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The Delta Times Oct 27, 1906

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v       OCT 31190
x<. 1/
���Vol. -i.
LADN     , B.     , SATURDAY. OCTOBER 27, 1906.
"i     '' .-:'*
Council met in tlie Csuncil met     The-advent of Dr *Tai   ���       a\
in the Council Chamber on Satnr- I Mr rOBaB  ���     .   .,'- .  Do-'t ai" ic ��r *������� will regret
day. Oct. 20th, with th. Reeve. W.  Ty 1   , WUh *rMt *    D��a,t for*et k or ^ ^ �������
H��� Ladner, in th* chair, and Cociis.'6' ���Stmght,b-y �� audience a~*^ ".Hi-.h Te*" to be served
Gibbie, Davie, Paterson _Iuf_ and",which* though somewhat small, 1B 0ddf��**owi' Hall, on Tuesday
.Embree present. j was decidedly representative.
-Minutes of previous   meeting
were adopted as lead.
'The nrtuter of cancelling K.  B.
jn? n munity'*than tiie astinsl
Fall Exhibitions, inasmuch as it
promote, ths  teneral   interest   in T-mpfctn iv
__________     u.
Eoast Chicken,
aoil*- Tongue.
1 1 SSBUT,
*lp?i- fit.
E_i;=_ ________
rrillt Cli-tani.
_,*_t-_a H��,
evening   next,   by the  Methodist
��.,.,������_   ,     ... ladies, iu connection with the _____
Dr. A. DeR. Taylpr, b��ng voted Anniversary of thtirchurch.
| to the ch.ir in the absence of the     Tea v_iir.be-served from 6 t�� 8
president and vice-president,  firet o._:_ock.
.   .      .. -, celled on Mr. Logan to address* thc' JSKN
Noble's    contract   lor   delivering | meetiug.
gravel was laii over til'.-the next     Mr. Logan referred to tbe earning' R*" c0_...
*eeUnS' (Spring Pair, which, he-urged,-is of
feCouo. Davie was appointed dd- _ao�� aateriai benefit te the farm-
egate to meeting of the Union of
Municipalities to be held  at  -_.at._-
The ' Delta Highway By-'-jaw,
ic,o6, passed its first, second aad
.bird readings.
Ou motion the Reeve and Clerk
-trere authorized to sign an ggree-
_eent with the V. V.f& E. Rail-
������way and Navigation Company tn
| regard io the River road when tht
.same is satisfactory.
' Couns. Davie, Embree and Paterson, were appointed, a committee to
re viae* specification ior .iie now read
(With Mr. John Sprott.
The Council adjourned -till -Saturday, Oct. 27, at 2 p. -tb.
good stock aad presents none.ef thei
counter    attractions,   atciMcments	
end side shows which are. so_-_�����-_���_���*
inent .ir..-th*  Autumn Fair*.   Ke    ' From 8 to 10 th* fo.iowl.-g pro-
<-xp.-.s_td'a's_.ope that the yonng' *������������.  tbe personnel of  which
farmers especially could be iaduecd \ sPeaks ,or it8elf> wi" be tendered:
to be present at this fair, where! PROGI*k*YM __���-_.
they would learn.to correctly judgej chtimaa,e A(h,-jte ::,}aM 6����er.-_*.*_!#.
...-I-      fte s^r\ tbat tht.   Doatferwrn I Mane 9_le         tttt. c. SrallU
for Sale This Mom
. 1 ' Nothing but praise is to be beard
j of the way in which tbe Baud cob*
! ducted the dance h_: t_re Towa Hall
: , 011 tbe evening of the ."9'.!. iu_..,
i- and thev, ou the other hand can
'have no complaint as to the way in
1 which  the  people inr-ised   out   on
ovtrnnient has, jjrar.ted" $600, and
the   Provincial   government   some
$50-),   so  tbat  with      	
balance  oi ��400  from *J��.st ���ye.ar,. ft
Should not fare so badly,
In the course of
ing   and . instructive
Vocal Solo	
1 i's-    *  i-i Vocal Solo���"The Foz Bell,1
an   additional: Duet__,,Ptt,rlet 0. ��*&*..',
. ,SS��a Millie _Hli��
��� ������Mr. Wra. Hicks
..Rev. ... McAuley
 -..L'r. W_._le>
lra.an.__ J-:.uny aad 11. J. _CirkU__
f-Vsicnl Solo - Mr���. Limning
, D__t"g__ ...littlfles-Nellie ami Millie Hliln
a   KlOSt interest- f Silo���"Bedottia r.urc Soni.,"..lies'. Canon Iliitcr.
.'    , ,r     f Violin Rote Mi-sii  Ladaer
lecture   Mr., AddreH RcY, fc Cntt
Logan  Expsesied  his views asto]��e'o mim violet Ladne*
i, , .,   ��� ._       tt'ii-      -i Colo W1*- W��. Hlffcs
the correct methods   lot  -bit. id ing; ...
ids  'btclding")^
many    hitits]
^^^   etc.,   giviug^^^^^	
which c��unot fail to prove useful to j
the farmers. '
: .ir, T.Ituie was then called upon ;
to spisafc.    _-_e-_ai:_  that  he   had
come   to ': Ladner   periodic_,fly ffir;
"I'l-W-.-.l., ...
"������Coil emuthe *SlBg."
-issilie/l' Aid
:tliistk���ir first appe-raucs^for tbe
I winter seascn. 'Although,tee usu-
| ally appear*, to be tlie case, the
dancers were a little slow' in showing up, by 9:30 ypwafds of fortyj
couple  bad   assembled   and,   with
; only a short intermission at eleven
1 11
i o'cl-Ktk, things were kept lively ub-I.
til one  a.m. w'u��r,rtbe dauce was
t j brought to a close.
The next and probably the ��oit
To the Editor ofthe Daily News:
������Sir,���I notice iu
, r.. _...,���_ iiushc iu the reports of
soie f����r years and hud.been in] th#Sm*fey*JCdunct_ meetings that
the halJii of instructing tbe meet-: the cciinvi: hae-instructed the Clerk
ing, but that <���_.' this occasion he; to write to the Chief Commissioner,
proposed t_ ask the audience ques-j drawing his Ktteutiou to the injustice of charging toll of five cents
per head upon live hogs, ��heepaod
calves conveyed ever the New
VV_J__mo-__r.bridge in ftliicles. Al*
lovr- kg to st&te fcr the information
ef your readers .luff, ss re.pr*seutive
tar Delta, aa  SsTson  as  the  present
���_______________e--_--_!    11 inn,11 mtammm
A-social evening will be held in
s-Sunbury Seihool House ��*.. Friday
Kov. .2. Ybe programme, which
will be furnished by tke choir, of
'Queen's Avenue-Methodist Church,
New Westminster, will commence
fax. 8 o'clock.    Admission ague.
..{alter Gardner, -.-ot Vancouver,
-a young man <m^loyed  with  the
Electric -Light   gaug   here,    met
with rather a-serious accident on
Monday last, -while trimming a pofc
with  the   draw^knife,   he slipped
kaomehow and fdll   onto the keen
,������,.,,   .    .   .'     ,   -      A11 ��dgeof the kni:e, inflicting a verv
��e cord,ally lnv,ted Refreshments, j 8evere cat m Ihe wrist (>f fhe  ^
-~, ^  i���m   thereby   severing   nearly  af
kheiarteries ��nd
.the. arteries .umd   cords.    He   waa
Tke local Orangemen gave their j brmjght inttf t)W��� s00��� ��� $
.annwersary-efltertamment. .��� Odd 1 d ^ Wood]ey gnd K)-n��� ^
bellows' Hall, last evening-when a[itolWd t0 his itljuries with th; ,��
Harge Btitabex turned out and a ver, ^plt thgt he is mw dojng very faVi r
.pleasant time was -spent.    Among ^ ^ ^ save ^ arm
Editor Dk__TA Timers :
Sir: Can you onlighten me on
thdreasong.why our worthy Judge
allowed a ��� man last Monday, who
was summoned for non-pay-inent of
hisdegtax, te go free. I under*
stand   that   tv;o   summons   were
tionsj.      Many -amu.tir.g . incidents
then occurred.    Assuming tfa-_ rcle
���cf schoolmaster he-iplied his.queri.r
individually, singlicg-cut a person
hers.-t.iid .he.re.
It  wss  jeaeral.y  c_uc_d.-d that
ibis mode of" imparting: inf-iiu-tiou
.... Was a __~-.i_ld._ygooA o-ae-Rud he, tariff-was issued,   I   drew.'Jjhe  at-
popnlar event of the w.nt.r season^ res)med  ^ settt,amidyt tU   s,,., tfUtiuri 0. ,he pf0vJ..ci��I.*__tcret*f*>
|in'La-doerwiU be the raa^er^^use and regr��s ofthe andience,^ to this injustice.    That geiitlemar
The sinc-re thanks of ��� the  Insti- referred   the   biWxt  la   tke  chief
���tu-tc are most certaisdy  due. to. Dr. j coministiouer,   who  reported   that
Toltnic   aad   Mr. ' Logaa ���' for   the<l there .-was . no . go-od   ground   fcr
feadiness-wilfe which-tbey   besto**! corap'tint, ��� and ���'the    government
the benefits of their knowledge and J refused 'to refused to-'truiedy   tbis
experience on tbe commenity. | glaring injustice. -The conduct of
Tbis afternoon they ha*e> vol��i��*; the  government   rw   this   respect.
teered to instruct in judging lite, .the loading up of the bridge with
stock at Inverholme Stock  Farm, four to!Lcollectors an*,  other  uu-
'"** I from, r te,r,-at:d it is expected that] necea-swy evjrpnxes,   ~����lif._es    mc
aats       , ,       ___.,..       ,,      .j!... ,      ,        ,'
1 ��� "������""*** -'         ^^^^^^ ed -f.'hen the
pecpie oi New WestmirfSte;, ai
we'd as those sotrth ef the rinrr,
should demand flist the tolls hot.'
imposed for.passenger..and \ehicu-
l��r:tr*ft'c kcaloi-ishtd.
Petit'cns a:~f beia^ circulated _c
have tk:s tcllvtsken Hi,
--- 1
ball  which, as  fitiiiotinced  ou  the]
i19th and also ia  previous  issues of
phis..paper, will takcpkiK pa Nov.
30th,    It is considered advisable to
I five a long notice *ia the case of
I this event in  order'that  all may
j have time to prepare -co.itumes Jor
j the occasion.    Those -who  dsi;ot
wish to manufacture their��ows will
hava   tbe   opportunity   of   hrriag
ciethes suitable for the occasiou
v'._ii-e�� suiraoie ior tne occasiou aid ""       " -���!'*���*-**���*-> "-nt. necescary . ex-mrvsi*..,
the commi'-tee request that tkosej *. lafge'llumber "wilJ b; attracted^ thSat t_n*Ume has *rtii
desirous   of d6mg   so   will   IesiYtfl'__^f_'t0'.Uke.**?w,0,*Bai?!  the ex.-jP*cp:c   oi   New   We?
, offer.
��� 7 V ���   "..  r "~r'TI ceptional   priviiepts   wJaioi'    the^
:heir liatwcs and some idea *cf Whst, .��� ' "
j they will require with either of tke
t*'ollowiiig:   W,   H.   Smith,   ~    ~
^Ladjeror. K. T. Calvert at
���week before the date.
The pihugfor the towers to ctn'-
f vey the lijht wires acrovs the river
Iifl'-well uader way, and the timber^
ure 1 being  got  out  by   the Delta
According  to-latest  informatioa
received, we maytrspefit the j*.ice
issned���one man  paid the t8X to J to be turned on  about the   15th o_
the Constable and the other, evi- 'December next.
denlly knowing how easy oui Chief!    The company expects  tlie  milk
other kind .of am tisements was the
'dance, whi_fa-*v.B. kept'np'till near-
'ly 4 o-'ilock this HiornitTg when a
.well satisfied crowd
fti-fir Monies.
"Doii't forget the masquerade ball!
lispersc-d  to hinder the -ntsptces of the Band, or
y^lfambcr 50th.
Magistrate is, decided to iippear.
A little imformation on this poiat
.vill oblige one who has paid his
|-Ladner, B.C., Oct 25, '06.
lfC-ty,.fcrf.the sth' _f Novembtr, for..���_,.^K ���. ^...t. i��
" 1 the -purpose of selecting a candidate] to'J.7>5o��per  head
to contest the next provincial  elec
'In the course *cf kis address'to
the-'-Farmtr's' InstttOte last tight,
Mr. Lcgaii tstrggested that the farmers represent' to-.hc   jovj-rnment
their wish'to be famished with aa
official to apply the Babcock test to
milk. This, he explained.--r.ou!d fe_
invaiuaHe iti weeding-o.:t the poor.
rbi-lkers from-a dairy herd  and��� establishing  the  merits ofthe  best j
cows.   Ae eaid thisvwould  necessi-'
tate a fairly large  end-...present-'
tivc combination of dairymen. . ���_____________________________________________________���_.
_     ,._.������        ._.        ...i.        I Reeve is ati eicelicHt tathoiity ec
Snrely this is worth more than a | . .. J
.-������Friends tif :Mrs. Sw*. Ii. Smtii:
will regret to Ieara that she li*s
been_4tid pp during th* past week.
'At the -Reeves' 'Convention h_..i
in  Kamloops- this   week,  W.   H.
'. j Lt-ner :_ad a paper e.r the subject
. j of "Social Clubs."    No doubt  the
, .     , 7 I -j     .��� c 1 " I the   subject   he   s'ciected,  bat  we
np- machine kiong at anv time how passing consideration.    Some cows, | ,. , ,
, -^ ���      ���., , ���        __.,, ., ,-   ,,   1 thihk-thit, consiiieHTir the condi-
:nd,-as soon as it arrives.-U wn! be! as .-.milkers, are   worth practically 1 . ' - .
feet vp -nd operated for inspection.' I nothing, -.it..  ?it   is   only* fey thi* tIOn . ��' 7��"'' ���<i* ��'   ���*
��� _���.__---.---___________" ! , tnnnicipali.v   n   more   appropriate
1 means  that th-eir q..al.ttes xran be:    ,. ,"    , ,��
. .       .     ,     .,,, ____._..     111   I subject-tvouid bc,   "He*.' to  make
loetermuied.    The matter should be:    _,   .   ,, ;.      	
taken up and gone into thorougklyi.
For tie welfare of; the district we
catinot wcli"-_-eglect-s___l_ sound and
-E���,*N.!Rio__ held his fifth sale m
 tbe Delta Stock  Yard, on'"XVednes.-
A meeting will be held at Mission, day  last,   aud ��� disposed. cf J 50 fe'.
;f�� _-^*u_ ___.-_��� ._T-.._   .      -   icbcep at prices ranring fa-oai $6.30. ...    ,    ,  .
..        r -     - ^ j unprejudi'ced.-edvice
tion in the interests of tlie  Liberal
^^^^^^^^^ Tke tnide   ���
deiry  and  store  cattle   was  sh vr
about 25 lt::ad
JKW.   f.i   C".
tint? dispos*
roe-?, iniptseable'sor "��hemost effective moans of preventing farmers
.B__fi markciing ti*Kin.prcdacc." An
article on either ot these subjects by
the i.T_eve cohid bcrcgsrdtd a?
ai'tlioritative. as his  efirtr7s- in this
Geo. O. Dennis visited the Royal I direction   kavs^ccrt.-i-.h- UfaMti U_i.
��City tbU.*w__t-k
'���i>-".iv.e ..-. ���-_..._
Lighting tLe i..yraiukU of Egypt with
L4jr_s.trlc.t_1 and ilie installaiiun of a B-,000
[.horsepower pl_.nr. to cost ECiine $100,000,
Is a p!au now under coiiltderatlon Ii.- tii.
j .British government.
I    The Vatican Is soon to be lighted with
j ���Jeotrlo lights, lhe plant bung get up la
,-__��i2l Advertisements, 10 orta* i>er Ujieror |       jurn.eJ, |_arTBei.3 oi the French guards.
teu^^rtCd5TehrtmK oT SS..   As ther. are 11,000 r_on_.tl,e plant Wl__.be
jickciica by lhe space occupied, ijlincslo the.   quil�� au extun-ive oue. I
���liicii. a. professional school ot electricity ia to
iimercinl Ailvertisements cap he   tie estahllshed at St. Germain, near Valla,'
���SUD3CRIPTIOX,  $l-��0 Per year<
Balis lor Com
tad ok application at.this oliic..
Recidi-s iKi'.icc.i ic cents per line for r_ch in
1 aud ne.ith notices, foe, Mr.rrioses.i.oo.
arc.mpahy,tube co-Hedered an. a-verus-nieu.
'end s.b_i���s.d nceorslm_,l.'.
Alt ndvcrtisctnefct,.- charged fur tiutil osdercd
���ut nud puid for.
t^rre.poutleuce invited ou mutters ol pi'.blk
tmert.i. Commuulc-ilons to editor must be ac
'oetupisiiicd by name of writer, not neceaaarllj
.for publication,-but ns evideuce of good faith
Mrrespoadettpe mui.'. reach this olnc_ by Thurs*
-__sy _v.ulu_;.
to bo called the Ampere Institute,   The
schotil ii intended to furnish laborers aud I
foremen with un ele__rii;_l education, nnd
first class ib6iructionT.nl b_���;W_n in Utth
Birth aud De.itli notices, 50c,, MarriageRji.iio.   1 theory and iiraotlca
Anv special notice, the object ol wlilch to to One Way ol Life.
ptoriote the pecuniary benefit oi t*iiy indlv__u*l |     Tlioro ls a men lu this town who wears
' "''      gbocs full of old holes, a two years'old
frock coat, a Hhabby tie, oovcrintj a ili.li-
Bol shirt, and a frayed derby lint wliich ia
���lmost as old us he is, and he lives In a .i
��� week room and saves money by \\imrl__
no underolothes, and so havlns; no wast��
bill.    Olio misht think ho was pour If one
never dined  with hlm.    Ho bus money,
but he saves it for "eweetB-oniacih. sake.''
He spesils about ?2.5- for his dinner, nnd
: ft tl  lunch  is  not Infrequent.    Ho  haa
'; learned what ho most wants iu this f.or.4
I Bo often qliotwi to himself:
Why dost thou pine within nnd 10f-8r dt nth.
Puiatiu��� liiy outward walls _o easily jjisy .
���Who Can T.llf
'      "Papa," said Tommy Treihvay.
I     "Muw, Tommy," replied Mr. TretlWBJf,
"I shall, answer only one mure question
' today,    ."ii l*o careful what you ash."
"Ves, papa."
���Well, i'o on."
'���Why don't they bury the Dead eea."~
, Harper's Bazar.
tyste*: & &.
^���'^���^������^���������.���i*��*r*��^'fr^*��v-'^ H'*-';**-:'<"!*i"''*.'i*f'H':'+v.-:
\    Delta Transfer Stable
���   . ..-. ORT NOTICE
.'���������.-. -���: Worh ��� *. : . ai Specially tow Prices.
Sft__PDH       iful'-i   '-A "  - ',':-.    -.-si   _+/>��.
-'���   LVie ikone " Ladner " No, to.
I   7 ���'_'"*; f*&  i g
��__.':  ���'...-'   -..��'���     *��__-_ ���_-.'-."?..-'���.^'���r''"'. 7'-'.���-..': ��ft
R. Manu'v,
1900 s
A. O. U.  W.
Delta Lodge, No. ia meets first
ancl third Tuesdays of each mouth
in Oddfellows' Hall.
Thos. Todd, M.W.
T. VV, KKRtt. Recorder.!
Fashion  Stab      -\^��%ns%4i
Tmcking and I >i .1 -
We imderstaud a sumniona was
inued, returnable at w o'clock of
tbe morsiug of tke 22nd iust,, to
���tie of our young Ixisine.s uieii for
refuaiMg to pay a iet tax. S.nie-
ti��e before 8 a.m. a hurry-tip order
wa* isst-ad to bring tke case ou be-
,     ,      . ,  r. .11 -t.   ts.,.1 i-for a registered letter)���Dut. why oau't
fore tbe boat jkft fts tke beak bad; you kt ufohuvo ltf
to make-comiectious for- Kamloops.     -,ostmast__-Have you proof of ,ou��
1 'ItleiHlty.'
The young man appeared  and thei    Tourist���No.
case wa��.dismissed.
UreAt Scliomc.
Mrs. Simpson, in her "Many Maraor.es
of Many 1'ooplo," says of Archbishop
Whately: Ho was utterly regardless of appearance. If he eauie to us without a
servant, end perceived a hole in his black
stocking, bo would put a piece of sticking
plaster on the oarrespondiug part of hit
leg to eonoeul tbe defect.
Tourint (who calls xt Village postoffio*
Postmaster���Don'tyou know any one ln
! the village?
,      . Tourist���Xo.
Atiotber   young   bK8i��e��s   mau      Postniaster���Have jrou a photograph.of
the I T01"'5*-" ee nnything*.
Postmaster (comparing photo with original)��� Certainly,  sir,  it's ymi.    I'll go.
attttled   witk    the collector   *Ut   Of I you the letter.���Pearson's Weekly.
I.O.O F.
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���The regit
lar meetings of this Lodge are held  -	
every Wednesday evening at S p
in. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
R. C. Abbott, N.G.
W. H. Taylor. Sec.
Livery   work   ot ali
tended to proinptty.
iii _.
_a w *t_ .���'* d ii *wfe^ %3_S' *____��
ids .it-!
laduer. E. C.
W. N. Draper,
Heeiu 3. l'.lUnl llloct. Xtw Ti'esituiinBtcr.
McRAE & Co
main in
Shooting Notice.. o"i_ ha__*d.; Visiting Cards,
plain or prinfceel; Job Printing of all kinds,
Q-ive us a .call and Save Money..
A lull line of Knglish and Irish
Tweeds and F.-incy Trouserings always kept in stock.
was ausnunoued te appear at
aa-ie   time   as the  above, but he
Incorporated I860.
"Two years ap.o our little sirl
had a touch el piietii.ioni.i. which
left her witli an awful cougU.    .She
Headquarters for���
Pure Manila Binder Twine,
_3i3fe Tlss,
Barked WSrar,
Lubricating OH,
Or   Any   &l"aer   Old   Thing  tlio  Farmer
Requires at LOWEST PffiCES.
; B. C.
��� 1���_-__. .;*���   .'__-.
0�� 9aturtla*r last a y.tlitg Ckina-;
__i_�� -was arrested ow the charge of I
.��i��t-ritig tlie house of smother
jCbinanan aud stealing some mosey
therefrom.     This   case   was  ^-;^d"8pells""orcouEhing, 'jwst   like
jni.scd by the beak, who, the  next I qxie -wit-h'tke whooping cough andl
.day, issued a search warrant on the j some  thought she  would   not get,
Same charge and caused  the  arrest I well  at   all.    We  got   :i   bottle ofj
of the young  Chinaman again, the i Chamberlain'.-,    Cough     Remedy, ��� =
���   ,   , ,.,..,,,     r ! whicli   acted   like   a charm.    SJie
���wli-le proceeding being illegal.    Is | . . J
1 a stopped coughing and got BtotU anil I
at not, therefore, time for a change.? j ^J, writes M^. Ora Bussar., Bru-1 ____
���In answer to   "Dog Tax,"   wej baker, 111.   This remedy is for sale     ��� , . ,._���_,
, ' av. applying an antiseptic dresa-
wotiM state that, under the exist- j by all druggists. .    ��� ��� ��    1     ���       1 j
' '.��"** j mr- to  vrounds, bruises, bums and
i��g conditions, it is  almost impos- j ���  ' like  injuries   before   inflammation
sible lor us to report police court      The: S.S, Sonoma leaves I.adner' sctft ���"> lke-v ma5' *-"e healed without
.casts as no one but thc  parties stc-i at g a. m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Steves-' maturation and in  about onethird
tually concerned know when court ton  at  9 a.m. and 5 p.m.    Every jthe time^rc(-^.ir9d b>'tlic okl _treat' | Review of Reviews,
is  to  be  held.    We  have already j day except Sunday
suggested that a time be set by the	
A G-eaer-al 33a.nking Business Transacted.
j meut.    This is  tlie greatest discov- j
��� ery and triumph of modern suugery i Wo__lan,
i C'nainbetlaiu's  rain  Balm  acts on j
Council  at  which  court   shall  be!     When you wish to  buy  visiting-; this same principle.    It is  an anti-
-hcld, but no action has been taken | cards call on the Delta Times who, .septic and when applied to such in-
in the ma'.ter. will sell the best money can 'buy. j juries,  causes them t�� heal very
But this dog tax business is only  tf you need them printed, why, you|*auickly.    It also allays the  pain
a. farce, anyway, under  the system
are money in pocket by  calling
the Delta Times fir
Get your cosUiuk.s ready for the
adopted. Whenever we see W. II.
L-idner as Reeve he begins thc
year bv saying he is going to sec
that the laws are carried out, but,
as election time draws near he tries
to make a good leltew of himscli
and lets things K" easy.
According to thc by-law, a man
may have a tagless dog iu his eare
only an hour, and be is just as
liable for tiie ta._ as a man who has
hnd   one   lor three  months   or   a
year.    Whea the tax  collector de-l but it is a. medicine of great  worth
mands the  tax  and  is refused he. an-  merit.   It has a world wide
o* '' ancl soreness and prevents any dan
' ger of blood poisoning. Keep a
i bottle ot Pain Bairn in your home
and it will save you lime and
money, not to mention the inconvenience and suffering such injuries   entail.       For   sale   by   alii
Home   Companion,
Success Magazine &
The Delta Times
t All for the small sum of
Deposits of $1 saad upwards received and Interest Allowed at Higlxest Current Rates.
BRANCHES IN BRITISH CffiJ-UMBIA���Vancouver, Vancouver
East End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street; Grand Fork:-;, Nanaimo,
Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Ventou. Chilliwack, Cumberland c.id
New W*stminstei*.
r���*.���?****��� *?*������** -��� ii _������������ ���w. �����..������ ���7'w��>r:"'V "."   '_������'���--" ___i-ii-.--<-.----.-y^^__-.---^'i.i'?--_--j'iLr_^
. J
The above combination is one ei\
the most popular likely to placed!
before the public this season.
Tans, Oxfords &
* Blucher Cuts
Tenders Wanted,
Mothers need have no hesitancy
in coiitimiinj!; to give Coamberlaiu's
Cough Remedy h. tb?ir little ones,
as il contains absolutely nothing injurious, This remedy is not only jderf for School," wiil be received by i make ycu the following offer:
perfectly sate to rive small children,  the Board of School Trustees up till | Thc New Idca Womatfs Magazine
  I     Iftl_eabovedi.cs r,<i>t meet your
Sealed Tenders,  marked "Ten-! requirements we shall be pleased to;
November is., ,906, for the P��*J|Tljle Oetta Times
chase nf Boundary Bar School and
has   recourse   to   the police court reputation for its cures of coughs, i site.
, ���__���     1 ,1   _ colds and croup and can  always be      I'owest or anv tender not neces-
wbere, providing he can prove that.    ,.   , '.        ,   ,       ,   * J*u""'u'   -"-v *<-��'J**-* **u>-"*-*���*-������
,     ,.,.,,       ,   ,    . relied udon.    For sale by alLdrugj sarily accepted-,
the dog is being har.oored, he has a.   ��� ^      . - *
perfect right to expect tbat a fine.
will be imposed.
If a man cannot be compelled tot.
pay a dog tax, why not refund, the:
tax to those who have willingly j
���paid? ��� ...
Both ofthe above ior $1.25 per
Renew your  Subscrip-
For further particulars apply tojtion now &nd ava|l'yourJ
BRAN, .SHORTS, Whole Corn, I
' Cracked Corn, Ktcc Meal, Cbit ���
Rice, Chick Feed, Timothy and
Clover Seeds, Sutton's Garden I
and Field Seeds may be obtained!
at ���Brackman-Ker Milling Co.'si
warehouse..-,   I.adner, Irom   Mr.
JL _5J. IslCi1.. Lccnl A.;c!.t_.
i.. ..        ....
the inidcrsigi-ied. |     .,.   ,- ,.        . .      ,. ,
N. A. McDiarmid.      ;self^ot the above splendid
Sea etaT.v. I offers.
Ladner, October 4th, igo_. i
Tr*dk M*bks
Ccpvi-iiohts t_C.
Anyiwio Bonrll'ifiia Blictfh otwl desAllpttoniiin.
Qu��nt�� Le��
Tanks for Sale.
}.   Inv
qntoliljri jMCortiiiii. ruinoiiiiiipu fr-fce wiieiiicr nn
Inn ttt piolmbly ^rttetuJitilo*  (..ni.umv.ti.rn.
"f'tl-t'lll-U'l.tT*      .   I Ml ill 11.1111 ��� I-
Uor.Hiarlctlyr.uiiilCcntlE-l. HW.DBOOI. on rateutn
sent frc-S. Oldest fitt-iiicy for-.ueurttifi palrntH.
i'n'c-H.s tiikr-i u.r.Miih Muim ���& Co..rcc._ivc
Mnotice, ^YiiV.nut.ciutrgty, iu tho
Rhftfic Jfifleii^n,
\ h_wi1som<ny il!itfttTp.{."..1 tree*-..jr. Lnriicst ilr-
���iiiiiti'ni ^;t nuy Boiuntifia lout'iHil* 'i'enns, .'; a
; fouriuontuB.^l. SO--t_-ytUl.iiow8tleti.or��_
&CQ.^9lBroR,^v' Mew York
A Full line of
Get a Suit mt Once.
Wishes to inform the public tii at!    Qne jft>   ^  x ftft ^   x ?ft>
he has started a new  Ittiit.dry.op-Meep, buitt Tyi-h   2-in tongued and
posite   G.   T.    Baker's   Carriage j grooved fir, well stayed and hound
with iron; also two smaller -ones,
similarly constructed.
.Ypply to
A. 17 CARTP.K,
Works, Ladner, avid will bc pleased
! to wait on  all those wfehitfg their
, d _ne up in
569 EJ'-atlv S'.r.r.l, Va'sicouver. ~?HE DELTA TIMLS, SX'J.I..-!).AY, i
#*/. T. R.y. c. Feny LY..
few Service���Port  Gu_chsn7a_id"~L..drier to  New
"Westminster aad XZ'ancot.ver.
jL.eave Pt. Gui-hcn, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vana*.ave.-,:.ic.-.c a.m.
.cave Vancouver,   2 10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m!
__.Iu___._a3_,  Wcdiiosday and .Friday:.
Gives  I7.i:-->--c-'.'_.e.*r> tfomr hours  in   either   New   Wesc-
in:n;:.*:er or
. V   SXlts.   .' ~l V v_ . -
AT.!.  SAtCiffS.
1 . Anglican.)
SHoly   -Communion ��� Suud:
��.-30 a.m.    ut .Sunday  iu moni
1 ii, a.m.
7M:tlins, n o'c!&*'-.
tKvensong, 7:30 o'c'tjc':.
.-Sunday School at 10 a_ja.
;   t��_?ridaj', evening Birvka.;?^.
Ilev. Canon IIiiii__i. _'icar.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective   .September   .f,tli,   '06.
pr.uiy Reduced JL_ate.s      For particulars apply t��
Agent, Port Guichon.
Tjufflcieut Car:, will "be furnished without dela}\
Services first and third .Sunday oi
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction,-7:30 p.m
Sunday scIkx.1 at 3 p.m.
Low Mass sud K6iv Communion
lirst and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
l.ov. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
7':..;.h Priest.
j Yon -vnr.t to HIT whal ycu nre aimu. g :
f ^4fciiLbird, t-east or target.   .*'..* --. . ou
rfiota count ._���. snoot!.].; i;.e
few 4- * cars'STEVEN'S   / RMS   1 ..
carritdofiPKEMIEa HONORS ior AC
CURACY,   Our Hi -:
Rifles, SliGfgifns, Pistol!
AtV *. .r [ ���. ..<���:-....
:._: cu tin- 3TEVEX5.
;( you cti- r., v'Lxy.:.
Send i tt.. in ..t-_,
f.r :io*i-*3cc Cat...-*^
. ��� omoifit. cui'.v.it.'A
,..:. ebooliofiefer.
en 1* f-r present an 1
; r   .; -.'...���*_   ( ii _--.:-._-''.
' Ecatviiifulthreff-coioT AJ-tminunttoangcr will
b_ forwarded for 10 centi io Ramps.
Ji Stevens Arm. & Tool Co..
P. 0. Xoz 40SG
vrai iHnprp rsour
Produces thc most t\Thaieso_-ie
snd nMtiiirlcus'bread. It's very
superior flour, milled from speci-
.���ally selected hard .wheat;, *an_l
will produce more loaves to th��
tsatik than -any flour on the
-narket. Say"Mo_*fet's "BEST"
���io .your grocer	
Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. ��
BsE___��__-_e_ __as__s_.
I Service:; nei.t Lord's Day at 11
I a.tm.and 7:50 p.m.
Class  uveetttig, -o.,-_o a.m. .every
1 ���Sabbath'*__.'hool at c .p .-Ei -every
! Sunday. Prayer meeting every
j Tibursday evening at 7.-30.
.Rev.. J. F. B-t._v.-pa_.tor.
.Service:-; next Lord's Day at   1,
j a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath.School at 10 am Midweek meeting on .Thnrsdaj* evening
at 7:30 o'clock.
-I*:ev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
journey to th:: grave.
After   t'-t-   Bod..-   1*   ���_..:.-- a   Out   Rs_!
< u?:,'..;:-., si  '.;,. .he Cai-tli the EragH)
Bas Is  lit-lv..'::...!  ts. 3.:, ���>.._..-,-
i ..:-.-. Ore* .-.*.__' AVer Affair .
'���'��� haifctir! il cu      ���     of tl       - .:-:.ii s.
g<"! n  la tluba 01 ���  (1  1 ...j .,-...      1 ...
li:..: ::....���.: of I' ��� :,'���' :.,i ;  ,
I       ' -     : -   " ' :  ' :    ��� ������ i '������������-
i: -i \     1 ��� : 1   .    .',:.......-'-.. ���   :
c_.jj_n._3 hg 1 ..-...-
nil uber <.-{ !' 11 .���: ul_ !n i In i.v.
bca tit lenst tin ���     !-.  . .. ��� \. :_,
!��� -   : lilt! .:   ; '������ -. -   I ���   :������ _���_; _   - -���: j
r.,' luatbi r :ti -.! trt.fl} 11 ���;���. . Av,   I
���.iii*:-1,   Its Ild I;; attaoin ! wi     . : .-:.:., ,.���������
M'! . ���'.. ���    ������-������_.      ���.   .-'...:.-1.: 1... i _rg_
trunk,    (.if coi ��� rif nn
i-.l:-;-_   t;l:ii-i;,i   ���;: ,::)i    ',.,.    :.  .   ...'.   thfl
,':��� ���..���-. ' i.t  J'.T:-   ; .- ���:���   I;,:   Uv, hut   I '���-���   root
tor or.o day 1      mj ::: itl-i ly   ���.������.'���'.
"Wh-.n a tu  ��� ...I  !-.-. . -
gravo Itt tbe pn at Pra:        etiTiiftery, _���_.
. I -;:;i: o!  i-i.- ion, In rial; r's i en
i:   Lead uf ;.- .  . i co   b,oj    i lta '.:.:,
.:..':.������ tun the :.    ; er it  into k>
Sabbtrth services ��� Crescent Is
; lancl, 3p.n1.; I.adner, 7130 p.ta,
I     sSnaday School a. 10 a. in.
Pfayer .meeting ou Tbtt -day al
! 8 P.U.'.
C. Croft,  _.."���&.   pa-tor.
(.Nurseries   &  Seedhouses
Aeeording to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the 'United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mmuntains
is 8,66-g.cor, byshels, compared
with 22,614,000 bushels a year ;:go
"Large stock oi HGWI7GROW-l,r
[t^rnit and '.Ornamental  Trees now
���vaturtd forthe fall trade.
No expense, loss-*or delay effumi-
I.^fs'sion or. in:_;)ect:cu.
PySfe for -?a3rPlariting
-Headpi-ar'teTs *er Pacife Coast
igro-wn Garden,-I'ield -and Flower.
���'Seeds.in season.
BEE SUE-PMES, Spray Pmujps,
Whale Oil Sea-p. Greonlxc-use Plants,"
..Cut Flowcr.i,
w ,We '-do basinfiss on our own
-grounds���no rent to pay and are
^prepared to meet all competition.
Let me price your list before plac-
jng.your order.   ..Catalogue Free.
Annually, to fill the new positions
created by Railroad and Telegraph
!Companies. We want YOUNG
; M-ENand L.___1L5 pfgoocLbabits to
We __.rnisl.775 Per cent, of thc
iOperators 'and-Station Agents in
j America. Our six schools are the
j largest exclusive Telegraph Schools
: in the" woild. Kstr.blished 20 years
land endorsed by -all .leinliiig Rail-
j way Ofikials.
We*ex_cntesa;$250 Bond to every
1 student  to   furnish  him  or  her  a
position paying from $40 to $60 a
j month in States east of the  Rocky
Mountains, or from $75 to $100 a
' month hi .States west of the Rockies,
iiii-mcdiately upon graduation.
.Students can-enter at anytime.
; No vacations.    For full particulars
iregp.rding a'ny*ofour schools write
direct 'to   our executive office at
Cincinnati, O.    Catalogue free,
��l^.*^">.ts**��****U.��-:*.PW^^ .
ifl 'fi *_ ��� $        '
��� a...-. G a & lAld *t_-* 3, fi. 5 _ e .k_  -,7:
-      s\ '���
A (lin_._.e -I urttri,
]t*'i cam for i-.cbci.ly,
Ami nobody cares for tne,"
[Br.ii* Tommy _i i_!j.y, in Lbeoeweet a-**
I hay,
;    Vr:...:���;- at>bD_ly couM .1..
So his mother raado lhe f.ro.
I    And ae_i.ehe_ ^*_j. tliu oil b_Ji'�� vr-nt,
j  .Vi-.U.. lha i-in from Ua place liigliuv-ttteaa
I    .W-al-fcUJIas -into t!u we.it.
���felm CHed fi.s.-.fatc-r pait,    ���
Ar.d picked tha beti-lbsi for tea.
And wondered down Lu bor tend*;* ...urt
Where her .little boy could 1-j.
AKino La the dlxn old b_.rr'.,
Tommy grow UrcJ cf play,
Syheii the cowa cnzae hom. iio-J 13m ���_*!_���/
(.-.v.; tell
"iCivc:' ILt new mon'n.__ay.
Bo Into H-iO-',;itche:i he r:;n,
With a no'.3y hi! yi: yi:
Ki- mother h.ul made blr.i a frosted catce;
Shoirbad mado him a _u_ccr ;..;o.
So be _rn��e lies* a lov'.n�� hug���
"I win help r.pxt tlpta," __id he.
"J care for somebody,
And somebody cares for mo."
���il-try P. Butts In Cnitlnok
��� ..*_ .
Scureity of TIE.
That thc   goltlflelda of the world ar-3
���tniich more _stensW._ tluvn tbo tiiilicl'.ls i.i
a fftOt wtiiob inl_.h_ atviko tlie.un.cien'.i'ie
.sci-iion with a cuiioi:a *ei.U*.'g t,f surpulso.
'i'be tlafl-Wa which nv-j ki.own to e.it.^
<uvei*_.n ai-tt- oi loss t!ntn 16,000 square
aillagf-vrhllo tho goldfteltls ai'e unmethlng
over 1,BGO,jO.O Bquaro itiilo..   Therefore
. .boru nro 132 gqunra tulles r,f gold bearing
regions for every slriglo mil- el -si'v-uhJ
Where kill l_ known to exist.
Tlio Impt-Ptaaoo of the --.i'i industry .U
.Boarcoly c.iprooiated byfihose who iiuvt
���tBevsr imitiu tbo subjixit CLBtudy.    Nortb
..Aiiiai-loe has no tin miuea, South Amorlea
but one, Atla has two, l'erti and Bolivia
~,--_n_r!b-i_e '..OOC tons n yeur and Australia
: Minos about 6,(100 tons n ytnv.    While \.i
sere at!  practically  faiyilhvr v, ith  what-i.
oalli'd tliiwiii., very fcsr of tin appreciate
j the fact that  pure  tm   plays a very BliiB.1
i partln tlio inamifaottirc bt these nrtlclea,
Tbo quality of tltiwaro bas within the ;:tsi
|M_-3,v years 'Aitwlpioted with amazing vr,-
j; pidity, 11); oi'.T,'hi<-..'.t -i. attrlbutod to.ilu
j. flmlted supply anil eroot.valaool tlu.-r
:' l-sew-l'erii Isedger.
a an ��� ���
:i ll )
���-.i.l ..
i:i stght.
ctetl a plot
.', whatevel
a under tho
��� i:_i daalj.
I     _T_ie Ohildroii's Favorita
Coiig-hs,��� ..Colds, :Orottp ped
' Wkopping' C lujfh.
*_ri'.;-j._- oirissdy U fimifiufs for its n_ * --���- .���
alnr$o i-arl ofthe oiyilli&d svorltl,   II ent
ahrays'lio il-'iiumtr-.', ttix-i.   It contain.. -..���
OTjium i*r other harmnt-l tlmg mi i ii.    I
gis'^a tu coii.lilisr.tly lo a liv.. r.9 in -������.,'���-. I
Prit3t. 25 0-3; LarafO Biio, 50 eta
xi^jtja^miiMnei��)imc^l^e!t^:;ftr^riij-^r l.
Charabetifira'- 5^.',.;.ddd '���
NKevjer rails.  Buy��H uow.   II ra .-��� ���*'.���- lift
ML. J. -faENEY,
iS.lO Weatmnister Koad,
WANCOUtfER,   -   B. C.
���S'.'J-���#������**-������ ���^-���������*^- -������-3- ������*���;�� .o..^.#;vV--��.^"i.(..A..c.,y
I1E1I.E Sill
.Cincinnati, Ohio.        Buffalo, N.\
Atlanta, Ga. LaCrosse, Wis
"i'cxatkn'i-.a, Tex..Sail F'-ancisco.Ca
| _____ notm was
k*. 91ENLEY
t; Fifl
.�����. -NEW^"-SjIMINSTRK,   ���:���: *..C. .;���
i i
,_,*>��-Manufacturer., or AUUkindsoi *'.
. ��� t
& -Soda Wster, (iinger ���!���
J.    Ale and Sumuietr &
'I Drin-ks. j,]    Get your "Hottse wired uow
���Your patronage solicited _!, kud file yonr application for
ll.-**.*.������^.������;��_��,��l*/_*.��i._^��?._S*s��'._SSs��s.*��s��s^.<S.J_       ,  ���. ! ��� y     ���        S .
���^  r. "y-*-^I Electric  Light how, so tlint
-IPUrajlC ^NOTiCE;'llc poks Klay be distributed
: past your * pr.emises.
Hnrvtin�� or shoo'ting.-v-ni not be      -A    lication bl,.nks m      bc|
Viermittedon   the Iir_pcr,ial   Farm ' * ���r
R-rlilencc of Alilllt/.
"SHdleyolways soems Industrious,"���remarked the ,;ei!=_i;.. "���__ ud yet bo rie'fo. ao-
oompllshca much."
" Ves,"-:-e;ilie'.i iho, eager listener, "he's
one of ..,s.s-_ poople who whenever thoy do
anything mako you think tliuy'd ba C..-.S
rnio bandil at aoiBethlug ��__*.."���Vi'--sbing-
Fitting 5'il:\lHi.m"tvt,
���..bo.plftywrlght ImU hlJ play ha 1 f;!clon.
Tel   when   Brat   nJchters   mocked   it
.r_fhat   auilier'i.   eiic.ks ��� v,-H',,   race   were
i    4!s thought his oudleaoe used blm bad:.-.'
l-v3.it. thouifh t>ie "Rods" r.o fiorcely recired,
I    We can't h-'eout unfairness quia 'em',
t_it strikes tin that-the right reward
-i'o.' jiiat,i;-:i..:ir. it, play-jecr-lsml
- Ally r:i-.j_,er'.
"Notilng setiiiis to ploaM'iJtsu," he cnld
|     "I ponfeos;" sho replied, "thai you do
not exactly mesot my iipproval."
After he bud inwprdly digested that ho
i-aos Incline., to bo even more bitter.���(___.���
e_��o I'ost.
- s'.-,-.****  S'li'   -IC!at*lt. tl��_.
tffoo Uttle blood in tho brain in u fr��
.flout; oauso cf boadacbu<iud may hu reel)!.
BI/.imI hy tl��� auho being pn tho top of t.i.
head, by coiisi-int diz-itless awl by noiae.
in tho ears. Tho bout, eun ln a sli_.-i,?
Btiniiilatit, rich uu stro::?, tea or otifftsi oi
hot Boup���anything whloh wlll lnc-,<\is.
tba ciioulatlou. People who aufirr .v11 ti
Wiosc headnubos should always ele_j�� wltil
their iioads low.��� Eiohatige,
OiTer you splcntlfd Miiprovimient^ nt
Biimlt coat, ior any ityle tf. building.
A\'e niiiltt'stlifin co_if.c_e, to Btitt
nny nizi-d or -IihihsJ struitsirc���tlss*
entire metal fitiisl^incluili-i.. door and
v.-iriuosv.i__tpR, csiinict's, etc.���iii _..-_..eat
varit'ty of stylos.
��� Tht-y {; ive a very hnuslapme r_">M!t,
and enduring, practical __t-)_-��c_I_ft.
��� We jfive estimntcs^ it' J'otl Kttwl
iiK-abiirruicllt- and outline ot the build.
MetaJHc Roofing Co.,
Wholesale Manufacturers.
Toronto. Canada.
floor! For a t'sii.ds
���A t.-i'itii potato, roosted, iwi?i boMWI,
ihould bo tiie first vegetable given i��-,i
obild, bnt In summer tli��o lti; eiToot minri
bo watched, One of *tho ;::~st. fiuHful
sources ot Blaknose with fount, childreuu
glviiiu tl otn animal food iinlitcriii-.l.'mte1..?
j and too often. Hoof, mutton ati_l chiaJtoa
��,..��ht. ooiy iin ii-icvi fit for ehlldies.
��� PcatvetlB-f Rolled Haste.
/.ftcr n hum li&n !k-cii boiled nml -Wfora
SottiiiR- ontlroly-oold It wil) be foitn&.a
good plan to.wrciparound i* a long nr.-iji
cf _W:i old raualln,.tying iti on wilh. ��
ttttnjj. .'_'bi*i M.-iy --J I unict back aa feol
es tbsibi.m ;�� BlltiOl.. . In- tha m.-r.nwhi'..
Mkoopn ihoBdlbla frani th. Intrusiou (U
rtiubi bo fi-Luilur ii-'���u
swiihout ixraiission from
S. or C. MORROW.
lissiaer, .13. C��� Oct. ij, .'��:>.
hnd   of  Mr.   McDonald,  the
ROBT. MAY. Agent,
llADMER.     - --   ������;--���    15. C.
STilnta nre ascceiUngly hard ��� ��nt:��Uinca.
i����o hard that when wo wish to bo cm*
���hfitie wo sometiines say that.a thing��ii
liard as flint, yet nil tho Hints in iho world
���re supposed to have been formed from
���oft sponges, for, by examining tmnl!
pieces of flint under a microscope tho tcs-
turo of the sponge In a fossil cond it loute
often seen, and tlio spleulei peculiar^ts
7��ui.niK'.. are reuciiuii-.od.
��� ���:.. testing place.   . :.   ..--.-. i   '
th-iro until a  ... :    o t.   .     !| I  .... t_ in
owner aftor tlm u__tt__:*r2f 1 avo n iiv.-.i.
"'J hes ��� Oalleg : -  by 11 . ��� el
0  ���':������',:. In :-1 iln, do ell the work  .*f
ter.. i:i I.l il on.  If y u n   . :. :  rl
���-.   ������. i .. .:.  c t., retry .i | arc '. Lt ���-. -��� ili.e
Llll i :;:'. I ho ���:,���.������ i, be :\ ill  .'    .. ���:��� you in
_ tonos ' ofrem.!ef_ ilgr.lty, 'Vi_u etiainar
i)iu  U:'.iJ ���.'.'-' I I '..:.:  I...    ..   ' call  a  I ..!���
i.;,...}, I-..'   .. . tiatl - .'    ft ft I     - -   '.  Would \:C
been car;.. ing u It :.d of e. . '. lud iu i-ublio.
"These (inllegoii b;:-.c :.-i ob'ociion-to
c.-.i...:::,: a I lad, even sv bs i ! he la tl la a
recently vacated coiTin. That is ther kind
cf work they__ome to Li,! -.:'..���-,: -i thai
!r. their ''���-,' -i :-��� they-mojagi across the
frontier t> Galielji ant! livo on tbeir saV-
logs, And one llttlp lneident that hap-
pe: ed While I \v;ss Ip !.,ij*..o:i ehowe I how
Uttlj tin (.re a. .'ci.' superstitious regarding
death make on tht. Gallego mind Tha
city of Lisbon collected toil on _ci>ud..
bronght within ft.-s limits, und there v.cv_
guards at tho different gate- of tbe city to
see lhat nolliin,; was Bumgglcd, ln.
"Qi��s very rainy itftenioos tbe'.gtiai.I SI
tho I'i,.:.-: res gate glanced f.loiiB thore. i
that leads to the cemetery and .-
plulous looking pttclaige lying
uround clpso under tho wall on
'i'i.wo wns not a living being
Tho guard thought bo had dote
He thought ;b:.r that paekagi
it ml;;-..,- ,-���-', l.,,J been left thei
y;:C, bj _n;_;,t'gJer8, who wi_.i*t
sheltered BoMseivhor./.ia ltii/isie
ar.d watching ibt-ir opilortHnlty to rush it
fiirough tho t:::'.c 03 soon as the rain held
tip a little. So tho active and Intelligent
.Jllcer got.b-S little sword feady to draw nt
a mumontlofcstioci-o, and, regardlossof tb3
dowiiptiur, ndvauood alongtlie x'oad to surprise and apprchen.. tlie Bitiweglers, or, at
"When be i,-ut to within t-'it yard:; of tiie
"jiisplciotis-objeet, lie mnde out through the
, tsiiii ilii'. tho enso^on the ground-was of a
fed color and studded all over v.-i;.!, '..rn_i
nails,    lhat discowry.startled blm a little, but tbe nest uioincut he w��fl utterly
c''_'i;-,(.j'.."'i_r(t.'i_ mviug tbo litli.f the coll:r
By open and-stt diaboveled  sicitl thrust Itself out, its e.v'.'fl staring wildly    Without
wuitlug to draw his uwerih rcbsliengethe
appcrltluu, tlio guard faced almut end ro-
Uented ut, a riiu.    When be reached tho
gale, he e.'illeid bid oomrndea to-come aud
seo tbo abandoned cornso that bad i nr-s
open its oolfin on the wayside.    T!.e foiee
-tel.od tbeir .carbines and paraded under
��� ehdter ti. tbo arohway, but \vki\t, tbey sow
-.was only.a very lie.ili-cgj.lotl Galicgo tramp-
-Ing toward tbem, cairyiug a_i amptj*. illin
ti;i bis back.
"un examination the (r_iUi.ro deposed
that, in in., overtaken ia'j Iho rain on hie
Vay from tho eeiiiut-nry; he hnd shut himself up in the-iofi-nto-koop dry and watt
for fairer wottthHi', but,.'Wh.en be hoard foot-
etups stealthily approaohtng, he bc-,-.-.;i i.i
bo afraid'that.-no mo one-was oenilng ,lo
play a trick.ancl hick-him up. Thut woe
why he had so- suddenly tin-iii-t his hea_
uiit cud stared. Ho wnv no corpee, but ,-i;.'
honest, hardworldBg Gallego, Am im
-hiitj'.fir, tbo-eun:ii.ti guards might tosh
fe;' themselves and asu. that i! was empty,
"There.soei-iH to be :-, oertain. uiorblt!
fondni't-e. for wl.aS mny tri ealli_l playing
wilh. tbe dead in Portugal. They seem to
tube n peoi__l_l delight in dressing it]
th.-ir dead aiwl exposing t7iin to publio
vlow. I happened tb be .present _t. tlio
solemn requiem of acardlnal patriarch*!
Usbon, when tho corpse, dressed In full
canonicals, was placed lu a half sittlss
posture.to tttco tlio crowd in the navo-.f
tlie cathedral, and .1 thought at the time
lliat the-Intoriuout ought io haw tala��B
glaofl eooaor,
"One fine Sunday afternoon In-springl
w: e (trolling along oue of tbo main tbm--
wighfaros uf 1-lsbon \i :..:��� Uio shouts o��s?
iv.i.i'ry I'liat.vr af n lot-of lillle boys and
girls attracted iny attentii is to a .id.
stroet. Tbo children,.all uleely tiro, ed
were coming down tlio Bido street ;,_..
biii-k walk, evidently Interested In something lhat was being carried along 1.
throe or four cf them.' Whon they rt_ioh_i
the corner, 1 saw that thecenter of interest \\;::> is very small brusB studded coffii
Tiie lid wan open, and '. could see tlio lit
tie (lower duakad-and bedlwmed t orpee-lii'
side at It.
"Ano'!.".'.r tiuio I mistook ��be oorpsoo.
O.chlld "a iis way to tba gruva t or a waxen
Inia.ac (J- lim MadonJio bblng currled-lil
procesi Ion, It was a little di ad girl lioau
tifcily dragged In whitQ_iatia,-_nd v,..-;;.;
c while veil-ind wlilfe tlowors, Tho llttl.
body bad beea made to sit up in a chub
whicli f.-uir boys wero carrylog on thei;
Bhonlderu. Tho boarors and the other
ehildren hi tbo prooosslon wore white vi-
-tonotutd whltB-flower.. all emblematicoi
Innocence and happy oonQdenoo that the
sou', of thotr little friood was it; parajitiw."
���IScvi Yorli Hun.
Australlat. OtiUs.
',I have met with somo bulls made by
���Anntralians. I Iuard ;> .clergyman make
ihlsromarlt a.-a publio inoetiug which
.*waB..disnppointiiigly small;'.'._ aw sorry to
-tr.-.i so many absent frhimU hore."
A state M-hixil tcachi'V at Que; "scuff, ln
Victoria, bad u nolo from the juolher of
one of. bis pupils requesti]!.- hill) not. to
(log her boy, lliu.: "Y.ou aro-not fo wine
my boy, or iio will drop down uead at
your tlriui', tbo tansa. _>s,bo did ot Mrs
..AnotbOf, being told that S.i-nnd to was
buried ill. a stone coffin, Batd "lli.it WM
vcry senslblo, ns it w.uld last tint. all:*!*..
Geiier:tl Ua:'rt: j-^cme.r. th�� Cti'.u ., hr*'
. frown fi beard, ,. blah ..o noiy trior, ia tk_
���i:ylc oi Napoleon III.
' *.i,-. l. BOT JflWC. ii. R;;&\ t.i Catlforula,
i.: iong,ei bears so -ciriicin:, .. n.ior_ioi_iu_��
���_.j 1. go da _I__u__r. .Me has bad bis
Jxaa-I sbaved-o-t.
.'-. i'i it_-_t_j_t I&0H2-- ter.-.-���;. to tie erecbd
the J 'i.-e of Kewoostie-. alio U a strong
:. b( barchmao, M___a_s __l..r_:h_.__.*, 1_
'.-.,.;.,... -,....; ;biic.
The Rav. II. .-., IlreCT-J. iio ohnploin of
tl...:,:...';: rider.., vriil at once resume h:i
���'.:   ... i etor of tbeE_,i_s_opal ChiiE-li
.     .' dvi : r ie L'wsgccrtt, A. �����,
..Tu-ti ��� David J;J*Ji*ewer bti_ returned t->
V.    biugton alter-a vacation spent ou tbe
tltoi    of Lake Cb__nplalu, six milts from
t ���     . tad, post .ii. e or telegraph station.
, ic. It. lie 'ji". who has just rciirett
a. !2 years ef service from his position
.*���- '.: t of 'J.*..; iiailv.'u;, Age, has beeu
no cted v. ith -Chicago journalism slut.
li ill.
, _B__��erl Planquetto, the composer et
"TSip Voj vi';-'.���" i.r.d ������ :'i:o Chimes if
Ko -:-.i.-: ly," has beon mau.',-. chevalier tl
the Legion ol Honor by t'-c -."reach pre*i-
!,..'. riols '.,. r,liicotr_r__ie war mayor of
j.   .   i, who dk-d recently, was a descend-
.  Amos l.incolu, son-in-law trf t'anl
'.    ���:.: and a member of tbo famous *j__bt.
1     ���.'."
. . .tor Thurston says that from tho
time ho was 13 years old hi. dc6li_ was to
bee ueatJnited Slates sanatorjuul thud
pow, hlspmbltloa having boon eratifltSi.,
be wili a��i b_*caridlda______ir_.c__8tl__-,
Pundit .T. 0. Chotterjl, the"*_iigh casto
Brahman .who has arrived i'i Kew Yorjt,
has cast aside his "tbrc-.d," tho dlstino-
live Brahinauioal caste i__c.il:, to become.!.
tLcotophl^t and disciple i f Antic lie.ant.
i.i. ntenant Oolonsl i'ir Henry Edward
_.i!--'.:allu!ii,t!'c,'sew governor of Nowfouud-
.-;,....;, la known for kirf project for the ;!-���
'.-a-erif Slngapovo,tv-liich ke carried out
-In Ini'., atid the forltftcationscoustruoted
there in l.'.-.j. Iu I891:h_ acici as -iwclal
bommlssioner-ki P_-Haug__l_rlng the dls-
tui I anuos and was ...'.iei-tliy.thanked fcr
hi* services,
I_ord Asliburnhatn, the Kuglish agent
of lion Carlos, manages also tbe affairs of .
'the Princess Palsioiogo, claimant to tlm
TtbroMS of Qrec-e-aj'id ^Turkey |, Princees
"ilorle of BavarJa, v?h�� _cn_ost_fd-iat of
Kuplcsj Princess l.-.idwlg of Baiuiria, who
thinks heruolf entitled'to that of Kngland,
ard Queen Carola of Saxony, who elaiLit-1
|h�� riu-bt ta the orown of Sweden.
'i-.ic.el aih. ��� __-fs.ach.fe_ aftord a new com-
..'.nation for butsUlus,
Jilack en_n-','.l and gol_t*._��e. uaod to Be-,
(rare striking and original -eC'eci* In a new
H.ic of brooches.
Earrings thus far made by u jeweler
frhose patronn are Of tho most exclusive
-tort consist mostly of sluglo peuii'ia and
l'o!_ _C0_oi I.HXiks are duSniy things as
lately made ln Busslo leather, with on or-
i_-.n;i_iit of cio.s-cd golf sticks la gold or
.silver upon tbe cover.
s.uu metal grows ki popularity. An Ok*
._i _  attracting   much   admiration ln .e
Broadway 'Xeir.'VorV) window ls a cbat..-
Jiiico with watch, bo.ijouni.__ and hat!
.<, dozen other ii'iniiet... in this metal.
Algrets aft) a Kotloeablo featurotn the
fiiil .took of ibe best establishments, ai|i's
a new point about tbom is that tbe largctt
stones ore frequently mounWil highest-,
reversing the usual order of large stone*
below and suiaM once.above.
��� 'i'lte "Aincricaa pi:." promises to be at
���saacessful in Jowelry as in war. Pigiiy
I ;���,. figured ior Boine-aiins us ft popular
titan:;, but now various other ornament*
_���'.' taking .ii. jsiireiue outlines. Pig
fa'ooehes, bungles, stlokplns, paporwelghtji,
tic, Beetu.dest.ned (_> be a Ui-JL���Joweleri
Gro.am���faeo powder should always be
Used by tiruuettct;, while and pink are only
suitable for-folr people.���New York Trlb-
.A little boras sprinkled on n cloth and
rubbed lightly on the faco Is -t good reino-
ily i'li blaakheads. . fare should bo taken
tn rub .'igh'.iy or-lt.wlll. nu_ke the skin
Too mush care-cannot be taken to get
too soap that units tbo skin, and, when It
h. fouud, to uso no other. A dry skin re-
Quires an entirely -different kind of soap
Irom ihatunc-d for tbe-s/ily ckin.
Tho urt.if anything that tends to dry
the shin riiould be-avoided, such aa bay
sum, aleohol, caiuphor and uinmonlo if
used in Rreat moderation, tbey are oil
(food, bv.t ibnv v.'ill ruin ths best of skins
if used lavishly.
A .nixturo of- oiici.eunoe ef hydrate ef
chloral and ono pint of water is Bald to b_
useful In proTeuitin..; ilia unpleasant offocje
cf profuse perspiration. A soft linen cloth
uhuuld bo uncd in .applying the mixture,
and it idujuld be allowed to dry on tk.
GsOodl)Ff S'.tm����i-*rl
The blind* are up, r.d Hie windows rub-
The cat'ii _ome hoi ���; cn. Is duly grubbe.d;
Piano groans In pain.
The tradesmen call and present their bills.
The "taxes" comes with BOM- otlier ills���
. _icc_us_ we'ro iionv-- again,
���Pick Me tip.
"itnought you and the vinegar were
en nah good terms," said tbe Spanish
Olive to the sliced oucumber,
"Wn wore," aadly jreiliMl tho latter,
.'until he soured tu. uia.''���i'l��vel��8<
Plain Douler.       	
-;t-T_i��_i Will.*.* Hnrlt.
The cu I and b00t_a.ll almont ��i��t.
-. Bhe ilodgrd and ycllml with ��!�����,
"Toung innu, 1 l'**l
���_'ou'll nisf-d thai y��:,
".Then you'll remember uie."
���Detroit Tf*A Pre**
-liHioiiu'd to S'bIIhibi
���Tooboo���So Slugger has turned detaet
Ire, has he.    Well, he-Trill not succeed.
Arnott���Why notf
Toobee���He won't be able. t. k��sp hit
mouth sbiit. lie used..to U a pugilistU-
(Jo. ta Uats-.
Russian famtliea w-hnu rooTipc! to new
homos kiinllo tho flro on the henrth.wH-
ooals brou .lit from tha _U._i*_I___8_,
- '."lab. "..'''ch-;;!-;.,.-::.
K>ir*?.*'**rf1:!.'i. ���***-.
...   -j..... .^ THE DI.LTA TIMES, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 37, 196I"
Jos.   Jordan  v'sit-d  the   Royal
City thia week.
Dr. Wilson retun ed bome from
J* trip up river, Thursday.
A.   S.   Whiteside,   of Sunbury,
-risiteri hree oa Thursday.
Miss Ladner went over to Vancouver, Wednesday, on a visit;
Mr. and   Mrs.   Geo.   McClusky
seturned home Thursday evening.
Mrs. C. Beadleston returned
h___e. Thursday from a trip up-
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burr and
son, visited the Royal City this
Miss Cook returned home, Wed-
���es-ay evening, front a visit to the
Terminal City.
Evensong in All Saints will begin
��t 7 o'clock commencing with to-
sorrow evoning.
He only stole a loaf nf bread,
And that was really stale.
Of course I know you'll say at oncei
That he was sent to jail.
But guess again, oh, foxy one:
You have another try.
They quickly gathered ap a purse
And sent him bome with pie.
The other man of talent was
A more expansive cieok.
He stole a lengthy .uiilrcad and
Was straightway brought to book.
You will be sure to get off light
For such a simple crime.
Oh no!    They sent him to the pen,
And he is doing time.
Tv any such results as that
One cannot feel resigned.
j It violates al! precedents
In cases of that kind.
For surely there was some mistake;J
The judge forgot to look
Around to see wbo stole the loaf.
And who the railroad took.
It onlv goes to dentonsi ate
That accidents occur,
That justice sometimes slips a dog,
Or that its blind eyes blur;
That time tried rules may go awry.
And if the tale is tree
It proves the wisest cannot tell
Just what a court will do.
The Cash Store
tier. A. McAuley returned heme,
Thursday evening, trom a short
trip np tke coast.
W. J. Lanning returned home,
Wednesday evening, front a busi-
_ visit ta Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Robinson- and
family, returned home, Thursday,
from a visit to the Royal City.
Tehn Oliver, M.P.P., returned
bome. Wednesday, from a trip up-
river, and te North Vancouver, etc.
The pastor of th. Baptist Church
will continue the series ot sermons
������the parables, to-morrow evening.
The B. C. Electric boys intend
giving a social dance, on Friday
next, in the Town Hall, Everybody come.
William Frederick returned home
on Monday, from Royal Columbia*
Hospital, where he had undergone
a slight operation.
H. N. Rich, C. H. Davis, W
Crawford ana J. F. Stainton were
among the list of jurors at tbe
Assize Court this week.
Rev. C. Croft occupied, tke pulpit
qf St. Andrew's Presbyterian
Church, on Sunday morning last, iu
the absence ot Rev. A. McAuley.
W. H. Ladner left, Monday,
and Alex Davie, on Tuesday, for
_-.a_alo~.p-, where thev will attend
the Union of Municipalities of B.C.
Convention in session there.
To-morrow will be "Anniversary
Div" in the Methodist Church.
Rev. Geo. H. Mordeti, of Vancouver, will preach both morning and
evening, and at the close of the
evening service the Sacrament of
the Lord's Supper will be administered. Yea* are cordially invited
to be present.
Many are the complaints about
the condition of the Slough road,
and tbf suggei-ti'.ti has been made
iha'i planking be laid down and the
y.-nt? made pageable b" that means
until drier weather efts in. Arrangements shonkfbe made, in the
meantime; to stote a number of
scowload* of rock so ns to he. reac'y
to go right ahead with the work
\vh_ ti conditions nre otherwise favorable. Road making with mac-
liiUc r.t this sense 11 is too exptntiv*.
Word has been received showing
how careless some "sports" are
wheu out hunting. Out in Kast
Delta one of Councillor, Embree's
little daughters was quietly sitting
in a doorway while some noble
sport was rustling pheasants. A
bird happened to rise close by the
little girl and the "sport" let go at
it with the result that some ofthe'
pellects stnek in thc door post jast
above tbe child's head. Anotber
case is from Westham Island where
a horse was shot in the foot.
What to do with these sports is a
problem tor the Provincial author
ities to solve and one which should
be attended to right away. Thost
having charge of this work could
make expense., by catching the:de
stroyers of hen pheasants,
Once in a while we happen to get a
real strong bargain in something- our customers need. Flannelette Ts something
every housekeeper needs. We bought, recently, several thousand yards of good heavy
flannelette, before the last advance in prices,
and though we could get 12^ centw a yard
for it to-day it is on sale at our staple
counter at
iOo jpard.
Not only is it good and heavy but
very very wide, some pieces measuring 35,
36 and 37 inches. In light and dark stripes,
blues, pinks, fawn, greys, eta
267 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C
mi; 11 m p 111...
We Beg Leave
To notify the people of -__a__r_er and Bur-
rounding district -that we .are now in a
position to offer T-moooarer Island
���____-"__. a. 05.
A voung Chinaman was arraigned in the police court on Monday
evening charged with entering a
house and stealing therefrom certain monies, After spending considerable time, in taking evidence,
the fact developed that the case bad
been tried aad dismissed previously by the Police Magistrate, and
that, therefore, this conrt had no
jurisdiction in the mitter. The
young man was then set free.
��� _U.I1I__P _________ III   (WH    ���     -Ull   __!_���.li-U .
On Thursday, the 35th inst, a
lreast Pia with Pearl .Setting.
Finder please return to
Mrs. T. W. FOSTER.
Top Market Prices
Dressed Poultry
New   Laid   Eggs
A. D-.sBRI_.sV_-,
L.cal Agent
I _JL_��._J. IJ-L-I1 ���..���J. '-Ji-1 .Li l!l_iJL_.L.L.IlI.
When you are wanting anything in the
line of Blouses, Dress Skirts, Petticoats,
Underwear. Hosiery, White Goods, Neckwear, Ribbons, Furs, Smallwears, Holiday
Goods, or
Bonnets,  Hats,  Furs,  Dresses,   Underwear,
Hosiery, Etc
Oall and let us show you.
Goods and Price.-. .Right.
A. J. BIRTCH, - 275 Columbia Street
At greatly  reduced prices^ __a__ki_ag it possible for parties who contemplate fouilding,
to put in concrete foundations at abont th
same   cost   as   piling   or    .other*    inferior
Write for Prices.
B. C.
Cut Glass.
Watches 1
And all kinds of Jewelry
Repairing a Specialty*
���LADNER.  B. C.
 ._, ���_!_��� ajit"..
Of Boots and Shoes
20 p. e* Reduetsoss ��?L&MM9S?
Now is the time to outfit in Noloby,
Up-to-Date Styles.   . ,   .   .
lams & Patents at Cost
J* REAGH,    -   Ladner, B.C.
Estate "When You Want t�� Ship or Store
Your Produce or Live Stoek.
Grain Elevator
Capacity 500 Tons.
Space 24,000 Square "Fee*,.
TH�� WALWORTH-ROLSTON CO., Ltd. ��& VancouverrfiXJ:   p<>rt  OuiehDn, a���--���.
#iiiiir     m i n����_--- li Iii'    i���Wmi


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