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The Delta Times Jan 21, 1908

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Array Y     _>X 3 m d '   \
������<y <</ 'vi
JAN 24 1908
Vol. 5, No. 20.
The commencement of 1907 found us
doing business in the "Old Store."
Ins close leaves us with the satisfac
tion of having completed the largest
year's business we have ever done
and it is now a very fitting oppor
tunity to thank all our customers for
the very liberal patronage awarded
fchis Company during the year.
Commencing Wednesday,
th January. We arq
mailing Sale Catalogues.
If you do not receive one
please ask for one at our
| hnds us in our "New Store," up-to-
date in every respect���and with a
Stock of Merchandise that is also
I up-to-date, and that compares very
favorably with any City Stock���and
taken all round is being sold at considerably less money than stocks in
tho cities We again solicit from
the residents of the Delta Municipality a continued share of your busi-
I-iess for 1908.
We take the present opportunity to Wish Every-
body a Very Happy, Brighl
and Prosperous New Year.
Marshall Smith & Go., Ltd.
The L.O.L. distnct meeting was,1    Ws PIaycM wil] appear,,. th|j
kid   at   CI-rveidale,   an Tuesday; Town Hall here, to-morrow iWed-
������t.i mm J_ ^
yeniug lasl, when Messrs. 'jas.
lelly, Jas. Brodie, Jas. Rogerson.
I. Page and Alan Calvert drove
rer from here, and a very enjoy-
[iie time was. speat.
���Following is the list of officers
|cted for the ensuing vear:
.Ms, Bro. Jas. Kelly. Delta.
_ B .M.. Bro. 7- Logan, Langley.
Chaplain, Bro. Jas. Brodie, Delta.
fri*. Sec. Bro. J. F igg. Langley.
Ree. Sec., Bro. S. Boothroyd,
peas.. Bra ��� Monabaa. Hall's
jirie.    .
[>ir. Cer., Bro. ��� Woods, kail's
uesday) evening;, commencing at S
o'clock, with an A11-.St .r company.
A company of very high talent,
late ol the Dominion Theatre, Vancouver, having just completed a
six-weeks' engagement there.
The scenery is the best that
money can buy. and J. B. Wilson,
the business manager, will do bis
best to entertain all who attend.
Come and see a really good show
at popular prices.
ist Lec.. Bro. Alan Calvert,
aud Lec., Bro. ��� Mclnnis, Langley.
i^liiiS tHi'i'siN ., Hl'.i OK.
Prof, i.dmun I Hark,- of the College oi ihe City of New York received a letter rom a _ re.s-
clippiiu- agency. The letter informed he Professor that his patronage was desired, an I as a sample of tiie work he would find enclosed a clipping fro.n a speech by
President Roosevelt, in which he
had quoted the Professor's words.
, Professor Burke read the clipping nearly through before he rcaliz-
ed hat tin President w.,-, quotjug
from Ed. nnd Burke's speech on
"Concil.aton with he American
C; nies" i ellvered about 100 years
before Prof. Burke was born.���-The
Dominion Press-Clipping Agency.
Delta Agricultural Society
^Victoria, Jan. 16.��� The opening
of the legislature took place to~'day,
with the usual formalities. His
Honor delivered the following
Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of the
Legislative Assembly:
In meeting you again at the opening of another Session, it is my
privilege to be able to congratulate
you on the prosperity which, during the past year, has prevailed in
nearly all lines of trade and industry.
The Commission on Irrigation,
th.e appointment of which you authorized last Session, has entered
on its duties, and its report and recommendation will be submitted to
you. In accordance with those recommendations, legislation will be
introduced to secure a more equitable and efficient system oi distribution of water for irrigation purposes.
The large increase in immigration, with the consequent' demand
for land under pre-emptions, warrants my Government in asking
you to place a larger sum in the
estimates for an extension of the
Provincial surveys.
A measure will be laid before you
with a view to restrictions ol the
immigration of undesirable persons.
With the aim ot encouraging aud
ixpediting railway construction, it
it is proposed to exempt from taxation, for a period of ten years from
time of completion, certain railways
already authorized.    To do this vou
The annual meeting ol tlie Delta
Agricultural Society wa.s held in
the Council Chamber, on Saturday,
January 18, 190S, with the president. D. A. McKee, in the chair.
The minutes of the last annual
meeting were adopted as read.
The Treasurer reported the Society on a good financial basis: Assets, #3,627; Liabilities, nil, The
Society erected sheds at a cost of
$360.75; painted the hall and planted trees where there were blanks in
the rows of thorn.
The following officers were appointed for 1908:
President,, D. A. McKee.
Vice-president, Alex. Paterson.
Treasurer, H. N. Rich,
Secretary, A. DeR. Taylor.
Directors ��� H. D. Benson, D.
Montgomery, S. Morley, Jas. A.
McCallan, F. J. Green, J. McKee.
The Directors ot last vear reported that the land of the Society had
been ploughed up at the expense of
tiie Society.
It was decided to leave the levelling, etc., in the bands of tbe pres-
e it board who will decide al their
first meeting what steps will be
taken towards put the grounds in
good shape,
Mr. Hollinshead spake at some
length on the matter and the Secretary was instructed to notify him
when the Board meets and promised to notify him also & few hours
beforehand as Mr. Hollinshead
complains of failing memory.
It is hoped that the members will
take an active interest in the affairs
will be asked to  pass  an  Act  em-1 of the Society this season  and en-
powering the Government lo graut
such exemptions.
In aecoidance with your recommendation that a representative of
the government should be sent to
London to lay belore the Imperial
Government the tact ofthe refusal of
the Federal Government to entertain British Columbia's claim for
more a (equate and equitable treatment in tbe matter of the Provincial
subsidies, the Honourable the First
Minister wa.s assigned to undertake the duty, and his report of his
mission and its results will be laid
before you.
In order to secure a more efficient
service in the conduct of the
public business, it has been thought
desirable to regulate the Civil service, ami   a   metisure  for effecting
able the Board to hold a  successful
farmers' Telephone Co.
A general meeting of the Farmers' Mutual Telephone Co., Ltd.,
was held at Steveston, yesterday.
The meeting was greatly handicapped bv the absence of the secretary, a most important person at an
annual meeting.
The nunager handed in his report giving the cost of the Ladner
line and the agreement which has
been entered inta with the B. C.
Telephone Co., was read over.
The line has at present on the
Ltd ner   exchange   65   subscribers
. fl. Paterson
Elected Reeve
Quite a lively interest was manifested in the municipal elections
which took place on Saturday last,
in the Town Hall,, although there
were ouly two seats contested for,
viz., the Reeveship and Ward V.
Sharp at 7 o'clock the Returning
j Officer declared the poll closed and
proceeded to count the ballots in
the presence ot a fairly large gathering.  The poll resulted as follows:
H. D. Benson  84
J. A. Paterson 171
Majority for Paterson  87
L. W. Embree     48
F. T. Pai miter.    40
Majority for Embree       8
There were 3 special ballo's taken
from the Reeve's box.
The new Council is as follows:
Reeve, J. A. Paterson; Councillors, P. T. Gibbie, Alex Davie,
J. Gilchrist, Sam Morley and L.
W. Kuibree.
Wm. Pybus. R. H. Quaggan, A.
DeR. Taylor, Smith Wright and P.
tbat and creating a Superannuation  with l!le ProsPect  of a substantial
Fund will  be submitted  for your
With a  view  to obviate Ihe necessity oi our youth  going abroad
to- petfevt   themselves in the arts
and sciences, an Act to establish a
j Provincial University will be iiitro-
idiictd during the session.
j For the more convenient prosc-
jcution of 1 ublic works under ap-
; propriations   by   the   Legislature, I "er-
and witb the object of securing tini- It will be to the interest of the
'fortuity between the Federal and j shareholders to strengthen the
I provincial systems in the method ofj oallfcls 0| tlie Directors, especially at
j accounting and the collection of Lacl"er, by giving them all tbeir
(statistics, it is deemed advisable tojsuPPort and thus enable a first class
service to be maintained for the
all concerned, as it lia.
1 a!rea,ly   by experience
increase in the near future
... financial statement will shortly
be got out at d presented to the Directors showing exactly how the
affairs of the company are.
The following is the Board of
Directois for the ensuing year:
W. M. sMcKinzie, Chas. Hart
nell, Woodwards; D. A. McKee, J
A. Paterson, A. DeR. Taylor. Lad
change the commeticement of the
financial year Horn July to A] ri1.      benefit of
I am pleased to be able to inform ' been ioa"
you that the finances of the prov
ince are in au excellent condition.
Tbis has enabled my government
to effect a large reduction in the
public debt, while still ;.ble to show
a substantial surplus over the actual
Measures will  be submitted   lo
what a great convenience the  telephone is in rural districts.
(Continued on Second Page.)
BRAN, SHORTS,. Whole Corn
Cracked Corn, Rice Meal, Ch:
Rice, Chick Feed, Timothy am
Clover Seeds may be obtained at
Brackm_:-K.tr Hilling Cd,''
warehouses, Ladner, from MR.
Ii, ST. RICH. Local Agent.
Editor Delta Times:
sSir: Apropos of your Ottawa
Letter in your issue of the 7th inst.,
the enclosed clipping from the Toronto News, an Independent paper
with strong Liberal leanings, appears to come nearer the truth, especially as friend Willisou gives
reasons for his conclusions, something tbe writers of your Ottawa
Letters fail to do:
"Losing Ground���Certain Liberal papers throughout the country
describe Centre York as "a former
Tory hive" and argue that under
the circumstances the Liberal candidate did well iu tbe bye-election.
As a matter of fact, however, Centre York was created by the redistribution of 1901 aud it was made a
safe constituency for Mr. Arch.
Campbell. But Mr. Campbell ran
badly in the last general election,
and Dr. McLean, although a much
stronger candidate, came out of the
bye-election with a still smaller
majority. It was the confident expectation of Liberals that his majority would have reached two or
three hundred. Tbis was a reasonable expectation and the lact that
the majoiity was so small ig signal
proof of the declining strength of
the Laurier government in Ontario.
There is to be added to the loss of
strength in Centre York the election of a Conservative in London,
the re.ltictiou of tbe Liberal majority iu North Wellington, and
the increase of the Conservative
majority in East Northumberland.
In Nora Scotia, also, a seat has
been capt tired by tbe opposition.
Indsed the government sterns to be
holding its own only iii Quebec."
[We would as soon, believe that
W. J. P. has Strong Liberal leanr
ing; as 'hat Friend WilKson has.
It looks more like Liberal-Conservative leanings.���En.]
Charlie  Down, of Vancouver, 13
here on a week's business visit. T7-TE DELTA TIME-, TTESDAY. JANUARY 21,  :soS.
Published kybry Tuesday.
Delta Council.
Sn.jpc.HPT.ow. 5><<>9 i*rye*r.
bw il A . .ertl^cmen _s, te. cat tp pet line foi
Mkelrst Insertion, and sc����H per line lor each
Kbecquent insertion. The number ot lines
itekouest hy the space occupied, is lines.t,a tljp
Sites lor Commerclnl Advertisements can be
ou applicaOUn kt this eBce.
Beading notices .0 ceuts per. Use for, each Insertion.
Birth and Death notict��( Soc., Marrlagcsji.oo.;
Auy special 001,191;, tbe object ot which is to
ftroWote the pecuniary benefit of any individual
fl company, to be considered an advertisement
S'Od charged accordingly.;
All advertiseuetita. charged Co . until ordered
aut\iud paid for.
Correspondence invited on matters of public
tat-rent. Communication, ii editpt must be nc-
��bipanied by name of.'wntfr.' bot,Iiecessarily
for publication, rlj^t. as'evl^eiiq. Osgood*faith.
CWrespoudeace must r 4&C1. th|t oflice by Thurs-
*���� evening.
9w�� R.
JAN VARY %i^   190*.
Remember the Auction Sales���
see page 4.
.t.i ~.n i ,1. j. ��� -11.   gg.
What is. th<; matter wit}, the Ladder Cornet Baut|-.
u....        ... ..     .,. a.
Rer. A. H. and Mrs. Huntley,
tkccompauiqd by a few friends, visit-
^d N��;nr Westminster, yesterday,
for the purppse qf baptizing two
candidates for membership i.u the
I^adner Baptist Chvijpb. The bap-
t|stry of Oli \*et Baptist, Church was
^iadly lent for the occasion,
U the gentleman \^'ho shot a
ty^e ot tftrog. du^ks nf af tho head
q( t����;.Slqngh soad,. 011 F*iday eMen-v
iug last, about 8 (.clock,, will kindly call en thi^, owner, \^ will be
���uiy too happy to present bim with
smother bjace tajlipr- than Ujat
lie should waste his ammunition
.. '.*���� j.
Ajt the last it biteth, like a serpent aud stiuge.th like an adder.
TJhis is. bow drink serves its
mfiVB tnk��{ warning ;<
Nf^-Yprk, Jan 7���Th.-. ^reat
eat-fighter of bis ti tfle and the win
Sj?r otjsevaral bu qdrfd^tie encoun
ten, Geo^g^, Dixon, tjbe ijegro
Hygiliut,, fofljilajty ^ed "Little
Chocolate," died yesterday in the
^���holic ward of Byllevue Hospital,
t^viqtim ofa long fight witli drink.
Idolized it. his prime by thousands,
as ^pngi^&tic hero, George Dixon
passed a,way practically penniless
9jid without friends. Dixon, was 37
y,ear�� old, and. for nwuiy years had
t|ie title oi leather weight champion.,
Gecu.ee Qixpn, fought several
hundred ring battles, hi^first battle
t^ing in i&8$,, whtyi he whipped a
bpy named Johns. qo in Halifax,
N. a
From that ti tarn, iy. til Terry Mc-
Qovern k.nocl��ed him out in 1900
���nd broke his heart, no man qt, his
weight ever whipped him. He
*fou,the teatherw.eight title in 1^891
by, pipping the cbatnpioa, Cal.
McCarthy^ Dixo^was a veritable
fyjhttBg machine,, hjs attack
ap,-it clele.uce being perfect, ancl
his peculiar, ability tQ,strik.e a blow
from any position made him a for-
tn,4��J)lte'opponent. Dixou won thou-,
sands of dollars iu the prize ring;
\vtycj> t^.sjieut with convivial cow-
p unions. A waste* and worn figure
H��s brought to UfUeTin? ypspital
two d^x&go, and ticketed iu the
aicohoiic n^rd as '>Georg* Dixon."
To the. ^'ttrrhe said .hat he had
''fought his iast fight with Jebn
j^rleycara and haft, been beaten."
4 He told thf physicians that he
hai jyxlrieeds except John L. S��li-
vaw. His condition grew, rapidly
worse, and Ipte yesterday the tottper
qhanipipii died.
The statutory meeting ot the
Delta Council was held in the
Council Chamber, yesterday. After
Braking the necessary declaration,
the following members took their,
seats: The Reeve, J. A- Paterson,.
and Coups- P. T. Gibbie, Alex
Davie, Mftrlev and Embree. Coun.
Gilchrist being absent through sick-
The Clerk read the Returning
Officer's report which was received
and adopted.
The minutes of the previous
meeting were adopted aaread.
A communication was read from
G. l\. Martin ro cancellation of gazette on diverted River road, and
the Clerk was instructed to notify
Mr. Marti.u that the Council ie.
quites a written agreement that he
would withdraw the claim for damages now laid against the Council,
before tbe-gaaette can be cancelled.
On motion the C'erk was 'n"
structed to engage Col. Tracey to
go over the new River road and report thereoa. Tbe Reeve and
Coun. Embree to accompany him.
Jos. Tamboline was granted a
loan of $3,000 09, hi? Surrey property ot 300 a^res.
The Clerk was; authorized to attend to weeded repsyrs tp tije Town
HalUalso to write 3$,. If. Qalvert,
local agent V.T.R., re dangerous
conditioq, of crossing on the Slougb
The matter of cutting cordwood
oft the road allowance on the Scott
.road was left in the hands of Coun.
Embree with ptjwer to act.
Coun. Davie asked to have the
necessary cltaring on the Slough
3��>ad done now so that- the road will
be ready for tjie sock in the spring,
ajid the clerks w,as authorized to call
iprvtenders for taking out all the
tr^es and br,ush Irom I. Whit-
worth's to Jubilee Farm,, inclusive;
also from the Gowdy road to the
Benson road.
Re better comm_tnioatioti with
Westham island and repairs to the
dykes, en motion the following
delegates were appointed Ito wait
upon the government: The Reeve,
Colin. Gibbip, Upssrs. H. D. Ben-^
soji, H. J. Hutcherson, R. E. Kitt-
spn and a, deputation to be appointed fr-ota Westhapi Island-
. Xhe Council then adjourned till
Saturday, Ifeb. 8th, at 2,p.m.
i&atrmg Sale
20 p.C.  -  REDUCTION  -   20 p. c.
Commencing Janirary rsth.
We include in this Sale all our entire Stock
of Leather Footwear.
We, are crowded for spaoe for our large Stoek
of Spring and Summer Qoods now on the way, and
we want to make acquaintance of more people
looking for Real Shoe Bargains of the best assortment, of shoes in Ladner to select from.
All goods are marked in plain figures.
Above discount will be given off regular
Sale Closes February Ist*
Terms Cash*
V. T, Ry. & Feny Co.
New Service���Port Guichon ami  Ladner to Ne.^
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. Guichon,, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 a.m.
Leave. Vancouver,   2.10 p^m.    Arrive Pt. Guichon. 6.00 p.m.
Gives  Passengers  four  hanrs  in   ejther   New   West-
minster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective   September    5th,   '06
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay.'
Incorporated 1869.
CAPITAL PAID-UP,        - - $3,900,000
RESERVE FUND, - - $4*390,000
Total Assets Over Forty^Five Millions.
(Continued trom  Fhpt  Page.)
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Spec.a!
Accumulate, Awake qh Asi.s,ei>, tjhow.h kaktisqwakes or imki
msasteh's prevait., thou !h fixaxciat. depressions come anj)
go, YOU   N-EUI)   LOS,:_   NO SLEEP, for the security back.of
Our- Loans do not exceed 40 por cenl. of   7  r.g* fPIlf
the value of the property  and  net you        _
^yqon .S^leSjj���E\ Hohuati'_. qn,
Tteursdiiy next; 'l^rs. Devereanx'^
jjn  the  28tb;. W.  Lou^heeu's, (^
kcjjtuary 4th.
1 ��SJ ?    .   ;
you designed to secure-to,tbe province the full benefits taat should
accrue to, the Treasury from the
utilisation of its resources.
The Public Accounts {or the past
financial year, and the Estimates
fpr tb ^ensuing similar,- period, will
Ije.laidt before you. The Estimates
have been framed witb. due regard
tp economy, while providing for
tfce outlay necessary to meet the
requirement^ ot the public service
in a province the scene of import-
Apt industrial; development.
On accoant ef.the increase in the
demands for public works and
buildings, and the development
taking ptyec-in the northern parts
of the province, it if deemed advisable to create the office of Minister
of Publk Works, and vou will be
asked to approve or aa amendment
.to the Copstitutipn Act to effect
I now rommei-nd thes:> various
measures tp your attention, believing that their- adoption will be to
the ad vantages of the province and
the welfare of the pcoplp.
After the. Lieutenant-Governor's
s wee a, had been delivered several
formal motions were.passed. There
w.s a get eral air ot expectancy
that the Socialists would make a
demonstration by an attack upon
ithe Lieut .-Governor. Mr. Haw-
thornthwaiti mmed to adjourn the
house to ciisguss a question ot
grave public importance, but Mr.
Speaker Eberts ruled the notion
out of order, after which the House
The Market.
New Westminster. Jan. 18���
At the regular ^eekly lnprinet yesterday the- farmers of the district
succeeded in disposing of a large
amount of pp-odaice. The attendance of buyers was large- and good
prices were obtained for- nearly all
tines. A decrease in the price oi\
eggs was noticeable whilp poultry,
apples and some other staples real-,
ized better prices than at formef
The supply of beef was large.and
under; stiff demand the entire supply was cleared! out. Prices remained the same as those of last
week, namely, from 7}��c to 8}<_c
for hindquarters and from 5J_Jcto
6j4c for forequarters. The demand
forj mutton was again very active
but the supply was much too small,
for local demands. AH car,cases.
were cleared off the stalls eaTly in
the d#y at prices ranging around
13c a pound. Lamb was also
scarce a*��d sold at 14c a pound. The
supply of veal is now about equal
to the demand and there- is some
probability ' that quotations will
lower slightly in the near future..
Small carcases were in good demand at from i,oJ/j.c to njic per
pound while larger calv��s brought
about 7>_.c or 8c a pound under a
limited demand. Pork was in considerable supply and sold at from
8c to 9c a pound. Nearly ull, the
available pork was cleared out.
A large number of fowls were
placed on sale and good prices obtained. Good fowls br,ought as
high as $9 and' $10 whilte others
of a medium grade were s< Id ut
from $6.50-to $8; 50 per doien. A
large apmbe* of good hens tor laying purposes were disposed of at
prices, ranging around JSi.o. The
supply of ducks was small aud the
demand not oves active. The
stock was cleared out at (fosn $9 to
J>io a dozen. A lew geese were
disposed of at from $1 to $1.25
each. Good prices for iowls will
no doubt be obtained during the
,ne.x;t two wteks at leatst.
The supply of eggs was very
large and prices dsopped to 35c
Wholesale. Quite * few dozens
were disposed of af 40c to private
Butter was not so plentiful as last
w'eek'but quite equal to the de-
rnand and sold' at 35c and 40c a lb.
The- price of | otatoes underwent
a rise from the old figure of $18 a
ton to j-%o. The supply from the
Delta was unusually targe and
most ot the growers were successful in clearing out their stock at $1
per sack. The stock, was a little
heavy ior the demand.
Apples sold a,t fiom $1 to $1.75
a bos.
60   YEARS'
Tit ADr Mark;.
Copyrights Ac.
ATivono nen<Utig EttsUetcb and description mar
c.i.Is:Kty uBciu-tala our opinion freo whether an.
liivonilon Ib probnbly Pfttentahrp, Cunimutilea,
tionsr.tnotl. eonudunt.ful. HANDBOOK ou t'otont*.
cent f re(_ ol.loBt auoncy for Biscurmp t-*t_mt*.
1'nt.onts tukon tbr��u_b Munn * Im. MOMMi
tpeciolnoUce, wlthqu. ch_r��.,latho
Scientific flmcricatt
A hftndaomely Uluar rated- weekly. Larfteat otir-
ciilatlon of any ecientlflo journBi. Terms for
Cauudm ki.76 a year, puutngo prepaid. Sold by.
all nov/L(iot*l(ir��.
BSUHN & no.3e��rea*-��*. New York
Brunch Olllce. (35 F Bt. Woahlngton. D. O.
Savings Department*
Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONE DOL.LA.R.
and  Upwards.     Interest paid,  or credited,  quarterly om  31st  March, 30th June,, 30t;h
September,  3;ist  December.
C. B. DANIEL. Manager, LADNER, B. C.
Mandolin J
Having beat n-quested to start a
Mandolin Class,, am now prepared to. do so. For terms, ete.,
B*   H.   WEARE.
Caaeof Mr^-pi W. Lanning.
Mandolins, Strings, Etc.,
Supplied at City  Prices.
���~��>-��-.>-.~>-.~>��..>-H.>.*->.^.i,.��..;. .v.;. .H.J,
I mku 1 m ie��
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and  E_raying.
Livery work of aJLl kinds at
tended to promptly.
J. M. Goilinson
Ladner. B. C.
��� new wkstmtnstrr,   :-: b. c! .]
sj. MnuiifticVirers of alt kinds at
��� ^oda Water, Ginger
��    Ale and Summer    ��
i Drinks. ],
i       Vour natronasce solicited      t
18 THE ��ltEATO.T
$4.00 Per Year.   Single Cops, .9 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
Maiusiu.        47 VT. 2stu St., Nkw Yoas,
For Sale.
Otis Purehiicd Gerksbiit H<iar, of
hiiiuiis SbuiuiQU Muck; i first-tlass
Mikli Cow (fresh),    Apply to
x    T. THIRKLE.
Deito Farmers' Institute
The Annual meeting ofthe above
Tn. titute will be held iu the Council
Chambers,   Ladner,  on   Saturday,
I (unitary s.sth, at 7:^0,p.m., for-the
1 election ol oSieew. and. genersj business.
Ladner, Janu.iry 18th, 1908.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Get Your Grinding Done
While You Wait.
G. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C.
W. N. Draper,
Room 3, Bltnrd Block.Kew We��tmln��ttr.
WAIT and Get Your Grinding Done
OATS. -       $2.00 PER TON
BARLEY,       -        $2,25 PER TON
ALWAYS Running on Saturdays,
trenant Crushing Will
1 SuccefeM. Wifeii
r.y cajPpr s. yo&T.
i ;
1     w
fs-i.-ts.*v Important Factor In Malting
You* Domestic Happiness��� If You
lay Your tai.ls Ri<M She'll Prove a
Blessing You'll  Uc  Thankful For.
".'.I'lfcl   ��.,   l.Vi.    "JJ     .-.tin
"�����    sw y    ll:;..!;    MT'
(%'4j   don't wonder
I     ia   hig visit of Wi
pyrlgl 1.. 11.17. Iiy Casper S. Yost.] .
LITTLE Uinis-l
that tlie com-
[Ilium's mother
initkus you a little bit nerv*
oi;- It in 1111 ordeal Unit nearly every
in.ns wife looks forward to wltb a
I'WM'li degree of apprehension, If not
dread. Bhe feels tlint nbc Ih going to be
In'I.l up fill' in. |ii'ilioii: tlint herself unit
lior nietlmilH mc uliout to be subjected
to 11 ri.tic.-.l niiilvsls Iiy 11 stern and
prejudiced household inartliict, a per-
feet pii-iiunr of domestic virtues. 1(1.4
tn.i Iris; pruhubly lieen extolled as ilie
originator nud chief ex|)onent of tbo
line n rt of ruillilliK t> bome. tbe one wiv-
Uiuu w|io 'known exactly bow to do
things. Of course she's nervous. Hut,
hll'its yimr dear Iittlo heart, there's no
real reason' for
It Kill's moth-
er. like every
�� t b c r in nil's
inii'iuT. i- aiioiii
���iilt'-ITilll't'i '���din
nn nml thrive.
ton.'.hi ) .(���.ninn
t: ��� ���: i Di.l ynu
isver n iti e tiu-.v
Id'- n Hum I'v.iks
ttlien lie'v com-
|��u tw, :;v,l you
IhriHiitli 11 fog!
Yon think It's
tlu> I'm. s giant nt
the circus until lie gets up close, nnd
then yon And It's little Smith), ins,
v.lii) weighs 110 pounds with his winter overc<��it on. A man, no matter
v. tint bis uge. sees bis mother through
tlie mists of childhood and youth,
��ud tbe wins of his life shining
through tbe haze envelop her iu a radl-
(inc-e thnt to him is pretty near divine.
There's nothing wrong about thnt, my
dear. Off the contrary; It's one of tiie
most beautiful facts In. creation. Bat
wheu other: people look at his mother
they Bee Just n common, ordinary little
woman, no better and no worse then
the average. You'll find that to he the
case when Bill's ma steps in.- Sou
won't be able to see any halo around
her head. You won't be able to discover ber wonderful superiority to the
rest of womankind. Bill sees tbem, bnt.
yon will And that she has tier faults
awl her mi tin�� like etb/er people,'and
nf In
ure n_v
��� utiles
to give you
Ti-.-s" Wife's Mother-in-law.
-inpfc iiji a ijiiestliin thnt I
Bill'* milker.
sivr pondered over pretty considerable
u3 ih'vis,- found but one answer to It.
���'.'Iiy   is   ii   ymi   never  hear  anything
iiiiii' the wife's unit Uer-lu-lnw'.   That's
liie ijuestlnn.    The  motlier-in-law  has
s,.,s|i  ,i  subject  for jokes  nnd  satire
and derision fo
goodness   only
knows how many
thousands   of
years, but It's ul
wn.vs tbc mini's
One Would think
there   was   twi.
one   kin d   o I
them. They pok:-
fun at this one
kind In the fun
n y   pant's   nnd
.'.'iii hns tirtuj'jcd uhout tliealinniiiiesniid
her. ou the stuge. mnl
liey don't seem t'i have ever hoard thai
Here's until ."r brand of njother-lo-litw
i:st lis  niinioroii..  Just  ns  busy  nud
nice  In   nwhile   Inst  ns   tactless  nnd '
meddling.   'I'he wife's mother in-luw Is
lisoliitcl;. nukiiow. In literature, while
'���eniiis nnd volutin', nnd whole llbrni'lon
hnve tici'ii written nbout the husband's
ijiotbor-lu-luw.     Why   is   it?    There's
inst oue answer.    It Is  because  meu
lin've been doing all the writing and
the   only    motlie:- in-law    they   know
miythlag  about   is  their  owii.    Thnt
their own mothers nre also mothers-in
law  seem  never lo hnve occurred  to
them.   If It hnd tliere probably would I
he one subject lesa for the joke writer
nnd one of the groqtest Institutions In I
tlie   world   would"' have  hnd  a   better
reputation.    I'or ii Is n fact, my dear,
IJiiM rio'-Ik .'s-ln-hiw, taking tbem In ��
bench, nre one of the most beneficent
'J.'ts   of   n   ciynterlous   but   nil   wise
Pl.tal'*c:i:-t'.   Tlii'i-e nre exceptlous thnt
���00:11 to Jr.i'tlfy the attacks mnde npo-.i
the i-liiss. Imt thoy nre exceptions, nnd
even   with  them  l:i. nine eimes out of
ten  it's tho smart  Alexnnder sons-in-
law who nre mo'-t to hlnrao.   So. while
!   have  wondered   why   we  have  but
i'.it> vni'lety of mother-in-law In literu-
ure,; I hnve always been .mighty glnd
lie other kind reniain<d undiscovered. |
.'..vbo  Providence hns  something to
'o with thnt too.    At any rate, little
.1,. getting back to your own case.
ur  mothor-in-luWis  nothing to be
itild of or to stnncl in nwe of.   Her
������isyiiirnsles or pecndillos or, getting
���ii-t_ to philn .American,  her crnuki-
���_s mny clve you some trouble, but
I tbe Mime she's a mighty important
ictor hi the milking of your domestic
nppltws, and If you piny your cards
'it i:li"'tl prove a .blessing tlint you'll
e thankful for all your days.   1 .don't
aojy Bill's ma, but I'm willing to bet
i'Iiii-s if.ii inst  cold  raulHns  on  this
���"Miiii'itlon ' ���
i      "She le Bill?* Mothe. .���*
In t!"> hrst pTnii*. you \v_rit to recbg'
.i/.ii iiw nut thnt she Ib Rill's mother.
inst tile s-in:':- i" Min as you.  i<:
i.l    to    III:.    ::il:|    J    :!    lul'.SI    it-, t .
feelings  i:. rtsfci:t! 1�� her.    IV: Ihe Sty
mid plni-v. y ���'��� liuMlift fin-.': t::.t. !-i
ing Ills  uimhor,  "lie  iiatiii������:.>   ''iti:.
a hciiji of bit.. :; . 1 iikiv i������������  '���   ���������'���:
fit?  bit  Inclined -i-<  the Ittea  t.n-.r
���drl   li=   i|i I'e   ;r ��� 'I   enmig'i   i
Also ymi  slim i.i   bear  in  in.iu.1  thnt
like  BUI  Suiiih's  chum,  she's  "cli'e -
nnd   had   mar?  I't-'.'leuce"   !'>v;   yon ���
So nil ywfve t," ���  to do, little gi.'l. i ������
to  rememlicr   tjiyo   three  pni:;l_  :::i '.
net nccordli'.'. y.   !t lacks a whr.to lo!
of being ns en.>y to do it as to say It.
I'll  ndmit  that    But  It's  worth  the
price.    Tlie   love  and  gimil   wlll   and
help of his  mother nro  mighty  precious possessions, nnd you can't go 11
too much trouble to get tliem nud keep
them.    She can I p n friend to yen like
unto uo other f:'!:':__ e::;'e;.t yciir own
mm m
you. though the I ���;���:! knows . ;ie r.-ie-i
hard'enough, and to my tint, on there
Isn't any woiunil on i.':-:'i who can
come under the wire nlong-tjde yonr
mother when it cotnes to co iking. Btii
that Isn't the po'nt The main bnslnesi
of a wife is to please her husband, just
us it should be the main business of n
husband to please his wife, nnd if his
mother knows n trick or two tbat he
Chinks great .you can't do anything better to please him than to mnke theai
yours. Aa u mntter of fact she probn-
blv lia . ir whole bunch of housekeeping
tricks up her sleeve that it will be
worth your while to get acquainted
witli. , Housekeeping is a science, hut
it kicks more of being a fixed science
thnn nny I know of, nml no woman
c.i:i Inr yo bossed a home ns long ns
P:!.'.. ilia h.is without aecumnlntiug a
hit of facts n.t down in the textbooks,
beside - making sou.: original diucov
v i.s i.i her own. So I'd earnestly nd
v'-e yn:i. little girl, to let her know ill
��� ' i-e ttiat y ni v.;..:: tp take n |>ostgl'lld
u ite en'.iive pnier ber, Bomevrhoro li.
.\ i.-r i ojiy liritil; "" your grammar you'v'i
seeu the Kiiyhis that Imltatlou is the
_.'::;��� :���.:: n.'.Uery, and 1 tf.'St Icttlu;;
oui nny state secrets when I tell you
t,'"'t flhiecro (lattery makes movi
friends thun n stuffed club. Oo to
.sell i il to the ii'd lady, nnd you'll go!
elhSer tn her |iom'fr-ii_ three dnvs thai
Get next to her system.
mother, nud the time will often come
when you will thank henven that
BUI'S ma Is by your side, hnldlhg your
baud nnd helping you over the ro.ugti
I don't doubt that he has bragged
about her a good.dcal, He'd lie a funny son if lie didn't. He's told you
what a wonderful manager sho ls and
how she cnli took���Inws-a-massy, how
sho can cook! There never was anybody could mnke biscuits and mince
pics and -doughnuts .like. Bill's mn.
I'.ut don't you let Hint worry yuu.
There's just ns much imagination
uliout inn's pies-as there Is nbout-'mit'
from hlB viewpoint. There's a halo
about .her biscuit, too, but nobody can
see lt but Hill. I'm pretty sure you'
eun make just ns good ones, and 1
know your mother con bent her linnds
down. But don't yon lot on. It woii't.
do to tnuiper recklessly with his
Ideals. Wilt till slip conies and ask
her to show you how. That 'Will
please Bill and tickle the old lady
half to death. If she Isn't any great
shakes as a cook, William will find it
Out for himself then, and coming iu
that way It won't hurt hlm. He'll
just think his mother Is losing her
grip, ami he'll be all the prouder of
you. ,
Housekeeping  is  a  Science.
On the otllor bund, If-she Is really
way up In t! lu the kitchen drop your
cooking school methods liko n hot flat-
iron and get next to her system. I
know that you learned a good, deal
from your mother that tho cu.lli.ai3,
nroCessor wasn't nl. lo to get away ifropji-
m- ,
.7-' \ *Av:,v
ttililiuj up in the pitrlur mid running u
yon eouicl, in.six months sitting up in
the pffrlor nnd running n gnbi'est. A:
the same time Wllilnm will be climb
Ing tlie gulden ladder to the seventh
lieiiven of delight, and, if be isn't nl-
rendy certain nbout lt, he'll iie convinced that his little wife Is the great,
est that ever happened.
Make Her Feel at Home.
But  that   Isn't  nil.     When   his   mn
comes,  bike her right  in  out of the
wet, figuratively speaking.   Don't drop
her down on a spindle legged chnlr hi
the drawing room.    That also Is figuratively speaking, for I'm pretty certain you hnven't got a drawing room,
and I hope to conscience you haven't
got any spindle legged chairs.    I re-
meniberonce- But that's getting off the
main road.    What I mean to say Is.
.draw her Into your arms, just as you
would  your own  mother,     .fake her
reel at home.    Mnke. ber feel, in fact,
that  William's  wife  is  her daughter
. nd worthy in every wny to he so con
iilerei]     I'how her the respect at nl
���nis- that i_ due to her age. nnd if sin
has any cranky nol ions humor t-i'm
Bbell burp them, all right".   K.n-11 i.c i
wonder for sine If . he daesilT   M"..li'
few people can come dowu the home
stretch of life without developing a few
kinks that try tlie patience trf o;h,���;.:
Even your old dnddy bas them.    Ves,
I have.    Why, I bet If you could ge'
one of these hero radium photograph
of  my  mental  process  il  would   lliol.
like  one  of  those   wiggled)'   hairpins
you use to keep your sunshine  from
getting  loose,    '.hut's  right,  my  dear,
so don't let her kinks bother you.    You
can't straighten them, and they won't
i!o you any harm if you let them alone.
Let her see. too. that her boy is in good
hands.   That's nn important point, for
It's something she'll he must anxious
about, but it will be un easy job for
you.    Bather it will be no job nt nil,
for I'm mighty certain he couldn't lie
In better hands.   He'll any so himself.
If   be  didn't   I'd   be   after  him   wilh
something large nml heavy to throw.
Just u minute now for the other side.
A man's love for his mother begins
at his birth and lasts until his death.
It is not the great consuming passion
of h!.i life, That li. reserved Cor the
other woman, who becomes bis wife.
But, no matter how much greater his
love mny be for bis unite, it never
eclipses that earlier affection for bis
mother. Side by side they should
move, the sun and irtoou of bis worship, to the end of bis days. Tbey
should, but sometimes tbey don't
Sometimes the
greater love
wanes nnd vanishes. The lesser love is im-
perlshnble. Let
friction develop
between tho
wife nnd tbe
mother, nud,
though the mnn
mny be true to
his nlleginuce
to bis wife,
though he may
stand by her
side nnd take
her part, that
other love will
always be tugging at his heart No man can be bap
py under such circumstances. vo wife
who loves her husband can be happy
when he Is unhappy. Dou't tnke finj
such risks, little girl. Billy's '-'i shnuW
be your friend. Make her your _r'��r>d
Keep bei' your friend. That's all nmv
Ooodby, honey. -Your nffectionnr.
r.ilhor. JOHN SNEKD.
I'.  S.- For  heaven's sake, don't let
Bill see this letter. J. S.
'/'afce her in tint ul tin
Founded 1892 Incorporated 189
Provides a Chr'stian Home for Students of both
sexe.g. at moderate rates. Has a preparatory class for
junior students taking Public School work. Does HigKI
School work and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Examinations, Teaches aU branches of a Practical Business
Course and confers Diplomas. Imparts a Literal Education .n its Collegiate Course, and in the Lad:es' Course
for M. E. L., and u. L. A. In Theology confers the degree of B.D. In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for the B.A. degree of Toronto
University, with which the College is in full affiliation. In
Science teaches the First Year of Toronto School of Science, and has a Special Engineering Course adapted^jto
Practical Engineering work in this Province. In Music, a
complete course in theory, voice culture, and piano and
organ, in conjunction with the Toronto college of music.
Special instruction in art and elocution, while all students
are required to take physical training with all the privileges of a well equipped gymnasium.
Couldn't Take a Joke.
I met n poor old negro one day push
lng u wheelbarrow loaded with cooking Utensils and household effects.
Seeing ine looking nt bim curiously, be
.hook his head and said:.
, "I can't stand ber no longer, boss���7
io-f   nntch'nllv' can't   stand   her'  nc
Holy Communion���jst and 31,
Sundays ,.t 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and 41I1
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
. Sunday .School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
kev. E. R. Bartlett, M.A., Vicai
Tne Delta simQs
Given Away
Stevens .32 Calibre Target Rifle.
Ii you renew your subscription before the 24th
of next month (January), you will receive
one ticket for each dollar paid in.
.New Subscribsrs will also receive a ticket.
Oine in now and put yourself right with the
Priu ter.
f m
Services first and third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Bcnedic-
j lion, 7:30 pi 111
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
!     Low Muss and Holy Communion
irst and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
I    ,
Services next Lord's Day at 11
i a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
i Class meeting, after the morning
1 service every Sunday.
1 Sabbath >School at 2pm every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
'Thutsday evening at 8.
Rev. J. F. Betts. pastor.
service, next Lord's Day at n
n.ni. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Sabbath services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sun lay School at 10:30 a. tr.
Prayer meeting on Thursday a
8 p.m.
Rev. A. H, Huntley, pastor.
longer.' S��
"What's the a alter, uncle?'! I in-
quire I
"'."!''' you . !"���. !���! .���.-, she ain't gfit no
pease of humor. She_won't tn':e a
joke nohow. Tiie other nia'it I went
homo. Oh' I lioen la-in' 11 little jer' fo
vn'in ii'ii heart, an' I got to de f-nee
tin' tried to cii.-iti ft I got on tie top,
nn' I couldn't p*el ono,.way or t'other.
Th"!i 11 gem'en co-ies along, an' I sn s,
���\Vo".! 1 yo'.i _.'.;! t'i'in' tne a ir.'.'r.''
lie .nys. '.V!f '1 wny-do ;">\i whih^o
go';' 1 snys, "l.i \er way���donl cu . .t.
no dlfferen 3. Je: ' fo I g.'t off m- feve"'
fo' It's pSwerfvl imeoinf'able up yere!'
������' > !��� ���i.c : :e n .P'JSh au'Kciit. tis over
to'a'd uiy 1 ide.
"Then I wen* home, nn" I*wa|it0d
sumpln' t'i cit. an' my ole woman. bIjo''
WpHldll'1  gll   it. ;> ���:' n 1. Jos'  fo' 11  jo..'���
da's all. jc_' n ji-Ui'-I bit 'er on do
bald. Bilt, would you believe It. sjie
couldn't lake 11 j 1. . She tu'n ..I'liuti',
an' she sail Inter me. Kir. suuipln*
BCnu'lous.   I couldn't do iwthiir. 'raimj
I whs fe"'i:i' !,i 1 11' u't.ik jo,' tlinn,
an' so I r"i." tip mn min' I v ii.ii't
goin' to stfty with 'er no uv>' j iu
inownlti' she gond nut �� Hiin'. -:u' I
Jos' move i:..;!il out, It's no use trylu'
to live with a woman wi> > enn't inUe
a Joke."-- .'i",v Vork Trlhi ne.
Securing a "Peace Offering,"
In the days 01' the Iviu I In.'i.i eotn-
puny a certain young offl er. _��ys liie
author of '.'Kecollectious of a Isif-mi
nnd Tiger n/ii.ttr," coin:.lifted an In-
discrelion. There was n .'tiiPig !;. tlio
act wbich touched his honor, but it
was 11 mistake, nud be received �� hint
that his Eervlces would s'lortly be ills.
pensed with." Being full of grli tie
cudgeled his bruins to fin 1 t> way out
of tlie difficulty.
.lust nl tlmt 't'.'tie a 'notorious i.-M
was wanted by the guvurnmci^.. ipr.l
a Inrg:1 fewnri had lieen offered fur
Ills oitptui.."' Tlie uiiii ei' len'rilcil Mint
the ret'cl ���. :'':���' rrgiiiurlj'..to nt. txf.rui
pool alio.it inld-hiy to biitlie. b;:.t. the
neighborhood of Che pool' was swiiniii
lug with htiitineefs,*     - ������������.���
N'otlllllg' diiiul'ed, be nssuincil tlio
garb cf a- Bi'tili'mah and, having stationed u i'eSlc-le nt n spot not far i'rofif
the pool, boldly entered the waterwittr
II pair of steel handcuffs and a gag
hidden nbout lii.i wnlst. -
The yiir.us'.o !ic;i'.j)erforjneil bis tji>;k.
Before the man could obtain n'mistifnce
he and his Raptor we're in tbe buggjr
manselefl to each other, juid the. vehicle upTer ptopped until government
house was feaehad and'the "luv.ce'of-
fei'liig'1 hitntlcti over to it high oSicial
do. ho dcnlt with. : ,...-���
I Tlie tiflice.' tlrst gagged, the .reh.1
:ii:d then d!v'g?r6.1 him out 'of the' water. His during aud resource savet
bim bis commission,
l*(ew Phase of the Moon.
"Whn.t mnde you go on siV about  'e
moon Inst night?    It Is' the same    'V
"I   know.    Bill  I  wes  with  a  now
'   WOMAN'8 AIM.   ��� .d
A Lontovllle woman laughed bo heartily
In a theater that she went Into convulsions. Perhaps she bad ucticed that tb*
leading lady didn't hava her annbunt wig
on straight.���Denver Post.
"A woman," said tb* com -fed philosopher, "gets mad at a man Uihe be ink-
Ward In making love and gets madder U
he makes love ns if he had lota of expert
���noe."���Inttlanu]jolls Journal. ,fi.
In tbe anxiety to miss none of \he great
���ets on the world's stage It should not Im
overlooked tbat a Denver woman threw 11
stone at a mnn nnd succeetlod in knocking
Off his hat.���Denver Republican.
An Ohio u:un waa struggling with a
thief, when his sister ran to his assistance, and, striking at the thief with an ax,
killed her brother. And yet we epeait of
ths aim of the new woman.���Riohmon .
Time*.           : ��� "_:-
PRINTERS' INK.     '' [\
There ara 88,000 publications In Kortk
Amerk-H which print advertisement*.
Tbe aggregate annual olrcillstion of th*
world's psriodioals is 13,006. uuO.OOO au.
oensuintis 760,000 tons of paper.
It ls estimated that there is 1160,000,BOO
���pent annually ln North Amerloa for
newspaper and magazine advaxtliMnnents.
Tbe grand total circulation of the pub*
Mentions which print advertisements ia
North Amerloa amounts tu 3,600,01)0,000.
Ths first Er.gih'h newspaper waa Tho
English Mercury, pamphlet shaped, issued
tn Queen Elizabeth's reign. The Gaiett*
of Yenio* was lhe original model of tb*
modern new.pnper, The Acta Diurna
(l)��y's Doincs), published In the J��tt��r
dnvs ot the Hninaii umpire, was im> thai
Bunspaper the world ovor hud.
If yon spill oil on tho cnr|iet,, covar ttw
ipnt with in 1-1111 Ml as quickly as you oan.
'lhe moul wlll Inkti up I iie (. rouNU.
Wooden skewers nn convenient to deal
the hairs and dust, ont of hairbrushes;
also to loosen tlie dirt which sometiints.
gets onkeu in thu corners of flours or win.
dow sills.
If dishes become discolored from fruM
or. tea maus, tnke u little tine ashes ont
oloth antl rub off. tiee to |t tlmt there k.
not a stain of dust nnd dishwater where
tho hnndle joins the cup, !-.->'
If a hnssouk be taken up hy both ear*,
It wlll Inst much longer than if carried cu
pulled around hy oue. the weight lii-inM
more evenly divided. It, is pot tlio easi**1
thing in the world to put back nud fasts*
on oar which -lias oomejiaiMily out.
The law which at present govern* too
practice of medicine iii Franco forbids tbo
simultaneous practioe of medicine tail
pharmacy oven by a person who mny bo ta
possession of diplomas in both-subject*.
Am I mpo��_ IMUtr.     ,  ';���'!���
I do not trust to luck, hi satA;
To thus accuse me Is uhjtiSL      ":    ':'"���
1 never can ba thus misled:
I hav* no look to which tn trust
 ���'Waahla-rtoB M*% f TtfE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY. JANUARY ar, :$c��.
Harold Betts spent a dav at home
last week.
._�� Wiflcinson paid a short business nrisit to. the- Terminal City,
last week.'
Th$_s. Shortreed returned home,
jesterday, from a short visit to the
fc oyal City.
Mrs.   T.   W.   Ifqsier   and   her,
daughter,   Miss   Foster,   returned
lupine. Thursday,  from a, visitjto
tfee Soyal City.
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties SEVEN and;
Eight Per Cent.. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon sjiins rapgitjg from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & <&,
New Westminster, B.C.
The Woman's Missionary Society
ff,the Metfiodist Church, vv.ill meet
at j o'clock at the homa of Mrs. C,
.y. Nelson, near the Town Hall.
G. Brewster, sr., weut over to
Vancouver, on Wednesday, to undergo an operation. He?, was accompanied by his son and granddaughter.
m.m i.j.!
Sunday night's wind was from
ike righf quarter to shake up the
efrkes.. bt;t it happened ajong at
Ipw tide with the result t-jqt no
farther damage was done.
Robt. May. and J. W. Rudd tool,
i^i the Smoker, given by the Veter-
ffl's Association, on Thursday
(jrening last at the Unitpd Service
Club roapis, Vancouver,, when a
���wry enjoyable time wps spent.
Tbe Excelsior Club of Delta have
ifsued posters announcing a, Grand
3*11 to be given in tht^ Town Hall,
qn Friday evening,. January 31st
qextf. Evaips'- orchestra, of Vancouver, has been engaged for the
qccasipn andia.good time is anticipated by al-j.
Langtey's annual plowing match
if advertised ta take place af. Geo.
Sampson's fieldi Foit Langley, on
Briday next, commencing a* 10
a.m. sharp. It is expected that
q^jtf a few,. com��>etitor* from here
willitake port in the. mate tb. May
tbey be successful
Agencies Represented-
ltartlord Vire Insurance Cu. Insurance C, of North America
I'hix-iiix Insurance Co. of Brooklyn     The Oce_u  Accident & Guarantee Corpora-
Camicclicut Kir.   Insurance C��. tion, Ltd., of Loojlou, Kng.
Imperial Trust Co.. Ltd., Vancouver, B.Q.
Good live man to place stoqk
locally for l^rge corporation, whole
or part time. Write, giving references,
946 Howe St., Vancouver, B.C..
Auction Sale!
Comprising���?2 Bedroom Suites; 2
Bedsteads, Dining Table and
Chairs, Brandon Range, Rocking Chairs, Lon-'iges, .Stoves,
Kitchen Tables and Utensils,
Carn .ts, Garden Tools, etc., etc.,
MR. H. N. RICH has  received
instructions    irom   Mrs.   P.
Devereaux, to Sell  by  Auction, at
her residence, on the Slough Road,
Tuesday, January 28, '08,.
at 2 o'clock p.m.
Terms Casij.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Follis re.urn-1
����_ home, Friday, from the Royal I
Qity where they bad been endeav-
qrjpg tQ .secure a room ip Columbian Hpspit4 for. Mrp. Follis who
V*|fc*. to have been operated upon
y.esterdajv fo* appendicitis. Tbe
.IQspitaliis. S0t full at- present that
tljeir, qpestwa? in vain,
Mr��.aqd Mrs. Rock Pybus under-
ifpot tlif trying ordeal; on- Wednesday last, of laying away their
first-born, an interesting little fel-
jjHw. Master Roy, wbo passed away,
ip Vancouver Hospital from spinal
qtenipgitis. Quite a., number of
ffiends followed the remains to the
j$rav<e.at Boundary Bay. The sym-J
j^thy o.{ the whole community goes:
��m. ta them-.in,their bereavement.   |
Including ��� 3 Heavy Draught
Mares in Foal; 2 Horses;' 1 three-
year-old Filly; 2 Yearling Colts;
1 Sucking Colt? 5 Milch Cows;
Yearling Bull; 1, Brood Sow and
7 Pigs,- Binder; Mower, Seed
Drill; Wagon, Harrows, and a
useful assortment of Effects
MR... H. N. RICH bas received
���   instructions    from    Mr.    E.
Halmsn to Sell- by Auction, on the
premi.ses,   Matthews   Road,    East
Delta,, on
Thursday, January 23,
1908, at 1:30.9.10.
Tkrms Cash.
Acclimatized Stock.
For the
Farm, Garden, Lawn or
Reliable Varieties at Reasonable
Prices. No Borers.. No Scale..
No fumigation to damage stock.
'No windy agents to annoy you..
iBuy direct and get Trees and Seeds
that Grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cut
Flowers, itc. Oldest esr Wished
nursery on  the mainland of B. C.
Catalogue free..
11.1 HENRY'S Nurseries,
Greenhouses and Sesdhouses
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
1016 Westminster Avenue
Vancouver. B.C.
Just Receive*!
Two    Cars    Cyphers   Incubators,
One   Car    Swift's   Beef   S:raps,.
To notify th�� people of Ladaer and surrounding district that we are. now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
rtiand  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same   co?��t  as   piling   or   other   inferior
Write for Prices,
B. 0,
Calvert I Lewis,
LADNER,     -     -     B. C.
���__..p-'i' Jl^r_-J^^^lT?.J^q^^^���'���^��^r^lTyl��^gglar^-'rH_J���l^J-JJJ'^^��� >���*. ���__><"��� .���^i.���
A\, PaJlc reports-a large Green-
if nd whale ashore on McNab's Lsr
lfncl, which was. carried there dur-
ijig tb&receat high tides. By tape
n^fasuremffftSs it prqyed. to be- ot
eno.rmpus sizsw.being no, less than
79/eet lcyg_; each flipper is 15ft
a,Cro$s.aad tl_fc.bedr is 2.2ft across.
,Jj.ps havej carded ajray, a& mqcho.
.Jie blubber-as tbey could conveniently ga'.hty but the bastes., are ur.-.
''' " . f r���.;      ���j *m
Mr. JJpward, Keays and Miss.
4��ttie Woodley were united in
marriage 03,.New Xe.r's. Day. The.
ceremony was pefformeii ijj Knox
isUirch by Rev. J. R. Robertson,
B.I.. ��� Meii-.ifpxwld,.   Revelstoke,
Comprising ���. Cinttigroom Table
and 6 Chairs; Rocking Chair
Child's Chair, Couch, Sidebo.-.rd,
Singer Sewing .Machine, Oft-
fi4At. titioleum�� Carpet Squares,.
Bedroom Sets, Iron Bedstead,
Mattresses and Springs, Toilet
Set; Curtain Pole.', Blinds aud
Fittings, N.o. 9 McClary Cook
Stove, .Sets-of Dishes and Crockery, Waybill}; Machine, Wringer,
Churn, Quantity Preserved
Fruits, &e., &c., also 50 Plymouth Rock Chicksuis, 3-. Hh'cs
ot Bees, 2 Tons of Hay, Quantity, of Mangels, Feed Boiler,
Roll of 6ft-. Wire Netting, .Set of
Single- Harness, McLaughlin
TOP-BUGGY audi numerous
other Effects, which
AT R. H. N, RICH, hag. received
instructions trom Mr. Warren
Lougheed  to Sell  by Auction, at
bis residence on tbe Crescout Island
Road, on.
Tuesday, 4 th February,
1908-,. at 2-1 p.m.
Tbe Auctioneer callSs special attention to tbis nearly new lot ol
Plows I
Plows I
Plows I
To grow heavy and clean crops you must
Work Your Land Right.
To Start Right you must Plow Right.
To Plow Right You Want the Right Flow.
The Eight Plow is the BELL PLOW.
We Have Them
Cut Glass,
Watches an*
Al. Kinds c_f Jewellery..
New Stock For Xmaau
Call and See Them.
Jl. Clausen,
Bi C. Leather Co., Ltd.
1�� Hastings. Street, Vancouver, B.. C.
English Oak Tanned Harness Leather
me nil in wm
Saddlery Hardware,, Horse Blankets and Stable
Closed   Uppers   Leather   and.   Shoe   Findings
Trunks, Bags,, Valises.        >
.�� ��__w.��p,jbu��l-i easaoBBSSEttEpaBR
:Ti.;km.s_ C a.^ij..
CHICKEN, Alive and Dressed,, Always, Wanted
The Best line of Hen Supplies on the Market
Commission Agents,
Qenqral Dealers & Machinists..
Estate of
L.   Mg BRIDE,
General HerchatU
Phone 5,   -   Port Guichon
Produce Stored aril
Shipped Direct
To Al! B_ C Ports.


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