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The Delta Times Jun 11, 1907

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Array <Tlegislative /���" ��^>-
���Vt-I. 4, No.  '"-
Ottawa Ltlter.
The Market.
Ottawa, June i.���It ia alwayt. in- -    New Westminster. Juncg.���busi-
teresting to observe what  progress joess   wa-s   brisk    around    Lytton
i is being made in the land ot one's i Square yesterday, the bulk or the!
.apparently   so   far]
progressed with their spriny  work
| adoption.    Advances made
And this is the place to
buy your Bathing: Suit.
I .irts and sciences,-while evidence of
^a country prosperity, do not appeal {that they were enabled to tak
to tbe average-miud, as todo figure-,; day off and yisit the city,
of population and revenue. There- The feature of the market pfir-
fore it nwy be of interest M ponder |4nps wat tbat eggs again touched
over a few figures supplied from [--the old price of 25 cents wholesale,
tbe opera-ion* of Uie Department af About _ month ago the dealers
tbe Interior, so efficiently aud hon-1 hammered the _ rice down to 22
over  by  Ihe   Hon   cents,   claiming <it   the time  that
estly   presided
Frank Oliver.
Of all 'be great de part tu cuts, the
interior touches the life of the people closer, probably,'than any other.
This branch of Government includes the public lauds department,
immigration, homesteads, au I kind-
;ed subjects.
If immigrants arrive in greater
numbers from year to year ��� Ii
homesteads in the Great West are
are being absorbed in porportion to
Tne    sudden    md     nticKpected
death of Adam Head, last   Fridav
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m       . morning,   one oi' the   best known
:n the I tanners having apparently   so   far!
and most reap acted 01 tbe iarmers e.
Gulfside,-has cast B gloom over th*
whole community.
-Mr. Read had been  complaining
ior  a couple of weeks before bis
dc-ath, but continued vr oK-rang until
almost   the   last.     Becoming   un-
concious tbe day beisre fcis death
heremained j- thsl conditio* unti!
tue end.   .
_     Di-ceased   bam*   ta   B.^C. 'trow.
they could not afford to pay  moreUyp^r<  0nt  (vThet-e Ws paiea!��,
on account of the great quantities who came from   England,  settled
of  eastern   eggs   that   were   then \ when he was nine years old), about
arriving an the local market. The
pilce remained A -the 22-cent rate
���uiy for about tv.-o we 2-ks and then
struck 2- cents at wbich mark they
remained until yesterday when the
pi ice jumped to 25 cents.    It is un
derstood that the  Vancouver  deal-
^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^������^���������.^^^^^���^^���^^^^���^���^^^^���������i^.���^^^ r,           -- <rs came to the city with the idea
-LadieS'   Blue   Serge    Bathing   SuitS   With    WhiteJJand  tUesearriwlt-Ifthc revenues from jaf paying .-.. cents again this week,
Dominion lands be ever  on tbe in-1 kut found C. M. Averil!, the h.av'
reas.i��� .here can   be but-one  com
colored braid trimmings.
Men's Bathing: Suits in Combinations and 2=Piece
Children's Combinations and Trunks.
est buyer on tbe market, paying 35
ment fitting to the subject, and that jcents and they wer,' obliged t��
must be that the Department is ad- 1 come up to the sCratc'i.
ministered by a competent head, ' Tbere was a splendid demand
���ad that the coautry is makingI-for good dairy butter and quite a
j great strides in naonal gtawtb. Ilarge   slock   of   that    commodity
In 1895-1896, the last year the | changed band
t: years ago, and lived for same
years at New Westminster and
Langley. About 13 3-ears ago he
settled at Gulfside aad'by -industry'
and gooJ management succeeded in
becaauug the owner of a splenditi
ranch of 140 acres aad one of th*
most comfortable homes iu tltt
neighborhood. Ke 'leaves behind
him :i v/idow arid eight children ta
I mourn: two  da-ugh.ers  being mar
ried e*rtd the rest of the  family ...vr
tately preceding markets. ISeef was
Another Large Shipment of High Grade Shoes.
Come and see what a nice Range of Shoes we -are
Also Big Stock Men's Working Boots.
I Conservative  Government was  ini were from 30 to 35 cetits per pound.
j power, there were taken up in Can-,     The supply 01 all kinds ol   meatsI
'ada 2,46':;  h'oiDiutcads.    This  was, was not as short as at the  named-
I the result achieved by * Conserva-
five Government  as  the  fruits  oi
f its so-called inunigratiou propaganda.    G oi a.;.; back just fire yeaxs  in
I the history of--Canada front the pre-
at home.
The funeral'.took place on Saturday las', at Boundary Hay. There
wa.s quite a large ttlfnout of friends
. and many  mere would  have gone
The ruling-prices-,    ,  . , ,D.   j
* * ! had it been Sunday.
Tbe   following   were   the   psfi-
aearers: J. Gilchrist,  W. Pybus, J.
[ A. Cairnes, Jas.  Nclsoa, D. .Blaok,
' and I. M. Mc-Doaald
on the trarket  in .good  (jttantitiesl
and sold at rrom 9 ie   io  cent-   fori
hindquarters.    The   entire   supply!
was disposed  or.    Mutton  was ot;
sent time, what are the  Uets with'course shott under a very   strong
respect to the  taking  up of ho��ie-!iem&u.i.    The ruling price was   13
uteaih'    The   following  table  tells; cents per pound, ^L^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
its own story,   and the  figures arej    Quite a number of lamb carcasesIcific Coast diocesss of the Anglican
���Ccial��� i were on sale at 5 and s.soeach and! churc^-   rae'   ��"   Vancouver   last
Homestead Entries���1901-2 1.4,673W��y were readily  gathered  in by'Wednesday.    A large gathering of
do 1902--, 3-1,383 the buyers. Veal sold at io# cents '*�� cler��>"  w^ present, delegates
do ioov* 36.07*1 tW�� week, or half a cent less thaajbcrth lroto the American and Cau-
'filled Clericus.
The  United Clericus of the Pa-
We Can Fit You Out From Head to Heels.
The Rhodes' scholarship cora-
fxtion has been decided. Therlief
Larsen, who received his earlier
education at New Westminster and
later graduated from the Tarontc
University, is the fortunnate student, accordingtp an official announcement made by Superintendent of
Education Robinson.
Mrs. Adam Read nnd family wish
to thank their friends who so kindly snd sympathetically assisted
them in their hour ol trouble.
The electrical storm, on tht 4th
iust., although of very short duration, completely demoralized the
telephone system and cut off the
���electric li .lit wires at 'the dynamo
as well as knocking out transformers aud many fuses. The lighting
svstem Was foon in working order
again and the juice was turned on
���at the usual time.
Try Big Four as aa  investment
while you may get it cheap.
GRAIN SACKS���$90 per ioco
(less $2.50 for spot cash)*���Brack
man-Ker Milling Ca., Ltd., H
N. Rich, Agent, Ladner, B.C.
Fervices will be held in the Methodist Chtirch as usual,although Rev.
J. F. Betts is still confined to the
house. On Sunday next Rev. J.
P. Bowell, Bursar of Columbian College, will fill 'the pulpit at both
Ladner and Westham Island.
The Amni .1 Dance on Friday
evening, under tbe bus 11 0 the
Ladies' Guild of Al! Saints, was *
decided success. The 'floor was
never in better rend' io and he
turnout was all t' at c ild hsve
been erpe^'ted. T- tigh n ��� mi*��
understanding tl e Band r'id nrt
play as advertised but Mrs. P^ewis
supplied the tnt sic histeai . All
who attended'w< re loud 11 their
praises of the manner in which
everything wss eondu.'-'. 'lie
dancing was kept up til' 2 .0 whea
a well satisf, mblage returned
to  tleir homes    "omethin    ove
-!������   was  the        ��� Mme    1 m reid-
^^^^^^^^M   1903-4 26,073,
do 1904-5   30,819
i do 1903-'.   41,869
: Tetal cio for last five years 144,817
Tliis is practical tvidencj of -the
working df the Department. Re-
i suits suck ss these figures disclose
' must supply any argument that
��� mar bc made touching this qaes-
Inseparably tiaociated with the
j question ut honi stead; is lhat ot
I the aniral of immigrants.
In 1K96, there arrived in  Canada
51,716 Immigrants.   This was the
i best a  conservative poli.-    accomplished.   The next^five    tars, uu-
| der a'liberal government,   .w  im-
mlgration stimulated to   .  r.arked
degree.    I it-.-it year the arrivals i��-
creased   until   i-joo-i.   when   they
numbered 49; 1:49.    Durin   tb< pa^t
five year   these iijure       ve beer,
eft   lar  behind,   us  ibe  allowing
will show.
Arrivals during���1901-2. .
do 1902-3...
do 1903-4...
do -1904-5...
do ioos-*...
Since- tht 1 ib y   s       uu
trol ol a:'
th? ruling price of last week.    The
tdian   Church.     Many   excelleat
papers were read and discussed,
the most interesting being "Tbe
Church as ar. Influence in'National
crea e
wha   it
1 .6.366
^^^^^^^^    -ii  con-
JI oi rn , ra ioi     >afi in-
:mes p.    ..  oua   o��er
a.,   in  the    ist    -ar of
ve rule.
supply   01"   veil    throughotli ' the
district is increasing and  a  further
drop    in    price   mav    te    looked ^
for.      The      demand      continued j W' bV Rev. W. L. G. Lloyd, of
strong    ihroughoMt    tbe     morn- i Seattle, and "Church  Discipliae.'*'
���ing   until   the   entire supply  was | bv Canon Beanlaads, of Victoria.
dispose! of.    Veal  was  selling  ia      The clerS" ^ere most hospitably
town until Thursday evening at it entertained and a trip np the Inlet
cents, bit', tbe  :air!y -large  supply on thc   Mission  steamer  Columbia
that arrived en Lytton -nuire yes- was enjoyed by alb
terday  morning no doubt  had the     Tllis     Inter-Diocesan     Clericus
effect of weakening   the price as meets annually, alternating betweea
stated.    Pork . old at 11 aud r 1 yi \ Victoria,   S����tUe,   Vancouver  aud
ceats under a very Strang demand.! Portland.   The aext  meeting wflJ
The snpplv��� wa- verv small nnel al':' be 1,-'tl '" ,lle last named city.
was readily disposed of. j    Canon Hilton nad Rev. E. Dart-
The feature ofthe poultry mar-ket '��" were  ;"  attendance, returning
*-ss   tlie great number oi  youngM1011" on Saturday.
ducks on sale.    During the iast few-	
weeks tbe demand for well grown1    ���,.       ,-..,��� .    <��� ,
,    ,    ,     , ,     ,        ,   , 1 ;te poles tor tne I-armer s   lei."
ducks has Lee:-, verv brisk with tue.   , ��� ���     .   ,
. ! phone   Company arr.ve;.   here  on
resuit  that   the   iarmers having  fsi��� .,
j FndOT,
supply of these useful bird:; .ire tak j .
int advantage of the goo 1 prices.
G. Steves, manager et tbe Delta
Crtamery.visited the Terminal City,
The senior partner of The Wal-
worth-Rolston Co.,Var.couvfr,��pent
a few day- her?, lasl week, and
during hi- stay 'rai-nferred
agency of that firm to W. II.
lor, W st it et
handle   I
has renie        0 .tie
propertv as a inow room.
1 ow
.Some young ducks soli   ns  higl-
ax to a dcr.ea while the . reat bulk
of the�� sold I   I   and   $$.50 a ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
do.en.   The d'.maud for old ducksi '
waa very v, eak. Only a lew gaesci The Royal Bank of Canada with
were sii t ig tly ':ecli:i^d price.: its splendid connection all over
fro .1 .[notations.    Chkkr.is j Canada,   afTor.ls   yon   exceptions'
Were n    so plentiful  as   ast  week I banking facilities.
and th    price  was   >  Lttle  lower.	
Good chickens were, however, in j
demand aud so'.d at from $6 to .78
Larger fowls bi ought from fS  tej
$g a ��1o7.;ii ^^^^b
There is nothing start-ling ii re-1.
cord about p&tatoeH (.'xcept thSt tht
sup -ly is sfeadilv ''eclining i.ud the
qtiil ty of rot oe. now arriving on
the market i not a ;ood as formerly. .\bout 50 sacks were sold at
from.$30 to $;,. a ton.   J. Richard-
When you wish to buy visiting
cards call on the. Delta Times who
I will sell the best money can buy.
If you need them printed, why you
arc money in pocket by calling cm
the Delta Times Crsi.
son, from Pori Gu chon, brought in
19 sicks wbich  he held At.$33 for
j thc lot.  Quite a few of the potatoes
j were slow sellers at  *'..so a-sac'-;. THE DF.LTA TIMES,
.ESL'AY. li-
.-ilV   141
rriaT-z.rD  7.VE-.V Tt7ESB��X
toasaupxipN, Si-00 per year.
make  Titrtuntrn  t>
1 the lb tote jou ir u.
pul something: into ���' ���
preftt nt     t     ���      ���     ��
QoId-Coppers ''��>'
B1 .   Dividends   ull
over !.,itisti
���       ..        ��        Columbia
A DTI. (IT 1313   RA.Tr.?,.
c . -1 Advertltsments, ra cr��.ta per line for
lhe ftnat Inaction, end5 rents per Use tot each:
���nbsequent tnwrtiou.     The   nunb.-r   ot   line" ���' chri^t,   PatetSOn   and    Dei tii"
SBckofl-a! hv thr s-.p-vre occupied, 11 lines to thej
Rate* torComiB.rs.ia1 .s .rtr.Us-ns.-nti can br
Bad on application si Hits otfice.
Reasiing dj.i ;. . . 1..
enM per line for each lu-
Sinliaad Dentil nr.l_e., See., Marriagei^i.iw.
Kay special notice, the object ot which is to
promote c_je pecuniary beaefit of any Individual
or company, to be confidant st Rn .dvertiwmiut
and charged accordingly.
Ail ad��ertit*n_entfl ih.tg -J. for until orders-*'
ant and paid for.
Oerrespondence Invited on. matters ot public
fater��*t. Comrnnnicnttons to editor must be ac-
���ou. jpauled by name of writer, not'neccs&anly
for fiublicaticm, but as evidence of good faith.
Correepoiidrn ... auttceacfe this office by Thursday evening.
i The Delta Council met in the
I Council Chamber on Saturdav,
!june 3tb# at 5 p.m., with the
1 Reeve, H. M. Vasey, in the chair,
I find   C-iuns.   Gibbie,    Davie.   Oil-1
Minutes   ol*   previous   m< eting
were adopted as read.
Geo, R.
TCESDA.T,  Jl'XK   ri,  T907.
Very welcome showers have come
at last.
Annacis Island has very high
ambitious. A road, two bridges
and a terry for about 3 settlers who
already tare steamboat connection,
while Westham Island, with all its
land under cultivation and several
large csuueiifS cau only boast of
au inefficient steamboat service.
Surely Wrsthaw Island needs a
terrv the worst.
.There's the ��a-i behind the gun
Who thti* bis country sen. es,
The man behind the throttle
Keen eyed with iron nerves;
llitt the man who's most behind
The one who never climbs,
Is he who will not advertise���
The man "Behind the Times."
���G. II. Kerr,   in   Weekly   Implement Trade Journal.
From Dr. A. A. Kin.-. . .H.O., i
re the unsanit ty co - it 11 thei
road ditches in the vi i e and;
throughout the district and, in!
order to avoid an epidemic ofj
typhus, he recommended ; ii thej
ditches be cleared of ob-ttructions
and regularly flushed at lens every
other day.    Received and filtri.       j
From V.. C. Mackie, rtskiu ��� for a
way out from his property. Left in
,the hands of Coun. Dennis with
.power to act. |
From Sir Char. H. Tupper, en-:
.closing several communicatio sre.
Delta vs. V. V. & E. R. Received!
aad matter left in hands of Reeve j
and Clerk.
From B. G. Walker, C. M. C. ofj
Burnaby, re printing of forms required  by   the  Ditch   and -Water-; ,,    ,   mum     iii ' ,
courses Act.    Left in the  bands of Lg. j. Bussanieh, $23.53; j. Scoop-
the Clerk with power to act.           j iuichi   ��g7.s0;   P.   Gunn,   $5; J.
From   G,  S.   Wilson,   assistant Townsend,   $60;   Geo,   Ormiston,
secretary U. C. M.. re  meeting to'$75; w. Taylor, $5; C. H. Richard-
ii in;, over 100 ViewP in everything.   Po*t paid jor., Stamps.
Ri<   '  t Province in the British Empire.
Nothing kisked, Nothing Gained. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Won*
i�� ninn m Mm
Tlu   Richest Men in the World are investing in 15. C. Copper-
Gold  Mines.     Why can't you begin now?
I he -Jreateit ;ilulit-Cs>ri��r Micovery ot the Age In B.C.
[ 1 llll
Bvery Dollar Sut<ciibe4 useil In Development ol Mine*.
Special Offer, 20c Per Share.
Mines directly wesl of l.e Roi, whose shares are now about
Le Roi No.  .   shares are about f.i5 and went up to $100;
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. of Canada, Ltd..
shares Si50 each. Grnnby Mine paici over ��2,000,000 Dividends
in 1906, shares ^ 145; and all gold-copper mines in B. C. paid
Large Dividends. Big Four assays Irom $5 to ��800 in gold,
copper, silver, with 32 per cent, in the Treasury; on the Railway
near .^melters.
Note���Most of these mines sold for a few cents ouce, but
over-capitalized even now pay Big Dividends.
Rossland Mines received Highest Awards tor richest gold-
copper ore sent to St. Louis Exposition. Big Four had Best
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
No less than 100 shares fold, All Cash. Above this-shares
can be had on instalment plan, or yearly contract, 15 per cent,
cash, balance monthly.
Company ln.s ao debts or liabilities.   Sen J for Ill.ii.sstr . Prospectus to Seer.'tun-.
P.O. Box 174, Vancouver, B. C, Canatia.
��� ��������!������ ���_���������.������ _.������!������ ���!���������:��� ������:���������.������* ��� ���!����� ,H���!��� 4"H'1'������!������ ���!'��� ���!��� ��� _. .+ +*
Delta Transfer Stable
T     Team Work Bono nt Specially Low Prices.
% JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
4- Telephone " Laduer*" No. 10. \
I ,T. * .t. * it. A it. .   t. * ,t, I ,t.a st. A.I. I sT.X ���?. * sts * ,t.��-   V
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
be Weld in Port  Arthur,
and filed.
From   Messrs,   FoorJ   &   Lewis,
claming damages for destruction of
blackberry  bushes  on   their prop-i
erty.    Received and filed.
A petition was received  request-'
ing the Council to bnild a road anA.;
whart near the St. MungoCannery.
Left in the hands of Coun. Dennis.
The Dil :h and Watercourse- Bylaw was finally passed as reconsidered, '
Tbe Constable was instructed to
notify all persons damaging dyke
by logs, etc., to stop same.
It was decided  to   sto.i   work on
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the United States and Canada:, east of the Rocky Mountains,
is 11,040,000 bushels, compared
Reagh, Sioi; J.  McII. Allen, $40.   j with 10,113,000 bushelsa year ago.
Council then adjourned till Saturday, June 23ml, at 2 p.m,
Received 190tli $4S; Geo. Dennis, $8.75;  W
ic 11m (ifli
Clark, S. D. Jnne 1.���Despairing
in their efforts to attract the  unmarried men of the city,  bachelor j
maids of Clark have petitioned  the j
City Council to  put   a lax  on  all j
single men below the age of forty
and to administer chloroform to ail
above that age.    The  petition   will
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Cars leave Westminster tor Vancouver at 5.5..
and 6.50 a.in. aud hourly tht-r.-at'ler until 11 p.
;n.: Saturdays and Bun tfnysut 11 7j.u1.
Cars.leaye Vancouver for Westminsters at 5.50
mui &50 a. in. and hourly thereafter-.u .ill iup.
m.; Saturdays nn.l Suudays ;it ti p.m.
New Service���Port Guichon and  Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vancou ver, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m.
Gives  Passengers  four  hours  in   either   New   Westminster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   '06,
Gi'eatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Aftent, Port Guichon,
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay.
- III111
Incorporated 186V.
CAPITAL, -t $3,900,000
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $4,390,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
_ , i be passe 1 upon at the next meeting
the Trunk roads until  the gravel | rf the ^y,
"Perbap- vou think the old water
ia the Milk joke kas been worked to death, but I've found a
new variation of it," said a triend
recently. "You know, I have a
small negro girl as a nurse for my
children, and one of her duties is
to tell stories to the kids just before
Vdtitne. They always listen intently to what she says, and last
might I decided to listen, too. This
is what 1 heard:
"An' de cat, she got thirsty, an'
got thirstier an' mo' thirsty, an' finally she went to a pan o' milk sitting
in de pantry to get a drink ob
"I told the story to our Milkman
! work hu^ been ('one, und that tke
' Trunk road bp macadamized as far
;a9 the Gowdy road, after which
I work will be resulted on the Slounk
C. Kettles requested the Courcil
to put down a culvert on the Canee
Fass road.    Request not granted.
C. H. Richardson, of Annacis
Island, requested the Council to|
build abeut 13 chains of road and
two bridges (��ne 50 feet and the
other 120 feet long), under the plea
that the government would be petitioned to connect them  by   ferry to
Its contents as presented to Mayor Williams McGann
are as follows;
"We, the unmarried women of
Clark, petition the City Council
of said city for an ordinance demanding of all unmarried men a
tax to be graduated as follows:
From 20 to 25 years, $5; !ro-.ti 2s
to 35   years,   fio;   Irom   35   to  40
I years, $20; over 40 years, use chloroform in large doses.
"We, the petitioners, further
assert that bachelors are a barnacle
Ion the gro.vth   of   society.    They
We run tirst-cluss freight cbts between Westminster uml Vancouver i.-.id nil shipments are
iiiiudie . with the utmost e_re titirl delivered to
consignee without delay    Special attention puid
I to fruit shipments.    Oui wagons meet all bouth
1 und tram..   Por rotes, etc apply to
Trairic Mrt.
W����tmiiwter. B. C
Local Mgr.
* fill AD M WOS
The Clerk was instructed 'o setdj
out the usual notices re cutting ofj
On motion it was decided that |
landholders cut thistles on road en- j
posite their property.
On motion it was decided to bill;
at all."���Buffalo Express.
kittle Alice Pearson is improving
I..   W.   Calhoun,   of  Ka.nloopr,
paid a visit here last week.
Rev. J. V.. Betts its able  to be up
bat still eonfined to the house.
, are of no earthly use exceot as pall-
tbemainland. Request not .ranted. | ^^  Wfi are ^ advocatiug sucJ|
a law because we are single. That
concerns us least. We hope immediate action will be taken by the
Council in the matter and that all
���ewspapers and citizens will assist
i us in securing the passage of such
Shis mowing. ...d he didn't laugh | p .Sw^sen'te 25 yards" of gravel|aP "di��ance*"
at $1.25 per yard.
The Reeve, Finance Committee! The Royal Bank of Canada is
and Clerk were authorized to sign! here for your convenience and will
a promissory note for $4,000. be pleased to give  you every  at-
The matter ol   replacing  box on : tention.
the Trunk road  in Ward V. was! ... _..	
left in the hands of Coun. Dennis,    j
The following  accounts were or-
dered paid: Gilley Bros., Ji,360.33;;
J. B. Elliot, $90;  Tug  Flyer,  $5;}
W. N. Diaper, J 142.25; B, C, Tele-;
phone Co., ^3.05; F. I. MacKenzie,
*37-7��'> J- Richardson, $25.30;  H.
Manufacturer* of all kinds of
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
Savings Deparimenf.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
East End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street, Cordova Street; Grand
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Tort Essington, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon,
Chilliwack, Cumberland, Port Moody and New Westminster.
H. B, MARGESON. Manager, LADNER, B. C.
Ladner Exhibitor
*���������*.�����*.*��� ������������*���.*�������*������ ^*e^^A^***e.a*��^a^*e ���*������*��� ������*<�����
Jan. 8th to 11th,
W. N. Draper,
Room s.F.ll .rd Bloek, New Westminster.
Mrs- (Dr.) Woedley is able to
be out again tl.eiugh still very
60  YEARS-
N.   Rich, $9.10; Delta Saw   Mill,
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials. |The    Delta   TllTieS.
Six Seconds,    Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Silver
Spangled   Hamburgs,   Buff
Orpingtons and Black FaShiOfl    StableS
Trucking and Draying.
Livery   work  of all  kinds a��>
tended to promptly.
'��� Eggs for Hatching���
*0    PER SETTING, *C!
$&    1 SETTINGS  FOR   V**
$34.33; W. H. Ladner, $78.65; Jj
A. Paterson, $27.90; T, E. Ladner, I
"  ~~ l$5.30;  H. D. Benson, ^54;  N. A |
E.   3-   B��own$,   bus just   aboutUjcDiartnid,   $23.90;   S,   Morrow.,'
completed ;t nice  new. stock baiu,|537.5p;   Hank,     $20.25;   Achille
74x100 38 feet big!,. | James, $12.50; C. Twelves, $63.63;'
'���'*"��������    ^���___  Robt.   Allen,   *6a.i3;    H.   Kells, j
.,.,    T,     in ,1    ��� ,,       S24.63; C. Twelves, $132;  A. Wil-j
The Baud Boys wll give another :, ^   ��'    ,     _     d.    .     TT
* - ",-. ntia '.hams, $7.62;  Tom, $^o.6o;  Ilongi
open air conceit,  on  Friday cven-[T_.       r' ������      _        ���       0D|
,* v ��������� King, $96.60;  Sitjg Bone, $234.8o;i
ing, weather permitting. l * J        ���
Tradh Marks
Cop vriohts &c.
AiiTrtaoRenrtlnit ����b��teh and dosorliitton ttjij.
-rlr.-.tty eei-ertflln our opinion free ��h��_ht.r an
..-onti'sn Is probnbly Mt��nt*��j|g.  C__Mnnf.cn
.:.. ptrlWl. eonfi'teTitlftt. HANPnOOr, onPo����nu.
. :nt froo. ��JW��t ���nunc? for !*riirlnK r����miB.
I'ntentti taM.n tnrouph Mwm A Co. rueetve
sj,��i��l��oM��i,��li.tioiiteli��rge, In tlio
Scientific nmtlmi
\ bimdeonicly ninstnited weekly. T.nrtre^t dr-
��� nlatlon of ony poicntlOfl Jnurnal. T iTtna, 13 a
vW. four luouthB, $L BolUhyoll nowt.dt.nler-.
troocb OtncB. ��2J W et- WRsitiln_.-l.jn. D.'
For Sale.
Friends of Mre-. F. Culli
pleased to lcirn tlint she i-
inc ni"c-ly trom  a   very  "���
\ C. ?oug, S44; Kwong Tcn^,' Chong.
[.$77.40; Nom Lee, $21;  Nom Lee
will  b- 1 Jack, $23; Lee, 5,53 70; Joe No. 2,
ini; rov�� ($61.20;   ?am,   S43.80;   Joe  No.  1,1 months old
ver- ill j$64.30;  1;..   Fdtlis,   ?6o.'j#,   Sam
; Rawlins, $67.87; J, P. Folds, ffc-\
Ts  an  W��J ���oWlng,  a'yhar toX tnw
uupcHngpn t*r ihipiovimi old -onta.
rs mi, uchtnihc and rust proof
Ccfwider i\n fine npptarAii����� ��� its
splt-ndid fndurintf'ciu*t'tWr���*"��_ plight
���xpfr��e���and dedde to w'rfr your own
beat int#rn��t�� by using h.
Fullest details of Information in cur
WhoHMal* MUfHflMtwrara,
Registered  Yorkshire   Boar,   22
Laduer, n. C.'l'i!
WM- HEATON,   U- M* GoilMson
B. C.
Laduer* b. c.
Ladner Carriage Works*
Always in Line*
With   Latest   Improved   FARM   IMPLEMENTS; WAGONS & BUGGIES.
Largest Stock in Province to choose from.
kOBT   MAY, Agent,
K.      -    -    -     -    -     R. C.
Oar. lege  Boliflintt, Repairing  <&   Painting,  Mack*
smithing   <%   Horse    Shoeing.
BeLaval Separators.
Q. T BAKER, I.adner, B. C. mK
Receives both Ladies and G-eatlemen as resident
or day students. Has a complete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares Students to gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades. In affiliation
with Toronto University gives the lour year?'
course for B. A. degree, and the first year of the;
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Prospectors' Course" for miners who work in B. C.
Instruction given in Art, Music, Physical
Culture and Elocution.
For Calendar, etc., address "Columbian
There Is always s chinos
.0 enjoy tome shooting
A RELIABLE HHtARM: tho only kind w. hava
bien making for upwards st fifty years.
Ask your Donlor, nnd inaUt on the
STEVEN*. Whom not sold by ii**-
taller*, wo ship direct, flgPgtigf pro*
pajd, npon receipt of Catalog.prlcuu
Mni.fl   lur   HO   l":��|to   tllM.^nt.-i
rotaloK     An lo.lUu ensiibla 1> o ofc.  nf
ready* reference n>r  man nnd t>ov
iliovtfri.    Mulled **w   4 e��ml��  In
Ktimp������eOT��TIIMU��.    Ileaiftlful
Ten ��Xdor llfuiVrr fonrnrded A> r
n% genu in itnmn*,
P. O. Bo< 4007
Chicopeo Falli,
Uus., 1.8. A.
Holy Comnuuiion���-ist nnd jjrd
Sundays at 8:30a.m.; and .ind 4th
Sundays at ti a.m.
Matins, n o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev. E. R. Bartlett, M.A., Vicar.
-IS.SCTF.iCITY  FROM   V.':'<ti
tKiMoKa Why Thla Method of i>��H"S
It In Xot More Geticml; *'l.*p. "���>
II we mistake not. Dr. Fiidlj-.:' Nan
'tfi his last Attempt (_> reach M.-e- sort), i.-.-ir*
iimi tho h'rum cinipped v. -ft -h special!]?
iwsigned wlIH.uiHJ.--v. i-h v,-jen operating
.trove tt dynumo ond furnished the DCOOS-
sary 'current for' lighting purpose. An
termor (ir orefcted on the rooi oi a building
in Park plaoe In +iiis city has b.��n for
-sometime successfully driving a dynuulo
t. oonneotlon with a storage battery plant,
ihe current from which hus boon uttlizoci
tor inoundesoent lighting, Froin th:�� It
trill bo seen thnt thero Is nothing t��rf
lew ln tho apjftlcution oPwlftd u;.'.t tot he
delving 0'' dynamos.
There aro probably sevoral reasons **;
Wiss windmill ',1- d irtnotor has Aot been
more universally adopted fur t',:i abovs
purpose. In the f.-il place ..net a rootlvt
power Is always more or .ess oDouctwr.
and cannot alwa... tu: depended upon
There muy '.,1a oatm Juefc at the rime 1, is
found necessary to rochargv tho battoftoa,
or the batteries maybe In uso wln_r_ a
breeze springs up. Thla would necessitate
having two nets of butteries at a consider
ablu oo. t. Another reason'why nermotoif
havo not boos morn extensively adopted la
probably doa to tbe fact Chat current can
now be geiiesated with steam aa a motive
power ve?;, -Wtmomicnlly, especially lu
largo quantities.    Tho erecting of anaer-
: motor and the Installation of a numbor of
'storage bat-teriue with a dynamo mean a
-eons! doruble oiitltty of money, especially
, -wheu the coit pf maintenance and renewals la taken Into acoount, In curtain cases
it may Ire found that, the Interesr, on the
batteries, generator and windmill, with
'iho lulior Item figured tn, will cost as
iiiui-.h !u the long run as tho current oould
* bo puroba Sdti Ioc on tho or.tsldo.
iJiit probably tho chief reason why the
'power of the wind In allowed to go to
���wait* when It could iw employed for generating electricity Is tho same as that
���Which prevents the Immense power dnriv-
���able from tbe tides In both the HuiUoi-
and East rivers from being utilized���
namely, ooneorvatisui, or, If not. lack of
progress, a slowness in availing ourselves
of opportunities.���Elootrioitjr.
La Grippe
Etc., Etc.
It  will   pay   you  to  own  one   and  be  on
side.    One Oxydonor in a family will  bsin'sli all the ter-;
Tors of dise'-ise from  the  househqld  if onl)- used as gjoon
4s needed and  in a reasoaable way.
This is the Actual Experience in many thousands!
���ef families who have adopted this advanced method of
treating disease.
Inflammatory Rheumatism.
Mr. Jas. Anss.11, Hnfifllaucl, B.C., Can., writes, March n, l.oi : "Some five yeara ago I j
gol oxydonor fbr ray wlte is-lio wnr, suffering   from female  weakness.   Attar a week's use the
stoctnr hiineelf w_s -tirprlsed to 6n<! such n ctiauge, in fact it woa en nigh tc induce him to (jet |
aa pxydonor for tits sister.
"A short time n.tro my "iTe had na ott .c . ol infl.imnjnior-,- rheumatisms "She could
not walk an . her joints were iiiuoh swoollcn. She applied (Jxyiltju rr, ami liefore night the
fsalns had ceased, and next morning tliere wns s-ory little swelling, on;1 s*ie cxnjlrt walk aa well
as evur. she- had a similar attack before we get Oxydonor nud wus muter a doctor'a care tor a
month, and Buffered iisonie-.
"Services first and tlirrd J5undayof
j each month at 10:30 a.'ii.; Benedic-
the  safel tio"> 7:3�� ',��-m-
Sunday sclioui at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communio-..
first, and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
"It t-,i�� riil-. me
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
.Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.tu.'
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath- School at 2 p in every
Sunday. 1'rayer mectitig every*
Thursday evening at 8.
Kev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
sr- n.
Send at once for book No. 78, giving further in-!
formation abont OXYDONOR and many reports from all j
parts of the countrv.
DR. H. SANCHE & CO.,   j
364 St. Catha ine St. West   Montreal.
Services uext Lord's Day at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting ou Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Kev. A. McAuley, Pastor.
Sabbath services ��� Crescent Is-1
land, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sundav .School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
S p.m.
Rev. A. H.  Huntley, pastor.
��r��n Vbests Te Burners nf die Cfr*-
retf-t, unit Take Warning.
'Qaneralanst Dr. Sejioler pttbllslioa In tlm
'Ountfalblutt r.u Qo^uilillxjttapflegpaoollw-
tiid of "Htfita to Smokero," \-.-lii .h ara
fotirn'icr.1, os the doct<rr statos,'upon Mj
profefialonnl otiservutlons for many yeara
of mouth, ii. th, atoniach, Iuiir.->, boart anS
*kln of tho dovotoos of toliaoco.
'f!heflrst and foremost rnlol��D������rto
���smuike befrnii breakfast, nsn-, aa a rule,
when the tftoiuaoh la ompry. Tblaotistotd
-ia the worst possible foe of digestion. Not-
ar smoliii (lining any exortlcm of groa^
1j|iy_lcal ooorgy, as danolnij, rucnlng, cy-
t-lliig, mountain ollmblng or rowlnp. and
���sups.-! I ally'If In a contest. NeW follow
"tho Imil custom of tho Frenoh anil the
Russians" by allowing tho sinoto to pass
'throtigh tho nose. Nerer lnhalo lt through
tho nose.
Keep tbe smoke aa far as possible from
tho eyes and nos-e. Tlio longer the pipe
Ihe bottnr. The use of a short pipo during
work ls to l�� avoided. A pipe is the most
wholesome form of smoking, a cigar tbe
���*����t., a olgarette the worst. Always throw
away your oigar when you have smoked
frmr-flft lis of it. Tho last end of it Is tho
most hurtful, In Cauda veueuitm, the poison lurks in tho tail.
All olgurottoa are bad. hut eastern-riga-
ritt.es (ho w..rst, for thoy are always com-
pounded with some degree of opium. The
Into ker ought to rinso out his mo.th, not
only before every nn-al and before going to
bed, butFovi.-ral times during tbe day. Tha
best rinse for thy smoker Is a glass of water lu whieh a'toaspoonful of table salt hae
been dissolved. It should be used as a
grirgla at night, and care should b^' t-rrkjn
that overy cnvltyln the teeth iswollwasb
���od with U Thfl-ptpo'a proper plnoo Is ln
t.iio band ami only occasionally 'l'n tbe
lips or tho mouth.
The DeMis Tisnes
"b��$ p��*m~ing.
Nurseries   &   Seedhouses
lleaiiiftattei-s lor Pacific Coast
grown Gardeu, field and Flower
Seeds that are thoroughly tested as
to vit .lity More offering lor sale���
ih.it a t.e su I ijs.it to goverumaut iu-
speclioii as to freedom Irom weed
seeds. Samples eent to iuteilding
Large stork ol HOME GKOWN
F'ruit aud Ornamental Trees now
matured tor the spring trade.
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.
BEE SUPPLIES, Spray Pumps,
Spraying Material, Greenhouse
Plants, Cut Flowers,
We do business on our o. .
grounds'���uo rent to p.ay and are
^prepared to meet all competition,
Let me price your list before plac-
;ing .your order.    Catalogue Pree.
.���VheiJ . sitrHuftO Ie the Topic.
The wedded etulo Is a favovltO sub^ent
���r,'it!i thc epigram makers. From a very
->ld ballad we take this:
There was a criminal tn n r..i-t
A-i_olu to be hanged;
It..spite to him was ^-nintH.
And e;trt and crowd did stand
To know If he would marry a wifo
Or rather choose to die.
"T'other's   tho   worst���drive   on   the
The criminal did reply.
More ruodort: Is thla vorso:
I would advise a man to pnese
liefore lie takes a wife-
���In fact, 1 see no earthly csuec
He should not pause for life.
Who, by tho way, ls tho author who de-
scribes a second marriage as being "the
trlnmph of hope over experience!'"
Hamuel Lov-ir'i matrimonial epigram ll
��cry opposite;
Though matches are all made In heaven,
they1', ay,
Yet Hymen, who mischief oft hatches,
sSemetJmcs  deals   with   the   house  t other
side of the way.
���And there they mako Lnclfi-r niatrhes.
���Chnrubors' iottrnaL
Ner-OM baa dlscoTered a sure cure tot
The luanirho preaches revolution is the
worst kind of a crank.
- Labor'* worst enemy  Is tbe working.
Ban wbo won't work.
T! " Ufa work ol a wko man ro^y beUe-
st   1 ed by a fool In a dey.
Toe average woman has mon listening
than sneaking acquaintance*.
.t j.e average man lrtJ g-.-odopportuo'j-
tleri .;.-, hy vhile welr'og for a better one.
I ���������' living ami high thinking w!)l pro-
duvi better<msn thaii l.'.0L livii,g and luw
A* a rule, tbe moro.. man has to et.y
aboul women tho more he doesn't r^t-.i.')-
know about them.
It ln ei.l<l that* banted child dreads Cue
tiro. Probably that's v.hy thu newly
married tuan iries to avoid his old Quu.ei,
���f'l'l'eg-. Xswe.
.3010 Westminster Road,
VANCOUVER.    -    B. C.
Tbl. moon  revolves from one point ln
th* heavens to tho same point in B7-days 7
hours m��s_ 4:! iiiiiiuu*.
A train af gun cotton that w���-nl. n ret������!���
1  400 iullesco\ild be llred in two mlnutei, so
j rapid  Is the transioluian  of deusautlbu
; fa-oin on* part to another.
A determination ef Professor Baresrd
1 wltb the Lick telescope places tbe dl .mater
; ��f Neptune at ttf.UOO miles���from S.CC10 te
I -4,000 miles less tha* ls stated la raeittext-
teek. .
lied light Is not the lowest kind visible
to tho eye. When a body ls heatvd up, It
emits first a ''Rtay" glow und then a red
glow. Herr Lun,mer finds that this gray
B_lit. is-pareoived hy the "rod" formation
and thetcd light by the "oon*" furuiatl��v
te th* n*rvo<�� sti-uctur* of the aye.
H*w Imposition.
Harris���Walters bits been looklna
pretty sad since bis daughter got married, hasn't kef
C-in-ell���Yea. "You see, be had no
sooner got hie dnUR-hter off his hands
than he found lie would bave to put
Imr husband on Ilia feet���Town ami
>.r��*rl< Biarr ot nu>_l��>i Life ����� VIM
Ilk. ���  ���!  et-rid.ttt.
Varrluifce by order ^vcre e..i ooDUnOtt,
ny= Li-ince Kropotkir, i'i The AtlanWo,
that among our servants, each time a
fouilf. couple foresaw U.it they might he
ordered to marry, although Ihey har! ns*
mutual Inclination tor eaoh other, thev
took the prwmotion of standing togetbet
ee godfather and godmother at the christening of a child In oue of tha peasaoS
families. ri"ids rendered marriage impossible, according to ltusslnn ohni-h law.
Tho stratagem was usually successful, !n,8
once It eridi-d In a drama. Andrei, tbe
tailor, fell ln love with a girl belonging
to one of onr neighbdM. He hoped thrtt
my father would permit hlm to go free,
ae a tailor, In exchange for a certain year-
��� _rpor"'��nt and that by working hard at
kU trade l>. oonld manage to Iny come
money aside and to buy freedom for th .
flrll otherwise, In marrying ono of my
father's serfs she would have become tbe
serf of ber husband's master. However,
as Andrei and one of tl.e maids of ont
household foresaw that thev might be or
der<��d to marry  they agreed to cults u
: godparents ln the christening of'a dhlld.
1 What they had feared happened.   One day
I they -wore called  to the master, and  ti_>
I dreaded order was-given.
! "We are always obedient to yenr will,'
tbey  replied,   "but a fewv\.-'_s ago we
I acted  as godfather and godmother at .
I christening."   Andrei also explained his
: -wishes and intentions.
Tho result was tl-.'it- he was sent to th*
recruiting board to boeoiuo a soldier,
Military service In thor-9 times was terrible.   It ro'iuired a man lo serve ii yon.
j nndor the colors, and the lifo of a soldier
was hard in tho extreme.  -Blows Irom the
- sergeant find tbeofilcors and flogging with
birch rods and with s'.ictis for the s-'l;.h,*
ist fault were the normal stare of affairs.
. The ornelty that was displayed surpaaawJ
all Imagination.
Thus Andre!  had now to fa-e   for ii
' years tbe terrible fate of a soldier. All
his schumea of happiness had come la t
Violent end.	
A   Kr>renn  Procession.
The processilon of the king was led by
the general ef the vanguard r,i:[*.ii
grassed, BuppoHed by retainers on his led
;.ony and followed by orowds of dignitaries, each with his trr.ln, soldiers, men
carrying nlo/t trainee of arrows reaching
nearly across the road, and b-!ge tings of
silk brocade surmounted hy plumes of
pheasants; servants in rows of   100 iu the
: most delicate shades of blue, green tt
mauve silk gauze over white; halberdiers,
grandees, each with a retinue of bannet.
nion; rows of royal banner men, carrying
I yellow and blue silk   flags emblnroned;
I eavalrymen In Imitation gold holmots
��nd mediaeval armor and tiger huntore,
wearing coarse felt black hats with conical
crowns and dark blue ooate, trailing long
! gun*.
With scarcely a pause followed the president of tbe foreign office, high above the
crowd in a monooyole, a block wheel ��np-
; porting on two uprights a black platform
carrying 0 black chair <ieoorated with a
' leopard's skin, the occupant of which wia
sirried   by eight meu al a height of eight
I feet from   tiie ground. * * ��� After this,
; borne high aloft by 40 bearers clothed Ut
' red, in a superb chair of red lacquer, richly tasseled and oanopled ued with wings
-O kesp oil the sun, came the king, whoas
polo, languid fare never changed Its expression ns he p.,.-. ed with all thc dlgntt?
���od  splendor of bis position through liie
' ttlent crowd.���"Koi-* and Her  &'elg?��
; tors," by Mra. Bishop.
M.i* and MUtr*��*.
The social  stigma upou  housewerk  if
i "fartly an Inheritance of English elass distinctions and partly the result of a great
influx of uneducated foreign servants,
which has driven out American help from
*ur homes a* well as from our factories.
'Married women, being hy law snd ous-
wim subordinated to their hu.sbr.ctls. ia-
W<notively save th*lr self rcapee. by treat.
Ing their help as subordinates to themselves. A keen sighted European oritlo
rsoognlses in American women a distinct
reaction toward aristocracy. Tbere is oa
:I_s.n iu Europe mors exclii-lve ttian our
ao called "soolety" women, who set th*
st.-.ndar.l for other w.inien who arpire tc
social distinction. Id such olroles ttie ills
Unction between parlor und kilchon is
rigid, absoli-.t-o ar.vt insurmountable.
1'ride, therefore as some may call itself r��spcct, as I prefer to term the feel-
lug���wili forever more and mors .otolud*
'_si-icr!.-en women fi-oik- hoi).ing in other
women's bousHs, unless tud untli tbcra
can be a Hue drawn between ignorant aud
skilled labor la the heme, *�� elsewhere -
U. B. Blaokwril.	
A Clrl af Tortnr.
yntber���But, my dear. 1 thmighlioa
kad promised to marry that young gentle-
i man.
Daughter���Oh. no, papal 1 only said
he could bcengagcdWftia tf be wanted ia
���Philadelphia Inqatrer
Patagonia was so styled by Magellan tn
eccordanoewith ths Spanish word patngon,
meaning a large, clumsy foot, 11 was
from the fact of seeing tbe impressions <-i
the largo shoes���not, as he imagined, lhe
foot���of ti|labbrigines that he at onw
qonoluded Uierountiy must lw> inhabited
hy glant��.
iBrltlfil] landlords arc Bald too-n-. s��,-
000,000 -MMs of land In this country, to
sera l.srri��r than that et Ireland,
Betlln has a restaurant where a beof-
Ste.-il; jsrcporiil 10 the highest style of culinary art costs | ,.n0, and the walt_-r ej
Octets a '!n of 50 cent*
down   behind
.'. veteran threw
tho line fragrant
ley, and iua mo-
.out Uirough the
4btie* or I'oor r.rpninre* stroa^lst V��
Into* l'e,-.li Air.'
Thesiiperlntendantof the Sweet Springs
mine undertook a thorough reuos-.t)on bj
tha mino the day after- Ibe minors went
oot on strike, and th'; flrst step preparatory to a general cleaning up was tv remove ths mules from the underground,
stables and put them out on pasture.
Some of thero hod not boon out of flit,
mine lor months, a mmtber had U'cri below ihe surface for (wo or three years, .ed
one had not isir;.i the sunshine for si;,���i_
year.���-et lot'.n as Jacoh . ..-j-ved for Leah.
They wore led from the mine. _7 patient
creat'jres, njid turned lo-j..e in Morrison's
posture Held. They srood uliout close to-
g.,thur, knee deep in the lu.b, green grass
end sweot red clover, with drooping heads
u;.i eyes half closed, as though dazed by
their sudden change of i ircumstanoes. At
last, us the sun dropj,
Bowujan's hill, oue gray
up his Jjead and sniffed i
air blowing down the v..'
Diont u Utile moveujsiEit
whole group.
Tbe old leader whi tied about shurply,
took a long look at tii- clear skyabo.e,
the brawling little brook ohattorlng ovdr
tho stones, thograss und the-trees; then
ho threw-iip his head, stiffeHlH b:i_ tail
and sent forth a prolonged, penetrating,
strident be-haw-aw-aw, whioh woke the
echoes over on Maple ridge, and with an
awkward. luinl.ering bound he start.-i
down tbe long slope. Ir. uu Instbnt t.'tt
mass had separated an,! was In motion
Such running, racing, kicking and jumping c^ere never before seen .Uifl' knees,
dim eyes und spavined joints were-ill forgotten in the pure enjoyment vt out of
dosjrs. Thoy brayed ano bellowed, run and
kicked, st-jpped for breath, then began
The whole village gathered at the fen^e
to see tiie fun. 'Jho men and boys laughed
end shouted, the babies crowed, ami one
or two women crlod a little, f.;r thero were
sores and lameness and weaknossln plenty.
When night fell, they were still rolling
about and racing. fdrgctfUl'trf the huugrii
and thirst that might be -patisSeti - Ly lhe
running stream and tho grass
Old Mrs. Bascom, who lives at the ed(Je
of tho past nre Held, was wakened in tire
dark hours toward morning by the ra.-itj
rush of hoofs thundering down the hill-
eide. arid, turning over on her pillow, tins
murmured drowsily. --Dear Lord, wl_s
would a-thought iiir.i any llvln critter
would be ho glad and thankful for uot.hin
but r.lr and freedom I"���New Lexington
In.ailtc!ovn I'm of DUtntaotaBta.
1 r is a foi hie of litminn nntiiro u> piois
from extreme to extronio. People are
6low to tiet-ept a new tl'.eoi y; but., baring
once adopted it, thc-y aro r.-ady to work lc
to death. How many years is it since
medical officers bad lo Implore the folk in
their districts io use disinfectants and encountered tbe most senseless opposition in
their CTlisudO? New they arc finding a
now difficulty. People have recognized
the value of disinfectants and dcodorizora,
end they employ them by tho bticketful
without*rhyme or reason,Trusting blindly
r. their efficacy, on the principle tiu-.t on*
oannot hove too much of -,. good thing
So we find thc Clorkenw.ell medical ott-
cer warning tbo public against thia lnjw-
(licioususo nnd declaring that "ithas bee*
'found that dlstnft-ctnuts are used In lup-
ii.r.-ard and indiscriminate manner by the
publio. Isot only arc ther absolutely valueless In many eases, but. by creating a
false impression of security, they do kb
Immense amount of barm "
In othor wdrds, people Imagine rh.dt
cleanliness may bo Ignort*! provided only
lhat they empty unlimited carbolic washes
I nd powders over tbeu'a.'l-roi placr-s. That
Is a dire eui--rsslrion, born mainly of lazi-
tie.-, and aversion to soap and wator. The
latter are Justus neoessafyas thoy ever
tvore���London Telegraph
(ll*   ll��f��s��.a   to   <!l,e   Th-m   fa,    .�����
Pt(*F.rnu��nn Go! the   .Vorat of 11.
Vo pubiio entertainer ever li-ed r^-o
ivas fonder of ;>erformir>c off the stsje
than was the late Alexander Herrmann,'V:
magician. Innumerable stories a "re told of
tho tricks he woe continually playing on
the street, in restaurants and tho lobb .*
of hotels, and to this collection fir. Ohm.
U**SheppaM, now living in New Orlems,
adds one that seems to be new and has nit
any rate the advantage of ]*cal coVir.
Sheppard Is on old show man, and ot "ite
time traveled with Herrmann as an assistant.
"One of my duties," he said the othor
day, "was to help '.n this outside work.
My connection with Herrmann was tin-
known, nud I was able to pave the way
for some astonishing exploits. Pirn* years
ego. 1 think it was during thu **a*on ef
ISti'l or lbSS, we wot_) ln New Orleans and
arranged one morning to startle the aa-
't'.vrs. 1 WallK-Piflofrn to the 1'nTdre* market, the'old man,'as we oolleil him, (Bantering along in the rear and deposited ���
couple of fake eggs,Mob 'loaded' with*
fio gold piece, on a pile ou rae uf th*>
"The programme was for llerriaesst to
stroll np. Jolly the dealer until hsdnww
crowd, and then petrify Mm b> dlaoom-
lug tlie coins. Oli this m .-��"i��'i ths ��,l<l
lean w.s too slow, for whilv lis "is.- . raffing Ihe vender a portly noiuau wish ���
basket on her urni reached {met hlm i-ml
gathered up a dor.cn eggs, Iboluding ��ib-
pair. 'Pardon, my good ljrty.'s��isl llsrr-
uiMin InhlsfunaybrokSit tiugilsh, ->*: uta
t.iki une little loot at thos* t|!gv��rf J9SM.'
As he (poke he put his bund lu ths task st
"Instantly the 1st wou-.au fcnrsl i��K.
:t,��. most frightful terientof >uix��d tr��u��h
and English I *>er heard is uiy life *'.>
a*i0s*4Hemsaun cf watitlng-tv steel Im-
sggt and salleil bim ti��"��ii,i . . ot*, sh.,
oould think cf M* tried to pacify U* vr a
ho might oe well have triad kt> uasnyjQ
full *vowu Kansas syi-loue. Tin . tf\i\fi
was that she backed cut at the i*arMS&
hugging bar batkttauil *I1U loosHti . livrr-
lafauv, with abuse.
"Thatwat tbtfirst und anlytlme ! irtw
saw the old man disconcerted tn- oas so
broken up that btrdldn't try enytllbua ute
lhat lliornirg, eud as v>�� W*m golnj ouek
to the hotitl lie-leoktd at uw uuthtir sheepishly 'Say, Charlie,1 ke aaid, 'i guess w��
don't tell anything abunt am eggs to
Addle.' Addm was bis wife. 1 *iftrn wan-
derail what thetveniiui lliongfct When eUo
ran aorost lhe y*ll0W Isiyri ir ktr hod
fruit."���New Orleans Times-Democrnt.
��<-n a Taken nf I.ov ��������
A OhlnSM trrritlems. ..lwnyii rersfs *
pair jf gaitse to the lady of his ri,Aloe, and;
they am looked upon at t\_. t��tiblea_w<d|E
fOi iutf. 1 ��..-,l;l-. <THE DELTA TIMES, ', UE&DAY, JUNK t��,
Miss Foot, pi Vai
ing Mrs. T>. Anders
is visit-
Cow Tcstiny
Well Established Livery ftelness.
,�����**" z-~
Mrs, \V.   R.   Ellis   visited
key al City on Tuesday last.
Mrs. Hill, ot Vancouver, is euest
of Mrs. P. Matheson, at ion.
���W. B. .Skinner went oter to Vancouver, on Saturday evening last.
!    A meeting of the Delta Cow Test-
ling Association wa.s he'd, Saturday I
levelling, in the Council Chamher, j
j at which a large number of those |
; anxious to have  their cows tested
1 were  present.    It  was decided to
(take  samples ior testing on June
> 30th,  June  30th  aud  July   10th,
! making the three samples (.required
hy the  government)  at  equal di*-
Miss K. White, ol New Westmin-1 . c
I tance  apart  Irom the  15th of one
ster, came down,   Saturday,  on  a |
short visit to Miss Kirkland. | moMh ,0 the '5th of the  next, he-
! tween which dates will be eonsider-
I ed the ofticisl testing mouth for the
Delta district.
The bottles and all the necessary
I outfit for taking samples arc now at
the Creamery, witli the exception
ol  'he  small  scales  for weighing.
' Doiiij
�� a busiuei
17 horses (
buggies:; 3
lease   011
Robt, Dean bas put on  the indelible smile  as the result ol
arrival of another young s��n.
balance   on   terms
interests you, -in 1
books will be
of $1,000  per month;  equipped
lass  condition)   13  rubber
seaters  and  9 other ris-s ;
PTice   $0,500��� V,    cash,
Tf   this    proposition
i business, access to the
'ii   hrst-
tt)   str.t.
���Oil   til'
T. E. Ladner and daughter, Miss
Violet, returned home, Wednesday,
from a visit to friends in the Royal
Mrs. Geo. Paddec returned home,
Saturday, from Royal Columbian
Hospital, considerably improved in
Mrs. W. L. McBride and son,
Laotian!, returned home, Wednes-
-!*.-", from a risit to friend* in the
Royal City.
White, Shiks & (&,
260 Columbia Street,   -   New Westminster, B.C.
These are expected in a few days.
Some people ,-eem to agree that
the above is true eneush, but le.de
upon  the methods used in   ascer*
Samples must be delivered before | tabling the ralne of the cow ai rot
Are Your Hens
We Beg Leave
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
erilantl   Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building.,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
Mr. aud Mrs. T. J. Aruistroug
��nd daughter, Miss Nors, of New
Weatsainster, came do*n, Friday,
or a visit te Dtmleith.
the 15th ofthe month and as soon
after the 10th as possible. Arrangements have been made with
the creamery teamster to haul any
samples on his route, or any who
wish to leave samples ou his route
for 25 cents per bos���-this aim tint
pays for returning the box also.
The boxes held 15 bottles each and
will cost ioc. The Association asks
that this amount, together with the
price ofthe bottles, etc., be paid in
practical. This is not so. If you
get the weight of milk from a cow
tor one year and jet an accurate
sample of that n-.ilk aud have it
properly tested you are in just as
good n position to tell what >omt
cow is worth in one year, as you
are able to tell h��w much a load of
oats are worth at se much a bushel*
It is to be hoped that the ranchers
of  tlie   Delta will take advantage
I have Ture Bred
Mrs. Bell, aud daughtei, Miss
Vera, ot Fort Maody, arrived here,
yesterday, and are the guests of
Jtw. W. A. Kirklaud.
Mr.  and   Mrs.   J.   P.   Dunn,   of
Ingersoll,   are  guests  ot  Mr.   aid
Mrs. John  Paterson,  at  Dunleith.
Mrs. Dqnn is a sister of.Mrs. Pater
as soon as possible to  Mr. Steeves, of the opportunity the government
secretary of the association have   so  liberally   bestowed  upon
A membeiship fee of 25 cents them and that when the first yesr
was 'adopted iu order to have) of testing is over they will not only
enough money on hand  le'ongi-ugj know their present  cows  but  will
Harry Mauley, ot the B. C. E. R.
Co., Vancouver, spent two or thrtc
dlayfi, last  week,   the guest ot  I. j to pay all the expenses for tbe first
to the association to defray small
expenses such as stationery, telegrams, etc.
All present seemed to lie greatly
interested. There are at present
350 cows subscribed and as many
mere are expected. The Association is desirous of hearing from
those who have not already seut
their names in as wishing to become members, giving the number
ot cows to be tested, etc. The opportunity is a grand one. The
Dominion Government have agreed
have got rid oi them and have them
replaced with more profitable oats
which will mean meney in their
pockets and an early establishment
of tke industry that must in the
near future in this district be the
greatest souice of revenue and pre*
fit to the ranchers.
Buff Orpington
Eggs at
$2.00 for    15
$6.00 for 100
See Me
if you have CHICKENS   or EGGS   to
Port Guichon.
and   returned    home,
Riverside Miseiou Circle entertained their friends Wednesday
evening, at the home of Mrs. W. K.
Ellis when a large number of young
people ��t jnyed themselves immensely.
Messrs. E. London aud D. Sinclair, of Lulu Island, C. Trim, W.
R. Savage, J. Savage, H. Wright
fttttl I). McRae, of Westham Island,
came over in Harry Trim's launch,
Friday, to take in the dauce.
year. There are dozens of these
associations throughout Ontarie
supported tnaiuly by tke government and are proving a grand success.
Ia Denmark there are some three
thousand testing associations in operation and have been for years.
Nowhere in the world is dairying
so successful and cows kept so
profitably as in Denmark, aud a
great deal of their success is attributed to these associations. It
has beeu estimated bv the Department of Agriculture of that country that the dairy output has been
increased about otte-hal since their
coming into operation.
There is no doubt, as it has been
proveu, that one-half of the cows in
each  and  almost every   herd   are
small  producers of butter and   in
many  cases cows that  have   been
! looked upon by their owners as be-
' iug the best in the herd have turn-
: ed out  to  be the pooresi  and vice
 ���" versa.    Land,  labor,  etc.,  are   so
I.eou Ladner returned home, Fti- j expensive in this district that we
dav, from Toronto, where he has: ca��not afford t0 feed a roor cow for
been studying during the rnst two nothing, while the same feed and
years. He arrived inst in time fcr\'c&t* would give ns a handsome
the dance and expressed  his plea-j Profil from a Eood cow-
sure at being able to return   to  the5������-���    --       -
salubrious  climate  ol  B.   C.  enre'
Don't forget the Strawberry and
Ice Cream Social to be given in
Oddfellows' Hall, on the evening of
Tuesday, iSth, by the Ladies' Aid
ofthe Methodist Church commencing at 8 o'clock. Admission ioc
Strawberries and K-e Cieatn extra.
When wanting a New Dress just
WHITE HOUSE bas some
wff��aJEff     SnOSf
B. C.
Cut Glass.
Watch Repairing a Specialty.
Andrew Clausen,
B. C Leather Co., Ltd.
lis Hastings Street,  Vancouver, B. C.
that THE
of the
Newest & Nattiest Dresses
ever shown in the City.
We have them in  all sizes from
year to 17 years, and in all prices.
A. J.
BIRTCH, - 275 Columbia Street
English Oat Tanned Harness Leather
wm, m collars fli lis
Saddlery Hardwire, Horse Blankets and [Stablij
Closed   Uppers   Leather   and   Shoe   Findings
Trunks, Bags, Valises.
Estate of
W.   L
' ^UKB^mL'rt
Pqbiic Notice.
Residents of the Town of Ladner
3nd Tort Quichon ore hereby prohibited, from throwing anv stop-
St foreign snnturifil into the drain-
ijtfe ditches along the streets and
Any person found violating  fhis
order is liable to prosecution under
ki ei Municipal Health By-lip.
1 By Order.
M. Tl   ().
���f\d- ���   ><
V& -������������;$&���:a: //~   ', j
i.-   -   -...   ... --_. .t'
\   t.  ��� :.'i ".i. '-''.���'.
\.   ti. :��T_WSfe.nto��.
General Merchant
5.   fi   Port Gulchor
W. H. TAYLOR, Agent, Ladiier, B. C.
Produce Stored and
Shipped Direct
To All ft C Ports!


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