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The Delta Times Feb 9, 1909

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l  __X_,*-___^
W IJ 1
^j_L_# 1 i
Vol. 6, No.
tiiool Report.
Following   is  the   ho:ior  roll   of
the  pupils in the various classes ol
First Opening      ���  .
New Spring Goods88
Every one predicts an Early Spring and we have gov=
erned ourselves accordingly.     New Goods
Arriving  Daily.
Dry Qoods Department.
New Wash Goods, New Hosiery, New Whitewear, Summer Under-;J^^_ .T^dr^w .....
wear, Neckwear and Belts, Large Stock Ladies' Dress Skirts, in all the j ster, Henrv Reagh, Kate Silech. \^x-w
New Colors and Styles. ,
Men's  Department-
New Shirts in Neglige and Regatta, in all the New Shades.
New   Spring  Hats in  Hard and Soft,, in  all  the new blocks and
Our Victoria Letter     The Market.
Victoria,   Feb.  5. ��� During  the
past week the time of the  Legisla-
I.adner public school for the month   ture has  been  principally occupied
of January: with  unimportant amendments  to
division 1. various statutes.   The various coin.
Senior Fourth,���Winnifred Hut-! mitte.-s have commenced their
eherson, Mabel Lannin,', Estelle ! labors, most of their time, so far,
Brewster, being occupied with private bills of
Junior   Fourth ��� Ev.ly 11   Lord. ; no great ]n,port   The daily sittings
John Kirkland, Eric Taylor. 1 ���   .,    ��� , . , ,
, in the House have   been   short, the
DIVISION   11. j important government measures not
Senior Third  A���Annie  Bown, [being ready to submit to the House.
It is anticipated that there will
be liberal grants for  road   purposes
the  coming  year.    The in-
Junior   Third ��� Cedrie   Hilton, j terests 0, Ddta have not been over.
Denbam Hilton, Wanda McCallan. |looked by , our  member, aPpr0pri-
III. ations   having   been   requested   for
over twenty different works in the
distiict, including the Trunk, Scott
���ind River : oads.
The sta: ment b\- lhe government
Se.s the; New "KADY"' Suspender.
Shoe Department-
This is one of the leading departments of the ��tore, and a glance at
w window display will convince you of the up-to-the-minute styles we
are showing.
Wall Papers - 1909 - Waii Papers
Second Reader, Senior���Norman
LtcI,  Lawrence  Latimer,   Beruice
Second   Reader,   Junior���Ralph
,,  ...       ��� ,   _��� ,-,���     ��� ,    ,.���, ,    ,, I that they will reduce the tolls upon
McDiarmid, Snsu Pinuick, Mildred i ' v
ithe  New Westminster bridge from
time to   tnie   will   not be received
with   fav-i"r   as   the   demand of  the
people is kr abolition,
division iv. ft js ex,:ected that an  additional
Second   Primer���Clair   Latimer,  tru-ss  spin   will   be  placed  in  the
Viola Richards'i", Mildred Davis.    [Canoe Pass bridge in  lieu  ot  that
First  Primer���Doughs   McDiar-  portion ol the  bridge  destroyed by
First   Reader ���
Roland Laiinin;. ,
- Rttssel  La. ner,
Albert Olson.
mid, William MacKerus ., Vera .McCallan.
ftMiual Meding.
All the new 1909 Papers, are now in stock and ready for your inspection.
Hardware Department.
Seeds* Seeds. Seeds.
Thr annual meeting of Hie lV;ta
Farmers' Institute was held   in tl e
Council Chamber, at   2:30  p.m. ��. n
'the 30th  tilt., with  the president,
' Dr. 1. Kerr Wilson, in the chair.
Minutes    of   previous
i were adopted as read.
'���    On  motion  K. D. Simpson   was
All ready to fill your orders for Spring,, Timothy and Clover Seeds! appointed Auditor, vie R. May.
and all kinds of Garden and Flower Seeds. \   The annual report showed ti-e|
l Institute to be in a very flourishing
l condition   with   a balance  in   tl e I
; hands oi" the Treasurer,
assorted, j     The following; officers were elect
ed for the ensuing year:
President, Alex. Davie.
Vice-president, Ja-r. McCallan,
I    Sec.-Treas,, N. A. McDiarmid.
Directors���J.   Gilchrist,    Asahel
j Smith,   C.   H.   Davis,   D.    Mont-
S. Motley.
the ice. This ha- 1 eeu recommended by the member ior Delta and tlie
suggestion has been favorably received bv tlie Department.
'l'he weather has been changeable with -irong wirds. The streets,
ar.' diitv. being ti rn Up m many'
places cm accn int of sewerage
works. A great deal of noise is!
being made ubout development of
I Vancouver Island, and it must be
admitted there is lots of room for;
.all tlie energies o." the  Association
meeting j which has   been   (firmed   to  aid in
! developing Vancouver Island.
Groceries. ��
Everything- in this  department  strictly fresh  and  well
VVe Want Your Business.
Lanning, Fawcett & Wilsoi
Editor Delta. Times:
Sir: Kindly find space in your
paper for a few remarks in reference
to the Water Question. After
travelling round! the- world three
round to my neighbours and beg
ot them lor water. I cannot understand how it is tbat the people of
Delta have neglected for so many
years the most important question,
that ol good water.for* health's sake
too.    I claim it is up to everv  one
times I  have  never,  come   across L^fa district todo their level best
such  a  beautiful  rick country as L, a8s}st thfr Water Com.md.tee m
Delta and up-to-date- with electric jthair noble u.ndertaking-
lights, phones, etc., bat I am sorry 1 ���, ,.,,,-
.   _ _ .1   . .'      _i 1 i Vours faithfully...
to find that, on renting; the osly va. !
��an_  house  in  Ladneit there is noil ONE INTERESTED.
pure- wate* to be got.    The con- j 	
bents of my well' water is  not fit to 1
wash my hands, and in fact I be-! A meeting of the directors of the
Heve it would almost poison a dog.] Delti Agricultural Society will be
Now, Sir, as a working man. it held at the Agricultural grounds
my landlord Ban get tbe pure water I at 2 p.m., on Thursday next, lor
laid on tip my house I am quite 'the purpose of viewing the grounds
willing, to. pay the full price of land deciding what will be done
ths water rate or pay double the with the property during thq en-
*ent, as at present I have to ruu.|suing year.
Mrs. F. T. Arthur will be "At'l
Home'" to her friends on Wednesday, February   17th, from   2  to  61
p.m.,. at Rosedale- Farm. \
     ��� 1
E. L. Kirkland returned home,
Friday, from a visit to Vancouver.
Try Caverhill's Barley Flakes,
the new cereal. 15c package.���
W. H. Smith.
Remember the first annual concert ofthe Glee Club to be held in
the Town Hall, on Friday evening
next, at 8 o'clock, when a very excellent programme will be rendered.
Auditors���K. D. .Simpson, A.
DeR. Taylor.
Delegates to Central Institute,
Dr. Wilson.
Alternate, Jas. M--Julian.
It was decided, on motion, to
hold the annual plowing match,
W. Smillie suggested that those
having fields which they are willing to hand over Inr the use of
plowing matches thi: they hand
them in to the Directors t ist they
may take their choice earlv.
The matter of arranging for the
aDiuial social evening was left in
the hands ofthe Directors.
On motion tlie usual giant of $75
was made to the De'.ta Agricultural
Society for competition by numbers
ofthe Institute.
A. Davie stated that he had attended the Dairymen's Associai'on
meeting at Richmond which vas
well attended and well gotten up,
and he thought it would be wise to
invite the Association to meet at
Ladner uext year.
The meeting then adjourned.
The Board of School Trustees
met in the Council Chamber on
Saturday, Feb. 6th, with Trustees Smith Wright (in the chair),
A. DeR. Taylor, P. Swensen, W
Pybus and R. II. Quaggan present.
Minutes of \ revious meeting
were adoj ted as read.
On   motion.   N.   A.   McDiarmid
was reappointed Secretary at the
usual salary.
The estimates lor the ensuing
year were placed at: S3.Soo for or-
dinary expenses; $1,500 lor extra-
ordinary expenses; making a total
of $>, v".
On motion it was decided to call
for tenders lor janitor lor the Ladner school; for the erection of six
flag poles at the various schools,
and foi the building of a new toilet
for East Delta school.
Th.' Secretary was authorized to
piocure Ihe necessary supplies asked
Tbe netting then adjourned till
Saturday, March 6th, at 2 p.m.
Corn, Com Meal ��� Brackman-
Ker Milling Co.. Ltd., H. N.
RICH, Ladner, B.C., Agent,
A few loxes of apples at  $1 per
box.��� ,V. H. Smith.
New Westminster, Feb. 6.���
The market is steadily improving
as the weeks go by and working up
to tlie activity of ear'.y siring.
Trade yesterday could well be called
good although business was slightly late in starting.
Beef was plentiful and all prime
stock lound a ready demand.
Mutton and lamb were offered in
the usual quantities and the demand was strong. Veal was offered
in good quantity but was not sufficiently plentiful to meet the strong
demand which developed. Pork
was slightly weaker than for some
weeks past, warmer weather probably having an effect upon the demand. It will no douot recover
again in popularity during the next
few weeks.
Eggs showed no signs of moving
one wav or the other. A fair supply is arriving on each market day
and the demand is sufficient to take
all that offer at the ruling prices.
The demand is strong and there i*
no room for a question that if more
were offered they would sell readily
at the same price for some time.
Butter remains plentiful.
The poultry corner was a busy
one this week, large numbers of
birds changing hands. The call
was strong, much stronger thau
last week and it is still growing.
Fowls were plentiful but there was
no difficulty experienced in getting
good prices tor al! that offered.
Chickens found a lively demand
and were picked up rapidly, the
price remaining the same as last
week. The call for ducks, had
they been obtainable, it was said,
would have been strong, but they
have been gradually disappearing
and this week none were offered.
Apples were in fair supply, about
the average for this time of year,
and were of good variety and quality. The demand is strengthening
and the growers are catering carefully to the demand, so that the
price is showing the usual advance
at this season.
Potatoes remained at the price
set last week and sold readily. The
supply was about equal to the demand. Parsnips, carrots, onions
and turnips were plentiful and sold
readily at the usual figures.
Following is the list ot quotations
prevailing at yesterday's market:
Beef, hindquarters, Sc to 8J^c
per lb; forequarters, 51.3c to 6J^C
Mutton, 1 ic to 12c per lb.
Lamb, 13c to 14c per lb.
Veal, medium, uc to n'_c per
lb; large, Sc to oc.
Pork, Sc to i)C per lo.
Eggs, wholesale, 45c per doz;
retail, 55c.
Butter, 35c to 40c per lb,
Fowis, $8.00 to 510.00 per do/.;
chickens, >7.0.1 to $8.50 per doe.
broilers, $4.50 to $6 per doz.
Potatoes, $ao per ton.
Apples, 75c to 5.1.00 a box.
Onions, Si.25 per sack.
Turnips, 50c per sack.
Carrots, 50c per sack.
Parsnips, 75c per sack.
Th:  vork  of  raising   the   Str.
Favorite is 1 roceeding apace.
Don't torget the Glee Club's con.
cert in the Town Hall, ou Fridav
evening next.    ���
Messrs. Latimer and  Elliott paid
a business visit to the  Royal   City, j
Friend   Luiusden,   of the Royal
Bank, has transferred his allegiance
' from  the  Westminster  Rovers   to
the Vancouver  Celtics.    Instead ot
l an  automobile being  sent aToun I
Mr. and Mrs. C. H.   Davis  were for him it  is  proposed  to  use th
among  the  visitors  to the   Royal  flying machine  wben his service*
City,   o-day. ! are required in a hurry, THE DELTA^TIMES, TUESDAY, FERRVARY o,
ror ���..
���MSB.'1 I  '  ��S "���. ���	
Published  kvexy Tuesday.
Subscription. $1.00 per year.
Casual  AdvcrtisemcDts, lo Ccnj.s per Hue for
lhe tirst ius^rtion, and 5 cents per line ior each
siubfiequent insertiou.    Thc   number   ot   lines
reckoned by tlie spnee occupied, 12 lines to the
Rates tor Comiu-rd.-l Advertisement I can be
hat) ou application ut this off*cc.
Reading notice* 10 cents per line for each insertion.
Birth nml DeatU notices, 50c., Marring, s$1.00.   j ^ioTl
Any special notice, the object ot which is to!
prorjote the pecuniary benefit ol any Individual |
or company, to be considered an aavertUement
aud charged accordingly.
AM .ik'i'ftiK-mrnu charged for until ordered
���ut aud paid for.
Correspondence invited on matters oi public
merest, Communicationsto editor must be ac-
companied by name of writer, uot necessarily
for publication, Uut as evidence of wood faith.
Correspondence must reach tliis oflice by Thursday evruiujj.
Geo. R. Manlky,
Holy Communion���ist and 3rd
Sundays at 8:30 a.tn.; 2nd and'41b
Sundays at 11 a.tn.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev. R. R. Bartlett, M.A.,  Vicat
Tashion Stables*
Trucking,  and Dray ing.    Livery Work of;
All Kinds Attended to Promptly.
All Kinds oi Firewood Always On Hand.
Incorporated 1869.
J. M. COLLINSON, Phone 20, lAMtt, B.C.!
$ 10,000,OOC.
$ 3,900,000*
$ 4,600,000
Total Assets Over Fifty  Millions.
Services first and third Sunday of
1 each month at 10:30 a.m.: Benedic-
130 i).m.
Sunday school at 3 p.tn.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
5HOESJ   c;hqes 11
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services jiext Lord's Pay at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, alter the morning
service every Sunday.
Sabbath .School at 2 p m even
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. T. F. Hetts. pastor.
of Waterproof
For Winter Weather
sServices next Lord's Dav at   i
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath .School 2:30 p.m. Mid-1
week meeting on Wednesday even-1
ing at 7.30 o'clock. J
Rev. J. H.t     ite, M.A.
Sabbath services ��� Crescent  Is-;
land, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday .School at 10:30 a. m.
This is becoming somewhat of a
���vexed  question.     Falsehoods and
misrepresentations are being circulated iu order to gain points against
the scheme.     The other day we
were told tbat   "the people buying
the J. A. Paterson 'property  would
vote against the water scheme, and
there's Alex. Davie, too, he  is opposed lo  the  scheme."    But upon1
personal investigation we find that
R. A. Coleman,  who  bought  one-|     Prayer meeting ou Thursday at
half the J. A. Paterson property, is|8p.m.
W supporter oi the scheme and these i
are Alex.   Davie's own  words in
reply to questions asked: Are you!
;n sympathy with the water scheme?;
"I   most   certainly   am."    Wonld 1
you sign  the   petition?    "Yes.   I1
would have  signed  it that Saturday afternoon, only there were  too;
many  around  it  and   I  was in a
A man must imagine that he has;
a wonderful power when he thinks:
that he can hold back such a rich j
aud prosperous district as Delta
simply because he owns a lew acres'
of land which has not been turned
to the best account and which is
not likely to be so long as it is held
by him.
The time is not far distant wheu
the large holdings in this district
will have to be broken up into
smaller plots and then the land
will be made to  produce nearer its
Repairing Neatly and Promptly Done.
Accounts -of Out-of-Town Customers Given 'Spec.. 1
Savings Department
Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and  Upwards.      Interest paid, or credited,  1..T.W*-
5'ea.ly oo June 30th and  December
3 _st eadb .year.
K. D. SIMPSON, Manager,  LADNER, B. C.
R. B. M-kenrfe, P-rap.
NeVvly Furnished Throughout, and
First-Class in Every Detail.
Rates 'on Application.
the Belta Saw mills.
B.   H.   WEARE
begs to . nnottnee that he has reopened his Mandolin and Violin
Classes in Waddell's Hall, over
Gilford's barber shop.
For fift ther particulars  apply .o
�� \
Mandolins, Strings, Etc.,
Supplied at City Prices.
Trade Marks
Copyrights 4c.
Anyone tending a alieteb nnd description may
quickly nacortuln onr opinion freo whetlier an
Invention (8 probably p_to______   Communlca-
tlonsstrictlyoontldontfal. HAIIDBO.K o&Pttentf
aunt free, oldest rnjency for securing patents.
I'nt .ni. taken .Tiromrti Munn A Co. receive
ipecial notice, without charge, lathe
Are Prepared to . . .
Furnish All Kinds of
Shingles,  Doors, Sash and
House   Finish   of   All   Descriptions.
I ibil i n 1:11
? ��� H
I   J. HENLEY   !
;���>   NKW WESTMINSTER,    :-:  B.'C
i ***  Miiimiactiirers df all kinds ai -.-
I  f T
���?  Soda Water, Ginger S'
*    Ale and Summer    .j.
ij. Drinks. I
,t.      Your patronage solicitea     Jt
|  .���.***.��.**��.*.��*s'.*_**>��..2��.��.��*..*sts?*'a*.sS'***!**��*^M**_
'%mm Jisnerkan.
A bandsoD.ely illusi rn*.. d woeitly. _L;ir��- afc clr-
cuiotion of any BClentifla journal. Term, fot
Canada, |;t.75 a year, postage prepaid. Bold by
aU newBdcalero.
PMRCo���8���1"* New York
Branch Ofllcn, 325 .' St.. Wubt-Kton. Di C
The   BEST Water   Tanks   Are
Made at This Mill;
Any available Dominion Lands with-
in tlie Railway Belt in British Columbia, may be liomestrnilert by any person wbo is the sole h_a,-l nf a family,
or any male over IS years of age, to
eel ion    til
/ W. Stirling is able to be ont
again after 1 aving been laid up foT
a couple of weeks suffering from a
cat toot. We are also able to report that bis infant daughter shows
signs of recovery from a severe illness.
White Star.
Red Star.
Leyland Line.
.\tiantic Transport.
White Sta'r Dominion Line.
Eiednc li. com. Hi
Before purchasing "*fo\ft ticlifets coi.s..l. llic iin*
itierfHfftted who can sill you tickets itt thc lowest
rate for yourself brio send to yonr friends.
A. DeR.
Seed Potatoes.
capacity than   now  and  the intro- jtllf' extent of one-quarter
.    ..        r j       . . -,,l 100 acres, more or less.
.auction of a good water system will!    ,
I     Em try  must be  made  personally at
hasten the day. ,.!���. l0Ga) u,ni, ���mc��� for th_ district In
7.   ._.'.".. '".",. wlilch the land Is situate.   Entry   by
i proxy mav, however, be mad.   on cer-
The S.S. Sonoma leaves  Udner taIn conditions ,,, ,h��� r_,t....-. mother.
at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.; return-Lou, daughter, brother or slater of an
ing, leaves Steveston  at  9:30 a.m. 1 Intending homesteader,
.and 4:30 p.m. !    The homesteader is required to per-
Three kinds ot  good   Seed Potatoes for sale.    Apply to
To Rent.
form  the conditions connected  there-l     Four-roomed Cottage with   good
! with under one of the following plant., j pantrv,   tank,   woodshed   and out-
(li Ai  least six months' residence[buildings.    Apply to
upon  and  cultivation of tho land
each year for three years.
Rev. J. H. While gave a verv interesting  lecture,   Sunday evening
last, on the "Scottish Reformation",     ,���, T,   ,    ,.   , ,,      ....
I      (2)  If the lather lor mother, If the
which was verv much enjoyed by a , fathM ,��� (UoeaBe(1) 0f the homesteader
fair-sized congregation. . resides upon a farm In ibe vicinity of
 ! the land entered for, the requirements
as  to residence may he satisfied
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cnrs leave Westminster for VfuiCotiver nt 5.50
n'fi ci
Of Vernon, Okanagan, has come
to settHe in Ladner, atid is prepared
to f;x np
and 6.50 a.m. and hourly thesrea'her   until 11 p.
in.; Saturdays and Sundays at u p.tn.
Cars leave Vanconver i'or Westminsters at j,_o l hi_h^^^^^h^^^H_________________I
and 6.sc a. in. and hourly thereafter until  lop.   jt] good Shape, Or anything   On   the.
in.; SaTtifrdays and Sundays at 11 p.m. . _       rs        ,,*     , r-,     .       .
'farm, by   Day Work  or  Contract,,
We run first-class rreifsht ears between Westminster and Va_fouver and alt shipments arc
handled with tlK utmost eare jnid delivered to
consignee without delay Special Attention paid
to fruil shipments. Oui wagons meet nil bonti,
and trains,   .or rates, etc. apply to
a'rulhe ..Igr. Local Mgr.
���Westminster. B.C.
and will take  work  on  the  share.)
Would take tbe managemetft of
a Farm.
Good References.
Terms Reasonable.
New QroY>, Onion, Carrot. Mangel, Timo ,_y, Clover. Alsyke, r.ow
in stock, more to arrive.
All'��n'test at our Green bowses-*-
best to be obtained. Samples sent
to intending purchasers.
Get them off first hands uo middleman's profits.
Leading varieti 'S of home grown
Fruit and Ornamental Trees. Bee
Supplies, Spray Pumps, Spraying
Mixtures, Fertilizers, Greenhouse
_4o-P-^e C^tategue Free
Ii. J. HENRY'S Nurseries,
3010 Westminster Road
VANCOUVER,    -   B. C.
W. N. Draper,
Room _. ntlitt-d Blai_5.'N��*,V7e_ti_ltt*ter.
40-Acre farm for Sale
Known .as the DeetWr place, 'Oft
East Delta; all improved _ and
under cultivation. Price, $5,250.
Appty to
Ladner. B.C.
For Sale.
THE   REV.    IRL    R.
__________----------------------__^^_1 Fine   Holstein   Cow,   well   bred
HTPk' .  _uoh nerson resKltng with the rather      ,        .     .��� T. ..    .
ii_K->^"utn i"71' * and good milker,    f'or  particulars
! nr mother.
^^^^^^^^^m- '������    .ermnnont, apply at
For 1909, ready Nov. 15, 1908. bestj
ever sent  out, beautiful covers in
colors, fine portrait of  Prot. Hicks'
(i!) If (tie settler liTis his p<
Piano Tuning.
i.'_id(mee upon   farming    land owned1
by  him  in  the vicinity  of Ms home-   	
stead,   the  requirement's    as   to   resi-!
denctr  may  be  satiRfii'd  by  residencej
in colors, all  the  old  features and i ulK>n tho said land.
several mew ones in the book.   The!    Six months'notice In writing should 	
best astronomical  year   book  and  be gi Ten to the Commissioner of Do-1     Mf    w_   -^   (-oaTfl   tTlne(1   mj
the only one containing the original;'"inl��� Lanas f,t 0,1:,wa of '",'" ���GKAND"    I^iano  and   regnlated
,        ,. .   ,,    T.     to apply for patent. ; , ..,���>.
/'Hicks  Weather  torecasts.      By     ^^^^ nllniBg r,ghta mfty be the action to my entire satisfaction,
mail 35c on news stands 30c. Onei.]eaBea fm. ft p���riofl of twenty-one and I can conscientiously recom-
copy free with Word and Works, 1 years, at an animal rental of $1 per | mend foini to anyone requiring this
jtbe best $1 flionthlv in America, j a_vre. Kot more tfhait 2.8G0 acres shall Jine 0| Vvc��rk.���Arthur I.ewell, Or-
Discounts on almanacs in (juan- i be leused to one individual or e<nn-;ganjst anci choirmaster, St. Andrews' Church, Vancouver, B.C.
Our Entire Stock of
Ladles' and Childrens'
Ready-to-Wear Goods
and Fancy Goods
All JNew  ancl Up-to-Dat.. Stock, to Clear at Cost and
Agents wanted.    Word and j .any.   A royalty at the rate   of five.
Works    Pub.   Co.,   22oi    Locust !<*"*" "pr ***���" * ff**   on;
*vorKa .    ,'       t- ...   the merchantable coal miHed. :
Street, St. Louis, Mo,    Every  cm
of tlm .Hnlster of lhe Interior.
will  make  regular  trips here and
zeu owes it   to  himself, to  his  fel-!intv	
lows and to Prof. Hicks to  possess]    N,  B._tJnauthorl_ed publlcat'on of anyone Wishing  tlieit   instruments
Hicks" forecasts���the only re-1 this nd<vrti.��<��meni
1. ".-
will not he paid tuned or repaired will  kindly Teaye
j their napes at This Office.
A t-aek nicwltt,
" i �� ordinary pi tying card! of today
1 ii,' ii from a stick gamp sup-
_ to have ori Ihatetl in tliis coun
'.���'ly small st fits lira a pari. The
"gam :is originally for the player
to divide ibe sticks rapidly witb hi.
two Ital.tii. the opponent guessing
w'ul'.li li.tr.tl.'beld the lar_er numbrr.
Owners ol bticks spent rainy day's'lB
earv.i vr them. The Asiatics borrowed
the mime and etuved more elaborate
counters cut oMvory. Those wilh different carvings grew to have 0 iff ere if.
value .,K\rmngIns tbem ki groups of
fours mud. it necessary lo-hdd two to
the original number. Iliefi thin slabs
of ivory brgau to be used.
For centuries after this all playing
enrds were band painted, at first on
ivory or metal, afterward on cardboard. The'plj__n.cs. nt tlrst legendary
heroes an. ladies, gradually became tbe
fixed, .vood faced caricatures we now
know, and these, coming buck to America In their westward journey around
the worht llnd our Pacific const Indlnns still juggling the same kind of
���ticks  tlrulr  foretatjio-S  used.
tT'iu Wo.'a "Starvation."
1".'o v.old "starvation" wns iiit-ot.nc-
���ed' into the Kngllsh language by its
'coiner. Henry Dundas. afterward Vls-
���count Melville. It was originally used
hy liim In u Speech in parliament on
tho American'debate'Jn 177."> und was
i_mmedl��-Oly enuglit up and applied to
^himself in u political nickname, so thut
lhe was known tlieitcdfdttrard a* "Star-
'^n. ion" Dundas."
���I sh:ill not" such was bis'declaration, "wait for the advent of starvation from-Edinburgh te settle ir.y judg-
.'.oiore-the'time of Dimllas "starve,"
".starving," "starved" aud "starveling"
Vie in use. but hunger or famine Top-
ra euteil tho state of starvation.
Alshuttgh this word ha_> uow an es-
t: Mi-Tv il pluce iu our vocabulary, it
vas i;t lirst vigorously opposed by
man;.', and on just grounds, as of hybrid '.Timntioii. The root "starve" Is
old IiTgUsU, while the end ing. "ntlon.'
is Isiuili. It vsuvs aiot appear iu any
C_uullsli*aictloUaries��litll tho yeardSUB.
'*_.,   I I,
on    DE
���_oi,,i  t-.t Win-mi (ireely'ii ,Vw_nl El-
peri<-n>.e_ In  .lie &r��tlto.
"Tlmnow yuarnt lS'Jl was only 19 dnys
eld �� mn death cume for tho first timo,"
vrrii''sU._-.:_-A \V. Grnrfy In Thn ___dlos'
lloiuu JouriiiH, (toll Ing tho uvvtul exnerl-i
���siloes of This ur__io'exploring .party at Cap* -
-.Tallinn.    "For  WU  (lays wo tiailall lived1
ami 'kept together, but death Wan   inevitable    Its comlngwas f<riro to somo, if nol
to nil.    Otn"<_ulyAvoiidor'Wn_ Ht  had not
come sooner.    Only  the 'day   before wm
our comrade nt work. -We said little. Only
one man so -Ur 'forgot that he was a soldier as to muke'the faintest sign.
"Hut, thowarncssof tin, ond touched
as all. Speech became lower, actions gentler, determined faces grow softer ,-��nd conciliation was tho spirit of tlio I10V.T. Who
would go miBt. wus the question "vrltten
on each faco. Not a man ventut*l.:to suy
to his follow, 'This is the end.' Uow that
eternal question, always so unanswerable,
seemed to be even mora of a mystery to
vst The Easter sun had hardly set before
the second fell before death. A di��y alter,
���nd the third succumbed. Then tha
'.-fourth. On* by one they were'dropping
at our ride. The fifth followed quickly
to .dive the problem df 'futurity. Thau
���the sixth oumrudo passed.
And now we felt thot'We were all awnlt-
���Ing the summons, onoHiy onfi. Wo scarce-
ly luoka'd nt each othor. Doubt, and
"Wretc.hednwis woro allied ngninst us. Bitt
tho fortunes of war sonictlines change M
the. most critical moment. Sirivo-and do,
'do and strive until death, wero tho mot-
"toes of our 'hunters, and one day neurry
'6(10 pounds'of be.ir and sunl ment cuitls
just ns all food had almost failed. Oh,
-the joy which that meat brought tn in.
V\Sho can tell but those Itithiit'-'but. Something toeut���-something to keopl_tel"
The First unbook.
The well known Assyrlologlst, Dt.
Huge Winekl.r, published au account
���of the legislation promulgated by K__i
Amraphel ��'f Babylon, which, ao far at
Is known tffpresent, wns the first book
���of lawa ever-glvtin'to the world. King
Amraphel lived 2,550'years B. C. and
i)s mentioned tn tlie Bible as a contemporary of Abraham, ��o! that his stntutci
"Wore drawn up fully five centuries be-
'fore the laws of Moses. Thoy number
-SS2 and contain the following:
"If a woman who -soils beTeragca
igives bad valoe for the money paid
'���her, the shall be thrown Into water.
"I* a wife be a spendthrift or If ���_��
'(Uherwlse neglect her duties, her bua-
b-in'd a_:yv put her nw.tty >tvKhout com-
|i 'ligation, hut if a man 'put away hts
wife fttrmo otlior reason than that she
las no'children lie shall "retuni ber
���whale dowry.
"If ��� betrtJthal be rescinded,t__"ma_
shall pay the woman compensation.
"A widow with grown up childrea
may uot marry again without permla
���-���ion from a Judged"���London Express.
Warrior   A.-in,   VTIileU   En-lave
Smaller 'tetttl ^Weaker Specie*-
Qt_. warrior _irt is * sluviiniaklng species, 'ii'is'it huge red kind, and it inuki-a
mideagnhi* i-nesta of t_osmol_i'ollow turf
���ants, u inihi and docile race, largonnra-
herscDf^whMh'tt carries off to act us scrv
I.iii il dues not steal fully grown r-ur!
nin- Their hr.bils nro formed.nnd thoy
Would I' useleSd [or Such [.urpiises \M'.:U
the warrior lint wants is row material,
which cau be turned Into thoroughly well
trained sorvoi :s So it. tuerely kiils ihu
utltilt ants which strive 'to oppose ils ag
grossion and contents Itself with trundling
home to Its own tiest *ho larvin nndlpupa. j,
of the turf ants whiehiit bus pUf'to'lllght
and vuuqiilshnl.
In tiiiHi these'grtibs nnd coenonspfoduee
full grown 'yellow workers, whloh am Iw
taught bythu w_rrior ants to ac.ns nurses
and housemaids. 1 once saw in a garden
ln Algiers^ great pHohed'battle going on
between slnvuinakers and 'the family of
tho fttturo slaves, lu 'Whieh tlio ground
was strewn^wlth the 'Corpses ol the vanquished. Net till the'nest of tho smaller
autswas'tflmost exterintnatml tliU they re-
tiro froiu'ths unequal contest nnd allow
tho proud Invader to carry off their tiroth-
ors und slsturs lu their cocoons, asleep und
Occasionally by dint of moro numbers
they beat off tho Invader wi .h heavy loss,
but much more often tho lurgt ind'strong
Jawed warriorswin'tihe dayaud destroy'to
a workor'tho opposing'*oroes. They crush
their adversaries' headswiththelr Jiselifce
mandibles. Meanwhile within tho nest
the other1 __ilf'of'the'we_k*rs-4ihe division
told oft as special ni_fses���aro otherwise
eiiiplayed'lu defending and protecting lhe
rising generation.
At the first alarai, ��t 'tho 'first watchword passod with waving antennae through
tho nest, " A warrior host is attacking us,"
they hurry'to tho chambers whore the
oocoons'avo -Stored and benrthom off ib
their moi_t__>iutothe recesses'of tho ne_t,
tho lowest nnd most iimecossible of nll'tho
chatubers.���Xew Vork <F4iegrain
ltncingr ��o Get the Scrv. Anliore.
Rnoing was a necessary business, nnd
preparations for such events on thc Kuna-
paha woro rnretj- out of mind. For Instance, the yacht was trimmed ln various
positions, until lt was definitely detMt'-
inineil in which ono she would travel nm_t,
swillly Her awnings wero arranged to
ttu'l quickly tn care of. 'U'.heod wind, ante
her sails -so that thoy -could 'he handltfc
with e<iunl celerity when the wind wns
lair. A%ugi. trysail was purchased to balance the jib, und the topmasts, with all
their stand ing rigging, wero bci! t ashore
to rollovo thowelght aloft, for 'itv�� winH
lit only for topsails no .alls wcre worth
caving. A watershed to tnrow the water
tway front the forecnstlo hatch was buiR
and ample"soupiicrs openedtin each sldetn
that sho might bu driven through a hard
���ea-^ilfWrully, through the waves���without danger, and then, la. t af all, four b.v-
rols of tallow woro taken on board frtt
greasing tho coal in caso of supreme need:
���"Afloat For News In Wartime*."-by
John K.-Spears, in Scribuer'a
..uodby, Su-.nmerl
rhe blln��_-'*_e ujt, and tho window* rubbed,
Tlie-��at's com* ���> vis ��-it-!_tf_iy erubbed;
Piano groans in pain.
The tradesmen call ami p.'satirit their bills,
Vhe^'tuxes" comes, with aoraosoUtor tils���
-lieeaust, we' re "hem. again.
���Pick .^0 Up.
African elephants oan clLnb mountain.-
witn reiuArknolu oaso.
.4 lien ly horn giraffe measures about .It
���eel, i._iii his hoof to tho top ��,[ hi* h; od.
It is tho habit of arctic dogs to burrow
under the mow. eurl up into tho Biuitlles>
9u.-':-iblu hulk, and thus bleep.
The eye of lhe vulture is so constructee
ttiut it is a liiyrh  pbwered tolesoope, en-
���blisig the liird to seeHibjeots ut un ulniuui.
���norscbltit. dlstuneu.
A  Miissacbu��--tt-.! 'family has  five eats
Jitn varjing'ta-tes. '-One Is ravenous foi
beet rout. Tiu.liicr eats only cucumbers.
another tomatoes, anolhor li_h, and tit.
Ilft'o  wlll taste ncTiniig  but   btarid �����_)
"  Yrlek* tff'nt-la CaI>m>>B.
Tarls ls full of counterfeit coins, and
tha cabmen-make use of thorn tjlllto In
genlously.  You take a two franc Uac
ride, and when you reach your hob
yon in the generosity of ."jour hear
give the cabman 3 francs.
Yoa have just-got within'tht- voflt:
hule when you notice thc cabman ba-
'followed yon. '
He apologlies, but the coin-you have
given him is bad. You look at it. Yes.
dt is had.   It is nothing but .t bit oi
lead. ,
You are pretty certain In your miuis
^dt'it'isn't the -coin you/gave tlte man
���whi<3_ in ninety-nine cases out of a
'hundred lt isn't���but you don't care t.
baggie dn Ma hotel cotrfdUr und be sub
���jected to 'the ignomluious glances o:
���other foll-S as a foreigner'who give
poor French cab drivers'bad money. Si.
'ydu tal'3 the Mt df lead'Snd tHveta eocii
Of coarse the cabman bas-change,!
the coin. You gave hlm a perfect1.
good three franc piece at the stnri
which he has in his poc%.t, aud he ha
bluffed yon into giving bim another
francs'to'��xclRiuSe'fo'r'la;uscIess bit���(
lead. To visitors'to Paris let this bu ,
Iiuvitliorne n_ a Stnilcnt.
A coi't-espiii.tleiiti of the Brunswick (Mc
Tolcglsipll suys- "llnWT-horuo, when asm
dint, in college, hoarded with ��i;c motile'
of the writer, nud wo often went (i-dilr
for mint. In what lanow known as M..
brnok. A.t'that tluiu .he sludents ui|llt
it Ibiwt' -..*> ,- sH'Took [' ' was rather r
served i , i .-,:ltuhr, and bail bnt few a-s
elates. \'. iTTieitrcclit ge, be. \\';i'M.f t ,.,,
_ Ucl IS lue, eS'l'.t i'i 1; i T il \ .-..-. lie e it-
toni at lliat-time'tor the sttuients whe
they met l'rcsidi'tit Allen hi i.t;. Ii.il
hats llawi! ui-r.e ilnd, .bilin Mnilgiioh, i
was said, were 'Urdug'm up anicng th
Ftii'iul., nntl Ihcy'dld nol raise tlitir ha'l
Whon passing the Ipresldi :.f il iv.llion
was siiMuiinued befut'e llic irc-ua-i.t tu
tliis hctlect, ur.d 1 have luri ,'i.;tti >-1. tin
he was susi.vsi.dtfJ _s-escaped wilh o::ly
.tu sV<Hri's��s In AVpleas
One UC tl.e > ut.in, v. c, i;.c con pa��
���who, by t:ic way   ' - -.r  se- ';i to Uiv.il
Btttnd tiiar. black p.'.o.ne i���������it i <���:. ���tl-'a.h-,
Contentment gives a crown where
fortuue hath denied it.���Ford.
Constancy is tlie complement of cl!
other humau virtues��� Mazziui.
���He who will not take advice gets
''knowledge when trouble overtakes
The more one speaks'6f himself the
less he likes to bear another talked
The readiest and surest way to get
rid of censure is to correct oursdvesr���
���Ch.-im.t.er ond.persohasl force are the
|'only investments that Ure worth any-
'Thi - net your posterity, but your actions, that will perpetuate your memory.���Hutchinson.
Calumny would soou stan-cand dto
���f itself'If nobody took it In-arid gav��
It * lodging.���Leighton.
Civility'fs 'a'fhnrm fiuit tttWaets the
love of nil men. nnd too'much w-bett_r
���bim m-uhow1 tbo-'little.
*t rttdUgBt .'yon and the'vinogar were
on" such good terms,"-said 'tlte sSiionish
olivo to the sliced cucumbur.
"Wo were," sadly replied 'the hitter,
"until hu soured on Ine.1'���CIovoIodJC
Plain Dealer.
*Wl_en Oth#t 11 parrs.
Th.'cat anj bootjack ulmost'-rnet.
Slue dod..id aixl yoM-d villi -_iiie,
"Yoi-.nT,".niTUi. J bet.
Vc.T'il  need   TllTTt   y��'t.
Then youKi riMiicmb.r nie."
���Detroit 'Free 'Prcs^.
it t;i";it liul   \.i i " i i -i   ..
i 'i-'-. I'.i-i l, pi.
in und  i;is-s 1*1- i-1 ,i -j -
T-.s-i-lii i'   l-'-'.l-
He bun -i'.i.- ' is' '���!��� . . i.:
��� -"' '. ��� y bur
mi- vrry i . r*. i i 1'iir'ni; l
���V-di ait It.
"Xo, fhsilk ynu: 1 a.u
'twit .its I- r in,
lion '���".���>.
' '1 liree .'.von.'
"KenIly vt ty i.i.utl of y
���U, I-.."'' -    '
"i-'eur-ov, n "
"No, 5lmut.>i;.i .���j<j,i,r,.
.U'-*'.-.i*. "
"\ot Jit Iffli'm.'
lie lu 'n..- tin with Vs.a
'.V-e^-Jv.. fc'.-rd Ik
(t'ielills, _h�� I....I uiisvcU
'!>!���. <���' ICTI..;��'...
ed her tin ht r  sale rutura
which ihey li.;
.'-easuii tu do ���"Itandum
bv R r,nti'honv
^.ootTie-tf  lo Faitnre.
Toobco--=-So Slnggor lias turned detective, has b."   'Well. bo'WiU not stlceoed.
Arnutt-^WlTy notf
Touboc���'ile'.vi'ift. ;be ul.le to keep'Ms
mouth shut, lieuscil 'to bua'pugili:.tI'no to Dale.
T-aln 31 op_>*4 For a T*..
Hei theilenst 'important of the hobble*
���f th* hue JOiirjires* Elizabeth was her'in-
**r��st ln tVK-T-enrlntfdf Idofs. flho hnd*
4great liking for the noblertrest llano, her
Sarticular.fnney boing.the " bine" variety,
t lsr*rn!.t<d thntnmoSg:tbes_irlicst speM-
tiienie.-Tuit-'.tci.iii th is country severnl were
tired' by1 het' majesty. Ilesldes the Great
���Dnn* sho'was very fond of fugs. Th*
Ctockkeeper .inention* that 'the fnmoui
till George Of'Canlno castle.'Konsnl Rise,
need to supply her with dog*. On ono oo-
aaslon hor majesty instructed Mr. George
��lo be at Uxbrldge station with a huntl-
������onie pug. The train from 'the country
%hei�� she'hatl -beon hunting was specially
'Stopped, and 'the emproM, leaning out ol
tlfae window,'eseiatnied, "Oh, Mr. George.
Inn m plensed you hav* eome." Sh*
*Wok the pug ln her arm*, and the train,
'whloh hnd stopped only two minutes, i��
wnm*d its journey.���Paris M***enger.
A 'Flnbtlri* BlJlioit.
On one occasion Bishop Sclwyu was
going down the river Walkato with a
Maori who "tlie latter, who was very
lazy, left off paddling tbe canoe, at'thc I
same time muttering that If Selwyn !
were mot *. bishop he-would-well, "go
for!him," In a'momeilt the;btsltop told
the man to turn the canoe ashore,
where, stripping himself of everything
episcopal, 4ie enid, pointing to 'his
robes, etc:'"The bishop lies there;'the
man is here. '1 am quite ready: come
on." Tlie Maori did not "come en."
however, but quietly resthucd his work
without another murmur.���Loudou Tit-
New York Sli��-M__.
The reason why tbe sheriff of tiem
York canuot be clpcted to two successive terms Is this: lt is tire shariff's
duty to carry out the process of courts
against official delinquents during trlitl
and Ufter conviction. Should a sheriff
endeavor forcibly to bold over for a
second time after having been defeated
for re-election Hie would be tbe Instrument of the court"* process ngninst
'himself, a pnradoxicnl position which
the law avoids by making hlm ineligible for'M-clectlou.
���' ,.-��� . I'
'     A* the Itoneymoon rtn-lmlle*.
'Sto-'I really ought to havo n now'hat.
He���How wnulil It do to stick a fow
feathers ln the top crust of ono of 'those
pics you .jitketl lust week? You woul.
havo somothiug that .tfould "lolt thon.-
Cinolnnat) Enquirer.
Tke lM��le*t IlelRTht at Vklor.
"No laur*. wreath entwine for rn*;
My veTy name posterity
Sflhall never know, and yet, wltheAt
The Slightest shadow, of a doubt,
A hero brave, triumphant, fre*,
I've thi* day proved myself to Ml
Not ll the battle'* orlmaen fray.
Not In thc sight of m��n, I say;
That which 1 did mi braver far
Than any i.arful tear ot *ir.
Than any deed which son* er
I   Jt^ru. uates-^I And th* ,�������*!
I), tv.1- F*nu__e t>y Cell*.
|      "H ever there was nny thing provoking.
I  said thr:-;''"uni.T'housi;!iecpcr, "it is the la-
I  thut 1 have tlm..- olcdtHc bells In my 11,tt
I  Wl.cn one of  Ilium rings, 1  start and tu:
I lirst, to cito and then -to another, und Iu.i
j tho liine'it Is thY-.-hire! otic that wauls an
I  cwei'iiTg. 'It is'tvtfc'only my own bells thai
i are a nuisance, but a scure��f others, us wt
j  live in a 'largo lapartmeaM  building.    Ol
iioiirso I'oaii't  hear all of  the bills, but J
I bourunough -O dtlvo mu nearly mad, MK
uacliriny'I-am suru'ru-.ost goto my doors
81J times all for utfUjjlit,    People who hnvt
uonasion to ring an cle'.trlo liell-often mi-
lake *t*(_T ����� r|ti.t>thlng, and oould thej
but realhTo'the ugoni_l_g elfoct It has o:
tho oooilpunts of tho'llat they might pur.
sibly be'imlueed to 'ring off.'   Jingle.
jinglu, ji��i/rfe goos'-the'bell, and before ,.n;
ono can got to the door or to tho speaking
tube jingle, jiuglo .jingle It gOos again
fih. rt is'w.vfw!l"�����Chicago Chronlffls
l.i. I
.!�����;*. e.
He told hor he l-i
.;.| not Burviv*
.IC iho p.vtlw Vm
.��� n*oil .wis; l.o apM*t
8he Bptirni -.1 i.  .1
'. et ho h k.   i 1.1 v ,
Anil  Ilu: .'r�� Ui-
UlWaU   ^V-U��   hlV'tt-id   h
���OMr:tj;e News
Foumied 1802
Rnllctter MHti I'or l!l��� Iln.l!,<������_ (,,nU
lis-  l-'sumil.
"There'stho liost collector In'Detrolt,"
������nd thotiead-of the linn indicated tlie mam
mi wham tMs'praiso'fcM.'boon'b-Mow-d.
" He doesn't look it."
"No, nor anything liko'lt, yet'I believe
'that bis appeuranoe is ubout lit) per cenl ot
'his stock in trade. Oust size him up. lsld
yen ever see a more ingenuous face. He
got his job just as ho gets infancy f_"_
'tlobtora that nre bad pay. He'oanvj rigl,��
'to me and asked for employment. ���_ to.d
'him wo were not'iu need of anyone tii?d
'foi lowed'tho usual form In'-telling him to
'call again. Ho'took tlio iuvitiitiiH.literal
'iy, walked around thr- -block ivnd .lropjiotl
in to niukuanother application. 'You told
nie to call again,' he said. 'Want a good
'mon?' *_'did tlie usual thing ouce more,
'oarelessiy usklng him to cull nguiu. Au-
'Otln-r trip around the block, and he put In
his third uppearuuee, once more Informing
me that he was a good mun in search of a
job 1 tried him, and he proved a foul
time winner.
"Then It struck me thnt ho would mukt
a collector if ho carried Ids persistency into his work, ami he has proved awon'dft'
'lie lias-realize.! on  old accounts'thut we
Iiad given up its-hopeless'iong-ngo, simply
wearing debtor., dowu tuMvherothey would
I imi In.'pay thnn bo  bothered any further
��� .1.1c sharp :.um.i''who makes no   pvotenso
I ol paying his debts-tulU'our phenomenon
j that'ho would have to got up very early In
the morning'to get anything out Of'blm.
Our iiian was at that fellow's fhotisu at
' S:l)lla, ui., routed liim  out and. actually
gut tlio money     lie uover tires ami nevdr
'lets go     Another'inaddened debUsr t >liS
I liim lo slug for bis money, and 'Old Kelt-
���bio' sitnplytook a stool  in the olliee and
sawed awayon 'Old Grimes Is Deud' till
ho got the '��.���,.-ih.    He's an odd stick, but
'fan's nworld:beater."���Detroit Free Press
incorporated 189S
?;it'.!" '-dr   St����ltertts of   both
l;   a   prcparate^y   class   for
j Provides  ?. 'Ch... '.v....
'sexes ��K  niGcV:r;<*._-   ra.es,     \
"juaior students tal^ia^g 'Public   Sckool  Work.    ''Does High
"School work oiil {.'Venires for _.(.vhiciail Teachers' Exam-
itiations, Tfaches all br.mctes of ft Practical Business
'���Course nnd confer.; Diplomas,     [i��p��_ts a Liberal Educa
tion in its Collegiate Course, a-..d in the Ladies' Course
I for M. E. L., and VL. L. A. Iu Theology confers the de
'gree of B.D.    In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for the B.A. degree of Toronto
[University, with which the College is in full affiliation. In
I Science' teaches tlie First Year of Toronto School of Science, .-md  hus  a, Special   Engineering  Course  adapted  tc
Practical Ei*gineerin* work yi this Province. In l_i��ic, a
! complete  Course  in "tljeOTV1,   voice  culture, aud  piano  and
organ, in  conjuitdtioi.   witb  the Toronto callege of nmsve.
Special instruction in a.t and elocution, while all students
:are required to take physic*! training witb  all  the  priv-
ileges of -a. cell ctj**tp;jed g\ijnaas.ini.
>la,L 'I'WAlll M_ m SI e .ilp Sitrnker.
Once In awhile Musk -has -taken u hand
'In politius, On one oceabiiVti.'-beliTg Invit-
���d to s]K.'.ik In tho Inferef. 4!'his lellnw
townsman, General Joseph *liff\Viey, vsho
was �� -candidate lor ro-olcotlon to the
United .surte. senate, he silHiKin tKu course
of a droll address: '��� General *HnWloy deserves your support, ulthough he hm
ubout us much inlluence in purifying tke
cellule ire u bunch ol Uowcrs'would havs
In sweetening n gluo factory. 'Uut he's
ull right;"(he'never would turn any poor
beggar awny (nun his door empty handed,
lie always gives thoiu something���almoin
without except'on a letter of introduction
'to uie. Urging mu tu help them."���Ludie*'
*sT-_,��,��s .buirr.,1
<___r_e'd Out lmmigram..
'Uncle Sam bus a black list of birds
and quadrupeds which it is absolutely
���prohibited to'Introduce iuto this country, says the Chattnnooga Times. The
mongoose, the flying fox nnd the starling nre on the list The mongoose Is a
species of ferret, a native of India,
wliere it is domesticnted ns n sort of
snimiil mt trap nnd snnke destroyer.
It wns introduced iuto Jamaica to got
rid of the sugar cane rats. These exterminated, however, tbe mongoose
went ou to diet off the Insect destroying birds, with the result tbat tbecrcpr,
have beeu devnstateld by insedts in
some sections Of the Island. The animal is exceedingly trafty, nocturnal in
Its habits and'evades traps with ease.
The Hying fox, known also as the fruit
bat, is a voracious harvester of fruits
and vegetables. The stai'ling belongs
to the crow family.
If you average the cost price of J-M Asbestos Ro<_fwg over
the period of years it is in service, yon will see that *'J-M" is
cheaper to use than any other prepared roofing. Beit^ made of
Asbestos, an indestructible mineral, it is permanently durable,
and as it does not require any coating or painting, its first cost is
the only cost.   Easily applied by anyone.
ASBEST08IDE is an Asbestos Sheathing and is 'the litest economical, durable and easiiy applied siding known.
Ask for samHlts und price*.
A:r.i**v*,!rti��.'u. ��� .>utlonl_,
"That boy next door wbo H lonrtilng t-
liny the cornet looks consumptive,"
''Ves. (I'll!   JCrtl 1. t -i,a-* ti.tti.,1 tins nun ',
'11 1 ,ai     '. ,..��� it'i'v ���  -��� -..������ ���������'
aid to bo 07  years "-��� l_ie\.!._i,t  Ila
1 Is.jiirr.
-IfMinsn Im T-rtYvly 'l.riilni��.
Bees know the tiuio of day.   Experimenters *ho feed tln'ui at a certain
time eacb'day find that they mnke i
mistake In the hour.
Tlie plgeoi_8 of St. JIark's, Venice,
can tell tourists, who .cod them as p
patter of duty, from .natives nho dc
not How? Uy their loitering? Uy
their red guidebooks?
American horses driven without
"blinders" are said te foe less liable to
fright than Knglish horses which at''
made i to'Wear'.hem. ����
a (sooii rttis,.
"I  wom'.Cr why nAlsts are  always st.
3are.nl tn Bign llieir picnivMy"
"l'ossilily so's the public, eun toll th-top
tram the bottom."���Metropolitan
Inwvtll ���_!.,!,.
Poe was doubtless oooasionslly drunk,
but think ofthe years of sober labor, ol
stooplnrr over desks, Miut'liiust have gone
tto make these wonderful t��les Wliich lc
'the true Pon, Ihe bard drltikor or the hard
workor. S'hat, tho urtist 11111st got drttnk
"is Indeed the boIWJf of certain schools ol
���yoiiiiiT men even today, but is it not, based
���on I he old etern.il false- hiukv thatftertauee
tome artists have gut drunk therefore u-
nget drunk Is to be urtisticr
A Crooked Oro  _.
The oronkedest brook In America Is 'si
Naino pond brook In Maine, beside whici
an elect nie .rend run* for some dlstureo be
low Crow leys, Tho Songo river Is no in
��i.nneo to thisoreoked little Stream. It Is s,
o.ookcd that sucker* caught thoro huvi
Tiii'vatureof the spin . secording <.e��_��w
lsf_in hnuwrist
A Tr��n_po��,il��n.
MurgaTet���No, you cannot stay. love.
lour mother snys it is absolutely necessary for you to come home.
Elizabeth���Oh, denr! 1 sometimes
think that mother Is the iuweutof of
necessity Instead of necessity being the,
mother .of   invention.
The IMr* From Bontnn.
"1'fcity   I'olly,'    said  tho  visitor,   ap
H*o"'IiIut! the cage    "Wuntin"���
���My mime." interrupted the parrot
.poul'slngaluvrty and distinctly, "i? Ibsen
and I want nothing. 1 sni nicditating."
' He'-sT. <>meir bird," explained the host
.sjfis 'lie wi"i:i't e_t. anything but-beans
l ilnnk my husband got him soiuewber.
lo tin. oast       Chicngo Tribune
'Seats Kunllj  K����e.
'% couple of pretty ottoman seats, whlc
^ony bo made appropriate for any roon
aooording to th�� character of their oovei
lng, ure eoslly niunufaetured by sawlni
off a small barrel * keg to about a foot,
'depth.   To the closed end'four very .hot
apringsare affixed, which are then coven
and fustoaed with a circular piece ot in)1
cloth, trraly nailed to the wooden aid-
which aro 'also 'neatly covered with th
same kind of cloth.   After this tkr leni
���nay be upholstered aa desired.
A k Y
9, 1900.
. !_:
rORREST-M.-.XLE..-t-Oii Satur-J
day last, at the Methodift Parsonage, by Kev. J. !���. Betts,
Henry B. Forrest, of Seattle,
Wash., to Helena Maude, eldest
daughter of. Mr. a;i4' Mrs. Geo.
R. Manley, of Boundary Bay.
Keep Friday, i2th,Feb., clear.
Miss Mactic McColl,  of Vancouver, is.visiting Mrs. VV. E. Curtis.
H.  J,   HutQherson  was a
to- the  Terminal City,, tost
Wedding Sells.
On. Wednesday last, a- quiet
bouse-\yedding took place at the
home of the g.pqm's parents, Canoe
Pass, when. Dtmald N.esbit was
united in the bonds of- holy matrimony tq Miss Maud Smith, also.of
Canoe Pass. Rev. J. H. White,
pastor, of St. Andrew's Presbyterian
Church, Ladner, officiated. The
bride, was ably supported, by her
sister, .Miss Mamie, while Romolo'
Cosuli;h.act?dia? best map.
After- the. interesting ceremony
was over a lasge numbeivof friends
sat down to a sumptuous sepast-apd
a very pleasant time was. spent.
Guaranteed upon, absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties Seven and
Eight Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of all. charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & (��"_
New Westminster, B.C.
We Bess Le
N. A. McDiarmid pcvjid a short
business yjsit tft the;.Terroia?l city,
last, week.
Mr. au$:Mrs, Toba,, McKeo,. De-
turned bome_ Friday, froot.a v;^i.t to
tiie Royal City.
Mrs. VV.R. Ellis Visited tk? Tsr-
ajinal City, last wpek, returned
home TyjFridxA.
Mjss. Rich  returned to All
l^ws', Yale, on the ist inst.
she, will resume her-studies.
A.ex. Davia returned home. Saturday, after taking in Ben-Ktir at
tbe Vancouver Opera House,
Mrs. P. T. Gibbie returned home,
Wednesday, after spending about
six weeks visiiiog friends ir., Port-
.la.nd. Q. ...
A very quiet weddiag took place
ou Saturday last, at thq. Methodist
Parsonage, Ladner, when Henry
Bertram Forrest, of Seattle, Wash.,
was united in the bonds, of holy
matrimony, to Heleoa Maude, eldest
daughter,of Mr. and Mrs* Geo. R.
Manley, of Boundary Bay. Miss
Ariel Tempi,'-., of Vancouver, su]-
ported tlie bride, whilst., Fred. Hop-
good, of Vancouver, ably Supported
the groona,. Tbe bride, who was
neatly attired in a green cloth travelling suit, looked well. Rev.
_5ather Betts performed the cere-
where|monyi at the close of which his
amiable wife handed rottnd light
_efreshi_ieiit_s.which,iwe_p_ much enjoyed.
Immediately after I^aviu-g. tha
Earsonage tiie happy party drove
tp the S.S.. Sonoma lauding where
they, embarked,, amid showers ot
rice, for Vancouver, thonce to Victoria, and Seattle where- tliey will
make their home.
Agencies Represented-
HactiQi;- Fire Insvrnis.* Co.
P__3^i^c IllKyjjince, Co. oi Brooklyn
Connpcti'Tut Kire Insurance Co.,
Imperial TruBt Co.,
Insurance C... ot North Ame. It,"
The Ocean Accideat> & Guarantee Corporation, Ltd*, of London, Bug..
Ltd.  Vancouver. B.C.
Prize Winners
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a.
position to ofter Vancouver Island
Portland Cement
At greatly reduced* prices, making it pos-
sibe few partie3 who contemplate building
to. put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost aa piling or oilier fcrferiar
Write for Prices.
Miss Minerva Smith  took in tbe
grand Masonic ball wliich was held : evenln8 ����xt'
in    Lester    Hall,.   Yrutia_Hv,{__,   an .""""���-'       *-- "
Wednesday lasti. Fot
Rev. J. F.. Betts-. and   Rev. J. H.
Whit? exchange pulpits on Sunday
The- ff.llQw.ir-g ten nuHiiers, have been drawn from
duplicates, of the coupons which left ot.r mills during
28415  5666  7423  26307'  27775
17000 28201  25766 2TT&7&      25995  I
To each person returning the coupons  bearing any j
of the  above  numbers  we will,   as previously advertised, j
deliver  free of all, charges,   a   Hiandsome   thinner  Set  of
109 pieces.,
Cut- tbis. out and beep for refcrenee.
REMEMBER  all  the  coupons  bearing the above aura-1,
bers have left our mills, but some may still be-in the hands | .     . .	
���of the dealers.    Prizes will be awarded no.matter when the j-Tr-,._ r /.-ta/,,/   _-v�� r,   ��� _ _��.,_-_
lucky coupons are r-otnrned, jNEW STOCK   ON   HAND.
1 DON'T FORGET we ara- giving away 10 sets of
dishes every month,   and  every   491b.  sack   of' ROYAL
STANDARD contains a coupon.
Sold by W_ H. Smith.
b. oy
sorts   of   First-Class   Jewellery,
Silverware* Cut Glass, Etc..
Iv^tfs. W. H: Ladner returned
home, Saturday, from Vancouver,
where she had been spending,,a few
4*ys visiting friends..
M;i .shall
H. N'. Rich left aa, Saturday, last
for the Interior, wbete lrcwill visit
Golden, Revelstoke, etc
absencssoi a week or-so.
Furniture, etc., of
fe-mith's room at Lndner:
?,��sty.ya_ds Linaletan...
Shelving    3
Iron  Bed, Bed  Spring  and
Mattress. ���,....,,.. ~..,  r2
Kitchen Table and 2 Mats...     1
Axe, Pail and Coal Scuttle..    1
during an i Coal Oil, Large Oil Tia and
Tea Kettle     1
Vancouver Milling. & Grain Co., Ltd.,
Jfndrew Clausen*
LADNER-.. B.  C.
Dr. Spencer, will preach in the
Baptist Church on Sunday next.
Dr. Spencer, it will be remembered,
was here a few weeks, ago in the
interest cf, Local Option..
��� $ 9 60
Morris Chair    10 ooj
Folding Chair  .... ....    1,25
Stove, Stovepipe and   Board    3., 00
10 Glasses ,         50
16 pieces Assorted Crockery        50
Knives, Forks and Spoons         50
2 Bracket Lamps complete...     1 00
1 Screau..,..,, _..,     1,50
Misses Minerva Smith and Irene
Robinson have opened a.dancing
class for young folks, whicli takes
place every Saturday afternoon in
the Glee Club's room, Oddfellows'; ply to
Block, at 2 o'clock sharp. I
.47 85
or will a;cept $2.5 for the lot.
Arrangements can be made, fcr
renting the room ���v.a';e,�� and electric light laid o_ts
For further particulars, etc., ap-
We take great pleasure in announcing that, we
bave been appointed.
Sole Agents of the
Mccormick     harvesting
For this-, district..    All supplies, of this class of
machinery  and  the  side  lines- handled by- the
When Vou Require
Furniture* Carpets, ' Linoleum,1, Window
Shades- or Any Article of Furniture or
Household Furnishings a. visit to LEE'S
STORE will convince you that there, is tha
"Visitors Welcome.
B. C
Tri) the
International Harvester Co. will,, in. future, be re-i
ceiled direct from the Factory distributing points:
and will be-uprto-date in every feature.. h
We  still.-, handle  those  lines-   of   Buggies, j
Plows.  Incubators,   Fencing   Material,   &c.,   forj
which   the,  WalWorth-Rolston   Co.. are   Coast
Agents, any- and all of which we snail be pleased 1^> ,
cpmplete. satisfaction in. Bakery .and!to ^uote y��u on-
Those who already- use the McCormick implements, will do well to�� examine them and send
in the^ list, of repairs required early,, which will
materially assist, us and W_H  save delay when
I required..
Cookery try tha
QxfordmGhaneelloi* Range*,
S.    McBRIBE.
We make a Specialty of A��L KINDS ot
?LUM$ING ^n... TIN WORK.   .. ......
Latimer <��_ Elliott
LiADNER,   B..C.
Oeneral rierchant,
Phone 5,
Port Guichon


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