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The Delta Times Jan 26, 1909

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Voi. 6, No. il.
What We Need. The Farmer's View Informal fleeting.
Huhton Delta Times:
Sir:    I  have been   waiting   for
some time past to see a reference in
Editor Dgi.ta Timks: ;    At  an   informal   meeting of the
Sir: May I ask vou to insert the subscribers and shareholders ot the
enclosed lett-r (.taken from tbe j Ladner Branch of the Farmers'
youi papT r lo the utter inadequacy \ Chamber of .Agriculture Journal, Telephone Co., held in the Council
ot onr transportation facilities, but j London, Kng.), which at the pres- Chamber, on Wednesday last, the
as no one has taken the matter up, j ent time I feel sure will interest following extract from the report
; will you permit me to make a brief' your readers. j was read by the Treasurer:
Thanking you, I am yours truly, j     "Although   at   the   beginning ot
A. DeR. TAYLOR.    | the year our prospects  were  not of
  the highest through a lack of sub-
Primrose  McConnell,  B.Sc, was  scribers. I   am   now   pleased  to re-
the lecturer before  the  Royal  So- port   that   we  have  the   requisite
I reference. One hears a good deal
of quiet  complaining  amongst all
! classes of the people, but evidently
no one cares to broach   the subject
I publicly.    Now, sir, I b_!ieve that
; something should be done   to   im
prove matters, and  it   is   for   tbiS:ciety ��f   Ar!s  in  London rece'lth'>   number to comply with  our  condi-
his   subject   being "London   Milk ,  , . ,    ,
���      ,     ,. �� ,     _ . tions of the contract with the B. C.
Supply Irom  a  Farmers  Point of
Telephone   Co.   which   requires  at
ger Bargains T
This Wee!
an Ever
j reason that I write.    You must ad-
I in it that, at the best,   even   in   the
[summer in on ths, the means of trans-
��� portation   between   an    important j;
and  growing   centre  like
and the city of Vancouver  is  altogether insufficient.    We  are  away
behind the times and far in the rear
of places that are not half . s od as
we are.
The inadequacy of our travelling
facilities was brought forcibly home
to us of late when  the Fraser river
! (which is at present  our main  line
! of   communication    between   the
j cities)   was   frozen   over   and   alii
I boating  completely  tied   up.    We i
j were practically isolated from town
1 and city life; our mail business was
totally   disorganized;   the   farmers
who ship their cream   lo   the city
were  put   *o   gre.it   inconvenience,
if not actual loss, and   in   ways too;
numerous to   mention   the village!
and surrounding country were pur
to endless trouble,    It is true there
are two   otl er ways   of   n aching
Vancouver   ird Westminster.    On
View."     The  chief object  of his
paper was to place before the meet- least n guarantee of 6o subscribers.
,    ,      i ing some of the conclusions  those  We  have   now   ss  subscribers   on
Ladner | -JJ
i of us who are in   the   thick   o!   the party lines and 13 on  single   line1-
fight   have   come   to   as  to  what Our endeavors  must  be to further
should be done  and what  should increase this number and so add to
not be  due  10  enabl ���   us  to | ro- the usefulness and strength of the
duce   ?lean,   healthy   milk    n��   a service
matter   of   busin ss.    The  speaker Complaints have been  made that
criticised  attem ��� -  mad    1     "our non-T hsenbers,  especially  ou  the
official   mns'er.."   to  enforce   ideas party lines, are  getting permission
which were not a bit of good 'o tbe to 'is ��� our service free of cost.  This
consumer, while causing no end of is strictly against the rules and sub-
1 trouble  ar.d   expense   to   the   j ro- scrib.-!1- allowing this are rendering
dueers.    Ofthe 130 or so - cc:es of themselves liable to have their ser-
|microbes which in e-t milk, he said vice cut off.    I   would recommend
(only   five,   according   to   the   text- that cards be printed showing these
books, were labelled "pathogenic." rules and  that  subscribers strictly
namely, these ciu-iii'.' scirlet fever, adheie to them.
diphtheria, typhoid    . ver, epidemic I would fin ther  recommend that
diarrhcea  and   tuberculous.    With the subject of making   this  service
j regard to the first three, they were into a metallic  circuit  be carefully
. not ordinarily met with in cowsheds discussed to-day, as  at  present jyp
or  in   milk; they   were introduced \ have not a first-class line and I coo
; from the outside, and it was for the sider tbat by improving the sen ice
j local   authority    to   prevent    tbeir we   shall   strengthen   our   position
Besides the Special Bargains, we give you 20 p.
all Shoes and Clothing, 10 p.c. off all Groceries anc
Hardware and everything else, not otherwise redu.
wav is to stfge  it to Westminster
Off (an
least thi
a ternati
I Port   G
he   car   to   \
ns    consump
and oue haL
u   of   at:
ii ur-, the,
Don't Delay!
route is to hang ai.und
hon or aa indefinite
o time, 'ake the train
t comes and get off when it
arrives in the citv. Ther: is a
glorious uncertainty about ail the
movements of this G. N
peri ���
Shop Early,
The annual meeting of the congregation ot St, Stephen's Church,.
East Delta, was held there on the
14th inst_ The Rev. J. H. White,
minister of the charge presided.
Excellent reports were presented by
the Session* Managing Board, W.
F. M. S. and Sabbath School. The
finances of the- congregation are in
a nourishing condition and an excellent spirit pervaded the meeting.
Tbe ladies of the church provided
light refreshments, and a pleasant
social time was passed,, after the
business past oi the meeting was
1 everybody knows that it takes from
| tour to   six   hours   to   make   the
(journey, a   distance, as   the crow
'flies, of 18 miles.    Sir, I  want to
! ask you, are we living in the twen-
' i tieth century, with  its manv quick
means of transportation, or  are we
back to tbe old stage-coach days of
the eighteenth century?    Are  we
living   in   the   hustling,   bustling
provinces of the west?    Or  are  we
away in the far backwoods of Mus-
koka?    We are certainly  not  alive
to our rights and  to  our interests,
and are the townspeople of I.adner
to sit quietly   still   ami   accept just
what   is   offered   them.    Are   our
merchants willing to  submit to lhe
present conditions  without a  word
of protest,  or   without   making   a
  ��� i united effort to secure more efficient
RIFLE ASSOCIATION. service5     Are the rich farmers of
______ the Delta, whose barns ate  gtoan-
i ing   with   the  burden   of hav nud
' oats, to rest satisfied  with  the de-
will return to .he Ladner-Stevestou i Saturday evening  ast, at the initiaL sujtory  service of  the  G.N.R.:  a
presence  in   a   locality
With   only   these   ��� v
microb ���   that   can   ��� ossil
jurious to public health, >������ h
I the sense in   al1   this  sc in
microbe-?    Sterilis i-ion   ai
I teurisation were failures bei
' the mi -robes in the milk wi
ed.    M iik ceased to le pi'f
la  good  digestible   food   wl
"~_   prived   of   the   life   action
train, and  v .
microbes, ar.d the babies   le
ave a service equal   to  any in
. eli . r.' and
������-���   of B. C
c in-      T     B. C. Tel. Co. are intending
was shori j to metallic their lines hece
al out and I feel sure it is in   order  for us
Pas- to j  ;n them in having   a  good ser-
use all  vice.
e 'ill-! 'l'he matter of arranging a night
hie or service with the exchange here is
n de-. one I would like to see taken up
of its i and I feel sure if you require it it
!   on it;can be arranged.
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
became stunted and rickettv, while! We need a better toll service with
those who got a liberal supply���j Vancouver and Victoria, as at pres-
microbes and all���throve on it. lent much wearisome waiting is
This result ought to prove that ex- caused by the service going through
cessive and impossible sanitation New Westminster,
was not ot ly not wanted, but did It has been suggested that the B.
actual harm to the consumers. j C. Co. be asked to open their office
.���_s to tubeiculosis, he said it was j at an earlier  hour  than  S a.m. in
strange that the slum-dwellers and  tue winter months,
others who were the worst affected 1     These  matters, I trust, you will
with tubeiculosis seldom used milk thoroughly discuss at your meeting.
at all. while well-to-do people, who
were the greatest consumers of the
product, were completely immune.
The above suggestions were acted upon .ns suggested and the di*
rectors  authorized  to metallic the
G. W. Brewster states  that  be
There  was a small  turnout.
run  this  aiternoon  with   the S.S.
Sonoma.   The boat bas been properly repaired, ironed on the hull
and  ber engines thoroughly over- {reading of the in-
bauled anl all she  is 1 n-king now jel bv the Militi
is a little  paint and  a new  set of !orizinS the form i
cushions.    However,   tliese  things
will aU he attended to soon   as possible.    We congratulate sMr-. Brew-
,.      . ,     . i present was const
ster upon his return to business so '
soon after his mishap, and hope he
will i ow be able to withstand all
the knocks: which might come his
meeting of thos
themselves into ti
and nothing was
discussion it was
again on Saturday
8:30 o'clock  sh
wishing to form railwav that cannot even   afford an
ifle Association,! agent 10 look after our  interests at
loue outside the1 l^e Terminus; and  are  the mem-
, 1 bers ol < ur new Municipal Council
ructions foi ward-!
epaitment auth-j
n.    After son ei T ,      ���  ���
.    . ,   , I Ladner and vicinitv, to drag alon
decided  to meet; _.,.,... ���.
1. ventng next, it
to allow this question, that  means
so much lor the luture prosperity of
! It  was  significant, too, th.it   w hie'. sy-tetu provided sufficient  slock be
deaths from consumption had   I een j subscribed for to do the work,
reduced  40  per cent, during  the!    On motion the old directors, with
last generation, the consumption of j J. B. Burr to  till  the  position va.-
jmilk  had  probable doubled.    On cated  by  the  late J. A. Paterson,
the question ofthe alleged cause by  were recommended as directors tor
1 milk of epidemic  diarrhoea, he said  the current year.
Ithe fact had to be explained away Re outsiders using phones, it
how it was that chillren who drank was decided to have cards printed
the most milk had the lowest rate and posted up at each phone an.
of infection, and, conversely, how nouueing the fact that a tee of 10
it was the babies who never tasted1 cents shall be charged,
milk died of this  disease  like flies.      The meeting then adjourned.
Until this was explained  the  opin- j 	
ions held to the contrary could only
be treated with contcrn.pt.
Keep Friday, 12th Feb., clear.
", and everyone
tted a committee
��� se  along.    It is
hoiped there will be a large turnout
of those interested in this laudable
Everybody   come to   the   Town]
]KalJ Friday, February 12th. |
Mrs.   Alex.   Davie   is    visiting
friends in the Terminal City.
Are  You   Interested
without an effort to improve il?
Better facilities are needed and they
can be had. Why not get right
after them. This is a too-important centre to b. longer neglected
We ought to have a ready and
daily access to the markets of Vancouver, which would mei tn immediate appreciation ii value oi
What   about   tht
the Town Hall?
12th   Feb.
1    (Continued  011  Sesond   Page.)
Mrs. Kiiby. of Flemin
Corn, Corn Meal ��� Brackman-
Ker Milling Co.. Ltd., H. N..
RICH, Ladner, B.C., Agent.
is vising her uncle, Jas. Pearson
Capt.   Bruce   has   succeeded   in
hauling his boat, the Str. Favorite,
the ; higher up the bank and clear ofthe
s d ' water, where she will  be repaired.
to return
owei livei run  to the   Westminster run  in about
two weeks.
Il  is mmored  aronnd   that
Str. Transfer  has  been  pure!
bv private parties ancl that she  will  and he expects to be ab
be pi iced upon the
iu about ten days. | THE DELTA TfirtES, TUESDAY, TANVATIY so, fooo.
Published hvery Tuesday.
Subscription, $1.0Q p$<; yeae.
ADVKJ.TI_.NG   RAi',.;.i.
land Man;-cment of Dairies, Cow
J sheds  ami  Milk-shops  which  v c
j consider  to be oi  great import to
; Our leaders, at Uiis time:
i     "-. 'l) "sivery cow-keep;r  shall
j keep   in,   pr   in   connection   with.i
! every cowshed in bis occupation, A.
[SU-PPLX   01'    PURK   WaTKR, j
! suitable and sufficient  for- all such;
:a_u_l  Advirrtiscmeiits, lo Cents IKT line fat. _   __ . .,_ m���., frr,m   limp   In limp
e first Insertion, ;unl 5 Krnisp..   line  lor each ; PUrp.>__T,   Is. UU.y  irom   Uffie   to time
bsequ.nt insertion.     The   number   ol   ll_.s   , , ,
ikonedbythe spi.ice cccupk.. i2li_e_*.o the   ue reaSOllaDiy UEcehsarv.
(_-> Hx- shall cause any receptacle
! which  may be provided  for such
: water to be emptied and thoroughly
���a.... ______ _,,..:,.! 'ma ....... v.���:..,-:,:.:w  [cleansed from time to time, as often
Any spocini Do-.i.-;, the ci-ject oi w.iiic'.i is to j as may be necessary to. prevent tbe
���oi'iotp the m-eii_l_i'v Ti.n.til of anv iinli\Hlu_l ,       ,,    . r ,   _ +i     .  ,.���
���comBany.tobe co^n&erdfl ��a advertisement j pollution oi any water that   may l)e
ul chart;'.-.! accordilifil.,.
fashion Stables*
Trucking and Pray&ig.     Livery Work ofj
All Kinds Attended to Promptly.
All Kinds oi Firewood Always On Hand.
Incor ;*r*U<. 1869,
R_.t*s tor Commercial .o.vei _isem_iit._ can bc
d ou application ai liii oflice.
it cadi uk notices io c.uU per line  for. c:ic*j ir*
J. ft. COLLINSON, ""�� 1 La!)'iEa'
SI 0,000,000
$ 3,900,000
Si 4,390,000
Total Assets Over Forty-Nine  Millions.
A41 _ulsc!ti-iei___en.9 cUarged fo._u.util orJ_r.il j
jt .sua pant tor.
! stored i-hercin; and where such re
ceptacle is used for the storage only
Correspondence Invited on matters ol public' 0f wat'-r     lie   shall   cause   it   to  be
Iter.nt.   Communication. .6 tiii'.oi-must bt: ac-1 ' '
puipanied by rxaiiie of writer., bot.necessi_.rily
jr publication, but as evifk-nc* of pooil faith,
brrespoudence must reacli this ollice by Thurs-
ay evening,
Qho. R, Manley,
TUESDAY,  JANUARY   _fi,   I i)0g.
Considerable delay was caused,
at the meeting of the Telephone
Go., on Wecjnesday, last, by late ar
z^vals who discovered that: some
meetings are qpened* at some where
near the advertised time. How
long will it take to. sonvi_\ce the
people that it pays to start oi_>ti_pe?
Accojding to the Da,jly News of
t}i8 2-Kid inst., a petitjon,. largely
signed by Westminster's business
tpen, has been forwarded  to Capt.]'     vision'of these ri&ufcttioB
pr.opei'.y covered and ventilated aud'
so placed as to be at ajl times readily accessibly.
12. [i] Every cow-keeper shall
qause every r'airy ir.ibis occupation-
to be provided w.ith an adequate
supply of good and wholesome
water for the cleansing of such
dairy and of any vessels that may
be ustt-1 therein for containing milk,
aud for all other reasonable and
neces.. try purposes in connection
with the use thereof.
[2.~\ He shall cause every cis--
tern or other receptacle in winch,
Uny such watpr may be stored to be-
properly covered apd ventilated,
and so placed as to be at all times
readily accessible-
[3] He shall cause everv such-
cistern or receptacle to be emptied
apd thoroughly cleansed from time
to .time, as often, as may be usee:;:
..ary to prtvetit the pollution.ot any
water that may be stored therein.
37. Any peison, who violates any
Accounts of O'dt-of-sTown Customers Given Special
L Attention.
Savings Department.
Accomies may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and .Upw..ri.s.      Interest paid,  or credited,  half-
yearly 0.11 June 30th aud  December
31st each year.
t^o. Wkifcer Weather
K. D. SIMPSON, Manager,  LADNER, B.  C.
Spring Nerty rmd Promptly Bone,
ft  D. JVlcK<__v_iei, Props.
_   ! I1! -'"..   T-'
��� '"rr �� -_-____!.'_������ s___B_a stents
Newly Furnished; Throughout, andt
Fast-Class in Every Deta,il.
Rates an Application.
Sometime ago, when the- C.P.R.
Troup asking that the Str. 1 ransfer j he liable, upon summary conviction,;
be  replaced upou. the   down-river! before  any  Stipendiary   or   Police;
Mas'is'rate or any  two Justices 66]
tha Peace, for every such offence to
a.tine  not exceeding one hundrtd
was considering the question ol  re-. , ,, .... ...   . _      . .���
6        ^ ! dollars, with or without costs, or to
moving the Sir. Transfer from the, imprisonment,    with   or    without'
?)in between Westminster apd;dow_h | bard lahor, tor a term not exceed-
river  points,  the  busipess men of I iog six mouth?,.or: to bpth fipe and
New   Westajinster   allowed them-1 imR"sonment, in  the discretion of,
,      .   .    , ..    . , ,     the convicting court."'
sfiilves to be hypnotized;by oce who!
had a wbi$e elephant to dispose ot,
with lhe result that "u assistance
was given to the appeal  from this
importantrce:.tre asking the C.P.R.
to continue their steamboat service
on the lower Fraser.    Now thai tbc
IMPROVED, service,, which they
so. igpoaiitiiouiriy  foisted  upon the
people of this district, has reacted
to   their   disadvantage,   and  thev
have partially recovered  from their
Uypiiotic tn.nce; and one  man who
cpuld  ill  afford  it, has  been praa-
ti .ally ruined, tbey  sincerely pray.
tbat the C.P.I-.  come  to  their as*
sistance and  revert to the   "iiief.
SjCient service with  their haughty,
an 1 disobliging officers."
If   Westminster   would   do   thc
the Delta Sam
~-r* t��t 5-E.  r--"i"'u.i   "���     ' n* wm e*m   ������net tt. .m mn�� <��  am
Are, Prepared to . , .
���Fuimish Ail Kinds of
Shingfles^ Doors, Sash and
House  Finish   of   All   Descriptions.
&   NEW WESTMINSTEK,    :-:  R. C.   ���*
<^ Manufacturers of all* kinds oi
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Yoar patronage solicitea
��.��t*._ ��2..��.^.��..^V^-2��-*^.s��_t��.��*^*��s.2.^s^��.SV^
(Contlnu-'d Irom  First  Pa;;e.)
land and other- property. The distance -between Ladner and, Vaacou-
ver,cu.:ht to-be cut in tw,o. Instead
of going round by. Stsvesion, there
should be a direct route tp, Woodward's- Landing a.nd thence- a
stiaight run i_ito Vanaouver. We
ought to have several cars a-day
carrying passengers to and from
the city, and we ought tn have at
least one irei^ht car per day to meet
thc needs oi this rich and important
community. Ibis service will undoubtedly be gran.cd some time in
the future, why not pres-i for;; it at
the present time'.
I  have  still  another  grievance,
Mr. Editor, to which I wiil   tarthar
Made* at This Mill,
. _!.,, ,ss_s,,��,
Mrs.   A.   VV.    Carter    retutned'|T|    fiptt    T7JYI _._*
home,  yesterday,  from  a  v -.it  to,1"" VK.K*  IHILUK.
i_ie Royr.1 City.
Remember the .Auction Sale,, by
H\ N'. Rich,, at Wosdwards, tomorrow at ii p.m.
Veterina_y _?urge&ns.
White Star.
Red Star.
ILjsylancI Line.
Atlantic Transport.
White Sta-r Dominion
Before purchasing vour ticke's consu't tTic un
dtisi n.it who '-nr. ��-ll yoiitl-k-t.nl k- low.-..:
r.iie for yourself on-to scml to your friends.
begs to announce that he has reopened his Mandolin and Violin
Classes in Waddell's Hall, over
Gifford's barber shop.
For further particulars, ap.ply to
-tfamfeslins, Strings, Etc*,
Supplied at City Prices.
D. Gunn, ot Boundary Bay, left,
yesterday, on a trip to California,
in search of a cure for rheumatism
from which he has been suflering
for the past two, months.
refer. I mean the high rati.-- cha-rg
square thing, they would. ?��t least] ed passengers at present. My re
see tO'it  that. Capt.   Bruce is fully, marks do-, cot appiv   io  tii
0��the island oi Qahu (Hawaii)
there are    about   4&o drilled wells
rjver! varying irom 6 to 12 inches in, dir
reimbursed for tha losses caused by i service,   I   htliave   tnat   bhe
: charged ate  in  ppoporli
���meter and in m, a mo to _,,_oo icet
; amount o:
1 thr genial
can for tbeir patrons, but wm  any;
.Bwlof  vour   renders, tell   me  tvl _  il e\ rock.
beiyg  sadly  misled  into   entering
upon this service.
While Capt. llruce has been run-
niiK  his  Loat b_tween   here   ��uu|0t  your  renaers. tell   me v.
New Westminst?r, he has done alii peoplc-of StevestoH a;i;l passejjgers
in his power, w_th the means at hisJ from   Ladner   to   Vancouver    are
disposal, to accommodate the  peo-:0'0''
, ,,. , .    . .   . 1 turn fare, while  from
ple travelling  on   his boat* ana it!  . .   , ���
1 tion out of ..teves'.on,
was through bis. anxiety to oblige; one mUfe dhftafe lhe rate ,? 6. ctM]ts
tke travelling public that he met: return- Why, this di_criuiii!.-.tion.
With tbe unfortunate accident which | Will- thos. in authority t-eek to
_<a��..put his boat temporarily cut ot j bring  these   matters   pro_8.ner.tiy
It would  be more   be-1ir,t0 the lirael'gllt a;irt gr^lv.. blige
; a tolerant puijli_.
,   . Xoi^rs,
spinster to give Capt. Bruce their! VIATOR
sympathy find assistance instead of;	
^pocking him when he is d^w.n.      i     ^      Februa?y-, *h,
j   <-    t tlindepth.   The dtillings are through,
it-fittieiw  d.'ine- a.;r' t.'-.t i various sti at a, generally in 'thin ostler
wners do the beat   thev
All   Calls	
Promptly Attended to
laS    CTM1KT
Of Vernon,  Okanagan,
Ito settle in Ladner, and i
~~ to fi:c up
Stainton Block |     FRUIT  ORCHARDS
Ladner,  B.C. |jn gOOCi shape, or anything on   the
-jfarm, by   Dav Work  or Contract,
��� and will take  work  cm  the  share
Would take the management of
a Farm.
Qood References^
Terms Reasonable.
W. N. Draper,
Room 2.1-.ll.-ird nloclc.Nrw \Vc_tmInster.
New Crop, Or.iotr, Carrot, Mangel, Timothy, Clover, Alsyke, now
in stock, more to arrive.
All 011 test at our Greet:houses���
best to he obtained. Samples sent
to intending purchasers.
Get them off first hands no tnid-
dlemjMa'_t profits.
Leading varieties of home growi
Fruit and Ornamental  Trees.    Bee
Supplies.  Spray  PumpsK Sprayinj
Mixtures,   Fertilizers,   Greenhc
140-Page Catalogue Fre
M. J. HENRrS Nurserie;
3010 Westminster Roa
VANCOUVER,   -    B.
from the siinnce: earili, coral
lava, and porouK or, so-c-illtfl water   ju    __g_^ itfit __>_!___> <G&
This last is        ideal forma- \a\mSu m%9m mmtWeSS
tion Ior a well,  thp-water eaUering
freely     and     wikhout     sediment.
rate- of 85   ci nts re-' Water in these wells rises generally
he first sta-' wboat 4p.feet above ticn la��eli
hi. h Ls only , ,	
fcjixe Posts, for Sale.
coming^to the people of N��w Wsst-j
About  3000  Cedar Fence
lar.-side cheap.    AfiRlj, 'A
'i'HI^ OJJi-flCIi, j
Our Entire Stoek of
and ChiSdrenm*
*to-W&ar Goods
and Fanoy Goo&f
IH ]^ew and! ITp-to-Date Stock, to Clear at Qmt   i
By the couftesy of Johfl Oliver,
M-ftP-. we publish the following
axtracts from the Provincial Regu-
IWiops governing the Sale of Milk
When you. wist, to buy visiting
cards call on the Delta, "Ernes who
will sell the best- money oan buy.
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calling on
the Delta.Times fi^st.
.Acre Farm for Sale
Known aS the f/eemei- place, on
Last Delta; all improved and
under cultivation. Price, $5,250.
Apply to
Ladiier,. $,Q.
or- CONCUv 10R3.
��� t  TT- "I 'I'" ,*>��� <'.-.(; r rss. c *41 n,  QvBt
') ,1    -. s,;,s'   Sl.(*iinT��.
���llf.; ��� Uie traveling publio er!i!_;a
TT lllllls of    fcllfl VUr.t   ilUHIITllt ��/_    red
ii i.-thu'.v woutiduronud tbe wo. koi
. iwurcuiidnewrs" rounurked an ctil
HlOlul  'HUTT
I tin- ultl diiys nil tlio  im__.n|;cr cnn-
-,-... >'i.,i.,n_l to do wus to place it
I mui immnd n bundle cf tickets l,o
I'l-ciod and send thbin in to the of-
'i  1 ci:i li collections od nn avarags
tt.ii  In those days wore InVg.. be-
...  ..'... I., ..l-i'sj _old alter tto'clodh
lhe hour whon ull ticket offices
"i'i.- easli collcotloi. on a train ofron
utfU ui $8UH in one night.   Tho oon-
r Ti- thi> end of a round trip would
Mia money to the cashier's window
. i".'..1 \, 1 itu. .1 ..port on a shoot of pa-
������   -.,.;.  riTTirt something like this:
sii-i't:.:!) ind Inclosed *:;ou for
ci Mi .tii its on trains Nos. 5 und a
lil,   ItiUO-'    The conductor did  not
t.'ikti ;i receipt from the cashier.    AU
cashier did was to smile und suy,
nl warning.'
But n passenger oonductor today has
iblo Botuettiucs thun u boy light-
J 11 yi ilow Jacket's ni'st.    Hud tape bul
fn pilii g around hlm for yours, until to-
ho s| mils about all his time iupunoii-
��� inysioriiuis holns lu tickets, writing
l.liu.u checks and making out tedious
|i>>-i_.   The coupon tickets ure nil hound
Ud . ith  rid tapo    Cash  collections
I'l.oi'.ii immense amount of tedious work
jay.    The eouduotor must now account
��� I'lory cash fure collected by giving thn
. senger u druwbaok, or else a duplicate
in thu presence ol other passengers
��� tiiiio tho fare Is taken,
hen, too, i -tt oonductor has to sort
|J kinds of  tickets In station order and
i' t',tin in tnat manner, tilling outs
Link giving tho number of  jnch kind of
1 '..i.t lifted on the truin.    This report
iTist  bu suit, ln  by tho conductor befors
,ii..gout on his next run.   Therefore hs
loompelled to make out his report as h��
t.s   from  station  to  station,  and tins
ionus from ono to two or more hours'
:t_d work on ib.o report ulono on a run.
would tuko half a day for mo to givo all
:edetails of this red tape.    For instance,
. .man nuuiliiir of punches must bo in s
Itlckot 'il one. kind anil n certtiln number
a another stylo of ticket.    If one punch
ni is i- in t miulo, lite conductor receives
1... .... s-:111,;,_; his nttontion to thu dls-
a i'T.t' ;.   ..ml hu is iuiblo to b�� susptindud
lif it  ���.;'. ...ns ��T.::iin."���Topoka State Journal
Talking With For��,lgrner��.
"i am frequently amused," said a gc*
1 tl.'.iinn who notices things, "in  remark-
j ing tho tendonoy of most people to mis*
' Iho voice when addressing u foreigner who
1 has an  impurfect knowledge of the Inn-
I giuigo    Tlio impression seems to bo thai
In. louder ono yells tbe more likely one il
to be understood, whereas the proper way
' 11 speak to a foreigner is to uso a low, di��
cineti tone, and. uhovo ull, pronounco each
Wi I'd separately. What makes any strange
languuge hard to understand is tho habit
which natives fall into of running the last
..liable of one word into thu first of tks
Tl. .'Tt.
" t'or Instance, yon might make a sound
like this,'loo awm taturb lankot ooday,'
_r,il while 1 would know perfectly well
: thut you said, 1 saw Mr. Blank today,'
no Frenchman or German, even with s
gouil theoretical knowledge of the tongus
would havo the faintest idea what you
wcre driving at. Then, tho chances ure,
you proceed to repeat the sontonuo fastei
and luster and louder and louder and go
away niarvoling at the stupidity of our
eouslns across tho pond."���Now Orlcani
') tin US-Democrat.
Germnn In MllwnnUces
.11 Milwaukeo, of course, tbo Knglish
i��nguugo is used in tho conduct of business, although at leust from 50 to UO, ii
aot, a greater, per cent of tho people havs
command of tho Ccnnau language, which
ls taught in thu publio uchouls.
In almost evory business, in nearly nl!
tho commercial houses, which are for tlm
most part conducted by Germans, the German languago is used along with the English, and so Ignorance of Gorman IsroguvJ
til as great a fault as Ignorance of Knglish,
If not a greater odo. Itooontly nn attempt
was made to remove the Gorman lauguugt
from tho curriculum of the publio schools,
hut tho Inquiry Instituted for this pm-poss
produced a result very vexatious to thc Innovators. Tho overwhelming majority
of the non-German parents decided ln favor of having their children taught the
Gorman languago. Thus Milwaukee, it
this case also, bus mode good her reiiuta
tion us tho Gurman city of America.���
Rid Engrllafc it Good Tern.
Bisninrok was no lover of England oi
of the English languago, yet be did them
both a good turn nt the famous congress
of Merlin at tho close of thu lUu.i-T tak
ish war. liefore that time tho diplomatic
language of tho world had been Fl'onoh,
ttnd it was oxpoeted that tho discussion:,
of the congress would be conducted tp
t'mt tongue. Lord Benconsileld llat'y ro
fusod to uso any language but Knglinh.
and Bismarck, who was president nf th.
congress, thought it would bo ininn. UU'V
a to to lut IJcaoonsflold stand alone in s*
doing, so hu spoku English, too, nnd English wns thus mado the ollicial luuguugs
of the congress. It hns not become Iho
universal dlplomatlo language, but French
has ceased to bo thnt, and English seeml
tu have tho best title to tho suouuwldu,���
Youth's Companion.
1 .-rlln af Dlvera.
Scientific investigations have demon
st rated the fact that the great depths ol
the ocean nro Inhabited by Bpocics of t!..fc
tlint cannot llvo in the upper levels. Theli
Bi sh Is so loose in texture that it fulls
apart when the great pressure of water 1>
n duced. A report concerning tho spongs
fishermen of Tripoli gives evidence to tho
effect that ..imilai- causes will prolines
similar results In men. The divere frequently die of paralysis .1 tho limbs
ton. ed by pressure on ths ipino through
working at too great depth.! Thoso suffering Irom this coin plaint nro said tc bo-
conio perfectly woll wheu thoy redosceud.
to bo ngaln attacked when thoy eiuorg*
from the sou.-. Sun Francisco Argonaut.
tie   _������ Moved.
"Did tee notes of n bird ever move
you?" asked the poetic girl.
' "Ves," replied the young mnn. "I used
lo will on a yoimg lady, and every time
tbe cuckoo announced tbe hour of 10 I
weut Uq va"      ..    .
r.] I'r   -a-i L5_
r'- > ��� '.    I'ti .  ilt-.u ii sir hrr'Tl      rlasj
�� T .���,'-:-., mysrlo Hi :' i ji__i_s,
��� I ���:::���  I  .. -..-ad-iis
.>-.,-       ���   .-���!:������:.-.; ������!���'.!. filajlet,.
\ , ii ,     ,i-i u i v it i.iii:  s v.eie s.v.   'OCT
������-.   ...   i  ..��� :���,    .'������ ,. Us?
:..���:: : mn i   Inly le-.e   fnrth stray, e
Oi wool   lian   it  linoliaJ
Tftt v!i;- ask I  thou i'i i !;ear
:���',:   .'���- :| bi i    cr tn n.ortr.1 e��:
:'.  :.T. .     -..- I :,..-, n '(
\Vi*!l I klliTV  Mint mii-Tal ivo
i'.'mils r et.. i   Dower o lullaby,
Him. m    ;.|l its own.
ntts'il I "     .1 lli.l, :,.:��� Tl;t anil slfrh
.'.aii I.-   il uuilHorod, alonel
-Ijit 111- ITc-.iwi.-U in I.utiu Quer.it
Bach Wi.�� the Victim In n Street Cat
l-'ur<- 'rrttuNaetlon.
It was ln n Boston street est'. When
lite car stopped at a crossing, a lady
get up and went to tbo door. As she
lose there was tbo chink of a coin ou
tho tloor, but before it occurred to any
o:te to stop her slio wa9 out of tbe car
liittl across the street Two Indies who
had sat next to ber looked with unx-
ious Indifference on tbe floor. Ono of
them leaned slightly forward, but said
nothing. Just as the conductor was
reaching for the bell rope si youirg rcau
spied tbo coin and dashed out of the
cnr. He caught the lady wbo bad left
the car, handed her the coin, ran back,
caught tbe step of tbe car as the motors began to sing In crescendo and sat
down breathless. One of the two ladies
opposite him leaned forward and said
coldly, "Young man, what did you do
with the nickel 1 droppedV" The pns-
seugers tittered. An old man at the
othor end of tbe car 'turned to his
neighbor. "That reminds mo," lie said,
"of something that happened to uiy
wife years ago.
"It was before the days of conductors, when wo used to drop our nickels
liito a Kiot, uud tlity run down a ^'i-oove
to thc box behind tbo driver.
"Ily wife had started out Willi a Utile change and ono of those troublesome live dollar goldpieces which used
lo be more commonly iu circulation
ti _-.11 they are now. Her eyes were not
trood, and so she was nervous about
imi' goldpiece and hnil ii on ber uilud
til the way downtown.
���'When slie took a cur for home, she
met a friend mid grew interested In
con versa Uon with her. She put her
"niii iu the slot tibsonuiitiidciUy. The
.river turned as it struck ilie box. 'Von
I'eiucinbtM' tlie toib loll Into a glass
.'OUipartuioitt lirst, uud then the drivel
1;i::.lieil u lever which s'.eut. it into the
ilrong bos biio'.v.
"As my v.U'c licarii tl'.o click of the
lever slio thought uf be. live dollar
joldplcce. ��Ue looked iu her p_vrt.
. .ire enough, il was gone. . !;e weul
ofwurd ami spoke to i.'..e driver. Li.
AA he I..;..:.'. , . -t ���- ;.' caiv..:..;-,
��� '.'.t he thought ;_.:.��� -v.-.o wily i;_.'oc
nickels III tho glass feci ;.sUi .s- wi.. it he
Tiitslij'tl tl.e lever.
"My wife U;. ..-th .; 'i'he it. i ,-er st'.IO
.f she would I'iiie to .. c uud of the line
the enable? ut the station would open
;ue box.   This i; i s ,...st a iot'.T'Uey of. two
ttTilos boyynd tin: sliool si ���..:.,' Wu'c
v.-.v.i in u Lurry.
"An old gentleman who sat by tin
door saiil be was gu!;;g to tlie end oi
the line and olfered io give her lf-l.\y.,
cents and get the goidploce ut the station. My wife tliauked liim and took
',:.:' money. When she gol home, sin
found tiie live dollar goldpiece in tlie
lining ��>f her purse.
"Next day 1 went to tlie station. The
cashier snid an old gentleman luid made
liim open lhe box. Tliere was no gold-
piece. The old gentleman had left in
a rage, refusing Io give his name. He
said llo bad lieen swindled arid did not
waut to be known for a fool.
"We advertised iu the papers, but we
never beard from bim."���Youth's Companion.
W'ttn It UyimotUm?
-"Hail a queer ensu the other tiny," sail
s popular surgeon of this city, "and 1
don't know yot whether to nttvlbuto it ti
some physical peculiarity ur to what tin
hypnotist- call autosuggestion, lt wni-
liise tide I wus called in to perform n trl
lllng but usually very painful operation
on a gentleman's oyo. und beforo 1 begat:
I used cocaine, freely on the niombrane
Tlie job was dono In a few minutes, am
tbe patient never winced. He .niii ho fell
nothing and wasasionlshcd whou It wnt
ul! over. When I returned to my office, i
discovered, to my great surprise, thnt the
bottle 1 thought contained cocaine hail
nothing In It but distilled water. I l��iu
(linked up the wrong \ iai I y mistake, but
toinehow tho water did tho work just in
ne'.l as tho drug. How do 1 oxpluln It. I
don't explain it at all. There are tin
facts. Vou may -draw your owu oonolw
slouj."���Now Orleans Timcs-Deiuocr..*
Then She Remembcrelt.
Near the elevated road in Park place
Is a news and apple woman. She is
very absentminded. Also Sympathetic.
A ragged street urchin ran it . to her.
"Say," be yelled, "your little boy has
been run over by a big truck!"
"Where? Where? For goodness' sake,
where';" shrieked the wonian. rushing
wildly down the street. She ran half a
block and then stopped suddenly.
"Lord, what an old fool 1 am!" shs
said to herself disgustedly. "1 have un
little hoy.   I've-ever been married."
Meantime tin street uveuln had stolen (our upples and a bunch of grnpea
Maid and _Il_!r._��.
The sociul si.igmu upon louse work t^
partly nn Inheritance of English class distinctions and partly the result of n great
Indus of uneducated foreign servants,
which has driven out American help from
our homes as well as from our factories.
Married women, being by law and custom subordinated to tbeir lit:1 hands, l*
tt'iicti\oly save their self rospti.. by treat,
Ing thei. brlp as subordinates to themselves. A keen sighted European critlo
recognizes In American women a distinct
reaction toward aristocracy. There is no
class in Europe more exulushe than our
so called "society" women, _ho set ths
Standard for other womea who a.; ivo tc
social distinction. Ir. such circles tbe distinction butwoen purlor anil kitchen il
rigid, absolute and insurmountable.
Prido, therefore, us some .may call tt���
self respect, as I prefer to term the feeling���wili forover more ind moro exclude
American women troii' helping Injpthor
women's houses, unless aud until ther*
can he a line drawn between Ignorant 'ind
���killed labor in the homo, as elsowhcre, -
H. 15. Ulackwoll.
Holy Communion���ist unci jn
Sundays -t 8:30 a.m.; 21111 and 41)
Sundays at 11   1 11..
. latins, : 1 oVio< k.
Rvenw-Ug, 'i'A.n o'clock.
s.u.n'.;,." School at 1:_, a.m.
Friday evening, Litany tii 7:30.
kev. i'. ].. Bartletr, M.A..,  Vitai
Tame Dee. Are I)aa^7eron���,
Tho'tamencssof tho de.er in tho Dukti ol
Bodfo.d's grounds is very remarkablo
Except the acclimatized .li'.paneso from
Powerscourt and elsewhere, they are wild
creatures, caught ln distant islands mid
continents, from the JJ.oluccos and For
mosu to tho Altai mountains or tlio swamps
of Canada, yet thu difficulty is to keep
them wild enough. It is alwajs danger
ous to aMow. stags to become tame unfamiliar. If they lose their fear of mail,
they are liable to become dangi rous at
certain scssons and attack persons i:i 11
park or keepers us savfipoly as tin y ti,
thoir own kind, consequently all familiar,-
ity has to bo discouraged r.t other settsoui
when the deer are most anxious to he
friendly. With tho hinds this is not neces
sary, and their confidence is very pretty
and engaging.���Snuututor.
The Now Zealand men I opr. on Mi: *.��-
vld'ts tbnt evory man oonvletod 01 ouing _
habitual drunkard shall be photographed
at his own expense and every publican in
the distriot bu supplied with a ooivr.
Marker���When you su���moa year.agc.
shout lifu insurance, you told me tbat, tlu
company you were witli was tlio _o_t i_
the word.
lUbUt'unoeAgont���My denriir, it was al
that time, bur, t.lv company I nm now
with, having sine, nnd 1 no benefit of my
services, hus of course taken that honoi
��-eruv from it.
Hou_��s_ la Mexico.
The principal reason lhat houses can
not bo built rapidly in . .cxico is that thi
walls are always mado very thick in order
to withstand tho occasional earthquake
shocks. In tho thin walls usually put 111
In the United States the mortar will read
ily dry and "set" after tho wall is erected
but horo, where walls nre made anywhere
from Tl or 8 to (i feet thick, they must he
ullowod to dry thoroughly ns they nro
built, or serious consequences result from
the drying ot tho outer edge while the center Is still "green." Thus It is that one
sees thu walls all ovor a new building in
dlffcront stages of completion, nnd It is
often u curious sight, to soe thin Interior
A-alls completed to a point much higher
than thu thick outside walls.���Modern
Poi-tls-nl Figure*.
Common people often uso figures ol
speech which are both pocticul and strong
While visiting in Norfolk near tbo North
son Tennyson was much Impressed with
tho saying which ho thero heard, "The sea
isinonning for the loss of tho wind."
This poetical saying ho used to 0011)pare
with another ho heard used by an old llsh-
woman who hnd lost two sons at sen. On
a stormy day she, clinching ber fist ut thu
advancing tide, cried out:
"Aye, roar, do I    How 1 hates to see
thee show thy white teeth I"��� Kxchungo.
Deeper .leaning.
"I went to the church fair Inst night,
nnd I think I see a new meaning in
thnt old adage now."
"What's thnt?"
"It's my idea tbat none but tbe brave
bave any   business tbere."
Services first and third Sunday of
eacli month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, ?:.",o "p.m
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, niter the morning
service every Sunday.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. T. P. Betts. pastor.
i Founded 1392
Incorporated 1893
Services next Lord's Dav at   i
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School 2:',o p.m. Midweek meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. J.  H.     hit., M.A.
Sabbath services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sum.ay School at 10: p:i 11. tn.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
3 p.m.
Provides  a  Christian    Home for   Students of   both
sexes   at * moderate   rate?.    Has   a   preparatory   class   for
junior students taking  Public  School  work.     Does High
iSchool work and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Exauu
inatio'ns,     Teaches  all  branches  of a   Practical Business
j Course and confers Diplomas.     Imparts a Liberal Educa
tion in its   Collegiate   Coarse, ard   in   the Ladies' Course
1 for M.  E. L., and M. L.  A.     In Theology confers the de
jgree of B.D.    In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for  the   P.A. degree of Toronto
University, with which the College is in full affiliation.    In
Science teaches the   First Year of Toronto   School of Science, and  has  a  Special   Engineering  Course  adapted  to
Practical Engineering work in this Province.    In Music, a
complete  course  in theory,   voice  culture, and  piano and
organ, in  conjunction   w;_h   the   Toronto college of music.
Special instruction iu art ancl elocution, while all students
|are   required t.i take physical training  wkh   rdl   the   privileges of a well equipped gymnasium.
Trace Marks
Copyrights &.c.
AriTOnG .ending a .kstoh and description mnr
quickly iiacertnln onr oiiinlou free wliotlic-r _,i
Invent Isn Is prohnbly piitentnblo. Communion-
tlo_��Btriotlycon(lil_nU-l. HANDBOOK onPatrals
oetit froe. Oldest scene, for Boeurtne patents.
V.'-.tenta taken tlirounh Munn & Co. receive
OMctol notice, without charge, laths
A hnudBOmely Uluntratod weekly. Largest circulation of any sclontlflc journal. TertUB for
Canada, 9TI.T5 a year, postage prepaid. Sold by
all newsdealers.
Branch Offloe. 626 F Su Washington, D. C.
If you average the cost price of J-M Asbestos RooriNG over
the period of years it is in service, you will see that "J-M" is
cheaper to u.se than any other prepared roofing. Being made of
Asbestos, an indestructible mineral, it is permanently durable.
ar.d as it does not require any coating or painting, it3 first cost is
the only cost.    Easily applied by anyone.
Asbestoside is an Asbestos Sheathing and is the mest economical, durable and easily applied siding known.
Ask for 8nmple_ anU pHtswa.
576 First Ave. S
A Boy's Travels.
Little ReRgle���I went way around
the world last year witb tny father.
Little Jlininle (aged twolvel���Thafi
uotltlu'. I've been arontul the sun
twelve times now, and I'm on my thirteenth trip.
No ono has discovered nmiroouro fi
Tho r. rn who pronohM revolution is th
worst kind cf ;i crank.
Labor's worst enemy i�� the v.orkin|T:
mnn who won't w .-'...
l'lm life wiirk of a wIfo man Biny he di
���troyud by a idol in n ��''>'���
The nverTitfo womnn 1ms reoro listenln.'.
than siieakliu! aoquolntanoos,
Tho average umn lets pood opiKirturl
tics go by wlilln waiting for u better of.e.
Low living nml high thinking will p'��
j dtieo better men than high living nnd lov
As a vulo, the more a man has to.;'
about women tho n.oro ho doesn't real 1)
know about them.
It is . aid that a burned child drenils thi
Arc. Probably that's why the nowlj
nitirrk'd man li'lts to avoid his old iiami.
-.. Chicago News,
Air All '.Tarmcutn.
Al) KBrioents should be thoroughly olretl
���(ter wearing. Uncut no oiroumstancea
Sliould they bo hung up in chisels orloldi !
nwny in drawers until they have had ovcty
opportunity nf drying _nd purilylng l.v
exposure to the open windnw, il nothing
inoro. Even a bonnet or a j.nlr nf g lov in
should not be ��et tinny at uuie, nflur the
fashion of tke overlustldious, who oannot
boar to soo an article outot placo for n moment. If thu bedroom tu Hot itl.o a sitting
room, this '..iny be arranged by leaving a
window open there all through tho day mid
shutting the door upon this disorder,
which is tho highest type of neatness, lie-
ouusu ii is as-ouiiul to wh. .-.-uineuots and
A Bomcina4e Toy.
Buy at nny toyshop ��� small rltrj or nsa
an em broidery ring of large slsie. Cover
It with muslin and then wind bright ribbons around it so as to oompletely bide the
muslin. From an upholsleror get. two
dozon small curtain rings of polishod wood.
Klip theso on two lengths of brand ribbon.
Mark lour polnti on the rlug equal dis-
liTiioos apart and Few tho ribbon ends to
theso points, making a how at eneb join
and another in the center of the circle
where thu li'ibons cross. To each curtain
rlnti fasten i\ slcighbell with o bit of narrow ribbon, uhanglng and varying the colors, and baL,, will have a charming tuy.
Any available Dominion Laijsls within the Railway Belt in _iiiti��lt Colum-
_ia, t.-.ay be homesteaded by any per
.tou who ia the able head of a family,
or auy male over 18 years of age, to
'.he extent of une-quarter section ol
160 acres, move or less.
Entry must be mado personally at j
the loGtil land office for the district in
which the ia;id is situate. Entry hy
proxy may, however, bo made on cor-
: Tii ii conditions by the father, mother,
jon, daughter, brother or sister ef aa
intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to per-1
orni the conditions connected there
,vith under one of the Hollowing plana:
(.1) At least six months' residence
ipon and I'tiUivation of the land in
.\rh year inr three years.
12) If the lather Inr mother, if the
father is deoeaaed) of the homestea.ler
re Idea i . "i a .arm Iu tho vlclnlt; of
tho land entered tor, the reauiren ins
u_ lo lv-iili'in'C may .liu satisfied by i
suoh person residing with the fat4wr|
or mother.
CD If tbc settlor has his permanent
res: .nice "."n farming land owned
by him in the vicinity of his hmiiu-
stead, the requirements us to residence may be satisfied by residence
upon tho said land,
Six months' notice In writing should
be given to the Commissioner of l1"-
min'on Lands at Ottawa of Intention
!o apply for patent.
COAL.���Coal mining rights may be
leased for �� period of twenty-one
years, at an annual rental of $1 per
acre. Not more than 2.560 acre- shall
be leased to one Individual Of company. A royalty at. the rate, of five
cents per ton shall be collected on
the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of th" Minister of the Interior,
N. R.���Unauthorised publication of
i .is advertisement    will not be pal'l
i tov,
*fl TO fe '��� _ 3 5 "i J
��� lAfWi.
J a"a_ \ -j' ___.
C   Iff �� l!L-t
Delta Glee Club Concert, Friday.
IJebruary I3tb.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves   Ladner
at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.;  return-
1 ing, leaves Steveston   at   9:30 a.m,
and 4:30 p.m.
D. A. McKee visaed the   \V q.st-
minster njatket 011 Iicclay lsvst.
7 p.C.
On Your Money
6 p.C.
Wre Bess Leave
Reeye Hutcherspij, returned Sun- [
day, from a short visit tq, the Cap-'
ital Citv.
We are pleased tp ypte tbpt Mrs
C. W. Nelson is able to, b? arpupd
aganjj after a long illness.
On Saturday la,st, Cnstoms Officer E. A. Bown. ssizedi five, head
qf cattle which had been smuggled
in from the other side.
Friends. q& Mrs. (Rev,) J_ F.
Betts will be pleased to learn that
she is able to be around again after
__jer recent severe illness.
A meeting ot- the mccubeES,is.called
Saturday, January 30th,.
1.909, at 2, p.t_(., shfirp,
to, be held in,the Council Chamber,
The annual meeting of the Farmers' Telephone Co., Ltd., is called for Tt^sd^y, February gth at
ip a.m. in the Town Hall Steveston.
Mrs. (Capt.) Y.oung, ;,f New
Westminster, and .Mrs. Alex. McLeod, of Vancouver, spent a couple
(Jays here, last week, the goests of
Mrs. Jas. Follis.
Rev.. J. H. White, of St. An-
4rews' Church-, announces that ^p
Sabbath evening, the 7th Februarv,
be will deliver the fpurth ot th.e
series of lectures q^i the Reformation, subject: "John,Knox and the
Luther Uefort^tion.''*
The.anaual meeting of tho D&lta
Farmers' Institute will be held in
the  Council  Chamber, Ladgpr, on
Saturday, January 3othx
1999, at 2:30 p.m., sharp.
Ladner,. January 23rd, 1509.
G.u.araftt.eed npoji _J>splu1;ely safe security���first
mortgages on, su.b^t.antial city propels SEVEN aud
Eight Per QENTf. Guaranteed, free <?�� al,l charges,
ttppu s.u,m�� rcmgiug- from, Fiv�� Huiatjredi E>0-|las% Up.
White, Shiles & <�� >
New Westminster, B.C.
Age__c_es. Represeijto$d->
Iliirtlord Pire lnsyraitfu.Co. I_���uns|ic. C.*, ol Nprlh Anrs.-u-.-i
Phoenix Instance Co. of r.rooklyn,    Ths o������ Accident & Ounrante. Corpora-
Conftfctj .1)) Wne Insurniic. Co. tiou, Ud-j of I.ptyloii, Kllg.
Imperial Trim Co..,Ltd, Vancouver. B.C.
Public Meeting..
By  recaiest of the Water- Committee, a Public  M. eling will be held
in the.Town, Hall, Ladnpr, oh
Saturday,, J^jiujaj-y 30th
1909. at 3, p.m. sharp,,
Wben the water proposition will be
placed before  thp  Electors
$250.���� In Prizes
Given Away Every Month
absolutely free with %.,
Standard ploutv
. ���    a.     2 ���
To notify tfe�� psjoplt of Ladiier and sur��
rounding district that we are now in a
position to ofter Vancouver Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it poa-
siblje for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as, piling or othejr inferior
���    material.
Write for Prices.
Every 4,91b.. sack of Royal Standard Flour leav;ng
our nylls contains a numbered coupon,. On the- Inst day of
eacl>, mouth 10 n,uni,bers will be dia\v,u and published iv, the
first issue o��t,hip paper- following. To each one holding the
dupji'pajtes, of these uumberss we will,. Uipou return, tjo, us of
coupon^deliver-free of all charges to any address,, a Hand-
ysoiuftChina Dinner* Set of" 109 pieces, value jf25.00.
ior dis-i 5W1 particulars ou the. back of egch couppift.    Begin
' Saving, Theni'i To-day.
B. G\
All   sorts   of  First-Class   Jewellery,
Silverware, Out Glass, Etea
A meeting of the members qf the
Delta Agricultural Society is cabled
iipr Saturday next, 30th inst., t<sr,be
i^eld in tbe Council Chamber, at 2
o/clock p.m,. sharp. Remember,
the hour and' don't cooje late ex
jK.c,t(iig to be.iiji,! kuty of time.
A meeting ol the Delta Driving
Park Association will be held in
Mr. E. A. Bowri's. office at 5:30
p.m., on Wednesday, tbe.27^ inst.,
at which the financial' statement,
will be preperited'andi for, the election ,o�� officers, etc. All interested
will please attend.
All those interested  a.g
For Sale.
Ten ni^e pigs,, thxpe months old;
11,,pigs, seveu i^eeks oM; i, brood
sow; g dozen spring chickens; 1
new incubatoi' (Cyphers);.a number
of orchard and garden tools.
Biemember- we- guarantee every sack of ROYAL
STANDARD to be tlie purest, sweetest ant. most wholesome bread flour on the market..
Soldhy W-H.Smith..
Vancouver Mining I Grain Co., Lti,
Auction Sale!
Including 9 Cows, all young and}
due to calve in February, March |
and April; 1  Holstpin, Bull, two-
   ��� vear-old;  1   two-year-old Colt; 1
_, yearling Colt, w\hich
The annuel congregational meet-'    __
ing of .St.  Andrews'   Presbyterian USF^ * ""F* "��   S**
'^     ,...,.,,   .      .       ,       1 ltujtrt-CtiOBS from Mr, William
vJiurch vviM e hc.l   im   the  r,l?Pve J G.iy to Sell by Auction, at his farm,
Woodwards, Lulu-Island, on
church, at Lafl'per, c.y Monday
evening next, February tst, a^ 7'30
o/clock. After the uijual business
is transacted, refreshments, will be
served and a little social time.en-,
joyed. All membqrs and adherents,
qf the church are expepted to be
-'I I H, /'.l f.LJ-J.--UJU---_.J-_.IJ�����l__.L.��_u.l ��� I 3! ..J
Wednesday.  January 27,
1909,. at- 1,o'Clock p.m.
Terms���525 or under, cash; oyer
that amount, cash or approved
endorsed notes, at three months
with interest at,8'pel. cent.
Auction Offices, Ladner, B,C.
W&. tako, gi ,_at pleasure in aimoujajdin^ that .��e
have been appointed
Sole Agents of the
Mccormick .  harvesting
Undrew Clausen,
LADNER.   B.  C.
When Voti Require
I* ���      ������i-.M.I. _.J.U.        Illill C
Furnituire, Carpets, Linoleuin, Window
Shades or Any Ariic-le of Furniture or
Household Furnishings a visit to LEE'S
STORE wll cQsnvij_.ce you that, there is the
Visitors, Welcome.
B. O
Try file
Hew Hardware Sfcrcl
For this d^tricb. All supplies of this class of
machinery and the side lines handled by the
International Harvester- Cq. will, in future, be re-��
ceiyed direct from tbe Factory distributing points
and will be tp-to-date in every Mature.
We $fcill handle those lines of Buggies,
Plows.. Incubator^., Fencing Material, &c., for
which tthe Walworth-Rolston Co. are Coast
Agents, any and all of, which we gnall be pleased
For anything you may need fag, Hfeijdware.jto quote you on'
We carry a complete stock: in all lines off Those who already use the McCormick im
plements will dp well to examine them and send
in, the Ijpt Qf repairs required early,, which will
materially assist us and will save delay  when
^h't.-v Hardware, Stoves and Tinware  ana*
: .espectfYii'iy. invite you. to* call and get atj
(juainted with u^.
We are Sole Agents for The, Oxford.1 Liae required,
of   STOVES   and  RANGES,, a&d  haye ��
good line feo select from.
We make a specialty of all kir_4s of JJljin-jb.
ing and Tinwork^
Extending you th�� Seaspn-?s,. Greetings,^
We are Yours, Respectfully.,
tatimer & Elliott
LADNER,  B. 0.
E.    S.    McBRIDE,
General nerctant
V4PNER,   B.C.,
Phone 5,
Port Quichon


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