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The Delta Times Mar 17, 1908

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fir ^ \
( MAR 20 1908
Vol. S, Ne. 28.
Spring is Here!
Spring Goods are Flooding the Store with Beauty
and Freshness:
New Prints, Muslins and Wash Goods of every
description; Laces and Embroideries, Hosiery,
Whitewear, Belts and Neckwear, Gloves in short
and elbow lengths.
Ottawa Letter.  I   Delta Council
Housefurnishing Needs.
New Carpet Squares, New Linoleums in 2 yards and 4 yards wide; Lace
C-JUfbains from 50c to $5.00 per pair.
1 Papers,   Bo Roll tip   Wall Papers
Border Sold Same Price as Hanging.
Men's Department.
Ottawa, March   io.���Mr.  Sifton
exploded another fetabble the ether
day.    It appears tbat the  Imperial. March
Palp Company owns a  number of | Reeve,
timber limits in the west,  and thejehair,  and Couus
Opposition have made no attempt j Gilchrist, Msrley and
to   conceal   their   belief tliat   Mr. j sent.
Sifton was interested dn  this com-j     M.netes   cf   previous
pany, although they all lacked   the J were adapted hs read,
courage lo Sav so  in te_rms.    Fin
ally tbe rumor  reached  the  press
and then Mr. Sifton felt  bound   to:
pay   attention   to   it.    Opposition
tumors he treated  with contempt.
Mr. Sifton's denial was in  the following terms:
"I desire to say, Mt. Speaker,
that I am not the managing director or an d&ctr-ot tbe Imperial Pulp
���Company and I have never been.
I am not a shareholder or a Stockholder in the Imperial Pulp Company and I never have been. I have
noiu'erest directly or indirectly, bv
tnyselt or bj, or through anybody
���else, in any shape, form or manner
in the Imperial Pulp Company."
When Mr. 8itten fteh constain-
��d to make a denial he does it in
such a fotm that every loop hole
iis covered. This cannot be said of
Foster and his partners, whose long-
winded explanation of their doings
only made the matter appear in a
worse light.
The Market.
The  Delta Council  met iu  the1    New Westminster. March   14-
Coimci! Chamber on Saturday last, \ Although the skv ^overcast *nd
14-to,   at 2 p.m., with  the! *1" gUfltV March wind sent many a
T.   A.   Paterson,   in   the mm chasing down -the  street after
Gibbie    Davie jhis Christie .or ikis Ssetson,-yet the
Embree pre- .'���mor'ket Sfn��e seetr.ed to have revived  uuder the  breath of spring
ard resumed   some  at least of  its
j customary summer activity.   Large
1 numbers of .people were in from the
! country,   both  buyers aad sellers,
From C. ii. McCallum Jas. Mc- and net a few visitors were there to
CaHum, Tbos.   Atherton  and Jas,'witness the  busiest -scene  ou  the
McCubbin, complaining et damage
heing done to their property by
���water coming oil the Scott and
Newton roads. Referred to the
Reeve and Co��a. Embree with
power to act.
From Or.'C. T. Fagan. Secretary
-B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis Society
Received and filed.
From   Tupper  .&    Griffin,    ac
coast at the.pr eseifc-seeson. -Pro-
'duce of all kinds was present in
much greater quantities than has
been the case lor some time, but
the buyers were also more numerous than previously and everything
���oflered found a good maricet. There
was absolutely no change in prices
���in any line (rem thof.e'ef last week,
even eggs appeasing to have reach-
iknowledgrng receipt ot 'report from ��ed the  level, selling readily at 30c
'Col. Tracey I'retail and 25c wholesale.
From A. Whealler, re 'loan to J. j    A quantity of apples were thrown
Tamboline.    Received and filed.       ���on the  market yesterday, the ma-
Froru J. Holmes, asking  to  ex- [jority   being
tend   life   of mortgage.     Request
A petition was presented asking
permission of "the Council to cltan
-out tbe'ditch from the Morley road
to'the head tof-the "Slough.
Thc Reeve and  Couns Gikhris'.
The obstruction tot!he<pubIicbusi- and Embree were appointed a com-
New Spring Suits-
Nice Navy Serge Suits, single and double
breasted styles all sizes, at $14.
JLight and Dark Tweed Suits, best t_rim-
tttings, single and double breasted styles,
at $7 to $1&
Boys $ and 3-piece Suits, Fancy Tweed
Buster Suits, also nice lines Boys' Wash
miftee to look alter lb; repairing of
Sunbury wharf and the East Delta
wharf and warehouse.
Mackie Bros, asked for a road
out to the River Toad. Oa motion
it was decided to call for tenders for
tness of the country by the Conservatives iin the House reached a
climax last week. From Thursday, at 3 p. m. until midnight Saturday, the House was kept in continuous session.
The   estimates   ol  the  Minister [brushing out the read 40 feel wide
of Marine and  -Fisheries  were 'be jan:1 stumping  and  grading 20 fee:
fore the House, and   not one  item ,,1*ide!ln t.he centre,
was allowed to pass.    The Opposition, under the leadership ot   Mr.
Foster, passed the liuieawav  reading from blue books and'making in-j10 put down a 'box
appropriate 'commeifts upon  same
Ben   Davis.     Over
I eighty boxes of this variety were
.from Langley, and quite a number
were disposed of at $1.25 per bos.
They were first offered at #1.50,
���but ao sales were 'made at that
figure. Several be*es of Golden
���Russets 1 from ChilliwecJk were offered and eagerly bought, the buyers preferring tc pay'the extra 25c
to-secure this brand.
Chickens were noticeably-scarce,
and although the birds were beltL
high, no large prices were paid.
Very few changed haads, tbe demand appearing to have fallen off.
A feature, yesterday, was the
I large sssortuient of cut aiKl polled
New Easter Neckwear, Neglige and Regatta Shirts.
Shoes That Make Life's Walk Easy.
Marshall Smith & Go.. Ltd.
In the Baptist Cl.urch, Ladner.,
'to-morrow evening, Rev. Chas.
Lalayette .3uo��v. of Norwich, Coun ,
will-ent��rtain the people >ot Delta
wilh an interesting and fostrultive1
sacred stertopiirou lecture, "In His
-Steps," Chas M. Sheldon's 4h*ill-
.iiTg sermon story, illustrated by .50
magnificently colored slides.
Fcw-Mories have Repressed t'he
nvorld as has "-In His Steps,"
while it stands second'to none iu a
world-wide cJrdulati cm, having been
translated into many different languages. To see the 'dramatic
���scenes depicted in beautiful colors
<ou tbe screen as the story 'progresses, is ito -make it 'doubly impressive. Tbe >views are taken
Ifrom life -models -and are charming-
; ATttS WILD  I'-AJ-SNIF, A-N-i.--
I    A man died suddenly, 'last week,
'at the  railway camp pne��ir Clover-
0n Thursday 'evening-last. Rev.
W H. Burraclotigh, B A., of New
dale. Hewtfs 'Unknown, but sup-| Westminster, delivered his very in-
posed to be a Welshman. At the terest ing lecture on "The'Indians
inqi��_t it <_tveloped that deceased [ol -��he Pairif,. ��oa*t," 10 a very
and another man, who is very Hl.lNRood'tuflidut'tof'Crescent Bslaii&ers.
had been eating wild parsnip, j Tbe  wiather  was far from being
ipleasant. The following evening,
the Feverend kcturer repeateil the
treat in the Ladiit1!' Methodist
Church, to a lair .'ttuhience.
Mr. Barraeldugh is a very'inter-
esting iectur.-r 1 nd his subject last
week was one 0 nior th.in ordiu
dry Interest and -very instructive
.Electricity being used 'on Friday,
the anuoyanc;1 usually caused by
'the use oI gas was averted and a
much plainer picture thrown upon
ithe canvas.
ly real, being shown with a clear
white light. Beautifully illustrated
li yirffns will also Ihc thrown upon
the screen.     Admission 25c & ioc.
Seeds, Timothy nnd Clover Seeds
���Brackman-Ker Milling Co.,
Lt!., H. N. RICH, Lalner,
B.C.. Agent.
varying the monotony hy alleging
dishonesty on'the part of the minister; but, although repeatedly incited to do se, 'no man dared make
a definite charge
Wbtrt'Obstrurtidtt-sts Did.
This is the way the matter stands,
Mr. Foster, taking advantage ol
the absence *of his leader, Mr.
Borden, organized a deliberate system of obstruction to tbe business
ofthe House. At 1 lie moment the
estimates of Marine and .fisheries
being under discussion, "they provided the object ot attack. The
���inhereat weakness wrfd lack of
ability in the'Opposition was never
demonstrated to better advantage.
Hour after hdur 'Opposition members arose and occupied the time
of the House by reading Government repc-ts, and they did not read
them we' There was nota men
among them who could speak con-
ecutively for fifteen minutes. Their
'laehof abilityjthe impoverished condition ol theiT minds���their ignorance generally was manifest. There
was not a man among them ofaver-
>age intelligence. The House was
meither amused'nor instructed, but
was perforce compelled to submit to
the imposition of having to hear
read reportsthat had already been
distributed to, and read Ly, every
'member  present.
Foster in Thre.- Acts.
Mr. Foster'* position during lhe
iproceediu-is may be . escri.eed in
three iparts;
First���He aecuseil the Miilister of
Marine mid Fisheries of -stealing
/Continued on Second Page.)
Jos Joidan asked the CountSl toj<flowers displayed for sale,
have the road re-opened to the] Meat prioee remained the same
wharf. On motion it: was decided ' as former weeks, wilh a generous
t foot by 2 feet I supply ir. all lines and aa demand
end fill in thc ditch, thus doing j fully-equal to the supply. The fol-
eway with all the 'Unnecessary j k)wingpriees prevailed: Beel, hind-
bridging around by the hotel, andj quarters, 8c t0 9C'< forequariers,
the matter was left in the hands ol, 6j��c to 7c. Mutton, 12c to 13c
'the Reeve and Coun. Gilchrist with I Lamb, uc. -Veal, medium, nc;
.power to act, j large, 8c to.oc.   -Pork, $c to ioc.
On motion the assessment  asset' _______.	
out by the Clerk, re cleaning out of
'Gowdy road ditch wasipassed, with
one or tivo minor corrections, and
���ordered to be-collected.
Tenders were opened  as Icllows:
^Crushed rock���
Gilley Pros., $1.55 per yard.
Coast Quarries, ��1.54.
'One-man "rock-���
���Gilley Bros., ?i.2'5 per yard.
V. Maninolich, $1 to .1.90 per
���yard, according to  quantity to
be'handled per day.
R. Fenton,-$1.25 W y*rd.
V. Martinolich, $1.19 pet yard.
iCemetery clearing-*-
T. White, $335.
R. A.^Coleman, 55*5-
L. Browne ^445.
Hauling and placing rock���
R. A. Coleman, $1 70 per yard.
The Grimd :Lodire of the A ��.
U. W. were:in -session during the
past week, in New Westminster,
when W. H. Smith was re-elerteK
Grand Master. The Other Grani-
Lodge offieers'clected tte:
Grand Foremaa, G. L. Peck.
Grand Oveiseer, S. M. Eveleigb.
Grand Seuretury, J.T. Mcllmoyl.
Grand Treasurer, W. Scowcroft.
Chaino-anLaVv'-ComuiiUec, F. L.
Chairman Finance Committee, P.
Davey, M.P P.
Trustees, Alex. Stewart ami Geo.
At the-conclusion of th�� -'session,
a  banquet  was  held attire Hot*!
! Russell,   'When    about   sixty-five
Oo'motion, tenders were let as 1 grand lodge officers and represent
follows: j Wives were present.
For rm .*el-��-V. Marlinolie.i,\vork
to be complete by April sgth.
F<i,- r��k���Gilley Bros.
The mttttet rtf ilearittg the ��:uie-
tery'lot'-Vas l��id'ovtft for the present.
The following accounts were ordered paid: T. S. Annanda'.e.
$1.10; T. 'K. Tracey, f6y, H, J
Cresswell. $8.55: H. N. Rich,
$1.50; T. H. Tracey, $85; Jervis
Inlet .Lumber Co., $30.28; Marshall
���Snitth & Co., -$3.75; Tuck Sing.
���$30; Geo. Dennis, "$9-35; !lIiI1 &
\Grauvereau.   $25;   -H.   Mnrchant.
\$6o; Geo. Ormiston, $75; J. Scoop-
j inich,   $20;   D.   Bunning,  ^2;   S.
Brown,    $S;   -C.    Beadleston,   '$4;
Delta  Times, $17.75.  Muskrat account, $100.
On miition it was decided-to have
the assessment commence on the
Council'then adjourned till Sit-
urday, March a8, 8tm p.m.
'Oranges are cbeap-now; Vic'l9e>\r
lots of them, all Stees��� W. -ft.
Smilli. 3THS BKIvlH TIME0, STR3DA.V, \fAKCB  iy. **>*
Published evj?uy Tuesday.
���AUVhSrtl'lS.G iu^hs*.
a Casual Advertiaespcotls, if. Cento per line fo?
i* first in&rtion.flud 5'ceuU per'"1 ijie tor each
ibwqueut insertion. The "number of lines
Bfckoned by the cpace occupied, ia lines tp tbe
flic b.
Rates tor Commercial AdvcrtUem* ntj oan be
kad on application at this ofice.
Reading uptjeeft ib ceuUpetJ line for each In-
Birth and l??A.k notice*, joe., Marriages$i.eo.'
Any special novice, tbe e^jecX, ��t, l^Uich Is to
promote the pecuniary benefit of any1 individual
.n cum puny, to be considered au advertisement
and charged occunhntly.;
All advertisements charged for, ua tjl ordered
out aud paid for.
Correspondence inviteU
Intercut    *- ->-.���-
" EbSemWemV*?
. C. T, U.
uideoce iuvit.4 oo matter., ol, pu
Coniw.jncatl.-ns to editor must t.e
tfb mpanted by name 'qf kilter, uot, necessarily
matter* ol, public
"' or hiust be ao
Sir publication, but as evidence or^ood faith.
orresjjouik-.ee s^un re:i,c-.tfci. ojxtcc by Thurs-
tayevenl ni_.
:t ��� '
C3fO.   &   MAMI.KY,
TUESDAY.   -MARCH   I?,   I.90S.
The qom-iiiUee in charge of the
ptircbasing of n Sre,'escape ior the
I.adner school  are still busily en-
1 " 1   I,.���-���
$aged][it)) tfyeir, endeavors to purchase.tie right kind of axticle and
hope soon to have one installed:
Jas. Ellis and Da vide Kidd, two
young .Scotsmen i,e;ceutlx awived
here, joined the party northbound.
The local train was taken down
to Everett, on Saturday last, for
repairs, and returnqd 9g*M> oh Sun-
fyy e^eni^g.
Mrs, Adam Read,'.sei}jicjerstatid,
-���111 mmmmmlmmrtmmm**. ���
leaves, qii Thnrsriayjiex-., for Vancouver, where she' vvitH'make her
h.ome in ft)tti;re.t$.Ve Trei^ret very
<fiuch the dstja^q^^ of. J>o many of
9ur worthy residents.
G, XR-. Brewster fy.-vp, taken over
tjie S.S; Sonoaiq, aad will operate
her, in. future, Mr. Brewster will
be pleased to meet all> old patrons
and as man^ nf w one*, as possible,
and will endeavor to, meet alt the
requirements of the public In as
Ifir a.maniicir as possible). If you
.fish an ex'.fa trip made at, any
tjme you, wjU do wl). to,coa��ult
Mr. Brewster,- and we are satisfied
that he will do, hi,*, best to accommodate you.
After tT^o.days of strenuous labor
t��e two young ladies of the May
Queen's royal household,. Misses
Ijelen. Waljcer, and) Vera, Kenny,
returned to, the Royal City, tbis
jpprning, witfc, no, less, than $50,
tpward the noble purpose, of equipping a,children's ward iu the new
fy.Yal Columbian Hospital. These
yvoupg ladies afe deserving of great
c,rp.djt,for th_v waj. ith which, they
{{ave labored during the two days
tfcey hav^.speuf amongst as.
Iu the same channel as. a bit ol
radical legislation, is the liquor bill
which was sprung by the government the latter part of the session.
The writer has talked with a number of hotel men in Winnipeg since
the bill wos published, and their
judgment ��s that prohibition is
practically assured all over Manitoba within a year or two at most,
and in Winnipeg within five years
The radical feature of the measure
{'is that a majority, instead of a
three-fifths vote as before, shall determine the sale ol intoxicating
liquors, and what is even more in
favor ot local option, that woh_.ii
��� who have child-ten in school, 01
who pay taxes, may vote, The
church element is jubilant, and the
hotel men are correspondingly cast
The hotel pRoprietors regard
with special]] alarm the provision
that the local option clause must be
submitted once a year to the voters,
provided a petition of ten pei cent,
ofthe authorized voters is. Received.
They say this spells ruin, because
it prevents \hotel man making improvements for tear of being put
out of business within a year His
hotel cannot be regarded as an
asset, as tl)e entire proposition u'ny
be extinguished within oije year.
Government in Earnest.
That the government is ill earnest in this liquor traflje retorm is
evidenced by tbe refusal ot all
charters foi plub bars at the past
session. Dozens of such requests
were belore the session, and in
every case.they wer.e refused. Even
ithe Amer.iq^-i-Canadian Club, one
of the most substantial, organizations in Winnipeg, ip haying trouble trying to secure a. permit to
supply its members \jtith liquid refreshments, premier Robliu very
laconically said in explanation of
his actions: ''Let the pjjajprilv rule.
That's the law of the 1 .nd, and the
tradition of the Empire., If the
people want this local option measure, we; wil? ?'re ifc *<>. tbem
That's. aU thereii.s.to.it."*
The outsageon.^ conduct of some
few hotel men of the qi.ty is declared to be in rjp small, measure responsible for. thi? revolution against
'tho saloon. Th�� charge that
"knock oat drops" were being
freely used in some saloons, and
other charges of sinister administration,, has resulted in strong ie-.
sentment agq.i,ufil_ the traffic in gen-,
eral, though the tiquot regulation
in Winnipeg as a whole bas been
for years very fair.^-cE X.
Fashion Stables>
Truckirer and Praying.    Livery Work of
All Kinds Attended to Promptly.
All Kinds of Firewood Always On Hand.
. M. COLLINSON, Phone 20. LAD1.EB. B.C.
Stop and consider   .   .   .
Whea in aeed oi reliable
Call and see our lines for
Men Womex. and Children
The Cheapest Store \w Town for High Oass 6oods
V. T, Ry< & Ferry Ceu
New Service-���Port Guichon and  Ladner to Nev��
Westminster and Vancouver,
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vaiiieotuv-er, 10.20 a.m,
Leave Vancouver,   2.45 p,n..   Arrive Pt. Guichon. 6.00 p.m
Gives Passengers  four hours in   either   New   Westminster or Vancouver,
New   Freight   Tariff  effective    September   5th,   'Q^
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will he furnished without delay,
Incorporated I8M.
CAPITAL AUTHOEIZED,         - $4,000,000
CAPITAL PAID-UP,        -         - $8,900,000
RESERVE FUND,           -         - $4,390,000
Total Assets Over Forty-Five Millions.
W. J, KERR    -
Accumulate, Awake or Asleep, thouuii earthquakes or fire
disasters prevail, though financial depressions come ani)
go. YOV  NEED  LOSE  NO SLEEP, for .me security back op
Ojur Loans do not exceed 40 per cent. of
the- value of the property  aiid  NET vou
5 per cent.
TRADE Mark��
Copyrights 4c.
Anton* Mndlng ��� ��liet<_u>_d deicrlptlimmri
onloklT ucertaln. our npliidn.|.-ee w.beih .i.M
mTOntInn It proliaUy ii_.MltHtll<x_t_'niim]n!e_.
tin-utrlotly.M .fldcuMnl. BJNDBIJOK'on t>>tenia
wnt lrm_ Ot*��wf ��s.c>nc. Ti+itorarlnK pulemj."
' PnMnta staJun thron. h Muun A.tia. train
���Mfal notice, without abitee, lntb}>r
Scientific JlniencaiK
A undBOmely lilystmtod weekly, undent oir-
nlStlon of mr fclonUfic jounpaCi "i'enajs lor
Qua .a.KM1) a yf%JK_lt��j[fli��epald:  tSotcvby
j _ jjxiais_____-i-_i_ja____
/y{ person v toj whom I am in-
je��'t^ 1Yin'"'please"fpTiw.'_rd their ac-
1 ounfs to Mr. H. N. Rich. Ladner,
iyi or before aist Marchk 1908.
(Coi>t.uued irom Fiist Ps��g��.)s
.Secondly���He- made- �� full and
fsank apology ior. having done sq,
.and withdrew the words.,
I 1 _.ir,.Jy���He was shown to have
��� bien RUilty whcn> in oflice of the
very same offence which lie characterized as stealing..
The majn object ot the Qpposi
Hon was obstiucti^n.. Tbi.-ol.stnu-
tioiuhad tob-bused upon something,
this is how it was.done;. Mp.. Foster charged tbf; minister wilh taking mopey ��pom * certain vote and;
using it for another purpose. He
used these words.:
Foster's Charge ol Thet*,.
ll ask any raiaiste. oi the
Crown whether, hp recommeads that
as a policy to be pursued. Such a
;policy strike* at ths very, r;oot o��
p-irliamentary appropriation... Tht
Minister had no. right- to staul; from
another vote.
Then agaia Ms. Foster enlarged
upon this and sjiid::
"I took ihe ground that the language of a. vote indicated to what
purpose.the moling- was to-be put,
���and said that it was not proper to
take $4,000 or $5,000 voted bv
���parliament for ice-breaking steamers and use it to pay the  travellii g
expenses ot the minister and his
private secretary. I said, in effect,
that that was filching from one-
yote to meet Ijhe expenses of ft
different service. It was stealing
from oit4 vote and using the
money for a purpose sot designed
by parliament.
Foster's   Apology.
Having based obstruction upou,
the ground that the minister had
stolen mousy trom * vote, Mr.,
Foster was confronted with a case
in which he had done the very
thing charged. Mr. Foster wss
thereupon compelled to withdraw
the offensive wo$ds and apologise
to the minister which he did:
"BttJ I am frank to sav that t
might have used a word which
would be less offensive than the
word 'steal.* I might have used
the word Hransftrred.'' But the
meaning I had was exactly the
same meaning as if \ had used tbe
word 'transferredk' from one vote
^nd used the money f,o_ a purpose
distinctly not provided. If the
minister objects to it,, I will, take it
back frankly and fully. Looking
at it, now that it is fcn print, it does
appear to be a little too strong. If
I were to ro over it aggj,u alter cool
moments I, would say 'transferred'
instead of 'sienl.' "
SEASON 1908.
ftfe Champion
Clydesdale Stallion
"Dean Swift,"
(Imp.) (5397)  (12936),
The property ,of the Pemberton
Stock Farm,, will travel the District
of Delta this season.
"Dean Swiff" is one of the most
perfect specimens of the modern
Clydesdale ever imported into. R. C
He has all the laultless lines of his
renowned sire, "The Dean," and
ti is grandsires the famous '���'Royal
(Partly,"' sold as 3-year-old for 900
guineas. {Je has''lots of size and
substance-aad. bas proved himself a
certain Stock Mors* and also a
most impressive sii.e, as may be
^een at the Pemberton paddocks.
Breeders wishing to raise good
sound saleable stiock, should see
this horse before sending mares t-
1 Terms and stations in a latei
el tion.
D. Alontg��imery��
Port Guichon.
For Sale.
Choice Seed Wheat.   Apply to
-$4.00 Paj: Y.w*   Singh Copj, 10, tis.
Sample Copy Free.
ALBERT J. HOME,    .. _ 1���'��I"''8Ufi��S. ���
^   e,f.S.R. H W. SWTU ST.. l.JiW Yqijij,,
for Spring Cltan-Up.
Pure ami \ i^orui.. Rlood will keep
\ o. i im ,o< d health.
will give yuu
Good and Pure IJlood.
Send  50c for trial |i.oo package
(two mentlis'  treatmsnt).
Wa-Hoo Reradv Co.,
Vancouver,  B.C.'
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
Savings Department.
Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR,
aud Upwards.     Interest paid, or credited, quarterly on  31st  March, 30th June, 30th
ireptember, 3.s.t  December.
K. D. SIMPSON, Manner, LADNER. B. C.
farm for Sale.
wm \
A small Farm for sale on Lulu
Island; house, barn, good chicken
house aud other outbuildings. For
further particulars apply at
For Sale.
A Delta Farm, containing 160
acres of first-class Farming Land;
young orchard; uew house; large
barn and stables. For particulars
apply to tbe owner
448 Sixth Ave. K-, Mt Pleasant,
Vancouver, B.C.
Seed Barley,
We have on hand for sale a
quantity of First-Class Se��d Barley,
guaranteed cleaa, and will pny for
grain grown from this seed, if harvested in good shape, clean and
suiiable lor malting purposes, $23
per ton. f.o.b steamer-
Nanaimo, BC,
Frkd   S.   Wh.tks.de,   Secretary.
For Sale,
Abot��H  18  Spri,ug   l'igs frrsale
Apply tb
""     M. RAWLINS,
^mgerial Road, j
Farm for Sale.
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned up to Aiiril 13th, 1908,
for the purch ise ol the tollowli'g
described land, being the- S. E. %
ot the N W. Y^ oi Section 1 a, iti
Township 6, New Westminster
Distrut, containing 41) aires inure
or less, ��xeepting tl>a' portion occupied by bam and granary Cabou<
1^1 acres) wh'ich- Trustees <vUb tn
The hig est or nny temd*r in t
ne essnr  y accepted,
F ; f t er p,ir iC-iiars np.pb ti
t      ' Om.
W, N - Draper,
K.opm 2, Rllqr<\ IjUick, New ��! .��tininstfr.
*   N��W WKSTMINSTBK,    J.J  B. C.   ���
A Mnnuticturrrnof aU kinds oi
��� Soda Water, Ginger
.���.    Ale and Summer
I Drinks.
}       Your patronage solicited
���-��S>-��<*��-sfr��..frs4��t*.ss{<.����>i...{|  .!���>  ��   .<,l��,^
Acclimatized Stock,
For tlie
Farm, Garden, Lawn or
Reli ible Varieties at Reasonable
Pices. No Borers. No Scale,
No h migation to damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy direct and get Trees and Seed,
that Grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cu
Flowers, etc. Oldest establisbe I
nursery on  the mtvinlmid ot  B. 0.
Catalogue free.
M, J JENRY'S Nurseries,
Greenhouses and Se^dhouses
VANCOUVER,   <   B, C.
Mandolin f
Haying l&een requested to start a
Mandolin Class, am now pr.*
pared to do so. For terms, etc.,
Ba   H.   WEARE.
Care of Mr. J. W, Lanning.
Mandolins, Strings, Etc**
.Supplied at City fries*. THE .DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, MAkCPI 17, 1908.
- ��� -r ' '���***���'
The Making of a
Successful Husband
ti"  No*  fail lo  Be   Courteous a.1
tl   iiouie.  Always  Realizing Thai  It
U   More   Judicious   lo  Ba  Polite
lo Your  Own Wile Than lo Your
Neighbor's.     Jm      Jm     Jm     J*
"PSTlalit, 1906, by C. S. Tost.]
Tji "7 v bJS-41. JOIIN-Do you re-
PfLs'iii ni(S|i)lit'i' Colonel Hosea Per-
kins, wlio used to live just
11 nmnd Hie corner from us
���.-li \\ III In III street'? Of course you do.
I.Vnlioilj i-mild fiinipt that stately figure
IIIld Mm I 1 ����� 1-iiiwniriiiM bow wltb which
I11* |i'iiiitmitt>t| ."��� t'l'.v greeting Old Per-
l.i.is I - ili'inl now. but I'll liut 11 horse
Mm  ln''s i.f_!'i-.: I)ia crown every two
,|,|.s ,-���,,-        ,|,;.(    I..-      If    |���,'S   |J���)|e   f0   ���    p|||0e
v. hi-ri' crowns mv supposed to lie   .
in.ci.-irv article <i, wearing apparel.
l.e v ns Mis- iiii.-i |intnrilll,v polite man
I   ever  saw.     Ili'i   geiiulleoilons  and
! - no easy to d . We are all nnuirniiy
;-:i:.--- firuw i" drop Uie Bacilli (tract-*
::.'.,i- it w, think nobody's looking
.1.11 din families .in' supposed to kind-
y sb'.ii ilie.r eyes. Vet the little cere
nonius and verb-il expressions which
���.lu.iitiile our everyday code of eti-
���1'ietto were designed for the sole purpose of smoothing tlie rough edges of
ior intercourse with the world, the
iesii and tlie devil and keep us from
lying nt "I"* another's throat, aa we
���vould like so much to do.
A Potent Fore*.
Next to the t lni.tian religion polite
ncs<! Is tlie most potent force in the
world today, nml it is Just as effective
111 one's own lion e ns it is iu the house
across the street Now, without any
more lii.iliug around the liusli. I wain
to say a I'ew things to you on Ihis sub
:li"r ive:! to dwe (Isficn on t!:e old Writ w'.'W a frisky critter, as all c ill i ���:-.������
[ill! fattier was very prurnl of il tlittl di
lighted in showing ii to visitors    \< 1
tti.e.   wben  li,-  wanleil   to  c-..!iiliii   tin
colt It wa.s in Hi" p.-Mirc. nil ! -. i* ol
tiie most vivid recollections of my I>oy
lioud days is that dignified Old gentle
man chasing Mint deni tool colt over u
teu aire field,   lie would trot along miu
appeal to the cult In lones of straliind
ll.lliey.    lie   WUU1U   pis'i.'iid   tu   oiler  a
regular cornuoouiu of thing-' ilwi
horses arc supposed lo sigh for. Till*
������ill would COJ'ly Wuit until Iio was almost within reach; thou, with a sniff of
���.isdain, it would raise its mil . trulglit
up iu the air and gallop to the oilier
ide of the pustule. Finally tlie Utile
s.'.ist would allow Itself to be Clltltfllt,
inst like a woman, nud once lie I'.-i-l
liii) hands on llllll Ihe old g iitluiiiilli
woiild let louse a Uood of unprofiino
cusj words Mini would shuck tin' corn
iu tho barn,   "font iminale rom- mt.i*
. I
I' PI hei 'i itoi-e   ..'�� <lo'Hu,i his crou
1 ,'t'l'lj III' 1  lll.;ill.._.
''he;; piiiiliuis" usoil to get on toy
[ici'ves nuiii I could hardly refrain
fi'iiui u prolust. llo wouldu't wear his
tail in tbe piesenco of Indies, aud i'va
1 ecu hlm stntiillng ou it stroet cortipr
burnlvcudeil lu the broiling sun tor uu
.nm ut 11 time while ho talked wilh n
remain ucipinluiaiieo.
I a in reminded of Perkins by some
fUCtlnns of yours Mint  I  noticed while
you and  Anna   .May  were visiting us
Inst week.   That old hypocrite was tho
I'Uilioiiiincut  of  exaggerated  courtesy
j in every nne lie  met,  wilh the single
exception of his wifo.    Unless he had
j company ho would drop his manners
I mi his front porch and on the other
J side of bis threshold become the most
1 disagreeable reprobate that ever wore
In long suffering wonian to the grave.
I    I   dint  moan   to  Intiuiiitc.  my   boy.
lhat there Is any resemblance between
you and old Perkins, tint I suw wben
you wore hero thnt yd[l were already
beginning to follow the general tend.
ency of persons who wear trousers nud
forgetting at home some of the nineni-
��u>��. vrsn.srould .never overlook outside.
1'i'U were nlmttjht-i particular tunc nut.
lent, and I want to put 'om to yon
straight. When you have read this let
ter once, read It over again uud gel
it stuck into your bead so it won't slip
I wusu't around when you were "scl
tin' up" to Anna May. hut I'll bet ll plli
uf goad hard dollar* that you were nl
mighty particular how yuu acted whei
you were in her presence.   There win-
nothing In ib_ shape of eourtt��.=y 1'jnl
was  nny   too  line  for   her  when  yuu
came   il-.woo.ug     You    had   nil   youi
graces ami some ymi had borrowed. I
si.ive uu doubt, out for her Inspection
loll bad 11M ('lie li'l'lle.'i! Iieiite'l su Im.
.lull   coulsi   se,'   daylight   between  you
Ves.   you  did     I   wasn't   there,   but   I
know.   That, little  girl you  were es
eeodlngly   careful   about   Mien   Is  yom
Vlfe   ll-ijv.   bill   ill   till'   l-l.illgl'  sill'   III
lost none of her rights.   She is just n.-
,'Uli-h entitled to lhe observance of tin
onus of courtesy as before��� more thai
lien, for as your wife she should hole
1   higher  and   more  honored   place  li
our life than as your sweetheart.   Yel
i  uipiv.l li. 1   week that you did noi
Ifl your Im I  when you met ber down
r-.iwii,   I  iisti ei  thut you allowed lun
10 pick her own way along the slreet
10 step up fu 1 lie curbstone without mi;
'.'.' i.| of  1 ... fi nice from y ci    t 11-fire.
.���lieu  we illti-d at lhe hotel lli.it yon
left her I i grope Uirough the myslerie:
if   Mu*  menu   minded,   while yuu  con
t ��� :'_ 11 led I .c mu l desirable dished foi
lie _ ll-fact! ifj i.r your own precious
���'*-������'������'. ��� ���
The old man isn't asleep, my sou. if
in;   il ie-;   noil   occasionally   after   his
���'(���ills,   nml   wlien    I   saw   these   little
',' ;S  of   Innfuwlcg SC'lishlle-���  it   w-ir
���il '-ie    ;:i":���..!���! 'i me of a colt uiy fn
y  bile."  lie  wu::!
1  sliuiil.  "1
'eel   like
���making every l-
c'.Mte circus..."   1
���ne iii your
1 lie ii ��� ier
. 1.   My
pare 111 was a im
��� .ai.e man.
Villi.   be-
sides, Ilie colt Wils
Be, ore
.ind After.
That's  jusi   Ihc
way   with
a   great
many men after ilny marry They will
puisne a wonian with surghuiu eloquence, write sonnets ou the classic
ml lines of her suu'n nose, crawl on
their knees before her like the devotees
of n heathen goddess and after they
get hor tiis.il ber like u convict or lo. e
i.ltuiest iu her nntl let her get along
iln* best way she can. And some of
liioS-j lellows really love their wives
too. They simply think that lhe preiiy
vunls and gentle courtesies of court-
hip arc features uf liie chase and il a
li, ei.liloilH and foolish after lhe eap-
..ii'e. They ileein to forget thu gsttlug
���1 wife is one liiiiiit anil keeping ber Is
mother, as the records of Hie dlvorcij
���oiii'ts show, bul thc same processes
::���.��� e.'.V"t!ve in bolh.
[tut, .vou say. a man can't always bo
in bis best behavior: he caul Always
it around tils own bouse in full dress;
lie enn't make daily use of the stilted.
.-ei'i'iiionles of polite society lu his
home life. Tliere you are wrong nml
ynu are fight.
If there Is in y
place on earth
I lint u mnn
should be mi h s
j best hcbuvlnr, it
I; at b.iine. bu!
1 di not men
by I bnt thnt In
should put i
practice  all   ll;
purely artificial
fnrniii uf s icln
etiquette. Ilea,
011 forbid! No
nne detests nieaulnglens ecivmor..
more than 1 do. Hu'i ibe eo'.irte.h'
that spring fi om tbe heart, tin.I a:
tile OUtWilI'd n.n:   1'u.tU'liulls of a de'sli',
to please or to be of service to It.i oh
ice!., arv ent'.'elv r.i(Ti'."ctil.   To lhe ll'lli
gentleman 11117 are as natural as tue
circulation uf his blood. lie can uo
more dl'peuse with them than lie can
with his breath, It is a pity that si
few of us are true gentlemen. Must o.
us arc selfish to the boue, mid geiiuiiv
courtesy is an evidence of forgetful
uess of self, a virtue wbich we have to
cultivate, If it is worth while to be a
gentleman at all and 1 never heard
anybody express any doubts on thai
point���it is certainly worth while to be
n gjutlcmau at home. Tbe good opinion of your wife is of more importance
10 you thau the opinions of all tbc
rest of the people of tlio world put to
gether. Vet you would fail lo show to
her tbo courtesy wbicb you would lie-
stow upon another as a matter of
course and feel ashamed If you were
remiss 111 the lea t particular.
Cultivate H.ime Etiquette.
No, yoa can't do a belter tiling thill
lo 1 mill .voir wife al least as well a
yo'.i do yiHir nc���:'ili"r'K. She will ap
pl-'cblle it. I can sny thnl with em
ph 1. is. lor not ll ng hurls a wom.u
more Mnn the iippnreul loss of tha
line eonsi lei'.ilin.i which distinguish!'
(be noolr.g il.i.vs No matter If ah
���Iocs feel sere of '"our love, no inn!till' you prove yom affection iu nuinbc
less other v.- ;���_. die who has relgnc
ns ip!"-"i li never fully satisfied wll
less Him ilie li i.eirs due 10 royallj
And ii is so ea.j lo gratify her. ll i
only u censnry 1 1 keep in mind all th
Mine I hilt yo'ir wife is a woman an
Hint li'iuil brceiliiiir works as well in 1
tu,ol.iu.. jacket an ill 11 cress suit.
I I,ave ii very ;trong recolUicllon n;
n 1.1-, I,--,-ii", ivi,,, lived in the lltili
vlljngp where I went to school when 1
in-,, lie wns a ,���eai. lirnwny. roiig'
i" il.'ln.. i'i .liiw. ������ !���   ;��� I'm e and ham!
ve-- "Pre 1 l>   1' e smoke of Mte ferge
tie seldom wi'ie a coat and never 1
cojliir es i'|i| en iviu���lay. but he win
mie 1 f the 'rue ' Kenlle'iien I hnvi
e'er )-"-'-.'ii   n'l I  hi'-  wife  was eirie-
bv  i��   1'Miei   w nil   in   lhe   vlllng
-imply i c -in>.��� ��� : Ills deference to he
tloiild raise il�� lull up
in tiie air
Founded 1892
Incorporated 1893
Provides a Christian Home for Students of both
sexes at moderate rates. Has a preparatory class for
(U-ttior students taking Public School work. Does High
School work and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Exam-
iuv:.' i ���,��� Teaches all branches of a Practical Business
Course aud confers Diplomas. Imparts a Liberal Education in its ( i lleg:ate Course, and in the Ladies' Course
for M. i-. L., and \i. L. A. In Theology confers the degree of B.D. In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for the B.A. degree of Toronto
Univers^y, with which the College is in full affiliation. In
Scienc- teaches the First Year of Toronto School of Sci-
ence> and has a Special Engineering Course adapted to
P'nc e;'l Eng;ueer'ng work in this Province. In Music, a
co np^ete course in theory, voice culture, and piano and
organ, in conjunction with the Toronto college of music.
���Special instruction in art ancl elocution, while all students
are required to take physical training with aU* the, privileges of a well equipped gymnasium.
To make fortune! out
of the future you must
put something Into the
present     ....
Agents Wanted
To   Sell   Seeu   tie*.
FOR   SALE  l-'rult  I.iuiUs and
-.    . .... TZ Ohciip       llo UCH,
City Lots, Harms and Sulmrbiiu
Acreage, &.C,
0 o I d ��� C uppers I'ay
Big   Dividends   all
ov.-r British
.       .       ���       Columbia
Containing over 100 Views.   Tost paid 25c, Stamp!1.
Richest Province in the biMish Empire.
, (thing Risked, Nothing Qalned. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Won.
Splendid Opportunity to Invest.
Tin. Richest Men in ihe World are iiivestin.. in IJ. C. Copper-
Gold and Silver Mines.     Why can't you hegin now?
'The CIreatesCdold-Coppi r Dlscoverylof 'the Age It InlB.C.
K i_M,!IDi!(U BUM.  WHI $525 01
Every Dollar Subscribed used In Development of Mine.
Special Offer���iOc per Share, will  shortly  advance to $1.00
Mines directly west of l.e Roi and T.e Roi No. 2, shares
sold from 5 cents to $100.00; and Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Co. ot Canada, Ltd., shares $150.00 each; the Giant
California, adjoining mir own, shares about $110.00; Grar.by
Mine pain over $3,<>oo,ooo Dividends per year; Gold-copper
mines in Hritish Columbia paid Large Dividends. Hig Four
assays irom f<5 In ?Soo in gold, copper, silver, wilii 32 per
rent, in the Treasury     Invest now and yon wont regret it.
Note���Most of those nines sold 'or a few cents onoe, bu
over- apitolized even now, pay big dividends. Big Four i: jii
tbe rtrlwiiy, near smellers.
' I'ssland Mines received Mighe I A WW Is fr richest gold-
(���(!������-��� ore sent to St. Louis ExpnsiH n. Rlir Four h .d liest
DU ploy at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
No less than 100 shares .old. All Cash. Above this shares
c n be had on instalment plan, or yearly contract, 15 per cr 11c.
cash, balance monthly.
Nearly Two ili'es of  Railway rtn ''roperty.
Company 1ms no dclitsor Hal i ties,   fiend for IHn.tr ' d Prospectus nnd Honk-
let, "Milling lip-to- ih   ," toSeoretary  wlt!i    cents In stiitiips
P.O. Box 174, Vanoouvar, B. O.. Gamrfa.
The Belia T'mes
luticrrr tutlti i-ati.-'lt'-tl with lean Ihtm tin
.muit- 'liir It, ritjiitllti.
In private u_ vv<s|| us in nnlilk'. He wn
. rustle n.-iyaril. Ini- Ula clilvnlry will's pure ami true us thnt of anj brond
I'lntli nltiivil ell v mnn. No. my sun
Ken nine courtesy I* not n matler n;
iM'i'ss or nf t'oretiHiny, anil In pi'ftfttf
iii;, it nt Iioiiki ymi don't hnve to mn-i'i
lire your own comfort to nu extcn
worthy of eonsltlpi'iirloii On ihe otho'
linml. it iir-s won lerfnlly in the pfi*ns
iii-p ll (fives In yi'iir wife nnd Iiy rofli"-
tlon, to yon.    It imys in tlie ftre.ee I
pves to your own ehanieter. ..od. ic!
ter tban all else, ii pay. lu its litllni' ne.
upon the clwiailer of your lanill.
Sonic of ibeyo days, unless you are ilif
fereul fi'uni tbe majority of manMuiL
you will Ue a fntber. Youi children
wlll be very umeb as you make them.
and your actions will have more to do
witb tbe making ilinu your commands,
Tbey will, consciously or uueonseiuus-
|y, copy your fnnlts ns well n* vniir
virtues, and tlie��i-nui'tpsy yon display
ia tbeir presence v, ill, in some pari at
lo.sl. become fixed habits with tln-ni
Vour own training has been sutli tlint
1 do not fear you will pi fur wrong in
ihis particular, but notwithstanding
this I have seen evidence tbat you nre
not boldlug up tn tbe old man's standard, and I want you to lie right nil
But Don't Overdo It
Now, John, don't misunderstand me.
I don't want you tu be a jumping jink
in the box ni homo or anywhere else.
Kxtrained are 111
way*   odious,
n 11 d    pi ilitpnoss
Duly be so over-
,-_,-.( , dune that  it  In--
A'T)\<^S^'i f( I. comes a pain in-
MJJSr-^V-! n A etead of a pleasure 10 its object, Men like
old I'ei'kius sim
ply make Ihem-
selves riilku
I don't vain you In be Inns. True po-
a ;h7��.iiii;7 inch. Uteness Is uev
er obtrusive. The test of a well
dressed man is your Inability to remember what be wore. If be he
Inclined to foppishness, the eonspic-u-
ousness of bis nliire will arrest your
atieiilioii. as well ns your condemns
tion. On the other hand, the absence
of nny part of lhe correct costume or
an exhibition nf untidiness or cureless
ness in the wearing is always conspicuous. So with piMteness. It is grenlly
missed wh -n il is uliso-.it It should lie
uniiollcenhle wben ii Is present. Thai
is the brand lo use in the home us well
as outside of it. If you take It off
when you bang your li it up In the bull,
you can bet your sweet life Unit Am ill
Mny will miss it, and tlie missing will
Don't greet ber with a grunt, but
wilh a kiss I wnuldn t advise you to
apply that form of courtesy to others,
hut in the home Ibe customary forms
may he modified, or, rather, magnified,
I'or love nm.1 not eUStotu dictates there.
Don't tnke lhe best chair iu the room
unless she ������oiiininiuls it. She probnbly
will insist ou reserving tlie most colli-
fortnble rocker for you, but yuu should
never gel Into liie habit of tiTklug
things for granted. Show her that ynu
think of her first, that her ease and
'lenitli and happiness stand foremost iu
your though! -. nntl Ibfere Isn'l any
doubt nhnit her reciprocation, Bower-
er mill .J he may wish in dn, tbe miln
usually gets Ibe bust of tbe bargain in
ibe mutter uf ntteirtions at home, but
ne sii'iniiin'i  r*'t  Ine lutsa into -ns nos
Holy Communion���ist and 3rd
Sundays at .S^o a.m.; 2nd and 4th
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev. H. R. Bartletr, M.A., Vicar
Services first and third Sunday ol
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 p.m
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
nrst and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, after the morninp
service every .Sunday.
Sabbath .School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. J. H. White, M.A.
Sabbath services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladnei, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at i<o:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday t
8 p.m,
Rev. A. II. Huntley, pastor.
g;n tin! ni'.ii::,;: Is expcere-i or null.
Everything Hi i: is tender and- solic*
i'.nus uml courteous and loving is ex.
pected uf him. lt is si ��_sy !o foel
that these things are ot We avail, Im.
4 -.
Ill   J I Mil Vl-_1
J.-r ��to��M-'2.
Slit' trill titstsl uu it -i mint thc inn.l t'uiiu
loi'lnl.le ranker lur y<,*
cause Ihey nre so .fUii uuai-ecpii .1 or
apparently unuoti ed. bin you can't
make a greater mistake lb.ui t-> omit
fie polite to your wife. John. wbethoT
you are nt home or -.ibrund. li ilm - n't
cost you a red cent, il need mil limie
veiilenee yau lu the least b'ui ii is.en i
an nlnngliiy lo! t, .Minn Mny uml lii.it
as much In yon VoU��d uffe.'l!illl'ltel.v,
JOHN   SM-;..ii.
A Luxurlcus Conccript.
A wealthy factory owner of rluiux-
Ue-Fonds. SwltxerUiudi who stieepeti'-i
in evading lhe r'.gnr. of bis servlcp na a
conscript hy mm'1 hospitality totvoiil
his ortleenj, his heen senteiiced lo !"���<.
days' eoufiueioeiil to barrack., uml ,ir-
ilered to beglu ii'ilitni'y uerviee over
again. When ordered to repnH IHtns' 't
he arrived nt the IkhtihIs*- nl < iihiei-
bler lu 11 iiinlor car, ncemupanled i,j
his valel. At a fali-Hous priit' he >��� s.
cured n private rajfti tbe!'e whli'b ne
furiiisheil luxuiioi'.sly nn-.l stocked >'iia
".lie Ik-si wines and oi^nrs Kreutually
(H* f.'��.s (evruisiit-'.! io live out of hatv
recTen and en.'i'igod a Hat In the liest
totet, where lie eiilrrtn-0<*d Ilii* offle rs
liberally iiul inok tUrni lor ei'l<��s in uia
iiinlor er.r. I'y slinmi ling Illness lit
avoided -ill drill nnd tl.e ordinary fl*
<\,.y. uT tt soldier
Fi-er.-, Cc! irJ the Counter.
"The sn!i-:|ni!v I'ineroiittnted sevcrtt
classes of shoppers';''
"Oh, yes. Indpptl! Almut five <-l_>--se_.
So iiianyV"
"Ves" (in.nl 'in >i .Me eonnted on hs'r
linwrsi "lienvyv -igl.t. middle weight.'
wolterwel lit. lisbUMelsht and feather-
weight.   Precisely  fir-*'."   Puck.
Behind the Gurnc.
Mrs. Polw- I can't see why you eh
ways stay line ui your ofBce these
nights 1 diu't see thnt you gain anything hy It.
.luck Polls (ab-.Mitnilndellyi���Tbat ai
so. bit 1 wju't always be n loser.
I.ii--k will ehnngo.���Catholic Standart
,.i���l Times.
Hew te Hotel War*.
Some one hnd told hor tbnt too nlwnyt
fcnsii to register, but iliuwiisu t iimhI to
hi IbIs That win nppareut from tbe way
slio lingered heboid tbo old time traveling
mnn who stood by <ho clerk's desk. 8b*
wanted to eee how lt was done. Tbe el%
fellow had bad tbe same room In the house
for nine years. It was always kept flat
him���No. 63, on tho second v.oor. He had
wired throe days before thut he was coining, so It wan all ready for blm. He dipped the pen in tho ink well and, with aa
extra nourish or two, ncratohod dowa th*
Dame,   " James lCUwnid Clifford."
"Tbe -nun old thluf_r" lie aahed ef Ik*
'Yeup," was the answer.
Whereupon Mr. Clifford wnu dowa
opposito hiiTiniup, "63."
Then the bellboy grubbed hia traveling
aase and conducted bim to tbe elevator.
Tho clerk dipped tho pen In thu Ink und
handed It to the demure maiden wbo had
stood behind tbo old traveler. Sbe glanosd
at the last niwun on tbe page, thun turned
(or a parting look at the form just passing
Into tho elevator oar. Bhe laid her handkerchief and pocketbook on tha desk and
wrote, "Faith Merreweather."
Then sho shot thu clerk a modest liltle
glance and finished out ths lino b/ pi ns.
Ing " 24 " nfter the signature. Sho looked
ap blushing.
Tho clerk smiled, and when be had
wliinpoi--1 a room number to ths portat
and thu girl had passed behind the inf.���
he said to himself, "By Joto, she dossn't
look lti"���Detroit Free Press.
Use Haitian Wmclrt, Waaaaa.
A Russian soriuty woman knows only
tno thing���fnshlon. Art Is a stranger ta
her. She loves admiration and flirtation,
but bur lierrt remains rohl, though t-'ha
may be burning other hoorls with the Hrs
of her eyes. Now hern ls v, uiuun more dim-
genius thnn In Russian socioty. To begin,
a Russluh girl seeks n husband only los
the position he gives her. Matrimony Is
only n question of fashion, and if a Busline girl cannot find a husband within a
rt-isunablu time she can fill 110 plnoc la
good society, and she Is ridiculed hy all
her ai'iiunlntniioes. Thus, _he wnlciies
wilh agony tho approach of tlio end of bet
youth. Every tentative Is thus made ts
wiu tho grand prizo of matrimony. Keen
bor friends are as anxious ns Aha ls and
fearsome lest she may be au old uiiiid.
Then when nil ��ffarl�� hive failed, wheu
no more hope remains, slio takes mlwiu-
taeiMif thu sole Ti-ineily left to hor 'inaiiloa
Widowhood," tiho travels. She ��oee ta
Paris und Moe. Sho stays away thrss
yenrs muybe, then returns to lt Hasina so-
olety, no longer an old maid. *tor even a
wife, but, 11 widow. Nobody asks whma
she innrrii-I. nor howsiie hi.iiame a widow.
Bhe ia a widow; that sutlices. As a widow
ahe In received ��verywhere und Is aoina-
twdy, -I'hllailelphia Iuiiuimr
Soniiihody has b��wn ti-iuisiuiiii. V-..'t
^fhltnifltfs "Leavesof Grass" lists, tw.lt;;.
As Walt .himself wouhl say, "tiusiil ���
Cleveland Lender.
Alnminhiiii huts ass ths nsw��s_t thi' ts
lor tnu use of Klondike miners,    j hey ...a
���well adapted for  light _oii9eke��iiiWW_.
SUevuiuiII -QlulXt.I Ia. ) ->��� suijiai .il f
\skmm,T.:i I.  ' "t"
CULLIS���On '1 ue'sday, 17th inst.,
the wife of F. Cullis, of a daughter.
"local news.
Mrs. P.   Matheson  took  in  the
market on Friday last.
H.   N.   Rich  weut  over  to the
Terminal City, yesterday.
Remember the St. Patrick's ball,
to-night, iu the Town Hall.
A. Sinclair went over to Vancouver, last week on a short visit.
Chas. Helmer, of the S.S. Favorite, spent the first of the week here,
visiting friends.
A. Drinkwater. of Lulu Island,
spent a few days here, last week,
visiting friends.
Mrs. (Dr.) Woodley was admitted to the General Hospital, Vancouver, on Saturday last.
Miss Jennie Taylor is able to be
out again after having been confined to the house for about a week.
The friends of Roy Page will be
pleased to learn that he is able to
oe around again after his recent illness.
Miss Browne, accompanied by
her brother. James, went up to the
Royal City, yesterday, on a short
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at 8_30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.; returning, leaves Steveston at 9:30 a.m.
aad 4:30 p.m.
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties SEVEN and
Eight Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & (��,
New Westminster, B.C.
Agencies Represented���
Harttord Firt Inurance Co. Imuran ee C, of North America
Phceuiz Iniurance Co. of Brooklyn    The ocean Accident & Guarantee Corpora.
Connecticut Fire Iniurance Co. tion, Ltd., of Loudon, Enf.
Imperial Trult Co., Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Moffit and son
Jack, of Chilliwack, spent a few
ilays here, last week, the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Baker.
Mrs. W. H. Laning, wife of our
local conductor, returned here, on
Friday evening, after an extended
visit to friends in North Dakota.
H. M. Vasey brought in a couple
carloads of horses from Calgary,
iast week, and disposed ot tbem
Very quickly, Messrs. Davie and
Paterson taking tbe bunch.
Geo. Lasseter, sr., left, yesterday
morning, with a team of pack-
horses, for Graham Island, where
he will, it possible, locate and take
up some farming land and return.
Mrs. Devereaux requests that
when the person who borrowed
a number of planks from her granary, last week, has no further use
tor them, they kindly replace them
to save further expense; also that
thev fix the gate which was damaged at the time of taking the
C. Arthur returned home, on
Tuesday last, from a charming visit
to the city by the sea. Shortly belore leaving Victoria, a very suspicious looking individual came
aboard, and who might very well
have had a hand in the murder of
Chas. Freidman, who was shot at
bis home an hour or so previously
Mr. and .Mrs. W. J. Leary, jr
and family, left, yesterday, for
Skidegate, fhieen Charlotte Island,
where they will make their home
tor the future. Mrs. Leary is not in
the best of health for the journey,
but it is hoped that no ill effect will
result from tbe trip. Delta has lost
a family of good residents who will
be much missid.
A Fair Trial
is all we ask for
Royal Standard Flour
In testing it discard any preconceived preference you may entertain for any other flour.
The relative merits of good brands of bread flour
can only be proven in this manner.
We know that if our business depended
solely on an impartial comparison of the merits
brands, we would control the flour market
Try it and you will always buy it.
Sold by W. H. SMITH.
Vancouver Milling I Grain Co., Ltd.,
1016 Westminster Avenue
Vancouver. B.C.
Just Received
Two    Cats    Cyphers    tlrcUbators,
One   Cat-    Swilt's    Beef   Scraps,
Mr�� Beg Leave
To notify the people of L&dntsr aad sui>
rounding district that  we are now la a  j
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it po*
sible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about th *
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
Calvert & Lewis,
Gut Glass*
Miss Foster returned   home, Friday, from a visit to the Royal City.
Smoked Halibut, Kippered Herring, Mackerel and Codfish, fresh
every week���vV. H. Smith.
When you wish to buy visiting
cards call on the Delta Times who
will sell the best money can buy.
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calling on
the Delta Times first.
The Lad's Brigade will assemble
in the Town Hall, on Thursday
evening next, at 7:30 o'clock, when
a good attendance is looked lor. It
is sincerely hoped that the bigger
boys will turnout full strength.
Mr. Brewster informs us that if
he hears of a number of Laduer
people visiting the Horse Show, in
Vancouver, on Thursday, Friday
and Saturday next, he will be willing to run late return trips of the
S.S. Sonoma, leaving Steveston
at 7:30 o'clock each evening in addition to the regular trips.
F. Wilfred Jones, Agent of the
Bible Society of Canada, addressed
a mass meeting in the Methodist
Church here, on Sunday evening
last, when be gave a brief but very
interesting outline of the work of
the society, after which the Ladner
branch of lhe above society was
organized and the following officers
appointed: President, John McKee;
secretary, A.-DeR. Taylor. The
above officers and the four Pro*
testant ministers compose the executive.
Clean Seed arowa
Clean Crops
Advance Fanning Mills Can't be Beat
Come and see our line of Fairbanks-
Morse BORT MOTORS, I, 2 & 3
Cylinder 2 Cycle.
(Guaranteed ia Every Way.)
/\re you raising Early CMc^s ?
They are the Ones That Pay
Purebred Eggs for Hatchig:
Buff Orpingtons Black Orpingtons
White Minoicas
Plymouth Rocks        Spangled B&mburgs
$1.50 per Setting of 1-3 Eggs.
Commission Agents,
General Dealers & Machinists-
All Kinds of Jewellety.
New Stock.
Call aad Set Them.
Jl. Clausen,
Driven by Style*
tevery 'own e* of �� horse tm& carriage who wish to he consideted
anything at all must hay* bis
horses equipped with
oi the latest make.    This is expensive in some places but not here.
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
na Hustings Street. Vancouver, B. C.
 mam    i ���  i <-*���������-���� ����� '���'"*��� * * ��������^�����
Estate ol
W.   L.   McBRIDE,
General Merchant,
Phone 5,   -   Port Guichon
Produce Stored and
To All li C Ports.


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