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The Delta Times Dec 15, 1908

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Array /
Vol. 6, No, I
. 16,
And Discuss Matters of Great Importance to the
At the nomination  meeting held [been expended  this  year  and one
in the Town Hall, yesterday, tin re and a quarter miles of new Trunk
The Best Christmas Store.
We're making it worth your while to do good Xmas shopping at
Home this year.  This store is ma'xinj a big specialty of strictly holiday
stocks, such aa:
Fancy Ohina, Dolls and Toys, Books and Games, Outlery, Souvenir
Novelties Brushes and LARGE ASSORTMENT FANCY GOODS, Men's! personally responsible for expend-
Neckwear, Fancy Suspenders, House Jackets, HtfUse Slippers,  Gloves, lurt t>on    1e revenue K
Silk and Linen Handkerchiefa
Suitable Gifts for M Ages.
being onlv one candidate, H. J.
Hutcherson was declared duly elected as Reeve of this municipality.
A well it tended meeting was
held at the i :ose of the nomination
for   the   dismssion   of  municipal
j matters.    Dr. Wilson was voted to
j the chair.
On the motion of J. B. Burr a
vote of appreciation of the service*
of the lale Reeve, J. A. Paterson.
and ot sympathy with" his widow
and friends was unanimously pa<s
J. li. I!urr was dissatisfied with
the value received for monevs ex
pended and complained of lack of
information as to cost of work done.
He was strongly iu favor of work
being done by contract. Same proportion of value for mon^y spent
was not obtained as was formerly
the case    The   Councillors   were
road had  been built aud  tbe rest i was a
The annual Sale of Work and
Entertainment, under the auspices
of All .Saints' I/idi-s' Guild, which
was held in the Town Hall, on
Thursday  afternoon   and evening.
very  successful   afhtir, and
the ladies are to be highly commended upon tbe energy displayed
had gone in patching.    There was
not enough  road for  the money.
He favored contract work and thejj��� cleaning the  hall and  making
work must be completed before the. the necessary arrangements tor ll.
money  was paid.   Coun. Gibbie'sj carrying out of the entertainment.
letter was simply sarcasm and he      i���   the   evening   tlie   following
programme was run off: Instrumental. Mrs. Bartlett; song, J. E.
Pacey; recitation, "The man who
stole the butter." B. H. Weare;
song, J. W. Rudd; laughable farce,
"The Poisoned Pill," J. E. Pacey.
I9P7 Council lett a debt of $6,ioo,
1 and  it  afterwards transpired  that
tbeie would be a deficit of aboul
the same amount at lhe end of ibe
j current yevt. He was g'ad to see
| Councillors Embree and Davie pre-
I sent and  questioned Coun. Davie
as to cost of Slough bridge but got
! no definite reply.     He   criticized
the Council for using dressed lum-
i ber and paint rn construction of
! bridge and declared that the test
I for next year's Councillors should
ibe "Are you in favor ol contract
| work."
j    The   chairman   considered   Mr.
__.        __ _ _   ,, _.��� ,-_,._, ��,  ,        .   f Burr's remarks worthy of serious
ma in lib packet^ Fine New Eastern Sultanas, New Peels, New Valencia i consideration ��?d declared that the
Almonds. ' Reeve was not always to blnme as
j some Councillors exceeded their ap-
Fresh stock of Nuts, Raisins and Figs suitable for the Table, Fancy i.ProPriations-
J. McKee bein
Chocolates, Nuts and Oaadies,
Christmas   Groceries.
Large fregtfi selected stook of Fruits,  Peels, etc.,  for the' XMASi
New Vasstiwa Currants, cleaned in lib. packets. New Muscatel Rais-
Xmas  Stockings.
A visit to our display of New Goods will assist in deciding what to
give.  SHOP EARLY,
This Store wilt remain open every evening (tiring Xmas week.
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
r called  ior  said
meeting was to bear Councillors
This brought an explanation from
i the Editor ol The Delta Times as
i to the calling of the meeting and
t Coun. Davie claimed  the right to
: answer his critics and  Mr. McKee
said it was usual for Councillors to
explain.    He thought a great deal
of work ought to be done by contract and tbat if the ward system
were abolished it would better conditions.
H. D. Benson said municipal
matters deserved close attention.
The first Council Delta had 28
years since, worked well without
the ward system and with good
men would still work well. The
contract system worked well if well
looked after ai d if men with "axes
to grind" were kept cut. The cost
of bridges could  be estimated to a
did not expect to escape criticism..
The present Council were not entitled to the credit of commencing
to micidamize the roads aud he
would do all work possible by contract.
H. N. Rich was always interested in municipal matters and at once
proceeded to explain what had
been done relative to a water supply. Col. Tracey bad been employed and lad reported in favor of
a supply from springs in Fees. 11
and 19, Tp. 4 Delta anl lh. low
lying porticn of the municipality
could be served at a cost of $125,-
Mr. Mitchell wanted a guarantee
that work coul I be done tor amount named.
Mr. Rich said 'he best mau available had been 1 mployed and no
doubt his estimate was fair.
J. B. Burr���"It will co.t a lo' of
money and we should be sure as to
the amount."
"Has wooden pipe been sufficiently tested?" ������Will it stand the
pressure?" ' How does it compare
with steel?" these and a number of
more or less pertinent questions
were fired at Mr. Rich iu <jui<>u
succession and brought forth the
reply that Col. Tracey was a reputable man and i! they were dissatisfied it was up to his questioners to
sugge-it a more capable engineer.
Chilliwack had a wooden pipe system but that municipality were uow
sorry that they had not done the
work themselves iustead of giving |
it to a company. !
H. D. Benson quoted figures
from Col. Tracey's estimate. Meu
familiar with the use of wooden
pipe informed bim tbat it was best
for the Delta. It was being shipped to Australia from B. C , it was
in use where the head wa- 600 feet
as against 200 feet required in the
Delta. Steel pipe wo.tl.i be ������ub 11
to rn.t. As to the cos\ be was
prepired to construct the works for
less than Tiacey's figures. Ladner
would have a pressure ol about 85
pounds to the f-quare inch. Wooden
pipes hail been taken out in Victoria perfectly ^und alter 40 years'
use. The scheme would be revenue
pro luring all, the way and lie be-
liev4ii would supply 50,000 people.
B. II, vVeare, V. Taylor.
After the programme had been
run off, the chairman aanounced a
dauce to whicli a large number
stayed and enjoyed themselves.
Reduced Rates.
The B. C. E. R. Co. is making a
voluntary reduction in the price et
lighting, not only in Vancouver,
but on the whole of the mainland
touched by the company's wires.
This comes as a sort of Christmas
present to the company's patrons.
In the city of Vancouver an extra
10 per cent, discount has been
given, making a total of 20 per
The suburban districts, in the
matter of reduction, fare even a
little betier than the city. They
get a direct reduction ot two cents
per K.W.H. in  Thrice and also an
increase from j per   c*ut   t��   ����� fmr
cent in the discount. This applies
to North Vancouver. South Vancouver, Point Grey, Richmond,
Steveston, Ladner and C iiiiii wack.
The reduction will date from Jan.
1 and will apply on all bills render'
ed op or after January 15.
Allowing this reduction in coat
and increase in discount, the B. C
E. R. Co. is in the position ot furnishing illumination at a lower rate
than any other company in Canada.
The Stir.  Favorite, met with  anl:    Deputies  Phillips  and   Morgan
aocidieut oa Tuesday aiternoon last, [working   in the   interests of  tlle
Woodmen    are    finding
much  encouragement,, and a good
A missionary social1 will be held
iin the Methodist Church, on Wednesday  evening,   lfeh  iisU.  at $| while loading  hav  in  one of *h�� | Modem
o'clock, under the ataspices of tho! sloughs at Westham Island.    The
Riverside Mission Circle. j boaft was sun up oa the mud which
' Miss Preston,, a returned m_s_iat-��j did ����t bappea to be level just at
ary, will be present and will give! that point, and the result was tbat
an illustration of some ol tho man-' there was tea much strain upon the
net s and customs of the Japanese asi hog chains, which parted. On
se��m during & m_sidw.ee of fiSteoni .teaching Westminster, the Favorite
years among them. j.was,l_aii*Ied out onto Crane's ways
An  offering' will  be received afri whene s_e n mined until Saturday.
THE M. W. A.
Vancouver, Dec. 10.���The w$��
peal of the Delta muaicipa'itr
against the V., V. 8c. E. Railway ie
in court. The municipality applied
tor an injunction restraining tbe
defendant company from blocking
the River road with their railway
and, after the evidence was put ia
during the trial in the lower court,
Mr. Justice Clement dismissed the
application on the ground that
what was alleged was an invasion
of public rights, and action must be
the door in aid of the funds, of
Miss Kirkland   returned homey
last week, fwm New Westminster,
where she has been the guest of
���Mrs. Kenny since leaving the hos
making ber first trip to Ladaer tn
the afternoon and tying up for the
Corn, Corn Meal �����Brackman-
Ker Milling Co.. Ltd., H. N.
RICH, Ladner,, B.C.. Agent,
I might do  tbe  best they could and
1 the people   would   still   kick.    It
was not right to expend more than
the   revenue.     Mr.   Benson   gave
some interesting information relative to the early history of the mu-
' nicipality,   especially  the  trips   to
Victoria seeking aid from  the government.    The idea that the need-
| ed improvements could be obtained
! in one year was humbug.
Re ve-eleot Hutcherson  thanked
I the electors for the honor conferred
; upon  him.     He owned  to  leing
curious to know where money went
and what things cost.   As to firing
the Chinks, he  had watched progress during construction ol  bridge
Remember  the   Cantata   in  the! and had come  t"  the  conclusion
Town  Hal', Ladner,  on the 22nd j that the Chinks were the best men
ta&, TO the job.   Ahnut   $23,000 had
strong  "camp"  will soon be estab-.
lished in   Ladner.    This society is
��4t years old and among its million j
oi members are nun-bored tbe Gov |
ernors. Senators. Congressmen, etc.,
of almost all the states of tbe Union.
The  society's rates   were   passed
upon by  the Dominion   Commissioners and  a permit  granted   in
July, '08,   The rates are certainly
reasonable (or sound protection.
At this point the chiirman rued
nicety, and if tenders were too high ; that  the   water  question  was  not,, , ,
need not be accepted.    Councillors I whlt u,e meeting had  been called br��Ught 0,,Ay *>-V J"e attorneygen.
! eral or by his authority.    In court,
i this morning,   Mr. Griffin, far the.
municipality, urged that Hit Lord*
ship shonld  have heard the argu*
ment on the pleadings.    But the
chief justice pointed   out. tU.t   a
��� judge was not "the referee ot a de-
! bating society," and was not there
to hear counsel argue unless the
case was properly brought.   C. B.
j Macneill is appearing  for the rail.
way company.
Mr. Oliver thought this was a
most important municinal matter,!
but after some slight discussion on;
this point it seemed to be the con-j
sensus of opinion that another
meeting should be held fcr
Wm. Pybus was in favor of contract work and hoisting every
me.nber of the present Council.
John Oliver, M.P.P., was in|
favor of a public meeting to discuss 1
the water question. There was'
the Military question  as well
Friends of Mrs.  C.  W. Nelaon
as j will be pleased to learn that ahe ia
water and roads. Councillors do- on the hi��h road to recovery after
ing !he;r best were entil ed to ������ym-i a very serious illness Mr. Nelson
pathetic aid in their In '����� rather j was delayed at Steveston on SatUT-
th 1     'oo much    1 st   ��� cism.iday   eveni 1     mi   nccount of the
---"���^-= ��� =___=_..=.--..���.__...._. j storm and was unable to cross until
(ConthtU-d   ��� n Third   Page.)       Sunday morning. T7TE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15. 19*.
ess. ' ~.i    i ��-1 1    ���'  sss 1    n 1
80B6CX-PT-OH. *L00 pwyear.
Casual Advertisements, io cents per line for
lhe first insertion, and 5 cento per line for ench
���ubn.qu.nl insertion.   ,Th.   number   ol   lines
ctckoaed by the api_e occupied, i> lines to tbe
Rates tor Commercial Advertisements can be
bad on application at this office.
Reading notices io centa per line for eacb insertion.
Birth and Death notice., 50c., Marriagesfi.ao.
Any special notice, the object ol which ia to
jronote the pecuniary benefit of any individual
or company, to be considered an advertisement
.nd charged accordingly.
Alladverti-emeaU charged for until ordered
���ut and paid tor. - -
Correspondence invited on matters ot public
merest. Communications to editor must be ac-
.<ompanied by name of writer, not necessarily
ioi publication, but as evidence of good faith.
.Correspondence muat reach this office by Thursday evening.
Geo. R. Manley,
(Continued irom First Page.)
TUESDAY,   DECEMBER    15,.   1908.
Do we NEED
flew Town Hall?
Next time you come to town,
drop in and tack your name on the
list of members of the Rifle Association whfch we are end��avoring to
form. Tbe Government supplies
arms and ammunition and with the
present unrest in India we know
not tbe day our services might be j
The same principle which must be
applied to make contract work a
sticcens would also make a success
! of day work and without it neither
would succeed. We had the contract system and it was abandoned
for a reason. The present system
in use in the East End ot paying
for gravel delivered by the yard
worked well.
W. R. Ellis compared contract vs
day work unfavorably to the latter
and Wm. Mason gave an instance
where the reverse was true.
Coun. Embree was willing to retire in favor of better men if they
could be got. The present system
was satisfactory in the East End,
and contracts let at Sunbury and
Annacis Island had been satisfactory. He was not in favot ot the
j ward system now. Mr. Burr
j should not have alt. eked the present Council when it was the 1907
Council which had incurred the
debt. The late Reeve had stated
last nomination day that he would
make np attempt to wipe out deficit
the present year and the electors
had endorsed the stand he took.
Considerable cross firing took
place between Ex-Coun. J. McCallan, Messrs. Ellis, McDonald,
W. Kirkland an<_ others, directed
at Coun. Embree without adding
much to the interest of the discussion.
W. Kirkland, raised the point ol
borrowing money to improve roads
but the opinion of the meeting appeared to be adverse.
Coun. Davie gave some exphin-
Tashion Stables*
Trucking and Draying.    Livery Work of
All Kinds Attended to Promptly.
All Kinds 01 Firewood Always On Hand.
WKTWfpurawt Vtm*-.
J. N. COLLINSON, Phone 20. LADNER, B...
of Waterproof
For Winter Weather
Total Assets Over Forty-Nine
$ 30OQ.OOC
$ 4,390,000
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
Repairing Neatly and Promptly Done.
needed-.      Be
country calls.
ready    when
youriation ol what he ha'l done, hut
jit was principally confined to his
i own ward. He would support a
I trial ot the contract system. The
1 Reeve's indemnity was too low, he
The Excelsior Club
another dar.ee in the Town Hall,
ou  New Year's night, January i,
are having would pav the limit of $300.
J. B. Burr wanted paid   Commissioners   to   supervise    the    public
'09. Evans orchestra will be in
atteneance wad the boys promise a
*eal good time to all those who will
find.it convenient to attend.
s.!,. . '���
Licensing board.
Thje Board of Licence Comm.s-
.sioners met in the Council Chamber on Wednesday last, with Commissioners A. Davie, in the chair,
P, . T. Gibbie and R. E. Kittion
The qti.stion ofthe constitutionality ofthe Board arose on account
of the death ot the Reeve and, en
motion, the Board adjourned till
Saturday, D_c. 19th,  at   1  o'clock
''��� '        1
Remember the Plowing Match.
-Word was receiv. ., this afternoon,
that, on account of the rain, it bas
been decided to hold the match at
J. Gilchrist's Farm. Cresent Island.
Thursday next, 17th inst.
H. N. Rich has arranged for an
/excursion to Vancouver on the
night of Wednesday, 23rd inst., to
attend performance of "Babes in
Toyland" at Vancouver Opera
House. The Steamer Sonoma
leaves Ladner at 6:30 p.m. and returns from Steveston on arrival of
the special car which will leave
Vancouver immediately alter the
.performance is over. Mr. Rich
tvill get reserved seats for any wbo
may order them, not later than
Monday next, 21st inst.
WANTI.r���Twenty or thirty of
jfche best young, men of the Delta to
become charter members of tlft
Modern Woodmen Camp now forming. Each of the seven camps already instituted, or arranged for,
jn the Fraser Valley, will have a
"drill team" and the competition
will be lively. The Delta should
hayfe a te am. Qur insurance rates
are quite reasonable; in fact "the
jvery cheapest protection for those
/Jependent upon you." Are you
neglecting your duty to them? I
want to get into touch !j.ilh all the
Delta "boys," iS to 45. Call or
address   at   once ������ Frbd.    Wm.
f ������ " ���
works, leaving the Council tn do
the legislative part pi the business.
They bad Commissioners for the
cemetery, why not for public
works? The financial report was
issued too late to be a guide to the
people in selecting the next year's
Council and he wanted Mr. Oliver,
as tbeir representative, to look into
the matter.
Mr. Oliver pointed out that no
legislation was necessary, the Council could, by by-law, appoint a competent man to supervise the [ nblic
works, defining his powers and
duties. As to financial information; they had a newspaper in the
municipality and there was nothing
to hinder the Finance Committee
from making a monthly statement
so that the people could be kept informed all tbe time.
Discussion then turned on the acquisition of part ofthe River roadbv
railway company, J.B.Burr being
very severe in his strictures on the
Council declaring that without tbe
consent of th. people the Railway-
Company could not take the road.
W.Mason wanted to know why Mr
Burr had not so inforuned the Council at first and Coun. Davie declared
it too bad they did mt bave Mr.
Burr's advice sooner. Mr. Burr
declared that we must have men
capable of grasping these questions.
We would have no road by spring.
Reeve Hutchurson said the road
was not passable.   Some   time   was
then occupied in contrasting the actions ot the Council at   different
1 times.
Mr. Oliver thought that Mr.
Burr was a little astray as to the
law. The matter had been referred
to the Railway Commission who
had made an award and he thought
that award could be enforced.
Mr. Pybus-^"We do no: know
what that award is."
Mr. Oliver said, no doubt a copy
of the award could be obtained from
(She secretary ot the Railway Commission if applied for by the Council.
Coun. Embne said it was reported that the Railway Commission would be here again in January and he advised inlt rested
parties to attend the Commission.
After a vote of thanks to the
chairman, the meeting adjourned.
the Delta Saw mills
Are Prepared to . , .
Furnish All Kinds of
Shingles,  Dobrs, Sash and
House  Finish  of  All - Descriptions.
Savings Department*
Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
aad. Upwards.      Interest paid,  or credited,  half-
yearly on' Jane 30'th aud December
31st eacb year.
K. D. SIMPSON, Manager, LADNER, B. C.
R  D. McKenzie, Prop.
Newly PuTwistoecl Throughout-, and
First-Class in Every Detail.
Rates *��-- Application,
B*   Ra   WEARE
begs to amw.titice that he re opened
.. C.
The   BEST  Water   Tanks   Are
Made at This Mill*
*a~y+mmfy+efy+mSHamfyt9*w^+m^.mefy+^,mem$i mjaA
NEW KratSTltMNSltfiSt,
M__t__!��H__-s i_T nl. kinds'*.
:-: b.
Water, Ginger
and Summer
Your patronage solicited
���***fr****. ���-��**������**���*���- *I'>-*,*��.'*-sstss,*-*-t'*'*3��-��'>.1' ��$
A football match, Westham Island v.. Westminster, was played
at Westham Island, on Saturday
last when the home team won by a
score of 3 to 2. This is the first,
time Westminster has been beaten
this season.
The Intermediates suffered a defeat in Vancouver, on Saturday last,
against the Y.M.C.A., by a score
of 6 to 1. Our team played one
mm short all through the game.'
The Y.M.CA.'s have a large field:
of trained men to chose from and!
are not really Intermediates, there-1
fore our boys did not do too badly'
after all.
According to schedule the Intermediates play the Shamrock Intermediates of Vancouver, on Westham Island, 011 Saturday next and
the Seniors go to Vancouver to
play the Shamrock Seniors,
Remember the Cantata.
Milk and Cream Wanted
We   pay   the  highest   prices   for
We would like to make contracts
with a few shippers.
Write for particulars.
nmi Dij s Produce Co. ill,
1001 Fender Street,
VANCOUVER,       -      -      B.C.
Veterinary Surgeons.
All   Calls	
Promptly Attended to
Carrying freight and passengers
to all poiirts between New Westminster and Westham Island.
Leaves Brackiha.1 & Ker's wharf)
daily dt$ p.m., except Saturdays at;
2   p.m.    Additional   trip on   Mon
days leavrng at 3 a.-m
Returning .eaves Westham Is-';
land 7 a.m. daily except Fridays at;
6 a.m. Additional trip on Saturdays leaves Ladner at 5:30 p.m.
Calls at Steveston Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays only.
Phone 35 Stsrnton Block
Ladner, 9B.C.
W. N. Draper,
Room j.'Ellarrt Block. Kew Westminster.
his  Manfloltn   and  Viol
in Waddell's Hall,       .
barber shop, on   Thnrsc
117th. '  *
For 'further p.��Ptt_cala
y,   Sept.
Mandolins, Strings, Eto*,
Supplied st Citv Prices.
The Laundh J. <C. ETR .7CE will
leave Ladner for New Westminster
at '8 a.m.. on and 'after Tuesday,;
Sept. 8th; returning leaves New
Westminster at 5 p.m. each day,
carrying passengers only. "    \
Tickets good until used, on either
S.S. Favorite or Launch Bruce,
For the
Farm,  Garden, Lawn e
Reliable   Varieties   at    K .  01
Wees.     No Borers.     No   Scale ���
\ro fumigation  to damagg  _ act
No windv  agents   to  ���_���. ���<-
Buy direct and gift Tree-- and
that Grow,
Fertilkrts,  Bee Supplies, -SpM;
Pumps,   Soreying   Mtfterm1
Flowers,   e.c.   -��ldest establish!
nursery on  the mainland oi  B, C,
Catalogue free.
it I HENRY'S Nurseries,
Qreeihirtises em*   icsdhousex
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
Our Entire Stock of
Ladies' and Chiidrens
Ready-to-Wear Goods
and Fanoy Goo
All New and Up-to-Datoe Stock, to Clear at 0�� st
fs-Ec rwroiTv wncm mit*o.
CI.11 s>.!(_ Why flit*   _s.lis.ll or (.'�����.I*��
�� I:s  Ns.1 Al.ue'Wfii.sr-lly Adapti-4
Ii wn lulntiiUu not. 1 _���. Fridtjof Nanr -\
41 fi. I: si niinptti. reach the north pel*
hii'i, T,T:o ft r_;ii-c.fCtppod with a specially
if. ���!������.!������!".! iv'.;���_��!!!, which wlKin-operating
1 a .v.'.vtt:it..1 and fTinil_bi_l the neooa-
��� nrrent *or 'lightingIfruijweea. An
wrumtnr orwted ou tlicToofdf* -building
hi Park i.are In thin city bas been fo.
���cue tii'ie success fnllyid-lvlng a dynnrao
In oonn_c.lf��it��Uh a storage battery plant,
jhe.current Jrpui which has been utilized
lor iuuturttesoeiit lighting. From this lt
will bo seen that -then Is nothing lltrf
lew in the application ot wlnd__lH_ aoth��
driving of dynamos.
There are probably several reasons *�����
e windmill or uormotor has not been
tort< nnivuranlly adopted for tia abovs
ur|.oro. In the flrst ��lnoe inoh a motive
power Is always inure ar less unoert..<��
snd oannot always *e 'depended upon.
There muy lie a calm just as the time it Is
found necessary to recharge tho batteries,
or the butteries may ibe tlo use when ��
breeze springsiup. si'hte'would neoessltut*
hnvlna, two set. of -Mrtkarios'ittin consider
ab_. o��_t. Anifcher ireasuniwfry aormotors
havo aitfi'boon mure extensively adopted Is
���prohaMy duo to the fuct that ourrent can
now te generated with steam as a motive
���tower very economically, especially In
iliu'gu quantities. The erecting of an ner
motor and tho Installation of a number of
storage butteries with a dynamo mean a
leonsidurablo outlay of money,especially
-when*l__-ce_t iff uinliftenancettnd'Concw-
��ts -h taken Into account. In osrtatn'coses
'It may be found that the interest on the
butteries, generator and windmill, with
'tho labor item floured In, will cost ns
���much In the long rua��si"the-WTent could
-je purchased ^orunufhe'OuMlde.
Uut .probably ithe chief 'reason why thc
���power -of 'tlw 'Wind is allowed to fc'O tu
���wasto wlien ft could bo omployed for gen
���erating -electricity is the same 41s thin
which prevents the immense power dorlv
.able from the tides ln both the Hudsn.
'and Eust rivals from betn<_ utilized���
liamely, oonserrutlsm, or, If not lack nf
iP-oqrou., tb slowness in avsillngoursi lvef
& Louisville woman laughed solieartfiy
til a theater that she went Into convulsions. IVrhaps she hud'noticed thut tba
.calling lady dldn'fbave her sunburst wig
���11 straight.-~l��nver Poet.
'' A ���woman,'' -said lhe corn 4efl -ph���?*_*. ���
fther, 'igctstnitil <at w man if ho bo ..v.k-
���mtavA _n Quaking lovet&tid gets madder Ttt
lie makes -love us If he had lota df expert-
���en.e.'���IinHanapolls-Journal. .
In the c.n*l_ty "tomissiuone of the great
���ets on the 'world's stage .tshould not be
overlooked Hutt a I)env_. woman-*hr< -v. ai
���itoncnt n.niuwii.d succeeded inknocking
ssff his hat.���Denverdepublieon.
���An Obknuran was struggling with ���
ahicf, Vhcn his sister ran to bis assistance, nnd, striking rti,t.ic thlo.wK_nii ux,
killed her brother. And yetvww-Fonk ol
the aim of 'the new noonum:���tHlobiuoud
���   ��� ���    ��� ���11    I    I
There ere 22,000 publications In North
America which print advertisements.
Tho uggngate annual circulation ofthe
world's periodicals ts I_,oo��i.oo0,-_100 >u:t_
consumes 700,1)1X1 tons of papar.
It Is estimated that lhere'i_^iTiniOT3,flmD
���pent annually i_n Xorth Aiut-.icn fn.
newspaper nnd mroguzine advertisements.
Thoij-aml tittal ciroulathin dfitho) lit-
tleottojis "wiIilrfli sprint advertisements tn
Korth ��_-fiWiOR-*iii<��nitsitii.tii5��U|6uo,ii(iii.
The ffircst English newspupor was Tlio
EngllshlM.ruitrv, piimphktsliapcfi, Issued
4n Queen IJ_li_nl:i.irsirelg]]. U.h��<CnzetlB
Of Venteevivae .|_ui��aiisliuil <Modi)l��if IH*
modern newsiuiiwr. 'The Acta Dlurnn
i(Day's Doings) H'lfljiltslioH in thn luttO-
<ny��� of *he jjliiiiiRlKUiinjire, was t_:)Jir__
BowEpupertho world'eve? lir.it.
Tk Mark*}.
New V\\s��minster, Dec. 12.���
There was a very good market yesterday, ami a goe I business done.
Following ist'ie list eft quotations
prevailing at .yesterday's martlet:
Beef, hindquarters, 7c to 8c
per lb; forequarters, tc to 5c.
Mutton, 10c to 11c per ib.
Lamb, 11c .0 12c f*i" th.
Veal, medium, nc perli>; large*'
6c to 6}4c.
Pork, 8c to 8^C per lb.
Eggs, wholesale, 50c per doz;j
retail, 55c.
Butter, 35c to 40c per lb.
Fowls, $7.00 to $8.00 per idee;,
chickens, $6 00 to $7.00'per doz.
Broilers, $4-50 to $6 per doz.
Geese, alive, ��1.25; dressed, per
ilb, 20c.
Ducks, $0.50 to $10 a do_.
Pdtfftoes, $a.n 'to ��12 per ton.
Apples, 750to ,��1.50 a box.
Onions, S1..25 per sack.
Turnips, 50c per sack.
Canrots, 50c per sack.
Parsnips, $750 jer sack.
Rend Them. Ve nnruera nf the dsra-
rett. . end Tnke  V.'nralnj;.
(jciiu'.-iil.'uvt iir. Scjiohir publishes In thi'
'Oontrulblutt zu Ge_uiiillieTr_p(leBi��t.ciill'je-
Hon ul lilnt.-i to Sn okcr.." which m��
!(minit_U, utsi tho doctor stated, upon his
Tp.Mli'ssiiB.ji. observations for many years
o?' mouth, Wi tli,5-.iiiiiin.-,Uui)v;s, heart und
akin ��>f ithe rli'vo. t-i*<��f ltdbit.80. ^
'nii)H>.-i_ and fiircii'o_tj irulmte nevror to
WMiikc -bc(ore"breatslieit, nor, ns a rule,
vlieii the stoiniich is empty. This custom
���is the worst possible foe of digestion Nov-
'er snrsike d-.inliitj any exertion of great
'pli.vslartl i'iier;,y, as itnnclilk, running, cy
���.���ling, mountuin climbing or rowing, ami
>espiHiially if lr. m ^!>r!l" . ;Ncvor fq.llow
"the baa! .'.tisTom \if t:.u 1 ix'ihJi hud tiiu
'SushIiiuu" Iiy allowing the (tm'oko to ]inss
'tbrotigh thu*. we Never .lilmlolt through
thenosu. *���  ���
Ki'iipstboisniolso aa far ns pesi��t_)lo from
���tlic".'.v.'_ iur.il ifioso T'.i" bunjirr tin pipe
tlio lu'lfTT Os'ltoUiMiiat a short piiMi during
'Work Iri in*:' avoided. A pi;'o Is the most
'W'holesT>'i'.ief(!_ii .f��*nm\!tii:.<a clgnr the
tnext. 11 ulgiirdttti'flie^vufpi 'Always throw
'away xmir cigar vdi. .1 yoa Ihavo Biuokuil
ifoiiT'-jiTf.ls fi( it >l^B(io'.!Uit���ilRinf it. is t lie
���niD.t'iiKrtfuJ, in" eauda ventfuuiu. tho put
���BOB shirks in tlie tail
AH cixnri lies nre bad.ibilt'Ca. tern ciga
rottos l'n' won., for'.thoy nrp iiI'.vt-.vs com
ptionilutl \MlUi_o,iil_'llegi'ee'ijf-opiiim. Thi-
smiiVer ought, hinrinso out ibis mouth, not
��� only before every meiil nndbeforo going to
-beil.'hiitHuvlir/il times during tbe day. The
��� best ri!i_' for the SliicKur is a glass of wa
tei in which a teaspoonful of table ((lit huf
bien dissolved. It should bo used as a
garble at. night, and euro should be tuketl
tlw\t overy cnvlty ln thu teeth is wnll wash
���otlwith it. IVI10 plpu's proper place Is ii)
tho hand nntl only occa; .anally iu ths
'lips or tlio mouth.
n*�� <_o_t er K 1.011 is. fl*-*.
Mr. De Soknice���HUk1 officers >t_" ������!��.
TSmith-oiilan feisttt.ftiiin it-o llimiiiiK lite
thattersof monkeys pboiingritphed, In tire
ihope that in time their language may bo
inndurstiHifi, an<l*t may be possible to converse with thero.
Mrs. De Soionce���Isn't thnt grand I   I
hope they'll ask the  monkeys, tho very
first thiiiR, whether we  in   ds -��� I'liiUmU
from thmu or not.���.N.w York Weekly.
A Klce Ittiii.oud.
"General Archie Wllllunio," snys tii.
Kansas City<?o��irmi4. ' vvas^mssTruitijf. 1
-.lg'iipS-li'j . n��iSt-irjrj 'Uiipriiiitt'Siiini-'ir
At the IhalfswayaitBHiulbo giftiiFiundipin-
i.liiiBiil u big basnet of violets ult iifRjai
Riensixif till. Ki'turning nothe 'train, ht
ijircseili.d endh 'woiuuu "with a 'beiiiiiiliil
'bontindt.ittourih all mt t!iu ��womcn v. ere
iitrangurs. ills'iond'by t_n)lhu_bandiof-oiie
.If tlio -w��mion��T_nme 'bad: f ram -the-innik
Ungear, aii*fthosidd'to.'hiinT H'thiniT 1I1I3
ts the nicest ratlroud ttiovorTodij on. That
Ibrnkcman mw there gme every one of uc
�� lovely 1iou��iiiet.' "
1   ',       , Tlie Poor Do*.
A'Parisian clothes denier kicked *
flog out of bis shop.-., 'i'lio doK-sliot out
���with some rapidity stud knocked ovor
�� woman with * -Jflg"<* iiiilk. The
iwoiub�� -broke .tlie jug awl upset nu
���elderly Tgentlunian, -mid tlie jag eitt
���both <tf ithPiu. At flint moment in cy-
icllst iinived uufl 'Wiib 'thrown *fT his
.midline by theipmftmte ligures. uufi
siniultitnt'ously n 'WR't came np an*
���smashed the blcyi'le. Bhe mngitltntte
'blandly advised the entire squad to
(proceed against the dog. nnd tbey are
���bow looking (or tt���Loudon Glcl*e.
Holy Communion���ist and 3rd
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and 4th
Sundays at tt a.m. .
Matin., 11 o'clock.
Hvensi^iig, j:yt o-clock.
Sunday Schooiitt i.o a.m.
iHniday evening, lilt any at/yf-50.
Rev. li, H_.JI.;..tkKr. sM/A... ��Vucai
Tl:.- s'.irt uinii ls oet with Ave or seven
mrus tf-.ii) rat lii_"tl'on4ose-'ir nivi.r. -i'm
_;���(! puled--.Iir.pr -baa o 'm.l.er wide Blllt
T' iii .vT.nsJltth t_rgo end wl'-te wan
d'i.:;i.r.!_: coMrtTTii__ have little HXtOtfi
li.-uvi! puifs, 'some 61 tlie t'':oiit'*_T. 'iieiiu,
lucki;'. also,'ihu tucks edged wilh *eiy liui
gold ll-niil.
Velvs. >iir_ .bad^s rrrd Vftrtptlojl wil.
ba fasliioiiiflUe, iMjtii as an accessory une
I. ? 11 ... : ..;t *; of railing-. _s, uudbrdressei
ijii-l csii'Toliste continues.    Bluett ui-doiibt
sx..v   lls'.vl'_ i.T-C.-LlsCe.
J-Is (.'Mehiiilr nn'nouneod that b��ti_����
wl.l In e.'Ttin...n ly utiii w heri-uT pn-.-ibls
and .ii.t.__.v will, asaciilsi, be Cf-oousit!
eralilo .Re, not always round, but oval.
st|u:.re t;sd..-.t.soog ;.l_o.
The tirM) ununJe -or 'plnni TeH tallot
cloths, sijsjj ,*-ts, satin ^bri.ailes and hinri
���ttas ai.) <s_en��iliiiii*j'i;��rtlHtic mud beautiful ami vots'ilm ...iiinf .loiettkar a blon.'
or a bruiitfttovwhh'eahR.
IIo.ecolored jicttu de sn"lorrrsrstln.T7nls!ss
will bu very (iikbionnbly worn in il"i nven
ing .with ���_kiri<o/ .black i^olwt, faille iw
Safin, ui.il oceai-ioiialiy they .viii 'tie serf.
with _J.ii'i*s_f lustrous dark green rcppcii
Straps of hnilil ternflnnte on muiiy eim-
tiiinis in tiny liiicklet'."if ifitnoy button*,
ai.d tullor vests, fustcn iwilh itlie laitrt
trliuining. The really nreessary .iiiitim h
siuall, but tlie one for u.iu-iucut'oiilyU
rather liirgo.
On evuiTiiigstollits nets, soft liberty sat
���ins, in .liu tilks, 1 i.ifion and crepe dechiit
are variiiii_ly used for yokcB or guimpi's,
-and mnr.y .lines tbo sath or folded girdU
��ml little sleeve putt's aro formed of cone
^ponding uiatcriul.
For elderly womon nro.*o_R. now shawl
sDlsupiUiiTiipcs/dlmorit us long us a shawl
llropcr, formed very much liko tho ncwesl
(ur capes. These ara mnde variously Oi
oorded silk, plain satin or brocade and nr:
trimmed with a deep graduated ruffle 01
the same or with rsUiier wide loo*.���Hin,
Yo__Post. ��� j
FaOTKied 1802
JEncorpaoatced 189B
"When Mftrrinwe Is the Topic.
Tho wedded state Is o favorite subject
"With tho epigrotn makers. 1t'ioui.u verj
sold hullii��l wctuko'thls:
TMewwas a criminal In a callt
A-gota i-to fb.- 'hang,-ft;
'Rispite to hUn was grarfted.
And c.Trt anil crowd did stanO
'l.Co know'tf'hi' would marry a wifo
..��� rather choose to die.
"T'lHlur's   the   worst-<lrl��e 'OO 'tbe
The criminal did'reply.
Iloro iiKMlorn is this verso:
I would advise 11 man _-i��:_l__.
Rcfore lie lakes a wife���
���In fact. 1 see no earthly cause
ile sinnild not pause for life.
tWho, by tho wny, is thumuthor whonde-
tnribi'S a seruiut tnaiTiugo as being "Om
tlt-iimpa '.'!' l'.0|��B��OVeV e_i_'rlencey"
Pamni'l ljivorVmalriiiKiuiul opigramli
very nppnslwii
I I'hniiiili r.iati'lKs <re all ��latie 4r. 'liecnnea,
| they say.
Yet llyinni. wlm ni!scliii>r oft hatches,
I-si'in. linn's   dciil.i   with   the   house   t'other
I siil" of lhe v.'iy,
I    And IIh'j-i'.liiAyini.'ike'l.iicl.rr matches.
���(.liuml��n.r kfoufiaU.
A   Sire fiflctlliVtloa.
l.o'1'l.h   gi'iiiu mnn conceived   the
thi.t lie would only  llvo n certain
une, sn  be iiiutlu a 11 len calculation *' hia
11 nne. which ho.. i'api��:i'Moncd ns tn last
'"���t the same period us he guessed his life
.u:ild extend 10
. Strangely enough, h|fMV)lniila_ons onme
iirniet to tho letter, for he died pnnetiia'
i' ut 1 he timo ho Iimi previously reckoned,
le  had  sn  f ar <_��4iiiURted his estate I hul
Iter ills "debts had been <Hsc.har.red a soll-
iry pair of slippers'-fopi-cunted the entire
roii'iiy hu left
His relative.   .mrti_Wlim,i����d arepro-
ocniaiiim ol tho iUipi erswus��3urvcd on the
tomb.   Today'lnmohurchyii-d at Amsterdam 'i'.i* gmro'tnny fc)-��Wn,'<4_-only Inset!) lion onthe steno beii��K two Flemish
woriis,  "I'.'ffrn Nyt"'(l'o., '���Bxnotly").���
Loin.on Mail
rieatr aa Iln*.
*^Fou would get along u great flotfl
"better If.you didn't get so-eseltcd," saitt
���the tcrilm iman Wo his irascible friend.
���"CariitAyou learn to keep your temperS"
��� 'IKeep mytemper! Wall.HiUke thnfT
���retorted theHitlier. *Wl have you understand that 4 keep more tomper la
��oue��8ny "tlmn.^ioa have ln^our possoa-
��ion dttr_os�� whole semfV'
C sTiicw;
Services first-and third "Sunday of
each month at so;jj�����a.m.; Henedic-
tion, 7:30 "p.'m.
Sunday sebcol ait 5 p.m.
���Low Massiand Holy Ccnnmuiiioii
first and ^iirfl .WiaHdays at%'*.m.
Rew. FaSjer Wagner, O.M.I..
Parisih Itriest.
Services next Lord^ Day at 11
a. m.and 7:301p.m.
Class meeting-, afterttlre morning,
service every sSunday.
Sabbath School at 2 p 'tn every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
iRec7. J. E. Betts. pastor.
Mm -isiiiu.s InU'rralo.
"Tsliili.monlal engiigenmnts in i*ersla ere
'Chilled tntti t,vo ��__sscs. The rani marriage, which Is cnnslilcrdt 'the most respectable, is conllni'd to four wives. In
this othir'tfM. number ��t "partners''df the
thusliuiid*s'ioy��ud sorrow is unlimited.
Tbe professor hud fallen down stairs,
and as hu thoughtfully picked himself up
ho remarked, "I wonder Wlmt noise that
was I fust hcardt"���l.i>wiQ|lpBI��S;Ti!B-����-
lasana am One Pol at.
Braklno .nentloni a <*a�� t'here a tm
yon who Ind been enn .tied in an ����.
mm prosecuted  li s brother and  'U��
jiroprletor i'or linpiisouiutfiit and ralsa
4_re_s.   Tb. prosecutor, himself a w��i
Tiess In isupport of the liir'_.;tnient, wiu
futdnte ��iesw��iu_e_9%e_; aiid��xiiiu.'imr'
>When 4_r��liliie icatne'to cross ���cxawttn
'blm, 'he tried to diseover rome lu_l_ln<
alienation of mind, but'during a eron
e_a_tlnatlon, eonduetad with rill U->-
���klll and sagacity dt  wblcli  ht wea
tnaster, tor nearly an  hour tbe  waa
���Blltn gentleman Who bnti conwacci-
dentally into court whispered in Biv
aklne's ear that the witness thought be
was tbe Saviour of mankind.
On receiving the hint Ersklne'matte
a lowvbow to t .etproaeoutor,-addt .K.ett
hlm In term* '<>t grout rcvoreu^e, rc-
spect-UTUy 'begged to apologise 'for the
unceremonious miannei' Ui which he
had treated 'B ipcraon of his HticreC
character*nd"_illrtl Inm by tlm nimc
of Christ Theunttn immediately h.ild.
"Thou hast *r��ikon tr iiy. I am tlie
The Orlfffaat Caraatloa.
Tbo original carnation was n live p_t>
Met bloom nutlv* In Hie south of Unly.
It <Was lni|>orted Into Knglund sbotft
���Mm'time of the Nor mnn coiuines^. Aa
early as 1G19 horticultural works .'gave
unlnute dlcectloaa for the cultivation of
the flower* >ln winter. The ��� carnation
Industry 'has risen te ��� considernble Ira-
���portaucofluringitho'la^t ton..years, according to Town anH Coirutry. Aa
:S,S00,000'tff young eariiation iflnnts are
Wild ewth 'year and florists "prod aee an
equal amount grown by themselves
��whlch are not sold, tbe entire produc-
ttlon of young carnation plants approai-
'8-ates B,000;000 and upward a year.
tChese plants are grown under gloss
Burlng tbe winter time for cut flower
{purposes, producing au-annual average
of more tbau 300,000,000 bleoms. What
tbaenmes of 'this enormous number 'ol
iflowars -la aomewMt of a mystery
Tkey areiput to innumernble uses.
"if yon are'In Hotibf," >��oys Talleyrand, "whether to write abetter or aot,
don'tr* And the advice applies 'to
many doubts In life besides that of Jet-
tift writing.���Bulw��f.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Wednesday,'evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. J. H. White, M.A.
Sabbath services ��� Crescent Is
land, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunc'ayjSchool'at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday
8 p.m.
.%. stntueitn-M-iie. Melha lsfrnio j>ut n|
i-Klxt year In il^llmurno.
Walker Whitesldovwllt i-lirirtlyiproiliicof
���Hew play from the il-'roiuli of M. I'ai*
.. Edna Wallace Hoppor will star neit. sea
���son lu n cninio��jpoi'a that is uow imlew
^ai-ittrn for hor.
Ernest Sbnrpeftna been invited to _ai
*)Uth by Fran Coslma Wagner .and t.
���studying under _iur*Ur_ctlon.
Maude Banks anB__e_tor Iiennon'haw
*ecn .appearing in vnudevlllo, presenting
ia ono act play of civil war times.
Hiss Florence Marryat has written It
'Collaboration  4.1th   Herbert   Pearson   *
drama ln toot tacts entitled "sThe.Ga__.
Forbes Robertson and Mrs. Patrick
'Campbell will cloctrlfy Isiin.lon next, It ii
���snid, with a grand revival of 'Antony and
Miss Hamilton Griffin, a half sister ol
.'*iary Anderson, Is cultivating her voice
"In t_ennany and will mako ber debet as t
ninger nettjjrenc.
Mme. Modjeskahns deenplaying in Sas
tfrai)cis��o tha past twe weeks, appearing
' as Mary fitdart, Magda, J_ady ' Macbeth,
Camilla and Rosalind.
... ".Oyronode B_-go-ns��,*"lsti'analated intl
SQermnn by Ludwig I'uldn, was played ra-
eently at Berlin. The tlUs irola.was as-
saigned to.Joseph Kalirz.
f The'Boiiipony'rtigagedtoaopport.Annli
ftussrll iln ''Catherine" Includes Joseph
fflolland, sFrank Worthing, Joseph Whea-
lock, Jr.,.0. G.-itrtvllle, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
41am J. Lemoync, Ethel Barryuian, Elsii
��DesWolf��und May Buckley.
Provides ���& 'Cliristiati {Some .'cri' s-Stufeflts of both
sexes .at moderate rates. Has :a jpregJHrcrttmy class for
junior students taking Pnfelic Sdljaol vwoitk. Does Higlt
School work and prepares lor Provfncidl Teachers' Exam-
natious, leaches all bra-ualiee rf: a Practical Business
Course and confers C.ipJomas. Imparts a Liberal Education iii its tpo.lfegiate Course, *nd mi the Ladies' Course
for Al. IE. IL ,mx] M. I . A. lr, lteo'ogy confers the degree <df 5-..D. .In University-work icanttpllse _tu<_ents through
the complete Arts Course for the B.A. degree of Toronto
University, 'with which the College is in full affiliation. In
Science teaches the First Year of Toronto -School of Science, and 'hns -a Special Engineering bourse adapted te
Practical Engineering work in this Province. Zm JMuaic, a
complete CMS'iirse ;in ttheory, voice culture, and piano tand
orgau, in conjunction with the Toronto college of ttrastc
S])eoial instnuction an x.vt and elocution, while all st.1de.1ts
are required to "take iphysical training with all the privileges of a well equipped gymnasium.
Tlie S.S. .Sonoma 'Heaves Ladner
at 8:30 a.m. anil 3:30 p.m;; return-'
ing, leaves Steveston at 9:30 a.m.
ancl 4."jo p,Ti'..
When you wish to buy visiting
cards call on the Delta Times who
will sell the feest money can buy.
If you need them printed, why you
are money iu pneket by celling on
the Delta Times first.
"Chicago i��eag*r to Welcome Hall Gains.
HThoy claim toihavo not only a Manxman'!
���oolety thrro.Unit several Glory Quaylei
*g well.   -Hovf sad!���Boston Herald.
Boston -.mi ihurdly  p> wronf.oei*).,
Judging from'the make up of hor now r..i
commi. sion.    Fake artists will do well to
comprehend  the situation.���Boston  l_x-
Tho world does m6ye. Chicago actually
eontcmplates tho appointment af a enm-
. mission to devise a new form of govcra-
. ment for tlmt badly l-auugednsity.���-Mi*.
Deapolis Trihunfl.
The Pittsburg Dispatch declares ?.hai
the ancients played baseball. ..Msvclnntl
rfans nro willinqj to wager somet'bins^iand.
���01110 thut Cleveland wasn't in tha circuit.
���Cleveland Dispatch.
-���A London magistrate fined nn offondet
^against tlie smoke  nuisance law ���50 and
rcf used ac. - appeal.   In Chicago���but why
compare the or. and  progressln* city si
Chicago with �� eto old _sondo_iP���Chlcajc
Hartford finds It hard work tomalntMe.
ibei claim that one of its oitizens dlsimv-
���BicirthffaniesUietic propcrtiesof sulplmiti
���other and ie now falling on tho proposl-
tlnn that the baseball curve originated in
lhat olty.���Boston Transcript.
If yon average .the'cost price of J-M .Asbestos Hoofing over
lithe periofi of ^yeare _t is in service, .you will see that "J-M',' is
cheaper to use than any other {prepares roofing. Being madesof
���Asbestets, an indestructible irimaral, St .Is permanently rfuritfifc,
��nd us HiaoMiiurtTrajnire any coating .r'painting, its fiest co_tiie
the onlyuTost.   Easily applied by anyone.
Asbestosipe is an Asbestos Sheathing *bS js '-fae moirtt eco-
momical, durftb_. anSieasily applied siding known.
A-tkilor samples and prices.
576 First &ve. S. Seattle, la*'.
60   YEARS-
sTwtoK Marks
^_      ..ESIG.lt
��K_��rnioHTt *c.
Anyone sending a skeieh and description msv
qnloklr ascertain onr opinion free whether an
ItiTontloa .. pro_nt>lf- -"
tions.irirtlr' iiiQilcntlkL-lUlnDBOOX on I'ncuU
���ont froa. Olilort ssencntor ���ocurlngpatenr..
Patants taken throw* Munn A Co. receive
���prehUnotto, uithout ohtrsciatha
Scientific flmcricatu
A handsomely Ulustrated weekly. Largest cir-
eulattoa of any Bdentlft. journal. Terms for
c.iimila, 13.71 a you, postataMvep-ilil.   Sold by
Branch Office. W F Bt. Watlilwiiuu. D. C.
Tha Kaiser mm * Hamarlat.
He went up to the Kiel YaMUMOt/ta
���m tha presentation of pri_es by his maj-
'eety. He wai in particularly jolly hu-
imor, artfiihis speeches od presentation were
���most happily spoken.    One prise winner,
* little German officer, fullyi realised the
'lmportanoe of the occasion ��n_i 'Was the
���more easily embarrassed when with cap in
.one hanU and sword ln the other he stood
rteady to reoelva bli priM���-a pair of large
At the close of th* kaiser's-speech he
iiaaded the vases to the little afliemy who
���fcurpledly put cap under one arm, sword
under'the other and received them, whereupon ._��� kaiser I Insisted upon shaking
hands in congratulation, much to the om-
tbarrnssment, chagrin and bliss of the winner nnd the shouts of laughter from evory
-one olso, led hy his majesty.
The next wlnnor wm .given a liquetlr
*et and received orUers mil *o drink from
���11 18 glasses akaio-.���'Oytimg.
Vheout&tof an oyste*tongs ninn'soanoa
l-eouslstoofo pair of rakes, a pair of tongs.
e. pair Afi nippers, a cutting hoard, several
milling hammers, nonuple of half bushel
��� b_sketa��nd an Iron hulf btikkul.
The trlnngular bridge at Crnylnnd, l.ln-
eolnsliire, is the oldest briilKe In Knglnn.
and oue of the greatest curiosities
The Delia Tunes
LQCAf, MWS. i MjiK and Cream Wanted
Come and, help find Santa, Ctyu.
7 px.
On Your Money
s p.c.
Dr.   Thorp-y, is   expected   hack
about Xmas tiaiq.
H. N. Riel^as s^v^ot; to Vancouver, last v.i;eek. j
| VV?. pay   the   highest   priest
| We v^oifld like,- to make CQpJ,t^pts
wtyh a few shippers.
Wty. S> fpr. ])art^pvjlars\
iimi .mX Piiici. Co Jiv
}. Rulwaa, of, Kanilcipps, visited
tjlie Delta last week.
 ~r ipoi, Peeler Street,,
The S.S. Sonoma will make only j VANCOUVER.
qne t~ip on Qbri^map, Df&^iQ the j  ^ ^^_->,
iporningv the afternoon trip, being |
Guaranteed u.po�� absolutely- ss&- security���first
mortgages; oa sj^tantial city properties. ��RVEN and
Eight Pe% Cent:.. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon stuns rangiiftg from Five Htj^dred Dollars up.
Ht, Shiles &(&,
Ne \�� Westminster, BN0.
Dr. and Mrs. Shaw visited Mr.
aind Mrs. Mckenzie at the Delta
i^otel. Mrs. fijiaw is a, sister of
JVJr. McKeiwic.
Mrs. Jeau Tempi).-: lectured  at
Crescent Islands on Saturday even-J
ing last,' and during her- stax was ���
the gi��sst of Mrs. D. Pnqe,
C. Rummell, manager of the light
cjepartment of the B. C. E. R. Co.,
aaidiajShoTt, visit here,, last v^eek,
tpsting the-light voltage.
Ageiweiea Represented-*
HoiTtlortl VJre Insiirniice Co.
J��hn;i_K l)i,.u��i|ic<j Cq-.o. _wx)��txn
Connecticut Kirr Insurance Cq._
Imperial Tnut Co,,
Iiispwce Cv/ of North America
The Ocean. Accident & Guarantee Corporation, Ltd., oPI,ondon, Kng.,
t.td. Vancouver. B.C.
Mrs. Johwto^i ani,l Mjss John- j
s.ton, of Vancouver, werp x'si10^ at i
Mrs. A. Daj.ie;'.s last week, Mrs.'
Johnston is a sister.of; Mrs. Davie,   j
Jo^p, Olives, M'.PiPx. paid a visj),
of inspection to the new bridge under,
construction os-er Canoe Pass. Mr
Oliver is well satisfied with the work
so far done and thinks it is time the
Council had the. work of connecting
the existing rpad on. Westham. Island with the west end of the
Bridge under w_or.
REV.   IRL . R>
xt   ��   _r t.i      -j        . i  i Fo* .909, ready Nov. is, 1908. best
N. A. McDiarmid spent a cwple! ' ��� ^ ���" ��� -"' y
4ays in Vancouver last week andjeve�� sent, o^,, beautiful cave^ in
has since been laid up. Too much I colors, fii^e fjprJtip^ of Prof. Hicks
qity life isu't a good t|iing taken all; in colcjs, ^Jl tfy$ ol^, features and
at ot^fe,. several qpw ppes in the book.   Tlip
������ 1 7j__�� best a$trpnqpi>^��.   y��*a.��  book and
Mrs. Marshal Smith came over j the only one cqptpiniijg the original
irom Vamcouver, last week, to take'"Hicks W^afhpr Forests." By
ip the sate of work apd entertain-! mail 35c on news stands 30c, One
ment   _mtei  the-, auspices   of   the} copy free with  Woid sgtd Works,
[jjome jy^ade ffiread
is tue delight o   V_? prudent houae^w. f&s
We Bog Leave
To notify the p&e.p)% erf !_&��.&._? and sar��
rounding distriot ttafc vre &c.. ��<aw in a
position to ofter Vaaeouver Island
Portland Cement
At greatly reduoed ppieea, making [it pos��
sible fo* parties who contemplate, building
tQ put in concrete foundations'at about the
same qqe& aa ��U.ing or othoc inferior
Write for Prices.
h- _
B. O.
No other family flour has gained such uni
versal commendation as our ROYAL E?TAND
ARD. brand.    It is the standard of quality torn
home    .jEead-making.    Ask    $0*��   de%Jer   8>*[^1|
ROYAL STANDARD flour on you* aa&t Qffder,
ftfidies' Gnil&ot All Saints'
Remem^eiT, tlie Chrjstma<s Knter-
_f_iniQRnt,to be given, in the Town
HalK   J__dne., on   the 22.M- inst.,. zenowesit to, himself,
lender the awspices of .lie children
of All Saints" Sunday School. Doors
qpen at 7:30.,tc\con.;np_c$ at ^p^m.
A special meeting ot the W. C.
T. IT. will be held at the Methodist
Parsonage on Thursday, December
17th, at 3:30. p.m.. A hill attendance is requested a�� several -patters
qf importance a rp.to,bq. brought be-,
fore the Union,
School Dmi^
tt,e best $\ monthly _r, _\m^_ica.
Discounts on ajmanacs in quantities. Ageitfs wanted.. Word ajid
Dorics Pub. Qo.y aaoi Locust
Street, St> Lcttjs.Ma E\?er.v citi-
tn his fellows and tc,Pu���� Hicks to possess
the "ftit^^ fco:ecaslis---4he o��ly ie-
Sold b# W. B. SMITH,
Guaranteed by
Fob Sale.
Four purebred Colli^ Pups by P.
E. Ladder's, besj, wooing, dog.,
Mother, imported iron. Scotland.
Apply, t<>,
Vancouver Hilling & Grain C<h�� Lti
N($ce tft f Qic^tcrs.
As.qf&cers,and mem^er&rofiQourt
Frasetrhfty^ dtsrega_4ed their by-.
Trustees. iaws ^ obligation ip absenting
0&| ,tbems��h^,frR^. LcKlge mpetipgSi I
hereby, .��fpra��. ttyeo}. that. if�� this
practise-is continued any imager Ij
shall report the matter to the High
40-Acre r^m for Sit
Known, .s. the Beerae., ^lact, on
I'.ash Delta;,, all imprflyed and
und*. cultivation., PtiQ��,., $5,250.
Apply to
Have You Seen the Latest
Thing in
��� OB* J '
i* *s fiist
a washer
Foi? Sale.
The   D_^   PA1PCK
as, tts namPd*��ke on the track..   <��&&& ajad see it.
! W��\ Besides the abov^|,\R�� hsjy* the NEW
CENTURY MACHINES whiph fe hard to beat,
and the SNOWBALL; any Iqne�� of which would
make anP4excellent^Christiaaas present*
The Board of School
apet in the,. Coancil Chamber
Sjatujday, Ifecr i2th^ with. TJrufc
tfeSsSmith Wsight (in the chs_r)���
A. DeR. Tkylor, P. Swensen and
W. Pybus and R.. H.. Quagga,��
Minn^ of,' previous meeting
-��ye_e adopted as read.
On motion it was decided! to com .
_puuicate witb Miss Lindsfth to
find out if she is at liberty to take
i\r> the position of teacher at Gu>lt-
3>de school _
On.motiqu l\ was.decided tq-,pt_r-j
cjh^ise one a^re qf la^ from J^?. j
Itelson, at.G^fsidev.fo? thespnupoaeJ
of bi^ikling a -iiftw school he-use.        i
A number of residleiits of Annacis ���=.. .-
Island waited upon the Board ask-|    Te��� n(ce ?iR% three months old;
ipg for a school house.   There be-in pigs, seven weeks old;   1 brood
ing the required number ot cbil-sow; 5 dozen spring ehkkens.   1 '.shades,   fan<<y  glojjes^ &C^   for-! gifts,   Useful   and
dren on t-he Island, all that is _��wj'"fw '',c��bator (Cyph��s)j a number ' .. ���
.    ,  . .    -  . f pf orchard and gaiioen tools
rfquirec!, *? a sleedr to one apw^qfti "       ������-,!_
q^eav^l la,r\d in a eer^rjil lq^^tq^.tfli
l^e hapded o.yer to th^�� Cq^^i) ift
tfust and  the  Board  will la^ fcjiei
tpatte^l^tore the governinent. I
Amot^r,petition is.in circulation!;
fpr a sC'KjO,l to be built tp accomtnq-
^ate-sth^p^ion ot  the district tying betweei*, tji^, Gqudy roaii. t^e,
Benson road andjift^Tusker rpad,
Trustees Wrighi, ^, PybM?.*ill
present these   mattery, l^iwfp. the
Sq^ernment t^s weqk.,
��� Thq, Bpy.    then  adjourned till
^trdav, January. 2,,'09, at 2 p.m.
Nothi^?B picerL" than|l electrical   fixtures,
is, fanq
\)Um\. .
?0^ SALE.
Fr^)i Gijade ^w^i     j
In q^der tq-,m5s.k�� *fX>Vt\ for. Iffl-1
ported Pn^rebrjd St. cH�� n^, v^ish to,
dispq?^ of ourrstaql^ofjijr^^Gr^de r
Doifv Cows.
Alsotwo Purebred Holsteip Bulls'
and some Yonng Pigs.
Apply to
p   Tf   rALVBRT
Lm4m       1   ���%    \* mmaESEma
sorts   of  First*Cla88   Jewellery^
Bilvorwai^ Out Glass, Etc%
ejlndreuf Clausen.
Wh^n You Require?
Furniture^ Caa?p)ftts, Linoleum, Window
Shades o* AB(y Article of Furniture or
He*asehold Furnishings a. visit to LEE*S
SIORE will convince you that, there is the
yftgktoys WelcoBa^
NEW WESTMINSTER,        -       -       -       B. Gl
Estate ol
W.   Lm   MoBRiBEe
Phone 5,   ��   Port Guichon


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