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The Delta Times Apr 21, 1908

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Array I
gj u^ ^
��'���        i   immi.    mm
Vol. 5, No. 33J
-���������:������    f  ���       , V    T
For the
Easter   Season
New Collars,     New Belts,     New Hosiery,     flew Gloves,
Thin Goods Tlm. Tfake life Worth Living.
.New Plain and Fancy Dimities Zepherg, Shamrays, Pongee Silks, Mercerized Cottons, Large Stock of Prints, Ducks, Etc.
Ottawa Letter.      faster fete.
The flarket
'Ottawa, April 14.-T._e attitude j The Ladies' Aid of the Methodic ! New Westminster. April -17-
rfthe Opposition to public ques-j Churoh held their Annua! Easter The market .held yesterday morn-
tions, from being absurd and incou- ,Fete in the Town   Hall, on  Satur- ing, diflferefl
Pattern Department
We ha*e a Complete Stock of the celebrated McCall Patterns and
fill your order for anything in the Pattern Line.
FASHION  SHEETS   FfcEE   FOR THE  ASKIN G.-Subscriptions taken
fer the McOall Magazine at 75c per year postpaid, including      J
One Free Pattern.
considerably from the
'usual routine ot the weekly market
in that thedemand cf the marketers
wa.s not so much forr meat and
���other produce as ifor flowers. Everybody wanted (flowers aud few
iparsons left thei buiiding without at
���least a bunch of carnations and
o'clock in the !'m.ny purchased large quantities cf
:<evening tea was being served which. blooms and flowering   plants   for
���Easter   decorations,
-stalls were; a picture to
sistent, has'now become  contempt- May last, when  a large  number of
**"��� friends  turned  ont and assisted in
Take as a flagrant example, the Liatini.  .i,= �������� :       .
..        ,  .   . v I'niaking  the ntiair a buee-success
���subject of tfcnber scandals, so called. L ,     ,
In the House, before the public, in H""8 tbe aften0Qn U,e haU was
the public accoutfts committee and I���6" Ulled aud busin��s was brisk
in the parry press, it was  time and '*l  tlie  yatious  booths -and candy
again alleged that exposures would ! stalls.     From  three in  tbe after
������be made ot  the  methods of  grant- jinoon  until seven
Sng timber limits, which would in-'
volve the official honestv of a for-
���mercommissicner ol Crown lands, *** ^ Patromzed'
nowa tnemb-K- ofthe  House, and      In  the   fVeniaS    the   following
that gentlemen  upon  the  Liberal {"excellent programme was rendered
side, members of the House, would
be connected with these exposures
in a manner that would lead to but
'one "result.
The Vs'ho.e time of'.l_e committee
Was monopolized by members of the
Wiich reflected great cre.lit upon
���those in charge of ibe arrangements, more especially M*s. J. F.
Betts, Mrs. J. W. Lanning, and B.
.H. Weare, each ot whom-must bave
Men's Department
We have a swell line of Blue and Black'
Serge Suits at $14 and $17, made from
the highest grades English Sergea.   Guaranteed fast col&st.
Men's Fancy Tweed Suits a't $& $8, $9,
$iu uo '$10, all of the latest spring cut,
and finished with the best trimmings.
ffc_J-W-__L. pB   C LOTHII--3
$3.50 to $^
Boys' 3-piece Suits, single and double-breasted styles, from   :
Boys'2-piece Suits, Norfolk stylfes, from       &������     -        -     $2.5D to $6
Boys" Fancy Flannel and Hqmespun BUSTER^ and .BLOUSE SUITS, also
nice line BOYS'WASH SHJTS.
V ' . v   'V   ��� ��� ��� S   .
New Regatta "and Neglige Shirts in large range 6f New Spring Patterns.
'Opposition in examining witnesses I worked like -Trojans to accomplish
and exploiting -matters with whieh
'the committee had -nothing to do,
���and which were in fact beyond its
���powers to investigate. The afifair
was carried to a point which made
'it logical for -the. exposition to call
Mr. Turrift'and examine him under ��uet���'-Murcdtiring Sea'
���oath.    But the Opposition  did  no-!    Mrs.   H,  J.  Kirkland an
'thliig of tl.e kind.    By calling Mr. j    K- c- Harker.-
Turriff their house of cards would ISong���"Love'.. Old Sweet .Song"
'fall to the ground, and ���tbey.knew i      J. E. Pacey
this.    Mr. Turriff, however, i��:riSt- ��� Mandolin -Duet���"Voilette"	
d <upon  giving evidence,   trfking
���so much iu so short a space of time
PART    I.
Song���'���Jernsaleia".,, Mrs. Laimsng
ed ���upon
the ;p8su.~.- .,
dad Deen brongntinA-.'-O'Weftmr."1
Mr.  Turriff was called by Mr.
McLean, a Liberal member ot  the
�� ,t,Per and the  result was tbat
the Opposition case,1 m.,.^ .. >,������>,
..B. �����. Weare a��d Qte_ St.elt
���Song���' -Abide With Me"	
Mfl'cc   \.as-l<t.f     T   -J	
Choras-f-Dame Durden
The floral
be remembered by tire 'Visitors who were
there in numbers. &.aster'Kllies, ����
���course were the favorites and early
'in the day had all 'been snatched up
'by eager buyers. Carnations and
���hyacinths found many 'admirers
and the heavily blossomed hydrangeas and the feathery spiraea found
Ts;ad7 sale. By noon the Arches
that hadsbeempiled to overflowing
were bare i lboards save for the
plants tlwt had beet] left for delivery.    , . _���
Another line that felt the stimulating efl%ct 'oft East��rtide was the
fish business and not only <5t the
nmket, bii-t at the *ity stores tbe
demand was noticed and'to such an
extent that tbe stalls xvere completely cleared.
���In <_li.er -lines there ��was nt>
change in price-04* '-juehtfty, except
'that owing largely to the amount
ably, c the piiee of pork fell to 8^c
���J 4 demand fell off considSr-
Mrs. j, W. Lanning, MVs. R. C. l-fere(j
Harker, Miss Belts, T- E. Pacey, d& prr1(MYab^-T%��VVOTtwi.al iicfc of-
H. Betts and W. Hurst. :carcises to as high as 12c for prime,
suddenly   'collapsed.     Mill,     Mac pSong- '>T-r<"iift.Mau'',,.---^   ^  'Supplies nvpther 'lines were rather
"Donald desfied to secure, more e.i-
Shoe Department
W-e ��hoW; nothing but HIG-H GRABE SHOES.'    6ur Stoc!k is ncjw <;om
'' , ���;? j v.  { ., ������-,-
. ���   pl��te.    .All the New Spring Styles, in Tans ��,nd
Patent Leathers, Etc. ��� ~	
.DORIS &HOE *3t Komen.
1 deuce, in  the  public, interest, and
as  the  Opposition ,had  consumed
nearly  all  the  time of the   c<m-
rnittee so far, ihe  asked for an adjournment, which was granted.
Contemptible Tory Tactics.
Up to this time the tactics bf the
Opposition    had   been    frivolous,
now   they   'became- 'contemptible.
I When the  committee  met again it
I whs  not  convenierit for  Mr. Mac-
|-Donald to be present, so Mr. Ames,
i-who had been so persistent and so
1-suspicious'throughout, made a'vig-
Korotis plea'tha. tbe proceedings be
'brought To   a   conclusion,   which
kwould have had the effect  of pre-
'���venting   further  investigation' into
CARLE-TON SHOE for Men.itimber   matters.   This   w-s T-jom-
1   I
Fan Drill.'....,.
.-���"������ -AffilttrMaBrid*!  hwt ,of tiie oSUdi ,RlV,anti^,  btlt
v ' K'ghteen Girls _ve_.e   suffidt:nt   f0r   the" demand
pa._t  11.'' IjW.hich was rttther^kitk iri eompari-
son with other'weeks.
The quotations for the day were:
Beef,    hindquarters,   8c   to   oc
mer lb;'foTequarters, 6'/ic to 7c.
���Mutton, 13c to 14c per lb.
'V?al, small,-ifc per-ll:  large, &c
to 9c.     ,       ���   r'
Pork, 9n;.c per lb. ������
Butter, 35c to 40C per lb.
Eggs, wholesale, 22c per dor.; retail, 25c.
Fowis,   jgB.oo to .$ ).oo per do*;
Smith & Co., Ltd.
.11  t        .llfUfl'l
losing firearms does not neeessar-
"Looking for nevr-wetrd-ToT'con-
qiier" and the persistent efforts
made by the. J. Stevens Alms &
Tool Co., Chicopee Falls, -Mass.,
[ makers ol tbe famous Stevens fire-
ily mean to hunt ga�����. k'U a"d arms, in advocati;ig ��bi| delightful
destroy. TrtTget practice is a sport |irecreation. are miin factors for the
the ?asinatfofts of Which are rapidly lexlr,Lordil,ary interest among the
becoming more appreciated and can \.(9ir^x ln target shooting. To be
���be enjoy^a'Ty vyoung and old of properly equipped'means the adop-
either sex. 1<       ���        tion of .Stevens Rifles and Pistols-
There a ntiniberof excellent bow- ,these arm's hbid more records than
teft, golfers, 'tennis players, etc., Bn other makes combined, and cot
���amotic  ihe'fair. isex~in fiitt the no more_ ,,
'masculine province Of outdotfr'sport i , ;        i
���is more and more invaded by the ~~
athletic voting lady M��t, the ^period,
lit is a gratifying sign of the times
that "hitting the bulT*<ye" at
'target practice is now claiming tbe
.attention 'of ihe 'outdoor girl, and
there is certainly 'no more benefi-
tcient ijpon or exjjrcise. "    "".
Rev. A. H. Hnntler has finally
decided to' leave the ^pastorate here,
���towards tbte ehi. of June next, and
w.ll, with his Wifev��ncJ, fjiroily, pro^
ceed to Kngland,'in vipw of which
he has soldi his house and lot to
���"Mr. Wilkinson.
hatted-and it was  finally, arrr.nged
���to continue the investigation;
The point to be remembered is
that all the'forces of the-Opposition
were brought to bear -upon one feature of tlie case���To wit, Did Liberal members . ecure unfair  advantages through 'the good   offices dt
Mr.  Turrifl,  when he was  Laud
Commissioner?    'Failing  lo  prove
"���    -     - t. I this, they were more tbnti willing
Vffi �� Itfor the'inquiry to drop.    They, had
Commencing tfjtb >-ester|ay the ^  ^^ ^  aliy   oXher  n^oti.
sltions Which members oflthe'com-
��littee thought   it  desirabl.'  to ex-
l-amine. '  Failing   to  connect   Mr.
| Turriff wi'li   ainyihing   unseemly,
j their   interest   in the  proceedingfi
I waned.    VVhei.  it Was  found im-
pos*iible to prove c-Illusion 'between
Mr. Trtrnfr ,'ik!  any {.jberat member, there   w is   uo niorp   politcul.
capital to be manufactured, consequently, irom  their standpoint, no
Action- 'Song���"-SailoT Joys",,...
Eddie Curtis, Arthur McBride,
1 Herbert Wilkinson, J. Kirkland
Song���"Did  fc'ou   EVer Sit and
���Dream. ���.Wm. H.ust
Diiet-^'Gipspy Comrtess"	
Mis.'Lalining and B. H. Weare
���Song...... .....Mrs, H. J. Kirkland
Tableau 'in Three Scenes	
  Untie Tom's Cabin
Mandolin    Quintette   ---  "True
���Blue".-..Mrs. H. N. Rich, .Mabel
.Canning, Floienee Lord,  3.  H.
\ji.ear'e'a'ud Gus/Sleefc.
Flag Drill..��� Eigtiteen Boys
One'thing which vCd-itd have improved mitters Considerably would
have beer. ,a piano, 'the music ot the
organ'TS totally unfitted for sta.^e
work. /��� '
! chickens, $6.50.10 $S.t��o per doz.
Ducks, $it to $12 a doz.
Apples, jjS.i .25 per bose.
Pot<atues, $18 to $20 per ton.
Turnips, 7'5Ciper sack.
Parsnips, 75c per saik.
Scott Fenton came home, Thursday to spend-the Easter vacation.
Miss MacKefK,!e visited'the
City last week.   1    ,
new tune card of the lecifl ^branch
ofthe G. N. R. came intojforce-a*
at 'l'ort  Guichon at   1:15 p.m
and kfvve again at a p.m. !
On Tlufrsdays arrive at  Port  Guichon at '1:15.p.m. and tie  up for
the night.
\Oa Fridays, leave Port Guiebon at
6:30 a.m.'and return at 6 p.mt
0:i .Saturdays, leave  Port1 Guichon
it 6 a.m.
As will ;,he seen  by the above,
'.Mui'iiver Will be the headquarters
of.the train^crew insteal of Ladner.
Jchn!4v.engh luis dotttie'd_. the  in
delible smile on account ot tbe arrival at his homeo'f a-iother Ixjunc-
ing baby boy.
C.  0. Major atitl  scm, Mlarry,1
came dovki frCvtz the'Royal City, cm:
Wednesday last; Or,  business con-
1   ���-. n
nected with  tbe 'Atlni.mstrhti'on  of
the late Mrs. H.  G.   Taylor's  Estate.        .       ��� ' .
necessity for further inquiry.
Miss .lolbrook is at home :an!d
will do ladies' dres. making mid
plain sewing. T^r particulars apply
P. 0. Box K, or at Woou^ Ranch,
Gpwdv road
Quite a jolly party drove oiit to
j Chewassen on Friday' iirgluding tl-re
���   Seeds, Timothy and Clover-Seeds foiiov.-.Tig   ladies   and   -gentlemen;
���nraekman^K-er    Milling    Co./Mis.'W. 'li.  'LfidneT, ^ha^erone;.
l'Ltd.,   H.   N.   RICH,    L*lner, [Mjsses'M.  McLeHnn.^CUVra  Lord,
'BiC.. Agent.' >'._'iH j'' j Mable Lord, -mid  Meisirs K.  D.
 ^4__-_ iSimpson, F. C. Butler arid  R. H.
1                                                 'Clarke. V    "
A wr.gon-lo_d   of ^young  peoptel      .
,wei_t out to the Bay, yesterday, to ;...'���'
spend the day.aod avcry  fine day      Rev. J. F. Betts hasTeceived the
indeed they had, 'as well .ss a very sad news ofthe death,   qti the 8tb
fine time.    Amoug-.theiparty were: | inst at   Fall River,   Mass,,   of  his
Mrs.   >W.  >'H.   sS.iiiith,   chaperoi;*;! nephew, Rev.'J.s'Betts; 'age 58 years.
Mis��ts   'Nora    Dopkrill.   Minertta  Mr. Betts was1 pastor rjfofie of \)pe
Smith.'Katie Min, Ire uKobinson.U'lethodiM Episcopal  Ch-.tthes,  of
and 'Messrs.   Rdyt'm .Hutcherson, i Fall'-ftiver Mass
SiHw^l-lch,,Hedl��y .Smith, Hum*
TTiltO.J. s
for t_te past uin1.
years but resigned ttf the   last  conference on acoou-nt of��� ill healrt- Till. DELTA'TIME . T.ESDAV, A-PFtt. 2i, :$oS.
ef^Jiil.1 T.     'i      i      sr - ,
Subscription, $1.00 per year.
-PmuaI A*��erti��cmeutH, to ccuU per line fot
tte first insertion, uud 5 cent* per Hue (or each
Mfaaequeiit insertion.     The   number   ot   lines
���eck-jued by the *pace ��ccu>led, isliaeito the
Rates lor Commercial Advertisements can be
Jud on application at this office.
Rtadiu�� notices 10 cents per line for eacb Insertion.
Birth and Death notices, soc., Marriages $1.00.
Any special notice, the object of which is to
(promote the pecuniary benefit of any individual
��r cutnpany, to be considered an advertise me nt
and charged accordingly.
AU advertisemtmta. charged for uatil ordered
-out and paid lor.
Correspondence Invited on matters of public
interest,. Communications to editor must be ao
compauiei. by name of writer, not necessarily
ffor publication, but as evideu.ee of good faith.
.Correspondence must reach this office by Thursday evening.
W. C. T. U.
R. Manlky,
A first class job has been made of
the piling for the new municipal
wharf, whicli is being got ready for
the reception ot tbe crushed rock
ito be used here this season.
The Band Boys are beginning to
show some signs of life again. It
is expected that the work of re
organisation will take place during
thc next week or two, and then���
don't you hear the sa-eet strains
"The Dominion Government have
(decided to expend the sum of one
million and a quarter dollars upon
improvements to the channel of the
Fraser River, practically adopting
tihe report of Engineer Le Baron.
'This should mean busy times along
-the river for the next three yeari\e-
��ides a great and lasting beneiit^p
.the whole province during tbe
/coming years.
For a year will supply a family
with the following list of household
1 Bag of Flour $ 2 95
100 lbs. Good Beef     5 00
44 lbs. Sugar     2 00
2 Hams (12 lbs.)     3 00
2 Turkeys  2 00
4 bags Potatoes  3 00
6 lbs. Tea  1 50
3 lbs. Coflfte  90
6 lbs. Raisins  50
10 lbs. Rice  50
1 Bushel Beans  2 00
48 Cakes Soap  2 00
2 Barrels  Apples  3 50
1 Ton Coal  7 25
1 Pair of Shoes for Wife  2 60
1 Pair of Shoes for Baby  1 25
1 New Dress for Wife  5 00
1 New Suit for Boy  4 90
Christmas Presents  5 00
$S4 85
Three Beers a  Day  for one
year,  365 days, at   15c a
day $54 85
At the meeting of the Quarterly
Official Board of the Methodist
Church, yesterday, the following
officers were elected for the ensuing
Stewards���H. J. Kirkland. J.
Ellis, John Weaver, John Oliver,
Wm. Asbury, sr.. D. M. Ellis and
Geo. Devitt.
A very cordial and unanimous
invitation was extended to the present incumbent, Rev. J.F. Betts, to
return to the circuit for a fourth
Rev. J. F. Betts went up to the
Royal City, tbis morning, to attend
a meeting of the Board of Directors
of Columbian College.
Sidney Rich arrived home,
-Thursday, ior the Easter holidays.
The remains of late D. Robertson,
��1 Westham Island, were interred
^o-day in Vancouver Cemetery.
Roy Page has received the sad
4MWS of the death of his father,
-which occurred on the 13th inst.
Friends of Mr. Harris, sr., of
Crescent Island, will be pleased ta
Jearn that he is improving, and
hope is held out for his ultimate recovery.
The Delta Agricultural Society
���are beautifying their grounds by
.planting, this spring, no less than
j20 trees of different kinds of
maples, chestnuts, Norway spruce,
.and mountain ash.
Fire occurred, this morning, at
-the home of Fred Taylor, Port
Guichon, which totally destroyed
���the house with its contents, the occupants barely reaping with tbeir
lives. The house, which was owned by Jos.   ordan,    as insur d.
The illness ot Rev. Dr. Sipprell,
principal of Columbian College, has
passed the critical stage, although
he is still suffering much pain.
Principal Sipprell contracted a
severe cold last week, which developed into a serious case of pneumonia, aggravated with pleurisy.
His condition at first was considered very dangercius, a nurse was
procured in Vancouver and everything possible done to ensure quietness in the dormitory, At present,
however, Dr. Drew, who is attending him, says that no anxiety need
be felt for his recovery unless unexpected complications set in.
60  YEARS*
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ao.
Anyone lending i sketch end description me?
ulckli weeruiln onr oMnlon free whether, en
lvontlon leprobebiyp .Untahlo. Communion.
o_.��trlotlreonlidontIi U. HANDBOOK on He'enW
jnt free. Ol.oat agenoy tor aee urtngMtenM.
Fntoute token through ilium A Co. receive
xclol notice, without charge. In the
Scientific American.
-  y Uluatreted weekly, Largeat elr-
ny ���dentliio Journal. Terms tor
��� jeer, poatece prepaid. Sol 4 br
loeTfa F Bt, Waeh-ngtoS! ft C.
the Delta Saw mills
Are Prepared to . . .
Furnish All Kinds of
Shingles, Doors, Sash and
Mouse   Finish  of  All  Descriptions.
Tasbion Stabks*
Trucking and Dreying.    Livery Work of
All Kinds Attended to Promptly,
* -
All Kinds ox Firewood Always On Hand.
J. M. COLLINSON, fe 2". B B.C.
Stop and consider   .   .  ��
when in need oi reliable
"A Sif��� .-it last to g._t Sizable and Saleable harness lior.es'
Tlffi Grand Champion m&U1 SW800
"Diamond City"
8443 leap,
NO-DN. ttlGHt.
.NIOru-fty, & Mtirrow^s Fatrii; ^fe^e'tton Farai'.
Tuesday^ Gilchrist's      "      ; Dr. Wilsoa's   ""
Wednesday & Hull's  "     5 Coultl_--i-<_>s     V
Thursday., I. Johnston's "     ; Loney Bros.'   "    E*lgiA.
Frida}', G% B, Etnbree's "     ; Inverholme Stoek Farm.
Saturday, Jor.latt'* t��ivefy J*ad����r^       ��       **  till Mofcda^
Christopher MOses, Elsq-> Ctearge Brown,
Victoria, Proprietor. Stfed Groom
Call and see our VneB for
Men Women and Children
The Cheapest Store in Town fcr High Class Gootfs
Hedley  Smith  came   home, last
week, to spend the holidays.
C,Do you remember, as ��� boy, how
delighted you were with your first
STEVENS? Truly an event etthat
time. Olv* YOUR BOY a
STEVENS how. Will add to his
happiness and education.  >
It jMcumot abuts
���titeki Eirixe-
m. *blp dlrtet,
���xpmt prepaid,
���pen Me *ipt of
will md yom
oar complete
110 pit. n��-
.ta Catalog.
P. O. ��tt 4098.
Chioopee Falls, Mass.
Ifftft FfttAwCd IftOW*
CAPITAL PAIIMJP*       -        *        $3k900,00D
RESERVE FUND, * - $^390��00d
Total Assets Over Forty-Five Millions.
Account* of Out-of-T&wft Customers Given Special
On Saturday last, at Cbewassen,
a Gold Watch, Chain and Locket.
Finder will be rewarded.on leaving
same at
For Sale.
About 5 tons of Burbank Seedlings at $18 per ton.    Apply
-East Delta.
$4.00 Per Year.   Single Sen, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
FRANK QUK.. MB. CO. (Ltd),
4I.BERT .1 HOME,        _. WllUSllKKS,
juiumr. ITW.an-ieT.sNswYoiM-.
file   BEST Water   Tanks   Are
Mad** at This Mill,
for Spring Cfcan-l)p.
Pure and Vigorous Blood will keep
you in good health.
will give you
Good and Pure Blood.
Send  50c for trial $1.00 package
(two months' treatment).
Aghnt Wanted.
Wa-Hoo Remedy Co.,
Vancouver, B.C.
Notice is hereby given thut two
weeks nfter date application will be
made to the Li��ui,eiiant'Governoi>'
in-Cuuncil by the Vancouver Power
Company Limited, for a .i_rtL.ei
Certificate of Approval of its further
undertaking in tlie matter of the
constri_etion,ot.2ratinH and maintenance ot a line nr lines of. electric
rail wav with all necessary side tracts
a'id switches for tlie conveyance of
passengers and freight from some
point or points at or near Lot* i|
and 4 City Block 4, itt th.: City of
N w Westmins:.er, to and throughout the City of Chilliwack in the
. listrict of Westminster, pass-
i e through th" Wimirii ..Mies al
Surrey.     Delta,     Langley,     Mat-
squi, Sumas, Chilliwack and thei
ity ot Chilliwack; the erection,
construction, operation and main-
enance within the said Municipalities of electric works, power houses,
'(.tit-rating plants and such other
appliances and conveniences as
r- necessary to supply the said
Municipalities or any Municipalities
hat may hereafter be formed within the area thereof with public and
private lighting and heating aud
power for manufacturing and industrial pUTposes% and 111 connection therewith U�� construction,
operation and maintenance oi all
transmission line* necessary in connection with the said undertaking
from any ofthe power houses, sttV
stations or ttansmissi �� lines of the
compam throughout ttoe whole
area as is hereinttefote set forth
Together With ail i-WCh rights,
powers and privileges as may be
necessary to effectually Carry out
the teims ��nd conditions of the several agreements made between the
Corporations of Surrey, Langley,
Matsqui, Sttmas and Chilliwack
and tbe Vancouver Power Company, Limited, which agreements
were duly ratified and confirmed by
by laws regularly passed by the
Municipal Councils of the snid Cor-
poratcms. the agreements between
tin Corporation of the Township of
Chilliwack and the Company being
alto ratified antl confirmed by tlu
"Chilliwack Citv Incorporation
Act "
It is proposed that the Waters at
present recorded by the Company
from Lake Coquitlam and from
Lake Buutfteu be rttilize.! to generate the power requ red to operate
the Said further undertaking of tbe
Company, And it is proposed to
transmit snch power through a
transmission line or lines wherever
necessary to operate the said further undertaking.
And  upon such  application  all
the usual and necessary powers to
fully atid effectually carry out the
I said proposed  further  -.n&ertt_V:i-.fc
will be applied for.
Accottfi-.s may be opeaed tvith deposits 0? ONK DOI.I.AR.
and   UpWifds.     later est paid,  or credited,  quarterly on  3tst  M-M^ch, 30th Jaaa, 30th
September^ 3*st  December.
K. Dv SIMPSON. Manager, LADNER. B.  C.
The regular spring meeting of
the above Institute will be he'd in
the Town 5SaM, LrfdneT. on Saturday, April 25th, pr 8 p m. and Ktis't
Delta on Mondav, April 27th, at
8 p.m. -���
The speakers for the above occasions will be: J. T. Collins of Salt
Spring Island, and Thos. Cotbett,
ot Coquitlam.
N. A. MttDlA&Mim,
_ttm I
in md
XK\V WES^M^-NSTfeR,   >l  B. C.
Manufacturers of nlfl kinds ot
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patrowage soWcihed
*t2jt.m*l.*t��,.ijfy**y.. .jg*-m3��.*<$> ��'.2..^.a.-H**.
Ajipitestrotts will be recei\"ed bv
the Delta Mfi-iic^pal Council tip till
noon 'of Saturday, April 25th. for
the position of Policeman and Road
and Dog Tax Collector* Applicants to state sal* y requin<A.
By order.
N. A,  McDIAR.VrtD,
Ladner. April t#h. *go8.
SEASON 1608.
i man.
General Manager.
Vancouver, April 6th, 1908.
W. H Draper,
Roem 1.RI1��H StorksN��w W��i-M-_ittrY.
Notice has already been  given that
We Champion
Clydesdale Stallion
44 Dean Swift,*'
<t*p.) 'C539?) .* 1936V.
The property of the Pemberton
Stock Farm, will travel the District
of Delta District and his stands,
have been fixed as follows-:
Leaving home WV.dUes^ay niom-i
iny; proce��ed* to Mr. T. E. Lad--
ner^s if* dinnsr. froai tlkence to
Mr. Geo. Grauer^s for nfght.
Thursday���-Mr* ft, I>. Brtison's for,
dinner, thence to Mr. J -Gilchrist's, Crescent Isbntd, for
Friday���Stands for -Ji-i'Ke'r -at Mr
J. Jordan's SwfeK*, tvacftifcr, from
thence home U*W_ -toe Allowing
Terms: To insure  mare in
%20\ three ur mttts $.��'8 each _
Por IWthet ptrtftuliirssee groom,
1-^ Gray, or
P, Mpfttgomtry,
Port Guickon.
AccMatized Shct
For th?;
-Far��_s Garfefis, Lat��fi or
R&Kable V*rieties at Reasonable
Prices. No Borers. No Scale.
No fumigation to 'dataiage .ftoiik.
Mo windy a'gerfts to annoy you.
Buy direct and ge't^tees and-Seeds
that Grow.
Fertilizers, *ftee SdfiplieS, Spfay
l'umps, $]*a>ing Material, Cat
IrtoWrts, ��fto. Oldest establi.be.-
uursery on the mainland of B. C.
Gata'iogtie -tree.
K L HENRY'S Nurseries,
Oreenhousfes kai Stadhouses
Having ^e* Te^-iestct. to start w
MandoliU "Oltoss, era now pr��fc
spared ��o'-*o��(>. tfrtlT terms, etc^,
*��'}B.  Ma   WEARE,
Cue -rt M*% J. W. tAI-Nmo.
Mandolins, String*, t:tc+
fiutxplied at City Prt<!e^. ta46.-DELTA ttmVmmj TUESDAY, A-f-RIL
21,   1
 _.  .   ry. ,_��jw !__���___���*,��� rr.
���mi ii���mMii ���,;
i iift
E ��h*j.   i> ��.&_,
��� Swvw -: il
lh-  CASPAft. :S. YOSt.
Ihe Mttr* or Ua*-to*- .
���     Belief Thsvt 'M��ir|ii-nl  .Vbnfcn
. /i too Hn.u, :���* I^dt-kcmaiai
t Tii ..-* Is Mo ttek.-fetppinesa
rt Occupo.S'*_.       -ii*      Jm
. nb'ht,
I ���>:
lsl     I.'
: Hi--
16, t��5' C. S. Tost.]
JOII.N'-Your tetter
1110 of it Cer man wi.
S ui" i ivlio lived In the littl*
i >m n of .Missouri where I wut
-'ii- 's;i i i elicci'l'iii ludividuu!
A .VI type, auj slie had a
;' _l v.., ., : foil across ihe vU-
);��� i ii-' ��� ��� of KprJ 113 tii under, iu
::n .���:: i ��� ij iinfectl-ms, aud, ne
I l*i li..'- s urn i'i-i.'I tit-oil. no mutter
.';.-mv follow c-ltisens woulfe
it'lil cello-a smile, and pence
I'-AitoiiiniQiit Would setfte dowu
i Ilit> ni,s,i,. cinifiminitj*. XVby. I'v*
invs-u 'iu,.-jllnp:. -SS. the InUSt rloterit
Uliii'ilcti'i' I'lSl'CfCd iiAo low ifoaStH l_Jr
tbc influence uf
that laugh poured throui.li the
open window*
of the city hull.
-But am tiHii'st
Vtrtft 'I tmmteft
to tell you about.
Mm. SthreldA
tillered ln the
cos pel of ��vo it
>->^,. *she .vas Mv*
Idle. From sun-
.--ii mtkiiiiiibil'dtiX (up to sunsetsanC
fler _he whs busy. lKvutyt��iihan.bttlit
er lit the- Infuse siitffce like 'Hew ��llvet;
:t::-.. l!io rcpeate I scrubbing and polish
i<. si' giive It. She assaulted dirt witb
. -i' of in American and the
s pf r Teuton. Host was I
lisihii' .'tl, *i4 yet -ebe wee
tU.. 1 n-Wuj_)-i��t>j��.
t. Mr. Schrelder," _be wto
"tlint you aro so happy aU
l_i :'���.;>(. re a ena miserable ttftn ana tne
|icrM'inti',i mid equally lufcM-rable house
i: 'Id slave Were is a hk��py medium.
I'.i.l It t:<u"t ittiii-.l to-And IL
there Is i�� old tt-ihom that "there ts
: 11- -iv-ili'iice withotit{great labor," ami
e iiially true that tbere ia no-bap- ���
���������._ without occupation. Work^'af
some liescriptiou <is sag necessaijr. <t6
our mental as foot to our physical
noil 'being.    We somehow cherish the
elustpn tlin* 'Weil (financed Idleness i_
tbe acme of earthly bliss, and yet when
.re   get   a  ;t*o   weeks'   vacation,   no
i titter how Well tilled <rt��f pockets, we
igiu to feel dreary *t ttief the end of
be lirst week unci are Impatient to net
.-i. !.- Into (lie harness tieforte t*QT __un-
'���'.' up. Some eim staad It Winger than
others, but thore art mighty few wbo
��� ;.    contentedly   do nothing  tor any
��� wslderiilile perl' 1 dt time.
"Oh. bill .yuu'iv taftklng about men."
ii -ii' ybu say.    "Women are differ-
��� lit "   Thai \s Just wlMrelKbti4e -Wrong
boy.   '.Voxnen th this tespect nre
Ibe \   'i"!
Ill:...;-.   i!
lyui'.vs b
ll.ow ;
��ten ii ik
Hi'.' time'/
Ili.-ii  in
If >'<
leu, ii
fiott!" sho would exelalm, with
esisilble 1   ljfb.   '��� U *nf 'no 'tin*
lliyl'intjs udtler.1"
Sounds Very Well Indeed.
ii sii.v I'.ur wife "shall never work
>u eun help li "   Thut sounds quite
ami  looks very welt on paper,
ridiculous If you 4en-t mean it
serious mistake if y��e <do.    ft
i- innl wltb you.   I have beard
:it umuy times ln my life. Seam
uie.i *wbo siftd it did their be*
np 'to 'it. and seme of them rae-
icd, to the sorrtM*- of their wives,
[but (here were sev��HA wbo aftenrara
umfle their -wives work like staves snd
isioiiiiUv -beat them.   Between -the
sn I
Ito  lit
Some can stand it'longer thnn ether*.
not different. Tii&y "niust shh-*e ��emc
tiling lo do, aud tie taan Wbo impose.-
ii life of ldlciie:�� 'upon his wife, bc
llevlng be Is tlrreby contributing to
liei- hiipplncss. i -jinking a blr.n.ltv
(lint be wiil paj well for lu ui'tei
years. I gmul tlmt bis inteu'.lons ar.'
good, but tbb-yiai'i- of the same charac
Ier as these 'Used 'Ui certain quarters
i'or- i.ivi:i:. -ili.-.ti'i-iul, and unless the I
wife is an Inviill.'l �������� Is execptlonutly
eoii-iisiiiod 'bis object, prompted by
live ns lt Why be. \\W int bO<htta Ined.
bocnuse ualul-e Inii'ImplantedUb every;
normal biimnli mind * strongHlnd over
v.-h"l:::!:i - i!e-|:e 'for netlou. The
world must lie kept moving. -*hd It's up
to m to turn the crank. Tbe tabor of
woman Is as necessary to progress as
is tlint of mkn. and lt doesn't matter
wbethel" It Is your wife or my wife oi
Ilie hodcanier's wife���eacli has a definite duty to perform and will flail
her greatest happiness In its perform
n nee.
Now. don't go off half cocked. 1
don't want to see your wife scrubbing
tiie front stops, nllhoiugh If It ls neces
ry even that probably would do herj
no harm. I wouldn't have her do any-
thing but that which she Is physically
able to do and wants to do. Mind what
1 say now���"wants to do. The fact that
:��� > many women are useless dolls l��
jmalnly due to fnollsh young husband.
.like yourself who fit-re thelr^elves to a'
llirp of Inaction If glrpn tbeir own
way they would elioose labor of some
Icharneter   qnil  !)n iper cent  of tbem.
l-Pounded 18$^
liK; i��poraS*il 1893,
Provides a Christian Home for Students'<ff both
IseSJft at mcdeiite nfctes. Htt * prepttatory dlass for
|junior . tucfents taltteg Ptibilic lifchool ^otk. Does High
[School work sand prepares for Provincial Teachers' Examinations, Teaches "all toMioh-K ��f a Practical Bnsiuess
ICourse and confers Diplomsfe. ttftparts a Liberal Educa-
[tiou in its Collegiate Course, anfl in the Ladies1 Course
for M- Fs. L*, and M. L. A. In Thtftlogy confers the de-
lf ree of -B.D. In ^Ju����?<_Mity%ork can take students through
|the comittet* Awts C��b���� rfbr ithe 'B.A. degree of Toronto
Jttkeilftps., vkli whith t'he College^ in full affiliation. In
[Science teathes ��the -First Vear <ttf tFwoftto School of Sci-
enc��, -4-ail 'has -a -"Specifiil -��nginetflring *Cottwe *Haptecl to
jpM-titifcal ��ihtgitt��t.rife^ w��& in ^his Province. In Music, a
|complete 'Course hi theory, voit?e culture, an5 piano and
(organ, in ���conjunction with the Toronto��Ctrflege o�� fflti-sicf
[tpecial   instruction i��i rtrt and locution, while all Stttfientis
aatterequited to ttake physical training with all the _priv-:
Klqjes of a well eq^iippeti .gynHiasiifln.
impeiluii iiy "li 'il.>iii(,iy given ...
wouit sayHiou. e-Ueeplug.
faift Net Drudgery.
Among my nc'ti-iolfttanci'.* Is a yoi:'\
man  whd'bas iyour 'Idea   very, deep
impres_t__;;   .\Jbe.   \\v   was   oiihti
three 'efr'^tU-r ye iff ngo.  lie too!.
bWHfUffift'-wlfe to n boarding bouse in
"has   kept  ber  there  ever since.    .Sin-
pleaded for a bome, but he would not
have ber soil her hand...   The luaetlv
Ity.  eif  a ^oarding bouse  was to ber
udhearable.   She hns a very line voice
and rare dramatic <talc.it.   -fie reluctantly consented to allow her to give
music lessons.   Now 'her Income Is large*  'thkH Vn.
Own a brilliant
future   Is  open
to In*, and yot
shccttatlnues to
���plei-d    fer    a
'home, 'Just a little flat .!<�� bete
�����be<could 'tto all
the trork fier-
selif, Vhe��? he
an��! -She wtn.Ul
bc -nil in all to
each other.  Sbe
Just   had  to do    Site Im . "Iw. line
sonletliliMr.   -but voice.
she Voujtl inlinitely prefer tbe labor
of fe Ihojnt, with its cares and Its Joys
to the-trfllftSphs of her profession.
Tlie home Is the 'best place for th  :
dev^lbpiiierit 'and *cercirfe of a worn
an's talent* .F-lt-iniuderous reasons, mo l
of which ut* entirely obvious. ".Vhetl-
er It ls an original gift to tbe sex p
tbc result of the training of thousand
of years ls Immaterial.    The fact re
mains that she shines  with  grentc
brilliancy In the domestic atmosphere
and here she should bc allowed to rps'
kle unshadowed.   The majority of ws j
en realize 'tltt.r dutlt* -tfhd ronpon"l' I!
Hies and desire to tullill 'fiifcni.    Th :���
know that they can best be fuiniled Ini
the home, and if let-alone they will d-
rive the greatest ittnount of sat'sfa'- I
tlon   and  cbtitentmeHt  ftom  the  pe   i
formanee 'Of   the 'tasks  whicli   hom' >
service brlnfes to tbem. (
I don't Wttteve thrff-i woman shotil':
be a drudge.   1 dout hetle>-e that slu
should  hfc 'lfi_qiilred ��r a'ltoweil  to d<
more than she wants to do.   Wlien hei
work ceases to be a pleasure, then I*
has passed the limit of exp>:l._Micy an '
defeats   Its   most   Important   object
Where the line should be drawn de
pends entirely upon 'her teinpeTamenl
and ber physical strength.   Some wo
fuen can do Joyfully and with benefi!
to themselves an nnwsmt vT lalior tha:
would destroy others, and there arc
some women, like some men. whose
���xcess energy carries tbem far beyond
heir physical powers. Too niiich wort:
Is ns bad ns Idleness. There Is a golden
iiean, and Instead of trying to prevent
Vnna May from doing any work at nil
rou should exercise your authority or.
���our Influence, whichever you please!
���to ���-*����   It.   tc;
'keep 'her 'from!
doing too much |
I  say   this  because   I've   gol
an    Idea   that
tshe's m  hustler
-Sllil, Wlillc bus
tiers 'tiir -ttdmi
-rabte i|*e��.Hfe '*
'* ni1e.'*ftsy��i��eeil
.Some of uiitteiom mhtitetwsttwinC
abstainers. ,tkniiiwb  lfoY;
their own good. HoweTt>r, 'ihere .tin'
not many women who utu_il sh 'check-
rein in thc matter of w<*k. They
are a good deal like us men V
lhat respect. Most of us liclieve ia
temperance when It conies ta labor,
and some of us are total atiBUlncrs.
But, whether mcn��tir womcrt, %-e Jire
all better off'If wei^t-fOrti-n^sm-
able amount df good, 'boT_est W��W��every day. and'fortunately the ones of'
either sex -who-nrcc-Miteat^o'do nothing are comiitt'l-ilh'ely few.
id loncEi 41 ���MenaM. ,
Your wife must -tote something to
do,   and   your   silly l|)TIdt   sboulU   nol
siliud iu the way of the doing,   idle .
uess provides more cases 'fW the di
vorce   courts   tlnin   any   other  single
ngency.    It doesn't usually appear iu
illD'cvldobeClUiidor'tbat name, but It's
cspon_ii)lb ijttSt the-same.    Most'fre
lueuliy 'it 'Is disguised ns  Incomputl .
:>i ity   Of   tempera ment,   which   means'
Shut   Mrs. Jones  has sat In an easy
���hull' null 'lolled  sway  her happiness
Mijcontl-iit .tivn. i ibiy accompanies in
nettcki, and 'tti 'Its tniln are the oilier
mental and i.lhyiiletfl Mils which mal;.
ilfe   iilli-.eaiiilil-'   In Kiei'Seff  -ind   brill.-
i'.,!:'ery lo hor uullfe.   SlVtUf ��t'*��t sums'
woman  were  givch !'sbuiethlhg to do"
something 'thlit she felt compelled to
do. elthe> by duty or from the sheet i
love <if !lt, 'the 'mere occupation would
i->movt> Ihc   -tohdoWs from  Iier intud.l
bring "the 'lllbbll c<wvshig 'tbiwsgh herj
veins, .redden'her chetikS shnd brighten |
her eyes, substitute n Snitlte'for a frown
and   give  that  zest 'to 'Hfe  aad  love i
which is the -iialnspfing of '1_ap|tinoss
none by w'UIcb sue'enn .an ���>>> tuuen vu
the peace anii t-outtfh'tment of the-.ome
and 'to (he happiness of her faUSband.
hei-'vhildren and herself. Talk hs the
"advanced woman" may -about the en.
Diriment or Vroman'-. Sptn>r��, she cai.!
uot get away from tbe feet 'that uti ���
ture's Inexorable la>Ws have given hei
a field peculiarly her 'eWn, 'a 'field ii
which she bas no -rival, la * .deli sin
can and does do her -gretittst work I'm
humanity,-and that ifleld 4. bounded bj
tbe four wuils of tbe home. It is tru<
���bat housewort: has its cares. Its myri
nd annoyances, that often bring tear:
if *>exatloii 'or discouragement, but no
oieiiioJ-of life has been yet discovered
that does not 'have a few kinks In it
and tbere never will be. It would br
a doggoned monotonous existence any
hoW. It's the.kinks in life'that uiakt
existence really worth while, and tbey
are ms -necessary to >the making of a
woman's -character as of e man's, provided, of codrae, there are not toe
many of them. Wben you start out
for-rdJlve yOU don't'enre fora straight
roaii 'unless your only object is the
exhilaration of motidn. Iff you want
to-feet the greatest possible enjoyment,
ydh  choose a   winding  road,   wliere [*to ��pth* had made bin. ��trost.d*Ak��
' OVl>     \.mJt     mm.r,Am     kin      r.      __���_______.    _l_
ana a gj-eat Inianc'igi-Uticccss oe scoreu.
TIm masses will read the account ln
their newspapers with wondering admiration, but they "will find there no
wholesome stimulus for themselves,
since the motive of the brilliant function was rooted in display. In charity,
as elsewhere, it is. 1 repeat, not the action, but the spirit of the agent, that
'permanently tells.- Montague Graokaa-
���tbospe In fortnightly Review.
% Chans* ��t snn,
*���<����*��� Hit nobody,
Aad nobody cares for m ."
-ir.njf Tommy ��t play. In tha -Iweet <**���
__ *��y.
TVhara nobody obuld ac*.
���o hia mother 'Bi.de the nea,
And aaarchad-'for tha old hea'innSU.
Whilo the aun from Its place hlab.oveifc**d
Want alldWt Into the w��aC
��ha filled the "Water pall,
And picked the berrl��_s'for tea.
And wondered down In liertender'haart
Where her little boy could 'In:.
5_lone In the dim -ild bslYn.
Tommy grew tired of play.
Whan the cows came home aad'tlM****-.
ewa fell
Over the n*w'mown hi*>-
���o into the'liltchen he nn.
With a'nolsy hfiVll yl!
curves bring new vistas Into view at
every turn, ar ' io lr. life. But here; 11
I keep on ._] this stmln ll'li be writing
ixietry ln * iiilUute. Klul er all things
on'earth deliver ������ , im amateur poetry, particularly i It's maudlin.
Happiest Womatitn the World.
As I was saying, the housewife bas
her troubles, great bunches of 'em, but
the woman wbo pounds a typewriter
or wbo stands up behind a counter and
murmurs "Cash!" can never kuow the
Joys thnt mingle with and overlap the
cares of the wife ithe looks after her
own household.
Why, my boy,
there nev*wa?
a happlm- *Wo-
man than .'your
mother, ahil .she
bas * trV.��: fe d.
worked 'hh'rd.
all her -married
life, Uot because
she had to, for
I've always
made euough to
take care of her ' '���"" darc Vou ���'
without It, but beeainse she wanted to,
because sl��e would (hare been unhappy
otherwise, and I dare you to say that
your Anna May Is Sny better than tny
wife���I'Just <dare you! No, .lohn; let
her work; ;hit her do Ju .tins much as
she pleases to do ln rcassn. lt won't
hurt heir-there Is ue bcttS-r-eKercise in
tbe world than bousewo*K-*��hd it will
make her a better Wffe aud, please
Clod, a better mother wben the time
It Is true tbere ure some'women���and
it pains me to see the numUbr growing
larger all the time���who have a strong
aversion to domestic labor, t don't he
lleve .Anna May Is one of tbem; but. If
sbe 'Is, let tier follow her bent If It
does oot destroy :<?eur domestic rela
tions. There is no ttlbre pitiable object
on earth than a womnn of energy nnd
talent compelled teUl'Vtrti'tile of Inaction because ber litfot'tlu ��bd of a bus
band would consider'fciintM. If disgraced
If she were to do n little lionb'fV.t_e work
on her own account. Don't be hint kiud
of a chump. It's pure and uuudulter-
���Bted selllshuess. That's all tliere U to
'It. -H you love your wife, give her free
'���fiom. IsttTier do tlie work that pleases
her best, for therein lies her greatest
-tappiness. But keep*hcr nt home: keep
iher at home! 1 drawfftieline there. If
.���or-.mbltioa takes-hor beyond tin. portal for hWIBhor. mttfiloy a'hoUsfekeep
��r, but -preserve tht houn. lit is ber
���Shaven and.��rotrts. Thfereift nossntisfac-'
���tbfy substitute for 'It. 'it attains ils
'highest glory wben the wifesls its head
and directing force, when'her'life is
mainly devoted to -Its -welfare; but ,
whether or no, It is'home, auR nothing
���eh-! win serve. VdUr-nffectlwiute dad.
���tJOffN ��J.EB1).
She had mad* hlm a saucer ple.
Bo he cave her a lovlnc hue���
"I wlll help'next tlraw," said Ha.
*I care for aomebody.
-lad aossebody carea for nJ��."
-Mary F. Butta-to Outurlk
1*�� Kmlaer tua HnmorlaU
"We want up to the Kiel Yacht dub to
IH* the ansentatloB of prizes by hia iraj-
asty. He was In partloalarly folly ha-
inor, and his apeeohtsr .SPpresenMt- oa west
moil happily spoken.  'Ons'.priie winner,
la little 0**nMh'bmt��,mnyrealiied the
Importance -of ths occasion and waa tbe
>taew. .Mall*emSHtraased whea wit* ��ap la
���ne hand sett'sword tn tie <uther he stood
letadyto'reoMva bta prize���a pair of large
.At ths class of th* kaiser's speeuh he
handed the vaaes to th* Iittlo cllicer, who
hurriedly put cap under <oue ana, swart
nnder the other and ronived then, wliere-
upon th�� kaiser inslsti.' open aKaking
hands in <__ngra-.ibui.__, tuurh tc'thl- om���
barrassiuent, chagrin and Win o'the winner and the ehonfts-of tang* __��-Tro.,1 ���. vtn-y
-one else, Hod by hlaninjcaty.
'The'iHttt winner waa given m 'liqueur
���at and-received ordera not to di&fc from
<���!! -M'glasses al0n��."-Outl��%.
cttURcn 'NooiicEs,,
Holy Conimimion���ist and ' yl1.
Sundays at 8r30-s.n1;; 2m_ and 4th
Sundays ut rr. a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock..
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock. !
Sunday .Sclicol at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, I.itanv ��t 7:30.
Rev. E.lR.fflflrttetr.at.A:, Vicar
Services first and tii Ird Sunday of
each mnith tit ioT3o a.m:; 'Benediction, 7:^0-^:111.
Sunduy ��-cbnr'il nt 3'p:Tn.
"fcow Mtfes'and 'i'-iiily'Communion
5rst and tiiird IMOK-lays'et^.m.
'Rev.IFJtlrarTvagiier, O.M.I.,
"Parish Priest.
Services'..<stt l&Srd's .Day at f 1
a. m.nnd 7:30'P.m.
Class .aiertnig, after i__e morning
service every Sunday.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Pra>-��T meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. T- F, Betts. .wstoT.
A Wtem -RallroaA.
"General -Archie .Vllllnins," says Vn
Vansas CltyUountal, ''was on a train go
ling up Pike-s 'peak en* day lost summer
-A.S the halfway house he got off aud pur
'obnieda big basket of violets '**'����'��z-
fpemwof |1U. P.eturning Hs'tlte'Cl-ifo, .he
tpreaented each woman ���wil . ���* 'bmMtifni
���bouquet, though all 'Of tKe Women Wore
-itrnngars. By and by the husband of one
Mt 'tlwwdmeh'canie back from tbe amok
'Intfew-.tinh .lhe said to hlm: 'I think this
'h'th*;niceet railroad I *v*r rode on. That
'hrakoman over ther* gave evory MM ��f as
��* lovely boufuet.' "
���ET. ��NBKgW S >K��;gfiYT����lAN
"Services next Lord's Day at ft
��.m.:and 7.30 p.m.
SrfJTbdth^(*otyl m��ib am Mid-
.veek meeting on Friday evening
at .7.30 o'clock.
Rev. J. H. White, M.A.
faLboth services ��� Crescent -Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7^to:p.m.
Sunday School at id:3o a. m.
Frayer meeting'flu -Thursday at
0 ixni.
Rev. A. H. 'fiUtMey, 'paste*.
To trake lortAlea Alt
of the future you Inust
put si me thing Into tbe
present     ���     s,     -.      .
.   Afents* Wonted
_ To   s>��ll  Securities.
rrifc   *����� i-   fttiil   I.���ni's :tr\
MilIF Ihrup       !'<_.!?��,
r,Cit>- Lots, 1'itrii s aud Sulmrbssu
Acfiajr, Sic,
(Tbl-I-Coppers ray
b;i t Divirtnd. ��ii.
aver Urltlsh
i       .       .      Cotumbla
'Not Afraid of Assassins.
'President ���Benjamin .Harrison used ti
ramble around Washington at night .:
by himself. Colonel <l>an >lhinsdell, a I
lifelong friend of the great ludianlan. |
was {'resident 'Harrison's -marshal of
thc'District'bf Columbia-and kept in J
���i-e��y<jlosiB't-iueli wltb thelpresldcut all i
through   his   term.    Colonel   Kansdell I
dived north <of Dupont circle, 'quite a
mHe'ond-fl'balf from tbe White ilouae.
'He'censbtl 'tn'be Huqirised Iiy the mi
expected nud'Unauiiouueed visits made
to him by the.president ut varhmshours-
of the night ufter 'General  Ilarelson s
flrst few'months ln -the 'White House.
-Ouce   when   Colonel   ltansdell   reiitou-
%tMted with blm against venturing out'
nt 'night unaccompanied, admonishing
him 'of 'the danger of -assassination.
U eteNl'Harrisou *tiUi;
"An assassin cannot'he dedged, Dan.
I am as safe from -harm -on 'that score
while walking from 'the White House
loytntr residence iffter d.-frk ��nd aloae
as '1 am wheu receiving cullers or going about the city lb ibe -htytiititmnd-tr
the watchful eyes of detectives and
policemen. The assassha UiMitys 'gets
his prey when once'he nwkvs up his
niiud to d* so. But -1 VlnffVsn,, .fear of
assassination, least ��T -nil am I 'afraid
of being assaulted In a dark -street-Vt
Containing over loo View*.   Post p��W ��5C.> Stamps.
Richest Province in the british Empire..
Kdtklng RlakeS, Nethlng <__*��d. Notmbg Ventured, Nothing W<_>.p
���Splendiil fQpport-ilnity to 4nvest.
The Richest Men in the World ire .tivestftig 'In B. C. Copper-
Gold and Silver Mines,    ^by'can't ydli begin tiow?
���The (lrtatest Uolcl-C��pper Hacewry vi 0H A'tttu In B.C.|
'Bf%ry Dollar Sukacrlbcd need In Development of Alfne.
Spectrfl <kter>~��Oc per Share, will shortly advance tft^l'.00
Mines directly inrest of te ^Roi and Le Roi No 2, Shares
sold _H)m _5 'cents ��to $iootoo\ stn'd 'Consolidated Mirln? and
Smelling*-Co. oi'Canada, Lid., ishaTes $150.00 each. .te'Gftiiii
Califofrtia, sidjohihiE out 'Own. ihares abo.it . iloifld; GrsuOy
Mine 1 aid 'over f^iboo',000 'litvldends per year; ^old-copper
mines In British Collimbiia paid lidrge Dividends. fBig Four
assays trom $5 'to'$8oo in gold, ttSUper, silver, wtth ~$2 per
ceiit. in the Treasury'.    Im-est new and ">*o.i wt>nt wpffet it.
K0T1;���Most of these mmes solfi for a ^few cent*, once, bu
over-capitalized even now, pay big 'dividends. Big Fbur ic .in
the'rrtihvi-y, near smelters.
"Rossland "Mines received Highest Awards trtr richest gold-
copper ore seiit'to St. L0"'* T;vro��ition. Big Four'had oest
Display slt'Domini-lhlH.ir.'ttewVJ<_stminster, B.C.
No less than ifft^h-tres foltl, All Cash Above this shares
can be had on instalmWit -jJlun, or j-eaflyeontr-int, 'Jj lfi*r ernt.
���Casli, balance'tnonthly.
Qualify Two Miles of Railway finTftipeirty,
eShipaiJy liirn'no  .etrtsor tiahllttlra.   Send Tor llllisitrntetl Prospectus a'nd'l_6at-
let,'"Mining rp-to-n��tt'," to Seetttiry, with �� ��nt�� in itamp.,
7KB* Box ft4, Vancouver, B* 0. tfaaada.
Vou clmostn'trlndlwlmroad, where carve*
*��riiH''iitu' Ditfaie into view.
Ni. iiy (tot), 'let Anna May 4b<WMt-
ever slie v.aiihs to de withinthe'boiinds
of her capacity, ff sbe takes I pleasure
in liouaeivork. don't'tiinderrb___ '<Thei*
Is nothln;; do^radlllff about It On the
ooutrar.v. there ia no more honorable
".HnnioroN>nt for e wire, ana tnere -ib
4deala and Acta.
Ideate *re   moro   votenl   than  act*-.
IsPta'militonairu Rive fUMXK. to a ho��-
I'ltal.   Thc iiublle lis for the moment
struck. 'ftUMwho save'the'lusHWHon lt-
oir rein-MiiMmnthe^lft'tieit'-tay? Lot
1  ��� .eml*.'tff JWieiely" ^tttyt ^a 'thurity
a;:nar.   li*-'Urr ?,.lt*>er %'.lltte'court
.round  hor.   I_>t the ���stall bolden.   U��
isiuiis of beauty, their coloring per-
aps jn-'t a trlHe "assisted." and uta- I
>r their soell let the buylndwlsri*. J
The Delta Times
Job   Printing. THT. HRLTA TIMES. T. F.FD'.Y. API* L tt. |��o9.
,Ti   T1��i-
l,OUAL KtiWo.
Miss  Elsie   Benson is  home  for
the Easter holiday.
Miss M. McLellan is  home  for
the Easter holidays.
Rev. J.  H,   White received  bis
furniture on Wednesday last.
Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Dowding ar
rived here, last week, on a visit to
Miss Katie Muir, of New Westminster, is a guest of Miss Irene
Robinson. . <
Andrew Recnie came over from
Vancouver, Thursday, for the East-
er holidays.
7 p.c.
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties Seven and
Eight Per Cent. Guarant Ed, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & ��,
New Westminster, B.C.
1016 Westminster Avenue
Vancouver. B.C.
We B3���� Leave
�� .
Agencies Represented���
Ilnrttoril Fire III. urn nee Co. hi. immec C, of .forth AmeNC..
Phoenix Insurance Co. of Brooklyn Thc Ocean  Accident sSc Onaraiitee Corpora-
Connecticut l'ire Insurance Co. tion, Ltd., of l.omlon, Eng.
Imperial Trust Co.. Ltd.   Vancouver. B.C.
Miss Annabel Moffit, of Chilliwack, is visiting her aunt, Mrs.
G. T.  Baker, -
Harold Betts, of Columbian College, came down, Thursday, for the
holiday season.
H. M. Vasey started work, last
���week, on the re valuation of the
property iu Delta District.
. Miss Winter, ot New Westminster, is spending her vacation at the
Parsonage, the guest of Miss Betts.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.; returning, leaves Steveston at 9:30 a.m.
and 4:30 p.m.
F. C. Butler, of the Royal Bank
Bianch at Chilliwack, who is taking his vacation, spent Friday here,
yisiting friends.
Miss Olive Whitworth, who has
beeu attending High School at
New Westminster, is spending the
holidays with her parents Mr. and
Mrs. I. Whitworth.
The food ideal for every meal is bread made from
Royal Standard Flour.
Mother approves it, fether ery'oys it, and the
children ask for more. It is delicious in flavor,
perfect in color, retains its moisture and is easily worked.
wholesome and sustainining, being the product
of number one hard wheat, milled under most
modern conditions.
Thousands use it but none abuse it.
Try it and you will always buy it.
Sold by W. H. SMITH.
Vancouver Hilling & Grain Co.,
Just Received
Two   Cars    Cyphers    Incubators,
One    Car,  Swilt's    Beef   S:raps,
To notify the people of Ladner and Surrounding district that we are now in a
position to after Vancouver Island
Portland  Cement
' At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
material* 5
Write for Prices*
b. c;
LADNER,     -     -     B. C.
Miss Hockin, lady principal of
Columbian College; Miss McArthur, teacher of literature and
��� modern, languages; and Professor
Bqrwash, teacher of science, spent
Saturday and Sunday at the Par-
���io-nage. Rev. Mr. Burwash preached, both morning and evening, in
lhe Methodist Church here.
Agents Wanted!���16x20 crayon
portraits 40 cents, frames. 10 cents
and up, sheet pictures one cent
each. You can make 400 per cent
profit or J.36 per week. Catalogue
and Samples free. Frank W. Williams Company, 1208 W. Taylor
St., Chicago, 111.
Gut Glass,
Watches and
AH Kinds of Jewellery-.
New Stock....... >
Call and See Them.
Jl. Clausen,
Horse Goods.
On 1st May next we have to give
up the McNeely wharf,- &c., and
are obliged to retire from the coal
business. We have 20 tons of coal
on hand which must be disposed of
before 1st May���it must go. We
therefore offer it at $1 per ton reduction. First come, first served.
$6.50 per ton, spot cash.
The Officers and Members of
Delta Lodge No. 21, 1.0 O.F , ate
requested to meet at the Lodge
room, next Sunday evening, the
36th inst., at 7 o'clock p.m. sharp.
to attend Divine Service iu tbe Baptist Church, iu commemoration of
the 89th Anniversary of the Order.
Visitors and sojourning Brethren
cordially invited.
Service at 7:30 p.m.
A. A. KING, Sec.
Plants for Sale.
Cauliflower and
Tomato Plants.
Slough Road,   -   Ladner
to the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for al erations to
the Post Office Building, Victoria,
B.C.," will be received at tbis office
until Wednesday, April *22, 1908,
inclusively, for the construction of
the alterations to the Post Office
Building at Victoria. B. C
Plans and specification can be.
seen and forms of tender obtained
at this Department an c. on application to William Henderson, Esq.,
Resident Architect, Victoria, B.C.
Pel-ons tendering are notified
tbat tenders will not be considered
unless made on thc printed form
supplied, and signed with theit|
actual signatures.
Each tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque ou a
chartered bank, macje payable to
the order of thr: Honorable the
Minister of Public Works, equal to
ten per cent (10 p.c.) ofthe amount
of the tender, wliich will be forfeited if the person tendering decline to
enter into a contract when called
upon to do so, or tail to complete the work contracted for. If
the tender be not accepted the
cheque will be returned.
The Department does not bind
itself to accept the lowest or any
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, Mirch ij, 1^08.
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement if they insert it
without .;uthority linm the Department.
For the Farm-
Here are a few lines we want to talk to
you about; give us a call:
Weber, Petrolia and Chatham Wagons.
Moline,   Bell,   Bissell   and   McCormick   Plows,
Harrows, Cultivators, Drills, &c.
Planet Jr. Drills and Cultivators.
Advance Fanning Mills.
Canada Carriage Co.'s Buggies and Democrats,
Cyphers Incubators and Hen Supplies.
Fairbanks-Morse Marine Motors.
W. J. Copp & Sons' Empire Stoves and Ranges.
Canadian-Fairbanks Gasoline Farm Engines and
A Large Supply of Cyphers CHICK FEED just
Clam shell, Blood Meal, Bone Meal, &c�� always
on hand.
Of ever)? description cait be
fo._n-i here. There^s uot fi.
thing missing which ought
to be in it. Everything
needed in stable, barn and
hafiiess foo.n incMcJed. Er>-
ery aTticle has been gathered
with great care, and you will
not have a chance to com*
plain about their quality.
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C
EjHJS for Hatching: Plymouth   Rocks,   Spangled
       ���������'���" Hamburgs, White Minorcas,
and Buff & Black Orpingtons.
Commission Agents,
Oeneral Dealers & Machinists.    -
Estate of
W.   L.   McBRIDE,
General Merchant
Phone 5,   -   Port Guichon
Shipped Direct
To All B. G


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