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The Delta Times Mar 30, 1909

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for Spring
Delta Council.
the New Spring: Qoods have now arrived.
Departments Complete.
The  Delta Council  met  ia  the
Council Chamber on Saturday last,
I March  27th, at  2  p.m., with the
i Reeve,   H.  J.   Hutcherson, in  the
j chair,  and  Couns. Gibbie, Davie,
Morley  and Embree
Ladies' Wear.
New Draaa Skirts in all the new
materials and coloring's.
New White wear, New Blouses,
New   Hosiery,  Gloves,  Underwear, Raincoats.
Wash Qoods
NEW PRINTS, new white and
colored muslins, new laces and
New   line    NECKWEAR   and
BELTS in all the new ideas.
-   Patterns   =���   McCall
Men's  Department-
MEN'S  and  BOYS'
See the new "Cambridge" Suits for
spring, the very latest de.signs in fine
Scotch Tweeds all
sizes, at $12, $14.25
and $17.
Boys' 2-piece Norfolk and 3-piece Suits
ia all the new Tweed
effects from $2.75 to
Minutes   of   previous
were adopted as read.
From Tupper & Griffin, re Delta
vs. V., V. & E. R., enclosing copy!
of order of the  Railway Commis- j
sion.    Received and filed and Cleric '
to reply.
From  H.  Bose, secretary U. B.
Valuable Exiiifcis.
Thc ilfifid.
Seattle, Wash., March 26.���Ex- New Westminster. March inhibits of the finest specimens of the Still brighter ii anything than last
silversmith's art and Tiffany's was the market, this week, and the
fragile glass will be on display at attendance was unusually large,
the Alaska-Yukon-Pacifie Exposi- '��"t!l of buyers and sellers. All
tion at Seattle this summer. None lines sold readily and the prices
of the exhibits, representing an ex- "'ere satisfactory to tiie vendors,
penditure of more than $225,000, i Prices generally remained unchang-
will be on sale and the display wiil ed, conditions this week being prac-
be one of the features of the fair. ; ttically the same as last week. On
The exhibit of silver has been Lytton Square the scene was ani-
loaned by the Gorham Manufac- mated beyond the usual, three auc-
turing Company, and consists of j tioneers holding forth to the crowds
nine pieces, each worth a small for-; ��f horse and cattle oners. Many
tune, the leading one being the; animals were sold, horses especi-
celebrated Century vase, manufac-i ally being largely offered and the
tnred tor an exhibit at the Col.m-1 majority were fine animals and
bian Exposition, and never since! brought a good price. The market
CM.,  enclosing  memo ot  set of jexhibited. during Easter week will be held oa
rules agreed upon.    Received and j    This vase inustrates in ;ts design' Thursday, April 8th, Friday being
filed  and  Clerk instructed to for- jthe pr0gress of a century on thej a holiday.
ward annual membership fee. | American  continent, starting from j     There was a good supply of beef
From   A.    Whealler,    notifying !early Indian days and carrying thei ��" '-he meat  stalls and  all found a
Council of his having entered into | idea through the transitions of war ready  sale  at  the ruling prices of
partnership under the firm name of land  peace,   development  and pro-  tlie   past   few  weeks     Mutton and
Wade, Whealler & McQuairie. Re-Igress to the civilization ana  pros-1 lamb, although in fair supply, was
ceived and filed. jperity  which   marked   the closing: still short of the demand at  the old
From Gilley Bros., enclosing ten-1 decade ofthe last century.    This prices.    Veal   was  more   plentiful
SHIRTS and GLOVES bearing this
brand are considered the best fitting
goods on the market.
We carry  a  complete  line of
these Shirts and Gloves and recom
mend them.
STANFIRLD'S  Underwear
Men and Boys, in all weights.
HATS���-See our line of Hard and Soft Hats in all the
New Spring Shapes and Oolor3	
New Easter Neckwear.
Hardware Department.
A Car of the BEST AMERICAN BARB WIRE just i:
at 4C 8 \b.
Grocery Department.
New and Strictly FRESH GROCERIES arriving daily.
We Want Your Business.   We want Your Eggs.   PRICES RIGHT.
Lanning, Fawcett &
e  is  four  leet  two inches high  than   for some  time, in  fact there
hands ot the Keeve and Coun. Em-'and five feet four  inches across the was quite a good supply.    The de-
bree with power to act. ! bose, is  made ol  solid  silver  and mand  was. however, equally  good
From   Vancouver  General   Hos-jweiShs 2'000  ounces.    The  value| and all was sold.    Tho demand for
pital, showing  how  many patients |of the  vase is not determined, as pork was good and although there
from Delta were  treated  last year,
! the vase is not for sale, but it is in-
with  the  amounts  chargeable and |sured   for .35.000.    Four   smaller
the   amounts   collected.    Received j vafes accompany the century vase.
and filed. Two other pieces  in  the exhibit
wa.s a 'liberal offering the stock was
soon sold out.
Eggssliil   remain  steady at 30c
retail  and   35c  whole-ale, the de-
Tke Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
Church have made arrangements to
supply a musical treat tot the people of Delta, oa Tuesday evening
next, whea Gaul's Cantata, "Una."
will he presented, uuder the leadership oi T. R. Pearson, preceded by
a mixed programme by lorty-tive
voices. A. moonlight excursion has
also beeu artauged for from the
Royal Citx, per S. & Transfer,
when it is expected. �� large number
of visitors will take advantage of
the opportunity to attend the conceit aud enjoy Mm moonlight trip.
Refreshments wiU be served by
the ladies at tbe close of the concert, after which the excursionists
will return to the Royal City.
The concert will be held in Mc-
N&ly's store and  it is hoped tliere
A very quiet wedding took place
on Wednesday last, at Christ
Chureh, Yaucouver, when J. Johnson, proprietor of Delta Hotel, was
united in the bonds of holy matrimony to Miss Margaret Giav, eldest
daughter ot Gerald W. Gray, of
Vancouver, by Rev. C. C. Owen.
will be a large turnout as tlie ladies
will spare no pains to make it a
SEED WHEAT ���Red  Fife and
Blue   Stem;   Timothy,   Clovei,
Root and Garden Seeds.
Brackman-Ker  Milling Co.. Ltd.,
H. N. RICH, Ladner, B.C., Agent.
Ou Monday. May 241I1, Empire
or Victoria Dav, games oi all kinds
wiil be provided for the boys and
girls of Delt 1 on the grounds
around the McNeely store. No
pains are being spared to make il
the success it deserves. In the
evening there is to be a dance. The
Ladner Band will discourse sweet
Al. Johnson, formerly freight
clerk on the Transfer, paid a short
visit here, yesterday.
All Saints' Lenten Services���
Wednesdays, 4 p.m.; Fridays, 7:30
p.m.; Confirmation Class, Fridays,
4 p.m.
From   tbe  Canadian   Municipal
Journal asking for subscription  for
one dozen  copies at  $10 per year.
Copies  for  the   Reeve and   Clerk I
coming tree, it was decided  not to j
contribute   so   the  communication j
was received aud filed.
From the Minister of Public
Works, Ottawa, stating that he
could not see why tbe government
should be asked to pay ior the
work done by the Council last year.
Received and the Reeve and Clerk
to explain.
From E. W. Calhoun, re diverting of tbe Slough road. The
Reeve staled that Mr. Calhoun was |
prepared to meet the Council on
April 10th and, on motion, it was
decided to arrange date as such.
From H. O'Hara, asking if
Council were about to issue debentures to communicate with him.
Received and laid over.
From G. G. Flux, notifying
Council that be was building a
store on Strawberry Hill, and requesting that road be cleared in
tront. Left in the hands of Coun.
Embree with power to act.
A petition was received from
the re.idents ot Fast Delta complaining ol the lack ot accommodation ou the G.N.R. cut-off, and
asking the assistance ot the Council towards remedying matters. Left j
iu the hands of the Reeve aud
Coun. Embree to interview the railway authorities.
Re cutting down of dyke in East
Delta, the Clerk was instructed to
notify Ed. Goudy, by registered
letter, that he must repair dyke be-
i lore April 10th, or legal action will
be taken.
Coun. Embree was authorized to
notify the poundkeeper to impound
all hogs roaming at large in East
The Clerk was authorized to
notify, by letter, all pout dkeepers
ot their appointment also to luruish
copies of the act.
The matter of defective box on
Westham Island was left in the
hands oi Coun. Gibbie with power
to act.
It was decided to call for tenders
for  the delivery  of  1000 yards of
are a lady's desk and chair of solid , mand being about equal to tbe sup-
!silver, oi ornate workmanship, I plv at these figures Butter re-
j easily worth $25,00(3. The silvei mained unchanged and was suf-
! exhibit ofthe Gorham Manufacture ficient for all requirements at irom
ing   Compauy   at the   Exposition  35c to 40c
totals $150,000 in value. i     There   was   a   good   supply   of
The TiHany fragile exhibit is fowl at the early part of the day,
famous and has been much exploit-j but by ro o'clock almost al! were
ed abroad in recent years. Thej sold, the demand proving very
glass is regarded as the highest de-1 strong for good birds of all classes,
velopment of the glassblower's art, Chickens in good condition sold
excelling  in  richness  of coloring,  rapidly.    Ducks were much sought
The Tiffany
exhibit  is valued  at
There was' a very fair turnout, on
Saturday evening last, of thje above
association, wheu four uew names
were added to tbe roll, which has
reached witbiu four of the required
alter, but the supply was very limited.
Apples, while in fair supply,
were not so plentiful as last week,
which was an exception for this
time of year. The quality ot those
offered was generally good and all
fresh stock found a brisk call.
Vegetables were sufficient to meet
requirements, potatoes excepting,
in which case, though the demand
was large, the demand was strong
enough to send the price up from
$25 to $30 a ton.    Onions are corn-
On motion H. J. Hutcherson, Dr.
Woodley and  E. T. Calvert were I |ng t0 tbe market in  larger num
appointed a committee to secure a Lgrs and the price dropped.
site for a range and to estimate the
cost of constructing same and to report at next meeting.
On motion N. A. McDiarmid, VV.
A.   Kirkland   and   D.   Honeyman
The florists' stalls were heavily
laden with blooms and potted
plants, and a rushing business was
Following is the list of quotations
were appointed a committee to draft i prevailing at yesterday's market:
by-laws and report. Beef, hindquarters, 8}��c to 9^e
The qmstion of annual member-: per ;b; fo.equarters, d^c to ;'���_..
shin fee was left open
It is hoped that, during the present week those wishing to join will
call upon H. J. Hutcherson and
sign the roll or attend the next
meeting and sign there.
The  meeting  then a.journed to j
meet again in the Council Chamber,
on   Thursday,    April    8th,   at   8
o'clock p.m.
livered on the whan  at  designated
Couti. Storey was empowered to
clear out the Sunbury giavel pit,
the expense to be borne equally by
Wards 3 and 5.
The following accounts were ordered paid: A. A. King, for the removal 01 offal from the GlueFac-!
tory, $139.40; R. E. Kittson, $60;
W. Brown, $ij Delta Times,
$19-35; John Cain, $4.
Mutton, 13c to 14c per lb.
Lamb, 14c to 15c per lb.
Veal, medium, nc tonj^cper
lb; large, 9c to ioc.
Pork, 8J^c to 9c per lb.
Eggs, wholesale, 25c per doz;
retail, 30c.
Butter, 35c to 40c per lb.
Fowls, $9.00 to $10.00 per dor;
chickens, $8.00 to $9 00 per doz.
Ducks, $15 per doz.
Potatoes, $25 per ton.
Apples, $1.2 . to $1.75 a box.
Onions, $1 75 per sack.
Turnips, 75c per sack.
Carrots, $1 per sack.
Parsnips, 75c per sack.
Beets, $1 per sack.
Council then adjourned till Satur-
gravcl from Port Kells pit to be de- day, April loth, at 2 y,ui.
Rev. J. F. Betts and wife spent a
few days in Vancouver, last week,
taking in the evangelistic services
presided over by Messrs. Chapman
and Alexander, who have been so
successful in the East and who are
on their way to Australia. THE DELTA TIME?, TUESDAY, MARCH 30, i**?.
''vi.'-'A-.f   liVK.-   T.  tSTM ���
jjf4ut insertion.    The   number   ol   lines
koneu b, Hit- space occupied, i.lineruo the
Sjt7B$cv._TiPN*. *1-0Q pep y _��r>
T>_ll|l Ad'ertisr.  ents,  io Cents prt lipe tu'
It firSl^ns^rtioB.nudst-eu'V" li"c <M ?"
it.   .s,>��_t insertion.    ~" -----   "'
Raws Ier Co,w_>��fCi��l ^verttsfmentj. can be
.__ uu amplication at this often..
Reading noticesipqsots per Hue toe. each. ill.
Birth arath and" Marriage nptlces,$1,09,
Arty, special nouce, the object ol vvlnchise
r..oi^it the pecuniary beneAt of any IndivHlii
:>r rssinprsiiy, tube considered an sovertlseii!
��� od c^rjred fii/i-nrriin. ly
ill .iT��.,r,ss...ii..n^i.ch,-(    .���    'oi^iipti!
nl sua put. Uu���
T Generations of live, wid��-
! atrajce American Bora hare
i obtfi&ed the tight kind of
5 bjv beittg-equipped, with, tha
'    ' Qpatr.Bg, time.-_pnon_-:
Hire HardTRMO Md
j_ Jtutebaemtamm
II you cannot obtain.
8'  _   .   ,  	
we wilj sJMp diroot, ex pre** prepaii
upomrvwipt ot Catalog Prioe.
Curn.sj.o#<!. m._, iiivi'.(,i   0$ n1. .f' '
merest.   Cojjimisijicwti'wjsiytjiioi  i
guip.iHied   l.y   ti;,ii*.-   o��, wr.Li.rj   lioi
yir publication 1 I.it us evidence ui
orrcftgoiidetict nuiftt reach thin bflV'
uy .".(.jiItii.'.
Work, on Westbam Inland bridge
is progressing favorably and it is
expected to be finished in. time for
the Islanders to cross over on- their
way to Seattle's Exposition*
asbiofi Stables*
Trucking aed Dr&yicg.     livery Work of
AH Kiada. Attended tc Promptly.
All Kinds ox Firewood Always Oa Hani.
J. M. COLUNSON, P!' ne 20, IA0WEB, B.C.
Incorporate), tie*.
$ 3,900,000
& 4,600,000
Total Assets Over Fifty Millions..
Co_tt#��in.. ttfts. beea recei'wied of
tbe number of dead street lights on
Sunday evening, No less- tban
fpur in a string being extinct, viz.,
Kirkland's,, McKee's, Claris,and
tbe one opposite.Ijogan's.
mm process
of Wate.pi<o��f
For Winter Weather
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
Savings Department*
Account may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and  Upwards.      Interest parid, or tnnsdited,  half-
y aarly om June- $pth _n<_ December
just ts��d* year.
K. D. SIMPSON, Manager, LADNER. B. C.
London March 24.���Gre_-t Britain ha_.accapt_<l tbe  o��e.  made by
New Ztelapd1 to give tbe- KtripiFe
free a fully equipped Bread j��ughti
Announcing thr acceptance of this
���gift in the House of Qpaunoa., Premier'  Asqpiths read   the telegram
'sent- to  New   Zfcainndl expressing
tha gpv*rnmeut's ".Varmest gratitude" for this gencn_usrand patriotic
offer."'   Continning, this communication said:: ''So far- as tew coming
Qflkia. year.-is concerned, tha- pro-
wsionr, oi-'cite estimates afford ample
security, but in view of the ��nce>
tainty existing'.egarding  tlie character  and extent  of tbe crqmands.
that migl^b��._Qade-r>n ou.r_mtional'
resources  tho- fallow ng ;>\ea.-,   the
offer  of   N*w  Zealand to   defray!
within tbat period' the cost af pro-
The Water   Committee is   pro-J viding a._rst-c!ass battleship of thej
gressing very favorably with  the latest tyvpe-, aud a second  wssel of
pptitia*.   Ip addition to those wbo tba-same type if subsequent avants
,' ,     .      ���      ,   _,_ sbow it is accessary.; is- mosti grate-
have   already   signed, tbere ar�� a.  . ,, , .
fuJv accepted,
number who bave promised to sign,;
Vancocses, Marah 24.���Follow-
Busy? Welj'I should say. Everybody is busy, just new, either getting tbe land into shape, or hauling
grain and other seod, ready fo. the
spwing which will begin in earnest*
next week, if the rain holds off
JNO. RE4GH, ladner, a c.
Reps ting Neatly end Prompt Done.
the Delta Saw mills
Are Prepared to . . .
Fiirniah AH Ki_tti* ��f
Shingles,  Doors,, Sash auid
House Ffcnifeh   of  AM  Descriptions*
X. Jfoftreon, Prop.
Newly Furnished Throughout, and
First-Class in P>ery Detail.
Rates oa AppKcatioai.
B.  H*
���m��ym*i..i.ip....Ji...ig,.���jLm<^.m^m.l.*^f.*^ '
���>      1 A li.
"1 I
begs to anmnonce that Be- has reopened his Mandolin and Violin
Classes in Waddell's Hall, over
iGiffond.. barber shop;.
Fbr fiiothe* pauticiafars apply to>
\Mandblths, Strings, Eta.,
\       Supplied at City Prices.
which  brings the list   up to thei
itig  patriotic  and  impe.iaUjstto ad-
Blace wfaere, the. matter, might, be dresses by nembers ofrVwKouvjer'sj
lushed ahead; but the Committee j baud of trade at- a special mcetiog1
sje very desireu*, tbftt th��- list J held .ate this afiemiooa^ the follow j
should be increased and contain asj '"2 Hesolutioo, una_iiiaov,._;AHRs.se<_i |
many nances a.s possible ere definiia-
action is taken.
Thet BEST W Ier    Tanks Are
Matte at This llf ill.
* NSW WKSTMJ1I.ST_I��^    :.-;  B. *.  4
��j|. ManuiiictBr.rs of all kinds cli ^
iSoda Water, Qing&t ���?
Ale and Summer   4
a I>rinks. ,J
1      Yijuii patiwnage soJicitsa     I
HRITISKl CO_.-IM-_��!-l
; I SeedsE
T. VV. Foster went aver to. tbt*
Tprminal'Qity, yesterday*,09) busir
Hess bent.
W. Hj Wilson is easpectin^ a
y<ounger,brQther out here fro_t\,the
Sir Frederick Borden  announced
Lauri*., and tbe subject of coi&iri-1;,, tlie House obConsmoas, on Wed-
.bution by Canada for im-per al de
fence-: "3. is the oginiofi of this
board tbat the ��prainion should at
once offer to tbe Iwperiii  antheri-
n;-'lav  last, that  Ilowi Strathcona
had  offered  to donate tbe sum of
$10,000 annually fbrrtbeencourage
ment uf physical! military training
Marshal) Smith catwe over frpm
Vancouver) yesterdayy oa-a, short
busipeiss visit,
ties a sufficient sum tobnilri a mod- schools in Canada. Lord< Strathern Dreed nought of-tbe stroigestjcona said tttati be v.as anxious to
tvPe- take- part- in   tbe training of tbe
""""" I youth of Canada, and Hie-first duty
W: Pf. sStnitlf is ia-VK-|r___o!i a iof a frea oitizan  was to.be able to
busiftas__vi..iti 1 defend bis coantry in  tbe hour of
I need.
Ed, Howard, brother ofouritaitor,
has arrived- here, froai.'vIancQUveri
to assist his brother.
A\ W. Carter-has returned north I
for tbe canning.season at Oceanic.   I
Miss Kialey, of Coqualeetz*- Institute,. Chilliwack, is a guest of
Mrs. Prank. Cullis for a few days.
The s-VS, .Sonoma leaves Ladner
at ,8.-5,o a.m. and'^t^o-p.m.;- returning, leaves Stevcstcir at- ty. a. a- tn,
and 4<30 p.m.
W. A\ Kirkland w.i.sh<-s to inform
the public that after the 31st of
March he intends going out ot the
milk lMmincss at Ladner and also
wishes to titank the public for their
generous patrauage in the- past.
14.00 Pet Yean,   Single Copy, m. Ck.
Sample Copy Free_.
.tiBERT .r. boric, PUBLISHERS,
Maiuoju. ��.W. ai'��..'4r...I��i���� Yob*;.
P. Clark has _aoved bis residence
to the corner of the Green and
and Trunk roads, recently, qyvnad
hy F. Handferd-i
Mrs* Kirby, who has-li���?���<  visit-i
ing   b'er   uncle,. Jas.  Pt-.r^.n, for
some time-past,* Ifeaves, to-morrow, j
for ber bome. Fleming, Sftsfc
For 8ale;.
albiirt mmm,
Of Verno��,  Okanagan, has aome
(to settle ki Ladner, aad is prepared
to. fik up
in goodlshape,.or anything on tbe
jfarm, by Day Work or Cbiitract,
liand' will) take- work on Hie- share
(Westminster Branch.
Tim* TahU
Cars- leave Wesfaninster lor Vnncoilyeti at 5.50
and 6.50 a.ni. and hourly UrtiK-aftt'r   ulililMat p. |
in.; Saturria?wT nnd-.Siai(l_y.s at 11 p.m.. |
Carftleave varieauver-ttlf Westminsters.at j.50 1
and 6.50 3,.in. and hourly, thereafter until  io p.
m.i Satin -lays and Huiid_jWKat 11 Q.m. j
_TJKI��__ni- CARS> I
We riuji.first-clas.. rreighl, cars betwemtt West. J
mtiisterr and: Vawcower aurli all shipiueuistsai-e '
li;unll��d wsiiiii Tim utmost e.-trt: and delii-ered to I
consigriBQ swUloubdeHiy Special att.uTton paid
to fruitisiltpments. Oui wagons meet all bout.'. ,
and trains.   For rates, etc. apply to t
.,siD's_j_Km)RT; 7t.MtQrr.wwii.,.    J
1 'Jrmflic Mgr. Local'Mgr.    1
Westminster. B.C..
New Crop, Onion, Carrot. Mian-
gel, Timctkiy, Clover, Alsyke-, now*
liiii stocitH more to arrive.
AH on test a* oar Greenhouses���
best to be obtained. Samples sent
jtaintending ptaiffbasers.
i    G��t them ofFfesj haittdsino, mid-
Jdleniam's profits.
Leading varieties of !home grown
Fruit and: Ot'iiamental Trees. Bee
Supplies. Spray Pumps,. Spraying
Mixtures, Feaailiaers, Greenhoase
140-Plage Catalogue Free
It A HENRY'S Nurseries,
30 no Westminster Road
VA1��C_0UVER,   -   B. C.
W. N. Draper,
Room J, IStlartl Woek. New Westminster.
Fisher's Dm�� atnd
==       Book Store
A sure preventative for smut in grain.    Standard grade in
pint, q'xart or gallon lots.
Blue Stone*
Asswallbe- seen- by, references to
Qur advertising;, columns, the S S:
Transfer has decided upcij *: sc_s��d-
qle for tbe- present.
 j    Att\v��-.storey  busirtesR blbaU; on
""" Delta street, for sale ((with or with- j
R: 1). sVTcK:i.ny.ie. wife and'tf.milv, i ""' 'be ,,lisinesv)' I
late proprietor-ol Delta Hotel, fefr,!    The ^g is-st' present' occu-
ou Wednesday Jasti for- Vancouver, I aied as a prj"ting ^        ,
where tbey will reside for- Htepre-J    For imh" P^^are-applJ. at
sent. i
Would take Uie- oiaiiagenieitt ofj.-phc best is  the  imported  Eagh&h. grad*, (WMitainimg less
a Farm. |i , . .
than  ��ne gwr cent, of sulphate c_t lron^     ,
Good Refer encas.
Teams RtKifionabio-.
Pldiro Tuning
On Wedtwsdaiy nwajniug.. last, thej
residents of Delta Street were drawn
out of their scores by what might
hpve been mistaken for earthquake,
h|ut which mrnedl out. tp., be only
Charlie Davis practicMig. ot��i our
sidewalk, fori the 245b off May
marathon race. He needs considerable practice yet, so don't ^surprised if you hear a repetition witb
tip, printer as ;i pacer,
The 1'ocal' Qra.g&> Kodfce are-
j holding; a public meeting in Odd-
leHows'-Han, tbis eveniflgi nt which
addresses wifT be deliver"'' hy J.
W: Whiteley. Provincial O'eanizer
and Rev; J. C. Mad ill, Past Grand'
Cbaplain of B. N. A. The subject
of the addresses will be- "History
and Principles of the Eoyal Orange
Association'' and the "Necessity
for Its Existence in the Dominion.""
A short' musical programme has
also been arranged. Everybody
Te&deKs Wanted.
1.5G lb., 2 lbs 25c.
We Iwve otber Blue Stoue bnt not so. high a grade
BOC 1 ..
Garden Seeds.
IL  IL.  MAY'S.  St.  Paul,  Minneapolis,   Northern
Gfiown Flower and Garden Seed's.
Lime-Stilphur Spray.
leliveryofou. thousand yards of van^t and  choirmastor, St.  An- Psed; V &* Frult  G*��wers   Association, Imp. gallon 50c
Mt.   W.. 7-  ��oard   tuned   our
GRAiND,r   Fiano and  regirlatted
  ithe action to my entire satisfaction,
Te-KterSs-wil! ^te-raceivad. bytheja"d 1 can, ooawientiously reaotn-
Oelta Municipal Council up till ���inend him to-anyone requiring this
11001., Saturday. April; ietb, for the |ii,,e. 0( wsrk..���Arthur  Bewell, Or-i
gravel on tha-ri-Aer  bank between
Burr's Landing and   Westham. Island.    Gravel to ba taken from the
CouDoiV-. pit .at' Port Kells.
For further particulars agply
Ladl.Wt,, Marph; 27th, 1999,
tlrews" Church, Vancouver, B.C     [
will  make regular  trips bere and,
anyone vwsbing  tbeir   instruments
tuned or repaired vnill  kindly leave
their, names, it, Tlijs Qffifie..
30, 19:9.
A 1.1. SAINTS.
I Anglican.;
Holy Communion��� 1st and
Mindays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and
���nmd. ys at 11 a.m.
Matins, n o'clock.
Evensong1, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School :it 10 a.itt.
Friday evening, Lit 1
E, R. Bartlett.
IIV   f.i J':
M. A..   .
CA 111   UC
.Services first and third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 p.tn,
Sundav school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
ii_st and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I..
Parish Priest.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. 111.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, after the morning
service every Sunday.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev! T. F. Betts. pastor.
Services next Lord's Dav at 1
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School 2:30 p.m. Midweek meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. J. H. White, M.A.
Sabbath services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. 111.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
1 8 p.m.
Founded 1892 Incorporated 1893
Provides a Christian Heine for Students of both
sexes at moderate rate.-. Has a preparatory class for
junior students taking Public School work. Does High
School work and prepares for Provincial etichers' Examinations, Teaches all branches of a Practical Business
Course and confers Diplomas. Imparts a Liberal Educa
tion in its "Collegiate Course, and in . the Ladies' Course
far M. E. L., and M. L. A. Iu Theology confers the de
gree of B.D. In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for the P.A. degree of Toronto
University, with whicli the College is in full affiliation. In
Science teaches the First Year of Toronto School of Science, and has a Special Engineering Course adapted to
Practical Engineering work in this Province. In Music, a
complete course in theory, voice culture, and piano and
organ, in conjunction with the Toronto college of music.
Special instruction in art and elocution, while all students
are required to take physical training with all the privileges of a well equipped gymnasium.
60   YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights 4c.
An. ono sending a sketch ind tl. .crlptl.-m mn?
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether uu
In.entlen Is probnbly patentable. Co_imutilc_.
tloninriotlrconOdciitl.il. HANDBOOK on Patents
���entfree. Oldest scene? for .e.uring putcm.s.
Patents taken tbrouirh Munn & Co. receive
tptctal notice, without cbareo, in tha
Smimm* American.
A handsomely Illustrated vr ecKly. Lamest circulation of any anlentinc journal. Terms for
Canada, |:(.?5 a year, pOHtafte prepaid. Suid by
all newsdealer_.
MUNN _. Co.36'8'0"���' New York
Branch OOee. 86 F _t. Wash-niton. D. C.
If you average the cost price of J-M Asbestos Roofing over
the period of years it is in service, you will see that "J-M" is
cheaper to use than any other prepared roofing. Being made of
Asbestos, an indestructible mineral, it is permanently durable
and as it does not require any coating or painting, its first cost is
the only cost.   Easily applied by anyone.
Asbestoside is an Asbestos Sheathing and is the mest economical, durable and easily applied siding known.
Ask tor samples and prices.
Ally available Dominion Lands within the Railway Belt in British Columbia, n-.ay be homestoatled by any per
son who is the sole head of a family,
or any male over IS years of age, to
the extent of one luarter section ot
160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land office for the district in
which the land is situate. Entry by
proxy may, however, bc made on cer
tain conditions by the father, motht
son, daughter, brother or sister of an
intending homesteader.    ">
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected there
with under one of the following plan
(!) At least six months' residency
upon and cultivation of ihe land in
_ach year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if f.i
father !s deceased) of the homesten Ier
resides upon a farm in thc viclnitj
the land entered for, the requiremeni
as to residence may be satlBfletl    b
such  per on residing with  the father
or mother.
(3) If thc settler has his permanent
r.siden . u\on fanning land owned
by hlm in Ihe vicinity of his home
stead, the requirements as io real
denco may be satisfied by residence!
upon the said bind.
Six months' notice in writing should1
he given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent. j.
COAL,���Con? miniag righls may be
leased for a period of twenty-one,
years, at an annual rental of ?1 per
aere. Not more than 2.5.0 acres shall|
be leased to one individual or company. A royalty at the rate of flvei
cents per ton shall he collected oni
the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior, j
N. B.���Unauthorized publication of
this ed.veitisfttwnt will aot be pa'dl
THESE .URE __ $2.50
ii-y _�����.��������,-��� <">"
The Delta Times THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY. MARCH 30. 1900.
W.  McCreav of   Point Roberts,
^ras 1:; town, Saturday.
The .second Vancouver Horse
Show is billed for April 21. 22, 23
and 24, afternoons and evenings.
Entries close April 3rd.
Re... J; Uc White and wife went
Qver to the Terminal Qi^y. tbis
J. Johnson, o�� Delta Hotel, returned hotrje, Thjurfiijay. acqojn-
panied by his bride, lipoi Vancouver.
Miss Minerva Smith, left, Saturday evening, tor Njew Westminster,
to attend the Sqpday School. Convention, in sessipn there.
Mr. and Mrs, H. J; Kir.lpnd
and Miss Oiga Kirkland returned
I)ome, last, week, from California,
wheresthey. bave been wintering.
The Ladies'Aid of, tbe Methodist
Church will- meet at the home of
Mrs. R. C. Ha.l5.er. on Thursday
afternoon next, at 2:30 o'clock.
This being the last meeting before
the entertainment, a fujl attendance
is requested..
A setting ol goose eggs.    Apply
SEEDS from M. J,. Henry's
Nurseries and. Seed House, for
sale a| W- H- SMITH'S, Ladner, B.C;
Messrs. Latya*r & Ell'.pfc. have
secured tbe contract for installing
the furpace at St. Stephen'sChtjrch,
East DeHa. and.this in competition
witb four, outside firms.
Large setting bens wanted
ply at
For Sal&.
A Bupkskin Mare, Cart and Harness;- Bay Mure ii^foal to Hackney
"Diamond City "   Cheap for cash.
On Your Money
-_JJ | ��� 1   U Sis, -llUI_ll_l.J_.lli���Uf��
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgagees oa substantial, city properties. SSY EN and
Eight Per Qknt. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from, _r5i^e: Hundred Dollars up*.
White, Shiles <$ C��
New Westminster, BJO.
Agencies Repiesented-*-
Hartlord fire Insurance Co. Ip��ur_��<_ C, of Horth Aro.ni t4
. hatttix lusucance Cos. of HrnokWji    The Ocean Accident &. Guarantee Cor|ttr��-
Counectl'TUt Kire Insurance Co., tion, Ltd., of Loudon, Hug.
Imperial Trust Co.. Ltd. Vamjou-er, B.S.
W. A, Kirkland, J. W. Lanning.
9. J. Hutchison, VH. H. Smith.
IJr. Woodley and Andrew Clpupen
brought hot��e verv fair baskets
ffom the NjconjeW, last week..
The Riverside Mission Circle
will entertain the honorary members to ap "At Home,'' toTrflor_pw
evening, at> the residence c( Mas. C.
IJi Morgan. A full attendance of
members is requested.
The-Mission Br,j��d of tbe Methodist Church have secured the services of Rev. W. H, Barraclough,
of New Westminster,,to deliver a
nery i^terpstirt; lecture in tbe
Methodist'Church here o.n Friday,
April 16th, Tbe lecture is entitled
"Among the Qauibal Islands.'''
Auction Sale*!
WAGGON,     PLOrfiTGH,    &c,
&Q:, which
~\m.. H. I* RICH, has rec��ived
instructions from Mr. I.
Whitworth and Mr. W. A. Kirkland to SEEL BY AUCTION, on
tbe pseuupes, j6-mile South of Ladner*, on
Wednesdays    7th   April,
1909, at 2,o'clock p.m.
The above Cows are either fyesh
or due to calve soon.and are being
sold in consequence of both parties
retiring from dairying;.
Terms Cash.
Miss Irene Volute was at,hom* to
$,few of b*r friends.on Friday even- *
ing last, at tbc Manse. Among
those present were:: .Misses Miner.*
Smith, Irgne Robinson, Winnifred
Ifutcberpon, Es.elle Brewster,
Mabel lanning nnd Masters IJdw'n
(Jurtis, Herbert WiHynson, Eric
As will be seen by referoncq, to
qur advertising o'umns, H;. N,.
tyich wij) hold, an auction sale oi
(Jairy sloe!*, op tbe ytti oi Aprilj
next at 2 o'clock p��m. Tbpse a_$j-
_pals are the result oi yeajs.of careful se_fctipt>.an4',nq, dot*bt��yoU]WilJ.
find just the aniu;^)s you want in
these herds.
Commencing. April; ist ihe S.S.
Transfer will leave Brackman-Ker
wharf eve_.y week-day afternoon,,
except Saturday, at; 3. p.m. lor Ladner, Westham Island and way ports.
Saturdays at- 2.. p.m., returning to
New Westminster Saturday evenings.
Returning, leaves: Westham Inland every week-day morning, ex-,
cept Friday, at 7 a.m.,. and Ladner
7.45 a.m. Fridays leaves Westham
Island 6 a.m. and Ladiier at 6,45.
Additional'trip Monday morning,
leaving New Westminster at 5 a.m.
This schedule subject to change
wit'aout notice.
For freight and passenger rates,
apply to
^oyal Standard Coupons
A%d Win %
Handsome China Burner Set.
Every user oCthas, famous, bread flour has an equal
chance to win* one of' ten beautiful acid, costly 109-piece
dinnec sets thg�� we are giving 3,way each, inpmfch.
Remember a coupon is placed ini <p*wy 49_bsack of
ROTAI* t^AW>&KDi Hour leaving onr i��i_&, The
duplicate coupons are placed in a receptacle aud ten are
���drawn each rupji&li. Ifta lucky numbers wiljlj be- announced
in this space th/e- first i.ssne. of eacbi monitli, Gatt-hei'- all the
coupons yon ca* and compare the- nutn-bers. with ib�� winners
as announced ea^h- nioath. Your mm# may be among them.
Do not let this, ad" pass. your eye <&oh we$l_.. It may announce that yo*. liAve w.ot_ an elegant prize,.
Full details of" the con.es. OBifthe back of each coupon.
Prizes: will be shipped prepaid to. aay add!ress on receipt of
the duplicates of* the- coupons, co^t^iftiag the- v<inining
S��W. by Ws Hs Smwh;
Vancouver Miltfag & Grain Co., ltd.,
We Beg Leave
To notify the people ol Ladder and sur��
rounding- district that we are now in a
position to ofter Vancouver Island
Por tland Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it postage for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
B. G\
Don't Let
Your Tank Leak-
Ifciwo W. &iw> It witlfe Galhr-ajiwzw_il
Jm��* mti W��* Gwuraift^ ii will
Jldc W% prtt ��Wiers, let m mm pars J
A Couple of Labor
Saving Devices*
Elastic Draft Springs*
Sav_. yQjM. l&Qrses ao.4 machinery aU beavy
shoQks. and jjolts.
The WUson Harrow Cart-
Saves yomw legs, and makes & longer day
Cbme and inspect these* we feel sure they
will appeall to you,.
sorts   of  First-Class   Jewellery.
SilyerwaTe, Out Glass, Etc,
Jindrew Cmsenf
All Kinds of
H. Howard.
~   TAILOR   -
Fit and Style Guaranteed
Next Door to H. McDowell's  Harness Shop,
DELTA STREET,       -       m       -       LADNER, B. C
A nice line of QETCKBN WIRE |ust arrived at
The Very Latest im Padtbcw-ks-Morse Engines for
fishing toealis n��>w in stock.
Dm.\ forget an ABVAKCI3E 1MIILL to best for
_?leao. Seed Grain.
Latimer & Elliott
tdJPOTB, B. Q,,
LAlNg.R,  B.C,
E.    S.    McBRIDE
General Hcrchanl,
Phane 5,   -   Port Guichon


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