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The Delta Times Oct 1, 1907

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i / ft
ii 1   i mm
1*  .......   .X'
9 1
1 _. 14
5,  1.0.
[flawa Letle
^^      ber and from 1st January until 23th February
until 30th Novern-
Otta'wa, Sept. ....���I; m.kes a1 A special meeting of the Delta
! great difference whose ox ii 1 eitg i School Board was held in the Coun-
| gored. For several sessions, mem- cil Chamber on .Saturday, Sept. 28,
IJ>c rs pf tbe government,   members with Trustee-TR. E. Kittson (in the
KiVi Wiestminsler, ''-ept. 28 ������
Prixs retrained-Cirri st the weekly
uia.kel yesterday, very few, if any,
variations     in    quotation?     being
te Liberal pirty,   and  business j chair), Smith Wright, P. Swensen.! noticeable.   Tbe amuisut a{jputdmee
ti flommerically  associated  with W.   Pybjis and  R,   II.   Ouagganj sold  was large,  local dealers *ird
government,       Jiave      1. cen! present, nuouer-t  oemg   me   pttscip��^pur-
���   objects   of   vituperation   and i    Minutes of previous meeting were j
! jobbers  being   the   p-.b
| chasers.  The atteadacci
This Stor* Will Close at 6:30 o'Clock P.M
Saturdays and days previous to Holidays excepted,
slander    by
the      Conservative
i members    in
the'     House     and
; latterly by Mr.
Berdeu, the leader st
|adopted as icau.
The Bo.aid went into  committee
to import ou  the condition  of tie
' j Boundary Bay school.    The report
I the Opposition, on  the  occasion ofj wa$ adopted.
j his political lour through the coun- j    The Secretary was  authorized to
(insure  Boundary  Bay   school   for
This change is being made to give the Clerks an opportunity for
some recreation and amusement during the winter nights and we respect-!
fully ask our Customers to endorse our efforts in this direction by making arrangements to do their business within these hours, and we feel
sure cur Clerks will show their appreciation of your kindness in doing
your part to make this change a success, by showing you every attention when visiting oar Store.
I try.
| What Teiia,; Are .Saving,
ll L.as beea alleged that the government connived at fraud, ministers
-individually were guilty of offences
which, if true
Trustees Swensen, Q-uajigas and
Pybns were appointed a aoaniittce
to look after the Annieville school
trruwiid  aud  have   same  put iate
.-rinses they arc said to have committed. Members ol the Liberal
Party are held up to scorn aud ie-
risiou, snd business men ol established integrity are the victims of
misrepr .sentatioa, and worse. I
The   language   in   which   these
charges are  made is  uot selected I P*r'T
with any regard to acenracy in
was large.
Meats were identify 1 yesterday,
chiefly in the lines oi -iiiattoB, veal
and beef. The latter variety sold
for from SJjc to gWc for hindquarters and from 6c to ;���'..��� for forequar-
ters. The sale was equal to the
supply. Mutton was more plentiful than i has been iu weeks and
prices were the same as for the last
month, vit., from 1.3c to -14c for
mutton, and 15c for lamb. Veal
sold at ire and 12c per pound. The
supply tf pork continues slim, but
prices thaws
no tendency to ri:e. The price
was 11c per pensc.
Eggs  were again   plentiful  aud
sold at 40c wholesale and 45 retail.
The jobbera seemed aatious to pics.
^^^ j them up at 40c.    Bntter sold at the
olfi. prices of 35c and 40c.    A rery
Oa   Taesday   evening kit Mrs. | gmgj|
,     ,,      .-      _,       Ishape for building. H	
should  retire them      ^ ^  ^ ^ ^ notwithst.,idit,e th
1.to private life, even if they   escaped  ,,          .          , ..
v                '                              '       tht next  regular meeting m Nov-
punisliiaeisi commensurate with the ember.
Pcrev/eii Parties.
j VV. J. Lanning entertained a  nnm-j 30C per p0Uad..
ber of young  people at a musical:    The supply 01
in  bow of   Mist  Chrissie
rt- .sSmith, who ieavis, to-day, for Van
>tiou cf the supply-sol* at
%J)$ Si0$*$ ^��ns ��v"��� 1 ^-:ness r��ay at 5 o'clock a.nt
���spect to limiting ih.   offence,   but jc.uver, eu route to  Germa y
Ktlie   broadest   interpretation is ����-|mMt enjoyable time was spent.
.yilerl, and honorable wen are  com- '
pilled tosu.m-.it tj lhe indignitie-s involved with no-clmnce to meet their,       .     , .       .
most enjoyable dance was given to
accusers upon a common ground.     ! ,   '      , , .
' * ia   number   oj   her  young   f tics.
(\ October
ClOvSes at 6:30 o'clock p.oi.
November, January and February.
(.loses at 5 o Clock pm. dur ng December,
Closes at 9 o'clock pum. SatuHtfys and lays precedin
       owls wis about
the a me t- usual, and a'H werc
sold at ���r | rice*. Ordin.-ry fowls
. | brcu -tt from $5.50:5.0 $7.50 a dos.,
I while ctii.-tens sold at from $3.50
to S.s a dozen, .Dufcks Ftld aay-
wh ?;e Ir im ��7 to ?g a dozen.
Potato ���-  arc commencing te at-
trac  atte ition froos the buyers, al-
   thc.1 ;h   v -rv   few   tons   (hanged
,'*queal at First  Touch. I Dancing wa. indulged in until mid-1 hands-yesterday.   The ruling prices
It  appears   that Mr.   Eorten isi��':Cl��t when  a dainty  supper vrasi were frtm j,g t0 $20 a tou.
���charged with  having conducted i|��erJrsd fotTowel   by  several ii.kru4    ,\rp!���� were iu  good detnand at
1 mental and   voc;i!   selections which 1 trc
On Wednesday
I IT.  Ladner  was
1 ca'.ess,
rs. W.
i eu ��
corrupt election, a��vi, although the;
case has been three years in lhe
courts, it has not yet reached 1 trial.
Commencing upon this fact, the
Minister of Justice, speaking at
Dundas, casually  remarked   that i
>tn 75c to $i_?5 a btxi-   The-aup-
seryed followel  by several ii.stru-1
voca'  selections which
were greatly enjoyed %y alL |j*ly"w��s  short.     Pears wert also
On Thursday evening Mrs. fi. K. | scarce.   ai:.hout;h the demand was
Bartlett entertained at Bridge and   j strong st from 60c to rsc a box.
Oa Saturday eveHin;? Mis. F. W. i     CraB a)>p!e_ were en sale iu fair-
Harris entertained at Bridge,  all of} iy i^e  quantities  at about 35c*
the charges made in the Borden case | which were given in houor  of Miss|.crate.    Vuiues are<growing scVrct.
w fo  would
llreatkes tliere the man with soul
so dtad that to himself has nerer
said: "My trade ef late is getting
bad, I'll try another . o-inch ad."
fff such there be, go mark him well.
Fer kirn ao bank account shall
swell, no angtis watch the golden
'Stair, to welcome hone a millionaire. To such a man the noisy din
���f traffic way not enter in, lor bargain seeker, by tke score shall pass,!
tior heed, his dingy door. Tread j
lightly, fritads, let no rude sound
���disturb his solitude profound. So
let him lire in cilm repose, un-
-sought except by men he owes.
Aad when he dies go plant him
���deep, that aaught may break his
dreamless sleep; where no rude ptaraac
clamsr ��� ay-liiftel the quitl thai he Ufe."
II      II      B���I���-MMBS���Bfj
lores so welli and that the world
may know its loss, place 011 his
grare a wreath of moss, and on the
stone above:   "Hero lic^ a chump
not  advertise
We uote that  Marshall Smith &
Co. have undertaken to shorten the
were true, they were sufficient, not
only to unseat that gentleman, hut
to disqualify bim from sitting in
the House for a certain term.
���Tais statement, mild in comparison with the nnreseon-
ablt allegation made by the
Conservatives, has aroused the
ire of the Tories snd their expectant press.' Mr. Borden has been
engaged for sereral wee'es in rillt-
fying his volitical opponents snd
charging them witk crimes which
would, if tiue, d-.bsr them from thr
society of decent people, and end
their public career in disgrace. The
very fir>.t moment a couater charge
is made, i ne based upon the recoid
of the courts, these very sensitive
gentlemen cry altud at the unfair
treatment ihey are rectiviug at the
hands 0 the Liberal party and its
Platiorm of Vituperation.
The real platTorai of the Conservative jarty i. unsubstantiated
Mis�� Sadie Pybus returned home,
yesterday, from a visit to the Royal
Chrissie sc'n_itli, and a  rery  enjoyable time was spent in each case.
A new line of the Best Chocolates
of all varieties just in���\V. II.
A few erates of plums t��!d st about
5cc a crate.
At the Victor: 11 exhibition Delta
came well to the forj as prize win-
Ajaiong them art the follow-
 f Grain���Inveihelnee .'ttck Farm,
Miss McLennan  returned home, | three firsts.
ye<-tetday, Irom a visit to thc Royal 1    Snei-�����J.   Richardson,    tixtean
City, ! lirsts, six  leconds and two thirds.
M. M. Vasey, sivi  firsts, thre_-  sec-
tfhat   about   shooting   notices:
Same of these old ones need repair-
onds and two thirds.
Farm-, three
ing.    Bring  them  along  and   get| grst and 0���� third.    H. M. Vasaj,
them rt-covered.
BRAN, SHORTS, Whole Corn,
Cracked Com, Rice M-al, Chit
Rice, Chick Feed, Timnhy and
Clover Seeds may be obtained at
Brackman-Ker Millin; Co.'s
warehouses, Ladnsr, from MR.
II. N. RICH, Local Agent,
Among those who took in the
Victoria Fair were: Jas. McCallan,
C. H. Davis, H. McDowell, Geo.
Ormiitm, W. H. L.dner ana, in
fact, nearly evtrv'iody went down
tliere and Ladner took on the ap-
of '"The   Deserted   V'il-
honrs of labor ior their employees, | charges, unreasonable abuse, wick-
idariBg the months of October, No-ltd slander, and an attempt to claim
vemher aad January aad Fthraary. | every ne* ;nl progressive Liberal
By tetertaca to their advertisement 1 idea as j art ot the Conservative
it will be reen that ther close at! policy.
.6:30 p.m. during the months men-1 Tor,-es, ^^ c aims_
tiontd above, except  on Saturclavs
���ud davs preceding holidays,, but The Liberals lave evolve i a tar-
dwring the.fe ..ve season, Decern-iif* for rewnue. it is a s��:cess. it
b-r, they will remain open until s! Prodncei n r kiltie; that was its
_. Mi ! object and that wn th; avowed in-
A few weeks agoUt.bitcksmiths!te,ui'""1 *f th.9 I*riv l)^ i;s ��-lo��"C-
ed pi .tf ���1111 in 18) i, The C6iiserv��
ative< sav, you have a 'opted tr
tari F views, anl the success tou
have achieved of right belongs to
Rev. A.  II.  ami   Mis.   Huntley
will   not  be  At  Home  to-morrow
(Wednesday) as they intend spend
ing  a couple days  in Vancouver,
returning on Tb.tatsdty.
undertook to shorten the hours of
labor except in cases of emergency,
and^it seem"! to work out sll rig-lit.".
A tancy line of iii.cults in Cartoons just arrivd, the iaesl we
ever.optned|np���W. H. Smith.
(Continued  on Second Taje.)
i ont F.rst and ont second.
I Agricultural Horses���PeahertoK
I Farm, feven firsts End hree sec-
londs. inverhi'tte Stock Farm,
: two fir>;.�� snd tne secot.l. H. M.
j Vasey, three firsts and one second.
Cattle���H. M. Vasey, five firsts
itwd six -ecocl..   Inverbohue Stock
~~~~~~���������- j parrr)i Bi|-,e i)rsiS| six  seconds and
When you wish to buy visiting I two t .ires,
cards call on the Delta   i lmes  who I     Shorthorr.s ��� lave:holme *Bt6Sk
will Sell the best money  can  buy. Faria, elgjht firsts, sue  seeon-'.s and
ffyou need them printed, why you one third.    H. K. Va?ey, fiv- firsts
are money in pocket by  calling  on I and five seconds.
the Delta Times tirst. j     Grade���11. M. Vssey, one first.
  Ho.stein ���- J.   W   HoB.t*head��
one fi-st.
As will oe seen  by  reference to;    m      ,       . ,   ,
, ' Ttie-above is s rrcttv goad show-
our  advertising columns, the Btir-i. ���      .,   . ,   .. *, ... . ,
,'       ��� ,    ,    1 mg .st a Provincial   Lxhibit-.cn anl
ley   1.amber   Co., owners   of   thei     .       ,   .   ,, ,,?   ....     ,
' , ... .,      redounds to the credit ef tlie funi-
Beaver Dam   Mill, are  advertising .,,.    .. , .
.,    b ers of this ti-s'.nci.
cut prices on certain classes tf lnm-|
btr which they wi:.,h to clear out itt-j **"
the next two week'. If yon are
intending to build, now is your opportunity to save money. This
will not last long,
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.; leave . Steveston at 9* a.m. and 5 p.m. EvejRy
day except Sundav- aft DELTA TTMEF, in.S'Dx7, OCTOBE'R 3, 1907.
Puauiiasti r.vj-Kr Tuesday.
Svaecwwtios. *J��> P�� y*"*
 i  lirrtUmmtmlm, to oil per Une fai
���ratiuferiUia. aasl scm taper line tar each
���ent luKrtloa.    The  number -bl  lines
Of tlie apace ��__: .pled, tillaoito the
 tarGMB-unUl WAnMmmtmtaaw he
IMS ��a aaa_Ja*oa.at this ����ot.
SnlUi Mtice* ia ocmli pm Une lit eaab In-
Blrtfa i*t rum*. ������*__���, sw., MwtS. get^i.w.
tay ��P��S*1 nodes, the abject al which 1�� to
annate the tacttalaty beneSt ofaur ladirldMl
���ronspanr, taha a��al4en4 tn aarertlaeMeot
aad chnigii ���a.-ui-Uagly.
HIatftctlMBMrtt Suugt. tot aalll ordered
���at ni palt let.
Carraapoade aca Invited oa auttan ol public
fcfeat. Caamaaicatlau to editor ana b* ��o
aaaiponltd hy line of writer, not aeceaeerlly
mr tahllcntloa, bnt ae evidence ef good faith,
Oarnopendoace nut raacb thle ofico by Than-
Jay evening.
��ao. R.
TVMDA.T,  OCTOBKR  I.   1907.
The chair of All Saints' Church
���hewed their appreciation of Miss
Christie Smith's services as organist, aa the ere af het departure for
Germany, hy presenting her with a
pretty gold crass. The presentation was made at the Vicarage on
Friday evening, Rev. E. R- Bartlett, M.A., presenting the token
���with a faw words of deep regret,
which were eadorsed bv tht choir.
The balance of the evening was
given orer ta music.
Westminster's fair.
Westminster's Ezhibitioa opened
���ea-day aader a losreriag sky, but
the prospects af fiat weather duriag
the balance of the week are good.
Following it the programme for tke
.rest of the week:
Wedaesdey ��� Indian lacrosse
.mateh, Scottish gamts aad dsnciag,
lo-mile road race between Chandler aad Barns; Scottish concert ia
opera house, and band coacert ia
Ezhibitioa building.
Thursday���Stock parade, balloon
ascension, lacrosse match between
losinjt teams oi f tst two matches ln
the tournament, grand concert in
industrial building when the Royal
Humane Society's medal will be
presented to If ist Sutherland.
Friday���Indian, lacrosse match,
stock parade, balloon ascension,
Japanese wrestling, grand concerts
in agricultural and industrial buildings.
Saturday���Stack parade, baseball
snatch, lacrosse match, final, between the winners of the first two
gamea in the tournament; grand
concerts in the Exhibition buildings.
1 . 1        ��� 1 1 m III
Mr. and Mrs. G. Byrom returned home, yesterday, Irom a holiday
C. Arthur returaed home, yesterday, front a visit to the Terminal
C. Rummel, manager of the ligh*
.department of the B. C. E. R. Co.,
,_�� in town to-day, on business bent.
Mr. Fisher, af Vancoaver, arrived hare on Friday last aad assumed
control of the Ladner Drug Store.
Since his arrirsl he has done much
toward gttiug it a drug store appearance.
J. D. Tay lar, the unsuccessful
candidate in ttaeJaat Dominion election, ;tcti��td tha unanimous nomination, cms Thursday last, as tht
���tandnfd-beiir-tr of tbe Conservative
party ia tbt neat Daminioa election.
The hunters returaed from the
*l*��e  Mountains, yesterday, after
heriijg spent �� couple ef weeks' in
a very pleasant way.    During their [pond exactly
outing the best af weathei coudi
lions prevailed, and  they hare re
fiiraed witk a.w vigor for their sev
*ral duties.
For Those
Who Think
Bk\uty of the Soui.���And what
is it that constitutes the beauty of
the soul? All that God has made is
lovely according to its kind. Look at
the little flower, and see what beauties beam upon us there. Contemplate the firmament above us, the
meit type of Jehovah's immensity,
and mark the surpassing lovliness
which is t'lere. Or examine the
winged insect which buzzes around
us, only, perhaps, to vex and annoy
���tbere are more beauties and more
marks of wisdom in tbat little thiag,
than the science of man has yet
been able to tell. Now it even these
mean, these transient ancl ephemeral things, are clothed in levlintss
by Gad, may we aot expect a more
exquisite beauty in tbat immortal
thing, tbe soul of man? It was
Ouce iu the image of God; it is
capable of wearing that image agaia.
And what ts it that constitutes its
beauty? IT IS HOLINESS. It
is purity, like the purity of God. It
is perfection like His perfection.���
Meu talk of Beauty���af the eatth
and sky,
And the  blue stillness of sweet
inland waters,
And search  all  laaguage with a
lover's eye
Fjr   flowers of  praise to   deck
earth's glorious daughters
Aad it is well within the soul to
Sack lave for all things beautiful
But there is Beauty that can never
A   hidden   path   no   "vulture's
ey��" hath found.
Vainly  ye  seek it who  in Sense
Wtader   amid   lhe'   sweets   the
world hath given;
As vainly ye who make the Mind
tht throne,
While the   Heart  bends a slave,
insulted, driven.
Thou   who   would'st know   what
beauty this caa be,
Look on the sunlight of  the Sonl's
deep purity.
So in. AfT��r DBaTh. ��� All
the analogies in nature are against
the supposition that tha distppear-
tact, through death, of the manifestation af the living powers possessed by our fellow creatures infers the extinction ef those powers
however intimate we may conceive
the relation to be which may
subsist between soul and body.
Take, for instance, a piece of silver
and immerse it in diluted nitric acid,
and tht affinity of tbe acid and the
metal will cause them to unite, a
brisk action will ensue, aad iu a
1 short time tbe silver will be entirely dissolved, and yet the liquid
will rtratin as limpid as before.
What then has become ot the solid
piece ef silver? Its hardness, lustre,
tenacity, specific gravity, in a word,
all the characteristics which distinguished it as a metal, are goae,
its very form has vanisaed, and the
hard, splendid, opaque, ponderous metal that we saw existing but
a few momeats before is appar-
eatly annihilated. Shall we conclude, then, that the metal is really
destroyed because its preseace is
ne longer appreciable by our senses?
We must so conclude, on the prln-
cipals af infidelity. But stay; place
a piece ef copper in the solution, to
which it has a stronger affinity than
ta silver, aed the latter will be disengaged and fall to the bottom in
brilliant metallic crystals, and the
quantity thus deposited will corres-
with the weight of
the metal dissolved and the particles
may be melted and the piece pro- [
duced in its original form���R. W.
I'o make fortunes cut
��f the futur* y< .1 must
put something Into the
present    j.fc _-. _____ ^^ *
O n ' it -���..-...-. 1 -   :
Big   I     ���    der. 1       ail
over British
��      .       ��       ColumMi-
CoMMnine over icoViewe.   Poet paid 25c, Stamp*.
Richest Province in the British Empire.
Nothing Ki��� k.il. Nothing Oulnrd. N, _...n_ Ventur d, Nothln    Won.
Splendid Opportunity to Invest.
The Richest Men in the World are i.tlvesting in 1!. C. Copper
Gold and server Mines.      Why can't you begin now?
The (ireetest ;Oold-Coprtr Discovery ol tl-c Ac- Is In B.C.
big. four mmm if lis, in m $62
Every Dollar Subscribed used In Development of Mine.
Special Offer���^Oc per Shrre, will  shortly advance to $1.00
"'.'."Mines directly west of Le Roi and Ls Roi No. 2, shares
sold from 5 cents to $100.00; and Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Co. of Canada, Ltd., shares $150.00 each; the Giant
Califoraia, adjoining our own. shares about'Jno.uu; Grauby
Mine pain over $3,000,000 Dividends per year; Gold-copper
mines in British Columbia paid Large Dividends. Bi-g Four
assays from $5 to $800 in gold, copper, silver, with 32 per
cent, in the Treasury.    Invest now and you woat regret it.
NOTE���Most of these mines sold for a few cents once, bit
over-capitalized even now, pay big dividends. Big Four is an
the railway, near smelters.
Rossland Mines received Highest Awards for richest ^old-
copper ore sent to St. Louis Exposition. Rig Four had West
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
No less than 100 shares sold, All Cash. Above this shares
can be had on instalment plan, or yearly contract, 15 per cent',
cash, balance monthly.
Nearly Two Hiles of Railway on Property,
Compauy has no debts or liabilities;   Semi for niustr .te6 Prospectus nnd liuo!;-
let, "Mining lTp-to-l)ate," tu Secretary, w.i . 5 cents iu stamps,
P.O. Box 174, Vancouver, B. C, Canada.
La Grippe
Etc, Etc.
Ca! arrh
It will pay you to iwi one aad "be ou the safe
side. One Oxydonor in a family will baniah all the terrors of disease from the household if only used as ��oon
as needed and  in a reasouable way.
This is the Aeimal Experience in many lh or sands
of families who hare adopted this adrancecl method of
treating disease.
Inflammatory Rheumatisms.
Ur. Jaa. Aaaea, Saaalaad, i.e., Cu., write*, Merck 11, i,��i : "aeac it. year* i;n I
get Oxydcaer for *y wile *.��� wss .iWttiig from feaele week .ess. After 1 week's use tke
doctor himself wss surprised M fad sack a aktaf e, la het a was eaoaf k I* ia dace klm ta (et
ta Oaydonar far his sister.
"A skart time st* my wiftt kad aa attack at i. flammatary rkcumstism, She could
est walk aad ker jsiats ware mack swsallen. ah* applied Oxydeaor, aid befere _l(kt the
p-.es had cessed, aed aext moraing tkere wss .tf, little* awelllaf, aad sh* caal . walk as well
ss ever, kke kad a similar atlaak hefare we get Oxrd***r aad wa* *ad*r a daetor'i ore for a
���������th, cad laStrc . sg*ai*s.
"It hM need m***f a aaear* ��*ld."
Send at once for book No. 78, giving further information about OXYDONOR aud many reports from all
parts of the country.
364 St. Catharine St. West, Montr aa
(Contiaued from   First   Pape.)
The Liberals haye declared themselves in farorofan "���all-red-line,"
and Sir Wilfrid Laurier, at the Colonial Conference pat the subject
forward and received an endorsement of his project. The Conservatives say, This is our idea, we
introduced the subject years ago
aad you are not eatitled te any
credit for tbis.
One might ask why, duriag the
pist eievtru years, the Tory party has
ijaored thc subject and not eren
gwen it. thought when framing po-
litbal platforms to catch the unwary TOter. Why kas there been
no resolution kroaght up in the
Hous; by the Conservative .? When
tke govei nnient introduces legislation dealing ?,itk this subject, to
be consKtent the ConiervatiTes
aboald snpn rt it to a man.
Even the pioiperity which tke
peopk enjoy at a resnlt of legislation which lias dcfieloped the west,
1 copra ed the waterway*, deepened
the harbor*, built public works,.im?
proTed the transportation facilities,
opened new markets and created
new industries, is claimed by the
ConserTative., who say, "We laid
the fouadation for this," we are entitled to ail the credit.
Oa Wednesday last, between the
old Ladner school house aud Port
Guichon. a Lady's Sunshade.
Finder will be rewarded upou
returning aame te
V. T_ Ry. & Ferry Co,
ADAM READ, Deceased.
Any person havi a ��� claims ag ��i a st
the Estate ef the late Adam   Read
are requested to furnish particulars
of same to the undersigned.
Agent fer tke Bxeca'.rix, C. C.
Be M Asiniiaf M S_ifc
Will be held in the
above Yard on . . .
Wednesday, Ociobe
The entertainment in the Oddfellows' Hall, on Friday last, \\\is
voted a great success.
New Service���Port Guiebon and Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. 'Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vancouver, ia.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver.,   2.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m.
Gives Passengers four  hours in   either   New   Westminster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff  effective   September    5th,   '06.
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will be Furnished without dclav.
InwrpM-atod ISM.
CAPITAL, - $3,600,00��
RESERVE FDNDS,      - - $4,390,00��
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department.
Deposits dt $1 and upwards received and Inter*-
est Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
 &0 BRANCHES. ���
BRANCHES IN BT.ITISH COLT. H'BIA���Vancouver, Vaacouvet
East End. Mt Pleasant, Granville Street, Cordora Street; Grand
Forks, Kanaimo, Helson, Port Issingtoa, Rosslaad, Victoria, Veraon,
Chilliwack., Cuaberlaad, Port Moody and New West minster.
C. B. DANIEL, Manager, LADNER. B. C.
W. N. Draper,
Room 1. Hilars! Block. New- .rcatmiaister.
(Westminster Branch*)
Time Table
Can leave We��tmin��ter tor Vancouver at 5.50
��� nd 6.50 a.m. ������<.! hourly thereafter ������til 11 p.
Hi.; Saturdays and Sunday* at 11 p.m.
Cars leave 'Vancouver for Weatpti niter a al Jv<sa
and 6.5* a.m. *��d hourly thereafter uatil 10 p.
m.; SatHrdays-amd Suudays at 11 p:m.
We run tirst -class freight .-Hrs between Wrsi-,
minster and Vancouver and all shipments are
bandied witli the utmost eare and delivered in
consignee without delay ' Special attention paid
to fruit shit;..if in:-. Out wafronK meet all boat*
and trains.    I'or rates, tit. apply to
8ID~GJb��tt6kY, '}. McQTIARItrR,
Traffic Mrr. Local Mfr.
Wt Rtminatar. B. C.
The Delta Times.
no? t
NKwvrssTMiitaTitK,   :-:b. c..ji
MannfoclKMrs *f all kiud.dl
Soda Water, Ginger
Ala and Summer    J.
Drfrik.*. i
Your patronage solicited     i
.a..ysa��ifr��a-$s"a,^s-.a*^.a^fr*a��|s-��>.'ifr-_ fr.a,frs��sj&��
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Braying.
Liyerr  wark of all kinds attended "to promptly.
J. M. Colilnson
-.aaaer.B. C.
M.R.C.V.S., Kdin.
Now Westminster, 15. C.
Central Livery Stable,
Columbia St. Phone 137
Ladner Carriage Works.
Early Entries Solicited.
H. N. RICH,   Auctioneer. 1
Machine Castor,
White Hose SepaI���atc_t���
W6G0 Cylinder
J.U Hard
Q. T BAKER. Ladner. B. G. ��*_
l*gJ'P   r-^T TA   tt\TVC    Ti'P.ri'iv
'C:.JTR i, :
Receives both Lciclie* csi Q-eafclemen'as reaidenl
or day stu-fients. Kas a complets Comm-Jrcia]
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades. In affiliatior
with Torontc University gives the four yeai:
course for B. A. degree, and the first year of the
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Pre :-
pectors' Course",' for miners who work in B. C.
Instruction given in  Art,   Music,   Physics
'Culture and Elocution.
For    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian '���
There It alwayg a chanes
to enjoy coir.e (Looting
A RELIABLE FIREARM: thi only kind wt hava
batn making for upward, of fifty yean.
Auk your Dealt r, and Insist on tlie
BXBTBMR. Where not sold by K��-
tuUera, wa islilfi direst, Imiy pra-
1'nlil, upou , s. s-lj.t of Catalog price.
N.-,isi Is,.- HO l*Htts tllstttr utu.1
��1_tul,SK All l���sll��|sr__i.lslts Isouk ����l
reusly rvftrwrn for Mil a und bos
���slHiMls'l-a.     MnllfSHl  Ibr   a  c-s-uta   lu
Itumpato eoverp-MlMre.   Ileantirul
's-n  Color  Hunter i'orwurded Ibr
ssl�� ��ema In _t��uip��.	
P. O. Box 4007
Chloopee Falls,
Hlm.., C.H.A.
No one hue discovered _nn>i-.n !
'il.e man who'prea.lies revolution isjs*4'"
wo; M kind of a crank.
Labor's worst enemy ia tha wori'.i;
man ss ho won't work.
The. life work of a wife n.nn mny 1jo il.
Strayed I y n fool In a day.
The average women has moreli. teni-i;:
tban sneaking ai :<iuaint��in<-# -,.
The average nun lets: good opportuni
Ilea go by while waiting for a hett;.r o:.-.
I_ujv living and liiph ii.i:.'..ing will j
daoe hotter men thun high living uml |ow
Ah a r ii Is.. ths more a man "lias, to we.
ul��� in women   the more ho iloesn t 1-,::.   ...
know about thorn.
It Ih selil that �� horned child dreads flip
flr,-. Probably Unit's v hy tbe n. ..is
l)u,n i,'il u.iin tries tu .i,i��,u 1,1. o.o !���,..*_,.
���t. l.iiano .v ttsss.
(Aiiglieaii. I
Holy Communion���ist  and 3rd
Sundays at H-.-^o a.111:; -.wi  ijiid 4tli
Sllli'lays-at   I I .ill).
Mufft'iSj 11 o'clock)
Kve'lisotiff, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Friday &vgjuitig, I.u .nv ;i: 7:30.
Rev.'ai. R.'Ka'r'lfi'. ..I.A.. \'icar.
Services firs! and liiird Sun.lay of
each month al (oS'i  ..'ii .  Bctiedic-
I tion,7:30 ;'. 111
j    ,Siiiicla\ scjlvoul nl -. i .111,
Low Mass and li't-v Cutiiniuuiou
[ first and third ..!��� .u i.,vs-,it !��� a.m.     !
Kev. Fi'fthdr Wagner, o.M.I.,
J .'ri.';   l'ricst.
.MliTHvi 1>I6T,
Services next T.ord'--; Pay at  11
j a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
I     Class  meeting, 10.30 a.m.  every
j Sunday.
Sabbath School ts'. - p 111 every
: Sunday. Prayer meeting every
I Thursday-evening at .S.
���Rev. J, F. Betts, pastor.
Pen_.li rii��.
The statement has been made tlidt
prtWBlc in-ill was made from peach
stones. This Is altogether a mistake,
for, although under certain conditions
h trace of the main principle of the
deadly poison can be found In peach
stones, thore Is not sufficient to produce the iu-id without otber essential
Ingredients. Indeed, without the process of fermentation there ls no evidence
ut tilt of prusslc acid in the stones.���E<-
JhhI  lhe   Plnoe.
Imte Landlord (to couple who are
taking a lovers' walk on his property)���
Now, then, can't you read?
Amorous Youth���Oh, yes, we van
irate Landlord���Then so to the end
(Jf this road and rend the sign there.
Amorous Youth-V1'-.-nave read It. It
8uys, "Private." and that is just why
wu came down here.
A   KlgMliiK  Blahop.
On one occasiou Bishop Selwyn was
���going down the rlv-ar Waikato with .0.
Maori when the hitter, who was very
h\7.y, left off paddling tbe canoe, at tlie
same time muttering that If Selwyn
were not u bishop be would���well, "go
for hliu." In a moment the bishop told
the man to turn the canoe ashore,
where, Stripping himself ot everything
episcopal, be said, pointing to hie
robes, etc: "The bishop lies there; the
mttn is here. 1 am quite ready: come
on." The Maori did not "come on,"
bowever, but quietly resumed his work
���without another murmur. -London Tit-
Clearing Sale.   Big Cat in Price.
���"M J er\     W* require more Yard room and v?e
JL   ���      -are going to clean up.
We have on hand between
300,000 and 400,000
Feet of Sawn Lumber
Whieb MUST'b s Cleared out in the next two
iweeks.   We can supply the following:
Shipfitp, Flooring
Dimeiisioiis-dR sizes and lengths,
large Stott of Pirn*.
This will beaeold strictly for Cash.
Stabling for your teams whilst loading.   Men>
%o wait on you.   No Delay.
Farther information is obtainable at
W.  H.  Smith's,   ....    Ladner.
Services-next Lord's Day at u
a.m. and 7.30 p.r. .
Sabbath School .at 10 a ra Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
���Rev. A. McAuley, Pastor.
Sabbath  services ��� Crescent  Island, 3 p.m.; L,adner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. 111.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
8 p.m.
Rev.  A. II.  Huntley, pastor.
New York Sheriff*.
The reason why tba gberllT of 'Sew
-fork cannot be elected to two successive terms U this: It te tbe ���berlfF,a
duty to carry out tbe process of courts
against official delinquents during trial
and after conviction. Should a shcrilf
endeavor forcibly to bold over for a
���second time sfter having been defeated
for re-election he would he the instrument of the court's process against
himself, a paradoxical poslUnu wbicb
tbc law avoids hy making bim Ineligible for re-election.
Nurseries   &  Seedhouses
Head-quartets ier Pacific Coast
grown Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds that art: thoroughly tested as
to vitality before ofTeriiiff for sale���
thai arc Subject l.i government inspection as io freedom from \yeed
seeds. Samples sent to intending
Large stoek ot H-OMF. &ROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now
matured Tor the spring trade. ���
No expense, loss or delay cf fumigation or inspection.
BEE SUPPLIES, Spray Pumps,
Spraying Material, Greenhouse
'Plants, Ct.t Flowers,
We do business ��11 our ow.n
grounds��� no rent to pay ancl are
prepared to meet all competition.
Let me price your list before placing your order.    Catalogue Free.
Short and l,o_| Cuurtiblp..
Tenug Indies in ItussI* nro not at all
avers, to long engagemrjts aud ns*
ull sorts Of arUtlces to slave off tbe
wedding day as long as possible, while
In Slam, where old maids are unknown,
as all girls marry, the recognized
length of au engagement Is one month.
If an engaged man In the Argentine
Republic dallies beyond a reasonable
time In leading bis flauceo to tho altar,
be ts heavily fined, and if a resident of
the republic should fall to marry be is
taxed until be reaches the ape of
eighty. In no country la tbe world are
courtships so abnormally long ns ln Bohemia, where engagements commonly
last from fifteen to twenty years. In
fact there recently died a! the age of
ninety-nine nn old mun who had been
courting for seventy-five yeurs aud who
was married on bis deathbed.
Mal* aad Mlitrraf,
The soaliil mlgmu upon housework U
'Partly an luluirltiince of English olusn distinctions nml pnnly the result ef n great
influx of nnrJu__ts.il foreign servants,
whlnu lias drlran out *iui_��nn . ol|. fruiu
our homes as well as from our fu.-iarl.ia
Van-ted women, being hy law and oue-
swm subordinated to their husbiinds, '.��-
��tUiotlvely save their naif respeot by trenU
tog their help as subordinates to themselves. A keen siglm-d European critlo
recognlros in American women 11 dtst.lnot
reaction toward urlstoor;ioy. There la ne
olasa In Kurope move ciclufdvo than our
co culled "society" women, who set the
-atandard for oUie* women who aspirate
soofal distinction. In eucli cWolesthe dis-
ttncllun iu'wmsn parlor am! kitchen ts
rigid, aiisoiuto uud lnsflfmouatable.
Pride, therefore, as some limy call Itself respect, as I prefer to term the feeling���will forever more laid more exclude
American women fron: helping In other
women's houses,-unless and until there
can haellnedruwn between Ignorant uu*
skilled labor ln the homo, as elsewhere ���
H. D. lllaukwoll.
I.lterallr Ciael.
Tbe Politician���Now, don't quote na
|��a saying anything.
j    The Reporter���Oh, no! I'll simply, pub-
fish what you said.���Life.
A Geors.1* Maxim.
Don't be discouraged; keep a-trytti'.
An' you will get j'our wish;
Sometimes tht very shortest line
I'ulls up the btts'gest Bs li.
Beaver Dam Mill
lie Hei LMsr Co.
.SCOTT ROAD.,      -
���   1.1. MR. few.
3010 Westminster Road,
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
'.Ur Seliemrs Be Worked to Decetro
tke l-uloou OUi, lata.
"There is 1 <i_.iiey In smuggling," said
<i. retired dealer In precious stones as
e leaned buck, "but It ls dangerous to
1 .iny ou the business, as possible sua-
t>'.f,-. ure carefully watched and, if necessary,   traced   till   tbey   are   finally
caught.    However, I knew one mac
���.vlio   pursued   Die  trade  of diumond
smuggling for fifteen years and  was
able   to   retire   t��   respectability.     H��
\>\.? buyer for one of the iurge business
bouses ln New York, ami bis business
Rent   him   to   Europe   two,   three   and
sometimes four times 11 year.    Every
time he returned he had with blm from
flO.OfiOto $20,000 worth of gems which
be did not declare.
"His trick -was perfect simplicity
combined with ingenious boldness. His
bair was scunty, and at the lop of his
ho;.d he bad a most delightful little
biikl spot. Ousloms ollicers as tbey
came and went all knew him, and as
they knew blm lie bad a most pronounced wen where bis other acquaintances saw a bald spot. Tbat wen wns
a work of-crt, made of wax aud gam,
and it contained two or three big stopes
that would bave been a find for Uie
men cm the pier.
"Tbe good cigar tbat he.had .Just IK
and allowed to go out bold a few more,
and sewed lu the handle of tbe grir>
that he carelessly turned over to tilt
inspection of the officers were the rest
of them. He never varied the trick.
and he never lost. Each trip was worth
a couple ot hundred dollars to mm ana
a great many hundred more to those
who employed bim. Now, that "man
considered himself strictly honest. He
would not steal a cent from an Individual, yet be schemed aud.plotted te
rob-the government."
Kn-'^'a  l-eorfse.
���Jatnst naturd'-s wisdom we muy'uot pre-
Vet that her taste la sometimes not It".
: must affirm.   This Is conclusive test:
The for
That   mp.t'-h.s8   Maud-'-s  comfm-xiait,   eyes
and hair
Should grow on Mand, but nature aavte
"And now,"-said Professor r.ongliun
ter as he greeted Sir. Ileury I'eck
"What shall wo make of your little boy
���a lecturer? He haa a sincere taste foi
"I know he has." replied tbe mall
parent "He inherits it from bis mot-It
X*-*���� Sui-pil.Ius-.
"Does    yo'    laik    lru eklubet'ry
Claud���'Deed I could eat huckleberry
pi* till I'm black iu de face.
Ilia  Support.
Ne foreign nobletnan is he,
. et it has come to pass
That Mabel pays his tailor bill*.
Ami Stella pays tlie gas.
Fail- Phyllis staves the landlord off;
On Kate for food he leans;
They are the girls he rhyme* about
In all tha magailnea.
Hta Wife's Hread.
I   'Brown���I believe that half a loaf If
better than no bread.
Towne���H'm. tiuess you never tasted
my wife's bread.
Ueh Ind. 1
vIIe nrarrled a leading Iridy,
And she's leading still, 'tis said,
For bhe spends hia money so freely
That he never can fret ahead.
-Philadelphia bulletin.
The Urlnlnal  tttrl.
She's quite original, they say.
A blithe and winsome elf;
She pUya lieethoven In a way
lis didn't know himself.
Co&te&tmGJBt gives a ere,tvl wheic
fortune hath denied it���Ford.
Constancy Is the complement-of al.
other human vlrtaes���Mazzlnl.
He who wlll 7,0. take advice gets
knowledge trbeo trouble overtakes
The more one speaks of himself the
leas be likes to bear another talked
Tbe readiest and surest way to get
rid of censure Is to correct ourselves.���
Character and personal force are the
ouly investments that are worth anything���Whitman.
'Tis not your posterity, but your actions, that win perpetuate your memory.���Hutchinson.
Ciilumjoy would . oop-starve-And die
of Itself If nobody took it in and gave
It a lodging.���Leigh ton.
Civility Is a charm ��iat nttracts tbo
love of all men, and tj., much Is bette.-
tban to show too little.
An��  Rich aa Tv-:;.
"What Is it that ma+iee-men groiil
"I'erslstent   advertising, my soa."-
Qle) eland 1'laln Dealer.
Toss-Jack propose*! last night and-'l
! accepted blm.
Jess���Did you, deaf? By the way.
I don't attempt to cut glass with thai
j diamond, as I did, or you'it make .u
i other nick In tbe atone.
Furnlahed a Dinner.
The monkey lost bis liold .and fell ln
to the crocodile's waiting Jaws. Evmi
then' his wits did not desert him. "1
Just dropped in for -dinner," he said,
wiiii au engaging smile.-
'A Mjraterr-
A very small boy was watching bis
mother sew whalebones In ber dress.
'What are tbey. ma?" be asked.
"Bones," she replied.
'���Whose?" continued the little fellow
-"���Mine," She answered.
He regarded her a minute In an -; e
ment and then asked solemnly, "lion
did you get 'em out?"
Hia Skudr OliaervattoB-
Mlss Jones (to Mr. Brown, wbo has
aurvlved three wives)���Tbey ujust g-f-t
kind of mixed up io heaven 'with ae
many Mrs. Browns about.
Mr. Brown���Oh, no; 1 calculate not
You see, now, they're all ��� different
shade* of Brown.
A Falter*
1   :<,Yes, I consider my life afallure."
I     "Oh, Henry, bow sad!   Why sboutti
i you say that?"
"I spend all my time making toonej
; enough to buy food a d clothes, tm.
! the food disagrees witu me, aiid lay
! elutbea don't fit."
A Different   -.ueatten.
rerltins, Jr.���Why don't you buy that
horse of Seth's, pop?   He's got a fint
I 'erklns, Sr.���Pedigree! The question
Ie, Is he wuth anything? Why, boy,
tin-in easslety folks what comes her*
ln tha summer has pedigrees.
i    'Jerry���Is the world setting bettr *?
Jack���il's getting wiser.    I  have m
1 awful time trying to 1'orrow money.
"We cannot consider your story ae
rionsly," wrote an editor to an author,
"because you have killed your hero hi
tbe middle of it."
And the author replied, "I killed bin,
early because ho made me tired."
Pe!Uhe�� Crate.
Tictty --Mr. Cynlque ia too polish ed
for words, isn't he?
Peggy���Oh, denr, yas. ETerything*U��
says reflects on some one.
Tha am ot a kingly fcnatla
Loved a maid whom his father,.,
Forbade him to wed.
���' 'Tis the style!" the prince Said.
"For combines to be Horgonatle!"
Her A<ihlrv����me*t.
"Charley, dear," aaid young Mrs.
Torklns. "you know you said we ought
to put something by fer a rainy day."
"Well, ilon'i you think Ibis bargala
rain coat is perfectly lovely?"
V'araeelaa Han.
"Mean."' exclaimed the museum
freak. "Why, lie's so mean that ha
broke bis engagement to the two headed girl because he was afraid of her
millinery bills."
<lalt*  Wrcnimr,.
"Well," said the plain cltiaen, "ther*
are always two sides to a question."
"Of course," replied the diplomat,
"otherwise boer could we dodge it?"
Takesa at RliViN,
Ba   (after   mirrtage)���Whatl     Taa
have no fortune?   >'on aaid over aad
over again tbat yon were afraid some
one would marry you for your money.
She���Yes; and you said over and over
again that you would be happy with
me If I hadn't a cent. Well, 1 haven't
* cent.
It IlepanAed.
Judge (to witness)���You say yon have
known the prisoner all your Ufa?
Witness���Yes, your honor.
Judg^Now, ln your opinion, do y��B
! think be could be guilty of stealing
! this meney ?
j    .Witness���How much was it?
It  Wasn't AU la  Illra.
i "Johnny," snid bis mother severely,
"some one has taken a big piece of giu-
j gerbread out Of the pntitry."
Johnny blushed guiltily.
"Oh, Johnny!" she exclaimed, 'T
I didn't think it was in you.'
"lt ain't aU," replied Johnny; "p-rr
: of it's la Elsie."
, Spr-.ccv.u3*.
spruce *s not commonly accounted 1
I eostly wood, but Eome of lt may oe very
1 valuable.    Spruce is largely u.seU for the
j tops of stringed musical instruments, 6iich
I as guitars and mandolins, tne finer grained
boing tho iuor* desirable.    The vnlue 61
rosewood depends upon its color and qual-
i Hy.    lt, ranger ir price from �� cent and-a
j quarter to 10 cents a pound. Thirty grain
1 Adirondack spruce would  bo worth 11 i.re
! than tho finest, rosewood. It might be that
i not iinv etich log would  bo found  amouf
a thousand.~.N(s,y Vork 8un.
1 Leaend ol the' Look!n* Glass.
Who ever heard It stated that the
! looking glass was flrst Invented to spite
I a pretty woman? And bow would It
ba possible to spite a woman by showing ber a perfect reflection of her own
dainty-self? Well, according to Japa
ncse mythology, the deity presiding
over the sun and furnishing light to the
world became infuriated at Rome trifle
and hid herself away in a cave, tbne
depriving humanity of a very necessary clement. In order to induce hei
to come out the mirror *wng lev... tin*
and placed in tbe enve. Tliebeauiifli!
goddess, seeing another beautiful goddess within those narrow confines. Immediately departed, and tne people
took care that never again should she
enter tbe precincts of a dive. And bc
that most valned of womanhl treasures
was invented for spltc,<but for what
a different purpose bas it served!
Old Oraybeard���It'a a pity to keep
such-a pretty bird In a cage.
Sirs.   De Style-lsn't  it   a   BhamfcJ
! How   perfectly   exquisitely   lovely   It
| would look in a bat!���Mew "torkVVa^k
jf,          . ... ���WB -DELTA 'TIMES, TUliSDAT, OCTOBER i, 1907.
Mrs. Chris. Albei iton  spent Friday iu the Terminal City.
Gao.  Grauer  went  over  to his
hone at Kburne. on Saturday  last.
!    P/l
Mi����� il. Loudon, nieca af G. W.
London, spent .Sunday in the Royal
Mrs. Trenholme, of Alberta, is
.visiting her sister, Mrs. S. Gillan-
,ders, at Riverside.
Mrs. Honsthton, of New Westminster, stayed a few days with
Mrs. Calvert, sr., last week.
Chris. Albertson came over from
North Vancouver to tak�� in the
football match on Saturday last.
..Mr. and Mis. Hatch ins, of Vancouver spant a couple days here last
weak, taking in the Field Trials.
Mr. aid Mrs. P. G. Drast and
Mr. and Miss Sim, of Vancouver,
came down, Tuesday, on an auto
Mr.  and   Mrs.   D.   Woods   leit,j ClUCFI""'''"     ""   ' ���
���Tuesday, for Vancouver, where
.they will make their home for the
Old Established and Reliable Companies.
Claims Promptly Adjusted.
White, Shiles & (��,
260 Columbia Street,   -   New Westminster, B.C.
The merchant who uses stationary decorated witli garglinj; oil,
axle grease or other cheap advertising matter, is, to tue home printar,
what the mail order house is to the
home merchant. ,
Best Machinery
On Earth
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
in *        '?  . n   1   i        n       \
���A,   .-������<���'".��'.*.        _ BA js*/.A rtl      fsrt       1   s
Uiniuii usi   ufl v>m    .;H  1
llll. II lil.
At greatly reduced prices, making it. possible for parties who contemplate building!
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices,
Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Holbrook,
and family, moved to Grand View
Farm, D. Woods' place, eta Wednesday last.
��  H
j Handled on Com nission.
The   Big   Moving   Picture   Show, j |
consisting  of   Maving   Pictures,   ,
Illustrated  Songs   and   Magnifi-
cent Chromatic Views, at th.     JQp   VANCOUVER   PflCCS
?*.    (*��?_.
_ MY BIW-:
3. 0.
-r.-?. ���_.;.-.    - -. -:-rTr^T.-rr_<Ei:'aarv;>q'^?��.i.. j..__.,p�� ' EM3CK���B igiff
fi. Taylor,
Town Hall, Ladner,
For Your
S.   Williamson,    nephew   of   J.;
Williamson, ef the Oilery, is  leav- j ThlirS-J-JV  EVCSliilli,
ing,   this  week, for   his  hame,  at'
Ragina, Sisk.
Octokr 3rd, 1907.
! Alive or Dressed. I Ladner,   -    B.C.
W. lv. Curtis returned heme,
Jast wtek, trom Lowe Inlet, where
ke has bean engaged all summer
ia the canning business.
We do not naed monev ourselves,
but the fellow we owe wants us to
pay. Par yatsr subscription and
kelp the other fellow ont.
Follow the Crowd to the
Port Guichon.
1 nmsmeawsaE
.1 ������ i ��� in**
���Miss Fawcett, of Victoria, and
���Mrs. Wilkinson, of Vancouver,
spent tha weak end in tawn the
guests af Mrs. F. W. Harris.
_S'.!_'i:3-.*v!i'';" .'���'. "yi.i-r.r
!!25Etr5S5E_ ��3GSS-?3E53ra_ES!B3ja,
Tha Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
Church iatend giviig a mnsicsl
'and literary entertainment about
the middle of Xovetabar. Full particulars later.
Rev. A. MeAn lev retnrned heme,
Thursday morning, from a two
weeks' trip tip thecaast going as far
as Nelsoa Island. Deer arc reported ta be plentiful hut hard to get.
Mrs. F. VV. Howav and child, et
New Westminster; Mrs. Watson, ot
Ladysmith, and Miss R. Bain, of
Vancouver, arrived here an Saturday last, on a visit to Mrs. W. H.
'Laduer, and returned home venter-
Established 1888. Incorporated 1907.
New Westminster and Vancouver, B.C.
Tremendous shipments of Kew Fall Goods now coming in.
We can give you better shoo satisfaction than any other Shoe
House in the West.
All our Shoes are made specially for us from designs of
our own.
We carry a high grade of Waterproof Boots for Men and
Women. We also control the agences for the best lines of
MEN'S WORKING & LOGGING BOOTS manufactured to-day.
We would call special attention to our line of
iinrivc ���
Watch Repairing aj|3p-.cialty.
rem Clau
LADNSlt,   B. C.
B. C. Eeafhtr Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
English Oak Tanneil Harness leaHrcr
SKAT,K��    IK
Saddlery Hardware, Eorse Blankets and Stable
Closed   Uppers   Leather   and   Shoe   Findings,
Trunks, Bags, Valises.
J. II. Cameron, of Dawson, is a
gnrst ot' P. MeGregar and is renew-'
'ing: old ncquaintatices around the!
Delta. This is the first time for!
five years that he has come out I
trom the fro/en north, and he intends taking a trip to his old home
'in the East for the winter. In the
spring Mr. Cameron expects to return to the Klondike.
&m9 E3 ��&��. '
Oeneral Merchant.
Rhone 5.   -   P
ort Guichon
i*     .na
Jas. Mason, sr., aud W. H.  Sid-,
dal,   sr.,   went  down   to Victorin,:
"ast week,   "ie take iu the Fair, and '
tlitir .friends are feeling vary anx- j
Sous for their safety as they   have
���o cbnperone and thtt  is  the  first
time, on the  historical  records,   of
their having ventnred so far from
is rime  alone.    Tha   high   price  of
Ln V has iofee hing to Ao with t! is.
They are the Celebrated BALL BRAND made
and are the Very Best Wearers that money can buy.   No more
"Kicks" on Gum Boots if yon buy them from us.
if it�� Anything Ba Sfe��&�� ���pmgif$ Hm.
r |       ������-       .-. r -.- f% t-i t.   . (\ I r r. v.
I    '. ���    ��� . ������ ���     ���     -1 i    .   j .       5 t>   s' -
N; ,.   , ������. -��� ,.i    'J.. ���---   -
%   A
��� ���
Now Westminster, B.C.
^reduce Stored an
Shipped Direct
Vancouver Branch,
40��. Has bins
mXm,timwmamn-z%g3em^.iy:zM,ic^z--,-i- t:zh^ct^sst^^s: .:���.
U.|iT 3 Pill R c porf<


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