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The Delta Times Jan 10, 1914

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Array '!'
Volume 7
$1.00 A YEAR.
Delta Telephone Company Have Successful Year���Two Hundred
Copies of the flrst telephone directory ever issued by the Defltal
Telephone Company, are now ready
for distribution and compiled in al
neat and careful manner. The fin-
ished booklet is a credit to the enterprise and business acumen, at all1
limes shown by the directors since
the inception of the company. '
Some two hundred services are1
now installed throughout the district and the business of the company is Increasing by leaps and
bounds. At the annual meeting of
the shareholders held on Saturday
last a dividend of seven per cent:
was declared and the old board of
directors were returned to office1
The affairs of the company finan-
cially, and also as regards equipment, service, etc., were reported in
a nourishing condition. The directors for the year are Dr. J. A. K.
Wilson, John McKee, George Den->
nis. J. B. Burr and A. deR. Taylor.
Hr. Wilson is president, Mr. A. deR.
Taylor occupying the dual role of-
secretary and manager of the concern.
Citizens Of Delta Recognize His Valuable Services to the Community.
The decision of Reeve H. D. Benson to retire from municipal politics, while it is regretted by bis
numerous friends, is only to be expected, as he has given of his time
end energy towards the betterment
and progress =of the. community for
many years, and he well deserves*
the rest which  he is now seeking.
Testifying in a measure to the
esteem in which' he is held throughout the community, a representative
body of citizens attended at the;
council meeting last Monday and
presented him with a handsome
cane and an address, eulogizing the
able manner ln which municipal affairs had been handled during hist
regime. The address was well delivered by Rev. C. C. Hoyle.
Reeve Benson was almost over-i
come with emotion and surprise at
the thoughtfulness which had
prompted the presentation, and in
a brief speech thanked the delegation for the honor done him.
The retiring reeve has been closely associated with municipal affairs
since  the  inception  of the  munici-i
Councillors   Paterson   and   Kirkland
in the Rln*;���Eight Candidates
For Council.
Present indications all point to
a close contest for the position left
vacant by the retirement of H. D.
Benson from the head of municipal
affairs in Delta, now that Councillors A. D. Paterson and William
Kirkland have announced themselves as candidates for the reeve-
ship. Both are members of last
year's council and both are well
fitted in every way for the office
of chief administrator of this thriving community. :
While it is positively known that
both these gentlemen will be in the
running,  neither    will    attempt  to
 outline bis views on the various muJ
pality and in addition to being one j nicipal issues    just    yet,    although
*--*-- they promise developments on nom
ination day, Monday next.
of Ladner's most respected citizens
is one of the old old-timers of the
district, and has made his home in
Ladner   for over  twenty  years.
I.adner     Residents  Recognize That
Present Conditions Need .Mend.
ing���Hydrants Rut No Ho.se.
Influential citizens of 'Ladner who
have established their places of bust-
; ess here and in many cases have
shown their faith in the future ofthe
immunity by investing the savings
:  years  in  the  particular line    ot
���tier form of protection, in case of
.dustry which 'they favor, are a unit)0-   Davis and
proclaiming their desire tor some
re, than now exists.
Under   existing   conditions      the
Conservatives of Delta District Asso-
elation Hold Annual Meeting
���Delegates Named.
At thc annual meeting of the
Delta Conservative Association held
on Wednesday evening last, the following officers -Were elected for the!
ensuing year: Hon. presidents, Rt.
Hon. R. ti. Borden, Sir Richard Mc-.
Bride, Col. J. D. Taylor, M.P., and
F. J. MacKenzie, M.P.P.; president,
W. Montgomery; vice president, FJ
J. Green; secretary, A. N. York;|
treasurer, William Kirkland. The
two first named will succeed Messrs;
W.     Kirkland,    and
the  latter two gentlemen  were re-i
Delegates to the annual  eonven-'
supply of aqua pura is shut off tion to be held In' Victoria on Jan
o'clock in the evening until 6
ihe following morning and In the
event  of  fire     breaking   out,   as   is
iften the case during the night, the
citizens are absolutely at the mercy
���������: the flames and it would seem that
action to eliminate this state of affairs should have been Inaugurated
long ago. Ladner can boast of citizens and business men who are progressive and wide awake to the necessity of modern methods in all lines
and it is passing strange that such a
22 and 23 will be Messrs. William'
Kirkland, W. Montgomery and F.|
.1.  Handford.
Naturally each one is anxious to
be returned the winner, but the con-*-1
test is being entered into by both
gentlemen with the utmost good
feeling one toward the other, and
tbe final result will mark no change
in their personal friendship, which
is of long standing.
No meetings are being held in
connection with the election by any
of the prospective candidates, and
nothing of an exciting nature is exJ
pected to develop prior to nomlnaJ
tion day. Election day will be on
Saturday following nomination.
Eight candidates are announced
for the six seats on the council, and'
with the possibility of one or two
more springing up before Monday,
a keen fight for these seats is also
Councillors C. Brown and H.
Lewis are the old members seeking
re-election, the other six being new
talent and are as follow: R. A. Coleman, Chas. Davis, James Savage, W.
J. Brandrith. A. Morley and R.
Gray. All of the councillors will be
elected at large.
Important Recommendations   As
Improved Accounting System
and Fire Protection.
Imports for 1013 Total 93,845,109,-
79!" ��� Export** Aggregate
LONDON, Jan. 8.���The British
Board of Trade returns for 1913,
showed  that the aggregate imports
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_     , Into the United Kingdom amounted
!?!*..t��_-_PUbl*l: 8afet*' sh(>uU1 bei to  $3,845,16!),795,  and   the  exports
from the United Kingdom, 33,175
i- it
In addition to the lack of wa-| tf8Y.67oT  " Th"e"respective'increases
' is also a fact that in case    of  ,vere   jj 21,966,640   and   $180,720,-
e  no   hose   is  available   and   theIqzq ovor m\.)
'hods of fighting fire which were |     The      mMt'     nojab|e    decreases
vogue during theimedjaeval period \&moug    thl;    imports   were  cotton,
sill used by  the fire laddies oi  .4? 342,246'. grain   and  flour,  $14,-
- budding centre    and  blazes are. g< [ ,.���        ImportB o[  iive animals
out via the bucket brigade route !,im,   foot,Btufrs   increased   $38,321,-
The largest Increase in exports
were coal and fuel, $55,370,910,
and iron  and steel, $20,653,075.
or are not put out at all. There are
cut) of hydrants placed al all Im-i
ortant corners'but of what use are |
liydrants when no hose is available?
Agitation to have better fire pro-tec-
tl ntassured the city is already ooin-
menced and it is possible that a big
mprovement   will   be     inaugurated
ih irtly,
A| Annual Meeting C. Davis Elected
I'resident*-**���Annual   Dance
Date Set.
At the annual meeting of tho
Delta Farmers' Institute, the ofll-
cers for the ensuing term were se-
i' ���'���'ed as follows: President, 0.'
Davis; vice-president, W. Hornby;
" retary-treusurer, N. A. McDIar-
inid; directors, Rudie Kittson, l-\ J.
Green, .1. A. Guichon, A. D. .''ater-
"������n, J. Kerr Wl.son, .1. Gilchrist and'
W. .1. Frederick. The affairs of
,;'' Institute are In good shape and
should Improve with the coming
' i The membership Is Increas-
1 rapidly and Is now oomposed oO
preventative body of citizens
OTTAWA, Jan. 8.���The Department of Agriculture Is co-operating
this winter with the provinces of
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia In
carrying on a vigorous war on the
brown tail moth which has invaded
that part of Canada from the Eastern States. Gangs of men are employed to search for the nests of
the moth on the trees or orchards
and elsewhere, and the nests are destroyed. Millions of dollars have
been spent In fighting the pest in
the New England states, but it Is
hoped to prevent it getting a strong
foothold   in  this country.
WHITE ROCK, Jan. 8.���A transfer of four acres on the Johnston
road, adjoining the new White Rock
school house, was put through yesterday by Mr. D. Hughes, local real
estate man, the purchasers being a
syndicate of gentlemen from Lang-'
ley and White Rock. The full price
could not be ascertained but the
amount of first payment was $600.
Dr. Jakeman, V.S., of New Westminster, was down on Tuesday in
consultation with the resident Dominion government veterinary inspector, Dr. Kenneth Chester, over
a serious case of equine sickness in
this locality.
Mr. Emile Dupruz together with
his bride arrived from Vancouver
yesterday and are receiving the
congratulations of friends. The
bride is Just recently from Quebec,
the newly married couple proceeded Immediately to the five-acre
ranch owned by Mr. Dupraz near the
White Rock shingle mill.
Mrs. K. Chester was the hostess
at a birthday dinner and bridge
party last Saturday, the, guests being Mr. and MrB. F. T. MacKenzle,
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Johnston, and
Mr. and Mrs. G. Wade. Dr. Ash*
down Green of Duncan, V. I., was
a week end guest at the same house.
Conspicuous in the matters before
the council at their regular meeting:
last  Monday  was  the auditor's report    which    present* the financial1
statement for the year and dealt e_>
haustively with a number of important    issues    now    confronting the-
board.    They   also   recommend   thei
adoption  of  more  up-to-date meth--
ods ln  the way of transacting inuJ
nicipal  business.      The  report was!
du'.y considered and afterwards referred   to  the  incoming  council  to
take action  with  the  recommenda-J
tion that the suggestions be adopted.      The  report  advised that .the*
council    take    over all outstanding1
taxes on school acounts for previous
years  and  pay  off  the  present  indebtedness.        All    open    accounts'
should  be  closed,  the  auditors  ex-*
pressing the opinion that it would
be illegal  to  keep  them open over
the    present    term.      The amount
asked    for    by   the    school    board
should  be  paid  in  fall  out of the'
municipal funds and any outstanding taxes be taken over by the council   and   credited   to   the  municipal'
general   fund.       They   further   advised a reduction in the amount of
the   temporary   loan,   which   would1
make the sale of debentures more
favorable    and    would be a better1
state of things from the view point
of the banker.    $20,030 arrears of
taxes was  considered  far too much
and a tax sale was advised, to take
place at as early a date as possible.'
This    amount    outstanding, it was'
pointed   out,   greatly   impaired   thf
usefulness of the board.
Fire protection for the new municipal offices was also advocated,
the present system being consider-1
ed entirely Inadequate. A stand
pipe should be erected at once o.i
the main floor and more hose procured. Fire buckets are required
also. Attention was also drawn to
the front doors of the hall, which
were made to swing inwards, instead of outwards. In case of fire
and consequent panic, the rush for
safety would be considerably hampered. Immediate action was taken
on this latter recommendation and
the contractor was ordered to have
the doors changed at once. The
financial statement was passed onto the new council without comment.
Effort   WiU  Be   Made   to  Secure a
Room Ry Women's Christian -.
Temperance 1'nion.
The great need of a public reading room, where men could spend
some quiet hours, was Emphasized
af the regular meeting oMthe Women's Christian TemperaiHe Union,
which convened at the home of Mrs.
N. A. McDiarmid on Tuesday afternoon  last.
The members decided that they
would do all in their power to help
along such a worthy cause and a
strong effort will be made to secure
a room, either in the municipal hall,
or in some other suitable centre.
The society decided to arrange a
musical concert at which such well
known performers as Mrs. Cave-
Browne-Cave, Miss Beatrice Cave-
Browne-Cave, elocutionist; Miss
Scruby, cellist, and a violinist, will
attend and submit numbers. The
concert wii be staged 'on Friday,
the 16th.
President Mrs. J. Lanning occupied thp chair and the,meeting opened with Chaplain Wilcox reading
Romans, 6th Chapter, afterwards
leading in prayer. Owing to the
inclement weather1' the attendance
was below the usu^l standard.
Delta     Agricultural  Society    Holda
Annual  Meeting and  Election  of Officers.
Presenting a far better appearance than it has during the past few
week!, with good supplies of poultry,    butter,    eggs,   flBh,   vegetables
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_     ,111111   meats,   the    New    Westminster
was decided to hold the annual \ market  held yesterday morning was j MacDonald of the Inspection branch
OTTAWA, Jan. 8.���Greater precautions for the safety of life at sea
will follow from the International
Congress now holding Its concluding sessions In London. Mr. Alexander Johnston, Deputy Minister��of
Marine; Mr. C. Dugald, naval architect of the department, and Mr. C.
dal evening and dance of the so
iety lu the McNeely Hall on Friday
���iiiug, January 30.    Auditors foil
- year will be Messrs. A. deft,
nylor and F. Bishop.
legation  Will  Urge  Cpopi  Govern
men! Several Improvements���
Traffic Wmilints  It.
well attended, resulting in brisker
trading. I'rlcea were not materially
affected, eggs hovering between 45
and 50 cents retail, while butter was
stationary at 40 ccntsfn pound re-
tall. ���	
In the poultry corner the supply j the world
waB" plentiful with last week's prices
prevailing.    In  flsh  salmon  rose to * """*"
15 cents a pound with sturgeon at
the same price, and cod at 12 1- 2
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ceiils per pound. In meals the
ullowlng along the lines as sug- I prices remained steady, while In
��� il by 0, E. Tisdall, M.P.I'., the vegetables, potatoes fetched from
1 Hoard of Trade will, on Mon- $1-15 t.o $1.25 per 'sack. iK*a'>-.
evening n��tt, go into the ques- bages were quoted at. ?1 a sack, parol  a  better  ferry    service    ex- l snips,   turnips,   carrots    nil    nt    75
cents a sack, Celery was sold at 25
cents   a   bunch.
In flowers, potted plants and narcissus were the chief ones to be
ronresented Cnnnda In the congress.
All countries bad delegates, and tt
Ig agreed that whatever recommendations are adopted will be carried
out by all the parties to secure uniformity    of    conditions throughout
a better  ferry
I'liustively, and will appoint a dele- I
nation to wait  upon  the authorities |
1   Victoria  and  endeavor  to -secure i
���"' Improvement    over    the    present
lei \ ic,,.
The  main   objection   to   the  exist- |
condition! is the presence ot the
1     transfer hcow towed by the side j
'he  steamer   and   the  delegation I
II be instructed to ask that a
!"i; be mil on which will bo large
'' '"icii to carry wagons, passengers,
''" ���   and   eliminate   the   scow An-
tin |y
Membew of the    board    contend
III a considerable loss of time
'""Id bo obviated were the rhnnge
,;',"���"  and  they  declare     that    the
"',ll<' nlready warrants such a step
lp|iK taken.
PRINCB RUPERT, It.C. Jan. 5.���
Thi'   flrsl   carload   ol*   ore   from   the
American Boy Mine was takes out
lust   week       It   amounted   to   thirty
NEW YORK, Jan. 7.���The zross
value of the estate of the late Col.
John Jacob Astor, one of the victims
of the Titanic disaster. Is $85,893.-
826, according to a report of r-��ap-
prnlsement filed yesterday.
O QRBBN BAY, Wis., Jan. 8
O ���Pres.      Moyer,     president
O of the Federation of  Labor,
O passed   through   here   today
O on   his   way   back   to   Han-
O cock.    With   him   was  Chas.
O Tanner,   the   officer   of   the
O Federation, who    was    with
O Moyer When he was expelled
O from the copper country, re-
O cently, presumably for activ-
O Ity as strike agitators there.
O "I am returning to finish my
O work," said Moyer.    "I look
O for no   more  trouble.       My
O enemies would scarcely dare
O attack     me     with  Governor
O Ferris  and   the  Grand   Jury
O actually     Investigating    ray
O previous  deportation."
STEVESTON, Lulu Island, Jan. 5.
���Affairs of Boyne Lodge, No. 1672,
are In n flourishing condition. In
the future instead of holding one
meeting a month, the lodge will
meet regularly on the second and
fourth  Mondays.
The first prize for homer pigeons
at the Vancouver Poultry show was
won by a local boy, Eddie Sleath.
Morris Stewart won first cockeral
and first pullet in V/hite Cochin
Councillor Joseph Miller has come
out wlfh a definite refusal to again
run ror the municipal council. This
has been in the nature .of a surprise for many ratepayers, because
Mr. Miller had absolutely no opposition and was sure of election by
acclamation. Ratepayers of the Sea
Island ward, which Mr. Miller represents, will hold a meeting in the
postoffice block on Wednesday evening next at eight o'clock to discuss
the situation and perhaps to nominate a candidate. Nomination day
is next Monday.
Reconstruction of the drying kiln
of the Lulu Shingle Co.'s mill in
Bridgeport, which was destroyed by
fire early ln December, ls progressing rapidly In charge of Contractor
Richardson. Before the end of January, lt ls stated, the mill will be
running to capacity again.
At the conclusion or the last-term
of school at Bridgeport two of the
teachers, Miss Dowell and Miss May-
cock were presented with appropriate gifts.
The results of the prize drawing
at the White Store are as follows.
Where no uame ls noticed after a
number, the prize Is lu the store uncalled for and awaiting a claimant.
1st. 2618. R. Fisher; 2nd, 2089, J.
Creelman; 3rd, 1917; 4th, 1511; 5th,
34. Miss Alice McDowell; 6tb, 1786,
Fred Francis: 7th, 185(1, Captain
Herriing: 8th, 2S8S, J. Wibey; 9th,
841, R. A. Evans; 1.0th, 3684, Andy
York; Uth, 1482, John Hodge; 12th,
1298;   Uth, 2864, Charles Arthur.
T�� Be Presented By the    Dramatic
Society on January 28.
What gives promise of being_ one
of the most successful..appearances
of that popular organization, Thei]
Ladner Amateur and Dramatic So-:
ciety, is the announcement that this!
company will present "The Par-.
son's Vacation" in the McNeely
hall on Friday evening January 23.
The members are working overt-fne
in their efforts to assure a successful presentation and the citizens are
expected to turn out en masse and
support this popular form of amusement.
This will be the first appearance
of the society this season and as all
scenery has been remodeled, those
who attend will receive entertainment well worth while. Included in
the cast of characters are such well
known artists as Mrs. Wm. Kirkland, Mrs. W. R. Ellis, Miss Ease
Gillander, Miss Ruby Kirkland;'
Messrs. W. R. Ellis, C. O. Lambert,
Eldon Brodie, John Kirkland, L.
Kirkland, C. Weare, Roy Hutcherson, W". Ladner and B. H. Weare.
Professor W. T.  Brock Takes Position Vacated by Mr. A. P.
Dow, Last Spring.
OTTAWA, Jan. 8.���Prof. W. F.
Brock, chief of the Geological Survey, has been promoted to position
of Ddputy Minister of Mines, made
vacant by the retirement of Mr. A.
P. Low, last spring. Prof. Brock
has be-en a member of the survey
for eight years, and is recognized
throughout Canada as one of the
Dominion's most efficient mining
end geological experts. He has
done valuable work in* British Columbia and Alberta ln investigating
and   surveying   coal   areas.
That the Delta Agricultural Society is in a flourishing condition is
well borne out by the .inancialj
statement issued and submitted to
the members of the association at
the annual meeting on Friday last.
The total assets are shown to reach
the handsome figure of $8755.12 inclusive of land, buildings and cash,
in the hands of the treasurer. There
are  no  liabilities.
Officers ahd directors wero elecN
ed at the session as follows: Presi-i
dent, D. A. McKee; vice president,
J. F. Green; secretary treasurer, A.,
De R. Taylor; directors, W. Smillle,;
D. K. Wilson, W. Hornby, W. J.
Fredericks, S. Morley, George Lon-
don, T. Hume and J. Guichon. Mr.
H. J. Hutcherson was chosen as the
board's delegate to attend the annual convention of provincial associations at Victoria at the end of]
the present month.
A vote of thanks was tendered|
the B. C. Stock Breeders' Associa-i
tion. to the B. C. Field Trials and to(
the Delta Farmers' Institute for the)
excellence of the special prizes do*
nated by these societies to the dis-i
triefrexhibition of the agricultural society last fall.
Section 6 of the constitution waa
amended to read secretary treasurer!
instead of secretary and treasurer,
as formerly owing to the retirement)
from the latter office of Mr. H. N.
Rich. From now on both positions
will be filled by the secretary, A. De
R.  Taylor.
The annual stipend, heretofore
awarded the secretary for his services, was increased from $75 pen
annum to $100. in view of the enlargement of the scope of the association and the excellence of the
work done. The rental of grounds
was left In the hands of the ne'V
board of directors to agree upon a.
rate and they will meet on Thurs-i
day evening in the office of thet^
Delta Times,
TORONTO,   Oni..,   Jan.   7.���Commissioner  David   M.   Rees,   head   of
the Salvation Array In Canada, bus
made   a   most    marvellous    recovery
from the serious illness which befell
him  about  ten   weeks  ago.       Since,
then his many personal friends, the:
members, as well as the admirers of
the organization he represents, hnve
watched his progress with eager and
anxious    concern.    Many    churches!
throughout    the    Dominion    united
with the Salvation Army In effe-tne
special player for his recovery.   They
will  now  be  glad  to  learn  that  the.
Commissioner   is   able  to   leave  his ���
room, and acting upon the advice cfi
his   physicians,    will   take    further
treatment  at  a   sanitarium.       Messages   of   sympathy   have   reached
Commissioner  Rees  and  his   family
from all parts of Canada, Including
all   classes  of   people.       For   tli esc
they desire herewith to convey their
sincere   appreciation   and   gratitude.
No Indications    of    a    Contest���C.
Davis' Retirement Will Leave
a Vacancy.
Although the terms of office of
three of the four members constituting the present board of school
trustees, expired at the end of the
year, beyond the announcement that
all three gentlemen will again seek
office, 110 outside candidates havo
as yet appeared.
The elections, in so far as the
school board is concerned, is attracting very little attention locally..
Mr. C. Davis has resigned from
the Loan!, as ho intends running
for the council, and as he had onel
more year to serve to complete hi^
term, thp new board, after eectionj
must set a date on which his suc-j
cesser may lie appointed at a)
separate election from the usuak
poll. Nominations received by the}
I returning ofdeer up to the hour ofi
going !'. pro-', were: Messrs. S;
Wright, 'I.* MeCiillani and A, deR.'
'.    "T->-^-ip..:'! 't	
After serving the society as
treasurer tor the pas* twenty-five
years. Mr. H. N. Rich, at the animal
meeting of fhe board last Friday.
expressed bis- wish to retire from
office and by unanimous vo-.e of
the members present be was .made
an honorary life member of the
Delta Agrlcultuinl Association (.en-
era: regret was expressed at his d"-
clslon, and a hearty vote of than Us
was tendered aim for bis long years
of service and h's untiring efforts to
make the society one of the best iu
the Lower Mainland.        .
THE   MINN Kits.
The lucky numbers ai the Jewelry
establishment of M. L. and 11. II.
Weare's prize drawing were: 1st,
503S, 400-day clock, .Mrs. York; 2nd.
4703. pudding dish. Mrs. Teller; 3rd,
6133. gold ring, '���.ins Sprout; 4th,
842, spoon tray, Mr. Bull; 5th, 3201,
bon-bon dish, MIsS.'A York; 6th,
5100, kitchen clock, unclaimed;
4360, locket and chain, Mr. J.
chrlst; 8th, 5903, toast rack,
claimed;   9th,   4115,   pair  links,
Ramage:    loth,
11 n-
The  "Red  Jacket" at Calumet,   .Mich., where seventy-two lives were
crushed  out  on  Christmas  Eve.     S omeone  gave  a  false cry of "fire"
518..   alarm   clock,   and  in  the  panic  the small stairwa v on  the left   was filled with bodies
j of crushed and smothered children.
��� i
4 .���������.
1 M
K 2
Action Is Based on Implicit Faith of
Stockholders in Their Directorate.
tFrom The  British Columbian.)
Strong opposition was expressed
at the annual meeting in London of
the shareholders of the B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd., to the request
of the directors that authority be
given for increasing the capital
stock, according to detailed accounts
of the meeting which have just
reached the coast. In the chairman's annual address to the shareholders' allusion was made to this
sentiment, it being stated tbat parties holding stock in the company
had suggested that no further capital expenditures be authorized.
Such a policy the chairman of the
board declared was unwise, as residents within th? company's territory had the right to expect ordinary
extensions for light and power purposes and the needs of the travelling public must be considered. The
board had, however, beeu very cautious about authorizing capital expenditures during the year and
would continue this policy even more
rigidly  next  year.
Grounds of Opposition.
The issue came to a point when,
after the accounts were passed the
l'crraal resolution authorizing the in-
crease was placed before the meeting. Promptly the advisability of
countenancing additional capital in
view of the decreased return shown
by the reports for last year and the
statement in the chairman's address
that next year's report might be
even less promising was questioned
by many shareholders. It was
pointed out that the average return
on the total investment wasi only
4 1-4 per cent, and that with conditions existing at present every effort should be made to curtail capita; expenditure rather than authorize increased obligations. The
question of tbe agitations which the
press reported as prevailing in
British Columbia was brought forward, it being stated tbat such
movements were having lhe effect
of slackening the How of capital to
the  province.
After lengthy discussion the increase of capital issues was authorized, tho action being based chiefly
on the implicit confidence reposed in
the directors by the shareholders.
Genera]   conditions.
The annual address lo the shareholders dealt with the generaj situation throughout, the Company's
territory stating that a gradual advance was expected In 1914 with a
return to prosperity on a sound
economic basis during 1915. The
Shareholders were advised not to
lose faith in British Columbia or
Canada as the great 'natural resources were such as would certainly lead to rapid development
after the prevailing stringent financial period was over. Concerning
the agitation for restricting the
company's rights It was said that it
was not considered that any responsible government would seek to alter
valid agreements on which the company had made expenditures of millions. Such nn action It was declared would inevitably result in injury to tlie financial credit of the
government and tend flo prevmtt
the How of capital for a number
of years.
Magistrate Johnson yesterday ���.���*'!'-
ternoon committed for trial Messrs.
Thomas Houston and John B. Gate-
man, chared with fraud iii connection with the formation of a Masonic
lodge at South Hill.
ir'rom The. British Columbian.)
ll is interesting to compare the
relative development, or present
value, of the three fisheries districts
into which the coast of British Columbia is divided by the Dominion
Fisheries Department. Wo. 1 is
comprised of the southern mainland and the Fraser river district;
No. 2 comprises the northern portion of the province, including the |
Queen Charlotte Islands, while No.
3 comprises Vancouver Island and
part A the adjacent mainland.
fliotvs Striking Increase.
According to the Blue Book issued by the Department of Marine
and Fisheries for the fiscal year ending March 31, 1913, a report which
it should be remembered so far as
the salmon pack is concerned deals
with that of 1912 as compared with
that of 1911. District No. 1 is an
easy winner and District No. 2 is a
very bad third. On the other hand
District No. 2 shows an amazing increase, over 50 per cent., beyond the
results of the previous fiscal year
and such an increase shows v.lat
;-"'at things may be hoped of the future. District No. 1 shows a substantial increase over the previous
fiscal year in spite of a falling cfT
of nearly a million dollars In the
salmon fisheny, a falling off that
puzzles the blue book exponent because the sockeye pack was 49,000
cases more than in the preceding
year. An inquiry would probably
develop the fact that the falling off
In the salmon fishery results was due
to the fact that the canner left most
of the canneries idle and made little
preparation for what was expected
to be a very small year. While
sockeyes ran better than expected
and were canned to the last fish
caught, there was not the preparation made.to can the "inferior," that
's less marketable, grades that are
growing in importance as the demand for them increases, and of
which there is never a shortage for
canning purposes on the river. They
are inferior in appearance only, not
The Royal Bank ol Canada
Incoruoi-a ted 1869.
in food value at all, and little, if at
all, in flavor, but lack the attractive
red color of the canned sockeye.
Other Than  Salmon.
Coming to figures, the importance
ot *ther than the salmon fisheries is
obviously growing, ln District No.
1 the year 1912-13 showed returns
in dollars of $6,263,320, an increase of ?95,25S over the previou's
fiscal year in spite of the falling off
in the salmon fishery. Halibut and
herring helped to save the situation,
while cod was no mean contributor
to the total. Sturgeon and oysters
also figure. Herring and halibut
particularly show an immense increase on the catches for the previous fiscal year.
District No. 2, including tbe
north and the Queen Charlotte Islands, would appear to make a poor
showing comparatively, with only
$581,291, but the previous fiscal
year for this district showed $358,-.
530 less than this. It was a tremendous increase. The fact is that
the Queen Charlotte fisheries have
just started their development. For
example, the development of the
herring fisheries alone contributed
over $100,000 of this great increase, while the building of new
salmon canneries at Bella Bella,
Naden Harbor and Aliford Bay accounts for most of the rest. What
these two items do not account for
in the increase may be credited to
the whaling fleet, the number of
whales captured exceeding that of
the previous year by 217, including
three of the vuluable and coveted
District No. 3 showed a satisfactory increase, more so than that of
No. 1. the total being $3,110,877,
or $324,575 better than that of the
previous fiscal year. In this district
curiously enough, whales showed a
falling off of no fewer than 307
from the previous year's catch, but
salmon, herring and halibut showed
increased returns and did a good
deal more than make up the difference.
Judge Lays    Emphasis    on Uucon-
noveited Evidence oi Threats
Uttered by Angelo.
temperance  h.orces win in  Fifteen
Townships���Repeal   Contests
Sustain Local Option.
TORONTO. Jan. 6.���Returns received ut the Dominion Alliance
headquarters last night show that
the temperance forces have won 15
townships, wiping out 17 liquor li-
censes, In 19 places the required
three-flfths majority was not secured; in five there were straight majorities against local option, ln all
14 repeal contests the local option
was sustained. Local option was
carried in the following piaces:
Brampton, Meaford, Qrandvalley,
Kemptville, Lanark, Albermarle,
Bastard and Burgos', Lancaster.
Marmora and Lake. Puslinch, Ross
and Tay townships.
Snow and    Rainfall    Equivalent to
Total of 58.00���Twenty-Vear
Average o8.37.
E3DMONDS, Ian. S.���Owing to the
fact that no satisfactory word had
come from Mr. .fames R. Easton,
representing Spitzer, Rorick & Co.,
cf Til'.do, Ohio, regarding the sale
of the treasury certificates, the
meeting of the Burnaby council
which was to have been held this
morning has been adjourned until
M"'id iv morning next at 10.30
Harbor Commission Organized;
Coulthard Is Elected Chairman
Meteorological statistics for the
past year, as supplied by Mr. H. A.
Wilson, show that there fell 51.60
inches of rain and 70 inches of
snow, making the total precipitation equivalent to a rainfall for the
year of 58.60. This is a little less
than the average for a 20-year
period which is 58.37 inches.
The mean temperature for a like
20 year period is 47.90. Last year
New Westminster's mean temperature went a little better than this,
being 48.16. The hottest day was
on July 19 when 88 was registered,
the coldest day was on January 9,
when the thermometer stood at 9
degrees above zero.
.Mrs. Caroline Brevitt Dies* at Age of
U3���Many Friends
in B. C.
(From  The  British   Columbian.;
Found guilty last evening on six
counts, one of them the very serious
one of demolition of property, Joe
Angelo, Italian organizer for the
United Mine Workers of America in
District 28, Vancouver Island, now
awaits sentence. After one of the
strongest charges ever heard from'
a judge against a prisoner in a local court, the jury retired at about
3.30 and brought in the verdict of
guilty at eight o'clock. Couusel for
the defence hinted that the case may
be appeu.ed.
Was Fierce Riot.
Angelo was accused in connection
with tlie riots at Extension, Vancouver Island, whieh occurred on Aug.
13 last year and continued for two
days. This was the fiercest of all
the riots in connection with the
coal strike on the island. Houses
were burned, the pithead structure
of the coal company was destroyed,
rifles were used and a spectator
shot, though not fatally, and nonunion men, women and children
were driven to the woods.
Alibi Set Up.
The defence attempted to set up
an alibi and counsel for the prisoner
made a very strong fight for their
man. It was admitted that Angelo
was in Extension for a short time
on the morning Of the riotous daj
but contended that he was there on
an innocent mission. It was also
admitted that he was again in the
troubled town late in the afternoon
of the same day, but it was contended that he was there then to
assist In quelling the disturbance.
Incontroverted   Evidence.
In summing up His Lordship
dwelt on the fact that the testimony of three men that on Aug. 14
at the Nanaimo station Angelo had
warned them that worse things
would happen them if they stayed in
Extension was uncontradicted. He
advised the jury to give great
weight to this imcontroverted evidence. They should remember that
Angelo was a clever man. He was
sent to Vancouver island from Indianapolis because he was a clever,
man and was working under the instructions of another clever man,
David Irving, organizer of the union
who very properly for himself took
care to be in bathing when these
troubles broke out.
Capital Authorised       $25,o<jo ooo
Capital Paid Up    ���U.Boo.ooo
Rest    *    *1*,500,000
Aggregate Assets, One Hundred and Seventy-Five Mnn
Dollar*. Um
It is the aim of the management of this Bank to make everv a
positor welcome, and to give the best possible attention to his finnnnM
affairs.   ncial
Accounts may be opened with deposits of One Dollar and Upward
Interest paid or credited at the highest current rates, on May 3i8t an*
November 30th each year. n(I
H. F. BISHOP, Manager. LADNER, b.c
Carry in stock a full line ol
Sand, Gravel and Cement
Phone 7
Box 1332
J. JOHNSTON, Proprietor
Sample Room.
Prompt Service
���?   Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars.     Rates Reasonable
J**,******************************** ******* ******trf*Vx
Manufacturers and Dealers in all kinds of
Shingles, Lath, Sash, Doors, T urnlngs and House Finishings.
Phone R14 Eburne. Prompt Delivery by Rail or Scow,
SPUZZUM, B. C, Jan. 6.���Within three days of her .3rd birthday,
Mrs. Caroline Brevitt, grandmother
of Mr. J. H. Richmond, postmaster
of Spuzzum, died at the home of her
daughter .Mrs. Mlncher, IB, Holden
road, Wednesbury, Staffordshire,,
England, on Saturday afternoon Oc-I
tober 25, 1913. She had been Indifferent in health for some time,
sustaining a fracture or the thigh
about fifteen weeks before, and the
end was not unexpected.
By her death Wednesbury loses
oue of Its oldest inhabitants and
some interesting associations with
Black county, her home county, are
severed. Her husband Mr. J, Brevitt,
predeceased her some fifty years
"ti-}. Bat thr?-. children of a family of nine survive her, they are:
Thojnas, who is In business In
Wednesbury; Mrs. D. Richmond, of
I'orshaw Heath, Warwickshire; Mr.
���I. II. It l<li uion <1. postmaster of
Spuztutn, ft. C. She also leaves a
large number of friends lu British
To the end Mrs. Brevitt retained
the fun use or ber Dental faculties.
She was proud of the fact that
���hi lived In three reigns, being bom
in Hi" year thai George IV came to
the throne. She remembered the
Crln :���. the Indian Mutiny, the Cor-
onation of Queen Victoria and the
Oreaj  Exhibition of 1851 distinctly.
She nas almost the oldest, parish-
s-rvlvor ot the company which wit-
nessed tbe opening and dedication
ni that church.
Thrift   Ompaign   .Meeting  ut  S"uth
Westminster   Proves   to   Re
Stormy Affair.
���'Last night's Thrift meeting here
was a stormy one. There were personalities indulged in, which, to say
the least, were not nice.
Mr. Thrift was first called upon
by Chairman Luke Moore, and after
repeating his platform, the essence
of which is expenditures pro rata to
assessed taxes against the different
wards. He spoke for a couple of
nouia   in   criticism   oi   me   present
Surrey council and Reeve Sullivan
in particular.
Mr. Sullivan in reply stood firmly
on the record of the council of
which he is the head, claiming fairness of the administration of the
affairs of the municipality in all particulars.
The Reeve called especial attention to the fact that while many
municipalities of British Columbia
are at this time finding the greatest
of difficulty in paying their way,
Surrey, ori the contrary, has a nice
working balance, and does not owe a
Regarding the pro rata policy of
the Thrift platform, Mr. Sullivan
claimed that tbe council had treated
all ratepayers fairly, spending the
municipal taxes in the interest or
setttera, not or speculators. He
spoke of the old sub-divisions or
South Westminster and Liverpool,
and asked if it would have been
good business to have b-uilt roads In
these places in the interest of boomers.
"Four" cylinder, 5 passenger WAGNER ELECTRIC STARTER
AN'D LIGHTING SYSTEM, demountable rims, left hand drive,
centre control and many other improvements $1550.00
"Six" cylinder, 7 passenger, WAGNER ELECTRIC STARTER
AND LIGHTING SYSTEM, demountable rims, left hand drive,
centre control   $2150.00
"Four" cylinder, 5 passenger, DEI.CO ELECTRIC STARTER
AND LIGHTING SYSTEM, demountabl-j rims, left hand drive,
centre control    $2750.00
"Six" cylinder, 7 passenger, DELCO ELECTRIC STARTER
AND LIGHTING SYSTEM, demountable rims, left hand drive.
centre control    $3500.00
7 models, 38  improvements, ELECTRIC STARTER,  Eleotrlc
lights, Corbln Brown Speedometer $285.00 TO $160.00
ttox 5, Eburne Station. Phone Eburne IT.
Garage and Salesroom, Moosomin Avenue.
Uhe \Delta TJimes
Sl.OO A YEAR  *��-~
Soii.h Vanconver Plebiscite Rejects
Incorporation ami Abolition
of Wards Proposals.
Disapproval both of the ward abolition ami the Incorporation bylaws
was expressed by thu .south Vancouver electorate at the polls yes-
I'Td.iy. By votes approximately
three to one, both bylaws were defeated, the totals being in the case
of the abolitio: bylaw, lor G23,
against 1761, uml on the Incorporation bylaw, for 623, against 1782.
This means that Dn   January 17, ai
reeve and council  will  be elected  In !
New Westminster Harbor Commission was organized shortly after
noon'today wben faessrs, I-'. J. Coulthard, George lilakcley and A. E
White met in the office of J. R. Grant and were sworn In. The organiza
tion proceeded with the election of Mr. Coulthard as chairman ot
tlie commission, and the selection of Commissioner White as acting see
rotary Mr Grant was selected as solicitor for the commission. The pro
ceedlngs were brief, and there was little ceremony attached to the occa
���LONDON, Jan. 8.*���Mrs. Agnes
Thompson, the first woman in thc
world to be chloroformed, died yesterday nt Streatham, aged 83. She
was present at Edinburgh, November 4, 1847. when her uncle, Sir
James Simpson, discovered the uses
of chloroform.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulate; never (alls. Thcso
pills nre excee*iinnly power .ul tn regulating the
���{L-nerative portion ol the female svstem. Refuse
,11 cheap imitations. Dr. da Tan's are sold nt
>6 a Imx, or three lor Iln. Mailed to any ad'lress.
fh�� Soobell Urttm **>���. 8t. C��tli��rl*o�� *,. (tu.
KELOWNA,  Jan,   7    Efforts    of
the city council, board of trade, conservative association, and citizens
prominently connected with the
British Columbia Horse to secure
an up-to-date armory and drill hall
for Kelowna are now assured of suc-
eess. a letter has just been reoeiv
ed from the Hon. Sam Hughes, minister or militia, stating that. Kelowna Is on the list for a drill hall,
and it had heen hoped to have built
this last year. His department,
howe<-ei\ would do their best to
hnve a suitable building erected this
Eye Examiners and Makers of Quality Glasses
181 Hasting St. West, Vancouver, B. <'.
12th, 1914.   Hours:   9 a. m. to 6 p. m., and will be pleased to hav
persons   with  defective  eyesight   call  and  consult  him.     Eyes'" i-
Spectacles and Artificial Eyes fitted at a reasonable charge.    Sail"-"
guaranteed absolutely on all work don*.
ion SATURDAY, JANUARY  10,  1914.
at  Mc-
The  "Parson's Vacation"
j*eely Hall, early in January.
\lex. Davie returned from a
a  trip  to  Victoria on WedJ
-ir. ���
nesday last.
,,,.   and Mrs. D. B. Grant spent
' fgday in Vancouver,    returning
afternoon to Ladner. ,
ur G Grauer, of Bburne, paid a
bu'sin'ess'visit to Ladner on Wednes^
day in*3'* 	
\trs H Wilcox was at home io
a number' of her friends on Friday
evening last-	
j, v Dr. Sandford will preach at
both services in the Methodist
church on Sunday.
-Mr   v. deR. Taylor, pf the Tay-
lor Electric  Co.,   spent  Wednesday*
Vancouver on business.
visit 1
MjU M. Mills, of anVcouver,
at    the    home of Mrs,
D.   Paterson   re-
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon spent Tuesday in Vancouver.
The  "Parson's Vacation"  at  McNeely Hall, early in January.      ������
Miss Gertrude Rich returned to
St. Margaret's school at Victoria on
Tuesday morning, where she will
remain until the Easter holidays.
Rebels Redouble Fury of Their Assault, But Defenders Still
Hold Out Gamely.
"The ride on this new rajlway
j from the Lower Fraser Lake down
| to Prince Rupert la going to bring
I many pleased tourists to your city."
I This was the comment of Morley
| Donaldson, general manager of the
Grand Trunk Pacific, on his return
recently from a trip to the end of
When the original agreement between  the city and the Prince Ru-
Hydro-Electric    Company   was
Cunliffe in the field for mayoralty
civic politics are beginning to show
signs of life, although -little active
work has been carried on by the
supporters of either candidate.
���St. Saviour's church was last
week the scene of a very pretty
wedding when Raymond T. Hiekes,
manager of the Kootenay Fruit
Growers' Association and secretary
of the West Kamloops Farmers' Institute, was united in marriage to
Miss Gladys J. Cooper, daughter of
John Cooper and Mrs. Cooper, of
this city. The wedding ceremony
was performed by Rev. F. H. Graham, rector of the church.
Deciding to reduce the salary of
Mr. and Mrs. J. Du Moulin arrived in the city last week and will
make their home here in future.
Mrs. J, Barnes is a daughter.
Mrs. and Mjbs Devereaux spent
the Christmas holidays with friends
in Victoria. They returned to Ladner on Wednesday laBt.
If you are bothered with headaches, squint or cross eye, or If the
glasses you now wear are unsatisfactory, consult with Dr. Kilburger,
specialist in Weare's Jewelry store.
Sec notice on page two.
The pulpit of All Saints' church,
Ladner, will on Sunday next be occupied   by   the   Rev.   E.  W.   Baxter,
Councillor   A
turned on Wednesday afternoon last   vicar of Newport, B.C
,*-������* a business trip to Victoria and
Mr. H. Shook, a former employee
of the McLelan Lumber Co., left
last week for Seattle, WaBh., where
he expects to reside permanently.
The engagement of Miss Barbara!
Montgomery to Mr. L. Dennis is announced, and the auspicious event
is tn occur in the near future.
Look for the White Store's Big
Sale from Saturday, January 10 to
January 24. Don't overlook this!
sale; it will be worth your while
attending. **
Mis? B, Smith  left for her home
in Vancouver    after    spending the
New Year
Traffic over the Ladner-Wood-
ward Landing ferry is rapidly in-*1
creasing, and the Inauguration of
this service has proven of great advantage to the farmers here.
GULFPORT,    Miss.,    Jan.     2.���
President    Wilson's Mexican  policy
hasn't been modified.   Huerta must j pert _   ^
go. Until he does, the administra-i drawn up the intention and spirit of the school" medical health officer to
tion's attitude remains unchanged. |the agreement was that the company $360 per annum, the school board
Lind returned to Vera Cruz this would not enter into competition ' has declared the position vacant
afternoon. The president himself 'vith the city in selling of power for j after today and called for appllca-
gave authority for these statements, I industrial purposes. I tions  for the position  to  be in by
The news has been received by 5 o'clock on the afternoon of Janu-
the Dominion Wireless Station on ary 6. A resolution was passed re-
Digby Island that the fishing ves- duclng'salary to |30 per month,
sei the G. R. Hughes, is a complete j Illustrative of the excellent busi-
v.reck. The vessel left Vancouver Uess conditions which have prevailed
on her maiden trip on December 22. in this district during 1913 are the
After being out  to sea her engines'
putting an end to rumors that he
had decided finally to use force.
Fight Still Rages.
PRESIDIO, Jan. 2.���Fighting at
Ojinaga is fiercer than ever today.
The rebels Increased the fury of
their assault after midnight and appeared to be gaining ground, but
the town's defenders are holding
out gamely. Rebeis are said to be
on the outskirts. At some places
the struggle was hand to hand,
knives, bayonets and clubbed gun-
stocks figuring as weapons. Latest
estimates placed the number of the
defenders' dead at four hundred,
wounded four hundred and fifty, of
the rebels' dead, three hundred;
wounded, six hundred. These figures are said to be conservative.
with    her    chum,   Miss-
Mr. Paterson, who is president of
the   Provincial   Association,  reports
a most enthusiastic session and pre-1
diets a  good season  for the stock-
lers in 1914.
For all Building Supplies and Fuel
Oil, apply to the B.C. Transport Co.,
Ltd., 505 Westminster Trust Building.    Office phone 826; wharf phone
Reeve II. D. Benson left on Tues-
'iy  morning  for  Victoria.    He ex-
ii be away several days and
will take up a number of local mu-
l   'MH'slions   with   the   Provincial authorities.
E> -ldermari J. J. Johnston will
* Mayor A. W. Gray for lhe
: . iralty contest in New Westmln-
and Aldermen Kellington, Jar-
dine, Henley, Bryson and Dodd will
run again, and there 3re several new
men In the field including Mr. I".
Messrs. Alex. DAvie and Coun. A.
D. Paterson attended the annual
meeting of the B.C. Live Stocki
Breeders' Association at Victoria!
this week, returning on Wednesday
o o
0 O
Friday night at the Victoria vVest
School the municipal campaign
opened, the mayoralty and alder-
Imanic candidates making their first
addresses to the electors.
By the additiin of the name of
Mr. Henry J. Sanders, the alder-
manic list now numbers nineteen.
By nomination day, Monday next, it
broke down in the heavy seas that
were encountered. On December
24 at 8:45 she ran ashore on Secretary Point on Hope Island. Here
the vessel lies a complete wreck
while the total crew were picked
up by the Grand Trunk Pacific
steamer Henrlette.
"Rev. F. W. Kerr is ranked
among the ten best preachers in the
Canadian     Presbyterian      church
customs collections for the year,
which were made public yesterday.
During the year at the port of Nelson the total collections amounted
to $151,355.65, which is very close
to the record total of $153,072.76
in   1912.
Better Loo!: Now
If you have eeaUtod total** a
summer oottaca, now la tho tlr.��
to took ���ow-tho Claaolflod Ado.
tor eottogao to rani.
Vou oHM got a moro MtUame*
tory aoliottow new then yon will
Or If you with to laao
_. havo ptaooa to i    '
tUno to ptaoo your
or havo alaooo to tent, now l�� tho
The  New   Year  was    greeted    in
Fernie with the blowing of whistles
Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Rich entertained a bevy of the younger folk'
at their home on Friday evening
!a.ut. Cards and games were indulged in and the evening was much
enjoyed  by all  present.
Such was the comment of Mr. Scott'ancl general rejoicing, and during
of Terrace in speaking last week to |the morning the Trltes Wood Com-
the Presbyterian congregation of loauy distributed 1,800 bags of candy
the possible removal of Rev. Kerr to it0 the Juvenile portion of the corn-
New Westminster. munlty.
Money by-laws aggregating the
expenditure of $200,000 were passed their second reading at the last
council meeting and sent forward to
be prepared to be submitted to the
electors on January 15. There was
no dissenting voice. The by-laws
included the Hydro-Electric agreement, one for the providing of a
recreation park, the extension .'of
the telephone system, the extension
of the electric lighting system and
the erection of a municipal building
on Fulton street.
Contractors Poole and Dean have jf noti
In the local police court before
Magistrate Binns, George Bargos
bartender at the Victoria hotel, was
fined $50 and costs for wounding
John Oposki by hittfrg him over the
head with a lunch bucket.
is probable that this number will be started the steel work at the new
added to. Mr. Edward Bragg, who dry dock. The first pieces are the
was a member of previous councils] pillars for the foundry building and
Coming���Dr. Kilburger, eyesight
specialist, representing Toric Optical Co., of Vancouver, will be in
Weare's jewelry store, Monday, January 12.   See notice on page
Mr. Alex. Scott, of Port. Guichon,
wbo has been indisposed for some
little time, contracted a chill a few-
days ago and his many friends will
grieve to hear that he is seriously
Ml of the schools opened on Monday last and the commencement oC
ihe term sees no less than threo
new teachers on the roll. . Mr. Er->
nest Powell, B.A., is installed at
<'anoe Pass school; Miss Emma McJ
Kenzie, of Vancouver, at Boundary
Hay Institution, and Miss Margaret.
Archibald, of Aldergrove, presides
nt the Sunbury school. This is the
md appearance of the ladies to
' idner, Mr. Powell being the only
' "V member.
The Bachelors outdid themselves
on the occasion of their annual ball
on New Year's eve, and their already
enviable reputation as hosts was considerably augmented by the excel-
dence of the arrangements and
"good eats" and carefully selected*
programme. The brand of music
served up by tbe Howard Bros, six-
piece orchestra left nothing to he
desired and the two hundred coui
pies enjoyed themselves to the limit.
Mr. I. Johnston provided the supper, which is "nuff sed," as his capabilities as a caterer are too well
known to necessitate any description  in  these  columns.
in mission's Report Will Re Taken
Up Ry Parliament Early in
the Session.
OTTAWA, Jan. 8.���One of the
nn si Important questions to which
'be attention of the government
"id  par.lament will be drawn  this
' Ing  session will be that of the
'leslratllity of embarking upon a
I'-'Iicy of technical education with
,!l purpose of placing Canada upon
1 level educationally with the most
progressive of the industrial na-
""iis of Europe.
��� he report of the commission on
county schools throughout the country, where scientific farming and
higher ideals of citizenship could be
imparted to the sons and daughters
of the Canadian farmers.
CHPLI.IWACK, Dec. 8. ��� The
heavy rainfall of the past, few days
has been the cause of more or less
inconvenience to the householders.
Trouble Is had In the low-lying portions of the city with water in the
basements. The mountain streams
have been raging torrents and one
of the bridges on the Luck-i-kurk
with cement abutments, built a year
ago, went out with the force of the
water. The streams throughout the
whole of the valley are so full that
water is very slowly receding. Fettle forty-eight hours, Sunday and
Monday, a record rainfall was had,
the gauge at the metearalogloal sta-
Ifioti registering ti.Ufi  Indies of rainfall  In  that  time.    The  weather  ls
i unusually  mild  for tho season  and
nical education,  which    ls now	
'ng linally revised and printed at   there has been no snowfall to Bpeak
"w rnmeiit     printing    bureau, | 0f this winter.
Bhortly   be   ready   for  dlstrlbu-
'���'ii-     Hy   the   time   it   has  become
��� cully     circulated     the     parlin-
i:v  session  will  be well  under
and the recommendations made
will  he urged  upon the government
"l discussed in parliament.
What   the  commission     proposes,
��� fly stated, is that, three million
lars ol Federal money be devoted
'   '' annum  to  technical    education.
i!"   idea Ih to divide two and a half
"'is of this  between the prov-
npon   the  basis  of  population
1 '" devote tho other hair million
innum to the creation of a cen-
"'1   technical   Institute     where  ex-
' mild be developed who could
inned to any municipality nink-
i Btprt In the technical training
"'��� the young for any period consld-
' I necessary.
The commission also recommends
"  a portion of the money be to-
'���'i"1*     to   the     establishment     of
Electric Restorer lor Wen
ll 'sphonol "Mi-ores every non in the body
; to Hi proper tension; restores
ml vitality. I'remalnre decay end ail Kxtml
"'"nets averted, at once.   Phaop-honol will
������-me vou a new man.   Price 18 a box. or two for
r��  i'"'l?<t I->anv address.   TheSeobeU Drag
"-. 8t. Citlisrlues, Ont.
and has been an aldermanlc candidate at recent elections, has *:on-
sented to enter the field. *
Till July Next.
Mr. Justice Audette, who has been
conducting the Sealing Commission's
inquiry into the India-; claims, adjourned the court until July, after
completing the hearing of the whole
of the Indian claims, some 850 In
all, which were ready tor presentation.
C.P.R. Fleet Grows.
After undergoing extensive alterations at the Esquimau yards of the
B.C. Marine Railway Company, the
powerful tug William Jolliffe was
yesterday taken over by the C.P.R.,
and from now on the famous towing
craft will fly the checkered ensign.
Earthquake Records.
During the past year 66 earthquakes were recorded at Victoria,
many of these originated along the
sea coasts of the Pacific, including
Alaska, California, Mexico, Panama,
South America, Japan and the Indian Archlpeligo; also in Italy, Asia
Minor, etc. This number 66. is below the average for the last 15 years,
which is 72 or at the rate of six per
Small Rainfall.
The annual precipitation at Victoria was nearly four inches below
the average of the past 25 years,
viz.: 23.84 inches. Over eight
inches of snow fell here during last
January, February  and March.
The complete list of aldermanic
candidates to date ls as follows:
Aldermen Porter, Dilworth, Mc-
Candless, Fullerton and McNeill,
and Messrs. A. M. Bannerman, A. E,
Todd, Captain Mcintosh, George
Be'.l, Clarence Harris, John L.
Martin, John D. McDonald, Ex-alderman Robert Beard, Thomas
Howard, H. Q. Dalby, W. J. Sargent and W. C. Van Munster. In
the mayoralty field no further candidates have been announced, and
the indications are that Mr. .Stewart
and Alderman Gleason will haze the
contest all to themselves.
Oak Bay Elections.
Mr. W. E. Oliver announces that
he wl.l run for the reeveship at the
municipal elections.
Mr. Oliver states it was only after
ascertaining that Mr. F, M. Raitt-n-
bury did not Intend again to stand
that he decided to accept the Invitation tendered him.
Another Xew Mhp.
After months of preparation a
new map of tho southern ha'f of
Vancouver Island has been Issued by
the minister of lands. This is the
first ol a series of district maps,
covering the entire province, which
are to be published under the direction of the chief geographer.
Exceptional Tide.
Great Interest was evinced in
shipping circles on Sunday at the
exceptionally high tide that wus recorded. The normal tide was estimated at 8.7, but rose actually to
10.6 feet. This Is attributed by experts partly to the low barometric
pressure and partly to the very
stormy conditions which prevail at
sea, and which have caused a'piling
up of the tidal  waters.
these are now going up. The dry
dock site presents a busy scene.
There are over 200 men at "work on
construction, besides those employed
by Contractor McDougall on rock
"What's Your Phone Number?"
Can You Answer This Question
den't yon know you are
losing business and running risk.
What is more necessary than a telephone in case oif sickness or fire?
Delta   Telephone   Co.,   Ltd.
Fnr S_!e, For Exchange Wanted to
Purchase, To Let, Lost. Found, Work
Wanted, Situations Vacant, 1 cent par
word. Minimum, 25 cents for any on*
advt. These rates for cash with order.
All Want Ads. must be in by 2 p.m.
on Thursday.
FOR SALE���Young pigs about 3
months old and brood sows. Apply S. Rawlins, Boundary Bay
The Ladner - Steveston
ferry Service
Beginning Monday, September 16,
the steamer New Delta will run on
her fall and winter schedule, as follows: Leaves at 8.30 a.m. ailfl 3.30
p.m. Vancouver passengers can
make connection by taking the 8.80
a.m. and 3.30 p.m. cars at Granville street station. New Westminster passengers should take the
Eburne cars at 8:00 a.m. and 3:00
p.m. and the Steveston cars at
Every telephone exchange on Vancouver Island, with the exception of
Union Bay, shows growth for the
year 1913. At Union Bay there was
a net loss of two subscribers, a figure so small that it need hardly be
taken into account. The showing
for the island as a whole shows an
Increase of 1452, of 19 per cent.;
Alberni, 43.8  per cent.;  Chemainus,
56.5 per cent.; Courtenay, 10.4 per
cent.; Cumberland, 12.3 per cent.;
Duncan,  17.5  per   cent.;    Heatings
23.6 per cent.; Ladysmith, 6.3 per
cent.; Nanaimo, 12.1 per cent. Sidney,  19.4  per cent.
In the death of Mr. David Jones,
which occurred here on Saturday,
Vancouver Island loses one of its
oldest and most respected residents.
The deceased, who was past 86 years
of age, located in Nanaimo over forty
years ago, having landed at Victoria
in 1873 on the S.S. Pacific, which,
on its return trip, foundered with
the loss of all hands save one. He
was a native of the parish of Llaull-
win, Carmarthenshire, South Wales,
and during his residence in Nanaimo
while in active life was in the employ of the New Vancouver Coal Co.
Ferry Auto Stage
ladner-Vancouver Service
Auto leaves corner Fraser
Arm and River Road at 7:00
and 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 and
6:00 p.m., connecting with all
ferries at Woodward's Landing.
Ferry Free.
Poultry Wanted
Best Prices Paid.
Mineral and
Soda Waters
New Westminster, B.
Manufacturer  of   Soda   Water,
Ginger  Ale,  and  uR  Kinds  of
Summer  Drinks.
Your Patronage Solicited.
Highest Prfres fnr Live and Dreasad
Poultry,    Fresh Eggs and    Produce.
Consignments Solicited.
City Market, Main  St.,     Vancouver.
Of Cobourg, Ont., who was elected
president of the Ontario Bar Association on December 30.
The man who Is to decide whether
the credit of the city of Port Alberni Is good for the amount of debenture issue, and on whose recommendation the deal now pending,
through the agency of the Canadian
Financiers, will depend, Ib in the
city. He was met at the station by
Mayor Burde and City Clerk Blandy,
and escorted to the city hall where
he had an informal discussion -vith
the council and is now investigating
the local situation.
Another evidence of the popularity
of the Rev. C. Ladner and the esteem
felt tor him by all classes of humanity is shown by the presentation recently made him by the prisoners'
In the local Provincial Gaol, the gift
taking the form of dainty silver pepper and salt shakers, warm Winter
gloves and handkerchief, and an address signed, "The prisoners, Kamloops Gaol."
Authorized Capital  $*_.--.O,OO0.00.
H. A. MacDonald,   Managing Director.
Advertise in the Delta Times
AU Winter
Must Go
25# Off
Allt uitsand
Tho contract for the building of
the new armoury and drill hall for
Merritt has been placed and work Is
to be commenced forthwiih. The
building is to be brick built and will
be one of the most notable structures
In Merritt. It will give a good start
to the long list of new building to
ibe taken ln hand in January.
Cecil Dore, of Seymour Arm, was
brought last week to the hospital
badly Injured by being struck under
the Jaw with the lever of the gasoline iboat, lAnnavnna, rnflletinf** a
couple of very nasty cuts, injuring
bis tongue and knocking out or
smashing about a dozen te-*th.
Tho Ci P. R. carpentering geng
are now engaged in making preparations to move the old station, which
lias done duty for so many years,
and  waa only vacated a little over a
month ago,
of-way line.
back to the north I Ighl
quickly *top�� coughs,
1*8 I'.r-ii ar.d luttp
cures  colds, and  heali
as c.nu.
In accordance with a resolution
passed by tho police commissioners
at a meeting early this month as a
result of communications with Hon
W. J. Bowser, attorney-general, fruit
and cigar stores In Nelson will be
closed every Sunday.
Mayor Herbert Keefe is candidate
for re-election as chief magistrate
of Nelson for 1914. In his platform
be promisee progressive policy with
expenditures on Improving business
streets of tho city. Keefe has been
in Nelson ten years. He is treasurer
of the Brotherhood of Carpenters
With Mayor Keefe and Aid. W. M.
Our Big Annual
Stocktaking Sale
Starts Monday, Jan. 5th and
continues to end of month.
Bargains in Groceries, Hardware and
. Stoves, Dry Goods and lien's furnishings, Shoes, Clothing, China and
Crockery ware. Genuine Clearance Sale
Lanning, Fawcett & Wilson
H te
i �� ������ et
M ;:n-
. VI    "Xt
* i.":
,,vl        li-
: 1$   ty
''���{:i.  he
' v.i Tin
'' "i
��� K
'     N
!' d
1 *���**"
*>'l '���
. 1  -
��� i o
i *
.   I*
m I
I  H
��� ��� ���
Street Paving Contract! to Value of
$1828,70-,   Awarded   By   tli��
Board Ol Works.
VANCOUVER, Jan. S.���The civic
campaign ended last night with
Mayor Baxter addressing bis last
luct-ung ..t uOi_uiiio��i iiall and Mr.
L. D. Taylor Kpj-alcing at the Grand-
view school aad the Britannia High
School. i'oday irom !> a.m. to 7
p.m., the electors are voting to elect
a mayor, sixteen aldermen, four
school trustees, three park commissioners and two license commissioners.
Paring   Contracts  Awarded.
Tho contrail for paving Victoria
Drive from Powell street to Twelfth
avenue was yesterday afternoon
awarded bv the Hoard of W-Qi'ks to
Mr, 11. J. Kaiser at 1188,982, Contracts were awarded to the Columbia Bltulithic Company for paving
South Cam-hie al a cost of $42,427;
Commercial Drive, from Broadway
to Twelfth Avenue, at "20,385; Fir
Street, between Second Avenue and
Fourth Avenue, at $7317; Cornwall
Street, from Vew Street to Cypress
Street, at $ioy4; ami Eleventh
avenue, from Ash to Heather street,
a .$174*1. These works total $228,-
\o objection to Depot Plan.
Sir Donald Mann, who left last
evening for Victoria, said he would
have no objection to the plan proposed by the Great Northern Railway that the two railway companies
should have depots conforming to
the same architectural design and
adjoining each  other.
Were in Luck.
"We expected to clear $20,000 or
$30,01)0 with ordinary good luck
and. in the outcome, we were, lucky
tc pay our way and find ourselves
not In debt," observed Mr. J, J.
Miller, president of the Exhibition
Association, in reply to a question
ai the meeting of the association
yesterday. Mr. C. E. Tisdall, M. P.
P., took an optimistic view of a disappointing result and pointed out
that the wretchedly wet weather
during the last four exhibitions
could nol  continue year after year.
Edmonton Unemployed Demand Liberation of I*et 11 loners Arrested
nnd Held in Calgary.
CALGARY, Jan. C���"If you don't
immediately release the six members of the unemployed league, arrested Saturday by your chief of
police wieii endeavoring to peacefully present a petition to the mayor
six hundred men of the unemployed league of Edmonton will at once
march on Calgary to bring about,
their liberation," i
This was the purport pf a Lei ���-
gram reei -. d by Mayor Sinnott <md !
read at lust night's couhci) meeting. II was signed by the secretary
of tin- unemployed league of Edmonton.
The  I.  W.  W.  leaders    of Satur-I
day's near riot wero    in ihe police
court yesterday and  were remanded
on a charge of being members of an
unlawful assembly.
slide swept away
Rains Undermine Property Abutting
on Highway at White Rock���
<!. X. Train Is Delayed.
WHITE ROCK, Jan. 7.*- A    mud
slide occurred on the seafront road |
hero  on   Sunday  evening,   blocking i
the   road   and   carrying   with- it.  an !
empty   cottage     belonging     t-d   E. i
Winch  of Jubilee,     Owing to the
fact that this highway Is still under
lhe control of the 0, N. It. and that I
DO  work  was done on   it  during  Ihe
p���s>t year by either iho municipality
or  the  railway  company,  all  drains |
.unl ditches are slopped up and tbe I
water  from  the recent    heavy rains
is   undermining    the    banks    and j
foundations of adjacent  property.      I
On Monday night the Shasta i
Limited, north bound, due to leave j
here al 9 o'clock, was held up just i
south  Of  the  local  depot  by  a  mud [
���tide In the cut    or the o. N. it.
right of way.     She did  nol  pull  oul
nil   aboUl   3   o'clock   the  followingi
Several people from While Roch
attende I the courl of revision of
Surrey voters' lists (eld on Monday ���
at the municipal hal , Cloverdale.
Peeling Is running hi��h over this
coming elec Ion and a close tight is
OLYMPIA, Jan. 2.���The state
highway commission has let the contract to tbe Quigg Construction Company, Wenatchee, for the building
ot four miles of the Pacific Highway, on the water front route, for
$51,732. The road to be built is
across the county line between
Whatcom and Skagit counties, with
most of it in Whatcom. The next
low bid was by Charles E. Lind, of
Bellingham, fpr $57,522.
.Mills Will Reopen.
BELLINGHAM, Jan. 5.���Announcement ls made by mill owners
that their mills, .which have been
closed down for several weeks, wUi
be opened with fully 500 men back
at work.
Slock Yards at Sumas.
SUMAS, Jan. 5���That stock yards
will bo built at this point by
the Northern Pacific for the accommodation of constantly increasing
cattle si Ipments is now practically
assured. Reports are to the effect
that the department of agriculture
bas issued orders for yards at ports
of entry though U. S. Veterinarian
Hutchison says he has not yet been*
1018 Shipping Heavy.
BELLINGHAM, Jan. 5���During
Hi 13, according to records to be
found iu the local customs office,
141 vessels ongaged In foreign trade
entered the port of Bellingham and
106 vessels engaged In foreign
trade cleared from this port. Twenty
ships plying between Bellingham
and Alaska and other Pacific coast
ports entered this port during the
year and thirty-seven vessels engaged Id the coastwise trade cleared
from this port.
Postal Receipts.
BELLINGHAM Jan. 5.���Postal
receipts at tfe Bellingham office
during the year 1913 were $74,-
731.93, according to statistics compiled by Assistant Postmaster Wii'
D. Pratt. This is a gain of 7 per
cent or $4887.54 over 1912, when
the total receipts for the year were
Short Connie In Forestry.
SEATTLE, Jan. 5.���Men employed in the logging camps of the state
or connected with forestry work, or
who have a slight acquaintance with
the lumbering Industry of Washington, will be given an opportunity to
increase their efficiency by enrollment In the sixth session of short
courses in forestry and lumbering,
which will be conducted by the college of forestry for a twelve-week
period from January 5 to March 28.
Paid 91,500,000 in a Year.
BELLINGHAM, Jan. 6.���Wages
aggregating a total of nearly $1,-
500,000 were-'pald to employees of
the various canneries in Whatcom
county during the year 1913, according to figures that have been
given out. These figures include
only those employees who follow the
hazardous branches of the fishing
industry and do not set out the
wages paid to men employed in offices and similar sedentary occupations connected with the fishing industry.
Point  Roberts Cannery Sold.
BLAINE, Jan. fi.���Saturday afternoon a deal was consummated
whereby the cannery and flsh traps
of the George -fc Barker Company at
Point Roberts passes into the ownership and control of the Armour
Packing Company.
Lazy   Husbands  Earn  .Money.
SEATTLE, .Ian. (1.--Thirty ' lazy
husbands arrested for non-support
of their families and confined ln
the county stockade earned $1101 for
their  families In  December. The
money was paid over to the wives
and children The work was clearing and under supervision of deputy sheriffs. Wages are paid according to the size or the family.
A mnn whose family is large receives
$1.50 a day. If be has only a wife
the pay Is fl,
Files   Suits.
BE! L1NOHAM, Jan. 6.**���S. M.
'.:.::. k. cne cf !_,_ pioneer attorneys
of the city, has started two suits in
the superior court against Mrs.
E izabeth E. Pettlbone, asking for
judgment for a total of $3450.35,
represented to be owing the plaintiff for legal services rendered.
TACOMA, Wash., Jan. 8.���Shot
In tbe Abdomen during a pitched
buttle last night between striking
yard employees of the Tacoma
Smelting Company and a number of
ai i.ied deputies, Andrew Aronke, a
Striker, died shortly before midnight. The second man shot during
the trouble that began one week ago
When lriO men tied up operations by
striking because a ten-hour day bad
been restored, Aronke'a death was
the first fatality. More than 200
F.bots were fired In last night's
melee. No arrests bad been made
al n Into hour, but Ruston, the little town near Tacoma, at which tho
smelter is located, was an armed
LAW,  1014.
Between Lanning, Fawcett & Wilson, Limited, Plaintiff, and    Frank
iMillejoure, defendant.
,    To the defendant,    Frauk    Mille-
joure, of tbe Municipality of Delta,
British Columbia, farmer.
Take notice that a plaint has been
filtered and a summons issued
I against you in the above County
Court by Lanning, Fawcett & Wilson,
iLimlted. who carry on business at
the Village of Ladner in the Province of British Columbia, as Maker of
a Promissory Note dated the 1st day
of July, 1913, for the sum of $153.60
and interest payable three months
after the date thereof to the order of
the Plaintiff, which note was duly
presented for payment at the Bank
of Montreal, New Westminster, B.C.,
whereof it is payable and was dishonored by non-payment and the
Plaintiff's claim is for the further
amount of $166.95, being the amount
due and owing by you for goods sold
and delivered to you by_the Plaintiff
at your request.
Oct. 1, 1913, to amount of
above described Promissory Note due this day.. $153.60
Nov. 17, 1913,    to interest
on      above      described
Promissory    Note    from
July   1,   1913  to  date  at
8 per cent per annum by
July 12, 1913, to half ton
aslt at $17.50 per ton. .
To 150(1 sacks    at    $92
per 1000   	
To     100     lbs.     binding
Aug. 25, 1913, to one sack
And  further  take  notice that  an
order has been made for the publication of a notice of the entry of such
I plaint and the issuing of such sum-
| mons in two consecutive issues of the
i "Delta Times" shall 'be deemed to be
i-a good and sufficient service of the
summons upon you.i
You are required to enter a Dispute 'Note to the above mentioned action within fourteen day�� from the
date of the first publication of this
notice in the "Delta Times" at the
Registrar's Office at New Westminster. BJC., and if you do not so enter
such Dispute Note within such time
judgment may be entered against
you and the Plaintiff may proceed to
Dated this 6th day of January,
Solicitors for the Plaintiff.
Molson's   Bank   Chambers.   Hastings
St. West, Vancouver, B.C.
POUT MOODY, Jan. 8.���In tho
second meeting of the municipal
campaign Mayor Roe, Dr. Cart-
wright, who Is opposing Mayor Roe's
re-election, and aldermanlc candidate John Taylor, of Vancouver,
were the speakers. Water supply,
sewerage end cheap industrial sites
were d'siussed. Mr. J. II. McNeice
presided and the meet ing. was well
SYDNEY, N. S., .Inn. 8.--Another
big railway deal is to go through in
Cape Breton, according to word received here. The information was
to tbe effect that Mackenzie & Mann
who own the Inverness railway,-will
negotiate for a right-of-way from
St. Peters, to Sydney, with a view
to enlarging their already extensive
business in the province.
TYNEHEAD,    Jan.     7.���Monday
morning   Mr.   Win.   Bothwell   missed
a  cow  from   hls  barn  and  believed
sh��   had   I "in   stolen.       Calling   In
Constable   Matthesoh  of Cloverdale,
the cow was tracked straight to tho
barn of a  man    named    Russell al I
Port   Kells.     Itussell     was   charged ;
with th" theft and taken to Jail at I
Annual Meeting of Strawberry Hill
Institute Held in New '
The annual meeting of the Strawberry  Hill   Farmers'   Institute   was
held in the Institute Hall, Gladstone
Road, on Saturday, January 3.   Considering the weather the attendance
was  exceptionally    large,    recording
the largest, in the history of the Institute.    The meeting was called to
order by the president, Mr. A. Walden.    Tlle  minutes  of  the   previous
imeeting,   and     correspondence   were.
disposed of.    The next item was the
j president's  report    of    the    progress
I made for the past year, and also the
aims and objects for tbe coming year
Were presented.     He then explained
the work of re-organization from the
[Old   course   of   previous   years,   and
struggles in connection with the old
.Institute hall and the labor attending the financing, nnd  the building
of the new Institute hall,  of which
all are proud.    He then touched on
the better feeling cf fellowship that
I existed throughout the district, and
Ithe Improved social advantages that
-.:._ ':::**. ircijut _._;;_!. by the las:
year's work.    He expressed his appreciation of the confidence that the
I members had placed in him and his
I fellow   officers,   which   was   greeted
' with   great  applause.       The   secretary's report showed a good substantial  balance over any previous year,
which with Secretary It. Anton's remarks brought forth more applause,
showing a  balance of $126 In hand.
The election o.f officers resulted as
follows:   President,   Mr.   A.  Walden,
by acclamation; Mr. E. R. Still, vice-
president,  by acclamation:   Mr. U   3.
Anton,    secretary,treasurer,    elected
unanimously,     Directors:   Messrs. F.
Hickiintoii, s. Gray, ll. Kirk. J. Hus-
'lam. After which each and every one
jy the ab -vo officers brief!* thanki I
the    Institution 'for   the   honor    bestowed.
The principal features of the meeting was arranging for the purchasing of grain In car load lots, which
i v.'lll reduce greatly the price of all
ifeed grain now being used throughout tlie district. A committee was
also appointed to arrange for dls-
i nosing of eggs in the Vancouver mnr-
fket. A special meet ing ig called tor
January .7 to complete details of
ithe grain Shipping proposition, A
social and dance was arranged to
.take place on January L':', iii the In-
itl'iite hall, to be given In honor
'of the secretary, in appreciation of
Hie good work done liv bim In the
,'...;'. year,
OTTAWA, .Ian. S. -Tenders for
the Victoria Harbor work will close
this afternoon nt 4 o'clock. It is
understood that a number of large
firms have entered tenders for the
work. The contract Is expected to
be let without delay.
A Byilaiw to enable the Corporation ot
Delta to raise by way of loan the sum
of $15,1100.110 far tihe puiPPOBe of c.ins-iruc-l-
iiiSJ and furnishing a Muiiici|><il H.iil con-
ta.iniii,,' nffi. es, firi*i'r.>'if vaull an I lookup.
Wherea,-! a peMlon e|fim&d by the owners uf more than ime-tenuh In value of
the leal property in the Municipality of
Deltu as shown by the last reviaei] as-
sesMiii.ii>: roiifl haw been presented co the
Mu-ni'c-ipuil ciininci'1 praying iilhait a bylaw
be ln.Mu-.luci il for thc purpose of raising upon Uhe credit of the municipality
a sum not exceeding fifteen dhousancl
(416.000,00) d*..'..:a.i*s for uhe purpose of constructing and I'imitshl'ns a muraiclr-il hall
ewnicai'ivlng ofl'lcos, fireproof vault and
And wlUTL-a.s it is necessary to raise
tlie moneys reqmhied to defray the above
expenditure upon the credit of the MunicipalIty;
And whereas it Willi be necessary tu
raise u-nmuaily by special rate the sum
of five huridi-ei* and four ($50*1.00) dollars
piiiru-ipal and the sown of seven hundred
hundred and fi'f.ty ($750,00) dio-Hars imten-s't
makingr toge-ther a total amount -of twelve
Hundred and I'lfty-four ($12.14.00) Halters
for the term of twenty (20) years for
the repayment of the said loan and interest  thereon  as  liirfinafu-r mentioned:
And w-lieri>:i*s the amount of the whole
rateable laud in the municipality according to the last revised a.sses*ment roll
is five million five hundred and sixty-
three thouaamd and four hundred and
sixty-five dollar* ($5,663,466) dollars and
the amount Oif tihe impro'vemenls nf the
muni' h'.ilMy an-ordln-g to tho last revised ;i<s --in.nl roll is torn hundri'il and
nta96y-.tW-0 HiDuaand and sixty ($403,060)
And  Wh vis Hi.*  municipality has no
px'st-lni: debenture debt exclusive of debts J
i,,..  ���-,.������'*.;  ..f  lottd  improvement:
And Whereas Do provide for the pay-
mi'ii! of iuiiri'sit and tiie creation of a
sinking fund for the payment of t'he said
principal   sum  M  i'lft n   thousand   ($15 -
Oi)O.O(i) dollars It wlM be necessary tn levy
;i   ������; *.i'    iii'ivM;   i*."!.'   sufOfipu't  to  raise
tihe said sum of twelve hundred anil flfty-
fo'tiir ($1,254.00) d*o*l!a*rs. tihe a'miouii't to be
c*iYnlT'.cd annually on the whole of the
raiteaibte land co.m^r.i.sed within the muir  ii'ality.
Now th"n<for.' the ".Tuiilcipail Council
oif the Ooirponnition of Deflta enacts as
1, Tt Kh.TH be lawful for the Reeve
and Clerk of rhe Counicll for the purposes aiforcs'.'iid to borrow or raise by
way of loan from any person or persons
or bmrly or bodies corporate who may
be willing to advance the same a sum
mvt exceeding fifteen thouisaml ($16,000.00)
iMiJn ns and to cause 'the sa.me to he
Placed in the Rio-vbiI Bank of Canada at
Lindner   in   the   Province   of   British   Co-
' '   '������.       t~      ��hn      r,-r.*-|,**      nf     tYin      J-t-lirl      ("*A--
poralfon ftar the purposes and with the
obj-eK-lte above set forth, and to Issue do-
beniturea o,f the said Corporation ln sums
of not less than one thousand (tlOOfl.00)
(WOflTts era-dh to the etfteftt of fifteen thousand (ja8,000.(J0) dollars In t'he agffregalte
in nccor.li'i'.'  Willi  the  "Mun'oireil Act."
2. TTti-*** said de*!i,'nture.s shall be issued
tn eotasldt of fifteen (15) debentures each
of Uhe dennnrin.ttion of one thousand
(tl000.00) 'd'ollars o.r may be expressed in
the sterling eiiiiivaleot of four decimal
(Mishit -.ix and 'wo-.lh��rds rM.SO 2-3) to Ihe
One Pound Itli sterling and such debentures shall have annexed thereto coupons expressed boltdl In sterling an.l currency for the Interest thereon at the nite
o"f five (.*/vi per oept. per annum, piyile.*
half-yearly, on the first day of June and
(lhe first day "f Dcem'be.r In each and
every year during l'he curreney of the
sn.ld debentures, or o.f nny of them, and
sueih debemtiires shall be delivered to lhe
purchasers thereof, and both as to prln-
cinai and Internst Shall 1 be payable at
the Royal Bank of Canada in the Cll.v
of Toronillo in the Province of Ontario,
or at tihe sa.id bank in the City of Montreal In the Province of Quebec, or at
the said bank in Ladner in the Province
of Tlrltis-h Co'lumhla, or ait fhe said bank
in tihe Cl'tv of London Engfland. or at
the -aid bank In the dity of New Vork
in the United States of America, at tihe
holder's option, anil the principal of the
.-.aid debenltures shall be payable on the
fifth  day  of January.  1M4.
8, 'Pin-re shall be raised and levied annually by special rate sufficient therefor
on all the i-ateal*ie land wiiithin the mi;-
iiiiipitilltv Ihe sum of five hundred and
four ($501.0111 dml'lars for the purpose Of
(..ruling a sinking fund for the payment
of I'lineipal of the said debentures and
the sum of seven hundred and fifty
($750,hOi dollars tor lhe payment of In-
:.���:���.-��� all lh'- rale aforesaid, lhe said
special rate to !"��� In aildiJtlMin to all other
raites to be levtefl and o.-iliVrteil In lhe
Mid munil I 'i'.itv during the ram n y of
iln- s-aid debentures or any of iluni.
I. AM in ie.'*' [ iminc port of Dhe sinking fi'ii'd i" be raised by tlie special rate
I'.IVe    lefell*,*:    lo   shall    '',.    Invested    by
Che ''  unci! of Hi.* Ci>rpor,i,if.on from time1
to lime as the law directs,
B, The Council may at any time or
from ano to time pur* base any of the
ile'ienii'in*s i-smd under this Bylaw, and
''I -li" .lobeiiiiures as purchased shnill
forthwith be rance".ed or destroyed and
im r.-'ssuo of d"benMires .shall be made
in oon ������"'iiience of Birch purchase.
'i '1'i'is I.*.'a*'* >.h*,*''l take rffo't on and
after 'he 27:h day of January. UUI.
7. This Ivlaw ony be cited for all
punpo.sf������_ , the "nelta Municipal Hall
in-law. 18M "
Done   ;"*"!   parsed   in   open   eo*in.*tl   this
Received    the   assen't   of   the   elee-tnrs   al
an election on  fhe     day nf Januarv,
Re. onisiilored and finallv adopted bv tihe
Council, signed by the Reeve anil Clprk,
and scaled with the Corporate Sea! the
  day of :.  101...
| hundred dollars or more, and in case of
| a   Councillor,   of   two   hundred   and   fifty
| dollars   or   more,   over  and   above   any
ugisiered judgiment, and being otherwise
qualified as a voter.
The ciuallflc-aition for a School Trustee
shall be any person being a householder
in rhe Mnnlcitpa.Hty and being a British
subject of .Uhe full age of twenty-one
years and otherwise c-ua'ltfied to vote
at an election of Sictiool Trustee.
Given un-der my band at Liadner this
Slot day of December, 1913,
Returning Officer.
Notice is hereby given that a Court
of Revision and Appeal under the
provisions of the "Taxation Act" and
the "Public Schools Act" for the New
Westminster Assessment District, and
for Abbotsford, Dewdney, Nicomen,
North Nicomen, .Hatzic Prairie and
Pitt Meadows school districts, will be
held as follows:
Court House, 'New Westminster, B.
���., on Tuesday, 27th day of January,
1914, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon.
Provincial 'Lockup, Mission City,
on Thursday, 29th d-ay of January,
1914, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon.
Dated at New Westminster, B. C,
January 2nd, 1914.
Judge of ithe Court of Revision mid
New Westminster Assessment District
'Notice is hereby given in accordance with the statutes, all Assessed
Taxes Assessed and Levied under the
Taxation Act and the Public Schools
Act and amendments are now due
and payable for the year 1914.
All taxes collectable for the New
Westminster Assessment District and
School Districts of Hatzic Prairie,
(North Nicomen, Nicomen, Pitt
Meadows, Dewdney and Abbotsford,
are due and payable at my office at
the Court House in the City of Xew
Westminster, B.C., and this notice in
terms of Law is equivalent to a personal demand by me upon all per-
osnp liable for taxes.
Dated at Xew Westminster, B.C.,
the 2nd day of January, 1914.
Assessor and Collector.
New Westminster Assessment District
���f  the
tint    the   al".
Is   a   true
proposed Bylaw upon which
the vol. of ihe inunlelpaJI'tv will be taken
���a 'I ������ IT'li d iy of January. Pill., holween
the hour's of nine o'clock a.m. and seven
���'lock nm. at lhe foil owl iff plUCCWl
'���������'ine'i Ch.itr'"-rs, I.adner: School Mouse
K.is'i | ���.'*....; p,hUt eifiice, Ann'cvllle. and
M H.taad'lo Id-re's residence, fftra wberrv
l-ll' I.
N    A.   MrDIAR.Min
C.   M.   C
Ladner.   January   :ird,   mil.
l'u''l'ie noil.,. !s hereby given to
��� ���!'dors ot Iio Munlrlipn-litv of Pdba that
I require Hu* presence of ihe said tlec-
tom a'l Ihe Council Chambers, Ladner
"ii iio mtih day nf January mil. ail ii
o'eloek moon, for Uhe purpose' of eleetlm*
person's lo repriwi-nt nhem In the Mu-
mleipal Coun I! as Reeve and Counelliors
and   nl-o   B hood   Trustees.
The   mode   Of   nonilnalloii   of  eandidales
h '11   be as   follows:
Th" ' lll.l'dales shall be noudlla led ln
WTltlnw, 'li* wrlitlnc sha'l be subscribed
hv iw -...,'e. nt ilie Miiiilc!,,.:ilitv on
ii poser and se onder, and shall be down n d I. uhe llei.uniini.' nrricer ai anv
tin.*  between   ibe date mr lhe  notl **    ind
���  ���   p.in    "ti   Hie  .I.iv  ,,r  n 'oi'iiailon*.  lhe
Province of British Columbia, County
of Westminster.     To wit:
Under and by virtue of warrants
of execution and distress to me directed and delivered against the
goods and chattels of'Frank Millejour
at the suit of Smith Bros., Thos.
Thirkle, and others, I have seized
and will sell at the Millejour farm,
Ladner, B.C., on Tuesday, the 20th
day of January, 1914, at 11 o'clock
in the forenoon, the following, or
sufficient 'thereof to satisfy the judgment debt and costs herein:
One mare, weight about 1600 lbs.;
one horse, weight about lfinii lbs.;
one mare, weight about 960 lbs.;
one mare with foal, weight about 1,-
4.*"()   lbs.;   two   waggons;   six  OOWS;   it
calves; one buggy: om* -n jingle nnd
two sets double harness; one seed
drill, one separator, one potato plow,
lot tools, etc; about 4u bales straw,
about one ton oats; one binder.
Terms of sale cash.
New Westminster, Jan. 8, 1914.
Delta  municipality is situT^'l
the mouth of the Fraser River , * *i
finest   agricultural   district  in v!?l
The chief Interests in the Delta      I
farming,    dairying,    fruit   Bulh!!?l
market gardening,  sheep andT! '
breeding.    There   are   aUo       0r"'
canneries in the Delta municin*,n,   I
There are shipping facilities bP��� "{;
and boat to the markets of cLl\ I
and   the  United   States.    The _T*I
yield is the largest per acre in c.?'
ada, and the sheep and horses h-Sil
are the finest in  British Oolnmbff
Along the south bank of the Pra_���
River   there  are  splendid jltei !���
industries. * ""
Board   of  Trade.���President   D   a
McKee; secretary, S. W. Fisher
Justices of Peace���H. D. Benson tt I
J. Kirkland, J. McKee, E. L. Bern
Police  Magistrate.���J. McKee.        I
Medical Health Officer.���Dr J k.��� I
Wilson. ' ���"\
Coroners.���Dr.  A.  A.  King and nr
J. Kerr Wilson. ''
School Board.���S. Wright, chairman-
C. Davie, A. deR. Taylor, j M-!
Callum, W. R. Ellis, N. a McDiarmid, secretary.
Farmers' Institute.���T. T. Harm I
president; N. A. McDiarmid. sei-*-,*.! I
Delta Farmers' Game Protective a* I
sociation.���Wm.   Kirkland,   pr��i|.
dent; A. deR. Taylor, secretary!
Delta Agricultural Society.���Dr. j,
Kerr Wilson, president; A. _ea!
Taylor, secretary.
Member of Parliament.���J. d. Taylor I
New Westminster.
Metnber of Looal Legislature.���F. j,
MacKenzie, New Westminster.
Boat Sailings.���S.3. New Delta leavM I
Ladner every day for Steveston tt
8.30 a.m., 12.30 p.m. and 6.30
p.m., connecting with the B. C.
E. R. cars. SjS. Transfer leavei
for New Westminster daily, except
Sundays, at 7 a.m.; retumlnj, i
leaves New Westminster at 2 p.m.,
reaching Ladner at 5.30 p.m.
Railways.-���Great Northern leavei |
Port Guichon daily for New Weit-
minster and Vancouver at 7 a.m.;
returning, leaves Vancouver tl
2.30 p.m., reaching Port Guichon
about 6.30 p.m. B.C.E.R., Lulu
Island Branch, E. Stirling, superintendent; Vancouver to Eburne
and Steveston���Cars leave Granville street depot (at north end
of bridge over False Creek) at 6.30
a.m. and hourly until 11.30 pa.
Special car for Eburjic at 6.j0
a.m. Cars leave Steveston at i 30
a.m. and hourly until 11.30 p.m.
Sunday service���First car leavei
either terminus at 8.30 a.m.;
hourly' service (hereafter until
11.30 p.m.
Post Office.���Hours, 8 a.m. to 7
p.m. Mai^ for Vancouver close!
at 18 noon; (or New Westminiter
and up river points at 6.30 a.m.;
closed all day Sunday.
Municipal Council.���Meets in the
Municipal Hall, Ladner, on thi
second and fourth Saturdays in
each month at 2 p.m.    Reeve, H.
D. Benson; councillors, A. D.
Paterson, W. A. Kirkland, Hanford Lewis, G. DeDnis, Chris
Brown;   clerk,  N.  A.  McDiarmid.
The   family  remedy   for   Courhj   and   Colds.
Small  _we.    Small   bottle.    Beit  since  1870
*   ii    ; *      he kuile '*:   Mi.,*-* m*.i  nnd
hfl'H   * nitp  i*h'   irui..it   ivsI.i.vn,.,. :,nn ���,,.
' 'I" '';"ll     "I*     'h"W.rll��tl,lll     nf    ,.,irl'     1  ' ,"
iinii.n*-*,*'!.   In   sii"h   niiintii'i*  al  siirflfiri'llr
I"    l.ll"llt.lfy    Sllnh    f*'|ii,lil|l.,*il,.^      :,,.,!     iii    ||,���
1 w "i "f *i i'"!' helriR n4cMM.ry sur-h
i"iil  will  be 'in.-ii.ii  ..,.  tbe 17nii.ii.- nf
.I-iti'llnt-v ;"f Din CoiiniMll rivii-l,, ng r.'i''-
i'cr: SOhHyiJ TTouss, ffla-M Win: Pii-*-! hr-
ri'-c Anri'lovlillp. nm\ Mr Btamribrldse'q
rwi.lo-ni-", Sitn-nwH.ri'v hi*,| ,,*��� xr*y\-h
I'vprv t'frinn U li-.rr.liv ronnirml to tnkr
n-rijop n-nrl irovrn M-nwHf BuoomMn-jriy,
T1'.. (iii-iiilfi ritif.ri ^r>r n fto-M*'' or r--.nr-..
- lll'T -"ih'.nll Up h> lielmor n mule BrJ-tlJdb
Ptvl'lpi-I. :in/I hnvinc bpon fir thr- tin-...
mwiili<��� noxl nrpccd'lnr lb" dav -*>f nimlti-
mtlOTl till*- roc*l����ir>r**-i*l rvwni-r In Hip T,ni-i*1
Rpirlstirv Offtpp *>f ]n,TOi nr roil prrmp-tv
sltiimtp nitihln thp MunlWnn.lltv nf >hf
nn*noxi>il rnlim nn th" ln=t Miii'l-lrnl *��.
s.T"4nmpnt Rnll; In thp enso nf rtpovf   f!vo
Holy Communion, first and third
Sundays at 11 a.m, second fourth
Sundays at 8 a.m.; matins, 11 a.m.;
Sunday school at 10 a.m.; Evening
Service at 7.30 p.m.; Wednesdav
evening, Litany at 8.30. Rev. C. C.
Hoyle,  M.A.,  vicar.
liaptlNt Churrh.
Pastor���Rev.    D. G.    Macdonald.
I.adner���Sunday school, 11 a.m.;
evenlnu service, 7.30 p.m.; prayer
meetln*;, Wednesday, 7.30 p.m.; missionary meeting every first Wednesday under the auspices of the Ladled
Crescent Inland���Sunday school, _
p.m.; service, 3 p.m ; singing practice and Bible reading, Tuesday, 7,3f
Gulfside Schoolhouse���Union Sut-
day school, 2 p.m.: singing practice
and Gospel service. Friday, 7.80.
Church services will be held every
other Sunday, beginning with Sunday, November 14, 1!��0I). Parochlnl
mass at 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school,
- p.m.; evening devotion, 3 p.m.*'
a.m. Rev. Father W. Chaput, parish
Services next Lord's Day nl 1 ]
n m. and 7.30 p.m.: class meptlne.
Before tiie moi-nlni Bervlce every
Sunday; Sabbath school at 10 am
< very Sundny; Epworth League
every Wednesday at 8 p.m. Rev C
Wellesley Whittaker. pastor.
Bt  Andrew's l'r��>sl>V(,.,;.,���
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; week night services on Thursday evening at 7 30
o'clock; .Sunday school at 2 30
Rev. J. J. Hestle, minister.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan anJ
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and In a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased for a term
of twenty-one years at an ann ial
rental of $1 an acre. Not more than
2560 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the die-
trict ln which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land
must he described by sections, or
legal subdivisions of sections, and
ln unsnrveyed territory the tract applied for shall be staked out by the
applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of |5, which will be
refunded If the rights applied for
are not available, but not otherwise-
A royalty shall be paid on ths merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the min*
shnll furnish the Agent with sworn
returns accounting for the full U-*1--"'
tlty of merchantable coal mined snd
pay the royalty thereon. If the ratxi
mining rights are not being "l'1'"1'
ed, such returns ehould be furnished
at least once a reer.
The   lease   will   Include   tb
Any corrections In above names
or times should ibe sent to the office
of the Delta Times, Ladner, B C
mining rights only, but. the lessee
may be permitted to purctwse vrhat-
ever available surface rights may ne
considered necessary for the wort-
Ing of the mine at the rate ot $1��-*-
an acre,
!*'or full Information appllcatlo��
should be made to the Secretary or
the Department of the Interior. Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
W.  W.  CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior-
N.R--Unauthorised publication ��-
this advertisement will not be P��,n
LONDON,  Jan.   7.���Sir Reginald
Herbert Brade, C.B., one of tl"' '"
year's knights,  has been  appoii"1'"1
successor  to  Sir  Edward Ward as
permanent under-secretary for 'Vlir
The Delta Time* le published ever*?
Saturday from the Times BulM'11*
Ladner, B.C. J. D. Taylor, man'


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