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The Delta Times Nov 24, 1906

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Array .*���
Vol. *..*No. 1?.
LADNER, B. C, SATURDAY. N'OVEflB^fil 2A,il406.
'MIT *R0 W ��
For the Xmas Pudding: and
ifewir Cur r ants,
Mew Raisins,
New I
meetings of -the ' ()::e;_;or-
'fjate.Horticultural Sxi.ty aud cf
itbe   -forth   West  rir.il   Growi-ns'
A<io(i,.! ion-, take'.^��l-r\-   the  firmer
in Portland c.i ll*. Sti ai;.! irili, arid
_l_e latter al Seattle .oti   the   i6t��i,
rjVth snd l.H-.h J :,.*..;'!.->��� E��xt.
1 - Prof. I,nl:e says-of the Ic*rrrer."Tt
lis <jo.��; "to  he  Uk 4*Kgest  thing
jgoing."    Prominent fro'it growers
���aire going to attend fra_fr-afl peris.of
jt-jlie iadjoieiiug J-States,  and  uu  ex-
Hjbitioii   of   vi.?   lifst   commercial
I varieties of fruit me to Le*-exhiiuteil.
; He'L*:-.-p;'Ss.fs'i!ie'ftpiHiori  that   <).
.{-fetter oppOTiuiifcy _c_H.i-possir.lv  nc-
jc.ur for a practical d*_i!-.-n:?iration of
.it':e pr-e'dwetiouxi" tbe best coicmer*
| eial ft nit-fromlherootupward,, in
i all its '-phases, *��ud. advises all of our
;    :
' people wins,, c-iu spare*lire tiiae,   lo
���'attend Hiis mee.it.s_-.
The fflcrteenth ���-���anwi.'al
8130 -ajn,
11. a.m.
.ammii'i notices
vt..l. _..!_.._,.
Communion ��� *fi
,   nst ���ii-aiiday  in
t r 4'e*ksei_.
Wensoitg, 7 o-/i&.ool;.
.SiUKlay Sr. hoolJrt 10, 3__u. ���
Friday,-.��T-t_i__g-s4e-vi.e ;_��-.,
hBev. Ca_is.!i.I'il.an.sJ.:;car.
Seswces -first ���fifld.thjrjrd'-'hindi-ty o:
each mmth*iet lo^.o.a.m.: iJenedie.
tion, 7.':,o^-.m
���"Sunday BchO-khaVs p.is.
Low Was., anu-floly CenMw.iniosi
fir-5t ajid third Mon-lars ut*...... ia.
"I... v.'Father.-Wagner,'..t.M.L.
���___._. >**h i-Preest.
. --.$_??.-__-ueo-t Lord%�� Day at 11
aWu.and 7:36 p.ia.
C|as_ .ne__.t.g, 10.313- __.m, ,__?ery
bsed jiai
"K.;* vfhfije tit  tke f--.vs_4.nity re
u:i-:7v.,;ir -tev__-e.J__Usi.-l_.-or; Tht-rsday
��� *���>!..-(.i.;.. iJ4(ei).t frag .Sezeaed thei
������������.*-.-.:' i�� ipo**. pojcfil*_r youL;'.
..��-_�� ta.i-1 -.:��-��7 a,��..y. Jrti>s
(.^fu'ily Hertua TMS if. third dautjl*
*<*r (jf T?. 1s.--7.iin::���_���.;-:-:s-J , died r��i
is__l.t, ,'si tiie   r-r,,;ly age
ra-..1:-iii ��!:;. :>/; days fc.
���j retti.jpj
ope nation
'<"_.v *_._.���
.-pf��.idic.;i�� for which.hji
was performed  ou-^Sljs-
Sfis's Tinkle, b_ti___i lev,
'av-: pr<-._*��&..;���_.pp.u__._i.fy was ta.
iheilt.weta  ��.-_ 'jo.iie.-t girl in the
'Raving no wotheTf, \-K_s Tkfttif.
hatter kijo.va a-s  ��l_*S_..4__s__J5 l_?*__i
he.r father". JwtrwJkeefjft- ��_��_*a th_,;
-aarnage xf  her -sister, Bm. AJf.7
;Cr.l��B��*. aad  it  ���*���_., -^hik filling
1 thi_ jwaition thnt sho ��a iaterw_��e
I her lite with that of her father uitsl
little -Bister. _w.u*koL._er lhat her'
of the Ncnthwest   Fruit   C.rowers'      c���ii_,.t _��� .    ,    . ,        _-x ���
t Assoaation will i*e feela at' Seattle, wRi.t.d��*      i>rov����r   ���_�������. -��.i��m-v    1      ., . .
*W   t 7 ., .    ':1m-T"      lta>er   Kee����� *rtt>   almost heMt!_ir_ta_-iug aud  the r>rw-
���Aash., on 'jauKatv  if., 17, aud 18 iT__*r8_a/*e_��mng a. 7.31.. L��Ti._.   <*._.      .   ,
..... .     . 7 s      �� j .'patlur of tte..wln.!eoemr___B.ty goes
:i_er. J. F.Jtet_s. pastor. ;0ul t��� the.Wer;.v*d,>*��aily in  U��
  llior.' kc-ar etftrowWe.
Tljw funeral to.k vlf.ce fr.ra tVe
-��T.'..i.-Mt*W* I*l<��BB_-.Ei.!_sVJ .u-,._��J!_L_-.  #->-���.   i . ^.  ,     ,
�����ct-*t*s_:+f,; t.h_ir_4i, .��.; _��o   o'clock
���Serwee, west M.ord'.'Bay ut   i.; ye_t-.d8y raeruin/, -**:._Te the se:*
a.m. awi 7.30 p.m. ..rice wa_ conducted  by Rev. h P-
���ke .ci_roh   wat packed,
��� - .  ..
on iJauviSTy ;f&, 17, aud 18 ifl,l__;r_-_..y'_'*_.*_iing a. 7.30
next.    Tliisliuterftate orsauizatioy
: comprises 'the   stale.s. cf. **Dre*_;on,
|*>Bh;ngton,  ''Idaho,   Utsh,   Mon*
'iS^-sia aud _Jro.--i_r-e cf Bii'Jsli Col*
I ulnihia.
I  , T*e ofiiccrs.are:    President,   R.
Ii,.   Siuith,   Hood   River,  OregoM; I    8a_.____i-s**3chool at m ��� a.   Mid-j��aU5
it-reasurer,   W.   F.   Offuer,   Walla ,*w��__: meetiug on T_-_i��il��y-e��_aii-^! .,    .'���   A
7{,,,, ,    ���    r. ,...d .at -".o _'��o_-_: ���;-tanrling  r��c:n  uc: J-.:B5   G->t_ ��-
Walla; *��ecret��rv, ,C. A. Teaueson, ���''*' *"-s' - w<scc-
T_cor��a;    vice-pr-esieieuts,   'A.     I.           v-_'.ev. A. Mc*.i_aUr, T-_st__-.
: M��sou, Hood stiver, <g re.; i_��:. Dtsr-.     . 	
_ ��� guilder,  C_lf___,   \V_.sh.;  Fremoat
m I
.���Wood, Boise. ldah<. ;i*t. C. Cooley,
���; _Sa._:e-t.iau,   iioji,;  L'. A.   Hickei.-
yHO.-pi.ifc View,   I'toh;  J.  R. A��d��r*_��
, sr.!, *���������."ictoria,   13. C, chairman  el
ahJe.   'After .*.._- ��prric�� wa* ove_x.
bb opportunity, was jjiTati, for all
_~___ 1 wl)8 wisi,(.cj| to take a. Jflst j00j. nt
s_iAfT!_T. ' the fi*.*. of their depan<**d _fcie��_l.
.Sk-blur".. services���jC'rs.'eat Is-,     -'i;e-i_!l-:��e��<.:.iie'��___vss'ioH*. Circle, tU
^U-ad,5?.p.ijrr, Ladaer,;,7 p.��:. 7' mkif- Fiassie tuts -. pre��ide_it, ,._cace
'    Su��day-*sSi_iK.#l'a-" T_:��r��.'_i j o1-;* ,.pr.����*a; aad , irers ___er_r de.fjj'-'
l*jical   coniicitiec,   J.7   __!. '(.ordou,
: Seattle.'
The  programme  cotBTniitee   extends invitation; to ull canceled witk
ithe different  inti.r��ts of -the jreat
Irnit   indi-strv���the   grower,   the
.merchant,   the  carrier,   the   press,
���'.he   i��-S'.i__eter,   tFe   scientist���requesting  them -to  be pireseut and
Praytr useeting ou Thuriday at  touched hy the aft"ei".iHg'_.e____?
8 p.__. The   pall-bearers    were:    ne*.
JC. Croft, B.A., pastor.' Devitt, C. ll. Morgan,   H. Llewcl-
. ' lys, D. IT. J.'llis, Rokt. filoltcs. A*d
'��� Gee. Clasi-.',
Wt .rcgrer t*Bt��te��k��. the v,,ung     .Amm)f. fev - ^^^-j ;Horil tf^.
so�� ol   Mr...aad 'Mrs. J*s.'-_��� alius is
verv 'iJil.
Tickets for Grand Xmas Drawing.
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd
u'.es noticed were:
  Spray��� I'ncle aud ..nut. Mr. ajt-i
Mis. H. Tifl.ii.A'.iH.cru'.ver; Mr. urn.
W.1J. Branurith a���d P. Pea;_e, j Mw. ,yilfa,.VtmWtt. Missa,
j take part iu the proceed mi cl  the.both-o! whom a-rs interested _��rt*_f^himi|S5BeqCm a!]d   ,   sje   Daus.
uae-tiiig.    M..-*.:y qiiestions ot vital j,, the Kow-dar   liar seh��9l dis-. mQt^ NflW  Westmimter   Mrs   I
1 importance wilt come up for'-dis* ] trict,ha*ve sigcfled'therr anpreval of ��r������i.���������   _/,._,]��� �� T '_
... . " --' , .vionk.ui.'.n, __tr��..ii. 1*. J-vadner.
: cussion 'and .���coB-R-toratien at un. . t\_e rewcval oi the school to 'Aber-
ce��-re_ihon, .-p-rt-cuiarly frowi the croabie's corner as betrig the centre
; commercial standpoint, a::d the of the di.tiict. Lpt :iis ltear from
U-.eri<t>t;s problems tU&t T,om confront  otherai��n..eresHd.
: the fmil: growing i_5-lin.tr.. can best; '	
I4_e solved by the combined vcisdow
! and energy of all interests working      ?-����__ to fce-s  necthf of  th.
���i-anv.oni-.uslv together. I*ord's  D��y vV--ia��.ee. ���"  Monday
I    Mr.   Teaieam,    tire   secretary,  ��eni��S   airnt,     ra   An -Saints':
' writes to Ur. J. R. Anderson t_wrt. | Chnrfiii, vtven  the western secre-
.provided a Bnfiicieat number inti- J {Arr> lie'r-  ��r- .*adt*_a__j; M.A.,
[mate tlteir i��tention tc attend, from : Iafe of llat Pwi-ige. wilUddiess-the
this province, lie  will  nuke appli-'.mMuahly.    __fce meeting mil com
Ication for a-redaction innates.    It; l,ie���� ��*?7-;o�� o'clock>.when a good
Star ���_!__.* e��'.irK'___!!'._ii.f..R. Circle.
Q��_eent*-***fc-s. A',717.. Mclirirle
Miss#s*Leon. and Lillie Whitworth,
Mrs. H. J. Cre.sw��l-l��#n.d Mts.E.
A. BovTrtL.
Cfc-ss���Mrs. rj. .*-F.**3S___vinton aiiai
llrs."5-: IT. Fletcher, Mr. and Mrs.
W, .Stokes, Mrs. McDiarmid and
Mrs. Nelsons.
Wrefih-T___-Ir. a.'d vM'rs. J-ataes
Follis, Mt��. rfr-rr.-.u, ' 5ii*s_es Florence air-i C)!ga -vitklaad and L-
Davw, Westha��i P-'ae-d FootbaJl
CUib,**A.r. mud Mm. W. J.I.anuiag,
keefer.,  re.pies.ed that  those atteada.ee is looked for.    Revs. A,. ^^.VT^      lu ^T, t
NftoMic  t_ VteLl "the -meetinM i McAuley, C. -Crott and J. F. Betfc P^^��".*��. Me_t��-��t Sab-
wishr*g   .���  Mtmd   the   meet n  ... 7 j batkScbocl) Mr. .Jod  Mls. c, w_
"Wis. Holmes. ��f Crescent Island,
ilisd the _B.sfcrt.in- to'iose his houte
with moat of its aoHtests, en .Wednesday evening last.   The fire oc-
j _���-_. __-_g_____-_i
send: in thdr nar.es without delay ;���� als_ Aipcoted to be preierd.
to J.  R. Anderson,  vice-president'
-L.__.-1_.-__L. .-_H_JI-iH_-... II.J1 I.
for ...f.ish _.o_iit.i.L'ia, Vietiria.
I.cu;doit,-Wes4i._:ni Islfstid   Mr. au*.
Mts. <wci?.:-_t7 M��;der.atid family.
I).  Mitrclsif,. c.f .Venv (Westminister, was the._n.der.akrr.
C*iigh ' Remedy.    It ".will prevent
the attack it givej. as soon as the
curred shortly after six o'clook-and,\ chiid becomes hoarse, ���r.-eren after
was jtut discorered coming through ^J^by^fiV*CMV^��_��,BPCfcr,t'   ^^ Ho��Pi*sl1 w,K1'e hc Iiy f(r'' ���" h<3��r
  -tor more inuke 9peratingir-C!ii.    It
.Tii*- mbsaription Hstsriii uirc.ila*
tie* for the   ihtrodaicticn .ol   the
, Rural Telephone systew, ate bei*?" 	
freely   -signe*!,    aHd    ssventy-Jive
i names have-already Fee* entered. "1")."-M.'..Ilis ... t.fcurg; a forc��*i
.After the district ___�� be��_i thor- holiday, jnst MOW, having ka��i the
I oughly canrassed, it is ���ce-^dealF,- nMsfotv_ii_iei^ crack_i_. few ribs hy
Dnriug ki*
II.'M. Vasey left, ve��t��r_av, for
A reliable medicine and one that j    On Tnesday last, yonng James K-a, m^ wkere he^in c_tll_r ���p
should aiwaysbe fiept'in the home j McCiWech, while engaged on the one hundred head cf beef and feed
ror.imm_.luto u.e is Chamberlain's ligj,tlowergi wag tadly iRJUredl,.,cattle ��ud  brkg -them down with
somp heavy beams falling "on  ,,��,; him to he distributed among him-. ^^ ^ ^ m ^ ^^ falllw?0Ter ..*,,�����
He was UkeH over-.o   Vancouver r*6"*'"1  h!S "c,SlLl,9-*', lor W1!,ter the ht_��d��d .oark whick wonld' he; rMt "�����������  took -���* -tripr-to Victoria
:Kr   .    '   " ofgrest valne to*ihe bfisiaess me*' _��.d-.>___.ooo-ver.
....      ..       -    .,-,.. ,   _.     ns welU-ts, the far-mers tkemselres. -��� 	
_S__ati*e   Capabilities   ot 'tke,
j was .feniid-that ko ktd-rec-ioe-u a Soul"   w.il  be the subject  et   tke: "      ' There--_��sw..��e__kfi-��f ��_ie Lih-
Crsnbernes, Sweet Potatoes ..a t-Td 1 sever. frartHre of the skull  from s_ri.*K-r.o-morro*rr evening,-iu the:    The prizes fcr thf wesqnevaders eral-CaKservative*.    -en    vMonda
time of tke.year to be turned-oitt-j^knr  Orapes,   to*dsy ��� W.   H. ; which he subsequently -died.    The, Methodist Church, being en. in a on Friday erening next, sre to  be'ev������i��g
of-doors oed   not   a nice time to!^n,rtB���
I. "the roof as tho men were-*bonr to
go in for supper. A defective line
is blamed fer the less.    It ie-a bad
Finnan   .Saddle. iCodfish,   etc.,
ttresk shipment���W. Ii. Smith.
Don't Forget the m_rsqnera*_btll,
���under tbonospices of tke Band, en
IS 0 vemixpr jolji.
���en    's-Monoey
��_:. in��� OdiMtfliowV Hell,
jdeceased has-a-brother in Voncoti- -series of -jurincwsnien "'S-.e-Soul, .distributed ss   follows: 1 Cents���i-,  wheotUe'egRtes were npsoewted to
j yer: and soir*�� of the i_twe-_.y wkich it is beet costume; _ best ��_.staiittd*chir- stteud -the_;CfntMl_i3onvcntion iu
���BRAN,   SHQRTS,  Whole   Cow, 1    This is tke first denth  _��_d we j.geve'rned.*" acter;^., roost origin*! charecter; 4, ^session ��� -to-ftmy, '.*t;..Clo*ne:-d��le.   A.
Cracked Corn,  Rice Meal, Chit: sincerely k^pe it will.hctlit..las..     j ! most comic ahaiwcter.  .Indies��� 1, [ speci��K��.i.-*-w*_pHt-oiir.k-s ��'"ier-
Kice,  Chick Feed, Timothy and I rP. Shi-lev has joined the'-happy  best -costnimc:   2,   hest   suBteinedj nocu, -tron-.Tort G-ctchoH'ta'Clover'
���:d et -sniliefTs, 1 u->e.    His  ctuf.ei character; g, ��3fi.t crigiu-l.-cUtirac-j dale, foiTihe.-aocom_nodaticn_cf the
rejoicing bcing'lhc B.rrivtlNjf ai*er: 4, _nost*oc:nic chsfKcter.    Tfcedtleg
Clovet S-aeds, -.-rattoii's ^ardet. I ���
������and Field Beeds'inay be dbtsined J    '-*_ih*jrty" Auder-soii paid a -skerl; lor rejoicing bcing'lhc B.rrivUNjt. aiter: 4, most>ocmic chsrscter.    The: delegates,     '.-"inotker   __Ketiij2   r.
at Ifcickman-K��r Millir.g Col's! visit:here, -this week, and, after brand -new <c��ok, who took -the judging will be -done '-truring the;*ca.led/orT'ncsday evein-;jf__.��:_t, w
'warehouses, Ladner, trom Mr. j settling up his ..flairs, returned loiplttce by s_trpj.se on .Monday evesi- grand march, so everyone should DddlelloWs' lfalivtaHrecaii._4he_|_."'
;H...N. 1UO.-T, Local Afrent. ..ScaUlc, WdsIi.. on -Wednesday.       | iyg.las:. !b-*-.on.-^i���ic, .0 o'clock-. I v-vt.��.,. th".ddfi_Ktfi5S. mfflft. DF.L-1'A TIMES', SATURDAY, ^.IftSTt'E'
BuBi.tSJ*i*sJlD i.vr.i'.v. S ...'.** .a..*.*.
��      ���.. . .
Ssuxicmv.xtxi, SKOO p_.ry._-a..>
7_'pri.RT;7Nr. RXTK5.
C.r.til /_rtT_-*h_CJJ_ -sj...  '-��� '"--_'* perHB- f'
ilj-r-,-1 ln*".l'.'_:i.i--is,l .'���',:::. ;-'."i:a.   lo.   cn<
tatwqu'iii; Ix-eitsW      Tlif   i:uu>_?.r   .'   ���'"
..'���Cisn-.-J hy -li- sj$_M -.���'"
.��-���!'> _".___'    ..
1 .-JI-��1J-L ���   , ..tl
\V.'-'-P you wish to. bay  visiU.ig
;.':..S_;=d sea-.cn Oil  a.-OUUt of th.
?Vr,*iiap--h',r otr*ramp\e��*��..n_ in  1i;v^^g,-.!loathe Delta, ��_pies  .yjio
._ii.iai*ge Wj_s^ci\ >��. 4,v^uksa^rs,   'w!.Vse_l _..* best mc-iiey. cimi  ba^
fuSthfull..) If yc;i up^il ihem .prin.cd, why vou
C.  M,KlL.l,iS$?-.a...- &iCK&x'i_v. pocket bv.- casing  on
                ' the DeUp, T.iiaes first.
Rites lor Comim-KjsjJ  .;--.:���
Iud on .Hr.-'.'i'.-;-..-^,i-iR>-.'.u
._..:_. ij ;;iif -jo Use
i _'. -.',��� u:v c._n be
_teiditt.fi I'.c.iCs."- _^C(.*yV^..*
ajo-iot- ih��.l*ec��t_>!t_--.bjiiV_tit '! __nj_ iu-liv:.'.
3 c .���".'..'iy. lo lx'. ceBJ&lf-ttd i.'.i. a_vcft;-^esn
h\\.\ ch trged ;._.ot'liiM_S7. -
_r uutil otdc
hi the fi.si lao.VsHs of tbe _C_sss_a-
.1 -s civii^jng   cy,-
lictl    rr.i'-V  tUffr. o.
Notice to (Miters
A.   CX.   17   W.
Deltci Lodge, _*Ia< i^a__^gtp-__Kt
and tbifd Tss_psdas��3 o. ___.ii  r,.. -;-';
jn OdsifsiU;.-*--.' Ilafl.
T_iy.-,. Tr-SHf,   7J.W.
'�����. \_. K.ER-BI -.tj-'er-dcr.
<.*;���������-�����!���+���!��� .���+������;������ ���:������-:��� ���-:-���(��� ���������<*���:- ��� ���;������*������;-.-���
���������v* ���!������-���*. ��� ,-r-'.������+���.-+���?
W�� K. Drap^
Delta Transfer Stable
LADNF!?. ��. C.
SIN***'...' ��� .-Xi') I**Ol']*Ll�� RS&S AN?   iv-_.Dji!.I. S��8SES
moap* }M&rk _3_._._3 _��. Spes&alh& ft o ���_***-PHses.      ��
I-.i  '.���he- n___ucr of thc QpinpanieS
.. i
���j apaj.1 war we nan a su;
���".e***.���"���[^inple tjt tbe. upcesisilry fos
ad-sautagft ofi    VVlttjding-Pp *-Vt, .i-y*., and. Am-,
i!iuiia'.,:ii!;_i-_.':v*,u-%,y.-_, ���'.������:si*-5,;sJ-!''jn' "'"   *"'"" "'*'",.    ��� ..t,_���_J     ending   A-*-ts, anir m the. matter; ���
inv sjwcui tiinss.  *-'*���! ��������'*.������*��� ok���wchi_i���> "    * ,    I    ofiUbe Deu^Gj-eatTserj; Qo^-vimv
iliing]_d     ti��t��     *?pot_s   i-i,.   ci:A'|    jjed Liability.
-.veather."       The   virtue   cf. v*e-| '^o'riCK is-k-ik riv.oii Uj_jt all ''
,;���.->   ..mi'.-*������  .tredilors.  und oiiic-.-f
rj-cv_N_,;.\i. i..-\.n:> svjtvJiycw
Ks^oui .   K'.:.;r.i l';.--.W.. >'l\v 'sV^.'.-iiun-fl, r.
For- Sale or Re^at
t*_A v.*" ?w**m"
% JOSE^f JORDAi*. Proprietor...
-* Telcjiiioi:,���" I'.adiiar" Xo. io.
;�����"�� 4-*:*-^*:'�������� ���:��� ���**������;-���-s*^*. *r* .-*H��
tr.   ��� .'^."
. 1 11
All isls'eili.v.'I.N.U.s elm: :*.-_
-.>,U   ,:,:t u.iirl l\i\;-.,   .
'���!-', IVliil    '-\S
CV]rrtf_poiidr��is-f t_..i__*^ ,-qtt, raatj^|trs.O.  public '-._".
im��r__t,   CsnH'./].'pis.'Hiv*'ii';*o t-itpr iuus'-.'.^c as--   .vilsilV.-C
ct,mfKiut__ by n.tt,q ot.sA*..*ss_r; n_*.,ji__i'���.��>*:!>
iiir   ll.ll>Uc��lk.^:   i i.l���.T3;s",'iiWlls'_'  s.f',.g;>->.! It-i'.M
C_jr._'_poij<_*_;���f>- itt��utt_,l-,u=ll IHsoffiqt by fl)Ur*
-.  SV J  -.-'111'^
v.jm   lu.s-  made   hiS-CSj
-f*  having
Mr greoteiit'. htc*i,     The; chiiais against   tb|J  above- urmied 1_   The   ptbperty    Umnvui
., i,
:'..i,,l _.!-���_ w.-su.   as:  tu-   h's^ipn**C��mPWV are? requested,,on or be- ;-l-a'..?i.-_..Stu.i,le.s.
,,',"   "'   '",   f .  ___'^ t-foaetbe 3_stday _5f.Dece__-b.-r, ieo'6,*i
the 1
.'>4']'lv  id
this OFgiei;
,to sc iitl tbckr- names antl addresses
row R��epai��fl to,_.ic-;.u,d,,.t. ps,jl,icuia^ ���, ,i,ei,- L!ebts
V. T. Ry_ 6. F��rry ��s..
GvP���K)  STA-I^T.
In speaking of H.. >t. Va#e.y for
t;.:e Repw^s^ip', Tue question ntaybe
gency.    _'vru y
ce,ssmlly combat th* i��j*8t  cold y_u; and cl ;i.-i. t, II. X: IcVli. i.a.'.ner.
take?    _'vvct.Urt-:.:: U'**  cursd. ;.^i'.:-ii: !7.C, ^.tquiddtoroLtlie said  Qpm-
' pany, andt futther take, notice that
after s;-.'_h l'_^t rntn-ci.aied date the
said I.ii_j.id_..or will proceed _o dis-
tribiHe thc asfstts of iiif C.7ir,pany
__Jjh?tnbe.__iiu'_ Cough R_$*_s-sd_���, isi^tnoug the pariic-s entitled thereto,
famd-ys (orbits cares: rf col.dji jyid7hi.viKg regard only to the claims of
it.s^_>uld ho key) at hand ready, tori-Wi^ch   thos   I.icj,jiidator   has  then
more- qjtekly, vsheu ir-eated -:.# sooni
as it ktfs feee�� cocnlraeted nit$ i/cforc.
ii bas-.b-^ome settk-d in tiie sys-sem.
Fashion   S't^bieS ��� Ne\% Servit*-���Portt Guiiinon ancl  Ladner to New
Westmmster and- "fen-iouver.
Ti9.-__.i*-g a-S*_ nsfiyiitgj,; Leave Pt..Gu-i-liun, 6.30 u.ti!..   Arri���.�����.��� X'^wiqQU.'/jiir,.ro.3ua.i_i_.
L;y.-.rv  woij?.. of e*t, kjaiis at-j-Lewift V*iuc.:r.v��*,.  2..10 p.;n.    Arrivs lsi..Ciiuci-.v.t, 6.00 p.m..
.aided Ui.*.s*.*.*_>a.-_,t!.v.
in. e.it}-eE
-isi-iiiit use.
"il B?ug*
!     Ren_._._b._x  the.
_nasq.i_(f?a_jp   oa:
7   Dated tbis, i^tlt, dfijjtof; Ivcvern-
[tbea tgsoj&i
Hi >J.  RlGI-f*;
��i'\.:,- Passcii-j-jers  Sbiu'
niiusccr- qr* Vancouver.. ���
N-e-w.   Freigb.-t   Tarif-T e-tlctive   SeptemBif-r
.sew.   West-
5tii,   'o6_
Liquidator-, ftadnci-t B. C.
t.i_|ll4_-i l_ C.
luooted as te wbether heis ruuuiug
i^r persona, adwiatagss or not.    &f|    Thc H,s, ap-ouaa..lei-yes. _,8_dn J
cpurse,   th** c^jet pefsoual ad :*/an-i ^ 8 ,,.U1_ a,^ , p.m.;. leaves .Stcsesi-.i.
vaje to hiijj ���>v-i_-3l bo tbe  qjies.iiig. tou. at  9,,a.m.  and 4 p.m..   E*.��-*y.j
u,p of the River road from. Mit-cbcil's: da--*,exce.sV.Sti%day,. '
to  the   Landing,   but   Mr.   Vasey' "
wishes- it to be  understood, that be
will  not  ask  Ills'? Council to eom-
yjju^..._L-'!i-wy..,j^_a;.'_j- ^�� 3gaa__p_aflgMBB_; ���
jjlete this wojjk. a$._ he, is s;s..i��.i.Qd
tiat t'ie-Qov.i;c',-Ir:,si5=ijj|blf_to handle
it at' t'je ptes^nt  tim<j: .astl, wiiU-sa
Sells More of Cliamb.Mlaii]'_-Cai. fchi
Remedy th.^ti of All 0*,hers. P-ut    j
'-Greatly Redua_4 B-.at.e_*>,     For- particulars apply to
1,. T.. C/y^��/-EE_T.���
h A.g;entr Port Gcuichon.
Su.fB_ia��t't *tf��_\> will _te *_��tr?ii.s!i^d. wii.kou.1 dslay.
'-ggji?. . jisa
Fyr every D_)lla.r received (o:.- aciso''
'.me; Ticket for the alpy*.  Draw.i.u'j v.ill te
_5ratAri-ig  .viU, C1qs.���>.- at. 5. o;c^.k D
.   MivT'fecA. C-fsOrg-v. a a}*_(cliajp,fc*a)
. ML Elgiu, Ontario, savs:     "I h-.ve
,;uch   other   ro^t.    .,    l,,sir| ^ the local ag_sucy fov-'chiimber-';
ttands.    It. is _*w itOeptioH,   lio'w-j...ain.S-j Q0-.ighs I^tija4v  e>-p; since: ^*��.       ^jV   DiAI/CD   :I -Si U       ^
ever, if elasted, ti?  iisij  lii^best en-1 it-,was_i_i_rodnced i-.^o Canada,-and', \J;.��       1       Oc\ W.I!....I\���', l__��tlCiO*St*���    t5��    W
deavors to  gW tbe> gpyer;>jjieu_, to _s;sell-*.ar,-.u)'.y;Ji.ot it. as f do, o,f all |
complete thi.. v-rori^ oi. to.^ assist- ��'the*= lioes r ���J��-;��:' a* m* fives'
,.    >��'     '���.',   ." .-.. -.��� put together,    Oi the many doses-
tae Council that  u- n_.sgbt be com--:���-< , T  . 1
���-���--'��������� soldi uud.* ganraj_.ee,   L have :*,at;
pjeud.    This is an excellent recom-1 had  one   bolUe   Ietfifnc^    j  ea:,.;
nieHdation in itself, added to this is I pers013jiity   recommend   this  aiestj
the fact ta'at. Mr. V.isey  staiuls; ont iciue as I bave used' ii  myselt  and',
irfery ^tpjwetntly smong Hk  more'-given it to my children aad always!
pjosperons oL-.'ur,faruiejs and adds' *&* th.^.h^Jit,re*^Jhs���,���,   *��� sale by;
',������"',.������ . t Ml DrugsUil.'-.,
youth  to   his  v.-'-vy .mature..sxp'-r-.-' ^**
2-.IC*:. ��� ���
' The time  tor  a.change  *.as_3i*1:
ri,ve^.and ii acknqwledged by all. j
By  _utroduqin.g,, a  young  laati   to
1 ike-tiie he,i-_-- '*'f thii.Couocil it-.isi
I    ��� . ...     ���      ���   ���.-        T* j
hoped t'K.s'^.;,i;g:i;ci_',t'__s batiy twjd
we  hope  lo,-s_*e  the whole of the|
CouncillO'is   returned   for  another
i -
vear   at  least, in  order  that somei
unfinished bnsir.ess. of long stgnci*!
irig might_be-ii4_5^;-1d.n��.au_.,_3tV-.-|
'aj_.:oriIv terminatodi
uit r-*r- 0$m s-a le) j
L-^..csi',Wj;..     OAP^CA^
��-'__;, 19^.      "RESERVE BTWIDSJ
Inwrpw a*��J 18<-S_-
A Genei^iil B________ag- Sissistess Transsactad
Suy toY-our Gi-*oco.- _pifet_Hs3tiy.
Good Seeds.
Itoe C3-_4s_i'an's._?av<��i_t��
���0ORB8-*--  ' 'I
c_3ue_w..*_!.pi*^i..Q?o'__> _j_4_.   '
���WssJ.OQp.ii_g CSpugh.
.' opium s,r..s>*hssv lt.i.nuful ilru.i itnA nwiy Isn
'. ci.sv..*. ^-3 -.onlldisittiy t��. a luiby us t,�� nuuslult     'i
Price _!& ots; Largo piae, &Q ota.
The .Hiif6riuily.. aadr' suger-b -[ualitf.-
4)f tins Western, F.*_atily, Flaur diatt
\.Ls3 u_a_.!_t_ it: sa. popular- has caused.
.:v..ir.-.etit*ors ta rep.reseAt, tUeiv: _U.-u.-_s..
as liBHST,v-
Tijere is o.>ly. au_. "���BEST",
ii;a.ur* y.u  the   13.  C.market   to-dav,
2:ttd that's.. Mpffet's "BES.X,;" "
AvQ_d'di.:iippaiutin^n't in hreac.-
-.ya-kiug by seeing* that your sack
b.ei.rs.       -___.fi-      **v:oi-ds       I^offei's-,
Beposita oi $1 and upwards received and Ihter-
e-_t Allowed at Higl-ies,. durreafc Rates..
��� 6ff BRANCHES. ���
I    B*H*A��GHl.a  ."I* BRT-?rr��H C3LrirBI.-S*~.Vaiicou���,cr, Vaaco��v��r.
i.Kast End, Mt- Pleasant,  Gran.v.i!le Street:- G��M��d Forks, Nanaime��
_Nelson,   Rossland,   Victo_��a,   Vernon,. Chilliwack,, Otimberlaixd  aactl
Ne_* \V-_5-in��n54>e��.
liL. M*. KIGHARDSOW, Wfantts**.-, LADNER, B1. C.
Iiisl mArriumd
f.*|R. A.tjdst'rsQW Esq.^
!Deput:/7.-^iis<^r ot'Agiiculrure,
��� Victor va,, B.C. j
Dear Sir; I hnve icoantly.r.ceivedl
;v.ord from   the See'!   C^n__*S>_tlt..
rfttawa,   thftt   a~. seed   labofjitory  __._
.v'-is   to  be   esLfvblisJicd   ut.der;my, ptRST CLASS FARM-.HANlL>j.
charge at,,Calgary ior. tho^put^iaise- tHarned,   vc-r.y .. good   mil_for;
r*: tcstinp; tf"_, PisUi; .i.'.U vna..;t.y   n. *":,"  "-;--*      ��� r-V work.
reqin-i'..d. 1
I_����3SIH_?%S5-1I Colitti*ia. Bipimn^ Mils. C.^, }__<t_d.
-i .,! A-ny=.-!..s,-J-M,.M*.__;_l ��}><ju.    Ll w��i!jli_�� ns.      kB DMriFD       V. /-*
_iJNyj__.K    Y.,      .  1^,
__aa__c_____s a__wB______t
of tenting th^ pw-jxy and vital;t.y of, "^<^��<\ ��>wf and dtu
wile to boitr.l men., when   r
farm seeds..   "_*9^i��.vg will, bc_.com-; nollse and land.'    Appier   1
n*,enced the .;&i_.of. j"anuary   1907.' session City, B.C.
1!. 1 HENHY'S
x K\i%&m$8: Sfk Seedhoyses
BliK:her Cuts
Get yoi*-*> H.u-je .*. ir..d.no\v ;    '^r-ReifStock.oi HOME GBtQWMtj
BtrMoil', I and file yoyr- sipplicatiou, for Kru't ;""* ��.uoaeatal. T-mmjiqamJ
Seed* sent . in-.by^ i;i:nier_\..or, r.e.ed 1
merchant:;.i.4.' add.SsSstd loathe
l)otnitiion,Departis.eht of .-giiciil-
Mi're; Se��lr Laboratory, Colgary,
wjll be ex_.rair,e.d   free- .of chayje.;
1 Klectrk I.igl..t. -up.w, so..l_Ugt
the \HihiS jtiay. bevdistri-b'-.';-d:
' maUvR.d, l'v7 the fall'trade..
X-jsPxpense, loss or delayxo..f'iij__i-
gntron .-f-iaspection..
pastvyoitr pre-snises.
ApplicatioH blanks-may b_* BU_b-_L f��E Fyi P3^^
M F-iil! Lane of
_SF'ew.W_s'cmihs.tor, Nov.. 17.^��� We
h_ve   reqnested   Mr.   W. H. Smith '.had    o��i Mr.   _vLeli)(.$_tald,   the]    Headawait-BB tof   Pacifi*-' Coast
Regnliir po.tac��jr^ W**te p��idj to look .I'tfir. mk   l.amvdry Agencv L -..au..v.a.k a .or   Fncili.   U.,M
on sahipk.. Styii-tc'Calgary; Kaj__.^�� ri-_.I_adne:'.   nsxt  door-vto, H*.*- M:c- Alect
>.lv-s sent  to  Cc-n'traV .Seed" Labor-' 'I'owell'* _ftfises^sShO{.,.blttiI  fur-.
'     Ottawa,' KO'i-rostate-Tu-   ther-notice.
afbry,   Ottawa,   v*0 ' postage
A11   s_mpl._     sbovd^l' ��� be . marked
���"Purity"    cr   "C'e.-mir.ation:,"   ot.
bptb, according to wb^'tte^'senS*
er': wishes-thc-tJ tested (or1,
���The _-jt*r-b'.-ishr).ei*,t -of lh-s(..sub;
;*Vt��tioi_ wiH-Vft-vie '-even ' days i.Uh.
_inie retj-iu'ed Mo' Send s.*eds from
Alberta  Wud   British  Co.nmbra  to' not l:.e re#5xmsi'r.'ie fcr,a:��y debt*con-
Ottawa, asd  retijh  the  :-.;port  toi*rac*ed  hy   Mr.   and   Mr-s..Ftank
the sender.;   It will al-30 ies-^.n ;the
d^lay in having the  testing done
i    s*.^��^*Hj��s^^sS^^��*sss%J,<H{s,*^fsSS;i����^J��^s<J)<
p. Ji. HBNHESr
_;rov,'-n   Garden, .Eiftld   -yid .L.lowcr .
Seeds in season.
BEE .VCi'FfeES, Spray Ptimps,
Whnh*Oi>l Sen p; Gteenhoiise.Hiniit.^,
Cut Fi^we.s.
We <_&> buwiiess un oirr o.vivi
'?'groa-iKbiT-r.o, ritnt to pay and are j
.-:! prep-fr-'-d tc-m.?.��.'t.o,.l eompetuiaiu
Get _. Suit at Once.
_> c. ���:
Kinriiv..take _noiica..that we will:
L��_ me pike your list befoteplac-
(1-. the Central Seed  Laboratory i*
.'Men oyerloaded with work during
Guichon from this date.
Estate of L. Qiiichosn,
Pi;ron.... G'JtCHON,
Po-t Guichon, Nov. 1.., '06.
.ai ing you- .*"'*?-_-*:   Catalogue Fr_*,.
,J^ NSW -,V.-sl*.'..n-N."."**H."-,    -.
... M.iilK.tr'lifSr*;''i!.''l Wi'.ilsol,
_t i !
1 Soda Water, Gins-^r f'.;
*     Ale and Su.nura*.   %\        M. J.' HEWRY;.
? 33!0 Wcst-v-s"*" - bin
, Drinks,
*       Your patronage solicited
VANCOUVER,   -   B.C.'. 'fi-iB cr
J   J   L,._
VH- ���  I ���'���'' '-.MB
s^!-se_?.*r*:' i��i-____s2i^fi^si_______9e__-B^ _
_____ *_.
��� sfc-
m*. i ���__,.-- *....**��.: __MM_Hm *..-
n a mm Assortment than ever before, of TOYS and
%��> ^mmmmm.
jt ARE TO THE FRONT spin tills yenr with a larger i] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
FANCY GOODS, China and Glassware, etc, Qftlefy, Fancy Brawn Linen, fancy Handkerchiefs, Ladies'
and (tents' Neckwear and EVERYTHING THAT IS IN DEMAND, AT CHRISTMAS TIME, Suitable Presents
for AIL
Also large range "Ladner Souvenirs'* and Christmas Post Cards, Xmas Cards, Calendars, Books,
Hymn and Prayer Books, etc
Bring the Children to see the Mechanical Pi-gores in the w indow
.- ��*_ i.i 11 .m iu-s-_-b
_  .rn���**..
iter Ti
)rawing">$l25 in Primes
Ever Before,
1 Sewing Machine.
2 Doll.
8 Steam Cooker.
4 Rug.
\ 5 Bedroom Set.
6 Hall Lamp.
7 Tea Set.
8 ^-Dozen Table Spoons.
9 Drawn Linen.
10 Piano Drspa.
11 Water Set.
12 Bon Bon Dish.
13 Cruet.
14 Laundry Basket
15 Ladies' Umbrella.
16 Embroidered Cushion Top.
17 Inlaid Jardinier Stand.
18 Burnt Leather Panel.
19 Ladies' Hand Bag.
20 Souvenir Book of Rocky Mountain Views.
A TICKET for a chance in our great drawing will be GIVEN AWAY with each 50 CENT PURCHASE, and the drawing will take
place at 9 o'Clock Monday mgjit, December 24th, in our store, in the same way as previous years, which proved
/ very satisfactory to all concerned.
(No employee or member of his family will be allowed to participate in this drawing.)
Prizes wit be on Exhibition in Our Show Window, Monday, November 12th, on which date, we will
commence giving away tickets.
mmi^mmmm^aamBmwa*samwamammt vfl
Tl.F. DELTA TrXlES, \SATUft.;AY, N.Y.'.;.s..7;;;v
Get vcmr costume* rea4y for the
L  p -_- .   7
W. B. Skinner  returned to Van*.
.ceil, r to-day.
\ J. L. Foontkin has taken up the
p.jsi'.ioN of* conductor ou the local
|.vi._ Alexausler, and Waiter Creech
I has returned lo his old n i. if I
: bral__sn.au, vice "Shorty" Aad.r-
; wait.
Dan J-toGregor visile ! lhe Royal
City, yestrmla/.
D. Mnrckie returned to the Royal
'City, this morning.
Eldoji 8to.lie has been visiting iu
Y_n_o_ve. tad Vict.ria. this woek.
Mrs. CaW-itsr., ol New Wes'-
���Masler, Is visiting her son, K. T.
Culvert.    . i
4 MEETING of the Liberal-:
Conservative Asspciatioa o!;
Delta 'Municipality is called for|
Tuesday, the 27th inst.. at 8 pm,
to receive repoit of''delegates lo(
Central Convention to be belli at |
Cloverdale Nov. 34111.
1.   L. KIRKI.ANI),
VOTlCl'. is hereby jiiven that the
Partnership   heretofore   sub-j
staling between us, the undersigned, i
ss Teamsters aud  Liverynieu, has
been, dissolved by mutual ccasent.
All debts owing  to  the said Pait-
uersbip are to be paid   to  John M. ,
Collitt-ou, at Laduer, li  C , and all j
claims against the said   partnership |
are to be presented to tUe*aid J. M.  '
  Colliuson, by whom  the  same will.
' ke. .-.ettled. I
M>\_. Mabel Burr returned h.tne,;    Dited at I.adner, B.C., N_v_u_- ���
ber 2.3, 11.06. .
J.'M. COLLINSON.     |
Join. Hot eyaaai. return d bome,
Wednesday,   ir.*_.  a   visit  to   the'
Rival City. ;
��� ��� ���	
Mr. ami Mrs. I>. Woo-Js and.
fan ily returned, Tlmr:*..;, fr.n.|
1hur__ay from a vist.  ts friends in [
CtMft Balden is uatsiug a lame'
���band, but u_.t-.ing very serious is,
Jikelv ta test-It therefrom.
JWisa  Jennie Ti y lor was   d*wu
twit's,   Wednesday,   for   tbe   first'
time after 1. rattier severe illness.
Ut. ami Mrs. ). Fletcher of Vic-j * ~ j
tsw.ia.ara   .isitii-g  thi.  week  witk! AUCTION SALE j
Ut��. J. F. Staiulisa. j.  _ j
Co-uprising���-Two bay Civ-lie Mares
in foal; two Colts, rising 4 years, ������
weight about 1620 lbs each; .One!
grey  Colt, using 4  years, about
1400  lbs;   tour General Purpose
Mares, in foal; two driving Colts,
rising 4 years, well br.keu; six a j
aud 3*ye��r-old Colts;  five Suck-;
iug   Colls;  ststeeu   Dairy Cowl,
west, y-d-Wil calving; forty year- j
liag,   2-year-old   and   ,vye_r-ald |
Heifers  and  Steers; McCormick
Hinder, 2 Mussey-Harris Mowers, I
Mussey Harris Hay Tedder. i_-ft|'
Hearing R.ike, t   f.ur-iach  tire
(4-iH. skein) Wagoa, nearly new!
2 four-iaclt tiie   \Vag_n.., scratch-,
and disc Harrow*; __��ug, break**
ing aiui stubble.Plows;   1. .Sltigh;1
5    sets    Doable   Harness;   Seed j.
Drill,  Wheelbarrow;  Griud'Stewej'
and Frame-; Forks and  Shovels;
also a Stewing Machine, a d��n_lef
barrel, choke bore, Ne. rs  Gun;;
DeLaval    Separator,    it.    goad
order, aud th��  usual   assortment ;���
of Lffacts feuad an a Farm af _ooi
Acres, which
\JR. II, X. RICH has  received
"**       instructions frem Mr. William
Gewdy, who   has  disposed of hisi
farm, ta Sell by  Auction,  on  the
Fara., 3 Miles sotitk-ea*t of Ladner,
Mis.. Mae Jordan bas liad to have!
an opewtisa perform.. 1 ou her haad ;
f��s_r a whitlow.-bnt is getting  aloug
iai'.elr s��w.
Rev.  ('.  Cre"t  will  occupy  the
pulpit in ths lapti-t Church Sunday   evening,   his   subject will be
��� "Korgiveneis.'r
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Sid well, of
Foint l.'.brtt*.-, returned home, cu
Thars_ay evening, utter visiting
{.he-Terminal Citv.
Kev. A. McAuley went to Van-
���ffenver yesterday morning to attend i
the   provincial   convention  of tlie
Lord's Dav Alli.iuce.
The CI ristmas entertainment of!
���Vie Methodist .Sunday   School   will
he held-in the Towm  Hall on  Friday evening, December 2ist.
Saturday, Dec. 8, 1906.
at 10:30 o'clock a.m.
TiiRMS���Cnder l.a.5, cash; over
that amount, cash or approved joint
notes at 6 months with interest 7
per cent, per annuls.
Luachean will in provide..
Auction Oflices, Ladner, It-. C.
.*_._*eag those atlesdinpr the funeral yesterday were; Mr. aud Mrs.
G. W. Landoa; Mrs. 17 Kirkland,
and C. II. Trim of Westham Is-
Top Market Prices;
t'AM)   tOU j
Dressed Poultry
Dan Heath has the   smile of his j JfBW       1 -A I f)       EGGS
life as the result er the arrival ofa,
���Wad aew k ,u��kewper, who tuwk .
li") her aba.Te at his ham* ou Stat.*-]
<lay last
Local Agent, i
' .. j ..jj���' ;-._.-.i- -SL������
i|f Leav
Linen Xable C^lP
Manufacturers' Seconds,
^SSm9   gJa%*ta   qLMmf��a
\\TS bought a manufacturer's surplus stock.
of pretty Linen Table Cloths, with
some very slight defects, just enough to
notice when you look for them, at a large
reduction, nence we are able to offer them
to you at the above 25 per cent, reduction.
$2.00 Cloths for $1.50.
$2.50 Cloths for $1.85.
$3.00 Cloths for $3,25,
$3.50 Cloths for $8.75
The Cloths are from two to two-and-a-
half yards long and sixty to sixty-six inches
To notify the people o_- Ladner and surrounding district that we -are flow in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
rtland Cemen
At greatly reduced prices, making it poi-
f?ible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
I       III   IMIIIWI   Ull llll��� II
B. G.
S a   aas.
JafSWi,, ���    v./ fa tri m
d mm
cts.   __w    LSu     ft:
267 Columbia St., New 'Westmihst
3. C
Cut Glass,
And all kinds of Jewelry
Repairing a SpoolaH/i
Jhdrew Clausen,
LADNKlt.  *. C.
For Winter Wear
When you are wanting anytMng in the |
line   of Blouses,   Dress   Skirts,   Petticoats,
Underwear,  Hosiery,  White   Goods,  Neckwear,  Ribbons,  Furs,  Smallwears.  Holiday
Goods, or
Bonnets, Hats,  Purs, Dresses,   Underwear,
Hosiery, Etc. S i
Call and let us show you.
Goods and Prices Right.
ww wwi mmmmmAm.._ - _������
We hate tb_ Greatest  Value
in sShces
Good Solid Reliable Footwear,
Just ihe Thing for Winter Weather*
We ��arry these ici all I,��__.���.hers aiwl have a 'hill line ubI ShapciB
ami Si.es to Fit All Feet.
nothing in Town io ��qual Thorn*
-   Ladner9 B.C*
.�����-���.     '-' ' . i    -'-.ji .j���i.sim.mu., iij. _�� i jl mi. ��� ... . ..    '    i   '."_���
A. J. BIRTCH, - 275 Columbia Street
B. Beadle-tOM, of Point Roberta,
���i_ite_ Ladaer, Wednesday, for the
fint tine after & severe illsrss. He
fcr��nfht alosfr the esfles to help
out the printer.
_U _."- -..
Methers aeed have- Be hesitancy
fi c*o_ti��uiH|_; te give Chamberlain's
Coagh Kenedy to their little ones,
t&it contains absolutely nothing in*
j-nrion*-. This remeily is not ouly
perfectly safe to give small children,
but'it i�� �� me_icii.e of gre*t worth
and merit. It has a world wide
reputation for its ciirei of eairglis,
folds and crr.njj aud w. afl-Vays be
relied'upi.ii. For stile by all drug-
I $4.
Estate Whea You Want to Ship or Store
Your Produce or Lire Stock.
Gasoline Engines, Root PulpersJ
W Walworth-Rolston Co.,
1016 Westminster Ave,,    -   Vancouver, B.C.
Grain Elevator
Capacity ftOO Tons.
Space 24,009 Square Feat
<*_  n-j i_n_- ,h��_e��i---
Port  Quichon^. B. G*


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