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The Delta Times Mar 15, 1913

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Volume 7
$1.00 A YEAR.
Xew Westminster Is Logical Point to j Matter   Passed  Upon  Federal  Mem
Handle    Produce    for
Fraser Valley.
ber ami Petition Sent on to
Post Office Department. "
Board  of  Trade's  Pamphlet  Brings ! Needed Repairs to Line Discussed���  Farmers of Delta Are Advised to Get
On Tuesday definite steps were I
taken by the Board of Trade towards
having the market situation puti
squarely up to the people of New j
West minster, city council, whole-:
salers,  retailers, consumers and  the ^
,lui ers of the Fraser Valley, when;
lopted a resolution providing for;
e appointment of a special stand-,
committee to get in touch with
the hoards of trade and the farmers
:, the Fraser Valley with a view to
stimulating the marketing of produce
In New Westminster and to placing
the market in condition to handle
produce on a large scale, and making
iMs city a real distributing point
[01   valley and Interior produce.
This action was taken after a pape.
on the market situation was' present '
. ,i by the secretary, C. H. Stuart-
W'aile, in which suggestions for Improving the market were presented,
and which were referred to this committee.
figures covering the importation
of food stuffs into this province were
presented contrasting with those
showing the production of the prov-
Ince, which showed that the province
is producing only about half the
food it consumes, while the farmers
ol the Fraser Valley are complaining,
and with justice, that they are unfile
to find a profitable market for their
produce, The secretary remarks,
���'There is something wrong here."
Production.   -   1911 1912
Dairy prod'ts. $4,280,462  $2,169,300
Fruit   &  vegetables ....   5,084,241     2,871,806
Hav. grain, etc  7,281,373  10,407,892
S'urserv   stock      199,038        270,000
Eggs        255,112     1,203,212
Meats    . .     . .      .743,017        405,795
You will note that In 1912 we pro-
.lined $1,811,162 less of dairy products than in 1911, $2,212,435 less
of fruit and vegetables, and $337,222
less of meats.
1911 1912
394,260 $1,072,435
That the premises occupied by the
local postmaster and his stall are
too small to cope with the volume of
work which the distribution of mail
matr to Dlta residents involves,
has been apparent for some time.
The Iirst impression a visit to any Uhalr
loyality has as to the general prosperity and progressive spirit of its
residents is through the magnitude
of  its public  buildings.    It  is desir-
Delta  to  the Front���Annual
Election ol Officers.
Extension   of   Local   Service
Under Consideration.
The third annual meeting of the
Delta Board of Trade was held on
Monday aftemtion in the new Municipal Hall, the retiring president,
Mr. T. E. Ladner, occupying the
That the Board of Trade as
an Institution having for its main
ojject tiie betterment of local conditions  is  deserving  of  the  support
able that the present post office 0f all interested In the welfare of
building should  not  be any  loneer I.. , _ .     ..
allowed to misrepresent the pottn* |the *"JI~""1""1*'. was revealed by the
tialttlea of this district reports  of  the  president  and  secri-
With a view to rectifying this tai>- _1''?-"-' blU)W thal l'he re,liliI1��
matter a petition was forwarded Boftn- ua8 dolu' splendid work dur-
some iin. ago by the Delta Board jillg the P**1 ���>'ear anu llas Bet a high
of Trade to the Poslmaster-Gener-|slauclaru oi efficiency for the nicuiii-
al's  Department at Ottawa, request-1"*�� ot'fi*'ers*
ing that a more suitable building | lll(J president, in his annual re-
be creeled. At the annual meeting luon- referred to the great increase
of the Board on Monday last a very of publicity which had been given
encouraging letter from Mr. J D i!he ^elta during the past year
Taylor, M.P., through whom the pt.- jthro* gh the efforts of the Board of
tition   was  forwarded,  was received. iTrade.
Mr. Taylor advised that the request! A Pamphlet, "Proli'ic Delta," he
had been favorably received and stated, had been distributed, show-
that it had been passed on to the l*"S lhe wonderful possibilities of tne
Public Works Department, who I district and this had don - mui h to
would, If the statements of the peti- Ibrlng- the Delta forward as one of
tion were borne out, consider the !Ule banner districts of the province.
erection of a suitable building in !He-was also &lad to notice a con-
the near future. This, without jsiderable addition to the memlber-
iloubt, would be one of the most !sUli' ro11 during the past year.
needed improvements required in Continuing, Mr. Ladner declared
I.adner. (that the Board had been instrumen
tal in ha.i.i.fe the harbor dredged
|and in receiving protection from the
iriver bi.uks at Canoe Pass and West-
Ihani island. The most notable success achieved, however, he sai I amid
applause, was the appropriation by
the Provincial .Government of an
amount  necessary  for  the  establ.sh-
Residents of Delta heard with regret of ihe death Of Jes-ie
Eliza, wife of Mr. Asahel Smith, of
I.adner, which occurred at 1443
Pender street east, Vancouver, on
Sal unlay    evening,    the    immediate
On Monday, 10th inst., a party of
B.C. Telephone officials visited Ladner by automobile on business of
considerable local importance. The
main object of their visit was to
Inspect the damage wrought to their
properly in this vicinity by the disastrous storms of last winter. It was
found'that their line giving telephone service to the Brunswick cannery at the mouth of the river required considerable repairs, and it
is understood this work will be immediately proceeded with.
While' in town the party interviewed the officials of the Delta
Telephone Company with regard to
the probable extension of that company's lines within the next three
years. The material required by the
local company is ordered jointly
with the B.C. Telephone Company
and as all such equ-ipmnet has to
be ordered eighteen months in advance, the visiting officials took ad-
vantage of this opportunity of ascertaining the requirements of the
Delta district.
The party was comprised of Ibe
following officers: Mr. II. McGou-
gan, superintendent of commercial
department; Mr. J. Stuart, assistant
superintendent of construction; Mr.
C. Schram. superintendent of traffic, and Mr. .1. K. Brown, wire chief
in  New   Westminster.
Together o" Selling Agency
ment of a ferry service betwe.n Lad
ner   and   Woodward's,   giving   more
Westham Island Play Aggressive Soccer, But  Vancouver Shows
(Tcver Combination.
cause  o.   death  being  heart  trouble.   . communication  with   Vancou-
and    dropsy.       l'or   the   past   tour
months .ins, Smith has been invalid
ver.     The  Board  had   worked  hard
in  this  dircctio'n,  and  he   was  glad
Hairy prod'ts.$
Fruit & vegetables ....
Hay, grain, etc -
Nursery stock
Eggs.. ..
Meats    . .
and came to  Vancouver last August L ��� h       been   fe
to  live  with  her son  and daughter. !       fl d     Th    Great  Ncrthern  Ra���.
The   funeral   was   held   ou   Tuesday
from the Edwards' Undertaking Parlors, Main  street, Vancouver.
543,114        614,388
19,506 33,547
471,616 825,(80 i
1,000,200 1,337,424
"It cannot be said that our population Ib decreasing, for Dominion
statistics show that no less than 56,-
117 new settlers came into B.C. from
Great Britain and the United States.
We know also that many came from
Central and Eastern Canada.
"The Coast cities are vitally interested in fruits, vegetables, etc., for
it is in food products the city worker
(as distinguished from the agricul-
urist) finds his earnings drawn upon
so largely.    Let me give you figures.
We   imported   from   points   outside
' anada in  1912, no less than:   11,-
138; 4;!0 lbs. of apples, the province
-   credited   with   only   22,662,400;
" 594,150  large   fruits,  the  province
a credited with only 4,632,144;   1,
172,987    berries,    the    province    is
redlted with only 1,656,000;  3,744,-
00 dozen eggs, the province is only
edited with 3,437,750 dozen; 8,-
0.000 lbs. of butter, the province is
edited   only   with   1,500,000    lbs.;
.--0,000 gallons of milk, th" prov-
���   is only credited  with 7,060,000
gallons; 4,354,860 lbs. or mutton, the
province la credited with only 953,-
000 lbs.;  4,400,276 lbs. of pork, tbe
province is  credited  with  only  $_.-
1 '>L*,000; 1,405,900 beef, the province
credited with no definite statistics.
"The   steady   growth   of  Imported
��id stuffs Ib shown by the totals,
*s lollows:
In 1910 imports were $2,193,688;
In 1911, $3,373,348; ln 1912, $5,-
"In giving the foregoing figures,
ll may seem ihat I have somewhat
digressed from my subject, but it
I have, it has been done with the
- liberate Intention of showing importation and the need, even the imperative urgency, of action on the
l>art of every citizen, who ls inter-1
fsted In the welfare of his country
and his home town, to protect home
broduction, as well as to support
home industries.
"I have shown, I think, that we
have a market for almost double
what we produce in food products.
The point for us to consider is, first,
have we facilities for selling what
we do grow, and second, how can
we increase home production of food
BI uffs, and bring them to a remunera-
tive market.
"I submit that our rapid growth
here, and In the West generally, requires a distinct step onward with-
' "t loss of time.
"There is ample evidence that our
producers are victimized by middlemen; every enquirer can verify this
:"i* himself by investigating among
:!"- growers of the valley. The same
"PPlles to Interior points, as was
shown at the Vernon convention in
'"toiler ia8t,
"Wholesale men do not apparently
idy anything except to buy in the
i" ^t   market;   retailers  are   frequently satisfied  if they can  obtain
marketable produce with a minimum
01 trouble.    "Home grown" does not
-''if.v much to many people.
''"-operation between the public
and the grower, by an insistence that
��hat is sold In the city should be
-fown as far as possible in the prov-
(Oonttnued on Third Pa��e.)
THe late Mrs. Smith waa the eldest daughter of the late Duncan and
Mary Wishart, of Welland, Ont.
She was born at Anoaster, county
of Wentworth, on March 19, 1855.
For the past fourteen years Bhe was
a resident of Ladner, where Mr.
Smith achieved his success as an
expert ln potato culture, wanning
for  British   Columbia  tbe  Stlllwell
way had also promised to remedy
the defects in their Port Guichon
service. Mr. Ladner thanked the
officers who had been connected |
with him for their services during
the past year.
Mr. W. J. Lanning, the secretary-
treasurer, presented his report showing the finances to be In a very satisfactory condition.
Business Before the Board.
The general business meeting was
then  held.    Dr.  King,  as chairman
trophy at New York.      She leaves of the baiquet'committee, reported
to mourn her loss a husband, two
sons and a daughter, Charles M.,
James W. and Annie A., all of Vancouver; also flve brothers, Dempster, of St. Louis, Mo.; William H.,
of Topeka, Kan.; Frederick A., of
Montreal,   Jacob   C,   of   Stamford,
that that function had been a success and he considered that the presence of ladies on such occasions was
a step in the right direction.
A communication from the Dominion Express Company was received regretting that they had not
Ont., and Clarkson, of Hughes, In- , far be6n able t0 make satisfac-
dlan Territory; and three sisters, t arrangements for the extension
Anie M. Howes, of New V\estmin- j., thelr buB*neg8 to Ladner, but
ster, wife of Mr. J. G. Howes; Hagar IpromiBing to look further Into the
McLean WlBhart, M.D., of Pennsyl- matter Mr T. E Ladner was ap-
vunia, and Louisa Wishart, of Oni-.jointed to interview the company to
cago. discover where Ihe difficulty lay.
Rev. .I. H. Wright, of the Method-j A verv 8ncouraging letter from
is; church of Eburne, conducted the 1-^- , p, Taylor, M.P., was read
funeral' services and spoke in a 'j,, "regard', 0 the erection of a new
touching manner of the motherly po_t offu._ buj1(iinp. The secretary
qualities of the deceased, belore the wa- instructed to write a letter of
Immediate relatives and a number ol ,*,anks tn yi-. Taylor for his efforts
friends who assembled at the under- ;in ,b|g direct ion.
taking chapel io pay their last, re-i T)lf> N���w Westminster Progressive
sped to one who was esteemed and Ag80C*a*j0ll wrote asking for statis-
loved   for   her   kindly   nature.    Her  tjcs  ,_   connection  with  the cost of
protection. This matter was left
for consiedration at the next meeting.
Officers Elected.
Officers were then elected for the
ensuing year as follows: Hon. president, Ueeve H. D. Benson, of Delta;
hon. vice-president, Dr. J. Kerr Wilson, president of the Agricultura!
Stclgty; president. D, A. McKee;
vice-president. Geo. London. of
Westham island.
It was resolved  that the office of
demise will be keenly felt by these
and her wide circle of friends In
Ladner and .New Westminster.
Interment was at Odd Fellows'
cemetery, the pallbearers being
Messrs. II. Conn, J. Farr, W. Mid-
dler, H. A. McDonald, F. Sutherby
and D. Thomas.
The following were the flora!
tributes: Wreath, the family, Mrs.
Skinner nnd Mrs. Keil; Star, Mr. an.l
Mrs. .1. Q, Howes; cresceiu. Miss E.
Sutherby and son Fred; spray. Mr
and Mrs.  Frank Sutherby, Mrs. WU- secretary should be a paid one, and
l-inson.    Mr.    and    Mrs.    Wharton;
doss,   Mr.   and   Mrs.  John  Farr.
Mr. S. VV. Fisher was appointed to
the position at a salary of $50 per
Chairmen of committees were
named  as follows:
Agriculture, R. Hutcherson.
Public Works���Dr.   King.
Navigation���Capt.' Brewster.
Transportation���Alex. Davie.
Commerce  and   Industries���W.  J.
VANCOUVER,   March   11.���Judge
Mclnnes in    County Criminal Court
yesterday  adjourned   until   Saturday
argument  in  the case    of    William
Murray, who Ib charged in effect, first ',jaa^j'n'g'
with  obtaining execution of a deed,    Mpmhpr8hlp���R. Kittson,
of land by false pretences; secondly,,
with the theft of monies, which he ,
held as a trustee. i
Finance  and   Publicity���E.   Doug-
Legislation���T. E. Ladner.
Extension of Power Service.
The newly-elected officers then
took their places and new business
A splendid supply of eggs and a for the Board was discussed. Petl-
demand which caused the prices of ;lons were received from ratepayers
eggs to remain at 30 cents a dozen, of the Gowdy Road and Canoe Pass
with a tendency to strengthen, char- districts asking for the extension of
acterlzed the regular weekly market the B.C.E.R. power service to their
in New Westminster on Fridav morn- dlstriots. A delegation composed of
ing \ line demand for chickens Messrs. D. McKee. C. H. Davis, W.
and ducks was realized throughout J. Frederick and Chas. Arthur were
the market and a briskness in Flie appointed to wait on Mr. Sperling
egg and fowl departments was the "-��� Sf,<'"���. " possible, the dsird
feature of the morning.    Prices in concessions.
t the other    departments      remained
Messrs    McKee.    Davie.    Kirkland
and     Ladner    comprised
|steady, being;the same as l"tweek .        u                  b.c.E.R.  for the
A supply o   fresh halibut was placed t          obtaining the Delta real-
on the market and Mund a ready sale gfl v   B6ttlerg,  ,._���.s over th(. ,.om-
at  12  1-2 cents a pound     Sturgcon |i|]n  -..^ brancJh
���jowever have yet to malce their ap- The   meeting   ndiourned   after   a
j pearance this year although ihey an* V()t(, of tllan-.s to ,i1P retiring mem-
expected on the market weeffly.    As ,,,._. h ((, ,,___ pasSp(]
I next  Friday, is Good  Friday  the regular weekly market will be held on
Thursday anil one of the best mar- Mr.  h.  W.  Slater,  of  the  I.adner
kets for eggs of the year is antici- Hotel.  Is improving hia property by
pated.     ('alia and   Easter  lilies  are the addition of a bath roof and new
also expected to meet with a ready staircase.    Mr.   Duncan   Gilchrist   Is
demand. 'contractor for the  work.
The Vancouver News-Advertiser
gives the following account of the
cup game:
Steadying down to good soccer in
the second half, after balancing the
score, the Thistles defeated Westham
Island at the Powell street grounds
last Saturday afternoon, and thuB
became possessors of the Imperial
Cup. The Islanders, who play very
aggressive but not altogether heady
football, gave the crack Vancouver
eleven some anxious momenta in the
first half, and when A. Trip made
it two to one for the visitors on a
sharp diagonal close-in shot from
outside right, there were those In
the big crowd which lined the field
that thought it was already a lost
day for the Thistles.
Westham Island have not yet developed the accurate pasBlng and
combination work, however, Which
has reaulted in the Thistles coming
out on the long end of meny keenly
fought contestB. The Islanders' tactics were largely comprised of phalanx attacks, the forward in possession of the ball being followed in
closely by his comrades. Thistles,
when they got themselves In hand,
developed a mu;:h freer game, and
line passing from the wings to centre and vice versa, opened the play
and put them into nice scoring po
sifions. which they hastened to take
advantage of.
Whether it is the clear rural atmosphere of the Ladner district, or
some other factor ���Rl any ratj the
Westham Island eleven arc always n
splendid condition when they meet
the other teams of the league, and
the speed which they develop frorc
the kick-off is most trying to their
opponents, who are not so fortunau
in getting a plentiful simply of ozone
Thus Is was that for the first half
hour Thistles played anything but a
first-class game. Matthews scored
for the Thistles, to be sure, after
only a minute of play, but from tha'
time until nearly the end of tho first
period the Islanders bore down upon
the opposing goal in a series of whirlwind rushes that tested the dualities
of the Thistle backs. Christian does
not play his best soccer under such
conditions, where the ball is forced
through on dribbles, rather than on
swinging shots from wings and centre. Shortly after the Vancouver
tally, three of the Westham forwards
were close In on the goal with the
ball, but lost it in a scramble with
; McEwen. W. Tamborin found tbe
! netB at last on a low shot from In
i front of goal. Some 15 minutes
| later A. Trim secured the Islanders'
(second tally on a diagonal shot, from
the right wing. Thistles began to
settle down to football after this
event, and before Referee Leech blew
' his whistle for half time, the score
was evened up.
In the second period the Thistles
had the game well under control.
Several attacks on the Westham goal
nearly resulted in their scoring, but
Palmer was playing a fine game between the posts and saved one or
two hard shots. Finally. Thistles
secured a penalty. Matthews took
it, and sagged th" nets behind Palmer on a beautiful drive. Anderson
took the lasi goal tor the Thistles a
ilttle while before the close ot the
match, driving iii the leather on a
pass  from  the  wings.
Tin-  teams   were  as  follow.;:
Westham Island���Palmer. !',. Tam-
,borine,  J.   Trim.    Savage,    Cosolish,
Hemmett, A, Trim, I.eyton, VV. Tam-
��� borine,  Locke,  Hoggin,
Thistles���l.anibie.   Christian,    Mc-
IE wen,   llulchart,   Evans,  Tweed.   VV.
(Bell,    Anderson.    Matthews,    Bra?s
'     Referee���Leech.
A matter of great interest to the
community was briefly discussed at
the close of the annual meeting of
the Conservative Association on
Wednesday evening when Mr. II. J.
Hutcherson placed on the table statistics relative to the importation of
hay into British Columbia from the
American side and pointed out the
necessity for some co-operative _ell-
lii-.-, organization, |
It has been felt for some time
past that some definite action should
he taken to meet the competition
from acrosB the border. During the
past two years the price of hay has
been declining steadily and the
ranchers have come to the conclusion ithat the middlemen have been
making too large a margin of profit.
Failing to buy the produce of Delta
and neighboring agricultural districts at a low price, they have
bought hay and oats from Washington where such products sell at
a lesser " rate. The United States
government has imposed a high tar-'
iii on hay entering from this side,
which prohibits British Columbia
producers competing in the American markets. It would be only just
and fair if a like protection were
afforded tiie ranchers on this side
of the line.    *.
The   matter   under   discussion   on
Wednesday   evening    was   the   best
mode     of     combating     this     coin-
petition   and   though  no  definite  action  was  taken  more  will  be  heard
of   this  matter  in   the  near   future.
The suggestion  that  the farmers of
this   district   co-operate   in   the   sale
of  their  produce  by  establishing    a
distributing    market   in   Vancouver,
thus  doing away   with  the  profit at .
present    enriching    the    middleman,
seemed to meet with  most approval. ���
With this end in view, Mr. Hutcherson was appointed some time ago
to ascertain  facts as to the amount
of   hay   entering   British   Columbia.
Applying  at  the  Customs  House  In ;
Vancouver  for the  desired  informa-j
tion,   he   was  referred    to   Ottawa.
Through the courtesy of Mr. J.  D. |
Taylor, M.P., he was placed in possession   of  statistics   which  show   a
decided Increase during the past two
For hay Imports the figu.-es are:
Nanaimo, 947 tons       f 17,939
Officers   Elected  and   Work  of  Session Reviewed by Local Member,  Mr. MacKenzie.
Vancouver, 1969 tons
Victoria, 1724 tons
Nanaimo,  1085  tons        $18,259
Vancouver. 3072 tons  . ..      42,547
Victoria, 3853 tons         53,798
Oats imports for 1911 and 1912
Vancouver, 59 bushels $45.00
Victoria, 57,094 bushels . .     $29,039
Representatives   Named   to   Present
Case  of   Ho-spitnl   to  Miini-
i cipalities.
The directorate of the Royai Columbian Hospital have chosen tne
lioauuiiig tames aud gentlemen to
act, as deputation with tee object
of waiting upon the various councils
of the municipalities around and obtaining from them funds towards the
upkeep and equipment ... .ii- ...-.i-
Burnaby���Mayor Gray, Aldermen
Keuington ami Lynch, J. S. Clute,
sr.. Miss Scott, lady superintendent.
iu(|iiitlain���Mayor Gray, Alderman Kellington, Messrs. J. J. Johnston, J. A. Montgomery, Miss
Wright  and  Miss Scott.
Surrey��� Aldermen Jardlne
White, Messrs. .1. .1. Johnston,
Smith  and  Miss Scott.
South    Vancouver��� Mayor
Alderman Jardlne and Messrs
11. Small and T.  li. Smith.
Delta���(Mayor to name aldermen',. Messis. J. j. Johnston, .1. s.
Clute and Miss Scott.
.Mission City���Mayor Gray, Alderman Kellington. Miss Wright and
Mis:-   Scott.
Maple Ridge���Aldermen Henley
and White, Mr. G. Small and Mrs.
W. T.   Reid.
T. H.
Revision of Bolls in Progress���Those
Who Will Take Names For
The electors of the Delta Electoral
District are. reminded that in order
to have their names on the roll for
the quarterly revision in May all
applications have to be in the hands
of the Attorney-General's Department by the 7th day of April. The
Provincial Government has ordered
the cancellation of all existing rolls,
lt has been represented by the opposition Bhat a large percentage of
those registered, especially not In
cities, were not eligible to vote, and
the government wishing to be absolutely fair and recognizing it to bo
in the interests of the province to
have clean rolls has taken this step.
Many of the electors of this district
took advantage of the opportunity
afforded und filled in their applica-
tio forms at the meeting of the
Co . lervative Association on Wed-
ii(" lay evening. The following
commissioners for receiving names
were also mentioned at this gathering: C. Trim, Jas. Savage and P.
Swensen, of Westham Island; A. de
R. Taylor and A. N. York, of Ladner; Jas Kelly, of East Delta, and
the members of the Municipal council.
The annual meeting of the Conservative Association of Delta waa
held on Wednesday, March 12, in
the Municipal Hall, Ladner. .Officers for tiie ensuing year were elected, Mr. C. II. Davis being chosen
president, after which Mr. F. J.
MacKenzie, M.P.P., reviewed the
work of the legislature during the
past session, paying special attention to such legislation as affected
that portion  of the constituency.
The meeting, which was fairly
well attended, hy Mr. Geo. Dennis,
the retiring president, and the minutes of the previous meeting were
adopted as read by the secretary, Mr.
Jas.   Kelly.
Officers for 1913  were elected as
follows:   Hon.   presidents,   Rt.   Hon.
|R. L.  Borden, Sir Richard  McBride,
| Mr.   J,    D.    Taylor,   M.P.,  and   Mr
I Frank  J.  MacKenzie,   M.P.P.;   president, C. II.  Davis;  vice-president, E.
Ilulcherson;   recording secretary,  A.
X.   Vorke;   treasurer,   W.   A.   Kirkland.
Executive committee��� For West-
ham Island, .las. Savage and Frank
Kirkland; Boundary Bay, H. Montgomery; Gulfside. Jas. Nelson; Ladner, H. D. Benson and H. J. Hutcherson; Crescent Island and Sunbury,
F. J. Green and If. Mitchell; East
Delta, R. Kittson and Geo. Dennis.
. ib. president and Mr. Ii. D. Benson reported having attended as delegates the Conservative convention at
Revelstoke, where they had spent a
profitable and interesting time. They
Had found the party In. the Upper
Country to be well organized and in
a healthy and prosperous condition.
The retiring treasurer, Mr. II. J.
Hutcherson, reported a credit balance of $15.50. Mr. MacKenzie,
who was enthusiastically received,
then addressed the meeting. He
was glad to be once more among hiB
old acquaintances, he said, and
thanked them for their past support. Mr. MacKenzie firat dealt
with the cancellation of the voters'
list, a measure which, he said, had
aroused much adverse criticism from
the opposition. It was mainly due
to the opposition themselves, who
had during the recent campaign represented the rolls as being in a very
unsatisfactory condition, that the
McBride government had, wishing to
be absolutely fair, taken this step.
If there were another election Impending there might be some excuse
for the allegations of trickery which
their opponents were making, but
the fact that in the ordinary course
of events a period of between three
and four years would elapse before
Buch an occurrence plainly showed
that the Government had no ulterior
niotive in making this amendment
!to the Electoral Act. He urged upon
his supporters the necessity of registering their names and of securing
those whose interest in political affairs was only lukewarm.
The    bills    brought   down   during
tiie   past   session   had   been,   in   his
joplnlon, of a very Important public
nature  and   along  progressive  lines.
In   the   past   legislation   had   largely
'dealt    with    corporations;,    bul    the
measures of this session were almost
entlr ly d    otcd to thi   impi o .c:aent
I of public conditions.
The   Revenue Tax had been  abolished as it had proven obnoxious in
tliat it taxed all alike Irrespective of
(Wealth.    The government policy was
not    one    of    direct    taxation    and
wherever  possible  the  policy  or obtaining    revenue    from    natural   re-
! sources was being carried out.
An auditor-general had been ap-
! piilnt ed, whose signature was neces-
Bary on every cheque issued by any
government department, He could
only be dismissed after a discussion
on  the floor of  the house.
A bill regulating pool rooms had
been enacted, which it was hoped
would be of great benefit. It was
a well-known fact that along lines
of construction pool rooms were
erected which were in reality blind
pigs and gambling dens and wherever
a pool room was In operation outside of municipal supervision the
Government had levied a tax of $100
in order that more efficient inspection  might be carried on.
A very important act had been
passed giving more power to municipalities in undertaking loans for
local Improvement purposes. Thi3
act was much simpler and yet more
comprehensive than former acts In
this direction.
The new municipal bill was introduced into the house this session.
but not passed Into law. The government deemed it wise to let the
country thoroughly digest the provisions of the proposed act before the
next meeting of tlle legislature. Tile
recommendatlpns of the Royal Municipal Commission are embodied In
the bill. One feature of the bill is
worth noting, thai is tin- index Which
enables any layman to locate the
section referring to any particular
The government, wishing to make
the   opening   and   (losing   hours   of
hotel bars uniform and Sid in c'iiii-
inating joy  riding and the frequent-
' Ing of road houses after the city-
hotels had closed their bars, amend-
ed the liquor act to provide for the
'closing of every licensed bar al   11
I o'clock   p.m.    except    ou    Saturday.
(CwSimil   on   Sacena   rug*.;
' t
the birds on the Mainland appeared;
to be thriving so well that a short j ���
open  season  was anticipated within j Local Branch of
a year or two.    At Chilliwack these
birds  were  receiving adequate  projection and further prospects seemed |     STEVESTON   BC
^^^^^^^^^    Nurses' Organiza-
tion Elect Officers���Lulu Island
Residents Presented.
IContlniif-i   from   First   Puge.)
when tiie hour of closing is 10 p.m.
The    hour   of    opening   is   to   be   7
���    _--_..                     ,     .,    '     ��-~ ...  _-.w���    March  10. .���-.
   excellent.    Now   the  reverse  is  the The ladle8 _f Ri(.hmond municipality  a.m.	
.     _ -.��� .    .,     ,     ��������...���-.    rr.-lcase' u"(i u 1S doubtful if there are:are  trying to establish  a branch of A   measure  making  provision   for
Combined With  Good     Winter    .or more   birda   now   than    there    were.the   vict0rlan   Order    of   Nurses   In conserving   Robson   and   Strathcona
Food Provide Abundant Sport for      three years ago.    In  the Delta alsoltb--_  district,  and are organizing  a parks was also brought down.   These
there has not been the increase that
there should have been. The birds
that were put out on the Colony
Farm at Essondale have disappeared.
A few that were around Pitt Mea-
house-to-house canvass in order to parks, where the scenery equalled
raise funds for the project. At a that of Switzerland, would ultimate-
meeting held in the Opera House, *y become a source of revenue from
Steveaton, the following officers were tourist  traffic,
'elected: Honorary President, Mrs. J.
dows and those at Port Haney alsojM. Donaldson;    President,    Mrs. A,
of  game    birds seem to have gone, while at Langley Harris; Treasurer, Mrs. J. D. O'Neil;
���,,rt     re !a  few  scattered   birda  are  all   that .Secretary, Misa Mabel Tufnail; Con-
auu      ic  !_.���,���,t _��� ��� ���,,_,,!,-... ���-���-.--.,- ������,,���������  i..-_-_    _��    /-, ��� m      .��      /-.     j.
An iutere8ting report as to the sup
ply  and   condition
throughout the province _..u *�� i.are left of a number of strong coveys. Ivenor of Committees, Mrs. O
viewing this department of Bport for;Wllat the trouble Is it is hard to say. jDarllng.
the year 1912, has been made public Near Langley undoubtedly many \ Sympathy is felt for Mrs. P.
hv the Chief Game Warden, Mr. A. j were shot, and unfortunately the'Graemes, who last week received by
' i   ti'    vitni-   offenders  always escaped.       A  few'cablegram  the  unexpected  news  of
Bryan-Williams,  through me  -w-��-jn]B0 wero shot ���- the Delta   but at the death of her father, the Rev. Mr.
The registration of births,  deaths
and marriages was made compulsory,
persons   neglecting   to   comply   with
the provisions of this act rendering
themselves   liable   to   a   heavy   fine.
For the Delta riding, consisting of
three municipalities,  the changes  In
the   municipal   act   respecting   the
(nullifications of voters is important.
.��-ji-��_._ii��    H_,._rtment     On    the :"',',"",,���       I        -i  " '  ~*",' ,7* r7.,~ji ". ���/"",""*,","' ���.-""__'    The change is based on the principle
wht. I���,m1     ��� mivelv that ChlfniWfk   ��� ^S    Wr     ,C"ref""y   if6-' reCt��r ���� Billlng��� NorUlan-P-   that  the  man  who  pays  the taxes  is
whole U is stated authoritatively tnat | WBtcU6d  and although  a |ew  may t0n,     __       _ __ _ . entitled to vote, and if the inSi who
last agrement of sale
is liable for thp taxes on the property, then he i.s entitled to the vote
in respect to this property nt the
municipal elections. This privilege
Is not extended to the right Lo vote
on  money bylaws.
Minor acts dealt with by Mr. MacKenzie were draining, dyking and
irrigation acts protecting former
measures in this direction.^  One giv-
the  supply   of  game   birds  is   better,,._..- be,.n killed by irresponsibles or j     Mr.  Wm.  McKenzie,  who  for the  holds""the
now   than   during   many  years   paat, J accidentally by flying against wires, pnst five years has lived on his ranch
this being accounted for by the lm- there is not gu----*,.jPnt ,-eason In evi-|at   Woodwards   left   Lulu   Island   at
provements   in   the   game   laws,   the denoe for their not doing better.        tlle end of February.     It will be re-
increase of the enforcing offices an.l       Tb(,  Callfornfa quail   were as nu- nieiubered   that   Mr.   McKenzie  sold
good    winter    conditions,    together
with an abundant supply of food.
Tho winter Of 11��11 -1:_ was not bo
hard on the pheasants as the previ-   _     __ ^   ������~mmmmmmwmmmmm ____n^________i^H____i_
ous  one,   for,  although   some  severe-,-,,-  ,,,.'���  ever bgrore|  thu  fow' biru*s number of his neighbors and friends
weather   was  experienced   exception-|on Texada island having    multiplied pa*d a sllrPnse visit to his houae and
^^^^^^       "        "   '"  amazingly.    In   the   Interior  an  ex-ipresented Mr* and    MrB*    McKenzie
periment   was   made   with   the   Call
merous as ever last season in the lus land to the Canadian Northern
vicinity of Victoria and on certain ,'a1clflc Railway Company, retaining
Ol the Gulf Islands. Many ,-eport <?n,ynve ��<"*-es which he now holds.
indeed, that  they  were more pie���ti-;On t'e I'Hday before his departure a
ally   early,   tlic   birds   were   then   in
good condition to withstand it.   They]
really suffered more from excessive >forn*a qua** and *n both Mjcoia and
Bhooting while the snow was on the-the okanagan, they are reported to
ground than they did from the ,*lave aone ���tle\\i but whether they
weather. Later on, when bad|W*** f0i*ow *n *_*-e footsteps of the
weather came again throughout the|Bob white, which din splendidly for
Mainland, the accompanying high a time and then diaappeared com-
winds kept the fields falriy clear and,piete*yi remains to be disclosed. As
the birds thus were able to procure lS00U aa they begin t0 get -,Uo big
feed, in addition to which many of | bevies a little judicious shooting to
the farmers now make it a point to scatter them might have excellent
feed the birds regularly during cold 'results. On the lower Mainland
weather. It is pleasant to find lhat small bevies have made their appear-
ccmplainta are seldom heard of crop a'nees in several placea, some of them
damage being done by pheasants, being Bob Whites. Such occurrences
as it is now generally acknowledged have frequently been reported be-
that if they do slight harm they com- fore, but as soon as there has been
pensate for it by the greater amount jany material increase they have sud-
of good they do in destroying harm-j denly disappeared,
ful  worms and  insects. ! ,���,.. _,    ,   ,.      _    _
_      .,      �� Wild Fowl Abundant.
Excellent Breeding; Season. !
There  was an  excellent  breeding \    One of  the  most  noticeable   fea-
season last year as the spring came j tures of last year waa the abundance
in good time, and although there was | of  waterfowl,   not  only   duck    and
considerable rain, the critical seaaon
in the breeding season waa fine and
warm.        Moreover,   there   were   no
geese  having  put  in  an  appearance
in greater numbers than during some
______________________________________^_^^__ years past,  but swana and  aandhill
floods  on  tho  lower  Mainland   and j cranes being in evidence also.   Snipe
-hooting was better than in 1911,
although less aatiafactory than a few
years  ago.       Shortening  the  period
the  many birds nesting on  the low-
lying laud subject to flood all raised
their broods. In addition Mongolian ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
pheasants turned out a short time!during which wild fowl may be sold
ago have done well and introduced proved an excellent move and must
a much-needed supply of new blood, Ihave been an important factor in
so that altogether not only Vancou-i the improved duck shooting. A fur-
ver Island but thc Mainland as well,,ther improvement of great advantage
with a handsome marble clock as a  ,nK m,01f'e P��wer, to/^W��"
token  of their    respect    and    good   ���"'^rd to the sale ot milk for human
wishes.     After Rev. Wm. Ross had/ consumption; the Highway Act. mak-
made  the presentation  games  were  '"�� "Illegal to use public Highways
indulged in and refreshments served.   for   ,heav*v    trafhr"    d',nnsJ    w}?t&r,
Mr. and Mrs. H. Anderson are re- months; an act extending length of
jolcing over the birth of a son. parliament from  four to five years,
Lulu Island is loaing another old- raisinS the scale of compensation for
timer In the person of Mr. Keegan Jur-V service and allowing reasonable
who recently sold his ranch on No travelling expenses; Members In-
9 road. demnity     Bill,     allowing     members
On Monday Mr. E. Weinberger, ' S1600, instead of $1200 as hereto-
bootmaker,   of   Steveston,   suddenly   fore*
expired from heart failure. The Tne 8um of $250 llad been l"1'
deceased leaves no relatives, as far aside for repairs to Enderby Hill,
as Ib known, and his affairs are In rendered necessary by the recent
the hands of the public admlnlstra- landslide, while $800 had been grant-
tor, ed   to  the  Agricultural  Association.
  I     Mr. MacKenzie thanked  the retir-
CANNERIES PREPARING. ! ing officers for their services and he
��������� felt    sure    the    incoming    members
The canneries on the Fraser are would do equally good work.
now beginning to show signs of life. Mr. MacKenzie reported having
Preparations are being made in sev- visited Ottawa and hearing a portion
enal for can making, in others the'of the naval debate. He had found
machinery is being overhauled In Mr. J. D. Taylor, M.P., eager to aa-
preparation for the manufacture of | sist in any matter brought up afi'ect-
a sanitary or self-sealins: can. At ing the Delta, and his work in this
Ewen's cannery on Wednesday a direction could not be too greatly
gang   of   Chinese   came   down   from I appreciated.
New Westminster with their tea , The provincial member also
boxes,   bundles   and   umbre
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized  .   *25,000,000
Capital Paid Up    ����,500,ooo
Rest       ��ia,500,00o
Aggrtgate Assets, One Hundred and Seventy-Five Million
It is the aim of the management of this Bank to make every <w
posltor welcome, and to give the best possible attention to his financia
���Accounts may be opened with deposits of Oae Dollar and Upwards
Interest patv or credited at the highest current rates, mm May a 1st and
November lOtti each year.
hADNER, n. <-**,
Carry in stock a full line oi
Sand, Gravel and Cement
Phone 7
Box 1332
bad a larger stock of pheasants at
the close of last seaaon than ever
before in the history of the Province.    A   new  regulation   was   made
would be to limit'the repeating guns
to two shots; it is not so much the
ducks killed which spoils the shooting 'as  the   ducks   frightened   away.
thought   the   Delta   had    been    very
generously treated  in  the matter of
in 1012 limiting the day's bag otland tho majority of those who use
pheasants td six, nnd this maximum repeating shotguns would get fully
regulation was fairly well observed. ias many birds with two cartridges
Owing to an unfortunate mistake, |as With the magazine |ull, and would
the season on the Mainland was; |-,.[g*ltell t*le hirds much less. There
allowed to continue a fortnight ,*laa been more duck shooting than
longer than intended, but even sol(,vx,r [rom gasoline launches, this
there appeared to be an excellent | being especially notable among the
stock left and so no material harm Japanese fishermen at the mouth of
was done. Pheasants have now been -]le Kraser. This practice has done
tried in several places in the Interior much harm and a proviso Will prob-
notably ln the Okanagan district I ably be inserted In this year's order-
a few of the Mongolians were turned in-councll prohibiting it.
out near Okanagan Landing, and al- Wild Turkey Failure.
though they appear to have wintered | Through an oversight the last two
well, no young broods were reported reports issued by the chief game
last season. Farther south, in the|warden oipitted mention of lhe iia-
vlclnity of Okanagan Fulls, five birds portation bf two pairs of wild tulr-
were kept In captivity and bred with keys, obtained in exchange for per-
success. The entire stock waB turn- mission to export two mountain
ed out in ihe autumn of 1911 and|goat8. The birds arrived in splendid
wintered well. Last autumn it. was condition and were sent up to Chilli-
estimated there were two hundred i watk where they were kept, in pens
hirds in that locality, the proportion ,iml ,|llv -ggB that were goou* piace(*|
of hens being, however, top Bmall unaer domestic turkeys. The ex-
I'or a satisfactory breeding Btncl* periment   was   an   absolute   failure;
(....ii-.- mi no ii-iix�� . HKKil.   of   the   eggs   were  soft-shelll-d
], [g offlcla'lly stated that there|and any chicks that were hatched
were more, grouse, both blue and out soon died. The trouble was
ruffled, in evidence lust season than probably due to their being too close-
lor year:, past, this applying to prac- |y confined, as wild turkeys are en-
tically all the province. On Vancou- thuslastic physical culturists and de-
ver Island, a few days before tbe mand plenty of exercise. Under these
season opened on September IB, the circumstances it was not deemed ad-
whole country.in the vicinity of Vic- vlsable to ki-<.*p the birds longer at
toria   wan ali'vi'  with  birds. Chilliwack, and so one pair was loan-
Dnfortunatel. tor those who were ed to Stanley Park, at Vancouver,
antielpating excellent sport, the last and the other pair sent to Cranbrook.
few days of the cln.se season were In both places the birds will have
wet and stormy, and on the opening plenty of room to roam at will and
day most of the birds had moved, j should they be suecesaful in raising
Fair sport waa nevertheless obtain- any chicks, they are to bo turned
ed although nothing like what il out at the'discretion of the govern-
nii'gbt liav<" been;  Indeed lt Is ones-'ment.
tlonable, considering the largo stock | Prairie Chicken Scarce.
of birds, whether a little more shoot-;
ing would nol have been advantage- Prairie chicken are still scarce In
OUS In the way of thinning out and Grand Forks, the Siniilkameeu, and
scattering the large coveys. Another,other parts of -the Okanagatl., but
;,.,',���,, 0f diseased grouse nn Van- It where thnv heve brer, mn.-.-trd
couver Island proved upon inveBii- in tair numbers and In some places
gatlon to have lilt!" substantial toun- as plentiful as ever. Cranbrook has
datlon On the Mainland Coast, been especially favored in this re-
v.-'i,en- the season for riffled grouse sp->ct, as also have certain portions
was not opened until October lb, exMof the country along the Cariboo
cellenl sport was obtained as the Road. In Yale, where there is still
birds were plentiful and strong on a close season, future prospects arc
the wing In the Interior hundreds excellent; in fact many think there
oi yellow grouse were killed miring, are sufficient chickens to warrant
the flrSP fortnight of September, bul an open season ibis autumn, ihe
these were mostly voung birds that good reports from this district arc
mi_ht bet'er have been left for a' most encouraging as only a few years
few weeks The blue grouse, on the ago the birds there were almost ex-
other band were well grown andjtinrt. There appears to be a con-
furnished some of the best sport ob-jsiderable difference of opinion as to
Dease   Island   cannery   across   the
^aak^ fcjL1!^*-?.6-0*?".would entail  an  expenditure In the
neighborhood of $40,000, and the
grant had been made at the actual
expenditure of the engineers, which
showed that the government intended to carry the  project  through,
A hearty vote of thanks to Mr.
MacKenzie was passed and the meeting  adjourned.
day.    The Westham  brought  a load
of  tin  plate  to  the  St.   Mun^o  can
nery on Wednesday.
luickly  sto[.s  couehs,  cures co:ds, and   heals
he throat and lungs-        (! 30 --(.-nts.
D elta    Hotel
J. JOHNSTON, Proprietor
Ladner, ES. C. Phone 2
All Modern Convenances, Newly Furnished, Well Heated, Sample Room.   American and European    Plan.      First-class   Cuisine.
Prompt Service.
Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Rates Reasonable.
Manufacturers and Dealers in all kinds of
Shingles. Lath, Sash, Doors Turnings and House Finishing)
Phone R 14 Eburne Prompt Delivery by Kail or Scow
Suffragette Congress at  Washington
tained in year;*. Under such circumstances it ia somewhat of a problem to decide upon what date the
seaaon for grouse shooting
open. If it was to bo September 1,
the willow grouse are too young and,
owing to the trees being still in leaf,
simply afford potBhots; on the other
hand  if the season is opened  later,
the date on which the open season
for these birds should begin, and,
._- ��� aa the habits of the birds Beem to
should! vary considerably ln different districts, it is almost impossible to make
one date suitable for all.
In the Northern Interior Ptarmigan of all species last year made their
appearance  in   unprecedented   num
WASHINGTON, D.O., AND s<��,ll:
the blue grouse have migrated; while bers, the Willow "Ptarmigan or Black
to make different dates for each;Tail being notably abundant. There
specie would be still worse, as thei nearly always Is a good supply of
one would undoubtedly bo mistaken' the small flock Ptarmigan, but the
for  the  other.    This  year,   if  there! Black Tall, a larger and better bird
is a good breeding season, most -11b- - in every respect, is often very scarce. I cilities  to  handle the  grain  crop of       Arrangements for the visit of the
.viil  have the same open sea-; Last  year   one  gentleman   who   was|the  Canadian    Northwest,    and the  commission to Now Westminster are
for transportation to Europe by way
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B of the Panama Canal.
Loral Bodies    Will Urge    Claims of       The  commission   will   reach   Van-
New Westminster an a Grain couver Wednesday    next,    and    will
l>ort_                              I spend  a   week   in     Vancouver,   New
Westminster and Victoria.     Sittings
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12.       �����*-���  be held  where all persons hav-
Recognizing the Inadequacy of ex-'ing  a suggestion  on  the matter  in
isting transportation and storage fa-  hand will be heard,
tho  grain  crop ot
tricts  ----------------------------
son,    hut    otherwise    shooting    ���Wfill
probably tie put off for a month.
Partridges Thinning Out.
Many   broods   of   partridges   have
hunting big game In the CaBsiar district reported that during a single
day he must have seen between four
De Augusta
-5towc gullcn,
Toronto   ��
about the city and If possible ah
inspection ta>.r of the river and harbor arranged and the members en-
WiNNU'i*(i, March 10.���Canadian Northern Railway conductors,
who have been meeting here tl'"
past two weeks, delegates being
present from all parts of the system
sent an ultimatum to Sir Donald
Mann In Toronto Sunday, giving tbfl
company only 24 hours to meet their
demands. Some time ago Canadian
Northern trainmen were given an 8-
hour day but they claim wages for
a 9-hour day were to be given for
the shorter day. These have never
been granted, and Saturday s'r
Donald wired that Western trainmen were receiving far more than
Eastern men, even taking into consideration the higher living expense*
in the West and intimating the \\'s*
tern demands were impossible t0
preparation necessary    to  meet still in tho hands of the Board of Trade
greater  production,    the grain com- aad   Progressive  Association,  and   it
mission  of Canada is on its way to is expected  that  fullest reports cov- , ��^
and   five   thousand   of   these   Blacklthe  I'acilic Coast to Investigate suit- ering the availability of New West- tertalnea  at   ranoBeon.
u-^""__r-,  ��� v.nr.n,',vnr lHlnnd   but T��ilM inroad over a very limited area, i able locations for terminal elevators minster  harbor   for    grain   terminal;     Messrs.  R.  MaOill, W.  G.  Staples  .,_..__,.._���.,. .,,__������,���_..,,..c   -.     ,
i   ,^rl-h.��Z,l        III   rn  Slin-irre oris  ha-re   also  been   re- and   to   report   upon   necessary   pre- elevator f-icimi,-.  will be placed be- and   F.   E.  Gibbs  compose  the Ocm- U*faM�� atsrWrt sges.   JJgfSJjoV
St"! b ��^       M 2-K ^l��r5lKJ&   of   thejparations for the flood of grain that fore the member.. - .����! mis.lon. with  Mr. C. B.rkett, secre-1 gWgS:&^ &&&*>*
oui lo db .   bu    m ii ._.;���rtr(h must   soon   How   across  the   Rockies       The coiiiiiiissibii     will    be  shown itary.     * , c*.,at.ci��th��riii��*.0-tt.
be     demonstrated - 1Mrn    vw"ra     mrnir-nnn. .^.^.m .^.^.^.^h .^.^.^.^.^.^.^h
Electric Restorer for Me?
Phosphonol n*um W*s^}%,Zl
r til IU proper tension , ri.
vim and vital it v.  Premature dcray and all
Two   years  ago j North. i ' ;������';���
���m******^��t*******1**+*e+*+****+**********^ -:^o OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOJJ   MARKET must he improved.
,v    C    W.   Whittaker   returned
l-om Vernon on Thursday.
-,,.  h   J. Hutcherson returned to
Vancouver  on  Thursday  afternoon.
-lr   w   Symons  paid  a visit  to
Steveston on Sunday.
M_   -**</   H.  Wilson   visited   New
estininster on Wednesday.
Mr  S  N. Richlias been renewing
Dll a'cuuintances   during   the   past
Mr Joe Jack, after a somewhat
lengthy vacation, has resumed his
LslnesB duties.
Mr  Seymour Huff, of East Delta,
littering  from a badly  poisoned
Mr   and  Mrs.  Leon,   of   Ladner,
ei-o'med the arrival of a son and
_ ��������:
Xju-Ojoyocoo-.-oo-uoo. j
jj B.C.E.R.   Spend  #1.-. U.OOO.
The   B.C.   Electric   Company   will.
H. W. Slater was a-visitor to the spend $100,000 in New Westminster i
Royal City on Wednesday. .on   constructing   their   new   freight!
  yards between  Fourteenth and Six-,
Mr.   Wallace   Fenton  is  laid  up [teenth streets, and $50,000 on new i
with  a poisoned ^land. icar  barns  during  the  coming  year, j
  |     Surveyors   are   out. between   New |
Mr. Ross Slater visited Vancouver jWestminster and  Port Moody locat-
on Tuesday. ing the line which this company in-
  tends  to  build  in   the near  future,
Mrs. H. Berndt, of Boundary Bay,      With   reference   to   the   new   car |
has  removed  to  Live  Oak,  Calif or-1 barn,   it  is  believed  that  this  will
hla. |be the largest in Canada with a stor-
 ��� iage capacity of fifty interurban cars.
Fine assortment ol! Spring Millln-;Already the work of clearing the site]
���ery at Miss Willson's. Come and iB being carried on and building will j
inspect. **      start in a short time.
  tins Plant.
A dance will be lmjd on Monday, I The establishment of a municipal
March 17th, St. Patricks Day, in ;gas plant *n New Westminster is
the McNeely Hall. A pleasant time being looked forward to bv all tho
is assured by the committee. citizens.    """he   present   gas   commit-
,tee  under  the  chairmanship of  Al-
Mr.  and Mrs. Thos.  Husband are-dernian    3.    Jardlne   is   going   very
iContinued fi.-m .Hirst I'm-.. ��� Victoria Professional Lacrosse Team
jvwwwwv^^---.a.-^.-.-..^v-���. , .>oiv   Assured���Premier  Mc
ince.   is  possibly   the  easiest   means "Mde  Interested.
of combatting tha "dumping" ot tor- U-'i-om The Uriii-sh Columbian.)
eign food supplies upon our markets. I A prolesional lacrosse team rep-
Does it mean nothing to us that we re-outing Victoria in the British Co-
had In 1S1- to pay freight, or tx- iumbia Lacrosse Association this
press, on $9.408,750* of'food product- year iB now assured according to
from the interio*/, with duty added dispatches from the Capital City,
also to $5,845,272 on articles of con- John Virtue, the proprietor of the
sumption imported from the United Oak Bay Hotel in Victoria and a well
States and elsewhere. known sportsman, has undertaken to
"1 do not proress to do more than!finance the team this year and has
make suggestions for your consider- already succeeded in interesting a
ation when I submit: ilar='B number of the prominent cltl-
"That our market is not now fill-���]��� *** ,��- .���*��� c&^Al ln ?1^un���(l,er,tak:
filling its fullest activities. That >'*���?> Including Premier Sir Richard
there is even now space which might,g^"*0 and Attorney-General W. J.
be   made   useful   for   storage;   that ,        se ' -president of
the  time  is  ripe  for  providing  our,,.     .,   ,,   .     .   '     ,,���,������������--���, v.���
i      , _    .       ,.,.,', 'the B. L. La. A., and manager of Vic-
local  merchants  with   wholesale  op- ' b
portunities,    That  there  is  need  o
|J"|toria's best team In days long gone
'by has once more decided to take up
during last week.
C.N.R.  engineering staff    is
established in the house foriner-
occupied by Mr. Wm. Mackenzie,
i the old Woodward's farm.
rejoicing upon the arrival of a baby (thoroughly' into" the matter and  Mr
daughter. H    }>ahBt,   0f   Portland,   Oregon,   an
 ��� expert gas engineer, is now engaged
The stork brought Mr. and Mrs. *n looking over file ground on be-
Tory N'ieliollch a son on Sunday --.,*[* ot* the city. This gentleman
morning las'. wij*i   bi,   *,,   charge   of   the   erection
1 ���7 and    installation   of   the   gas   plant
Mr. Chapman, the local carriage which it is expected, will cost over
builder, haB been laid up with rheu- $200,000.     It is hoped that the work
  imatism  for some time, but is again  Vvill be completed this fall.
the S.S. BirdBwell was ln port on  able to attend to business. Flevator Onenine
leaving    on    Wednesday '���^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���
laiorning    for   Victoria  with  a   full
1:0 of hay for Brackman-Ker.
It  J   Leslie and David Duke have
almost completed Mr. Hugh Savage's
li-ew    residence   on   the   Pemberton
The council has effected considerable improvements to the Slough
]road, clearing away the undergrowth
I at the side of the road and straightening the plank sidewalk.
Mr.    Duncan    Gilchrist    left    for
I Ewen's Cannery on Thursday morning. He expects to be absent for
a couple of weeks completing repairs to the plant.
Rev. J.  J.  Hastie   and   Mr.   and
lllrs. John McKee attended the fun-
mi of the late Mrs. McKay,    wife
; Principal McKay, of Westminster
IHall, in Vancouver, on "Bueeday.
Messrs. Arnold and Clarence Wil-
cock paid a visit to the Royal City
on Thursday morning, returning on
Friday night.
The Methodist Sunday school will
The Grain Growers' B. C. Agency,
Limited, has started operating its
25,000 bii-hel elevator in the west^
end of the city. This elevator is
situated on the Canadian Pacific and
B.C.  Electric  Railway tracks and  is
join the 11 a.m. service on Sunday jclcse t0 the  route of tho Canadian
commemorating the centenary of the Northern   Railway.      The   company
birth of David Livingstone. ihas als�� lea8ed the old c* p* N* "vharf
from  the city council.
The elevator is fitted with the
most modern machinery together
with  a  grinding  and  sacking  plant,
The  council  road-roller has been
again put into service and the Trunk
road,  which has been badly cut up,     .,���._.-, ,        ,
during the winter, is receiving atten-1a*1(1 in ready to handle regular ele-
n-��� Ivator business under a track buyers
and   elevator   licenses.      The   grain
Mrs. S. W. Fisher, wife of Druggist Fisher, is regaining rapidly ber
health after her recent serious illness, and is able to take daily walks
out with her little daughters, Kathleen and Jean.
The Transfer on Wednesday
brought down a number of railway
workers from New Westminster to
begin  grading work  on  the C.N.R.
The many friends of Mr. Seymour
I Huff, of  East Delta,  will  regret tojat Woodward's Slough,
learn   of   the   death   of   his   father,
which took  place  in  Vancouver on
Mr.   H.  3.  Hutcherson   and   Mr.
Frank   J.   MacKenzie,   M.   P.   P.   for
Delta, came over by the New Delta
Mr. J. J. Johnston, proprietor of [on Wednesday evening for the Con-
Hie  Delta   Hotel,   is   improving   his jaervative political meeting.
grounds by filling in over the dyke
culvert. This will present to the
eyes of the visitor a grassy plot
where once there was Btagnant
v. iter,
Dr.  Spencer,  well  known  for his
will  be  imported   from  Alberta  and
distributed    throughout   the    Fraser
Valley and the Lower Mainland.
Pave Kingsway.
Work has been started by the
Canadian Mineral Rubber Company
on the Kingsway paving scheme
through Burnaby. The sum of
$340,000 will be spent on the section of this Vanconver-N^w Westminster highway lying between Central Park and Westmnister- city
limits. The contract callB for the
completion of this work within four
months  time.
The steam shovel has already arrived on the scene and a large gang
of from fifty to seventy-five men is
at present at work, although it is
expected  that before the end of the
work along temperance and moral month this number will be increased
reform lines, was to have delivered;to between two hundred and three
a lecture entitled "ftet on tbe Water ^undred,
Wagon,"   in   the  Baptist  church   on
Thursday evennig.
It   is   understood   that   the  B.   C.
Work on the McLelan Sawmill has
progressed rapidly during the recent
Bpell of fine weather.    The cement
boiler room Is nearly completed and I Electric   intend   to   continue   their
It   should   not   be   long   now   before ' high   power   line   from   the   Benson
���   mill commences operation. |road into Ladner in the near future.
A very enjoyable party took plac* |engaged   during   the   past   few   days
[al  the home  of  Mr.  and   Mrs.  Fred   surveying   the   proposed   extensions.
���'     i'ii- on Friday evening last, about
I of   lhe   young  people  of  Delta
I a   surprise   visit.       Dancing
.s enjoyed  until  a late ho.ur.
Other work which is now under
way is that of building the new plant
of the Heaps Engineering Company
on Lulu Island,. New Westminster.
These shops will be built on an extensive scale and it is hoped that
they  will  be completed  and  operat-
Their  surveyors   have    been    busily I10-**- *lthln-. four months' time.    The
-       iiuachlne shops antl foundry building
will   be   the   first   to  be  built   and
������^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   [about two hundred men will be em-
iployed in them  whereas the present
Postmaster   A,   deR.    Taylor    has  buildings    only    accommodate    (ungenerously   donated   the  sum  of   $5  hundred  and  thirty.    Later  a  plant
to the children  of the local govern-,f0r manufacturing the Diesel oil en-
ment school for the purchase of athletic material.    The girls have elect
ors.   W.   Bond    Harris,    forpierly
I      I .Mary Fisher, of Dundas, Out.,,   ,mmmmmmmm-mm--m---------m--mm----m
Kill receive for the first time since!ed to buy basketball equipment while
marriage on Tuesday, March ll,!"1*'   hoys   have   decided   011   lacrosse
ra 8.30  to  ��  o'clock, at Suite 7,  nets.
1-     la    Apartments.    1020    Nicola 	
Mrs.   VV.   K.   C,   Fisher,   of       The    services    in    the    Methodist
1   unpeg will receive with Mrs. Har-  church    on    Sunday   lust   were   eon-  Westminster Progressive Association
h       Vancouver  News-Advertiser.       ducted  by the Rev.  C.  R.  Blunden, i.m a j or  A.   W,   Gray  aud  bis  aid 1-
  j ol"   the   local   Baptist   church   iu   the'men, the mayor announced  that tne
after  morning,  and  by  Mr.  C.  W.  Nelson I land assessment of the city llttd  in-
iu   the   evening,   in   the   absence   of (creased   $3,500,000   since   lust   year,
the Rev. t'.  W,  Whittaker, who is when it stood in the neighborhood
attending the Sunday School Confer- of $13,500,000. This brings it up to a
Vernon. I total of over $17,000,0011,    the    ln-
^^^^^^^  Cisa&e being as ure sign of prosperity
Grass    Seeds���Timothy,      Alsyke of the city where the asssesment is
(Clover, Red Clover, Rye Grass;  liran 'always made on a conservative basis
and Shorts, Dairy Chop, Com, dice Alderman
Heal, Wheat, Chi0k Feed. Thick -l'lco,
Qraln Sacks, may be obtained of H. I
N. Rich, agent Brackman-Ker .Muling ,
��� I Co., Ladner, B.C. *      !
a cold storage plant, on a small scale hia -eB*<-*ence in the parliamentary
at least. That in my opinion thi > city .having niadp arrangements with
market should be hold twice weekly Ulose financially intersted in the new
in slimmer time. That auction sales 0iub t0 coach and manage the team.
of produce be held, and produceffifforts will be made to enlist a few
graded by competent men. Thai 0f the Victoria Amateur Seniors in
steps be taken to obtain government Ithe professional game this year and
assistance in establishing our market 'the remainder of the players will bo
as the central market of B.C.;  and [Imported from the east.
The Victoria team according to re-:
port will be run on the co-operative
basis, the players dividing the gate
recelptB the same as the Salmon-
bellies have always done and according to the system which Vancouver
will probably follow this year. No
high Balarled stars will be allowed to
take the cream of the receipts while
the remainder of the players get
little, but instead everybody will be
placed on an even basis.
Yorke has been commissioned by
the Victoria team to take a trip east
and look over the talent there. Con
Jones will likely take a jaunt East
at the same timjstto look out for some
more mercenaries to cope with the
invincible Salmonbellies and try if
possible to wrest from their bulldog
grip, the coveted Minto mug. There
is little doubt but that the Victoria
aggregation will be allowed Into the
professional league as both Royals
and the Vancouverites are understood to be favorable to a three team
league this year.
meanwhile steps be taken to offer
inducements, especially to Fraser
Valley growers, to use the market
in a greater degree.
"In conclusion, 1 believe, gentlemen, that if you will only take up
this subject with energy, and press
it on, until we have established It
on- the same basis as the old English
and Seattle markets, you will have
done a work that will reflect credit
on this Board; earn the thanks of
the people of the Lower Mainland,
and incidentally produce much revenue for your city, and directly assist
yourselves individually by reducing
the cost of living."
Prior to the reading of this paper.
Mr. George Kennedy, chairman of
the agricultural committee, presented
a report detailing the deplorable
condition of agriculture in this province, and pointed out the many things
that entered into a solution of the
problem. A royal commission had
been appointed to investigate this
subject, which would hold sittings at
\arious points in the province and
would make recommendations calculated to assist in arriving at a solution. On the receipt of the report
of this commission, there would be
something to work on.
Progressive Association Parses Resolution Asking Provincial Government's Aid.
-Relation of'bad roads to the de-,    w   ,d  h wh       igoned
plorable condi ton  of  agriculture  in L h     ���.-,.���*,       orP March   n'
he  Kraser  Valley  was  discussed  by   1S)13 ,, onct,band   settle    for
the  executive  ot  the New   VV estniiii- | the ._        ,,   fc
ster   Progressive   Association   at   its 1     -    -   -
My most sincere thanks and gratitude to the citizens of Ladner and
surrounding country for the kindly
assistance in my bereavement, when
my busband, the late Herman
Berndt, died.
meeting  Wednesday afternoon,
and if they fail to do so I will have
,   _. ,      ...    _- u|them   prosecuted   according   to   the
resolutions covering  this  were  pass-!.
glne  will  be erected  by  the side of
tin-  other  buildings.       The  old   site
wus acquired by the Canadian North- i
ern   Railway  some  eighteen   months'
Progressive Luncheon,
At a luncheon given by the New
Miss Agnes Montgomery,
three months' absence spent in visit-
ber home, Down county, Ireland,
ha returned to the Delta. Miss
Montgomery reports haviug had a
delightful vacation but is glad to
be hack among her friends here
ence  in
Mr. Jos. Harris, of Crescent Isl-
and, had the misfortune to have one
I oT i in- heavy plate glasses ln the
front of his automobile broken, pre
1 ably by a stone thrown by some
youthful miscreant. The culprit,
1 ever, disappeared before he
(1 uld be apprehended.
The flue weather of the past week
has been ideal for spring work, and
the majority of the ranchers are getting their land into fine shape. A
larger   acreage   than   usual   will   be
will  not
Maple   Beach  Addition,     the    old
'���ileu   property   at   Point   Roberts,  put  into  grain  while  ther
thi   summer home of scores of Lad-  be   as   many   potatoes   planted   this
"er people, has been cut Into build-  spring.     The low price of that com
lots and offered for sale by Cur-
&    Dorgan,    New    Westminster,
Mr, J. Canonvllle,  of  the    Royal
staff,   left   for   Vancouver  on
day  to  take  up  Ills  new  posl-
ni   the   Grandvlew    branch    at
inodiiy  has deterred  many.
manager of the People's Trust Com-   machinery   required   tor   the
iy,   New   Westminster,   has   been  tary System"    ol    canning.
The Wat-ham Cannery Is making
preparations tor putting up a full
pack in view or ths large run Of
salmon axpected during the coining
���eaion, The plant Is now undergoing repairs and it is the intention
Mr.   Greensdale,    late  of 'the management  to shortly instal
      Wb I
PPOlnted lo succeed Mr. De Canon- labor,      if      procurable,      will      be
\lllo used    entirely      In    Hns    establisl -
  'ment,  und an opportunity Is affo d-
-.  . ,   o/i   to   the   voiiiin   boys   and   girls  of
u-cm arrivals at the Delta Hotel  Sj.^^/to a!_lrt in dealing with
fere as follows: F. W. Jacobs, Van-   ^ "�����"" 1o .
-Oliver;  Tom Keogh, Vancouver;   M.  the Asiatic Problem.
A     .Nelson,    A.    McLachlan,   R.   T. i -���--i-��� ,_.,u annul
Kelly,   Lester Faus,  B.C.E.R.;  Thos. !     A very Ple^t evening was spent
Solan,   H.   Grant.   F.   Henley,   Van- on Friday evening last at/he home
"ouverj J. Stevens, Chris. Sund, Jos.
rkor, F.  E.  Falch, Art.  Rustoule,
White, chairman of the
Harbor committee, further explained
that the grant of additional foreshore had been made by tihe Dominion government to the city, but
that the patent had not been received owing to negotiations with
regard 10 certain details which were
still going on. The patent, however,
Is expected to be received within
ten days. Once it arrives the city
will proceed lo collect its plaiiB and
go ahead with the work day und
The home of Mr. nnd  Mrs.  VV.  A, I
[Kirkland,   Slough    Road,   wus   the
[venue of a  very enjoyable surprise
puny on Friday evening last,   some
tcrty   Of   their   friends   gathered   for j
the evening und the unexpected na-j
ture  Of   their  visit   made  the   parly'
all  the more enjoyable.     Progressive
: whist   formed   the   evening's   amuse-
'ment,   Mrs.    II.   A.   McKee   and   Mr!
Oldroyd   being   successful   iu   obtaining the  prizes.    Minor  honors  wero
carried off by Mrs. J. Davis and Mr.
W.  H.  Wilson.
Refreshments were served and the
guests returned to their homes at a
late hour.
ed, aud ordered forwarded to Hon.
Price Ellison, minister of agriculture, aud Hon. Thos. Taylor, iuiuis-
ier of public works, to local members
of parliament, and to the Fraser Valley Municipal Bureau, and the New
Westminster Board of Trade for endorsement.    .
The resolutions ask the provincial
government to float and guarantee
Ponds on behalf of the rural municipalities and that the -municipal
councils expend the money so ot>-
taiued on constructing good roads
under the supervision of a government engineer. That the provincial
government appoint a commission to
be called the Road Commission,
which shall devote all its time and
attention to studying the best methods of building roads in the different
parts of British Columbia and to direct the municipalities along these
"aid be it resolved further that the
provincial government be asked to
lay a hard surface pavement at least
ten feet wide on the Yale road out
Of Nctt Westminster and that if it is
impossible to do' this this year, pro-
Vision be made for tlle same in next
year's estimates apart from the regular district vote.
The association will entertain
Capt. Amundsen, discoverer of the
���Kouth Pole, aud Canadian Trades
Commissioner Grigg, who will visit
the  coast   within  a  few   weeks.
law.   ^^^
Port   Guic-hon
H. Pearson, R. Smith, G. Good-
ii,   New   Westminster;   E.   Cook,
A very pleasant evening was spent
:'' Mie home of Mr. and Mrs. A. Car-
'��� r. Westham street, when a number
��f friends gathered to a surprise
Party, Cards were the chief source
cf the evening's amusement. Mrs.
"��� II. Wilson captured the honors
among the ladies, while Mr. Oldroyd
'^ successful  in   winning the gen-
;i"'s   prize.    Booby   prizes   were
"ted   to  Mrs.   Carter  and   Mrs.
���V Rich, who acted in the capac-
_"���   of   a   gentleman.    Refreshments
'������ i" served after a very enjoyable
'  --'ling's amusement.
of Mr. and Mrs. N. A. McDiarmid
when they entertained a number of
their friends. Whist was the popular feature of the evening's amusement. Refreshments were served
before the guestB departed for their
various homes.
Misses Mabel Lanning and Maude
Hutcherson, of Columbian College,
New Westminster, last week end entertained a party of their college
friends at house parties at their respective homes. The young collegians welie in high spirits after being
under Quarantine rest victims for
some time past, and all spent a
happy time. Tho party returned to
New Westminster on Sunday afternoon, hoping to be able to again
enjoy a visit to Ladner,
llie Cariboo Observer, of Quesnel,
B.C., In Its recent issue contains a
notice of the marriage of Miss Maud
Kirkland, youngest daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Kirkland, of Westham Island, Delta, and Mr. A. W.
Cameron, manager of the Quesnel
branch of the Northern Crown Bank.
The ceremony took place In the presence of a few Intimate friends only,
and was performed by Rev. Win.
Stott. Mr. E. .1. Avlson supported
the groom, the bride being unattended, After tiie ceremony a recherche
supper was served by the hostess,
and the happy couple left amid-;' a
shower of rice and congratulations
They were the recipients of many
handsome and useful presents.
dangley'S Annual Contest ls a Great
Success���Judges and Prize
The Langley annual ploughing
match was held yesterday on a Held
kindly granted by Robt. Wark, Esip,
Langley Prairie. The judges were
William McCooni, Diq��� und .1. It.
Adams, Esq., whojgiive the awards as
Plowing, 1st class, high cut plows,
1st prize and silver cup, ,1. Mowatt,
Fort Langley; 2nd prize George Wilson,  Fort  Langley.
"Best   Furrowing   -Jus.   Mowatt.
Best Finish���Jas. Mowatt.
Neatest  Ends���.lames Mowatt.
Straightost furrows���Jas.  Mowatt.
Plowing, class No. 2���1st prize,
Geo. Rawlinson; 2nd, R. Meede; 3rd
J. Scott; 4 A. Ferguson; 5, F. Ralph;
6, A. Hunter; 7, G. Wright; J5, F.
Best Furrowing���1, Geo. Rawlinson;  2, R. Meede.
Best Finish���1, Geo. Rawlinson;
2,   J.   Scott.
Neatest Ends���1, R. Meede; 2, J.
Straightest Furrows���-F.  Ralph.
Notice is hereby given that the
list of voters for the Delta Electoral
District has been cancelled, and that,
applications to be placed on the
voters' list Will be received at my
office at the Court House, .New
Westminster City, where print.'d
forms of affidavit 10 bo used in stii-
juirt of an application to vote will ha
The list of persons claiming lo
vote will be suspended from an 1
after the seventh duy of April, 1913,
and a Court of Revision will be held
on the nineteenth day ot May, and
notice of objections to the Insertion
of any name on the register of voters
must be given to me thirty clear
days before the holding of the Coun
of  Revision.
Dated this 3rd day of March, 1913.
S.  A.  """LETCHER,
Registrar of voters for the Delta
Electoral District.
Local Business Men
Are realizing more every day
the value of the concise,
memory tickling Classified
Want Ads. Make your story
short and pithy and our Want
Ad. Columns will repay you
a hundred fold for the small
I   Investment.
1        _-VM����IIMM
Tor Sale, For Exchange, Wanted to
Purchase, To I.et, Lort, Found. Work
Wanted, Situations Viumnt, 1 cent per
word. Minimum, IB cents for any on*
inlvt. These rutes tor c����h with order.
All Want Ads. must be In bf 2 p.m.
on Thursday.
FOR RENT���29 acres; good dwelling and outbuildings, all land
under cultivation and in good
shape. Apply "D.F.," Ladner
P.O.,   Ladner,   B.C.
FOR SALE ��� ClydeBdale Stallion,
"Dean Swift." This magnificent
imported registered Clyde stallion
for sale at a moderate figure, or
will exchange for heavy mares. He
is very sure. The only reason for
selling, we have too many of his
own stock now. He is well known
in the Delta, having Btood there
for several years. F. B. Pemberton,
Victoria, B.C.
Seuilpmen to His Majes'y the King.
A. J. WOODWARD, Sole Agent.
,'ita Granville St.,  Vancouver
015 r'irt St., Victoria.
Catalogue on application.
Taylor Electric Co.
Handle all electric appliances
and are prepared to install
electrical systems of all kinds.
Agents   for   Quick   Lit  Light.
V.   DeA,   TAYLOR,   Manager.
Successor to P. C. Clark
Beginning September 1.
Via Steveston and
S.S.    "NEW    DELTA"
To Vancouver and Xew Westminster.
Week Days.
Leaves Laditar���8:30 a.m. and 3:80
Leaves Steveston on arrival of cat
leaving Granville street, Vancouver, station at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30
p.m. New Westminster passengeri
will take car leaving at 8:00 a.m
and 3:00 p.m. for Eburne car, to
connect with the boat.
Skagit to Have Hospital.
MOUNT VERNON, March 10���It
has been announced yesterday that
the old Hanson building, that
stands on the site purchased by the
county commissioners Tuesday for
Mount Vernon's new court house,
ll   to   be   repaired   and   used   for   a
county hospital.    The  building  will	
oe   moved   to   the   rear   of   the  lot.jjv       .    l/on'o  Pomnif-**   Pil5��
and   the   work   of   repair   begun   at1Dr.de Van S  hei-iaie   KlIIS
A reliable French regulator: never tails..1 ncse
Mineral and
Soda Waters
New Westminster, B. C.
Manufacturer of
ALE and all kinds oi
Your Patronage Solicited
���AND ���
General Blacksmithing
Delta Telephone Co., Ltd.
Incorporated  1910.
We are prepared to Install single
line or party lino phones at short notice. Long distance ln connection wltn
our service. Apply to
A, DeR, TAYLOR, Sec.
Advertise in Delta Times
once, aB a hospital of this nature is
badly needed.       Al   present the  In- jgenerauvepori
valids have to be sent to  the  Bur- Ij^*};"'-'";'"^''",.'; _
���ri<�� SooImM Drai <*��., si. CatharlBM.
ington hospital.
pills hi- cxc-e-inKly powerful in r.^ulatin^ tlie
" "'        I tin'tcmalc svsl-ni.   KsreM
Pr. du Van'e are Bold .it
r three I.t III'.   Mailed to any address
Residential Building Site
MR. H. N. RICH has received instructions from the Board of School
Trustees of thP Municipality of Delta,
to SELL BY AUCTION In the Council
Chamber, I.adner, on
Saturday  March 15th
at 2:30 p.m., the old TRENANT
SCHOOL SITE, comprising one and
one-fifth acre, together with the
buildings thereon, having a frontage
to the Main Trunk road of 22"> feet,
and being a portion or the northwest
quarter of Section 86, Township B,
New Westminster District
Also the old Mechanics' Institute,
building, and another limber building, now standing on the southeast
corner of Stanley nnd Hotham
streets, in the village ol Ladner, '���'
be moved away within fifteen days
frc.in date of sale,
Terms ���Ca ih.
Further particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneers, Ladner, B.C.
r ,
, I
' !
New Government at  Washington
SEATTLE, Wash., March 13.���-Indicating by his iiuestiouB that raein-
be.s of the I.W.W., which contemplates the establishment of "one big
union" composed of all members of
t'.e working classes, will not be ad-
n. tied to cttzenship, Judge A. VV.
1 -ater. of the Superior Court, is today examining a large class of applicants. No Questions touching
upon affiliation with craft unions are
being asked.
in response to a question asked
him before court convened this
morning, Judge Frater would not
commit himself as to his purpo.se
in Inquiring about the membership
of applicants in ths organization o'
industrial workers.
"Whether I shall peremptorily
deny the application of one who admits membership in the I.W.W., or
whether 1 small simply make his affirmative answer the basis of further inquiry, is a question that I
caaset answer at this time," said
the jakge.
"Netking of the kind has arisen,
and whes it does, there will be plenty
��� f time to attend to it. The I.W.W.,
as 1 understand it. advocates direct
actios and the bringing about of a
Ca�� I borne  Weds.
VVAT.LA WALLA, Wash., March
13. Blsie M, Cawthorne, author of
"A V< ar Without a Chaperons," and
many sbori stnn-v, whom the got
ernment authorltl is are trying to deport on -in charge thai she is unlawfully In thi ilted SI atei. was
married here today to John A. McNeil, of Sherman county, Oregon.
Sloop Wrecked.
13.���With no cue at the helm and
all Bails set, tho sloop Mariechen
sailed into Port Townsend Bay yesterday afternoou and is ashore today
at i tie upper end of Scow Bay, where
she  beached   I    .--'If.       The   bun!   I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
��� st Ustivrn either here or in Seattle, I
and  is supposed  to  have come  from . ��-���_���.�� .    ���
somewhere down the sound.      Her POULlHY   HUiOMfl I
dory is inissli ��� and it is the opinion ���   ���'���-'"������-���������������'������"
��� f Isca! sailors that she got away
from her crew while they were in
the small boat.
Wihdber Sails.
BBLXINGH \ I, Hard* 13.���In
command of Captain II. E. Soule,
and manned bj a crew of several
hundred fishermen and cannery
workers, the Pacific American Fisheries liner Windber will leave Bell-
isgham tomorrow evening on Its initial voyage to Northern British Columbia and AlaBka. Cannery supplies and laborers will be transported
te tbe company's canneries at King's
Cove and  Excursion Inlet.
Wr.hlv/L^ff or
ftyirfoYL vAMfA.
JEJC. cPLA��>Q&.
Should Curriculum He Enlarged ami
Advanced to Meet (.rowing
9900,000 for Pair.
OLYMPIA, March 13.���The house
this afternoon worked an hour over
ihe Panama-Pacific exposition ap-
preprlatlon bill, and, aa lt had Indicated a tendency to do on other
mature during the day, reluctantly
���ee_al*eeed to the expressed will of
���evernor Ernest Lister. Instead of
passing the original bill calling for
a $800,000 appropriation tor San
Fraieisco and San Diego, the house
passed a bill calling for $200,000
appropriation, which was the figure
which the governor has set as the
maximum that he would uot veto.
His express statement was what
caused the cut In the house, half
a dozen speakers delivering "what's
'���'.o use" specrhes on it.
Bankers Given Separate Trial.
BELLINGHAM,  March   11.    Upon
the assurance of Attorney Frederick
K. Bailsman, of Seattle, that the testimony of one defendant would not
embarrass any or all of the other
defendants, Ju I ;e Hardin tliis morning granted the motion of I he defendants In the case of tho state against
Furth, Ankenej and Anderson, the
officers of tin Seattle National Bank
separatp trial:-,. The motion asking
thai an outt: '��� |ud t bi < allt d In
to bearthe case and the motion for
n change of venue was taken under
advisement with Judge Pemberton.
'i be motion for k change of venue
was made bi .-.ni- ot the allt ged
feeling In the county against the defendants and the publicity which the
case has already been given, making tions
lu reviewing the pages of th-.*
history of the poultry industry cf
Canada two facts stand out. preeminent; the first, the phenomenal
though natural growth of the industry, particularly within the last five
ytars, and the second, the lack of
unity in effort and co-operation
among the leading poultrymen in establishing a Canadian poultry industry. The rapid development of the
industry is common knowledges. It
has been due largely to the incensed population of the country and to
the increased per capita consumption of poultry products. Now that
eggs and dressed poultry are being
marketed In better condition they
are more popular, and there _s a
larger demand for them. Prices
have risen and they seem to bo rising simultaneously with the rise in
popularity of the products. Within
recent years Canada has been chang
ed  from an exporter to an importer
that a course i:i poultry should be
given embodying more advancing
scientific work and along with
which a liberal amount of work
should be taken In other branches of
agriculture, particularly horticulture, dairying and animal husbandry. Poultry raising is an Important Industry, though naturally
not as significant as the other industries just mentioned. But the
point to be made here is that poultry
raising, which involves a few fowls
on nearly every farm, is more Important than previously considered.
A short comment from Professor At-
wood on this point is worthy ot
note. "Not only is the industry
whose problems we are studying a
large and important one, but poultry
husbandry as carried on at the present time, with its artificial methods
Presldenl Wllaon, Vice-President
Thos. u. Marshall, Secretary of State
.William Jennings Bryan, and others
of the more Important members of
the Wilson cabinet. Franklin Lane,
..1 .re,,i, , ii. ,he interior. Is Canadian born.     He i.s a native    of    Nova
I Scotia, but has practised law iu California for some years.
dii'tion? What is the best type of
| house for winter egg production?
i How should one mate fowls In order to obtain certain desired qualities in the offspring? What is the
cause and remedy for white diarrhoea, for roup, and other serious
ailments? How do the constituents
In various poultry foods differ ln
"How many bens can be kept In
one flock to best advantage? How
many chickens can be reared ln c.ie
flock most profitably? How does
food-effect the color and flavor of
eggs, of flesh? What Is the best
combination of foods, and most
economical ration and method for
'fattening? What Is the comparative
value of poultry foods and various
by-products? Is grit essential?
How should fowls he fed during the
moulting season? What Is the Importance of geer food and free range
as compared with bare yards?
"Who knows the chemical and em
of poultry products. 	
'would lead one to believe that the
supply  is not  keeping pact*  with tbe
( "it   and     increasing     demand,
and while there is no market like
the "home" market, still we know
that many thousands of dollars are
being lost annually in th;' business
of poultry keeping. In many cases
We are not producing eggs and
dressed poultry as economically as
mighl be done, and we also know
thai we are actually losing a considerable portion ol the value ofthe
products through some methods of
marketing. While these deplorable
conditions exist there is little hope
that   the   profits   of   the      producers
I will be increased so that what is
first needed Is to change the condl-
recent years and there is behind this
business no such accumulation of
facts and experiences as is the case
in the other branches of live Btock
industry that have been carried on
for a much longer time. Consequently there are numerous new
Problems awaiting solution, and
' ������" difficulties arising which de-
���.nd the attention of the investigators in this line of work. In tacl
the problems which we may select
for Btudy are so numerous that that
there is some danger that we may
spread   our   energies  over   too   wide
ment should undertake some of this
work, such as the cold storage problem, the handling of market eggs,
egg preservation, the establishing of
breeding stations, and the distribution of pure bred stock.
The poultry department of the
college also has the commercial side.
This ls practical, and should be so
for the producer's benefit. It may
not be advisable for tbe college to
undertake  the  breeding  of  poultry   	
for exhibition, but certainly well- * y-- -���--���- ������----..--. ��� ���.
bred standard breeds Bhould be Woglwl changes that take place
uieu    Bimiua .within   the  egg  during   incubation?
in dosing permit me to  quote  a I Who knows the chemical and physi-
om  the   report  of  the   cal chanc.a which occur ,n the keep-
committee or. education and expert- \%*  of   poultry   products   Inside   or
mentation  of the  American   Poultry 8'(,p,.    �����*     *,�� ",  *�����*f'     Who
Association, regarding    the    import- t k��0WB,  ll<], "   '���  history and  rapidity
' ��� ������      ��� ol   multiplication   of external       and
' internal poultry parasites, several
hundred of which have been dlseov-
j ered and named?"
| These are a few of the more Important practical problems now be-
i ore use. They are all capable or
solution.���Dominion   Poultry   Guide.
.  ���   pnt time   with Its artniciai muinoun        in  cloa ntt  permit me to  quoie  n   ���������-,      -������- **,*, ,���
Such a change aSdSlances, is a development ,t  ,J%S��rom the report of the  j* ��Ja��Wigjolloccu
huili B cnange    ���  .   ,._htri(i thi. I ...  ��� ���_   -,,,.--,--,-  ..nii  ���,.-���-���_ . ing   of   poultry   piodu
ance of investigation In poultry bus
bandry,   and   which   suggests   problems   for   tho   colleges.
"The practical poultrynuin encounters difficulties at. every turn.
Why are so many of the eggs Infertile? Why do so many chicks die
in the shell? Why do so many
chicks die after incubation, and what
i- the remedy'' Mow should little
chicks be fed for best results? How
should one feed various breeds dur-
il impossible, it was claimed, for tht
case to be given a fair hearing.
Blaine Held Pp.
BLAINE,  March   1 1.     Suit  against
the City of Blaine has been Instituted
by bhe North American Lumber Company,   of   Blaine,   to   enjoin   the   City
from making certain proposed Improvements iii block i- of that city.
The City Council passed an ordinance providing for the building of
a wharf and planking E Street from
the meander line to the outer harbor line and assessing the property
to meet the expense Incurred by the
Improvements. The mill company
contends that the city is the lessee
ef 'the property from the slate and
the expenses should be borne by th
To  whom  shall   we  look   to  bring
about   these   changes?   lu   reply   we
can   but   siig-'esl    the     . o  -���'miner-.
and   the  agricultural   colleges,    Of
the work ol the governments lit'.'
need be said:  present  indications aie
thai ihe federal government is taking a more active interest  in poultry
matters  than   formerly   and   in   view
of   the   comparatively   little   it   has n^^^^^________
done  in  llie past   it   Is hoped   il   will [ 'ions of this  nature  must b
realise its increased responsibilities ^^^^^^^���'��� '
In   the present      But   what  of       the
agricultural   colleges?
While the agricultural colleges
throughout Canada have done much
for the poultry Industry of the country, the responsibility of the colleges
and  the  demands  made   upon  them
a   range   thus   Interfering   with   the ! *���*,-  different   seasons   for  egg   pro
quality   Of   our   work'.     The   ideal   is I , r==.
to concentrate effort on a tew specific problems until final results are '
achieved and  presented to tlle public."
city.      A   strln  some  600   feet  long are  greater than  over.    T|,tJr    .    ;
and held by tho state Is included by  done   much   to   make   rarmjmu j
estimate of the costs,   keeping  more  profitable
^^^^^^^^^^   But. now
is   a  larger  poultry   Industry,
the city ln th _mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^_^_
which in one place state the improve-  there
ments  will  cost  $12.000,  and  In an-  as   a       -
other  place  that  they  will  cost  tho  conditions have  changed
property $ :t _!,!��35
IU'''" we have a timely suggestion
tor concentration and co-operation
among ihe various agricultural colli ni's and also among Ihe governments and  the colleges.
Quoting further from the extract
ln the report, of the American Association of Instructors and Investigators in  Poultry Husbandry.    "Que-
^^^^^^^^^ settled
to B large extent by each investigator according to his equipment,
local conditions nijd his ability - 1
carry out a certain line of work.
But, speaking generally, it would
seem that the main lines of improvement lie somewhat In the following
1.   Investigations   should   be   con-
Holy Communion, first and third
Sundays at 11 a.m., second fourth
Sundays at 8 a.m.; matins, 11 a.m.;
Sunday school at 10 a.m.; Evening
I Service at 7.H0 p.m.; Wednesday
evening. Litany at 8.30. Rev. C. C.
Hoyle,   M.A.,  vicar.
Baptist Church.
Pastor, Rev. C. Tt. Blunden.
Ladner--Sunday  school,  11   a.m.;
evening   service,   7.30   p.m.;   prayer
t'vi'iiiii k    ���..���rvi-.:1*.,     i .._���_     *-.iu.,    yiBjai 1 . .
meeting. Wednesday, 7.30 p.m.; mls-i areIt ���*lluilt<-"-
"* ���*''_.'   ...    . In    Hlirvev,
t*5^j^~^^"*^!.��R;^'-.,'\ ��T
Coal mining rights of tbe Dominion, In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest. Territories and in a portion of tin- Province of BritiSb Columbia, may be leased for a term
of twenty-one years at an annual
rental of $1 an acre. Not more than
2660 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant In person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district In which the rights applied for
m*~*'7IJakes a  Specially or1���
job ana
ducted In the production of eggs better suited  ffcr Incubation than those
.generally produced.  A  large amount
of money is lost in this country each
result   of   rapid   growth,   and   v(,.ir )n "hfi [noubatlon of eggs wliol-
Job lor Council.
BELLINGHAM, March 10���Me-
dill Connell, a member of the Bell-
1 ogham Typographical union, who
is now* In Olympla, was endorsed
last night by the Central Labor
Council for state labor commissioner and Governor Lister will' be
ur* -i to appoint him to that office.
ai the last meeting ot tbe Typo
.-: . ihlcal uui in of the city Mr. Con
in-i. re< eived the unanimous en-
1 then sevi ral oth r individual
dorsement of the memi ers. and
unions In the city have fallen lu
line, Mr, Connell �� as a candidate
ie:   1 ���  ' nl - 'in*    on  tiie Demo-
era' "    tic! fall.
ly    infertile    or    with  weak  germs
dustry has   assumed   a   new   aspect |Tj.jb Should  be remedied.
.���,;,   tha  great   .H".(l   of  the   time     is
'_. Investigations are needed in
Incubation and'brooding, so that a
larger percental I Of chicks can be
brought  i    ra   urity.
:!.  Furthi a are ni ed< I  In
the thporj 1    fouls for the
productii 'i   of ll    and   oges.     as
ii'ost of* 1 li dge in this rea
ped Is 11 and based on Insuffl-
1 lent evidence.
4. The prodii'      n and handling of
sionary meeting every first Wednes
day under the auspices of the Ladles'
Crescent Island���Sunday school, 2
p.m.; service, 3 p.m.; singing practice and Bible reading, Tuesday, 7.30
Culfslde Schoolhouse���Union Sun
,.���y school, 2 p.m.; singing pract
and Gospel service. Friday, 7.30.
In surveyed territory the land
must be doBcrlbed by sections, or
lega] sub-dlvislonii of Bectiona, and
in trnsurveyed territory tho tract applied for shall bp staked out by the
applicant  himself.
Each application  must be accom-
  ,     iti _. , .panied by a fee of $5 which will be
Culfslde Schoolhouse���Union Sun-1 refunded   If   the   rights   applied   for
day school, 2 p.m.; singing practice'are not available, but hot otherwise
and Gospel service. Friday, 7.30.       IA royalty shall be paid on tho mer-
Cathonc. |chantable output of the mine at the
Church services will be held every rate of five cents per ton.
other  Sunday,   beginning   with   Sun-1     The person  operating    the    mine
day, November 14,  1909:  Parochial "ball furnish tho Agent with sworn
mass at  10.30  a.m.;   Sunday school, \ returns accounting for the full quan-
2   p.m.;   evening   devotion,   3   p.m.;   ,it*' of merchantable coal mined and
low  mass   the   following   Monday.   ��; Pay the royalty thereon.    If the coal
a.m.    F. Kientz, D.L.. parish  priest, i rninlnp rights are not  being nperat-
Methodlst. Ie(**' suoh returns should be furnished
Services   next    Lord's  Day  at  n , nt 'east once a year.
a.m.   and   IM   p.m.;   class   meeting, I     T       '-'ni"e   will     include  the  coal
after the morning service every Sun- i mlnInK  rlrhts  only,     but the  lessee
4    in*, proou.      u a .H..U....K -.    day:  Sal,hath school at 10 a.m. every , ma"' ,,n Permitted to purchase what-
markel eggs should  be studied  witb   Sunday: Epworth League every even- ��� ���,v'*r available surface rlgbtB may be
 \Z ... ,..��� -.__._._. _.-J|ng at S o'clock.    Rev. C. Wellesley considered   necessary   tor  the  work-
Whlttaker, pastor. lng of the mlne at the ���^ of ��� I
an acre.
St.   Andrew's  Presbyterian. |     For   fnH   1nrnrmatlon     application
Services   next   Lords   Day   at    11   should  be  mado  to  the  Becrel
a.m. and  7.:'0  p.m.;  week night ser-  the  Department  of the  Interior   Ot-
vices   on   Thursday  evening  at   7.30   tawa   ��� ~"" "       *        ~* *    '
*OCk:   Sunday school  at.  2.30  p.m
,'he.   family   remedy   for   Co-inhs   and   Colds
'Shi.Qi. costs  co   little   find docs   so much!'
'systematic organization. The form-
,���,*���,, ol B well-organised Canadian
poultry industry will tall upon the
various government bodies and the
Colleges Should supply the itoveru-
mentS With men to carry on Hub
work     In  Camilla,  at   the     present
ti���,,.    there   is  need   tor  several   enm-
,���, .,, poultrymen, to earn on work
which is being undertaken by the
in,minion government. Additional
assistance is being required In the
various provinces from time lo time.
Where are these men comln.* from?
Th.-v should be supplied by the colleges and the supplying of these
men is one of the new reeponslblll-
ties of thi college, it ia a question tors whicn have to do with tne er-
it the present poultry' husbandry liciency of rowls, including the sub-
curriculum in the majority of the j Jecta of housing and management."
colleges Should SOI  be advanced and        These   (|iiestions   involve   the   re-
enlarged      It   is  not   suggested  that   spouslbilitlcs   of   the   college   ns   an            	
the      poultry   option   should   be   a  educational  factor,    lt might not be   times   should   be  sent  to   the  office
major     It  does not aeem, however, 'amiss  to  mention   that  the  govern-   of the Delta Times. Ladner. B.C.
eferenci   lo the quality of eggs; egg
preservation, and cold storai-e.
Investigations should be carried on concerning diseases and parasites,  and  those  more  general   fac
n (
Rev. J
J.  Hastie,  minister.
Any corrections in above names or
 ....,, ._.--
or to nny Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion  Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
!    N. B.���Unauthorised  publications
1 of   this  advertisement   will   not     be
paid for.���30690.
fiills of
Call anJ See Sample'
The  Delta Time*  la pubR-h"11 "���'*'
Saturday from the Timtm BeOeTm
Ladner.   B.C.    J.   D.   Tajrlw-  "���*���'
I    tLAglnf-d&rmctot,


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