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The Delta Times Sep 24, 1907

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Array %_>��.---���
gr. n x: i'Juh.i
a.  [So.
ALiv.!. B. C,   I LiESDAY. SEPfLAIS       24, \W..
���cam* eeewt-w aTiretia*
pair iv.-
lira il,
I "!,'������
The Nineteenth Annual   Iixhii i- r
lion ol il,.   DjI'h   Agricultural J'u-
ciety   was   held   at  ths   Society's  ,
grounds, on  S-tuniuv   la..t,   under i'
the v��
. ...     . :
IVI .1.    J.
tea,   .1.
Itlr-I i rdson, T.  K.
I:   rri-.I     rain.     I
Is'is  mm,  .i.   f.'A���.
3. ItVJl   .'    '-!...!,
l.'irli.ir.I.....;   pair
Itichardson;   '.aii
Scliool Board
HIIlbH,    J.
>r '.-������'li. n
I:] hanlson;   pair
. J.  Richardson, T
Three and a half yards of material to every shirt.    The same quan-j
tity our grandmothers bought to make working shirts for their men folks \v
I ear* ago.    It doe* not pay to akimp a working shirt in material.    A
man can't do a good day's work in a tight shirt.
y best of weather louditioiis.
This is essentially a  sto k  show
and thi.- \ery bet slock ot all kinds
was on exhibition,
Following   i-i  the   !i-.,t   of   prize
j winners:
1 .Division A,���Purebred Cattle, Dm--.
y. Invorholmo
I'ivUJi ll   It.��� Sulne
P��lr Itirlti y ;,
iiii'l goose, K. S.
t'.iir'  Rouen   ilin ;
3.   Browne;   pnlr
i'f-:t.   f. S.   I.n.I-
'���i'-'l.  I'.ii.'is  Urns.
Browne;   gunrlei
There was a spec
the Board o! Sch.
the Council Chambe
last, with Trustees
(in thr chair), S-...
Swensen, VV. Pyb
Quaggan present.
Minutes of previous ire .ting were
adopted ns read.
i  meeting oi
Trustees, in
���r,   on   Friday
R. !'. Kittson
*h   Wright, P.
��� �����   and R. H.
Towne 1st nr:
. Mark Rawl
Pekin  ducks,
T.   IC.
Hull aged, H. M. Vas
ni-k  Farm;   Im 1.  one yoar ol
arholme stoek I'arm; bull calf,
Vasey,  Invevholmo stock  farm
agod, H, M, Vasey, Inverholme
I farm;   heifer,   twi
1 holme stock farm,
ls;t and
!. lull. JI.
ln .-.���_���-
I.adner,   IV.
B.S. Brown,
I Siddall, 1st n
jorcas, \v. Hoi
whlto  Rocks,
Fro rn   Rev. A. H.
quisling   p---iuiissi.nl
Huntley,   re-
to    use   the
house   for
. ;'iil T.;    pair   Brahmas,
imi,- bufC Leghorns, W
il 2niT; pair black Min-
i"n, r.. K. Browno;  pair
.V.  H-eaton, T.  10. Lad
pair  Barred
VV.   I!, hi.m.
.In; ks, bred
Rocks, \\". Heaton,
pair Lint Orping-
'������-.     .\.     Kirkland;
This ia th�� shirt the
buttons can't come off
unless cut off with a
knife. xLvery but con is
sewn on by Land; every seam is double
stitched; every gusset
re-infor��t-d,    Sises 14]A to 17.
Sf-   V-/-i_____L__Bt\\-__r    t^
^fe    -^*P^rL    ' ' '���m^^W
���Y HAN*
nnu  year   old.   If.   Af.   Vasey,
holme stock farm; heifer caif
holme stock farm, 11. Al. Vasey.
Jerseys;   bull aged, T.  E.  Uidue
Knisloin: bull, aged, A. Davle, l
i Ladner;  heifer, two yoar old,    T.
��� Ladnei', Int and -ml; halfer calf. .
Graded stock: cow aged, T, E, Lad
!..  Lai
[S.  Bro
ens  l.i
T.  .
1   180
Division !',
.  Lndi
\Y,   II
-.1  i r> i. t .
er; pair '-li
���a ton.
-i'.ill lei- Chwso, rli*.
ner, Mi'8,
j years '���I.l.
1 hoil's.r, mi
T.  1-
. Ladnor
��� old, T.
Tne Acme of
rotifiblfied wifli
��� ; heifer, two
1.1 and .nd;
. Lndner, tat
land 2nd; heifer calf T. K. Ladnor, 1"t
[and 2nd: fai cow or Bteer i
I Ued in any other ciass. Alex. Davlo.
| Dairy stoek: herd ot 5 dairy cows,
115, .���',, *-2.fi0���and challenge cup
[ipresonled by tho late Thos. McNeely
| in bo won throo times by the same
["owner before becoming his property.
Dairy cows competing for this cup
1 must not be shown In uny other class,
! T. i:. Ladner, Alex. Davlo, W. A.
I Kirkland; sweepstakes for bent cow
: mi grounds, JI. M. Vasey; sweepstakes
Por be. t dairy cow on grounds, T. E.
. Ladner.
Four pounds fresh butter, prints,
Mrs.   Whitworth,   Mrs.   Read;   twenty-
I live pounds butter, salt, ln tub n:
crock,  Mrs,  Head, Mrs.  il. Jf. Vasoy:
j t, - ii pounds butler, rolls of two pound?
each,   Mrs.  Head,   Mrs.  Davle;   bread
] Airs.   Livingstone,   Air..   A.   Patprson;
| dozen hen-.' eggs, fresh, It. Al. Vasey
! T. I-:. I.adner���special prize Klv-sn by
'���' !'" 1 Ladles' Committee; bread, girls umlei
!-l years, Grace Frederick, Leila Kirkland;  i-.il.", best chocolate layer, girl?
,  Am
:-; broa.
Boundary   Bay   schoc
service on .Sunday's-,
From Mahon, McFarland &
Mahon re purchase of one acre on
the Rithet ranch, ior school . ui-
pose-*, Received, and the Secretary
to tnke steps to secure lot.
From Miss Hoflard, calling attention to needed repair-, etc., required at Annieville. Left in the bauds
of R. II. fj uaguau with power to
. From Alexander Robinson, Sunt,
nt Education, re July salary tor
teacher at Annieville, stating that
Helta district must pay same; alsis
enclesing cheque for Ji,ooo fur
I school building purposes. Recei v-
| ed and filed.
From A. M. Maxwell, teacher at
' Fast Delta, asking for au  increase
of salary.    Received nnd filed.
On uiotir.n it was  decided to ask
; tlie Council  to  --.cure  the well   ?.t
undary Bay, so as to prev. nt any
girls un.. ...
i-i ..s   loiiv I PBSS,b��'ity of accident happening to
I)5Bt  lsl
It nv.'ll;
tcu-'s under
girls under
1L' y-ii's-'. Edna
1 1 yenrs. Graci
ill vision  <;.���VoR-etaMe
Division B.���llorees.
Spun   draught
ROllilllR-s,    II.    M.
niaree    or
Recommended and for Sale by
Marshall Smith & Co.. Ltd.
There was we prize for trick driving, on Saturday lsst��� or it would
have belonged to Date Price, sure
eneugh. 0�� leaving the show
greunds on Saturday, Dave gave
we exhibitie* cf his peculiar style
���f fancy driving which has, "ere
now,   rendered    hiui    famous    on
of words descriptive ol Dave's abilities  as a  teamster,   besides   theie
were   lsrties   preient.      Dave   hasj
achieved tame along  furious  lines ]
but bis driving stands in * class by
itself. I
In the football  match   on   Saturday lasl, Westham   Hand   vs.  _To-l Vnm-y,  Alex,
; Farm; ���i'un ugrieulturnl horses ma.res.j30n
or goldlngs,  \Y. 1'.  Pybus, T. IC. Ladner,  .V. J. Frederick; span buggy hor-
1 see mares or geldings, Kobert McKee;
J wvibll. hoi-B<ss marcs or geldings, T. K.
I Ladnor, Alex. Davlo; buggy horse (a)
j T. 1;. Ladner, N. Livingstone.
Clydesdale   witli    pedigree:     brood
I maro  with  foal  at    foot,    Pemberton
i Farm, Inverholme Stock Farm; sucking cult, Inverholme Stock Farm,
I'oniborton Farm; throo year old.
goldlng or ili'.y, if At. Vasey, Inverholme Stock Furm, Alex. Davle; two-
year old goldir.g nr flllj', II. JI. Vasoy;
yearling, gelding or filly, Alex. Davie.
Heavy draught: brood maro with
foai at foot.rombs.-rli.>]. Farm, 1st und
2nd, V.'. C. Pybu*; sucking ci.lt, Pemberton Farm, W. C. Pybus; throe-
year old gelding nr illly, II Al. Vasey,
T. ic. Ladner; two-year old, gelding
nr filly, 11. Ji. Vasey, .1 McDonald;
. arllng golding nr filly; [nvorholme
Clock Farm. 10 S. Browne.
Agricultural: brood mate with foal
nt foot, Pemberton Farm lsl nnd
2nd; sucking colt, Pemberton Farm,
Isi and 2nd; throe-year old golldng
or (Illy, Pemberton Farm, Jtis. S. M.
Glllanders; two-yenr old (-vl'll'H; or
lllly, Inverholme Stock Farm, 1st and
2nd; yearling gelding nr (illy, 11. Jt.
Geo. Adams, of the  Royal City,
tion ,1��,   tlie  hems  team  came
victor with the score t f _ to :.
The sei ond game on the schedule
Roadsters: brood mure with foal at
ot.   i:   S.   Browne,   Stokes   &   Cullln;
E.   S.
sucking colt, Stokes & Cullis
Browne;  yearling    gelding    n
to��k in the sights at  the  Fair on  ���' loettall matches will   be  playrd' j.Pm))el.t0I1 Furm.
Saturday. at  Westham  Island, on  Saturday
  [next,, let ween  team  representing'
Crescent Island and in its vicinity.      The S.S. .Sonoma leaves Ladner ithe Westham Island Football Club!
The ^ neatness^ and   dispatch ^ with | ,t R am_ and 4 p,nu; Ieaves Sieves-, aud North Vancouver.    The gaiv.e
toil at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.   Every will commence at 3 o'clock,
whieh he skilfully deposited bis
passengers cross-piled on the macadam left nothing to be- desired,
from a spectacular point of view.
Witk his usttnl modesty be disclaims all crerlit for the performance.
The passengers refrained from
expressing their delight on account
���< thc English language  being shy
Division t'.���Sheep.
Oxford   Downs   (pure   bred):   ugod
ram,   11.   M.   Vasey,   .7.   Richardson;
shearling rum, 11. JI. Vasey, J. Richardson; ram lamb, H, RI, Vasey, 1st
A good attendance is  looked for.;""1' :'",1; pair ll^''1 ewes' "��� M' V:l'"
It  is expected  that  arrangements!oy  '"l and  2n,,;  "nlr >vn,""R PW09'
.... . , ,���,_.(���'���  Rlohardson, H. JI. Vasoy;  pair ewe
Cracked  Cor... Rice  Meal, Chit!*'      be  m,d��   to   have   the   S'S'  lambs, H, JI. Vasey. 1st and Snd.
(Sonoma make special  trips for thei    Grade, short wool: aged    ram,   .1.
day except Sunday.
RRAN,   SHORTS,   Whole   Corn
Rice,  Chick  Feed. Timothy and
Clover Seeds may be obtained at
Brackman-Ker     Milling     Co.'s j ������-
warehouses,  I.adner,   from   MR. |     Mrs. If.  D.  Benson   and  family
H. N. RICH, Locsl Ajent.        [spent Friday in the Royal City.
Richardson; shearling ram. .T. Richardson; ram lamb, J. Richardson, 1st
I and 2nd: pair uwe, aged, T. E. Lad-
ner. ,r. Richardson; pair sliqarllng
ijwcs,  .1.   Richardson,  T.   I"   Ladncf:
.11 after the opening of
the a ew school.
The following accounts wcre  ordered    paid:    Bath    &    Kershaw,
if'3-45;  Columbian,   $2;  Province.
; $2.50; Marshall Smith & Co., ��3.30;
Brunette    Sawmill.    $38.85;   3-s-
Lapwing,   J81;   O.   Ross,   fio; J.
Cain,   Jio;   M.   Wharton,   $[.50;
j Mrt.    Harris,   ^4;    Get.    Daunis,
. ,. :..���:.���,   ,   ,.   ,   a;Ui4.8s;J. A.-Cairnes,$3.
ner:   com,  table.  18  hoaSs,  Mm,   1:.)     Tlie  Board  then  adjourned  till
Glllanders, 8. Morley; citrons,    2,   j. [ the regular day of meeting in "So-
Boi)0,   W.  Heaton;   onion.,  yellow,   il.ivembrr, ut 3 p.iu.
n. Montgomery, n. Jf. Vasoy; onions, :
red.   6,   D.   Montgomery,   . .   Morley; | '"
carrotB, short, '",. J. Bone, W. Heaton
tomatoes; G, it. Bone, Mrs, Bown
cucumbers, 2, v.". .1. Frederick, H. Jl
Viis- y.
Squashes, hvn h.s^t, j, Bone, T. IC
Ladner; cabbage, two bends, It. ?,i
Vasoy, T. E. Ladner, cabbage, red twi
liemis. .Ins. Bonn, vv. fleoton; cauliflowers, two heads, D. A. McKee, .).
Bone; beets, 6, S. Mw.qy, Ii. M.
Vasey; parsnips, 1;, D. Menteomory, J
Divl.Imi It.���Field froducc.
Ful., ot hay, timothy,
spring; wheat,   bushel,
Davis;   burlcy,     bush"].
II.  M.  Y.-:*-y;
I.   Morloy,   C.
S.     Morley;
white oats, ioc" lbs., Jt. Rawlins, 1'.
Davis: black oats, 100 lbs., H. Jlor-
ley; field peaBe, any color .bushel, W.
Heaton; tlmmhy, sack, not less than
nil lbs., C. D.ivis; mangold wurtzel,
long red, 8, Alex. Davlo, Mrs Road;
mangold wurtzel, globe, is, Mrs, Head
T. K. Lii'luer; Bugor mangold, yellow
globe, ���'., Mrs. Read. \V. Heaton;
sugar mangold, long red 1;, T. E. Ladnor, A. Davle; potatoes, early rose,
bushel, A. Smith; potatoes, early Rochester res.,, bushel, A Smith; any
other varli ty, bushol, A, Smith; i>.
Montgomery; any othor iate variety,
A. Smith, Hugh Burr; pumpkins, 1
(heaviest) T. E. Ladnor, .1. Bone;
Bpuashos, - (largest) T. E, Uidnpr;
turnips. Swedish, 0. T. E. Ladner, W.
Hoaton; turnips nny other kind, A.
navio; sugar beets, long it. T. E. Ladner; stigur beets, short 8, T. El. Lndner. Mrs. Whitworth; carrots, lnng ��
White, S. Morley; carrots, Intermediate 6, T. E. Ladner, W. J. Frederick;
collection of potatoes, varieties named, A. Smith; collection ot grain on
the straw, A. Dav Io.
D. C. McLaren, ot Vancouver.
Provincial Grand Master for B. C.
of the Loyal Orange .Association.
paid an olicial visit, last Tuesday
evening, to Delta Lodge No.   1612.
Although the Grand master arrived caly at it a. m., aad no one
knew of his coming, there was a
fairly large tmrnc.it 01" members.
During the evening he gave the local
members some valuable informatiox
of how the order is progressing.
The ladies whose hasbaada ere
members of the order, provided refreshments aid a very pleasant and
social evening was spent.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Cooksley
were noticed oa tbe 1. air Groaadt
oa Saturday tiking in the sights.
J. W. Gilbert, of Port Haaey,
came dewn Saturday, to take tn the
Fair aad was the guest, over San-
day, of E. T. Calvert.
UIvl-loii i.���Miscellaneous
W. Kittson, eldeit sr.n
Kittson, is laid up with   1
el mtasles, and wus so ill
of R. E.
n   attack
Currant Mine, one gallon, Ml..  .Ma- I ���' "'��'���������". *"" waa  ��<j  hi   that, ec
n;   assortment   ot   preserved   fruit. | FrieJay lant. Dr. Wils����i   had   to be
called in. Since the fitst part of
1 this aiticle was put into type, word
has been received et the nnexpect-
I el death of this brirht and promising young man anl the sympathy
of the whole con-.rrunitT goei out
to the sovrnwin; pareatsnadv^J!?
I: yr*
Jirs.  Cresswell, ii.
ji.  \ ascy;  hone
best    exhibit   In   c
imb,   12   ;bs.,   Jir
Read.,  11.  Jt. Vas
y, honey, best ,.
traded, 12 lbs.. 11.
Jt   Vasey.
Apples,   best     i,
mm,       --,.   ���    -   ��� ���
.    _     -
fCoiiliiiiii-I   on
Seo-ind Papfe, I DELTA TrMHS, TT-ESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1007.
I'I KI.ISHK1)   l.YK'-lY   Tviisn VV.
Subscription, $1.00 per year.
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
Casual Advertisements. 10 cuits per Hue .'ot
tbe first iusjrtion. end 5 cents per liut* (or eacli
subsequent insertion. The number of lines
reckan.T. by the Bpn.ce occupied) i. lines to thf
Rates Ior Cou]m*WL-i.il Advertisement** can bc
tLH-\ uu upplicHLiou ut this ufhec.
Kr:u.iii�� notices Id cent
er line (or each H;-
Birth and Dcnti. uolifes, y>C., MHrriayca$1.00.
Any specifil notice, the object ol which Is to
promt, tr the pectwltry benefit ol any individual
JOT company, to be considered an advertisement
and charged accordingly.
r-U far uutil ordered
AM advtrtlsi nents char
cue and ua-.* (or.
C-irroijpondence Invited ou matters ol publ
puenwt. Commun4catieujB to editor must br nc-
*c��wp��uied b> ii.njt: of writer, uotnecrswtill)
for pBbllcatiML, iea\ u* evidence uf food faith.
CorrMfiuadencc iu*<i reach this office bv Thwrs-
dii v oveutnif.
(Continued trom   First  Page.)
Bone, H.*F. r ��� ��� ��� II: aples, best .'
Duchess, T. .h.. Ladner, Mrs. Bown;
applet, best r* \\>:tltliy, t. E. Ladner,
Mrs. Bown, appl'-s. best o Kingr.T. E.
Ladne^ Mrs. Bown; apples, best ;'..
Baldwin. Mrs. Wh Itworthi W. J.
Frederick; apples best o Northern
Spy   T.   E.   Ladner,   Mrs.   Whihvnrtli;
besi collection of winter apples, b "i!prjze  List   Increased  Nearly  50  Per   Cent,   in
each, not lees than live varieties, T. E.
Ladner, J, Bone; best 5 Bartlett pears
T. B, Ladner, J. Bone; collection of
pears, fall, H. M. Vasey, '1*. E. Ladner;
collection of turn?, winter, T. E. Ladner, H. M. Vasey; best 12 red plumv,
T. B. Ladner, il. M. \ ;i-. \ ; best 12
yellow   plums,   Mrs.   Lanning:,   T.   u.
VICT, r a, b. c.   ,
September 24th to 28tb, 1907
memmmmts.        i    a -,  ���  : r   - ���   * .     '���    ���
The Biuacst and Best of the Season.
Ktock Divisions.
aa     ��� �� " ma   tse   esacs
; - DAYS md RACING - 4
"iLudner; beat 12 blue piums, r  i. J Rough feiding Competition for the Championship
c  I.adner; be.1   12 Italian prunes, il. M. ^ ���"  Qf pritISh   Columbia.
Gko. R,  MANM.Y,
vnsoy, 11. J. Cresswell; best 1L' lly.loj
! crabs,  II. ;i.  Vasey, W. .1.  Frederick; j
bi si   12  i. anSc< ndanl    ��� rabs,    T.     lv
Ladiier;   best 5  quince,  T.  B,  Ladm r; !
��� :: di ..1 blackberries; .1. Mi IO e, \V, A,
I Kirkland;   best    collection    ol    fresh
fruit, not less ihau 8 varieties, T.  E.
Ladner,  11.  M. ���Vasey.
New Service���Port Guichon and   La 1   ._  to Mew
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.ra.    Arrive Vancouver, ro.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2.10 p.m.   Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m.
Gives  Passengers  four liours  in   either   New   Wese-
minster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   '06.
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay.
...     ,W   II  ',��,.  'I   '���
Expended in Improvements to Grounds This Year.
Excursion Rates From All Points.
Where was tbe   Band, ou   Saturday ?
Dlvi >ioii  ii.���Flowers.
Collection geraniums in pots, nol
less than -I, Mrs. A. A. King, Miss
Mason; hanging basket, Mrs. A. A.
King; collection asters, cut flowers,
Mrs. A. A, King, Mrs. Lanning; collection Zinnias, cm flowers, Mrs. .\.
kinds of .port at tlie  Fair   grouads A.  Kins-, Mrs. Bown;  collodion pan-
sies,  cut flowers, Mis.  Bown,  Mrs I).
-\.  McKee;  collection    gladiolus,    ini
1..     Mrs.     Lanning;     collection
WWt sports added   to   tbc attractions  dahlias,  double,  cut flDwers,  Mr
King,  Mrs.  Bown
Considerable diss..tibr .ction is expressed at   the   tola! absence of all
��� 1 Saturday last, aud  aur sugges-
tion is tkat  all   who  would like to
Entries    Close   September    16th.
J. E. SMART, Sec.-Treas., -CAPITAL,
P. O. Drawer 761, Victoria, B.C.
Incorporated I860.
.RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $4,390,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
at Fair time, skowW tako out men:.-!
Jwrship tickets and attend the ac-
jaual meeting or the Society wben
tkey will  have   an   opportunity to
express  their  yiews   aad   possibly
change uialter* for uext vear.
onectio7dah-'|La Grippe
Etc., Etc.
single, cut  IL.m. rs, :\Ir._-.  Lanning
Down;  bouquet, table,  Mrs.  I...M-
......  .is-.    ...  A. ,-.: _.,, IioiKiuet, hand,
Mrs-. Lanning, Mrs. Bown; floral orna-,    . , ��� , .
ment, Mra. Lanning; sweet peas, Mrs. I SU��-     (hie  Oxydonor  111   a  family  WJ
O. A. McKee, Mrs. Bown.
It  will   pay  you  to  ivii   one
Division L.���Woman's Work.
rors <d disease from  the  household  if only used as soon
is needed and  iu a reasonable wav.
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
 ���80 BRANCHES.	
BRANCHES  IN'  BRITISH COI.-l'MBIA���Vancouver,  Vaneouvei
l)'iii'_h  all the ter-l'-;<-st  *"nc-' ^"" P'eas*uti   Gratnrlll*   .Street,   Cordova  Street;   Grand
'Forks,  Nanaimo, Nelson, Port Xssingtos., Kossland, Victoria, Vernon,
Chilliwack, Cunaberland, Port Moody uud New Westminster.
be  on  the
'   ���      - Fanny   Netting,   Mis.   D.   A.   McKee,
Mrs. McConagby, of Vancouver,   Mlas   S.   Baker;   Tatting,   Mrs.   Cress-
ia a guest of Mrs. Adani Read,        iweii;   crotchet,  lace    (cotton)    Mrs.
Marshall  Smith,  Mrs.   Bown;   knitted
lace,     Mrs.     Marshall     Smith,     Mrs.
Mra; Alf Coleman aud aon, Ma.ter Manon; point laco, Mrs. a. .Murray,
Ralpk, vilited   the   Royal   City on j"       Uown;   batloonburg   lace,   Mrs.
Friday la*t.
This is the Act��al Experience in many thousands
af families who have adopted this advanced method of
treating disease.
Inflammatory Rheumatism,
Mr. Jas. Ann, Rotten.', B.C., t��w., frrllM, W*��rth  ;i, tfoi : "**Mne five yours QRn 1 [
jiot 0*yd��a��r for my wile wke wa*  snfftri��e   farm   itMClt-   lvtAkHefW,   Aflt.r a wtck'ii list- ihc;
���l-BtUr biv.is>*lf wts imi-prierd \m fiwii tuva a diaafft, in fact H  .v��* tir.n^ii to induce litrM t*�� uet j
; ia ���Bydwtivr far Iii* ���later.
C. B. DANIEL, Manager, LADNER, E. C.
.   .   WJU S.1.1
Premier McBride paued through  '
iiere. Sunday, on   his  way   to Vic-
toria's I-lxhibitioM.
Mrs.   Hnu��e,   of Sapperton,   re-
I Marshall Piulth. 'Airs.  1'own
H-ltion   ul'  any   fancy    articles,     Mr_.|
��� Bown,   Mira   Frederick;   embroider^ I
' un linen or cloth, .ui.-_ r. Smith, Mrs.
Mar.Jiall  Smith;   mount  ineTllck   (any
lartlclo)   Mrs.   Marshall    Smith,    Mrs,
Lanning;  eyelel  embrodiery,  Mrs.  W. "n _��s mrt.
A.   Kirkland,   Miss C.   Smith;   shadow <���        . -������%-<.-- r     ,1
,,,    ,,       -,.,    ,, L.   .,,    '     ! Send   at   mice   (or  hook   No. 7sS, givin?   further 111-
ombroiderj', Miss C. Smith, Mrs. Lun-   - . , ,.,..,.   -s-.TrA1, i r 11 I
ning;  centrepiece   (handwork)   M,- ,' formation about OXYDONOR and many reports from all
tuned b��me, Monday, after apeud- Mai.sha��� Smlth   Mlss Fr6dorick. Bet parts ofthe country. j
.M TS.      ' '^aati-al 1        H/Tt.B .1     I
IWJ1    w
W. N. Draper,
I *��*4**-M-|��i��>��3*'��'^'��>��it*-��>*v*.*,f
"A hImhi tJMC np<9 tay wifa k��.i an fitfcuk of taflamtimtqtry iteeutuatlcin, She could
nut walk aud b��r jelaU w*rt taaah iwwBiisim. Ske applied Oacydouor, ��nd btrferj: tuyiit the
I����*itt��� kad ceaaed, ��u��t next worjatuf i'mem wai vrrv little .-.������< '. 1 nt. and she could wt\)k as well
as trat,   t-v,  kad a ki��r,sr atfcask before we get Qxydoa.tr ami n-ns under n deetor's enre far :i I
Mioalfe, ��*4 ��nlBri'f J agonioa.
uc <*( ji sevare aotd." i
11 ���--
Room 2, Ellord Bloek.Ncw WcBtniliist.
i���� a lev,- days viaitisg   Mrs. Adam |
Stanley Goostrey. et Vancouver.
came over, Thursday, to interview
his newly srrired nephew and take
in the Fair.
Friends of Mrs. H. N. Rich   will
���������in ���
Smith: bc-sl o
Ladner, H. M
llrc'lioii  of trults, T.   E
table   mate,   Mrs.   Crossivell,   :,*i-_.   A
Murray;   drawn  work,  Mrs.  Marshall
.Smith, Mrs. Bown; plain sewing, .Mrs.
Lanning,  Mrs.  Cresswell;    tea    cony.
Miss F.  Frederick;  sofa  pillow.   .Mi��;
V.  Frodorlck,  Mrs.  Whitworth;  lady's
hand  bag,  Mrs.  Crosswell;   pin  aush-
ion,   Mrs.   w.   .\.   Kirkland,   Miss   F.
Frederick;  Boi'lin wool     work,    Miss
Mas.,ii, Mrs. D. A.    McKee;    shawls,
crotchet ..1- knit, Miss ,". Smith, Miss;     Division   B.   Best   sucking  colt,
be pleased to kuow that she  i_able:.s.  Laku-;   bedroom slippers, crotchet Premier Prince, C.  Davis, s. Mori
to be out   again   sfter   baring been   or   knit,   Miss   S.   Baker,   .Mrs.   Bown;   best   sucking  colt,   by   Royal   Citizen
laid up i'or somc time ss   the  result  counterpane, crotchet or knit, Mrs. S.  Mrs. S.  Glllanders;  besi  sucking
ot an accident. ��� Af" <'',i;'n:1'-'r,:;  ctullt,  patchwork, Mrs. on grounds, Stokes <v.- Cullis,
'  Mason; socks, knit, men's, Mrs. Cross-1    Division  C.  hrst   pen   grade  sheep,
 _ well;   socks,   darned,   Airs.    Lannlnjj,
The engagement is announced of Mrs- H- ""rtey; hooked mats, Mrs. j.
Miss Annie B. MacKenzie, of Syd-l/ "���:""! ': ,a"'K'- (any artlcle)' Mir'K
364 St. Catharine -St. West, Montreal.
Hi ill filPI Ll
On Tuesday  evening, 17th inst.,
;  pupils .-ind friends of .St. Andrew's
���ey, Nova
Wilson, nf Ladner.
���will take 1 lace in October
colia, and  Mr. W. H.,
j painting,
The  wedding  ,.Iurn;v:
Aio-foncli r;  raitin
''.     Smith,     ..Irs.     Marshall     Smith;
(on  silk  or  ��iitln),   Mrs,  A.
'ainting in oil, Mrs. A. Slur,
. ray.
 Division  M.���Children's   Work.
Ok   Sunday    next,    Rev.    l'rof.1     Hommod    handkerchief,     Miss    1.
Htthfriegton, of Columbian Meth-Alcxilnaer;  c��-otchet  work  in  cotton,
Ddist College, will conduct services' M'"" J*  ���'l"x:"''1"1*-  buttonholes,  best
,,     ..  ..    ,- _ ,,,        .    ,        ,   ., I fi,   s\Iissj   I.   Alexander;   r j 1111 j; <��-   work,
tn the Met. edist Lhiirfu   here belli   ,
������lis.-, I. Ali.-xiinner; iipr.m, li.tml-rn nl,.,
tnorning and tvenmr,   Hewi   a!��o'  .���.,,,.,
" s .1    1    Mcxandor,   hrmmefl   handker-
preach    in  Sk.    Stephen's   Church, chief,   stltche   dor     otherwise,     Miss
.l'!ast   Delta, in   the   aiternoon   at 3 Lanning,   Miss     Alexander;     crotchel
O'clocjt. work   in   cotton,   Miss   A.   Alexander;
"  outline work,  Miss Annie  Bown, .Miss
.. .Sunday School Surprised D.Woods,
their  Superintendent, at li is home.,
Grajidriev,- Farm, and showed their
4 ewes, 1  nm, .1. Richardson. I appreciation of his sehrices by mak-
Dlvlslon   D.  b#st   pen  Butt Orping- ing the   following  presentation acinus, A',-.  Heaton. iconi; anieii by a   beautifully   illtim-
Divlslon  D,  best   pen  Black  Minor- i����ted address:
cas, W. Heaton. I.adner, Sept. 7, 1907.
To David Wosl., Esq.
Dear Sir: The numbers  of St.
Division   ll.
best     110    lbs    white
milling     (mis,
$6.00     presented    by
���     Milling     Co.,     Mark
Peas,  Mrs.  A.
A.  King, T. TC. I.adner.
Division  K.
best  collection  of Sweet
(Westminster Branch")
Time Table
Can) lean. Wcstmitiiter inr Vtuco'iTer at 5.50
and 6,30 n.m. Atid hourly iWrreaftfr until ji p.
rn.; Saturdays and Sntidayi at u p.in.
Cars leave Vamxxiver for Weatniluatere nt 5,50
aud 6.50 a. m. and hourly thereafter until 10 p,
m.; Saturdays and Sundays at u p.m.
We run first-cloM freight cars between Westminster and Vancourer *nd all shipments arc
hau died with the utmost eare and delivered to
consignee iri tho. tl delay fi pedal attention puid
to fruit shipments. Oui wagons meet all boath
and trains.   For rates, etc. flpply t<>
fill) GREGORY,
'I'fiuTic Mvr.
Westminster. II. C.
Local ^igr.
B. Ci
s^�� Mannfacturtrii If fttl kltidsol
r Soda Water, Ginger
^    ,\lc and Summer    i
I Drinks, 1
I i
i,      Vour patronage solicited      J
.,..t��-,-s^.a.��^. '.^....^..i^r,...,r..t..*. ...*...��l.:.^t
Fashion Stables
T,ruckinj and Draying
Livery  walk  of all  kinds, attended to promptly.
J. M* Ootflnson
I.miner, B. C.
���'������' u i mi; - ��� cimen penmanship,
.Miss iiu. 1 i Shirley, Ml��s Bernici
Shll ll J .1.    ; lng,      Ada      !,��� iiry,
1 Ruby   Kirkland:   map   drawing,   (un-
. : Mllltl ison,    i.i rtrude
Bu   111
In-ill in'���Specials.
Tke Ladiei *t th* B*pti: t String
Circle are tiriiij an extertainnient
on Friday next in Oddfellows' Hall
when Jv.-\ .. ',' i iercy, ol \'an
1 earn, wiil undertake to entertain
in fei_ >ei*��� liking way. Dr. A. I.. [Delta i-'armrr.
Pendalland Mr. A. Weare are also j Bpeelai pr,ZM don(ltod by ,���.,���
t��ilkrI"fof rucdl and iastrumantal I Farmers' Institute, Np be competed
*r>i��*. Adttlission _5C; Children 15c. for by members ������!' the Institute who
'_>mniencin�� at *. p.m. ��� ���'-  before  June  30,   no;.
  Morses:     Hand  of pure  bred horses
. ��� ���';; ir ilng   of   brood   mari ���     '   yeais!
Misses Velma   and   i-Viia Chpw.jold  and  foal,  .11.  M.   rasey;       nd  of
Andrew's Salibalh .School and
friends, I.adner, take the opportunity of yeur leaving our midst,
te .bow their appreciation of your
The r,-m.f_ of M. Wharton's |lonS aiK' faithful labors, lioth as
broad smile has been discovered to teacher nnd superintendent el the
he in the arrival ot a son and heir, Safcbtth School, to present yen
who has the appearance ol becom- with thc accompanying Bible nnd
in�� a skoekum h'ay baler. . fountain   pen  as  a   small token ol
  their affectionate esteem,    Wishing
yon all  happiness and success in
The auction sale ��f horses, at   1).  your fninre home.
Woods, Grandview l-'arm,   11 Mon*     Signed on behalf of St. Andrew's
dag, was a great success    nd  n me- Sabbat* School and friends
The De.ta Timef
M.R.C.V..S., I'.dm.
New Westmiiisler, B.C.
Central Livery Stable,
Columbia St. Phone 137
I where   i.i    tbe   neighborhood
$2,000 was realized therefrom.
Ladner Carriage Work
Miss   PJiccbe
C��rn   Copp,   ��i
cieit   to   tlieir
wife, J< .r. J. 1
'pnttir��!fi3'    last,    re
Monday   mfirninj..
evening fsPivice in
cemblny  said   Miss
Vaneoaver, ; aid a
Id  [astor   an.   his
Biid Mrs. Betts, on
rtlnniin-,     loiriei
During   thej
the   Methodist
any   breed,   I'embcrfon   3;,.irr-.i;i
���oil   ..ii  grounds  under   ii
lass, Stokes & Cullis.
Church, Sunday evening, they
took .nn active part in tl eel 1 ir and
Miss Velma Chew and Mi h Treni
IJ.... sane a duet very creditably.
bi si
Cattlo:���Herd  Durham,  1   bull  un-
I dor 2 years,  I   heifers unds-r .   years,
i h Ifer calf, I!. M, Vnsey; bull, dairy
brei d, T.  E. Ladner.
Sheep:���Pen   sheop.   pure   bred,   -11
nwes,  1  ram,  11. M. Vasey.
ii.   ��� exhlbll ot poultry, \V. Heaton. 1
Roots:���Ecsl      c-'olleotlon     p itatoi ���
i-iocll     niiiiied,     I   peek    em h,     \. I
Copvrishts &c.
A n7i">n��,��*. fling a ph,!^ . nne d����pfT!r-'in_ m��i
1 .; -ily Mcrtnln our oiiininn free wdpsiirr an
��� v. nn._ in pi'iiiHMr ii_i��r.t .bio.  Comonmlea.
.--. .irktlycrinii-cnUal. HANDBOOK raii'nKT.u,
nt nee. olcleot sicr.iftrr fcrseounnsfpnt.��ntSs
,*_ionl�� tisKc-ii llinniKli . Inmi h Co. n.telvc
fit*tH miHce, v.l'l.outelinr_e, iu tliu
Scientific flfmerican.
V bnnrfsnmpW UliiAfrnhArt WMkTy. T.nnr��tt clr-
ulaUe* ot in'V nclentlDo Jmmml. Tornii, W* h
.   r* four n".'t)ths, (tl. Boldli/nll newflrttujlVs.
^rlUNN & Co.a6,B,oftdwai'' Wew Yqrtt
Bmith Ojae.. RM i-' .-���.. v.'---.;....ti..n. n.e.
Geo. Ormiston went over to the)
Terminal City on Saturday evening'
last. I
RDM RM, Deceased.
Any person having claims against
the Estate ef the Inte Adam   Read
are requested lo furnish  particulars
of same to the undersigned.
H. N.  RICH,
A ent for the Executrix, C. C.
Machine Castor,
White Rose Separator
W600 Cylinder
J. I. 0_ Hard
Receives both Ladies arri Gentlemen as resident
���or day students. Has a complete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades. In affiliation
with Toronto University gives the four years'
course for B. A. degree, and tho flrst year ofthe
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Prospectors' Course" for miners who work in B. C.
Instruction given in  Art,   Music,  Physical
Culture and Elocution.
Per    Calendar,   etc,,   address   "Columbia r.
Princip ���'..
E">"7   J. P. BOWELL,
'    . '-   IT.
Nest t-iim;f>r;: rvowintrboy !
-i  . Lc5:t:;j;; to r'ajnt v..I and
V acquiring qualities cf
i       .SCLF-CONTI..')'.,   DECISION,  AWO
A-k your l^iilcr for ;aL'\cuj Utiles���
Bboltfuna -PJatuK hisis! un urn* timo-
Imnorcd mako. tf yuu caunol obtain,
wo .ship dlroot, <_;^'_iiv.-ii-,|,'j|,H*j. up""
receipt of Oatulofif VrU'd,
LEveiythtng yon wtwi ���   know about lha STEVENS
ii found in ne Poipj hhwtmtwl Catalog,   y\^].d
r'r.-ft.nr could in stamp* t�� pnj* pogtygo,   rWuli-
i'i 1 Ten Color Hariri���(--!.,)(. il-MQrnttoii for foot
| " l"u"��rrliilirnr.,.i-i i.-.'l-.. f.irfi font* In sta mp-..
P, O. BOX  4097    -
Chlcopee   Ball*,    JiTasn.,   U.S.A.
* Tssfetvo. ;Ti - Bui .
Tiio population of St. Kildn, tlie most
wesiei ly of tlie hi] inWti d S 'ottlsh Isles,
Is a unique ono iu ii_i_-  i is. 'i'Le
people ure the most li n<... . . the. United Kingdom, tliere being vest)' litU'!
communication with tbe mainland atfd
sometimes not tor months at a stretch.
Socially tho islanders are practicall,v a
commune, if the head of a household
is injured; ->r loses his life among the
rooks, his widow aud family share iu
tho proceeds of their labor ns if ho
wore tliere to take part in it. If family
Illness prevents auy-oue joining iii tiio
day's work, he is asked to slay nt
home, and his interests will nol i - lost
eight of. All questions, i ini] . i.
etc., art- determined by thoir mode, or
local parliament, nhose judgment is
lin.ii. Early morning conferences usually determine Iho day's las! s.
St. Klldlnus are a most industrious
nnd active as well as a religions people, and on the island at any rate the
vexed proliiem of church attendance
has been solved. Evory mau, woman
and child capable of leaving the li iuso
hold goes regularly to church, and
only some (serious disability will keep
any person atHioiBG.-*Seottish American.
Job Printing3
Tbe DeltsB Times
lolv Communion���isl   nud   vtl
at 8:30 a.m.; end  and |ili
'   .. '       at ; 1 a.m.
VI  !   .., 11 o'clock.
. ���   -ong, 7:30 o'clock,
in ' .', School al 10 a.m.
evening, Litany at 7:;..
I    ������'   Bartlgtt,  VI.A., Vicar,
- I1C1.1
- ��� i    ���..- ���'. ������  and third Sunday
ch 1111 nth al 10:30 a.m.; Benedi ���
���'��� iii, 7:31
"���'    :; '���      ' .! !   "  ;., p.m.
T mv V ,.- rl *��� >lj Cocimu ion
ii ���! and third Wc ���:���'.:, rs id 6 a.m.
Re.    Father ���: ngner, O. >.'...,
'.' irisli   Pi es
"-.  D <���   al
; .ir..
leetiiigr 10.30 a.m. every
Sahhath .School at 3 p ni every
Sunday, Prayer meeting ever.
Thun day evening at S.
Rev. T. F. Betts, pastor.
Services next *L,ord',. Day at ii
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
.Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A. McAuley, Pastor.
Sabbath  services ��� Crescent  [s-
land, 3 p.m;; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10.30 a. in.
Prayer meeting' ou Thursday at
S p.m.
Kev. A. H.  Huntley, Pastor.
Influence of Childress.
Childhood in Its weakness Is often a
Strength thai  resists the strn 11 of all
>tbe passions, and that holds t   ���    ivlieu
ideep hatred exerts its power lo drive
"If it were not for the child, I would
not live with yen -auoilier day." I
he.u-,1 an angry husband say lo his
wife, when righteous indignation drove
him nearly to distraction.
Tlint was quito a number of yeara
ago. and now they have two more chii-
���dron to strengthen tlie lund between
them.   This liii*. episode of domestic
HUifeiielty wns recalled by Some statistics that recently emanated from Berlin and whicli speak volumes.
Those statistics have beeu carefully
leathered from tha divorce courts, and
f.li<nv tlint out of 1,000 divorces 5-10
wore granted where there were 110 children, I'll where (here was one child,
130 where tliere were two children, (ill
where thero -were three children, 2!i
where there wore four children, 13
Where there were live children and 10
whoro thero wero six  children.
He  M'nnn't   Too   Dent.
Deafness is largely n mntter of habit,
gays a writer In tho New York Press. I
know men who cannot hear yen two
'feet away, though you bawl at tkpin,
���yet a; the.distance of-11 block they will
grasp your faintest whisper. .Some are
deal for convenience, somo for fraud,
some Cor hypocrisy. Beware of thu deaf
until. One of the noted deaf men was
old .Matt (iriflin, long ago an assemblyman from Griffin's Corners, Delaware
county. .N. V. By courtesy deaf uiem-
-bers receive' front seats in the assembly, while others usually draw lots.
When old Matt wns excused from
drawing a fellow memlier hotly'protested. "But the old man is as denf as
a post," said the house leader. "Deaf!"
exclaimed the protesfiint, "Matt (_rir-
fin deaf! Why. bless your honest-soul,
he could hoar a ten cent shinplasier
rattle in a bag of foal hers.'"
"Ilnw did tlio doctor tell you to lako
the medicine, .Larry- iuternuily or externally?"
"Nnythor wan, sor."
"But It must have been one or tlie
"DM] a bit, sor. Nnyther wan."
"But loot; hero, Larry: that's absurd,
It must hnve beeu one or the other, you
"Nayther Wan, I tell ye. He ton' 1 mo
to snuff it up nie nose."
Nurseries   &  Seecihouses
Headquarters tor   Pacific   Coasl
grown  (larder., Kiel 1   and   Flow  1
Seeds that are thoroughly tested as
to vitality before offering for sale
lhat are subjei 1 Lo  ;-,.,ei 11111.nl
spectiou as to  freedom   from   w
seeds.    Samples sent   lo itrtendiii;
Large stook ol HOME GROW ���
Fruit and   Ornamental  Trees ti
matured for .the-spring trade.
Jv'o expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.
BEE SUPPLIES, Spray Pumps,
Spraying Material, Greenhouse
Plants, Cut Flowers,
Wc do business on our own
grounds���no rent to pay and ate
prepared to meet all competition.
Let me price your lisl before placing your order.   Catalogue Free,
l M. J.   HENRY,
; 3C10 Westminster Road,
VANCOUVER,   -    B.C.
A Dceii Tiiou.;lit.
"in a brown study, oh'/"
'���Ves. 1 was jusl thinking."
-"Thinking what ?"
"I was just wondering why a fellow
never bas as much trouble borrowing
trouble as the trouble he has hot'DOW-
���lng other things,"
goi 1
il I .
s\ i
New Vork girl br iko her arm shaking
dswltli lier beau. That's what the
for trea Uig blm to sui li n formal
ting.���Philadelphia Nun!; American,
'hen a woman says t!i.c one of Ji-r
h u looks liko hor husband's family,
I ��� .'��� way of ...' , :: ���".^ that ic is 1105
i looking as tlio ro_t.���Atchison
ho Chicago millionaire who has paid ���
. $105,000 for tin return of liii love
isislna position to appreciate tlio
lom of Dion Doaclcnnlt's caution,
J.lssa I !������!:������ :. ;j. ink LoA-
'���Kansas Cily \\>,,-: I
Th*tipperniiiiia is/,-: ti navlgatfcm
Kb. 11 r ���        -lys .-, pear.
Tin . ' . well ��� 1 Its h.-ing ractri -'.
an '������ g the gri t rivi .-��� 1 I tl ������ world. Jc
I ...I,., le f r 01 '��� 3,060 miles, and to
wi    ..-!,;,... hundred mile, of St. J'etexs-
'i'wtcn a 5C.'.' the Cas_ Ian orei flows and
���I -.,;'.. rulllii 1 ' " flsli- ��� al! cnl to feed
thu '.. bol 1 of  :-eutrul  Asia, II   udv    I  : -:
��� il he ti.ken ci r-j*;-. ic. ;������..-.���.-, re_oui-o��s
VluM "jr oatUM.
-Similarity of Ar.lmisU ami Men.
It has been observed that If Ilie
tamed dos Is tai.cn back to tie- v.'V,
date he loses his voire. Those "souijI-
lug voice.." are produced in the ani ual
throat In a way similar to human language, but nre not "voices" proper hit
"languages"1 proper, and yet Ihey are
j full of psychological expression and reveal Uie animal's psychic states. If we
tickle a ebltnpanssee in the armpit, i!w
touch produces 11 ^rin on the face similar to that of a u:a;i under like circumstances, lie also emits Inug.'.torlike
sounds. Tho same is the .-.sn with Ilie.
ourang oiitnng. The gorilla knits Uie
brow when angry, just liko men.
Wo often el,serve in apes-a f-omplete
change  in  tho   facial   niiisch's   when
something is going  t.,  happen,  be it
! agreeable or disagiveable.  1. 1- ho also
I   .villi tlie child.   111 a;-, s Ihen   '    ��� ��� i
I dentiy  the same  connection   1. . ���
I tho facial muscles and voealjnusclesaH
inman. *
diameter Btilldlnir,
Character is tlie wool of honor from
1 which n i-inil of mail < an be wnv- n lhat
I the  s.vlftest arrow  of siiunie or the
Iceenest    knife   of   disrepute    cannot
pierce.   Kvory thouglil limt 1 ilers <rnr
: uiiiid, every aet we do and every word
1 we  utter adds a  link   10 the golden
1 chain of character.  The str. ugtii of a
I steam engine can be estimated lo with-
! in an 01111 - ni its limit, but it Is 1m-
j possible to estimate the forie ni a ;m-
I Wo character.  Tlie hardest ! nirls are
! softened nnd the aiost repul      ��� dispositions become fascinating,   our failures and our successes help to form a
reputation thnt  may  ho destroyed by
1111 external force, bul ihe destruction
of a character can only be effected by
Koine iuterutti force.���Our Bpys' Maga-
Her Reason.
Dr. Porter had l-cspouded to a note
left ,it Ills door by 11 farmer asking
hlm to go ds soon ns p. ..Ibio to Pee ins
little boy, who had "a very bud cold."
The doctor took one kiok at tha child
aud turned to the mother.
"Don't you know your boy Is coming
ci.fwn wilh measles?" bo asked se-
"Ves. doctor, 1 knew he was,'' said
the wonian.
"Then what In the World did you
mean by writing me he h id 'a very had
10M7' " asked the doctor.
Tho-womnn hesitated for 11 ino-.irnt;
then, looking al her husband, she said,
with sullen frankness, "Neither him
nor mo knew how to spell measles."
..nimnln ftn��. Alcobol.
Many animals yield to tbe seduction
nf ruin drinking, especially elephants,
horses, cows nnd swine. Poultry, especially turkeys, will absorb ths tempting
drink till they tumble over in leaden
sleep, lying around ns if dead and ut-
��� tt-rly Ignoring their accustomed roost.
On nw.'s'en'ng they . tagger-for a few
moments and soon 'recover, but ii is
i hours before they ivnewtheir cheerful
Their I.niil.
"Ves," remarked the sad looking
stranger, "I have seen the last of many
a good man."
'-'Doctor or undertaker?" queried the
man behind the white apron,
"Neither/' replied lie of the sod looks,
"I'm a shoemaker."
A Mail Ophelia.
Patience���Why, she gevo tlie best representation of Ophelia 1 over saw.
Patrice- Indeedl
"Ves. Vou know Ophelia ia supposed
to be mad'.-"
"Well, tiiere was ., party In one of
the boxes, and they talked lend enough
to bc heard all over the theater, and
sho was the maddest Ophelia I ever
law in Uiy life! '
An  AtoUs-iuilcAX Titsc.
Dlnwit���Say, oar backbones are like
I-serial stories, aren't they'.'
Thiuw't-Prove it?
...���";���-"""   s'.---.:r.o .d   '.B  oi"'   :!!<-ks.
IIyii1tc��.  Sneceeili, Flymen.
The Professor���They havo traveled
safely along the happy journey until
now their hopes are about 10 be realized.
Mrs. Malaprop���Ves, CU| id. tho god
of love, must now give way to Hyphen,
tlie , god  of Ln.'itriwt.my
'it yon are In doubt," says Talleyrand, "whether to write n 1 1: t or not,
don't!" And the advice applies to
many doubts In life besides that of let-
ic: ftrllliijf.- !:-.:��� ..or.
Kl_ Source ,,r Information.
Baeklotz���You don't menu to say this
Is the llrsl you've heard of ll':
;:;i;.i "'���-   -,.--.
nacklotz Why, it's the talk of tlie
Subbubs- Ves, but my wife is nwny
on ft visit.
fl,-:- illtjrrt
"Itut "why Is she so anxious to bo
prominent In society?"
"Because she units to go on tho
A Lenten Sermou.
A poor umbrella solely,
I'm not for prcaohlng meant,
Tei 1 have gotten holey
By aiway- l,. ,-pini; Lent.
< Pur Detter.
Cholly (sighing)���I cannot exist with.
out her.
Alfre.1��� Well, wJiat'a the malter wiU
living" -Puek.
If t were but a ohll . tiirain
Ami ii'i.l iay Uf,. to >;��� a. am,
I reckon I'd ko wild again
And hoo u.o sann. old row again.
Wnntnnno���What a memory you
have! Did you ever.fprget anything fo
all your life'.'
Duzno (after profound thoughts���Not
Hint   I    can   remember
The mo-.a revolves from ono point ta
the henvenii to the sam point iu 87days'?
hours and <:t mluutes.
A train of gar, cotton tl;.-f iru-;M utreteb
40o miles could l�� fired in two mlimtu, bo
rapid is ths 'transmission of ilitoaition
trom i ue pari to an     ��� i.
A di crmiiiation oi Professor Bsrufnl
wi-;. ii. Lick ti lesci ; ��� placen thsdia -sicr
of _\.;-Liie a: 82,111 I mil , -from S 0(10 to
#,000 miles less thuii ..._;;,- d in most textbooks.
Bodligbtis not the] west kind vi.ii.ii
to :i.j ... -. When a l_ y-Is hosted up, it
<'���- '.'ir ... a raj " ; . ���. i ���..���,. ,. sc.|
i Hi  ���" ���'-     n or !   (11 thai thia gruy
I ��� ���' '   ;     ���: ��� ������ a ly tho "rod" I inm - low
an u t. ������ red .': .i.i by the "ci uo" fi n uttir*
In tim ....v. .s struoturs of ths ey��.
BltKabothan Bxelee Lo��re.
In striking contrast :.i the p'��-<snt
laws tu inevent bubitual druukeuuesi
were those passed In (be reign of Quewi
Bllzab ith. 'I'le'I.ajisdi. wa- munnscrlpts
in the British musSum record that in
15'j-l orders were s t il rwu by the lords
and o tii ers of her in. Jesty'S privy counsel for tlie reformation of the great disorders oomn 'tied by the excessive
number of alehouses, wbicb Uie Justices were ordered to reduce. Tho pub-
Iicans were compelled to give to the
constable of tlie parish tbe name and
business of every one who frc-.unnted
their bouses nnd were forblditsn to
bave any games played therein. On
Sundays no persons dwelling within c
ndle of tbc public house were h1Iowc<1
to enier excepl sul stantlal householders travi ling tu cliuri h, and then only
for a reasonable time to refresh themselves. Curloasly, the chief complaint
against publicans was ibe "brewing
stronger ale ;;:.u beer 'than is wholesome for man's body."���! ondon (.'lirou
Oril C���lii�� rrojn Old 1Iln(_.
Tj'l:e "mint house" in Boston Misled
almni thirty-four years. All the coins
Issued from ii bore the dads 1G52 or
|i.!_. lie same dies being used probably throughout the thirty-four years of
coinage. Somti coins had been made
in Bermuda for th ��� use of tbe Virginia
ttoloiiy as enrlj as i'.ll. Coppei coins
bearing the ligtire of an elephant were
struck in England for the Caroliuus
and N'i'iv ICliglaild In I'ilil. Coins were
also struck tm Maryland bearing ths
elligy of Lord Haltlmore. A mint wus
established in Rupert. Vt., by I', i-;,
the authority in 1785, wtent'e copper
cents wolf Issued, bearing ou one side
a plow nud n sun rising from b ���!.;...'
bills and on I. ��� other a radiated ejw
surrounded by thirteen stars.
Ten rit.ure of a  lleuntlfftl llors.-.
A pen picture of a beautiful hor-" !���
to I"' f iuikI In e:;r- of s 'well  i'ord -
: toi lea in "Hoi'RB9 Nine."    Here ll  . :
In the nails ai (,ray Oaks stables w >r
many  . . otl  htuitun.,  but  none  b
than   Pasha.    Cream   white lie  was.
from lhe Up nf Ms splendid yard long
tall to his plnl; lipped njui:_le. His i
,.as as silk plush,  his neck as s; ;
as a swan's, nntl out of his big, brl h(
eyes there looked such iBtoIII :eni ��� I    '
ono half cxpoctud bim lo Bpeak.
lines   Mere  all  long,  graceful curves,
and  when  lie danced daintily on
Slender legs one could see tho mus-. .
Ilex under Ilie delicate skin.
"Bather nhsentmlnded, isn't he?"
"Extremely so. Why, the other nlgbl
when he c! liunie be knew there was
something be wasted to do, bul be
couldn't remember what it wns until
he had sat up over an hour trying to
"And did he finally remember It?"
"Tesi Iw discovered Hint he wanted
to go to bed early!"
A  Lnehj-  mil.
"I don't mind telling ynu now." snti*
young J 'r. .Frankly, "that you Jusi
called nie in nt thc right time."
"Really!" exclaimed the convalescent.  "I wasn't so bud ns that, was 1?"
"Had! My dear sir, you wero good.
I was down to my last cent and needs))
tlie money!"
The TrnvMer' . Heady Anetrnr.
5ire. Z.-Ltsten, George. The baby ls
saying "Oo-goo-Jn-bo-oo-go." What
dues it remind you of?
Mr. 55.���H'm! Reminds me of it
brukemuu calling out stations.
Tile   To or   Ting.
A Farletiiii clothes dealer tirted .��
flog out of Ids shop. The dog sln,t .iHl
villi some rupiditj .".nd knocked o��n
a woman with a Jug cf milk. Thc
woman broke the .1ug and upset ns
elderly gentleman, and the Jcg es',
both of tbem. At that moment n cyclist arrived and wa* ihro* . off hi*
machine by Ibe prostrate figures, writ
sin ultaueously a curt rsuie sp am?
smashed Uie blcyele. 'Pfce aaglitrate
blandly advised the vnPve squad tft
proceed against tin dog, and tit? aw
bow looking for It���London .;i<l��.
X'lenl-   eu Dsni.
"Vou would get along a great des.
fcettei If you didn't get so ��_r;:ed." ��na
ths calm man %o his irsstiiile friend
"Can't you Irsrn to keep jrour temperr
"Keep my teiupe.rl TVtll. ! likethstr
retorted the other, "i'si csre yon understand tbat I kcfp more temper ttt
one day thnn you lure In yoir posse*1
sion during a w'soie yeur!"
Hc-T lmiio*:{ts��u.
Han-is���Walters   has   been   lookinp. ,
pretty sad since his daughter got married, hasn't bs?
Correll���Yes. You see, he had uo
sooner got his dau���-hter off his hinds
than be found he would bave to put
her husband eu his feet��� Town and
Country. 'div. Delta iiMiss, TyissDAv, ski'Temi,!.!. .4* t
VjWj ,
KITTSON���A1   Sast   Delta,   on
Tuesday.   :?4{lt    inst.,    William!
Joseph -KiitstR,.   eldest   son   oi (
_��,obt. lv and Mary RitU.ui, agedj
83 y?5"-* *-!<i-y months.
Funeral at, 1.1 o'cloQk ^a.m. Wednesday.
H..   BuraoU,   of Victoria,   came
over for the-Fair.
A. Cosier*, wt New Westminster, ]
visited tke Fair ew .Saturday.
Old Established ind Reliable Companies
Glairns Promptly Adjusted.
Thos. ���hortreed paid a shot', visit
to Vancouver ou Saturday last.
N. A.  McDiamid  spent  Thursday in the Terminal  City on busi-|
ness. I
White, Shiles & <��,
230 Columbia Street,   -   New Westminster, B.C
Laduer was   booked   for a grand
Mrs. J.   Fountain,   el Rockpoit,  ���fltertaiaraeut,   consistiut of n��CY-
Wuk, spent a few days  her*, last\iat pictures, illnstrated;stwj9  and
^ff\ I maf nificent chromatic views on Fri-
��� ��� day  evening, (September 27th, bat
f. Gibbie left, yesterday, ou a
trip to Seattle and other Washington jMiats.
W. C. Calhoun, postmaster at
ReYelstokt, took in. the Fair on
Tom-. Frsesasn was amsng the
visitors from. the Koyal City on
Saturday last
Martin Draper, of Eburue, is visiting his consia, Geo. Grauer, at
.fcUnitary Bay.
awing to the arrangements made
by the local Baptist Church to koM
'chair entertainment on the same
late, the management, im consideration of sane, cancelled hit date
And hat airanged to have his en-
tsrt.i_.aent 0.1 Thursdsy evening,
Oct. 3rd.
Miss J. llh* and her brother, D.
M.,    went   over   to   the Terminal
Citv, yesterday.
Rev. J. P. Betts left, yesterday,
��,i- a visit te Xamloapt for the bene-
5_ of his health.
The 3rd Annual Fall Sa'e
Will bc held in tke
above Yard on . . .
Wednesday, October 23,
Early Entries Solicited.
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Fawcett returned hoae yesterday, iron, their
honeymoon trip.
Mr. and Mrs. H. McCormick, of
Vancouver. .-*ine over, Friday, to
lake in. the Fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, ol Cloverdale, .arrived here on Friday last,
fin a waaiaats visit..
H. N. RICH,   Auctioneer,
To notify tbo people of Ladner and sur-
connding district that we a?e now in a
positioii to offer Vancouver'Island
Ab greatly reduced prices, making' it- possible for parties who contemplate building!
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices-.
iii���im��Ei w   BR. Oi
NEW WESTMINSTER,       -     - -
B. 0.
C ".
T i VA'      V
For Your
Alive or Dressed.
Part GuirhoH.
Mg^������'-.- /���'/������
Cot Glass..
Watch Repair.3
Andrew Oausen.
IJuDNUX   B. C.j
Mrs. Fenton and daughter, Miss
Bessie, went up to the Royal City,
'Friday Uat, ���&-. bnsiness visit.
Mr. aad Mrs. H. L. Wilsou returned kome, yesterday, from sn
txtended visit to Eastern Waihiu*-
Mr. and Mr. Geo. Blakely, of
Maw Westminster, .ver? among tht
visitors to our Fair on Saturday
Mrs. Betts left yesterday, fer
Woodstock, Out., to attend thr
Meeting el the Soard of Missionary
fflHBHK!_(K!BB83SS5S5'^^r-*,.T~-. . _���-;'<_*���. �� BgSmsm?&X.'SW��eii,
Incorporated 1907.
-tith-JT Belrtae, who kas been
laid up, darini the j tat week, with
an attack of u ea.les, is able to Bt
around ax tia.
Mrs-. W. A. Mace, Vancouver,
fttnrned home, on Satnrday last,
after spending a ctuplt ot wttks
here tke guest of Mrs. P. Shirley.
11,-1. Robt. May cauie down from ���
the Royal City to takt ia the Fair.
nnd rt .us-ned.m .he eye*ing accompanied ky htr hnsband,   wit)  went)
^p to spend Sunday. j
Chas. Ellis, wh*  kas been visit-,
ing   bis   fcrothei-s   here   for   some
months  past,   left,   yesterday,   for
Mtcsowm,  8wtk���  where  he   will
orebakly purchase Itnd.
Westminster and Vancouver, K.L
Tremendous shipments of New Fall Goods now'coming in.
We can give you better ehoe satis action than any other Shoe
House in the West,.
All'"our Shoes are made specially for ua from deBijgns of
our own.
We carry a high grade of Waterproof Boots for Men and
Women. We also control the agences lor the beat lines of
MEN'S WORKING & LOGGING- BOOTS manufactured to-day.
We would call special attention ur iine ��� I
B. C. Leather Co.,
112 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
English Oafs Tanned Harness Leather
IK, ii mm m mn \
Saddlery Hardware,, Horse Blankets and Stable
Closed   Uppers   Leather   and   Shoe   Findings,
Trunks, Bags, Valises.
Estate o
merioan Gum
W.   L*
General Merchant,
Phone 5,
Port] [Guichon
They are the Celebrated BA BRAND made in Indiana
and are the Very Best Wearers that money can buy,. No more
"Kicks" on. Gum Boots if you buy them from us..
k....l&.D       '-JJ.V  UUU1   XX..WUU    _i    jv-    '--ST        ������������    ....~_~    ��� ~r- *   m    --��� _ C^  L *Jt ^1
If It's Aivyihiisg in &iw&& Qon^nsti Urn.      j||kI CXILICC*   OlOlC-U   (11 IU
. N'S SLS mv:"
Now Wesl ber,
Vancouver Branca,
9 Hastii
Shipped Direct
IliTo fill B. C Ports,


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