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The Delta Times Mar 19, 1907

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uiai  "Hfc
/Ol.   4.
2 nee Showing of Newj
Local Legislature. Mia .Agri-
I   cultural Society
Tlie Market.
Victoria,   March   15. ��� No less
pring Suits,
I thaa  !our deputations, from  Delta:    Ti
.N'-ew Westminster, Wan h  i(j.������
In spite ofthe threatening ocuditioo
1 of the weather yesterday  morning,
! the weekly market at Lytton Square
Stock ol  Metfs  and  Boys'
Clothing:, which is now cam-
, contains tlie verj' newest fafo-
cs, besides standard stable lines,
.ultlessiy tailored, so that
ae D.-lta Agricultural Society i
district, arrivedshera ou Sunday to met on Wednesday last,'he  i��th ,       ...        ,   .
j ���*     was -weh   attended,   and  business
I press upon tbcvgovernmeot the ne- inst., when the dote for the annual ��� was well ttp t0 lhj umiflj standard.
jcessity of making liberal -".ppropri-1 exhibition waa se'. for September .o1 There was no marked decline ar ad-
j ationr, lot pub!it work?.    One dep-land 21 nest. j vatce in the price of any commodity,
I nation-was from Westhair. 1. land, j It was decided ^btt the land; Uie f-��UIffs quetedin most cases be-
|re  bridge   or ferry acres 1 CaaeeI Aottta be sented only-yntil October}*1* **'��� m ��_laet week.   Eggs
' Pass; another from  Kensington, re|lst- mheu h is ^-intention of the
_. ,,   ...    ��� Society to bave it ploughed uu and
appropriations lor Coast  Meridian  ._ ., ���   .
thoroughly    evelled, a  crop put 111
road; a third from Surrey  Muuici-  for eiecr twoj-__n aud fMeedad.
' ft "V- i, 'kt*
tney re*
lislr e^
Metfa Fine Canadian Tweed Suits, all s;see,
'tGO', $3.00, $0.00 & $10.00.
Men's -Ftoe Scotch Tweed Suits, in the ne*?.
Patterns,   Etc.,   all
$12.00,   $14.00
pality, aud a ��� ..urtk from  Langley,
re road appropriation's.
The member for Delta, acting
leader of tlu .oppasitian, was the
only Liberal to speak upas the address iu reply tc the speech frem
"tha throne, his address oeospyiHg
ibo*t an hour and a qaarler, during wbich ke dealt with the natters
outlined ia tbe speech from the.
throne   iu   aw   able   aad patriotic
{manner, as well as going exhaust-
i i?eiy iato the capabilities aud retirement* of'the district he represents.    He w*s  badly   cheered b��
[both sides I the Hcus-cu aeceunt
af the patriotic stand he took iu respect to the interests ai  B. C-; his
rMtpeiienced a further drop af a
couple of cents in price, tkere being;
a geod supply sn ha ad, the greatest
pan ol which the wholesalers
lirgcly bought -up at-?; cents*
d z*n
The; price of potatoes was also
increased ta $32 a toa, witb a
strong demand for all ��u hand. Only first class stock was ofiered.
Tke cteraaad far beef was exceptional good with a atrong supply
on haad. Mutton did act seem ta
fin'! wueh .aver with the house-
keepen, and sales were fewer that.
usua', Pork was net plentiful, and
tke strong demand taxed the supply
WHAT THE CIO  FOCI SAYS|totk�� utao3*'   Tb"e w" a fair
ABOUT  MINING, j supply ct veal withe, corresponding-
i ly <o��-< demand.
Chickens and fowl *wtr�� tka oaly
feathered stack offered, a good demand clearing out the supply ia
a  short time.     Geese and ducks
Tke Secretary  was instructed to
patckiuc s.fheient double red hawthorns to replace the dead ones and i
hare same panted.
Messrs.  D.  A.   Melee,  J.  McCallan and the   Secretary  were an-!
poiute.'i a print.8j camtuittee.
It is the im .Btiou af tka Society
to erect suitable cattle sheds this
*���������_, and the witter is lett in the
hands ot tiie President snd Secretary.
We admire a arrasi' 1 wealth.    It
ia clean, hoceut  u-oaey.    It   is ac-
Men'a    rancy    English    Worsts 5
st   designs,   latest   cut,   etc,  all   i
$16,00 & $13.00.
Bays' and Youtha' Suits in tbe new double
pleated Norfolk arid 3-piece Suite from ? 1.7-5
up to $8lOQ.   ���
Large Rang* of new Neglige Shirts, "Coat
Style;" in ail the new patterns. The famous W.
'(Sr. & II. Brand.   See window display.
for some lime past, there haviag
been iiutue offered for the past two
A >; cod quantity of apples  were
offered for sale,   ��nd  found rc.dy
stroag   ssdvocacy   af   a   Technica
Schaol aad Model Farm  beiag en- '��� liuirtd ��f ayfro�� the��chtmiirg; tad
thusissticllv racei��ecl. Nharp tomretiti.n that characterises i h"�� *PP*reut!y -ewe out of faror
Premier  McBride replied,   ia   aj^rdi-sry Tentures where tl.e sue
8p��ec>. taking up the remainder of L^9| of onc  man ���,,.���  meaa,  tb,.
the sittiaj, his speech being soaie jdissster and downfall of some after
what remarkable fot  its mildties
and..;.'. r his statement that -mo  tail-
way   legislation  was contemplated
this session.
By uiunal conseat the debate ia
teply to ��1. * address wai cSucluded
��fter.��P.'WiMiams; iu an ablasn-et.k,
bad put forth the views af tke
The House then nettled down *e
Tuesday evealag last, Mr. ard
Mrs. W. J. Leary, jr., e .tertaiaad
a large number of frieads. Duriag
the .teaiag daaciag v.as indnlgvo
in iad refreahicenta w��re aerred
after which the party dispersed to
ttheir heasea at about 3.30 a. as.,
wall pleased with tkeir eteniijg'a
Geo. Grauer toak a nuaikar of*
cat"- and a horae off tke boat en
Wednesday las', for the Boundary
Bay ranch.
As will be seen by advt. aad
���.po-sters, the whole ot tke live at d
dead Slock nf tbe late Wm.  Witter
will be snid  on  Thursday,   March
-;?Sth, m_$��.   ���
Qnite a;Urf,e number of youn��
people underteok to sorprise Mr1
aad Mre. J. l|cI.eod, on Friday
evaninf'last, whea a very pleasant
time was *tpent at tripping the
light fautatiic until about 3.30 a. n*.
Amoag th em present were-.
Ifeadamos Wm. L*��ry. f. Simr-
soa J. SiMpson, T. Woollery, 13.
' Miamt L. Lear��, H. U. Manley,
!P. Maaley, E. Leary, A. Leary, M.
Cosulich, M. Jordan.
Messrs. J. Simpson, J. Cosulich,
R. Cosulicii, C. Helmer, J. Trin;,
H. Wright, K. Mankrasn, W. Mai-
well, P. Slater, D. Kenny, P. Simpson, G. Ltary. E. Simpson, C. Simp-
ton, A. Huff, aad R. Nicol.
Music by M. Vidulich ..nd R.
The Walw th-Rolston Ca, 6f
Vancoater, sve .bout completed
experimenting with-an incubator
and ��� ectricitr thereby tne electric
enrreit is ami - ta do the work of
the a'l lamp. When this bas b;en
completed there will be ao need af
lamp cleaulag aad ittcudance suck
an     aaw ���eces-tary.
A Bill, aligktly reducing the am
Oiat of assessed taxes, being the
mast important. Thi'. bill had
heea carelessly drafca, eausiag
numerous .mendmeats to be necessary. Samc'Tery important clauses
were ruoveo it. committer which
hraagjrt forth a stroag prattst
against the -mpositian of taxatiaa
witkout dae actice. A paiat of
order being taken as against the
proceeding ofthe Finance Miaister,
tkia was referred ta the Speaker,
wha ioaai it necessary to take tbe
matter ander adTiatmeat, !a the
meaatime tbe kill is keid ��p.
A Bill, introdncao by Mr. Oliver,
entitle 1 "The Ditches and Water
Courses Aot'," was read a irlt
time, referred to "the Manicipal
Committee, considered by them and
ordered to te reported tc tbe House!
Il is expected thai Bhe _et--i n
will l-rs sbart <sn��.
The "Roval Bank of Canada with
its splendid connection all "rer
Canada, affords yon exceptional
baukfsg facilities.
tean, 01 perhap  tt unmher o:' uies
No one hss beea pinched,    57o one
has been wtoage'd,    The C|aBP"anjf [ ____ t..c.
who   digs   t    ortun-   out   oi  tbe
grouad has the s 'i->faction cf know
lag tkey hate  not robbed a  scul,
even should  they  become  mil.ioa-
aires.   Then, too, there in aaother
fafctorto be  taken  into ceusidera-j QUDTATI0M.
tioa.   Tke ma-_ who makes a for-      Beef, hindquarters, 9c ta 9#c ��
ttiae an tha   Feard   al   rrade   ar i fgreqaartars, 6e to t%c ft.
Stack Esxbange, Trusts, BaiitJtys,';     Veal, 1 tc to n ^c Tb
or baildin ; up a gigantic baiiness
i.uver. The quality of the fruit
ent, and * larger quantity
could bt disposed af t*ery week -if
it werebougat in by the: fasmevs.
The local f.orists were ��n baad i��s
us��a! wiik click., floral cfferlage.
New abipment Select T3ieakfj*t
Bacon, juat arrived���W. H. Smith.
^'UTTON'-* SEEDS���Flower and
"Vagetab'*', 'ii packages. Field
Seeds���3ee:s, Cartots, Mangel
and Swede, in bulk, may be oh-
t-.ned from H. N. RICH, Atrert
Jtackman-Ke.r M lling Co.. Ln -
nei;, B.C.
Tbe S.S. Sonoma 'eaves I.adner
at 8 n.w. and 4 p.m;; leaves Steveston at 9 a.m. and ., p.m* Every
day eseeptSunday.
The'Ladnsr Aux;':a
M. S. will hold its 1-
meeting, on Thorslnv
3:30 o'clock, at "ii
v of the W.
a- man'! ly
; fternoon at
. \V. v<"rr'8
honst, add; aothing to the warld"s
stora of available wealth. Tka
ward, in other wards, is no richer
because he -.s rich. He is i:ch��r
bee us; scastaae else is paorer
TIt- miner, on the ether hand,
���whether he d���;.*������ out tie c- $100,-
ooo adds that mush to tbe warld's
wealth and With added wealth he
contributes jui. tbet much to the
possible amnont ol the world's
comforts and pleasures. 'I^o the investing public wa would eay, beware of guaranteed dividends from
Trusts before tkey are earaed. We
fcold thr recard iu B. C, for ccca-
amica! tnhaiugr and ksvt ��� ant more
work with less capits' tha- -tv
mine ia British - Columbia.
Park, tbjfc fc.
Mattoa, tje to 14c ft.
?atatoaa. $21 toa.
Eggs, 55c dot,
Lutter, jeeto 35c ft.
Fowl, $& tc fio dos.
Chickeas, $7 to $9 doz.
Ducks, in to Ju doz.
Apples, $1.40 ta$t,50 biMc,
Caiocs, Jt.50 sack.
The Kew Vcrk Herald, at a recent' date contains the fallowing
dispatch from Louisville, ty: Bayle
caacty, which a few weeks ago,
cams farward with a propositi tc
replaced the hemp indastry bv he
employOseht at glafit spiders to be
The sew Cereal Toasted Corn imparted trom Africa to spin rope.
fflakea, ioc package-j. W. H Sasltb. j now comes forward >wi.h a ptoposi*
tion to do away with the milkmaid.
The iaventiaa which is to wO:k
The driving shed belonging to tt,e reTCluiion is described thi.s:
the Me'thjdiet Ckarch h_s beeu ex-j '��jt embraces a dur-legged ar-
extsadad to Delta street making itlrangement :ove:ed with tke hide
a -��ary cosatacdiaus affair. 3o many j 6f t c,if. The interior 0! the body
, eople making use of tke old shed j js attch \;^c s Wll.er C0OleI, and is
��� ecessiated tke extensian. J coustrccted ct galvauiaei viae, Tba
month is Heed with rubber-sad the
Don't for e 'he Faster Kete'to
b�� given in Oddfellows' Tin", by
tbe Ladies' Md nf - tliodist
Church, 01      ,, d    , v 30th,
no.t. afternovi find cv��v,:n;.-.
Tkefflawer gardaas di Dr.  King
nd is.i \X. J.t-Caauiag have  been
eatisiaj quite a =ei!��atio:i  duriag
the past two weeks by their beauty.
Crocusta of various colors blendi g
togeUiJi   in  such  harmony  as  to
caase 'be passer-'^' ta stoo a
m<re them     A ter Wc
winter as wc have exp?
is somethlag to chee: t     ���
to take away *11 tkomh: of t
jawswerk on  hwges   B?-.he.in-
| ganioas mechsaical perfectioaef the
device    he   t_.sudal appentlage   of
the d-SKtey switches  most vigorously during the milk-bg act and
the oldest cows are tot th with  completely captared.    The whole thirig
is operate   with*   S.asoline��engi��e,
and the O'.il    i teatiaa  t-qaired is
tke pseseisce ef a boy wilh a bucktt
j to remove the milk.'
j     "In the trial tests, eveathe mean,
 '"*" -������--- kicking,  fidjety milkers are said tc
^hsmbsrlaln's Cough Remedy '"ccumh wi; Jef !-nc tars ***
utccasca-.w.-.croup��ad vn&pbis cottRii.'     benign coBjplacence
ad   ad*
!'l Bl.ISnCl)   EVERY
Subscription-, $1.00 per year.
Obituary,   j
W. Witter, one of Delta's  prosperous farmers, a man ol American
i parentage, and one who was highly
.esteemed  by  al!   who  knew  him,
tt^l.i__S��^l^dfc'ei!.tSttillff��ees?h ! Passed away on Thursday morning
m^mifathfJ?s�� SWa^taito'SS ^St,  at  about   IO  o'clock, after  a
i short but sharp illness.    On   the
reckoned by
Rates lorcomuerpial Adwtfcementi con be I gtj, jnst    j,e wa3 struck down  by a
nasi on npplioatlcn nltbisoSire. I
I stroke of paralysis to which he sue-
Resdlug ootiees lo cents per line tor each insertion.
Birth and Death a/wircs, Joe,, MarTi��ee��$'.o��.
cumbed as above at the age ol   5G
years.    Deceased leaves no known i
Aa>- apeoiat notice, tiie oiijcct oi which is to, relatives or his own and  the estate I
prOAOte lhe pecuniary benefit of anr iuillndui- . r     .
orcvrr.panr to be cnnsldsa-. .  nn  oJvertlsemtiit | goes to relatives of his late wile. I
sn.l cb.r,rvjcd ticvorvltuiils.
All _<1v.i.l��cniPa u. eborgt.1 for anlil *rilrred
0 ,11 atid pnid Cor.'
Oanrixpondeiic. inriteU on matters ol public
(���tw-ttst. Cemxnuaicatlous to editor tnust bc ec-
companled by nntae of writer, not nec'ssirily
for publication, lmt (t_ cficlence ot" ��ood fulih.
Correspondence sus^t rcicb this oflice by Thursday erasing,
Mr. Witter came here in the;
early 8o's from the State el Wash- ]
ington, and engaged with the late'
S. I,. Smith. About two years ago;
he  buried  li is   wife,   since   wbich!
Geo. R.
time he has not been th_-
blow being very heavy,
same, Ilie
TUESDAY,   MARCH    12,   1907.
The winter of 1856-57 was one
lang to be remembered by the people of Iowa aud Minnesota for its
bitter cold weatber, deep snow a*d
violent storms which rendered com-
mutucation between the different
settlements      almost     impossible.'
With tke large amount  ol snow IA     Sr,at     mar|y    of    the    *CH
Our youug meu will do well to
rctaeaiber the ploughing match to
take place in November mext, under the auspices of the Delta Farmers' Institute.
As a Man Eateth
So" is his strength. Tens cf thousends of
men;, will testify to the deliciousness and
sustaining*  strength   of  Eread   made   from
Moffet's "BEST" Flour
Bept is strong in glutei*��� the vital essence of
tne wheat. Its very richness let i s a ciean y
appearance" to it eo dif erent fiom that of
ordinary dead white fours. In ordering
flour, from your Grocer, aek fcr Moffet's
" BEST."
Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
������_������-H'E"H ������> ������!������-. ��*1
Delta Transfer Stable    |
Team Work Bone at Specially Low Pricea.      f
eaw���������������_������������aaee ��"  s ..,. i.~.<n .'. a      oac    ccae   ..���-���__-. .
V. T, Ry. & Ferry Co.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor,
Telephone " Ladner" No
New Service���Port &liichon and   Ladner to Nev?
Westminstei and Vancouver,
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vancouver, lo.ao a.m.
\ Leave Vancouver,   2.10 p_ir,     Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Gives   Passengers  four  liours  in   either   New   West-
IB I minster or Vancouver.
"I was aud am ret afflicted  with
rheumatism," says Mr. J. C. Bayne,
tkat a clo��e inspection be made of
the dykes, especially el all the
kacm'H vulmerable poi��tt.
A. 0.1!. W.
,   ,, .  . ,.    . .    , dements   were   on   the   extreae
m the mtuutaius, we  would advise! .
frontier and absolutely unprotected jeditor   oj   Uje  Herald, Addington,
and   defenceless.     It   was   during j indi���n   Territorv.  "but thanks  to
this winter  that tke Siaux attack- chamberlain's Pain Balm am  able
j ed aud destroyed the family of Mr. j 0Bce mor . to attei)d t0 bllsinrss.   lt
I Rowland Gardner.    Tbey killed all L,   the   b?st   o|-   iiuiments."     Il
except a young  daughter,  Abbie, j troubied Wlti, rheumatism give Pain
Who was taken isto  captivity.  b��t; Balm a trial and you are certain  to
iwas rescue*   through   the   eflorts!be   morr   thaB   pleased   with the
  ; of the  United   States   government. | pr(jmpt rclief wkicb it affords.   One
The G��nd Lodge of the A. 0.jIa  "The  .Spirit Lake   Massacre" |application relieves the pain.   For
0-W., which met in Victoria, con- ske teI1* something el her captivity: jsale by AU Drtlg6isls
eluded its work en Friday last. Tbe  Whenever tke Indians thought  to 	
second   day's proceedings   opened  tortnre me by threatening te take;
with an  animated discussion as to \m7 life  l   "'����ld   merely  b*W my
tho adoption of amendments t�� the I head.     My   tearless   acquiescence
ewstittttioH,  most of which were! at''d willingness  to  die seemed  to
fill them  til   with   wonder.    They i
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    {3eptember|
Greatly Reduced RateB      For particulars apply
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Can; will be furnished without delay.
(Westminster Hi
Time *iVt.'.'
������ :
Curs; leave Wcatmi. 3Ui lut Vnnro .v.-t a* ',.*..
ftud 6.50 a.m. ami hourly tbcr.after 'intil tt {,.
iu.: Salurdays aud 6uudays Bt 11 p.m.
Cum leave Vancouvei far Weatmlnsters o'. <-
aud 6..-is. u. in. un. hourly thereafter uutil i -,.
Ik.; Saturdays and Sundays at ti p.tr..
Wr rim &rat<laaa fri-ij'i.t rnr;i between H'.-. t-
tninfiier aud vuucuuver e.r.,1 ull 0hipmeat8.ttre
Uuitilled H-ith tl.r utmost t-are tsnd delivered ts,
cotiHignet. without delay apeci.tl attentlou pai -
to fruit isHipiu'.its. Ou-. Tiagonss meet all boats
and traius.   I'ot ratra, eti. apply tu
Traffic M. r. I^icnl t-tyr
\\'e*��i-Jlister.B. C.
>M��rpt��ra_ed 1*6'.'.
E. Kack, of Everett,  V.'ash., isf ���.,.���,
the new local bi.ikesmao.
rendered necessary by receut changed conditions.   This was eventually I tkoiight it a mign of bravery.
���lone by a rete, which  was almost!    Soon alter my capture one of tbe
unamimous. I warrisrs, who  vras  sitting  by me
A tele��iam beisg received from j "��c day in the tent, thinking oi
.Mayor Keary isviting the Grand testing my courage or to be amused
Lodge to hold its next aession in J" ra5* k*���. took his revolver from
Kew We.tmiust.-r, it was unani-; his belt and began loading it, which
moHsly resolved tkat the invitation j he  gave me to  understand that he
rotild kill  me  a.   soon  ns it was
Choice  shipment Oranges, Lemons, Apples, &c,���W. M. Smith.
iiil. fiiW D'liU'il  Flflltl
Mrs. Geo. Sidwell, of Point Roberts, wa he guest ol Mrs. Jos.
Jordan, on Saturday last.
Mrs.  J. B.   Burr  and  daughter  X
NEW WKsSTMlKSTKR,    :-:   B
Manufscttirers of all kinds of
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
c. ���
A General Banking Business Transacted
fee accepted. j would mi!  me  a.   soon  ns it was j c>Ae <own m, the Transfer, Mon-j ^      Vour patronage solicited
It  waa deeided  to continne thej loaded.   I merely bewed  my head j Aty lrom , risjt t0 tlie Rl)vai  City. !*<.���.>.���-:..���.:..��:..���<. .k^.^.*-:..*.
publication ofthe A.  0.  U.  W. | *��� sitnify tha'. I was ready. ' ' .^1_.^,.1________'   .....  ...    ...^    --. \.��� -��    . .
Record as the official organ of the     Wken the revolver was all load j	
ed he drew back the  hammer  arid Wail ted  tO  Rent.
bald the weapon ciosc to my  head. . w
I qmietly bowed my head, expecting} 	
he would do as  he said.    But in- Wanted to rent a Farm of irom
Itead of that be lowered the weapon
aad lovked at me  as   it  astonished
20   to   4��
Acres, with
jurisdiction, and that Bro. Deasey,
of Js'elsoi, be reqBested te continue
wi its editor. A verv cordial
vote af thanks was nianimotisly
accorded Bro. Deasey, coupled with
sincere appreciation af his past
w��rk ia that connection. I *��d   lhca   1"" .*hed    uproarieusly. j
After transacliag other and minor! So amused   was he that he told]
routi��e business, the election ef of- his companions of it, and it  was a
ficers  for  the emsuing   year  took \ faTorite subject of conversation,
place us follows: [    These Indians were al  a loss  to
Past Grand   Master Workman��� j ktluW what l�� do with m"ch of thej
Bro. H. T. Devine. plunder they bad   taken.   Amoifg
Grand   Master  Workman���Bro. | th�� spoils were quantities of sodai
A. Gilchrist. aud cream of tartar.    'J'hey inttrro-;
CWand   Foreman���Bro.   W.   II. 'gated mc as to their use, nnd when i
Smith. : I told them we used  it in   making
Grand   Overseer ��� Bro.   G.   L. Ibread   ,hc.v   wished   me  to  make
peck. I some.    They  seemed  greatly sur-
Gravd Recorder���Bro. J. T. Mc- Prised and pleased when  they saw
Ilmoyi. j tbe bread "grow" during th': pro-
flrand    Receiver Bro     Wm   CCSS of baking.    Although  pleased I """rV     ,    .       ,     ,
-.rana   p.m.ii\ni       oio.    wm.^ * _ -.    t I full and sufficient discharge
Scowcrott. ' with the "growing,    the;, were  co:
Grand  Medical Examiner���Bro. j suspicious of being poisoned to eat
f>eWolf Smith, M.D. any until I had eaten,   'ihen they}
Grand   Trustees ��� Bros.   Alex devoured it greedily.
Stewart and Geo. Adams. 	
Bros. A. Stewart, F. Davey  andj    Mjs    j,.;,.,   Reagh   and   famjty|
C. T. tVriglc&WQtth  were  appoint-!  -       '
ft 1 a committee on  finance.    Bios.'
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Ourrent Rates.
 80 BRANCHES.������
East End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street; Grand Forks, Nanaimo,
Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon, Chilliwack, Cumberland and
New V. estmineter.
Ladner Exhibitor
The Delta Times.
i visited the Royal City, last week.
Notice to Consumers.
Customers  of the   Company   in
the Delta District may pay accounts
due to the Company to  Mr. N   A
McDiarmid,   Ladner,   H C, whose
I receipt for such payments shall be a
Mr. N. A. McDiarmid will also
, receiv applicitiurs for electric
! light and power connections and
, exchange lamp'*.
General Manager.
Drud Februan i6t i, 1907.
Jan. 8th to 11th,
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
Six sSeconds.    Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks. Silver
Spangled   Hamburg*,   BnfF
Orpingtons and Black
F. L, Dudley, F, W. Welsh and
.M. Eveleigh were appointed a coui-
mil-tea on laws.
Att^; passing several votes of
tbaak.5 tiie Guild Lodge closcJ it?
lourteetit-i session by singing Ihe
Nuti'itial Anthem.
II. N. Rich pail a short business
visit to tbe Royal City, yesterday,
T. W. Kerr .petit  Sunday here, j
turning to Cloverdale yeiterday.  j
Mrs, J. F, Betts went over to tbe:
Mr. and Mrs  F.   W.   Hoiyay, ofj
New .Vestminster, spent Sundav.at
the .-��� lime s. ,
Kotsry Public,
Auctioneer, insurance
Our Sheet
mwmmmmmmmvm     ammi^^amimmm^mmmjm
Metal Fronts
Offer you ��p!��ndi(__ tBimovaaMt Bt
amnn ec��t, for any rtyV *f bulwlw.
\\* wiilo- tji��m ���mttpletr, fo mini
snv Vtred or r<K^jy.i otrumtetra���**���
nirrr  nffal $r -V '-��� ��� htHar- doer v.wA
ti'liidow enpSi eornicWi w*h~-la a nv��at
vanrty of styles.
*1kv pi^* a '���'���r>- liud^tme olfewt*
fcmf fndimrn.;,   prOcHcaj t*i\mtnemf>m.
.Vt. give   eftmatca   If   wni    *���*&
mr.i3uwpt-nt_i ;ind ttfUSatoi Mi* btiikl*
Xhinlt i' ov<rr.
MetBtllic Roofing Co.,
Wholesale .M��nuf��ottirors,
Tor onto, Canada.
Terminal Citv, yesterday, to attend
;i iiK'6ving of the executive of tbe
ft. C.  Branch  til' the  W.M.S.,  to    .
arrange for-the lippwiacliing autiualj    Mr,  and  Mrs.   U.  Neltleton, oi
yifcting to be li .'!<i in   May, also to North   Bend, Wash., arrived here,
Attend tho. advi.sor> meeting of tbe yesterdny.   on  a   visit to  Mr. am!
]���p:iik-.������ mis-i< ii. j \1 ��� ��������� t'. \\ ��� ���' ry,
A.   O.  U.   W.
Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
and third Tuesdays of each month
in Oddfellows' Hall.
Twos. Tom., M.W.
T.  W, KrKK. Recorder.
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, BtUrd Bloc^, New WtstMitttlter.
Eggs for Hatching-
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Drayimg.
Livery  work of all  kinds attended to promptly.
WM. HEATON,    ��A #*- Collinsan
B. C.
I* -iitt. 11. c.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Always in Line*
With   Latest   Improved   FARM   IMPLEMENTS, WAGONS & BUGC. IES.
Largest Stock in Province to choose from.
To Advance on
Morlffttttos ...
kOBT  mAY, Agent,
LA-D^EP.     -    -   r   -    -    :.'.
Car.iage  Building, Repairing *   Painting, Black'
smithing   A  Horse    Shoelag.
DeLaval Separators.
G. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C. T-tfE XTEEtA-TTXrES, TV.
7s ..:.-���" '���:: ro, iqyf.
iLa Grippe
Quin :y
Etc., Etc.
ft  wil]   paV y&u  to owH   one  au
be   on  t!i��� suft*:
side.    One Oxydouor in a family %ill  banisfi' all the termors of disease from  tlie  household  if only lised as soon
|as needed and  in a reasonable way.
This is the Act-nil Experience in rainy thousands
fof families who have adopted this advanced method of
[treating disease.
Inflammatory Rheumatism.
"Mi. Jjb. Auwii, Rotwtat*, li.C., Cur., write?, Mai-'h it, 19011 '���.-���-me fj-'c years ago I-{
j'tlouor for my wite wbo was sufletlnj  from  fetnil:  weiUcneBS.   After c week's use the
Ultusrtf wai surprised to find eocfi a change, ia fact It was anough 10 Induce Mtn lo get!]
ydonor T'tr Ms sister, |
a short time a*o nfy wife had to iltieU 0* infi .mma'dr/rheumatism.    Bhe civiid !
ilk ADil hci  juljiti were much sw��ilea.   *h? applied  Oxydotur, and  before night tbe
bit was. 1. and next .ncralnj tierc t**.* very little swelling. *"d sbe could walk rs ��cli
She had a i-iuiilar fitted* before we pst Oxydonor ;.u ! mm under ti dot-tor'p cire for f*
DUd filU'-TCd Bgvute&i
"Jt h.j�� CUTv'd ine if* severe cold.''
Send at once for book No, 78, giving further in-
[formation about. OXYDONQR aud man) reports from all
parts of the coiuitiy.
. H. SANCHE & CO,, :
364 St. Catharine St. West, Montreal.
CHURCH   notjci ���
Holy Cominunior.��� ist and 3rd
Sundays ut 8:30 a.m.; Jncl ami 4th
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Rev; Ii. R. Bartlett, M.A., Vicar.
-. J liOtl .
fktcl ll'
1:111 OX
Riot Wt
lut. cvei
Service? first and third S
each month at 10:30 a.m.; i:-   r i
tion, 7:30 j).m.
Sunday schoo  at 3 p.m.
IvO\v Mass anl Holy Com iiu ic
first and third dondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.
Parish Prist.
Servfew next Lord's Day at 11J
a. ni.and 7:3') p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every I
Sunday. ;
Sabbath School  at 2 p rn every
Sunday.     Prayer   meeting every I
Thursday evening at 7.30. ;
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 111
j a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath .School at 10 am Mid-1
I week meeting on Thursday evening!
! at 7.30 o'clock.
���Rev. A. McAuley. Pastor.
Ttiars Ig always a cliancs
to wijojt wme 6hut,il. ��
TO shoot imi you MUST be EouirPEO WITH
A REUABU FIREARM 1 the only kind we hava
b��en nuking for upwards offlfly yeara.
A��k your Dealer, end Iu.i. t ou tho
. TKVE>f_. V, hero ent si,1,1 by ke-
tiUlerSi nm ship _U_._._i, gg|>r��e pre
paid, open recedpt o_ Catalog price
Hrt���t   .��,..   I'd   ��sllao  uiUM|PI,tt.,.
nl.sl.s_,. _��� u l,..'i_,rsss..;l,l�� l.sstsl. ol
reildy ,-*_!.-#���.-. .s, lor ,_������ cud fsoy
_lius,i��s_.��.     Malltssl  fflur   4   emit,   in
��� l^l-i; sts, is., ;.,,:���.lists'.     11 r-.u, tlint
Tea I'olor Jlitssj.ji- Issrn-arslttU J i���-
.,. Pfii's In ���turn,,..
J. bfiiVgN ��  AllUS   K   TOOL
P. O. Box 4007
Tiie last 'if tbe 6eries t-i lecture*
"A Trip 1'brou '<������ Yorkshire,*" was
fiven. last evehing, ly Rev. Jaa.
Calvert, in the Town Hall. The
attendance, though not overcrowded, was very appreciative, and '.'ie
lecture itself v.-rt. very interesting.
Westhniii Island will bc j;iren
this treat tc-morrow evctiiii},' at 8
[Beceives both Ladies and Gentlemen as resident
jor day students. Has a complete Commercial
lor Business Course. Prepares students to gain
JTeacbera' Certificates of all grades. In affiliation J
jwith Toronto University gives the four years'
IcoursQ for R d. degree, and tho first year ofthe.
FToronto Schoql oi .Science. Has a special "Profc-
foectors' Oours^" ior miners who work in B. 0.   j
Instruction given in Art,  Music,  Physical
.ulture and Elocution.   .
For    Calendar,   etc..   address   "Colombian j
.SaM-Mli -serrices ��� Crescent Is-1
land, 3 v.tv.., Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School st 10:30 a. ra.
Prayer meeting on Thursday a
8 p.m. ,'
C. Croft,  P. A., pastor. 1
The Bella Ylmem
Job Printing.
Have you got a Parings Bank
Account in the Royal Bank 0: Canada? If not, you should open one
as soon as possible. I 'onosits of
$ 1 and up received.
We would not be without ' hara-l
berlain's   Cougk  Remedy.     It   is)
kept on  hand  continuall     iu  oui |
home,"   says   W.   W.     Kearnev,'
editor of the  Independant,   Lowry
City, Mb,   That is just what every
family should do. When kept at hand
ready  ier instant use, a cold     ..y
oe checked at Iho o    set md cun d
in   much   les* time   -ha     af r it
has become settled in th-   ��y-um.
This remedy is also witbou  a   p   r
for croup in children, and will   ) e-
vent the attack when (liven as soou
as the clrild %econies hoarse,  or,
even  after the croup    corgi  ap
pears,   which   can   only   b    done
when the remedy is kept at hatic
For sale by All Drtiggi ts.
Its pleasant taste and prompt
cures have made Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy a favo. le with tbe
motb'.'uso; small children. It quickly
cures their coughs an i colds and
prevents any tianger of pneumonia
orotlier -eriou- cons-quinces. Il
not only c'ure^ croup, but when
given as soon as the croupy cough
appears will prevent the attack. For
sale by All Drugg sis.
The Royal Bank d! Canada is
here tor your convenience and will
be pleased to Rive yon every attention.
Tlie Fool lrot Vis eame over
from Vancouver, : estcrday, on the
lookout for desirable pi��ce nf
Nurseries  &  Seedhouses
Headquarters lor Pac-iric Coast
grown Garden, Field aud Flower
Seeds that are thoroughly testr.d as
to vitality before offering for ?ale���
that are subject to governmnit inspection as to freedom frbui weed
seed-. amples sent o i leti 1 j;
purchasers.    ���
Large stock of HOME GROWN
-Fiuit and  Ornament      _ 1
m lured f    the spring tr..    .
Na-ex,��_ase, loss or delay of und
gation or rmspection.
BEE SUPf-LIES, Spra. 111:ips,
Spraving Material, Greenh e
PI       , C    Flo   ers,
We iio .business on our own
grounds���no rent to pay and are
prepared to meet al. competition
Let meprice your ist before flac-.
ing your order.   Cat iio ue Free.
Don't forgetthe Grand Ball, on
Friday evening nest, a', tbe Town
Hall, under the direction of the
Ladner Cornet B.iud.
*'. >.!. Vasey, W. M. Ladner, A
D.   Paterson, and  D   Montgomery
were ��*ong those taking stock up
to the Spring Fair, this morning.
Remember   the   auct:on  sale of
farming stock, at  the Witter farm,
on the 2-th inst.    Tbis salo will
worth while  attending if yon are
looking for live stock.
When you wish to buy visiting
cards call 011 Hae Oct' 1 Times wl 1
will sell the be m 11 ��� can 'ti .
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calliug on
tlie Delta Times G'st.
3010 We��tm(n*ter Rtwd.
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the risible supply o.'
oats in the United States ami Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 10, .,,00 ��� ba hoi., compared
with    -,    6,000 bushels a >c��r mjo.
50   YEAf-3-
Tradic Marks
Ccn'vnKiHTS &c.
���liii* MCertMD owr opinion frvV ^ Uotlinr on
ulioii in prttmbly pntontulilc. f.'iit'mmiim-
�� ntrlot I v iv it**' 'lent lal. IIAHDUUOU f'" IWflutir
t tree. OMeat ��poncy for levnnns ivtf��r.fs.
nt��Ma taken Uir*u��n Mnnn ft <A>. rocrlve
ecrklewticei wit-i��ntcnnrtro, In tha
Scientific JUiietican
tlHiu>u "f iiiiv MHentlflc .1ourn.il.   Torms, ?;. n
\t\x\ four months, $L SoUL'^an ncn-Htlrvnti-r*.
,     ,z> ...    .   '. . C3G K Bt..\V.^!iiv,tt,'i..V.u
fcon'l wi pry. In this tangled okaim
���-���-. liftfa worrytDf (lioiib.
J ��t com plica tee the kickJi ol poia
And ti��ht��nd np eaoh knot.
Hake will the master of jour mood
Through anxious ft-nr hhJ doubt
Ntj peace, no pleasure, nnd nc w.tA
rSm evej brought about.
Don't worry.   _>_, tii.r best you <;__*
And U'. hope eppquer cere.
J?f* more I * asked vf any ju^n
TltM he haa strength t.�� bear.
Tl. ��� iifit .i iiiwu tot the ioud,
Vour hardens Jl \rm. planned,
And .: you sing ��i��-jj{ t;:.j ri>;.d
iu'i . mtt will i/m-1 a hand.
Don't fforry. i'vi-ton* Ij a d.tme
���   * 0 V.'oo With ,:r-. ,    .
V' * h . mi od. y a mn t noi hUDM
.'������   1    wiii:*- n*r wiles,
TruMt Ro i ���'- ������- idow and in *uii,
And ]"��� ': n 111 ���- iiue y< ur ��������� ay,
Bul     *.  ;��� * ���".>.��� old timo beg .&
Ua ��� i\\>i 1 ���,. n t*a j in- day.
-Ella *.i.M<'u* Wiloox tn Youth'sOoanpAnloa.
How utrange thsy are, those tnamorloi
of tho p��.t, wblohbannt one'a bwinise
persistently thnt one cattnoc get rki of
tl:t tn litis all Leg'.��n��d so i'Jiit.' ik", so
f��r link ln tbe past, that I canoe, s.r-i.r-
atand how It lsthat It-should :etu_;i 10
dearly nx,...! in mv inint.
1 It _v��6ts.'n bo ii.'tt )';..;iible thitip.s dn?*
thr-rj itiisl had so itar.y t_.tl oiperlences
Uiat it Bceins Dtmnge indeed itnt nut a
single day situ ul ti pass without my seelo^i
poor ilert- ( Inchette-'s face Just bs she wtw
wl;iQ I .vua u rueru .bill! of M jr 1_ y^rj
tii 1.
^hfl WIS B   S'3'.Yltlg WOmiiE wiio   uuttt to
oome to us every Tuesday, for tbe whole
���day, t'i mend the linen. Our home was
one nf !'iv_si' old country places whloh |ie��.'-
���T'lu call a chateau, hut ch!'.ii wns in rei._t-
'.y Just an old fanhioned bouse wlt.y_ a
(HilBted-Toof nnd with four or flvs little
eottages grouped r. ,r,d It.
Tho Tillage nas )ixa n Usv l,^:���ied
riiids a^iay _r .ai titf _.o��._s, i, ni'-rcbej u_!
little booses built around tho rud ttrlek
.'ibnroh, vriis.-h ��os a�� .rl/ l.latt frlih age.
fivtsry Tuesday r..nruit.. Hen Clechette
Jirrlvcd ot u'.i.r house b*.l\T(...n n:8o __n_l 7.
li.e alwayii vraci Btwlght up .'la!��� Int9
the sewing room aud oomtnenced wcu'li at
��� ont'B. Sht wsus t t_li, spare won on, while
In-!' eyebrows were sotloug and bushy th..t
Hiey looked like mustacbea over her eyes.
She Hjupod tu walking, buj aot In tVo
ts.iiv vfj *��iin ordinary crlpide. Bhowoa
more liku �� boot a* nnuhor, for wheu ber
lung, f.cny fcyUy v._:.- resting on her sound
k'% cbe loobed un thoujii! she were Just
nUn.: to niako _, pJungtj, >n order lu r....ch
tho top of M)ru. huge wave, and t!.tn suddenly >._�� would d;six::d tt though as
:.>������: hod opened Hsder fce* feet. She Ai-
ways reminded ie-s oi aistortu at sea wh^n
ii ��� walked, aeehe se..-n;ed to rookobout,
.���.���I'd tin stvii';-'s of her I Ig white i��p would
Ho.il about with every moTen   it she mads.
1 simply adored JieTe Cloihette,-and M
soon as 1 r,'--.r, dreseed In the lndrslng I
always went straight up to the sewing
room, where 1 found her busy at work,
rtdmforr.al._y :>ietal!od with i (o*t wanner.
.-I., would make me sit dovt :i on tl.c ft ot
waijucr, so tt t r should ni.I take .cold tn
tho large reoju, ae ii v.n., ,',osv w_���>-_f ti:_
rs^.f ,-iru! very chilly In winter.
Bbo used t-t ts.ll nie sl'orles while she
darned tho linen with bur long, bent flu-
pers, which moved so qnlehly buskv.iiftl
. '- forward. Ber eyes, svbicb I only fuw
t! ri ugh ii.r big spectacles, tru.-iisd to u��.
to be enormous, nn_] the;'Always looked
fu deep nnd full ot 'eapteMton. Urcwn
'.vin.t I qoji retnember of tbc thing, she
used io tell lnuit.d wbtoh Iniurestod i_t
siw ii,-.'.- b nr ills.1 time tho ja.u_v U��vo bt-cn a
���in j is' minded, kind hearted wonian, _h.
.vould tell bj��_11 ibe eveete of v. �� village,
the surr) ,-sf u eowwhlob Lad pctcut of Its
���rlit .!, aad which _.-.'. b(*a fs..\u��*i la thf
luornlng standing in tfeni of Jfroepe?
^luk't'swlndmiii watching ths sails going
toiiivd Then I remember a story trt:�� Kid
(t.c aDeut r, ivc-n s e. ^ WiUSM nae uow
found tn the church stvtple, and no OM
had ever -ilscuvtaNid what ben could hav��
got n> there. '1'twoi th��re was the history
of the faithful (lug owned by sietui Pilne. I
His master's trousers tutd iireu stolen, nnd '���
the dor bad tr*oed the thief and brought
back the Wousvrs, which the {uiity ir.aa '
hud hur.^ on io th�� handle ef bis door ta
dry during tl.-e night after baving b������
caught ln a thunderstorm,
She told me these absurd stories in such
an Impreesive way that Uiey f,_fd tiism-
frpht-s on my memory like veritable
ttr-MitiBntid mysterious poems, Ths clever
iu.i isss itiTented by clili _(,*: authors
wbloh my mother used to tell r.ieinthe
evenings tiid not sectn (tnim anything like
so thrilling and wonderful ist tltcse t-tl .t,<
ed t'y i'.t poor ij'..��cant wotuaB,
tine Tuesday, after spending all the
Biei'ninig li.lening to .icfi. Olochette's
ttslss, J bad been wltb ona of tbe servants
to tin i.(.oda Jvut vttiT ths ] .uhrrt farm,
Ve I'.iui bee'i gathering nuts, au'.l 1 oan re-
siisuiirfr eTerjthing sst'lcariy as Otolith It
fejid ail ha^vtiuesl yesterday,
As toon as 1 reached lloine il rat] up
Main lo lhe sewing vomu, and, tomj her-
*ff, on u[*uilug vi,.- door. 1 saw poor old
'Men Cloohette lying full '.i r .: on the
flosir, ber face downward, berariueetreteli*
edoui holding hafueodleellnehed y..v. -.,^.0
ti.w flncara of one Land atid n little gar
_uent oi mine in tlse other 1 can rewela
ber bow noticing hor blue ftoekinga and
her apeetaoiaa, ��blub bad foiled against
the null ss. Lbs full.
1 rushed down Hairs, shrieking ao I
went, and tuy mother ard tbe servants
ware soon >tiih tuy . ..soc old Mvttd. Prea-
entlT .' 1.wsiil vt.n.1 saying that ��li��' km
ga. ,d. and 1 sliiill never (urgri ths terril le.
haartreaglng grief 1 fell, ei.ilsl though 1
was. 1 saw sway ^uiftly late thr Mg
avaw'-r^s ��O0��l, Utd, l.iCil'si- bl t, tlai '. (i'i-
���er, 5 knelt dews, by a lew arfnrhair ami
bciying -aay se..i la a snshlt r.. artsdi -
terly wetll 1 was tired-em tilth my era*-
tte-i. tj uiUftt h'.^�� Iteeii'thcFea long tittle,
1st tt bcgaaito get <_uite dark
Presently . the door opened, nnduionw
lUKUiit It. ���_ 1th a lamp. ant. just alts:
my fis.h-. and mother tnteicf', tbe 10019
witli the-doctor. Ihey did i.tu ss* ms ...if
so eoiitinusg their eonverMtion. U. was
explain), g te uiy parents what 1 ������'. chukJ
the poor old woman'f death. I iiil net!
e_tl��i-��t._i.d aayihlnp about It. but 1 lis-
taaiu) t�� _ls words all tba sune. Souie ����
freahmeitts wero brought in, und the deo-
tor t/H-sh a gl .f* ������il wine and a Ui*��t.il. Bs
vtanteti issl.i...' ail Ui* time, aftd what
ha said i Save rteter forgotten and narss
shall forget t>�� my dying day. 1 ljei.��Ye I
can remembe* the very u,7rtls he ttted.
"Poor old ��'.;iiitin." in- said, "she was
:..,. i.i>. ii.tii...,, I tmtl here. She hmtsher
li'irtbtt ratv dnv of snvnvriv.nl  nnd  1 bad
j ooiy }UBt nail iln.e. to nan my nanar
an. 1 my jew*,, y iu U.d coach whin I was
fett bed to bfr, as 1 l .^v j j a i.ui.^us caae.
,,..--, BeJttotM '1- li-.... tlhi s7aa J->��ji|f
then and e 1:17 pretty girl, v_.y prt.tty
i".'.'..sd J:.* w ��� 3. V. 'i would '-.areely huve
ti   iiiihs it  , isslble. would youf   _An to
B r story, why, I 1 ave ntver tote an^ cm
about It, .and, witb the er.ception of one
' t.t"r pqrson who i_ ass lu,,^r living l:ort,
���uo 1 no has ovoa- known lt. Now th��t ilie
lad, .i.i ltdut�� not matter if I tell yuU.
Just before my arrival btpj a young '<v\
bad cine to this parish as a*..! it_nt. ubu.jl-
master.. He was wry handsome and but."
quite a mllitaty look abont bim, so Dial
all rue girl- wen tKJwn In lovo with bin..
He lU'atomled to be perfeetly LndlflaCMIt,
hut lhe foot was he stood ia great awe of
1 .= principal, Here Grabu, yvho was wthur
(iven to getting out of bud the wrong side
and making thing! ���&uons��arta'jl* for every one en tha all'litest {irstaxfe The
>..'.���; asai. 1 ���.....: lived at thesahuuiaastar's
bouse, and It was there that he saw Her-
tense, u.,. pretly seat_.str.___. n__ean the
villagers always ealled duuhatlu itmr hes
aoei4ent. He made lure to k._ aaS tha
poor glfi was no douht ��__tt*r..d to thlak
it, 11; site should tkue be aoagh. ut by the
fatti:d_omo young solioolMia.Jitff who haki
tisMiud Iks L-.ads of all the village girls.
"In u very su on time . i.e wa, quite de
V'.ls.d to blm, snd aa b. wns iui. !)*slfcle tc
��� ���-..- .iia."    u    .-,'    .._../   Vs���,un
v. .������: bei��� 1. i'on the days v.hcu she waa
���Viui-klngut  I'ere Grabu's bousa, aiuj con-
I .j. '���   I tu 1    -.; htm   una s;s-eii::'jr   i.n   the
'���   l over tin schoolroom    When tor day's
. wiu. , ,  '. she vvutol-_d :. r upportu-
1  iy, 1 nd i      nd of lus-. lng ti... bocsc *'..���
;    '11:/ -. i:    HTrtiri _1 - 4.    ',-. -:���.'/ t. ��� ft ,)
lun and waited thoro, hiding behind some
luaoieeof hay, for ber- lov��s.   -Ho soon
,i..i.'ied her, but they bisd uot iotrn there
many minutes .. n.-n the door opened uud
I .re hlmceli' enu-red the loft.
" 'What are jou doing un ben, Sigls-
bertf1' asked the achocdinastor. 'lhe yottuji
man falk that tbere was i..j e.cnpu Cor him,
and he anewered In a Oiaed wty:
" 'I just oatus to Ue down and bavea
iv.,t, li. Groba."
'���Tba loft waa a vsr? large oao, &a<l It
waa absolutely dark Slghtbeit puahad the
yuung glri along, whispering iu has-
'Uiik- youiasU; du.-'i let hiu. t�� yoa. 9sM
s��w,iy s-niebww or I shell Lev zaveita^
"The seboaliuaatur tsoa^ht Wl heard
*jtue whlsjjsM-lng.
" 'Who ls up here w-ltk }���<��? Two be*
viur% aloneI' he called out,
" 'Tea, M  Grabu. I  ara  tiaito atone,'
answered Sigisbeit.
'' 'No, yor. are out. 1 heard yoii Wkiag
to >;.:ae one.'
" '1 swtscr I am '��l*me. U S:-,hj ' m-
t-.Tured the young msf.
'.'. li find that out-formysslf,'ida tee
i>M sum. Vshereopon he wont oat sgedn,
ss>.k��-!.: Ute-door from the outsldi end de-
teecL.*l ibs eKtlrcoseili eemissioi a cauuie
' Tlie yor.ng man, wto was h veritable
toward, tw><i j.*rf<_)tly furious r��w and
toe excited to know what h? vv_s seylng
or doing.
" 'iiidc yourself, I tell yos, be eaid to
the poo* girl, 'I shall lose my situation,
at d all through ;o��. iiy whole life will
b�� ruined by you. Hide yeuri_-i_. ean't
"inst at that moment tbey heard du
Lw> '.sing pv.i into the lock ;..,...ln
"Hortensv   n-a  to tke -Utile ��� wiado-r
whieh looked on t oa tbe nu.-*',   _S��v upe.
sd it guiukly, and Uien. in a l(irr. regelate
velea, sbe aahS:
" -When ba g .ta away, yon will eocae
round and plsk _ie >h. won't you?
"Wlii.s.'Kt waiting ter aaiy aeytf'ahp
:-,. i.-.i.t eat of tbt Vf it:', .-v. inoniln
was ye.-y *,,:.:��� suiinlsed t* find that rtlg-
i^i bi: waa aJose, end ks �� :.. wtttt dowa
tst.iii. |gain. .. chArtac-<_. an boar later
lhe young saea tux and x_d ue tbe
w hole i��t.ry. 'J be p��* 11:1 V, a., lying by
rite wi.il ��. t. eeild aet Mb Bhe bed fall-
iu trm* ike i._;.s. . seory. it wu sain-
lag in kernet*. I w��nt wltb hi Blgle-
bej-t :s>.l we ir,-..-- kt ;.'..i*.:.��o to my
ben. t. with her )*g brckc�� in three plaoea
a .u". tiia baste had some through the ekla
f be it afie no ��ieij_siiit, t^ii y*n mar
Mun d iu a assigned t��_e, It wae asy own
to*-.!:���it k jturt, my panlehmant.'
''I seu.t fer a vnuiaa tu ��.-�����.* aad awrae
her, .~nt't thsB nnl for her pareote, te
whoa I m- .dt. \, a story about ��� hcarae
11.u>. t' fl tut:mi trlgltt ard a (-..crUgc ran-
tiie;. ever t-t-e poor gin juet aeer auy deer
'ttvery one ballsvsd my Mury, aad tke f
He. wore engaged for about a aieatfc tat
Crying to lad eat the ewaer ef tke rmaa
way h��>'_e.
"Tbttt tst-hcaSKty, i.ee," aaMtWeM
dnt'l.-r. "end 1 aialMala that 4kat'We��aa
wi ot it koi, ion. _he never bad aaiothar
love tsfV.ir, bet died aa eld maid. 1 mean
te say that wotti*a waa eabllaae. Ma
was Just a ut��rqr>, aad lt 1* haeauee ef m*
i��<v;.-i titlHiisstk* Ier her Mat 1 have tekd
you her etory aew. i>arl^ har Wfasdaaa
I weiuld awvaa has* heeaahed tt te aag
Wh* *��- iteetee ssM ae -aM*e. Kg
atofeer waa eijieg, aad tay father saM
ki week lng whieh'1 did aat eattk. Praa-
eatly shey aU wast eat ef tkereoaa agssls.
���ad 1 staid these kneeltag tr the hew
araeehalr sehblag Wttarlg, aaaf, at.taat I
i..**g a strange aoaad ef heavy fe
aad .:   iNNBethlBg   heta��
SsMHHHl nytnn'.
Tkey wore tnktug peer
���ri��m tke  I-naefcof (hgr
���BwaaaaaaaaeaaasNasaaaaaMi aaMtt ���aaaSMn
w^1 t\rn|
; \     The Cbfldren'fl Eawrite
! ? -��        ---orri����--
; i    Coughs, Cold&iDtG'qp ai-td
Whopping tJpugh*
\ f lliliTPTjiMyWfnii.ft^i-i'o*.*,^ r'-cc mv��r
;  s nlargobort of Hio BiviliS]_kh>Dnrld.   I: can
\\ Blwftya oe rteiitmrted"Qpon. ''.' c*i intoii .n
I  1 i         :   t .'*   ������. hnrwfal ��!rm; nr.-. ranj b��
*     f'ivC'U St. OOQfitlt III!.- |0 li hltbj f lti .dt ruluit
I t'ico 20 ct?; Lerg-e tli'-t?, DO crtB. THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY. MAU OH  ,9, ^7
��� y.xy.,.;^^,.....
Mr. Ellis
jr., visited
Har id   Bettt'and��� JftcEac'siren
���pent Sunday at the y.irsor.jige.
Ladner Tisb Market.
Tke Riverside Missien Circle
���net* at the Parsenai���e. to-morrow,
at 3 o'clock p.m."
Jas. Pearson visile 1
on Thursday last.
. ancouvei
Miss Jordan waa a visitor
Royal City last wi-_k.
C. H. Morgan, instead of. going
North, has engaged with Jps. .01-
The Methodist Sunday School
Board will meet in the Parsonage,
to-morrow evening, at 3 o'clock.
Tbe, business to be transacted is
urgent and a full attendance is
earnestly asked.
For Sale.
Miss Nellie Montgomery returned .
. ��� .,       , ...   .    ,,    ,    One   "Daisy"   DeLaval   Cream
home, Friday, from a  vint to tr-el _, ,  _   -
_      '    . 1 Separator; oue Churn and  Perfec-
Reyal City. , . '   _ _,   . ...        ,
tiou Butter Worker.     Cheap for
b.    Apply at bouse.
Slough Road.
C. H.Tri�� returned home, Tuesday evening from an extended visit
to the Kast.
Mis* Whitworth, of Vancouver
Uity Hospital, came home, Friday
last, oa a short visit.
J. McKay, truck and drayman,
ot Vancouver, paid a visit here,
last week, looking for horseflesh
Constantly Kept on Hand, also
��� *������ ar.?* e vXr*m��mcz
TENDERS 1 Billl!.
Sealed Tenders, addressed to the
undersigned, will be received up to
neon, March ?8tb, for the Buttermilk from the Delta Creamery for
���ne year, c��i__mencing April ist
next.    Tenders te quote  price per
lobt. May went up te the Royal,
City ok   Tuesday last,  to attend
Masonic ceremonies there.
1 cwt.
Mrs. W. J. Watson, of Ladysmith, cam over, en Friday last,
on a visit to her home���the Squires.
W. J. Irauirith returned ho.n ,
Saturday, from a tour of inspection
01 fruit troos, in and around New
EW Fixtures i Site
For Sale.
wa Beg Lemve
To notify tbe people of Ladner and pvus
round ng district that we tare now in a
position to offer "Vancouver Island
ortlanil  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
The Paddon property, couaisting :
A Full Stock of Shades and Fix- jof I0>^ Acres- with  2**1  Cottage \H/r|f�� fOF Pl'lCCfc-.
' residence aad outbuildings.    Api-tv * "*"
Ladner. j
tures of all kinds kept on hand.
Wiring and house furnishing a
7. Mowbray,
Columbia St.,  -  New Westminster
P.O. Box 364.    Phone 260.
H, Pearaen ot- Sapjierten, came
down, on Wednesday last, on a
i*isit to hi3 brothers, of whom he
has three here.
Pasture Land*
TlfR. H   N. RICH has received
instru tious to  Kent by Auction on the premi��es on
Saturday, 30th March,
1907, at a p.m., the  fastursge of
the Society's 14 Acres ot Land bom
ist April to ist October. 1907.
Tinas Cask.
Boundary Bay.
Rrc Your
I have Pure Bred
i) r
I am now prepared to build coiled spring wire fence with wooden
For further particulars and prices
apply to
C. fl. W!CKSON,
Crescent Island.
O. Box 45
Eggs at
$2.00 for    15
$6.00 for   100
Seo Me ^ ^kSSs0*;
���_=______.       gEL,L_
:.�����-SsssISeb fi?
Port Guichon
... ���.��_.._i..i _-___.__..
aw taoametmaB
Misses Helen Forester and Nora
Dockrill of New Westminster, visited Mis* Minerva Smith, last wetk,
returning home ve��Urday morning.
VV. H. Smith spent all tha pa_l
week la Victoria, attending the
sessions ofthe Gtand Lodge A. O
U. W., and returied home on
MisaOlive Whitwerth returned
yesterday, to the Royal City, where
she is attending High School, after
spending tlu weekly vacation et
her homes
hlise Thotnasine Kerr and Miss
Elsie Benson, of Columbian College,
came down,. Friday, to spend tbe
weekly vacation at home and returaed Monday to their studies.
Comprising���One Team (bay ware
aad bay horse\ weight 3.350
lba.; 3 Bay Horses, 3 Dairy Cows,
4 Heifers, dowu calving; 12 yearling end two-year-old Heifer?,
2 Wagons, Plows and Harrows,
Binder, Mowing Machine, Sprint
Wafon, Road Cart, Sets of Heavy
aud Litht Harness, Hay Racks, I
Forks, Shovels, Log Chain,
Crosscut Saw, INCUBATOK
and two Brooders, No. 4 Melotte
Separator, No. 2 DeLaval Sep-1
arator, Leader Churn Butter
Worker, Cream Cans, &c, Home
Comfort Raaje, Bedsteads and
Chairs, the property oi the Estate
of the late Mr. William Witter,
"MTU. H. N. RICH haa received
X   instructions   to    SELL    BY
AUCTION, on the  FaTm, 6 miles
south oi Ladner, en
Thursday, March 28,
1907, at 1 e'Clcck p.m.
Tp.nxa Cikh.
Mrs. Hugh Phillips, of Mineral
Point, Wis., accompanied by her
son aid daughter, arrived here en
the nth inst., pn 1 visit to her
brother* W. H, and T. E.  Ladaer.
Miss Summers, of Grand Forks,
who has been making a tour of the
coast cities* and who has been a
guest at the Parsonage during the
past week, or so, returned home,
Eye Specialist,
Eyes tested free for Glasses.
Purlns opposite Columbian Office,
New Westminster, B.C.
b���b���a��� g_B
When you are wanting anything in the
line of Blouses, Dre��s Skirts, Petticoats,
Underwear, Hosiery, White Goods, Neckwear, Ribbons, Furs, Smallwears, Holiday
Goods, or
Bonnets, Hats, Furs, Dresses,   Underwear,
Hosiery, Etc.
Call and let us show you.
Goods and Prices Right.
I if ac o,
'*._..>   I    kr%m&*A*��9
Watch Repair.ng a Specialty.
/'Vtf_}|.��./. frl
VJtev "��� '-.'7 W trJ  ,5. ti a ���
LADNER,  1>.
A. J. BIRTCH, -        275 Columbia Street
W. L. Slater, we uuder��tnrd, has
accepted a position in the Hasting*
mill, Vancouver, instead of Stave
Lake,, as previously reported, am
left, on Wednesday !..��+, lor Van-1,
couver. Mr��. Slater and son, Percy,
expect to teIJ��w in a lew week��'
��� ...... 1 ��� ���   	
Massts. H. Tfiai, P. Swensen,
p, W. London and F Kirkland.
of Wettham Lsla-nd, waited npoi
the government recently in regard
to the building of a bridge across
Cauoe Pass, bus the surveyor's
untwi not !if>ing on hand, mothiiijj:
1 fc.tinl'.t* \\'.*'-'<',",^e.
fer Wssfl
We have the Greatest  Value
in .Shoes
Gced Solid Rotable Footwear,
Just the Thing fcr Winter We-rihar.
I $4.09 i
We carry these in all Leathers and have a lull line of Shapes
and Siaes to Fit All  Feet.
nothing in Towa to Equal Tham.
J. REAGH9    *   Latlnar.
Estate of
Gasoline Engines, fcid Pylpers,
-r_ �����:_��-_-.���tucr-c^
*We Walworth-Rolston Co.,
}oi6 Westtn nster Ave.,   -   Vanco-ive, B.C.
WW 3 ammW
Oeneral ilcrchanl,
Phone 5,
Produce Stored oik
Shipped Direct
To A!! B. C. Ports,


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