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The Delta Times Feb 16, 1909

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Array ��l^
Vol. 6, No. 25.
First Opening
New Spring Goods-
Everyone predicts an Early Spring and we have governed ourselves accordingly.     New Goods
Arriving  Daily.
I Editor Dki.ta Timv.s:
ireater new thnn   WX  anv   previous,
Bella Council.
lime and thousands of tons more of
produce are marketed but is princi-1
pally owing to the growth of   Vancouver and consequent attraction of;    The T*..'.a  Council   met  in. the
trade in that  direction  at  the  ex- j Council Chamber <tn Saturday last,
Sir: Two letter., have appeared | pense of tbe other cities, and whilst! peb. , 3tii,   ��  ���-_   p.m.,   with  the
recently in your pap.r on the ques- j the connection,  with  other   cities -jieeve>   jj_  T. "Htltfeherseu  in the
tion of better transwottation facili- have adjusted themselves-tosu-tfthe[^^^ ���nd Coung   Gibuic' DaviC)
.: . t     t   a . _ i.i    r, t.     xt        conditions   brou'hi   about    bv   de-
ties for Ladner and ..���.e.D.ita. Now *   Da-8e���eer traffic GUdbcfet, Morley aud Embree pre-
that this matter bas teen brought creasing trace and passenger tramc-
prominently before .he-notice of tbe  no lavements of service between *'"���
public it is to>%e  hoved  that they !here   and   Vancouver   have   been'     Minutes   of   premMUf
will take firm hold and find  an madc t0 meet ;he lJ,esent ���i��ire- were adopted as read
.      , ��� _-     ,_     rrsu   .   _neni_
early solution of the ri ifficulty. That - vailabk rontes 0f travel be
Dry Qoods Department.
:Me*r Wash Goods, New Hosiery, New Whitewear, Summer Underwear, Neckwear and Belts, Large Stock Ladies' Dress Skirts, in all tht
.New Colors and Styles.
McCall   -   Patterns   -   McCall
Men's  Department-
NfcW Shirts in Neglige and Regatta, in all the Hew Shades.
New  Spring  Hats in  Hard  and  Soft, in  all
See -the New ".KAD 3." Suspender.
Shoe Department*
This is one of the leading departments of the Store, and a glance at
<feur window display will c��usance _you of the up-te-the-minute styles we
are showing.
Wail'Vipers - 1909 - Wall Papers
All the new 1909 Papers are now in stock and ready for-your in-
Hardware Department-
seeds.        Seeds.        Seeds.
All ready to fill your orders for Spring, Timothy and Glover Seeds
find all kinds of Garden and Flower Seeds.
Everything in  this (department strictly fresh and well   assorted.
we require   more   efficient service
_____��� COMMfNICATlON'S:
From M'sissens Limited, Vancon- -
itween here and Vancouver and the.
distances   a*',   fares  charged and v''er' re roadmaking machinery. Re-
'time occupied are .about as follows: | ceived 'cnd filed *'ul the  Reeve and ���
Via Steveston,-34 miles, single. Cotrr.s.'Davie end Storey appointed
; to investigate roller matters.
From Tupper  &  Griff?;., re the
goes without-saying.    As "Viator'
^remarks iu his letter, tut are away
behind  the times, and it  is up to
thi eopie the 1 >��� 'a-.i to keep up ��� I^h^^m^^^^^^^���^^���
an agitation <until they get what ifare *''time ef Passa2e ��* hours,
thev want and  what they i require. I    V,a New Westminster. 24 miles,
We'are surely not  ���1 liged  to wai. single  fare   85c'   tij>e"��f passage'V. V. &>E. R..0Q0. and  the  River,,
the convenience ot my corporation.! 3,'--> -hours. j road.   It opens t*t*t,  wilh ..,tbe���
If the suggestion made by "One for Via G. N. R., 50 miles, -single | sitting of tde'Ra.l.wa/Co.nm.ssion^
aLind Route" coul. be-carried out. Ifare *i-��o. time ��f passage, about I about to be fofeld iu Yaacouver.-the
it might be All ri.ht.   It would  5 hours. company is fcegtamng.o feel sortie->
certainly be an improvement on tbe j    When we toow xh* in  a direct wbat  nervous over their manage*
-present   system.      As   the   writer lllne Ladner is only n   miiles 1 from !__eat of this matter .und  ��_"c��uow
ktat-s   there .are difficul.es to be jtbe cil>' of Vancouver 'these, round' bestirring themselves  With   .fee obr.
the   lieW   blOCkS and i faced  and-manv  questions  raised lab3Utwa>'s of'travelling  Strike us: vious itrterrtioa ot letting thrifts,
I that wrll '-require the most .caretul Ias absurd ��� Tlrc loss of time and'tbe; d(nvn as *** as *����iWe. and s]���(\
lconsiderarion,*uf'Weha/e enough inconveniences and expense -are so fling as much ar. possible onto the
i capable men in our aids: who will Nre'lt as t0 ulake travelling-only shoulders ot the Council, but the
Und  a-solution   o the di{&culties reusable by necessity, and bad. as; Council did not -bite.
hit  thev !passanScr rates'End  facilities'Wire, I     Received and tiled and the' Jfceew
I freight  transportation, particularly end   Couns.   Gibbie   attd I Embree
of small  shipments (and goods re-"were appointed a ,_ania_ittce-to look
[uired in haste, is much worse and j after River road''matters,
proportionately more expensive. From  taxpayers of Annacis Is-
Theremedy for all this is a good j land asking to have a road gazetted
ferry'to Woodwards Landing and on the .vest-side dyke, 45 feet wide,
connection-with Vancouver by tram Left ir. the hands of Coun. Embrefc
across Lulu Island, about  S   miles'; to repeu.
���of tram line would .'connect with al-      Fro.-,  John' Oliver,^..P.P,,���_,>_-
ready-existing city  lines  on West-, warding  list >��i appropriate: tp
minster   avenue,   and   this wofild. be  pjesented  to'the   government,
on these  points,    mt   tne  .u___u_c ,'make'tbe 'distance   from   here tojvvhid-   illchl(ted  j:,O00. fcr Trunk
I could be carried out, 'Why not  go a ! Vancouver not over 12 miles. Such ^���
1 little lurther and build a spur  line :a scheme ���uld  aPPear tG bc Fref-
|out>to Boundary  Ba^:    This  spur jerab,e  t0  aaV  Othes:  that   I have
I lice would tap a 'rich country and heard propped.
be of great  service to fee  peonle. ,    To connect with the  New West-
I Besides, the time.is net  far-distant '.winster-Ocvcrdale line would make;     ^.^^  	
wben Boundary Bay will beeome a ��* le*st 3�� <**& to be travelled be-j dety Q-f iLC ubtifying Collncii ;of
much more important resort for !tween 'bere and Vancouver, whilst | meelin��,ol,tioverno:,rs and askinK
summer tourists than it is to-day. ,a��y connection with the G.N.R. contribntkm, A,tter considerable
It is an ideal spot for a summer fwould-mean al; least an ^equal dis-j discussiotli the SUTn of $50 was
resort, and all that is wanting is an1tance-
-       !--_..,   s-s
a -so'tat-ion to tbe
When once they know t
have the public le'mnd '.hem in the
matter. Supposing th-' idne miles
of truck Tu.nin.T from Guiebon to
Oliver's Junctio 1 could be leased
from'the G.N.R.'tnd arransemeiits
made to connect with certain of
their trains, wou'd it pay to operate
that'portion alone, and would it be
pos .he to ''make as many daily
connections with Vancouver as
[might be desired. 'We'-'want light
I on  these  1 oints.    'If   the  scheme
road ar.d ��� $500 'fcr ._iver road in
this r_futl.cipal.ty providiug Council
spend-an equal amonht. ''Received
andifled andjiDierfc-W rejp_y eudor-s-
ir.g same.
From "the ���A.ntl-Tubercul��r,is 'So-
The shortest and  ai��st di-| donated_
We Want ��our Business*
rect route is the one that common
same opportunity offered   on  thejsense ��rg�� us 10 support and I
easy  way  to ��� reach  it.    Kad this
other- side of tfacnational boundary, l'think tbe scheme outlined - is not
I make bold to say that our Atueri- Impossible and would be  profitable
1,'to all parties concerned.
Fawcett &
Doil't forget the dance  at
dary Bay, Monday.
Last week word was received by
VS.. E. Curtis, tilling of'the Wreck
ofa large portion ofthe cannery
buildings at Lowe  Inlet which are
linder his charge as manager.  HRe-
'cently there bas been an unpredeht-
<ed heavy fall of snow "accompanied
by high winds, with the'.result that
'the strength ot  the buildings was
���overtaxed   and 'collapsed  burying
the  machinery   manv   feet   deep.
The caretaker 'had to burrow his
'way from bis residence through ��.
twenty-foot drift to Rtt to his taMc
eif ^keeping thecannery roof clear of
-���now wbich was more than he could
manage,   with   the   above   result.
Mr. Curtis despatched a gang of
men to dig out the machinery and
Vprepaie the way for the carpenters
and  he himself will'return north  ALASKA -YUKON- VAC
much sooner than ���usual so as to get EXPOSITION,
everything in running order again
before the big run-starts.
be the one suggested by
a  ferry  or  I ridge  lo   Woodwards
Landing, and  then tfi  straight run
into the 1 uy.
T. E. 'Ladner -has installed an
electric motor to operate his crusher
with instead cf ''using -steam as j
Beattie, Wash., Feb. 13���D��min-J
ion of Canada Day bas been set for j
June 10, on which date the opening |
of the Canadian building will   be
celebrated  and there  will  be  on6   ""*
1 por'a- o
Editor D__tVM Tin s.
Remember the dance in 'the
Boundary Bay school house ��� on
Monday evening newt. Grand
ma-rtoh at 8:30.
There is to be a meeting of the
Directors of the Delta Farmers' Institute in the Council Chamber on
Saturday evening next at 8:30
o'clock sharp. , 1
more big Dominion'dav on Jt'
Canada's rekl dny to  eelebt
big lacrosse tournament
ing Arranged.
The   exposition   , iout
ninety pei cent, complei peaking
of its principal bid . . and assurance is doubly tire that it will
be complete in Ml details and open
on Jnne 1, as was first announced.
Sir: There is no '��� nyiu
1 La Ine      d the country
corse" condition
lacilitie     than
the fact
surr iiii-d-
uir transit
j fifteen
rs ago.    At th .1 t me-we
vh'l  d" otmection   wilh   Vic
toria a 'N'avaimo by c miti ��� i<ms
fr igh .1 d p ssen;er boats ind the
daily b"at to New Westminster
was can'le f handlin the business on ihat route witb com'" t to
passengirs and' qnick desratch to
The change tbat has     nx about
^^^^^^^^^^^^ is not owing to any decrei     in the
H. N.   Rich   relumed,   Fridav, | population ot proi uctiveius   ofthe
from a top iuto tbe Interior. Delta,   indeed   Uie    population
From D, S. Curtis & Co., 'enclosing account for.antitOKin used upon
aiamiiy up river -to prevent ctiph-
'therla, <J:-.5o.
Dr. King,'M.H.O., thcug'bt the
1 Council should net pay this accoflnt.
After ��� seme   discussion   accotint
was received and filed.
From'A; 'Walker requesting privilege of erecting- obed at end ot cattle steed oa wharf for purpose of
handling: coal for which he was
willing to pay $_o per yeaT.
On motion the+Reere ��ndi_Clerk
were ^authorized tc ��� advertise for
tenders tor -lease-oi portion of wharf
for the'pin pose ot storing coal.
The School Rstimatesrwere taken
up and passed.
1    On motion,  N. -A.  McDiarmid
broken wk_ appointed  Assessor tor 1909,
ea. 1 duties to commence February p2nd,
i roi. to be -.etnmed April 10th.
 ���-��� j    The matter-of repairingthe Hen��
_   ,      I dersort road was left in the hraeds of
'The S;r>:'Sonoma leaves Ladner _.   .
: Conn. Embree with power toact.
Bt S to ss.m. and vao p.m.;' return-i     _ ...       �����     ^_ __.
J ��������.���> j   t j    Damaged tender piles 'at Shinny-
iny, leaves Steveston   at   9:30 a.m. 1^ wharf ^^j^,^
was lttnd 4:3o P:m. |    0,,  m���tion  -t WM ^a^^
 ��� I tjjp Road Foreman should be .placed
IRAN,    SHORTS,    CRACKED i ��nder the jurisdiction ofthe Reeve.
- /.mi      T.,_.i--._���i    Tt-C* 'eve and Clerk were au��h-
Corn,   Corn   Meal ��� Brackrcan-	
��� onzed  to look  into the matter 01
Ker   Milling   Co..   Ltd., H. N. K.^ ^.^ crMsing the Tn!nk
-RICH, Lndner,' B.C., Agent.       j r&ad t00 low dowr). also the-memov-
ing ot certain telephone poles,
Tbe Reeve reported for Ike coin-
can'cousins "would hav. made tb
most of it. They would have had
commodious hotels erected for the
convenience of the people; they
would bave bud a golf course and
itennis court  Iai 1  cut,   and   many
other attractions added.    But what:
���we want first of all is an easy way '   ���M'KC e��i .Slack, -of PeacWaad,
toreach the Bay.   Thc  snggestioB   B_ c>( is vlSi,;Hg her sister, Mrs. T.
made by  ''One for b 'Land Rmtte"'' 1 [.�� j atune'
is worthy ol  ccusiderati 111, but tbe \
more  feasible  way  seems to me to '
Viator," 1 'A, T. Fawc'ett went ever' to tbe
Terminal ������City,' this "morning, cu a
business visit.
A     new    shipment   ot
Orange Tekoe,   fine   Ceylon
i3lbs. tor-firee-W. H. Smith
We would diraw your attention to 1 m;tteeon  wharf ,nd Twa Hall,
and stated   that  tbe foundation ot
the advi   on paste 4  of H- Howard
who has  opened  up a tailoring es
tablisbmeiit  next  door to H. Mc
i��DoweU's Harness Shop.
.(Continued on -Second 'fftB$) THE BELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY
wrw !	
Spmceftttox, 5)s0a pwyea..
AOVK-trtsiMTi kat:;_.
Mxhael's Tower" Tui_ uunibei
I a'.so reflec cd great credit upon tin
i indefatigable leader and pianist,
: E. T. Calvert nud Mrs. Hilton.
The   vocal   duet,   "A   Venetian
\ Song,'1 by Mesdam. *   Lanning ar.d
'.. Cross, again brought forth loud ap-
i plause ar.d an enccre.    Miss  Minerva Smith,  in  a piano solo, gave
' an exhibition  of  her  skill  which
was much appreciated.    The quar
tette "Oi who will o'er the Dawns"
by   Mesdames  Lanning   and Cross
Messrs.    Morgan  apd   Pacey I
called  .prth   considerable applause I
aud was well rendered.   Next came
instrumental,   "Bridal,  Chorus
from  Lohengrin,"   by Mrs. Hilton
_. c_��>_T<i fox >���.,���.,! ouiered, pUno. Hume Hilton viplip, aHd A.
���ut _ud ��_id iof. ]T    pawceM   CQrnet,   brought   our
Correspondence Invited on matter* ot public ..... ..        f        . s
���terest.   Communications tiS editor must be ac-   >'CUUg    VlollI.lSt.tO    tho    IrQllt    and
COnpauied by  nnme of writer, not necessarily     .   "      ,    . .
% publication,.hut ��s evidence of Bood faiu-..: saowea  him  as a very, promising
Correspondence  must reach Tdi. office by Thurs-
hioti Stables*
Cu_.jsj_, Ad.ertiseiuea.-, iq ce_^ p<r line tot |
Che-rsUnS-rtion. und 5 cenm per line lor each
sibacquent insertion.    The   number   ol   line.
tikoned Sy the space occupied, i.linesto tlitr j
Rate* tor Commercial A(lTertln��nents can be
hud on application at this othest. j aiJ(j
Reading aoUC-_ lo c._tfi per llqe lor eacb lu-'
Birth Death and t^an-tage n_ticca, Ji.oo.
Aa/ special notice, the object ot. which is lo   -_
promote the pecuniary benefit ot any individual]
or cismpauT.to lie considered an udtertiseuicnt '
and charges! accordingly.
All adeertisemcml
1 Iof.
Trucking and Draying,    Livery Work of
All Kinds Attended to Promptly,.
All Kinds or Firewood Always On Hand.
Incorporated 1869.
SI 0,000,000
$ 3,900,000
$ 4,600.000
Total Assets Over Fifty Millions.
gHOESj   c;hoes
ly eTeuiuit.
Qsp. R.
We are constrained tc, make the
suggestion t�� the Water Committee
that whatever contentions are met
with in opposition t<? the water
scheme be dealt wi.h.fait-ly ia order
tp take ia the greater area. In
0,ther words, if a number..of- people
say you do not know for certain
that there^is a sufficient supply of
Water at the springs, we would
suggest that-the water be gathered,
and measured; it a niinjber say vou
have not mad* a definite calculation
as to pipe line, satisfy them on that
point;, it you have ns>t satisfied,
them as to the cost and capacity of R��e7,; aud Road Foreman to adjust.
The  Reeve  repartee!  that J. B.
of. Waterproof
For Winter Weather
musician,    Mrs.   Cross a��d J.  E.
Pacey in a vpcal duet. "Memory."
made a very pleasing number, their
voices blending well togetke..    R
Voorhie. was next on   the list with
a whistling  number  entitled  "San
Antonio," \vhi9lt was. recalled, and
asauencotc both whistlers appear
ed and gave a duet  which was exceedingly well executed.    Theclos-| inm 11 in 1 1 1
ing number a dual  chorus  by thej   fi^T/^v        rjp  a f~* t-t         ���    a ��-_i_.r-��_-��      ��-_     _-��
Club, "A hunting we will go" aad j J1MU.     KwVAJUTl��      LAUNJER,    B .  C��
"The harp  that  once thr.o'Tara's                                   ._����___��__��____________--�����_-
halls" and. the National Anthem j
brought a very .pleasant evening's j
entertainment tgta..c_?se.
Repairing Neatly and Promptly Done-
Accounts of Qut-of-Town Customers. Given Special
Savings Department,
Accounts may be opened! with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and Upwards.      Interest paid,, or credited,  half-
yearly on Jane 3pth and December
31st each y��ar.
K. D. SrMFSON, Manager, LADNER. B.  C.
R. D. McKenzie, Prop.
Newly Funmshed' Throughout, and
First-Class in Every Detail.
Rates on, Application.
(Continued lipm  First Page.)
the Town Kail was not in very bad I
condition but that the wharf needed j
repairing right away.
Q, Lord complained that he was;
not. being paid sufficient perd&y,.i
a:��) the matter was. referred   to the j
the reservoir, do so.
SC _ht i?hem_, is going to cost
$200,000 let the, people know it at
first. Do not cut out this part and
that part but meet the objections
and more good will be accomplished we believe.
Firsts Concert.
Friday   evening   last-  will,   be
hpnded down as one  of the great
Elljott will have a piled: iv .r to rei t[
in a short while,
Couns, Davie gave notice that at
the next meeting he Would intrp-
duce-a loan by-law.
On motion the Clerk was author-
ised  to  advise   owner   lo   renaove-i
chicken ranch from .street in village.
The following accounts were or-j
dered paid: J. M. Collinsou,.��55.25;.
J. B. Elliott, $97.95: Dr. King,'
$3fc,S9. C. Beadleston, $3.50;.;A. D.i
Paterson, $157; H* N. Rich, $3.50;
M. Smith & Co., $4.55; Dingle &|
Burnett,   S25.50;    G.    T.   Baker,
the Delta Saw
"J." 'I'I'1 ItU ���-���' I.l���-..I       I .11. .11  II      ..        ,-  1. ���        I I     ,.,.!.
Are Prepared to . . .
Furnish All Kinds of
Shingles* Doors,. Sash and,
House   Finish   of  All   Descriptions.
Mauufhctur qw of till kinds ol
Soda W-Mter, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Dri rotes.
Your patronage solkttea
������������*���������������*������_������*������������_.���'���_������*���.  s*^��s*^*,s*s*^.*^**s*MJl
The   BEST  Waiter   Tanks   Are
ade> ai This Mill*
���yents in the,history of Delta, it.be-] $134,26; M. Vidulich, $ro; J. Simp-
iipg- the initial concert given by the ! son, $11,25; J Jordan, $22.50; M.
Delta Glee. Cub.; On the rise of Bussanieh,. ��4.87,; A. Martinolich,
the curtain qujte aglorious^rray of] $u.S7;. S. Bjiown, $18.12;. Jas.
Delta's young-. an4 beautiful, num-i Mason, $30; A. Swan, 538 74; D.
bering nearly  forty numbers, were; Banning, S38.74; C. Mason, $44,87;;
Seed Potatoes.
Three-kii:ds.ol   good  Seed Potatoes for sale.    Apply 10
presented to the audience and who
opened a lengthy programme by
singing the chords ' O Canada/'
���which bad been, preceded by a very
acceptable, overture by the L^d-tjpr
Band. The ��� third*- number was a
baritone solohy J. K. Pacey. which
was very well Tendered and- followed by a sextette and chorus. "I
hear the soft note,"' hy Mesdames
Lanning and Cross, Mass. Mine .va
Smith,  and  Messrs.  Rudd, Paqey
C. Lord, $6; T. Cosulich, $44.99;
J. Scoptnich.. $22.50; G. Ormiston,
$75; H. Marcbant, $60; Insurance,
$92j J. H Shirley, $50; J.. Jordan,
$50; J. McKee, $6;. Estate J. A.
Paterson, $51; H. J. Hutcherson,
$3; P. T. Gibbie. $60- J. Gilchrist;
$63; Alex, Davie, $57; .S. Morley,
$57;- L. W. Embree, $54;��� N. A.
McDiarmid, 5105; Farmers' Telephone Co., $10.10; .McAllister &
Co., $_C0.63;  F. W..Howey   (I.ad-
aud Woodley and  the Clubi,   The ner E..tate), $120.
whistling sola. "Under the Deodar,"
by Chas. Brawn, called forth loud
applause,, this-, was followed'; by a
piano duet by. the Mi.'ses Flora
Oook and Leila Kirkland, two, of
Ladner's budding yot>ig artistes
who made a very good showing.
The male qjprtette, Messrs. Brawn,
Robbins. Ppcey and Woodley, did
very creditably in "Al,ice, Where
The next number brought forth
the greatest amount'! of interest
when Mrs. Gross came t^> the front
of the stage,and lendered in excellent form the solo, "Aligns McDonald" for .which sbe was recalled.
The closing number of the fiijgt
part of the.gjpog.atnme, a.ihorus by
the Cluh showed that organization
to be in good.form and th(;y rendered the dual chorus "Believe me ol
all those endearing young ch_rms"
and "Men ofH��i:leeh"'splendidly��
Alter the ten minutes interval
the Ladner Band opened the secopd
part of the programme with a
tijaich, which was followed by the
qinb..in the giee "The Bells ot  St.
Council ihen ,,i,:journed
urday, Pel ruary 27th, at
till   Sat.
2 p.m.
I bave installed a r5 h.p. electric
motor in my crushing mill and am
now "Already Ready" to do the
best work as cheap as any one.
Tender* Wanted.
White Star.
Red Star.
Leyland Line.
Atlantic Transport.
White Stan Dominion- Line.
Uefore purchasing your ti-kci.s..co_su1t the un
(lersi.n.cl who cnli'srll you tlsrkets at the low-st;
rate for,-yp_u\-i:l. or to send to,your friends..
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Of Vernon, Okanagan, has come
to SPttle ini Ladiier, and is prepared
to fix up
Curs Ussve Weotmfttoler for Vancouver at'5.50
and 6.50 a.m. innl hourly thereafter until 11 p.
in.; S!ttunl��y*s.i_idST_mhiys at u p.m..
C:trs leave Vaneoaiver ibr WesttuinsterB at 5.50
iT.1d6.50a  m.and  heurly thereafter.-uutil  lop. U��� gooc\ shape,  Or anything   On    the
m.; hattirdays aud Sundays at 11 p.m. 1. ,        -^        ... *'il.    ��u    lu-
I farm, bv  Day Work  or  Contract
freight cars.. I and willi take- work  on   Hips *har*
We mu lirst-elass freiShl cars betv.-e_n.. West- W�� "    "'L    Sa!irt
tulnster and Vaucow-er and all shipments are   Systemi
handled witli  tlie utmost enre and delivered to ,_T      TO,
consignee without deiiy    Special attention paid        Whulu   take-ttie-management  01
to fruit shipments.    Oui wagons meet all boats ['_ -parrn
mid trains.   Tot rates, etc. apply to ,rt_si.i_i.
Good References,
begs to announce that he has reopened 1ms Mandolin and Violin
Classes in Waddell's Hall, over
Gifford's barber shop.
For further particulars  apply to
fJlaistlblins, Strings, Etc.,
Supplied at City Prices.
New Croi>, Onion, Carrot, Man-
led, Timothy, Clover, Alsyke, now
in siocit, moire-to arrive*
All 011 test a* our Greenhouses���
liest to be obtained. Samples sent
to intending purchasers.
Get them off fijcsii hands no middleman's profits.
Leau_n<i varieties of home grown
Fruit and Ornamental Trees. Bee
Supplies. Spray Pumps,. Spraying
Mi-xtutes, Fertilizers,, Greenhouse
140-Page Catalogue Free
PU HfNftY'S Nurseries,
3010 Westminster Road
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
W_ N. Draper,
Room -1 Hliaixl Block.New Westminster.
A fiife line of Chocolates ju-. ar-
j rived, includin     Lownevs, Gancng.
I Bros.,   Cadbury's,   &c. ��� W.   H.
For Sale.
Fatal:: for sale
Apply X.YZ.
on  Trunk road.
Tenders WMntetl.
Sealed tender*, marked "Tender
for V.'h,arf,i" will be received bv the
undersigned np tOfrfioon of Monday,
February 22nd, for the lease of a
portion of the public wharf at Ladner.
Th* highest or any tender not
necessarily accepted.
For further particulars apply to
Separate sealed tenders are
For supplying and erecting 6
One toilet to be etf cted   at- Delta
Janitor work for Ladnor school.
Particulars can be   obtained 'rom
Tenders  to   be   in   to the nn;_er-
.gned by March 5th, 1999.
Plfiiio Tuning.
Mr. W. Js Goard tuned our
"GRAND" Piano and regulated
the action tt' my er��tir.j satisfaction,
and I can conscientiously recommend him to anyone requiring this
line o. work.���Arthur Bawell, Organist and Choirmaster, St. Andrews' Church, Vanoouver, B.C.
will make reguter trips here and
anyone wishing their instiuments
tuned or repaired will kindly leave
itheir names at.This 0%:e.
Traffic Mgr.
Westminster, B. C.
Local Mgr.
Terms Reasonable.
40-Acre farm for Sale
Know* as the Deemer place, oni
East Dfelta; all improved and
u-idk?. cultivation. Price, $5,250.
Apply to
Ladner, B.C.
Our Entire Stock of
Ladies' and Childrens'
-to-Wear Goods
and Fancy Goods
All! New aaid! ITp-to-Date Stock, to Clew a,t; 0*t and
A. J. BIRTCH,       =       NEW WESTMINSTER, B.
 iliiM !;is.i'v 'i't,:,; Lv a Habitus
.,. '.us- :._',tn. _.
1 n        il". "hu waa ti lmbltui
' : ;-���;, 01  I   I'* _OTI��l'J. C'WlllUOtlK foi
. lUtrraU i.csuiutji  lil-i c.iirioii. ex-
, i_.     RHiorring lo ReUamy's lul.h-
s.i .ividly i!u6_fil)B(l  by OhailoS  i.i.lc
nntl  to tho members vvho were woul
!'-.inei;6 It.   Im K/iysi  "Vou Rot tlie
,;;  jit.''.   .1:  :k :t-!'.!   coiil   lius-.t.   Hill.
ii    ...    I _; __  si..:)-.,,,. ll    tile    [ffi.ls.t   Wllb
������::���:'���'.. ini(��rl' nmi ���Clmlr. olialrl'
; 1. . ...a tii'l-:: ut the house, uml tihu im-
���  :;r-.' ������> 1. > i\_;i!Tt-iI   ev,.y   uno, al
:���.���:...!   hy   l_i'T_e.-_,   wuro   Kliil  thore,
1. r:;,iTiirs ot tl.o government might lie
, iM.iiig tbnlr dinnor ut a nail doul
I-.-..J1  ruble.    '(-.Ivo you a kiss,'  stunt
.1 nt a yohng member, who was chuf-
ii. ;, 'ymi, ll younger 3011', and only*
. ...! meiiibni'r   Why, I boxed u iluku'_
��� .. :��� ti._.;:.t; such nil Impertinent c|iui_-
. ,v stei'sliiy.'    Thore w_s a very dlflVr-
:.-.h.,su or' commons  from the present
i.i those dilj is."
.:, wiiiming ..lory is told of Lord Pttlin-
1 11   who hud  jnst  h.'id  a stormy  in-
I w svi.'t -,\ deputation whioh cume to
��� i'li.ii it bim on  tho subject of tho
.tils -
. ii-.Ii ;v! 1.,
it    .list ui thoy wero leaving
* sudden thought struck him,
.1! ih-ai h_ok uii'sl suid.��� "l'or-
:.i,.i'ii, n rcoollcciiono. my boy-
h. Ip you.    When a boy. my
ir to ik mu with hlm to stay at
���ii. iViiilini'To'-.    After dinnor his lord-
iii   .iii     1 nope you liked  my wine.    1
1 f.;. h st to plcnso you.    As a meiubef
liiu gmuriiim'iit I otiTrht not to tell you
-.   I get my chirot and champagne dlreQt
Mi., ii  11 smuggler.    1 am answerable
1 I..0 port, its I  liu'.do tt myself.'    Old
.!���'. i ad bit iho bull-eye-, and the doputa-
.'i I'oiireil svisn much laughter."
'l'he remi.ii.-:, ..Tiecs that center in John
ijjht ure enually nninslng.    For exam-
"1 call to mind hearing him ln 18*1
' 1 houso of commons on the appo'nt-
������it of   a  new  bishop of   Manchester.
:iit;; from memory, as I do through-
:l, bo said: 'You wanted a now  bishop
.lorusaloin 11 short timo ago.    How did
nt In ily 111:111 go out?   With his stuff and
���  lip, like ono of  the apostles.    Not a
iii it.    Ho went out on her majesty'*
1:1:11 frigatoRetribution and lauded, un-
r a salute of IS guns, not far from tht
nt t.h.ru Simon  lodged witli the tan-
:   '   "���i -.!.Ti!l__Uy Kuviow.
1* Vi'.h.s-iiinir.
.11; h.-'li ne'er forgot;       1
l   1 thou :i 1.1 dollasa net,
������ ��� ..��� i 1 mvear 11 hit
tv nud ten ihousiticl���nit!
���Up lo Date.
__i !���<���_���>��� af Tin.
it the   [.'oluilnhls of tho world art
'���1 more c_.toh.lve than tho tinflelds ia
��� which, Tiii:;lit, s.riiie the uuscieiittflo
i?        -i with l�� curious. Heeling of  surprise.
tl ull ul !s wliich are known to exist
nr all urea of less thun 15,000 sqiinrs
r.iilus, while tho golil'.lclils are something
���T 11 ��� l,50l),l.'O0 squaro miles. Thorefoi'e
thi le are 18ii square miles of gold bearing
ri is f.r uvixy siniiHs mil,) of ground
wn    . tin is known to exiet.
I lie Importuneo of tho tin tndustry ii
sea.c.ly appreciated by those who hove
never made the subject a study. North
Ai' erica has uo tin mines. South Amorica
fen. mm, A. ia, has two, Peru and Bolivia
��� ���nt ibute ..0 :_> tons ayeor und Australia
mines about (1,000 tons a year. While wa
arc ull practically fanjIUur with what is
ealled tinware, very few of us appreciate
Iho lact thut. pure tin plays a very sma!l
purt In tho manufacture of thoso articles.
The quality of tinware has within tho past
lew years rfetoi ic-ated with amazing rapidity, ali of which is attributed to th*
limited supply and great value of tin.���
New York. Ledger.
When a man ill u.es his curie !n V.:w
Orleans, !:.: U fined $25. lju_i<__ lines 11
man lilO tor beating _T._sviT'_.��� -.,;W' V.j..'..
'Hint the people of Earton are 'ti Tin tii
toa.fuult Isesompllflod bytbut.s.t Iln..
they pay Ir'l p>-r 1,01/0 cubiu feet for gst _.���
Phlli-di 1; li in press.
Tlie sea of & Gliionpo  bnrpla. wns determined by fhe extra lurgo _iw <l
footprints  It is unncccfesury lc Muto st h.,
it wm ���Si. I_ot:i_ l-tnir.
Eternal .)|-iie.mc(ird :> fe vr t-'.nrji yrrrc,
eutioiis nre l; pi ire of clear itiv.ltTV Im-vi
Vork. 'lhe beallh b(in__ ! - fi", ri, ir.-
erustide ajsuinst ihe Bn.oke i��i!ii.,i ic, ,���
should ru'oive the earnest supper., ut tin
peoplB.���New Vork World.
HU T-VlRht Tn Golil Por t... r-ior.
"A Hindoo stood in n sen!''. and ills
weight was measured in goldploees.
That," said a traveler, "was- ihestmngu
speetacle Hint I once beheld iu lndiii.
There wus a great crowd looking ou,
and it took a great many golupieces tu
equal the Hindoo's weight, for ho wits
fat. Finally, though, tlm big senlo bul-
anced, nnd then everybody begun to
shout: "Tulabhural Tulabhara! Tu-
labhara!" The tut mnn got out nf the
scale. He and his friends lo;>!i thn
geld, nnd, going through :il! the poorer
quarters of the town, they liistn'oiUed
It among the destitute. Tlii?. 1 Vsjis informed, wns u kind ���� religion:; .cere-
mon? among �� certain sect. Every
mnle ut tho time in his life when it
wns thought his weight would be
greatest was put in n scale, nnd gold te
equnl Uim in bulk was mensurnd ottt
and distributed in nlr.is. As :i rule,
ench mnn wus forty-seven when his
weight wns takou. They hold in India
thnt at forty-seven a mau is at his
fattest."���Philadelphia I.eco.cL
s,t. rs-.-.r v. .ion.
���S]:r'.���-������  10 uot  diiiumosly acrnonf��d a
or.stiy v..11 1. i  it. Euii.e of  it  !..:>;  0" "'if
V_]'i.:.le       -li;   ....:���   lta   largel" U--.T'.  liirtl.a
is)p.-,ni' rtfiiigeu musical wistrnnjetits. si.cli
as guitaisuud iiiauuollns, tt,efinergiumcd
being the moit Qcsirnhlu. The value of
rosewood depends upon iis color nud quality, lt ranges in price trom u cent and a
quarter to lu cents a pound. Thirty grain
Adirondack spruce would he worth more
than the finest ros.woed. Il, migh. ue that
uot ono such log would  bo found auionj
; * thousand.���New Vork Sun.
fatagonia was so styled hy Magellan la
accordance with the;, pnuigh word palngon,
meaning a lnrge, cluin.y foot. It win
from the fact of  seeing Uie impressions of
i the lnrge  shoes���nol, as he Imagined, lhe i
' feet���of tt*aborigines thnt ho at one |
concluded too counlry must be  Inhabited |
' hy giants.
Hritish landlords ure snid toown��0,-
00U,0110 acres of land in this country, an
��rja larger than thut H Ireland.
Populnr Recipe.
An essay which you straight forget;
A lithographic scone;
A pallid little novelette;
A modern magazine.
���Washington Star.
_mol_e mmlliair.
A physleiati says that smoking make*
men haldhended. Smoking in the parlor
after the lace curtains havo been freshly
put up is apt to have that effect when the
smokor's wife finds it out.���Pearson't
Weekly. .
.���_.. In
..!i   1TIT.
A Story With a Had Moral.
In n prosperous town in Mexico lives
a merchant whose wealth grew out of
a combination of good luck nnd drunkenness. -_n uncontrollable desire for
drink cost him position nfter position,
end li? drifted down to Mexico nud became n news ngent. He sold lottery
tickets, lie had to report on drawing } u,.i;
dny wlmt unsold tickets lie hud and
forward them, lie got drunk the day
before one of the big drawings. Two
dnys Inter lie sobered up and fouud
hiuisei. in possession of several buu-
divd dollars' worth of unsold tickets.
He did not possess $10 in the world,
lie examined the list and found thai
a number of the unsold tickets had
drawn prizes figgregating $35,000 in
gold. He collected the winnings, pnid
lor the-unsold tickets nnd took an oath
of perpetual total abstinence. Thut
Was yours 11131, He hns never touched
liquor since and is toda;' a wealthy
man. Tlve moral is bad, but tho story
is too food to suppress.
Ancient Proofreading.
The editions of books printed 200 01
300 years ago are almost ei.tirely free
from typographical errors, which mny
be attributed to the fact thnt early
publishers were generally eminent
scholars, and themselves gave much
attention to the revision of their
proofs. After reading tlie proofs they
frequently turned them over to other
scholars with the request to revise and
correct, and as the printer's time was
then deemed n matter of small consequence a perfection was attained whicli
is seldom equaled by modern printers
Slionld s_o. i_a_r*
Crlmsonbeak���Microbes are not hard t<
Yeast���Why so?
"beenuso H l-s sa
got on a slnglo pqstu
d ��50.000.000 ran .
je stamp."���Yonkcri
won :
ter, "
The h.. > 11.
rre-i ,i bin
-In \-
Worry am
-. work tl n; 1
!���.   is  'sVOlT'V T.I
nl tsar.
t. . c:
t-0 *
A t
ir i
t '; ���.
;'��� (i
J "Hi
ll. ( _l
;i b..
���  V. .
He was engaged to be married, and
��vcry one knows how tlie engaged man
talks when he gets a friend corner'-'',.
"She Is the loveliest nnd best girl that
ever lived," he asserted.
"Sure?" inquired the friend.
"Sure! Of course I'm sure. Tou don't
doubt it, do you?"
"Certainly not," replied thc friend
bfistllj. "only"���
"Oh, I suppose It's all right, bnt I'd
Nke to Introduce you to Dobley."
"\tho's Dobley?"
"Oh, another friend of mine who
told rae-yesterday that he was engaged
to the loveliest nnd best girl that ever
lived, and I'd like to have you. two get
together aud settle the matter."
Calf rattan line In Italy.
Forfattenmg a calf fresh eggs In abundance and the richest cream would certainly seom to. _e an anomaly, for it is a
custom by no means usual, and W is nol
goiiu. too far to say that It is quite unknown to those who p.oparo veal for oui
In Italy, hewever, the case is quite different, and calves intended to make veal
tor special feasts or I'or very rich peopl��
���re frequently fed Ik this-way, enhancing
their value so that enormous prices are
asked and nro willingly paid for tho liosa
So careful hove the fetters got, to be that
She calves destined for this uri. ..ocrntie
mode of existence arec<_ndemned to a lifelong muzzling with a wicker basket, tn
.-���dor that tbey may not by any possibility
dissipate on their more natural food
should bay or grass happen to eome their
��**7- . ._
Plerra _.��.'..
Pierre l.oti, who Is on tho retired lis* oi
She Fronoh navy, snys: "I oould easily
kave obtained advancement, but I thought
It better to kave that to others who intended to make their career on the sea, I
only remained in the navy from tasto ami
fceoause I consider that a mat. must huve
A post of com bat in time oi wnr. in nuae.
I confess that tho navy was my favorite
pastime��� I Would sny 'sport,' wero it noi
*_most a blasphemy to employ tha tts��i i_i
thi* oonneatloa."
14. tl_-  Hnn_ of ITimlnnia.
Ono of the curiosities of tho Bank of
England: ls to ho seen in thu printing room.
A man site at a>desk, and every three second* n machine delivers to him two com,
Slote _>!_ aotos. If be sit. there six hours,
e receives over $350,000 and Ln 800 day*
���ver two.800 000
A flsh trust 1* being organize*. �� i��
^neercly hoped it may not put the price ef
necessary brain fond out of reach of the
tolling newspaper men.���Denver Pest.
Quito appropriate, thia, for au American
r��l estate company to he the first to begin
business in Havana. \V* are a g��cat poople.   We caught the hare, and now w* are
felun to. mink l* _-His_to�� U*��'^>
Tourist (who calls nt village nostofTiee
for a registered letter)���lint why can's
yuu let me have It'i *
Postmaster���Have you proof of your
Postmaster���Don't you know any one Id
the village?
Postmaster���Have you o photograph o*
your.-If or anything?
Postmaster (comparing photo with orig
innl)���Certainly, sir, it's you. I'll go��
you l-ho letter.-Pearson's Weukly.
foiiMse In Elephants.
An elephant with a good mahout
gives perhaps the best inswee of disciplined courage���courage, thnt is,
which persists in the face of knowledge
nnd disinclination���to lie seen in the
animal world. They will submit dny
after day to have puinfnl wounds
dressed in obedience to their keeper
and meet dnngcr iu obedience to orders, thotrgh their Intelligence is sulil-
cient to- understnnd the peril nnd for
too grent for man to trick* them into a
belief thnt it is nonexistent. No ani-
uml will face danger more readily 'at
man's bidding.���London sSpectator.
One Wny of Life.
Thore ls a mnn ln this town who weari
fhoes full of old holes, a tfco years' old
frock coat, a shubby tio, covering a flannel shirt, und a frayed derby hat which is I
almost as old as- he is, and ho lives in a $8
a week room and saves money by wearing
no underclothes, and so having no waslf
bill. One might think ho was poor If on*
never dined with him. He hus money,
but ho saves it for "sweet stomaoh's sake,"
Ho spends nbout $13.50 for his dinner, and
* $1 Lunch is not infrequent. He ha*
learned what hernost wants in this world.
Be often quotes to himself:
Why 'lost tllon rtne ivIUtIti nnd suffer death,
F-u-tiim thy outward wuil. so cosTly tuy'
. tvo  Ci
the middle."
it for';'
n povel
"Why. thou she hns t**"o problems tv
bo excited over, bow the story v.'iil end
und how it begun."
The Vital Coin:.
She���Father nsl.ed tho other dny hofi
.Son wo would bo iu u position lo be mar-
lie���Docs dear father's health still cor.
tln.uo robust;-���Philadelphia North _.uie.
The Austrian government hns enlarged
the boundaries of Vienna tu such an ex
tent that the metropolitan area is'now
half a�� I.-go as London, twice as large .--
Paris slid thrue times Inr. er th-u Berlin
T'-o court of appeals of >.ew York hen
held that It was no ground for a new 11 in''
because tho jury :������. .1 murder ease attend
ed church on r',un i.iv in custody of tin
sheriff and heard a sermon on the preva
lence of crime.
: In
I_nKU���� Royal Title*.
The kings and qneens of Kngland wer*
not always styled "his" or"hor majesty,"
or after the pattorn of that bestowed upon
Victoria, "her most gracious majesty."
Henry IV was styled "hlsgrnoo," Henry
VI "bis most excellent grace," Edward
IV "high and   mighty   prince,"   Henry
VII 'his graoo and his majesty," Henry
VIII "his highness" and afterward "hia
majesty." Subsequently thc English king*
wero styled "his snerad majesty."
The best termini
those nearest to China
Humility is the virtue fill preach,
none practices, and yet everybody is
content to hear.���Selden.
Whs; is known as "goose flesh" usually results from a low condition of the
system and is really a slight chill. If
you have such attacks often, lt would
be wise for you to consult a physician.
.ni iin ,.vor acknowledges a mistake
sn r,:,i:.iy ns when he puts the iiyhicd
end of n cigar in his mouth.
A -clrntine Ui'iiudimpa.
A l ��e For It.
Mamie���Only think, Fred Snrnders ha*
given ilnrrio Meore a diamond for an engagement ring.
Steve���That's all right. O_rrio'�� fathor
le a painter and glazier. The diamond
will come in handy iu his business.��� Bot-
to-. Transcript.
Shoot* ana Sproat��.
To "teach the young idea to shoot,**
No wise Instructor double,
The proper way la just to put
It through a course of sprout*
-To-ton* smiles on the few. To tbe
majority sbe gives  the laugh.
Necessity 1* the argument of tyrants.
It te the creed of slaves.���Pitt
A- ���1
t**Jb% <\Md
��>:'-���-'  KkJ__BflMftfr.
pmpp v
':��&m 1
"Srt, grandpapa, my (Iiw��rr ah*
'"I found it in the grasses!"
And, with u kindly smile, the sns.
Surveyed tt through his plassts.
"Ah. yea." he Bald, "tfivoHicratt*
And all tho flnr_..   l![ruiat��.
Cprolla gam op 1 tf  * s,
Oon.poiSilao, ���  .-.*,
i pretty apt aijru.i   M   I3,
tiraxacum dens-leohis!"
Ihc 'rnk  'he W0P81 r-    >      1
I Ms face her w   ,.   1
'I thought/'   ah'-  .'-iilu,
���*It was a dfcnd 1 on!''
���Marcarct Johu:ion ln f^i   W��i.
1 Anglican.)
Holy Communion���ist and 3rd
Sundays at 6:30 a.m.: 2nd and 4th
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.]
Friday evening, Litany \ax 7:30. "
Rev. E. R. Bartletr.jM.A...
V'icai i
Services first and third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Bcnedic-
130 -p.m.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Commuuion
6rst and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
kev. I..tl;er Wagnci, O.M.I..
Parish Priest.
Services next Lord's Day at n
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, after th-_ morning
servica every Sunduy.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. T. F. Betts. pastor.
Sen ices next Lord's Dav] at   1
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.'
Sabbath School 2:30 p.m. rMid-
wi ek meeting on Weiinesday.'even-
ing at 7.30 o'clock.   .
Founded 1392
Incorporated 1893
Provides  a
sexes  at  moderate   r
junior students takin
School work and prepares
or,ie for   Students of   both
a   preparatory   class   f_r
sttan   1
es.    Has
1 V.,iic   School   work.     Does High
Provincial Teachers' Exam-
hiacioii-,      laches  all  branches  of a   Practical Business
Course aud confers Diplomas.     Imparts a Liberal Educa
tion in its  Collegiate  Course, nnd  in  the Ladies' Course
igree of B.D.
ite, M.A
Sabbath  services ��� Crescent Is
land, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sui.day School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting' on Thursday
, and M. L A.
In University \t
Ithe complete Arts Course fo
j University, with which the C<
j Science teaches the First Yi
jence, and, has a
Practical Engineerii
complete course
|orga.n, in  conjunction
In heology confers the de
ork can take students through
. the Ij.A. degree of Toronto
illege is in full affiliation. In
:ar of Toronto  School of Sci-
adapted  to
Music, a
and  piano  and
college of music.
wiiile all students
with  all  the   priv-
SfiDS WJarks
Atirone sending a .ketch end d<_icrip_..n mn.
qutoUly asoortr.ln onr opinion freo wuoCbQ? au
luveiitipin is probably patentable, Co.inunlra-
tlon. _trlfltlyconOJ-T!i:ti:U. nftHllllQOK on Patents
sent tree, oiricirt aptoncy lor securliiK patenta.
Patents taken tlirouph Munn & Co. receive
tpcclatncblce, v.-i!houtshivri:o,ii\tbo
A hantliiOineiy Ulustratea weoldy. Lai-.Teat c'r-
cuhuion o* any scientific journal. Term., for
Canada, 8H.75 a yoar.poatano prcnaid.    Sold by
ail :i0W(-fl-iiler3.
Branch Office. G25 F eu Va-htanton, D. C.
Any available Dominion Lands wi.il- j
In the Railway Belt in British Columbia, may he homesteaded by any per
son who is the sole head of a family,
or any male over 18 years of age, to
the extent of one-quarter section ol
160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land office for the district in |
which th�� land i;_ situate. Entry by ,
proxy may, however, be made on certain conditions hy the father, mother,
son, daughter, brother or sister o�� an
intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans:
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land ln
each year for three year...
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased) of the homesteader
resides upon a farm '.n the vicinity
tho land entered for, the requiremen
as to residence may bo satlsi.i '
such per.on residing with lhe fftth
or mother.
(3) If the settler Iris. Ms psrmancii
residence uyon  farming    land
by him In  the vicini y  of �� '���
stead,   the   requirements     as   lo
dence  may be  satisfied  by  re-i len 0
upon the said hind.
Six months' notice in writing should
be giren to the Commissioner of Do-:
minion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
COAL.���Coal miniRg rights may be |
leased for a reriol of twenty-one I
years, at an annual rental of $1 per |
acre. Not more than 2.560 acres shall |
be leased to one individual or company. A royalty at. tho rate of five j
cents per ton shall he collected on.
the merchaTit<i.l_e coal mined.
Bemity of th<" Minister of the Interior.!
N, I..���Un-Tuthorlrerl publication ofj
this aadvertisement will not. l>e paid |
The Delta Times
_��_����� ', LIU
'i i
! H,.l --.. TUESl..
FAWCETT���Ou _u_ud.i, February 14th, the wife of A. T.
Fawcett, oi a son.
Five dozen young liens, all last
year's hatch; also about 120 yards
poultry netting. 6 feet by 2-inch
mesh.    Apply at
$_!   $���.���'%$!
VALLANCE���At the residence of
bis son, \ crnon, B.C., on February 5th, James Vallanee, sr., of
Hamilton, Ont., in tbe 75th year
of his age, father of Mrs. D. A.
McKee aud Mrs. F. J. Green.
Interment at Hamilton, Ont.,
Feb. 14th.
If you want to buy a large  or
small farm give us a call.
Hi win ��
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages ou substantial city properties Seven and
Eight Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
unon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
Mrs. Alex. Davie returned bome,
Saturday, from visiting at the Terminal City.
T. W. Foster wept over to the
Terminal City, yesterday, on a
business visit.
Andrew Rennie returned, on Friday last, from bonnie Scotland, accompanied by his bride.
W. Hennessy has joined the
happy band of smilers as the result
of the arrival at his home of a
young son.
Mrs. D. A. McKee returned
home, Friday, from Vernon, where
she had been called to tbe deathbed
ot her father.
A meeting of the Directors of the
Delta Agricultural Society is called
for Saturday, February 20th, at
7:30 p.m. in H. N. Rich's office.
Duncan Montgomery and bis
sister, Miss Flora, returned home,
Friday, from an extended visit to
the land o' the heather and oat
Separate sealed tenders are c .lied
for harrowing and levelling 6 acres
more or less ot the Society'-
grounds, and for tenting of the
balance of the property, about is
acres more or less. Same to be put
in root crop.
Particulars can be obtained from
the Secretary, A. DeR. Taylor,
Ladner, B.C.
Tenders to be marked "Levelling
of Grounds," "Application to
Rent." Any tender tor either not
necessarily accepted.
Tenders to be in to the Secretary
before 12 noon, Saturday, February
20th, 1909.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Westham Island, District of New
Westminster, Farmer, deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given on behalf of James Gilmour and Edward
Harriss Savage, the Executors named in the last will and testament 01
the said deceased that all creditors
and others having claims against the
estate of the said deceased are required on or belore the 13th day ol
March, A.D. 1909, to send by pos'
prepaid or deliver to Edward Harriss
Savage Dominion Trust Block, New
Westminster, B. C, their christian
and suruames,addresses and descriptions, the lull particulars of their
claims, the statements of their account and the nature ol the securities, it any, held by them, duly
And further take notice that all
parties indebted to the said estate
White, Shiles & <��,
New Westminster, B.C.
Agencies Represented���
H_rt1ord Fire Insurance Oo. Insurance C, of North Aisencn
_ hc-nix Insurance Co. of Hrooklyn    The Ocean  Accident & Gu_.K_te_ Corpora-
Couneeti -lit Fire Insurance Co. tion, Ltd., of London, UnR.
imperial Trust Co.. Ltd.  Vancouver. B!C.
To notify the people <of Ladiier and sap-
rounding district that we are now in a
position to ofter Vancouver Island
Portland Cement
A.t greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate founding
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same <cost .as .piling or other inferior
Write for Prices. *
Rev. J. F. Betts went over to tbe
Terminal city on Thursday to visit
Geo. Lasseter, sr,. wbo is laid up at
the  Burrard  Sanitarium   su&ering \*n required to pay forthwith to the
jrom diabetes. sa'd  Edward  Harriss Savage   the
  amount of their said indebtedness.
I    And further take notice that after
Dowding, a recent arrival such  iast mentioned date the said
���from Ontario, a brother of G. J
Dowding,   and who was out here
some years ago, is looking around
for a farm to buy and settle upon.
He is the guest ot Sid Brodie,
On Monday evening next a dance
is to be given in the new school
house at Boundary Bav, under the
auspices of the Sunday school, in
aid of the organ fund. The grand
inarch will begin at 8-30 p.m
Everybody come and have a good
time. Refreshments will be served.
Gents $1.00; ladies free.
Executors will proceed to distribute
the assets of the said debased
among the parties entitled thereto
having regard only to the claims
of which they shall theu have
notice and that the said Executors
will not be liable tor the said assets
or any part thereof to any person
or persons of whose claims notice
shall not have been receive! by
them at the time ot such distribution.
Dated at New Westminster, B.C.,
the 3rd day of February, A.D. 1909.
I     Solicitors lor the said  Eke titoi .
������;  ddsr
We are placing a numbered coupon in each 4olb
_ : : ROYAL STANDARD Flour that leaves our
m iis Save yonr coupons and compare them each month
with the lucky numbers that will appear ra this space in tlie
first issue of the month. Ten persons will each receive'
one of these elegant presents without cost monthly
The numbers will be announced in the first issue of
the month. All the person holding ���_ duplicate of these^
numbers has to do is to return it to us and wc will deliver,
free of all charges, a hand-some roc-piece dinner set. You
will find all the details of the contest on the back of each
In buying ROYAL STANDARD Fla.tr you will
secure the most delicious, nutritious and healthful bread
flour on the market.
Sold by W. H. Smith.
B. G,
Vancouver Nillinq \ Gram Co., Ltd.,
We take great pleasure in announcing that we
have been appointed
Sole Agents of the
jy^c^ormick     harvesting
soa'ts   df  FLi.st^Class   Jewellery,
SilTerware-, Cut Glass, Etc,
Jlndrew Clausen.
LADNER,   B.  C.
All Kinds, o
H. Howard.
Fi and Style Guaranteed
Try the
New Hardware Store
For complete  satisfaction in  Bakery and
Cookery try the
Oxford'Chancellor Range.
We make a Specialty of ALL KINDS ot
J^atimer & Elliott
For this district. All supplies of this class of
machinery and the side line3 handled by the
International Harvester Oo. will, in future, be received direct from the Factory distributing points
and will be up-to-date in every ieature.
We still handle those line3 of Buggies,
Plows. Incubators, Fencing Material, &cv, for
which the Walworth-Rolston Co. are Coast
Agents, any and all of which we snail be pleased
to quote you on.
: hose who already use the McCormick implements will do well to examine them and send
in the list of repairs required early, which wil
materially assist us and will save delay when
Next Door to H. McDowelPs  Harness Shop,
DELTA STREET,       -      -      -       LADNER, B. C.
E.    S.    McBRIBE,
General ncrchaiit,
Phone 5��   -   Port Guichon


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