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The Delta Times Nov 24, 1908

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Array Br**r~*& i-r   t*    ft*
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-���-;'������-��� -:-  -.
Vol. 6, No.   /
Ottawa Letter.
Glee Club.      Canada-fo be Tliere
The govern*
construct  a
Ottawa, Nov. 17,���iir Wilfrid] Considering the inclement wea- Seattle, Nov. 21
has pledged himself to remove from ther and the fact that two entertain- ment of Canada will
office any and all officials wl o may: ments were billed for the following 1 building at the Alaska-Yukon-
be fouud guilty of wrong-doing, evening, there was a very good I Pacific Exposition to be held in Se-
That this wili be done is an abso- turnout, on Thursday evening last, tattle June 1 to October 16, 1909,
j lute certainty. The Premier quite, at the organization meeting of the j inclusive, covering a ground
properly declined to take any steps Glee Club, which was
until evidence had been produced, I old postoffice in the
and to this end   the  Cassel's Com-1 building.
mission is now investigating. The' The meeting came to order ai
government of Sir Wilfrid Laurier ,8:3�� o'clock with D. A. Anderson
was strong enough to tak; this po-'
hi Id   in the
Christmas Prize Drawin
M\ swing.   Tftis y^r we are giving away TEN PRIZES, valued
Stand, which was 2a
1st Prize, Couch.
last year tart was imclatne ci.
Morris Chair.
Manicure Set.
Centre Table.
Tea Set.
Set Fish Carvers In Case.
Nut Bowi (hand painted).
Brush and Comb Tray (hand painted).
Set Diavolo _
Fancy Vase.
Consolation Prize, Hall Stand.
Prizes are on Exhibition in our Show Window.
For a chaaee in thia Drawing will be givan with each 50c purchase, and
and the Drawing will take place at 9 o'clock XMAS EVE, in our btore,
iu the same way as laat year,, which proved so satisfactory to all concerned.
No employee or member ot his family will be allowed to participate In
lihia Drawing.
sition previous to the elections, and
is strong enough to fulfil ihe
pledges made in tins regard when
the proper moment arrives.
The Conservative [ revs vainly
tries to make it appear that the developments recently made at (Quebec before Judge Cassels, prove the
oft-repeated allegations of grafting
upon the pnit of the government.
j forgetting altogether that no charge
Was ever ma<Te again .t any mgml ei
of the government, neither has any
evidence been submitted to Judge
Cassels implicating auy member ol
the i'.overi m nt in the exposures
wbich i ave developed. Many of
the officials whose names have been
mentioned as doinj questionable
acts, were appointed 1 y the Conservative i overnment. Tie pns-
ent government was not c.ncenitd
in their appointment nnd is only
concerned about their dismissal in
the interests of the public service
should il ey be lound guilty.
Both Sir Wilfrid Laurier and
Hon. Mr. Prodeur are sincere in
their ele. ire to i urge the service < f
any    uiio^.'i.u.i_   ssn_s.is.i.��,    i.nL     i vi
man should be discharged on hearsay evidence, and the government
have adopted the proper course in
delaying action until th_ inquiry
made it clear who the delirquents
were. This is another work Sir
Wilfrid will "finish, and he will
finish it to the public satisfaction.
Superiority of Ross Rifle.
The London. England, papers
are still talking of the Ross rifle
and the wonderful records made
with the weapon at Bisley. The
''Sphere" says: "It was a matter
of great satisfaction  to find   that
of r 50 by 300 leet.
Wm Hutchinson, Canadian Ex-
bibition Commissioner, who is now
in London, has been notified to
leave lor Seattle as soon as possible
to select the site and make arrangements for th. construction of the
building. It has been definitely
known fi- some lime that* Canada
would pirticipate in ths big fair,
but this is the fir t official inlorma-
tion residing the scope bl the
In a letter to President J. E.
Chilberg, Cornviissioner Hutchinson states that it will not be possible
for him 10 leave London ! .fore
January 1, -ind requests tbe exposition manaremet t io se'ect a site
that w mid be best available for
Canada. He also requests ground
plans ol the cxjosition in order
that the owlh e i f the unilding
may be wi rked out before his arrival in here.
The am ouncement that Canada
their r.,..,��� ��� th O 1, fellows' but .f-| W,H be re,lr���3ei;ted (n s"cb a large
ing.-which-has bi en rented joiivly ?c*le fls the sh" of !he ��e defired
by the Band and Glee Club. Theilndlcates' has l!,,1"':e(1 --e'leral ��������
hour of meeting is 8 o'clock sharp. :,ereSt thro^hrl��t the State of
Such an organization a.s  the above | )V*slnngt0"'    II is aPP^ently the
comiilele ex-
in the chair, and   II. brawn, secre I
tary pro tern.
E. T. Calvert was   asked   to  explain  the object  of  the   meeting. 1
which  he did.    The  object being!
tbe formation oft a  musical  society
for   those   interested   in  ci ncerted
singing and orchestra work.
The following officers were then,
elected for the ensuing ye ir.
President���Rev. J. H. White.      |
Secretary-Treasurer���Mrs. D. A.,
Leider���Tt. T. Calvert.
Librarian���J. E. Pacey.
Accompanist���Mrs. Hilton.
Assistant Accompanist���Miss M.
Organization will be completed at!
the next meeting which will hei
held on Thursday evening next, iu
the above
has long been i.eeded in tliis district, and it is heped that a arge
number will join and help the jooci
work along.
�� Co., Lt
Change of Scfte��.
Until liutuer notice itie sreamo
Strathcona will leave Vancouver
for Ladner, Chilliwack and way
ports on Mondajs and Fridays at 4
p.m. and will run on the following
schedule: Leave Vancouver Monday and Fridsy, 4 p.m.: arrive at
Ladner Monday and Friday, 7 p.m.;
1 intention to   make
I hibit of all the   varied  retirees of
I Canada and the  building will  also
i house the display from   the  Yukon
j Territory.    The   Space   which it is
proposed to cover rfill In the largest oecupieu oy   any   one   building
on the grounds.
The mild  climatic  conditions of
.tip. P'ljs pi    SiUind   inmit.y  m_ls_s: it
possible to construct buildings io
the winter and no trouble will be
experienced in completing this
building two months in advance of
the opening of the fair if the work
is started in January.
There are  three  available   sites
that mav be used   for the Canadian
building.   One adjoining machinery
leave New  Westminster, Tuesday! �����
1 hall  on   one  side  and the loreslry
and   Saturday   8   a.m.;   arrive  at building on the other and overlook-
Chilliwack  Tuesday and  Saturday
even the American weapon and the P.m-I leave Chilliwack Wednesday
German Mannlicher have been and Sunday 7 a.m.; arrive at New
quite eclipsed in interest by the Westminster Wednesday and Sun-
record  shooting  made  by   F.   W
Jones with the new Canadian rifle,
manufactured by the Ross Rifle
Company of Quebec. The excellence of Ihis military magazine
small arm has been recognized in
the  Dominion, wliere  loca
Sunday p.m.; leave Lad;l_r Wed
nes lav and Sundav p.m.; arrive at
Vancouver Wednesday and Sunday
p.m. Tbe Strathcona will make
all calls en route.
This change in schedule i- ap-
noops parently caused  by   the accidei t to
ing Lake Washington, Another is
a large tract next to the California
state building aud also overlooking
Lake Washington, and the third is
below the geyser basin and at the
lower end ol tbe --triiig oi* main exhibit palaces, overlooking both
Lake Washington and Lake Union.
The choice of one ol these three
locations will be offered to Canada
through Commissioner Hutchinson,
md  all of thc neces-
REV.   IRL    R.
!     Those intending   to   take
For 1909, ready Nov,*$, 1908. best) Masquerade Bull on  ih.  4th pro*, [at   The  Parsonage,  on   Thursday I
ever seat out,. bca*tifu_ covens in wi��� kindlv  ttuU. (| e fac,  tbat n'0 [last, wben Miss Margaret Asbury J
colors, fine portrait of Prof. Hicks arrangements  have be-fi   made to
i�� colors, all  lie  old features and (.fetch   iu   suit-;   for   the   occasion,
several new ones in the book.   The [therefore, each ii��.di\ idual will have
.    .      , ���   .       ���_   1   ,y.   ������,iiio  look  after   his own costuming
best  astronomical  yea*   book  and. h
the only oue containing the original  i,nanl'>'-m;'!l1
'���'Hicks  Weather   Forecasts."    By
mail 35c 011 news stands 30c    One TIMOTHY &  CLOVER SEEPS
���HrackmaivKer    Milling    Co.
Ltd.,   H,   N,   RICH,    Ladner,
are to be armed with it at tbe ear- the Ramona, putting that steamer Ground plan
liest possible mom .'nt. .Seme 50,000 J out of commission tetnpoiaiily, L-ry data have been pretm.ed and
of the Ross 1 ifl'.s have already been j The Strathcona will fill the Ra- forwarded to him at London and it
served out to the Canadian troops. | mona's Tuesday and Saturday trips! ;s ex,y ;.,efi tbe commissioner will
For strength, lightness, durability p��t of Westmii ster and Wednesday ke in shape to call foi bids for the
and precision, permanence of align- ;and Sun,lay tr>| s it t ot Chilliwack.! construction ofthe building within
ment, rapidity  ol  firing and  sim- The Strati cma has, since she ccm-
,    i      a ��� . . '_li,siiv   tin. Rn .si rifli- is   nneniialled imenced   01 erations  on   the   Fraser
in the      A viry .iiuet wedding took o..cei ?'"���">��� llH KUS!,1"|L lh  unequaueo 1 ...
!by   any   other   small   arm in  the |River, developed a very nice busi-
world, and iu view of the remark-iness, particularly to and from l_wer
Masquerade, Town Hall, Dec. 4.
copj' free with Word and Woiiks,
the best jSii monthlv in America.
Ipiscounts ot* almaua.es in q.uan-
tities. Agents wanted. Word and
Works Pub^ Co., 2201 Locust
Street, St. Louis,, Mo.   Eveny  citi-
R.C.. Agent.
The ladies of Fast  Delta intend
Mrs.   L.  ('.iFord   is  able  to  be
able shooting   at   Bisley  it must be j Fraser River points
youngest daughter of the late Wn -allowed that the claim is justified." j 	
Asbury,   Esq., of Fast Delta,  wis      Vanity Fair, in  a  laudatory  ar-!
uuitui in the bonds of holy raatri- tide  on   ihe  Ross lifle, concludes j
moi.y to Christopher Hough, t.'i o! with these words: "The Canadian:
of Fast Delta.   Tl.e Mremony was government, wiser in  its genera-
conducted   by   Rev.   J.   F.   Betts.   tion, has  used  every  means in its
After tbe ceremony   was over, ll e pow_r to as.sist the company whicli
happy couple 1 .ft fjr Vancouver 0111 makes ibis new ri lie, and  has itt
a sboit honeymoon. the year cf its Dominion's !\;cc;t-
tenary still  more  wisely armed its
citizen  si ldiers with  the  best rife
Latest reports from Jubilee ITos-j in the wi rid."
pital state that our worthy Reeve,      The expressions of opinion, based
aroun 1 again alter
: up for some time.
.aving been laid!
a s ion lim ��� alter his arrival here.
The Canadian exhibit will in-
clude a display of its agriculture
and horticulture. Its mining resources will be shown and special
attention will be given to dairying
ancl some of the finest stock in the
world will be shown in this display.
In     his     letter,    Commissioner
Hutchinson states that the work of
collecting the various exhibits  lias
been under way for several months
I and the entire display  will be as-
a-s.a owes it  to  himself, to his- fel- [giving an entertainment aud Xmas
lows and to Prof. Hicks to possess tree In St. Stephen's  Church,   ou
the "Hicks" forecasts���the only re-
Christmas eve, when a gooij attei]
$,ij,ce, is, looked foi;.,
J. A. Paterson is improvii
slowly. It is hoped tfi
be able to return home in
Qhristma ..
���, though I upon the actual performances of the
:  In may  rifle,   and.   coming    rora  such  au-
timr   1 r thoritative sources, must  be  gratifying ;q the .Minister! qf Militia and
" 1 sembled three months in advance of
the givernmei.t of Canada, when it, the opening ofthe exposition.
is remembered that the. adoption of
this rifle by the government was
male tbe subject of scandalous
charges, and was ne 01 the so-
call     i   quities for  which the Lib-
Friends of Wm. Wilkinson will
regret to learn tbat he has left our
mi 1st and returned to Kamloops.
Mrs. Wilkinson and family are still
here but, unless the Glue   Factory
er.ils -s.un.Id have   b.:eu
of poyyer.
turned out ' resumes  operations, tbey, too, will
' le >ve for the Inter, ir. '    THE DELTA''TIMES, TUESDAY. W
basket Social, fashion Stables-
-'I II Hi 6
Subscription $1.00 per year.
Casual AdvertiMuientfl, io .c_.u_.fl p�� line fot
the tirst insertion, nnd 5 cents per line for each
Subsequent insertion.    The   number   ot   lines
teckoued by the space occupied, 13 lines to the
Rates lor Commercial Advert.*_in_uU can be
bad on application at tliis office.
Readiug notices 10 cents per line foe each insertion.
Birth aud Death notices, 50c., Marriages |i.oo.
Any special notice, the object ot which is to
promote thc pecuniary benefit of any Individual
or company, to be considered an advertisement
��� nd charged accordingly.
All advertisements charged for until ordered
out aud paid for.
Correspondence invited on matters o* public
merest. Communications to editor must be accompanied by name of writer, not necessarily
for publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence must reach thi�� office by Thursday evening.
Geo. R.
The concert an 1 basket social at
Crescent Island, on the 20th inst.,
was a grind success. The night
was extremely wet and dark,though
this was to the advantage of the
entertainment, as otherwise the
schoolhouse had been overcrowded
I The order was excellent and a good j
programme was rendered as follows: j
Instrumental Mrs. Thompson I
Duet..Misses M. Pybus and H. Price
Recitation  Miss Tidy
Sung Miss Thorn ber
Song Rev. Mr. Owen'
Farce Blundering Barney j
Mrs. McBride, Messrs. B.
II. Weare, J. E. Pacey.
Recitation Miss Tidy |
Song MissThornber
Song J. K. Pacey
Song, "Whistling Coon"..C. Brawn
..Misses Pybus and V, Gillanders
Recitation Miss Tidy
After the  programme was concluded, Rev. Mr. Owen  ably  auctioned the baskets and very heroic
bids were made, especially by some
oi our   young   gallants  who must
have certain  baskets or die.    No
doubt these ba.kets, like  their  authors, were ptetty, and well filled,
and as the boys had good appetites,
increased  by  the  sauce of  love's'
young  dream, the  prices paid arej
not to be wondered at.    When  the
baskets were sold, the makers and
i purchasers of the baskets all coup'-
The Glee Club has been  formed ed aml pr0ceeded  to enjoy therewith a very- fair membership.    No[ selves on the contents.
fee  has  been  ret  as  yet, but this'     Coffee and   sugar   were   passed
attended   to   en! around to make the cake go  more
TitcMng and Draying.    Livery "Work of
All Kinds Attended to Promptly.
All Kinds or Firewood Always On Hand.
.ncorportltea 1809.
: J. M. COLLINSON, ��'�� 20, LftDNB, u.
5HOESJ   shoesjj
.IfcT   MONTRtAli..
'manufacture.. "
Do we NEED a New
Town Hall?
The subscription price of the
Delta Times was set at $1 per year
with the understanding that it be
paid strictly in advance. When
did your subscription expirej
of Waterproof
Total Assets Over Forty-Five:  Millions
For Winter Weather
Repairing Nee!!'/ mi Pronntty Done-
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
Savings Department.
.Accounts may he opened witk deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and  Upwards.     Interest paid, or credited,  quarterly on  31st March, 30th Jane, 30th
September, 31st  December.
K. D. SIMPSON, Manager, LADNER, B.  C.
R   B. McKenzie, Prop.
Newly Furnished Throughout.,
First-Class in Every Detail.
Rates on Application.
Are Prepared to . . .
Furnish All Kinds of
B.   H.    WEARE
begs to announce that he re-opened
his Mandolin and Violin Classes
in .VaddeH'a Hall, oyer Gifford's
barber shop, on   Thursday,   s.ept.
Kor further particulars apply to
above.     ���
nutter   will   be
Thursday next. Being of an un
denominational nature it is hoped
that all who 1 ave au ear for music
will join th. above, no matter to
what church they belong or whether they belong to any church at all |
or not.    The objects of the Associ
ation are:
1. Bringing together those interested    in    concerted    singing
mutual benefit and enjoyment.
2. Uniting the various choirs and
societies already in existence lor
the purpose of rendering a class of
music impossible to tha v.irious organizations but possible 10 one
strong in all the voices necessary
for its interpretation.
3. The organization oi local
talent for entertainments which
may be used as a means of helping
deserving local objects or other outside institutions or charities of a
public nature as may from time to
time occur.
4. The creating of an organization that is at once a social gathering, a useful lesson and a splendid
recreation for tbe long winter evenings.
1 pleasant,  but   unfortunately there
��� were   few   spoons,   to  some   weut
| without  .sugar,   aud some   of   t! e
spoons were awlul _,.>oons and some
people did not need sugar  by   any
means. |
One person  complained  that  lie!
got  soap instead  01  sugar.    This!
matter is to be furth- r   looked into.
Altogether it  was  a good  time
and most everyone will  come back!
'tr! to the next concert.
After the "baskets were eaten" :
the concert broke up with a hearty]
singing of "God Save Our King."
Receipts amounted to $102.
���     At
Shingles,   Doors, Sash and
House   Finish   of   All   Descriptions.
am u SMIL.
NEW WESTMINSTER,    :-'  B. C.   *
���!��� Mcuiufuuturers of nil kiuslss?! -fi.
i 1
v  Soda Water, Ginger y
���    Ale and Summer    *
a Drinks. ,!.
A       Your patronage solicited      J
-������.������������������*..��..t..��.��J..-.t.-..2�� ....Z.-..-Z- ��������*..���-*;*-*-.J-
RXantfcHsss, Strings^ Etc*,
Supplied at City Prices.
The Market.
The  BEST  Wafer   Tanks
Made af This Mill.
Miss Fester went up to the Royal
City, this morning.
Local Option convention will  be
held in Vancouver to-morrow.
mi Creai Wanted R. MS. TAYLOR,
We bave just received a shipment
of new Raisin���*, Currants, l'eels,
Nuts and Figs���W. H. Smith.
We carry a complete line of
groceries to suit everybody. Fresh
goods arriving regularly���\V,
We   pay   ihe   highest   prices   fot
We would like lo make contracts
with a few shippers.
Write lor particulars.
ioi i Pend
r Street,
New Westminster, Nov. 21.���
The market this week was brisk
and attendance goo;l.
Following is the list oi quotations
prevailing at yesterday's market:     1
Beer,    hindquarters,    7c   to   8c!
per lb; foreqnarters, 4c to 5c.
Mutton, 10c to uc per lb.
Lartb, 11c to 12c per lb.
Veal, medium, 1 ic per lb; large,
6c to 7c.
Pork, 8c to 8#c per lb.
Eggs, wholesale, 50c per doz;
retail, 55c. j
Butter, 35c to 40c per lb. ;
Fowls,  ��7.00 to $8.00 per doz;'
chickens, $5.50 to $7.00 per doz.
Broilers, $4, to $5 per doz.
The Ladies'Guild ot  All Saints!
will hold a sale of work and   cnter-
taiment on the  10M1 of December
next.    Fuller  particulars   will   appeal later.
Veterinary Surgeons.
All   Calls   .    .   -   .   .
Promptly Attended to
Carrviug freight atid passengers
to all points between N-ew Westminster and Westham Island.
Leaves Brackman & Kei's wharf
daily at 3 p.m., except Saturdays at
2 p.m. Additional trip on Mo:i-
Idays leaving at 5 a.m S
Returning leaves Westham Island 7 a.m. daily except Fridays at
6 a.m. Additional trip on Saturdays leaves Ladner at 5:30 p.tn.
Calls at sSteveston Tuesdays,,
Thursdays ancl Satwrdavs only.
L. D. Chesma ", of Vancouver,
was in town, to-day. Mr. Ches-
raai! is representing the Pacific
Coast Fisheries, Lid., whose object
is to go iuto the development of the
fishing industry of tliis coi_t on
scientific principles.
Phone 35 Stainton Block
Ladner, B.C.
W. N. Draper,
Room _, Btlard niock.T.ew Wettrainster.
The La-nchJ. C. BRUCE will
leave Laduer for New Westminster
at 8 a.m., on and after Tuesday,
Sept. 8th; returning leaves New
Westminster at 5 p.m. each day,
carrying passengers only.
Tickets good uutil used, on either
S.S. Favorite or Launch Bruce
Acc_._fial.zed Stock.
For the
Farm,  Garden, Lawn" or
^Reliable Varieties at Reasonable
Prices. No Borers. S10 Scale.
No fumigation to damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy you.
'Buy direct and get Trees and Seeds
that Grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest established
nursery on   the mainland of  B. C.
Catalogue free.
KI HENRY'S Nurseries,
Greenhouses an 1 desdheuset.
1 VANCOUVER,   -   B.C.
-^   of a
a-si .nintiit of the right
Soutli As 1 nan Volunteer
For Sale.
entitled to a land grant innst  be by
way of appointment of a substitute
-   and miiM be   in   the form provided
by the Act,
; teer Bounty Act, 1908, which   pro
Thirty (ft.00).Shares in the Far- vides th.it  no assignment of  the
.- ���,.-   _������-____.   �����, iters'  Telephone Cqmpanv,   Ltd., right of a vohuiieer by the appoiut-
Geese, anve, fr.25   dressed, per   .       ,     ,   ',. .     ,   ,
* ' lor sale at a bargain.    Apply to
Our Entire Stock ot
Ladies* ^md Ghlldr
i-Weai* Gooiis
and Fanoy Goods
cW?ffiten1SSvS��i All New and  Up-to-Date Stock, to Clear at  Cost aud
jb, 20c.
Ducks, $9 tn J10 a doz.
Potatoes, $11 to 512 per ton
Apples, 75c to ft a box.
Qnions, $1.25 per sack.
Turnips, 50c per sack.
Carrots, 60c per sack.
Parsnips, $75c rer sack.
Masquerad-, Town Hall, Dec. 4.
40-Acre farm for Sale
Known as the Deemer place, on
Boundary Bay; all improved and
under cultivation. Price, $5,250.
Apply to
' ment ofa substitute shall be accept- j
j ed or recognized by the Department i
I of the Interior which is Not KXE-'j
i Cf't'KD   AND   DATED    A.TKS    THK]
I LAND GRANT issued by the   Minis-
I ter of Militia and Defence  in   favoi
iof the Volunteer.
Commissioner of Dominion Lands,
-_t.il September, 1908,1
: tv. fir't .n#r f ri.|.;u.__ Drought C_
I'T. is. :'s tsfU  .V-ir.
'. "siv i-l-:(, nll'jiTtuI' lhot_.ei_.tiipringi
;... a vf. '���-.(.i.-:i Ttl.oru_gh.renov;.tiion ol
|hi- i:.in-.. ;. ���_.,',,-ry after '"-his minora wont!
in Tlii:..:. 1.iid tlio flrst K-oplproparft-l
to ������> gjiiAral cleaning up was to re-
11 th*. mules from the underground
Itulilufl nudipyt thoiu out on piisturo.
'.-���'���..-.i' .:, them hud lint been out of 'the
i.sti tt_r ii.oaiiiM, a Dumber hail hoon bo-
v tlm surface lor tweor threeycars, and
i- had .lot seen the sunshine 'for seven
!.:.-���-is lung us Jacob-served tar (Leah,
'i'liry were led from the mino, 37'piitlolti
freel urcs, and turned looso In Morrison's
nsttire field. Thoy stood about close to-
ethcr, It 11 co deep ln the lush, groen grass
nil sweet rod clover, with drooping.heads
lid eyos hulf (TlosiKl, tui thougli dnzud by
Jii'lr Ki..!diTu chnngo'iif circumstances. At
��st, ns thu sun dropped down behind
IWIliau's hill,-ono gray old veteran threw
phi., head und sniffed at thoflne<{ragrunt
lr blowing down the ���valley, nnd in a mount n.litlo luovoment'wont through tho
holo group.
Tho old leader wheelod nbout shnrply,
;ook 1. lung look nt the clear sky nboyi,
ihe brawling little brook chattoring-ovro
|tho -stones, -the grass mid tlio trees; then
ie -threw up his hmd, stil'uieed his lull
arid sent forth a prolonged, penetrating,
rldont he-haw-aw-aw, whloh woke the
echoes'ovor on Maple irldge, and with an
awkward, lumbering bound ;ho started
down .the long slopo. In on ilnstnnt tu_
muss had separated and was In motion
Suoh running, racing, kicking and jumping were never beforo seen. SUIT knees,
dim eyes ond spavined joints were all for
gotton In the puro enjoyment of out ot
doors. They liraycd and hollowed, ran anU
kicked, slopped for breath, then bc^^a
Tho whole -villa go gathered at tho foneo
to seo the fun. The men.and boys laughed
and shouted, tho babiosicrowed, ami one
or twe women cried aJittle, toe there weis
sores and lameness und weakness in plenty
Whon night fell, thoy were still rolling
about nnd racing, forgetful of tho hunger
nnd thirst that might bo satisfied by the
running stream and the grass
Old Mrs. Duscom, who lives ...'Hie-cdgs
���of tho pasture floW, >wa_ wnU.;.e'.t i.i II .'
flurk hours toward morning by the rapid
Tru_li'-_t hoofs ithiiniluriug down th.i hlll-
������cide, nn.il, '"Hsiutu;: over ontber pillow, "dip
ituurii.lived Rntwsily. D.'.'T I..->tv! wltt:
'would 1, thought u.i.t uiiy .t.in s-.iiii:.
Would bu sn glnd And Thankful for turf >Ti:i
*ut jiir ar.d fret iJ.ii<_1" ���-.Vr.iv J_-iii|jt ui
*Vrl bono
��� liltn_.ii.0__ I.t, <-. OIhIiiT .(*..T*..i,
It Is a foible ui liuiufsii uuturu ttr juims
'from extreme to extreme. People ar.
'Bliiw 10 treepe a new tllfW.T', but, Imving
o_c.e adopted it. thoy are ro.uly to .vork H
���In death llow many years in tt t-lnoi.
i|:��li!iiil uffleortrjyu! tu Itiipl.iro I hit r-i'k lti
(_.i.r ilj-.c;. ts in ���ii:To .tii-'iuT'i 'atm. "in : n
tcniultSitid ;!m mnitt ��en_cU'__'.*ii|Hu.-, i in In
���-.:s.r eru.Tldp. New thoy Tire'tin.ti.'ig a
���M w iK:__;.Ily people i :tvc rimngiil.tcri
It. i'Vi'Itic (il disinfectants nntl dcOdoi i_,r.i.
un' ! Vl ty employ them by thu lillekntftiJ
V. Uhout rhyiticiir n it. on, (nisi \ii-j. hllitdly
tt 1 .iiillru'llleiicy, 0:1 the prhiuipio I lint ono
(eonnut have too nun h uf a good lli'.ng
.Sn v. ,1 111 -.1 the Uei-kei ,.!l inuulral uffl-
c-.'i warding the pel lie against tliis Injn
Oielii'is nne ami declaring that ' It h.is been
fiAlinl that dislnfcolui.ts u-u used In Imp
hiTT'.r.i'il and Indhwrlur.iiiitu tiiamiei' Iiy lh.-
,|iii!illii Not only are they absolutely vnl
tin !..-., iii h.iuiy i:,..-\.t., Uup. by treat ing 11
ifnl.c Ilnprc.-inn of security, tlioy do ai��
imineii. e iiiniiiint of harm. "
In mfiw vmjtii... 1 hi; hi imagine ilint
icleanlltiess may bu t|'i ���-.".1 piinlil il nnli
'Unit They empty-unlimited ei'.rliiili.i Wn lief
'I nd I'i'svde.i'sovcrtho unclean pllieus. Thai
lib is-s.ii.!superstition, burn mainly of l.izl
liens mn! avorillontto snap and water. Tin
latin-' life'just as necessary us iheyev,.'
xiere ���Luniltiu I'elegiii.ii.
���"How did-tlio tloetor tell you to tako
Tllie iiiedicine, Ltu'ry-iulonuilly or ex-
������'Nayilior vrau. por;"
"Out it uniKt have lieon one or the
"Divila bit, sor. Nfiytlior v,-nn."
"I'.Ut look hero, Lurry; that's absurd.
'It must liuve b��eu oneor the other, you
"Kiiyttiw wan, I tell ye. ;Ho toitlil me
.to'siiufi' it ui> luo nose."
������me Diverting HUtssrj   or tbe Plot) !
of tlie tfuulhcra Comfederacy>
Thu flag of the Confederacy, orrdthm |
thetln; ��� of the Confederacy,'had some ou- i
rious bits of history attached to theiroxist-
���nes.    On March S, 18(11, the provisional
Or.nfederate congress recommendjd that I
"tho iflag  of   tho Confederate States of
America shall consist of a red field, with
a    v hlto   space   extending  -horizontally I
Uirough the eeilter and equal in width to i
���ne-third  theiwidth of the flag, the red I
���paces ii ' .i,s-o and ibelow'to bo of the same
'Width as  the white, tho  union, lulie.ei-
teuding down 'through the white -space*
nnd stopping  at  thu 'lower red space, is
tho center (if tho union a circle of white
stars corresponding in   number-wthithe
states of  iho <3onfedemoy."    It was lirst
displayed in public March 4, l_(i-l, tho day
of tho Inauguration of   Lincoln, nnd WM i
unfurled ovor tho statchounoat Montgomery, Ala.
On tho hattloCeld the Bag bom such a
similarity to thc Union flag that in !.ep-
teinlx.T, 18(il,ifor the Army of the IVitomuu,
Generals Beauregard and Johnston created
what afterward became known as tho bat-
Slosflug���arcd ground with a blue diagonal
cross emblazoned with whito stars, ono for
eacli statu This furm was adopted by all
of Ihe troops OUSt'Of it be Mississippi river. |
Theiflrst design, ���bearing tho objection df |
reseinbliinooto the stars and stripes, nnd j
thu battloQag having no rovorso, tho Confederate senate ln April, lSiiTJ, adopted a '
white Hag,-with a broad .bluo'tour In its
center, wliich was nuionded h. inserting
the battlollng design us the union, with a
plain .whito grouml foritho,field. This arrangement afterword provodfaulty, as at
a distance tho large white field resembled
a Hag uf truce, and also, as combined with
tbe union, wus similar to tho __ng!t_h
whito ensign.
On Bob. 4, J8B5, the Confederate senate
adoptedt-thlrd'Changoi "The width, two- !
thirds of its length, with the union, now ,
used as abutUuUag, to bo .iu width three- j
fifths of tho width of tho flag, und so pro- j
portioned ns to leavo the length of tlie field !
on tho sido of 'tho union twice thu width ,
bolow it; to havo a ground of red anil i
���broad blue saltier Ihcreon, bordered with I
white and emblazoned with mullets or Itvs I
pointed stars corresponding iu numbur'tO ]
that of tho Gonf.dornte states; tho Held
to bo whito, except the outer half lnmi the ;
union, which shull'lie.�� red bur, extending
.hewisltli'iif ttu' (leg "--.Ohiis' Vu.Uey Man ;
TtlRV'slSH  aOt_DIERS.
(Anglican .0
Holy Coiiiiiiiiiiin.i ��� ihI  _
Siinduys at 8:30 U.U1.; 2,id   is
Sundays at 11 n.in.
Matins,  t 1 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at ie a..m.
Friday evening, i.u.iu.  .1.
Rev. Ii. R. llank.t, M.A.,
Services first, unci third Sunday of
each month at ib;go ii.mi;: i.ci;_dic-'
tion, 7:30 '^.m.
Sundav school al 37. m. j
Low Mass and Rdly Conwnmiiop
Srst and tl-ii'tl Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. I-.thn- Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services next  Lurd'ti  Day at  ii'j
a. m.and 7:30 p.n;.
Class liiceuiiR, alter thj inorningl
service every Sunda. . '���
Sabbath School  at 2 p m  every';
Sunday.      Prayer   meeting   every
Thursday evening at 8.
,'l'Vft' '-',".   TV   ���  '   ��� "i\\   '
i    . . . , 1.1 . : :   . ���    j   'i    1, . .    l,i) _\.   \
i'JA'.t   W
r   the   Be
iyrni :!   I
������    ��� '    "Oil!
>. r CDPf
it:   f,-.-
e,   i��  Tnl
the B:i   1
s/'-I     R110
p ISm_tt3
10 D.
l r nr.sl Ovv
... ,,r,,
i'o. till
..'.-.-. i,l 1.
���1 1 line r
ai, ' (silKi
������'-���    v ���
���is.. 11, e(_moml_e
I    ilii g Ull:' I".i'i':
1 evols In sn ��� ,-
liioeulllu I.. 11
'��� HIV,"'
ier n-
��� ���. lil-.i
e for a
In bis
.a very
-��� red with
���. i h  bra.L;s
'i-.ngcs, so
:���, i-oa large
price ot in.
beyond  tlm
M"^^r)il' _k'��
Rev. T. F. Betts. pastor.
AnimiilN onA Alcdhol.
Slany iinimals yield to tlio seductiou
���of 1.111*1 drinking, especially elephants,
Iwraes, covii and swine. 1 ���miltry, ospe-
���cinWy lui'ls'i'.vs, will absorb Uie tempting
���Al.'luk till they tmnblo over in leiiden
Tfllsop, lyitlB ai'outid as-if dead and ut-
iterly i.noriijg llielriaceustouiocl roost.
���On awiiUoniiift -they stu. .gel-U'ov a few
'ni.T-iieutts thnl booh recover,  but it  ls
lin.lf.. ln'i'oi'i- thoy renew Uieir theei'l'ul
Tlii'ir l.llNt.
��� .'rM." -fi'tiiiii'lseil the snd looking
v'.rei'j.'i'i'.'"-! linwss'sii ltic last-of many
���ii-cui-il iiian'. '
���������HiK'tor 01' nmli'i't.il.s'i'?' queried the
iu;i 11 behind tl.e White ilpl'Oll.
"Ni'ilhi'i'." replied tie'cf lhe sad looks,
-fill u sliucniuUiT."
Tbey  "Wlll HJntnr   ���__   Mom   In'tciiHC I
AK011.V %Vitli ���ltcr!i��,.i_:il,:4. FortII11 (lc.
An sEnglisli surgeon, Dr. Ryan, while j
-serving with the Turkish nrmy In th�� I
.campaign of 1SV7-8 _aw a marvolous ex- ;
h'liitinii nf thu fortitude that resists pain !
ioin! sustainB with cheerfulness a violent ]
{physical shook.
The stir,':eiin'B first   ��apital   operation
was pcrformed'onsa'TurkiBh-^oMlcr whom j
-siice-linddisKTi slmttond-by n slinll  Jiu.re- j
���fused to'tako -hlornf oi'in,. and tbo ��urget__ |
*ook Ills .og n!T above tho knee.
'Jlo never groanod nor uttered un ex. '
clauintion, but smoked 11 clgaruttu during
tho operation. When the Turkish enptait
came around with bis notebook to take
down tho naine, nge and regiment of eauk
wounded man, his patient answered qulot-
ly nil questions, though tho surgeon was
stitching up tho flap of skin over the
stun p
At tho flrst bnttlo-of Plevna Dr. Ryan:
Worked ull daytamong tho "wounded. In
his book, "Under tho Red Crescent," he
���records that in nil his surgical experience
*e has mover known men to exhibit such
fortitude under intnnso agony us did those
''.Turkish soldiers.
Tho recovery of the wounded, considering the unfavorable oondltioris undor
-whi"h they were trcatod, tilled hlm witk
���wonder Tliiiirdujurles'were'torriblo, but
���their splendid physique, 'Unimpaired by
lintoinpernnce, enabled many of them after
a fow weeks in tho hospital toresumothelr
places In tho ranks.
"I never saw a private soldier.under the
���Uillueneo of diquor during -thowhulo time
.hat 1 was in the country, "writes Sur-
sgeon Ryan. "There woro nrany of these
men whoso livos '1 could havo saved If I
oould have persuaded thorn to tako stlniu-
ilants, but lt was Impossible to got them
=to touch ulcohdlbven ns inedioino.
"The principles of thoir religion forbid
���the uso of alcohol, and the huniblo Turk
���clings so tonociously to his religion tlmt
lhe would rather meet death itsolf than
violate Its precepts."
Many of the wounded lost their livd
-wing' to their-religious belief thut-tho losi
of a limb would prevent thonifroimon-
torlng pnrmluie. Thoy refused to submit
<to amputation, (preferring *to ilio rather
Itiian tu live maimed.
st. a;.d_i:\y s _i.ksiiyterian
Services next Lord's Day at 11;
a.m. and 7.30 pjm.
Sabbath Sclieol at 10 asm midweek meeting on Wtiinesaay even-1,
ing at 7.30 o'cli c'.:. >
R-'v.   '.  ...  VVhite, M'.A.I
Sabbath   services ��� Crescent
land, 3J3.JU.4 Ladner, .7:30 p.m.
Sunday School nt 10:30 a. ra.
Prayer meeting on Tliur.sday
8 p.m.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladnei
at {5:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.; return
ing, leaves Steveston at 9:30 a.r;..
and 4:30 p.m.
When you wish to buy visiting
cards call on the Delta Times whe
will sell the best money can buy
If you need them printed, why yon
arc moneyin pocket by calling ot
the Delta Times first.
A r��<-oi> Tlmnffltt.
**:!n ntii'iiwii sludy. ell?" ~-
"Vi'M. 1 was JllSt thinking:"
"1 was .iiiiit'v.ui-ilevhig'Tvliyui fellow
cV.f hay. it;'.; niiieh trouble borrowitig
riTT'.le iis'-(i:p trouble Uo baa'borrow-
llia other things."
pvit'.l Stlll'ie
,_nn toil)leal Tntc.
iy, iiitv iin ekbones :itre like
1. ni'i'irtthuy?
rove ItV
i.-'izeW   is,   e��r   necks.
.Is. isnuilutt.
"De you  court un   ijivestigationf" in
-piired the ii.teiviewer
"Wi.','," n.'iil Seuiiuir Sorghum slowly,
'I don't c.Tielly liko the fhrase. I'm.
willin to meet nil investlgiiileii if eiveuni-
stnneeti uiuke it neoesfory. llutiluin'-S
_>akln.lovo to it."���Wushinylon Stat.
Tiles' tio II goinetlnies.
The Spinster Man���1 shall ;iov_' marry
���uny one.
Thu Bachelor Maid���But perhaps some
muo.wili uiuiry.yuu.-rDvtroit Fruu.l'rem
W'but I'rletlon Can Do.
dinners inside of a monitorturrotsulTef
Intensely from heat generntod by tho concussion of tho enemies' cannon balls whan
(they strike tbo steel walls of the turret.
The encrgy-of 'visible motion is suddon-
ly arrested and 'Ihtcoihos mulecular enerfry
in the form of heut.    The moving  muss j
has eominiinicntedittfl motion to tho mole- !
���cules of the metal of the turret as well et
���Si tlm cannon ball itself.
All visible motion when arrested be-
Mimes heat, ovon that of running waler.
���If we tako two pieces df i-solld ice and rub
���them togellior, tbey can lie heated by the
Motion until tho molting point Isrenohod.
-If wu should.poiir watur into an ordinary
rotary churn and turn tho crank, the mo-
ohnnleal unoi��y exerted against the water
*,ill Imi trunsfiii'iiied into molecular until'-
gy, and. tho water will bo warmed in proportion to the umouiit-of meobuniculeiuir-
-gy iHtpetided.
H)ll' IIU (liim*.
<l rcmoiilher hearing of a law court case
���Whoro a in_n bad entored un action again-
a railway company for an'injury to his
arm iu an aecldont. Sold 'the opposing
"il understand "you have lost the uso o>
your arm ontiroly-tlirough this ooeluVmt"
"Yos," suid tho plaintiff.
Lawyer���llow high oan you lift you*
ami now?
Plaintiff, with groat difficulty, moves It
about an inch.
"How far could you 1 lift lt before tha
"Right up there I" ��t the snmo thna
thootiug it'rlght up o.or his head.���Philadelphia Evoning Saturday-Post.
lomiil, Not Snn��tB.nc_E.
Dubbs���Well, was your salary ralsca
as you expected?
Tubbs���No, but it was razod 10,por
cent.���New York Herald.
Is  an  !ii__t  cowinpr,  rfWier  fur n��v
buililint's or Improving <>lsl oiiim.
Consider its line npi__r_n:i! ��� Its
���nlcnliil cnAsirinp qiwlitles���ancl slight
MPMiiie���an'd ��d^ile to sen'c youivm��
biart'inls'iesls by usbB lU
Fullest Uctoits of-information rr. our
Whole-Ale Manufacturer.,
Successor  to
ITavino pun.
uess, I .1111 1-
work   of  all
Fur ten years successfully fiperatet
a laundry in New Vork City.
linked tii
kinds  1
above busi-i
lo Rr'st-clus!
illsl   to
tile pu.T in
n.\|.i ������ -.'-s 1 y
nil.1:1'' T' Of I 1
bon ut  li 11st
su'- _t.ititi.il piece of work, <
red leathor uud frouy _i.uddci
nails. Its lid'-ls RCtuohod wi.
tlint the euilin opeiis mill shin ���
trunk or course tho m.IIii ���
article lake this would bo
tuoan's ot an.,' poqr tssiuil.v, hi
for or. d'ty h r-  .-pr.."4itivrly ���-.
"When .1 ti.Ti' rut i-i-iii,': ..1
grave in t!.c pve/ft i>r-i/i'i'c.., .
outetldu of   Lisbon, inn uudt.-i
lnstoad efJowerlng li,)*- c.nflir ���
tako Ollt'tho corfAU nnii   low r
last Ii'sTlng.-J.Iiui!.   Tho i'i:;..
tiiero Jllil.i   11 (i.'ilte,i;i).tiil;i -   ::
owner alter liie inouruera 1
"ThiTse'.;iil.ivgi:s, by the ;\   ;
Giolioia In Spuln, do ull the v i
ter.. in Lislion.  IF you nsk a 1,
guuse servant to oarry a pan r, ,,r a vail
tlirougli the streets, bo will a'    .ver you in
a tono'Of  olTended dignity. ''.nu ebntii.li
mn   Gallego' (I will -go am.  mil a  t _ _t I -
lego), lor uumntive  PortugriinseiWOHld If
t-eeti (Mirryiitg n load of aijysl.'T ti iup.it lie
"Theso t.isllngos have no objection 10
carrying a load, evon when 'ho load is a
.recently vacated collin. That is the kind
of work they come to Lisbon for, so that
In their old age they mny go aero. _ the
frontier to Galiciti nnd live on their savings. And one little Incident that happened while I wiu in Lisbon showed how
little Impression superstitious regarding
death make ou the Gallego mind Tho
city of Lisbon collented t ill on goods
brought'Within'Us limits, undthere were
guards ut'tbr. different g__a_ of the oity to
seothatiiKthiiTg was smuggled iu.
''One very ruiny afternoon the guard .*������ I
tho l'ruiioros gute glanced nlong tho rm 1
thnt'loadn to the oomotery and saw a sn t��� I
pieione looking p-okago lying on tl 1
ground eloso untlnr tho wall on one sid
Thoro was not a living living in sight.
The guard thought he hnd doteotnxi ivplttt.
Ho tliougiit thnt that p.nTknge, ..initovo.
it might lie, Iiad boon left thore under the
wall by smugglers, who wore nn doubt
-shcltored somowhore iin its neighborhood
innd watching their.opportunity to rush It
-through tlie gato as soon ns tho ruin held!
up a little. Ho tho notlvo and intelligent
ofiiccr got his Iittlo sword ready to draw nt!
a liniment's notice, anil, rogardlcss of the
���downpour, advanced alone-the road ti. sur-;
'prl.o and nppi'elioiid the EUtugglers, or, lit
least, their goods.
"When ho got to within 30 yards of the
suspicions object, ho nlndo out tlirougli tiie
rain that the ease en tho (.'round was of a
red color and studded nil over with brass
nails. That discovery startled him a little, but tho next moment ho wns utterly
demoralized at seeing tho lid df thocofflr
Ily opon and a disheveled head thrust it-
���SL'ir out, its eyos staring wildly.    Without
-������ifi,,_'flrc'tiTaw his sword or challenge tha
���apparition, tne guaru incmt aism, ..s.ss __
treated nt a run. When ho reaobod tho
goto, be called his ooinrmles to oome and
eeo tlio abandoned oorpBii that had hurst
opon its collin on the wayside, 'liio force
seized their carbines a: '.1 paraded nntlor
shelter of the arohway, hut what they saw
was only a very bedraggled Gallego tramp-
l_ngsto\v��t. thi.'iii.-caiTyi-ng an oinpty-collin
"Bu o.-aniiuation the aallrrtu doposed
���that, being ovortnkon by tho ruin on his
way trom the' oomotery, ho-had shut-hiai-
eelf up -in thweoffln to keep dry and wait
for fairer weather, but, whon ho heard foot-
stejw BtoalthUy approaching, he began to
-bo afrniil .hrtt fionie one-rwos coming to
play a trie!, and look hlm up. iThnt was
why lie Itnd so suddenly -thvinit tliis head
out and Btarod. Ho was no corpse, but nn
honest, hardworking Qullogo. As for
'i',!".i i'ii 'Vn, thosenores guards might look
for lliiiniROlves innd see Hurt it w;.s empty.
"There seems fo he a oertnin suiorhid
fondness for what innybe-caliiti ��� ploying
with tho dood In Portugal, 'flv.-ysn'm tr
take a peculiar delight in dressing up
their.dead aud exposing thoiu to puliHc
view. I htipiiened to'Iio present nt the
solemn roquioni of o cardinal patrlaroh *'
���Lisiinn, w'hi'ii ithe -Dorpse, dressoit iln full
canonicals, was plaoed in a half stttiiiTi
post invito face the crowd In thonnveof
the cathedral, and I thought nt (lie time
that tlio interment ought to have taken
plaou sooner.
"Ono line Hnnday afternoon ill spring'*
was strolling along ono of tho main thoroughfares of Lisbon when tlio shouts antl
merry chillier of a lot of Uttle boys and
girls attracted my uttonttun to a side
street. The children, all nicely dressed,
were coming down the side stroot nta
brisk walk, evidently Interested In something that was being carri. I along by
three or four of thoiu, When thoy reached
the corner, I saw that tlwcenir. ef Interest, was a very small brass studded collli..
'i'he lid was opon, nnd I could see the little flower (looked and bedizened corpse Inside df'it.
"Another lime I mistook the OorpBO ��
achlld on itsway to thagravdfornwoxBB
image of tho Madonna 'boing anrried>_i
pm. c. sion. It was a little den-i gii 1 lieau-
tifully dressed in whito satin and wearing
a while veil nnd whito flowi ih. The lilt's
body had been made to sit up in a ohldl
which foul buys wero carrying on tin
shoulders, ,'i ho-bi .irors and Tho other
children in tlie procession'wore white rlt,
bons mult white flowers, all einbleiuatlo o.
Innooenoe nnd 'happy oonfldeiioo that the
sou', of their little friend was in paradise.
���Kew -Vork Sun.
Founded 1__;
:   liie runt
���- uihe- ii.. !j :'_..;      '- ,;
-���'Ti-ry, ]ui
,..�� r's 11.1 n   I
lien Its lid, j
it  Into its
otiiu ls left
hack to it.
Tired Provides  a 'Christian
inilir.-'S of
���ik of por-   sexfs  at  moderate   rate
,!l'"''l"ejjunior students taking   Public
School work and
'.NjciTF'.S   "R r
acorporated 1893
,      l'eacli
and confe
its   ' e]_e-
C i:n in
for M. E.
gree of L'.D.
the complete
University, \v
Science teaches
ence. and  has
?rae..vul "      '
es  all   branc
rs  Diplopias,
riate  Course,
Li, and M. J,. A
In University work
Arts Course ior  ti
fh which the
the   Firsl
a   Special
ingtoeering work
course  in theorv,
1 tome
Has   a
lies  of  a
Imp trts s'i
ar.d   in   the
In Theologv
can ta'
,e   I'.A
j: is in
".tr d'f
for   Students
j/^j.fr.-R.u'.y   class   for
work.     Does High
il 'teachers' Exam-
Practical Business
Liberal  Educa-
LaS-UB' Cours
confers the ch-
itudents throujjh
dei/ree of Toronto
ii  this Pr
voice  cult
organ, in  conjunction   with   tlie Toroti
Special instruction  in art and elocutioi
are required to take physical  training
_ .-of a .well .ecjiiipped gymi_asii.3__.
I oronto
affiliation. In
School of Seise adapted to
ivii.ee. In x._u.=ia a
ire, and piano ancl
to college nf mr.' 'c
, while all stud .-
with   _:1   the   priv-
If you average the cost price of J-M.AsbestosTcoctping over
the period of years it is in service, you will see.  ..hat  "J-M" is
'cheaper to use than any other-preparca roofing.    Being made of
Asbestos,   an indestructible mineral,  it  is permanently durable,
r.���il'��� .T "_* ^nuire any coating or painting, its first cost is
the only cost.    Easily applied by anyone.
Asbestoside  is  an Asbestos .Sheathing and is the most economical, durable and easily applied siding known.
A-.k fur samples and pricc_,
VUJ ti\f, . tl
5 mm*
llHISY   ST��>��,Ql
Yo<er fafic..vjt!fc Earnestly
Anntrnlian Ball*.
I'havo met with somo bulls nindohy
Australians. I hoard a clergyman mate*
this remark nt a pubHo.meeting which
was disappointingly Bina.ll:"I am sorry to
see so many absent friends hero."
A-state school toncher at gncensc'.itT, In
Victoria, had a note from tbo mother ot
one of-his pupils requesting hint not to
�����og hor hoy, thusi "Vou are not to cane
,!iiy hey, or he will drop down ui.iil nt
���your door, the same as ho did at Mrs.
Another, being told that- So-and to was
burled In a stone cnllln, naid "tint wan
very sensible, as it weuld last hlm �� U*.
-. ti uiti. "���.London Tcluuriilih.
yjtOAJj. JXJfrWfc..
Masqtjpra^t, Toyri}. Hall, Deo. 4,
H. Ji. Kirkla^;l
ip Vancouver.
sjient  Tbursilny
D. B. Grant was ^visitor to  the
Terminal City, last week.
Mrs.    (.Df.)    Woodley    visited
jfiends in, Vancouver, last week.
Miss Alice ladner was  a  visitor j
Xp the Ter^iuaJiCity last w.ee,^.
IA Grand
Entertainment &
; Xmas frees.
St. Stephen's Church
East Delta,
Christmas Eve,.
Admission Free?
Mrs. W. Oliyer went over to.the
Terminal Citx QP Thursday last.
Guaranteed upon abac.lively safe spctiirity���first
mortgages on substantial city prope-rties Seven and
Eir.Hiit ]?��* Cent. Guaranteed, free of a,ll clfcarges,
upon sums ranging from. Five Hundred DoMars up.
White, Shiks & <��'.
N;ew Westminster, B.C...
To. notify .fea people ot La.dney and surrounding district that \se aro, now in a
position to ofter Vancouver Island
T. W. Foster, spent a^ couple ot
dav%s in Vapcouver, last week, on
business beut.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. I^atimer and
daughter visited the Tertftjnal and
Royal City, last week.
The above reward will be given
to anyone giving information as to
the person..or persons who st.ple my
Violin, ou.or about 2:yid September last, Irom the house lately occu-.
pied by me on T. Roberts' place, at 1
end of Iinpe,r;a],.i!oad. '
Agenctes Represented-
Harttord Wrp _ii_ur_���ce Co.
.h(*;iiix Insurance Cq^ o. Brooklyn
Connecticut Fire Insurance Co,
Imperial Trust Co..
Insurance c,,, ol North .vnecica
The Ocean Accident, ft Ounrnntec Corpora-
tion, Ltd., of London,. Eng..
T.td. Vancouver. B.C.
Billy Riddler relived G. W.
Brewster-., for the ev.syiiqg mn ol
tjie S.S. Sonoma on Thursday Ipst
Mrs. Wilder, c^ Victoria, return-
^1 hoin'.1, on TtU^stI iy. last' after
spending a lew d��ys here, visiting
We are pleased to be able to reran that Mr. :;od Mrs. R. Pybus'
4,iughtcr is on the high road to recovery.
Tbe Ladies' Guild o��. All Saints
^ill meet at the home af Mrs.. W.
H. Siddall, en Thursday uext, at
2:30 p.m.
wields q�� Miss Kirki aid will be
j^leassc. to learn, that she is doing
well, alter having undergone an
operation. n
Geprg&.R. Kendall, B.Sc. McGill,
'Hrr,r__!c_sK/ii'. 1'hpmimrv Mrf.il] (____���
Ifge, Vancouvif, is visiting "jjr. and
Bfrs. Woodley.
Mr. and. Mrs. ]��_ W. Harn>, of
Vancouver, spent a few days here,
tyst week, the guests of Mr, and
Mrs. H. J. Hutcherson.
I hereby give notice that there
will be no pheasant or dwk shooting allowed otv.my prqperty.
Trespassers \v,illibe prosecuted.
Any person wishing, to. hav* his
name placed qp the Municipal
Voters'' List as. lipi.sehoU'.er or
Ltcenseholder must rn^ke application to. the C'erk hetose December
By order.
Fresh Grade Cows.
In order to make room for Imported Purebred _t_-l_, mc wisn to
dispose of our stock of Fre��&, Grade
Dairv Cows.
Also two Pvwebred Holstein Bulls
and crvm-L Voittig Pvge.
Apply to
Patronize Home fndustry
When ym us��; RO.��AL STANDARD
FLOUR $ou are not only using the "Best Bread
Flow" sold i& Canada., but are helping to build
up a new industry in your own provfeioe. We
are all anxious fco see Vancouver g?ow. By
using home manufactured products we are
assisting tije growth of mills a��nd facuoriev, and
keepiiag oue Ejoney in our own province.
personal guarantee..
Sold by W, H. SMITH;
Vancouver Milling I Grain Co., Ltd.,
land  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making pt pos*
sib 49 fo. parties who contemplate building
tjo> put in concrete foundations at about the
same- cost, aa piling or other- inferior
Write far Prices.
fiv an trior in our ail'ele, last
week, re remo,vi\ig ol building oa
Delta street, Capt, Oliver's name
was used instead,; ot Dr. A�� AK
King's. Dr, lijay being.ttie Qwner:
qf the property.,
B. C,
Cut Glass,
eiseS and
All Kinds' of Jewellery,.
Nie w Stock.
Call and See Then*
Jl. Clausen,
W$*en You- Require
The Days Are
Getting Shorter 5
Is Y*cpr Lighting Sys'semijin good order ?
Now is the time to order your new fixtures.,
We are Agents for the Largest Electric
I hereby give notica. that at the
next meeting of the Board of
License Commissioners for the
Delta Municipality, 5 intend to
i apply for a.transler of the license to
sell liquor in, the Delta Hotel to
Roy IX McKenaie, ot Ladner_
M." B. Pendr?y, of Victoria, was.) ���        .
,       r November 4, 1
_Jie guest, ou November   14th,  of
Mr.   ayd,  Mr?. J'i A, Moore, Oak-
lfiid, Ca!4    Mr, Prfudray is on   hiSs
MVay  lo New- Z.ealay ..     i,Victoria.
ropers please eppy,)
B. W. Shilas, aue of New West-]     Deceased.
Ujinsler's spott* can:^ dov.ji here,.] MOTJCE is hereby given tbat allI \\/p    Affi   Ifl    th_��    M_1f,k"fkt
qn Wednesday, latft, to hav* a try at i persons having claims against | Yy c   nlc   I,t    LIIU   ��������� IVCt
House in Vancouver and can do   your
right and at te^pnable prices.
t{ie   wily   uheaiants and' be_ hadi' ^eEstate of James H. Giant, late
,        ;,    ^        .      . (of Mumcipalitv, ol l>elta, B.C.. who
taken  the  Rrecam.on  to  secure a died  on  �� ^^  the  6t-fl. day o|
{ijerrait  frpn^. the, secretary  of the September,   i5p,S,   are required  to
IJelta   farmers'   Game   Protective'deliver thei? claims* and full par-
ftssocjation,. \\l:i'4i he, did joyf^ly. jticularsof suvh  claims; to the un-
Mr. .Sl'iles  t^kft. tbe Association,1 f!els,-.n��d  ����. "  be,ore  lhe   ��5th
if,a gof)tl't|ji;i,g a:^d :.c^,h_y_ship or>,
lhe truG.sSpiQrt.
del signed  on   or  before  t
day of December, tcjoS.
Agent for Edith M. Grant,
Fo? All Kinds of Produce,
going further*
See tss before
Wk aaii Creanit Wanted.1
How About a Gasoline Engioie
For wood sawing,, chopping, pumping, &c
ttfie head of the list*
\\'e   pay   ths   Sjighesti  prices   for-j
S^^'ET CaEAyM Sf. MILK;.    I
'jy.e would like to ^iake contr^ctT-.J
\.itli y Sety, T-C-ipp^rs, |
Write, ior ptirticulars,
iooi( Ije.uder Street,
LAM>, TfO-i im LET.
:\/rR. H.N, RJCMibas received I
���    iir^r'ucii-bns  from, the Direc-'
���tiirs,orff the above Society tq LET
! BY AUCTION, on thp, pr^tnjsc*. j
'Saturday,  November  28,1
at, 2 p.m., j
The'.sSociety's Land, from  the ist
| day ot Decer_vber, 190S, tp   ij_t day!
jot October, 1909, subject t*i same I.
[ being cropped with roots. j
Terms Cash. ',
p   T   CALVERT,
Fwrniture, Carpets, Linoleum, Window
Shades or Any Article of Furniture or
Household Furnishings a visit to LEE'S
STORE will convince you liiat thjere is the
"Visitors Welcome.
'new westminsteb, b. a
W. ' La   MoBRIBEa
(Ieneral ncrchant.
Phone 5,
Port Guichon


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