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The Delta Times May 28, 1907

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Array ^r^m
Vol. 4, Nf). 38.
LADNER, B. C, TUE5DAY, MAY J��,--I907.
fftRg TA
.efi   1   .B   L.
i kc l
i ll!
To the
We have decided before placing our
fixtures in our New Store to give -a. .
Cinderella Dance ������*
On the evening of Tuesday,
A '
New Westminster, May 24.���N*6t-
withstaudin; the fact tbat market
held on Tbursd iy makes it rather
inconvenient lor many oi the farmers to attend, the showing vester-
day was fairly veil un to th; mark
The us".rl attendance tl buyers.,
both local and from outside point.,
was good, ami tlie early birds get
the pick of the h.r.-gnins. A lunge
jnciease in eggs was remarked,
considerable quantities being imported articles,
together      with
The seventh annual Victoria Da\
celebration at Slevestirri oil Friday
was undoubtedly the most sir -
cesslul ever held in the Jishing
burg. There was a vi��rv large nt-
tettdence of outsiders, the weather
was glorious .-it.'! every evenl pas*-.-
ed off without a hitch.
At 11 o'clock the children's pro-
Thc- i Id 1 1 '���' ':.;.���'��� tug. in life
; nmcil Cham her <".t Saturday,
May fff.tb, ai 2 p in.., with tire
Ri       . II. M. Vasey, in  the chair,
and -
���lis.        (
I an
.-1 !'..:<
'Mir. ut'
S       11!
vi< ������
i mm
is tea
V ���'
the C
.ing 0
f crui
I n.i.
We have secured the services of the
.For the occasion and we herewith
ession'took place and over eighty
This     ii.Pux,    , .,, ,. .    ,   ,	
children   participated in it.    ihey
  lho    increa*in* marched-.rom the Court  House  to
supply which came in from local Second and Moncton Streets, from
he;i ranches had the effect of slight- whence they marched te tlie Meth-
ly weakening the price, and the odi��t Church and -sang "The Maple
wholesalers were only going as pLeaf Forever." Revs -Donaldson
hich as 'iie and 21c per dozen, i and Burton and. C, Steves gave
though lots wliich were purchased Hive-minute speeches, ami the child-
by the dozen cost as high as 30 fen heartily cheered them after they j
cents. Ivrere thiougb.    Great credit is d-ue
Butter was offered in large quan- fihe teachers of the school for  the |
tities, a-id thc demand holds good,  ptins   tbey   teok   in -training  the
I Nothing  i-.i  the  fresh  butter  hue children.
sold less than 35 cents  retail,   and      Theie  were  two bands present,
j large lots went Inr 30 cents to local i adner Silver Cornet Band and the
merchants and hotel men. Quite a IChinese Band, and they discoursed
number of-ducks were tor sale but ^popular music the whole day. In
uo ge-ese were noticed. The de-1the evening a largely attended in-
mand for ducks is  very  good,   but Imitation   dance   was   held   in
the birds imist be   young  and
Opera House, which wound up tin-
��� 1
To come and enjoy themselves for tha evfening.    The Band will give youi
good music and we are sure you will have a good tune.
There will be no tickets or further invitations issued.
Our Company will be pleased to have the pleasure
��f seeing everyone come who possibly can. (It will
be full moon on that date\.
Court of Revision.
The First Dance will be called promptly at 8:30 p.m.
and we will try our best to en,tertaiia yon until mid
A very pretty wedding took place
on Wednesday last, at R.C. Church
o'  the  Sacred  Heart   when   Miss|
Andra Selich was united in  marriage to Benjamin  Nicolich, both  of j
Port Guiebon, by Rev. Father Pey- j
'tavin. i
After thc ceremony,   whieh  took!
place   at   3.50   p.  in., the   happy
couple j.irtook o! a sumptuous wedding breakfast at the  home of thej
brides' parents when a large uum-
ber   ol   mends   sat at  meat witb |
them.    Among thos. present were,
Mr. and Mrs.Martinolich, Mr.and
Mrs. Tine, Mr. and Mrs. R. Cos-1
tilich, Mr. and Mm T. Cosiilich, I
'Mr. and Mrs. Bussanieh, Mr. audi
Mrs. Jos. Martinich, Mr. and Mrs. I
��_-!, NesbiU, Mr. antl Mrs. Vidulich, [
Mi.  and  Mrs. Nicoliuh, Mr
Mrs. Jos. Tamboline.
Misses ��� Martinolich M. Cosulich, M. Bussanieh, Mary Bnssatr-
ich, ��� Mardfsich,
Messrs. A. Nicolich, ���, Nicolich,
J. Scoopinteb, M. Martinolich, J.
Cosulich, R. Cosulich, I). Xesbitt,
Marco Calich, l.ucas Bartinolich,
John Bussanieh, Visco Feccarovich.
good heavy condition, and as older 'day's entertainment.
members of the  duck family   who      Iuthe  local   clay   pigeon shoot,!
have pissed the  prima of life are open, Harry  McCormick took the'
not iu great demand     Several  old -Special  prize  donated   by Kelly of
birds were on the market yesterday Kelly, Douglas & Co.���wilne, $10.
but in the majority cf cases   were!     In the amateur-class,   E. London
taken home again. Hiok first for   running   high  jump,
The demand lor  potatoes   is  go- .running   long jump ar.d   hop, step
ing np every week and  the  supply-aud   jump,   cud    second   lor   tbe
decreasing   proportionately.      The standing high jump.
supply yesterday was  the  smallest      The Green   trot  fcr  horses that
011 record as yet, and many  of the never won public money, was taken!
large dealers in  tbis  product   were! by George Grauer with Winnie G.  \
on the scene early,   so   as  to  get j    Eburne  won   the lacrosse match
first   chance.     The   consignments from Cedar Cottage with a score of]
were  all  in  very  small  lots,   and (three to nil.
long before ten o'clock all the potu- 	
toes in sight had been bought up.
The price of beef still holds good,
the ruling price beingthe -same as
last week. Hindquarters were sold
from ten to eleven cents per pound,
while foreqiiarters commanded eight
to nine cents per pound. The
supply, though fairly good, was all
sold out by noon. .Seme ofthe beef
offered was in excellent condition
and wotilu compart- favorably with
stall fed animals.
Pork was very short of the demand and no prospects are held out
early in the day. Eleven cents per
pound was the prevailing price,
but some of the later buyers paid as
high as fourteen cents for the scarce
Mutton and Lamb are good stock
to have just uow, as thc demand
is increasing, tlie articles command
a good price and ready sale. What
wa-;   offered  yesterday    was   prime
The Court ol Revision met in the
Council Chamber on Saturday,'
Msy 25th. at 10 r..m,, with the
Keeve, H. M. Vasey in the chair,,
and Couns. Gibbie, Davie, Gilchrist'
aad Paterson present.
That the complaint of O. Houle
be received and that this property
be transferred to VV. II. Keary.
That   the   complaint   of   Hope.
Gravely & Co. be received and that
'J. .Stewart's property be assessed to,
present   owner;   also   B,   8 and   9 '
Lot 1392.   Carried.
Tl at tin- complaint of J. Fulton
��� jbe  received.    Under existing  ti
stock and no difficulty  was experi-,cumstances   it   was decided to re-
Trv Big .-Four as nn   investment
while you may gel it cheap.
SUTTON'S SEEDS���Flower and
Vegetable, in packages. Field
.Seeds���Beets, Carrots, Mangel
and Swed^, in bulk, may be obtained from H. N. RICH, Agent
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ladner, RjC.   .
How often do w hear it  remark-1
|ed,  "It's only a cold,"  and  a  few|
���days later learn that the man is on
his back with pneumonia.    This is
of such common occurrence  that  a
cold, however slight, should not be ;
disregarded.   Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy counteracts any 'tendency
of a cold  to 'result  in  pneumonia,
anl has gained its great popularity,
an 1 extensive  sale  by  its  prompt
cures of this most common ailment, j
It always cures and  is  pleasant  to!
take.    For sale by All Druggists.
Mrs. Jas. Follis end daughtei
Mi��,s Eva, went Up to the Roy;
-City on Sanrday last.
euc^ed in disposing of all on band
long belere closing time, and many
were complaining of the small
supply, having had to return home
without the anticipated roast of
Spring lamb or prime mutton. Young
lamb, ot which tliere were very lew,
sold for $5.50 per carcase, while
mutton was retailed at fourteen and
lateen cents per pound.
A good supply of fowl was offered'Thursday, the birds 11 all cafes
being in yon 1 shape ami not li-C
old. Some of the lighter varieties
brought $7.50 per doz, while good
heavy Plymouth Rocks and other
large fowl went for $8.50, and in a
few cases e.s high as nine dollars
per dozen.
.Spring chickens though 111 good
demand were not as. plentiful   as
ditce assessment tc $25 per acre.
That the V. V, .!. E. Co. be assessed for the right-of-way recently
purchased by them.    Carried.
Capt. V7. Oliver wished to have
the taxes on the village property
equalized. He claimed that lots
are not a--esse.', in proportion.
On motion the assessment ol Ih.
tillage was sustained.
F. Keeling end C. Kettles alio
laid complaints before the Beard,
but not bavin:; complied with the
law complaints were not considered.
The Court then adjourned sine
ceiw d .'nd Clerk te reply.
From Baxter, McLellan "& Sav-
���age, it- injunction on tax sale pro-
ceedings.    Received and filed.
From Tupper & Griffin, re V. V.
& E. R. Co. Received and matter
laid over till lhe meeting of the
Board of Railway Commissioners in
l'rom JU Pose, Hon. Sec. U. M.
S. C, re amendments lo the Municipal Act. Received, Clerk to reply
and pay annual fee.
From Vancover General Hospital.
Received "ind Clerk to reply.
A petition w��s ther.-tcad'requesting the Council te construct-a-side-
walk from Westham street to Chal-
luckU-an Station. Received and
The following accounts were ordered paid: F. Williams, fiS.75;
Hank, $20; V. Mai tine I ich. on account,'<-*200; U.M B.C., Sic.
Go (nation it was decided to
leave the fixing ol the wharf ill
front of the Belta Hotel in the
hands cf tlie Road Foreman.
Csuns. Paterson and'-Gilcbrist reported 1'iving .sanctioned the removal ot the platform hi front of P.
Clark's-shop.   'Sustained.
The mat.er o! removing all fences
encroaching on the Slough road
was left in the hands ol the -Roar'
Tbe Reeve and Conn. Paterson
were appointed a committee to I00L
after the work in Ward V.
The Delta Ditch and Watercourses By-law passed its thira
Conn. Datie and;the Road Foreman were authorized to report ou.
the condition ol the gravel pit in
Ward II.
C. Beadleston complained about
too much wilier being let in the
Slough ar.d doing considerable
damage to his property. Last year
he estimated his loss at $50 while
t.he loss t>-i���-��� year will amount to
f.75 at least.
1\ Woods was. granted permission to !ow;r a box on the Gowdy
road ai.sl build a temporary fence
on the*:oi;d.
Re the widening of the Trunk
road from the River 'to Westham
street, it was decided to widen said
road as full a.-, possible, and the
Reeve and Conns. Paterson and
Gilchrist v.ere appointed a commit-
tee to place stakes.
Conn. Davie gave nchee that Be
would, at next meeting, intro luce
a Highway By-la...
Council then adjes rued to 'niest
again km Saturday. Jlme oth at .-
p. re.
The Ladies' Aido Lhe Methodta;
Church, Ladntr, will be "At
Hon- ���" .'.. their  Irre ids   frofiO till
10 at the   rcs.der_.-j
Mrs.  II. J.
might be expected, and the sup] ly
was all sold early 111 the day at
prices ranging from $6,50 to ��7.50
per dozen.
Kirkland, on Friday evening next,
to meet and welcome beck the
Rev. J, F. ar.d Mrs. Betts.
Chamberlain's Sf,-S_.2,,l?* *T*
vusssusfsiiaij, a  Di.tThtt�� KctutslT
Vcn_.r-ft.il,    tluy it imisv     ll May wvr Ut. TiTG ]>Kl
TIMKf\ Tl K-:/.A'/
I'rRi,!. nr.D  r.Vr.RY TritSDAV.
ditawa Lctrcr.
fo make fbrttuiea ou t
*.i th future ���' *��. must
p.r* unmethlnff l^to t>*e
present     .      .      .      ���
flnlit- Coppers Pay
Hlg  D i v i d e n d d   all
over Hritish
���       .       ���       Columbia
.Subscription, $1.00 per year.
.Casual AdTertiflejneati. io cents yer line foi
ihe first iu��-rtioti, Riid 5 teats per line ior each  niier  Sir Wilfrid I aurier  \V
(mbsequeut inscrtiou-     'fh*   mimW   .-.��   imrc ^ **   '
Thc   uuuibcr   ol   line;
!     Ottawa, May iS.���The week last j
J past will   prove a   memorable one
I for Canada.    It saw t'he conclusion !
, of thc colonial  Conference in  Lou-;
don, nt,which Canada's gifted  pre-;
Cont: ininp over 100 Views in everything.   Post p:\id 50C.| Stamps
Richest Province in the British Empire.
��� ���!������+��� .f��*-i-*-r*-i...-2.��-{-*.:.*-f..--l.  *
f *!' ��� ���!��� ��� '!��� �����1'��^. ��� ���!��� ��� .fr-f.
De ta Transfer Stable
,��cko.<_lbythe -puce occupied, l,_____ftto tbe   ored upQn fcvery occasioI)>   and wbo j
Rntes (orCommercial jUrertiseisenta can be so ably represented Great  Britain's
hail on applic .tiou ist this office.
���    ��� ... greatest colonv and upheld the Lest
Re.iiIItik notice* ir cent, per line for each in-1
-���"tion- of Canada's traditions.
nirth anil Death nfslicesi, soc., M.'irrir, i-esSt.no.   ... .,      r     . ,,.,     . I
' It saw the first ^tep accomplished
Any special notice, the object ol whicli is to j i
promote the pecuulaty benefit oi nny Individual   towards the establishment ofa new I
or company, to be considered an nU-.-ertisenis-nt 1
��nd charged accordingly. I fJlsl majj service between  England, i
Alladveitisemcnls charged fur until ordered1 Alls'r lliem and puid for.
Correspondence Invited on matters ol public '
li.ier<__t. Communications to editor must be ac-'
compacted by name of writer, uot necessarily I
/or publication, but as evidence of good fitltll.   illlorillatioil  with n_..|)LVt to the COS!
Correspondence  must resell this olliee by Thurs-1 '
0ajrevening. , ancj route of that great national 1111-
i dertaking, the Georgian Bay Canal, j
j of whicli .Sir Wilfrid Laurier  is  on!
j record assaying," Il shall be bulk."--
=     It   saw   publication   of   figures
i which prove that the trade of Can-
_ i ada has increased by the  enormous i
sum ol -592,128,995, during the past;
nd  Xew   Zealand,   via
It gave to the country  the latest
Geo. R. Manlky,
TUK.SDAY,   .MAY  28,    I907.
Judgment in the Delta rs. Wilson
case is expected to be handed down j     It permitted the  finance  depart-1
within the next two weeks.    WLv j ment to announce that the fiscal re-
it his delay ? turns for the year last  past  would I
show a surplus ol $18,000,000 after!
.paving off nearly Sio,000,000 of thei
���lhe dredge  King Edward   will | pub]ic debt>       ' I
,not be able to come here until some'     it welcomed   the  announcement |
work on  Harrison  River has beetr by the premier that the home  gov-
,completed, and which   can  only be ernment should  seriously consider
accomplished during high water.    !the iuJustice t0  Canadian  interests;
 _  by reason of   the   cattle   embargo;
which obtained in England against}
The committee appointed to stake; Canadian Cattle, and   the   response
off  the   Trunk road  have accom- by Mr. Asquitb, Chancellor of the
plisbed  their task and, with very Exchequer, that the question should
little trouble, will give us a 5c-foot| be scrious,-v considered by the Hoard I
, r       e,s ,,,   ,     , of Agriculture,
.road frsm 1. Woolerv's corner  to ��     _.,        ,    .   .     ...       ..  !
It saw Ottawa no .idea with   rail- 1
P. Clark's shop, and fairly straight.  way ,���,���,   contraclors  and  others,
���We sincerely hope that those inter- interested in the building of the
.ested will help push this to a final Grand Trim!- Pacific, submitting
settlement, for t',e approval of the government, I
_ ... ���  various routes for this and kindred;
enterprises, all of which  tends to
OUT OF  ORDER. the ur budding of Canada.
������' " It    found   Hon     Mr.   Ilrodeur,
At the Court of Revision, on Snt-, Ministerof Marine and Fisheries,ex-!
urdar   last,  Capt,  W.  Oliver   re- plaining to the committee of Lloyds
quested the Court to  revise tbe as- at London, the splendid harbor fa-
 ���.,,  , ( ,,.   ���,, ,,,, ' cilities  which  the government was
cessment  oi the village.     lhe  re-. "
��� providing throughout Canada, -Mr.;
quest was out of order thc roll hav-i ,.    ,        , ,,     ,        ,    ,     ,       ,    ,
I ilrodeur fully described what   had
ing beer, accepted by the Council] been done to ensure safe navigation,
Kothlng Risked, .N.tblnt. (joined. Not hi n_ Ventured, Nothing Won.
spied iwiy njmm
The Richest Men in the World are investing in H. C. Copper-
Gold Mines.     Why can't you begin now ?
The Createst_Gold-C<>. r er Discovery ot the Age In B.C.
��� jii m ie s, 11 ����"'"'
(.-very llullar Subscribed used In Development of .Mines.
Special Offer, 20c Per Share.
Mines directly west of Le Koi, whose shares are now about
��tl. Le Roi Xo. 2 shares are about $15 and went up to ��100;
and Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. ot Canada, Ltd.,
shares ^150 each. Grar.by Mine pain over $2,000,000 Dividends
in 1906, shares Si45; and all gold-copper mines in H. C. paid
Large Dividends. Hig Four assays Irom $5 to ��Soo in gold,
copper, silver, with 32 per cent, in the Treasury; ou the Railway
near Smelters.
N0T2���Most of these mines sold for a few cents once, but
over-capitalized even now pay Big Dividends.
BUY   TO-DAY,   YOf   Wll.I,   NEVER    RKGRKT   IT.
Rossland Mines received Highest Awards for richest gold-
copper ore sent to St. Louis Exposition. Kig Four h."d Host
Display at Dominion Fair, Kew Westminster, B.C
Xo less than 100 shares sold, All Cash. Above this shares
can be had on instalment plan, or yearly contract, 15 per cent,
cash, balance monthly.
Company lias no debts or liabilities.   Send for Illustrated Prospectus to Secretary.
P.O. Box 174, Vancouver, B. G., Canada.
Team Work Bone at Specially Low Prices.
; JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor-
Telephone "Ladner" No. 10.
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
New Service���Port Guichon and   Ladner.to Nt!
Westminster and Vancouver.
'������ Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 tun.   Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 a.
' Leave Vancouver,   2.10 p.m     Arrive Pt. Giiichoii, 6.00 p.
Gives   Passengers   four  hours  in   cither   New   WeJ
j minster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,
j Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guicho
Sufficient Cars will he furnished without delay.
Jas. MacKenzie returned home,
last week, irom a trip to Lowe
Raspberry Vinegar, Lime Juice,
LiflTel Tower Lemonade, &c.���W.
II. Smith.
According to The Commercial,J
of Winnipeg, the visible supply ofj
oats in the United States and  Can-'
ada, east of the  Rocky Mountains,
is    10,331,000 bushels,    compared
with 12.501,000 bushels a year ago
Incorporated 1869.
Tliere is every indication of a
flood. The Squire is packing his
long hoots around with him.
tei 111 Giff U
CAPITAL, - - - $3,900,00!
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $4,390,00.
A General Banking Business TransasCted.
The loc.il train has ciropptd lack
to the old schedule of three days a
week,    Monday,   Wednesday   aud i
(Westminster Branch")
Time Table  '
The Royal Rank of Canada with
its splendid connection all over
Canada, affords you exceptional
banking facilities.
Cars leave WestmiiiKter (,.r Vancouvcrat fi
aud 6.50 a.m. uml hourly thereafter until n
in.; Saturdays and S.iidnys at n p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster. ;.; .-
..'i : ...io a. m. ami- hourly thereafter unlit io
1 m.;Saturdays i.ml Sun .ay.iat :i p.in.
I We run first-ctass ft-dg.il cars between We
minster and Vancouver and nil shipmeutsa
hnndle I wilh the utmost eare nml delivered
s si. 11 .t: H-ithnut delay    Special ult' ntion -.-:
'1. fruit shipments.    Oin wa.i.ns meet all boi
I and trains.   l;or rates, etc apply to
Traffic Mi;r. " Livai Myr
Westminster, ll. c.
as the assessment roll lor this year,
and the Court of Revision had only
to deal witii individual complaints.
Although the Captain was out ef
and alluded to the extensive works!
carried   on by the government to-!
wards perfecting the St.  Lawrence
route, by   lighthouses,   gas  buoys, i
! log  alarm   stations,  wireless tele-
order, he certainly pointed out very i        t.    . 1    , 1-,
- ' - j graphy, telephone and   signal  ser-
plainly that there  is a need of re-1 vlce(   wrecking   plants   and   sub-
rision  of the   assessment,   aud   it marine signals.    He   referred also
would be well for the Council to go, to tbe regular inspection and animal j
over    the    roll   thoroughly    ancl! -weeping of the channel.
It saw general contentment, hon j
est administration oi public affairs,
a   condition   ol   prosperity   which!
makes o! Canada the most desirable j
field   for immigration,  aud  immi- j
Hie S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Steves- j
ton   at  g a.m.   and 5 p.m.    Every <
day except Sunday. |
j Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Intei
est Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
BRANCHES  IN URI'lTSI! COLUMBIA���Vancouver, Vanceuvq
East  Hud.  Mt.  Pleasant,   Granville- Street,   Cordova  Street;   Gram
Forks,  Nanaimo, Nelson, Port Essington, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon]
Chilliwack, Cumberland,  Port Moody and New Westminster.
H. B. MARGESON, Manager, LADNER, B.  C.
I Later Exhibitor
Friends of Mrs. John Ellis will
be pleased to learn that she is improving considerably after a very
severe illness, and expects to le
able to be up again during the
coming week.
straighten out any inequalities that
may be seeu ere another assessment 1
.is made. I
With  regard  to  the scarcity of
water on the back   ranches and the
grants arriving by the thousand.
It saw thc settlement of the most
distressing   of   the   industrial dis-
sputes between  employer and  employed, and a disposition   to obey1
hooding of  those  on  the front, no tbe ,aw witb rfispect t0 thfi ksser
difTereuc.-j   which  bave  arisen  in
some localities.
When )'ou wish to  buy  visiting
cards call on the Delta Times  who'
will sell the best money  can  buy. :
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by  calling  on |
the Delta Times lirst.
action was taken at the last meeting ou account of the introduction
ofthe Ditch and Watercourses Bylaw which will soon become law.
Fresh 1 (ranges, Lemons and Ban-j
The object of  this by-law is toI anas, three shipments each week���
remove or (.ause to  be  removed all i W. II. Smith.
obstructions from the  ditches, such ! 	
as dams, drinking ways, etc.    If a      The Ladies 0l   the Presbyterian:
man wishes to obtsin water from church intend holding tbeir annual
the  ditches  he  must dig a water-1 strawberry   festival   on    Tuesday,!
hele on bis own property, and pro- i J"1'-* Mth,    .See posters later.
tect  the  ditch, on   his .ide, by  aj I
fence. Persons permitting stock to j We are pleased to state that Mrs. [
tramp in ditches must [ay for clean-UDr.) Woedlev is able to be up
ing out the same. again after a  stvere  illness which]
Tt this by-law is properly enforced the municipality will be many
.thousands of dollars better ofl dur-! ~~ i
iug the next five years and the fai ^    Albert Dixon, Esq., who is on a
.mcrs at the back vv ill be enabled to  visit l0 tbe coa*st v,'ith  the ��hril,ers;
' ,    . !    , , ,    at   Los   Angeles,   is   visiting   his,
obtain  thc  ueccssarj   water uh.kl
there  vvill be no reason  why tbe
Sir Chas. H. Tupper, K C , recently moved belore tiie Chief Jus-
tice for an injunction to stop the
Municipality ol Delta from proceed- !
ing with a number of tax sales on
the ground tbat they were on tht
same footing as the case ot Delta v.
Wi -on, win n is 11 w belore the
courts. T. S. li.i.: er appeared lor
the municipality, and on his undertaking that no further sales would
proceed at present, His Lordship
decided not to grant the injunction.
���> NEW WESTMINSTER, '���-'��� it. G, ���>
��� ��� .
,'. Manufacturers of ntl kludsol .Jt
��� Soda Water, Ginger ���!���
.���. A!e and Summer ��
X Drinks. 1
��� r
f       Vour patronage solicited      ?
W. N. Draper,
Room 2, BUard niock, New Westmluster<
Jan. 8th to 11th.
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
Six Seconds.    Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Silver
Spangled    Ilarabnrgs,   Buff
Orpingtons and Black
The Delta Times.
has confined her ts the house during the past two or three weeks.
fanner   on   the
trout    should    be
nephew,   W.  II. Smith, for  a few I
days,    Mr. Dixon is managing director of thc  Port  Huron  Electric
Railway, Michigan,
TnAr.i: r.t..RK.-.
,\n7onnnei!-lln_ _ nlieteb .ind description mat
:!"!cly oscart .in our i)|,it-.i.m ItL.) wlicthor i.,
ventfon in linihiit.lv- piiLs'iil.iliV. C.imsiunti ������;
������ii..rii'iotly.lontldontfal. HANDBOOK on I'atcufai
���ii, fr.u. ciii^t sfteno. forsoouruiff poMflls.
nl��i. talttm..tnrpogh Minin ,���. t;o, rocolve
I      I     .1.
Ivggs for Hatching���
Fashion Stables -,'
Trucking and Dray iug.
Livery  work of all kinds attended to promptly.
In an  iflU��I covering,  ���illirr  for  new
btlildHllfffl or improving eld on*..
Consider Its fine appearance ��� its
splendid emdartnff quiJiUetif ��� agd slight
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Uet interests by u.sinu it,
Futleet details of information in ��ur
Wttotoenlo ManufaotwrerB|
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roan fnuriimntiis, $1. Bold by alt newsdealers.
MUNN & Co^8"^-^ NewJcrfE
lil-2_u^ ijlill. Ki. T ��.. TVi s-iiiiiilnn. V,, .
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LAHNI-.K       ......    }.. c.
^ar.iage  Building, Repairing &   Painting, Black-
smithing   &   Horse    Shoeing.
KSeLaval Separators.
Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B, Cr THE UJCLTA TlifeS, 'IT
Holy 'Communion���ist and 31
.Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and 41
Sundays .at 11 a.m.
Matins. 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 0 clock.
Sunday School-at -to a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev.-E. R. Bartlett, M...��� Vicar, j
*yy,&,-m \rf   it     Wt
Senvices first an<i third Sandfly of
.Receives both Ladies aiad Gentlemen as reoident
or  day students.    Kas a complete Commercial
���or Business Course.    Prepares stud-eats to gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades.   In affiliation" g* JJ** I0:3�� a'm-' BeMedu>
with Toronto  University gives  the four years' ���   Sunday school at 3 p.m.
-course for B. A. degree, and the first year of the! ^f^tL^l7^��n
Toronto School of Science.   Has a special "Pros-, iFathorw��ener omi
pectors' Course'' for miners who work in B. C.   , parish Priest.'
Instruction given in  Art,  Music,  Physical j 	
Culture and Elocution.
For   Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
)f        ,lffli"-,'"_ 1 -t .--���". -.'..'.'ir,^. oy I       j
js.<7        L.b.t.���;.; Co tfhoot well a...
l^-f acquiring qualifies o.
���nail -I... !., SH.v... .. 1:,:,..j:m.j fi.l'i'ation.
Ask your Deal, r for . foveas Hlfles���
I .IDtffUllS ��� J- ������"���������'���..     I ...   I  ,.,,  ,, 1- _- ||me_
li��i orcl mains, if .���, cannot obtain
wo ship direct, is.vniv w�� pre, aid, upon
receipt of Catalog Price'.���	
!!.-��� i.i: ������!* ,-n ���::��� >k!__r��bar.tthf.HrEV��N8
'.' ';���'���'. '��������� "''"'������ ������'������,��� ,,; i lu_.    Muled
I,.,- f..ir ,���.���!, ,���....   .;.. I,, ,..., posl.K_.    DdUltl.
I ;    In  I slot lie:...',���lino decoration for )_,_.
il.-.   r ",'luliro.,ii--iii���il���.l |. ,-,! tenia 111 .[������.,���.
P. ti. Uo_ .!!>'.}
ChJcopee   l-'clls,   .Mas..,  U. S, A.
La. Grippe
.Etc., Etc.
Services lwxt Lord'(> Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting-, 10.30 a.m. uvery
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sund.iy. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 6.
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at  11 ���
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at ; g a in Midweek meeting: on 3. bursdaj-evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Kev. '\. McAuley, Pastor.    !
It  will pay  3'ou  to own one and  be on  the safe-i
One Oxydonor in a family will   banish all tlie ter-1
of disease from  the  household  if only used as soon 1
as needed.aud in a reasonable way. J
This is the Actual Experience in raaay thousaudsj
of families who have adopted this advanced method of 1
treating disease.
Inflammatory Rheumatism.
.It. Jan. Atisui, Kus.I.uui, DiC, Can., writes, March 11, iyoi: "Some five years ago r
���g .L O. ydonur f.ir tny wile who wn. su/Teriug from fein all weakness. Alter a week's use the
doctor himaelf.waa stirpr'sc. io li id such a chaugei iu fact it was enough to Induce him to get
an Oxydonor for liis   !,<���;���.
" \ shof! tltue .-iio my wife Unit an .-utick of inflammatory rheumatism., She coul il
ttot walk nu tl lar joint*  were much  Bwoo11eu,   She applied  Oxydonor, aud before  titg-ht thei
plains lud cc.ise.l, ami next morning tliere was very little swelling, and she coutiT w ilk as well
as ever,   bhe ho I .. similar attack before we got Oxydonor ami was uuder a doctor's care for a,
-month, and suffered agouie .
Sabbath services���Crescent Island, 3 p.m., Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at io:-to a. m.
Prayer meeting 0:1 Thursday at
8 p.m.
Rev.  A. H.  Huntley,  pastor.
Have yon  got a Saving    Bauli
Account in the Royal Bank
ada?   If not, you should op 11
as soon as   possible.    Deposits
$1 and up received.
���n im
ofa sev .-  co'd '
Send at ouce for book No. 78, giving further information about OXYDONOR aud many reports from all'
parts of the country.
364 St. Catharine St. West, Montreal.
The Deitm Times
j       Yl.s--.1-S OF TORTURE.
Por more than 20 years Mr. J, i>
: Massey, of 3322 Clinton St, Minneapolis, Minn., was tortured by sci-
1 atica. The pain and suffering v. hi. h
Tie endured during this time is beyond com] xhension. Nothing gave
1 him any permanent relief until he
! used   Chamberlain's   Pnin    Balm
' One application of that liniment relieved the pain and m id    leep and
1 rest   possible,   and   less   that cue
bottle has effected a pet m nenl   urr
j If troubled with sci itica or 1u
! maiism why not try a 25-ceut b    '.tr.
j of Pain Balm and see for  y ������
how quickly  it  relieves thi
For sale hv All Drtigeists,
���SlDillarltjr of Animal* and Men.
'It lias been observed that If the
���tamed dog Is taken tack to the wild
(tare tie loses lun voice. These "sounding voices" are produced in the animal
throat iu a way similar to human language, but an' not "voices" proper nor
"lniij_-uages" proper, and yet they are
fall of psychologic..! expression aad reveal the animal's psychic states. If we
tickle a'6bimpan_ee in the armpit, the
touch produces r. grin ou the face similar to that of.a man under like circumstances. He 'also emits Icraghtorlike
���sounds. The game is the ease ivilh tli��
ourang outttng. The gorilla knits the
brow when angry, just like men.
���We often observe in apes-n comiiloto
change in tho facial muscle., when
���something is going' to happen, be it
agreeable or disagreeable. It is so ulso
with the child, lu apes there Ih evidently the same connection between
the facial muscles and vocal un.'s les aa
-iu mnn.
Character Bnlldfns.
Character is the wool of honor from
���Whicli a coat of nuiii can be woven thnt
the swiftest arrow of sbame-or the
keenest knife of disrepute cannot
pierce. Every thought that enters cur
mind, ever:,- act we do uud ever; word
we utter mHn a link to the goliicu
chain of character. The strength of u
sti-am engine can lie estimated to within an ounce of its limit, bnt it is impossible to estimate tbe force of 11 no-
ble-chat.toler. The hardest hearts are
softened and the lUOSt repulsive dispositions become fascinating. Our failures und our successes help to form a
reputation (hut may be destroyed by
nn external force, but the destruction
of n character can only be effected by
-some internal force���Our Hoys' Muga-
Her Ite����oix.
Br. 'Porter hud responded to a no^e
left at his door by a farmer asking
him to go as soon us possible to see his
little boy, who had "a very bud cold."
The doctor took oue loo!; ��t the chiltl
ftuti turned to the mother.
"Don't you know jour boy K. coming
down with lueusics?" be asked se
"Yes. doctor, I knew lie was," snid
tlie womnn.
'���Tiip.'i what in ti:.' .���. rid il yi 11
���mean by writiugstne hi bad . very bud
cold?' " asked tht? doctor.
The woman hesitated for n moment;
then, looking at her husband, she said,
with sullen frankness, "l-plthpr him
uorme knew how to spea measles."
N. J.
Job Printing.
Nurseries   5_  Jr'
Seeds that ai.tr
to vit.'litv befoi
ih.it are subject "
spec! ion as to   I    ���    1
seeds.    Santple     -���.
Larj;ei.tock of HOME GROWN
Fruit and  Ornamental  T        now
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j    No expense, loss or delay of fumi
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!    BEE SUPPLIES, Spray Pump-,
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Plants Cut Flowers,
We   do   business   on   ��tir
grounds���no  rent   to  ya\   .,      ut
.prepared to meet all competition
Let me price your ist iu or
ing your order.   Catalogue Free.
3010 Westminster Road,
VANCOUVER.   -   B. C.
A  Mail  Oylielia.
Patience���Wliy, s.'ic geve tlie best representation of Ophelia I ever si.w.
"Yea. Vou know Ophelia is supposed
to be mad!"
"Well, there was a party in one of
the boxes, and they talked loud enough
to be heard all over tbe theater, und
she wus tlie maddest Ophelia I ever
saw iu uiy life!"
Hl�� Bourn1 0f information.
Backtabs���You don't meun to say this
ia tlie llrst you've benrd of it':
Subbubs- Ves.
Hneklot .-Why, It's tlie taik of the
Subbubs���Yes, but my wifa Is away
ou u visit.
_. m. -.S^SWSSV.
L/ileS iilSJC'I kU	
%��� d
.-    ; - . ��� x ���
Vp ;* $
,'" '
i.Aii     A.
....".i-r -.
V^_. a.A V   ..v
The Children's Favorite
Oougha, ColdG, Croup and
",'-r,Tl:or��pi-jgf Clough.
''���-���'   ' .lis   ' .- \l.  "���,������< . ,.-. 1-
.)"- ;������ |. il-l   "��� lh. ��� .' , :....i v..,- J,   It s-i.n
i:l��'... 1 1... ,1 -1.- .1 ���;..,! ni...,;.   11 noutnli: i
' ��� 11'      .' ll   -'infill itrll^. nil I 11 ������..   !���'.
:��������� n :.������������ '.iu:���������!.i, to a b_by 111 to nu ..lull
Prioo 25 ctei L.-irg-o Sl_e, 50 cto.
Ti-lB   STMHS   AND   t_ARy
teii.e Diierii." -_ lls_,.,sv ,,_ (lie t,..
ol the . (soil ..rn Comted.r��*T.
'Xi.c (ing of tjio Confederacy, or rattan
the li .- , ofthe Confederacy, l,,.d some curio, it bits of history attached to thoir oxist-
ei.ee. On Mardh 5, 1861, the provisional
Contcdernte eongress recominendoii Uiut
"th ' tlun; of the C'linfedar .te Statoi at
America shall consist��� of a red-field, wltb
it ��� ..jm spate extending <ii��rizruitally
thr gta the center and equal in width ic
--'��������� thi 1 thewidth of the H��g, the red
���n 11. 1 0 nnd below to bo of the satin
li 11 '. ������ w bite, tl.e in in,1. olisi,. ex-
������'   ding down through the white Bpacai
1 : toj 1 ;. ,. 1,, li.. i.c.s.-r n d 6|,:.-,-. In
���;������-.-ii- ��� ' tho union a elicit of whit*
stars corresponding in number wth the
gtatos of ihu -Confederacy." it was first
displayed In public March 4. 1881, the ilny
of the Inauguration of Mucoln, uml wai
unfurled over ths<statohoui8 at CJontgotn-
tay, A'.u
On tbe'battlefield tho Hag bora such a
similarity t'i the Onion (lnj chut In .^cii-
teniher, 1801, tor the Army ol tin- Potomao,
Qonortds nteauregnrd and Joliostvn created
svjiui afterward heaauiO'known as tbe bat-
ilu [lug����� red ground . Ith 1 blue diagonal
cros:: cmlila?-iii-il w.lli \s-..itc stars, ..t.i- I >r
cncli statu, 'ill'- form was adopted by aU
of tho troops cu.: ui the Mississippi ii. r
'I'bc lir.-t -.esign, benrli ��� tile objection of
iv. lulilanco to the stats and M.-'-iju-s. nnd
the bisttJcllag inning no reverse, the Confederate sennte in Vpril, 1803, odopted a
white Hag, v\ j 1 li k urond blue har In its
center, which vns amended by inserting
thu lia-ttlellng design as 1 ?i .��� union, with a
i.plain white gri uud for the field This ar-
'Tangument afterward proved faulty, n~ at
a distance the largo white field resembled
a Hag' of trucu, J.ui',1 also, as combined witli
tlio union, wns similar to iii�� Knglish
white ensign.
On Feb. 4,-JS(!D, t.��*Confode._te senate
.Bopted4thhrU ohunge: "The width, two-
t'iir.i'j of its iciii.ti,, with the union, now
used iis a battleflag, to bo In width three-
fifths of the width of the lias, uud so pro-
pui-tioncd as to leave tiie length nf tin: lit.ld
on the sldosof the unU'ii twice the width
below It; to huve a ground of red and
iii-iie-l blue snltier tboreoli, bordered with
���whiteund-ombluxMied wiph inullets cr five
spointed stars corresponding in number to
tlmt of tliu Confederate states; the Ueid
to be white, except liie outer half from tha
mii ni, which shull'he a nil bar. estanding
thewidth of tlie flag."���Obit) Valley Mun
They   Wll!   Suiter  tiie   Most   Intense
Annoy With lleei.irg nlil,. Fortitude.
An Engll h .-:.-.- . Or K. ������ it. while
serving with tbej'tirliish army in the
caiupuign of 1877-8 saw a marvelous exhibition of tl.e fortitude that resists pnin
end sustalus-wits. ci- rfuluoss a violent
physical shock.
'Iho surgeon's first capital operation
wai 1 ��� ri fined on a Turkish --(.Mii r whose
liime had been shattered by a shell lie re-
fnsed ;o rukoohloroform, .'ind tho-iiirgeon
Un.:. iii., leg off ubovo tie.- knee
lie never grninei! dot uttered un ex-
ciainatinn, but smoked e clgitn tu: during
(be operation Whan thoTurklshcaptoiiD
(������nie ar nii'l wilh tibi notebook to take
down tho name, age nnd regiment, of ouclt
���wounded umn, hispatlont answered quietly nil questions, chough the surgeon was
stitching up riie tluu csf skin onrer ih<s
Ai the (listba'ilo of Plevna I)r. Ryan
worked all day among thu wounded, in
his book, "Under the Kod Crcseant," ho
records tbat in.all his surgical experience
ho has never known men 'to exhibit huch
fortitude under Intonse agony tis did theso
Turkish soldiers.
The recovery of the wounded, consider.
ing the unfavorable conditions under
whioh they were treated, lliied him wife,
wonder Their Injuries wore terrible, but
their splendid physique, unimpaired by
Intemperance, enabled many of idem after
t few woeks in the hospital to resume their
placoe In tho ranks.
"I never saw a private soldier under tlie
Influence of liquor during the whole time
that 1 was in the country," writes .Surgeon Ryan. "There wcre many of tlieaC
men whoso lives I ooifld have saved if I
could have persuaded tliem to taka-Gtiinu-
lants, but it was Impossible to get them
to tmch aloohol even ns medicine.
"The principles of their religion forbid
tho use of alcohol, and thu humble Turk
'lings so tenaciously to his religioo that
be would .rather meet death itself tiiaa
Violate its precepts."
Many of thc wounded lost their live!
owing to their religious belief that' ihc lost
of a limb would prevent them from on-
taring paradise They refused to submit
to amputation, preferring to die rather
than to live maimed,
iltisi Friction Can _. ��
Gunners Inside uf a monitor turret suffer
Intensely from Ju-ut generated by the eon-
eusslon os' the enemies'cannon bails when
���hoy str!lie the steel walls of the turret.
Tho-iiorgy of visible motion ls sudden >
ly arrested and becomes molecular energy
lu tho form of heat. The moving mass
has communioated Its motion to the moio-
c-iit's. ,.j- iii,, metal of the turret as well ai
ef tho oan HOT bull itself.
Ail visible million when arrested be-
uoines heal, ev.n that of running'water.
li Wt lake two pieces ;if solid ice and rub
them together, (hoy can be heated by the
friction until the melting point la reached.
If mc should fiour water into nn ordinary
rotary churn and turn tho crank, the nie
ohnnloal energy exortoH against tiie water
will bo transformed into molecular energy, snd the water will lis wanned In proportion to the amount uf mechanical t-iivr
ay expended
-OSr Hiu Guard.
��� I remettiber hearing uf a law court case
whM.tuinftii had entered an action against
r. railway company fur an injury to his
triu i_ mi accident Said tlie opposing
"1 understand -yoo have lost the use 0.
your arm entirely through this accident"
"Ves," said the plaintiff.
���Lawyer���How high can yen lift your
tt.ii now?
Plaintiff, -witlugreat difficulty, moves lt
about un inch.
"How far could yon iifl lt before tht
"Right up tt-ere!" at the same time
���hooting' it right up over ins head.���Philadelphia i.venin.: Saturday Post.
Baokwoodsmen of China VmII as* tin
bow and arrow as a weapon. ,
Well   iii.-se,e<i   Women   uie,    -_-e*r>
tlood-  Sent ���"    -/iproTHl.
When the ways of svrno women are
considered, ir is in--.; remarkable that
t'lnh numbers of women dwelling iu
j   the   large   cities   dress   e_��ruvugunt!y
than before their methodsi'of securing
I  rich costumes for ulJ occasions ha-v��
'been surutlni. ed.
There are women,��ntl mv of ibeai
very   wealthy,  wi"  make  a regular
practice uf bating ei _unt garmenM
gent to their homes on approval, weur-
lng (hem once and ihen returning then.
to stores or t'OStUmerS.   Some   vv.____e_t
will   wear a  dress or a  ckuik  to  tlie
opera .-nel send it back next morning.
Or ihey will get a hat ur wrap and go
drisiiig or visaing in It, 'ibe average
person would beastonl hod to know ul!
the tilings, from bin. : ome umbrella*
in,d inns 0f great b.-uuty to Jewelry
������-ind   clothes,   thut   s-si.ie   women   borrow- from the shops.
>Of course all of these women are not
wc-il oir   1.sit ihey ull dress well aud
go out a greal deal, and although tlie
Shopkeepers often discover tbe manner
j  iu whieh they are being deceived, they
;  il.. not always like to joabe u fuss for
f<-:i i- of losing a good customer. Besldai
tbey kuuw lhat if they iucur tlie enmity of BUch impostors the  women are
i  quite capable of abusing their good*
!   uud rubbing them of other uud more
;  huiicsi customers.   Strange as lt muy
i   si.'uuu. these women .generally mingle In
j pretty good society, or tbe fringes of it,
I a ini huve some Influence lu the mutter
1   of dress, since they have won tbe repu-
I tuiiun of always dressing elegantly and
In the newest things.
This sort of imposition bad been ear-
;  rled on so often by a custom*.- of a cm--
tain large lirm that Its members deter-
j rained to put a stop to ber flaunting
j about in borrowed plumage, at leust
��� whan the plumage belonged to tiiein.
j One Saturday this woman had a splendid wrap sent home on approval, andl
j on .Sunday one of ibe head clerk* of
j the firm wiio knew Mrs. -Blank as tbe
i offender   stationed   himself  near  her
'��� pew in the fashionable church which
; .be attended,   When she sailed down
riie aisle after service, resplendent iu
Uie borrowed cloak, thla mail stepped
up to her r.in-l said:
"How do you do, Mrs. Blank? 1 am
j delighted to see that you like our cloak:
well enough to keep it."
���of course-after thai-she-could not return the .-leak.
Still, witli all the efforts-put t'forvraiVl
by shops and costumers to break ug>
I the pernicious habit of forcible borrow-
1 iug on 1 In- part of sundry feminine cus-
fbmers, ths- practice goes merrily on,
and ninny a fair dnme with-an enviable reputation for exquisite-dressing
. f.ppenrs but ouce in garment? and hats
that when next seen u!t. bedecking another woman or hanging in tie
room of-some smart shop.
:   -.��**.*_. *i.-.'Hitehs'ii _.."!..����. -talent* iH'
lise Modern Hotel,
The .kitchen arrangements of the
modern hotel ure on the lirst basement
I floor. (There is 11 chief, _tut��o far as��I
could see he does not'eeob. 'He is simply a captain of the seventy-live other
��ooks, who work in three relays rtf
twenty-live each. There is uo range,
but a solid bank of broilers���immense
.gridirons, beneath whicli are the fire*
that never die. As for tie 400 loaves
���of bread tuut 8(000 rolls required dally,
the chef does not worry his muni over
the patent cutters and mixers and
evens nnd stuff of bakers needed to
supply the simple item of blend or concern himself with the quality of the
1.100 pounds of butter that are each
day required to go with it.
I must not forget tht Item ef egg*.
Eighteen thousand are require . over.1'
twonty-fuiir hours. Boiled eggs do not
get overdone. They are iKiiled by clockwork. A perforated dipper containing
tbe eggs drops dowu Into tbe water.
Thc dipper's clockwork Is set to the
second, ant?, when that final second baa
expired tbe little dipper jumps up out
of the water, and tlie eggs are ready
for delivery. There are men who do
nothing eisw but fill aud watch nud
empty these dancing dipper*, and lt
seemed to me great fun.
tin another part of this floor is tbe
dishwashing, where great galvanized
baskets lower the pieces into various
stflutloue of potash and clean rinsing
water, all so burning hot that the
dishes dry Instantly without wiping.
Sixty-five thousand pieces Of china-
ware are cleansed ln a day and-an almost equal quantity ��f silver. All
told, there are 800 employees in tlt��
-kitchen departments of this huge living machine,���Albert Blgelow .I'alue in
World's Work.
Study or Hi:__!<rV
"My boy," said the mau of f.ienl traj-
sperament, "if yon want to beaoin.ro mat.
���t_-r nf your profession yon must studyw
study 'i.,y nnd night."
���������_.-��,''   replied   tho   enerjfrHo -,,~0B^
'and wiille I'm away oil in a corner ��iudy-
Ing   seme  other   umn  will   I:  beuliag
-csi'ouml getting at! ths business.
Vr Waa Montt,
,    "Did the notes of n bird e-WsnO-*
you'-" asked 'ho poetic girl.
"Yes," replied the young mini. "1 used
' to call ou a young lady, nnd every time
the cuckoo announced, the bout- of 10 1
went bGme."
U y hi want a boy bSliy.Tto'n't let ft*
Work kuow ii, or it will bring a gtrl.
1 You wii1 Hm!. by the way, that tettie
I Influence similar to the stork's lias folio-wed you In nil your desire's.-^ _fc>
is-io tj.'oise. '    ' THE DELTA  HMES, TUESDAY, MAT 48, 1507,
localsiews. Hvsterious
Delta Farms.     We Ben Leave
Mrs.  Pk-wi.   v.'jiited  Vancouver
last week,
Miss A. MeK.-n/ie spent the 24th
in Vancouver. '
W. II. Wilson  visited the Ter-
.minal City nn the 24th.
Miss Dora Cook paid a short visit I
to her parents, last week.
Miss I.eua Leary returned home,
Friday from an extended visit to
II. Teden came over from Westham Island, on Saturday, last, on 8
short   visit.
Mrs. Mcl.eod, ol New West
jtuinster, is visi'.ing her daughter,
Mrs. Jas,  Follis.
Xew Westminster, May 25.���A
hat marked" H. M. Knutson, found
on Messrs. C.illey Bto.. wharf this
morning led to the discovery thnt
Harry Knutson, a well known
blacksmith of this city, had completely disappeared between 11.30
o'clock last evening when he left
a down town resort and 6.20 this
ii-Orning when his hat was found.
Bloodstains were also found on
the whurl a few feet away from
the spot wher;.- the hat was lound.
The natural supposition was that
the man had met with foul play
and that his body was lying at the!
bottom of the river, and acting on
that hypothesis a body of men, un-|
der the direction of Chief of Police
Mcintosh, have been dragging the
river all day in the vicinity of the
wharf without having attained any
527 Acres with 011c mile river front; 175 Acres in crop,
balance easy clearing; good house, barns and granary-
Railway and steamboat landing close to property.
Price, $50 per Acre.
20Q Acres   (nearly),   all   under   cultivation, with   good
dwelling, stabling, barns, &c.    On main road between j
Laduer and Westminster.    Price, $175 per Acre.
White, Sbiles & <��,
280 Columbia Street,   -   New Westminster, B.C.
.. .���i_._ eg Bse
Miss Thoui.isine Kerr,   of  Col-1
umbian   College, spent Sunday the ; J^P    lOW*   HCHS
guest of Miss Davis,   at  Boundary '
Miss Minerva Smith returned
home, Thursday, from Vancouver,
to spend the 24th.
Mrs. G. Paddon went up to the;
Royal Columbian Hospital, ou Sat*
urdav, to undergo an operation.       1
For Sale.
Miss Nora  Armstrong, of Xew;
tWestninster, came down, .Saturday,
on.a visit to Dunleith.
Mrs,   T.   W.   Foster,   son   and j
daughter, took   in    the   sports   at
Steveston. on the 24th..
The Royal Bank   of Canada  is:
here lor your convenience and will
be pleased to  give  you  every  attention.
Registered  Yorkshire   Boar,   22
months old.    .\pply
Ladner, B. C.
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer "VJancouver Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
For Sale Cheap.
.Mr   and   Mrs.   Jos.   Tamboline!
came over from the Island, Wednc -
day, to take iu the wedding.
A lawyer, ray son, is a chap who.
induces two  other   lellows  to strip!     A Ladies' Second Hand  Bicycle,
tor a fight and   thou  runs off with| May bi seen at   Kobt. May's Slore,
their clothes. ��� Westham Street.
I have Pure Bred
Buff Orpington
Eggs at
$2.00 for    15
$6.00 for 100
Miss L. Dixon, of Vancouver,
spent a couple days here, last week,
-the juest of Mrs. J. W. Welsh.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at !* a.m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Steveston at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Every
day except Sunday.
KOP Mo ifyo��1*'weCHICK-
n... 1*1.. ENS or kc.cs to
H. J. Hutcherson, took in the ;
gun shoot at Steveston, Friday, !
but was somewhat out of kilter.
Rev. J.   h".   and   Mrs.   Betts  re
turned home, Friday, from Vernon, I
where they had  been attending thei
sessions  of the  Methodist  Confer-
Girl   or    Woman    for   Genera!
Housework.     Small  family;   good j
I wages.    Apply at |
Port Guichon.
Miss Belts, of   Columbian   Hos-i
pital,   came   down   Friday,   on  a
visit to her parents at  the  Parson- ;
J. L. Wilkinson, "Wings," accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Dresser,
were a,uong the visitors to Delta
last week.
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
Church will meet in regular session
al the home of Mrs. Jas. Follis,
Fairview road, on Thursday nest
at 1 p.m.
Mr. .and Mrs, Geo. Nesbitt lelt,
on the 20 inst, for Ontario where he
has taken up territory for the sale
oi Perfect Pantries.
Dr. and Mrs. A. DeR. Taylor
aud son, Eric, left, on Saturday
last, on a two week's visit to Mrs.
Scott, at Esquimalt. During the
absence of the postmaster. L. J
Thomas will present his jovial
countenance at the wicket.
W. J. Brandrith returned home,
Friday, from Revelstoke, where he
had been attending a meeting ofthe
Fruit Growers' Association.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Ellis, returned home, Friday, from Vernon,
where they had been attending the
sessions of the Methodist Conference.
Geo. Grauer returned here yes-i
terday, alter spending  a  few  days;
at his home iu Eburue aud tak'ng.
in tiie sports  at  Steveston  on  the
Messrs. G. T. Baker, J. Guichon, |
Felix   Guichon.   Harrv   Guichon,!
Victor   Guichon  were among the1
visitors   to  take  in  the  sports  at
If you   had   all   the   wealth  ofj
Rockefeller, the Standard Oil mag-,
nate, you could   not buy  a better
medicine for bowel complaints than 1
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera,  and
Diarrhcea Remedy.   The most eminent physician cannot prescribe  a ���
better   preparation   for   colic   and j
diarrhoea,   both   foi   children  and!
adults.    Thc   uniform   success   of,
this remedy hns shown it to be super-
ior to all otheis.   It never fails, and
when reduced with water and sweetened, is pleasant lo take. Every lam-1
ily should be supplied with it.    For;
sale by All Druggists.
When wanting a New Dress just
that THE WHITE HOUSE has some
of the
Newest & Nattiest Dresses
ever shown in the City.
We  have them  in  all sizes from J/��-
year to 17 years, and in all prices.
AlV�����5 Silverware,
Cut Glass,
Watch Repairing a Specialty.
Jlndrew Clausen,
eejv Your Eye
on This Space*
Estate of
A. J. BIRTCH, - 275 Columbia Street
General Merchant,
Phone 5,
Port Guichor
H. McCormick came- over from1
Vancouver.   Friday,   and   returned
home,   Saturday morning.    H .rry
won. tin-  Kelly-Douglass prize   lor
trap shooting at Steveston  on  Fri-j
clay. !
Mrs. Albert Walker, returned
Jioroi., on the [8th inst,, from the.
i_.oyal City, and brought vyith her
her iniatit daURhtei which accounts
-.(.ir the broad smile the barbei
���jjuds it so hard to li de, C "���
Gasoline Engines, Roof Mpers,
We Walworth-Rolston Co.,
toi6 Westminster Ave.,   -   Vancouver, B.C.
Produce Stored ancl
Shipped Dired
To All & C Ports!


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