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The Delta Times Jul 23, 1907

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Array Mr
������ -
|~H ^$8&_,
4~ ac>
Vol. 4,    -O. 40.
LADNER, B. C, TUE  . AY, JULY 23, 1907.
"~T-T '        j '        ~ ~~ ������   '��� ' ~~���A.
;*��'*i     h��aai
Victoria s m
m. Hm
rri'VS*-.  . _SP?_
'��������� ;
��� - :���
-���: ������'
QfflM ��
Perhaps you don't care for the accepted styles.
We'll modify them to suit your tastes.
Perhaps you have ideas of your own in dress.
We'll carry them out to the letter.
Tbe British Columbia Agricultural Association under whose auspices the aii.ua fall ai held in
Victoria - exerting everv effort to
make the xhibition a grand sue
ceM.    The fair will be held during
New Westminster, J-./iy 20.���
There was an i.verage market yesterday. The supply being in most
esses abort ofthe demand.
The supply of meats wa.s r:oi   ex-
measure lo the intense ha
kas been prevalent and
mutton,   veal   ar.d   poik
We'll show you hundreds cf samples of choica patterns. We'll
aave your Suits and Top Goats made up by the oest. bailors in Canada,
Well Suarsatee Seforetai Hst EvtffiMni
Will Be exactly as Voa Wish. . ..	
Ther.3 will be a big saving in prices, too.
No Custom Tailor can give the same quality of doth and lining���
the same trimmings and tailoring���for our-prices.
the latter part of September and for | cessive, which is due it
tke last four months the committee
had been very active in arranging
for the biggest fair ever attempted
inVictori.. Thc committee is advertising its show as far East as
Winnipeg and rs far 'South as Sam
Francisco aud it is expected that
the larg-st crowd ever gotten to
gether in this city will bi
during the fell fair.
The C.*P.R. and ether railway
compaities have generously come
to the assistance of the committee
of management and the most gratifying terms have been m.de. The
C.P.R. kas granted special rates
from all points over their lines as
���ar east as Calgary and as it is from
this section that the greater number of visitors are drawn it Is
thought that the number will be
much larger than ever betcre. It
is not only passenger rates that
have ben arranged but special rates
have been given to exhibitors and
with a,\ incentive to bringing their
products to Victoria it'is safe to-say
Two h-.mi.red   aud   seventy-five
pupils   fuatified   ior   the    several
faculties of art*,   applied  sciences,
etc., held recently at  McGilI  University.    Of thesf 214  matriculat-
a  grnat ed in arts sud medicine, snd 61 in
*  which -applied sciences.
though    ��� British Columbia .-.tuaems made
were in * wonderful showing,   having dis-
good dem-n.i, beef was not greatly  ''"'gnisked   themselves   by  taking
sought alter, hindquarters oi prime '"ishttt hcmots> aud ***** *  tot<,i
.    f .,.        ,   , . , of 76 successful candidates in the
beef were -trailing at  from  eight  to R ',_,      ,,    ,    .   .. ...
finals auu twelve in the preliminary,
nrne cents per pottnd,  while fore- Tw,  is   almeft   oae.tllird   of the
Present j quarters were-going at rrom1 six to [total   number   who   succeeded   ic
seven cents. f passing, eud-rs-a gratifying demon-
Mutton, iamb aad--veal wrre very titration of the thoroughness of pul��-
sbort, the supply being considerably j lie education iu this province. Con-
below the demand, -iidering also the recent eetablish-
V/hat mutton was offered  vester-, ment of several of the local colleges
and the scarcity of the population
as compared with the eastern provinces, it must be a matter of proper
pride, and sincere congratulation to
all those having  charge of educa-
day was prime stock  and   readil
commanded twelveto thirteen cents
though in many cases as high as 15
cents was paid.    Lamb was eagerly
looked ior. and   what   was  on  the
market was disposed of early ia the "tion in British Columbia.
da;,-, the prevailing price bei'jg   r5 j    Of the total number from British
cents.    The price of veal held  firm Columbia,   Vancouver   leads witb
at 11   cents, and  was  also cleaned: forty--_ur    pa^ed.    Victoria   with
out before noon. thirty-one, while Nanaimo,   Revel-
A fair supply of port:  was to bei stoke, Kelowna, Yale, -Chilliwack,
seen in  the butcher stalls, and at and Langley. make <jp the tateace.
m cents was a good seller.    The' As has happened in so many  years
that tbe number cf-exhibits will be ,.demand .wag   about  eoua! .to thej reentlv. British Colombia captured
larger than ever. | supply. I nearly M- thetopvplaees in the lists.
The qt^antity of eggs-offered still Miss Pena -V. CL.ndler, of Vic-
���teeps np to the mark, and a brisk korta college, curried off first honors
business was carried on. Eggs are with a total of 546 out ofa possible
good sellers at auy price. i 600.    Miss Margaret Gladstone, al-
Wholesale buyers were paying 301 s�� of Victoria CbHege, was a close
cents yesterday, while a brisk retail) second with 520. The percentages
trade was carried on at a prevailng; of increase wcre much higher this
price of 35 cents per dozer.. ; year than formerly, 33 more passing
Butter still appears in sufficient tbifl year than last, while eighty
quantities to satisfy all demands, failed only in one rr two subjects,
and the fresh ranch article readily) and wiil have a chance to redeem
broujn 35 cents per pound, though khem-ielves in the September sup-
���a few lots went at thirty cents. ; plementals.
A considerable number of crates j J* the preliminary division of tire.
of good heavy fowl were offered, -matriculation examinations the
but the sale for bird* at this time of following students at   All Hallows'
Let us take your measure for the next suit.
Learn the satisfaction and economy of our made-to-order
Tliis year the committee has
made an innovation in 'the prize
list which will be greatly appreciated by tbe exhibitors which will
be nothing less than tbe addition of
a third prize in nearly every class,
and the list, which has recently
been 13 nishad, surpasses anything
of its kind ever offered in Western
Canada. The new prir.e list has
been forwarded to all local centres
but any who .-re desirous of securing a copy may do so by communicating with the secretary, J. E
Mr. Smart is already in commnn
ication with the  big  stockmen of th,
'Eastern Canada   and   he  has the
assurance irom the owners in  the
���Northwest to  the  effect   that  two
carloads of horses from Manitoba-
two   car loads of imported stock
from Alberta and one car ot mixed
stock from Ontario will be present.
j besides this severalindependent ex
hibitors   have arranged   -or a car
j- of Clydesdales from  Ontario.    No
effort is being spared to let the public know of the big fair which  Victoria each yenr gets  together and
re.;;' this year's exhibition  will   sur-
ipass  anything  ever attempted  in
,' British Columbia it in believe! that
I the   attendance   will   be    nearly
year is weak.aud though several School, Yale, were successful, ob-
lots changed hands the supply was kaining eut of a .possible 400 the
considerable in  excess  of the de- marks set.opposite their names:
mand..    .^even to  eight dollars per fCreerv,  Irene 275
do.eu was the ruling price paid.
Goad* money is being realized iu
broilers just now and many ofthe
ranchers are taking advantage of tlie
demand. A good supply of these feathered delicacies was on sal" yesterday aad 119 difficulty was experi
enced iu getting rid of them at
prices ranging from $3,50 to $4-5�� i were successful
per dozen. j Crofton House,
Phyllis 266
Grant, Annie . ..23S
Hall, Constance 307
H .-irne ., Evelyn 313
Rich,   Edith 277
Shaw, Ida.. 344
Trapp,  Etbel/n...., 308
In addition to these the following
Constance Heaps,
:43; Floret:ce Spen-
Bisley, July 22.���-The King's
-Prize was won by Addison, an
Australian, with Hope, of the 2nd
Middlesex Regiment, second, and
*W. G. Padgett, of tht ist Yorkshire R��giment, thud. Hope has
been in the King's hundred four
times previ-Hislv, and Padgett once,
in 1906. Addison's score was 316.
���or ' points les. than last yesr.
'Caven, of Victoria, 308, and MiJli-
���.gan, of Toronto, 304, were the only
Canadians in the final. Caveti's
score at 800, 900 and 1000 was 122
and Milligan's 113. This is tbe
-first time the King's Brixe has gone
ito Australia:
4 ��.
"Messrs. Jas. aud Tom Pearson
felted the Royal City, .Eriuuv.
J Hop! City's Fair.
The Royal Bank of Canada is
here ior your convenience and will
be pleased to give yon every attention.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at^ a.m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Staves-
ton at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Every
day except Sunday.
The Royal Templars of Temperance, of the Royal Ciiy, intend
paving a-visit here on Friday evening next, the occasion being a
moonlight excursion.
  New Westminster, July 17.
Rev. E. R. Bartlett, M. A., Will Itaportant exhibition business
will hold service at Boundary Hay,; came .before the mcetiag o' the
ou Sunday evening next dt 7 30! board of control of the R. A. & I.
o'clock. This service will be om- [Society last evening in the Mayor's
tinned every two weeks durin? the office, such as the appointment of
balance of the camping season.       | judges, the choosing of attraction*
The Sunday the service is held at for the entertainment of exhibition
the Bay there will  be
service at All Saints.
no  evening
Wben yon wish tp buy visiting
cards call on the Delta Times who
will sell the best money can buy.
-If.youneed them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calling nn
.tiie IJelta Tinjes first.
GRAIN SACK.S���J90 per 1000
(less $2.50 for spot cash}���Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd., H.
N. Rich, Agent, Ladner. B.C.
Very few ducks were on the mar-j cfr, victoria college, 232; James
ket, the demand for these birds hav- j Underbill, Vancouver college, 237:
iug gradually dropped off j Charles Green, Vancouver  college,
No hay is  being offered  on  the:25-.
Square just aow.    What old hav i*1 _	
changing hands still commands JiS^ ,!0Wpver seemfd t0 be ���,
per ton.    No oats were oflered and '   . *.
none are expected before  the  new:'   Mw/H   Q    ^^   rf  UdKff<
cropis-.putonthe market. , i0,(, buUer   ,nd  eggS)   wbich  sbe
Last year's potatoes are evidently j brougbt up froffl ,.er .aucb af j^,.
all sold out by now, ss no more havej
Have you got a Savings Bank
Account in the Royal Ren\ of Canada?   If not, you should open  On*
aS     O )        l_      j.OS.l  .)-. ���-;,(). .,;
$t and tjp received.
visitors, tbe allotting of space in
the various (���aildingvetc.
Letters from the N��nai::o .'ity
Band and the .?ummerlan-. City
Band, offering to play here during
the exhibition week were read and
.passed along to the celebration committee'to be dealt with.
Applications for space were received from a number of distri-t',
and these were referred to the
proper committees.
(Coutinue.1 on  Second I"a.";e.'i   ,
been   coming   in   for   some time I
About   forty   sacks  cf new  pota-!
toes were shipped in yesterday and
were sou. snapped up iiy the whole-.
aslers at fa per sack.
A good sap; ly of small fruits was1
en hand and comm.irded ready sale:
at fair figures.
Red wni black currauts were favorites end   ol i at fr m  5  to 6 and
Mrs, Keegen, of Woodwards,
was a visitor to the market with
butter and eggs.
Mrs. I. Whitworth, wai iu from
Ladner witb some some nice fresh
laid eggs and woe bntter.
Mrs. T. Roberts, from Ladner,
wss a visitor at yesterday's market
-with butler aa ' eggs.
Mrs. R. H. Quaggau, ofSunbury,
obtained as
7 to 8 cents per pound according to}sold egg,'.Rn., bl!tter resterday.
variety. Cherr.es sellicg-at from; Ai?etersoni was in from Sim.
6 to S cents, though several parties; bl]rr wkh a ?Qod supply ^ egggi
high  as  10 cents per, which he retailed at 35 cents.
[    J. Mathesou, ei Cloverdale,  sojd
The demand for raspberries was soae   nfce  cllii:kens VMten],y
excellent,   and   a   fair  supply   on  wen as a svpplv cf eggs.
haad but owing to the material dif-      j jote,so0] cf Surrey, sold
ference in the size -f the crates it i *oes v.Sfi   u
would be   iflicult :o give the ex-j     Mr .   Kleile,   Scott   road.   s.��! 1
jir-t   figure.      The   average   sized eggs and chicke.ns'yesterdigj
pota- THK r
diidDAY, TV:
23,  E907.
iTE U3Hrn
Subscription. $UX*-par ye*x.
Qold-Copp^rs Tay
CI if   IU vide ml h    all
over Hritish
,       a.      a       Columbia
Casus" Advert, sexpents, v^cents p;.i line foi
(he firf-i ioscrtiOO, and 5 c.au.per Une lor each
subsequent insert Ion. 'ihe number ot lines
reckoned by Uie (pace Qpcupledi ;-tliuc>4*i the
Rates lor CoaimftfcJM AiJTctkfmcnt. can be
h.ad on application tit thla oiixc-;.
"All Red Line>!   Project.
Ottawa, July 13.���Attempts are
siade by the Conservative  press to j
belittle this  naw  Canadian  enter-
prize.   Upon, the  one hand  they
���would have it appear that tbe  idei
originated   with   tbe Conservative!
i party, and a criticism is directed at j
theproject containing tbc allegation '
i that the scheiu:  provides- ouly   for |
��� passenger traffic and not for freight. 1
P��������,hs^nr^FMi^M^Mi There ;s no loundatiC:i  for suchj
���ert .ou.
..gents per line fo; each In-
Birth and Dcf-tii ncMcrn, ;..:., Maniftgc ^:.eo,
Any special doUC��( the object ol wjiichisto
" ol - ~ '   "    '
or company, to b<
and charged accordingly.
Containing over ice Vlewi in everything.   Bost paid 50c., Stamps.
Richest Province in the I ritish Empire.
N( thing Risked, Nothing Qalped.
Nothing Venturef, Nothing Won.
Riche-.t Men in the World are investing in IJ. C.Copper-
Cold Mines.     Why can't you begin now ?
The Greatest Qui JsCoppar Discovery ot tba Age in B.C..
I f
Correspondencf Invitft. *:, rnittci*- cJ* public
Interest. Comin.inir..itiQusi to editor .i_uflt.be accompanied by name oi wrilei, not uecrs^arily
for publication, but as evidence of sop J faith.
Corrc*poudeucif tnusvJtach tills office ^.Vhurs-
j^y evening.
Gbq. R.
TUESDAY,   . L J.V 2j, 1907.
criticism. The scheme contemplates j
All nJvcrtiiemf.u ch.rgM fo- until ordered' p_ac__u, vessels ou the Atlantic set-'
it and puid for. I <
j vice which will be ol special bent 6t.
1 to Canadian farmer*, whose perish-1
] able products will be landed in the'
' shortest tirn? and in the best con-,
' dition in the markets of the United
1 Kingdom.
It is true the Conservatives talk-
j ed  cf: this prtjtct   as  tbey did ofj
1 others,.but  nothing  more came of
I it.    Tne  Laurier  ^overnmeut  it a
j goverumeut that does things,
, Xew Markets, for   Canadian   Pra-j
, JilCtS,
The energies of the  governtne.it j
'  iaie   beiag   directed    towards   the
The new crop of hay  has com- openiag up of new  markets for the .
meuced   moving   at   a very  goad  prodac.ts of Canada.    The Minister;
figure., but the -fendeacy appears to cf Finince is Rew  ",sa��rd   iu   "e;
,        ,   ., ,      , ,   . . gotiatians     with     Germauy    and
ie to hold for the time being. ,.
& ! Franc:
Haying is well under way and
the end of the week will see most
af the farmers throuaU.
J.       Ul
Every Dollar Suh bribed used In Development of Mino.
Special Offer, 20c Per Share.
Mines directly west of L,c Roi, whose shares are now aboul
f.u; Le Roi No. 2 shares are about $15 and weut up to $100;
and Consolidated Mining and. .Smelling Co. of Canada, Ltd.,
shares Si50 each. Granby Mine paid over $2,000,000 Dividends
in 1906, shares $145; and all gold-copper mines in B. C. paid
Large Dividends. Big Four assays Irom $5 to ��!. 00 in gold,
copper, silver, with 32 par cent, in the Treasury, on the Railway
near Smelters.
NOTB���Most of these mines sold for a few cents once, but
over-capitalized even now pay Big Dividends.
Rosslnnd Mines received Highest Awards lor richest gold-
copper ore sent to St. Louis Exposition. Big Four had I.est
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
No less than 100 shares .old, All Cash. Above this shares
can be had on instalment plan, or yearly coutract, 15 per cent,
cash, balance monthly.
Company haa ne delta ir liabilities.   Send for _2 lu&lratcsl yrossiseetu. ll Sea.��titry.
��70   FOUR  MIKES,
P.O. 2?ox 1,4, Vancouver, B. ���., Ganaria.
|    Delta Transfer Stable   !
Team Work Bone at Specially Low Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
4- Telephone "Ladner" No. 10. *
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
uiy & fai
(Continued  fr��m   First- Pa��;e.)
seeking   to   secure   better
. trade relations.    In du�� course tie
i results of his  e.Toiti  will  be sub-
\ tcitted to  parliament  aud the pec-'
j ple, and by results tb* government1
I is always content to btjudged.
Faithful Stewardship.
With unexampled prosperity and by-the rebuilding  of a
!'immense revenues  Rowing into the eattte shed* were  laid
I treasury,.the gaverameat  has  not! ^eetiuj aad these were ordered
; been HamiuJt.il of its obligations to
The following, just received, is
the result of the High School Ki::
trance. Efasaia*, reeentlji held in this
Candidate*-, 11; Passed, 3.        I t;lr,  pe0ple;   Economy   having  re-
Leila Kirkland 599 gard to the -due p erforuiaace .^f the
Olga Kirkland 597 public service bas beea the practice
Ella Stainton 591 i
Carwidates, 7; P-asst-u, 5.
Thomas Robertson.,,,. 739
Isabella Robertson 714
Charles E. Oliver 711
Mary Robertson   6co
Stuart Honeyman     575!
The expense accoaats. occasioned
mber of
orr the
be   paid.    Action was  also   'aker/.
wilh regard to freight  rates on 1 ue
district  exhibits, which wi.!   be received at the fair, and ttar manages
Hon. Mi. Fieldia-i publicly  stated'was also  instructed  to make  the
tbat not oue  dollar of the  public1 necessary  arrangements  foi  trans-
money should be wror..f*lly spent, j porti**�� the  first  price district ex-
Every precaution is thrown around jtlbit throughout  the  prairie prov
the expenditure  of  public   money, j '����������� as ha3 ��Ir����dy been proposed,
and a thorough system of audit ob-jfor lbe purpose  of advertising the
tains in all the departments.    Thei
Auditor   General.,   through  whom |
, ail money is paid,   requires  proper!
vouchers lor the uttermost fai thing
Candidates, 4; Passed, 1. [ and he firmly refu^--.  to  pay   im
Myrtle A. Brown 5E2J proper accounts.
Gan.JidaieA, 1;  Passed,   1.
Sidney Swensen 637
Pure Maple .Syrup just  ia   from
the east���W. H. Smith.
I).   Robertson,   of Westham   Is
land-, pakV.Ladn -r a visit, to-day.
Fine assortment of Faacy Ceylon
; Teas prices from 35, to 75 ceuts per
j pound���W. II. Smith.
Mrs. 'Dr.) Waodlev  and   family
are camping at Po nt Roberts.
Miss Hutcherson re-turned home,
agricaltaral possibilities of British
With regard to the attractions in
the way of sparts which will  be secured  for  exhibition   week, it was
arranged to have at   least three la-
i crosie matches, oae of which   will
'1 probably    bn    between    lhe   local
seniors aud oue of the crack teams
. of Hastera Canada.    Full  arrangements  for  bringing  a  team   from
the East have   uot   yet been made,
! but it is expected   thit. cue project
I will ga through-,
j "The outlook is meat promising,
1 and there is every indication that
i the   exhibition   this year will  be
AUCT    N f
Tw.) Horses, 1 Dairy Cow, 100
Chickens, Democrat,. Buggy,
Waffgon. Harness, Dairy Utensils and a Useful Assortment of
]yfR. H. N. RICH has beeu
structed, bv Mrs. Paddon, to
���*���. 2 p.m.
Full particulars next week.
New Service���Port Guichon and  Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt.. Guiclioiu 6.30 a.m_    Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   3.10 pju.    Arrive Pt. Guichou, 6.00 p.m.
Gives   Passengers  four  l.aurs  iu.   either   New   Westminster or Vspi.eoaver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   '06,
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
A^ent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will be furnished withouL delay.
laMrpurattsi Uuo.
W. N. Draper,
koisMi 1. hlLrslfcluc ... Nts�� H'MlalitKt.
CAPITAL, - - - $3,900,000
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $4,390,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
M.R.C.V.S.. Ediii.
New Westmiwiter, B. C.
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
BRANCHES  IN  BRITISH COLUMBIA���Vancouver,  Vancouver
East   End, Mt. Pleasant,   Granville   Street,   Cordova  Street;   Graud
Forks,  Nanaimo, Nelson, Port Essington, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon
Chilliwack, Cumberland, Port Moody and New Westminster.
D. S. Curtis' Drug Store,
Columbia St.. Phone 43
H. B. MARGESON. Manager, LADNER, B. C.
^'^ga^Ln__J.= u_Li^���lJl'| ���__a.i.'.y.i
Ladner Exhibitor
last week, from Vancouver,   where ltrger and better than ever,*' stated
Quite a number of Westminster-
jten are campinc at  Boundary Bay.
she had been spending a portion  ��I
her vacation.
Miss Whitworth,. of Vancouver
General Hospital, is home on a
short vacation.
Tiie Royal Bank of Canada with
its   splendid   connection   all   over
Cauada,   affords   you   exceptional]
banking facilities.
M. Langtry, the up-to-date tailor
oi   New   Westminster,   open.d   a-
branch at Steveston, yesterday.
j Manager W. H. Keary last eTeninjc
i after the meeting;.    "We have  el-
; r��cdy  applications  for space from
i nine districts as  against seven last
I year, and  there  may still  be more
than  nine   before  the  time for applying expires.    There  nre also a
; ��umber of new  towns  in   Alberts!
I which are preparing \. exhibit, and!
j we expect to receive   more exhibits]
j from   the   Klsotenay   district   this
heretofore,"  concluded
I will not be responsible for any
debts contracted by Mrs. Rachel
Rebecca Clark now going under the
name of Mrs., Embree .
Delta, B. C.
Jan. 8th to 11th.
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
Six Seconds.   Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Silver
Spangled   Hamburgs,   Bnff
Orpingtons and Black
Another  s.d  accident occurred
Sutdav nigh',  off   Eureka,   Cal.
| when the B.S. Columbia went down year thin
i , with   300   suu'.s   aboard,    1-50   nf i the M&nsger.
whom were drowned. Those present Inst evening were:
The dredge, King Edward, �� ex-   ; prMklfm ,f  ^ Trapp ,_. U(e
pected here  about  the end of thej | w_ R  Gfl,eyi   L_   A  j^^ c   A
lyescnt  mouth   to  do some much       p. Keeling has joined tbe  happy  wdsk and ManRger w. n, Keary_
peeded work. band   of smilers,   a   regular   6x9;
_______������ \ smiie this time, as the result of the <
arrivnl at his heme  of a  bouncing
lie ill! MH Hi
Mrs. Yetman, of Valdfcz Island. |
accompanied b^ two ckildrcn, is
yisiting ber' brirtter, Ja��. Cook, st
Trcuaut Park.
baby girl who arrived yesterday.
Ech Loiidcri, of Lulu Island,
spent Sunday visiting friends, in
and around Lndner.
(Westminster Wranefi)
Time Table
Curs 1-T.iT Wefttmlnster for Vancouver ai 5.yi
aud 6.50 n.m. aud hnui ly thefufter until it p���
m.; SaturdaysaAd'BuuuAysat 11 p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver lor Weatmitiiters at ....so
and 6.50a. ra, aud hourly thereafter uni.il io-j).
111.; Saturdays and Rtiudaysat 11 pitit.
We run I.Trtte]a3S freijjht cars btrttetco Weal*
minster and Vancouver aud ill shipments are
haudled with tho uttnoat care aud delivered to
consignee witli out delay Special attention paid
to fruit shipments. Om wagons meet all boat*
and trains.   Tor rate*, elv apply to
Eggs for Hatching���
The Delta Times.
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery  work of all kinds attended to. promptly.
Collin son
B. C.
Lililt. B. C
I ,
Mis. H. J. Hutcherson and her
two daughter.^,' Misses Winnifred
3md Muriel, returned home, Saturday, from Plumper's Pass, v. here
Riey had heeu speeding :i few
irteks1' holiday.
At the tnoetiag ot the .School ]
Board, on Saturday last, the only;
business transacted was thc selection 01 leacers to 1:1 vacancie.c. 1
Names &! appointees will apptar'
1-__ic Mgr.
]i McfjCARRin,
'     Very   meagre    information   ba--
��� been obtained  relative to thc raar-
-* -       -riage ol on,--oId  friend,,Harry Mc-
Word has just been rece'vecj that j Cormick  11 Miss McGregor, sister j
of l1. . ici.'.ie;.-or, which  took place
on Wednesday last,, in Vancouver.
hnppy   coupl.-   ftre speiiding
:ir ho e , moon  i:i \'i rloi ia.    We
tend hearty congratiilalioiis.
Ladner Carriage Works.
���enA*wei*'l* ������*����*��� ���������*���������. ***.��.��J��^^Ji >a^*4>*��<��'**.��.��^a.s.***
Always in Line*
the Railway Commission will meet
ip< Vancouver  on  th:   31st   inst.,
wben,   among   other   things,   the The
aiatter of the  Rivor road right-oi
will be settled.
Anvo .0 FPn.llnf? ft plictch and ds-wcrllitlfsn _jr.T
inlokiy-asraitaln <^nr optnlpnsfreD -wnoHi .r nt,
iraiiu. n ��s proBably PatflluA__& Comrannloa.
���ot��. tri.-'tlyi-Mit-is-mln 1. H .N3B00K OH I'aU'ntu
lit frc-^, OMc. c nt7���hcy for h^.iiiliiirpatflUtB.
I'aicnt. fuki'it throngn Munu A s_>. receive
tpt iitlnviicc, trltnont el.ai.sd, ta tbo
Scientific Jftmrittur;
\ Imntlflomolvlllufltratod we.iWr. Tjnreest r��r-
citlt.Oou "f nt��y eciettUQo Jourtml. 't'otms, ��'. ��
���.���.���.a ; fourmor.lUst$1* BoidUyall nowacloolors.
With   Latest   Improved   FARM
Largest Stock in Province to choose from.
B. C.
���J* Manuli.ctulfr_ of all kinds ol
���? Soda Water, Ginger
.!* Al�� and St'iintier
.'. Drinks.
X Your patronage solicited
-*'*s.��.s*��...s*s...s^��.���..*��.*�����*,. _.S^.A-*T B'S.... '*....
'���Gar.iagc   Building*,  Repairing &   Painting,  Black*
smithing   &  Horse    Shoeing.
DeLaval Separators.
G. T BAKER. Ladner, B. C. TIIE DEL'
fl I ..
Receives both Ladies and Gentlemen as resident
or day students. Has a complete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain
Teachers' Certificates pf all grades. In affiliation
with Toronto University gives the four years'
course for B. A. degree, and the flrst year of the
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Prospectors' Course" for miners who work in B. C.
Instruction given in Art,  Music,  Physical
Culture and Elocution.
For    Calendar,   etc., address   "Columbian I
College." J
Kfowlnic boy t
Learning tu shoot well and
actjiili-im. qualities of
a��alliluittaSTIiVK...1 FI1U-UMB BDCCAT.....
Ask your Dealer fur Sieve ns Rifles���
ShotgunB���PfqtoJs. jn,__t on our tin u>-
houorcd make. II' you cauuot obtain,
wo ship Uires.-t, c-xiuvm prop .Id. upon
receipt of Catalog Frioo!
bs-orytliuitf Jim \ioat Is loi.iw ulss.t tii.STlsVKNsJ
i. i-..iu.d lo nu Page Ilhutnitod Catalog.   Uatled
l'i,r f.,iu- coots i.i rtliimj,, t.s jwty po.t,��.. Ussisali-
lul Tod Color II. i.-..:���finis Jw.jt.tjun ior tms
"t]t>a"orq_ub room���mailed for6 ..jit. in ���Usui...
P. O. Box  -007
Chlcopee   Falls,   Mass., U. S. A.
Bhe wm tha fairest, bennieat 1 aa..
That mortal tver Icnftw.
Tlie rose's bluflb wus on her cheeks,
Hor eye., hud cuuK.it the blue
Of .lone time ikies, Around hor h��wi
Bright) golden rlngloti danced,
Antl whon my sweetheart uini'le-i on Mi*
1 felt my henrt entranoed-
I found her fitting 'nenth tht trees
One glorious day in May,
Tl��3 breowa with ber dunei?ig cnrls
Were merrily ut play.
I looked at bur with steadfast face.
aiiu mined ber wyes on ine.
They brimmed with love.   Our warns tips
���U kls'iesoaa. two, three.
T!:at duy was yean and years ago,
But 1 can ne'er forget
My first a'-Veetheart*h bewitching eyas,
And, oli, 1 I**.-. ..     yet
As fervently a* in those days
When first on int.- sho smiled!
Aud the loved me, . know it, for
1 tint her only child.
-Thoiinid H. Holmes in Ladies' Home Journal
La Grippe
Etc., Etc.
Iloiy Communion���r
Sundavs at 8:30 a. 11
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Eveusong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at ro a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30,
Rev. E. R. Bartlett, M.A., Vicai
d   3rd
-,d 4H1
An Aetreaa In  Afrlott*
One of tlie you tig ladles of tbe company
���who, hy tho way, never seem to understand thnt black people nre im-u���thought
It groatfun to go to a Kaflr's kraal, peep
In unit kiss Jier hand to tho chief Inside.
He Immediately cauie out to buy ber and
wuq very much lu earnest about It.
"No, thank you-, 1 am not up for auction tndoy."
''Three oxen."
''Heally very . ood of you, but"���
" Four oxen."
"No, thanks; I'm nut fur- aula."
"Five oxen."
"No; let 1110 go."
Iio let her go with n Zulu oath, and her
friends, who lino, missed her, uongratulat-
od Iilt on hor safe return, which they h-.��l
ruaeun to do.���"Random Recollections,"
b" it. Hanthony
A  ilie. .lax Iu   Diag-u.ae.
Town*-Look ut that poor blind baft-
far playing Hi* accordion.
Brown*- -1**, and he's desf tea.
Tewne��� Gracious! Isn't tbat awful!
Brown-Ob. 1 don't know. Just think
Uow much he'd Nve to suffer If he
wasn't dasiT; he'd have te listen tu hia
- eauslc.
be  on   the aaii
lish all !
It  will   pay  you   to  on-u   one  and
side.    One Oxydonor in a family will  bs
rors of disease from   thc   household  if only used as soon
us needed and  in a reasonable way. \
This is the Actual Experience in many thousands
of families who have adopted this advanced method of
treating disease.
Inflammatory Rheumatism.
Mr. Ji.s. AllSCU, kOBshmrt, B.C., Can., writes., Mare ll It, ryoi : "Some live yoars ego I
pol Oxydonor for my wile who wa.    suffering   from   female   wcHkueae.   After a week's ..* thr
.<��� :i ir himself vt,,% surprised to find siie-h a change, in fact H was eaoagk to i .dace him to fctl
st \ Oxydonor for his sisters
"A short time- js^o n.y wif* had an attack of intern ro ator.v rbeuiaatisai.    Site  ooeld |
no*, walk and ker joint;,  ware much swoohcu.   ake  applied  Oxydonor, and  before  bight tiir-
pains had censed, and next morning tliere was -rerj little swelling, and she could walk as well i
_3 ever.   Mie had a similar attaek before wc jot Oxjdonar sad was ae ,<ir a ste��tor-_ eare I'.sr a
month, and suffered agonie*. |
"It hits cur: . me of a severe eold.1'
.Send at ouce for book No. 78, giving further information about OXYDONOR aud many reports from all
payts"of the country.
364 St. Catharine St. West. Montreal.
Service* first and third Sunday of
each u... .it,, .a 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 $TU.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low .Mass and Holy Eouimunion
ter-_flrst an.; lima Mondays al 6 a.tr.
Kev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
81. peril uo ._.
The Man-Lot tue aell you this new
and very Interesting work.
The Other Man���1 don't need to. My
barber bought one In. t wook.
Am-ii-ui Proofraailliiiir.
The edition* of booka printed -00 or
800 year* ai_o ure almost 01 tlroly frea
! from typogi-aphleal arrora, which amy
] be attributed  to Ihe  fact that early
  j publishera    were    geuerully    eminent
eeholars, and themselvea gave  much
METHODIST. , attention   to   the   lvvlsiou   of   their
Services next  Cord's Day at ui proote f"er re"dlu* tbu ��vooC* t!jey
a. m.and 7:30 p.m. ! ^"^..W tUem,T* l�� ��   ^
' J j scholars with the request to revise ana
Class  meeting, 10.30 a.m. every; correct, aud na Ihe printer's time was
Sunday. then deemed a matter ot small conse-
Sabbatll .School   at 2 ') in every ', (lUL'I'ce * perfection waa attained which
Sunday.     Prayer   meeting everyf-^ *'flP.'n_��l"��M ^modern printers.
Thursday evening at
Rev. J. P. lietts, pastor.
Services next L,orJ's !>.<>' at 11 ;
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at ioam Mid-|
week meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
Two Conraea Open.
Bon .venture do Foureroy, a clever
society poet of the seventeenth century, a splendid orator, au eminent atl-
vocnle and hu Intimate friend of Hell .re to boot, on being asked oue day
by a magistrate what lie meant to do
with his son replied, "If there Is anything iu liim I'll make him a barrister;
If not I'll make liim a Jud;;��."
The Delta Times
Sabbath  services ��� Cresoenl   Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:3.1 a. m.
Prayer meeting-on Thursday at
IS p.ill.
Rev. A. H. Huntley, pastor.
I    1    il ������  an 11   11 ������ am     ��� ���
;   M. J. HENRY'S
'Nurseries   &   .Seedhouses
Job Printing.
Aa �� Prtefdent,
Tom��� -Thy were you ��o determined
' to kiss that plalu cousin of yours?
I>lrk-I wanted to establish   1 pri-re
j tfetit.  She has two ��ery pretty siati .-
vou know.
A P����k ��J Cnvtla.
Tie ardluary pi lying curds of wflny
' Are derived from n stick gamp supposed to have ori lnated in this coun
1 try. Fifty small it cks are a pack. Tha
I "game" was originally for the player
.' to (livid* ths sticks rapidly with his
. two hands, tbs opponent guessing
which baud held tbe larger number.
Owusrs of sticks spent rainy days In
carving thsm.   Ths Asiatics borrowed
; the gams snd catved more elaborate
i toanteri out of ivory.   Those with dlf-
', ferent carvings grew to have different
values.    Arranging them iu groups of
' fours wade it necessary to add two to
; ths original number.   Than thin slabs
ef Ivory began to bo used.
 ,  tor eeuturlss after this all playing
- cards  wer* hand painted, at first on
.     Headquarters tor   Pacific   Coast lTory or bmU1* ��"erward  ��"  c^"
,,...., ., board.   Ths pictures, at flrst legendary
grown Garden, Field and Flower h#ro��iand ladlss,gradually became the
! Seeds that are thoroughly tested as flied. wood fated caricatures we now
I to vftality tefore offering for sale��� know, snd these, coming back to iiutr-
���   , I lea lu tbeir westward jotn-iir-y arouud
. mt . :    subject to  government nl-| tlic j,0r\&, And our Pacific coast ludt-
s] ;cti n as to  freedom  from  weed
seeds.    Samples  sent   to intending
' purchasers. ��� ;
Large slock ol HO.MM GROWN
i Fruit  and  Ornamental  Trees now
: matured for the spring ti.i.ie.
1    No expense, loss or delay of furni-
��� gation or inspection.
BEE SUPPLIES, Spray Pumps,
Spraying     Material,     Greenhouse
' Plants, Cut I'lowers,
We   do   business   on   our   own
groufids���no  rent  to  pay and arc
prepared to meet all competition.
Let me price your list before placing your order.    Catalogue Free.     1
M. J.   HENRY,
sV>10 Westminster Road,
VANCOUVER,   -    B. C.
4a Amnatn* Story Told !;>��� u lints it is*
ol tiie l.o-tlsis-ti.
.Mr. Frederiok Gale, who v,-us n habitue
of thi lobbies of tho house o( commons foi
i" years, narrates soma or bis ouriouf ex-
t... lonoes. Referring to Bellamy's kite lieu so vividly described by Charles Dickens, and to the members who were wont
to frequent It, he ..ys: "Ynu got tbe
best chop nnd steak and cold meat aud
eab.ii in tLe worbl, and the parrot v.'ho
caliod 'Order, order!" und 'Chair, chalrP
and all the cries of tho hou^a, and tho Immortal'June,'who chaffed every one, as
desoribod by Dickens, v.vre still thoro,
aud members of the government might be
seen eating thoir dinner at it mil deal.
kitobon t,.ijlo. 'Givo you a kiss,' June
a. ked of a young member, who was chaffing her, 'you, a younger son, and only a
borough member? Why, I bon..! a duke's
eat., for asking such an Impertinent question yesterday.' There wits a very different house of commons from tba present
one In tliose days."
An amusing story is told of Lord Palm-
erstoa, who had just bad a stormy Interview with a deputation which curoo to
memorial]ze hlm on thu taibject of the
wine duties. Just as thoy wore leaving
tiie room a sudden thought struck bim,
anil he called them back iind said: "Perhaps, gentlemen, a recollection of my boyhood may help you. When a boy, my
grandfather took me witb him to stay at
Loid Pembroke s. After dinner his lordship said: '1 hope you liked my wine. I
din my best to please you. As a member
of the government I ought not to toll you
shut 1 get my claret and champagne direc?
through a smuggler, i am answerable
Ior the port, as I mado it tnysiit.' old
?aui hod hit tbe bullseye, and the deputation retired with lou^h laughter."
The.reminisconeea that c<-nr .r in John
Bright are equally amusing. For example: "I ottii to minii hearing bim In lsii
in the l^ouse cf commons on tlie appe'at.
meut of a uow bishop of Manchester
(Quoting from memory, as 1 do throughout, he said: 'You whutbU a Haw bishop
af Jerusalem a short time a(;o Bow did
that holy man jfo out. With Ms stait and
his scrip, like ona of the apostles? Not a
bit of It. Be wont out on ber majesty's
���team frigate Retribution and landed, under a salulo of 18 (funs, not far from '.he
syt where Snuou lodged with tha taa-
lar.' "���Fortnightly ties lew
UlvldCIKJC   of  Alsillt/.
M8kidle_i always seems Indus! 'lcus,"re-
tssvarked t',,u gossip, "And yat ho never ae-
touiolinl-.es nmca."
" Vc^," replied the1 .-iu:-r lietoner, "bo's
one or thc-.a people v- ho t. benever tbey do
auythlug make >-.-. think they'd be flrst
ra:o i:;Mtis .t eomethiug *isu."���Waskitj^-
l.o Star.
fc'ttsins;- Panlflbmftnt.
Tbsi playwright lmlf hli l :av h_..l stolen,
Yat   when   first   uisntars   mocke.   it
That   author's   the.;._   wiUt   r.^a   w.ra
Hi tt> .ugut h(s auilieace tjBtd hiia b.i'Tf
Evil, though :hft "go'..'' so fiercely roj.re.1,
V\ a can't about unfairness e;u:_ 'tin;
Jt strike)! us that lhe right rewar I
is;r i'IubUii.m ia. ylay-Jaer-ismI
���Ally _ leper,
** -Olli l:iil."
"Nothing isei-ins to pleass y^u." he ss'.d
'���I s. iufe3=." she replied, "tnat yua A.
aot exactly meet my approval."
After ho had Inwardly digested Vhat he
was ineilned to be e>fco more bittor.^Chl-
i_i,;o it.it.
C��.K��C  Of n��uii_c .*���>
Too iittlo blotid iu tha brain is a tra
f_set.; cause of headache aud mny ba reotig-
Bixed by tbe och^ being en the top of tl_,
head, hy ooimlau. dlsziaaee and by noisei
lu the ton. Tho best cure is a ubybl
i^iniulaut, suoh as strong kr* or ctjiTr�� ce
hot ��oup���anything which will ino.<_m
tlie circulation. People who .offer witk
these headaches should always .Un, witt
their heads Ion-.���Exchange.
aus  still  Juggling  thr  same  kind  of
Sticks   tkeir   fur*fet tiers   used.
Tka Ward "Starrnlloa."
The word "stsrvatitn" was Introduced into the  Engliali  language by its
eoiner, Henry Dnmlus, afterward Vis-
couut Melville.   It wns originally used
by him in a speech in parliament on
the American debet* In 1776 aud was
Immediately caught tip and applied to
1 himself ln a political nickname, no tint
! he wss known thenceforward as "Star
: vailon" Duudaa."
"I sball not," such was his deciara-
i tion. "wait for the advent of starva-
, tlon f 10111 Edinburgh to settle tv.y judgment."
P.ofore the time of Dundas "starve,"
"starving," "starved" and "starveling"
I wore in use, but hunger or famine represented the state of starvation.
Although this word has now an es-
! tablished place in our vocabulary, lt
j wns   at  Hrst   vigorously   opposed   by
' ninny, aud on just grounds, as of by-
i Inhl formation.    Thc root "starte" ia
I old Knplisb, while the ending, "utiou,"
1 Is Liu in.    It does not appear in any
I Kngllsh fllctlotiarles until the year lf09.
��aad Far * Cliild.
A white pota-.i. ros.slcd, uot boiled,
should be the (irat vegetable alveu toe
cliild, bu; iu summer time it-, eo'tvl must
be Watched, Ono of the most fruitful
sources of aickuoss with young children ia
giving Uisin auinial toed indiscri:uinats��ly
nnd too often. Beef, mutton and oisie*
are Uie euiy artlolei fit for ohildiren,
a dusttere 01 iir.r\.
-���J r-��rf- for noUoUy,
A��.? nobody cares for m.,"
flrr Tommy at  play,   In tha ��w??t se*
Where r.oi*od>- eo .id ��*���*.
Bo his mother made ihe fire,
And searched far the old hen'a ne?t.
While tha sun freni its place hithav-'rlissed
Went  sliding Inte tha wast.
Sins filled tha ^icau-r pa'il.
And pJoked Vii. karriea far tea.
And nondarojf down In har ten . r hrart
Where rissr tittle boy could ke.
Alo'ie In the dim old barn,
Tommy _r��w ttred of piav.
When ihe oows came uwioe and the ��_ad-.
ews fell
Ov.-i  ihe i.ew mown hiy.
fin ivo ihe kitchen he'ran,
\. !-:i s noisy bi! yi! yi:
J.:, mother h   1 made him a frosted cske;
She had tn.tde htm _ saueer pie.
60 he save her a loving hoff���
'���1 -..iii help n.jxt time," sa'd he.
"I Rare for somebody,
Ai.il si oie ody cares for me."
Mary . . Butts in Ostleujt
"Wilhelmina" jackets, huts, ties, oopee
Aad costumes are now u,>p..sarlng.
Burpllce effects are i.iucii used on tha
bo'dlcos of sll!- and sistln \;cddlcg gowns.
RountUqg fronts, arching bai-k ttj-.vard
the i e, !,; resent one nf the new features
of Btylisii jackets and coats accompanying
the- uewest tailor coatumes.
Velvets are ass  1 of a .frrs.it success la
the seu^ons of lt-ji and ISilO for tho ui��k-
lng oi oostumes entire, for rediugutsss,
skirts, wraps, waist oomblnettoiis, mil'
linery, etc.
The priocoss sl ape -.-111 be much used.
Iksih for dressy d.y and everiijj;; tollate,
tbis autumn, and oethlag could ba mote
peisce. than tba lit aud ao.iii.aef some ot
the uewest models.
There Is n gToat demand for both the
Standurd and fancy materials lu black,
as.tf tv.ij fhil they are brought out iu very
suai:�� different weaves, either I* oil wool
ot- io silk aisd wool mixtures.
Bi_-.sk ��01TBS uf lovely tvansparent er
���smidiaphanous weaves eve. silk or sails
and in heavier materials for day wear
will lake high plane in the r-.iuksof I'anh-
_;_:: for tbe two scasuna before us.
The doe-ply pointed povJum ovsrsktrts
a* thi Mason do not always uateh tba un-
tlersklrt and. ii' preferred, aati bo tiiade et
eatlrcly diilerun* fao.rie. Therefore it
leitv prove uioet aeelrahle far re-Liwdeliaf
Vietorla eords, bayadere silks, Id tback
and dark rich autumn eulwringi, 4-1-05-
graln, faille, buutwiiua, imperial raps���la
lact. all the lustrous oorded silks���ara Id
bi .: vogue, both fca* goWOS atitira a_d ta.
combluatlon uses.
Mohair braid ia various widths aad
buttons of graded alas t.-io. the skirts sad
bodloes *.i* reugh dress fsbriof, and silk
bi'-!d and small tailur buttoua ei-oameat
the i-tistiimes mails ol finer w:ct�� en* wool
au-i siik and wooi materials.
Faille, bengalins, victoria raps axttf
many other lustrous corded silka are
brought out In charming variety, and
these are used alike for eutire gowus, fan*
ey svul.ta, eapos, eoats and for stylish cous*
blnatioa tailau HiidoesVumes,���VewYerk
Hr^tisa-liuft   Bof'eA   riittc.
Aftt-ra ham has been boiled and twfora
getting entirely oold it will bo found n
good plan to wrap around l\ n long strip
Sf thia old muslin, tying it or. with a
ftriui.. This may bo turned bin k as fast
(a the ham Is sliced In tbe msonwhlle
(t keeps the edible from the luuusiuii ei
ruui.1 ba familiar cjua.
(lit V.��J- of LU*.
There Is a tuan in this town who wa��ue
shss-t full nf old holes, a two years1 old
frock uont, n shabby tie, covering a llanos! shirt, and u frayed derby hat which is
eluiofi as old as ha ts, aud he lives In a (9
1 week room ami saves money by wearing
no underclothes, and so having nowasf
bill. One ii.l��:lit think ho was poor tf ona
ne*rr dined with liiiu. lie bus mousy,
hut be saves lt for"sweotstomaoh,8sakt_'5
He speeds about $8.60 for his dinner, and
a tl lunch is not Infrequent. Ho ha*
learned what he most wants in this ws.rid.
lie often quotes to himself:
Why d._.t -.!it.u pins wiihin nnd suffer death,
Painting thy outwaid wmk ee woatly y;.yt
A 1 rs>s: I..-.1.  Ilj-o.Us.
The trookodeet brook in Amerlen ts >'*
Kama _onrt breseik in Maine, beside wliich
an electric road nine for eoniedistoece he-
law Owwleys. The Kongo river is no in
mart ki tiiic eronked little stream. It is M)
a.nol.nl that (utters eatifht there have
���ui-vaturetif tbe *pine.e**orilnig lnai.��w-
tei.isi liunK>rirt
Ae.l .aliil-.i   lll-.ll...
I havo met with pome bulls made by
Australians. I heard n clergyman make
tills remark at a public meeting whieh
was disappointingly small: '1 am sorry to
sic Bo many absent frlendii here."
A slate school te.acl.rr at yneeiiM'tlT, In
Victoria, hud a note from the hmtherof
one of his pupils requesting him not to
(log her boy, thus: "Vou are not. to etino
iny lioy, or he will drop down dead at
your iloor, the sains as Imi did ut Mrs.
Another, bein^ told thet Bo-and so was
buried In s atone ooflln, s.iid "th.it was
very sensible, as it would lasf hlm elite-
li 1 e."���London Teleari 1 r.
Hm. Rhea >s reported te bedyivjtd
Cwurtesay Tkerpe is tu ��'.ieu Terry't
E.hsd Winthrop is wilh Sel Smith Rie-
naii's eempauy.
Julie <>|'P will appear la London ia "A
lieu ef Forty,"
I/alb Fox's uaw operatic eoaedy Is ee*
tltk-cl ' The] Jttle Joker."
Wait.r Perkins 1* doing big business
With ".'sly l*neni_ Trom India."
Charles Bolton will again play >.ar����a
Buperbua ln "Tha tiige ef th* Cross."
"A Dangerous Maid" fullows "Tenkes
I)wodla Papdy" al the i.���� i'erk Casino.
H .ity V.'uodi-uiT is the latitat vaudeville
slai-.  lie appears in "A Bit of Business."
Hairy Coner, wh�� plays tb* title role ia
"A .'-iu-augur In Kew York," is a Busts*
"A Misfit Marriage,"the lateet farae by
Dm Souchrt, will be produced Oat. 8 at
lie!;_ nr I.. Uavanptu't has tiaen re-engaged
lor the C-oluinbus theater (New Vork)
ate-k counpnuy.
.lory Hampton will be starred in e new
play after tint holiday* under the atrae-
tiou of Jooob Liu.
Grace P. Atwell h��* gone te Cleveland
to acoept a position ae Watiiug lady etf e
stock company there.
"Mr. Jersey," or rather Idly Langtry,
ie to return to viw . i-.^e. Tbo raoe tst_tslE
!e ail light, but tbe atage is better.
A J-'.'si goldj leoa Is a nla* nmnd sum.
Tbe happier womc men we tk* mnee
eeoiu-y they ]K>*seto.
The elevator lu a 4apartiur__> et��m�� le
tticrriy a shoplifter.
Popularity often wins new aequelnt-
vnooa and loses aid frWinis.
li frequently rains en the Just Laoanae
thr- unjust has earriad off bis umbrella.
Whan a young man Bqueesos au biurets,
ahe i.s apt to flint herself prtwewt for kueney.
A pessimist lv ont who ia alwaysexpeeft*
iBg hail l.utk e.i-1 ia auipriaed wben tl
After epcuiling a two weeks' vaealioa ta
tbv ecnrlry \,-, int i_.t are patrietls
enough lor it.
A li. hermaa say* tisli tbeuld vmt be fat"
* inn! to lie when tkey eas tie hang. Tke
���we�� might K ��:.i - ef ftskermee.
When a woman can ajseak three or five
kMitru.ieee fluently, she t�� io��lis>h tu slit-aw
tit-i-.i-.t away 11, . man who ub.ieie>sui4
but one.--Cblcago Kow&
Host to llunile ��� Bar*.
Baess���What Jn time did you let Btmbat
tail tlmt long yarn all over again forf He
teld lt to you only the day before.
Fogg���The day before? Why, he bed
��t.!.; lt to use no tone than four tlmee tk|
julsit week.
Bass���A nd you let him toll tt ogainf
Fogg���01 oouree. While he ta teltief
th-t etory he isn't saying anything else,
end, ns I'm not obliged to listen, yo��
know, I cau think of something else witk.
nit being in thu least disturb*. 1.���BedfjH
.  st-
ii'' ' HELTA TIM^P, TTTirr "", "" " a?, 1907.
J. Guichon spent Sunday at the
Port Moody camping "leur.d.
Elite CLAWS SciiLd).
Coquitlaw, B.C., i New Westminster, **
We Bern Lbbvb
Misses Haze! and Vivian Shirley
June 29, 1007.! June .2, 1907. '
Me*sr.. White, Shiles Ss. Co., ?Jessrr. White, .Shiles & Co.,
N'ew Westminster, B.C. New Westminster. ; n       ^
Gentlemen:  Please accept thanks j     Gentlemen:  We beg to acknowl- i Slvij I
-visited the Royal City yesterday.     | for cheqaC| dated June 2g_ (rom tl]e J edge recdpt of jyour cheqnes in set. j
* : Connecticut   Fire   Insurance   Co.,; tlement   ot   our claims   upon  the
W. Cre.v-.ard returned, yesterdav, 1 settlement I'or loss  iu  full, by   fire | Hartford and Connecticut   Fire In-: f|_    Ejh^I,
from a visit to tbe Tcrtai-al City      which  destroyed my birn on June) surance Compan'es for  our loss by |Ull   LOl III
_   24. fire of June   2:k'.    Pie.ise   accept:
j    I congratulate vou  upon  repre-1 thanks for your prompt payment of
Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Smith visited  ^.^ a  w y ^.^ .J these c, .^ (
New Wesiq'utetoii Sunday last,   j ^.^ SQ promptly) nnd  w|A  no ^^
 ������"��� I trouble to the assured. ,
Y0Urs truly, j      BRUNETTE SAWMIU   CO..
(Signed) D. McLEAN.IL. A  Lewi*, Manaj
To notify the  people of  Ladner and stir!
rounding  district that we  are  now  in  j*|
position to offer Vancouver Islan d
1 ,p:v
W HS earn
B. Firth paid a short business
visit to the Royal City on Saturday
Walter  Betts came  down   from
Kamloops,   yeaterday,   on  a haatyt
White, Shiles <�� (��.',
I 280 Columbia Street,   -   New Westminster, B.C-
H. M. Vasey went up to the
Royal City on Wednesday last, on
a business visit.
Plans of the subdivision of   Wellington Farm and all other informa-
 I tion may be obtained at  this office.
W.   Peden,  ofthe firm of Scott Several plots are bein& sou��?bt after
& Pedeu, Victoria, cam* over,  Friday, ou business.
Bert. Arthur came over from
Vancouver, Saturday, on a shot'..
visit to 'he farm.
Robt, May attended Masonic
teremoaies at the Royal and Terminal cities last week.
*��� that  you   want   to  hurry up, if
you wish to make a choice.
Vancouver Prices
On Wednesday last, a tame Canary.    Apply at
Chas.   McAuley, of the  firm ofj ****** a ma+aw *
McAuley   &   Nichols,   Vancouver, ! 1
spent .Sunday at the Manse. j Two   Hones,   1   Dairy  Cow,   100
  j     Chickeua,     Democrat,     Buggy,
Waggon.   Harness, Dairy  I'ten-
Mrs. C. F. Green, of California, j     sils and  a  Useful  Assortment of
arrived here,   yesterday,   and  is  aj     FURNITURE    it    EFFECTS,
Broilers &
At greatly  reduced prices, making it possible' for partfe      he contemplate building*]
to pivb in cone e e foundations at about the!
same   ccfii:   as   piling   or    other   inferiot!
material \
Write for Prices.
B. 0.
guest of her son at Greencroft.
]U"R. H.  N. RICH"has"been  in-!
structed, by Mra. Paddon, to j
cson.ofNew  West- ��*".'BY AUCTION  en  WE D-'
,    . NESDAY,   7T11   AUGUST,   1007,
lown, yesterday, on at 2 pmi
Kenneth Jack
minster, came d
a visit to his auut, Mrs. P. Shirley
Full particulars next \r*ek.
lean handle your Small W^.  f~fl.   Tflylor
Highest  Price   for Tip- Agent,
Top Article. Ladner,   -    B. C.
Fort Guichon.
Cut Glass,
Watch Repairing % Specialty.
Jindrew Clausen,
A. M. Bannerman, of Bannern-'onj
& Home, feed merchant1--, of Victoria, paid a business visit here
Mis.   (Capt..   Cro��  has  kindly j
.consented   to sing at Ft. Andrew's
Presbyterian Church here, on Sundav eveaing next.
Mrs W. B. ISkinner, of  Vancou-i
ver, who has been visiting friends
here during  the  past  two  weeks,
is a guest of Mrs. Alex. Davie.
Fishermen will please take notice that we carry
Rev. Geo. H.   Mordea,  of Vancouver, came  o\'-r,  Saturday, and11
supplied i'or Rev. T. F. Betts in the
Methodist Church here on Sundav.!
Bert Arthur  is bui'ding a  nice!
house oa his property, on tbe  Par
miter road, at r>reeet t occupied bv'
Hans   Montgomery.       What   ho
Hani !
Mrs. Head, acconnanied by  her;
daughter,   Mi����   Dorothv, nr   Fast
.Sound,   Wash.,   arrived   here, on
Friday  last, on   a visit to Dr. and
Mrs. A. DeR. Taylor.
Mrs. G. Paddon disposed ��' her:
property, on Thursday last, to T.''
Pinnick. of New Westminster.'
Mrs. Paddon leaves, next week, for
her ��ld bona in Devonshire, I.tif.
Mr. and Mrs. M.-u-Kearot of Fort
William, Out., have taken up their;
residence amongst us and have pur-
phased the old Wellington Cannery,
Sphere thev   intend opening   up a>
gflue factory.
Best Fishing Boo
Made in the World To-Day.
These Boots aro made by The Egbert Taylor Co.,
of Halifax,
Tbey are made from
They are a Thigh Boot, the uppers being 38 inches'high.
ihey are band-made throughout and are ABSOLUTELY
WATERPROOF. Fishermen don't have to wear gum boots
v,iien they can get boots like these.
The price to everybody is
$9.00 a pair.
LADNEI*.,   B.'C.
I C. Leather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
English Oak Tanned Harness Leather
Saddlery Hardware, Horse Blankets and Stable
Closed   Uppers   Leatner   and   Shoe   Findings,
Trunks, Bags, Valises.
Estate of
W.   L.   McBRIDE,
General Merchant,
Phone 5,
Port Guichon
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
Church will hold its regular meeting en Thnrsdav next, 25th inst.,
at Camp Niagara, Grauer's Beach 18
(V.rs. Wir. Ellis' c��mn A ��� od f
attendance is requested. j
Sold exclusively by���-
New Westminster and Vancouver, B. C.
Produce Stored and
To All B. C Porta


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