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The Delta Times Jan 12, 1909

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 r"w"Ns"__r t^   ?"���' \���*5S. """ir
Local Option Rally Earthquake Shock.     Nominations.
Our Big Annual
Stock Taking
\. On account of the severe cold the
sLocil Option Rally, *Thur day
I evening, was held in the Methodist
1 Church instead of the Town Hall.
' In spite of the weather a good an-
dienca turned out. Shortly after
ei^lu o'clock Reeve Hutcherson
'] took the chair and called upon Rev.
��� Mr. Bet ts to state the object of the
! meeting. Then tbe chairman
i briefly expressed bis interest in the
i subject and introduced the speaker
(of th: evening.
About 4 oVlock yesterday, the'    Nominations i'or Reeve, Council-
whole community was thrown into iors anc\ School Trustees took place
a high s'ate of excitement over
what, at first, was taken to be a
shock caused by a heavy explosion.
A public meeting was in progress
at the time, and 'he Town Hall
fairly rocked, whic'i 'ad the etfect
of breaking up Councillor Morley's
maiden speech and empt\ing��tbe
hall in short order. Nearly every
house and store in town was shaken
up, though no very great damage
Later  information  states that  a
severe  shock  of   earthquake   vas
Q. S. Kinhtg Co.
The following is taken  from thei
monthly  report  of A.   M. Dewfey
I President and Manager of tl.e Q. S ;
JGold   M:ning  &  .Smelting Co.. as
published in the  .Spokane  Mining1
Advocate for December, 1908: .
"The   affairs   cf  our   company;
January 13th
Watch Next Week's Adv.
j    Dr. Spencer came to the platform
! and explained the meaning of Local! fe,t a��� along the Padfic s,ope> be
Option,   reviewing   its  rapid  pro-jit)g most severe at Seatt,e-
i gress in the United States and Can- 	
jada.    British  Columbia  being  the
! only province without a  Local Op-
��� tion law. the object of tbe pjesent
'agitation is to fall in  line  with the
| other provinces by putting the con-
i trol of the retail liquor trade in the
| hands of the  people, so that each
[oommui ity can, by a majority vote,
j decide whether ihey  will or will
i not  have  the bar-room.    He then
S told  of the  successful  working ol
I Local Option  in places which had
I come  under  his observation,   and
showed that the government would
| benefit hy the enforcement of such
a law. He reported that the work
of securing i ignatures to Local Op-
tiou petitions had teen enthusiastically taken up. Most encouraging reports came from the Upper
Country, aud throughout the province ninety per cent, of the voters
canvassed were signing the petition.
An oppoitunity was then given
for asking questions which weie-
answered by the lecturer.
Rev. J.  H. White being called
lor spoke  briefly,  stating that he
at the Town Hall, yesterday, when
the following nominations weTe
FOR   SF-HVli.
H. J. Hutcherson. R. E. Kittson.
Ward I���P. T. Gibbie re-e!et ted
by acclamation.
Ward II���A. Davie, I). A. McKee.
Ward HI���J. W. Storey elcet.4
by acclamation.
Ward IV���S. Morley re-eleete.I
by acclamation.
Ward V���L. W. Embree re-elected by acclamation.
John Alexander, Wm. Pjrbua, R.
H   Quaggau.
.\l the dose of the
H. D. Henson was, on   motion, appointed chairman, who stated tbat
it was up to every ratepayer to take
a   greater   interest   in    niunici] al
have undergone no material change! matters, und then called upon R. E.
since the last issue of this letter to \ Kittson to express his  views -upon
stockholders.     We are just  filing j municipal matters,
our   annual   report  ot  assessment;     Mr. Kittson said it was ouly after
work ou  the   propertv   with   the j C msid.rabi.. hesitation that he lad
county auditor of Okauogan Coun- c msented to run for the Reeveship.
ty, and  the  reports show that we j List   time he  was Reeve  he was
have   much   more   than  complied I greatly  handicapped.    He  was ia
with the  requirements of the law j favor of curtailing expenses and re-
during thc year 100S.     We expect ducing present indebtedness. Tliere
to patent this ground during tbe j are   many   matters of importance
coming year and secure title  from j to come before the people, such as
the government, and thus eliminate! water  supply, sanitation, etc., and
th. possibility of any complications' he warned them of the possibility
ever arising  with reference to this, of an epidemic of disease from bid
question of annual assessm.nt work .water   and   unsanitary conditions.
"The Okanogan Electric Railway! He would pay off present w.debted-
j considered   the   widespiead   Local ij.as  had   an  age���t  in this county! ness with present taxes  by letting
Option movement a most encourag- Ljurjnt, t;le past  n,0nth   settling up' work stand that may be left for an-
ing sign of the timas, and  exi ress-  ,..���_ i��enrred whi|e making the pre-1 other year.    He did not think that
I ing his willingness  to do what he j Uniiliary surveys, and the  promise j money   had   been   spent   where it
is made that the road will be con-jwas  not  needed.     If the electors
structed during the year 1909. i saw fit  to  el.ct him be would do
"There is nothing new to an-i his best 10 serve the mu iciiality
nounce regarding the reorgauiza- j with credit to himself and to those
tion of our company. All plans j who elected him.
are gradually maturing as outlined H. J. Hutcherson w*s the next
iu previous communication, and we! called upon. The system ot Coun-
anticipate no difficulties of any cil work was not in accordance
kind to be overcome when we fin- with his way ot doing things. He
allv  reach  the time-.and  place to} would  favor niece   work   and aa
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
and exi ress
could to assist in winning Local
Option ior B.C. He thought there
was much misunderstanding abroad
concerning the object 1 f Local Option, and lelt sure that everyone
would vote for it wben it was once
rightly understood.
It being carried unanimously tbat
we form a Local Option League in
Ladner, the following officers were
President���Dr. Woodley.
Secretary���Miss McNeill.
Treasurer���Reeve Hutcherson.
The following were appointed a
perfect the reorganization.
"A new prospectus has been
issued from this office uuder date ol
December 1
ber   of  copies
The Vancouver Milling & Grain
Co. Ltd., manulacturers of thecele-
btated "Royal Standard" flour, desire to announce to their mauy patrons and friends throughout this section of the coui try that the loss of
their elevator in tbc recent fire,
while a temporary inconvenience,
will not in any way cause delay in
their fulfilling  all orders received.
Royal Standard has become, a
household word in so many homes
throughout British Columbia, that
even-a temporary delay in fulfilment
ot orders would be a great inconvenience, fend we are glad tbat such
will be avoided.
itemized    account   of   everything
done     He  was, perhaps,  the one
most responsible for  tbe iwtroduc.
1908.    A  large nuni-l tion ot a water scheme by  going to
have f'.ready been j Anderson  Creek  and  getting  the
Council   sufficiently   i .tereste.   to
holders.    Any stockholder who has j take the matter up.   Tht-cheme
not  received one  and  who would ta heing put   through   under   the
Coleman,     ���     Robins,    H-! li^e to have  it can  secure  one by (local improvement  by-law ami  the
Benson,    M.   McKenzie,   Jan. japplyins for same at  the  office of only  people paying  tor  it will be
Frew, W. R. Ellis, R. H. Quaggan, j the compa���v [��� Spokane  in person those    benefitted.      Arrangement*
or by mail. |*re being completed and natil they
"Stockholders who can afford  to I are complete it would be unwise to
do soar  asked to subscribe  for a,put this matter   !*fore the people.
small amount of treasury   stock   at | K re-elected he   would endeavor to
committee  to  secure  signature* to ra.,jieci to the majority of our stock
Local   Option    petitions:    Messrs.
���   Hislop,    Robert   Lambie,    R.
P. T.  Gibbie,   D.   M.   Ellis.   D.
Gunn, H.   B.  Thompson,   Rev. S.
L. Grey, Dr. King,
The meeting then adjourned and
During  the Str. Favorite's last
trip on Tuesday last  she sj rang a
leak  through  the   iie   cutting its j 21 st
way  through s her  1 ull, and when ; that
Fred Pielle and his wife, of Che-
wassen, are missing sin:e about tie
December   last.   It   appears
about   two   months ago  the
she landed  her passtngers at the.young couple   went   over to
Sawmill   wharf  she   was   leaking .North Arm by cac.oe on a  visit to,
treely.    Capt. Bruce c id his best to!relatives, and returning, stayed atj
beach her near the Council wharf'-.Steveston to do some shooting, in-1
but was  unable  to accomi lish his: tending  to spuid X;nas at
object, with  the  result that she is 1 home on the reservation at
nftt  lying  its snugly  as night be!wassec     On the   21st  ult.,
the chairman ol the committee ea''";this time for the p-irpose ot enab- ��� wipe out the present
ed  the members  present together j,it.g the management to pay ol.  ;<!1 and wasin tavor
and a schedule was made out as-jbills jncurred during  tbe  present ward svstem.    We
signing each a definite  territory to lyear jn order that we m;lv app
canvass, all petitions to be handed
in to the chairmin or secretary
f doing a vuv the
cannot expect
,,h sidewal'-rs all  around   the   village
-bt. ��� and he was not in iavor df building
sidewiIks when roa'.e need   ; xing.
Vote fer Dvric,
wished. Much syn pathy is felt for
Capt. Bruce in his nisfortunes and
it is Doped he will pull through
without too serious a loss.
Corn, Corn Men! ��� Brackman-
Ker Milling Co.. Ltd., H. N.
RICH, Ladner, B.C., Agent.
went out in their canoe to do some j
shooting and havi; not been seen;
since. The young couple were
about 18 yeats ol age ar.d were
married last fall. Tlie patents of
the young couple are Veiy much
distressed over the occurrence and
the young man's rather is offering
a reward of $20 lor the recover* ol
the bodies,
our reorganization ire.- irom
...-..���.-.-- ���        h\ j Your manager has   been   carrying
j January 14th. [many of these expenses alone, audi He world like to be  re-elerted for
can not well afford to   meet   all of, the coming term so that he might
these obligations without  the as-j have a chance  -ec what  might be
.   . . ,    ,,    ...   ,   -    ,     ���    ^.sistance   of    other    stockholders. Idone.    It electe i he would da his
thur engaged by the .Us.m���HU-, "��="�� l^ &  ^ -^ spedal best for, the good of the district at
tetters   from   me   during the pQ.t] large ahowin; favors to ��o��e.
month are urged   to reply to them
_ j promptly,   and   any   other   stock-
Remember  the  Auction Sale on j bolder   who   feels   able to   invest
The  S.S.   Newington  has beei 1
engaged by the Westminster Bo:��rc
of Trade to b_ea'_ the ice and k c. p j
the channel open to the Gulf. 1
P. T. Gibbie thanked the ratepayers for re-electing him by acclamation for the fifth time. He
Saturday next, at the residence of! twenty-five or fifty dollars will! thooght the municipality would
the late J. A. Paterson, when H.'confer a favor on the management I have been money in pocket if the
N Rich will dispose of the live atd'by sending his or her check to this; taxes had heen raised years e��o we
dead  farming  stock,   hav,   straw, |��ffi �� at ��BC*-   'f^asury stock.will b   ���ow the roads would be j, ^t.
r, ... ke issued tor this money and  all   , ....
nntato��s     mm-.Is     itirnittire   and .    _    1      -n  u ".     ��� ^. .    class  condition,    lt   pmO to  make
poiaio^^,   mangcis,   lunumre I such sto.k will be guaranteed pro-
effects, etc.    Sale to cnnitnence at 1 itectton  share for share when  re>
{.clock pm- 1 organization takes place "
(Continued ��m Third  I��age.i THE D.ELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, JANUARY r$, 1909.
Ittt  DELTA   riMES.
Published every Tuesday.
Subsceiption, $1.00 per year.
OuilhI Advertisement*, 10 eenls per llae f����
Ihe &rn.in��.--rtioii, finds cent* per liue tor tto).
��ubs��t|ufut .ntwrtiou. The uuinbcr ot Hbcb
���eckuueil by thc space occupied, ulim-sto the
fUtcs tor Coron*. cial AdveiU*emeiit�� caa be
hard on application hi this office.
Reading notices to cents per line for eacb iu-
Birth and Deatli notices, 50c., Man-in^rsf i.nn.
Any special novice, the object ot which Is to
" individual
pronote the prcuniary benefit" of any individual
or ci.iii[Wil)-, to Ite considered au adv_i
and churn, d accordingly.
. AH tdvertiaemenls charged  for until ordered
sut and nuu! tor.
Corre .pou dence mviu-d on tnattera of public
merest. Cominunicatious to editor must be nc-
compnnied by mtme of. writer, not necessarily
for publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence must reach this oflice by Thurs-
iay cveulug.
Geo. R.
With regard to the Reeveship we
have uo wish to draw conclusions
as both are good men and, therefore, we commend them both to the
t.nder mercies of the ratepayers for
them to choose from.
_t_.A��0NS WHY.
s^ome oL-vtbe reasons why we
should return.Councillor Davie:
Because he has done more really
good wotk i'h bis ward than had
ever been cone before.
Because be has not completed the
vork he has undertaken. . .
Delta Council.
j The Delta Council met in the
I Council Chamber on Saturday last,
'Jan. 9th, at 2 p.m., with the
1 Reeve, H. J. Hutcherson, in the
j chair, and Couns. Gibbie, Davie,
I Gilchrist, Morley and Enibrer pre'
.Minutes of previous meeting
weTa adopted as read.
From F. B. Pemberton, enclosing plans of Lorne Estate. The
Reeve was authorized to sign sane
if found correct.
Delta Highway By-law, 1909.
passed its second reading.
The following accounts were ordered paid: V. Martinolich, $10;
T, Cosulich, $5.25; J. Savage, $6;
M. Bussanieh, $1.65; Geo. London,
$10; Geo, Swan, $12.96; A. Swan,
$9.37; C. Mason, $27.12; Joe, $6;
T. Cosulich, $52.50; R. Dean, $5;
J. Scopinich, $55; Geo. Ormiston,
$75; H. Marchant, $60; G. Grauer,
$13.50; S. Nicolich, $45-54; A.
Falk, $7; A. Brown, $12; H. J.
Cresswell, $6.75; E, Holman, $4;
I). J. Anderson, $15
The Council then sat as a Court
of Revision- of the. Voters' List
when the following changes were
made:- |
Coun. Morlev's name was  transferred to Ward IL R. C. McNeill's
name   was   removed   and   Arthur!
Neaves'   name  placed on  instead. I
���S. T. Holbrook's name was  added j
to the list of Ward III..
Leyland   Hornby  asked tb'havei
his n.-jie placed on the list.    Not)
fashion StabJeS'
Truckicc and Draying.    Livery Work ofi
All Kinds Attended to Promptly.
All Kinds oc Firewood Always On Hand
Incorporate-! 1909*
J. N. COLLINSON, jjg 1"��"", nr.
<c;_.oes!   <;hoesii~~
of Waterproof
Total As.ets Over Forty*
-: 10,000
. i      Millions.
Winter Weather
\DNER, B. C.
Repairing Neatly and Promptly Done.
the B
Are Prepared to -. * .
Furnish All Kinds of
Accounts ef Qut'of-Towii Customers Give.; Special.
Savings Department'
Accounts may be opened witli deposit4   _f < DOLL
ai.4   UpwafiJs.      Interest paid, oi   ere....        ',.!.-
Jiiue 30t.l1,
tist eacb
K. D. .SIMPSON, Mana.
. \DH    : ,. il  C,
R   I). McKenzie, Prop.
Newly Furnished Through mt, and
First-Class in livery Detail.
Rate.,  on Application. "��
es <
ice that he re-opened
und_ Violin Classes
Rail,   over  GllTord's
in' Thursday,   Sept.
paiticttlars  apply to
Because he has  not  fiVored u.e granted; received too late.
portion ot the'Wurd more than another.
Because, when the late Reeve
died the balance of the Councillors
thought he wis liest qualified tn fill
that position, and, if qualified tor
that fbsitmn, surely he is bitter
qualified to fill the Councillor's
chair than a green hand.
Then vote for Davie and experi-
. ence.
(Cniitin ned trom First Page.)
food roads.- It w.asr.'ffcte'aded that
account should be kept of the cost
of new pieces of work done so that
the people might know the cost ol
things. The Road Foreman had
more tban he could rightly attend
to and ought to have an assistant
He was not in tavor of letting by
contract the laying of crushed rock
and did not think it wise to hand
roads over to commissioners. The
River road question was a very
vexed one and the Council had
done what they thought best under
legal advice and he did not think
lie would change his action very
much if be had it to do over again.
lie expected to get justice when
the matter is referred to Kailway
Commission. The road at present
is in the hands ol the Railway
Commission. The Gulfside dyke
came in for consideration and he
'would like to see a loaa raised to
place same in first class condition
He was not very enthusiastic over
the water question us yet but if
right scheme were put forward he
Wsiuld sign it. H* thanked all for
their kind a'tcntion and ei-pscfally
those of Ward T.
Coin. Davie na. next called
upou and stated that he had spent
his appro] Fiat ion . here be thought
it wns roost needed. W,w bad spent
(.portion ot his appropriation on
the Slough Trunk road whicli
caused him to curtail other work.
For the benefit ot all Interested,
Coun. Davie gave the following
(Sgurest Cost of half-mile on Slough
Trunk read���Team work, $843.50;
rock, 874 yards at $1.55, $i3_4-7o;
labor, *-54i-.25t total for the half,
mile, $3,73*-45- Colt of maintaining one mile plank mad, about
Trunk road, ..otu river to  West*
luii} street���Rock,   teanjiiiji;, labor.
On motion the Voters' List as revised WHS'accepted as tlie Voters'
List for 1909, and the meeting adjourned sine die.
removing old road planking and
stringers, filling big ditch, pulling
dewn and refixing fences, new sidewalk and removing buildings,
$2648, While Chisholru street,
from H.-K. 'wharf to Marshall
Smith & Co.'s Store, cost no more
than $307.10. The 20 chains of
work done on the Raitt road was
done for $270. In referring to the
good judgment shown by tbe late
Reeve, J. A. Paterson. it was shown
that his e. t'mate of the cost ot the
municipal rock whan, dock and
bridge over ditch was $1,500, while
the work cost 51352.68. In regard
to water, he was in tavor of water
and willing to pay what it is
worth. He wished to be sure tbat
there was plenty 01 water there. He
the:i offered his services to the
ratepayers and said that, if reelected, he would do bis best.
D. A. McKee bad very little
to say, but would do his best if
elected. He la 1 nothing against
Mr. Davie aud if the ratepayers
saw fit to leaye him home all well
aud good.
S. Morley said he was no crator
but would answer any questions
which might be asked concerning
work he had don? and he soon was
busy at that delightful occuiation
which was kept up till the 'quake
interfered and broke up the meeting-
Shingles,  Doors, Sash  and
House   Finish   of   All   Descriptions.
The   BEST  WatBJ*   Tanks   Are
Made at 'this Willi*
A Gauntlet, last week. 0\frner
mav have same 011 proving property and paving for this ad.
Veterinary Surgeons.
N��W WESTMINSTER,    :-:  B. C
_nufncturer. of ��... kPlidsoJ
Soda Watter\ Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
.;   -v .... -.
':-   ���������-.,.
Strings, Eto.
City 1 .ire��
.   ,--
improved faroi fer Sal*
BY TRNWfl'l.
I        ������  	
by ii's.
for ..nt
poll is vn
$20  REWARD.
Lost between Point Roberts a-id
Westminster bridge on Monday,
Dec. 28th, '08, a pocket book containing about $68. FindeT will receive above reward on returning
same to
Friends of E. L. Kirkland W(H
be pleased to learn that he is improving nicely and exiects to be
able to be up and around again
when the weather opens up,.
Auction Sale!
MR. II. N, RICH has received
instructions from the Execu
or of the late Mr. J A. Pa erson,
to SELL hY AUCTION 00 the
premises, 1 iiii> East of Lad ier, out
Saturday. January  16th,
1909,  at   1 o'clock.
Tkkms Cash.
Ladies and Gentlemen���In compliance with th'1 request of a large
number of the ratepayers from all
over the Municipality I have decid?!
ed to become ., candidate (or lhe
office of Reeve at the election now
about to be hell. .Should you do
rae the honor 10 elect me I will
give the lest lhat is in me,to ihc
service of the municipality in order,
to find a sati.lactofy solution to the
various irrav'1 problems which we
have to face. It is now 22 years
since I first took my seal at the
Council board and since then 1
have been either actively engaged
or in close touch witli municipal
afF.urs :uid the knowledge pained
from experience ought to be of usej
at this critical, time.
I nm opposed  to personal can-
Vrissinj; and will not approach you
in that way but will ie'ave iny case
in your hands and  wili  cheerfully
abide by your decision. ..
Yours faithfully,
All   Calls	
Promptly Attended to
���ne 35
Stainton Block
W. N. Draper,
*ooni 2, KIliir.1 lilork. New V.V.tn
Tenders _..l be received
undersigned up to twelve
noon, January sotb, 1909,
purchase oi the whole or a
of-the iarmvpf the late J.-A.
son. being part of Lot 139, Group
2, New Westminster District, <~on-
taiirin'.; 120 acre, more or less.
Tenderers tw state amount to be
pa.d in cash am_ terms required on
the balance. This farm is conveniently situated, owe mile from Ladner on Trvink road, is all Undei
cultivation uttd thoroughly under-
dTaiwed, al.out 60 aicre.. fronting on
Crescent Sloragli. Tt has a new,
two-storey nitre room dwelling,
witb back kitchen ancl woodshed.
all modern conveniences, furnace
heated and electric lighted: new
barn, 50x90, and barn 50x80; implement sH'feds, dwelling for hited
men, driving barn ami other otr.-
1_ui.din-gs. .
The  bighes't  or  any tender notj,
necessarily accepted.
Agent for Ekeci
���Drawer 309, New Wes'.miusV
-.  I   ��� :    Onion, Carrot,
'!'��.. Cloven, AI'-v.x, oojy
in s:i ��� U: m'ofi? to arrive.
All ot. tt.'; at our Greenlm'.:* : '
best ti ".���' obtained-. Samples sent
t0 intjgudii g pwrohaiers.i
Get tlv'cm off first u^tidsiuo huddle n :
i!   S
���1 ..SltS.
yarfet'ies oi home frown
Orhtiratntal Tries. Bee
Spray  Pumps, Spraying
Fertilizers.  Greenhouse
140-Page Catalogue Free
M. I fflfflRTS Nurseries,
��� 'sV'oMiTiTist��r Ron.!,    ���
VANCOUVER,    -    P. b.
 1 _...'._����_������BBB��~_a
Our Entire Stoek ���
-. '���
and Fb
V$k: ��� ���   ���     '
Ail  New  and   tp-ttr-Date Stock, to
Below,    .
.it  Goat im
'_��� -A-'..- :. -  ���������.-)���   ���     .  tV. It >   A '        '
.... .       ���   ...-.���.���-..   :.'.. ' t__ ��*.<!,;I T_*"s.lft-
-.-���:      ,,r    -.   .  ;n.'-T i!.,: ..1-_1II| *'l lm.''r
.lium. . ���. :    ��� i"-*..T_ lul ftrissiiii'of ys��s��
. ,---.i-.-,...   ���   ���.'/   T*ho_''sv��.a_v liie rrtil;
. ��� i l-.Tll >.'���: .->v.s   luiUO fJsiltl ITUsl is..nuts,.*
s;ti:v ��.
.��ls:.^T -tt I.  ��������� 'Ittttic ' ,-,- I ,-fr.Til tcfsitl,
..-.-.i-li v,_u dvctia Crca-Biti   ..ii !_i:it iy i_'y own
-'.ir j h' ':��� all Ti..* v.   .;.;,���'. "   ,.-:\ ilivsinl,
T1.')).,:    :���'��� Bli '���"���.'������ t -.      I I] '.!' l.i 1 ,1 UWT.T
s:i. .'-.- i'' ���',..'-, �����.*<] ���'.'* ���!. .���.--- .-.ii i _. n-._
Tn be I,.., _ ."s. sing _��".s i .-..- ��� Ji .h_ti oi faa.
r.V.  '.'������,���':������' t r..l.'.-..t.y: ';'."��� 3'.m .:'. U-'.wo    j
i;'.-.-.,..rtt m_ i it, *, tin y i-.-��ar:U> cnrj-t-l)'t���
in. urn JHirr bal :i ��i_'ll_l <:r*_ni ofyouS
_ _ I .-     ' 1.1 Ji -.vrTirlc-lTt- 3y__HI .f ILC1!'
--!  . ' �����-_-..!���'_.���-.in MU: tn CiiDlitituliOfe.
"Jf-vLES Ar-0 jCSTS.    -���
. >in... _i.m_s<-"it missnam **e "war wtt *ro
mti. 1.
���-'i Htsiil. _��'.T pssic in aoaictlnico nol tlu
moet kt'SM..   This t. conclusive text:
..    Tin. run
.'"!_.    matclHn   }_;i_il'_  .oon.plrxioi>,   cy _���
nnd hair
ihould gfow on Maud, but nature s��v�� *
���1 t%r*i Ti>->.  Won S .v-alloTrrii Kttm*
li>  nll-lsl'i'om W.sOirn Tull.
I������; irliln comoR-thofiillowlng lottta
itu 'a '������ _ .''"as currreipoiiiUmtT
'���liclnyiui ux soldlur and having only
J5 t)io-ib.i��I" *TV(i Id iu.intra n title hi *
quarter miction ot land, 1 wcnttii Flotilla
'.- i ���:. ��� i,s j t.i. mv plana Into execution,
n ''Aid,- m,..iv.:1 .-,_ to tlio inmlmtirk.. I
bad ij liltc ii nc.rtcr to limits .-ho land foi
ll��������� , ;,tm! ,a- \vu In.'.! to u;oabolitcight. Mills.
*���'���' :r..i. woods over baft 'IwkIk, with no
Intra rltr*.
".Vnd tiotv.'" ���saW Profomw .jnnjdinn
ier us  Ue greeted   Mr.  Henry   reek
what sbnll wo make oT j-our little bo>
-a lc��.twc.-.? He bnmi stoeore taste (oi
"I kuow be tins," TcplleA tlie mn!.
parent. "Ue inberits it Orom bis uvtb
K*t Wo SnrprUInv.
ye'   talk   huckleberry
Claud���'Deed I oould eat huckleberry
ple UU I'm black In de face.
Htii !u
t.i I
Iter, .'buck, and .11 v.ro��s-
stiviiiu I noticed .hat my friend's
-ail caught in 1M1 old plue Htunip,
��� -., hiilr from thot��ll *ud leowtug
Ir t.isl.t'i f.hi! ��nmp.
yon Wiimvt, it bcr-oliol. will turn*i
11 I, ��� ut, mid 1 made up my
limn.'.] r.l.,iT partieulor hair. 80
' iTi.;! my In nd'and gottiugalog
bnllt i tonS nivalin and sturted out
uut, .i">.i dii-hig my ramble. I uanM
strnoiu tlmt my friend and I had
!. and, bum enough, (bora was tba
b��r��!b��i-jgnnkfi as l'i�� on my thumb and
ovrt^fbnlMPCt lorlg. A _ he was tost to tbt
Win ; j |t> htui alone and continued my
ii ti. liuf^lug isihub quail,a rabbit and
j,wo squirm!*, wtiioh gnve ine a good tueBf
of 1, '.-��� 1 .. A_ I won very bu_y tor tha
��<.������:' ihri* ���....���It. I bad .lotiioo to visit wj
iItc, ��� ��� vnu may Judgoof my ��ir-
a tt ii my next visit te find tht
��� : ir mt a KtovoiiiFO ond over 40
\-1 wns RoinK tetlave a log
��� . _t week I kept my _e.ii.at to
1 - 1' jil linve pome fun after we
Tei? . .ir<lny'_work Igotevery-
H'i.v and s.'iu out my Invitation-,
mil 1 Im. showad me tho land came
. n. t of it I., iii nmi told mo that his
t is !'._. or h'toleu 'We nil pitched In
111 good day's work wul had a good
(T, I  tilil  them  iiiy sooret mid wt
in 111 10 the brunch. You can Imagine our
surprise �� hull we found the snake as big
.. a t.ivt ton, with a bulge in the middle
ns big hss ��ug.-r barrel
' Well, Tto miikou long story short, we
kVllcil tlio BTinl.u and cut him open, and
my iri.nil's lost horse tumbled out. Wt
thought tlio horse won dead until he com-
mencod to move, and seon ran around all
right, nml my friend rode bim home. 1
bavn heard n gre.nt deal alxiut horsuhali
sniikos, and this ia the only instunee 1
fenow of wliere a horse was swallowed
alive by �� bnir from iis own tall."���Bal
Kmoro American.
If'  '
r; "is
luy 1
'nmt 1
What the House of l.oril. I. Pot.
"The house of lordsoannat now profett
to mnke the la-wt of the nation, bnt It can
and docs preventvostchangea being made
in ths ���oonstltution by a snap vote pr ���
tcrntch majority. It does for the Brltldh
const itnrtion what ��� written document,
unalterable exeept nnder certain special
conditions, does for otbor forms of govern-
Rient lint for it the whole of our laws
and liberties would lie at tho mercy of any
man who could got control of the house of
commons for 24 hours. It considers nil
legislation, and though tn -practice lt seldom ventures to make changes tt4s able
to insist on'��� reference to the country If U
holds that a great and farrenchlng revolution Is being made without the electors
being really aware of what ls 'happening
in fact', it view s'the >!aws sent up to lt ln
���the -light of thiB question, "Ought tlii:
���law If not amended to she rejected 'Until ii
baa heen jPofiiri-.il to tbu iwtion with I!_
4emand, 'Is 'It your pleasure that this bill
~ become lawf "���London Spectator
sMetara *t * ttaakcr.
Xiucretla Mott, tke eminent Qunksi
minister and antlslnvery apostle, was hi
woman of rare personal charm, snd ���wlilVf
not Ix'iiottful in the strict sousoof then
/nri-eaoliiiig term was possessed of a faoe
that��;isi)i_ileehart<of ..t. illor brother,
T;nii:ns CuiUn, ihowevor, was not in tht
'��� li.. untitled toany claims of that now,
t whioh ciuseil him as much nnim .-
ni ; us it did uny nne of his friends lie
��., .o.-.iTU asked by a friend for his picture,
b,.t I'Tss.injwl Utile hope that the inquire!
'Would ever get wbat be asked for.
"Well, Thoiinis,' sn'd tho other, "Jf
tliee will -tiol.geumo.nlTiin tor mo, wll! thut
luttne linve.aivo.iif uf .inolilioiii'V"
"1 mu  iitruidil uiiuiiot do ih.it ulthor.'
Wpllwl Tiiunias     'lhe _.<*nt 1b tinil 1 onw
did have 11 nlcture taken ol lliysirlf, and It
_.'i.i _i (TDi'il thiit 1 di-.-royod it."���Uur-
par's Kuumi Table
A  Mjstery.
A T��ry ^niall .boy wns wntclilng I1I1
mother sew wtmlclioues hi tier ilreas.
���"What*ro tln^'. ����f be urked.
������I.i'ucs." Hiu- replied.
"\Viii*_cV' contimiod 'tbeiltttle fellow.
���".Mine." shuanswered
He i"Ciiidi��fl tier a minute in nninsio-
111 nt und then risked solemnly. "Uow
did ye* *et teni'out?"
Sis Blmdy ObserTallen.
MlM Jones -tto Mr. ilrovvu, who htm
���survived throe wlvew���They imust got
ikind of mixed up ln heaven with so
���many Mrs. Brown* about.
Mt. Brown���Oh, no; I oaleulate not.
Ton -seo, new, they're all -different
isbadesof ��rowa. .,
"Tet. t consider my life a 'fanure.*
"Ob. Henry, bow sod!   Wt_y -tboolli
:yon say thatl"
"M spend all -my tlm* milking money
���enough to buy food ��� d clothes, bnt
���the food disagrees wltu nne, and ttf
M-OtltMidOU't tit."
His Support.
Ne foreign nobleman Is he,
Tet lt has come to pass
That Mabel pays his tailor bills,
And Stella .pays the gas. .
'Vair Phyllis ataves the'landlord oB;
���On Kate tor food he leans;
They are the girls he rhymes about
In all the magaslnes.
A Different Question.
retkins, Jr.���Why dou't you buy that
horse of Beth's, pop? He's got a line
Perking, Sr.���Pedigree. Tbe question
Is, Is be wuth anything? Why, Iwy,
tbem susslety folks, wbat comes here
in tbe summer bus .pedigrees.
Polishes Vrale.
Betty -Mr. Cynlque ls too pollsbed
for woi .��, ton . Ue?
Peggy -"OU. rtenr. yes. Everything, be.:
says reflects on some one.
-   MoTfconatlc.
The eon of a kln(?ly (iinatlc
Lav-oil u muid  wUein his father, em*
U hullo,
l'orl ado him to wed.
" "lis the siyle!" liie .prince Bold,
"For combines to be Morganatlcl"
Her A,.h!ev_mcnt.
'���rtinrlpy, dour." wild young Mrs.
���.���i.int. "you know yoii-sislil wp otlghl
pm Sfeilnitliliig by for 11 r.alny day."
"Yoh." '   ���
v, 0II. (ioii't you think tliis bargain
In i-oii-t la poi'fectly lovely?"
���trnr_ee.a<is  BIna,
'Menn!     eseinfmwi    tlie   trmwit;'
-.:',:.    "Wliy.   bo's   ;..>   in ':m   Hint   b;
.'o!tis his ciigngpiuent tn i'..e two bend
tl fclrl iK'i-iilise lie wuii ..si'iiiiij of be:
ulllinery bills."
Tin- <*...:,-,;:-���.:I t.Ir!.
BIhVb quite on,.-i|ial. Ihey eitj-
A blithe nn.l winsome elf:
Bho plnyH Iiee'.li_ven In a ..i;
Mc didn't know himself.
(lulle   Nr. eH_n-ry.
"Well," . n!d the I'laln citizen, "there
���sri? TiTwnys two _!<los to n question."
"Of course," replied the diplomat,
���otherwise Uow could we dodge it?"
a cC_re6t_d CA.RI.VLE story
:_,:-v TU,' Chelsea Is-uvt" Avoided Lettd
ln�� In ra.".il...v Prny'em.
Hr. A Oiirlyln wrltnwT "A much' ptr
.iiisd iiLiTiK.nt, ot ihe following incltsont
has for years niiptitrctl at Intervals Ik
newspapers Tlie story when correctly told
Is not without lntcrist uud even hmiiin
and ls very characteri.tle ol.'Carlyle li
the antumn'of UlTtCarlylo and his nieau
Miss M. 0. Altitun, were visiting at tin
bouse of Mr. Patrick Swan, then proves'
of Ktrkoaldy mnd at a date long anterior
a pupil of -Onrlylo On tho Sunday even
Ing Mr. .Swnn and his guests wero assen;
bled aftor dinner In the druwlug uouni
sud some ona proposed thnt Carlyle shoo!',
reud nloud for the entertainment of tin
ooinpnny���a rather ilnrgo one. He rondll)
oonsentcd, nnd weingthe Bible lylnx o:
the tnhlcho opened tt at tke beginning ol
Job, his favorite hunk
"Xo s.niicr  had  he .Adzed the Dlble,
however, thun In marchcd:tliosarvunts on.
after nnothoi', and'Carlyle povoolvod ih.
bu was, as lt were, trapped  Into oondune
ing family worship   Hnvv to get out'ot IM
illleniiiin.   There snumud   nothing for  It
ibut to read and to keep on rending nnd te
���wait whnti.tlmo lind cli.vnco ini.tt.t hrii
He bogan withfthe.ftfet qliiipter.ot-slnliH _
j read   ohaptor nfior 'ohapter, muking  re
{ niiirka .io�� and nga'n on striking pnssngi
{ -After tbls-senteniM. 'Is tliere any ���taste In
j thew!ilt*uf 1111 eggy'he exclaimed. '')   t
\ 'bless mo, si never knew thut was  In .1
' ot   libiu! qulie/orgotten thntwns In ���'���
:  &. little while afijur ihni   his  niece ei:  r
lurwnrJ to 'the iljnlile, ami ttoUobing   1   1
i arm wblspei'i'd. Mlncle, do you pot think
j *on havo read pnongb-Jwune utghtf   lie
; >evoher a | l.ni.i.'it smile, int eonclnu.d
���reading and sxpoiindiiig    iftor two ..r
��� three.mare chapters hail   li'on ovu'.'L��kiT_
:'bis nieco again came fdiwnril ami Bald
: quietly, -t;ncte, you renll>' ou^ht to eto|i,
i you siii, the torv-auts are all  In the rOinn,
I aud Uiey ll-liavo workiodoiyet.'   On tbli
boing Mid, or whispered, to him ho _mi
denly ro v, shs, tho hoiik with eruphnsls
j _ayiii(j loud-enough li r all to hoar,.  Well,
I tt I'm  nui'ito birnlluwidito re^d  inoro, 1
suppose 1 must stop,' and walked uut ol
I the room vvllb un air of offended dignity
Ou going to his room soon altcvv,ml Iii*
I niece found hlmilnughing and rejiii.'iiig al
I hlsliuppy escape    Ills flrst words to hei
wutot ���_ hope. Inss. tliou's not bflojldedl
; I could nuts.'.: how else in. gut out of It.''
T*'M\m 'In a Mhii'm i.'hnrn-i-ter fke .%<���
ls Suid lo lil.slin.-,
l.id you  ever  uoliee   .lie  difl'eri'iit
v.i.vs 1:.on bold <lgais or cigarettes?.
1-iU yuu ever observe bow you yourself
lii.iil one?
'ihcie nre itttrnttl a uow . di_forc_tj|-S'.itid'nys at iu.11,.
��_ys, and prolmlily ue two men ioH il    ^ilaitins, *i dVlock
their cigars exactly tilike. ��� ,: _j
A judge of human nature maj' pTflt,
q'p Interesting points ��s te clinniult..
from wiitebing Binokoi's.
line man win bold Ills 4'lgar [Irmly
between thumb nud -for. liugor. Ue Is
osiiully a resolute,' tenaoloiis" tiiiuv
���trciiiious <����� merely ���phlegmntle, .as tlio
vase anay be, but never l__j-. tils Iin-
gers nre stuiupj. - ���      ' -   ���
Amotlier umn holds tbe cigar loosely
'between his llrst and second Ungentle 4s apt to be graceful, lazy. Irresolute, .1 mau of artistic temperament,
but not a hustlers Bis fingers nre loug
nud tapering. "���
A third man will carry his elgirr wltb
the lighted end turned in townrd tbe
piJtu, iJ.tc 'haul', held scoop shape around
It. lie iplckod up tliat trick when
wuoking on tlie sly as a bof, fearing
papa -might break suddeuly Into the
���game. He ls usually of a secretive nature and not marked by any special
tendency to frankness.
A fourth will hold bis cigar awkwardly, nervously gripping It und often
staring nt lt Inquisitively to see bow ti
Is burning. He is not a "natural smoker.'1 nor Is be apt to _>e wlint is known
ns 11 "good fellow." lie Is usually uus-
i.wis to conciliate others and has not
great force of character.
'Watch '.the man behind the cigar and
sec if all these -character drawings are
nut correct.
'   '_* . A..1. SAINTS.
Holy Communion���ist an rt  yd
Jtidays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd  aod 41I1
BDv^nsong,,7:3a o'clock.   .
Sunday School ut ie a.m.
.Friday evening, Litany at ;:-o.
ifciv. It; R. Baitleir, M.A...  Vica-
Services 'first arid third Sunday of
>acb- month at 10:30 a.m^ Benedic-
'i6n(-'7':3o ���ji.m
-Sundav-school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass ancl Holy Gommunior
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, 0.M.I..
Pari-ft Pi-iest.
Services-next Lord's "Day at 11
a. 'm.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, after tlie morning
service<every Sunday.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
f uceessfml Belieme That Was Workel
Wt Two Hunicry Men.
"One af tlu? cleverest 'grafts' I ever
saw wns worked tlie other day In a
quick lunch restaurant on Park tow-T
snid the Observer, "i .noticed two men
fctlking eiu-iet.tiy Just tbclpw the place
s.s I was gulug lu to get my 'lunch. One
of them followed -ine In nnd -took u scut
'Just below nio tit tbe table. A few seconds later the other cnli-rul and took a
seat just opposite his friend, whom he
did uot appear to 4tuow. The first uiau
oitlered a very exteusi-ve dinner, commencing with soup und ending witb
charlotte ru.se and coffee. He got the
very best Hint tlie place'could afford,
mid bis chock for $1.35 was placed in
frout of liliu. Tbe other mau took his
time about ordering, taking corned
ibeef and beuus���10 cents' worth. His
���check wns placed ln the center-of the
table, between the two men.
"Number oue a to hastily nnd finished
tlrst. He got up, put ou his bnt and
then calmly picked up the teu certt
check tlmt 'belonged to his friend.
Without turning n hair he went to the
-desk, paid 10 ceuts nud walked out. A
fey. minutes later number two, wbo
'���had been pending the paper,; prepared
to leave'and took up the remaining
<check. Bu appeared greatly surprised
aud called tlie waiter, asking for aa
explanation. Tliere was nothing tor tho
fculght of the napkin to do bnt give the
man a new ten cent -check, as it was
very evident that 'he bad not eaten
$1.38 Worth of food. I suppose'-that the
two met outside and at the next .place
visited -number two got tbe "square.
Somebody hss been translating Vslt
Whitman's "Leavesot Oram" into it��Ht_.
At Walt himself would ss/, "Gosh I"���
Cleveland Loader.
Aluminium huts are -the newestthtngs
for tbe us.- of Klondike miners. Thoy oro
well sdaiitod for light housekeeping.���
Oounell Bluffs (la.. Konnorell.
tllCT OffMRS.
Local Conserrat-ves met on Hi i-
day night last, in Oddfellows* Hall,
for the purpose of reorganizing and
electing officers for the ensuing
year as follows:
Hon. Presidents���X. L Bord.-n,
K.C., M.P., Hot.. Richard McBride and J. D. Taylor, M.P.
President, W. A. Kirkland; vice-
president*, F. J. MacKeu-ie, C. H.
Davis, R. F. Handfotcl; secretary,
W. H. Smith; treasurer, H. J.
Executive���L. VV. E'nbree, Is.
Kelly, H. D. Benson. A. Brown,
���Jas. Storey, Geo. Oianer. A. B.
Leary, F. Parmiter, Jas. .Sivas.e.
D. Montgomery.
Delegates to convention at Victoria���H. J. Hutcherson, VV. H.
���mith, Jas. McCali.ui, F. J. Mae-
j sWIsor. I
Jerry-le the world getting bette .
Jack���It's getting wiser.   I bave an
����-.-ul time tryliyt to bo>���>w money.   1
.< (',::. l.���s.
hnlrs "' yonr little;
ii   I reddle.
j   _t  n   linlrl���Wl.nl
-- ; htladl Itiniii  Noni
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
.at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.; returning, leaves Steveston _t 9:30 a.m.
and 4:30 p.m.
Rev. T- F. Betts. pastor.
Services next Lord's Dav at   1
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.   ���
Sabbath School 2:30 p.m. Midweek meeting on Wednesday even
ing at 7.30 o'clcck.
'   ���' Rev. J. H.   -bite , M.A.
��� Pabbatb services ��� Crescent  I.-
and, 3 p.m.; L.idner, 7:30 p.m.  ���
Sundav Sch'odi at 10:30 a. rr.
meeting on .Thursday nt
?otmc!ed 180,2 Incorporated 1898
Provides .. ChnsUstn Home for Students of both
s?xe_ at moderate rates. Has a preparatory class for
junior students talcing Public School wofk. Does High
School work and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Exam-
ina-tians, Teaches all branches oF a Practical Business
Course nnd conf en Diplomas. Imparts a Liberal Educa
tion ih its Colleg'ate Course, aud in the Toadies' Course
for M. H. I., and M. L. A. In Theology confe/s the de
_ree of B.D. In University work can take students through
die complete Arts Course Fur the. B.A. degree of Toronto
University, with which the College is in full affiliation. In
Science teaches t'he F:r--t Vear of Toronto School of Sci-
euee, and has n, Special Engineering 'Course adapted to
Practical Enginecrinc wort- -n this PrcvS.ce. "in Mtssic, a
complete course hi theorv, voke culture, and ph_'.i_ rand
organ, in eoi.j.ii..ti.on with the Toroiut. college of tuuerc.
Spechtl hwtructV'iu in art anl -elocution- while all students
.re required to tahrt physical training with all tlie . pris.
tleges of a tvell c'lnir.ped gvtTTt'.ns:.tw-i.
Trade Marks
Copyrights _c.
AnTono leniltng aaketcta and dosorlptlon m��T
qnlokly vear_aln our opinion tree whetlicr n.i
unrentii- la probably p��t��mii!)l<i,,poini_iinlciv-
���entfroe. OMost apency foriocimnirpatcMs.
Patonta taken tlirouuh Munn A XS>. rsmjlve
.iptcuilnottee, wittiotiLOiitiie, In tba
Scientific Jlmti^
AhandBomelr lllantrntcd wueiily. largest circulation ot ittf aolentltlo journal. Te.mn Ior
Canada, *3.1_ a year, postage prepaid, gold by
all newsdealers.
ig^MifMtaft New Ycik
Ice. 626 F SU Washington, 1). C.
If you average the cost price of J-M Asbestos RootrsG ovir
the period of years it ib in service, you wil! see that "J-M" is
cheaper to use than any other prepared roo_ng. Being made of
Asbestos, an indestructible mineral, it is permanently durable.
and as it does not require any coating or painting, its .first cost is
the-only cost.   Easily applied by anyone.
Asbebtoside is an Asbestos Sheathing .and .is the most economical, durable and easily applied siding known.
Ask for samples ond prices.
576 First Ave. S. Beattie, Waah
When yon wish to buy visiting
cards call on the Delta Times who'
will sell the best 'money can buy.
If you need tliem ���printed, why ynu.
are money in pocket by calling un
the Delti. Times tirst. ,
Any available Dosiiiaion La:ni_ witii
.a the Railway Bei; in Hritish Colu
ola, may be liomeit.aded by any ..������
son who Is the sole head ol a tamlo
or any male over IS years of age, ;<
the extent of on��-quarter _ec*ion o:
160 acres, more or leua.
Entry must be made .i_?r.sonally al
th* local land office for the district In
which the laud is situate. Entry
proxy may, howe.e , be made Dn
tain condit.ona by tho tther, mothei
son, daughtfr, ro;:er or wster if an
.nttndiag houisTSitiadev.
The hom.suadei is wqulrod io ,.'
form the condliionn lOH.iec..,  .
with undar oneof thc foliowinj ;lan
(i) At least six ...onihs' res., en ���
upon and cultlvat.on of the lind In
each year for three years.
(2) Jf Jhe ta her (or ,io tier, if t
...i:.r le ,!.<"��� sed  ol   '���   homes ea
���   ��� -.- a ������_��� ���     n     .   fl   il
....'.'���     ���''��� ''   ������ n
is t-i raSiaeww may bo :-""": f,!|
h   ^    r ���...;am;, wi^ ���:-.    .v. ���
ir mother.
[1   tli�� ..r   :.:-.-..S fi.    ; .���' i.tnciil
i ������   . ���;. ii] on   farming    lane! :
by him'In the vicinity of Kts  horn*.
B.'esiJ,  the  requirements    as    o   ���
dence  n.a.   t_3  nattsfica by   re A '��� .. i
upon th�� saltl land.
Six modths' notice In writing Bh mtd
be given to the C"��mil:-_Ioner of rv>
siinion Lands at Ot;i_a of I-teatlontj
to apply Pot patent.
COAL.���Coal mining TigfetB may he l
leased for a period r.f twenty-ons,
yoaTg, at an nnniral reiital of .1 P" I
acre. Not mom than 2,669 acre. iV.r.'i j
be lease*! to one Individual or com-'
pany. A royalty at the-rate of fl^e
cents per ton shiill t'e cdlleciea (-��
the merchantable <"ial mtBed.
W. "W. COTlY,
Detultyof fh�� -Tli-Ster of the Interior.
fj, .-R.���TTn-".ifho_7.ed pubHMt'on of
This a.'lv��rtt_emeut v.111 not b<> ytei'a
-for.  . '
The Belta Times UE3DA*.*, JANUARY 12. 1909.
PUDUl   1.
'o,3, the w^te ',
of a d..ut?litcj-.
December ;8ib]
i\. q. Mc:;en-ii^.
A vot^ tor
5>ayie is a vote  for
Ths, freighter John. ^,. Qarcl is
dozen in good and. solid at McNeely's wharf.
The Bawiage takes pls^ce, tord^y.
of MisiF.edeiiipk andtF. T. A. thin,
^t the tipmS'Of tijp bride.
E. T. Cu-ver.frreceived to-day, wie
Carload of coaj ip Relieve the   situation atid, aj_,y ona. wishing to, sect_re,
-;oa. will dp well to osder {top}, liim
'M-.JLJI    srfr
Miss M'inefva Smith returned
home, last week-, from, Vancouver
where she attended; the annual ball
Of the United Qomtae-ciaJ Travellers Association.
A quiet wedding was sol. uNiized
on Wednesday evening, December
30, at the Presbytt. iao manse,.whe��
Rev. T. R. Peacock wiWed in marriage Alexander Waddell ol Ladner,
9. C, and Miss Margaret Robertson,
^_ Central Park.���Province.
At the treetir.g of the Glp* Club
Ijiis evening,, arraugemeivts wili
likely be made fo; an entertainment to be held en, or, about tht
H=_t full moon, which occurs on
Friday, Feb. 5th. A lull attend*
ance is earnestly requested, for tl is
Master T-eon Harris severs bis
connection with the Marshall Smith
& Co., on Friday next, and the
following dav he- \niil leave for
Vancouver, where-lie wil'l enter the-
��mploy of the B.-K\ Co.* Mr.
Harris will he much niisssed Iron-
social circles in and around Ladner
and Crescent Island.
H.BU'-    NQTIQK   h   hereby
given tu the l.lectois of ihe Mttnici-1
pality 0/ Delta  tb^t { requite the
presence of the said Electors at the'.
Tftvyn   I Jail, t<adi.e_, on the   utb'
>lay   o{   January,    iyc��;,    at     i.l
o'clock   nopn,   for  the  purpose of
electing' persons to represent them
_i the Municipal Council as  Reeve
<W_d Couueillois, also two Trustees
{to represent them, oa the  School
! Bonsd.
The mode of nominating candidates shall be as tollows:
The candidates shall be nominated in writing, the writing shall be
subscribed by two voters of the
municipality as proposer and seconder, and shall be delivered to the
Retwining Officer at any time between tbe date ot this notice and 2
p.m. of the-day of nomination, and
i.ia the- event ot a poll being neces*
sary .supli poll will be opened on
the .6th d��*y ot January, igp9, at
the Town, Hall, Ladner, and will be
kept open from 9, a.m. till 5 p.m.
of which, every person Ls hereby required to take notice- and govern
ihirusetf accordingly..
The q.ualLSpatlons foil a Reeve or
Councillo* shftll be his being a male
British subject, and having beeu for
the th.ee months next preceding the
day of bis nomination,, the registered owner in the Lsuxi Registry Office oi land, or real property situate-
withki the. municipality of the as
sessed value, on the la-st MwiicipaJ.
Assessment Roll, in case of Reeve,
ot ��ve bundled dollars or more,
and in case of a Co.incillor. of two
hum'red 3tid fifty dolajis or more,
over and above-aay registered Judgment, and bewig. otherwise quali-
fecd as a. voter.
The qualification of School Trustee shall be any person, being a
householder ia the Municipality,,
and, being a British subject of tbe-
full age- of twenty-one years, and
otherwise qualified to vote at an
election of School Trustees.
Given under my hand at  Ladner
tdjjs 2.3th day of December,. 1408..
Returning Officer.
1 p.c.
on Your iiouey
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���fust
mortgages on substantial city properties SKYEN and
Eight Per Qest. GrARAMTEED, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from Five H undred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & <��.
New Westminster, B.C.
Agencies Represented���
H.rtlord Wr�� Iinurtnc. Co. Imuranc. Cu, of North America
Phoenii Insurance Co, of Brooklyn    TU�� Ocean Accident ft Guarantee Corpora-
Connecticut Fin* Iniurance Co, Hon, T.td,, of London. Knj.
Imperial Truat Co., ltd,  Vancouver, B.C,
__ ...1 Ji.'l ,-J
$25Q.2�� In Prizes
Given Away Every Month
absolutely free witfe ...
Ctandard plour.
Itii^e H@n Leave
To notify the people of Ladner and sur��
rounding district that we are now in a
position to ofter Vancouver Island
Portland Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building
"��� to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
B. C,
Every 491b.. sack of Royal Standard Flour leaving
our wills contain* a numbered coupon. On the last day of
each month 10 numbers will be drawn and published in the
first issue of this paper following. To each one holding the ,_^J]
duplicates of these numbers we will, upon return to us of
coupon, deliver free of all charges to any address, a Handsome China Dinner Set of 109 pieces, value $25.00.
Full particulars on the back of each coupon.    Begin
Saving Them To-day,.
Remember  we  guarantee  every   sack   of  ROYAL j
STANDARD to be the purest, sweetest and  most  wholesome bread flour on the market.
Sold by W. H. Smith.
Vancouver Hilling & Grain Co., Ltd.,
sorts   of   First-Class   Jewellery,
Silverware, Cut Glass, Etc.
.Undrew Clausen.
When You Require
To  Ttftt   KUKCTORSOP   W__RD
DKi/ry, MunicibaIsI/ty:
Ladies amdf Gentlemen���I withj
tp take this- opportunity ot' thank-j
ir\g ycu, for: past favors.- in, ehctinft!
ine to represent yo-Ui at. th.* Council!;
Board and at tbe sa^ua  time beg to
solicit a continuance at those favors!
at  this  present election.     I have
endeavored  to do  my  best in tlie
past and promise to continue to do
so it? the future should you see fit
to  le-tlact  me. a_ your.representative on .Saturday next.
I at����, yours, faithfully,.
40-Acrc Farm fbr Salt
Known, as th-a Deemep place,, on
li.ast Delta-; all improved ancl
under- cultivation. Price, $5,.350.
.\pply to
Lj_dnes. B.C.
For Sale.
Teu nice pigs,, three months oM_
11 pi-Rs, seven weeks, old,;- 1 brood
sow; s dozen s-pring* chickens;- 1
new; incubator (Cyp'nws);- a nwaber
r>fow;liard and gnrdeu, tools.
Have You Seen the Latest
Thing in
Machines ?
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleum, Window
Shades or Any Article of Furniture or
Household Furnishings a visit to LEE'S
STORE will convince you that there ia tha
Visiters Welcome.
B. O
*. ��)AN PATCH
ias its namesake on the track.
Try lhe
New Hordworc 3K)rc!c5ENiTORY machine, wi**
is as fost!
a washer
Oome and see it.
Fbr anything you may need in Hardwaye.
We carry a eomp1fct& stock in all lines of
Shelf Hard war q. Stoves aad Tinhware and
respeetfnlly invite you i& eaJH and g��?t acquainted  With US. s;
We are Sole Agent* for'Th�� Oxford LiJB_��iorlia,:aeiltaL
of  STOVJ^   aad JIANG-ES, and  have a]
good line to select _Ksn., "
W^e ma>?t_ a specialty e^ 9& kiijispfeQC ?iujn^
ing and Tkiwork,,
Extending |ou the Seas^sa'S. Gfeetingsv.
We are Yourg. I^espec_bfUiIlys
Latimer & Elliott
have   the   NEW
is hard to beat,
aad tiie SNOWBALL* any one of which would
make an excellent Christmas present.
Nothing   nicer    than   e.ectrical   fixtures,
shades,, fancy globe?, &c��� for gifts, useful and
p   T   rALVERT,
lr ADNER* B.C,
��__    S.    McBRIDE,
General (lerchai.1,
Phone 5,
Port Guichon


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