gapacuty 500 Tonsi.
e^s, potato sorters, 4ND\^ffiarehou$&
ETC. Is ": '
Space 24,pQQ Square Feeti,
W Walworth-Rolston Cb.,  ,
I0|:6 Westminster Ave,,   -   Vancouver, B.C.
Port  Quichon. BXtifc


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