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The Delta Times Jun 23, 1908

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��>��\m "e&
r    m   *
1T"^ ~f
I    f ni m
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q ^Ssiath
Vol. 3, No. 42.
Summer Necessities-
Ottawa Letter. ��� Court of Revision. I    The Market.
Ottawa, June 16.���Thanks tn the i Tlie Court of Revision met on I New Westminster, June ao.���
Conservative opposition in parlia-j the 13th inst., with the Reeve, J. The weekly market was held yes-
ment. the civil servant- in nanny (A. Paterson, in the chair, sad terday, and in spile of the dull
departtn i.ts are ..s yet u      id. Couns.   Gibbie,   Gilchrist,   Morley weaiber, there was fl  good  attend-
An attempt has teen  made, and j and Embree present. ance, although the pro.pects at tl.e
it is a most unworthy one, -.i piace Considerable delay was caused start were not encouraging. At
We   are   Showing"   a   large  range   of BlOUSes  in  all   the  new   styles,: tbe   Mam     forThis  coml lion ofjthmugb the npn-appearanc.-ol the the   de\    wore   t-n,  however, ihe
things upon the gover11me.1i. the j Assessor, H. M. Vasey, who should buyers came in and business im-
Conservatives    hide    beliin
The Store of Quality and Quantity.
made from finja Lawns, India Linens and Organdies, from $1.25 to $3.50.
Summer Hosiery anil Underwear-
This is where we .are strong. ; "We import all our Hosiery, and ycu
can rest assured, prices are right and quality flrst class. We carry a ful
range Ladies' and Children's Cotton and Li3le Thread Hosiery, in all
Ladies' Summer Vests in ^-sleeve and sleeveless, from 10c to 25c.
Ladies, Lisle Thread and Silk Vests, Lace Yokes, Etc., at 35c to    ...
This is Bathing Weather-
We are showing- a nice rang*. Ladies* and Children's Bathing Costumes in Navy Serge and fine Jersey Cloth, with fancy colored fcj^aiu
trimmings, etc., all sizes.
Also Rubber Bathing Caps at 50c each.
the j hart be eu present  to explain why proved.     The  auction  sales  were
: flimsy
I has be
excuse  that  no supply bill | he had assessed as he had.    How-
i brought down,    tt is true |ever, it was finally decided to  pro-
CAHPBeu-s cvorrntrta
Men's Department
New  Spring  Suits  in  tine  Tweed
Navy  and  Black
UMPBBLL'S   CLOl-.ttt.-J
Best   Trimmings   and
Etc., will;
Latest    Cut,
From 8 7 to $18
that   some    estimates    have  been
passed   upon, s<tne  supply   voted,
but this lact  alone  does  not make ]
the    money    available,       Various)
items tij'r the public service are  in-i
elude i in the same resolution, aud
the total of the  resolution   goes in
the supply bill, and  as items have
been reseived from time to time at
the ro>U'-^t ot the  opposition, it  is
impossibh to present  a  supply bill
until ihese have beeu disposed of.
.Scientific Obstruction.
Then again, after voting the
-upply, the items com- ur> again
ior qoneiurrence an I here a^ai.t the
opposition have announced that
they iutenrl to further discuss them.
���\fter this the bill goes to the
St-nate, and mus: ihen receive lhe
asseir ofthe Governor-General.
The system  i I' obstruction practiced is .the acme   ' political science.
Ther ��� is   to  apparent   objection to
passing   i e items o   supply in com
m " fil: ide     he       terminable
a" i uu Iv M' levan q i 31.'��� us
a    ��� icp.:. Led   i>     i.au    ���111).
but L>y uaking the rest-rvatin before alluded to and the prospective
delav in concurrence, all < f which
prevent- thi pa .sa ,e of the supply
bill itself, the main object ol the
obstruct ion is gained
good and a large number of cows
and calves, horses, wagons and
ceed with the business, wheu the harness were offered. Trade on
following complaints wer: dealt i the whole was not as good as at
| recent markets, due mainly to tbe
Waddell,   complaining ! time of year,
against the assessment on 40  acres j     Meat was shorter in supply than
south  ot   railway   track.
$5 per acre.
From W. B. Skinner, complaint
against 25 acres outside dyke. Assessment sustained.
tducedj at recent  markets, prices  ruling at
, about the same figures as have held
for the past month.   There was a
fair supply of beef,   and  all sold
readily.    Of mutton  and  lamb the
From John Oliver, M.P.P., com-' s"PP'v was good, and the offering
plaining against assessment. He is' was in Sood demand. The 'supply
assessed on 157^ acres, aboii't 32 j of veal wa.s satisfactory, and prices
acres of which is composed of;for prime stock held firm. It is a
sloughs and a narrow strip outside) bad time for swine, and pork was
01 dyke, all 01 which is non-pro- jsllort offering, but equal to tbe
ductive, and he is assessed the same demand at this season of the year.
as others who have no wasTe land.
Reduced fio ner acre.
Wm. Asburv's land beiny similarly situated, it was reduced iio
per acre.
From D. Wood, appealing against
his asses smen on account 0 bavin:. iye acres outsid-s yke. As-
-���   me.    -u .tamed.
riom j    C.   Laullaw,   complain-
The ofiering of eggs was productive of keen interest, and the
demand ruled firm. Thirty ceuts
wholesale was the price charged.
Butter holds at prices which have
ruled recently. Poultry was short
in quantity, and all found ready
sale. Chickens and broilers had a
f ii oifeting, and met with a steady
market. The young ducks were
much in evidence, and  there was a
Complete   Stock   Boya'   Clothing.
New Neglige Sltirfs.    New  Neckwear.     New Hats.
Shoe Department
We carry a complete stock of HIGH GRADE SHOES for the whole
iamily, in all the New Spring Styles.
mg against bis assessment a.s being I fair   deraand   for   well    developed
too high, a portion of his  land be- bjrds
iny   hi3h   land.    Reduced   ��5  per      Potatoes are uot so plentiful, and
pcre' ' the price lias advanced two dollars
From Dr. J. Kerr Wilson, com-,a ton. The supply was short and
th.it is, 'thHt-".piainiug against his assessment on the demaud increased considerably
the government cannot use the j Lot i20, it containing about 20 m consequence. Xew ones are
money. j acres waste land; Lot 129, 10 ace   now reaching the city.    Cut flow-
In reply to criticism, and   to an-1 waste and -Lot 128, 45 acres  waste,  ers  were  very plentiful, especially
10 carnations and roses.    The call for
swer the charge that they alone are  Assessment on Lot 120 reduced
McCRLL PATTERNS (Ask for Monthly Fashion Sheet) flcC^LL
Marshal! Smith & Co., Lt
responsible for the non-payment of
civil servants' wages, the opposition blandly say. ''We have voted
the money, what more do you
want?"" This is the scientific ingenuity adopted by the opposition
to make it appear thev ar. not responsible for the delav. and are
do   g right by the civil servants.
Clanged   Their Tactics.
When the obstruction   first  com-
��� 'iice: th   Opposition stated open-
l'\   that   they   would   not  vote any
money for the public service unless
certain clauses iu the   Election Bill
were   withdrawn.     This   position
thev soon  < und was untenable and
, unpopular with   the   country,   so
(thev withdrew   10111 il     nd adopted
�� i the course outlined  here, which is
per acre; on Lot 129, sustained,
on Lot 128, reduced $5 per acre
From B. C.   Hytou,  complaining
flowers for June weddings has
created a '.arge demand and local
florists have plenty of orders to fill.
The  green  vegetables,   as lettuce,
reached the market in good shape,
aud easily found purchasers. The
only fruit sent in were a small
Offering   of   strawberries    at   two
G. Taylor  and  L.   Simpson;  halt-
  1 bucks. R.  Kettles, W. Whitworth,
.,_,,,      . . ,      ,       K. Siduall; forwards, L.   Davis, C.
A football match  was  played on 1 '
Clark, D. Hilton,   J. Kitkland, L,
Saturday  last between  the  West* I j^ k]an(j
~tam Island Juniors and the Ladnei;
Juniors, which  resulted  in  a win!
tor the Islanders of 2 goals to nil. !    C' Sooth. late Purser ��" the Str' Itries in ,he 2:-+�� Class- five  entries
There  are   five entries   for   the
B. C. Futurity Stakes No. 2, and 1 j
is expected that there will   be   five
entries in the Free lor All, six   en-:
against his assessment as  being too
high.    Reduced $to per acre.
From \V. Oliver, complaining
against his assessment ou Lots 80,
81, 83, 84, B and   C  as  being   ex
cessive and unfair.    Assessment on ! small  boxes  for a quarter.
Lot B was  reduced   irmi .-2000 to; demand for this article was keen.
$1600;   Lot   C,   reduce!   to  #200; j     The following are the piicesthat
Lots 80 and Si, sustained;  Lots 83! ruled during the day:
aud 84 reduced to $250 Beef,   hindquarters,   &%c to   9c
From W.   E.   Curtis,   appealing j per lb; forequarters, 6c to 7#c.
against the assessment ou the N.W.       Mutton, 12c to 13c per lb.
# Sec. 32.    Assessment sustained. 1     Lamb, 14c per lb.
From Thos. Harrison, asking to!     Veal, small, ncto iij^c per lb;
have assessment on 14 acres ohang- 'arge, 9c to ioc.
ed  to  J.   A.   McOufliti.     Request j     Fork, 8   to 9c per lb.
granted. Eggs,   wholesale,   30c   per doz;
From   P.     Swensen,    appealing retail, 35c
Butter, 30c to 35c per lb.
���192.    Lot 187 having 25 acres out-      Fowls,   S7.50  to  SS.50 per dos;
side dvke, the  assessment   wis re- chickens, $6 to $7 per Ooz.
Broilers, $4 to $3 per dozen.
Ducks,   young,  $6   to   $7.50   a
but assessment
A very nre exhibition   was pwt | Transier, is visiting friends here
no by the boys.    Among the  more j  ���-
conspicuous were  B. Trim for the :
Islanders and G. Taylor, L. Simp, i    Miss Katfe and  Master Tommy
ami   C. Clark  for the  Ladner i Foster  took  in  tbe circus a'   lhe
I in the Mile Dash and ten entries in
tthe Pouv Race, all of which sh uld
' make a good day's sport.
I Royal City on Saturday last.
Following  is. the  tine-up of the |
two teams:
Westham I_.la.ti 1���Goal, L. Mc-
Bride; backs, A. Guichon and F.
Cede��.be.fj;;   half-backs,   V.   Tam
Remember the Garden Party and
Strawberry Festival which is in
progress at  Hazelgrove this after-
I E. S, Browne and son, M -ter
! E die, drow up 1 1 the Royal Citv,
��� on Saturday last, to take in lhe
I Norris & Rowe circus.
even more  pernicious  in   its eflfi-ct
than open and   flat  refusal  to vote| aSa��nst assessment on Lois if,- and
The. cople  ar.   not  '   elv to be
deceived bv thi 1 when once the real duced ��'�� Per iicrt
facts   are   knowu.      When   Ho...  ou L��l l9* was sustained.
Wiiliam Paterson, Minister      Cub-      From   K'   Anderson,   appealing doz.
toms, made the statement it, Brant-  *S*���< assessment as   unjust.    Re-      Potatoes, $20 per ton.
ford that his men to -he  number of du?ed *200 on improvements. ,     Strawberries, per crate. $2.25 t��
r',800  could   not  get  their money      From Pelly Bros., complaining of: $2.so.     	
used to over-valuation ou water lots, south
of Indian reservation, 40   acres   be-      Following is a list of the  sports
j ing assessed at $40  pe;   acre.    Re- (to be run off, on Saturday  next, at
duced ?5 per acre. ' the  Ladner  school grounds, under
From   Chris.   Bro vn.   appealing j the auspices ot the W. C. T. U. and
against hi- assessment as being too; Lad's  Brigade:  High jump, long
bee lUSf   the   Oppositiom   re
; iss supplies, l.e said n thing more
than the truth.
Xo Pay :or Ca lal Men.
On T.uesday  Hon. Mr, Graham,
Minister oi  Railways and  Canal.",
asked the Opposition  to  vote  him
Re neraber the sports in  conn c
boltae,, R. Kirkland,   A.   McBride; noon al,d evening, under  the aus-i tion  with  the  LM's  Brig^d
forwards, B. Trim,  L. Gilmore, A.
Swensen, J. Tamboline,   H. Smith.
Ladner���Goal. E. Curtis; backs,
pices ofthe Lidies' Aid of thei under the auspices of the W. C.
Methodist Church. The Band will JU., on Saturday next, at the !.
be in attendance this evening. 1 ner school grounds.
high.    Assessment ��ustalhe . Ijump, sack race, wheelbarrow race,
From Thos. Robertson, complain-1 Manxman's race, dressing ract
the money lor the canal service, I ing against assessmenti as being too! (comic), needle race, potato race,
miking it very clear that until this high.    Ri duced to $100 per acre.     ; egg an 1 spoon race, skipping con��
Fro^   J.   B.     Burr,    appealing; test, jumping for candy, tilting the
against   assessment   as   bein     100; bucket, nail driving competition for
high.    Assessment sustained, ! girls, hat trimming competition for
Tlu    citirt   then    !���  our    t   lo; boys, and at 2:30 sharp, a  football
was clone the men could not be paid
their   wagts,   but  the  Opposition,
1 d  in tlu- person o. Georn.. E.   Koster,
I', I point blank  refuse I.
(.Continued on Secoud  Page.)
meet again on Satur 1
at 2 p.m.
27t.11 inst,,
match,   Ladner   Juniors   vs.   East
Delta Juniors, will be run off. THE DELT.^ TIMES, TUESDAY. JUNE 25, igofc
r. c, t. y.
9u WCSJPT ion. SLOQ, ptyr, yea/,.
C��f����l Aj. 7trtiMiBtct., I a ccn;�� per Use for
I__rfir��tln��ortiod,��nd5��nt��jjer line 19c each
���litxequent Insertion. The number ol lines
reckon od by tlie ap.ee octuple i, ia life* to the
KM** tor ComnercUl AdvcrtUuin. nta.cao be
.!& ou application ist this office.
Reading notioea to caats per, line foe each Insertion .
Birth . nd D-ath, nolle ea, s<__, MnrrlaKCsJi.sso.
Any special notice, tlie object f I wliich is to
promote tbc pecu^ary benefit olanv Individual
or company, to be consult-,cd-ua iidvenUs-ineiit
and chnrged sy.eordl_Kly.
_41 adrertiacmenta charged for. uistil ordered
C||t and paid tor.
Correspondence Invited on matters ol publio
tq^ertwt. Communications to editor must be ac-
C-.m pimU-il by name of writer, not necessarily
for publication, hut as evidence of good f-Uh.
Corne-poiKki.cc must reach thia office by Th .ra-
G_.p, R.. Manj^cy.
T-JESDA.-T.  JUNIi   23. 1908.
The break ii.: the dyke, near.the
sawmill has been successfully repaired without serious injury to
Delta is to .be congratulated upon
Jiving one in her midst counted
wojtliy to fill the high office of
Ifcputy Grand M. ster, for 8. Q:
oX the Masonifi Order;, H. N. Rich
having received tbat appointment
p-t the meeting ot the Grand Lodge
ajt.Victoria, last-week.
V$G regret very much to slate
ttiat'it is impossible to arrange for,
au excursion to Anderson Creek ly,
rail,, at present, as tbe company,
does net care tp run a.passenger
train over-the new porthm of their,
line..until it has beet; approved by
the government. Nevertheless,
tftose who. wish may make the
trjp by road.
The horrors of the drink traffic
have never been tully portrayed
No pencil is black enough to paint
the picture and doit full justice.
No tongue is eloquent enough to
tell the sad story iu all its dreadful
details. The use of alcoholic Lev-
erages.is of all scourges the most
wide and withering.
It is a physical curse: Blearing
the eyes, blistering the tongue, deranging the stomach, paralysing
the nesves, hardening the liver,
poisoning the blood, coagulating
the brain, inducing and aggravating many diseases, aud digging
many premature graves.
It is a financial curse:. Draining
the pocket, producing poverty,
diminishing comlort, multiplying
miseries, filling almshouses, increasing taxes and creating hard
It is a mental curse:- Clouding
the judgment and dethroning tbe
reason, promoting ignorance, prcn
ductng imbecility and transforming
its unhappy victims iuto maniacs
and fool s.
It is a moral curse: Weakening
the will, inflaming the passions,
hushing the voice of conscience and
preparing the way for, every vice
and crime. And yet. strange to
say, there are those who advocate
the removal ot.this.curse, by legalising it. But; the colossal ourse of
drunkenness- will oontinue so long
as drunkard factories are permitted,
protected and perpetuated by law.
���National Advocate,
T)he Council has male a iipe job
erf the sidewalk on the Trupk .��ad,
so tar as they have gone,- and this
should b.e a sufficient- inducement
to those-who have not already done
uo, to remove all obstacles from the-
way and let the good work continue- V^e- are satisfied that the
property is.deriying the most benefit, from said improvements.
As will Be noticed by reference
tp the posters generously scattered
ajrpvwd; the Excelsiors have again
mgde���arrattge.n.ents for.,their annual
grand ball, which- will be held in
the Town Hall, Ladner, on the
ftveniag of the. 26th inst. ^Friday),
after,the races. There should be s.
l|rg._-at.e.Kkuce an this occasion:
as there certainly will be a big
crowd, in. town 011 that day.
Mrs. Titylor., ol Victoria^ has
bben spending the past, week here
���wsiting Mrs, XV. J. Hadden. and
Mrs, .A. Yorke.
J dim K. Baton, president of tbe
Tl Eaton CO., and party, of Toron-
t_>,..are guests of Mrs. T. McNtely,
aijuhilee Farm.
��� Tmdc Mahk��-
-...-       Ca#vmaMTf *-��
MM MOdtBg ��*ketcb and description ma? .
I aaeeitaln our opinion tn. woathor.an,
aantfra*. Orneatagency for���pcurlngpatents.
yiiial. tabaa tbifnah Munn *\_>. not*,
*^diOm��lrtfl����*M*5*��?ehlr. I*iy��rt.��p.
-nlatlon *f jurrr��olentino Jouninl. Teems for
-_-����<>��__ -��^Mt,pottaft prepaid. TSold br
fo.88""-*"'- New York
lieu, |46 V St. Washington. D. 0.
Ottawa, June 20.���At tbe Immigration Department- the explanation is forthcoming thai the order-
in-council regarding Asiatics-applies
solely, to Hindus. Canada has
special; arrangements with Japan
and the head-tax civ. Chinese is
held to.be sufficient.
THE   REV.   LRU.   R..   HICKS'
190.S ,\: MAiNAC
Is ready- for delivery and excels all
former editions in beauty, and va ue
The cover is- a- beautifu? design in
colors, the entire book is full of
fine half tones, astronomical en
gravings and interesting matter.. It
contains tbe Hicks''weather forecasts complete for tha whole year,
finely illustrated.. The price by
mail is 35 oents, on- News-Stands 30
cents.. Word and- Works, the
Rev. Iri R.. Hicksi fine monthly
magazine,, contains-all' his weathet
forecasts from month to month, together with a vast amount of the
best family tending.. The price is
$1 a year aad one almanac goes
with each subscription. Address,
Thb Duxta Timks,.Ladner. B.C
fashion Stables-
Trucking and Draying".    livery "Work of
All Kinds'/Attended to Promptly..
All Kinds 01 Firewood Always On Hand.
J. N. COLUNsSON, *��e w< "��"��, B.f.
"A Sire at last to> get Sizeable anc. Saleable' Tijarness horses'
N The Grand Cluropia Hackney Staioa
Diamond City
8443 Imp.
Of ALL KINDS may be had here.
First  Come,  First Served*
the Ddta Sa
Mouday, S. Morrow's Farm; Pemberton Farm.
Tuesday,. Gilchrist's     "      ; Dr. Wilson's   *
Wednesday,. S. Huff's  "     ; Coulthard's     *��
Thirasdfly,. I.. Johnston's "���     ; Loney Bros.'   "    Elgin.
Friday,. G.. B.. Embr -je's. "���     ; loverholme Stock Farm.
Saturday, Jiofdaa's Livery Ladnerj       tt       w  till Monday-
Christopher Moses, Esq., Qeorge Brown��
Victoria, Proprietor. Stud Groom
lliem ii
Incorporated' 1869.
CAPITAL. PAID-UP,        - - $3,900,000
RESERVE FUND, - * $4,390,000
Total Assets Ove* Forty-Five Millions.
Actowjjits of 0ttt'-oP'Town Customers Given Special
Are Prepared to _. .,
Furnish All Kinds, of
Shingles, Doors* Sash and
House Finish  of  All  Descriptions.
The BEST Water   Tanks   Are
Made at This MIU.
(Contiuued Irom First Page.)
The search for the- Hazelmere
tnnrdferer has proved fruitless up to
the present, although i number of
suspects, have-been overhauled;.
The subject for next Ftrndav
evening's discourse iw the Methodist Church will' be "Tbe Pl&oe of
Reason in tha Use of the Scrip-
Seeds, Timothy and Clover Seed^
���Brackman-Ker" Milling Co.,
Ltd., H.. N. RICH,, Lsdner,
B.C.. Agent.,
We want YOUR eggs. Taken
the year round'you will'malte from
5 to io per cent, bringing" them
here. To-morrow we par 32 cents
p>r dozen tor vour Eggs. N.B.���
0 ily strictly fresh eg^s wanted-
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
The responsibility for non-payment of civil servants can be placed
upon tbe Opposition, in a, more direct way. Some timaago.Hon. Mr.
Fielding, Minister of Finance, made
application to the- leacfcrs. of the
Opposition to consent to an interim
supply bill amounting,to one quarter of the estimates. This was refused, and consent garen lor only
oue eighth. This has long since
been exhausted. Subsequently application was mark' ior a further
supply biill on account.. This also
was refused. Had l.e r quest beer
granted' every man ^oal I 'ave bepi
paid his money, fid the present
intolerable condition would have
been avoidtr..
There Must Be Closure..
All   *>i   rtiis lead^ to a solution
which apioarsto he the only satis--
factory   sue  to  reliev*  a  slate  of
tiling  that  is   fasl   becoming  unbearable-    it* print-   ajcarly to one
remedy   as   being   ihe   most   effi
cacious   (Wider   the  circumstances,
and that is the  closure.   This ha
been    openly    adwacated    in    the
House-  by   several   members, and
upon- each occasion  was receivei
with applause.   Tha tihi-bhas. conic
when there must? be soma effective
method ol  stopping obstruction to
the publitt- bmsiness..   A few men
on tUe opposition side  monopolize
the-.time ofthe  House by deliver-1
ing weary, meaningless speeches of
interminable   lengtti    npon   every;
su tied  imaginable.    In the meantime the business of the  country is-
neglected, and the functions ot the
House of Commons-ane paralV/.ed.
Ifthe. mutters spokan of were in
jany sense m the- interest- of tlie
country there would be no criticism, ^bnt they are not, and the
House and the country are nauseated, with the effusions of men ol  the.
F&sier stripe, who use parliament
for the sole and only purpose of
keeping themselves in the public
eye. As to the mra of the hack
benches, they simply follow their
leaderr and are equal to nothing
more than, vain repetitions of statements previously made to. tlie
It  nn  itali covering, euhor  fo#. nor
buiUling.��.QF, impFovin^aUl one*.
IT �� nit M-MV'MKWtBMlV armjch
Cvtmaar' IK fine mppeiirmnat-��� Its
���plcndiU enduring qualitie*���and tttght
exix-nsc -miii dual- to *<m yuur vwa
bvh% iatvr-rsU by using it.
Hottest Jct��il�� of iiifornutiuu. in our
li mr iw ut
(WftstmFnstw Brandi)
Time Table
Car:?, leave Westminster lor Vmicenver at 5.50
;uifl fi. /> ;i.in. and hourly thereafter until 11 p.
111.; ttaturd nys end Sun day*, at :j-p.m..
Cara-lenve V(iHt:ouvet foi ^Vcstnilntttcn^nt i.50
atid 6.50 a.m. tuu1 hourly thereafter uutil 10 p.
Im.; S.'iiurd'tys :ud Sitrdny.s'tt tl p.��r..
Wc r.j.11 Hrsttclass fri it*1.t ears between, Westminster and Vancouver -ind all shipments art
handled trfth Ufte utmosFtdare nnd delivered to
consignee without dt*In> Special attenrton paid
to fviltt shipments, "n; wagons uieetiftlllwuti
and trains.   Por rites, etc apply to
Lucal Mgr.
Accounts may-be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and Upwards.     Interest paid,  or credited,  quar~
terly on  31st  March, 30th Jane, 30th
Sefptemher,, 31st December.
|L D. SIMPSON. Manager, LADNER. B.  C.
Two Ytoung House* ��� i Wack
two-year-old and t bay mare, i-
year-old. Strayed from Enderby's
place, East Delta. Anyone knowing of whereabouts of saaae. kittdty
Florist. New Westminster.
W. R Draper,,
Room J. Kiln .d Block. New W��_tniinltcr.
HBfrPirYear.   Single Copy, 18 6fc
8ampli: Copt Frec
Smmuw.       mv.miaieiA.swwXowm.
ft. DeR. TAYLOR,
Veterinary Surgeons.
AB   Calls	
Promptly Attended to
Plon* 35 Stainton Block
Ladtner,  IkSC.
Sll) GRTtflORV,
Traffic M.
Xfpf tjulnsler.^). t^
lor Spring Ck. an-tfyt
Purer and' Vigorous Blood will keep
y eu, in good) ltsatth,.
will give you.
Good and Pure Btood.
Sen dt 50c- ibr trial1 $b.og_ package
(two- months.' teeatmsuit) .
Ag������ WARTIST*.
W-t-lfoo Remedy Co.,
Vawq.QH.ver,, B..C-
imi^eiaicaiaiPeiaMMZe^ai^^Mme^imiJiwi as^kim.^ktsit^etmiw^a.
I mem mmb t
.1. HENO.Y
<���   NEW WKSTMIN&TKW,   >l  B. C
4% Mantiflictureni op all kind^ol
��� Soda Water, Ginger
A    Ale and Summer
j. Drinks. ��
1      Your patronage solicited     i
Acclimatized Stock.
For the
Farm, Garden, 1-awn or
Reliable Varieties at Reasonable'
Prices. No Borers. No Scale.
No fumigation to. damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy droect aaid get Twes and Seed*
tha* Grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cu.
Flowess, etc. Oldest established
nursery on  the mainland of  B, C,
Catalogue free _
M. J. BENRVS Nurseries,
Greenhottse& and Saedhooses
VANCOUVER,   -   aC.
Mandolin t
Having been requested to start a
Mandoliu Class, an. now pw.
pa-red to do so, Fc�� te .dm. �����?�����
B*   ti*   WEARE*
Cwe of Ma. j. W . Lanning.
Mandolins, Strings, Eta*.
Supplied a,t Ci _V PtiCftS,
He threw mu a kiss;
Mamma didn't knoiv \%.
6I10 would take it ainira
Tlmt ho threw mo a kiss,
But trim wouldn't druam of thme
Por my fuitfl didn't ��ho.w tt;
Hu ihroiv mu a kiss,
And mamma didn't know ti,
*rr.t? where waa the harm
Vi'lit-n nobody know itt
Tlioro'e no ca^se for alarm;
V:?y whoro waa tbo !::irmf
'J .mt I: MB ht(d ft rharm.
Ku ono t-nw thut I iliruw It;
1*1 on whero waa tiie luaw
I* uobodx luj.o\r it.
Thoy ;:������  '.iin   .-.-I I -
'.Ji't;liii* hliudi I tu;' - _*���,���
But my heart Iwi't cold
Ir I tun getting ' kl
I d-in'1 n�� d to bu told
V. Iiy gho bluabcd ISUo �� roao
Tii u���-h 1 mn tfetiteg <>M���
Ve.s, and blind, 1 smpi oho)
-Harry French in linrlem LU*
. -vO.
hn/.j Mnn'a H anise r In a,
I'd like 10 have a nlcu, ��:sjri Jobt
Whs :���> 1 could ainiply tt_.
A sssri of t^eeltly vi_Uw_
To draw my salary,
.Ami (lu-ii, as that sot b'.icl'-nsom*
Ami nceraed Incliucd ig bore ma.
JM like iu have some (.How i,.il__
'i'o yo and draw 11 tar ine.
The   Important   -lo��*tloit.
"How Uo you like jour new ���an*
"Tbat i*u't the questtoa at all," war
H'srered joung Jlrs. TorUIn*. "Wa- an
irjlng to iiiid out liow she likes we."-
A   t)niii-sn-lc  LlD.��rl��k_
A slronuous uu nun uajujid. Muid
Veeithd htr ir.au waa �� fraud.
So Bb'e put thfr pew lad
Very much 10 th. bad
Wheiv sue lit <ui hia features and claMC
.Ncmly the Limit.
"Yes, I know hiui slightly.   He at*
ways Iniptcssea uie us. being rather e
t .1X1   LUUU."
"Hard?   Say, that   mnn can dull e
tull'o by Just currying it iu hia pocket"
May   Sin-   Pare Well.
To a fair lady bound for tha fair
The oonductor said. "Lady, your teref
..lis; pai.'l liim, and so.
(*;i Uls way did he so
With ti.u faro Horn ihe fair te tba fate
I't'pple writ cstcb
��� ' liilnli less of yon, aad
ii ilii enough ol jeu now.���
in e.
a ftnw took.
OodzoolSs��� What's li.ccineof Bluehlnod,
���tlni u va to bora svurjboily br talking
I about Ills luioostry.    <        f
'/sOih.Uk���Ufa-liugitt mnrrlnd a year or ae
Ago. and now ho is  boring everybody by
Uilkibg about his postericj.���New Yoek.
I i .ribuiia
A Xew Tori: ghl l.r .i, _ bor onn shall
hands villi iit-r iii'ii.i.   'i i-i*! v wliai
g'.'ts lor ti-ttttiug  Jii:1.  to such it  '.������"'
grQUtiug.��*PhilHilel|itiiK N'oi tb Ainu;
When awoinan says that ono c(
Cllildl'l'lj loutif. iii 0 iiil-   :l"-!.;HHl's   tltf.
lt is her way of ailiHittiiiy lhat it r;
as ;v 'id looking   _d the rest.���*Atchh
Tho 0 hlC-ipo ml Hioroira who hn_ jr.'
riuow $105,0Utl im- tlio ictu.ij of his i.
letters is In a position  to oppreolatu i
ttisdotU   i-t    llli.'ll    Iltin.;ii.':iult'.    I'.'i'.Hi.
"Nevorkin3a lady tut-High au iu* t;
lie."���JLau.as City World.
"I  i
The UMior Ithinc ls open to .Avi��atk_b
���bout BOO ih'.vsu vour.
'Iho Volga well merits bolti �� ranked
among llio great rivers of tha world. It
Is navigable tor over ->,t)w miles, una tf
within it ten bundled milei of M. Peteis-
Twice a ye,^* tbe Caspian overflow* ��rs��
sit .cd.s millions of flsh���suBleloni tii feed
the whole of oehtral Asia, utlvnnt.^g^
iionld ii.i tiiiien ei tliosso si.iu SDtft res..<usv-i
Hive. >.y imtiire.
"We cannot consider yonr etory ne-
rloilsly," wrote an editor to nn author,
"because you have killed your hero in
the middle t_f It."
And the author replied, "1 ktllod blot
early because be made me tired."
IOle  Talk*.
Industry te the foundation et every-
filing worthy, yet there ara n groat
mur.y Idle people. An Idk udsn or woman ls a bud advertisement for ai-.v
loniiiiuiiity. Inv<isiinrttion will revenl
that It is the> Wle iieuple who engage
In bad ecrapes.
Read ibe S!k��_.
The Touug Mun���I have known for
a iong time past that yon wired for me.
The Lady���Beally! How Is- tbnt?
The Young Mnu���Kreiti the tint tlint
our people put themselves out of Uieir
way to . mil. ine.
TU* Klrat Iram Ski*.
The flrst iron ship has more reputed
tilrtbplueea then Homer, according to
Chambers' Journal. Both tbe Clyde
and the Mersey claim pre-eminence in
this respect. Sir E. J. Roblson of Edinburgh designed an iron vessel in 1810,
wbicb was not ktuncbed till three years
ialcr, nml it is said that nn Iron boat
was worked on the Severn even r.s fur
hack as 1787. Steel wiu* uot used iu th.
construction ��f uierehnnt ehlps' hulls
uutil 1859. Old Riflts were not alone in
their belief that wood wa�� meant by
rrovldeiiee to Boat, but iron to go xo
the bottom. A naval constructor of
.ouie repute ��uce said: "Don't talk to
uie of Iron ship*. They are contrary to
nature." Now none but small craft are
liuilt of wood in England.
Tot. ss  Wllsl  llo: wch Are  \ IcI.-iuh and
���i ..il  lu  Uo  tin tamable.
i. ritnifc of the U'augs, or wild horses,
ot India, found no .r the land of Tibet,
iiiuH VV. Welier In "The Porosis of
Upper  iudin  and  Their  Inhabitants"
Hole for the first time wo saw the
k'nuig, or wild horso. Several herds
came to look at us us we marched and
galloped around, iieiglilng nntl kicking
up, but kept ut a lespeotful distance.
They huve big,' ugly heuds and tails
and ears like a mule's aud u black
stripe down the back; color, light buy,
with while noses. They have line free
uction in trot aud guliop and are fourteen to fifteen bauds high, strong in
the legs and heavy iu the body. We
were welcomed by tbe neighing of numerous wild horses in the land of thc
kiting. Several herds k^pt circling
round, the old stallions approaching in
a quite threatening manner, snorting,
squealing and kicking up their heels*
wliiie the mitres and fouls galloped otf
at a more respectful dls lance. There
was a herd of kiuugs which ciireered
about our camp in a moist objectionable way, making the nio'st fearful disturbances. We witnessed a battle royal between two stallions, which for
ferocity uud wicked fury surpassed any
tiglil 1 have seen. Again and again
the pair went at oue another like tigers, biting and kicking uud mauling,
the blood llowing freely, while the fearful yells und roars they kept up were
terrifying to hear. This went on for
hours. The horrible roars ami shriek-
iligs made by the wild horse when
lighting sound something like a noise
between a donkey's bray and the
sijiioalhig of a jtieUri!,. bnt far more ear
piercing and discordant. Here the
klang is found iu considerable numbers. He is, according lo the llunia
accounts, untamable, There was a
young one purchased at Bagesar fair
from some Huiilns for u small price.
The purchaser thought he had a good
bargain and proposed to send the animal to England, but wheu his men
went to bring away the purchase uo
power could induce it to leave Its foster mother, an old AUb. t pony, which
the clever IUltiins _._u..'d t-o sell except for an i .vorliilaut _v,:u.
Founded 1898
Incorporated 1893
Pravides a Christian Home for Students of both
sexes at mo-lerate rates. Has a preparatory class for
junior students taking Public School work. Does High
School work and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Examinations, Teaches all branches of a Practical Business
Course and confers Diplomas. Imparts a Liberal Education in its: Collegiate Course, and in tbe Ladies' Course
for M. R. L., and M. L- A. In Theology confers the de-
free of B.D. In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for the B.A. degree of Toronto
University, with whieh the College is in full affiliation. In
Science teaches the Fbrst Year of Toronto School of Science, and bas a Special Engineering Course adapted to
Practical Engineering work in this Province. In music, a
complete coarse in theory, voice culture, and piano and
organ, in conjunction with the Toronto college of music.
Special instruction in art and elocution, while all students
���re required to take physical training with all the privileges of a well equipped gymnasium*
Tl!��01i! Violin Milker* nnel tins Mate,
rltl They Udells
The great violin nitikcm nil lived
within the compass of 150 years. They
chose their wood from a few went timbers felled in the south Tyrol and
floated down in rafts pine and maple,
sycamore, pear and itsh. They examined these to Und streaks and veins
and (rccUles, rnltitible s upc r.flckilly
when brought out by viu'iib-kin.tr.
They learned to tell the dynasty of
the pieces of wood by touching them.
They weighed them, they stwicfe (hen.
and listened to judge how fast or how
slow or how resonantly they would
vibrate in answer to strlngn. Sonic
portions of the (rood must he porous
and soft, w -lie close of liber, .lust thc
right benni was hard to Iimi. When
found, lt can be traced all Uirough the
Violins of some greal master and al'tei
his death In some of his pupils.
The piece of wood was taken home
and seasoned, dried ia the hot Urescia
and Oreiuoua sun. The house of Striul-
Ivnrlus, the great master nf nil. is described as having been ns not as uu
oven. The wood was there soaked
through ar.d Uirough wilh sunshine.
In-this great beat tbe oils thinned and
Simmered slowly and penetrated far
iuto the wood until tlie varnish became
a part of the wood itself.
The old violin makers used to save
every bit of the wood when they found
what.they liked lo mend yi.d patch and
inlay with it. So vibrant and so resonant is the woml of good old violins
that lliey uim'muT and echo and sing In
answer to any sound where a number
of Ihem hang together on the wall, as
If rehearsing tbe old music that tbey
once knew.
Her Object.
""lit why is sho so anxious to bs
p.cr un .it in socio!}'?"
"lieeause she  wants to go ou  tba
Stslgl ."
A  l.ontrn  Sermon.
A .inor nntbrt I'a sulcly,
I'm inst for pri aching meant,
Tel I I.iive i  ii ten li. !���>���
Ly always la e|ilr!3 I..t:t.
T wn  .������::...s_  ���t  Watt,
In nu Inwa law court na at! >.i;ey
nils ar. inn. wilh great enrnesln'-u
rn ,1 t>liii|iience In the midst of his it
.;i!Uit��nt lie paused a moment, snys tbe
llreen ling, nnd snid:
������| s"e y.i'iiv li_!'.>. shakes bis bend al
'Int statement. I desire to renilirm lt.
although your honor dissents."
"I bave not intimated," replied tlie
judge', '-'how I should construe the evi
ilence or what my decision will be In
ilie i-vi.-ie. and your remark is uncalled
"You shook ymir head."
"Tbnt may bo true," the court re
piled. "There was a fly on my ear, and
1 reserved ihe right to i.uuuve il lu anj
manner I saw Ut. Proceed witb your
Fnr  lletter.
Chiilly (sighing)���I eaimot exist without ber.
.Vlirid-Well, what's the mailer witk
living?��� ruck.
IV edeNtliicil.
If I wcre but n child npnln
Ami hod my life lo go neaiB,
I r. ....��� |',| Ko v:ll,l ugaln
Anil hoe the snnie old row again.
Am n  Prereili'iil.
Tom-Why were yon so determine
to kiss that plain cousin of yours V
Dick���I wanted tp establish :i pf'1 ���
dent. She bus two very pretty sislt">
Ton know.
The Roman Aqnednetn.
The Roman miueducts wero marvels
of architecture. The Ahio was forty-
thvee miles long; the Martio forly-oue,
of which thirty-eight were ou 7,000 arcades seventy feet blgh: tbt Claudia
wns forty-seven miles long; the arches
100 feet high. Tlie Human nijucducU
brought 40,000,000 cubic feet of water
dally Into the city, and tbe various sections of tho metropolis were supplied
with water by 13,fi04 pipes.
Cnleb Cii_iilugr'_  l)i*e_*.
Caleb Cusblug'x peculiar manner of
dress nnd his  ���cntriciiies wcre fre-
i.tieutly ihe subject of newspaper artl
des. Although quite a large and port
ly inuu, Ids clothes always seemed to
be two of throe si?.r_i too large for hlm
nnd i f [lie cheapest material. He al
ways during both summer and winter
wore a large cloth cap pulled close
down on his head and altogether looked anything but tho brilliant jurist
and diplomat. One day. after reading
an unusually enustic comment upon his
dress, be remarked to the writer, "I
guess by the time that fool Is as old as
I am he will care more for comfort
than fashion."
Seen on nn Ontrioh Farm.
It ls no uncommon thing to see a
male ostrich strutting about followed
by three or four distinct broods, all of
different sizes. When the incubating
process is completed, the cock bird
leads his young ones off nnd If be
meets another proud papa engages in
a terrific combat with him. The vanquished bird retires without n single
chicle, while the other, surronuded by
tlie two broods, walks away triumphantly.
Gave UliiiKflf AsTiir.
After preaching on tbe occasion of
the reopening of-a restored church the
bishop thanked the church warder, au
old farmer, for his share iu the good
work. "And I must tbaHjc your lordship for your sermon," was tho reply,
"but I could uot help thinking, us you
talked about sin, that your lordship
must have been a little wildish yourself when you were a young man."
One who hnd tried several times to
jump across a stream and had repent
edly fallen In Dually succeeded, when
he said to a friend. "How mueii better
1 am than you iu having accomplished
li difficult feat."
"Not ut all," replied tils friend. "I
im better than you In not wishing to
jump across."
6omo people never mnke mistakes
Kor get Involved in strife;
Tbey may ba very happy, but
They lead u lonely life.
General Opinion.
Lives of gre.il men all remind ua
That It Isn't only pluck;
We woukl du as well or bettor
If v.e only had their luck.
���New Vork Times.
in the .-svsssst   U.   null By.
"Professor," iiuii;lrt%l lhe thoughtful
member of the class, "don't you suppose there wiil come u time when all
Ihe coal and all Ibe co:;l oil stored away
in the earth will have become exhausted?"
"Certainly." said the Instructor.
"What \\ ill we do then?"
"We shall be Allaying harps, 1 hope."
That Settled liim.
Husband-You're not economical.
Wile��� Well, If yon don't call a woman economical who saves her weddin.
dress for a possible second iimiTlage
I'd like to know what yuu think eeon
oniv is!
<XCrop   destroying
'furred and feathered
rpests  aro  made  short
shrift of with a reliable,
unerring STEVENS.
_I.For  Sport or  Service
are unsurpassed.
If yoa .[siiu l
obi .lu.nirn your
DMler, we ��_lp
direct, erpreis
pr��p_ld, upon
receiptor C_u-
Io�� Price.
AIwtij-E Insist
when ordering.
Send D centl tn
stamp* fur
1.0-. _,;.,
Rl uctrutcd .nl
Replete with
genera! ___,.__
P. 0. Box 4098.
Chicopee Falls, Mass.
Had Beea There.
Edith-Ob, Ethel, what shall I dot
Jack says he supposes It's all over between us tnd tbat be'll send my presents back.
Ethel (experienced)���Tell blm ta bring
Life is not so short but tbst tbere ia
always time eaougb for courtesy. ���
Emerson. _
Fhotosrmpkr for Womem.
A prominent New York I'liutugraphai
jeclnres that if he could obtain the services
���f properly skilled women he would* not
bave a ninn iu his <mipks��. It ls n woman's natural lightness, her delicacy of
touch, her keen eye for light and shade
and perhaps most cf nil her artistic instinct which peculiarly rendei her litted
for the work of photography.
Thooflicial tdistogrniiherof Washington
Is a womnn. the 1k_.i1 uf a large .11 us.ton
photographic establishment is a woman,
who h��i reproduced with exquisite skill
all the illustrations af tha Boston library
decorations, and tkare seems to bo no reason why women ia general should nol
succeed In this direction. They havo nat-
j nvallv all thu requisites essential to tucccea
Helplnff lliai Alonir.
"Then there ls such a thing as heart
failure, is there, doctor?" said tba
handsome young widow.
"Certainly, madam," responded the
bashful young physician. "The records of the profession are full of"���
"It's a perfectly unnecessary disease;
Isn't it, doctor?"
On this bint be spake.
Holy Communion���ist  and 3rd
days at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd  and 4U1
' edays at 11 a.m.
Mi tins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday N< lirolat 10 a.m.
I   ���'...;, evening, Litany at 7:30,
Rev   I:. R. Eartletr, M.A.., Vicar
Se; vices first and third Sunday of
vh niontfc at 10:30 a.m.: Beuedic-
""���, 7:30 jj m.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
irsl and third .Mondays ai 6 a.m.
Kev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p.111.
Cass meeting-, after the morning
uervice every Sunday.
Sabbath School at 2 p ro every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. I. F. Betts. pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at it
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. J. H. White, M.A.
SabBath services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
8 p.m.
The Difference.
"What a luxury a clear conscience
is!" exclaimed the high minded states
"Yes," answered Senator Sorghum,
"it's a luxury, but It Isn't a necessity."
To make fortunes out
< I the futurt. y!)U must
ptit something into the
present     ....
Agents Wanted
To   Sell   Securities.
FOR   SALE vruit r,an.s nml
������������ Cheap      Homes,
City Lots, l-'Hnns and Suburban
Acreage, 3tc,
Hold-Cuppers Pay
Hi_   I. ivi .ends   all
over isriti. h
_       .        .        Cs'lumbia
A Mntter or Wis n.e IHeitl.
Blohart��� Yes, 1 once-thought of going
ou this Stage, but friends dissuaded ine.
Knocker���Friends of the stage, I presume.
All   tlie   Worts]';,  n   'I'otht-cury   Shop.
Sezso��� liny ter is not nn author; he'd
11 horn chemist,
Ti_.11���Wliy V
Sezso���Every novel he writes becomes
. drug ou the mn 1 ket.
A   .Voniierrni   Hnritor.
Pllget sound i.< if the linest lint
linrs ill the world. If not till! Hue. i :.
deep buy over a hundred mill's In::::
clit off i'l.ini lhe ocean by the inoiin
biinous wentn.1 peninsula of Washlua
ion. The waters nearly everywhere un
deep, the shores abrupt, and the tide I:
moderate. Ships may yo from Tncouni
Imil' wny lu Alaska without pas.-:ln.
nut of this grent sound and its e.-len-
siotis northward.
tfeiT Imposition.
Harris���Walters bus been looking
pretty sad .since his daughter got married, hasn't he?
Coi.'rell���Yes. Yon see, he had uo
sooner got his daughter off his bauds
thnn he found he would hnve to put
ber husband ou his feet���Town and
Containing over 100 Views.   Post paid 25c Stumps.
Richest Province in the British Empire.
Nothing Risked, Nothing OalneJ. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Won.
Splendid  Opportunity to Invest.
The Richest Men in the World are investing; in B. C. Copper-
Gold and .Silver Mines.     Why can't you begin now?
The Greatest .<lold-Copper Discovery ol thc Age Is in b.C.
e m ��iii alii iini mi��i
fc'very Dollar Subscribed used In Development of Mine
Special Offer���iOc per Share, will shortly advance to $1.00
Mines directly west of Le Roi and Le Rni No. 2, shares
sold fiom 5 cents to ^ioo.oo; and Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Co. ol CanaiL., Lid., shares $150.00 each; the Giant
California, adjoining our own, shares about %t 10.00; Granby
Mine puio over $3,000,00) Dividends per year; Gold-copper
mines iu British Colnmbi.i paid Large Dividends. Hig Four
assays Irom $5 to Stkio in gold, copper, silver, with 32 per
cent, in the Treasury.    Invest now and you wont regret it.
NOTH���Most ot these mines sold for a few cents once, bu
over-capitalized even now, pay big dividends. Big Four is on
thc railway, near smelters.
Rossland Mines received Highest Awards ior richest gold-
copper ore sent to St. Louis Kxposition. Big Four had Best
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
No less than 100 shares .old, All Cash. Above this shares
can be had on instalment plan, or yearly contract, 15 per cent.
cash, balance monthly.
Nearly Two fliles of  Railway on Property,
Con.puny has no debtsor liabilities.   Send for lllnstrnti'd Prospectus mid Book
let. "Mining 1'p-to-I .ite," to
with .. cent* iu slump..
P.O. Box 174, Vancouver, B. C.   Canada.
The Delta Times
-      ���    �� --*��������   ~ . .1* .J THE DEtTA TIMES, TUESDAY, JUKE ay, :5oS
i-Ocal mewb.    i_a^er Races.
M. F. Logan was ?,. visitor  here,
Kihtg-r 1 h.i.T.v Timhs :
Mrs.   F.   Sutherby
tjfiensls at Al^ergrove.
Sir. As there  appears to. be revisiting ! ports   around respecting the   en-
! trance of rigs to the agricultural
,,-  i ii'. '��� "   uim. I grounds oa the  26th  of June tbat
Mts.\V.. AbpicromLie.of Kburne, jaight-have a. tendency to deter
visited here last week. | people from coming to the races, I
-mm.��� ' , ��� have  thought  it  advisable  to   all
Strawberries, ice-cream, r.nd the parties concerned to advise the
Band, to-night, at HazeJgrove public through the press exactly
Tfaxvt. j what rights the public will have on
    '- ' the 26th of June on, the agricul-
T..W. Foster paid a short  busi-, tural grounds,
ness visit to the Terminal City yes-1     ist. To persons on foot thete are
terday. I no restrictions; they may. go- where
  they please.
��� 1 1111 1.1  m 1.     1 ii.. 1   . *    r.
2nd.    Rigs    (excepting    livery-
Mr. aud Mrs. Jas. Cook returned
hwnae, yesterday, from a,visit to the
Royal iCity.
Capt.. Williams, of Mud Bay,
visited Geo. Lasseter, sr., on. Wednesday last;
J..Grauer came over froiu.Jsburne
qu Saturday to look after his farming interests-.here...
H.N.Rich and Robt.- May attended the Masonic Grand Lodge,
irvsession* last week; at Victoria
stages) have a right of way of
30 feet in width from the gate to
the race track,, aud 30. feet along
the outside edge of the race track
to the end of the fen?e just past the
grand stand; also 30 feet from, the
race track to the stables and 30 feet
in front of.the stables.
The above arrangement gives,
those who wish to drive to the
races and view the races from their
rigs just the same opportunity to
do so as in former: years.
The gate leading on to. ths race
track will be locked until alter the
races are over and'i nc rigs, will be
allowed on the race tracK during
the races. Alter the races this gate
D; A". Shiles, of the well known j will be opened  and  rigs., can leave
arm, White, Shiles &, Co., of New
Westminster, was in town on Sal-
nrday. last.-
Mrs. (Dr.). Kendall returned to
Vancouver, Wednesday,, alter a
short visit to her brother, Dr. J.
W, Woodley.
the grounds by the track.
No .automobiles or livery stages
will be allowed ou. the grounds
at all.
As    is    generally    known,   the
grounds   have   been   cropped   and
while the  public  have  .he use of 1
the grounds as above stated for thc |
26th of June, I, feel quite sure that
everyone attending the. races will j
Guaranteed" upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties SEVEN and
Eight Per Cent. Gii.vrantked, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & <��,
New Westminster, B.C".
Agencies Represented-
Iluittoid-Vire Insurance tin. Insurance Cu, ot North America
Phmini Insurance Co. or Brooklyn.   The Ocean Accident J. Guarantee Cor.ior.-
Cotinectlcut Fire Itutmnce Co. Hon, Ltd., of London, ling.
Imperial Trust Co., T.td.  Vancouver. B.C.
1 U-UJ ,   ��� 1
1.1 BJ1.   .L.
No Larder is Complete;
Without Flour.. Qf course one naturally wants
the best..
Royal Standard Flour
is the: best, and an eminently satisfactory flour.
Its sales, are increasing daily,, and its popularity
is spreading while its sales: are developing.
A housekeeper who buys KOYAL STANDARD FLOUR once will never ba satisfied with
a substitute.. It is uniformly milled from select c d
western hard wheat,, and cannot be excelled for
color nor flavour..
To notify the people of Ladner and sui*>
rounding district that we are now m a
position to ofter Vancouver Island
At greatly reduced' prices,, making' it possible for parties who contemplate building-
to put in concrete foundations at about tha
same   cost
piling   or    other   inferior
Write for Prices.
Mrs. W. E. Townsend and  Mi.s do as liUk daiu*ge  as  Pos
Blsie Towasend, of New West min- the gr0W1"B crop-
ster, returned home, .Saturday, after Yours tnilji.
ifble to
awbrief visit to friends here.
Seeds, Timothy ancV.Clover Seeds
-r-.Brackm-iii-Ker -Milling Co.,
LW., H.. N. RICH, Ladner,
B.C.. Agent.
Don't take our word for it,
will convince you.
Sold by W. H. SMITH.
Vcmcoaver Miliiiiji I Grain
A trial sack
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.; returu--
ing, leaves Steveston at. 9:30 a.m..
and 4:39 p.m.
We^vwuit Y.OUR eggs. Taken
tbe vear roaudiyou will ma&e from
$_ to 10. per cent, bringing., them
h;��re. To-niprriw.vve pay 32 cents
pjjr dozen lor vote Eggs.. N B.���
Qsly strictly, fresh eggs waated���
Marshall Sra,itb & Co., Ltd.
Wheu ydu wish to buy visiting
cards call on the Delta Times who
will sell the best money can buy.
If y <5u need.them printed,.why, you
are money, kvpeeket by, calling on
the Delta Times.Srst-.
Canaries for Sale.
Qasonic Grand
Victoria, June 10.���.. With the
largest number ot delegates in attendance in. the history of the organization,, the Masonic Grand
L;odgC-��r, British Columbia opened
i .s.-thirfy-seveirtii annual communication at the local temple yesterday.
Tftere were about two hundred representatives cf the order through-.
out the province present, the vot>
ing power heii>g over twenty in excess of the last similargatherinj.'.
Both the mornin? and afternoon
sessions were devoted to business
ofa routine character, but- at that
held in the evening the election of
officers took place,, which resulted
Grand Master���W..K. H&uston,
V ictoria.
Deputy Grand Master���Harry
if. Rich, Ladher.
Senior Grand Warden���Edward
9. Paul, Victoria.
Junior Grand Warden���F. J.
Burle, Vancouver.
tjrai*.    Chaplain���Rfv    H,   G. \
Htennes-Clinton, Vai couvep.
Grand Treasurer���H: S. Watson, I
Orand Secretory��� R. E. Brett,;
A  number of good singers for
sale.    Enquire at
Io Rent.
Seven-roomed House with pantry
and Bathroom.    Apply to
How are
YCU Classed 7
With the Wise or Unwise
The Vasey farm
Composed of part of Lot 26,
Group II; Ladner, B. C. This
world-wide farm contains 185 acres,
all under cultivation,, fenced and
underdrained. .Soil unsurpassed
for richness. Sditable for loots,
Rrain^ hay or-dairyiug.
A fifst-clas. . barn, dwelling, etc
Tlie beauty and value of this farm
can only be known bys inspection;
If desired, the liv<e stook can be
purchased, which consists ot some
frhe teams ot work- horses, brood
mares and young stock and about
25 of the- finest- dairy cows to be
found in the province, together-
w-ith all necessary- farming implements.
For tutter. particulars, terms, etc ,
apply, or write to,
Official Administrator,
New Westminster.
Haying wiil be with us before we know it!
Are YOU Prepared ?
McCORMICK Mowers, Ra;.es & Tedders
are WQM fMS,
We don't need to, tell you about them.
WafoieWrSt ansSi
All Kinds of Jewellery.
New Stock.
Call audi See Them..
M Clausen,
Horse Gam
Of every']description: can be-
fouud here. There's uot a.
thing missing which ought
to be iu it. Everything
needed, in stable,, barn and
harness room included. Ev*
ery article has bien gathered
with; great care, and yon will
not have a chance to com."-
plain, about their quality.
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
in Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Kansas City Hay Presses
Will Be needed to handle THIS YEAR'S CROP.
W<3 have them in Sweep &��� Belt Styles;.
Estate ol
W.   L.   McBRIDE,
General Merchant.
Phone 5*   -   Port Guichon
Commission Agents-,
General: Dealer*. &. Machinists.,
Produce Stored and
To All B. C Ports.


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