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The Delta Times Jul 2, 1907

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Array PlfH     A
f \
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I     ra
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I     IJ f 1  i   *a\mM\W     r"on*we^
era.     a& -k!    'v    4Bl -it, .-*j�� <��y_l_^. 3
V��l. �����, ;-.��. 43.
LADNER, B. C, TUESDAY, JUL V   ?, 1907.
JSJag's .Birth&y
Th�� Market.
Neckwear & Be!
fit   *t*    "��--.
Another larg
shipment of
Ladies' Neckwear and   Belts arrived this week, fresh
"from the manufacturers, ensuring the vQvy latest styles.
On   Thursday   evening   last,   a     New -Westminster,   June   29   -
. j young man named Wm, Handford,  Yesterday's market was waiFflttend-
The Rac.'s at the Park   here, on I was orraigtred, in the Police Court, led despite the threatening aspect of
Wednesday last, under the auspices I ��" the charge of thefl to  which rthe vteather. Tbe business was con-
j of the Delt 1 Di iving Park  Associa- [ he pleaded not guilty. | ducted it. a brisk manner, mam   tfi
tion were attended by a great many      It appeared  from the  evidence | the vendors being sold out before
people from Vancouver,   Steveston, [-that  tbe  prisoner  had stolen a bi-^--eleven o'clock.
nd New Westminster    The crowd | cycle, the property of D. M.'Ellis,      Few old   potatoes were offered:
tarted arriving early   in  the day ifrom off tbe beach at the end of the what there were bringing $40 to $4*
i large I Benson   road, as   well  as   having j per   ton.   There   wa. s  very-fair
lifted a plug of tobacco and a haad-  supply of new aud a good demand
: at 3c a pound.
After taking the bike, the accus-      Tnesupply ol beef was fair,   ant!
ed dropped it  in   the  Bay where it prime stock was   in  good demand,
was found nestt morning. Foremtarters   sold   from  7   to   8c,
The general opinion appeared to hindquarters   >;   to   10   cents
and before the feces static
number hid gn hered at the  park
Altogether about 1000  people were |.kerchief from Robt. Lord.
on hand at the track to see il.c races,
Which were rt-ii oil in a fairly good
"he event  it   thi   day   was  tbc ,     The general opinion appeared to. hindcp.iarters   8
Ladies' and Children s Cotton and Lisle Thread Hosiery in white. B. C. Futurity-stake for tiie two-L^ that the accused was more of a pound,
year-olds. Hollinshead, our veteran Llunatic than a eriminel.    It is be-     Prime stock  brought the above
driver, was greeted with loud cheers [iieved that this same maa   is he [quotations but. poorer stock sold lit
who annoyed several of the settlers' much less.
black and tans, plain and fancy lace open work
White Lawn Waists from $1.00 to $4.00.
on   bis appearance .>n   the track,
which wa* in a very good condition
, having been specially prepared for
.Fine Range Whitewear, Ladies' Vests in Cotton. Lisle Thread and1 the races.   The dust'was somewhat
of a drawback,  but   i!  a'rain  had
'Fine Wool.
in the neighborhood of Boundary
Bay during the past two or three
weeks, at any late he is not likely
to bother these parts for some time
M.itton was ver;- short and in
good demand. Prime stock was
'jtioted at 12 to 13 cents per pound.
Lamb was scarce, carcases l-ring-
Men's DeDfiiiient
j to conic as be has been  sent up for fang from f 4.50 to <,<_ 50 each
How about that New Suit, for Race Day
Don't leave it till the last minute.   Come in and
try on one of new "Eromley��� Suit-*, the finest
fitting- clothing on the market.
Newest Cut, Best Trimmings, a1!   sizes, at
S., $8, $9, $10, $12 to $18.
Sunbury and Annieville schools
Veal was in good supply but  the
quantity was medium.    All  stock
'sold at 10 to ioJ-�� cents per pound.
Tlie su] ply of eggs was fair ar.d
all were fought up at 27 cents
wholesale.     The  retailers got   "Q
come a few ('ays previous the truck
would have'been in ideal condition.
Ruby Patchen, driven   by   Rich- !
ardson, proved to have a good turn :
of speed ami although rather unruly
', at lhe star! made a rood impression
r j when   in   motion.    Ruby   Patchen,
r won three  straght  itcats  and   k-ft'united in a picnic, 01.   rtway ttucl"Land -- cents per dore::.
the battle for second   place  to  Pet noon, opposite the St. Mango Can-      T^ supp,y of burter!just fflet tte
! demand, the retailers got 30 and 35
and Sceptre, owned  by Wm   ot the pupils attended ev. masse and | ce_.. ] ef pound )or ,hj. ^^
The supply  of fowls  was  large
' ..nd the demand good.
Great-credit is due to ihe parents j    The oliier Klock  _vas ��umt ^
so bounHfully supplied baskesLuotedat B good figure. f        w
riday after-;
Palestine, owned by J, W. Rollins- nery, wlv. ti:,- mi..us -a.������' :-:--iv'.��
Walker, of Steveston.    Mr. Walker B most pleasant afternoon was spent
won the second money without any  at games and races.
great trouble.
The Race which perhaps was the ] who-
BUMS*, keenly contested of the day [of refresh ments, and tothe: teachers |j8.50 was the   .ri!:     "i,.:-, |.-i .
was the second, a 2.25 trot or pace   fcr the energetic and untiring man-| Fo'_ broller. <3.5C to g^Jg was paffl
there being a good demand for well
grown biids. The supply cf ducks
was good, bttt  the  demand  weak.
j Three horses entered,  B. C   King. ' ner in which they
I the Prince and Queen of Victoria, [dren,
fudge   Armstrong   warned   the      '11
mused the cbil-
erouuds were kindly thrown
pulling   their   horses,   which  they
did repeatedly  in  this race.   The.
drivers were unskilful iu their en-
class  against  "pen for the day
:,,-" tr .v. 50 being oftered.
The supply of strawberries  v.-a-.
This is where  we excel,
ne.w shoes added to our large stock th
Tbe "DORIS" Shoe far Women.
The "CARLTON"' Shoe for Men.
2.25 trot   or   pace,   mile  heats, Uraail,bringing$2.50 per crate. C<tf
three in five: | rants were selling  at retail for  f.c
deavors and they refused  to  makei The Prince, Cbappell 1   1  11 per pound,   gooseberries
B. C. King, HolliuShead...
Queen Victoria,  Mitchell..
Time, 2.-6, 2.24, 2.27.
2.40   trot   or   pace,   mi'
'Large Sboc
Carpet Squares, Linoleums, Window Shades, .Lace Curtain
..and House Furnishing Necessities.
Several Cases Of a race of the exhibition. The
stewards oi the Association showed
their disgust of the manner in
which the others competed by refusing to give any second money,
giving the first prize to Baby I...
owned'by l.ockhart.
The Green Trot, best two out of
three half-mile heals, brought out
tour entries, all of which looked
like capable young animals for the
race. The pick of the lot was May
VV., owned bv Bowman, but it wasl Victor, Welsh. ...
eclipsed   by   Victor,    who   carried   May W., Bowman
three out of iive:
Baby L., Lockhart 5   r 1
Allomont, Jackson 2 2 2
Winnie G., Grauer  3 3 3
going   at
��� -2 2 2 the same figure.
���   -3 3 3      Mr. Johnston of Scott Road came
[into yesterday's market bringing  a
e   beats,: S{0Ck 0f eggs and cherries.
Mr. Klein, cf Scott Road, was ta
! v.-ith eggs.
P. Peterson, oi Sunbury, brought
1 iii a fine lot of ducks.
Max Dell, Cbappell  \ 4 4     Sam Gray, cf Scott   road,    sold
Time 3.00, 2.40, 2 50, eggs to wholesale buyers.
Gteen, trt)t or pace, half-mile best     Mrs. R.  H.  Quaggan,  of Sun-
two out of three: ��� bury, was on the maket with butter
 1  1 'and eggs.
 2 2      S, Gray, of Scott road, sold ��� crc��s
Welsh's colors. This animal carried
himself well and  covered  the distance  ill   goc.l   time.    Vieto-:   won;
both  heats,   having   a   couple   ol
lenghs to spare each time.
The pony  race   tbe   only  run
ning race on tlie cirJ
���d   He
Samson, Steele  4 3  to wholesale buyers.
15. C. Pride, Wilkinson 34      Mrs. P.   Matheson,   ot  Ladner,
Time _.ai#, 1.24 was among the retailers with butter,
I'ony race. 14'. lr.'.f.l: and  un-Uggs and dressed chickens.
der, Jf mile tosats, best two  out   ol      ]",. M. Carncross, of Surrey  Cen-
I tre, was among those offering  eggs
May  F'owi
1   1 * -. and butter for sale.
The ball given by  Our Boys, in
the   Town   Hall,   on   Wednesday bratioi
���evening last, was a huge success, nest, t
Although there is to be no.cele-     For   lhe   convenience   oi   tlio:e
at the  Point on Thursday wisbrag to like  part  in the ah ve
. t, 1
f ��� -. rious  Fourth, we are 'celebration, the   V. T. R. & K. Co.
���most   enthusiasm   nnd   lhe pomes
showed very good style and speed.
May Flower','.011 both heat* w th
.Show   Me    - con I.T v
was won by Dick, an Indian entry.
The whole meet was  handled   iu
creditable style,   The judges were
strict i'i thsir ru lid not
hesitate ii expre    tin    dis p ro\ al
Tb'-re was u  large  turnout, West-, requested to extend a  cordial iuvi- have consented to make the follow- of any u ide  mi  I m ipioy-
ham Island was well represented as tation to all to go there ior a day's ring changes in  the time table for led  by the drivers of the horses
������was also Vancouver aud New Westminster. The music w.is .first class
an the refreshments -ere voted
the best yet, ior which Mrs. T.
���Todd received the highest praise.
Wi H. Tayloi took in  the races
at the Terminal City yesteiday.
'The members ofthe local Oranae
lodge will attend Divine ser.ice in
the H.iptist Church, on Sunday
.i-vmiii:: uesi.
picnicing.    The aunual dance will I the local  train   on  that day as lol-
be held iu the evening as usual.        lows:
  Tr   11 will leave Port Guirhotl st
7 a. m , returning leave  N' 1 Wes1-
nii.istei    at   tirid   I)..;,.      i:       us: al
All Saints' Trenail'. Sunday
school picnic took place on Saturday iast, at Grauer's Beach, when
��� very enjoyable time was spent.
OR.-IN"    SACKS���$90   peT   1000
(.less ^2.50 for spot cash)���Brack-
K -  Millinc   Co.,   Ltd,, If.
���N. Rich, A. ent, I.adner. B.C.
m.iiket day late ot j,i for the round
trip has been authorized w that
Show Me 2 2 +|    Gwtge McCluskey, of Cresceflt
3 4 3   Island, had twelve sacks ol potatoes
1 3 41on yesterday's market.
D. Gunn, oi Boundary Bay,  was
|oti the market with veal.
Mrs. H. G.   Taylor,  of Ladnei;,
tailed butter and cream.
Mrs.   T,   Roberts,   of  Boundary
*         J Bay, retaiic 1 eggs aud butter at the
The Royal Bank   ol   Canada  is] market figu.es, as well as dressed
here lor your convenience ancl will chicken at 35c   per  pound.    Souye
be pleased to  give you every  .at-  ItviS ones.
Golden  Tail..
Misses E.  and 0. Patterson,
Scuttle, are   visiting  their cousin
Mr. an.'. Miss Devitt.
The offieals of the day were: Judge
T. J, Armstrong; stewards .Messrs,
Rose nd Cooke; timekeepers, J .].
Bottger, j Jordan; secretary, Mat-
shall Smith.
The results of th:   Races  are  .is
B C. Futurity slake,  two-year-
olds, one-half mile, best three races
i in five:
Have you  got  a  Savings  Bank; Ruby Patchen, Guichon., 1   _   i
Account in the Royal Hank of Can-  Pet Palestine, Hollinshead 3 3 2  will sell thc best money  can   buy. jries ar.d cream, by the ladies of the
ada?    If not, you should open   one '.Sceptre, Walkel 2 2 3  If you need them printed, why you j Presbyterian Church, at   the  home
,                                  ,j,,Te Koyi, Pi.ink 0f Camilla with
The S.S. Sonoma leaves  Ladm'r 'its   splendid    connection   all   over
at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Steves-j Canada,   affords   you   exceptional
ton at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.    Every | banking facilities,
day except Sunday. 	
Those of the   Band   Boys  who
When you wish to buy  visiting! came in for the  concert, on Friday
cards call on tbe Delta Times who f last, were entertained to strawber-
as soo" . os.iole
fit and up received.
. N.   s.ny   i   .Ui
Ti.ue,  i.2t   1-5,  1
:i, 1.15.
are money in pocket by calling  ou ' nf Mrs. T, W. Foster, and  a   i>)rv
the Delta Time* first. Lpleasnt.1 time wau speni.. 'rHfe DELTA TTMFS, TUESDAY, JULY i, 130-
BUSBF.D   EVfiRV   TlK'-.D.VV.
BBSCRirTTO!.. $1.00 per vear.
for Those
Who Think'
I'd make fortunes out
of thc lutur.. vou must
put some.; him* Into the
present     ....
aRXm^mLm-SimA^ M|        IBM I
Cold-Coppers Pay
r. 1 ���!   Dividends   all
over Brl��l��h
Ar.vr.RTl.I      '���'.>; Ef
l- cerifa
taXl per
The   uutrslset
ftdTertijemeatt charvM for until ordered   i .
niiBii.for 'earnm
the Christ.
lual AdrerU-.emear-, i- cesfta p�� Ittxe for I !
fcit Insertion ,aadsce��Upcr Une ior each ^e notice the t erfect oristialitv and
kquent tntentos*    The   numbei   ut line 1' "     " * t
>"ibv""   ���:tf"v"fW' "UneBt0 the iudepende��ce of Christ's teaching.
-S lotcommMinii a. .rertUemenu c��n te. We have a great many men who are |
ba application at thi? c_E c.r 1
l��� , . .   ! original, in the sense of b-ing origin-1
adingnufru'e. to cenm per hnf tot eirts lis- r ** ��        o        i
' ators, within a certain boundary  11 j
IthAilA Death notices, c��"s, MfttrtagettlJO, .   . ,
thought.    But   the   originality   o
|j ipedal notice, the oMect ot wbich ls to :
Vote the pecuniary benefit ol any indlvidunli Christ     IS     Uneducated.      That     He
~npuf, to be cotuldered &n aav-Tti-crrtrot
-��eJ.-orJ.ss,i, j draws nothing from  the  stores ori
g can  be seen at a  glance i
.ponasnee iiwiuu oa matteri ot pnUic' Th.- impression we have in reading
_. ConstisVsjis_.��ts^ne to editor i_,u.-.l be ac-
IpaAikd by name of vt:.s. l. not necessarily \
IpubUcation, out as erldfnce of ,..:...! faith, :
BSSS*" """"���'WhtW,officebjithur^   k..,er U)e lftnguagf of  His   contem.
0*0. R. Manlkv, ! P��raries' wben tlje>' sa>'' "This ma,; I
i hath   never    learned."    There   is
Manager.      nothing in any of His illusions or'
*^i���m-.-       ���-* ���--��� '. forms of speech that indicates learn- j
THESDAY, jctv  2, 1907. ! inS-    lIlcleed there   is  nothing  in j
_._.._. ,        j Him   that  belongs  to   His  age or '
"country no one opinion,   or task,
We. often have enquiries for farm or prejudice.   The   attempts that;
perty.    ti you  have any listed have been   made,   in   a     way
instructions   in. titles   to   the'
Containing over too Views iu everything.   Post paid 50c, Stumps.
Richest Province in the i ritish Umpire.
Nothing kisked. Nothing Gulnet?.
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Won.
ly not advertise it here ?
a     way   oi
establishing His mere natural manhood, to  show  that  He borrowed
! His sentiments from  the  Persians
��� and the Eastern  forms of religion
; on   that   He   said   he   had   beeu
IfWe are satisfied that much monejr I iutimate   with   the   Essencs,   and
The Richest Men in the World are investing in 15. C. Copper-
Gold Mines.     Why can't you begin now ?
The (inotest Gold*Co. per Dtocoverv oi the A_c in B.C.
1'1.1%11/llllL.    UULU   IIII11LU,   LIU.;        UU|Jltl
Hvtty D.llnr Subscribed used In Development ot Mini's,
Special Offer, 20c Per Share.
Mines directly west of Le Koi, whose shares are now about
JSiij l.e Roi No. 2 shares are about $15 and went up to $106;
and Consolidated Mining anil Smelting Co. oi Canada, Ltd.,
shares $150 each. Granby Mine pain over $2,000,000"Dividends
in 1906, shares $145; and all gold-copper mines in B. C. paid
Large Dividends. Iii,;; Four assays trom ��5 to S'Soo in gold,
copper, silver, with 32 por ce.it. iu the Treasury; ou the Railway
near Smelters.
NoTE���Most of these mines Sold for a few cents once, but
over-capitalized even now pay Big Dividends.
li.-Y    TO-DAY,  YOU   wn.l.   NEVER   REGRET  IT.
Kossland Mines received Highest Awards tor richest gold-
copper ore sent to St. Louis Exposition. Bip- Four had Best
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
No less than 100 shares .old, AU Cash. Above this shares
can be had on instalment plan, or yearly contract, 15 per cent.
cash, balance monthly.
CoinpRuy has no debts or nubilities.   Sen . for lllu.tr.iUsl Prospectus to Secretary,
P.O. Box 174, Vancouver, B. C, Ganaia.
Delta Transfer Stable   f
Team Work Bone at Specially law Pt las
f Telephone " Ladner " No. 10.
��������<"l'4"I'��'l'.��-l4'I'��-l'����-"H-t>44^ ' ���
V. T. Ry. & Ferry
d 4 11
borrowed from  them  on  that  He
I must have been acquainted with the
schools and religous of Egypt,   deriving   His   doctrine   from   them
All attempts of the kind having  so
lould be  saved  to  this district by |
le use ot a  steam roller of say 12
15 tous instead of continuing the
|e ot the pr .sent roller.
In conversation, we find  quite al palpably failed, as  not even  tort-
lumber  of  people   in  favor ol*  tlie  q**'��*e a deliberate   answer.     If Hi
I , ,, .,     . . , , ��� is simply a ninn, as we
���resent Counou raising  a  loan and
lurchasing the  machine this year.
The need of more dairy farms in
,. C. is  demonstrated   by  the lact
lhat butter is imported   from  such
listant points as  Winnipeg in thej stint
List aud Australia in the south and
hear, then
lie is most certainly a new and
singular kind ot man, never before
heard of; one who visibly is quite
as great :t miracle in the world as
il He were   not a   man.    We  can,
sc. im ourselves, in the .simple dir-, Pneumonia
ectness nnd freedom of His teach-iT       ,.
.i.t..      tt    1 1 La Grippe
ings, that whatever lie advances is * r
for Himself,    Shakespeare, for  in-:
whom we name as being probably the most   creative  and  prig-1 D   'v
nal spirit tlie world   has  ever  pro
dttced,  one of the  class, too,
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply of
oats in the United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains.
is S,037,000 bushels, compared
with 7,Sea 000 bushels a year a-.'o
W. N. Draper,
. Mock, New Westminster.
New Service���Port Guichon   tnd ���     to   Mev
Westminster and Vancouv
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Art   ���   ' .1
Leave Vancouver,   2,10 p.m.    Arrive ; 'i -���;','
Gives  Passengers  four  houi      ti   either   New    Westminster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   '06.
Greatly Reduced Rates.     Pot particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichoa.
Sufficient Cars will lie furnished without delav
Incorporated 181,9.
Etc., Etc.
CAPITAL, - - - $3,900,(300
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $4,390,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
It  will  pay  you ��� to  own  one  and  he  on
side.    One < Ixydonor in- a- family will   banish all the ter-
thatlrors of disease from   the   household  if  only used as soon
Savings Department.
i Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interfile safe!        es^ Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
Itill there   is a shortage.
CltlCe't,   OIK'   Ol   ine    ClUSS,   lOO,     lli;il;i��i.i    >"    uiqtuon.    nuiii     uiw     iiun.-isuum     si     uiui     u.3��->a    is.t    rnjs/��i ;
What a grand opportunity lies at   ,irp ^j,^   celimade   mcn    is   yet   ,s  needed and   in a vcaSbuable wav. BRANCHES  IN  BRITISH CGUJMBIA-Vancouver, Vancouver
the door of Delta district, with its tinged in all his works with human T1-    ���    h1|p   ul^   K      ��� ��� "���,,   ������  llinm. ,.1ln1ie,1n, JEast Knd* Mt Pleasant'   0""^  Street-  Cordo^a s,reet'   Grand
\     ,.    ,        ,���.���_,   n, ,   .���,���,���,       ��� ,,���       , ���      -   , ���, i L his IS. the Actual   Bx-^erience   in  many  thousands Forks,  Nanaimo .Nelson, Port Essington .Rossland, Victoria, Vernon,
^cedent   pasturage,  and jet the, earning.    His   glory   is,   vOaeiJrf JamiHes   v,10   it,vo   :ld(,ptctr Ulis   advanced   metllod   of CWlir^ck; Cumberland, Port M<.ody and New W^minster.
fejly creamery in the district cannot, that so much of what is great in tr6atiUg disease.
be kept supplJed to its full capacity.. history aud historic character lives j
Nho is to blame?
Inflammatory Rheumatism.
Geo. Grauer   went  over to the
I-terminal City on Sat urdav.
and appears in his dramatic   crea-j
tions.     He is the   High   Priest   we Mr. jog. Aimen, Rosslamt, B.C., Can., Writes, Mnreh 11, 19011 "Some five yeara ngo 11
sometimes   hear   Of   human nature.   sot 0*y^onor for iny wile who was  .u_V.ftng   l.sm  femnle  weakness,   After a week's use the   1
.octor hin'.seir w.is surprised to find ancli n cliange, in t*..ct it wus euougli lo induce liim to get
H. B. MARGESON, Manager, LADNER, B. C.
But Christ, understanding human j ._\>xv,iwi.r for i.is sisu...
nature   so     as     to     address     it
more   skilfully    that    He     never
draws from His  historic treasures.
Mr. and MrF. Clugston came over; He is the High Priest, rather of the
"A . ln.rt time iijo my wife hnd ail attnc . oi Inflammatory rheumatism,    Slie  could j
not walk nnd her joint's were  much   ...   . leu.   she  applied   Oxydonor, and  liefore  night the
pains had eeased, nnd next morning there wns -.-cry little swelling, nnd she could wnlk ns well .
as ever.   Mn- had .1 similar nttnek belore we'goi Oxydouot and wns under a doctor's cue for a
month, and Buffered agonies. *.
Ladner Exhibitor
Ifrom   Eburne, Saturday, and spent
[Sunday on a visit to Gee. Dcvitt.
Mrs. Marsh, of Vancouver, spent
lew days at Inverholme last week,
Ithe guest of Mm. A. P.   Paterson.
���j. Grauer   is  reported  its doing
.*cry well, although it will be  some]
���ii/mths ere foe is able; to be aboul I
as usual.
Divine nature, speaking as one
who has come out from God, and
hns nothing to borrow from the
world. It is not to be detected by
nnv sign tbat thc human sphere inj
which He moves imparted anything
to Him. His teachings are justl
as full of Divine nature as Shakespeare's of human.���Dr. Busbnell.
"It has cur ���! rae of a severe co i
'.end at ouce for book No. 78, giving further information about UAYDONOsK. and many reports from all
parts of the country. . ��� )
364 St. Catharine St. West, Montreal.
TH ���. WAYS OF   MAX.
George  Wsiyg, better known a
"Shotty," arrived  in town  yester
diy and  is lu-y rcuewiug old oc-j cordial, and in age
Man born of woman is small po 1
tatoes an . few in a hill.    In infancy ;
he is full  of   colic and    Godfrey's!
is  lull  of cuss!
Jan. 8th to 11th.
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
.Six Seconds.    Three Third*.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks. Silver
Spangled   Hamburgs,   Buff
Orpingtons aud Black
M inorcas.
The Delta Times.
Eggs for Hatching���
C. Twelves has invested in anew
outfit���waggon, au 1 young team,
and is busy, just now, breaking
them in fnr woik.
The local 'Orangemen will assemble in their lodge room at 6:30
���p.m. on Sundav next, and  parade Iswelleth with  vanity
to the Baptist Church. | kt ut ,l,m:-c" but  |s
' thc next conventio 1
woids   and   rheumatism,    In
youth his mother taketh him aero
her knee and sweeteneth his life
with hei slipp.r, and when he is a!
man  grown  thc   sheriff   pttrsueih 1
him through the alleys and f ^'Receives both Ladies anl Gentlemen as resident
days of his lite.    He speaketh like . ,     , __     ' .   ,     -. .  1
a green bay tree,   He getteth into\��� clay  students.    Has a complete Commercial
office aud his 'rieuds ding to him or Business Cc-irse.    Prepares students to gain
like flies to a sugar band.   1 le j Teac 1 ters' Certificates of all grades.   In affiliation
He cutteth j v.nth Toronto   University gives  the four years'
'���"* ' ������     '! course ior B. A. degree, and the flat year ofthe
Toronto School of Science.   Has a special "Pros-
B. C.
Fashion Stables *
Trucking and Braying.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
J. M. Collinson
I.iliii-r. 11. C
md cast into '
the salt box and his nanie is DcunL. | , 1    ���     t>   #-.
The Sunday school of the Presby-j Out of office and out of  friends be pQ.Ctors   Course    for mmerS-WhO Work in B. C.
���terian   Church   held   their   annual| goeth busted and luth down in the] Ilistrucoioa   given  in    Art,   Music,   Physical
picnic at Grauer's  Beach, yester- cow pasture,    He dieth out ol lh<-','Q\j}tur�� and Elocution.
��� day, aud enioyel the pleasures of a  world and goeth  where  it is warm j
day at thc sea. ide. I enough  without  clothes,   and  the !��� or
  last end ol man   is  worse than the  College."
1 first.���-Beacon Light
The Methodist and  Baptist Sun
day SChot ls united in holding their J ���
annual picnic, yesterday, at .Wm Lasseter sr., and his son,
iGrauer's Beach, when an excellent .ohi . came d iwn rrom the Reyal
clay's outitij. was provided. J Cip, Friday, on a short visit. j
Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
Ladner Carriage Works*
Always in Line.
With   Latest   Improved   FARM   IMPLE*
Largest Stock in Province to choose from.
ir��iage   HmliXing*  Repairing  &   Painting, I ack*
smithing   &   Horse    Shoeing.
DeLaval Separators.
G. T BAKER. Ladner. B. C. THI-   UHLTA'TIMES, TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 19��*/'
The Delta Times
Job Printing.
"Out-of-doors" with �� STEVENS���
best thin* for^agrowing boy���!
Learning 'to shoot t/Hl.and
acquiring qualities Of
Ask ymr Dealer fr* Stevens Rifles���
Hhotgnw.--PJatoJ*.   Insist oti our time-
honnt'(| rn-iiif. it you cannot nbiuin.
we wiip direct, 0��proflg pif* rigid, upon
receipt of OatftfOflf Price.
EviTjthlnff ynu want to know ��boo*fthe 8TEVIMB
la found in UO Pm* tUtutrafri Catalog,   Uj_.il.nl
fop four Ct'lits in i turn j 1* tO ]mj  j.oal i(_. .    H*anti-
ful Tun Color lluiijfur���fine jlooonmoBtfor your
" Jen" orolnb room���hhliI .1 for fl runt* lu si Amp*.
P. O. Bux 409?
Clilcopee   Falls,   Mass.,  U. S. A.
/.Ll. SA11.TK.
Holy Commit.;ion���ist isiid 3rd
Sundays at 8:50 e.m.; 2nd smd 4th
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7.30.
Rev. E. R. Bartlett. M.A., Vicar.
���_.* skirt.models ciK .with Ave ot eeren
jnres gain ralic r than lose to favor, int
ivo _nri il alia],; tan a riuber wide ��lai
T' noWEnglllh serge nn d w.d'�� wslt
diagonal costumes havo Httlo tucked
sleeve -putt's, sat ue.cf Xhc bodices being
lucked also, the-tuojia edged with very flo(
gold brniil.
Vol .vt. is fill shades -nd varietHa Will I
be fashionable, liot.li ns nn aooespory and '
ior the making-of rodingutoa, underdteam j
nntl cnmpl.ita coMutnos.   lilnrlc nn^pabV
dlly takes precedence.
Ills afScIs'iUy announced that bnttnai
etlll be extensively used wherever posslbU
���ml that ihey v.tll, as-a rule, hoof eonsid   I
ernlilo state,-not always round, but oval.
square nnd oblong also.
The   now purple or plnm  red  tniloi j
eKi'.h:'. velvets, rutin  brooadee nud beurl  |
attas are exceedingly artistic ar.d brnntts
ful trod vory becoming to either a .blow! i
or n In un otto with oolor.
Jiofooolorud jn-'ui de BOleiOrsatin waist*
will bo very fashionably worn in the ots.i.
liu. with Blslrts of .blaok velvet, faille oi
satin, mid occasionally they wlll be let*
Willi .kiits of Hist rolls-dark grp��j_ .i.p.iqd
���ilk. i
Straps of brnid terminate on many or* .
tunics In tiny buckles of fancy button*,
Slid tailor vests f...t.ii with tho InttK >
trimming. The really neoossary button li |
���mall, but the one for ornament only ll j
rut her large.
On evening toilets r.fts, soft liberty sat  !
Ins, India silks, cl iffon and brepe doohlw
ere variously used for yokosor gulmpos,
nnd many times the sash or folded glrdli j
.nil liltso sleeve fluffs are formed of corre
(ponding material. i
For nidi .'ly women _ra soma now shawl .
sLaped capes, almost as long as a shawl i
.proper, formed very MEeh ilka tiie newest
fur onpcs.    These nro made variously o) l
oordod silk, plain satin or brocade and art
���trimmed with a deep graduated ruffle ol
the samo or vt Ith ruilior wide lae*.���Js'eit I
York J-08t.   I
A wt-isr prisoner, lot,*_ .nd Itme
Froft, inn snd sun.
Oas-sapphire nearwd morzilnjsrti^s I Wtmrl
A jubilant word,
.   mellow mii-i'- syllable from . free
Bprisg'e herald robin caroled i:1h*i_ to m*���
"Freel   Oh, Irael"
_ih, with what iterant lustihood,
Wlmt l.r.oysnt u.tud.
Did 1. ihe iee euduageoned one, r��M_
To that ^,'lad cryl
What *���-..'.den visions dlu 1: bring to ma,
Whai dream delight, whsi Tanisyieti eejoui/i
"Freel   oh, true!"
Once more the muludy snd mirth
Of the old sen lt!
Ones- more th.   soft wre-m whisper  of tl-.
The s\ lives of grain,
And all the Mtic laughters '1 nt these lie
In s Ine snd praps���no more i hill secrecy!
���'Preal  Oh, freel"
- Clinton Bcollnvd in Bachelor of Arts
Sunday of
.;  I. eiiedic- -
Services Hrst and thin
each nu'ill ti itt 10:30 tt.'i
tion, 7:30 -,).m.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services next 'Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m.
Sabbath School at 2 y in
Sunday. Prayer meeting
Thursday evening at S*
.Rev. J. 1'*. ii'-'tiri, pastor.
Day at
Services next Lord
a.m. and 7.30 p.tu,
Sabbath School  at to am    Midweek meeting ou Thursday evening
j at 7.30 o'clock.
Ruv. s\, McAuley, Pastor.
Awtntueto Mme. Molba la to*��� put n|
next, year In Melbouimo,
Walker Whiteside will shortly prodnce *
new play bona the French of M. Pola
Edna Wallace Hopper wll) star next scs
eon in n tiomlo opera that Is now beln|
written lor ber,
Ernest Pharpo hc.s hern invited to Bal
tenth hy Iran Cnsiina Wagner nud It
studying under licr dlreetton,
Maude nanks ami Nestor Iieinonhavi
been appcnrlng in vaudeville, ptesentlnj
a OP* art. j lay of civil wai'. '.lines.
Miss riintiti-*' .Mmnri'.t haa written It
.eollAbpnitior- JWlth licrbjrt J'earson a
^ratna��� In losir acts entitled "The Game-
Forbe. Robortsoa and Mrs. Patrloi
CnmpbcU will electrify London next, it it
said, with a grand revival of ''Antonyeni
0 lcopatra.''
Miss Hamilton GrITin, a half sister ol
Mary Andcrsoa, Is oultlrotlng her voloi
In Germany and will make licrdebat aa t
tlnirer next. vent.
Mine. !.od.ioskR has baenplaying in Paa
Fi-imclsco tho past two wetks, appoori.|
as Mary l-'tuart, Magda, Lady Macbeth,
Camilla and Hosalitui.
"Cyrano de iBergeraC*" translrtod Intt
Gorman by Ludwlg l-'ttlda, was played r��
oently at llerlin. Tl.e title rola waa as-
Sinned to Joseph K .in ..
Tho oonipnny iengnged*o.support Anni(
Pii.s,.|.l! In 'Catherine" Inoludus .Joseph
.Holland, Frank Wonthlng,^Joseph Whre
lock, Jr., J. 0.'Snvllle, Jtir. and Mrs. Wll
Ham J. I.enioyne, J_tthd! DattyuiOW, Elslt
Do Wolfe.and Maw Buckley.
1ba.l1 services ��� Crescent
3 p.m..; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 tl. 111.
Prayer meeting 011 Thursday
S p.m.
Rev. .\. H, Huntley, pastor.
Nurseries   &   Seedbouses
Headquarters tor Pacific Coasl
grown Garden, Field and Flowei
sSceis that are thoroughly tested as
to -it ality before otTering tor salt���
i,!;..-. .i.s. subject to government inspection as to lreedoiu Irom weed
seeds. Samples sent tc intending
Large stock of HOME GROWN
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now
matured for the spring trade.
No expense, loss-or delay of fumigation or inspection.
:BEE .SUPPLIES, Spray Pumps,
Spraying Material, Greenhouse
Plants, Cut Flowers,
Wc do business on our own
grounds���no rent .to pay and arc
prepared to meet all<coibpetitioii.
Let me juice your list before placing your order.    Catalogue !''rs.-e.
'ChlCTgo is eager V> wolcomo Hull Cnlnft.
TThey ciiiim to linve not only . Manxman1!
sjocioty titcro. but several Glory Qtuiylct
as well.   How sad!���Boston Herald,
Boston can hardly go wrong 011 art,
Judging from the make up of lier pow nri
coniiiiisniou. Fake artists wlll do woll lc
compreliiind the situation,_-iii>stou L .-
The world dooa move. <ChlcngD actually
eontomplntns the appointment of acorn.
mission to dev.isea uewform of governs
ment for thnt.sbadly managed city.-��-MiB'
���srafolls ���EribiUJe,
The Pittsburg Plapatoh doclares thai
���the nucionts playod baseball. Cleveland
fans are willing to wager something hnnd-
-aomo that Cleveland wasn't, ln tho circuit
s���Olovolnnd Dlspotoh,
A London magistrate fined an oflsndst
agnlbst. the smoke nnlsanoe lst\v)oOanA
rofusod an appeal. In Chicago���hut-why
oonipnro tho one and progressive city 01
,0bicugn with offotoolS Londonf���Cbicnge
Hartford finds it hard work to malntalfc
���theolnlm thet one of Its citizens discovered the anaesthetic properties nf sillphurit
ether nnd is now fulling on Iho proposition that the baseball curve originated40
that cily.���Huston TratiFcript.
Tame Peer Are DanKcrnns.
The tHiuencssof ths deer in the Puke o(
I Bedford's  grounds Is very romorkahlo
Except tho nrciiniutlzed   Jnponcso fnun
Powcrsoourt and elsewhere, they ere wild
1 creMiues, caught In distant Islands nnd
continents, from ths Moluccas and  For-
j -mos;. to tho Altai mountains ortheewonips
1 -nf Canada, yet the difficulty .Is to Ui t
I them wild enough.   It Is always danger
mis  to b"ow stags to become tunic nnd
familiar.    If thoy lose thetr fcur of mnn
' -thoy nre liable to become 'dangerous at
: sortaln seot.ons and attack persons dn ������
��� park  or  koe;ers as .savagely ae .tltey do
, thoir own kind, consequently all familiar'
: il.y hns fo bo discouraged .atother seasons
1 -when  the deer are most nnxious  to be
friendly. With iho hinds this is not ueoes-
aory, and  their con fide 1100 Is very pretty
I and engaging.���Spectator.
M. J���   HENRY,
3010 Westminster l.oad.
B. C
Marker���When ymi saw ma ��� 'yenr ago
���bout lifo insuranco, you told 1110 that tha
company ynu wore n ith was the .best in
tb�� word.
Itiduinnra Agent���-'My dearsir,.it waa at
that time, but thr company I ara now
with, having sine. ,md the bt me Utof uiy
servincs, has of 'course takOll Allot honor
a*'>tv froni. it.
Final Siis.I t.niiehnlsle r.ntl of One ���'
Ireland's Olil Caatli s.
One of Ireland's niagnift.'ent ruined caa-
ties oamo to Us 11 nal entt In this manner.
The ancient seal of tlio Cftstliircoghs ovor.
looked Lough Sty Illy, and l*>wae ono,��rf
-Uie rhr.st princely residences in Ireland.
(EvcntUsilly it (ell Into dooay and was ,not
inh .! Ituit.
As usual in such circumstances, witeS
the peasantry wanted to build �� \iiiir-t'\ rs
ptiir a rond or anything ol the sort.'thoy
took tho stones fro'u tbe ruinud castle,
which wns tlisappeariiti: plecemoal Mlirn
one dny the ihen Lord Londonderry paid a
visit to Lis Irish proporcy Whon be saw
tlie state the castle wns In and relic'led
on the fact that It wus so much identified
with the hllt'iryuf his family and evon as
a ruin was a glory of Ireland, he deter-
a..iicl to put a stop to the encroachments
that had been made upon It,
Sending for ids agent to give liim ord'jrs
���that the people were do longer to remove
stones from tins building, tie Instructed
hiiirtoi'i.-Ve the plaoo inclosed with a wall
six feet high and well ooped to keep out
trespassers. That being done ba went hia
way and did not, return to Ireland for
three or four years. IJe then found, to bis
atnazeiuont, that the old castle hnd com.
pletely disappeared, and in its place thers
Was n big wall Inclosing nothing .Send-
In��� for the ngsnt. he demanded to know
why his orders had not beon carried i.ttt,
Thc agent insisted thut they hod heen
''But where ts the castle?" fi&UlSfltiod
tlto marquis,
"Thu castle, t�� 4^ Cedad, 1 built ths
wall with it, my lord! Is il, for me to b��_
.Ri.lujt miles (or material! with tho finest
jit'iow tn Ireland beside uie?"
Iu 1, ling the mnn to lm!_it the wall
Lord Londonderry h_d said, nothing whatever about preserving iha c^aiie, which ia
no.v j thing of >ho j'_st N��wUiei��!|, ihs
w��U is a good, tm - Loot'"- lit., iius
*.OES  OF  CONC'JC'lGtta.
Cslliiitlrd I!' il 'Inps- l.anr|ivr:t>m.Oi'j|s
Old Time Melhoila.
"l'erha|is the  traveling publio sc'.i'.cim   ���
jtops to think of  lhe vast amount of reti
tape that is now wound nround tha wor'.; Cf
the passenger conductor, "remarked an c!;l
tlnse railroad man.
������In the old days all the passonger conductor was required to do was to placets
rubber band.around a bundle of tickets ) e
had collected and send tliem In to thc offloe. The cash collections on tffl-itternge
Bight rim In thoae days wcre laige. Iie-
oausoino tickets were sold af ter 6 o'clccX
p. -m., the hour when all ticket officsi
-sloped. The cash oollectlof or, a train often
amounted to (SCO In one night. Tiie con-
tiuetin- Ri the cud of around trip would
tuko this money to tho cashier's window
and wo-:ld write a report on a sheet of pa>
per that would rend something liko. thi <:
'Door Sir���Please find inclosed (300 lor
rash collections on trains >.'os. 0 and ''
Dec. lti, I slid ' The conductor did lot
ovon tnke a receipt from lite cashier. .- 11
the cashier did wos to tiuile and ijf,
'Good morning.'
"Hut a passenger oonductor today hue
more trouble Bometlincs than u boy il.tl.t-
lng 11 yellow jacket's nest. Red tare Ins
ll. "in piling around liim for yenrs, until today ho ej tids about all liij time In punching mysterious hole* in tickets, writing
duplicate checks nnd making out tedious
.I'rciis. H hts-CL'ttpi.ti itlokots are ull bound
around with red topi ���Cash -collection*
cause on Immense amount .il iteuitms rardt
today. The ootidts'cto'l' ninsl Von account
for every cash faro collected by giving tiie
passenger a drawback, or c've a duplicate
check in the presence of othor passcngeri
at tins lime tho faro Is taken.
''Then, too, 1 10 oonductor has to tort
all kinds of tickets iu station order ani}
return tliem ln tiiat manner. lillie|j out ���
blank giving the number oi y^'klntlb.
ticket lifted on the trait:, fyiiis report
must be sent in by tin;conductor before
geing out on his noxf j'tis. Therefore he'
is compelled to muk't; out his report as he
gees I rum station to., statiou, and this
mcai)�� from one "to ��wo or more hour��'
hard work en the report alone on p, run,
It would take half a day for uie Vt give all
the details'of this red tape. ^.'0r Instancdi
a certn!:i number of puiic^os mU8t be in a
tlci.otof ono kind anrf a certain number
in another style of ticket. If ono punch
mark is not ins��e, the conductor roceivee
j letter calling his Rttontlon to th'odls-
eropanoy wiict l-.c j�� liable to bo suspended
lf '- -(Oiitra n(jaiu, "���Topoka State Jour
I eel.
.'he (,'ieat Baal  Itnee In I.ondon,
"-..tfiird the middle of March London
������Hl'ii'iiiy becomes an arrnngemout in blue
* no race it fixed lor the second Saturday
LefoKe Knsler, wlioti tho Londoner, who
has passed weeks ami months without
holiday or pagea-nt, is in the humor to
make the most ai it And J^indnn deco-
i/ites itself in anticipation 2'he draper's
window li'comes a harmony lit blue .So
dot - the stationer's.-, so d.ws tha milliner's; so does nil Regent street; so do
Oxford street, Plooadllly, Kenslhgtou In
the Strand and Uheapslde the fakir puts
nwny iiis jienuy bagpipes nud his shirt
eltitis and his toj�� nnd brings tint trays ol
,��inv light aud dark blue buttonhole hints.
The railway companies print their time
tables in light nnd dnrk blue, end tl.e
pallors, if they do not change the color ol
their Ink, out down police ucwb and literary notea to devote the spara to daily accounts of the crews out for prnotioe, nil .
tlio oolumue of personal gossip nro tilled
with descriptions of the men, their fi.id
and their fnnoies. The condition of No. 0
le of ntore importance than the health ol
tho prune minister and tlie blister on ths
Anger.of b stroke more snrlous than n do-
lent i'i 'ndla. About Ull out of every toil
j-i.oplc in London hnve something staked
upon tho race, for the Londoner is a bora
gttmlilcr, though his gambling has been
ofi-dally suppressett, possibly lite reason
.��t li< never falling charm lor him.���Mrs.
[Elisabeth ttoblus PennolJ lu Century.
rierra lull.
Pierre L.itl, who is on the retired list of
Ibe French navy, says: "I could cnslly
Jiii'Vc obtained advancement, but I thought
It'-letter to loave that to .others who intended to make their career on tlib sen. I
only remained In the navy from tnstunml
���bconuso I consider that a man must have
a post of combat, in lime of war. In peaoe
4 confess thut the navy was my favorltn
pastime���1 would say 'sport' wire ir, uoi
almost a blasphemy to employ tl"' (erw lo
this oonncctloii."
tU��<s,l   -Vood.m i;nn<.
A Conf derate veteran quoted by thi
Now Orleans Times-Democrat say.
"Wooden guns did dvndly work before
Fort Ulai.ily The Vaakoos lined them
up, and tbey shot just 111 well on.if tiny
had been mnnufooturcd of Iron. (The op
posing IlliCS were 600 .yards npnrt. 'lim
Confederates wore behind the wails of the
fort- and the Federals wero strongly In-
trench.'! tit rival Cnnl.v, Uie V nil lie*
confiiiiuitler, wits without artillery. What
did he. do but manufacture 100 tnortari
fn in black gum trees Black gum treei*
grew every whoro In tho vicinity Hebored
,tbcm ent, put iron bunds around them
and filial 8 Inch shells furnished by Lar
:_.'t ttl 'k fleet Tho lines wcre wt oloso that
Ug';![ 11..'.list's sulHced, and the oxteuipo'
taccotts weapons did all thai was asked ol
��>i* fain ulna. >���> Italy.
For fallcmng a rnlf ti. sli eggs lit abundance and the richest .cream would certainly see tu to be an anomaly, for it Is a
custom by no means usual, and It ls nol
(going too lar to say that It is quite unknown to those who prepare veal for our
ln Italy, however, the case Isqulte different, and calves lnteom u to muke veal
for epeolal feists or for very rich people
are frequently fed in this way, enhancing
their vnlue so that enormous prices are
asked and are willingly paid for the flush,
.So careful have the tatters gut to be that
the oalves destined for this aristocratlo
mod* of existence are condemned to a lifelong muzzling with a wicker basket, lu
order that Ihey may not Ity uny possibility
dissipate tu their more natural fooU
should hay or .grass happen to come their
Tnlklne Witk Foretellers.
"I am frequently amused," said a gefi
tlrman who notices things, "in remark
lng tho tendency of most people to raise
tho voice when addressing a foreigner who
h��". tin imperfect knowledge of the lun
gunge. Tho Impression seems to ho that
the louder one yells tho more likely one is
to be understood, whereas tho pro] ir way
to .s.cnk to a foreigner is touso'n low, distinct tone, und. above all, pronounce oneb
word separately What mnkes any strange
language hard to understand is tho li. it
which natives fall into uf runuingtbe L.st
sy liable of ono word into tho flrst of ths
" Kor instance, you might make n nrr.d.
like this, 'Ice awm is tirh lanket ooit ty,
ar.'d whilo 1 would know perlcctlj . .11
thut you snid, 1 _mw Mr Elank t
no Frenchman or German, even with u
good theoretical knowledge! the t_. ,���u��
would have the laintest idea ul rl yi.n
were drlrln.t at. 'then, the chances ore,
you proceed Ij rt;....o t'.u Buutcuu fi-stoi
and faster and loudorarid louder, and go.
away marveling at the etupiuuyof our
eonsiiis aorosj t,;-.e poud."���.Setv Oiicmii
'11i:j as-Detune rat.
Ctrmau lti Iltlwaokea,
?n Milwaukee, of course, the English
language is used in tbe conduct of business, although at. least from 60 to lit), tf
not a greater, per cent of tiie people hav��
command of the Germau language, whist
Is taught in the publio uchools
lu i.lmost every business, in  nearly all
the commercial houses, which arefort.t
most part conducted by Germans, tho Gorman language ls used along with the English, nnd so ignorance of Gorman is regui-d-
ed asgrentafuult as ignorance of Ki.elish,
if not a greater one.   Recently an nttcnpt
was made to remove tho German Ian tames
from the curriculum of the publio sohonls,
but the Inquiry instituted for this purpose
produced a result very vexatious to the in
novators.     Tho   overwhelming maj ���. 1
of the non-German parents decided in
vor ot  having  their children taug
Gorman language    Thus  Milwauk
this case also, has made good ber re
tlon as tho German city of America
Did Kuril** a Go���� Turn.
Bismarck was no lover of iSnglau. ��_
of tho English language, yei be did thuit
both a gond turn at tho famous oongrosi
of llerlin at ths close of tho Etusso-1 ink
Ish wur. liefore that time the diplomatic
lungunge of tho world hud beeu French,
and it was expected that the discussions
of the congress would be conducted ln
that tongue, lsird licaconaflcld flatly refused to use any languuge but English,
und UlNinarck. who was president of tbe
1 .ingress, thuugbl it would be iticunsider-
ate to let Qoaoonsflold stand alone in ee
doing, so In. spoke English, too, and Kngllsh was thus uiade the ofllclnl language
of the congress. It has not become the
universal diplomatic language, but, French
has eensed to be that, and English seems
to have lhe Lest title to the succession.���
Vtniili'a Companion.
Perils Ol Direr..
t. lentiNc Investigations have demon
etrntori the fact that the great depths o'
tbe oc-.111 nro inhabited by species of .';.-!���
that can not live ln tbe upper .evcls SJheb
Ut-fh is so loose In texture that it -falie
nptvrt when the grunt pressure of water ll
i\ duocd. A report concerning tho sponge
flsli>.rinen of Tripoli gives evidence to the
effect that elmilnr causes wi!) produce
similar results In men. Tint divers frequently die of paralysis nf the llmbe
caused by pressure on the ipine through
working at.too great dentil.. Thoso suffering from this complaint are suit! tc ba
come perfectly well when they redescoud,
to bc again ntiucked when they emerge
trom tiie sea.���Am, Francisco Argonaut
The iuw which at present governs Om
rtniet ico of 111 odioluo ln Franoo forbids the
simultaneous pruotioo of   medicine and
' pharmacy oven by a person who may be bt
possession of diplomas In hot!, etthjocS_. THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, JULY 2, T907.
T. H. Oliver spent the holiday in
nosing.   Well Established Livery Business.
E. Shaw   spent   Sundav  and the
1st in Vancouver.
���     The public school closed on Fri-
' day last ior  the summer  vacation
which extends over the   next et^lit
1 weeks.
A fairly large number of  parents
Try Big Four a
while ynu may get it cheap.
investment i anc* frien<,s ol t,,e scholars attended
: on Friday morning and listened to
Miss Dorothy Lord, of Vancou
ver, is a guest at Trtnant Park.
W.   McRae,   ol   Point   Roberts
took in the races on Wednesday,
Doing a business of $1,000 per month; equipped
with 17 horses (in first-class condition) 13 rubber
tyre buggies; 3 double seaters ancl 9 other rigs ;
loug lease on barns. Price $6,500���d cash,
balance ou terms to suit. If this proposition
interests yen, ancl you mean business, access to the
books wi"
��(S     Emm
be ii'ivcn.
1 a number of songs, recitations and
! readings by the pupils. A feature
of the program was a most instructive address by Ilie Rev. A. II.
' Huntley, which was attentively list-
i encd to by all present.
The Rolls of   Honor   were   then
presented to the following pupils.
 - Division IV.���Proficiency,  Nor-
Mrs. T. McNeely relurued home, man   i_OI-,i.     Deportment,   Ralph
Saturday, irom a visit to the Royal | McDiarmid.   Punctuality and Reg-, 260 Columbia Street,   -   New Westminster, B.C.
White, Sbiles & (��,
H. G. Arthur, 0
��� isitittg   the   oil
tiiarily, Gertrude Rich.
'    Division 111.���Proficiency, Mable'
Vancouver, was fanning, Deportment, Roy Auder-|
homestead   last
son,    Punctuality   and Regularity,
Annie Bown, Edna Bown,   .\iikircd;
Brewster, Siella Jordan.
J 1
Division II.���Pronciency,   Hazel
.Shirley.    Deportment, Christie McGregor.    Punctuality a..a Regularity, Inez Stainton. Eva York.
H.   McDonald,   of   Vancouver, I    Division I.���Pioficiency, (To the
was  in  town, Wednesday, to take j ^"P11 gett.Ui. the bii-hest marks at
150 YEARS*
Misses F. ami 11. Burr returned
home, Friday, from a visit to the
Royal City.
Vancouver Prices
To notify the people of Ladner and sap-
rounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland   Dement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
in the races and dance.
L. Ward, of Vancouver, spent
Sunday at the Vicarage, the guest
of Rev. !���:. R. Bartlett, M.A.
Mrs. \V. E. Townsend, uee Mrs.
N, F. Clark, of New Westminster,
)s a guest of Mrs. Arthur Roberts.
Miss Winnie Foot, of Vancouver,
returned Saturday morning, after a
month's visfl: to Mrs. D. Anderson.
Miss  Anstev. ot  Vancouver, returned home, .Saturday, after spend-
ihe recent emr.iuce examinations���
not yet given out) Deportment, Win- j
nifred Hutcherson. Regularity and
Punctuality, Esletle Brewster.
Besides the promotion Irom oue'.
class to another in tlie separate!
Divisions, the following promotions j
from oue Division to another were!
From Division IV to Division III
Nellie Ellis, Everett Crant, Willie
Heaton, Muriel Hutcherson, Eddie
Leary, Noi man Lord, Harry Mar
tinich, Kathleen McBride, Bernice
Shirley, Kenneth Siddall, Laura
Simpson and Ruby Welsh.
From Division III to Division II
Roy Anderson, Antiie-Bown, Margery Clark, Earl Davis, Mable Lati-
Trad_ Marks
Copyrights &c.
.Mivnnopohdin . a'Bketeb mui description r.int
��� -s-hly ascertain our opinion freo whether un
ventlon is prob.bly pntentnbte. Ci.mimintm-
iinsiiii-ilyrniitiiiOTitliil. HANDBOOK on. Rtentn
it free, lil.l.sst itL-enny tor semrinpr putctitti.
I .itentft taken tnrouab Munn <_ Co. receive
tnnticc, without clmrKe, Initio
SCtaMffc American.
1 handsomely Illustrated weekly.  T.nrcest elr-
.tluilon of jpiiv sfiientlflo .."tinml.   Terms, $:i ��
r*. four months, $L tioldbyutl newsdenlimi,
^UNN & Co.361BHM,dw��''- New Yorfc
Broilers &
B. G.
. (Ki 1.  PL. Wnsliinirl.il,. 1). C
11 can handle your Small
1 Fruits.
Onto mv premises, on the Farrell
road, on Friday last, a two-year-old  Highest   Price     for    Tip-
Bull.    Owner  may  have same by
proving property  and  paying expenses.
ing a week the guest of Mrs. J. W. njngi Pauline Manley, Katie Selich, I
Welsh. Ethel York.                                        I
���  From Division II   to   Division   II
Miss Getieva Colleen, of Vancou- Bessie Fenton, Kalie Foster, Grace,
Elsie Rill!
Top Article.
ver, who has been visiting here for
Bome time, left, on Saturday last,
for Seattle.
II. McCormick came o.'er from
���Vancouver, on Wednesday, to take
in the Races and left on Thursday,
for Langley.
Miss M. Drainey, of Vancouver,
ca.v.e over, Tuesday, to take in the
races and dance and was the guest
of Mrs. D. Anderson.
Frederick, Lester Handford, Irene
Huntley, John Kirkland, Eddie
Leary, Leonard McBride, Hazel
Shirley, Leslie Simpson, and Eric
(Westminster Branch)
Time Tabic
Port Guichon.
Cars leave Westminster lor Vancouver at 5.50
nnd 6.50 a.m. and hourly thereafter until 11 j>.
in.: Saturdays and Sundays at n p.m.
Cars leave Vancouver For Westminsters at fi.50
and 6.50 si. m. nud hourly thereafter until 10 p.
I m.; Saturdays and Suudayfl at t! p.m.
; We run tirst-class freight cars between Westminster and Vancouver nud ��ll shlpineutsnre
handled with the utmost eare and delivered d
morning for the holiday.
Rolls of Honor  werc  distributed
as follows;
Deportment Laura Lavery.
Regularity       and    Punctuality,
Edith Quaggan,
Several prizes were also   presented to the pupils by the teachers.
Mrs. Robt. Moi lit and son,  Mas-i
ier Jackie, of Chilliwack,   is  visit-1
ing her sister,   Mrs. G.  T.   Baker, i ANXIEV1LLE.
.or a coimle of weeks. .     ���    ���,,   c. ,     ,   ,      ,        .. ���
Aimieville School closed on   tri-
 day morning, for  the  summer va-
Mrs. Jos. Jordan, on   Thursday! cation, when  the  Rolls  of Honor
last, went out to   Hope  Farm,   the ! were distributed as follows
h��me ot Mr. and Mrs. W. J.  Bran \     Proficiency, Gunner Hanson,
drith, on a short visit, |    Deportment,   Christina .Guilder-
i son.
Regularity     and      Punctuality,
Rev.   K.   Robson,   D. D.,   will; Esther   Plester  and   Arl   ui   Ram-
preach,   on   Sunday  next, at  both studi.
Stlttbury School closed Oil Friday   con-ata��� without delay    Special attention paid
���*    to fruit shipments,    om wagons meet all boat*.
inri trains.   Bor rates,;etc. apply to
Traffic Mgr.
si. .instil-.... C.
Local Mgr,
Best liocliiiicrv
On Earth
*������**:��� ������������.���������������> ������*���
>�����.���>�����.���><**A *������*>��� ���������%.#.��
ADNER,   B. C.
B. C Leather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
English Oak Tanned Harness Leather
mm, mn mm i saddles
s ut" all kinds of
Soda Water, Ginger ���:���
Ale and Summer .>
Drinks. I
Vour patronage solicited *
....',..i)>��*��-��-��*��.��..-..��..*.-��..-e.��.**�� ������s*..��..*..t..^.
Saddlery Hardware, Horse Blankets and Stable
Closed   Uppers    Leather   and   Shoe   Findings,
Trunks, Bage, Valises.
services in  the
here,   and  at   I
Methodist   Church
'ast   Delta   in
the presented by the teat
Rev. J. F. Betts returned home,
yesterday, from Vancouver, where
he took part in the ceremonies in
connection with the opening of the
new Methodist Church at Mount
urday. fr
lurn :d
t sit   lo
h  me, Sat-
the  Royal
Wm. Maxsvell i ceived the sat
news, Wedne->da\, >l the t'tath i
bis father iu the Vist.
Wm. Towrsend and two daughters, Misses Daisy and Elsie, caun:
down from the Royal City, on Saturday lasl, and returned iu the
evening accompanied by Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, ol
Eburne, are suie s ot Mr an 1 Mrs
W. Abercrorubie, at Boundary Bay
Rev. A. II. snd Mrs. Huntley
will be at Point Roberts to-morrow,
.���ousetjueutly their weekly At Home
will  be  postponed  for this w
Miss E. I.yn i spent a couple
of days on Lulu Island, returning
yesterday, accompanied by lvr
nephew, Master I rank Hartnell.
T�� an Ideal covering, cither for new
buildings or Improving old ones.
Consider   ils    finu    npprarance ��� its
splendid enduring qualities���and slight
expense���and decide tt) serve your own
best interests by using it.
Fullest details of information in our
Whal��ealA Manufacturertt,
Postcards of tbc  Races by W. T.
k, I Ccoksley, ol Xew Westminster, are
but will be continued on tlie follow- ��� now on sale at   Marshall  Smith &
Tlie Prosprro ii5 Rmneralwaja jtss a
Estate of
W.   L.   MoBRIDE.
General Merchant,
AJ a
Port Guichon
W. H. Taylor,
jag Wednesday.
Co.'s and also at. the Drug Store.      1.A.0
MAY, Agent,
 B. C.
B. C.
Produce Stored and
Shipped Direct
To A!! B. C Ports.


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