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The Delta Times Apr 28, 1908

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Array ���u miner Necessities
HLLiNEf!Y-^,a'clies" and Children's Ready Trimmed Hats, No Two Alike,
��� ���~     in all tibfc colors ani Shapes that fashion has approved.
Ladies' Sailors, Children's Galateas, Wash Tarns, Etc.    Come early wliile
issortment is .good
LlldiCS' NCCkWMr (Hid Be]f*S��New  Wash   Collars, New Wash Belts, Merry
. Widow Bows, New Veilings in all colors.
Pattern Department
re have a Complete Stock of ths celebrated McCall Patterns and ca
fill your order for anything in the Pattern Line.
f-ASHION   SHEETS   FREE   FOR THE   ASKING-Subscriptkras takei.
Ibr the McO&U Magazine aft 76c per year postpaid, including
Ona Frew -Pattern.
SLI. .3   -iuOTMlf*
Men's Department
We have -ia swell line -of Blue and BlacL
Serge Suits at $14 and $17, made from
the highest grades English Sergea. Guaranteed fast color.
Men's Fancy Tweed Suits at $7, $8, $9,
$10 to $15, all of the latest spring cut,
and finished with the best trimmings.
Jbys" 9-piece Suits, rsingte and double-breasted styles, from    $3.50 to $7
>ys' 2-pieee Suits, Norfolk styles, from        -       > -     $2.50 to $6
. ys* Fancy Flaafiel and Homespun BT^STER and BLOUSE SUITS, also
1        Slice line BOYS' WASH BUITS.
few Regatta and Neglige Shirts in large range of New Spring Patterns.
'Ottawa. April 21.���The debate
on tbe budget was quite unexpectedly resumed last week, nod lie
result was excellent speeches from
Mt. Loggie, Peler MacKenzie. and
'Others. Mr. Miller also made an
'inSttuctive speeech.
Mr. Monk made an onslaught
upon the Immigration policy of tlie
Minister of the 'Interior, but Hon.
Mr Oliver retorted with a very ei-
fective reply in which he demonstrated the lack of statesmanship on
the part of his critics.
Mr. Sinclair of Gnysboro, made
a valuable contribution to tbe debate, during which he .expressed
the opmiou that however desirabh
rural mail delivery might be, it
was too expensive a luxury at thi*
time, as it would cost Irotu $20,000.
000 to $30,000,000 per annum, -far
too much fcr the people to pay at
Rural  Mail Delivery.
Mr.   MacKenzie   expressed   the
opinion that however desirable,
rural mail delivery might be, it wis
too expensive �� luxury at this tin e
when the government had so ma; y
���other natters of pressing importance requiring attention and-money,
Shoe Department
fW�� *-how notbfcag but HIGH GRADE SHOES.    Our Stock is 'now complete.    All the New Spring Styles, in Tans and
Patent Leathers, Etc.
)0RIS SHOE for Women. CARLETON SHOE for Men.
larshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
���jusraii iw_. ��� ���mumammaaammmasi	
The Imperii! Trust Co., Ltd., of
. ahcouver, have taken out a build-
Bug permit covering tbe construction ert" a thirteen storey steel frame
. uilflitiTj,      absolutely      firtprcof
(throughout to'be erected on their
property itt tl* cormer of Hastings
land Cambic streets, known as the
-cutting down expenditure, as niak
ing it in the right direction. He
also thought tlui ilie time would
come when the gov-Srnmeut would
Sive consideration 'to the building of
the Georgian Bay Canal but in the
meantime transportation facilities
were being improved by the building of the National Trauscontiu
���ental Railway.
Mr. MacKenzie, who is "chairman ofthe agricultural committee
of the House paid a high tribute to
the work accomplished by the Minister of Agriculture. Speakiug of
some clothe results of government
policy iu-the interests of the .arm
er, Mr. MacKenzie said: "In ten
years under the Liberal Government, from 1S97 to 1906, butter exports Amounted to $46,'599,'762.
The -total exports of bacon aud
Usims from 1897 -up 'to 1906, were
Agricultural Investments.
Mr. MaoKetrxie gave some very
interesting /statistics showing tlie
magnitude of the agricultural industry of Canada. There is invested in agriculture iu Canada to-day
$2,209,000,000. The value of farm
products, exported and consumed
at home last year wasf-lSO'000.00^
Cold Storage.
Speaking of cold storage, Mr.
MacKenzie said: There were in
all thirty-One shippers who shipped
by cold storage, '3,847 barrels ol
apples, as well as 94 packages of
-smaller fruits. The fact bas been
alluded to that a quantity ot truit
was sent across the equator to
South Africa in  cold  storage ai tl
The Delta Council met in the
Council ���Chamber on Saturday Inst,
April 25th, at 2 p.m., with the
Reeve, f. A. Paterson, in the
chair, and Couns. Gibbie, Davie,
Gilchrist. Morley and Embree present.
Miudtes of previous meeting
were adopted .is nad.
From A. C Eddy, C 'E., Te
bridge over track oa Peck road.
Received and left iu the hands of
Coun. KmbTee. with power 1o aet.
From T. J.. Trapp & Co., re rock
crusher. Received aod Clerk to
From Tapper & Griffin, re Delta
vs. V. V. & E., notifying Council
that the municipality had been
awarded costs in the above case.
Received and filed.
From W. A. Gilley, re municipal
wharf.    Received and filed.
From A. Whealler, re Delta vs.
'Wilson case, suggesting that the
munieipaliu make application for a
summons to have date for peremptory hearing of this case fixed by
the Chief Justice,
On motion it   was  deci.led to in-
, ,.,   .    .    I week,  the  following officers werel aicn rii�� r_rt-tii_r   .. m-  ___i..i-.�����.
of yonnpaper, to extend  their sin-! _,., .-    ., . *c| also tne tatt mat   1201,   package
lArcade corner.    The building and .preciale the va!tiabie assistance in
^{audoti  which  it is to be erected
Editor Djtt.T__. TifaKS : ;      At the annual  meeting   of the
The Ladies' Aid ofthe Methodist j Riverside  Mission  Circle  held   at
Church wish, through the columnsltbe residence of Mrs. Devitt, last! ianded iu good-condition. We hare
I elected for the ensuing yea*.
President, Miss L. Davis.
Vice-president, Mrs. Devitt.
Secretary, Miss M. Jordan.
Treasurer, Miss M. Manley
Miss M.
He was not so much  in  favor 'Of ^truct  Mr, wtealler to  make application.
From Coa.t Quarries, Ltd., ie
crushed rock. Received and filed
and Clerk to reply.
From J. fi. Kennedy, M.P., re
retaining work at Gulfside. Received and filed and Clerk to reply;
A petition was received from a
���Urge number of ratepayers and
residents asking the Council to
clean out ditch on south side of
Westham street, and to cover same
with a sidewalk. Alter some ���discussion the matter was referred to
a committee of the whole Council
to examine and report at next
On motion the-Clerk was'authorized to notify all persons having
property encroaching 'Xipon the
Trunk road,'from the river to the
Gowdy road, to remove same from
the load limit.
On motion P. Pearse was appointed poundkeeper for Boundary
Bay district vice S. Morrow, who
declined to act.
On motion the Road Fore.ua n
was authorized to purchase a new
set of harness tor the Council team.
Coun. Embree repotted on the
Mackie road, aed stated that Mr.
M'acliie had agreed to Cat a trail for
the sum of $$$0.
On motion it was decided: to cail
for tenders for grading one mile of
the dyke on Annacis Island, commencing at the N.W. corner of F.
l'armitel's Lot B, running North- \
west, 'Sit wide to grade, with two
passing-places 16ft wide.
On motion the Assessment Roll
was accepted as returned.
New Westminster, April 25���
'Busy was no word to express tht
condition of affairs at the market,
yesterday, far 'it was by far the
busiest ��na_ket of the year so far,
althongh even this wili I ec far
eclipsed as the finer weather becomes more general. The old
'building was tar too small to com-
:fortably accommodate the large
number of buyers *nd -sellers and
the produce was heaped <��p in tbe
Stalls in larger quantities -than ever
fcefore this year. One cause of the
large increase in the market was
that last week, owing to the Easter
holidays, it was not held on the
regular day, and the business dane
except in speeisfl Imes was Bwtefl.
The prices this "weelc -'remain unchanged, nor 4s 'there "it present
any reason to anticipate any
FloweTs still form * promineitt
feattircaad betore the close of business there were but few unsold.
There was a heavy demand fdr
fish and althou .h the supply was
rlarg.i, all was disposed 'of. In ad-
���dition to the'-jsnal Hires, there were
a few trout offered. Salmon and
oolicbaTiS were plentiful, especially
the latter, which-arc now running
heavily in the river.
Eggs are becoming more numerous each week:, but there is no indication of a-furtber tall in prices
at the present, the Raster demand
still affecting the market. Fowls
were plentiful with a demand equal,
$8 to $9 adozeu being the ruling
price, but many or the better breeds
���'Sold at figures considerably higher.
In meats tbe figures wmainefe
'unchanged, the supply ir. moslt liues
being sufficient for1 all demands, but
mutton and lamb were short. The
following prices ruled-;
Beef, fcitidfliiatters, 8c to $c
per lb.'forequarters, 6}4'c to 7c.
Mutton, 13c to 114c per lb.
Veal,-small, iicperlb-: large, Se
to gc.
Pork, 8>_cper"Vb.
B��tter, 35c to 40c per "lb.
Eggs, wholesale, 22c per doz; retail, 25c.
Fowls, $S.oo to $9.00 per dot;
chickens,"$6.-50 to $8.00 per 0��x.
Ducks, $11 to $12 a doz.
Apples, retail, $1.25 to $2 p��r
box; Wholesale, $t.*5 to ?Jt.-3o pe'r
Potatoes, $18'to $20 per ton.
Tnrnips, 75c per sack.
Parsnips, 7.5c per sack.
-Christie's-Fig Bar, Lemon Sandwich and Water Iced Wafers, jutt
in���W. H. Smith.
Ale*. Davie'rode irtto town, yesterday, leaditrg a hcTSe which he
shipped to Vatfconverand betore he
wasready'to go home,he sold, over
the'telephone, the saddle  hOTse he
tere thanks to all those who so
���kindly aided them -in 'Waking 'their
'recent Easter Fete such an unqualified success.    Tbey especially ap-
*of California ft nit came through
I Canada, sent through to Catttdkn
��� cold storage in prelerence to their
j-own, and this is a tribute to tbe
I character   of   the   iu-conimodatii.il
vill involve a'total cost of $600,000.
,i_ ._.'���_._     . -     1      -,.  ��� ' *red by  those of other churches, 1 n.    _,__,.       ,    __
he resttlt.it is claimed, will  be u . ��� ,     , ....   '  Churih,   VaucoUvet,
|he tallest and finest office building
[In Canada and, as regards appoint-
ients, one of the best in tbe British
.inpire.   This is another striking
rVidetice of the growth of Vancou-
[ver and the confidence of ite fore-
Imost husiness men in its future.
demonstrating the  fraternal feeling       ...
���    1 .   ...   .land'14.
existing among the .several -Chris- \
the programme, so cheerfully rend-
ordan  was  elected  to, whic 1   is  being  furnished  by
represent the Circle at  the  Branch ships on the Canadian route,
meeting   to   be   heW   da   Wesley
iy   is
Ulan bodies of the community.
Seeds, Trmotby and Clover Seeds
���Brackman-Ker    Milling    Co,, j enforced
LH.,    FT.   N.   RICH,    Lalner,'
B.C.. s\gent. ]    ./Continued  011  Second Tage.)
Alluding to the Fruit sMarks .\ct,
Mr, MacKeni7.ie thought it had
been of benefit to the trade. He
spoke Oi the number of prosecutions
this year which afforded evidence ri
its necessity end that it was being
He   favored   insoeci'on
The   matter   of surveying  and] wasTiding, which le'ft 'trothing bilt
fencing'the cleared addition to the the 8addle to fide home On.
Cemetery was   lelt in the bands of 1 ^ _..,._.     . L
Coun. Davie'to report. j
Re the matter ol lettirtg water'inj
the'Grecn Slough  it was decided
tha't  those  interested   should   put 1
dowu a rr. ittrass to prevent wash.
3, Jordan, _;'Gresswell, 1.
R. F. Handford received tHe appointment   on   the   second   ball.it
i which was^-Hand ford, ^; Jordan'?.
,, ,        ,,     ,, ... The'foil-Wir.i aCcO-iy.ts  wercor-
On   motion   the  Reeve,  Finante   .      .     S;   ��.-?     n,t       .��
���._.,-,.. ,        dered  pmd: John  Olft^er, |i2S;  R.
Commutes: and -Clerk were  author-1,,      _. ��, .       .  ��� _.
Ulu"'    May, $2.25; Walwolth-Rolstcu-Co,,
jromissory note for L�� ..      n      * h _,s,
I$15-75: Geo. Ross, $4.50;   B. C. E.
ized to ��ij;n   a
$1,000.     .
AppHcitions for the combined po-
sitiou of constable ancl tax collector
were-receivecl as follows:
H. J, Cresswell at $75 per month.
R. F. Handford, at $80 per month.
JosJJordati, at $So per month.
.Tne tfrs;,ballot stood���Handford,
Co., $35 98; G. Nisbet, $^8.90; "U..
Poison, fe5.'75, M. Biissauich,
$6o"75;!De!ta Times. -$5730.
l^he d4te-��x:t fofthe^ourt of Re-
siot ;is'Sat .lrday, June 13, at 10
Council then adjourned till Sat-
i'.vd-A . M-ayjjt!i, at-a.p.nj. TH'E"DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY. APRIL
Eubljshsd j;\>ry Tuesday.
{fu^RiPTicoif, $1.00 eeryoAr.
QMnal Advertisements, 10 cc_ots yzt line fot
;he firKt'ius^-'rtioii, aiia scents per Hue lor eacli
subsequent insertion. The u umber oi Utiea
.vckoned ".y the apace occupied, 13 lines to tlu
Rates tor Commercial Advertisements caa be
aad cu application at this office.
Keadiug notices icfccats pir line (or eacb in-
Birth and DeaUt'aoticcs. 30c., Tilarrlaieif 1.00.
Any special notice, the object ��t wbich is to
pronote the pecuniary b*jiicfit ol any iudivtdui.1
jr cortijimiy, to be considered an advertisement
nnd charged accordingly.
AUftdverti-k-m-UjU charged  for^unUl oMfv*
out and paid for.
Correspondence invited on matters oi public
-Qiertfft. Communications to editor must be nc-
rompiuiicd by name <jf writer, iiQi.uecessarilv
.or publication, but ap evidence of.good faith.
Correspondence must reach this oflice by Thurs*
iay evening.
Gao. R, Manlky,
'���ia >jV ''<���
jm,   i��n>i_i    aj**
CFor Trap or Field a STEVENS '
SHOTGUN ia Ideal. Low in Price
-r-High in Quality���good gun value
right through I Made in standard
gauges, lengths, weights, etc.���
Hammer or Hammerlesa Styles.
���Ivi* Hardware an.
Sji orting Qoods Her-
oaauta.   If you cannot
obtain, wc ���Mp direct,
expr:** prepaid, ayon
������-* of Catalog
tn. ted Catsjog describing, sown output.
Hss attract* v�� eotw
In colors.   Mailed (or
0 cent* ln sUmps to
pay postage.
Tashron $tahk$>
P. 0. Box 4098.
Chicopee Palls
TUESDAY. APHU,  28, 1908.
The work of- roadmaking and
straightening on the Trunk road,
from the river to the. bridge, is pro-
deeding apace and bids fair to be a
first-class job when completed.
W. C. T. U.
James S. Mason, jr., has successfully passed his _oinor;exam .nation.
Vanconver Sash & Door Factory
was totally destroyed by fire, last
lygkt.    I.oss, $30,000.
Mrs. J. B? Burr and daughter,
Miss Fanny, left, last Friday, for
Asheroft, on a visit to friends.
Friends.of Jas. A. McCallan will
regret to . leajrn tbat, be. is dangerously ill from pneumonia. A trained nurse., Miss Betts, has been
called in to attend him.
Wben you wish to buy visiting
cards call on the Delta Times who
will sell the best money can ��� buy.
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calling on
the Delta Times first.
The next' monthly meeting will
be held 041 Tuesday, May 51I1, in
the Baptist Church, at 3:30 o'clock,
subject^ "Woman's Franchise."
Members are invited to tjike to
this meeting gifts of clothing, furniture, &c, or money tor Mrs. Fred
Taylor, whose home was destroyed
by fire a few days, since.
Tbe annual report of Atl sSaints
Trenaiit- is just to Uaud and the
balance she i. t makes a very good
showing. The following officers
we .e elected for the ensuing year:
Vicar's Warden, Marshall Smith.
People's Warden, Robert Smith.
Lay Delegates, T. E. Laduer, A.
DeR. Taylor, R. Smith..
Sidesmen, T. E. Ladner, A.
DeR. Taylor, H. N. Rich. Wm.
Pybus, G. Mackenr ot, G. W.
Auditor, H. N, Rich.
The ladies of the W. Mi S. of
the Methodist,Church,, will-give an
"'At Home" in the church, on
Thursday evening, the 30th inst.,
at 8 o'clock, when the annual
Easter thankoffering will be received and Mrs. Huntley will give an
address up��# the. work of the missionary in China. There will also
te* music trndxefren'mpents.
A very quiet weddiut. took place,
on Wednesday last, at the home ol
the bride's grandmother, Mrs, P.
Matheson, when Muss Jean E. Taylor, was united in marriage to Geo.
H. Sheldrake. Both bride and
groom are well and favorably
known. Miss Maggie MacKenzie
acted as bridesmaid, aud Malcolm
MacKenzie, ol Crescent Island, assisted the groom. The ceremony
was performer! bv Rev. J. H, White,
pastor of St, Andrews' Presbyterian
Church. The bride was the recipient ot quite a nice lot of presents.
All members of the Ladner Cornet Band are requested to meet in
the Town Hall, on Thursday evening next, at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of reorganization. Bring.alonc
your instruments for practice.-
Quite a nice dance was- held in
Oddfellows' Hall,, on Friday last,
when a number of<our boys set out
to entertain their friends, which
they accomplished in. right royal
Style.    Among those present' were:
Mesdames W. H. Ladner, H: N.
Rich, R. Hil'on, D  Price.-
Misses Mason, F.. Frederick, C.
Price, t. Fries, -*��� Cherry, B.
Burr, ,L. Burr, ll. foster, .M. MacKenzie, Ii. Whitworth, O. Whitworth, F. Lord,. G.. Devereaux, I.
Robinson, M. Smith, N. Dockrill.
Messrs. W. Frederick, C Mason,
F. Arthur, J. Boyd, G.. Steele, C.
Atthur. A. Parmiterv W. Bu.r, H.
Burr, J. Davis, H. Montgomery, J.
B. Lawson, F. Si Murray, H.
Jobnstoney R: H-; Clarke,, E. Roberts, Ii. Harris, H". Smith, H.
Hilton, E: Hutcherson, S. Rich,
W. W." Lumsden.,
juicing was kept up till 3 ft<m"
<;A Sire at last to get Sizeable and Saleable harness horses"
Truckirgr erd Eraying.    Livery  Work
All Kinds Attended to Profcptly.
All Kinds ox Firewood Always On. Hand.
M. CGLUNSON, gj��j 1 mme*. M-
Stop and consider   .   .   ..
when in need oi reliable
Tlie (.ran*! Champion Hackney StalHoa
" Diamond ���Hy
8443 Iinp,
NOON. -....        NIGHT..
Monday, S. Morrow's Farm;  Pemberton Farm.
Tuesday, Gilchrist's      " ;. Dr. Wilson's   "
| Wednesday, S.. Huft's   " ;��� Coulthard's     ��  '
[Thursday. I, Johnston's " ;��� Loney Bros.'   "    Elgin.
[Friday, G. B. Embree's " ; Inverholme Stock Farm..
I Saturday,. Jordan. & Livery Ladner;       "        "   till Monday
Christopher Moses, Esq., George Brown,
Victoria,, Proprietor. Stud Groom
Call and see our lines for
Men Women and Children-
The Cheapest Store in Town for High (te Goo^s
��^��  ������-���>���������
Zbz Delta Sam Wh
Incorporated 18������
Total' Assets Over Forty-Five Millions.
Are Prepared to _. _.
Furnish All Kinds of
ingles* Doors, Sash and
Va   finish   of  All   Descriptions.
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
Savings Department.
Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and   Upwards.     Interest paid,, or credited,  quarterly on   31st  Match,, 3:0th, J une��� 30th
September,  3 tst   December.
K. D. SIMPSON. Manager,  LADNER, B.  C.
The   BEST  Water   Tanks   Are
made at This Mill.
Laid to Rest.
The late Duncan Robertson, of
Westham Island; was- buried last
Tuesday in the' Vancouver Cemetery, the funeral leaving I). Mur-
chie's, New Westminster,.at 2.30
and driving over the road, several
carriages from Vancouver meeting
the cortege on the way and accompanied it to the Cemetery where a
lar^e number of Iriends nnd' ac
quaint .nces of the deceased were
The funeral was in charge 01
the Lorcf of the Isles Camp.S. ns of
Scotland and the pall bearers, were
chosen from that body, and were
as lollows:���John Forrester, Alex.
Adams. Dan. McDonald, J. M.
sAitchison,. Robt. May,.Geo. Mac-
The deceased was 87 years of age
and had been in the province for
25 years, be wa-i very highly
esteemed by all'who knew him, He
was Piper for the Son's of Scotland,
ot New Westminster since thev
were organized. The Rev. J, H.
White, Ladner, oil iated ..
I.ownev's Chocolates in  all varieties���W. II. Smith.
(Contirued  trom   First   Page.)
of fruit at the roint of shipment,
aud lor thi^ purpose additional inspectors should'.* appointed.
Speaking of immigration affairs
Mr. MacKenzie paid a,high tribute
to the Germans in his con-tituency.
He said, no matter from what
country t!ie> come, if they are ol
German extraction and belong to
the German, race, they are very
desi 1 able-settlers. He has some in
his. country and he never saw a
better class of larmeis and no better
class of citizens..
Tory Scandals.
Upon the subject ot the various
scandals with wbich the Conservatives have been busy, Mr. MacKenzie dissected them until there
was nothing left but the skeletor.
Mr. MacKenzie concluded a very
comprehensive and instructive
speech by expressing in eloquent
terras his belief in the future ot Canada. He-favored bringing in good
settlers to the west,in the contention
that building up the west; meant
prosperity for the e��_t. When
Western Canada ' as ordinary success and fairly good crops tin- man-
uacturini' industr-v ot H>e ea-t wlll
be taxed to their utmost capacities,'
Delta Stock Yard
The- 4th  Annual  Spring
Sale will be held in the
above Yard on
Wednesday,   May 20th,
Early    Entries   are.  re*
R.. G.   r/.'iirliead,   represeutith
the   Imperial   Trust Co.,. Ltd.,  of
���Vancouver,, was in town, ou Friday
Court of Revision.
Notice is hereby given that the
Court ol Revision for the Municipality of Delta wil. be held in tin.-
Council Chatrber, Lndner, on Saturday, the 13th day of lune,, 6908,
at 10 a.m Any person desiring to
make complaint against his or hi;
a^sewments "Mist give notice in
\" I   1  ������ f . ��� -c'-s..r, stating the
und)    I h .   ���    tei   ''on  la nt, at
���a���-.I t< .re Nam date.
Dated at  Ladner,, Vp il 27th, 1908.
SEASON 1908.
Notice has already been gi_iea that
We Champion
Clydesdale Stallion
" Dean Swift,"
(Imp.) (5397) (1.2936),
The property of. the Pemberton
Stock Farm,, will'travel tha-District
of Delta District and his stands
have been fixed as follows:
Leaving homo- Wednesday morn-,
ing proceeds to Mr..-T. F,. Lad��
tier's for dinner, from thence to
Mr. Geo. Grauer's for night.
Thursday���Mr. H. D. Benson's for
dinner, thence to Mr. J Gilchrist's, Crescent Island, for
Friday���Stands; for dinner at Mr.
J. Jordan's Stables,. Laduer, from
thence home until the follpwing
Terms: To insure mare in foal,
$20; three or morev $18 eacb.
For lurther particulars see groom,
John Gray, or
D. Montgomery,
Port Guichon.
>��*.g..��.<^._-^h. **��<6>43ss.��.��?..a*gr.* -3.-*��2..A-.2.*^��i
MIU ffl a WM
Mf.milJFtcturi.ru of Ml. kind* oi
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Drinks. i
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Tenders Wanted*.
Tenders will be received   by   the
Delta Council up till   noon  of  Saturday, May 9th, lor the grading of
one n.ile of road, AtiiitflciSilsland.,
For; further particulars applv io
Ladner, April 25, 1908.,
For Sale.
A';ont 5: tons of RiirH: nk
A nl ��i8 per ton.    Apply
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Room a,.KUtt4yt Block..New. Westminster.
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I'ure and Vigorous Bipod will keep
you in. good health.
will give you-,
Good and Pure Blood.
Send   50c  fpr trial |>l.qo, package
(two months'' treatment,).
Acui-n.  WANTI5D.
Wa-Hoo Remedy Co.,
Vancouver,  13. C-
For the
Farm* Garden,. Lawn or
Reliable- Varieties at Reasonable
Prices. Wo Borers. No Scale..
No fumigation to damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy direct ajvi get Trees aad Seeds
that Grow..
Fertili _ers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cut
Flowers, etc.. Oldest established
nursery ou  the mainland ol  B. C;
Catalogue free..
K J. HENRY'S Nurseries,
Greenhouses and 5oedhouses
VANCOUVER*   -   B. C.
Mandolin, f
Having been requested to start w
Mandolin Class,, am now prepared tad-.so. For terms, etc.,,
B*   H.   WEARE,
Care of Mb . }. W. Lanning,
Mandolins, Strings, eta*,
Supplied at City ? ,ic$s* THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, APRIL z8, 190S.
In Gardening
�� Time. *
Copyright, 1906, by Alicu Louise Lec.
ss!' t
tlio gat.
Willi  11  ...
i.ileJ-l.v b
iv lliroil;
:.   Iiil   fill
���!���,'    tllllK
rgfVIE}' lay Bide by side, two lone;,
t     nil ito w snips of plowed lnml
separated  by   a  woven  wire
fence.     Toll,    well    trimmed
...l..i'_ nt  either end screened  tliem
I'l ���). ', :'.:.��� f.VC! parallel r-t;-eel_ of tlio
���. lull, well kepi liedgen at Uie
ni'i'ueuetl tli'in l'rom the bouses
Ir owners.   1'nelun each other iu
the side hedges were sumll iron gutcs,
(iltiMiieea   lu  theso   prostilr   plots   of
,: _,
v (,", nt 15:30 Itt tho morning,
hi tiie r >;:lli heilgo opened
iiciil;, nnd ii trim Ugure o[ <io
���iin tlliiicnslOQs stepped brink-
li, a sli :���. hi tie ilea I in skirt,
.���il nud \..'i'n, barely reached
of sti.)'.'. thi'-:: s.feil. dp-.v
prnor lilioes, Ths' . Icrvp. of n hint1 cali-
<e1 Mhlrt wit'st were pushed ntibve l.ho
.���ili.j'A's,   wliiie Cols' .-. U .!   i:i tbe depth;*
ef im enpi'Uious hlui�� . uuhonnet wns a
small imiueil face crowiml by brown,
hnir colled'tightly hi convenient worls-
ililay faaliloil on I ���;> of lier lioad. Iu
ono li nnd she carried a tin nail full of
pieces of potato, "nets" for planting; in
tlie oilier a boo wbich had seen much
Beside the dividing fence siio- be-eim
work oil (be potfij > row. di^gi-ujl nwny
go i'ii.Hi.--trioiisly that slit' did not hoar
the gate in tlie opposite hedge _>p:.i
nnd wus unconscious of any disturbing
���.lenient 'ii l;t IMoi I'ntil ii ebpe:'y
"(;>d uioitilug, A'iu," i'anso(l ber auu-
bfMiuet to bnli up h:i.-_.!.v.
"Good morning." fhe returned hi a
{:ii:it and wolidprlug tono.
On tbe other side et tbe woven wire
Stood a man. als�� In blue denim, but lt
wns surprisingly new. So wero bis li .;
straw hat and bis bright tin pail, full
of potato sets, and bis boe. So also
was his method of preparing for a potato crop on his side eif the fence.
"t made up my uiiiut," he began, vigorously thrusting his hoe Into the dirt,
"that this year I'd get outdoors more
It's not good for me, tliis staying in
tho store all day. I'm going to do my
own gardening."
"Are you.' came tn a faint voice
.row the sun bonnet. It was a troubled
vote��! Ann was afraid of Stephen
��ong because his eyes twinkled and
danced to the accompaniment pf n fun
toving tongue. Belle could cope with
him, "giving him back," ln the parlance o. Bridgeport, "as good as he
For a Jew moments the only sound
heard in tbe garden was the click of
two hoes���one a loud, strong, but uncertain click: the other Debt, but sure.
.'recently Stephen wiped the persptrn-
I-11 from his forehead nnd looked with
��� ii ��.plantation of dismay into Iho reg-
nf.r. shallow holes, tbo product of
Ann's brown bands.
"Jerusalem:" he ejaculated.    "Is that
:h" way you do?   Soo bore!"
Ann glanced over tho fence, and thn
d .bt paused her internal mirth.  Next .
die Inventoried the new tin pall, nml j
hor   mirth    became   external.     Their
usual positions wero reversed.   AII the
nlng, Ann."
dunee nnd :twlnk.e ttepni'ted from Htc ���
pben's gray eye;, and be sent a look
of tpiuip il'suniy into tbe capacious
Sun bonnet.
"I've !,.:.:���.' every bole deep enough
to plant oil Hickory lu," he said rue
fi'.",.-. H'eUoiy v.as j:ti ouSnhous cal
tbnt played havoc with tho rats in
Long's hardware sloro.
"Aud you've���gone���and cut���the eyes
o'.-t   of  y .���':���   p .."toes!"   gasped   Ann
Then  she dung  lo  a  post supporting
tile wire fence and laughed.   Her sun
bonnet   slipped   back,   revealing   two
pink cheeks nnd n small, delirate chin.
Stephen  chuckled In  sympathy and
amp nearer.   "Why, confound It all, I
���Ut   tho  eyes  out   because-well,   lio-
���ause tbey didn't look pretty,  I sup-
'Ose.   Isn't that all right?"
At this Ann laughed until tbe sun-
'lonnot collapsed in a heap into a po-
ato   bole   back   of   ber.    Then   she
���becked  herself and explained:  "Tbe
iprouts come out of tbo eyes.   If you
Inu't leave the eyes, you'll get no potato:.'--   Sep?"
"Yes:   I   see."    nts  visual   Interest
���entered,   bowever,   en   the   speaker
i-alher than  ou  lhe eyeless potatoes.
'Ray."  be  suggested suddenly.'  "let's
swap   work   this   morning.    I'll   help
'ou plant, nn<l then you help me cut
the sots."
Founded 1892
Incorporated 1393
Provides a Christian Home, for Students of both
sexes at moderate rates. Has a preparatory class for
junior students taking Public School work. DoesiJHigh
School work and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Examinations* Teaches all branches of a Practical Business
Course nnd confers Diplomas. Imparts a Liberal Education in its Collegiate Course, and in the Ladies' Course
for M. E. L., and y. L. A. In Theology coufers the degree of B.D, In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for the B.A. degree of Toronto
University, with whieh the College is in full affiliation. In
Science teaches the First Year of Toronto School of Science, and has a Special Engineering Course adapted to
Practical Engineering work in this Province. In Music, a
complete course in theory, voice culture, and piano" and
organ, in conjunction with the Toronto college of music.
pecial instruction in art and elocution, while all students
Sarerequired to take physical training with all the privileges of a well equipped gymnasium.
"A 11 right," agreed Ann. She turned
to recover ber sutthouuet and so failed
Ij see the expression of satisfaction
which overspread Stephen's lace as he
placed a hand on top of tbe post and
vaulted tbe low fence.
Wheu, an hour later, they sat beside
Ibe hedge over ij basket of potatoes
provided by Stephen, matters grew
worse. He did not cut the sets cor-
re.fly. His fingers were all thumbs,
and he came perilously near having
ono less to got iu __!_) way while cutting his fourth potato.
Ann bound up tbe cut dexterously.
Then she "set ber foot down." "i'ou
band ine the potatoes, and I'll cut
'em," she said decidedly nnd fell to
work with n will.
Stephen obeyed. "Seems to me yon
are rather little to be bossing your
elders," he said, witb a flash of his
much dreaded fun.
Ann bung her head and blushed uncomfortably. Sbe considered it a dls
grace to lie so small, an opinion shnrod
by ber dressmaker.
"It's muPb as evpr that I can llnd
where Ann Wright's waist begins or
ends." complained tho latter Individual
bitterly. "She's all waist. Might's
well Iry to fit a broomstick. Best I
can do is lo hang her clothes on her
and let it go at tbnt. Willi ber sister
Belle, now, It's different."
So Ann meekly accepted the dress
maker's hangings and surveyed with
longing Belle's plump proportions. She
sighed the morning of May 16 as. nt 5
o'clock, she donned her short blue den
im skirt nnd looked nt her small bul
muscular arms, white down to; the el
hows and brown beyond. She took
pride and comfort iu her garden, but
���die wished her hands were as white a
Her face lighted as sbe opened Ibe
:;ate iu ber hedge and saw Stephen
���eaning on one of tbe line fence posts
Impatiently awaiting ber. In tils new
���ole ns gardener, witb overalls aud big
'alt and witb that odd expression of
lopendenee on his clean cut face, he
'lid not seem to ber half as formidable
:!_ the Stephen Long who bad for ten
years gayly sauntered through the
liearls of half lhe girls in Bridgeport,
his own untouched; danced nt their
weddings and stood godfather to their
"I tell you what." be began as soon
as  Ann   appeared,   "I'm  glad  to  see
-)Uie one looming ovor tbe horizon wbo
knows a trifle about gardening.   What
ire you going to plant next?'"
"No'hing,"   replied    Ann   promptly.
"This morning I'm going to sow thing
-onions, for Instance."
To her own surprise, her voice was
mischievous".  A strange feeling of buoy
a'.iey possessed bpr. The sun was sending red heralds up from (he east to proclaim n perfect day.   Bello was nsleep,
.nconsclous of the drama of the garden, and Stephen���well, Stephen's eyes
were smiling nt ber, hut not just ns
thoy smiled on the puhlie nt targe. ���
"Mother Isn't up yet," he began hesitatingly, "so I brought aloug a rag and
n string"��� He paused and held a hand
nut to her nppeallngjy. It was the mem-
tier wounded the previous morning.
.' ���"] promptly dropped her hop and
attended to ber surgery.
"Say."     began     Stephen    suddenly!
watching  the operation,  "do yon  always wear lhat bonnet in lhe garden?"
"Yen," returned Ann Innocently, "fl Is
Stephen  sighed.    "I  should  think It
would, be awfully hot away back lu
there." meditatively gazing within as
Mm rained her head.
But the bonnet slowly shaken  was
lip  only   reply.    In   some  ways   its
, wpnrer could uot see beyond its projecting sides.    Tor fifrecu minutes silence  reigned  in   the  gardens.    Ann
vorkod  with  ber  back  to  the  wire
fence lest Bello should chance to see
her through the little gate.   She dreiv
Mie end of her hoe handle along the
smoothed surface of bpr yard square
onion plot and was carefully dropping
Ihe  ."cods  wben  a   voire of triumph
sounded behind her:
"I've finished mine.    Now what are
1 you going to plant next'. '   There was
a step beside her, and Ihe voice of triumph hpcniue a voice of dismay.  ."Jo-
I'U-sn-leral    Is tbat the way you   lis
'em ?"
Ann turned and glanced .Into Hie
next garden. "Ves. What have ymi
Rlep'-'Pii stuffed Ids hands deep in
Ills  overalls   pockets.     "Me?     Why.   1
slowed 'o:n  broadcast."    I'e removed
nne ''i::i! nnd iii'dione I ������'������-' ihoiig'i sow-
appeared. Therefore Stephen, released from his en:!y m irnin't rtntle*.
often ��� i-.u;;.. up on the Wright porch
���varni  even:-, .-s  anl  entertained   hlm
pjf    frss.lv    "������ ���������,    l.cllcs's   ,.'<"Hs.r     trill).
Ann slipped away and wandered Ir.
Ihe garden hunting weeds.
At last, after a heavy .lune rain
*hey came accompanied by the tender
'ogotnble shoots ��� potatoes, beets, on
���ins���and Ann arose again at ���". and
"paired, sun bonneted, to (be garden
.Ier heart fluttered a little as she uu
..itched the gale. "He will get sone
me else to do the hoeing surely," sin
raid herself.   But no.
lie greeted her with a  rueful faces
.Say,  I'm glad you're here." be pro
claimed  frmkly.   "Ho you pull these
weeds or hoe 'cm out or put n charge
���if dynamite under 'em?"
.Vnn heard herself laughing happily
rile hoeing season had begun.
un tbe Fourth of July tbe families
Aright and Long enjoyed new potatoes and pens. Stephen's row of vines
I bounded In peas, while his potatoes
vere deficient. In Ann's garden the
case was reversed.
"We'll swap." said Stephen promptly.
Swapping bud become a habit with
hlm. Two weeks later both families
rjgalod themselves on beet greens.
Ihey came from Stephen's garden, but
io oue knew save the two gardeners.
rusion over the words, while the h!oo.|
mldoned ber cheeks.
Stephen laughed in sudden relief.
His reply was irrelevant "Take Belle
alone'   Whv. Ann. dear. I confess now
tnat i  nate ;.'aruening.  our i ve tVica
every other way for five years to"���
His face, with the rest of the sentence, was lost in the depths of tin
A Tack af C*rfla.
tke ordinary pi tying card* of today
are derived from a stick game sap-
posed to have ori inated in tbis coun
try. Fifty small st cks are a pack. Ths
"game" was originally for Uie player
to divide the sticks rapidly with his |
two hands, the opponent guessing
which hand held tlie larger number.
Owners of sticks spent rainy days In
carving them. The Asiatics borrowed
tht game and caived more elaborate
counter out ef ivory. Those witli different carvings grew to have different
values. Arranging them In groups of
fours made it necessary to add two to
the original number. Then thin slabs
Of ivory began to be used.
For centuries after this all playing
cards were hand painted, at first on
Ivory or metal, afterward on cardboard. The pictares, at first legendary
heroes and ladies, gradually became tbe
fixed, wood faced caricatures we now
Holy Communion���is: and
Sui.days at 8:30 a.m.; 21.<1   m .
Sundays at 11 a.m.
?i;<tins, 11 o'clocl .
Evensong, 7:30 oV
Sun<!uv School at 10 ;_
Frklaj evening, Litany .-
Kev. F. K. I artletr, M.A., V,
Se'vices firs* and thir . s5v
ich in' -ill- at 10:30 a.m.; '
av school  it -
.Muss and 1 [ol_
a    1
rst and third Mondn;
- at (
.   ���
. Father Wagn
tr, 0.
ri- ���'.
., , .,,,.. know,and these, coming back to Amer-
My sweet corn  will  he ripe nl two , ,ca ,��� ^ we8twanl journey arouu(]
j the world, find our Pacific coast Indl-
! sns still juggling the same kind of
! sticks their forefathers used.
���veeks," said Ann timidly as she took
'lie greens. "Thero will be enough for
is both."
Her predictions were correct, but antedating tbe ripening of tbe sweet corn
was (be picnic in tho Bridgeport grove.
"Will you girls rido over witb me?''
isked Stephen, coming suddenly around
Tke Word "Star-ratloa."
The word "starvation" wss Introduced into the English language by its
coiner, Henry Dundas, afterward Viscount Melville. It was originally used
by blm ln a speech in parliament on
the American debate in 1775 and wus
immediately caught up and applied to
himself in a political nickname, so that
he was known thenceforward as "Starvation" Dundas."
"I shall not," such was his declaration, "wait for the advent of starvation from Edinburgh to settle my judgment."
Before the time of Dundas "starve,"
"starving," "starved" and "starveling"
were in use, but hunger or famine represented tbe state of starvaUon.
Although this word bas now an established place ln our vocabulary, it
was at flrst vigorously opposed by
mauy, (md on just grounds, as of hybrid formaUon. The root "starve" Is
old English, while the ending, "atiou."
is Latin. It does not appear in any
English dictionaries until the year 1809.
Services next .L01
a. m.ai d 7:30 p.n\
Clas* n.- eting
*cr\ ice every Sum
Sabbath Schoc
Sunday.      Pr:, . 1 . ,
Thursday eveni  ..
���?'   :vety
Ri'v. i.l. Bel  - pastot
Perv!-".>.   next  ! ore! 1
��� at  ir
a.m. and 7 30 p.m,
Sabbath School at 1
;. m   Mid.
wee J-   tneptirifr on   Fr::
ay > veiling
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. J.    '.
M. A.
BA] ris r
5er. ���  s ���
'      ���-'
p.m.; '.:.   ��� ���  7
.-���.   ���   ; ^cLi-.:.! at ic 3   ',  m
Prayer meeting on Tiii:!h'hv at
8 p.m.
Rev. A. H. Huntley, pastor.
Again Ann wi
mirth. "How- he
ihem If Hip." cam"
Stephen wnriiiu 1
���a   convulsed    with
v  would yon weed
up thick all over':"
a toe Into (ho soft
��� ill     "W 1!    Why,  I never lh
about the wee.lln.'t. I think." (p;lto
humbly, "that I better stick tp ibe
slore and give up gardening."
Ann's liearl unaccouuiably sank. So
old her p.nnbnuiiet,
"��, 1 won't, either." with sudden
energy. "If you'll bolster me up Willi
������.!��� he. |'ll slick to It."
Ann's bPiirl unaccountably arose. So
ill! her sun!intinet.
"Let's   swap   work   this   morning."
��� ropo. pd rtephen a moment later, and
.mi agreed.
Next    morning   shortly   after    live
���he   found   Stephen   smoothing   over
hor carrot plot just smith of the on
'oils.    "I   thought   I'd   begin,"  lie ex-
���ihiiiied a little shamefacedly, "In your
��� afclen so you would holp nip. I don't
l\no\v   What   to   do   wilh   the   pesky
cods. I.iiher I'd plant 'em iu a trench
so deep they'd never bear the last
Jjtnup or else I'd scatter 'em ovor the
tip to Die four winds and the breeds
Mt.'"    the    gardens    were    planted
IbeP'e   was   no  reasonable  excuse  far
"/ thought you had gone lo the picnic."
the corner to the porch tbe evening before, as .inn was watering tbe flowers
and Belle swinging In tbe hammock.
Belle answered promptly In the nf-
tirinative. Ann tardily. After he had
gone Hollo yawned aud remarked carelessly: "Three in tbat narrow buggy!
How tiresome! If you'd not happened
I'o be around"��� Sbe did uot .finish, the
remark.' Belle never hurt intentionally.
Aim made no reply, hnt swallowed
hard at a big lump which would not
go down. All ber invitations werc net-den's and came because she "happened to be around" Belle. Nothing
would induce her lu go to the picnic.
Therefore, tho following morning, al-
IllOUgb she donned tbe denim skirt, she
did uot repair to tbe garden uutil !l
"Belle, I've concluded not to go to the
picnic. There's hoeing thut must he
done in tlio garden."
"Bother the garden, Ann!" came back
Belle's voice good naturally. "You're
wedded lo that garden."
Ann did not hear. Sbe had seized
her hoe aud fled down the walk and
Uirough the little hedge gate. No hoe
ing was needed, hut she hoed desperately, cheeking the sobs and forcing
hack lhe tears until she beard Ste
pben's buggy roll dowu the road; thou
she dropped the hoe and retreated lo
lhe corn.
The great stalks towering above tier
head closed protectingly about her.
The rustling ef their leaves drowned
the sound of liie released sobs. Sha
.auk tlowu an 1. pressing the sides of
her bopilPt to tetllPf over her face. \vi pi
as though she were thirteen rather
than twenty-three.
There was nil 11 < he In her hearl which
was out of all proportion to Its nppar
out came.   In I'm 1. she would not nc- j
knowledge tbe real cause even to her-,
self mi HI 1 be heard  her  u line  from
the cud of the row In the midst "t ]
whlcb she But.
"Ann. what is Iho matter?   Aro you
hurt?"  S'o;>'icn pushed rapidly through j
the corn an. stdxl looking *??t!i per l
plaxetl eye.; down on tlio slight llgilro
hiding bPiieatli llic big hunnut.
"1 t!c/i:'!:l you had gone to the 1 ic j
n!c." ;re;ii:e,l .'.nti'.f mutlled Lines.
"Ye.;. I went. !::t more lemons were :
r:-,'c.:e.l, ai: 1 1 volunteered to conic ;
I.Kk after them because 1 wanted to
.1... ycu why j'ii wouldn't go. Yon j
see, I knee.' ni '.vork Was needed In |
tho- Ann: Why, .Vnn. dear, you are
cry)n .!"
SlejihoM dropped 0:1 one knee leside
her and, -gently opening lhe bonnet,
looked in on a little wet face.
"What Is it. .Vnn?" he asked tenderly,
fstepken too!; a tirmer hold on the
���I.'i'i of lhe .11:1'   '.met and   tilling her
ea.1 farther haeit] forced her to meet
iis  eyes.     "leli   me,  dear  girl,"   ho
"I���thought���you'd rather���take Belie
���alone."   Ann's tongue trloued iu con-'
To make fort .ties out
of the future yuu must
pit ;onu'thln(t into tbe
present     ....
ApentP Wanted
To   s_ni   Securities.
FCR   SALE r-'ruit   ..nulls nnd
1 Cheap      Homes,
city frnts, I'urnis and Suburban
Hold- Coppers Pay
B.l g  Dividends   all
over British
_      .       .       Columbia
F, 000
Acreage, &C|
Containing over roo Views.   Post paid 25c., Stamp**
Richest Province in the British Empire.
IVthing Risked, Nothing Gained.        Nothing Ventured, Nothing Won.'
Splendid Opportunity to Invest.
The Richest Men in the World are investing in B. C Copper-
Gold and Silver Mines.     Why can't you begin now?
'The Greatest Oold-Coppef Discovery of the Age Is In B.C.
Kill llllfML   Ml
Every Dollar Subscribed used In Development of Mine.
Specinl Offer���20c per Share, will shortly advance to $1 00
Mines directly west of Le Roi aiu1 l.e Roi No 2, shares
sold from 5 cents to Ssioo.oo; and C' nsolidated Miiiintr and
Smelling Co. ol Canada, Ltd., shares $150,00 each: the Giant
California, adjoining our own, shares ahout $110.00; Gratiby
Mine raid over $3,000,000 Dividends pet year; Gold-coppet
mines in British Columbia paid Lat^c Dividends. Big Four
assa\s from $5 to $800 in goH, copper, silver, witl 32 per
cent, in the Treasury.    Invest now and you wont regret it.
NoTi.���Most of thes" mines soli' for a few cent~ once, Im
over-capitalized even now, pay big dividends. BiR Four is on
the railway, near smelters.
Kossland Mines received Highest Awards for richest gold-
copper ore sent to St. Louis Exposition. Big Four had Best
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
No less than 100 shares fold, All Cash Above this <-��_�����*
can be had on instalment plan, or yearly contract, 15 per crnr.
cash, balance monthly.
Nearly Two riiles of  !>ail\vay on Property,
Company hns no debts or liabilities.   Send for lllust-;*' A Prospectus sud boo.
let, "Mining Dp-to-Date," to Secretary, with 5 cents in stampi.
P.O. Box 174, Vancouver, F. C.   Canada.
_f KleiH,^
elta Times
Printing, V
H. N. Rich  spent Wednesday in
i|i the Tenuiaal City.
Mra. R. A. Coleman  visited the
Royal City, last week.
Mrs. W. R. Ellis, returned home,
Saturday, from a visit to the Royal
G. R. Naden. M.P.P. for Green-
���wood, spent Sunday, 19th inst,,
with Mrs. Mason, sr.
Ht. and Mrs. P. Shirley drove up
to the Royal City on Saturday last,
returning an Sunday.
John Jensep, of New Westminster, paid a visit to the Delta, yesterday, looking after land.
Mrs. Berry, of Kamloops, is visiting her cousin, Jas. Pearson, ��� for
jthe first time in eighteen years.
Miss Nora Dockrill, who has been
.spending the holidays with Miss
Minerva Smith, returned home yes-
Geo. Lasseter, sr., J. P. Follis,
and David Kidd returned, last
week, from their trip to Graham
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lanning
.went over to the Terminal City, on
Saturday last, on a short visit to
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
nt 1:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.; return-
lag, leaves Steveston at 9:30 a.m.
and 4:30 p.m.
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties SEVEN and
Eight Per Cent. Guarant ed, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & <&,
New Westminster, B.C.
Agencies Represented���
Harttoril Vire Inturtncc Co.
l'hretii_ Insurance Co. or Brooklyn
Connecticut Fire Insurance Cos
Insurance Cu, ol SuTth Amend
The Ocean Accident Ht Guarantee 'Corporation, Ltd., of I.obtlon, Knj_.
Imperial Trust Co.. Ltd.   Vancouver. B.C.
Misses Leona and  Beatrice Jackson, spent Sunday here, with  tbeir
cousins,   the Misses Shirley,
returned home yesterday.
F. S. Murray, of Vancouver,
came over, Thursday, to relieve
Messrs. R. H. Clarke and VV. W
Lumsden, of the staft ot the local
"branch of the Royal Bank, during
Jsheir vacations. Mr. Lurosden being the first to take his holidays
There is no need to sift
Royal Standard Flour.
It is free from surplus moisture, and will never
cake or lump if kept in a dry place. Being absolutely free from cellulose or "the woody fibre
of wheat (which is often contained in other
flours), it is easily digested, and readily assimilated.
its color, strength, purity and productiveness.
It is better than the best and sells at the
same price.
Order by name.
Sold by W. H. SMITH.
Vancouver Milling & Grain Co., Ltd.,
(Mini v.y..
1016 Westminster Avenue
Vancouver. B.C.
Jost Received
Two   Cars   Cyphers   Incubators,
One   Car    Swift's   Beef   S?raps,
To notify the people of Ladiier and surrounding district that we are now m a
position to ofter Vancouver Island
Portland  Gem snt
At greatly reduced prises, making it possible for parties who contemplate builditig
to put in concrete foundations at about thet
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
B. 0,
Calvert & Lewis,
B. C.
seagsagggeag ���
The annual meeting of the
Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
Church, will be held to-morrow
afternoon at 2-30 p.m., in the
churcfc, for the purpose of electing
officers, receiving reports and wind-
tftg up the business for the .past
^jsents Wanted!���16x20 crayon
portraits 40 cents, frames 10 cents
and up, sheet pictures one cent
each. You can make 400 per cent
profit or $36 per week. Catalogue
aud Samples free. Frank W. Wil-
uams Company, 1208 W. Taylor
St., Chicago, 111.
A large and representative turn
put of Oddfellows' attended Divine
aetfice in the Baptist Church, on
Sunday last, in commemoration ol
the 89th Anniversary of the institution oi the Order, Rev. A. H
Huntley read, the lesson ot the
"Good Samaritan'1 and preached
from the test: "We Are All Breth
*.ji)smmi  iiiwpii^w���
Wants for Sale.
Cauliflower and
Tomato Plants.
Sloujfh Road,   -   Ladneri'term.s cash
Auction Sale I
furniture and Effects.
Comprising���McClary range with
water front and extra coil, upright boiler, kitchen table ami
chairs, washing        m.-cliin e,
wringer, tubs, oil cook stove,
heating stoves and pipe, linoleum^ crockery, glassware, sets
of irons, wardrobe, chests of
drawers, iron bedsteads, wire
springs, Ostertnoor and other
mattresse��, 0ak wardrobe with
mirror door, walnut bureau, 75
yards of Brussels carpets, carpet
squares, linoleum, stair carpets
and pads, washstands, sets of
ware, plush curtains, curtain
poles and fittings, lamps, oak
sideboard, extension dining table,
and stool, combination dish "and
china cupboard, side table, card
table, diningrooru, rocking and
easy chairs, Morris chair, willow
chairs, 2 large Wilton carpet
squares, curtains, poles and fixtures, blinds, pictures, wall
brackets, crockery, china and
glassware, also the whole of the
furniture and effects contained in
Tho Balta Hotol,
Comprising about 20 bedroom
suites, mattresses, blankets and
bedding, parlor and sittingrootn
furniture, diningroom furniture,
easy and other chairs, lounges,
sideboard and the Kitchen Contents, including large sauge and
the usual quantity ot crockery,
glassware, knives and forks, &c..
&c, found in a well equipped
hotel of this size, also
A   Delivery   Wagon  and
Ono   Buggy,
TifR   H. N. RICH has received
instructions from Mr. Marshall Smith, whose Lease has expired,   to SELL BY  AUCTION,
at Ladner's Landing, ou
Wednesday, April 29,
1908, at  10 a.tn.
Cut Glass,
Watohes an*
All Kinds of Jewelle*^.
New Stock.
Call aftd Sfe��� TktHh,
M. Clausen,
LADNlfi'R,  b. C.
jj j'Jfty*. ?.^
Horse Goods,
For the Farm-
Here are a few lines we want to talk to
you about; give us a calli
Weber, Petrolia and Chatham Wagons.
Moline,   Bell,   Bissell   and   McCormick   Plows,
Harrows* Cultivators, Drills, &?c.
Planet Jr. Drills and Cultivators.
Advance Fanning Mills.
Canada Carriage Co.'s Buggies and Democrats.
Cyphers Incubators and Hen Supplies.
Fairbanks-Morse Marine Motors.
W. J. Gopp & Sons* Empire Stoves and Ranges.
Canadian-Fairbanks Gasoline Farm Engines and
A Large Supply of Cyphers CHICK FEED just
Clam shell, Blood Meal, Bone Meal, &o^ always;
on hand.
Of every description can be
fouud here. There's not a
thing missing which ought
to be in it. Everything
needed in stabl'e, barn aad
harness roeift included. Every article has been gathered
vrkh. great care, and y��tt wiM
not have a chance to coifr-
pzmva. about their quality.
B. C Leather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings Street, Vancouver. B. C,
EggS for Hatching : Plymouth   Bocks,   Spangled
.       Hamburgs, White Minorcas,
and Euff & Black Orpingtons.
Commission Agents,
General Dealers & Machinists*
Estate oi
W.   L.   McBRIDE,
General Merchant.
Phone 5,   -   Port Guichon
Produce Stored and
Shipped Direct
To All B. C Ports,


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