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The Delta Times Dec 1, 1908

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Array ./    I-V
Vel. 6, No.
LAUNER, B. C, TUESDAY,    ;__EnBl_l. 1,
Seed Oram &
I Potatoes
Q. S. News.       ft
ist mas Prize
A. .\f.   Dewey,   in   the  Spokane
������ Mining   Advocate   for   November,
j     I. y instrucii n of the  Hon. Min-  makes    the    following    a.inouii-e
ister of Agrieuhurea distribution is merit:
being made tits season 'of -samples      "There bus  been   no  ch u t.re  ol
of superior so. is  of grain  and p0-'U��viniport_tice'i!i tbe  situ ikiti ie-
u t      ,   r, ,t ���  . . ,,     garding   the   affairs of   .ire  '?) S.
I'tatoes to Cen .Tii.in'farmers  for  the  e '
Mining   and    Smelting    Uoniparw
i improvement  oi  seed,     ihe stock    .       .'. , .   ,    .
r [���since the airnuarmeeuug  ��� >f steek-
|.for dis.fibut.eH   has  been  secured  holders October 5.    Superintendent
j mainly   'from   'the   Experimental  Winder and  Trustee Gibford have
���'Farms at Indian Head, Sask., and both been in   Spokane   since  then
Brandon. Man.    The samples con-  a7!ri l,oth rer��rl everything at Camp
|Q S iu good condition ai this
[time. Fians _.re being made to
jl'tiish u 1 our camp buildin :s mi the
'ditor Delta .T_m_cs :
Rir   Thc   time fort he
I    11 ;'
upproatthing, and
Is now in full swing.   This ycc?r we are givinft away TEN PRIZES, valuei A qua titv.
��t mi HUNDRED DOLLARS [$100.09], and a CONSOLATION PRIZE, H��ljsKi"",,e*secured 'f"r *hi
c*"'        was 2__1 prize fas. par bt was pclwl
-sist of oats, spring  wheat, barley
j peas,    Indian   corn    (for    ensilage
ion."/) and potatoes.    The   i uanlity . j^^,^^^^^^m^^^^^^^m^m^aM
Uf oats sent.* 4 lbs., and of wheat linsitks MJ *s t0 raa,:e tl,em ' �����raforl"
or barley 5._bs.,  sufficient   in  each i"b!e   :'J'    Wutter   8*WS'      T>>.
^^^m offi-.e building and  hoarding   house
have already been finished, aud tin
j-case to sow one-twentieth ol an
acre. The samples of. Indian corn,
peas aud potatoes weigh 3 lbs. each.
A quantity of each of the follovvin
1st Prize, Couch.
2nd    "     Morris Chair.
Manicure Set.
Centre 1
Tea Set.
Set Fish Carvers in Gag
Nut Bowl (hand pasn.ed^.
Brush and Comb Tray (hand paTiftec
Set Diavoio.
^^^^[Fancy Vase.
Consolation Prize, Hall Stand.
Prizes are on Exhibition in our Show Window.
Jl   TICKET    .
For a chance in this Drawing will be given with each 5@c .purchase, and
and the Drawing will take place at 9 o'clock XMAS EVE, in our Store,
in the same way as last year, whichjproved so satisfactory to all concerned.
No employee or member of his family will be allowed to participate in
this Drawing.
Oats���'Banner,   Danish   Island,
| Wide-Awake, White   Gi mt, Thou-
! sand Dollar, Improved   Ligcwo. all
white varieties.
Wheat���Red varieties' Re.! Fie
(beardless , Chelsea. -Marquis,
Stanley am Percy (early beardless'1,
Preston, Euron and Pringle's
Chataplaiu (early bearded). White
varieties: White -F. e (.beardless),
lions [early beardless}.
Barley ��� Six-rowed: Mensury, ':
Odessa and -Mansfield. Two-rowed:
Invincible and Canadian Thorpe.
Fik.d PEAS���Arthur aud Gold-!
en Vine. '
Indian Corn Hor ensilage]���
Hany con-: /vngei ot Midnight,
Compton's Early and Longfellow.
Later>vari?t:es: Selected Learning,
Early Mas'.cdon and White Cap
Yellow Dent.
Potatoes���Early varieties: Rochester Roe an 1 Tri,.i Col bier.
Medium to late varietier: Carman
No. t, Mor.ey Maker, Gold Coin
and   Dooley.     The  lat;r varieties
| are, as a rule, more productive
than the earlier kinSs.
Only one sample can be sent to
each applicant, hence'if anindivid-
j'ual receives a sample of oats he
eauuot also receive one of wheat,
barley,"peas,'Indian corn ror potatoes. Lists of name- trom oue individual, or applications  for more
[than one sample for one household,
canuot btr -entertained.    The sam-
bunk ln>u��e will bs finished up dur
ing i'i. rear in ure.
i     '   . :
"Iln? Okanogan Electric Rail
; w iv Con panv announces ti e ear!',
Testimptip.n of \vo/k on ���tb.it line,
[and we are led to believe that tin
I road will be befit nud in operation
'f ir iis entire length b. lore January
i, 1910. We confidently expecl
the road to r ach the U.S. mine by
September 1 of next year.
"Plans for reorgauiz 11 ion ol   the
company    arc-'    v.��,l   'under    way!
Nearly all su,.k  "i .ers  have tnv n
their assent in   writing  to the proposed pooling of _)���!; !or  the protection  of every  stoskholdei   who
has  invested   money  in this com-
Ipany.    Tlte   effect   of   itnanimousl
j approval   by   the. stockholders   a;'
j their animal   meeting  of all  plans*
i ������ ������'������"���", by the   management has.]
i been to unite the  stockb ilders in a
| renewed eifort to make a  dividend
payer   of   the   Q S.   mine.    Your
manager   asserts   with   connaence'
that we shall make this otre  of thei
greattst copper mining pro ositioiisj^
in the'.United  States, if nol   in  all
'tne world."    *    *
I   is   .1;.  lo 'the 'naleDayaw to get
aa".,   v,i:!i   a   view  <��/  electing   a
.!'. ��� ii with proper business ability
��� !i\t!��. t thvir afFiir...    ()ur   mu-
1'ii _fs.il system et ]i:esent:���if we cdti
call ;': .t-_t . '.tr:ii ��� !���:- no! much better
������'.:,    highway robbery on Vtlie tax-
.'���'���;     The presant inethcil  eon-
-���'.'���-,- in lidiliiiiig roads   and brittgeB
-.: i.-i.*__L  any  previous estimate d'f
. i>. : iu any   par.i-.dar, and without
any  preconceived   idea of ��how the
���.������.i.   sirmid  be done;   levying a
raK- to ojeel ithe ipavments, and, it
the expendfture has fieen excessive,
^^^      "  ng-sinipler, shove up the
. the farmers pay.
Editor, .the   rale   has
i.,> to suy.: 'a'.T_\-tt.-_!it,
rate r, 1
c..T.ip.'li".d'uj sit
Go., Ltd
en puslie i -it
lately, tlwt ive 	
up a-.T.l i.tke iu!_.ioe. :lu iiact, -��*e
want ii.' ���!��� 1 ,:v.'. V. e .... kv'',hat for
ilie last two ye .is (be'-taxes-have
risen by leaps and bounds, and we
want to i no v what value we have
��� received. We wan* to know why
so much money has been spent,
aud w'hv there is so lit.ie _'��� show
lor ii. We V,o.:;;i f'i!tc1_)'4TO.OW tTOJT.
1 : ��� Counciltors ; .emseh'ts i; they
'.'���:.���>.--. ie; they have been doiujj
.1:'.;���.-. ..mi business principles?
I would sst*g��e_t 'tfet a public
meeting be called b-..'ore sjifsvtnina-
tion day and have our tua.T-.ieipA'.
affair-; ventilated. Some of :ite
pr< s    1   Councillors   may   want  to
....��   !...   ^._T ���   -��-: -*     "".-   vs HI: I  w_
���kao.v iherr reasons before tie nows-
111 rtion so that we>ca_ ��fo\'eru m.r-
selves   accordingly-.     Our   nr.a. a_
municipal  system   is  wrong   from
start 10 fi iiii.li and must be radically
hanged, and it can be if tike rate-
piyers will enly take a  proper in-
hterest in our -affairs.    Our revenue
j is now so large-that-.t requires men
1 of good business afeilityl.to-see tn its
I expenditure, and  the iexpendituia
!-must   be   along   -systematic 'lines
*a^ where we will receive value at 100
As an illustration oi the  expand | cents on  the  dollar.    This  cannot
in.;   business of M. J. Henry, the  be done by our present system.
foremost   nurseryman   ol   Western j     From   this time -on mil wo.k df
Canada, it might be mentioned that|'sny
recently shipments were ma le irom j
Satisfactory Business.
TfcHE    REV.   IRL    R.   HICKS
supply o. seed  lasts,   farmers' are;|*uother instance ofthe phenomenal I
Ilotio'iiilu, Hnwaii., Nov., 2:.���-! Victoria, Nov. S|.���Ernest C.
E'or^yo9,ireadyNov.J5, 190S. best LSiveral t(f the pineapple c nii-ries j Pcndray. eldest son 'o' W.J. Pen-
ever sent cut,'beatltiftil covers in|,0; lhe Territory are cfcperuneniing i'dray. of the soap and paint works
���colors, fine portrait of Prof. Hicks ;,j��� a smau   Way  in   making  gu va  here, was  instantly  killed at no. n
vin colors, all  tlie  old  features .and 1;^ and-other fruit  preserves, the'to-day.    He was  superintendent o. j "t't"J '"b '"' i,"-""w  """ vl   KulB"|
...    .     ,      _,.    \3    ��� .'���..,������.....������ . .   ��� ,, ,     I toes should bear  111  nmiri  that the;.
���several new ones in the book.    1 he 1 jdea  [,eiHg  to-find  something  on ,'tne soap depaftment at the  works, \nnr^.< , . ,, -���__.___....  .,  si
'best  astronomk-al   vexr   linrvt-   o../i      	
.   ma_i.iti_de  sfawuld   bt  let  by
tender,-anderproper specifications,
his head nursery. .010 Westminster ^  "mPeleat  commissioners  who
.-.,.. .   . ,   ��� 1       .    ,, " _ jV.julc. invesugate tlie needs  ofthe
pies   will   be   sent free of  charge,'road,   Vancouver,   to   St.   George, Lin ii.ii>_   1% i��r_.��� ,l.       a     ,���
., ,   ., -, b    n , ,., . ,��� s ���-hiu i'Ui.a,.'\ belore tke roadmakuig
through tire mad. Bermuda,   0 China, and   o Bellray L_a   ,,   .,.    . _.   ,    ..-.       .       B
Applications should be addressed ;Castle, the   home   01   Sir   Arthur^,, > i,...,,i .. _��, : ,.��� .,    ���        ���, d'
.     .1     T.- r   ,- ���..,, ,       *, _ -n . n...ici   .me into the Council for
to   the  Director  of   Experimental Middleton,  Northumberland Eng-jtheir  ,uich!,nce  fa  fixi       fa      .
Farms, Gttawa, :.nd may he suit in!land. I_   .. -fa
any'time.iomth ��� ist of December!    Mr, Henry r.ecenth   supplied tl
to   tie   15th   of   February,   after T'1'   order   (or   ornamental   trees, 1,, .,..-,,. ,;., r���,^;_ ,   ���  .
' 1 oc v\iin ilu- repair ,*f.nc'*rt si" limt**
which the  lists  will   be closed, so shrubs and vines tor  the  Eniprc.s ,v .... ,1   ,,    .���������   '      ,-
* 1 iiii^f- 1 _ 1 tx . po.ticriii(r Its fricn ill
that ther samples asked for -may be ! Hotel, Victoria. Tliis order w_sLv,f l(,. raitnicipftiity t0 n^rk or
sent ont 111 good   time   for  sowing 1 secured in competition   with   many ! nn. .    �����,_,, ,_. e.    ,.' ,,     ,
Applicants should  mention   the va-: outside   points.    The   total weight: be    ood   ,,u,,  ess'to eliminate the
nety thev prefer, with a second sorl, ot the shipment wa, ..����� r  our t  nt.  bn  c;,   0    decwpit   Chink.      . . .
as   nn   alternative.     Ap^licWions Fobably tfantargat shipment evw!ou,   , rcseil.   ,0,.etM1]   S,1(. .
will be fi edinthe oidcr in  wlilch  sent  to  ��� ny   sing'.,   pur.haseron store  .,v  .,.,:]  to rf   ._ fa
they  are  received, m, Ion, as the  Vancouver  Island.     Tims  Is only day foiaen ��ho  would  be able to
compete _;t:i n   haaftty   rooster ir.
���Road repairs should be in th ��� bands
o' a competent forema.7.w.:onv��wSd
'test  astronomical  year   nook  and : ���i,jc|, tlie.jJIaiJts may be kept ��nn- ; - .        ��    "'"" " 1! April, a
���the only one containing the original jming  between the  seasons  of  the I'.*45  l"'c:��ck-JUC!: "^'  C1  0)!e ol
,,t_:_,_. ...arn^^^m ome (1^.,.Kts
tnail ftsc on news stands 30c    One! oi  tlie
and was just   leaving   for  horn's
I  _____________
the firm's trucks
advised   to  appl.-   early    to   avoid jdevelopment o: this gre,
possible    disappointment.      Those i -
applying ior Indian  corn  or  pota-j    ladner��� ��<.�����,    X.,
trees  come  from   th.-
"���Ves, and a worse   lo
corn is not usua'rv
.,.,,.,, ,.       ,   rttre firm's  trucks  to  ride, when a. ,. .
Ily |iprmcipal   In it.    In :ome drs-.ri.ts! transit is ever
enitory   the   guava   liuii P3_SS'I1P'   altlomo'.i!e  frightened tl
     .".-    guava   huh! w
��Copv free with   Word  and  Works, grows wM ttverImuiJreJs of'.tcres, L,, .'.'..    -.      ���-..��.    s,s.s.s..
,^,     l      >_. .ii _ i     1   r.  ���_. .��� 1       i-i ' The dr. ver jumped and escaped
the best $1  monthly 111  America, j aud   fruits continuously.   lueex-!> ���'     '
a   runaway   occurred.
quaii-|pense   lor   the  raw product   would:
Word and j consequently be limited to the cost i
���ed un-
Discounls  oil   almanacs uiuui.u   """""' ���m^bi^^^^^MM_____________IM
���^^^"^ Pendray'iumped off the truck at
_..,      j ..........    su    mc COS- I
,���   , oMM    ,, ,        Ac,,- T 11     r .1 ���    the side anl   a   wheel  passed ovei
Works    Pnb.    Co.,   2201    Locust I of gatlienng  it.   Jelly   from   this!.. .     f f !
c.     .  a.  t     ���    v_       t-   ���       -.' Je   :. ���     1      .   ��� _n 1 ���        ���    'His head and   heart,-instantly kill- ���	
Street, St. Louis, Mo.    Everv  citi-"1 fruit is already Well-known ih main-,. T" i
zen owes'it  to 'himself, to  his  fel-1 land and European ^markets, and it j"^ .'   Ki waS a yoans ma"' I TIMOTHY &
lows and to Prof. Hicks to  possess] is  believed   that all that could be |nmrned> amI had lwo children.        ���     _Rracklman
istrib'H d tint
that   pn itt >es cannot he
mailed uu'il  d��^;:er   from   Lost i.i
    H prsta.;e is re
quired on mail matter addn ssed to
the Central 'Expcrimcuta! Faim,
industry.; the roft'.ter of making dirt !*�����. Reform is needed -all along oar municipal lines, and a meeting ��� ot the
ratepayers 'Should be 'hekl 'fit am
early date to think the matter out.
Masquerade, Town Hall, Dec. 4.
'the "Hicks" forecasts���the onlv r
produced here would   find a ready
.Remember the Cantata.
Ltd.,   H.   N.
B.C.,  Agent.
1   your
Jvisl,   yet?"
 Ipf scrubs I
never saw. Why. I w uld'i'1 trrd"
on of those trees I got from Henry
through you, for the whole bunch.
Aud Henry's did no', cost nearly so
[En.���T'he   above   conversation ^^^^^^^^_^^^^^
took place between ourselves and a!of Santa Claus,"  will be given in
friend, last week. I j the Town Hall,:Ladner,  ou  Tues-
I day evening,'December  22nd,  by
the members of tire Sunday schotl
made   that   the ' of Ail Saints'Trennnt.   iI?verfbody
li-eislature   will i welcome.    Collection  for the chil-
nuary   21st,  dren's benefit will be taken aVrAirj,,'
'.the evening,
A Cantata, entitled "The finding
'I,OVER f.El DS      Announcent   is
er    Milling    Co..  British   Columbia   '
RICH,    Ladner,  meet  on  Thursday,
awattK0aaaman^SStmSmi '��>.,. THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, D!dEMBER A, r-poS.
Puehshicd  kvrry Tuesday.
Subscription, $1.00 per year.
advertising ratks.
School Report.  !
Following is the honor roll of
the pupils in the various classes of
I.adner public school for the month
of November:
Fourth Class���Winnifred Hutch-
Senior Third���Eric Taylor,   Arthur McBride, Eula Gifford.
Casual Advertisements, 10 cents per line foi
the first ins.-rtfon, and 5cem�� per line lor each
subsequent insertion. The uuiulser ol lines
����kouedby the .pace occupied, _aliueato tht I ^^  ^^ ^^ jessie   Mac.
Rates lor Commerciiil Advertisements can be    Innis,    Estelle    BrCWSter,     Herbert
bad on application ut lliia office. j ...... .
__, .,     .       . .     Wilkiuson
Reading notices io ceuU per line for eacb in
Birth aud Death notices, 50c., Marriage* J.1.G0.
Any special uoiice, the object ot which ih to
promote the pecuniary benefit of any individual
or company, to be considered on advertisement
tud charged accordingly.
All advertisements charged for until ordered
ont mi i puid tor.
Correspondence invited on matters of public
merest. Communications to editor must be accompanied by name of writer, not necessarily
for publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence must reach this office by Thursday evening.
Gho. R. Manlky,
TUESDAY,   DECKMIIEK   I,    1908.
Do we NEED a
New Town Hall?
The raising of the taxes has done
some good, if only to awaken an interest in municipal matters. We
are pleased to see the signs of an
Already the  Delta  Glee  Club is I _.
showing tbat tbere is a very strong Kejt]eR
musical element in Ladner and district. Judging from the turnout oi
upwards of thirty vocalists at thej
first official meeting on Thursday
evening last, tbe club is here to
stay and will fill a ions _���!* want.
Junior Third ��� Annie Bown,
Irene Seed, Eileen McBride, Earl
Davis and Ethel York equal, Cal
linn Clark.
Second  Reader,  Senior���Wanda
.McCallan,   Kenneth Siddall, Stan
ley Clark, Cedrie Hilton.
Second Reader, Junior���Norman
Lord, Nellie Ellis, Lawrence Latimer, Hilda Massey.
First Reader���Ralph McDiarmid,
Susie Pinnick, Mildred Ellis.
Second Primer ��� Albert Olson,
Roland Lanning and Russell Ladner equal, Clarinda Davis and Albert Wist equal, Stanley Smith
and Violet Kerr equal.
First    Primer,    Senior ��� Viola
Richardson,   Russell Seed, Walter
Williamson   and   Eva  Williamson
equal, Ching Lee, Maud   Frederick
i and Ada Burritt equal.
First Primor, Junior���Eva Follis.
Chart Class, A���Arthur Cosman
McDiarmid,      Dorothy
Tasbfon SUbks*
Truckirg and Draying.    Livery Work of]
All Kinds Attended to Promptly.
All Kinds ox Firewood Always On Hand.
J. M. COLLI NSON, Phone 20, lADNEB, B.C
of Waterproof
W   H   %3   te    Si
For Winter Weather
-1II111 ��� -
_K.rpor_cet .86*.
CAPITAL PAID-UP,        - - .8,900,000
RESERVE FUND, - -   "      $4*390,000
>Total Assets Over Forty-Five Millions.
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Specta,
Repairing Neatly and Promptly Done.
fleeting of Exhibitors.
In a good many  districts of the
province,   Rifle  Associations have
b;en tormed. Why not form one
here?    The Dominion  Government
S'-ipplies arms and ammunition free
0= an isirliir-pment to thevounp men
of the country to prepare themselves for times of need. We need
forty names for a stutter. If you
are interested in this hand your
name in to this office, and as soon
as a sufficient number has been received, a meeting of the membership will be held to complete organization.
The Market.
New Westminster, Nov. 28.���
The weekly market was well attended ar.d the busines-; generally
was brisk throughout the morning.
A meeting was held in the Council Chamber, on Saturday evening
1 .st, composed of exhibitors at the
Provincial Exhibition at Victoria,
ior the purpose of making recommendations of needed chanoe i"
the prizs list, when the following
changes were recommended;
Mov.��l Kv A Tl Potfsr-rsn, seconded by Alex Montgomery, "That
in all registered classes in Division
I (Horses), there be a class lor
stallion foal and filly foal." Carried.
Moved by AD. Paterson, seconded by Alex. Davie, "'That
Class 7 be placed on the same footing as Class 6 in regard to prizes."
Moved by Alex. Davie, seconded
by A. D, Paterson, "That Classes
6, 7 and iS be placed on the same
footing as Class io, Section 83,
with regard to prizes."    Carried.
Moved by A. D. Paterson, seconded by S. Morley, "That the
Board endeavor to obtain cheaper
rates with the C. P. R , viz.: free
transportation for exhibitor; freight
and wharfage  one way   for stock
one attetfaant free with  each six
Following is the list of quotations j he_d Q(  horses 0_ cattle; stal;ions
and  bulls  to  have on:   attendant
each."    Carried.
The meeting adjoume 1 at  about
11 o'clock.
prevailing at yesterday's market:
Beef,    hindquarters,    7c   to    Sc
per lb; forequarters, 4c to sc.
Mutton, ioc to nc pit lb.
Lamb, uc to 12c rer lb.
Veal, medium, 11c psr lb;  large,
6c to 7c.
Pork, 8c to f,%c per lb.
Eggs,  wholesale,   50c   per   dozjl
retail, 55c.
Butter, 35c to 40c per lb. ;
Fowls,  $7.00 to $8.00 per doz;
chickens, $5.50 to $;.oo per doz.
Broilers, $4 to $5 ver doz.
Geese, alive, $1.25;   dressed, per
lb, 20c.
Ducks, $9 to $10 a doz.
Potatoes, $11 to $12 per ton.
Applts, 75c to $1 a box.
Onions, $1.25 per sack.
Turnips, 50c per .ack.
Carrots, 60c per sack.
Parsnips, $750 ier sack.
Come and help find S mta Claus.
J. R. Sutherby his ba 1   anotlur
bad turn.
Mrs. Jno MacK..izie nnd daughter, Miss Margaret, spent yesterday
iu the Terminal City.
Latest word from Victoria states
that our worthy Reeve, J. A. Paterson, is slowly sinki.ip.
Masquerade, Town Hall, Dec. 4.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Holmes left,
yesterday, ou a trip to Honolulu,
for the benefit of Mr. Holmes'
A new postoffice has been created
at Queensborough, Lulu Island,
near New Westminster.
The Delta Glee Club is now well
under way and fully organized.
Those wishing to join will kindly
hand in their names to the secretary, Mrs. p. 4.. McF.ee,
the Dilta Saw mills
.Are Prepared to . . .
Furnish All Kinds of
Shingles,  Doors, Sash and
House   Finish   of  AH   Descriptions.
Savings Department
Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONR DOLLAR
and  Upwards.     Inter-est paid,  or credited,  quarterly on  3tst  March, 30th Jane, 30th
September,  31st  December.
K. D. SIMPSON, Manager,  LADNER, B.  C.
R. O. McKenzie, Prop.
B.   U.
begs to rttiTronnee that he re-opened
his Mandolin auu Violin Classes
in Waddell's Hall,   over  GiObrd's
Newly Furnished Throtaghont, and
FirsNClass in Every Detail.
Kates 0.1 Application. 1 9RB
! barber shop, wi    1 hnrsduy,   ,Sept-
for further paTt.ct_T.rs  apply to
The   BEST  Water   Tanks   Are
Made at This Mill.
t...    ..... . , -j
SY   |
���> NEW WESTMINSTTft'R, >! I*. C. *
V Manufacturers of ull kimlsoi A
v Soda Water, Ginger ���!���
* Ale and Summer <���
a Drinks. I
^.      Your patronage solicited     J
ss>^*s����^.��W*��.Ik33m*'**'*��'*-  ���***-*��**. ****_    ��� "S1 '**$
Milk snd Cream Wanted
We   pay   the   highest   prices   for
We would like to make contractsi
with a few shippers.
Write for particulars.
g Pn
U      I   Is/UUUU      Uls,    LIU., jj
loot Pender Street,
VANCOUVER.       -       -      B.C
HWERY assignment <sf the right
of a South African Volunteer
entitled to a land graut must be by
way of Appointment of a substitute
and must be in the form provided
by the Act,
Special attention is called to Subsection 3 of Section 5 of tlie Volun- j
teer Bounty Act, 1908, which  provides that  no assignment of   the
right ofa volunteer by the appoint-'|
ment of a substitute shall be accept'
ed or recognized bv the Department |!
of the Interior which is not exe "
land grant issued by the  Minis-1
ter of Militia and Defence in favoi
of the Volunteer,
Commissioner of Dominion Lands,
iSth September, 1908,
Veterinary Surgeons.
All   Calls   .   .   .   .   .
Promptly Attended to
Phone 35 Stainton Block
Ladner, B.C.
. W. N. Draper,
Room 2.E11--- Block, New Westminster.
Carrying freight and passengers
to all points between New Westminster and Westham island.
Leaves BraCkrnan & Rer's wharf
daily at 3 p.m., except Saturdays al
2 p.m. Additional trip ou Mondays leaving at 5 a.m.
Returning -leaves Wesitbam Island 7 a.m. daily except Fridays at
6 a.m. Additional trip on Saturdays leaves Ladner at 5:30 p.m.
Calls at .Steveston Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays-only.
' The Launch J. C. BRUCE wfil
J leave Ladner for New Westminster
I at "8 a.m., on  and after Tuesday,
Sept.   Jfth;  returning leaves   New
Westminster  at  5 p.m. each day,
carrying passengers only.
Tickets good until used, on either
'_.S. Favorite or Launch Brace.
Mandoliirs, Strings, Etc,
Supplied at City Prices.
Acclimatized Stock.
For t&e
Farm,  Garden,  Lawn", _r
"Reliable Varieties at Reasonable
Prices. Xo Horersi So .Scale.
Mb fuffi'igsftion to damage stock.
No windv agents 'to annoy vou.
'Buy direct and g<_t Trees and .Seeds
that Grow.
Fertilizers, Bee .Supplies, Spniy
PnH-ps, Spraying Material, Cr.t
Flowers, eftc. ��Ide* establish.!
nursery on the mtfinland of  B. C.
Catalogue free.
It J. HENRY'S Nurseries,
Qreenlmuses and S&edhouses
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
Our Entire Stock of
Ladies' and Children��*
Ready-to-Wear Goods
and Fancy Goods
All New and Fp-to-Date Stock, to Clear at  Cost and
m .hiit._r r-.n.'V*ri'.(ie_1 tw��
Hinr,:ll . Pl'f knt'-v
��� t-i. Iilrml) wtkm a ��� Inr cliw-ki.
...iai hml I'tir.Klit ihH I due
" i li.n   ,l;ir.j    AUMIUl hOf lltfti
.in, m..U_.n.Tiiui. is iiiiiift'tl,
I^wli'-n tt.,T ^wwitheH. t hiiiIImI ou uu
" fUt ii.v h��a.; HHtrant-cd
mnd tier Kitting 'in-nth t1i��tr��Mi
iitt pluvimiH nhy tn Ma j,
��� iuci'/.'_ wiiMh-.r ';:iir-:i.a mrls
..mi* n.cnll.vnl phiy.
.iii.cl nl tor \.f.'n ��� M-iiilfnct k*_��.
Un (urt-Od llw <-ve_ ��n imi.
���j.  I.M.mut'l witli lov��.   Our worn lift
[���_ htlMiU ona, two, three.
nt day wn.  rPAffl nnd ymirfc ��kq,
in I raw n* or furgul
> Urst Mvuothcai*'. twitching eps,
fcu.l, oi<. I I my a In    yi-t
_f('vvr'itly fit. .n ilinrcrtdyi.
���VllOl 1 *fil'rtt OH iiki h!jp Ktnilt'iU
.(1 Kl_e4__rvefenue,l] know mi,'for
Il am hor only <lt i(d.
ViuMlJ.Iioii.irH in .Luflta.' nom*l_onvDal
(| lllisov.rl_K . t.oJU Ml-.,
il was discovered -lu -California In
und iu Colorado-in 1858. Tbe dls-
y was ucoldeiitt.1 lu both cases,
tlie fact on a tod the impression
minus were "ly-iug around loose."
uiUirnrs 'drilled abuut lu hope o_
tabling upou a uiiue." Mt. Thnyor
ls "Marvels et the New West"
.ions several .nstuuees of lucky
liubling." Throe mon while look-
gold 'in Cu llf urn la discovered
Jeinl body ��f a man erha evidently
Ibecn prospecting. "Poor .fellow!I"
oue of the 'trio. ".He Una.passed ia
���hecks." "_.ct's give hlm a decent
al," e>M auolboi'. ���"���Some wife or
lier will tie -Klud _f ever sbe kuows
Tbey begun to dig u grave. Three
J below tbe surface t boy-discovered
Is of gold. Tlie stranger wus burled
Luothcr plnue, uud wliere tbey bud
ltd a grave .bey <opcnod a gold
te . Diiinlsiii'ilf.
|es ���drunka.ds are hearty a�� -mr_ii��r-
| US 0|lill_. lii'l)Us��lld Social gamblers
Jong our li'sssHUiirded onulds und mills-of tlie nil. .tUTlstoori'Oy-of wealth.
l_ >a "terrible "dissipation. Sonic -of
'victims lioil Ine leu until tlveijy IWt
I the <iuorcil;inn!e acid is extracted
in tlie I. lives, which renders She liev-
ge nicer and dangerous, it is so
I'lllgiUlit tbnt >uo mucous .nienibrune
Ii I'l'iHlDp'-overcome tfts effect. Wniu-
wiio 'revel and luxuriate like it be-
isc it iB-u-good ���'4>Uik me s*jpl"���New
ttfeU truss.
���vt.iial.t- Kitchen Arrlutf��-te_l�� i'i
(he Modern  Mutest.
8'he kitchen arrangements oi 'tlie >
���modern betel are ou tbe tirst basement
floor. Tbere it) a chef, -but -so fur us .
could-see be<doe_ not cook, lie is Rita-
ply -a 'Ottptain .tit tbe -seventy-Ave -other
cooks, wbo work ln tliree relays df
���t*voiity-flve e��cb. Tbere is 'Iio range,
but a solid bunk ot broilers���immense
gridirons, beneath whloh are tbe tires
���tlmt never die. As for tlie 400 -loaves
TOf-bread and 8.000 rolls ircQulrad 'duily,
-tlie chef itoes -not worry <hls >mUid -over
tke patent cutters uud mixers uud
oven, and staff of bakers needed to
supply Hie simple item ef bread or concern himself wttb ��the'quality of tbe j
'1.100 pounds of butter that ure eueh
day required to-go with lt.
-I mint not -forget the Item of eggs.
JCightt "en thousand are required every
twenty-four hours, ltolled eggs do not I
���Bet .rvcrdoue. They are ballctl by clockwork. H perforated dipper containing
tlie eggs drops down luto tlie -water.
Tbe dipper's clockwork Is set to tin
second, aud when that-fltutl second bus
expired'the little'dipper Jumps 'up out
i et tlie water, mud 'tire -eggs are reaily j
I for delivery. There .re miuu who do
nothing else but (111 and "Watch and
empty these 'dancing dippers, nud 'it
seemed to ine great "tun.
Uu another |>art of this ifliier Is the
���dishwashing, where great golvoulzed
baskets lower the jpleces Into vnrious
���Solutions -of .potash _iul .loan rinsing
���water, all so burning not .hnt the
dishes dry Instantly without wiping.
Slxty-tlvo tbousund pieces 't_f china-
ware-arc cleansed In a .:iy and an almost ���eqiml 'quantity of silver. All
���told, "there -rtfe 300 employees lu the
kitchen departments of this huge living machine.���Albert Blgelow t'alne ia
World's Work.
Holy Communion���i.t and grci
Siiiuhiys at H.:y, u.tu.; s.'.n''. u;n\ .(.tl:
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, i i o'clock'.
Evensong, 7:3�� o"-clorl..
Sunday School at 10 a'.ni.
Friday evening, I��u&ay ai 7.30
Rev. li. R. 'l__ti��_T. M.A_   Vicai
cat i"c-,.rc
Services HrSt and tliird Sunsi^y ��tf
each mouth at 10:30 a.m.; benediction, 7:30 ^.tn.
Sunday scheal-iit.gip.tn.
Low Muss uik! Holy Coirumiuion
irst and ihiid Mondays at'6e.m.
Rev. Fitther Wagner, O.M.I.,
PavMh 'P-riest.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Cass meeting, alter'tire'EioriiiiTg
sev.we every Sund*��r,
Sabbalh School at 2'ptn every
Sunday. Prayer "meating every
Thursday evening at _>.
Rev. J, F. Betts, pastor.
Willing to Try.
I'For the lirst year of our niarriod
|e. dear." said the young mau who
|is poor, but laid piosp.'els. "we s!'.i:ll
to live,(irincipall.v oil'love."
".VellsljieopJe'CiHrilvioson.spoon Vietnam', they, .ieni'ge'5.'Sjhe.sald, suu^-
; I'loser t-o bim.
���PCHULAl. ooli-i.CZ..
UllBlnonn wrvnlvpi frni" ���otto ���"n.-*'it_
file l'.uivull-'.lsl-iel :,.lllM;!polllls lll'Ui'Usi/_''i
ifcours an . ���**fl lllllilltllS.
A )���:,'"���'���' : '������"������ ti- :itt'.'n."-.-Mssii3,s>,��-.is
Uti'.i nidusuould l.e llrud .liUrtv��.inlmiii;��, hj
Tepid U't.-U . .TTs:;.'.. _ii"'i -1)1' 'uotouutuia
A. .liici'nilmitiun'of lfrnfccsor Dnrnnnl
wlili tho l.i.k telescope'pianos tbnrtliursito."
���of Neptuiie at li-'.ooo miles���from S.UOO te
4,000 miles lt.'6_thuu'l.s scaled In niosctuxt
���Ki-(I.:'teltt.Is not tho JflWBtt llnd vlsittt.
���to I.IhtVJ.-. WlsimS'liody lsl liealed'^i, I:
"emits first a ' loiiy" glow i.ml thru �� ro*_
glow, iirrr Llliuuior llnds Hint tills pr iy
Hglit !:i pm'ui'lvod hv i'no "rod" formation
tint Iho re.l llghl Iiy the "ennn" fnrnuitlxl
In thw ntirvonn strtintui's of tho c.y��.
Serui.es nioit Lord's Day at 11
a..ni. and 7,-SB j),i_..
Sabbath School sft To am Midweek meeting on We(jucsuayie\*en"
ing nt 7.30 o'clock.
H.  White, M.A.
A  _peeulrttl''_   CttM.
Ho was-somewhat ln doubt
As he came 10 expire;
"Tho future luulis bright,
43ut it may be the lire."
Ptfb.iifih -services��� Crescent
Ittik!, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
.���uudj.v Schoui at 10:30 a. 111.
Prayer tueeUug on Thursday
H vun.
TlionKliI  It SliKlit Ee.
Jjlrs. Ne.wroekw��� liut-delermlued that 1
lyiltlil.'i'M   delmt   shall   pass 'olT   witl'
ill eclat.
1 Mr. ,V:'..v:'.'<-!.'. -Vfliiri's ccir.t, Mai in-
j.-peUHe'V- Puck.
Cheese IBhilies.
Cheese is one of the uiosl ciiueciitrat-
rd forms of nitrogenous food and as a
(s'ood well adapted to the laboring man
or thoso working iu the open air. When
property cooked, cheese is prolinlil}
more easily assimilated by the ordinary
stolnnch than eateniriw, mui hard, un
cooked clieese sliould bc served grated.
In combination wlth-ccrtiiinfood mate
rinlsoheoRe is ivuluaUle. liut when used
'iH'thls way should *forui the staple disli
'df themieal. Macaroni aiul c'.Tcese, rice
cooked in stock and then baked with
���cheese-or cooked with it. as in the form
of irlsotto, sliould be used In the place
' of mien. An Tordinnr-y dinner menu of
I liioat, iiotato, 'macaroni and cheese is
'not properly Airranged. Macaroni nnd
���cheese should lie used for a luncheon
dish, and it green vegetable sliould be
���served with ment aud potato.
Something i\Vroif��.
Thyslclau-Mndnm, il find j'OUr niU��>
tiand has pneumonia duilta 'Worst 'form.
_lrs. Newflqb ���4 seunlt 'understand
that. We are certainly rich euou^h to
ttfford the "very best "there is.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves i'Ladner
at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.-, returning, leaves wtwestoti at 9:30 a.m.
and 4:30 p.m.
m* 'fizcevtton 'to the IMile.
There was an old maiden of Lynn
Who thoughtsthat to-smlle wast ayira,
'But when a man said,
"Xieiu' girl, will you'walBT"
She gave him-an eloquent gryrm.
' stu ittm __i'i.'t 'Hy nml Bt.
"rrofessor." inquired the thoughtful
-member of the'eliiss, ''doii't yon sup-
'pOse 4heiv m'iH"eonie:-B time when nil
ihe coal anil all .heooiihoil stored away
iin tlie -earth will have-become e_htiust-
""('i'i".T-i';:l.v." -said the Instructur.
"Willi, will wcV.11 ibetiV"
'"jft tt >.;...!i bciTlayiugtorpii. 't 'hope."
tUn-l ^vttl^K  Him.
If!its'.iiv!-V'I'.t'T!' not p't.tHinr.irt.t.
'AYU'e- V'ill-trvrmr.lon'l! .-all a worn-
Wn ecor.ot,iii.tii who savrtn'tior 'wedding
dress .fsr 11 itns. ihle second marriage
fiS like -{���} I.iTow what.you think ecou-
nir.y is.
A*o��t the Slie of It.
Utfle Willie���Say, pa, what's* "wo*-
Pa���A warship, my son, ls a mechanical -device -used iu manufacturing -b__-
tA   WniMlertnl   llnrltor.
Puget sound is one of the finest har-
tiors In 'tlie 'world. If net the linest���a
"deep bay 'over a hundred miles lonu
>ct_t off from Ithe ocean by the mountainous western peuiusuln of Washing-
���ton. The .vutoreuettvly .everywhere are
"deep, the sliores abrupt, nnd tlie tide ts
tmoderiite. -Shliis may ge from Tacoma
'half way to Alaska without passim;
out of this great sound in nil 'its 'oKteti-
-sious suortUwu id.
ner vxin en**.
"Tour-daughter." said .Mrs.'OldcnsNi,
fffter being conducted through the newly finished'-wing of U_runngnlljceiit.pal-
���nce'eceupicd Is the'Iiiillingtoim, '>_as
���such;n splendid"vocabulats."
"Do you think soV" ber 'hostess 're-
vjilied. ' .Insiah wanted to sect her-one
of theJ.irescritoires, hut . made tip my
���nilnd -righl lit the*tart lhat a vocnbu-
! "inny would look lirtter In n room fur-
���ulslied like her? Is eveuif dt didn-t tost
quite as .much*."
When you wish to buy visiting
cards call on thc Delta Times who
will sell the best money can buy
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calling on
the Delta Times first.
.r ��_��� f'--   ... -- Tantr,
.;...��� :,".(.. 1    ���"-   (.1    ���   ������     .    : 1.1I    ll;
ailt'.a.T'.-  ire nirjiUhei
. i>:i|i LlelT" . ,'l ii. uii
.'.'���    ''     ' .Ip:' ll'lllii I'll"���.������
but. though
sense in  i::-
i.v; that t;
TT11CS of  II!
Tin   lu   p
a.te.   'ihe
: ;.; thc I-i.
y close ������
until,   jrt'l'i
Is.    uOS   bOlsi
il'glte-1 1:�� ������    ���
. .1.. u_u��s_roir-
ute pils. H.l__" ���'-'���  "   '
vitb   !!:'��� or:.- ..;   "['   I:
he exact lijfultt.v ol
seels is IBiewttfln. w.
groups of colls ��� in ilie u
uiais called taSie Urtllli.'
the enfis of the'��rgBii of
'VUlC"Tii'ir'��'i'"'-.Huel'i ::���-.
���or iini.ni-!s.    Tliey are
excpeiiiin-'iy wumerons i
the toufiue Oi' e.-.i tie.
35.1)00 taste bulbs.
���It   would   be   Intarcs'
whether etf.-h -Spechtl :'..
spechil group df .lOPVl*
itlius '^(Htraspoudiug   in
nerves.    These taste tr
covered in 1807.   Bad
two kinds of cells, on;
otttTTT ���protrc.ive 'cover
���opening in which proj
t_n��_f the tvi��.ei;r.Titeu��!'
poriant. thoy nre not 11
to   kno'.'
...-.:' excites 1
u:id that only
the auditor.!
%_ss were dls
otto consists 0
t, { forming a:
". tlirougli It 1
el from live 1
s Though Ini
ini'l'Plltly 1111 Pf
ectilial part'Of tlie orgtltv. for birds am
reptiles hsy.-e nono, iiut: mcither linvi
they a keen sensed. I*.:.-_iv, except per
ToneertflnB; the TLsefTfr "Y."
_. writer In Science 11 T.ii-s that tie
lettw "y" "te n lineal ���V.-^eeiidniit fron
flifc -'Hmiiitn "'T," whieh Uu the time 01
rCicero wns borrowed'-.'ittiii the Creel
tilplinbet to ireprosntlt ti-!silon in the
translation of Gredk?nnuics, Tlie lal
tPr is 01% used.-Iieflip... as a vowel tt
transliterate ups'lton mt Voan words ei
ther'dire.t from tlie Greek or Indirect
Ily throogh^/itUi or French. In n groni
majority of cases tbe Kngllsh "y" is 11
semiconsonant corresi r.dlng ln vnlue
with the continental "j." Along with
the other Roman .etters, "y" was
adapted by the Anglo-Saxons from tlie
t/fftin lilphiibet, with -a value approxi
imating to tlittt of "M." In fact, br
Tclaims thnt ;there is not a lineal de
'Boeudnnt of 'tlie iVupi'i-Saion "y" now
'In existence. The letter '#" in modern
lEnjtlish words is, curiously enough, he
iclaims. not a "y" at.ull.but a lineal de
sccii'dinK -of iflie Anglo-Saxon "g,"
which"svns tlietRonian "G" evolved by
theiRotcaas out of an earlier ~Ki."
Pouad^a SBP2
Incorporated 1892
Nature's Carious Tree Law.
Let us observe a law common to nil
trees. First, neither the stems nor
boughs of the maple, elm or oak taper
event at the point where they fori;
\Yhen. ver a-Steiu sends form a branch
ar.d a branch sends off a smaller bough,
bud or stem, they remain the same in
diameter, and the original stem will
Increase >rntber than diminish until Its
next branch starts. No bough, branch
or stem ever narrows near its extremity except where It parts with a portion Of Its substance by sending od
��� another branch or stem.
���AU trees nreallkeiin this respect and
'ft all .the burghs, branches, stems, fcuds
*nd blossoms were combined and unit-
���ed without iIobb of -space 'they 'Would
-lorm a ,v...... ..,, _, ���,_,'*��� c1,�� ������rt
���diameter as'theitrunl-'from which they
���spring. This Is one of nature's Imperative laws and never fulls to prove true.
'Provides r ���'ChT.s.'Tn.   'Ffenre fifer   Studants of hotk
;exes  at  moderate  srates.    H:is  a   preparatory   class   for
iunior ?.t��S6-t_B ,J_t-1_H_^; I'tfblic  Scho��1   u-orA..     Deep High
_clio.'.l "tvork au'd jr.iy.rr.e_ ifor -Pr��vincia] i-teacbers' Eswuih
nations,      tieuohes tall   branches  of a IPraatical Bnsiire.s
_ourse &ad confers Diplomas.    ILu^asts a l.iberal Ednca-
ioti in its "Collegiate  Course, and   in  tire Ladies' Course
for M. E. S^netd-M. L. A.    In Theology aconfe<s tlve de
gree of T_JD.   In University work can take students cthrough
;ne complete Arts Course for  the   B,A, degree of Toronto
University, with wliich tke Collage is in full affiliation.    In
���science teaches tbe  First Ytcar <of 'Toronto   School of Sci-
-nce, aud  has a Special Engineering  Course adapted  t >
.-. .ic.l.s.. I&_,gineeriiy>  work in this Province.    In W.usic, ;i
complete  course  in theory,  v��_cc 'culture, .a_& fpiaae .at.rl
organ, in  coiyuiK-tioE.  with  tbe Toronto 'sdllege (.f'luusic
Special infitruction in art and dlocution, while al! student.-.
re  required to take physical training with  all  tbe  pri\!-
leges of a iweil tSQn%ped g^mmasium-
.111 the WoAS'i it 'I'oili.cn.y   shop.
Senso���nuj'ier Is not nu liuthor; he's
\ horn chemist,
Ti/.so���Vi'! yf
S.-viso���:__\N"iryw. vol lift writes becomes
i drug on the market.
Am :.,-..%�� From nintaiiev".
"How do .vonluiow It'-s'the lilir.iry?"
"'iho   sit'.t.'!k> tissues hi  volumes."
tk  .*<i>l'<t<m iW Ihr |,|ie.
I iTjtt' liiiuw much i;eomotry,
bul s">s i will (iiTlarc:
De iKaii'diit's always limflgln' round
ls seUttim 0.1 de sguuru
*K'nrw WhttXh men-It,
"That Krocerof outs speaks the most
Irainnentnry-_nglleh'of any oned ever
iheard," said _.r. 1'recise.
"SrrtU 'mean 'broken 'English.' Tny
ftteur;" corrected Mrs. tPreelse. "'li'iVO
'know'he'teu Herman."
"1 menu fragmentary," repeated Mr.
iprecise. "Tbe man stuttei��.''-3udBe.
'Ktivw-tllo LtiilftUlticfe.
���^'he Pnstor���'i l.ope you never swear
���V'lien tlio lia'iyis irrilable.
The .Paroii't�����t)h, UO'the baby attend.
i��o.ull that.
Hl'_l_.s  nud   llrnlim.
.'li_t iTTiniy (leeni themselves most wls.
Is tar I't* in . Iraei.-" when we recall
111 lakes a Ini ol lt-r.ihi_ lo UtiOsV
u.. 's_t.'1 .-j atij' l*i��s��_wil.all.
1f*t*'Cour... Olios.
���Bonaventure de _ ourcroy, a <clev��r
�����ociety poet of 'the ��-veuteenth cen-
(ury.'fi-spienQiH orator, an eminent tttt-
'Vocute aud 'tin intimate -friend of Me-
Bcre to boot, on being asked one duy
'by a magistrate'what'he'meant to *o
with his son replied, 'llf there is anything hi him I'll make hliu ���'barrister;
if not I'll uialte bim �� Judge."
The kiwswhleh at present governs'.he
fraotloe df medielnesln France forbids the
���simultaneous practise 'of medicine and
pharmaoy even by a persomwho muy be In
���possession of diplomas in botli-nubjeets.
Is  an i_��_l  covering,  cUTicr fc_r ��ew
hnili___4fs'wc iniproviiit; olJ uncs.
GonftukT its fine "ftirpcarmrce ��� its
sptctttiid ciidtirirtjf 'qualities���ami slight
cxpcuxt-^HtU dccute'to-iMprvo .>tw*r-pwn
b-ftttiMUiMfcts by-��_4-4f'^-
lMiHcr_. dt"*vi.s��-rt'' *.ifbrft.at;��*i-4ii ��ur
Whole._l. MnufielilMia,
ETis. r-**sre
Successor to
HavingijJureha.ed tlie above business,'! am pieparediUi1 .0'_i"*tt<'-W.s
work 'd. all kinds of laundering.
For ten years successlully operated
a laundry in New Vork City.
Your Paironge Earnestly
A Poaer.
���Uttle Dorothy Perl.lnfl"_as usually a
��very [truthful 'child.    When -she was
mdt'tnithWl, she wostplausible.
'Ooming iln'from her wall; ene-HOt.-
>ing, she informed her mother that shs
'had seen a.ioni_n.the park.
No amount��� of 'peismasio.! or'reeson-
dng wavered her statement one h_ir's
lireitdth, -��o *t might,��_ hen ���she^lipped
'downirbeslde her knee, her _no_l��rieal3.
"Ask'Ged toiforgiv^jyou Mr that flb.
Dorothy tii . her fttireffor a minute;
then slie looked straight Mute her mother's eyes, with her 'own shliiiug 'like
stars,-and said, ""U'tllti a_k him. ���tiiani-
���ma, .learost, aaS be��ald: 'Dou't mention it, Mfss Perkius. OHart big due
-baa-oftea- fooled me."*
If yea avwage the cost price of J-M-Asbbstos Roofing over
*theperioa ol years it is In service, yoti wilhsee that "J-M" is
cheaper to usesthurr any mother iprepareb'roofiog. Being made of
Asbe&tes, fan indestructible mineral, it is ipcrnumently durable,
.,���_,_._.��, j������_ not require any coatmg'os-ipaitftit^, lits first cost is
the only cost.   Easily appneo isj s_.sjs.s~.
Asbestoside fe .an Asbestos SheatSing -a_iC iis tihe ipmSt -economical, du_si'_Je.an'dieasily applied siding^knowu.
..AMk'ter _vmi<_i and prlomm.
H. ^ s_)HNS-Mfl_V!LLC CO.,
576 First A^e. S.
iSeattlQ, '"Waafc,
���tfliepe Are Three State Systems, Csi��
_uel:tnlNin, s.udstliUna nsi��l 'I'ssoImui.
In theor) Confucianism is the re-
���ii5l*u of the state. The state ofliclals
'ere .the litisrati wbo bave secured their
[positions .hrough the -study of thc
<olassi(._---l. e.,'the "Sacnnl Writings ����f
Coufuclus." The Confucianist templed
wre.iu'otected aiuihoaorci] Ivy the stale,
"and tbe worsliip<bf'Coafacius is carried
ou at the expense Of tits -state. Iu a
limited sense, too. Buddhism'aw also
claim to be a atate'teligiou. The sauic
<is also 'true of Taoism, -8iace<deceased
generals an'd statesmeu are assigned
.their corresponding 'rallies witli tlio
a'aolstic king.-of the slower-world iin
hades. >lu thisrolethey me'Worshiped
-in Tuolstlc 'temples, tin thte'Vay'It'is
(possible ford Cliiuanun: to make use
of all three 'religions "Vflthout gettiug
���Into eonfllet with the distinctive principles >et any of them. Their officials
���worship together. In -fuuerui"services
'Monks'of 'both orders are fouud performing functions on'different aik.
The ipublic temples are usually 'l��
control'of the Tuoiets, !but sonietinies
nre lu>charge-of Buddhists. .%K��t rarely
Taoisttc gods isgre "found in Buddhist
temples "and vice Tersu. .Soiuetimes
they differ only in'name. The Buddhist goddess of mercy 'is tbe Taoist
goddess of heaven. The,pear! king of
the Taolsts-te theiioip��TialiTuler of the
���Buddhists. -Both --systems teach the
same ten princes Ini hades, and eve_
��� reproduction of the Buddhist punish-
:-iient in hell is'fouud-in tlie Taoist tem-
The Beltm Times
"EllilSlan 'families when moving  tn ,>/��_
homes kindle the lire i i the hearth with-
brou .ht. from ths - .l.iswii.sisii* , THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, DECEMBER I, ;o0S.
Entertainment &
Miss   Fenton   weut  over to   thei
Terminal City lasl week. Vjjjag frOO.
Fred Arthur was a visitor  to the j
Terminal City last week. j
Mrs. Geo. Sheldrake went up to
the Royal City, on Wednesday
St. Stephen's Church
Cast Delta,
Christmas Eve.
Bert Arthur, of Vancouver, paid   Rkfkkshmkxts.
a short business  visit here, on Fridav last.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Woods, of Vancouver, came over here, yesterday,
on a business visit.
On Your Money | ^Jjf
Admission Free.!
Percy Gifford  returned to Vancouver, Saturday, after spending a j
couple of days here, ducking.
Capt. Wilberg, of the well known
firm of Wilberg & Wolz, New
Westminster, pai i a short business
visit here yesterday.
The Methodist Sabbath school
Christmas entertainment will be
held iu the Town Ila;', Ladner, on
Tuesday, December 29th. Fuller
.announcements later.
The Delta Glee Club have decided on Tuesday evening in each
week for practice night at 8 o'clock
sharp, in their club room behind
the Royal Bank.
40-Acre farm for Salt
Known as the Deemer place, on
Boundary Bay; all improved and
under cultivation. Price, $5,250.
Apply to
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties SEVEN and
Eight Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & (��',
New Westminster, B.C.
Agencies Represented'���
Hnrtlord Vlr. Insurant-. Co. Insurance Cv, of .Tortli AineTica
Phoenix insurance Co. of Brooklyn     The Ocean Areidetit sSi C.uarant.e Corpora-
Connecticiu Fire Insurance Co. tion, Ltd., of T.otttlon, _)ng.
Imperial Trust Co., Ltd.  Vancouver. B.C.
Prolessor Stork was very busy
here, last week, with the result
that there are no less than tour
broad smiles around. Robt. Pearson, John Stewart, Jo=. Beale and
Tore Nicolich being the proud pes-
eessors of bouncing baby girls.
I hereby give notice that there
will be no pheasant or duck shooting allowed on ray property.
Trespassers will be prosecuted.
For Sale.
Ten nice pigs, three months old;
  j 11 pigs, seven weeks old;   1   brood
sow;   5 dozen  spring  chickens;   1
work   under   the | new incubator (Cyphers); a number
The   i-ale   of
auspices of All  .Saints' Guild,   to | of orchard and garden tools
take place in lhe Town Hall, Ladiier, 011 lhe 10th of December, wii'
include an afternoon tea and an en
tertainment in th.' evening,   to  1 e
followed   by   a   tinner.     All   fur   _;>
cents a head.
Fresh Grade Cows.
In ordijr to make room for Imported Purebred .Stock, we wish to
dispose of our stock of" rr.����u a...^
I>nil V  Cuws.
Also two Purebred Holstein Bulls
and some Young Pigs.
The Guggenheim,  are  reported
to have  mide  a  mining   deal   of
0.__s   .'_���____._  :..     S.L-     I_,.uilOO])S
district of British Columbia, whereby a syndicate of .\merican mining
p'ft3T��it_Ui:tQ  Ltoi'ts  n..s-.-��l   wf-t-lsi. laigci
minting properties i:i that vicinity.
S. BiiNewhouse, of Salt Lake City,
is said to be assotiited with the
C5uggenheims in this enterprise.
Among the mines under option are
the Big Four and Python groups, j I hereby give notice that at the
and negotiations are now pending 1 next meeiing of the Board of
for the Iron Mask, Evening StarL,cense Commissioners for the
and several other properties. I f* !a   Municipality,   I   intend   to
'    ' . ! apply for a transfer of the license to
������  j sell liquor in  the  Delta  Hotel to
1 Roy D. McKenzie, ot Ladner.
November 4, 1908.
At a meeting  held  on Saturday
evening last, iii the Council Cham-j
ber, final arrangements were madej Notice
for   the   holding   o'   a  ploughing:
match here on the 17th inst., when!
a handsome list of prizes will be. ESTATE   JAMES   H.  GRANT,
competed for iu classes as follows:  1     Deceased.
Class, I.���Narrow cut ploughs.    | ]>j"OTICE is hereby given that all
Class II.���10 or 12-hch  ploughs persons having claims against
ior men. ���tlle Estate of James H. Giant, late
Class Ill.-ioor 12-inch ploughs! ��f Municipality of Delta  BC. who
,    , , .- *      d,ecl  on  or  about  the  6th day of
for boys under 18 years. j September,   1908,   are required  to
Class IV.���10 or 12-inch ploughs! deliver  their  claims and  full par-
for men who never won a prize.        titulars of such   claims  to the un-
In addition lo the three prizes ini fleIsi��"erl  n"  or  before  the   15th
each-class, there will be a  number daV of December- '9��8-
We Beis Lt
To notify'the  people of Ladaer and sug
rounding  district that  we are now m
position to ofter Vancouver Island
Portland Gemem
At greatly reduced prices, making ��:it pogj
sible fo. parties who contemplate build'aj
to put in concrete foundations at about th<|
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
patronize J-Jome Industry
FLOUR you are not only using the "Best Bread I
Flour" sold in Canada, but are helping to build j
up a new industry in your own province. We
are all anxious to aee Vancouver grow. By
using home manufactured products we are
assisting tbe growth of mill3 and factories, and'
keeping our money in our own province.
personal guarantee.
Sold by W. H. SMITH.
Vancouver Hilling I Grain Co., Lti,
B. 0,1
Are you making up your Breeding Pens ?
If so, I have some very nice WHITE
MINORCA Cockerels for sale, also BLACK
ORPINGTON Roosters, Hens and Pullets,
Buff Orpington Roosters (Imported birds),
and a few Spangled Hamburg Roosters
and Hens.
of valuable specials donated   by the
local business men.
Agent for Edith M. Grant,
How About That Engine
For Wood Sawing, Etc    Cold weather is
All   sorts   ,>f  First-Class   .Jewellery,
Silverware. Cut Glass, Etc,
Jfadrew Clausen,
I.ADNER,   B.   C.
When You Require
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleum. Window
Shades or Anv .Article of Furniture or
Household Furnishings a visit to LEE'S
STORE will convince you that there is the
Visitors Welcome.
NEW WESTMINSTER,        -        *       -       b. O
Milk m\$ Cream Wimfe d
Wa   pay   lhe   highest   prices   for
We would like to  make  contracts
vvilh a few shippers.
.^Vrftft for particulars,
turn Pend er Street,
.    We have been appointed
Sole Agents
in this district for the McCORMICK
MACHINERY and will carry a lull line of
up-to-date goods.
^"OTICE is hereby given that the
time for the  reception of ten-)
ders for Vernon, B.C., Public Building, has been extended  to  Decern-'
ber 30th, 1908.
Plans and specifications are also |
to be seeu at Victoria aud Vancou-1
By onlc.
Departtret.it of Publio Works,
Ottawa, November 20th, ipo>!r
W.   L.   McBRI,
General Merchant
Phone 5, . =   Port Guichon


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