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The Delta Times Jul 16, 1907

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Array "���
k ,  y<^%  d
Vol.  i. Nu- 45.
We  Mafce
to Order
Medical inspection     Ihe Market,       Delta Council.
of Schools
To the School : oard el Delta Municipality.
(Continued from Last W��*k.)
Perhaps you dotft care for tlie accepted styles.
WeMl modify tliem t�� suit .year tastes.
Perhaps y@u have ideas oi j&ur awn in dress.
We'll carry them out to the letter.
The  physical  condition   of   our
children Teaches down, then, to
jthcvery substructure  and founda
tion of society.    Tire boy of to-day
becomes the man of to-morrow.'to pjrk' *ui crn^
whom we and susceedtng generations must look lor the advance-
i ment aw! prosperity of our country
The'child -cannot  act  for Tainrselt, commanded
and   often   th*   parent is  equ .Ily
helpless or careless.   It'behopves ua,
therefore, who have such matters
tin charge, to act for him, and to
.-act wisely aad well. Hia physical
[���and moral a* well as his innellect-
: ual status and .progress should be
rclosely watched and guarded. The
;-school  requires, nay enforce?,  hit
-'���New-Westminster. July 13��� The The Delta Counti. men iu tire
tfact that macy-farmer., are busy; Covracil Chamber on Saturday,
[haying was accountable for a slight July ijth, at 2 p.m., with tbc
[decrease in the number on hand, Reeve, H. M. Vasey, ic tbe chair,
! yesterday, which materially affect-1
|ed the supply. The demand in;
' 3Q!_i? cases 4ar-^xc:*pdlt. g ��� the  offfr- ]
tags on hand.
The fi'Srcj weat-Wr' ii-.e'.y is  con- ���
iercblv aSecting the sale oi" beef and
dtly not as much j
is being exposed for sale as  would!
be were the weather cooler, though ]
what was offered yesterday  w��s im j
most cases prime stock, -and readily j
and  Couns.  Gibbie. Gilchrist srJc.
Paterson present.
Militates of previous .meetis��
were adepted as tes3,
. -50MMXStflCA -MOW S:
From \V. N. I. rap .:, re amended
plan of Trunk ro. d. Ptceived and
On  motion  Coundillo? Patersot
and  the Keeve were appointed '���*
Mrs.   T.
8Vf    and    g;4   c��n^iC0Em:U��   *�� -wait   on
far  hindquaner   cuts,  while  fore- 'j McXeelyre Trunk' road,
���qufttewwere being haadled  it 6      From i-Tupper A Griffin, re hridg-
aud C'~ cetrts, ' 'l:S dredger ditch at end ot Benson
Mutten was short and so was lamb, frflad-    Received and'filed.
these meats being at present rather |    From Baxter & Co.,*re -tax sale,
scarce, while the demand  holds  as  Received and filed.
strong as ever. Mutton was selling
at 12 and 13 cents and commanded
a ready sale at these figures, while
all young lamb that was offered was
attendsince^isod volunteers to superintend the unfoltting of his young  soon bought up at
life in its most critical period.    It .per lb.
is, then, the obvious duly oi tchool      A limited supply of po.k was of-
F. A. Shand, of Vancouver, was
given -a hearing regarding water
supply from' Gold Creek, in painting   out   the   advantages   of   his
teacheis  and   authorities   to   note
fired and was retailed at   lie. the'
and   15 cefctsl scheme over that ol others he said
Delta's share of the cost of bringing
. the water to a  point on the ruain-
i land opposite A ..nads Ishud would
! well   their   important  obligations,  greater     portion     was.    however, i be  $7-.6"4-    Total  coat * to Delta,
! and to gist the chiid the benefit of bought up by local   dealers who including   distri-tutioa,   hydrant*,
"We'll   show   you   hundreds ��f   samples Of   Choice   patterns.       We 11 j the most mo-aern thought and judg- j_aTe the necessary facilities for pre- '��� etc., $i66,&io.    Delta to guarantee
j raefct upon'this important scbjact.'-gfr��.ioj it during the warm spell.    ' 35<*> services at  ft minimum oi $3
have your Suits and Top Coats made up by the best ta-ilors in Canada, j qui sdi-jois undoubtedly provide j   some first-class veal was offered j PeT """"h P��* w&nce.
opportunities for  great  intellectual land   sold   for   10; 4 and 11 cents,,     0n   motion  Coun. Paterson arid
We'll Guarantee Beforehand that Everytlito��
Will Be Exactly as Yeu Wish, . ......
"-Ifoere will be a big saving in prices, too.
No Custom Tailor can give the same quality of cloth and lining���
tthe same trimmings and tailoring���for our prices.
advancement and I believe tbat the 1 though the latter
seemed to
price -
general moral tone of our schools is j be the .prevailing figure. Long
i of a high quality, but what 61" the, before noon the supply v*.�� all dis-
��� physical' condition of the scholar ?   i posed et.
Ye*, m'farmers well know that j    Good money is being turned ever
. fwr,   things    are     necessary     to! _n tgit this season, and though the
; raise   grain���-one  -ie    the    seed, supply   is strong each week, very
anrl     another     is     a     favoring ��� little decrease iu price tekes place.
soil aud conditions.    So .it  is with The majority of farmers attending
take your measure for the next Buit.
Learn the satisfaction and economy of our made-to-order
Marshall Smith k Co., Ltd.
the enlightenment of the young.
The means of education are necessary, viz.: The buildings, properly
.placed and constructed, including
books, teachers, etc., etc., and then
"the child with the receptive mind
��ud healthy body and senses, capable of receiving instruction atid
profiting thereby. We are surrounded hy the means of education,
for modern schools with their effective machinery are a source ef
gratification aud delight to all; we
have efficient teachers and school
inspectors, who are enthusiastic
educators, but what about the soil
upou which the seed of enlightenment falls? In other woTds they
consider children as a mass and do
not separate them into isolated-individuals, with distinct inheritance
end mental and physical  peculiari-
the Reeve were appointed a committee to look into the various
water systems aud repot..
The Delta Revenue By-law, 1907.
passed its first and second readings.
Tie Clerk war instructed to
notify the V. T. K. authorities to
repair crossing a-nd supply signal at
Fort Guichon.
yesterday brought in consignments Re fitting of thistles, the Con-
of eggs,But nothing sold .etailless stable was authorized to put ona
thau 35 cents per dozen. Whole- man to cut HI thistks that have
sal: price watfte most instances 30 not been cut aad that same be
centSi ! charged to the property- and to take
The butter supply was well up to! stePs t0 eoHecbaame.
the mark and the quality left noth-| lvwas decided to bill all parties
ing to be desired. The demanding fo: reck,.�� ravel, etc.
was strong for the ranch article and ] F. Parmiter wanted a road built
all that came in from local and 1 on Annacis Island in order that he
river points had been bought up by j ma>' haul b��s hay out. It was de-
diuner time.  Iudividual purchasers
were paving 35 cents though several large lots which went to loeii
supply men were secured at 30
cents per pound.
Tbe -supply of fowl, while net
v*ry plentiful, was of several good
varieties, tbe birds being young
and heavy stock and were ia pood
demand. The ruling price averaged
$7,50   and   $8.50   per   dozen.    A
cided tc gazette the dyke so as te
give necessary accommodation.
The Reeve, Clerk -and Finance
Committee were authorized to sig-fl
a promissory note for $2,000.
Council then adjourned till |Skt-
urday, July 20th, at 3 p.m.
ties, rendering them  more or  less j jood Stock oi  young broilers was
lu the case of Abbott vs Heaton,
in wliich R. C. Abbott, formerly of
3/idner and  now ef Mission,  has
���sued William Heaton,  of Ladner,
for the recovery of $53 far goods
claimed to have been sold and delivered,   and   the    pteitttiff   had
'entered    a    counter   'claim    for)
fr6o    commission     for      having
tmtd   the   {Buintitt's   tartn,   jridg--
tnettt   was   given   granting    both
���eMm*.    Vt wat niled tb��t tht
plaintifPs claim should be deducted
-from defendant's claim and the'balance paid,,together with one mt Of
coststto be taxed against ^the plain*
stiff.   K. Jctnes of Vancouver, np-
jie��red for the plaintiff, and F. W.
Howay aud J. P. H.  Bo.e for the
Melt nd��n.-
The Royal liaok of Canada is
here Jor your convenience and twill
���bc pleased to give you every attention.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at 8 a.-a. tfud 4 p.m.; leaves Steveston at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Every
day except Sunday.
Sunday  school
will   be held   as
Rev. G. H. Morden, ol Vancouver, will Conduct the services iu
the Methodist Church, on Sunday
next, both morning and evening.
When you wish -to buy -visiting
cards call on the Helta Times .who
will sellthe best "money can buy.
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calling on
���the Helta Tiwe��! first.
F. B. Dixon has kindly consented to hold service at Crescent Island and Point Roberts ��m Sunday
There will be nc service in the
Baptist Church, on? Sunday next,
ou account of the absence of the
pastor. Rev. A. 'H. Huntley, who
left, yesterday, to attend the Baptist convention at Summerland,
B. C.
GRAIN   SACKS���>9o   per   ioco
(lese^.so-for sp6t cash)��� Brackman-Ker Milling Co.,   Ltd., H
X. Rich   Agent, I.adner, B.C.
adaptable to tke requirement-< of
the modern public scliooi Children are thrown into the great machinery of school lite, are ��� :vidtd
[into grades and are expected to
j adhere to them and become educated-according to �� cettain syfltem.
A child may have a weak ot
crooked back which will become
aggravated by close confmemt-ut at
improperly constructed desks; lie
may have lungs handicapptd with
the iucipieat germs of tuberculosis;
encouraged by the protracted
breathing of bad air; ke may
languish from geueral systemic im-
impoverishuitit, and pine and
droop under too much siudy and
too little frtSh air. These are some
of the conditions noticed iu sc lu ol
children militating against the acquirement of an education, but
more directlytcsseutial 'still are the
existence of certain abnormal con
dtons of the organs Of special
sense, seeing ��nd hearing, which
are certainly of ' fir..t importance in
.the acqwiring of knowledge.
offered and commanded  ready sale
at $350 and $4.50 per dozen,
Ducks were on the market in
good .quantities, and "though offered at*$5 to $6:50 per dozen were
slow sellers, thc demand for thi*
class oi bird being -rather weak at
���The-supply of potatoes was not
snlEcient to 'flood the market, but
seemed a little better than last
wee-k, bet next Friday will -most
likely see a noticeable increase in
the indispensible article of consumption. What was offered yes-
terday-wa* soon snapped up at $7
per sack.
Some splendid mariettas -��f currants and cherries were offered and
were easily disposed of. A few
crates of'raspberri;s were also sold.
Black currants retailed at 8c, teds
at <;c, while cherries vaMrd from 6c
ta 8c.per pou<.d according to quantity.
I     T.-WeWon, of Sunbury,   was in
I with a.-fine-line  f: fre'li vegetables. $t and ur received
including green peas, potatoes, and
lettuce which sold readily.
Mrs. Klsin, was in from Scott
road with a good supply of fresh
laid eggs, which she disposed of -at
prevailing prices.
J. Johnson sold a nice dairy-
cow yesterday.
Mrs, P. Petersen, of Sunbury,
was a vendor ol eggs.
Mr. Leftoy, of East Delta had
some nice veal which )ie sold yesterday.
Mrs. H. G. Taylor, of I.adner,
was at ber usual stand ai:d sold
come batter -and tgge.
Mrs. Keegan, Mrs. I. Whitworth,
Mm. T. Roberts, and Mrs. Stor.ey
were noticed at their regalar stssn.U
with thrir usual fine as'ortwemt of
bWtter-and eggs^
Geo. Grauer  went ever to Vancouver on Satttrdav last.
Have you get a  -.Ktirigs  liairt.I
Account in the Roykl Batik of Cau-|
ad&?   If not, you slieuld open  oue
-as soon as   possible,   Deposits   .��. THK DELTA TIME?  TUESDAY   fULY t6
Prr.Li.nr.1.   i-very Tn.*d .*..
SnESCTMr-.!ON-. $1.00- per .vsflt.
s.rivr. , risio R wi.-.
���J-        BWM
or Those
in   mr..e futiinss  nut         If  Tr^T"    rf""\I  1T�� | Ool
ol the future you must JIISI      III J   I I Bit
out somethim.  Into the *��V>��J *      \SWJ  * *
present     .     _.      .      . W I.     II  fca���p          I S .
Oo 1 d ��� Co n p e r s Pay
Divide nds all
over Rrltlfh
..      Columbia
Conll iuing over uiq. Views in everything.   Po^t paid 50c., Stumps.
Richest Province in the British Empire.
'Let us make man"���"a-iake.
Clonal .;-l.cttiv.uents u cmls pi r Uur foi j
i'nr first in*.nw.u, iti". 5 cents per Unr for encli '
^AMecjunit insertion.    The   number   oi   lines '
Kckoned by $e r.pncr ocffupifd, is lines to tha as if little, by little, -a long   process
***�� lorc^mercw ftdvettucn^ueu. be in the course of which n n becomes j
��>.<ioj. application nt u_��o��<*. , a party to hisov.n making!    Nor is |
Re .Jim; notice. uuxoM !������ e liu,- Ior each in- j tljis suggestion so with of tl.e mark :
.. .     . ���    , ...      ,,        as might nt  first  appear.    Ii  man
,..,,.,..    not notv in process of beiti _; "made?" !
Auy  fip��a_l  nonce, the object ol fftblcll.lttO| r
pronotPtUepcci.Btary benefit o��auy In dividual,- Must not   .ill    the    member-   of   thei
or company, to te considers.1 nn advertisement t '
amichargedaccordingly. , "U!_" work upon him in   order  to,
/Ulndv .rtlcem��� .i.c.nrgid fo.- until ordered   complete him and I'ive      D   the last
��� at and paid tor, l
ioucli  if imperishable beantv?  Thei
torrefipoudence inv.ted u:i  maUi-:.   ol.pnMic'
Interest.   Co .imumcs.Uo^s toedltor tout.: 1st- :u-   Father  lias   shaped    bim!    lhe   Soil i
Qompaliicsl  l,y  name of writer, not uecrgirsrily ' ]
lor publication, uut ns evidence of. good fa ith. I has   redeemed  him-   the  Spirit   is
Correspondence mu.thread, ttii-i office h. Viuir*. | j
day evening. ! now regenerating  and   sanctifying j
jhim:   manifold  ministries are
1 tits- g klsked. Nothing Oalntd,
Nothing Ventured. Notliln,- Wi n.
1<.  Mamj.sv,
TUESDAY,   _1UXV   if),   l-QOJ.
Gko.  !..  Mam.sv, 1 aim:   mamlold ministries are  now
working upon him. to the end  that!
ke uicty   "come   to   a   PERFECT
"I MAN,   unto   tiie  meastm   of the|
j stature of the luluess of Christ.*' As j
  -_.  _______=___________== & were, arbitrarily and sovereignly,
,.   _     . . the dust  was shaped into  human
Verv little   interest  is  displayed I _��� . ..  ...       ..   .   .    ,
K   ���     'form,   an   upright thin?   that   had
in school-matters according to the; wontierfui   ,owers and stin mcre
number  of coianrunications which1 wonderful latent possibilities,    But
���we have received up to date, ! is not  nl!   Biblical  history   aa  ap-
 .  i peal to this upright thing to be a
As to the teacher in the rural, or
���tttside school; we believe that, as
far es possible, married teachers
should be secured and a house and
garden provided for their use,
which  would  do away, in a great
man0 li not the Gospel of Christ
the goG:l news that he may have
life, yea eternal life, and enter upon
a destiny nf immeasurable   progress!   "    "'���   ~ ���"���
and ineffable felicity?    What, I ask   jVfpfljrai Efl 6IM>f fl A
again,   ii   man   is  still  in   process  I IvUllill llli3|*viJiW
III. OPPlffll Jill
T      R ehest Men in the World are investing iu B'. C. C'opper-
Gold Mines.     Why can't yon begin now?
The are-lost Onld'Coprer Discovery oi tbe Age In B.C..
M m flUBIff GOLD IIM.  ��l��,l
bs.ry Dollar Subscribed used In Development of Mint*.
Special Offer, 20c Per Share.
directlj west of L,e Roi, whose shares are now about
Rn; I.-.- Roi No. 2 "shares are about '..15 and went np to $100;
and Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. of Canada, Ltd.,
sh lies '���'150 each1. Or anby Mine paid over $2,000,000 Dividends
m 1906, --hates $14;;,' and all gold-copper mines in B. C. paid
Large Dividends. Big Four assays trom. $5 to jvSoo in gold,
copper, silver,, with 32 per cent, in the Treasury; on the Railway
near Smelters.
Nf.TE���Most of these mines sold for a few cents onre, but
over-capit lized even now pay Big Dividends.
R< ��� md Mines received Highest Awards for richest gold-
copper ore sent lo St. Louis Exposition. Big Four had Best
Disp ;���:���.    I   lominion Fair, New Westminster,.B.C.
���-��� ' -��� than ior stares fold, All Cash. Above this shares
can be iia, bu instalment plan,-or yearly contract, 15 per cent.
cash, I ... : te 1: ontbly
Company hi:fl no d?tits or liabilities,   ftend for Illustrated Prosiseotun to Secretory.
P.���, Bex 174, Vancouver, B. C*, Canada.
[������4-f4-f+���+���+���*���+ M^f-H THHf^+tv+i-Hs+J
I    Delta Transfer Stable   !
Team Work Bone at Specially Low Prices.
% JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor. *
.j. f
��� Telephone " L.tdner" No. 10. t
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
'of   being    made?     What    if   our
j present selves liave  to  be  shed  aS
measure,   with,  the cause  of   the blossoms to make way for the fr_.it? |
trouble among  the residents as to i In.this seme the  building of man-
of School;
(Continued from   First  Page.)
Mrs-. McFarland and son, Master
George, are guests ot  Mrs. F. W..
1 Harris.
New Service���Port  Guichon and   Ladner to  New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.ni.    Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2.10 pjn.   Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m.
Gives   Passengers   four   liours   in   either   New   West*
minster or Vancouver..
New   Freight   Tariff effective   September    5th,   '06*
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon,
Sufficient Cars will he fnrnished without delay.
inhere.the teacher should board.
I hood may well Uike as  long as thei *
Building of the rooks.     It. is a fear-1     If a ,child  cannot see  w. 11 and
ful thought, most solemn, vat most j near well his  position  is certainly
humbling,, that we-may be  but a j most  H8fortU!late  ]n   the   Moderu
I stratum on which other strata have I     ...      , ���   '   .    .
I     ,.        .���,.,,.,.     ���   , -i , j public schools where he is expected
(0 lie uutil the last hue is laid down, |
audi God's   ideal of humanity is|tokccP ��P with his ciUss or e,se
��ri*ed.    Or take -it the other and subject   himself    to   ctftgriti   and
' mortification and in some instances
punishment     I do  not  believe in
The case against Wm. Handford
for stealing a bicycle from D. M.
Llli. on the 17th ult., was htard in
the District Court, yesterday, when
accused, was.sentenced to 30 days'
hard labo,-.
fh   the  Mouse  of Commons  on
A*pril'3rd last, sSir Frederick Bor-|rsa"
tlen, Minister ol Defence, announced i Pfc"��ter way, which all   scripture
the   inauguration  ot  a- system  of: would seem to sa"c,io!��-  vlz-   mau ��� L.   .. ..        ,. ,-..,.  :���������,.,.-
.���,,._   ,,,,,i���  ..   i;_;,, ,   cr.nl    ti -,t  ;.  tnrUSiing   tnese   little  impression-
unirersal     aud   uniform   physical!was  mide a   llYlnS   souI'   tbat ls    ,,        "    ...   ..    -   .,���,.������,���
... ���        ,       ,i-prr   man   wn.   intniwlrd    tn   'ire     able, Ottetl Sickly l.VCS, lll.o   ll coin-
training for young children. 111  the.^^ nia"  wa    ����naM  to  .ue, mo,.ided and
m,    l,.i-   rananit o��    wit,r>,    ...ill    ��n. ' llltl"    CrUClOlS    It)    Ot    111011 lata   atltl
3���lM>ols throughout Canada, and  of and Ws caP����tie��  which   will  e��-i m_miHm1  .��mI
oMk Viim   t,    -'. ^iv.   1ifp in if-. l_-^_ ct    tarnecl    ' Ul    Wlttl    .CtentK',11    eXilCtl-
militarv drill for children above 12. a')le lllra l" "-celve llle m "s largest
and Divinest sense; this is,   indeed,   Ulclc and precision.    I   I elieve that,
his unique and glorious charaoteris-1 chlldren *onld not be damaged by ,
W. N, Draper,
Room 7, Ellartl Block. NTtw-Westminster,
01111 m
Imsorpormtad 1869.
CAPITAL, - - - $3,900,000
RESERVE FUNDS,      - - $4,390,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
t.hi'v re-
. i their    educational
tic. his point of fhtoite departure!lu*'1'   ""��^'""��*'    existence,   but j
iron, the  beasts that perish.   But | slaould^ emorfie from ^ the-portals of J yg| ^RSNARY    SIMEON
New Westminster, B.C.
years'^ age.
What has beer,-lone
��iird in Delta ?
trom tue  beasts  mat  pensn.    atu i
- ���- .he  can  destroy   himself!    He  c8n , the public school in better physical,
A..K     SCHOOL     TEACHERS choose death rather than life.   Now mental  6nd  m0!al  condition than
PROPERLY. PAID-? i it is iu this very choice that man   is wheH   {h*>  were  entrusted  toils
  j really     "made."    The  appeai  is, ( fostering care, and  I  believe  it to
.     . I Will,   vou   be a   man?   Will   vou  be >'our  operative duty  to strive
Otir tmwer   to  this  q_jeshon is have  jifc?      (eM .. Christ says-, "I -t0 bnnK abol,t  this condition   in
this: | m ceme that, ye might have life." \ ever>' wa>' in 7our ps,ver!
We donot believe in the Sat rate i Thus, as I said with apparent self '    We bave e,,rolled >" "ie
system.     Vo:mg   teaciiers   should contradiction man is asked to be  a
receive, say  ��50 per month, while P^rty to his own creati in���to  con-
older, teacher,   should  be s..ventolseilttub;-  himself!    "Ye  wi!1   ,lot
M.R.C.V.S.,  Edin.
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
East End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street, Cordova .Street. Graud
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Port Essington, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon,
Chilliwack, Cumberland, Port Moody and New Westminster.
���anriflbrstand that, sis they prove their
come unto me that ye mi^ht  have
life."    This b life eternal, to know
of thi- municipality about 400
children, I know uot how many of
these have defects o' vision, hearing    and    otiier   physical   drfectsj
D. S. Curtis' Drug Store,
Columbia .St. Phone
H. B. MARGESON. Manager, LADNER, B. C.
(liter Exhibitor
j which is a barrier to the reasonable
worth,  increases of salary will he, thec j,Je only lrn<�� Go(_.   and  jesus and easy acqu'uement of an educa
given, even though they may not; Christ whom thou ast s.nt."Glori-
be removed from the room '.n which
they are teaching. Our reason for
this is that when a teacher proves
that he or she can handle -very successfully the junior class in the
-wttoal, and is willing to contii ae
thc work, they arc as much entitled
to $75 per month as tbc teachers in
��� he higher divisions.
Hob, but I   am   ^afe
in., that
ous to-me is this id ��� 1 (solike all we|.man'** yd ver? maBy
know cf the  Divine  goodnsss) of
asking man whether he will  accept
iife and be like God, or whether he) a 2rcat benefit. to the  children, and
I know von believe with me that
Chas. Giffiord  is at  home  on a
<hort vacation.
wili'ch is.- death and  darkness  forever.God docs not say to man, 'I will
make 5 ou imm ui il ad in fstrtict-
tbls whether you will or  not;, live
! forever you shail'.    No; he  makes
hitn capable of living; he constitutes
: him with a view to immortality;
.he tsr.'es,  beseeches, implbres him
: to  work  out this  grand purpose, '
, assuring him, \titb   infinite r-nthos, '���
 .  jl^^j.  ])c ]ias R0   p]easnre   in   the
Albert Goad, of Vancouver, hast death ol ths sinner, but would
;ake�� the place-of Jas. McKemmie'rftthcr ih.t lie should J4VJ4. A
it the power house here; doctrine  this  which   in   my  view!
sftnplities and glorifi s 1 uman history as related mi  the  Bible.    I,ils
and  death  bi*c  not set before any |
beast;, but  lie and  death  are distinctly set before man���he can live, j
          'he  was   meajt  to  live,   lie  is be-.
Dr. Tolmie has resigned his po-!sought to live;" tfie whole scheme!
sitioii of. Provincial Veterinary In- of Providence and redemption is ar- i
;.pector to become Deputy Cotnmis-|ranged to help him to live���why,!
,-siouer of Live Stock for the Do- then, will"ye die?���Dr, Jos. Parker. |
rpinioa GovewMnent. , ._
to this municipality in general,
would be effected if such physical
defect could bo detected and re-
liev- I.
I  remain.   Sirs,   your   obei i'nt
A. A.  " IN'.*., M.H..O.
jtmm^       isO  YEARS'
W^xd,' E/PEi-iEI-Ci:
I will not be responsible for any
debts contracted 1 y Mrs. Rachel
Rebecca Clark now going under the
name of Mrs.. Embree.
L.. W..  EMBREE,
Delta, B. C.
Jan. 8th to 1 Ith.
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
Six Seconds.    Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Silver
Spangled   Hamburgs,   Buff
Orpingtons and Black
C. Rtrmmel, uuitiager.of the light
department of the B. C. E. R. Co.,
will be in town tbis evening.
TnAot: Marks
Copyrights &c.
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
csrs leave WeattBtoster lor VaneotiTerat5.501
and 6.50 ft.n, and bourly thereafter1 until 11 ti.
rn.; Saturdays aud Sundays aLii p.m. ,
Cars leave.Vancouver for Wcstininsvcf* nt *..e
and 6.50 a. nr. and hourly thereafter until 10 p.,
in,; Saturdays and Sundayaat ti p.m..  .
We run Srst-claSS li.-iylit. cars botwi-ru Wests
uiiuater mid Vancouver and all shipments are
handled with the utmosteare and delivered tn j
consignee without delay Sptcini attention paid
to fruit shipments, Oui waguus nifct all l,o ,t.
and trains.    I-'cir i-alea, etc apply to !
P^ggs for Hatching���
$���    6 SETTINGS  FOR
B. C.
The Delta Times.
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
J. M. Collinson
LiUuer. h. C.
\nvouo sondlpg nMtrtft. nnd description Diaj
ir.!t.y ofloertain our opinion free wnothot an
r-iMon (b pruhnhly pitf.ntflhlp.' ComtnlinlCA'
nflPtl-totlyooWldotJrar. HANDBOOK onPotentn
:if. fm... uldotrt nconcy for(.oouriiiKl'iiJ��"lfl.
���'.-jiftniT taken throtiffta Munn A Vo. receive
Qtclei .10ittc, without obnrRo, lu tbo
tWific Jftnerfcam
handsoniQljr lllnstrAt��d weokte, J./trimat cfr-
ilutlon of anv Bclontidn Inurna], .Tormfl, 13 ��
,mri fourmontutf4k Sontbyali nowsdeftlow
.1UNN & Co.^*"**"* Mew Yg:?
Uraucb unkw. CJi K 8U. Wa.lllli.t.in. I��. V
Trnftic Mgr.
Westminster. 71. C.
Local Mgr.
Ladner Carriage Works.
��>>������������� ^ .������VJ(-��.��^^��'��.#-***.��. A. f. ^V.^***.*^*�� .#.�������
j    Thc u-c- Electric Co. have  rnnii NI,W wkstmin.stek,
Mr. and Mrs. Hollingsworth aud j up against a h.trd  problem  in con-| J
B. C.
Innufnt-Lurrrs of nil kinds ol
The (Dr��n?e Celebration  jp New| Master GraQ\��itle and  their  infant i nectiou with crossing thc river.   At j |     , . _, *
Westminster, on. 12th, tvas first-! son born here, returned to their! Woodward's they have ru�� across Y ^ot'a Water,. Uinger .���
3las3 iii every way, and' about, home, Iiothnm Sound, Jnrvis Inlet, (quick sand and, up to thc present,.! V ^'a anU SUITWTiei" .���.
tpiood people were in attendance.: after noending about a  month with : have not been able  to  place a safe'���:��� UTIIIKS. a
Delta, ol course, contributed no, Mr. and Mrs. jas. Grant, at Fair- anchor pole Ona roh' Having; .j, Vour patronage solicited ,|t
mean share ofthe assemblage.        (view Harm. |.gone down nearly se'v  u. , .tt. ....;.....i....>.t..:.....:..s..>....:.....:..t..:.....:...-:.
Always in Linen
With   Latest   Improved   FARM   IMPLEMENTS, WAGONS & BUGGIES.
Largest Stock in Province to choose from.
Oar. lags  Building, Repairing A  Painting, Black,
smithing   A  Horse    Shoeing*
BeLaval Separators.
G. T BAKER. Ladner, B. C, tii;: ,.:���:
i ci
Receives both Ladies and Gentlemen as resident
or day students. Has a complete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades. In affiliation
with Toronto University gives the four years'
course for B. A. degree, and the flrst year of the
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Prospectors' Course" for miners who work in B. C.
Instruction given in  Art,   Music,  Physical
Culture and Elocution.
Por    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
if jrou obtain a Firearm of doubtful qil'.lilj
Tha expeii-nced Huntar's antl
Marksman's Ideal
reliable, unerriogST.VENS
b/ shooting our popular
Ask ymir looul ITardware
or Spisrtin:.- (;_o<l_ Merchant fur do STEVENS.
11* ynu oannot obtain, w��>
ship direct, isx-pross prepaid, u pon receipt of C'utu.
l���t\ l'ricn
Semi 4 cent, in stumps for 111) I'h^c
Illustrated Catalog, liielliiUagc-irru-
lars of latent nildltiona to our line.
Contains points on shooting, ammunition, tho nropor oara of a Jl.ui.ri_i,
oto., etc. Our attractive Ten Color
Lithographed Hanger mailed any.
where for nil contain stamps.
P. O. Box 409T
CbJoopee fall.,  Haas.,   IT. _. A.
Tb* following art specimen* of Greek
It wai a saving of Cato th* elder,
"Thoso magistrates who can pruvint crime
and do not in effect enmui;.���u it.'
Socrates used to bat thu best lorn, of
government was that In which the pel pie
obey tha rulers and the rulers obey the
Philip In passing sentence OH two rogues
ordered one of tboin to le.-ivo Macedonia
with all sliced und tlie other to try and
oat   i him
Dsinonnx wag once hoard to suy to ���
lawyer, "Probably ull laws aro really us*-
lc..;. lor good men do not want laws at ail,
end bail men ure mude uo butter bytboiu."
Cicero, when ono Xepos told hlm be had
oauseil tho death oi more by his .. ttlinony
tii .n bu but] ever wived by hlg advocacy,
replied, "That Is because my credit ei-
oeods my eloeiuuuee."
Aloibiadea, when about to be trivet by
bis countrymen ou a capital ohargo, ab
gconded, remarking that it wa.s absurd
whuii u suit lay against a ninn to sent ui
got oil wheu bu might ua easily get away
La Grippe
Etc., Etc.
Holy Communion���ist and 3rd
Sundays at .S:3o a.m.; 2111I and 4tb
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School ut 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev. E. R: Bartlett, M.A., Vicar.
It will pay you to own one and be 011 the safe
side. One Oxydonor in a family will banish all the terrors of disease from the household if only used as soon
ms needed aud  in a reasonable way.
This is the Actual Experience in many thousands I
of families who have adopted this advanced method of
treating disease.
Inflammatory Rheumatism.
Mr. Jas. Aiir.fi!, Koss.nnrt, D.C, Cat)., writes, llarrh n, njoi : "Some five years ago 1
fyol Oxydonor for my wife who was su (firing' from female weakness. Aftar a week's use the
doctor himself was surprised to And such a change, in fact it was enough to induce him to get
a a Oxydonor for his sister.
"A short time u;o iry wife had an ntlurk of inflammatory rheumatism, She could
aot wnlk and her joiuta were iiiuoh ���woollen. She applied Oxydonor, and before night the
pains hnd ceased, nnd next morning there \Tas very little swelling, and she could walk as well
as ever. She hnd a -���hnilar attack belore wt got Ouydurtor arid was iiHder a doctor's caro for a
nn) it!;, and suffered agonies*
"N has L*iir.:d me ofa severe cold."
Send at once far book No. 78, giving further information about OXYDONOR and many reports from all
parts of the country.
DR. ri. SANCHE & CO.,
364 St. Catharine St. West, Montreal.
Services first and third Sunday of
cilIi mon lb .ii 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 -;).!U.
Sunday school nt 3 p.m.
J.ow Mas. and Holy Communion
iirsi and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Pariah Priest.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. in. and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting', 10.30 a.m. every
.Sabbath School at _ p 111 every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Kev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services ue:<t Lord's Dav at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 a in Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Kev. A. McAuley, Pastor.
The Delim Ti��mss
Sabbath services ��� Crescenl   Island, 3 p.m.; Laduer, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. in.
I'i. >tt meeting on Thursday al
S p.m.
Kev.  A.  H.  Huntlev,  pastor.
Nurseries   &  Seedhouses
Job Printing.
Headquarters lot Pacific Coast
grown Garden, Field and Flowei
Seeds that are thoroughly tested as
to vitalitj belore offering for sale���
ih _'. ..... subject lo government inspection as 10 freedom from weed
seeds. Samples sent to inten ling
Large stock ot HOMF GROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now
matured for the spring trade.
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.
BEE SUPPLIES, Spray Pumps,
Spraying Material, Greenhouse
Plants, Cut Flowers,
We do business on our own
grounds���no rent to pay and are
prepared to meet ail competition.
Let me price your list before placing your Older,   Catalogue Free.
3010 Westminster Road,
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
It takes 11 prutty good Oorpenter to Hoot
��� pugilist.
Many a in un punctures hi* tire on th*
flea-:! to wealth.
Tha _.��jn> innings a man Las the bettor
ba enjoys his outings.
A woman's iiiuii ut religion U to bare
kindly thoughts of tier rival.
The hello.) v,ho it vest, lu a tills doat
not always purchase happiness.
Perhaps it ls thi.- icicrobei) tn kisses that
���ansa poople to till "deud In love."
The leiis thought eoi.e men give to *
subject the more liberal their views are.
With the exoeption of ourselves no on��
ever does things us they should be dona.
Tlio happiness of some people depends
Opon their ability to make others unhappy.
Lovo mr.y laugh ut locksmiths, but it
navttr sialics ul the owner ef a bioyole r*
pair shop.
Capital and labor would coinmlnglt
better if there weren't so ninny tueu trying
tu gut capital   without   labor.
A novel sort of window glass hn. been
In von tod. Persons on the inside of ihe
house can see through it, but lt is opaque
to those un the out. ide.
Skates made of hardened glass ln various oolui-i mo now manufactured lu Kngland. .It is suid rhut they are easier aud
Ilghter for exercise than the steel ones.
To support a catneru ou an ordinary
nana or bluff a metal base ls provided with
two spring clips at the ends, which hold
the camera iu place, tbe underside of the
bass having four spring arms whieh extend downward to a elaniping socks*
which slip* ever the end of the cuna.
Bismarck   aad   Urant.
Sidney Whitman in his "Personal
lsi-niiulseences of Prince Bismarck"
"Bismarck's intimate friendship with
Motley, the historian, Is well knowu,
Uc wns slso particularly attached to
(ioorge Bancroft, so that when It became a question of Bancroft being recalled from his post of United States
minister ��t Berlin Bismarck wrote specially to his friend Motley and begged
hlm to intercede with the president to
allow Bancroft to rem. lu, and he did
renin in.
"Bismarck told me that when Oeneral Grant came to Berlin he accompanied liim te see one of tlie reviews at
Ilie Tompollinfet fold, ('runt was not
well that day, und they bad to drive
out in a closed carriage. Grant looked
downcast and told Bismarck that It
worried him to think that he wus to
meet the Prussian soldiers sitting cuddled up in a carriage like uny ordinary
civilian, 'Never you mind that, Qenernl
.Jraut,' Blsniarck said. 'You may sit
here hidden from view, but our sol
diers are well aware what soli 01 fighting man ls in this closed carriage.' "
A Parabl* Impmohed.
The parable of the  wise  mnn  wb��
: built his house upon a rock and of tbe
j other man who built on the sands was
i  uttered before the "bouse with modern
���'  Improvements"  bad  made  lis  appear-
I ance or modern sanitary  science  had
J heen evolved.   A rock foundation is un-
Impeacbable for stability, but It may
Ije very bad when lt comes to a mutter
I of drainage, whether it be for tlie dis-
. posal of sewnse or of surface or ground
water.    A cellar excavated iu the rnek
:  is usually a wet cellar, because the wa-
i  ter  leeches through   the  crevice*  and
i seams in tbe rook, and It is both diffl-
! rn't Hnd expensive to trench and drain
I properly about Uie wails of a building
I  In a medium so hard to excavate.   To
1  he sure, if the rock drops nwny quickly on a sharp grade thia difficulty may
, be altogether u  minor one.    A  good
! grovel Boll Is one of the best to build
upon in  respect both to drainage nnd
to the stability of the house, and com-
I  pnet sand, if not subject to the action
' of running waler. Is a ino_t excellent
I  foundation and a thoroughly good me-
: iiuui.
Itnwlba.a* *. * ��( .S��_l.
A eorrespoodeut of the__riin��wlok(Me.)
Telegraph m.vs: "Hawthorne, when a eto-
dout in college, hoarded with the mother
of tho writer, and we often went fishing
for trout in what ls uow known ns Mail
brook. At thnt time the students called
it Hawthorne's brook. He was rather r��
nerved in manner, nnd had but few associated When in college, he was not over
t foet S inohes In boigLt. It was the custom at that time for the students when
they met President Allen to raise their
hats. Hawthorne and John Hodgdon, It
was said, wore brought up among the
Friends, and thoy did not rr �� their hate
when pa. _iuar the president, iiuwthorne
Was summoned before the president fto
this neglect, and I have forgottbrt whethet
be was suspended or escaped witli only a
There nre 850 miles of street railways In
��t. Louis: now. and they carry 100,000,000
passengers per year.
The li m.e_t stretch of straight raiire��d
l!n. in America is on the La). _ Shore
railway, beginning at a point three miles
west of Toledo and running 'JS* utiles wil ii-
oue i. carve.
At Russian railway stations "grievance
books" are kept ln whieh yassengers mny
enter e-uiijj,laints. The be.,ks ai�� sdnt to
tho central offlue once a month, and all
oomplui.e-,^ arc then lnvc.-tlgated.
An au.illary step for railroad cure Is
mounted on two swinging bolts attached
to the under bide or the tiled ��lep��, to
awing downward and projcot tbc =u._. U.-
yond the bottom tiled step, where it Is
held by heoti engaging eyaletd at either
The recent summary action of the in-
pre-... dowager of China was to prevent i.o
ijoin becoming It.���Indianapolis J onr. nl,
China insy be l.C'OO years behind tLo
limes, but sho can put up u ilLe isjaiuple
of tlie advanced woman. ��� lndittua__jli_
Those mandarins with three r.it'.s who
some time ago were cracking ;'okei about
I.i Hung CLang and his yellow ju.--l.e-: uis
now sleeping in tbe wuous.��� it. i.iui. ).�����
Li Hung Chang has hia opponent nnd
rivul, Chang Ten Hwau, in hock. Itli
now Lis "day In court," so w speak.
When it isn't Hung, it's Chang, and no-
body but Great Inlu.... and Kussia _au\.s
the dlliertu.ee.���Chicago News.
KttUettep Maa for Hi. 11 us, I t,r.* e ,s a 14
tie 1'OBBd.
"There's the best collector in Detroit,'
and the head of tlie flr.-u indicated the mail
ou whom this praise bud been bestowed.
"H�� doesn't look it."
"No, nor anything like it, yet I bell*?*
that his appearance ia about 90 per cent of
bis stock in trade,   .lust size him up.  Did j
you ever see a more ingenuous face?    Ho
geit his job  Just  a9  he  gels   money tri/a !
debtors that are bad pay.    He can.e ii-;h4 j
to me and asked   for employment      1 told '
hieu we were n.jt  iu uiaeet of any one and ,
followed ihe usual form  in telling him Co I
call again.   He teiok the Invitatii nliteral
ly, walked around the block and dropped
In U) make another application. 'Vou told
m* to call again,' he  unci     Want a good j
man!''   I did the  usual  thing once more,  i
carelessly asking  him to call again.    Another trip around the block, and he pur, in
his third appearance, once more Informing
luo thut. he was a good man in search of a
Job.    I riled hlm. and he proved  a  lour
time winner.
"Then it struck me that he would make
a collector If he can-led his persistency in-  I
to his work, ami be has printed a wonder.  !
lie has realized ou old accounts that we !
hud given up as hopeless lung ago, simply I
Wearing debtors down to where ihey would
rather pay than be bothered any further. '
One sharp  rascal who makes, uo pretense
of paying-hi- debts told.our phenomenon
that he would have tei get, up very early ln
thu morning to get anything out of him.
Our mau was at that  fellow's house  at
8:��0u. in., routed him  out and  actually
got th* money.    He never tires and never
lets go     Another  maddened  debtor told
him to sing for his money, and 'Old Reliable1 simply took a stool   iu the olliee und
sawed   away on 'Old Urimes Is Dead' till
begot  tho cash.    He's  un odd slick, but
hu'enworld heater.''��� Detroit i'ree Pre**
"Le Gardes Porestlers" of AlszandH
Dumas has bean revived In Paris.
Kleanora Dus* has announoed tbat sbe
Will play only la Italy unless har health
Weber and Fields announce that nasi
spring, after th* Xew Turk season, they
Will tak�� their big aCBispaay aver tw I_ta-
Sol Smith Russsill pi-sdc ..-.! reueuily
" L'ncle Dick," the new play that McrthJ
Morton has provided hlm with, it was a
Caroline Hull Is to join the army of tbf
I.e'Ddon Invasion. Idle* Hull sings ta
three distinct voievs und is i cbarmlol
Jniei .aicr.
Mr. Edgar Pom barton hai< presented tbe
manuscript of Tom Robertson's "Sooisty"
to thy Shakevpeare .ieuso-rlal tue.....-at
Laura Burt Is to dt_.ert tba vand.-vilis
soon, having signed to play tbelesdluf
role in the next New Vovk C'aslu* proiiaa-
tlon. "A Uut-gerou. llaid."
Mr. Bancroft's play, "Teresa," ee*rn��
ts.. In prospering at the London viu'.rick.
It will be succeeded in due time by a uew
ple.-L-i.s iir. Leo Trevor called "Urothet
Arid Barney anno-uu-��sth..tthe.rert'pB
et l ranois ffllson In '-'ihe Little Corporal" ure so large thut he would not be sur*
prised to tee his star clean up |100,Ub0 as
the season.
In sunny Italy recently one ��f the great.
est actors oi thut country, >*ove!Il (Jlorgio
Untl, cAa of a broken heart. He had
Struggled fur years against tl.e repuutioB
of bas lag an vvii eye,
la I.:; Interesting memoirs whlei are
receiving due ecnsideratlon at present
Alexander Suh ini praises ths Hamlets.
Edwin Booth, but express* the opinion
tbat Kir Uet:ry Irvitg wa*_ the l_tttarinterpreter ef li.^ . haraetar.
Wuuld Try ta Pm-rnt It.
"What a fine little fellow," said tba
patronizing old gentleman who bad
been elected representative for four
successive terms from his congressional
district. His remark was addresae*. & :
a kind hearted lady holding ln ber
arms a little fellow who blinked gravely at all that was going ou.
"Yes," replied tbe lady. "His father
aud I set a great deal of store by him."
"Well, he's a bright looking luiie fellow.    May!*  he'll   be  a  e-uugi-s-ssuiau ,
>ome day."
"Maybe he will," aaid the mother.
"Hut." she added earnestly. "I'm going
to do my best to rats* him right."���
Wat   Shoes.
The usual��� and tho wrong way���of -
treating wet boots is to take then; off
and put them on the fender or tbe radiator lo dry. This method spoils the
boots. Too much heat cracks aud bard-
ens lent her.
Another wrong way is to stand them
on their soles anywhere to dry.
The proper v.-ny ls to place the boots,
soles upward, ntuf enough to the lire
to dry slowly and properly, but not lo
steam duriug tin- drying.
The soles should always be turned
Upward, even when tbo boots are only
a little wot. for this wuy enables the
air to reach the wettest part of thu
leather tirst. I
Possibly Lillian Kn_.��!l ,s mainly aia.
bilious to Ui able to s*y that ska has k.il
four ur a kicd.���Milwaukee Jsnilasl.
Camara's run. fighting wiil occur whea
tt comes to getting a na.ti aj.j ropristioa
through tie corlee.���Washington due..
feu a Is. ionsr Lay gets s fee ��.f $80,009
ft- bis centers it, PtaTs. Does he i__rn ii
by i'i;. 's w> _k ee i.vsae woikf��� Philadelphia Times.
How iu tho World did Cs,i_aral Kltcbaa-
er ever win otit.tvlihcut having Seethed
Crane and Ulchatd Harding Liavis aiesg!
���Lvausvi"e Courier,
Kiteietier .fd Lewcy seetu te be tw* el
a k'tid. So Kllcber.er is made a peer, end
iJewey���weil. le.viy ie eiuspiy peajr-laas
���riithuiocJ Vitpatoh.
As a compound ef feol and KOimdrel
Estcil i sj appears to bu the meet sulking
Sfiniplewhlt-h the cloistt of the cst.uryieny
Where exhibits,���New York Tribune.1
Heeti War t* Kill Flak.
Natives of tba Torres strait bar* a��
original method of killing lish. In
places where turtles and large tlsb arc
wont to congregate tbey erect platforms, and as soon as a great turtle or
fish appears tbe man on tb* nearest
platform throws a harpoon and almost
invariably strikes tie animal. After
this Is dona one of tbe other men Jumps
from hta platform with a rope, which
he fastens around th* tall ef tbe captured flsh. On* end ef this rope remains tied to s platform, and tbus tba
flsh or turtle Is soon safely secured. It
is likely, however, to plunge about ���
good deal, atid therefor* thos* men
wbo are within reach of tb* ropo ar*
obliged to take car* tbat It Aeaa teat
trip tb*m np with it.
��� *r  Pla*.
"I Intend," sbe said, "to give la charity as math as I spend on draaa. It's
audi a grand Idea, so anno, ling 1"
"it's a good plan," b* admitted. "I
think yoa sp*id too muck aa draaa anyway."
"What's tbat get ta do witk tt?" ate
"Why, you'll divide year wardivU*
BOB*y, won't you?"
"Certainly sot. I ax pact yea ta Aee
Ws it."
Caieie'i W��*4��.
Tbe impression that British Kartk
America ls covered with valuable usher is fallacious. Black walnut, rad
ceilar and whit* oak ar* aet found
north of Toronto. A liu* drawn from
th* nty ef Quebec ta Kault St*. Mart*
will designate th* nartliern limit af
baeck, elm aud bir.-h. The north ahor*
u" Lake Superior will mark tha aarth-
era txtiihdary of i .gar hard isspl*.
Tk* C,l���..ti. tit fthssils-st.
The Colossus of Rhodes, n bmnie
statue, was 106 feet high. It was made
by Chares, who. aided by an nrmy of
workmen, consumed twelve years la
its construction, lt remained ln position in the harbor of Rhodes for siity-
alx years and was thrown down by an
earthejunke B. C. 224. It lay on th*
ground S94 years and was sold to a
.Jew far *ld metal. Ba carried away
000 e-amel loads, or about 72t*',lHiO
pounds, of bronze.
Rohson found Smith augured la rig-
61-ously polishing his skoaa. "What ar*
yon doing that for?" ba askad. "I always thought yoi wore patent laatb-
���Thane us*.) to b* patent leather," replied Smith, painfully bringing his apt.
an i-iitiiiiu Into lta uormal aoaiUoat
"but ths patent wn them bas axplrad."
A Trnmspaaltlaa.
Margaret���No, you cannot stay, love.
Your mother says lt is absolutely necessary for yon to coma bome.
Kliaabetb-Ob, dear! 1 sometimes
think tbat mother is thc Inventor of
necessity instead of necessity being tb*
mother   ef   Invention.
A fti;h  trust Is being ��rgnnl_en.    11 w
llnoerdy hoped It. may not put the price of   ;
becessary brain food out of reach of tho
tolling new. paper men. ��� Denver lVst.
Q   ta appropriate, tbis, for an American  |
r":ii estato ,. i...iauy to bo the hist to begin
bus!in  - ;    Havana.    \'.ei"-�� a great people.    We   n hi it t-h< bare, and how we al��
v......    ,       il    Ftl.SVl   .11   Itssisssls1
n*��*��*  1*   I.*wly  Bvata*.
Hees knew tb* time of day. ItparV
���neuters wh* feed them at a eertaih
time each day find tbat th*y make a*
asistak* la tba hour.
Tb* pig*on* of St. Mark'*, Taataa.
aan tell toarista, wh* faad than a* a
Batter *f tlnfy, fran* aa lives wha 4*
net. Bow? Iiy (hair teitariag? |y
Mtals rad galdabooka?
America it heraa* slrlvaa wlttevl
"Hinders" ara said te be less liable t*
fright thaa Kngllsh kernes which at*
ssade to wear than.
Oreat Sehene*.
.Mrs. Simpson, In ber "Mirny Haasorlat
of Many People," says af Arohbtfihaf
Whauly: He was utterly reganlless of a^-
pearanoe. If be oani* to na wlthsat 4
(���rvant, and perceived a hat* la ht* Maafl
stocking, he would put a pi*** et sUohlte
plaster on the imrraapo*4iaf sasli af t_fi
tag ta aonoeal the imt*et. THE DELTA
Mrs. (Dr.)Woodlej %p;nt Frulav
in thc Royal City.
Miss    Hutcherson
fri ends iu Vancouver.
I Coiiiiit.t.tn,  B.C., 1 Xew   .V.ataiin.tcr, (
June 29, 1907.' June 2?, 1.107. ;
i Messrs. White, Shiles & Co., Messrs. White, Shiles & Co.,
New Westminster, BC. New Westminster: !
:-. visiting G'jntiemen: Please accept thanks Gentlemen: We beg to acknowl-1
for cheque, date.l June ?8, from the edge receipt of your cheques in set-
Connecticut Fire Insurance Co., tlement ot our claims upon the |
settlement for loss iu full, by fire 1 Hartford and Connecticut Fire In- 1
which destroyed ray barn on June5 surance Companies lor our loss'by j
^24. I fire of June   2nd.    Please   accept
    ... -  ��� . 1     1 congratulate you   upon   repre-1 thanks for your prompt payment of
md Mrs. P. Shirley went up I seating a  company which pays its', these claims.
W. B. Skinner spent .Sunday in
Vancouver and 1 ^turned here yesterday.
to the Royal City, Friday, on business bent.
Best Machinery
On Earth
Mrs. Robt. Moflit and sgn, Jack,
returned to Chilliwack on Saturday
claims so promptly, and  with  no
trouble to the assured.
Yours truly,
(Signed) D. McLF.AN. 1 L,. A. Lewis, Manager
Yours truly,
Mr. and Mrs.
ily took in the
Roval Citv.
P. Pearse and lam-
celebration  at the-
White, Shiles & <��,
260 Columbia Street,   -   New Westminster, B.C. j
T. Shottreel aud W. Cressard
went over to the Terminal City on
Saturday last.
Miss Foster left, on Saturday
last, on a six weeka' visit ts friends
in Chilliwack,
Mrs. G. T. B .ker and daughter.
Miss Irene, spent Saturday iu uie
Kew Westminster.
Jas.   McKemmie   went   over
Vancouver, on  Friday  last,   on
abort business visit.
Union prayer meeting service
will be held in the Baptist Church
on Thursday evening next.
The Royal Bank of Canada with
its splendid connection all over
Canada, affords you exceptional
banking facilities.
Vancouver Prices
We Beg Leave
To notify the pecple of Ladner and surrounding district that we ai?e now in rja,
position to offer "Vancouver Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced pricea, making it possible far parties who contemplate building
to put in ooncrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
Plans ofthe subdivision ot Wellington Farm aud all other information mav be obtained at this office
Several plots are beiug sought after
so that you want to hurry up, if
you wish to make a choice.
Broilers #.
B. 0.
Messrs. Curtis Bros,
of Penticton, B.   C,
���lays here last week.
n urseytnen
spent  a  few i
Frank Simpson has donned the
indelible smile as the result ot the
arrival of a daughter.
J. Searell retarned here, yesterday, attei several months' absence
on the west coast of Vancouver Island.
Mrs. J, S. IL Darroch, of Kamloops, accompanied by her two
sons, is visiting her mother, Mrs.
W. J. Frederick.
Miss Thirkle underwent an operation for appendicitis, on Friday
last, at Vancouver Oeneral Hospital, and is doing very well.
Onto uiy premises, an the Farrell
road, a three-year-old Jersey Bull.
Owner may have same on proving
proptrtv aud paying expenses.
If not claimed within ten days
trom date, will be sold to defray expenses.
I..  LK.UAN.
Ladner, B.C., July 9. 1007.
I can handle your Small\\K7    1-4    *Tflvl
Highest Price   for Tip- Agent,
Top Article. L     , ~
Ladner,   -   B
Port Guichon.
AlUlES Silverware,
Cut Glass.
Watch Repairing a Specialty,
Andrew Clausen,
S. T. Holbrook, of Strathcona,
Alta., returned home, Wedaesday
and will return here in November
next to take up P. Woods' farm.
II. J. Hutcherson went down to'
Plumpers' Pass, ou Saturday last, j
vhere Mrs. Hutcherson and Misses!
Muriel and Winnit'red  are visiting.
Chris. Morrow returned, Inst
week, from a visit tei his old home,
,\mh erst Island, Out. Mr. Morrow
brought his cousin, Bert BJakelr,
bark nith hiui.
We are pleased to state that we
wetc in error, in last issue, when i
we said that Capt. Purdy, wbo|
used to be in command of the .^ S !
���Sonoma, was dead. It was an elicr j
brother of "our captain" who died. '���
Thut   very    handsome   sterling
Stiver cup, presented by the Domin-1
iuti    Cartridge   Company   lor   the
i humpionship of H. C. v'trapp shoot-1
vug-; and recently won by True H. \\
Oliver, may bc seen in thc window
of Andrew Claur. :ti's jewelry gt-pre,
W. Sterling, ot Caron, Sask.,,
bus bought 40 acres of land belong-j
;r.g to Thc RcNee'y Estate, opposite-
t-,:i. Pearson'? on the corner of the)
.Sottiulary Buy and Raitt roads and;
will move on to it iu November
next. Mr. Stirling returned home,
JVi. ine.-su.iy evening, i
Fishermen will please take notice that we carry
Best Fishing Boot
Made in the World To-Day.
These Boots are made by The Robert Taylor Co.,
of Halifax.
They ar�� made from
They are a Thigh Boot, the uppers being 38 inches high.
They are hand-made throughout and are ABSOLUTELY
WATERPROOF. Fishermen don't have to wear gum boots
when they can get boots like these.
The price to everybody is
$9.00 a pair.
Bold exclusively by���
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
ii2 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
English Oak Tanned Harness Leather
Saddlery Hardware, Horse Blankets and Stable
CloBed  Uppers   Leather   and   Shoe   Findings,
Trunks, Bags, Valises.
Estate of
W.   L.   McBRIDE,
General Merchant,
I Phone 5.
New Westminster and Vancouver, W. C.
Port Guichon
���t* weave**
Produce Stored end
Shipped Direct
To All B. C Ports.


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