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The Delta Times Apr 9, 1907

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Array JurL-tf I /i
i   I / �� I 1  ' /SF   ^        <
J   V   m JL^ijLS*'     A?R 111907
LADNbk, B. C, TUESDAY* AJ'klL 9, 190
4,   so. 31.
Hiss Makepeace Writes to Her friend, Miss
si   M
niiyi neeim
[he Markcl.      SCHOOL BOARD.
of Cloverdale.
The Women's Missionary Society j    New
_   Westminster,   April   (>.-���.    Delta School  Board rati iu tie
held   their   Easter   Thankofferiugj "Extra    jjood   market,"   are   the Council Chamber, Ladner, on Sat-
i service in  the Methodist Church, word$ which head the weekly state-jurdaj,   April  6th,   with Trustees
Udnhr, Tuesday Morning.        on Thursday evening last, when a I     ..sgu;d by Mtrke| c.erk| D|Kittton (,B the dail)   Wri bt<
i vf-rv fair audience ereeted them.      j
:ni.iiuKiic  *titl   flna l/*��cjti    nr p<__(_r.l _
-i,  .:.. Co.'s.   The.   ���'��- '��>3' J"s* "P'"0'1 U'J tkeir NeW Summer ^ff4*.
verv lair audience greeted them.      |
The service opened by the sing-l15, MtcKen*ie i,J reference to Fri- j Pybus and Quaggao present.
I ing o! Hymn 305, alter which kev
A. McAuley let! iu a short praver
���had  some  difficulty   in   choosing  from  among the many styles  shown
They have
day's trading on Lytton square, Minutes of the previous meeting
The boats brought in heavy con-|were adopted as read.
__________________________________________________________________���-    I sieunu-nis   <i produ'-e _____ quite a
Rev. J. F. Betts then read a portion i
I quantjty of stock arrived during the
From Alex. Robinson,   S'jperin-
oi'Seri, lure .uitabl* for the crcasionj  ,^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
and   then   Hymn   308   was swnS'I'^^h wasVlaced  on  sale  Friday, jtendent of Education, re AnnieWlle
Afterwards the audience  were  de-1  , .,_._, __   ,l���i.��_t __���..     p.. .i,�����.,".ml   fiVd.
week consigned to tbe market clerk
rvhicj wai pk.eed   on   Bale   Friday _ 	
The number  of local  buyers  was school house.    Received un
lem from
lext week.
���   _  ._     ��� -ni.oTron   o-nnd selection if VOU call early lighted with a song by the Kiver-      . t  t, e and the at.     The Secretary was instructed to
753 to $5.00..   You will have a, good aeiecuon     y , ^ ^.^ Cifde and ,.h.(.r Ma. quite p ^ VancoBuyer ami oul.L      the Boundary Bay school site
I    ���        ss.-.-i    _ ....!_...1 ;,1 ��._/.lfa. .nr.    liv ..    .    i . -, ,
I sion Hand, a splendid recita',1011  by
Miss Estelle Brewster,  then  came
Foi  my new skirt, I have chosen a medium Grey Tweed Mixture with ,hejthe reportg qJ Uje officers Qf ^
(ew pleated effect.    They had.quite a variety in Blacks, Greys, Browns and NavyjSilver Missitn Band,  which  were
i read bv Miss Leila Kirkland, Secrc-
t from $3,00 to 56-.00.     I shall get a black skirt  later, either a Lustre or Vene- taryi and Miss Qiadys Devereaux,
ian or possibly  a Serge, j Treasurer; duet by Mesdames W. J.
Lanning   and  J. F.  BeUs;  reports
II  you intend getting 11 couple of Waists, come in Friday, and I will go withIfrora ��h��  Riverside Mission Circle
1 by Mrs. J. V. P..Us (in tbe absence
Lou, they will hsve their new hats ready then, too. ��� of the Secretary, Miss Maude Man-
1 ley), and Miss  Mae Jordan  Treas-
Do you know I   believe   Fred  has  had   another  letter from that girl nt West- urer; solo  by  Mrs.  Lanning;  ad
��� s,    . j | dress by Mrs. ( kev. ��� W. i-.. l'escolt
.diibtev,  at  an.}'
I   saw  the   same  style  of   little grey envelope in a girl's hand
side points was probably a little surveyed sooa as possible.
larger than usual. The success of Trustee Wright afid the Secre-
Friday's market plainly demon- .tary were appointed a committee to
strates that people who have pro- employ a .suitable person to draw
dure to sell will not be deterred by up specifications ou the -plan of the
such a matter as a rain storm from ; Kan. Delta school.
placing their goods on sale, aud | The Secretary was instructed to
others who wish to purchase goods; ask the government for a further
; are not easily prevented '"rem going jsutu of $300 extra on the Boundary
j where they know goods of the best I Bay school, on account of increased
' grades are offered. cost o! lumber and labor.
The price  of  beef uuderweut a!    The    following    accounts    were
jchauge for the fast  time in many passed   tor   payment:  Salaries for
"Wen Shun," motion  so:
or, bv the I
\ opened
Soon   after   the   market JMarcb, $665;   M.  Smith,   $24.20;
hindquarters       of       a, Mrs. Fenton, $15; Columbian Co.,
Ivritiiie, and., although   I was unable   to   see   the   postmark, I   can't think who else it Silver Mission Hand,
!    The reports t.fthe various officers !B��ocl      ^l,Uv      JnmPed     ^om $t; Wm.  Heart,  $3.25;  R.  May,
Don't ycu worry.    Ill fmd out about it. J were-very encouraging iu their  de-l^Hc,   the   trice a   w   k   ago, upkn.95! R. H. Quaggan, S3.69.
���   ���'�����-.   ..I-   .-..���! to ioc  a  r-ouud, and a  iittle later;    The  Board   then   adjourned   to
Lould bc from
Le r-l!'^^^^^^^^_^^^^_
���core v/ry riiC'irnI H I ^H   '''e^        	
__      , .'.tails and   showed   that   both -the T" ^" ^ ^.^ price it remained | meet again on Saturday. May 4t��
As for boots ior Bobby Bright, they htd  so many good  Strong Boots, andj ^   ud Uanil  arp ffoitl2 thc.d: I    ��
__..,. 1 _      .'_.     *�����     M ..(.'    I  .11,,',   r'rs'.lls,
Band  are  goiui
IU such
As  tor   bOOtS   ior   nvuuy   ijn^siv,  _.sv_,   -.... -.
a variety of prices from $-1.26 upwards,, that I  decided  to leave it to Mrs. j ai4 doing gpoiwork.   The songs,
.    ���      ,-,,,. ,   -j,      ��� j solos,-recitations, etc., were all of a
i isioii nrJfr and  much enjoyed  by
1 until the entire supply was cleared  .it 2 p.m.
.out.    Forequartprs soid as high h<
;;. c.   The sup] I   of 1 eef \\\i. 1
' I frt\M
Vii :���/.'���.., April   3.��� W.  Christie,
. yet the boots,, both for Bobbie and Bessie. |high , Um u]���,  much e>j!
all, but the star of the evening was jtirely inadequate   for the demand
I am getting ior Mary a pair of   their  "TrU-Pit" Shoes., they  will last till j tbe ad"dress by Mrs   Pescott    This :1  c ^''i11"'  ��'bich  has ruled tl
They COSt $3.00. l��dy met a Ladner audience to. th   hef! market ^r weeks
', first time,0:1 Thursday evening,and, j
I  thiiik it real thoug^-tidt what might be termed
11   regular   platform   speaker,   she prevailing   price was   14
ee  it.      Tell Mrs.  Bright, the Scuooi        .... v���,,,v,     ,   .,..,,   ,,-.....-! \" sol   at $6 ���:-.���, _________________________________^________________i
*    ' certainly  Kiiowa uei   way aiouna,, covered secret mocess for the hard-
-��� -    ��� ..._ t     ine ruling   price   for  veal  was,
11' .ic.    A small quantity   wer-t  at i'tlln^ of  gold, silver  ar.l   copper,
[..he outgrows Lliein
Fred got his new suit at Marshall Smith & Co.'s, too
fswell;   let mc   kuow  your  opinion when  yon "      ~
uiU'tsff   was :   ^^^^^^^^���^^^^^^^���
strong again   on   Friday,  and  the jot this city,   who  has  secured the
price was   14c,    Lamb Canadian rights to the recently dia>
SVs.Cll.   , is...       ...V.  ^	
Shoes i'or Girls are $1.45 for size 10 and smaller, and $1.90 for larger and the subject on whici
being very dear tu her, the audience
Sizes. They seem to be of good serviceable leather and yet nice and soft, they have were given, in a few words, an in
them from $1.25 to $2.50. - sight into the value of the work
, r     is    no.v   arranging   lor
the supplv   was far , ���
1' " ! posal      of      his       option.
the   dis-
With fondest  love to you and yours, from Mother aud
Yours very sincerely,
F.s>.���Fred says he wiil be seeing you in a day or two.
P.P.sS.���Tell your mother that M.S. &Oo. have their children's suits opene*
up now..
.hat is being done by our missionaries ami thc Women's Missionary
Society throughout the world.
At the close of the a'*!'.-.'.-- ; a very
hearty and unanimous vote of thanks!
was tendered to Mrs. Pescott on
motion of Rev, A. Mi Auley and
seconded by II. J. Kirkland, after-
wl.ich ;\ bountiful supply ofretresh
ments were served and a most eu-
josable evening came to a close
with the bemUction by Rev. A McAuley.
Grand Opening of Spring and Summer Goods this week.
Come and Have a Look.
I i tc but ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ihort of   the   demand   tlie   higher.     ____________________________^_
figt res prevailed. ,Ci;nslic is 1,ow c*rr*iaZ  on  m'����-
Hogs were sc_ice  as  usual  and t����tions with several manufacturing
.i    _ i .  .__ ���,s   i   i',;   ..firms for the   sale   of   his   rights.
the demand was extra good. Prices
paid were from io> ,c to . ic. ', Firms both in tbe easl   i,;:,i   j"  The*
The chicken market was a splen-' we5t of Ule Dominion are competing
did oa '. A lame number of fine��� each olher for lhe Purdlase Qi
birds were on sale and prices held lhe PrivileSe of usi��B lh" T'0^"'
a hi^h mark until the entire supply the discovery of which is regarded
was cleared out. Good laving fowls as b l" ie -': lile m0* "WUr.il
were plentiful and sold at as high industrial departures iu many years,
as $u and *i_ a dozen.' Only a To give some idea ol the enor-
few ducks were offered,   aad  these [ mous opportunities for the use of the
.   . ,_,, _,,     ��!��� ������._,. new process which exist at the pre-
went ut one dallar each.    >,o ?;eese < K
were cut sale. J
Iv..'        eld to the prices establish-1'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
wholesaler3 over  tNV0  "t,'''''��'Ll  ^ve   hundred
thousand   dollars invested   in  the
sent time in tbe .States, Mr. Christie
mentioned the fact that to-day there
ed a week ago, vi.'..,  25��
and 30c   retail.    The   supply was
Messrs. Stokes & Cullis had  the
misfortune to 1< se by fire, on Wednesday   last,   their slaughterhouse
and hog pen, which were situated | .t the .bore figures.
-,t the fin in on the Trunk r< .td^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
during tbe dav  thev had been to .ne man who paid. $,.50 per pi
busily   engaged   rendering  tallow I for the lot.
hous,  etc., and it  is
Tbe annual meeting ofthe I.adks'
Aid  of the   Methodist  Church   in
Rev.  Dr. White, Local Superin
111:!   killin
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^nrcsumed   that   the   lire   fnun the
' furnaces had  in  some way   com-
The annual meetiae of the Ves- municated with the tallow, heuce
try o Ali Saints Trenant, was held the loss,
________________________________________________ " "'."��� "'."";,""' :;,;:,;.,���. (i.urch  on Tuesday evening!    The piggery contained a number
thistown  was held  on  Thutsday I teudent of Missions ��1M    ^^   ;^e   following   officers ot live hogs, while in the slaughter
afternoon  when  reports   were  re- occupy the pulpit oi   he Method, t has    w^ ensuinffyear:     house were three dressed h��� -"��
ceived   and  the  followint.  officers j Church, L-.dn.r, on   Sunday  uext, | were electee  or   _
fully "as large if not a little larger manafacture of hypodermic needles
than it has been before this spring '** lhe Rlates a,one'    As at  Present
and the market  was  not  quite  so made lrom steeI' these ncedl�� C03t
firm as on the two previous mar- ��bout fitly cents each, and are good
kets.    All the eggs, nere   sold   out   !uv use two mr lbree umes ouly  bc*
lore they  corrode,   choke up and
Two crates of little pigs were sold become ukl"3'    For ^-5�� b5'P��"
dermic  syringes can be  manufac-
. . ture.l  tv   the  new   process which
Potatoes ��re still kin. judging will never rust or become clogged.
Irom the eager manner in which rbe needle and duct is formed ot
those in need fall on tbe sellers cheap three or four curat gold,
of that particular brand of foodstuff I hardened by the recently discovered
P.  Parajitter,  ol  Annacis  Island, process, and this will last forever.
appeared on  the  market  with  75  ~���~ ' um.u xm.- --���
sacks for sale, and   Mrs.  I.  Whit- The last article is  always sold  out
worth, of Ladnei who generally has early, as those who bay this week
sleeted for the ensuing year:
President, Mrs. J. F. Betts.
Vice-President, Mrs. H. J. Kill
Secretary, Mrs. Vi'.. R. Ellis.
Treasurer, Mrs. C. W. Nelson.
Chaplain, Mrs. G. Paddon.
1       ��� .  ,    r  ���      m,,:���v. muds for sale, was present   again  m{\\   be   the  first enstomsrs next
DeR.  sonic carcases  of beefal  ,.   wh     W    q  ^    ^  ^   ^  re i    ^  da>.     Th, ,,,affl if sold in
!he wiirsp2ak upon  Church Unien. I Taylor,  F.   Keelin ,   W    Living,  were destroyed ^toge j-r^ ^^J^ . ;U ,;?. A  ick, but the bulk I haif.plnt j.ra at 10 each.
���"^^���l - ��� t stone, C. Morrow, \V. Pybus
IV-HIIICU,    A^sss.s..,    ws ---^       __-    -    .
L  both  unlets.    In   thcevcnin;j    V*stry-1 ��� h. Launer   A
1 Dr. White is a m
inber ol the ioii
equipment, nnd the fire was discov-
���  0,1  union and,   having j    War.ns       Vicai^    -shal,     . only ^ ,  ^^Jj
PbS  work; is w4ll  prepared  ner, Marshall Smith, Robt. Smith.   ,o. hides were thu, saved.
TheTreasiirey reported $435 in- to speak upon this great subject.     | ���	
���ome for the past year, which  was |    The Doctor  wilt also preach at
eonsidered most satisfactory.
!.ICast Delta, at;. o'clock p.m., upon
  the same Subject.
A lull attendance is hopM 'for on
The Royal Hank   of Canada   is -each occasion,
here lor your convenience and will
be pleased to __ive you every at-
"liambertain's Cough Remedy
-tin. Colds, Crnup mid Whooplog CnuijW...
Vegetable,  i-i  packages       riel
Seeds���Bt ���   ,   Carrots,    M
and Swede,   n bulk, may   b
taincd from H. N. RICH, Ae. 1
i    Brack in in-Ker Milling Co., La
'    ner, B.C.
The total loss is estimated  at not
less than $1,000.    No insurance.
How nre youi         ������ '      Do tey
need renin        .     Why  *-��� .  tr C,
iWickson's   virc   lenciii,'.?    I ex-
��� pects to stai 1 ��� ul   b iut 1:! ol y,
1 pee ad, on ith pi -c
0 ib? supply was claarei out in j Mrs A Read of Ladnar, offered
large lots at $35 and f.26 a ton. ,t btr sUnri butter, eggs, and some
A few sacks o! small seed potatoes very delicious looking honey. The
brought $23 a ton. former sold at the prevailing figure,
There is a splendid demand  lor the   honey   bringing   =0  cents   a
apples of the good table variety, Uquare.
but the supply throughout the  dis-j     Mrs. I.   Whitworth,   of  I.alner,
trict seems to be very small. beside-- her butter and effiB. offered
Hay is quoted at $ia a ton and  lom  excellent  dressed poultry at
oals al $22 a ton. 2o cents a p mn 1,
Ther; is alw 13 s 1 blockade at the
4gg, butter and crea        niter kept!     *'"
by Mrs. II. O. T.y'.iiv, ol Ladner.      Try Big Four as aa investment, TJ'li: DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, ...T-'f.
8UB9CR��TXON, $1.00 per. year.
|  Soc??! Evening.
Mr nnd Mrs. W. T. Leary, jr.. i
entertained a atamber of friends, at
1 their home, Canoe Pas?, on Fridays
j evening last, when a very pleasant!
(time was spenf. The-'ight fantastic !
1 was the chief i bjen ol the gather- .
; ing and, being about the list ofthe I
cd' season, full advan'age was taken of i
ivi mm
e*;u*t Adveitlewnieiite, t- crtr.s, ya tit,
the tiril io*srtiori. eud i cenw per llnf to:
��ub��es<ucut  insertion.     The   number   ol   Lues
geckaaed bj tbe q ice occugbd, n lines ia the, tj.e opportunity to   keep   the ciatlCft
���acb, i r* *
until  all   weTe satisfied.
Given :t modern plant;
the Co'umb'.a   Flour-ng
JUte.i torConti-_escbd A-htertiseme .t�� cut he
had cu application at this otfire
Sedlllig nc_..:'s�� *g finis ps:-hue to: i-ach in
fciitr, an 0. Dsststls nonce.. -;-... Marri .get ���!....
Any ftpeciai notice, the i.i^tc. ot ffbtchlato
promote the pecuniary benclit Offtny lu'lis i.|-,i..|
or ..jiniiaay, to t*- coutttie: e d tn rv.yer .scmetit
and    !.-.  _��J .ijL'.-ilm. ly.
.uj is.ire-t_Mme.ie eharged
at ..nl paid f'.-i.
..r  i.nil
goina until all were satisnea. A
bounteous supply of refreshments
were serve! ai midnight, aite*.
which dancing wai again enjoyed'
until daylight, when a thoroughly.
-.ittisfied crowd dispersed to their j
respective homes. Amou- those!
lered j present weri?.
Mesdames   J.   Richardson, Jus. ���
Otrre��pcnden;e inv.ted on. matters Ol fnlilic, ���     ���   , rs     _ i i
iatcraat. Communication* to editor must'be soj rOlllS,   B.   rltlnjer,   tl. Alexander,
coiap.nied by -j.uie ol writer, not necessarily
lor publlcati...ji, but aa pvidet-c? o( good taiti-
Correspondence mu,- re_e. thr. other by Thut:.
lay eveulu^
UED,   K
McLeod, M. Vidulich. :
Misses  \'.   Richardson,   H.   .M.j
Manley, G. McLeod,   M. Cosulich.1
i M. Btasaaich, E. Follis.
!     Messrs. Di Kean.   D,   Nesbit, R '
| Cosuiich, J. Cosulich, W. H.'Smith,!
J. Trim, H. Wright, J. Savage, H. j
! Savage,   D.   Oliver,  W.   Maxwell,
'' D. Matheson, D. Kenny, \V. Read.1
At the meeting   of the School J. Simpson, K.  Simpsoa, C. Simp-
Board, oa Saturday last, the  ques- son.   J.   McLeed,   C. McLeod, W.j
TUESDAY,  /s-PKil,  9, 1907.
To-day is- an exact science.
such  sis  that  possessed  by
Mills   Go.,   of  Enderby,   au   unlimited   stippiy    of
Western   Hard   Wheat*,, and  a   thorough   knowledge
pf Milling, carefully  applied, and  you  can  get but
enc result, viz : GOOD FLOUR..
By exporting all low. grades and allowing nothing but tiuifirm CSranular Hungarian Flour* to enter
into Moffet's "BEST," this flour is the finest ir,
the laud     Prove it by actual test.
Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
f -i-t~i-i"hHr*-i^-'l^rH"~-i^b +*-*���-���
Deita Transfer btabfe
Team Work Bone at Specially Low Prices*
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor, *
f Telephone "Laduer" Nfl. 10, I
V. T. Rj:. & Ferry Co.
tion of moving the Gulfside iebool| MaiD' C-  Helmer,   W. Helmer, li. I     Whea you wish to buy  visiting
Monkman, J. Follis,   D.- Anderson,; cards calf on the Delta Times  who
was introduced, but the. Board decided that the  residents  interested
��� Cameron.
The music, which was much eti-
vyill sell the  best  money   '.an   bu
If ycu need theiu printed, why you
tl* ilii Ml Hi
must take, the- iu i.i it-ire and peti-; joyecji was supplied by M.Vidulich.' are money in pocket by. calling  on
i New  Service���-Port Guichon  and   Ladner to  New
Westminster and Vancouver.
! Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vancouver, 10120 a.ui,.
��� Leave Vancouver,   2.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. Guiclu_H,.6.00 p.m..
Monday,. Wednesday and Friday
Gives  Passengers- four  hours  in.  either  New.  Westminster or Vancouver:
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   'o6<..
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to,
Agent,  Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will be furnished Wsitlioui delay.
tien the Board to bave smnj done
It is, therefore, up  to those  interested to move in the matter.
the Delta Times Brut,
Delta, represented by Jno. Oliver.
Liberal, gets next year for  ' roads
streets, bridges ami  wharves"  tl.e-
���jagaificea. sum of j>i,:��o.  Dew4
lected the
n��y, whicii  obediently
premier, a_idi *ien   he turned if
down, chose  tits  h-tuchtnan. Mau-
sou, gets $.10,000:  Chilliwack, represented  by C. Munro, Liberal, i?-;
jirotnisrd the  lartc expenditure oi',
$4,000; Richmond, which retain;>1
t*he    Hon    F.   L.   Carter Cottou,
President of iht Ceuncil. will have;
ta stiur��;le  along   with   a paltry.
fSl.ooo.    AlLof which re��ii-^i in
ai   the   Premier's   .--pfech   in   the
Town Hall just previous te tie-late j
election   wlitre'.L>   he   assured  the!
people oresen-t that it  was  not thej
��� .       , s-       I
intention of t!i--gove:����eiit  lotus |
"riwinate  *gtim��t  any  rid
Tettirmed an epposition member
MISERABLE According  to  The  Commercial,
4 , . ,, _,,     1.   of Winnipeg, the  visible supply of
A happy home is the most valu- '  ������ '' ���
able    poise..��ion    that     is    within
tke reae'u of mankind, but you can-)
uotenji.v its comforts  if \ou are
saffetiajj   from   rheumatism.    You
I throw   .iside  business  cares  when I	
! you entershome and yon can be re-1 CAUGHT COLD WHILE HUNT
j lie-red from those rheumatic    '.ins, jjj0 A BURGLAR.
i alse   by   applying    Chamberlain's
Pain Balm     One  application  wili! I
jgire   you   relfel   an.1   its   contin-      Mr. Wm.  Thos.   I.anorgan. pro-J
' ued use for a short time will  bring! vincin! Constable at Chapleau, On-|
For sale tario,   says:    "I   caught  a  severe
t.ots in the United States and  Can-
! ada, east of the  Rocky Mountains,
is    0,532,000    bushels,    compared
with 23,(1 ,6,000 busheis a year ago.
.Westminster Branch)
Time Table
j Cars leave Wentsttlnster Jcr Vancouver at 5.50
and 6.50 a.m. and hourly thereafter   until 11 p.
1 in.; Snturdays nud Sundays Hi 11 p.m.
j Curs leave Vancouver for Westminsters nt ��,.50
and 6.50 u. in. aud hourly thereafter -tntil 10 p,
I m.; SutwrdayB and Sundays at |i p.m.
! We run Jtr.st-cljiss frri^ht cars between West-
'minster nud Vancouver and nil shipments arc
handled with the utmost eare and delivered to
! consignee without delay Special attention paid
j to fruit shipments.    Out wagons meet all boat*
j and truins.    I'or rate*, etc. apply to
jsm GRl.'UjRV,. J, McQUARRIK,
I Tniliic ?.Itfr. I.ocal.Mgr.
1 weatmlflBter i). e.
about a parmaueBt cute,
by All   Druggists.
! ���
Incorpurated IfiCi*.
CAPITAL, - - - $3,500,000)
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $4,000,000-
A General Banking Business Transacted-
burylar  inj V��� - ������
.wamp  last  fall;    Rear- '���!<
trks 111 the
Log! Legislature.
ot much needed pnblic
various districts.
The Hon. Finance Minister mad
his budget  speech  ia a somewhat
hurried and unexpected manner on
Thursday last.
A.great deal ot indignation .�� es-
pressed by the opposition patty in
the legislature on account of the
ig tlmt discrimination showH by the government in framing th-; estimates
agamst the constitnencies repre-
j suited by the opposition members.
The discussion of a bill to grant
twe million acres of selected lands
to the Provincial 'Cni'-ersity occvi-
. pied the .attention of the House all
day yesterday. After �� 2rfal dtwl
o-frefy sharp criticism by the Lib-
B. C.
Bold   while htintin
the fo
ing of Chamberlain's Cough Kern
.��dy, I tried it; and after using two; ,t, nbW WBSTMiNSTSR,
���i small   bottles, was   completely j j
cured " Phis remedy is intended
especially f( r coughs and cohls. It
will loosen and relieve a severe cold
in less timi than <tiiy other treatment an.l is a. la-oritr wherever I.t ' Vour patronage solicited
its supeiioi exsj^llence has become'
known. For sale by All Druggists.
���j';Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Inter-
Miutu ...cturer- of nil kimtacl
I Soda Water, Ginger
J.    Ale and Summer
wherever | ^.
-h*J.MH��2..��..^s��..Js.��.s3N#..J��.#.��t��H^��J,^. .Jm��s��*..#ss5��
ifrotB Oa.  Own C*rr��9poiidenl 1
Victorias April 6. --The oroceed
ings of, tha Legislature for the past j erni leader," the goTernment
week hnve been lutlier mere interesting than those of previous weeks.
Mr. Manson, the uember-elect for
Dewdney, took his seat at the opening ofthe House on Tuesday.
Mr, O'liver elicited the  inform*
?ion from the Premier that a number oi proposals bad been made to
the goveruaient I y various persons
te acquire lar*e aieas of public land*
Seventy   Acre-;,   rnltiva'ei.   and
' sented to a great rhany modiica-
tions in the prorisions o�� the kill so underdrained,   barn   and   granary
i that instead 01  ihe  land  and alt it (nohouse),:with or without stocky
' contains being an absolute p.rant tof(C     Apply
! the University Board, the lands art1
j simply to be set aside as am endow-
; ment  and   are  to  be .-.dmmistered'
under the general land laws of the'
The Liberals are
W.N. Draper,     H.M.RIoh
Notary Public,
Auctioneer, insurance
To Advance on
Mortgages . . .
kem* > Ktlartl Mock, Kew \f .tttt,-^.m..
Farm for Sale.
est Allowed at Highest Current Ratee.
East End. Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street; Grand Forks, Nanaimo,
Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon, Chilliwack,. Cumberland and
New Westminster.
tt. B,. MARGESONs- Manager, LADNER, B.  C.
Ladner Exhibitor
for i
still fightin
for-colonization purposes, .but that: lhe resetvation t0 th,. province of
none oi these proposition* had been i tb. timber, eoal and mineral rights
or would be accepted, a I olicy-jB j^g ian(js se set aside and prob
which will undoubtedly meet with ably they ^fj ;Jt. able to carry tbis
the approval of the majority of thej also_ The whole discussion ol the
electors, ; bill  has established   the   fact that
Mr. Oliver also gtv,e notice oi a tbis measure, in comuwu with so
reso.'htie.i ior an address to His maBy ati,crs. introduced by the
Heiior the Lieuitnttit-Governor,, g0Vernn.euti bad not received care-
praying that-he Will take suchac-:,!;1 consideration-, before its intro-
lion as will cause -B. C. to be placed ' du . .on_
in as favorable'a cndition in re- Coming back lo the estimates, a
spect to freight and passepger rates copy 0f which I forward you, you
as nre other provinces  of the Do- j wili not_ce tbat there is ouly $2,400;
'in answer to a resolution ci Mr. j
Oliver's calling for t.i! 1 information;
in respect to the provincial finances,
to be voted for the Westham Island !
ferry  and  $1,100.   fer   roads   and
bridges throughout  the  balance of
the Delta constituency.    The elect-;
tbeFinaneeMinisteratiiteitfiatoverIor9 wiil ^ ,M(. t0 j1Kige of the!
faoo.oeo ol the much   boasted sm-1 v,lllie of  the preroier's statements
plus had been dissipated within thei an(, proinises j���' v.j��w Of the appro-!
.last  three months.    Thjtrfe *syill be!p^iou0ftbismiserablftpittance.  ;
Mr;  Oliver ii  urging   upon thei
Is  a.   IJ#al   **vir!,,ir.   ��ith*i-  for   n*w
bull<iitig. et imfttm.g fli o_M.
eivis pianar wiathbr pnwir PRorieTrair,
CtmsM��r in S��r aafmsnnee ��� Hi
_|,l��>!i_d miitliW ��ifBBI�����nd ^ht
��.fm:-a.t 6ni.il W wc yeur e��n
bf.t inttrrtts by. ut-i.r. it.
Fullfs* d��.t��Hs of informatif,. in our
Wholesale Mwiufuoturort,
;nuc*-i disappoiutoieut when this
state of affairs is generally known,
as tiie electors all over the province
government the necessity of appro-]
rit ling a portion of the contingent,
���ntere-led to believe that there would , ,,k. for public works in this con-
he. Bfflole funds  for ihc prosecution jstiti .-ncv.
-   -   B-.
Notice to Creditors
l.e William  Wit er,  i)e   a'e;.
VOTICE is hereby given thai
all persons having any claim5
���r demands a^nuist the* late Wn
Witter, who died on the 1 (th di>
���I March, 1907, tit Boundary Hay.
in the province ol British Columbia,
are required to send by post prepaid or to deliver to the under-
������i^ned, executor under the wlIl..ol
the said William Witter, theii
tt-inies and addresses and full particulars in writing of tbeir claims
-ind statements of their accounts
and the nature of the securities, i!
any, held by them.
And U.ke notice that, after the
ist of May, 1907, thr- stu'ci executor
vill proceed to distribute the ft^set'
if the said deceased among the per
sons entitled thereto.- having regard
only to the claims of which lie shall
! then have had notice.
Executor,  Estate  of the late
William Witter.
1 Ladner, B. Q.,, aotb March, 1907.
Jan. 8th to 11th.
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
.Six Seconds.    Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Silver
Spangled    Hamburgs,   Buff
Orpingtons and Black
Eggs for Hutching���
B. C.
The Delta Times.
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery  work of all kinds at-,
tended to promptly..
Je Mm Collins*.
-Ads��r. B. C.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Always in Linem
W.th   Latest   Improved   FARM   IMPLEMENTS, WAGONS & BUGGIES.
Largest Stock in. Province to choose from.
Oar. lego Building, Repsiirtoj *t. Painting, Blank'
smiihktj/   *%  H'or-j':    Shoring.
Betayai Separators.
Q. T BAKER. Ladner, B. C, THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY,   .i'R.L c, 1907.
, Pneumonia
La Grippe
Etc, Etc.
Holy Communion���ist  and
Ottawa, Ont., Match 2-,.���Speaking ou the subject ofthe committee
It will paj you to own one aud lie 011 the safe
, side. One Oxydonor in a family will banish all the ter-
'rors of disease from the household if only used as soon
1 as needed and   in a reasonable way.
This is the Aetuil   Experience   in many thousand;
of families   who   have   adopted  this   advanced   method   oi
. treating disease.
Inflammatory Rheumatism.
Wi. Jas. Ahkii, HMeltnxJ, II.C, fn.., ,,-rilif, Miirdi tt, tyot. "horn, fire 3?at�� an" I
pot ' Ijt-ydonof for tr.y wile xih. wni snftering from female wvoknCM. .\ftei a wtk'n iih thi-
(lector himself **n* a urprtaed to find poch a cliafigr, in fuel H wae. <Tinigli to induce biBl 'o get
.-ri Oxydonoi for >tin meter.
-'A shoit ttmi- :���! o it y wife Ii nd on attack of Uiflammetor? rheumatism. She couH
i't walk and Iter ioi,its is,re- rr.ueii gwooUtn. She applied Oxydouor, and before night the
imins had cti'serl. nit'l next morni nf tbtre i*j vers Utile swelling, and she could walk ai well
its ever, (.lie hnd 6 similar siltatk before we col Oxylntior nnd was under a doctor s ��rc for a
month   .-nr! suffered agonic .
"It has ci.r:'l n:,    f a scTere cold."
Send al once for hojk Nr. 78, giving further information ;��� ��out OXYDONOR and many reports from all
p<nts'j'of the country.
364 St. Catharine St. West, Montreal.
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd  and 4U1 j ef^enquiry asked for  by   Mr.   lou-J
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, ti o'clock.
Evensong, 7:. .0 o cluclt.
Sunday ,School at io a.m.
Friday evening, Litany nt 7:;".
Kev. E. R. Bnrtleu, M.A., Vicar.
'The Prime Minister asserted thut'
any   charge   brought   against   any:
member   ol   th-   cabinet   or    any'
member of the Motive affecting thej
public  standing   ut   any   member
wou <; ne given the Fullest in vest ig
ation, hut that the House  oi Com-1
Services first ami third Sunduy of ^ons would not deal in rumors no ;
each mouth at 10:30 a.m.; Benedic-j uusabstan tial insinuations. Sir Wil
tion, 7:30-p.m. fre-t  concluded a brilliant speech in
.Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Kev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
these words:
"li tbe honorable member for
L.belle or any one else has charges
to make ugainsi any oi my colleagues Ihe is welcome to make!
them. Let him do it in a pa tii a-
mentary manner, let him formulate!
his charges ami an investigation
shall take pace immediately.    Let j
There i6always:chance
to enjuy come shooliny
A RELIABLE FIREARM 1 tha only kind we have
b��en n .ailing for upwards of fitly years.
Ai��k your Dealer, nntl Insist on the
STEYKNS. Where nut sold hy Jio-
taiiers, xre ship direct, oxfirr-sq prn-
PnU\, upon receipt of Catalog price.
ue   l!It]��tnii.'-o
''���if boot,
Mem!   top   IIO   .
Aatuloi;.    .- 11 intM*\i   ___	
reurti-   I'tii'i-cnre   ior-   man ttndliov
���ihoot.l ,. .'Mulled I'or -1 ccntt 111
iliinilii. 1 ncovur |)Oiti��Kf, !" f.i pi t.i .11
1 en   rotor   AI augur   furtvurdod ll>r
���dy_c��'n'�� |q wtiimii
P. O. Box 4097
Chicopeo Full*.,
Majem., V.ji. A.
tuoiier   liiic: est
Receives both Ladies and Gentlemen as resident
or day students. Eas a complete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades. In affiliation
with Toronto University gives the four years'
course tor B. A. degree, and the first year ofthe
Toronto School oi' Science. Has a special "Prospectors' Course'' for miners who work in B. C.
Instruction given in  Art,   Music,   Physical
Culture and Elocution.
For    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
Thursday evening al 7.30.
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services next T.ord's Day at -1
a.m. and 7.30 p.111.
Sabbath .School ut mam Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Kev. A. McAuley, 1'astor.
��� .1:1
1 the-
.Services next  Lord's Day at 11
SS       ��*.        -sssl   _  ��� -...   r.    ��. IS   l,-.,|      Is,,.., 11    ski:     II1JUI 7' 1 l.,ll_I s   . i ,s   1 ,
a. m.anct 7:30 p.m. '                           '     **    ;staled iliat he an'
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every! him.substantiate  anything  that he\Uiil        aud Benuelt had receiyed
Sunday. |llas '" W" ���nd and that he thinks > ^^   ^   .^       m        tes   in
Sabbath School  at 2p in every  otignt to  be investigated   and   to- the purchgM 0rtdnd, ,uj tkllt lbeir
Sunday.      Praver   meeting   everv  morrow   the   investigation    shall I ���..-,, ,    ,    ,. ....
, I attitude to tn? UisiHt   L runic
be granted,    But, Sir, I protest in!    ,- ���  ,, ,
s ' cihc was influenced thereby,
tbc name of parliamentary hie. in       ,,
' ' siatler is tn   Liiiiit-   up
thc name of parliamentary dignity, ' ,,  , .   ,,
1 '    ���    '    House this session,
against   the     speech     that    wus
made" here  this  afternoon   by the   r
' J Loudon skortly ti
mttnber   for   Labelle.     Public life1   ,    ,   ,,    .
( omal Conference
has its duties and its responsibilities, j    -��� ������
r 1 will dispose ut
and it has perhaps more  to suffer
than to enjoy; but after all there is
one thing wliich we should, on one
side cf th; House or  on   the other,
always endeavor t >   maintain,   tbat
is to say, that iu our daily conflicts
we would fight lair r.ud square, and
Sir Wilfrid Laurier wiil Isive
9'iieiM ths Col-
aud the House
;t remaining business aud adjourn i..; ?.)-|y as possible.
Sabbath services ��� Cresce
land, 3 p.111.; Ladner, 7:3" p.m.
Sunday .School at 10:30 a. :*'..
Prayer meeting ou Thursday at
8 p.m.
Mr. and Mrs.  1 .
lamily have removet
Enil-arrriist rt tt.
A settlement worker, buying been r����
guested lij- anxious mothers lu adores*
. the younger women nf t. ������ settlement
finis oi! "ltenrt Interest" topics, ilsjcid-
ed 10 do so. Slie liilkftl villi the g;;i��
i earnestly, urging upon tliem tlie deep
and intrinsic aacrefloei - of nil love anil
muirlage relations, tbe coarseness and
vulgarity of indiscriminate flirtations,
tho great and growing need for high
Ideiiis, standards and action i.i thc woman's part. Then, just a-i Biro took i et
eeat. It occurred to bar tbut she might
hav;' talked n iittls bit over tbe ln-asln
of her listeners, and site sprang to ber
feet with an added remark:
"Please believe that what I say is
true, iny deaf friends," she exhorted
earnestly, "and plcuse don't il.ink I
don't understand my culjji" 1. I know
What I'm talking about, girls���I really
'nice more she took her scat delighted with ihe ali- of general Interest, and
from the rear of Uie room came tho
"Please, Mrs. ,S��� how many times
have you  bet 11  in  love;''
The Woril "Jollv."
  On lite iitii'iitiiiti of tb* word "jolly"
Into lhe English ii had the nieautnjj of
was urther beautiful, as it ha* unions -the 1 much
i-.-ssrs. Fowler, 1 toduy, The English dramatist Ueau-
litont of the sixteenth ���_ei.li-.i-y speak*
of our Ilrnt ujotLet. iu "the jolly live."
In time, however, It cuuie 10 mean bl-
larious, regardless of playsle .1 beauty,
liut this latter meaning is prebably
the right one after all, as tb* word
doubtless eomes from Yuls (Ytt-ls), tbe
pagan Christmas, so to tspwk, for b�� it
known thut what we now observe ss
CkrUtmus day was.a heathen beilday
culled Yule, and the Yule festival was
one uf noisy demousirstiou.
Yule Indeed meaus uuls* er eatery,
praising lu loud veice, ekautlug, singing, making outcry lu kunur el' their
god. Prom yule, then, to jolly tke step
Is short and easy, both meaning revsl-
ry, rejoicing. Ours is a rUteu Lord,
theirs the same. The v, s-t-Jj are ldenii-
cal. So, too, lu .art;* degrue tbe ChrisV-
mas jollitlss, praises aud those of heathen -Yule. lulo such close relation da
simple wotds so:.". ::-.:���� i-uuuei-l Ike
present whit the pust.
. Havens  and |
to Vancouver.
never str.ice below ilie belt.
The statement   presented  to the
; House   by   Hon.   Mr.   Frflmersoii.
ssion Band will meet at
, The Parsonage, on Friday alter-
l noon, a
he close of the school.
C. Croft, B.A., pastor. iMimster of Railways, will behtart-'j     The Royal Bank of Canada with
, ily welcomed by the people at large;   ,,s   splendid   connection   all   over
Have you  got  a Sayii   s  Bank an'l reflects great credit upon   thei Canada,   affords   you   exceptional
Account in the Royal Bank of Can-  minister who   has the  pleasure  of banking facilities.
ada?   If not, you should   tpen  one announcing to the coufttty, a  sur-|  ^	
as soon as   possible.    Deposits   of i l)lus> e: -ceediag '' 100,c#o after pay-'
$1 ancl up received. i me8t (,i ;ll! expenses,    Mr. Euirser-
    I sob accentuated  the fact  tsat the
I railway was a national   cue   ill  ob-
CRIP      QPI9KLY    KNOCKED jects ao(j   cbaracter,   aud   upon  it I sboft business visi
i freight rates were the lowest iti tlie 	
! world.
The minister alluded to thc  c����-
C.   Runaniel
Light Department 0
R. Co.. was in tuy. a
manager   o
,>t   the B.
to day,
f   the
C. K
on   a
A   ' iilnrsi,   Ju_. .
In bis book ou "China and the Chi-
I nss��" Dr. Gliiu. gives a specimen of
Cbiueae  humor  which,   If  tbe  source
were uot kuoM-u,  might  well  b�� ni��n
taken for Ainericau humor.
There i�� a Chinese story whicli 1*11*
, how a v|ery stingy man tot k a paltry
sum of money to nu artist���payment is
always exacted In advance- aud asked
liim to ; Jim bis portrait. The srtist st
once .complied  with  ihe  request,   but
when the porn-ait was flnt.: ml nothing
was visible save the hack uf the sitter's bead.
"Vi'hui does ills mean?" cried Hie sit-
1 ter Indignantly.
"Well." replied the artist. "I thought
: a mun v, ho paid so 11 tt ls as you paid
i wouldn't care to shew his f<ee,"
To Make tortuntn out
of th�� future you must
put -Something tnfo tha
present     ....
&o I d * Co{tp er 9 Pay
over Brt'
Conlniulug ovck :���' Victra In cverytbinf.   Post pi.i*l joc.,Starapj*
Richest Province in the British Bmnire
Ns.thlnK ��ii|st-.i, l-HitSin/ oaini'il.
_olhi.-.j( V*_|ii-,-i:-, SotMing W.i
The Richest Men in the World are investing in ?,. ('. Copper-
Gold Mines.     Why can't you bsgiu now ]
Ihc tirf .km on.!-- ��rr��r Dlsievery M tin At* In B.C,
��pl $625,1
81(1 FIR Ull GOLD lEtl
Every IJol-ar Sjhftcrlhfd uurd In Oevtlnpment of Mines.
Special Ofr-*-, 20c Per Share.
Mines direcllj west oi l.e Roi, whose shares are now about
',,;i; Lfi Roi No, 2 shares are about S15 and went up to 5100;
and CoiiS-ilidated Minim,' and Smelting Co. ol Canada, Ltd.,
shares $150 eacb. Granby Mine paid over Jl2,ooo,o6d Dividends
in 1906, shares $145; and all gold-copper mines in B. C. paid
Large Dividend!. Bip; Four assays Irom $5 to $Soo in gold,
copper, silver, wit's 32 per cent, iu the Treasury; on the Railway
near Smelters,
Note���Most of these mines s >H for n few cents onee, but
over-capitalized even now pay il.tr Hiviilentis.
UIY   TO-DAY,   YOU   Wll.I.   NV'.KR   .KKGUKT   IT.
Rossland Mines received Highest Awards tor richest of'n!-
^opper ore sent to ,St. Louis Exposition. Big Four had Best
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
No less tl ttll 100 shares rold, All Cash. Above tbis shares
can be had on instalment plan, or yearly contract, 15 per cent,
cash, balance monthly.
Company hns 110 ilt-bts or liabilities.   Send Tor Illustrai.-ii r.osps-eius to Si-crefcary.
P.O. &o* 174, Vancouver, ��. G., Qanxda.
"Some   weeks   ago  during
severe   winter   weather   both
wife    and    myself   contracted
vere    colds    which    speedily
veloped    into    the    worse    kind
of la grippe with all its miserable
symptoms.'" says Mr. [    S.   Egles-
ton,of Maple Landing,It wa. "Knee;.
and  joints   aching,  r. isc      sore,
head stoppe 1 up, eyes at 3 nose 1 in
niacr, with alteru t- .    lis ol   ch  ^s
and fever.    We began   sing Chamberlain's   Cough   Remedy,   aiding
the   same with a double   dose   o
Chamberlain's Stomach and  Liver
Tablets, ami by its liberal use  soon
completely knocked out the urip."
Sold by All Druggists
Stevesten   has
ueeu    Having    a;
! ditions under which he had cl
a-o. spring   cleaning and   has   made  a
M'.|td a deficit into a surplus, and ftt-{ couple oi attempts al cleaning  out
de.|tached  much   weight  to  the  fact] Chinatown.    Try again,
that in the face of hither  cost  for!  ���	
everything the road had  used,   the!
expenses had been kept at   a   point
by  good  11 ftnagemeat  which  had
resulted  so  creditably  to  the  de-;
twer  and
partment.    He stated that he wight
have charged the  people  more for!
carrying freight and thus earned  a
larger surplis, but he prelerred t��j
f leave the .surplus over  am]   above'
the   cost   of   operating   the  road, j
where it properly'belonged, in  the
pockets of the people.
Vegetable, in packages. Jfieid
Seeds���Iteets, Carrots, Mangel
and Ssvcde, iu bulk, may be obtained .loin II. \. RICH, Ageuti
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ladner, B.C.
��0Bi ���:;-:���
E.I   VE.M    "
EXPt riieNCE
This report came up for discussion in the House oa Tnesday, and i
those who b     any  observations to
make confined themselves to quota-
Nurseries    &    sSeedhouseS tions frum tue report  ni   the  Com-1
I mission" s.   which  dealt   with   the(
relation') o: Hon. Geo   Ii. I'Vsicrtol
t: .�����:-...; tint IhuaUwt*.*���.
facie Sain Ui�� a black liu of birds
and quadrupeds wUit-li it Is itl't'ilutely
prohibited to Introduce late 'Ui�� coaa-.
try. sti.TS ttic .'Uittta&ooii* 'isjii*>*. Ih*
mongoose, the fl.Tluit fox ami tk�� ��t*r
ling are on lit* li-'-t. Thf mongooM i* ���
s|it',.-lt'ts of ferret, a .sitim of India,
where it ts tloniectlcalpd at tt mrt ��t
utuunil rut trap and unakc destroyer,
it was introduced Into Jamaica to ifrt
rid of Ihe mrttr cine ran. These exterminated, however, tlif iuohkoos*
went ou to d'et oir the luwt desti-oy-
Iuk liiiil*. with the result lhat the crope
have been devastated by lu3t��cts la
Bonio aectlons of tbe Island. The anl-
mal i�� exceedingly crafty, nocturnal le
ils lifllilts and evades traps wilh ms*.
Tlie flying fox, known also as the fruit
but, is .1 voracious harvester of fruits
nnd vegetables. Tiie sliirlluf belongs
to tlio ol'ow family.
Headquarters tor Pacific Con ;l
grown Garden, Field and i'i iwei
Seeds that nre thoroughly " ' ���
to vitalitj before offering /or sale���
that are subject to government .-.-
spection as to freedom from weed
seeds. Samples seiu to intending
Large stock ot HOME GROWN
fruit and Ornamsntal frees new
matured for the spring trade.
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.
BEE SUPPLIES, Spray Pumps,
Spraying Material, Greenhouse
Plants, Cut Flowers,
Wc do business on our own
grounds���no rent to pay and arc
prepared to meet all competition.
the cotnpanie- with which he had!
been :'ent ed. Tiie allegations
against Mr. Poster, clustered
around the verdict of the Commissioners that he had, .is Manager of
a trusl 11 id, Uised th company'o'
make .-n uvestment in which he
himsell fiaiti_-i|iated and sliar. d ill
the prod'.-. It was also disclosed
by the report lhat Mr. Foster had
received payment byway of commission upon transactions in which
his company was interested.
It was  pointed   out   in this con-
nectioa that he  had   not   only lest
money to syndicates in which he
wss     financial'iv     interested,    but!  1
necessarily  sat  at board meetings: J
Tmao': Marks
p.-. n-,_ 3
CopviiiuMts 4c.
.enrtti ��� �� il.it-'! m-,.1 li ortptlm.mm
certain oar opinion freo whother ai
In |-r..tint ly put .int i.t.!.-.   1'..iiiiiiu left.
nicilvi.i.i.iiii.-iitlil. HANDSOftt "" i'."���   '��
il froe, t'l.ltvtt i.k-i.tu-y forBecnrlnirpatentas
',,'.,-Mill llllU'll tlin.i.sili  Munn .t Co. rs-i'Ltve
tcialnotUi, wittintit tlii.t. e, In tin.
Scientific Hmericati��
liiitwlsonclr lJln��trniPil iroekly, Tnrrostrlr-
iliitit'ii uf nny urit'tiMUo journal, MVrmn. f.'I a
sari four months, It tkiiJbyiui ticwMdodiprn.
islSJfJiUCo.3613-^' New York
t.iif 11.1W0.
Isdostry U tbc foumiitleB of every,
thlnf worthy, y��t ther* ��r�� ��� jreat
iBiiE.v Idle people. A11 1 tils mtn nr if*.
' Kin is 11 bad advertieeioent for ��uy
eeHmnnlty, [uvestlssUoa will tvrwil
tltat it is tke talk' !���������; ..- tt ii�� engage
iu bad bi rapes,
1 OffllMs fiSa 1" St.. Waslillik'nn. 1>. C.
Let me price your list before plac-1 when  his 0 vn   interests conflicted . $
iug your order.    Catalogue Free.
.IHO Westminster Road,
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.;'.vi'.ii ar;*,.;,:.
with the interests of the company1 f
for which he was manager,    The
impropriety of this was alluded to, 1 j
j and it was stated  that   he  had im-
j properly dealt with funds for which
I he was trustee, in that he had dealt
\ '���   , ..I-.      -.K
\,;-A .tu,'.-;
1:} Wm
/ ',  ��� I    \ tt^r.-'i e
lls.r.,1  ih*. ^lifni*,
Tlie Youiik Until lim* knowB fef
a leap time punt u,.,i v,.n oared for me.
Tiie IjOdy���Iteallyl   How .�� Ui��tT
Thtf Toune Man���From the fuel that
rem- poople put Ui��u__��lrM c. ut eC Ucif
��ray to Mini) me.
Th*   Snlilii linn   ruiia.
Tli".v were suhui'bnnltes, aud ttin.v ee\
st breakfast win n >i leiifi' wn_ liond-
eil to Hip mother, which sti�� rpnil with
rapidly Increasing consternation. "How
unspeakably dreadful!" site exclaimed.
"Cecilia Koduey'a entire family hits
licrii practically wiped out. Her motto
er tuts died, and her father, her broth-
er and lier unisin, .11 in the Faiae
Bthel (four .venr�� old, witn in lies
brief career bus experienced all the
joys and wops of tlie enbiirbst- Did the.
cook die, too, mamma?���Harper's Mn#
'Ilia Children's Favorite
Cor."'- ., C . Croup and
Y,;,aoj lug Cough.
TM-I.S-. .ci;, ji f.i....j. for Its cure* ont
��� ill 1  -��� pm roi tin- ������-. Ill :od '-- >rl ..  It i-iiit
-,. ...... i    ..-    -.i.i.-i upon,   1- ,   iitiiiuii no
nphl n ��� ��� .  ..    ] .':i dn  - r.. .- ';-. v I'.
���: ..    ,-::.,'    ��� "i       tOR 1.:..       ,.s | i
P tov 2B cts; Large Size, 50 cts.
Wsin-ii  he   had  a  %*f***mii*ii0iii*m**ii^Ai*im*mm^fr'mimii
A   <-*,��T*'ni4snl   ConHilln.^.
"1   don't   believe   Its   tins  hii.y
science nt all.'-'
"Oh, ,ven. lip has.'-'
"Nm much ot'.. one,'*
"No; not ranch of �� ou*. i��f finar-xe.
In fact, it's of such trifling irnpoitauet
that wben Ue IipbIs emne on�� ont ol
$1,000 be enn square things with It hy
eontril uting $t,50 to charity. Still it'|
a coiisci-.-.uv."- .
i THK Hpt "A" tta'-p^ TUESDAY, A?!.TT. f, 1*07.
1 *V>^ AL NEWS.
i'. W.   Harris  jpent  Sunday  at
to ae.
M.   Mends   visited   Vaucouver,
last week.
Oi'PPl.R STOCKS Al.O.Ni-.   i^l
W,. Byrom returned,   Saturday,
from a visit to the Royal City.
H.   N.   Rich  visited the  Royal
Oity, yesterday, on business.
Miss Jordan paid a short  visit to
the Royal City on Friday last.
For Sate.
H��gi Leave
Copper mines laid annual dividends of f33,703,654- in 1905 to
their shareholders. Metal mines
paid $65,771,047, so copper paid
more than half the Annual miffing
dividends ia rgos.  1006 will exceed | triors opposite Columbian Ollice,
Eye Specialist,
Eyes tested free for Glasses,
Barrel nnd half Herring and a;
barrel Salmon Bellies, cheap for|
cash.    Apply
Mra.. M. E. Wharton went up to
the Royal City, yesterday, on a
these figures.
Leslie's Weekly says: "Copper
will pay $75,000,000 as dividends in
Leslie's Weekly, Nov. 8, 1906,
says: "On,' \tar ago Nevada. Con
solidated Copper siiare-i were (is
ceuts each, now selling at$22 each,
a profit of more thau 2.200 per
cent in one year."
It will, of course, be understood
that miniiiK; stock,  like all other
New Westminster 15.C.
1907 - SEASON --1907.
To notify tiie people of Ladner ami1 surrounding district that we are naw in a,
p-Qaition to offer Vancouver Island
" cowder castie," \Portlanti   Gement
W. E. Curtis returned home, Saturday, from a short visit to Victoria..
Mrs. Stewart returned home, yesterday, from a visit to New Westminster..
Mrs. . (Rev. j W. K. Pescott, ol
Vancouver, returned home, Friday
Harry McCormick came over
from Vancouver, yesterday, on a
short visit.
litis. D, Anderson and daughter
left, yesterday, on a visit to the
jfawal City.
Marshall Smith returned home,
Saturday, from.a visit to.the Terminal City..
Rev. J. F. Betts will conduct
missionary services at Mission City,
��,u Sunday uext.
An Opportunity
That  will   not pay  you to miss,
property, fluctuate iu  value.    To-1 Get  y(ni_   Eye9 Tested and proper
day's prices may not be those of tomorrow. Indeed, lhe stocks above
cited hav.? probably reached theii
highest upward swiug for some
years to come and will probably de
cline before they will advance.
The great law  of  mining,  however,    is    exhibited    partialy
these statistical figures.
(Imported Clydesdale Stallion)
"Diamond Cross,
(Imported Hackney)
The above high-class animals
will be plaeed on the route between
I.adner   and Surrey,   commencing
places will bi annouue-
Glasses fitted to them,it.aitencures,  ,        , .    .,
__,,.. ,      ,- ,,     about the 15th of April, 1907.
a   bad  headache   and   relieves   she      __       .
.     ,    Stoppin
strain on  the  nervous system, be- _j , t"
iiides   improving   the   vision.      It \
makes reading a pleasure, improves
the looks and temper.    It saves the
cWldren'5 eyes at sohool and in the
^ j end saves money..
Flic swing j     consultation free.
At greatly reduced' pricea.. making* it possible for parties who contemplate building*,
to put in concrete��� foundations, at about the-
same cost, as piling or other inferior
/rite for Prices..
Mill IBM.
Joseph Whittaker, of Daysland,
Alta., is visiting his uncle, R. E.
Kittson, East Delta.
of values   is   ever   ur.   up!   up! I |
Placers   may   become    exhausted, j
veins may be  lest,  reeky  treasure j
vaults ultimately exhausted!   That:
makes no difference  to  those  who 1
get in when the slock  is  low,  the '
prospects,   even to  th?  uninitated, I
low.    "Buy cheap and  sell dear," |
is the maxim credited to the founder j
of the   Rothschild fortunes, and   if]
yon buy, at or r.eir its infancy, stock
iu a mine run by miners in a proven
mineralized district, this thiug you
assuredly can do by simply holding,
because  it  seems to be   a  law  of
mining ��� this   upward   swing of
values.    Their occurrence is a matter  of   history with almost   every
mine.      At times these swings are
gradual, at et-lur times violent.
The-S'S*. Sonoma leaves-Ladnei
at 8- a.m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Steveston   at   9  a.m.   and 5 p in.
day except Sunday.
Office at the Shirley House.
Stephen F. Smith
Graduate Optician.
S@m&ihing Hew
Sre Yoor Hens
Broody ?
.have Pure Bred
I am now prepared to build coiled sprinz wire fence with wooden
stays. /
For further-particulars and prices
Eggs at
$2.00 for    15
$(U)0 for 100
B. G.
See Me
if you have CHICK
ENS   or EGGS   tt
Crescent Island.
O. Box 45
E. T.
Port Guichon.
Mrs. W. J. Frederick returned
home. Su:iday, from a-.: visit to
fiends atK.ati:loops��
F. B, Dixon, late Principal of
Laduer school, paid a short'visit
here on .Saturday last:
Mrs. ��.. Chidell and iamily returned home, Saturday- from a
irjsit to thc Royal City.
Misfces Alice and Violet Ladner
returned heme, Saturday, from a
.r.sit to the Royal Citv.
SEED- GRAIN-Red File Wheat,
Six-Rowed Barley, Garten Oats,
Timothy and Cover Seeds���
Brackuian -Ker Milling Co., 11.
N. Rich, Agent.
On   the   Trunk   mad,   between
Ladr.er ami   Westminster, a Tele- j p Q-QGds   Or
scope Grip.    Finder please  return
When you are wanting anything in the
line of Blouses, Dress Skirts,. Petticoats,
Underwear, Hosiery, White Goods, Neckwear,  Ribbons,  Purs,. Smallwears.. Holiday
We have the Greatest  Value
in Shoes
Good Solid Reliable Footwear,
Just the Thing for Winter Weather,
To Farm
Mrs. K. F. Clark, of Vancouver,
came over, on TWursddav evening
last, on a visit to friends.
Mrs. O. W. London, of Westham
island, returned home, yesterday,
.'join a visit to the Royal City.
Harry Llewellyn came down,
Friday afternoon, from tha Royal
City on a short visit to C. II.
Morgan, at Terminal Cottage.
Arnold Seymout Taylor; of St.
Catharines, On*., arrived here en
Wednesday last, on' a visit to his
upcle, A. DeR. Taylor;
The undersigned Companv are
prepared to furnish Seed Barley at
actual cost (to be paid for in acceptable grain n*.xt fall), to farmers
who will grow Barley fer us. We
will pay $2-2.00 i cr ten, f.o.b.
steamer, for first-class Malting Bar-:
ley, free from- wild cats and other
foul seed:;.
There is money for you in g.-ow-i
ing Barley.
Nanaimo, B.C.
Fred. S. Whiteside, Secretary.!
Bonnet's,  Hats,. Furs,. Dresses,.  Underwear,
Hosiery, Etc.
Call and let us show you,
Good3 and Prices Right...
We '-any these in all Leathers and have a lull line of Shapes
and Sif.es to Fit All   Feet.
Nothing in Town to Equal Them.
a* REAGH,    -    Ladner. B.C.
A. J. BIR.TCH,. - 275 Columbia Street
Estate mi
Wa   La   MssBRmE,
Oeneral Merchant
Phone 5.
Port Guichon
W. Lasseter, jr., and J. .'. Lusse-
ter visited the Terminal City on
Friday* last- to take in thesights
aad returned Saturday morning. '
Mr. and'Mfs. R. C. Abbott* and
family left, on Wedneidav last, for
Mission City, where they will make
their h��me La future,. Mr. Abbott
iakiag over; the, management, of
the new Creauiesy ateowt to be.
built there. We regret very ti uch
ie record their removal but our less
is Mission'-* sain-
feline Engines,. Root Pulpers,
K$fe Waiworth-Rolston Co.,
1016 Westminster Ave..   -   Vancouver, B.C.
Produce Stored and
To All li C. Ports.


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