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The Delta Times Sep 10, 1907

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Array 13    .���" 11        Ig
y--< .
i im_G*D^r ^
c re
Vli. !, l-"0. I.
Offow^ Letter.
Official Visit.
The Market.
Three and a half yards of material to every shirt.    The same quan
tity our grandmothers bought to make working shirts for their men folks
years ago.    It does not pay to skimp a working shirt in material.
man can't do a good day's work in a tight shirt.
���   .
��� ��� i \ y.
-,     wa
: .
far, a
Ottawa,  Sept. 2.���Tbe Conserv j    '-"eIta  Lodge  No, it, I O.0.F.,      New   Westminster,
ative press bas given veiy extensive received an official -visit Irom Grand Fruit  was again  th.
circulation to tbe proposed political rMaster    Ernbieton,   ol    Rossland, ing feature of the  v.-
tquro! R. L. Borden, li ider of the-'!iead of tilc I O.O.F. Grand Lodge yesterday*and tn li
opposition,   and   there   bas   Leen �����.�� British-Columbia. The   supply   of  appi
aroused a certain amount al inten st'    Afler the business of tbe Lodge largest cf tbe 'Season so far,
iri  the  platform  be would  present W"   finished,   ll>e   Grand  Master portion of which was o  .firs class
tor the consideration of the electors ��ave   d   half hour   addres     o  the grade.    Tbe prices  ruled   Irom  7:
jmembers, which was full of itistruc- cents to $1.25    box./..   J. Peschke
primarily   Irom   the' tion and  good  advice,.- ier which  ot Kill'   Prairn offered some  very
sessions  pasi   there were the usual speeches Irom  fine A'.exajidersTfct $i.  (3ihers witb
Lodge apples   were  William  Foreman of
the   Langley and VVilli2.n1 Barrett of Su-
of Canada.
Tliis  aris
fact ibo.   for  several
public time has been wasted by ibe the   members,
opposition hi attempts  ;o discredit closed  aud   al
\"he:i    the
the   government    of   Sir   Wilfrid  banquet hall, where thirty members mas. There was a splendid demand
Laurier.    It was expected  tbat the sat  down   to  a sumptuous repast. ;Tor apples of'the better class,
leader  of the opposition wau'd  at The inner mau having beeu attend-      Pears and .lunis were very plenti-
least   formt.'.e.te  a   distinct  policy, j ed to, a programme of songs, reci- fill  and  the
until nearly 12  good stock.
1 eiaar.d  was .firm for
The ruling   prices  ot
.  ' would suggest something attractive 'tations, etc., lastiu,
in place  ol  that  which   '. i desiresjo'clock, was disposed af, when tiie pears and prunes respectively werc
tin   1 cop'.':  to   lurreuder,  ad
This ia the shirt the
buttons ca_i't com1-) off
unless cut off with a
knife. Kvcry button is
sewn on by hand; every seam is double
sbitched; every gusset
re-inforeed.    Sizes 14Y2 to IT.
] cop'.':  to   lurreuoer,  aavan
something   in    ustification oi   tlie
metis ds'of "inuendo,   lh;  favorite j time,
weapons   of   the   opposition,   give      Ha
���some specific instance of the whole- much bettei would i;   bave   been if 91:'     for   hindquarters   and
sal;   graft   and   corruption which pthe ladies had been present,.and live quarters brought-6c ..nd 7c.
brethren dispersed  to  their lespec-  about 70c and 40c per crate.
live homes  satisfied   with the good       Meats were  fairly plentiful  and
tue  demand was strong  for prune
y as was the evening; how (-stock.    Beef sold at S.'Xcp.nd up to
I hnve been charged against tlie gov
erbment, enunciate  a 'Constructive!wives and sweetheart
I policy.
It may ! e alsothat a modicum of
iaterest was arouied on the occa-
! sion ot a public declaration of a
i 111 m who seeks t > be prime minister
- of Canada lo know wha re. sons
I would be  submitted   to the people
su c ntly weighty to e.t'selheru
ito .vltbdraw lh ir confidence from
Ian iidniinislration wbich can  boast
* proud record, of great daedsdone  v
s bring tl c. '-'am was.mi good demand at 13c ant
Lhe   next   r^T! per lb     Tbe supply was larger
Ihan   usual.    Lamb   brought   15c
;.per lb     Theie was a fair supply ol
' ve_;  i ii     v-,i';   Ii$p .- H   uf at.;.
per lb.    Pork,  sdl'd   briskly at 11 ���
per lb.    The supply wa,   not large
and al! wa- disposed o,! early.
,ne   ,     t;ie   mos,   interesting j    ''!:i:  ui   :v ��    reduce was not so
bodies or people on   tin-   cot-tin ent *heavy as    sua"?   ..-!     rices .were a
are Dotikhobors,7'says a writer  iu  :i,l!o   firm '   .   ���' - S*   brought   a.s
the October issue of'the  New Idea : h--h as ��   <r��ai!, and  37c whole-
hope to see the cieml
wives and sweethear
[occasion ofthe kind
' \  CUM: AT-;  AT   THE   HOME'
'    . ��F THE DOUKHO 50R.S.
tlie   most   Interesting
iie or,  tin-   continent\"
She continues !"saIe-    The ^eart bl:lk of the-supph
for Canada*of whbh the prevailingjthuj, Interesting nat alone because|*������ a**** ���   Butter
prosperity and contentment are the  they m g peoDl(, who have succeed.! was.in good demand at  40c perilb.
visible signs;
ed for six years in canducting a large
The lone ol
Combined with
Whatever tbe reasons which con- , social coranulnity wilh comparative.
tributed to the interest in Mr. Bor- ,y liul(. ^^ >nd with maleria,
deifs opening speech, it may safely; gaia (0 lh,mselv���. Tbey Cimi to
be said that general disappointment |Cm-, from Russia vtnMe<,
and chagrin are th ��� result.
The  mountain  lias  labored and
The leader
to-day they own  laud,   stock,
the latest and   most   approved agri
This article is growing scarcer owing, it is reported, to the scarcity of
ieed. The price is expected lore-
main firm at..(oc for some time
Fowls of all kinds were plentiful
and pi ices foi them were about the
same as last week. Goo.I Iowls
brought from $6.50 tc $7 50 'i.
dozen while chickens sold   far from
Recommended and for M&l�� ����\
brought forth nmouse. 1 ue >ouci 1 cuUural imr;iemeiIlc. while alibtis'-
ol the opposition has presented L^j, C8ntlacted ,��� a community
what by courtesy may lie regarded | basis_,, TLf m���nv pbotog^pb.s; $7. 5�� lc 55 * ^czen. The dem.v.v..
as a "platlorm" but which is better| whicJ. accompany tbe article atte*t was ';1!'<';"->T foT bo'-h- 'J'h"'- *��9��
described as an academic thesis on ,. . the pr]Mitjve simplicity of the' f:1-r supply ol ducks &n s_'le^.nd tii--
moribund parliamentary debates.      X)nikhobor   life.    Their success is' demand was equal  to ithe supply.
based on tbeir mastery of many The call for full grew;; birds wimpractical trades as well as their especial!; brisk.
ability to withstand the greatest: rhe lCI'' a:!(1 icr Potatoes was
hardships. The intense religous; EJt strong, while the supply was
ardor of these people has affected: {a,r- The rvVmZ Vrv-' was.JS20.fi
'.heir mode of life in many cuiiaus; '0!!'
ways, which will be of great interest; Market Notes. >
to all readers.
Marshall Smith
A very jolly dance was gwen on
Eriday evening last, by Mrs. II. J.
Sins,-;  Ko-.v,   Chinese contract-      On August 29th  ult., Mrs. ..hirers at Cm-He & McWilliams Can-! shall Smitl
1 ga>ve
_n   afternoon tea
Hutcherson,   in    honor   of   Mifs.__.5ry, were summoned for hor.-pny- and Linea Shower in honor of tbe
���Chrissie .Smith,  who will  shortly m?nt of road taxes and  were to nj -! bride-elect,  Miss   Marjorie   Hilton.
.leave for Germany, ipear at the Police Court this raorfi^JThe rooms looked very   pretty.de-
Among those present were: Mr.. ing, but havine thought  better ofkorated with asters  aud sweetpea.?.
it tbey settled out ol  oeurt, yester- In the archway   bun-   A  huge bell
day.   for  the sum  of $40 and *5 ind at  a  certajn  time
Mitchell, of Victoria, Mrs. Marshall
��mith, Mrs. W.   H,   Laduer,   .Mrs.
C, F. Green,   Mr.��.   P.  A. McKee, !costs'
Miss C. M. .Smith, 'the Misses Ladder, Miss  Hilton,  Miss  Mc-Lellan,
From a  political  standpoint  the
speech was a distinct failure. With
in measurable  distance   ot   an election���at a tittle v ken his party had
not  hesitated   to  make  grave   accusations   ef   a   general   character
i against   the   administration,    and
' members   of   'he   Liberal  party���
when tlie public mind  was  111 a re-
ceptive condition���with  the kudos
j of au  enviable  reputation   in  the
icily in   which  the  speech   was delivered���with   ihe  stimulus of   an
e_i ectant party awaiting the clarion
call of its chic, Mr, Borden failed;
to reacli the   heights   or   sound thei
The people are ua convinced thai
a cl auge ol government is desirable
tb" Conservative party is disap.
pointed lhat its leader has na
definite policy to announce.
In introducing what he called the
Conservative plattorm. Mr Borden
sai I there wrre three essential texture-ol good government, to wit,
honest appropriation and expenditure ol pub ic luone.^ in the public
interest, the appointm- V. ol public
o'liiiMs upon c&alideration ..' ea-
pa iiy and persoa.,.1 character and
not of nartv service alone;  ele'tions
Asabel  .Smith,   of   Ladner,   the
 '""* ' , well known patatc  grower, was in
Plans ol the subdivisiou el  Well-'to the market with several different:
uiugloa Farm ianv be kept,  at this i kinds of that  vegetable  for which
office and  any informatian   which file found a ready market,
may be desired. Mrs. J. Alexander,   o:' Sunbury,
 ,                  'was in with plums.
an  unseen
This is another case where,        , , ,,,-,,
���   Cora was drawn and the  nnde-eirct  unstained    v the  c rrupting   iiiflu-
m previous years  tliev   have    em! ,,,-,,-   j r, f,   -, , ,-      ,
,'_.,, ,  ,.   .       I was covered with all kinds ni useful  ence of bribery and fraud,
let oft antn the payment ol little or ,���
...       ,        , ,    , .......   articles,   noticeable    among'     No man of good moral sense w.i
1 nothing, but   thev   lmd   Ihey have L,        ,   ��� ,,    ,    , ,   \   _.   , ,.    ,     '.,,    ,
Miss   NoTi   Armstrong,   of   New L*    .1.     . .     1 ��� tuem being a  small  aoiley worke-d  nna fault with these  general slate-
Westminster, the Misses Lord and 1 ! , l'y   Mrs. McKee,  sr., the work  of I ments, all will agree   tbat  they arc
Messrs. C. B. Dat Sil, L. J. Thomas, j '    """"""' I which vvas beautifully done. : three sound essentials of  good gov
't-. Clark, L. Harris,   M. Smith, A.      The wedding will lake  place, to-1     M'ss  Siaith   had-several  of her eminent.   One's mem iry, however,
T. Fawcett and F. C. Butler. JlJlOltOw at 11:30 a.m., at All Saints "girl friends tu assist ber i��  serving  goes back  to  the  days when Con-
  I Church, of two of our most popular ' t'le tea. I servatives  were in office,   and  Sir
_ ___  (    	
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at H a.111 and 4 p.m.; leaves Stares-
ton at 9 a,in, and 5 p m. Every
day except Sunday.
Mrs. J. Matheson, of Ladnct,
came up with butter ar,d eggs.
Mrs. T, Roberts, cf Ladue- was
in to yesterday's market witb butter and egjs.
Mrs.   E.   A.  Crawford, cf   Bast
Harvest    Thanksgiving    service 5")e!ta, had dressed fuwl and eggs.
will be held at Crescent   Island, on'     E. T. Calver brought ap a uum-
PrMay next  at  7.30 p.m., when a  ber of ducks frcm Ladner.
Mrs. J. W. Stone, Scott road,
bad some very nice butter a-id eg.s.
Tom W-ldou, of Sutibsry, sold
cucumbers, lettuce, cabba.e, turnips, parsujps aad carrots <09 -the
good attendance is looked for as
tke proceeds are to be devoted to
local church -purposes.
Sunday services at the Boundary
Bay school bouse have proyed very
_(iccessful so Inr. On Sunday last,
at t��e cUse of the service. Mrs.
Huntley opcrcd a Sun lay school at
vhich aU tlie congregation attended.
Jle.lta Fair. Sept. so and 21.
I young people^.Miss Marjorie Hilton
1 aid .Arthur T. Fawcett. J
Sejiiember 19th,
rC-ntinucl  on   Second Pasc
Th" A.' Pfl its 1 "<..e< Gui '
will serve tea in the Ej.hib.Hov
Building Cnpstairs), on Saturlav,
2 ist inst., il-T'T- _; the ,time o'" the
Delta F.-i .
BRAN, SHORTS, Whole Corn,
Cracked Corn, Rice Mwl, Chit
Rice,   Chick   !���
Art you o�� I lie voters' li. t? ')[
si, T'n-.otby and , not you had better gat a move oil
Clover See 'Is may be -obtained at or ycu wil! be too late for another
llrackman-Ker Millin ; Co.'s!.six mon''s and there is no telling
warehouses, Ladner, from MR j what might happen 'twixt now ^ii.id
II. X. RICH, Local Agent. then ..'.���/���
3'1'F.I.ISin. i   I"V1 :;'.   Tl F.SDW ���
8M8CRIPTIOH, SI.00 per .ear.
Por Those
Who Think
PROVINCIAL EXHIBITION   great northern railway
VICTORIA, B. C. I _V- T" ��* & Ferry C��'
September 24th to 2Stb, 1907.
CmmI AJr..rtificmenta, to cents pn tto, Ioi :
ttefirttliMi rlloo.ftadscent* pel line issr e. r-li '
SS^ivuir%�� o^poT^o^dtC that is deepest, the pit that is most j p^
tocil- unrKplftrc-l and luostmifathomible.
Mm,*?*  tot C���rutn��eTiiA\   A.U'frJi-nJai nl* cm  bf
lad ..<��� uppll-Wh jO M LblSofiOP.
*t-flJin^ fu-l
M*cenlfip��f Imi-   !.>i   '-Jib In*
Hrthflffd D�� r.m noftic*A, 50c., Marriages $l.<��o,
a��t ftpe^iAl notice, tlie otyect ut wbich .ito
fi*wioU th? pfvuolaiv bmi-rii 01 unv Individual
���r fumpiay, rn be conifdtn .1 an aavertiaesienl
���ail L-bdr^iU accordingly.
it  that  which is  the  wonder and
glory of God's thought   and   hand
-oui own Soul.
The Biggest and Best of the Season.
List  Increased  Nearly  50  Per   Gent.
Stock Divisions.
an �� .r__.m___,
��� w. an. paid fui.
11. .......1  1..1
.KVISIBI.H VET Ruai.���The *oul
s formless, is shadowless.    No eye
atil ordered  behold*   il;    no   liaiid   handles   it:,
ao pencil mav draw   its   liaemeuli.
Cict.poo.trn.-t iiivirci .,,, matteri iii public .,s, _.        ,,        ,.    ,_.__.   1 :..,,    , . .	
tu��.u   i',.in_���ii.siUi,i.,..iii.,i must i���- kc- I tie mother that jave birth to ker
c#*apAnifd bv ii,.i.u   t.i writer, not necessarily _. -, ,.
W* publication, nu' fi. snjfinr ol good fkitbs "''���:
Qarretpoadeoci   tua.i reach tbis office l>v Thurs.
a ., ^t^dId^
Rough Riding Competition for the Championship
of British Columbia.
New Service���Port Guichon and  Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt Guichon, 6.30 a.111.    Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt Guichon, 6.00 p.m.
Gives  Passengers  four  hours   in   either   New   Westminster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    .sth,    '06.
Greatly Reduced Rates.      For particulars apply lo
Agent,  Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will he furnished without delay.
Gin.  K.  M.Ni.sY.
TUKHDAT,   Sl.i'Tl 'MBEH   li>,    1007.
that overhung the cradle;
that rarried her hsbe irabojomed;
that   studies   the   girl'.-;   yiilhood. I
youth uad woni.iuho.d, till tbe Expended in Improvements to Grounds This Year.
.loud oi love opened and had ber i�� Excursion Rates From All Points.
the wedded liie���even   tbe  raotber. , '
doe* noi kuow tb. girl nor the, Entries   Close   September    16th.
-������      ���=��e=r^r_.-^.-_=^.---j=--=___=. ; Woraaa.    Nor does be tbat  taketh
('ouiuiujii-.atic.'i witb  \'uticoviver] btr    iuow    ier.     wbeu     she    is
by wire i^ cut oil. ' taken; nor eiew   she  heraelt.    Our, ^^^^^
���.  lift ii hinted, but it  ia hidden.   It;
 r.  I
fleam* oat at times;  it splashes  its'
sparks  up��u  vs.    None has seen'
���gain and tbresku* .perations  are^.  fu���  ^   0_   kB8W1  tbe  fcU |
ia  full  iwinj   with   tke prospects; metsurf.   0t   it.    We  stand   uai'ore.
���I finisb-inv; off a yery sttcessfui; aacb other as yoiumas of books. Pneumonia Bronchitis Cat.T.rrh
Wtyeit dmitij; the pie��ent yyeek.      Tke bindinr aud lettering are plain, La Grippe Quincy Rheumatism
  , ennujk; the contents are unknown,
t��r but  dimly   suspected.    We are
like  bsoks iu   which   some  things ...
are to be hidden from the common!  .,       It   will   pay  yoti   to  own 	
reader a. unsafe, and at eyerr frW:sule*   r����e Qxydonor m a family nviU   banish til   the ter-
rors of  disea.��e from   tlie   liousenold   if   only used as soon
I net, rpi, rate J !rt<,9.
Tke tine wather ba> returned
J. E. SMART, Sec.-Treas., ! CAPITAL, - - - $3,900000
P. 0. Drawer 761, Victoria, B.C.|RESERVE FUNm       _ _ $4(390>000
_.. _____  ______ -....-^  -A- General Banking Business Transacted.
OXYDONOR mm.     n    _    ,
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
Etc., Etc.
paragraphs the  i-ritical  things  are
lisease from   the  household
us needed and  in a reasonable way.
This is the Actuil   Experienc.
On   .Saturday    eyeniug   last   iu
Vancouver, the anti-Asiatic  feeling]
ifound vent in the smashing of -win-' expresstd iu a dead  language.    So
do ws iu Chinatown aud Japtown. .���� knman life, tha simplest things1 This is the Actual   Experience  in many thousands
The-white race, tu  British Colum-jare rt*d; the iulfrior ��!""��'s ����** not; of families   who   have   adopted   this   advanced   method   of
..    ,      r , , legible. j treating disease.
uia   ua-;. for  years, been endeavor-. .   ��   �� . 6
ing to introduce legislation snohjas1     It is a part   oi our   physiologeal | inflammatory   Rheumatism.
will >(.   govern the iuflux
Asiatic races  that they will not injure  the  labor   market, but   up to
the present  no  satisfactory
has been attained.
East End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street, Cordova Street; Grand
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Port Kssington, Kossland, Victoria, Vernon,
Chilliwack, Cumberland,  Port Moody and New Westminster.
C. B. DANIEL. Manager, LADNER. B. C.
Of  the | a*tUre tlitt, is ��rUer to the   health- j ^r, j*,. Aii��n, Rowland, UX., Can., writ��, Mareli n, i9ei : "Bome five years ago 11
' ful deyelODinent Ot CUT IUOlll   taCUl" ' w��1 Oxydoti��f for ��y wile who was  $w\ff*rint   fron  femtle  wvaknrw.   Aftur a week's tne thej
doctor himaeir wis aurprlaed to finil *acli a cbaugt, ia fact it wai enough to induce him to get I
t�� Oiydouor i"��r his .sister.
"A i. ort time ujjo my wifs.- h��,l 11 ailaek li iuflammstory rheiinmtism,    She  could* .IM^T.'*.    V-   CC^lt 'VA
mdtr   {^j( ; not walk nnd Str  jaiiUK  wire much  swo��!I��n.   ske  spplied  Oxydonor, and  before  nlfjhl the i   .    k  ...    <_.   v_ Ji.. 1 o,
psiun had erned. ��n . ont morilug there yr.. very little nwelllag, and she conld w��lk _" well | Including I    Gl'eV
old  (isso  lbs.);
ities, they must   be placed highest,
"     I else tkey cau no more flourish than
rPS11't cnnld a  plant   giowinp
Shade and drip of trees.     Bllt   most I aB ,v,r.   hi,r )lt^ . mmilar  .tUelc b��r,ire we got Oxydonef and mi under a doctors c.irc r,ir a
The Anti-Asiatic League  held a| men make uo provision   for  these! month, ��nd suffered atonies.
P��b!ic demo.stration  ou Saturday I Oddities.    Like a lighthouse, built \ "" �������� =����<> ���� "ti ae��� ..'d.- j
with the Kiultltkat law  and  ordfr; well from foundation upwards,   but. 'Scud   at   once   for  teok   No. 78, giving   further in-j
,, ���       .  ,       , without any place for the lautern, formation .-.bout OXYDONOR and many reports from all
were thrown t��> the winds and pan- ,    , , r ���     ,,   ��� i r   , -       r
1        so saany men build  carefully  their parts ofthe country. '
demomntn has reigned since.    J��r��| lower naturea. Ut   Merer  rear  the1
and   Chinese  have  been  set upon | highest storey.    As a  tiiusiral   in-; OfV       ll.     SANOi I E     OT     C^O
aad the resnlt has been that there strunient might here the base and
are many-white, yellow and brown | tea��r V,r-T wel1 tBned "d uncord-
ant, while, if yen ran   ronr Augers i ' 	
oyer the higher notes, all would be,'
j.      (Continued Irom   iMrst  Page.)
361 St. Catharine St. West, Montreal.
bruise* of.
������laid np with cuts an<
yarietis kinds.
It is  much  to  be regretted that
an affair of this  kind  should haye
clash and jargen, so  men  say,
The Royal Hank of Canada with
-������'its   splendid   connection   all   oyer
Mare, 4-year-
1 Gelding, 3-
year-old (1500 lbs); 1 Bay Mare,
3-ye?r-old (1500 lbs); 1 Bay
Mare, 3-year-oH (5600 lbs); 1
Black Mare, 3-year-old (1550
lbs*1; 2 Bay 2-year-old Colts; 3
Yearling Colts; 2 Sucking Colts;
also 3 Roadster Sucking Colts; 1
Grey Gelding Roadster; 1 Driving Mare, Syear-old; 1 Grey
sSaddle Horse and 1 Yearling
Heifer, which
MR. H. N. RICH has received
instructions    from    Mr.    D.
Woods, who  has  rented  his farm,
<{��   NEW WatSTMINSTKR,    '.
���J. Manufacturer, ���fall kinds?!
B. C.   ���>
Soda Water, Ginger ���>
Ale and Summef    .t
Your patrouage solicited
������������*..o.s>.��.v. #.s*..��^|..e'^s-,..J..,.sJsm,..;..,���;.,..,*.,
mast compose and   harmonize  aiy- .. . '",-.,    Id   "','        ri-   7""" "".."'" I to SKLL BY AUCTION, o�� the'
self t.n.tar.l laws for the sake ,f Wilfrid Laurier was requesting the Canada    affords   you   exceptional j ?nmise&< soa^ e-nd rfOowdy road,
happened in this fair  laud  of  ours health,   "and  thus  they  taae the citizens of Toronto to throw the banking facilities. | 4 miles from Ladner, qn
and it is to be heped that it will be! b,K; ��,d th*" the>' 8a-T'   "J  must j rascals out, and oue  of his reasons Monday, September 2.3,
sabdued and  the er il  remedied in : k,T* P"" 'l uholf' flnU. p"ce, iB I was that a Conservative minister of j    Wben yon wish t0 buy visiting \ Iy07, at 2 ,,.,.,.
; my neighbourhood,    'and  so they | the crwll| whe|l ciiarged in ,)ai.lit. !cards call on the Delta Times who:
Fashion Stables *
Trucking and I.raying.
Livery work  of all  kinds a.?-
tended to promptly.
affections; j
such a war as to  retnoye all can.-.. regu,att   their   socia]
lor   friction   as   it   ill   becomes  a;tnd    ,htr,   ��re    lofty    flights   ef
Christian   nation    to    have    such] reason,  and imagination, and  art,
create recorded against  it  in this j ��nd  poetry  aud  music,  and  tfaas
��to- day !tl<ey tuae t'le t*"*ri ^Mt when thay
: come to the highest notes, which
' were meant to be sweet to the ear
��� ef God, there is  neither regularity
  : nor concordance.    All is void, vast,
The animal  Harvest  Houieser-!"'1 mysterious in their  moral na-
vicee will be held in the Methodist ture.���BEECHER.
Church on Sunday next wheu Rev.	
Vf.   H.    Barracleugh,    R. A.,   of
The  Auctioneer calls special at-1
merit   with   haying   used  525,000 .'will sell the best money  can   buy. I tention to this genuine sale of young j
Uri. T. W. Foster, accompanied wrong  practices,   and  he publicly
Queen a Avenue Methedist Church,;,    .       . ,      ���.     ,. , , , I  , ,   , ... ...   , *
~.    _ ,   . _   ,    by her sister, Miss Dotcenrod, went charged them with their guilt, Mr.
New .Vestennster, chairman ot the:   '       _      ,      ,,, ,   ...       ., .  I _    ,"    . ,
... .,, , ,    , ever  to the   icrmiual   City,   this Borden in a  general   way says it is
District,   will   preach  at  both ser- .       . . ,     .   .   ,,    ..  *       ...      '     " ,, ,
.   , ,     niormui,'., on a two-day visit to ta_t desirable that  public life shall be
*irev    1 lie eliurca. will be suitably 1.   .,     .  , , ,      e '      . _,
-; 111 the sights I free   Ironi  corrupt influences.    Sir
decorated   lor   tne    uccasiofi   and' 1,,,.,, .,.,.,,
.,,  . , .1   ... Wilfrid, when leader of the opposi-
jptci.il mu. ic  will   be  a   frn'ure ol
voted for railway subsidy iu secur-      > ���"Z���Z?T    T '      '-nd to lully bear ou   Mr. VVood
,               ,   ..       ,          ,.  ,   ,,!are monev in pocket by calling  on1     ,, , '   , ,   ,   ,    ,
ing Ins own election, he replied, "I j ,    ,, ,   "   . '    ���       '           &        well known judgment of stock,
,,.,.,               ,    '                the Delta Times first,
had to do  it  because elections-are 1   Terms���Cash.
expensive in my  district, nnd  if J     	
had the opportunity I wonld do the
same thing again."
In 1895 sSir Wilfrid made a similar plea  te  Mr. Borden's  for clean \    On Tuesday, Sept. 3rd, a Shrop-
pnblic life���wilh this very  import-1 shire Ram, with long tail.   Anyone
: ant difference, Sir  Wilfrid  named j knowing of wheteabouts of same
|the  men  who  had  been guilty of (kindly inform
J. M* Collin son
l.*��_er, a. c.
M.R.C.Y.sSs, Ediu.
New Westminster. 15. C
W. N. Draper,     The De,ta ���
the services,
The   afternoen
Day"   fn  the 5al
<il,    sill,-.
tion,   went   lurtlier  than   this���he!
made the direet charge  against his
I political   opponents and   the result!
Have you  got   a  Savings  Bnnk
Account in the Royal Hank of Can-
jada?    If noi, you should open   one, Whr .,,���,   Sjf   v;)|fnd  (,oa5tl! ,���,,,.
will take the fi>r�� ��l an open ses-jas soon as   possible.   Deposits   of|,cader of the oppositiolli ,ie w.as ,n.
sion with  a  special  service.    J he ��. and up received.
aew library will  be  opened   to the
1 am 1. Sttard Block, Nesv Wetftmlmftei-,
Ofice :
Central Livery Stable,
Columbia St. Phone 137
schoor and   boeks
pupils applying.
issued   to   the
Tbe Harvest Thanksgiving services in All Saints Church here, en
Stniday lsst, were well attended
and much appreciated. The church
was ptetfWy decorated with tfie
fruits of ths garden and the field.
Ther special tnueic rendered by the1
choir was very txcel!*ut and reflects
great crediMipon tbe choirmasttr,
not forgetting the instrumentalists,
.Miss C. Smith, organ, and Miss A.j
Ladaer,. vioUju I
AnTOnGpen'lliiR.n pkets-h nn _ dPHCrlpllrin miiT
. _��[���
TfiftDlt MA RUE
Copvbighte &c.
linn miiT
L'tlier an
-luli-tiiT iisperiiim 0asioplalon. imo ,
riventinn la frnhfihlT r.:ttf.:itnhIo.   C
na ttrlctlrconadeptlu, H..'ra300K on Patentfl
sontfroOs oia^!<t iwiincy fcTf,(_^.iriui7pato,K:,.
FnUotfl t,iHc:i tnrouch Munn & Co. rOOOlvc
tjit- lAlr-utbM, wllbout cTinr.',-a, In tlio
Scientific flinertcasj,
trusted  with   tlie  reins of govern-1
ment.   Sir WiKrid Laurier, when
occupying a positien similar to that
of Mr.   i'orden  to-day, and   when 1
speaking   u:icier  exactly   the same j
conditions, made his charges direct, |
and supported them by evidehce���
Mr. Borden contented himself with
the expression of opinion thai cer- j
tain  things werc undesirable,   lie
made no charges, produced  no evidence.
Ladner Carriage Works.
���iter I)i-inch)
y hanttwmoi? tllnetratnd weekly,
.illation rtt niiv BolotitiflR roumflli
""   Boiabi   "
T.ftttJOmt ctr-
vour; four DiOittbfl, |L  Koltlbyatl nt'H'��rloii]pi-t.
Draseh Offlc-L.QM 17 St* Wasbln��fha.D. C.
What   about   skooting   notices?
Some of these old ones need repair-
' ing.    Bring them along nud   Ret
' thfirt- Y .-0'i\ -2tr. 1.
Lars leufu WcsttuiuBtet i.i Vmicouvel*at5.30
aud 6.50 ii.ni. uml hourly ttt'icnfltr until ti p'
m ; Butufdflysand Rundnysal 11 p.m.
Cars leave Vancou vi 1 jr U'-Htinitinterr i\t 5,50
mid 6,So a. m. and hourly thereaflet until 10 p,
m.; Saturdays aud Sunday* nt n p.m.
We run first-class freight cars between Westminster and Vancouver nnd al! shipments are
handled with tlie utiuo&t enfe and delivered to
consignee without delay Special attention paid
to fruit shipments. Oui wagons meet all bontr.
md trains,   lor rates, etc apply to
Machine Castor,
White Rose Separator
W600 Cylinder
J. I. C. Hard
���rniric M��r,
\_'���_ti uin
i.,a'h' yif.t
��� t. v. I,., ti.
G. T BAKER. Ladner, B. C r i" t
"Receives both Ladies and Gentlemen as resident
��� or day students. Has a complete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades. In affiliation
with Toronto University gives the four yeara1
course for B. A. degree, and the first year of the
Toronto School of Science. Ha3 a special "Prospectors' Course" for miners who work in B. C.
Instruction given in Art,  Music,  Physical
Culture and Elocution.
For    Calendar,   etc,   address   "Columbian
Thus lulwayas chance
to enjoy some shooting
tt RELIABLE FIREARM: Ilia only kind wa hays
teen malting for upwards of fiflj yturs.
AhIc >0-ir Dcalrr, nnd InsUt on tha
STEVENS. Tfhor-B not sotd bj Ice-
'fallen, we mhlp direct, expr+ga prf-
pajtl, rip on rcapipt of Catalog price.
He-tnt !��r 140 V,egmt tlhistrutivl
-���ntiiluft- An indUlMMMnble book, nf
rem!/ refbronre A>r man uml hoy
nhoot.r*. *lullr��l ibr 4 Conti In
Hill/lift.* (OOl'V-T f.O��f ug��.     Uomitll'iil
'IVo  <'oJ>or Jlaatf^r  fbnvur<iiHi Tor
ol-. rent* In 4tikin����.
Vi O. I5ox 4007
ChicopeB P. UU,
Mu*..., U.S.A.
71. e Delta Times
Job Printing.
(M.I. -S.V-NTS.
I    Holy Gommani��n-p,i_t r?;_5 3rd i
1 Sunrlays at 8:30 a.m.' cut   mid _��t1i i
i Suiul.n s al 1 r a.m.
I     Matins, 11 o'clock.
Eve11.so.1g. 7: .'1 o'<:ii-,ck.
Sunday School at to a.m.
Friday -evening, Litany at 7:.o.
Rev. Ii. R. Bartlett, ..LA., Vicar.
.'.. B-CH.'tC
Services fir*-' ami third Sunday of
each inni-Wi a't tatyi a.m,; Benedic-I
tion, 7:30 ;;.u. I
.Sunday schowl at 3 p.m.
Loft' Ma^js a'ld Holy Communion
1 first and third Mondays al 6 a.m.
'       Rev. *���:"���.���.'   Wagner, H.M.I.,
Parish  Priest.
Tbese Villi Uarea. Arm Vlolou and
Said'fio'iie I'ntaiuulile.
Wrillng of Hip kl mgs, or wild horses,
of India, .found ne r the l;md of Tibet,
Thomas W. Weber in "Tlie Forests of
Upper .India and Tlt-lr Inhabitants"
Here for the flrtt time wo gnw the
klang, or wild Uorse. Several herds
_earae to look ut us as we inarched and
galloped around, jieis'iir.g ant?, kicking
lip, but kept at a respectful distance.
Thoy h .ve big, Ugly heads aud tails
and ears like a mule's nnd a black
stripe down the hack; ccAor, lighr bay,
with white noses, They have nne free
action in trot and gallop and are fourteen 10 lii'iei.-i. hands high, strong in
the legs and heavy iu the body, We
Were welcomed i.y the neighing of numerous wilii horses to 1!." land of tlie
klang. Several herds kept circling
round, the old stallions approaching In
u qulio threatening manner, snorting,
squealing and kicking up llielr liooJa,
while tlie ninros und fpals galloped oft!
tit a more respectful d Istnnoo. There
was u herd of kiangs wlilch careered
ubnui our cump In u inosl objectionable way, making the most fearful di_-
turbnnces. We witnessed a buttle rqy-
n. between two stallions, which i'or
(ferocity and wicked fury surpassed any
light l have -eeu. ..gain and-again
the pair went at one another like tigers, tilling and kicking and mauling,
the blood iio wing fr-eoly, while the fearful yella and roars they kept up were
terrifying to hear. This went en for
hours. The horrible Wars and sIirlcL-
Ings mude by the wild horse when
.lighting sound something like u qqise
between a donkey's bray and the
squealing of 11 Jackal, "but far more ear
���(.ie.elng and .discord a a'. Hore tha
kiaug Is found In considerable numbers. He i.. uccoftllng to the Miinie,
accounts, uiiltimiibie. Tliere was it
young one >i>ui'obu .ed1 at Jltugostfr fair
(Irom seine Hunias for U small price.
���4,'be purchaser thought lie had n good
bargain and proposed, lo send the animal to England, but wlien his men
went lo tiring away the purchase no
power could induce lt to leave lis footer mother;-an old Abbet pony, which
tht clever Hunias refused to sell cx-
c.t. t for an exorbitant sum.
Services next  Lord's Day at  n
il; . m.and 7:30 p.m.
1     Clasn  meeting', 10.30 a.m. every
1 Sunday.
Sabbath School  at 2 p in  every
i Sunday.      Prayer   meeting   every
Thursday evening at '<��� ���
Rev. J. F. liet'ts. pastor.
.Service--, next  Lord's I'.av at   11
I a.m. and 7.30 .p.m.
j    Sabbath School at ic ara    Mid-
j week meeting on Thursday evcuin
I at 7.,3' 1 o'clock.
j R.-v. A, McAuley, Pastor.
sSabba'tli  sei vices ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:3c a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
I S p.m.
Rev. A. II. lliuitley., pastor.
Nurseries  &  Seedhouses
Tlr�� (ll<l Violin imkrra nnd th? SlKte-
rlnl The.   l/'neds
The great violin makers nil lived
within the compass of ledy-eat-s. They
chose their wood from a few great timbers felled in the south Tyrol and
floated down In rafts-pine and maple,
\ -sycamore, 'pear and ash. They examined these to find streaks and veins
nnd freckles, valuable superficially
when brought out by varnishing.
Tiiey learned to tell the dynasty of
the pieces of w.ood by touching them.
[ Tliey weighed fheiu, they struck them
' nnd listened to judge how fust or how
1 slow or how resonantly they -would
vibrate to  iniswcr tt:  strings.    Some
��� portions of the wood must he porous
nnd soft, sotoe close of-fiber.   .Ju6t the
right beam was hard lo find.    When
I Wound, It can he traced nil tlirougli tlie
j violins of some greal master and afte_
his>dentil In some of his pupils.
The piece of wood vas taken home
I and seasoned, dried in the hot Rrescla
'. end Cremona sun.   The house of Strnd-
Ivarius. lhe great master of nil. Is de-
' scribed ns having been ns hot as an
oven.     The  wood   was  there  soaked
(lirough  nnd tlirougli  with  sunshine.
Un this great heat tlio-olls. flilimed and
simmered  slowly and penetrated far
into the wood'until tlio varnish became
a part of the wood Itself.
The old violin makers used to save
1 every' bit of the wood when (hoy found
I what they liked to mend and patch nnd
i Inlay with It.   So vibrant and so resonant Is tlie wood of good old violin*
I that thej- murmur nnd'echo and sing lu
! answer to any sound where n number
j of them hang together on thc wall, ui
I If rehearsing the old music that they
ence .knew.
Headquarters tot Pacific Coast
grown Garden, Pick! and Flower
I Seeds that arc thoroughly tested as
to vitality before offering tor sale���
;!iq1 arej^iibject tp government inspection as to freedom from weed
seeds. Samples sent to intending
Large sto?k ol HOME GROWN
Pruit and Ornamental Trees uow
matured for the spring trade.
No expense, loss cr delay ef fumigation or inspection.
BKIv SUPPLIES, Spray Pumps,
Spraying Material, Greenhouse
Plants, Cm Flowers,
Wc do business tin our own
gTOttnds���no rent to pay and ate
prepared to meet all competition.
Let .mc price your list before placing your order.    Catalogue Free.
3010 Westminster Road,
THE  KiSi.
'fie threw me a ivi's;
Marriifju didn't J:i.c��.'������'
Bh-.* wottfd take J* an.i-'i
That he thrsw me c i;ij3,
��� 1-.'.t the woulda't dream of thfjfc
For my fuoe didn't iiUow it;
Ho threw me a kiss,
And :����������� mm & di;1t:'t know tt-
Pray v.!i-iv ��*-.. ihebartt-
Wlu-'.i nobo&s knew ixf
Tiirre'fl no (tausc. /or aliiriB;
���Pipy v\tf-'-o wop Ihp 1 arm?
��.iat kiss l.-.d n rliartn.
No '.-nc '=u\v that 1 threw It;
-T'j-m wheiu '���r,,--. tin Uaimn
i! i���it'.udj. Joxuvt a
-.1 ���.
��� I'lin
. old-
i ihp'j**
,:r.  1:
���ui t i
n't col 1
If 1
ua . ���
1 I   N��
.1   ������;
��������� '.,, .1
IV  . 'I1.
bltlislK ,| Jj. e _ rt__k
Wll 1
un.. t_.
lti iu ,1,1-
.. tmi
i, 1 mipposel
��� iv r
-..-ii, li lu Harl<s5n Llf*.
' Tlie   .   irli   nf   (rntn..
".To has the slump of Keniua oa life
I brow."
"Vrs.   Alsu the jgloss of geniin on We
A Illy Dlff��r��noe.
Jfadge-Don't you think a plrl-dhotiia
naai't'y an economical mau.?
Dolly���>I sni'iuise so. 'tint It'a juat ��W-
fill ht'luj; entufi'il to una.
_, rifsw rack.
Gadzooki���What's becomsot BlnablooS,
'��� Who uwhI  to 'hum evisr?' .itiy  by talking
tllxint hia nni'.vstryi'
1 Zounds���Oh, begot muTn-ii"! nyenror no
���go, snd now ho is borlng._reryt.ody by
tall.liig bIjoii! bis, posttirl(y.���Kaw V'jr*
llr Wrty of '\ l.*s��_im.
'"tine of our ears ran over another
mini last night," announced the Biiper-
Intelident of'the niroot railway line.
i "Well," TOpllt'8 the 'prealdeut, "aftor
awhiio tho people will learn that the
only safe plaee Is aboard the car and
tlmt .. eonts is a siunil price to piy fof
sn IV1 a- "
Jteinote Kin.
'ICIoiJ T.ady���I:r;w inanj are thert k
the family beside yourself J
Lirtle Amie ��� Four; aaammt, ptpe.
-siaier and a distant relative.
' That 1�� only'three. The distant rei-
���fltive Is not * mom ber ot tbe family."
"Oh, yes. he Is.   Ife ia my brother."
"Your brother? 7"hen he ltn't a dlf-
tant relative."
"Yes, ma'am; he Is :a the Philip-
���Would Aval.) U>. Trouble.
"1 suppose you'd like to be worth e
���ojilllon dollars?" she suggested.
"So. uium," replied the tramp. "It
'ud Im too nimh trouble looUIn' after
ithe money. All I wrnt la tlmt fomc
feller vvbat'a worth s million dollars
��. all prov Ide fer me."
Air All ;;ss,i..buv..
A'llgarmsutsshould tw thoroughly _lrej
���fter wearing, L novr no olrcumstnnces
should they bo hung tip lu closets or folded
.wuy in drawon until tbey >'isve had -".trr
opportunity of drying ��nd purifying by
exposure to the opon wludo-.v. if nothing
mure. Sveu a bonnet or a pair of gloves
should nut I*.* not Away Sit oiu .'. >irnr im.
fashionof ti-.e-omrfestldlous, n*ho ettundt
beur to fvo an ur'.i.ji^ outof placo iur a moment. It i).��> bedroom ls nut ni.oii sitting
rocin, this ciay be arranged hy4cavlng-i
Window open there ell through tho tiny innl
shutting tbe door upou this disorder,
whioh is the highest type of iieatuei-, tie-
cause it ,'s esscutial to wholosomeneM ��n3
'JL lioi,.s-innds- Tn,.
-Buy r.t ��ny4oyshop a n_ull ring o? use
en embroidery r'.iiK of large . >'s��. .Cover
Ic with jutislin aad then wiuu biijiht ribbons uroutiil it so usKi ooinplelely hide tl��
muslin, fiom stii .upholsterer ge-t two
dozon siutiW eurtait] rlDgS'Ofrpolishedswuod.
.s^ip theseson tv.u lengths of broad ntibou.
Aimk foul-points un.the I'iri^ e^ual-dls*
tauces-apart and sew the ribbon ttwlsto
ili.se points, lunklug a bow sts -each join
���nd (UTo'thei ;;i t'^o e'entcr i.i' the -circle
win-re 'Ijo.rs ilj.iiii cross. To -laoh otirtatn
ri'.'n fu-.teii ss slelghboll witli u bit of *,��;������
ro-.s ribbon, ebanglng and nuyliig the cai-
cii:, und buLy will have a-jhblllililg toy.
His Weight In f!o .d For tin1 Toor.
"A Hindoo Flood In n . .-ah-, und hii
weig-ht was meaanred lu goldpleees.
Thnt," said a traveler, "waa the straiivo
speetaele that I-once beheld In India.
There wus a great crowd looking on,
antl It took a great many goldpieces to
equal the Hindoo's weight, for he waa
fnt. finally, though, the big scale balanced, and then everybody begun tu
shout: "Tulabhara! TnlaMiara! Tu-
labhara!" The fat man got out of the
Boole. He and his friends took the
gold, antlTgoing through all the poorer
quarters of the town, ihey distributed
lt among the destitute. This, 1 wns informed, was u kind of religious ceve.
mouy among a certain sect, livery
uin.'e nt the time ln 'his life whea lt
was thought bla weight would be
greatest was put in a scale, and gold to
equal him in bulk was 'measured out
and distributed In alms. As n nil*,
each ninn WM fortj-srveu When his
weight was taken. They hold In India
that at forty-seven a man is at hit
f��tte*t."-iPhiladelpbia Record.
A Story Wilh n Bnrt Moral.
In a prosperous town in Mexico lives
��� merchant whoso wealth grew out of
��� combination of good luck aud drunkenness. An uncontrollable desire for
drink cost hlm position after position.
aud he drifted down to Mexico und lie-
came a now. agent. He sold lottery
tickets. Ho had to report on drawing
day what -unsold tickets he hud und
forward them. He got drunk the day
beforo one of the big drawings, Two
days later he sobered up and found
himself In possession of BPTeral hundred dollars' worth Of unsold tickets.
He did not possess $10 In the world.
He examined tbe llr.t aud found tha.
n number of tbe unsold tickets had
drawn prizes aggregating ^Si.'XiO lu
gold. Ho collected the winnings, paid
for tbe unsold tickets and took an ontb
of torpetna! total .abstinence. Thai
was years ago. He hss nerer toneboi!
liquor olnce and is today �� wealthy
man. The moral is bad. but the atoi/
Is too good to suppress.
Her Answer.
" .Wiat kind of letter did your hns-
twiml write whon he wns away?"
"He Rtartofi '.My Precious Treasure-
sud elided by sending 'leve.'"
"How did you answer?''
"I started' with 'Mv. Precious Treas-
uivr' and ended with "Send tne $20.'"
Thero is less room tft tho top than Is
popularly supposed. Thoy who are
tin ;���,��� ni    ���' ��� but large, -Puck.
A  Spwalntf-s.. t'mt.
Uf waa somewhat >ln douhf.
As be o.iiui to expire:
"The future Iboks ini��bt,
.t'ul it limy bu the firs."
.toinvltilny IVr.snft.
���Physician���Madam, ���! find your husband bas pneumonia'lu its worst form.
Mrs. Newrloh ��� 1 can't uiiderstauU
thut. We nre certainly rich'enough'to
afford the vory best 'thore-Is.
An Exception <<n ��)������ liul*.
Thrrr was an ol - mal den of Lynn
"Who thought 'bat to sml)�� was i una.
But when h man inM,
���'Vrtir girt, will vou wniil?"
Bh�� irav�� htm ��n tloqwent grynn,
��� Alteon lb* SI .r or It.
T.lttle Willie���Say, pa, �� hat's a 'war-
Pn���A warship, my sun, is a-mei'bsn.
leal device used lu ���munufueUiriiig hl->
Wabash���How long did It take you to
rto that picture?
French Artist (proudly)���'1 am on-
gage upon eel for sgex-months!
Wabash���Just us I thought, You'i-!
dead slow over here. Why, I've saw
fellers In Chicago turnlu' the'ui things
���onl Willie J'e wail.
��rs.  ictnii .. '.  Ualurla.
The hupjjrtance uf guarding against
aerial transmission ol malaria Is shown
'by tho ���personal obset-ratlons of De. Mau
r. I. I" Afrl - >:���' hau spent nights tramp,
lng In the marshes without suffering tin,
:J...;i-i h 'Olive .loijce, while nis nsslataDtf
utiffcrod from chills, merely beaause thei
i:.i : -it goDiti tolonble, literally siioakii
������..: 1,-eep their mouths shur. He absoluf.
rcu-altwd from talking, so as to allow oom
o.' the mlnsmotlo air to reach bis lungs
through the r.out'n, the nasal passages, as
Is well known, acting trea sterHizing apparatus through tho destructive action of
tho tinta1 i.yrer.is'ri- upon aimosplierie or-
(pinlsiiia ���Sicchanfrs.
Knew Paint's Litiltntions.
She wus u doctor's little gl.-l. In h��
ftithi-i's otflce she hud sben u number
of boxes on which wus written, "This
side ii[i with cure." In answer to her
Question her mother had said, "You
see, -when :;ia;.,a gins these boxes he
doesn-t know what is lu them, nnd If
li is someiulng that might break it
wouldn't bo good for lt to ser lt upside
The little girl pondered over It for
sometime. A few days later she eamt
lo her toother, saying, "..'tuimiu, when
(Ion iiiud,. Us tilt! ho ; 01 a si_.il on our
le'l sides tlmt fttys.'-Tbis Side "lip wi.b
on re': Wliy '.���"  asked  the .mother
siulling.   '-Because  I  heard  papr.   ,
sowoljody that It was bad forpeopto .0
lie ofi their left Siih-K "cause- it WOUlc.l't
!_��� good for their hearts, ai.d I know
papa doesn't know what ts Inside us."
">b_<.ul��s<l   ��o   .'re*  I'bSi.
'.iolin Knapp-of the st. I.ouis Republican had iiiUt Uio "o: press agents,
nnd it took n mighty-shrewd imnn to
gel a free puff irom hlm. He never
would publishT\ lawyers or a doelor'a
name if he could avoid it. for .fear thoy
might 'derive somo benefit from tlio
fro ��� advertisement. It Is said that one
tiioriiitiK mention was made In tbe .Republican���they call lt the Republic
now���of a mar. having died of Bright'��
disease. Old man Knapp liuuted up
!'������ proofreader and called hlm luto th*
private olllce.
"Why did you l-i lhat pet Into the
paper?" asked the oKI man, Indicating
wi:n his forefinger the objectionable
"I don'l see but that's ali right," said
tho reader.
"Yi .1 don't, eh?' snapped old mnn
Knapp. "You don't.'Ph'. I'o you think
we want to advertise that man Bright
for nothing? He never .had aa ad. In
thin paper In his life."
Perfectly   Snt*.
A tourist In a remote part-wf Ireland
having stayed the night at a wayside
Inn not usually frequented by visitors,
Informed tbe landlord lu the morning
that his boots, which had boen placed
outside his room door to be ch.iuod,
had not been touched.
"All, shure," said the landlord, "sntl
you molght put your watch and chain
outside your room door Id this house,
and they wouldn't he toucheJ.'���London King.
Qalt* Stall*. .
te Wontt-Wno U that old fellow
tbat Is always hunting for you to buy
hltn a drink?
T.a M-iyne-HHe eialms 'to belong to
ithe upper crust.
'La Montt-The upper crust, eb? Well.
I nolle* be is always short and always
I'UBtT UC Trails.
"Pfl.h��p9," ventured thu .flneuoeosfc-
ful oontrlbiitor, "you didn't consider
my little ode'true to life."
"Oh, It was true enough," replied the
-..liter. "1 asstnv yon there was more
trulh (ban poetry lo what vou said"
Karl,    rufllltsal   fiatForoi��.
It. is iu the Jevwnteenth century thuf
tbe flrst beginnings of tho platform
mitist be sought, but ,thesv oKrJy trace*
of its use sit very slight. Thnt there
must 'bar* been some little employ-
>mmit Of it la s demagogic way may be
i.ufcrred feom thc '���CbaMU)to��"'Of Butler, the author of the tr*;- memorable
"Hufiihrn. ',' He describes "a leader
of a faction'- ss o���� rtlio "����ts thc
Jisalm, .ind all his.party slt>' sfter him.
He is Ilk* a figure in arithmetic- the
:mor* clpbftit he stands hefofi tbe more
his value a mounts to. He is a great
harangiiur. wilt* himself into authority, "and, like tt parrot, ellrabf wttb hie
heal.'   it la probable, moreover, that
j The first Yorra of the platform ��� as thr
lonvesUelc or meeting hens* of the
. Puritan or I liisontcr, .for Butler, in hit
: character of "The Seditious Vt.r.,''
says that "if he be a preach," i.t- Las
i the advantage of all others of his ...oo.
for he hns a way to vent sed.;...r> ;.;
wtiolosale."    Put the platforn' Pt this
] time wus of no .practical accent, .'...t'
attempls as there were outside ^ ri.a-
raeut io influeuoe opinion were made
by nii-itns of tbc press, partly by the
bool.. partly by tho pamphlet and partly by lie Journal. <'. V. Keylance lt>rt.
-Iii !...;._......-- \ ,*, SEPTEMBER io   iqoj
W. H. I.adner paid a visit to the
Royal City on Friday last.
Miu Alice I.adner returned home.
Friday, from a visit to tbe Rova!
Asabel Smith returned lit,tue,
Saturday, l'rom a visit to the Royal
Hciv, Grain, Barns, Implements,
furniture and Houses
Insured from fire
Best Machinery
On Earth
e me
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
J��o Mahouy, ��f New Westminster, is a guest of Harry Burr, Cres-
-eeot Inland.
White, Shiles
Miss R-iwe. of Xew Westminster, i 260 Columbia Street,
cane down  Saturday, on a  short
���ifit to friends.
V *
New Westminster, B.C.
Mrj. W. A.  Mate,    lice    M us   ]..
IbbotsoB, of Vancouver, is  visiting
Mrs. P. Shirley.
'���' v ,. *". .���     jr
-ft'l I lifilt     ' ii. til
nlilWU   lloilil
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building*
to put in concrete foundation at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
Friends of Mrs. W. J. Leary, jr.,
jrill be pleased to learu that  she  is   TT/^Ilir'lII Till) \ i
protre.s ,.g favoral.lv AUii ll liL I UKAL
sVrs.   Mitchell,   of Victoria,   was   SUUlTY
the guest of Mrs. H. J. Hutcherson
for a fen- days last week.
R��bt. Lord has pat on  th��
ible smile as the   result  of the   arrival of another young .iu.
Ban i ed on Co n   ission,
Jno. Lasseter came down from
the Reyal City, oa .Saturday last,
pa a sliM-t visit to his family.
v.n.\   BE   III.I.')   ox
Messrs. E. Shaw  and  T. Short-
feed   returned    home,   yesterday,,
from a visit to the Terminal City,    j "
. j��n{.rjes  close Thursday,
Mr. and Mr.��.  lohn  Bailsman, of September  IOth.
Vancouver,   paid  a  short  visit  at ���
the Parsonage, on Saturday last.  ,
. 20 & 21, '07. For Your
Norman Montg.mery,   of  Sco.-!A-   DeR'   TAYLOR,  Sec.
land, is  visiting   liii  cousins here.       ._'.'.   -
and is the guest 6f D. Mo'itgomery.
Port Guichon.
Alive or Dressed.ILadner
Mrs. II. S. Wood and   dsughter,
pf Torontii,   and   Miss  A.   Giles, j
of Vancouver, are visiting Mrs. W. j
J. Hadaen.
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
J. M. Harmon, of Vancouver,
spent a few days visiting Rev. J.
F. and Mrs-. Betts and returned
home, yesterday.
Miss Xora   Armstrong, of  New|
Westminster, caine  down, Friday,'
���a a  visit   to   the   Misses I/idner,
at Tretiaat Park.
Trne II. Oliver left, oa Saturday,
for Spokane, Wash., ti take part
in the International Trap Shooting
coatest thete. May he he as successful sbrcad as at home.
P. Shirley returned hemt, Friday evening from Murray's Corner,
where he had be;n engaged by tie
Construction Cotnpaay in rh.rge
of the G. N. R. extension.
A meeting of the locsl shareholders of the n. S. Gold Miring &|
Smelting Company is called for
Saturday ereni��g, September 14th,
at 8 p.m. sharp, in the Council
Messrs. C. 0. Fisher and F. C.
flamble paid an r_Tiei.il . iait te
Westham. Island, hist wfek, in connection with better communication
for Westham Island which we hope
ssoii to see  accomplished.
istings Street,  Vancouver,  B. C.
Established 1888.
Incorporated 1907.
ingiish Oah Tanned Harness Leatiicr
New Westminster and Vancouver, B.C.
Tremendous shipments of New Fall Goods now coming in.
We can give��you better shoe satisfaction than any other Shoe
House in the .West.
All our Shoes are made specially for us from designs of
our own. ;.
Wefcarry a high grade of Waterproof Boots for Men and
Women. We also control the agences for the best lines of
MEN'S WORKING & LOGGING BOOTS manufactured to-day.
We wouijl. call special attention to our line of
Ameriaa*.   ikum H&^is
They.are the Celebrated BALL BRAND made in Indiana
and are the Very Best Wearers that money can buy. No more
"Kicks" on Gum Boots if you buy them from us.
If f$?s Anything in Sk&��& ���@nsu[j &S&,
mm, HORSE (11 10 SUES
(Saddlery Hardware, Horse Blankets and Stable
j Closed   Uppers   Leather   and   Shoe   Finding-.-,
Trunks, Bags, Valises.
Estate of
W.   L.
General Merchant,
Phone 5,
Port Guichon
The Delta Agricultural Society, !|
tlircugh the Agricultural Ijlepart-
went'at Victoria, lire fortunate in I
having secured the services of W.'
P. Kydd, ol sSimcoe, to judge'
torses and rt'airy slock at their.
idmw to be heltl on September .tstj
New Westminster, B.C.
Vancouver Branch,       ...       -       409 Hastings Street,
Produce Stored and
Shipped Direct
To All B. C Ports.


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