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The Delta Times Jan 19, 1909

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Vol. 6, No
eerily Ont
Only Two Weeks
By Oveiwhelming Majority���Councillor Davie and
Trustees Pybus and Quaggan A!st> Show
! Great  Strength.
:     As will  be  seen "below,   Reeve: onlv.    Both men who have been re-
j Hutcherson has  been  returned by ; turned are deserving of the  honor
j an  overwhelming  majority   lor   araone them, both being men  who!
j full term, most.people looking upon i have the wellare of the whole dis-
it as his just due alter having beenltrictat  heart and do not interest!
elected to fill out the balance of the themselves in their own  particular1!
I-late J. A. P.terson's term.
���In regard  to  the representative
fpottioii of the district only.    It is a
difficult matter to find  men whole-
Ottawa, Jan. 9 ���There is a vast
JiTeience between ministers of the
Crown abusing thc patronage, by
giving to favorite p .Ifticai ''ocntrac-
t .rs vast _.-m_ cf ihc public monev,
upon the understanding that liberal
contribution be made to the campaign limd, and certain officials of
ie government abusing  their posi-
Don't Delay!
New Bargains Put
Tables Daily.
for Ward II, the prevailing opinion! hearted  enough   to   work for  the
tior.s and taking gifts mnknown to
the 30. emmet-...
���was that  there  w-as  no  need-of a J benefit ol   all the district regardless),,
change -in that Ward as the  sitting I of any one particular portion of it
The  Mail  makes a "reference to
employment of men at  Halifax.
Councillor     lad     done     nothing'
worthy  of dismissal, but that his!
manipulation of the Ward's  funds H' \< Hutcherson ,...-75
hid been  worthy  of praise rather! R'E' KiUson  54
than  of condem latiou,   hence   bis!
re-_!ection by a vote of nearly  two
>to rue.
With regard to School Tiustees
it was rather disappointing to see
si many plumpers. Ratepayers are
not doing-justice to themselves or
to the district g< nerally wren they
are called upo.i to se'ect two-men
���out of a given numb.'r ancl art-so
'blind as to 1 e able  to  see one n:a��
ii i.  _-ii:l, ii. Mills ____.. .._���_ _
solemnized :.t the residence of Mr.
anl Mrs. Frederick, on Tuesday
last, when their second daughter,
Florence   Isabelle, was   united   in
The fiist statutory meeting *of
the Delta Council was held in the
Council Chamber yesterday altei-
noon at 2 o'clock, with the Reeve,
H. J. Hutcherson, in the chair, and
Conns. Gibbie, Davi?, Storey, Mor-
'ley and Embree present,
Minutes of previous meeting were
adopted as read.
From the  Returning  Officer re-
,porting the-result  of' the elections i f .,       ,    ,   ,   .   	
v       " i lather, looked charming  in
as follows:
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
Majority or Hutcheison....i2i
��-OCNCIL-,Q_,   WARD   II.
Alex. Davi... .,. 49
D. A. McKee..,  ., 2.8
by the Marine Department during
I the last-election���Thc evidence be-
! fore the   commission was that the
wOik was-necessary, and that elec-
' tions being in progress bore no
���relation to it kt -all.   This, said the
Mail, "was as corrupt a manoeuvre
as conld be devised."
A .comparison is invited There, and
one has only to recall the Curran
I* )1.   S.KOOI.   TRUSTs_._��.
To_n Alexander   82
Win. Pybus , 186
R.'TI. Quap-gan 103
a Council      We idinfi MK
Majority-for Davie ....21  bridge affair to disprove the claim
' that no evils occurred in Topper or
J Farter's day.    The'i_tm who ...rn-
j ished the labor was'a'Tcrasin of "lhe
iTory Minister   of   Fnbiic 'Works.
; He falsified the pay lists, which contained the names of men who were
aot on tl e works, and there   were
j five times as many men employed as
was  necessary.     ,>_e   explanation
j given fbnemjitcytegfajgco men on
this job was' that large profits had
to'be made arid*'the Contractor made
hea vy subscriptions .to theiTo.ry campaign fund.
The point made here is thfe'e before
A prett'.' but quiet wedding  was
Full instructions re the formation of a Rifie Association for Delta
Tiaviug been receive! from the Department ot Militia, Ottawa, it has
been decided'to call a meeting of
those interested to be held in the
Council Chamber on Saturday
evening'next at 8 o'clock, when it
is hoped there will be a full attendance ofthosewhp have already signified their1 iiitetitioii of joining anc^
as many others as wish to hear the
���conditions read before signing.
The W. L. McBride Estate have
f-gotten'out two very nice calendars,
this year, entitled, "Suowballing"
:and  "The Creek  Beyond  the Vi.
Ladies and Gentlemen, ratepayers of Ward II, Delta Municipality,
��I take this opportunity of thanking
yon for your hearty support in reelecting me to represent you at the
Council Bard for another term.
.J. am, yours faithfully,
Reeve���H. J. Hutcherson.
Ward I.���P. T. Gibbie. 1
Ward II.���Alex. Davie.
Ward III.���Jas. Storey. !
Ward IVr-*S. Morley.
Ward V,���L. W. Embree.
Trustees���W. Pybus  aud ; R. H. j
Report received and adopted..       1
The Clerk also reported that all I
had made the usual declaration and j
v/ere duly .qualified to take their
The following committees were
then struck:
Finance���Cotms. Embree, Gibbie
add Storey.
Rpad���Full Board.
Dyking���Couns. Gibbie, Embree
and Storey.
Healib���Jcun._ Davie, Morlty
2nd Gibbie.
Licensing Board ��� The Reive,
Couns. I).u:e and Gibbie and R. B,
Kittson and-H. J. Kirkland j.P.'s.
Fence Viewers���Jas. Savage, W.
marriage to Frederick  Thomas Ar-!the  'Casse'B'   Commission   it   was
... ���     ., ,,  sworn that'the'V.o.k of the two huu-
thur,  111  the  presence >o:  a small lucmuuuu
.,,"'"'. ���,, dred _aeny>_t.*+he  particular   time
circle ol -relatives.    The ceremonv L. _, ,      ,
- , they-were employed v.'fis r.eeessarv,
was performed by Rev. E/R.'Eart-j whlle in the L.ase ,of the Tory con.
lett, of. AU Saints' Trenaat. The!tractor referred 'to the evidence
bride, wbo was  given away by her before a 'Parliamentary   committee
trav- was ^at many men were employed
for political purposes only.
Tbe Mail conveniently ' forgets
history wben making statements
-such as   the   'very  -foolish one   to
telling suit of Alice blue French
1 Venetian cloth, with .a white beaver
I The 'bridesmaid, Miss Grace
I Frederick, sister of the bride, wore
I a pretty dress of dotted mull.
'��� Gordon Frederick, brother ... the
! bride, acted-as best mar..
The wedding march   was played
I by B.   H. Weare, -organist cf  All
Saints Trenant.
���whichithese comments are-directed.
Much inconvenience was experienced Sunday evening, through the
absence cf light -at'P..Clark's corner,   as people leaving'All  Saints
Church were'unable' to see  where
The groom's :gift ' to  the  bride j to'go on leaving the church.    Care
j was a gold'watch and chain, to the should be taken to  sec  that all the
bridesmflida brooch-set with pearls, | lights are going on Sunday   nights
and to the groomsman a stiel. pin.   ; especially,   as   more  'people   need
'���After'hearty congratulations, the ! them then than  at -any other time
party-adjourned to the dining-room, I in  the  week.    Then,   again, they
which was decorated with ivy  and havetobe paid fcr whether in or
flowers, where the  wedding' repast out.
was served,   'The happy couple left ~ """"       ~* "' "
on   the  2:3c  train  fcr points cast.      Watch'oi-.t for posters, Glee Club
The   bride   was   thc   recipient  of. Entertainment, Friday, Feb. 12th.
many handsome presents. '  ,	
Robt. Stokes returned home, last
evening, from an extended visit to
friends iu the East.
Miss McDowell, sister of Mrs. C.
W. Kelson, left by yesterday's
stage, for Ladysmith, where -he
will join the public school teaching
There are about 4,540 acres in
Hawaii taken up with growing
pineappl-r . There are nine canneries���-five on O.ihu, two on Hawaii, on; on Maui, and One on
Kauai. The pack of canned pine-
-apples for the year ending May 31,
, 1908, wa; 190,060 eases, and will
be abou' doubled ior the present
year. O' fr_sh pines, about 700
tons wer    shipped during the past
Popular prices, popular music,
popular Club, Friday, 12th February.
Sidnev Rich left, to-day for Victoria, where he will resume his
The   outgoing : ice
Reeve and Clerk to interview J. B.l havoc among the piling-of the new
Elliot with regard to the  repairing  bridge across Canoe'Pass.
Wright, Wiv. Pybus, C. 11.: Davi>s j of his driver and' report.	
T. Robertson. 1    The  Reeve nr.d 'Ccun .   Gibbie
, , The Ladies Guild cf All  Saints
Pound keepers-*-! obti  Savage, J. and Davie were ^appointed  a e >m- ^ ... .."   . , ,
. '' Treuant, will meet at the home of
mittee to'do  nil  in ; their power to t ��-�����_,����, ��r>w _
,    .     , .   ,      ,    , .    Mrs. A. DeR.  Tay i.v,  on Thurs-
obtam ihe use of the dredge to fee   ,
day next-at 2:30 p.m.
up the fcteshore.
Richardson, N. Allen, S. Morley,
R. F. Handford, R. H. Quaggan,
���R.bt. McK.ec, J. Fulton.
Health Inspector���Dr. King.
Coun.  Gibbie ���wi'-sappo'iited'to
The matter ot procuring a rack I interview H- Trim ""d others in-|BRAN,
for the Com-oil wagon  was left'in > terested as tc  increasing width ofj    Corn,
the hands cf-Coun. Morley  wit'h road at -end   of   Westham Island
power to.act. 1 bridge from 33 to 45 feet wide.
Com   Meal-���Brackman-
Ker   Milling. Co..   Ltd., H. N.
RICH, Ladner, B.C.-sAgent.
Coun. Davie -drew the .attention
"of the Coiintil to the condition of
the corrall. The Reeve aud Count-.
Davey and Storey were appointed
to look after this matter and report.
The Clerk reported upon the condition of the Town Hall and the
Reeve find Couns. Davie and Storey
; were appointed a committee with
power to act in this matter.
Re the l^aniu^ of the piledriver,
it   was   left   in  the  hands cf the
Coun. Embree-stated that work
would have to -be done to the East
Delta dyke in the very i-c ir future
and the making of temporary repairs was left in his hands with
power to act.
The  Reeve was of the opinion
that whatever-work i. done to the
dykes should bc of
Thc S.S. Lapwing came in this
morning, having finished breaking
the ice which' the John L. Card
"was unable tc break up yesterday.
A meeting of the subscribers of
permanent; the Farmers' Telephone  Co., Ltd.,
Iis called for  2 p.m. to-morrow ti
The Council theu  adjourne 1 till i be held in the Council ChaniH.t.
Saturday, February 13th, at 2 v.m. Ladner. ..HE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, JANUARY io, 1909.
Publish..-   k.kry Tuesday.
Tfie Market.
New   Westminster.   Jan.    16.���
I The   weekly   market   was   but   a
��� s ight improvement over   that  of
la t week, supplies in every line being short and i,n   cases where frost
_<3��,_iai# a. .ertiM-nenu, ij scats per Hpe for  was  to  be   feared, absent entirely.
The market was i.imost entirely
confined, to meat .ales, of which
there was a fait supply in most-
1     Following is the list of quotations
! prevailing at yesterday's market:
Subscription. $1.00 pes year.
h__rslI_��cttio_,n_d5ce_ts_per line for each
hb_equent iusertion. The number 61 lines
Eckoncd by the space occupied, 13 lines to the
Fashion Stables>
Rates for Coramcr.ci.__. AdveitiseinenVs can be
had wit t-i.pUct.tiou ut this oflice.
Reading notices io cents per line fcr each in-1
Birth und Death notices. 5cQ., Mur:. lager.-$i.oo.
Any special notice, the object oi. which is to i       .,     ..       , .    , . . ,,
promote Lhe pecuniary benefit of any. imliv........ I       Beet,      hjndqiia Tiers,      7C     tO     SC
Ot coi..i_;.hv, to be considered nu advertisement u      _- ��� <.
���nd c.^��-;.i,Qccordin(iiy. ! per lb; forequarters, 4c to 5c.
All advertisements charged for. until ordered i       MllttOIl,  IOC to XIC per lb,
out and paid for.   ' I
Correspondence invited on matters oi public
merest. Communications to editor must bc ac-
u?Oipaiiicd by muuc of. wrU^y, not necessarily
tlSr publication, bit**, as evIdeiUe of good faith.
CSprrespoi.deuce must reach thU otlice by Thuis-
iay eveutng.
Quo. R.
ng .
Now that, the elections are over
fpt auothei twelve months, it is
-loped that the new. Council will
OtUt forth every, effort to .pree the
hand of the .ai-way, company regarding the completion, of the
diverted River- road. The Railway Commission ordered the road
built as it is, and the same Commission said that the rq��d should
be maintained by the. Railway Company for three vrears, T:he company has failed to obey a, portion oi
tjie order, i.e., "to, maintain," as
the road had become dangerous to
tjavel, and wg nre.at' the opinion
that it is the duty ot the Council
to bring the. condition of aflairs to
Lamb, nc to 12c per lb.
Veal, medium, 1.1c per lb;
���7c to 8c.
Pork,, H}iz to 9P per lb.
Eggs,   wholesale,  45c   per
retail, 50QS
Butter, 35c to 40c per lb.
Fowls,   $7.00 to $8:50 per doz;
chickens, $5.50 to.$7.00 per doz.
Broilers, $4.50 to $6 per doz.
Potatoes, $15 per ton.
Apples, 75c to $ 1.00 a box.
Onions, $1.25 per sack.
Turnips, 50c per sack.
Carrots, 50c per sack.
Parsnips, 75c ] er sack.
Truekinc and Draying.     Livery Work of
All Kinds Attended to Promptly.
AH Kinds o_ Firewood Always On Hand.
Incorporated 18>Q.
J.   ft
nm 20, LADNER B.C.
Total Assets Over Forty-Nln:
$ 3,900,000
$ 4,390,000
of Waterproof
For Winter Weather
East Er* Notes.
Coun.   Embree   has   not   noticed
auy subsidence in  the  cribbing on
the.big. hill?    If he will take a gocd
look he will find oneof at least two|
feet.,   The subsidence  is  none the
less real on account of being grad-1
u.il.    This   cribtiflg   h.is  been   in
glace for about thirty-five years and i
its tot:il collapse may  be  expected
end Promptly Done.
the notice oj-the _iaii\vay Commis- W day. Is k good, management
sion who, we feel sure, will see to tQ allow the water to run down thej
it that the Railway, Company does 1 bill all ths time so that when a;
act up to the order. ! frost-comes  the road  becomes tm-
1 passable as at the present time.
Tae municipal dyke aiong the
Trunk road is all right except
where it has been cut away oppo-
posite E. Gaudy's barn, apparently
for lhat gentleman's convenience.
Query, Wculd not the whole municipality be btld responsible for
the i; ilure of the Council to. comply with the statutory, requirement
the Delta Saw ffiilte
Are Prepared to . . .
furnish All Kinds oi.
Shingle?,  Doors* Sash  and
House   Finish   of   Ali   Descriptions.
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
Savings Department.
Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONK DOLLAR
and  Upwards.      Interest paid,  or credited,
yearly on Jane 30th and December
31st each year.
K. D. SIMPSON. Manager,  LADNER, B.  C.
R. D. McKenzie, Prop.
Newly Furnished Throughout, and
First-Class in EverV Detail.
Rates on Application.
_����� <%H_��*3. �����������gtM-h*-*-*-���������*..��
I mu in
���>���������*>������������>*������*��� >n*V* ��������� >*��
B. C.  ���!���
iO.U.W. bistallatiojis.
The officers ofi'Delta Lodge were
installed last evening by the.Grand
Master of B. C, W. Hi Smitb, assisted by Grai.cL Secretary. J. T.
Mcllmoyl   and   Pr CM;   Alex. I to maintain the dyke at its proper
Stewart, of Victoria, as.follow s:
P.M.W., A.. A. King.
M.W., W. Pybus.
Foreman,, R. F. Handford:
Overseer, Tas. Follis.
Fin.. Sec, \V. M. Smitb.
Rec. Sec, W. Millar,
Treas., Thos. Todd.
Guide, Jos. Harris..
I.G., John Harris.
O.G., W. Bain.
After the installation, with Dr.
I^hig in the chaii;, the ��� following
jffogramm-e vvasjuu  off: The Lad
level if any damage should result.
No announcement of that meeting to discuss the water works
Your "Warning" ra sanitary
stables has been noticed and manure is being cleared l'rom vicinity
of stables. "But how. about the
water supply."' Vancouver cily
does not have to interfere, it is the
duty of the government inspectors
to see to it that stables are kept in
a sanitary condition  and   also tbat
: tbat a supj ly of pure water is avail-
i abl. for liumaTi being*.
Is it the duty of the municipality
���^ Manufacturers of all kinds ol
v Soda Water, Ginger
*    Ale and Summer
|. Drinks.
,*,       Your patronage solicited
B. H.   wears:
bogs to announce that he re opened
his Mandolin and Violin Classes
in Waddell's Hall, over Gifford's.
barber shop, on Thursday, Sept.
For further particulars  apply to
tVfandalins, Strings, Etc.,
Supplied at City Prices.
The   BEST  Water   Tanks   Are
'ado mi This Mill.
New Navel Oranges are ci ming
ill in fine shj*pe ami are gttting
cheaper���'.V. H. s^mith.
Last week, a gold chatelaine
brooch (Fleur-de-Lis). Finder
please return to
For Safe.
Bony Marg iu foal tp Diamond
City, with nearly new set- of harness and cait.    Apply at
dairy stock have an  ample  supply
i^rBand rendered  a fine musical' of pHre w ater
programme and Mr. and Mrs. Cos-
4an  sang   beautih.ny   "Larboard |il is the d,Uy of anyo;,e t0  see l0 ?
Wsttch"; ���  a   whistling    duet    ly
Messrs. Brawn  and   Voorheis was!
much appreciate.).    Miss   Minerva , . _,.���..,    ....     _,,._.,...
Smith act.1 as accompanist on tbe! to see that its ._hab,.ant_e._,st an- ATLANTIC   S.S. flOENCY
the piano in her  usual blight and!der  samtary   'ondlU"" ?      "   so' 	
takinc wav ' how isit tliat (-"lr-nesc'JaPs'IIilu,O0S
After the programme bad been i and some white men ate allowed to
disposed of, adjournment was made Ilive  in   ���all, ill-ventilated shacks
le the banqueting hall, where about [grounded   by.   filthy   condition.'
IfS 8���� d��wn to a sumptuous re-1 Have we a bealth ofilcer- ,n ll ls
past arranged by Mrs. Todd, the i raunieiPalily"' If S0' 1S he doi,1B
tables being decprated with potted ! bis ( uty? Is he backed ��*> by the
flowers, ferns and palms., ' j ������!>*1 or what lsthe matter? Tlle
"Dancing  was  next indulged, in Ishack?   e>;iit'   the   hah   is  lher8"
and continued until 2 o'clock when! Whn is ^sponsible?-
5 went home  having  thoroughlv |     What about  that  High  School?
alloyed the-hospitality of the mem I Are th" Tfenallt Schoyl   llouse and
bers.of'.i'i.!;ta Lodge.
grounds avai!at_,.cLor.this. purpose?
Pure Fruit Jams   in   5-Ib.  tins
finest quality���W. H. Smith.
Sometime during liast evening no
less than t'Ejee, stofcg ^erp broken
Ipto* viz.: H. f. Hucherson, W. II.
Smith and E. .5. McBride. Tbe
Chief of the Police Department has
the matter in hand.
"To-day is the time for laughter,.
To-morrow the time for tears,
Whatever may come hereafter,
Whatever of woe with years.
To-day is the time to borroyv,
The best that the God? can give,
We can sorr<_w, if need be, to-morrow,
But to-day is the time to live,"
White Star.
Red Star.
Leyland Line.
A lautic Transport.
\Vhite Star Dominion Line.
11 fore purchriviig your tickets consult the un"
d.rstl u'.d w!;o eun sell yo i tickets nt the lowest
rale for vonrstlf or to.sen-1 lo your frieml..
A. BeR.
m THE WQfiLI..
$4.81. Per Year.    Single Copj-, 10 Sts.
Sample Copy Fbee.
_l_Ni&_.^. 4V ^i ��� _ iu St.. JS^w Yor*.
n. m. hvlor,
Veterinary Surgeons.
AU   Calls   .   .   .   .   .
Promptly Attended to
Phone 35 Stainton Block
Ladner, B.C.
W. N. Draper,
Room 2. ailard niock.New Westminster.
Improved Farm for Sale
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned up to twelve o'clock
noon, January 20th, 1909, for the
purchase ot tlie whole or a portion
of the farm of the late J. A. Paterson. being part of Lot i,vi, Group
2, New Westminster District, containing 120 acres more or less.
Tenderers to state amount to be
paid in cash and terms required on
the balance. This farm is conveniently situated, one mile from Ladner on Trunk road, is all under
cultivation and thoroughly under-
drained, about 60 acres fronting on
Crescent Slough, ft has a new,
two-storey nine .00m dwelling,
with back kitchen and woodshed,
all modern conveniences, furnace
heated and electric lighted; new
barn, 50x90, and barn 50x80; implement sheds, dwelling for hiied
men, driving barn and other outbuildings.
The highest or any tender not
necessarily accepted.
Agent ior Executrix.
Drawer 309, New Westminster.
New Crop, Onion, Carrot, Mangel, Timothy, Clover, Alsyke, now
in stock, more to arrive.
All on test at our Greenhouses���
best to be obtained. Samples sent
to intending purchasers.
Get them off first hands no mid-
d!..:maii's profits.
Leading varieties of home grown
Fruit and Ornamental Trees. Bee
Supplier. Spray Pumps Spraying
Mixtures, Fertilizers, Greenhouse
140-Page Catalogue Free
M. J. HENRY'S Nurseries,
,..     30-10 Westminster Road,
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
iii  .Jul-'
Our Entire Stock of
Ladles' and OMIds
Ready-to-Wear Goods
and Fancy Goodm
AU New and Up-to-Date Stoek, to Clear at Ccet aud
l ,, 1 rom ll"' V. titer.
The .pouges ci commerce and the 'U-I.��_
i i'j��).'nf iit'-.'.ir .pn L. .���_-, <r  not fell''no
.��� :; iiTl! :'��� ��� liuo   TT, liTuly I...��� iv  sk .U.toni
li'axesvork,    That  which   MinStlt-litM
I'.ii' v"nl i arm Is removed In proporlnj
_ f'.'.r win i-.'.'C.
��� ��������� iio not hava tho.poworof mo
��� ,.'.'. by t:tit_. animals,   'l'lioy tin
��� ly nl-.vny.. attached to sunnier, ill < b-
...    t-.:.���... ;i i'.i  Impossible Cor tkuin t<
.' iT.-'i-t food, thoy can grow onlj
ill.   .   .........lllCTO ij|.Kl.t/'jf l-.Tsl SITCL
..11 v roijulro.
'J hey 1...1 ihom aottve lo Cresh thnn in
tit witter is'-'1 (tin lu a short time if ox-
isod to the uir. Thdsurtaoo uf a living
i'Tuv is covered svitii minute pores,
. :��� ;!j which water i. imbibed, oarrylni
t.!i It both 1!:'.' iTlr ar.d tho organic par-
���!���.-..��� " ������ lt.i'-.v for the support of lifo.
Sp . j. nro distributed through all seal
nl uru .iii-s t.itiI chit ily according to the
rechtteol tile skeleton, l'he Modite.
ntn_i and the Rud ecus aro tho sponging
iVJ, oi tha old world. Tho ground!
tlw new world are tho Bahamas, south-
innd western lol'ldu and parts ol' tin
1 ��� i  Indies,
Titi ;  _r_pfnigi.of oouimeroo Is found l_
��� ��� Mediterranean'  and is knowu as  thi
lu-lsi-y, or Smyrna, epwige. It is obtained
diver.., v. liu go clad tn ui'iiiorv/huti dlv-
Hpongos are usually obtained by Ashing
;��� tliem. Whon a sponge vessel arrive!
th ���.!! hing grounds in tho linhnnuis, it
nm hoivd, :'.i_i the crew immediately get
t.ly tor work, Tlio spongo Usher's out-
consi.tsof a small boat oallod u "din-
v." a l.sii^r hook nod a water glass. Tho
:t.v hook 1_ a three pronged iron fork
i.thud to the entl.'n. a very long pole.
u' water glass Is simply n wooden water
tckot wltb a isottom uf common window
Tp use it the glass bottom Is thrust into
tho water, tho tishorninn puts tho bail
iiTOiind bis neck and then buries bis bond
rt :;> iii tho huekut to oxcludu the light.
'1 v ro t iv rslwcys two men to each dingey
- ' ���. ." act us "sculler" and tho othor a.
'.coke."." While tho sculler propels the
jit .��� .". 11: ������:)" vory slowly the hooker, in a
i-.i posltiuu, keeps his head In tin
,-������: : lact, lu'jkiT.y down ln tlio wator.
VI- .. ,. I'ootl sponge Is sighted, the hookei
."os n :���-,....I, itt ;l tho dingey stops.
'i 1 '      :_ thu sculler and booker thrust
nh i 1 j    :-.c hook down through the water
��� liiI i-ii ��� it  undor th@ spongo    Tho roots j
ore thus palled loose from Iho rocks, and j
soo t .: ���_��� G-imo is ;t_ lhaillugoy.    Thu:; the i
vroi !t goe.-oti until n boatload is obtained, '
st 1 ihen tlioy nro taken ashoio und placed |
ii  crawls  to  be cured.    Tho crawls are |
built by sticking pieces of brush or stakes
lulu  tho sand  just out of  tbo water or
where it ls very .hallow.
They remain in the crawls while undergoing tutto. ..itton, and tin-refuse Isoarrled I
away In ihu olib and llow of tho tide. |
Di .Ji..'lliey nro left In tho crnwls for a
wet k ���, then tho Itshorinon roiuove them
snd givo them ahiatinp lor thoimrpose oi
leiitoving ull chance inipu.ilios. After
U10 beating they aro thoroughly cleansed
still aro ready lor market.���Philadelphia
FTlnssornte Social Conrtealea Thnt Ar*
IT*. Uniii.<"tl In Everyday I.lfe���l_m-
ssrus-s-s nnd Kl__e_���The l_tl,iuett��
ol' _i'i';.i-s nnd Ybwiih.
In contrast to some uorthurn nations, 11
ls hardly too much to say that tho Moor,
of whatever class, is born a gentlcmun.
There is snob a t;ruce about tho humblest,
sticli an easy dignity, that whenever circumstances place them in positions calling
for the exercise of courtesy they very seldom fail to respond, nnd thus it comes to
pass that in a democratic nation, in whioh
every mnn of ability���cunning jiorhap*
would bo the bettor word���muy rise to the
highest placo, '.veil though he start life ua
n slave, tho self proclaiming parvenu is
practically nonexistent. Tliis is not, however, to imply that gauchorio nnd tha
pleasant manners whicli come from evil
dispositions or stupidity are unknown.
Unfortunately the lifo led Iiy the average
Moor is ono that dwarfs refinement of intellect, as it does development of mind,
and tho vices to which the majority stto-
cumb in early lifo too often stultify the
most prominent commencement.
It is a pretty sight to seo two elderly,
dignified Moors salute. With measured
paco, tho eyes of each fixed on thoso of the
othor, thoy apy roach with a slight inclination, holding the right hands slightly advanced. They press their finger tips together and begin a volloy of prescribed
salutations, greetings ar.il inquiries, hardly pausing to insert replies nn;l ejaculate
"God be praised I" Thou each presses the
liiider tips which havo been honored by
contact with thoso of his friends against
his lips and then upon his heart ns he
raises his head uud redoubles his salutations.
To evory fellow Moslem tho greeting is
Ittvon  "Es-salam   alaikum"  ( 'Pence  bo
unto you").   To which tho answer is "Wu
alai kuinos-snlam ("And toyou bcpwioo")
To the unbeliever tho nearest approach to
Uils permitted Is "Ala saloni' tak" ("On
tiiy poace"), which might mean anything
Ike'way to speed tho parting guest ls tu
cN-Uiiin, "God givo then pence, ' or, more
��� :tiiy, "lti peaco.'    To those whose pros
nco haa never been desired it is usual to
���xc'nini   lu   tones   sufficiently   explicit,
'Allah ihnitn-niil" ("God prutr.ct thiol")
'-Ti urrival it is custotunry to excluini to
..to gucet, "Welooino to thoo!"or 'Mar
habtinn, uhlan jvu snhlan" ( 'Bo weleome
.i Homo, nud at ease ')    Courteous inter
...Ti-jrics tail thick arid fust   "How art
iiouv Thy house';'"���the nearest uppiv.it.t
permitted to Inquiry nfter a man's wifo
' Thy relatives)   \Yhnfc nowi..    Ih nothing
.vrong.'    To which ho replies, If thero it
TotliinK  specially  Itt coiuplain of'   "All
h\ ii  bad   news   '..-.rr-  tQ t-.ss pi sen. "Gt>T
. i���':��������� s   I'jyp.i)'thing is Lnibubumlu! Ond
'.'. li vi o .j .-!. :n meets alCurcpcttti in
; They Can Mnrry Vheinselvea and Save
the Weddinic Foe.
"Tlio law is very blank on the question
wliich occasionally comes up as to tlio lo'
gal right of a clergyman to marry liim
self," observed a lawyer. "Of course thur_
aro not many clergymen who havo ever
contended that they had the legal ns wcl'
as tho ecclesiastical right to perform a mui
riago when they woro personally pnrti-t
to it, and there never will bc, from the
peculiar circumstances of tho ease. As far
us the laws of this District are uoucornud,
however, a clergyman is just us competent
to marry himself ns ho is to mnrry others,
tor the reuson that tlio laws do not buj
anything to the contrary, mid tho olergy
man's certificate that tho marringo hai
beon performed Is ul) that ia needed to
make it lawful.
"I am not up luecclosiastieal law to any
groat extent, and I am uot able to explain
tho church ordinances, but as f_r as 1 can
learn a clergymun uf uny o( the leading
denominations has nil tho church right to
marry himself thatiiuhas to marry others.
Tho court of queen's bench In Dublin on
Nov. 10, 1855, hud a case of this kind un
dor consideration, the only point in issue
being whether a clergyman could mnrry
himself. Tho case was vory fully arguod
and Is reported in the reports of that court
ami quoted by many English law \w.!.is.
The decision was itl the nllirniutivu, and
thut is tho lnw of England today, boipi
of tho slate laws may have thought 11. nee
essary to express au opinion lu the matter,
but 1 huve never teen uny. Thoeicu Hint
1 relet' to Is oiled iu the books ns Hint ol
Beamish versus Beamish. It was a proceeding for n Hi voire, in whioh the question was raised that tin ro ni ver hud been
Hifinrrluge,"���Washlngti a .-tar.
Similarity of Animal* nnd Hu.
It has been observed that if tlie
tamed dog is taken back to Uie wild
itato be loses his voice. These "sounding voices" are produced in the animal
throat in it way similar to human language, but are not "voices'' proper nor
"languages" proper, and yet tbey are
full of psychological expression anil reveal the animal's psychic states. If we
tickle a chimpanzee in the armpit, tin
touch produces a Krin on the face similar to .hut of n man under like circumstances. He also emits laugbtcrlikn
sounds. Tho sume is the case wiLli tU:.
ourang outnng. Tlio gorilla knits th("
brow when angry, jusl like men.
We often observe in upes �� complete
change in tlie facial muscles when
something is going to happen, be ii
agreeable or disagreeable. It is so ills,
with the child, in apes there is evidently tho same connection between
the facial muscles and vocal muscles as
iu mun.
inn   .'ulinr.B,
Thn question is mooted whether Mi'-
vulture knows of Its nJiarry by sight oi
_'._'.'ll. Uow docs It communicate tbe
news of ii feast to its fellows? A tiger
hnd been killed.
Colonel Uninsay ordered tho carcii_M.
of the skinned tiger to be dragged out
vloiu under tbe thick mango trees into
the open. Taking out his watch, he
iskfid us to make u guess as to how
long the vultures would take ta clean
the flesh off the bones. Some oue said
half au hour. A.e thero was not a vulture in sight, this seemed even betting,
but Colonel Ramsay gave them ten
njln sites, which proved to be correct.
There was one vulture at first soon
soaring round anS round very high up
in the cloudless sky. He closed his
wings nntl dropped on to the carcass
witli a swoop. In two minutes the sky
was full of vultures, all concentrating
from every side ou the spot, and arriving with all the impetus their drop
from a great height gave them as fast
as it takes to tell the story. Then
there commenced a frightful scene of
Bteral carnage, every oue tearing with
sharp, hooked bill at the entrails first,
then at the flesh, all lighting for room
to get �� piece aud tumbling over one
another with frantie haste.���"Tbe For-
csts of Upper India and Their Inhabitants," by T. W. Webber.
"op ot  tlie i i.rbnn   - f >r  1      It i'i i
irr'.ip of a )���: r.i u: ���     n wording   ro  ���.
i rms en which they a. . ....:���:'.)     i he un .
i  |c. t fenus are  : t --'-���.���.���.?'; - rely  it--:  '���
: ..pi it* ' afa','*:r, though tt:iv tiro cipjilo,' ���
s; met i.i.es to Eutopi ..is   I ;i t'.ui CTTtrennn
it supjjllcrt! Ion thu very let: ol ono .-. i. ���' -
aro'. ntbruccd.
'i'iiu old custom ol till Hug on ono allot li
ir's nooks issii.l i:i voguu botweta frlendi
long ecpnratoii Mon and women restrict
their grcotings in public to words, bin
personally I was somewhat startled 1 y t hi
million omlirneoof a nogross whoso true
inm my father had keen tho menus of oh
Tiinii:;; when rcturi ins to tho conntr.
liter somo years'absence Thu kisses on
such occasions are, however, fortuniitoly
loliverod In the air or on tho shoulder. It
is customary to exclaim at such ineeiiniT;..
'1 have been desolated tor theo."
To judgo from tho exclamations ever on
(lie tongues of tho Moors, tlioy might bc
an extremely pious people, and no doubt
thero nro among thcin thoso who really
mean what they say, but generally the
n ost religious phrases have degenerated
into vain repetition Kluhurutu curses Call
r.lnTost n_ freely.
When about to repeat sooto pnrt of the
Koran or n prayer, the petition Is cu..;
tnonly uttered, "I take rctuge with God
from tiu'.un, the stoned," and when anything grent or alarming occurs they exclaim, "Thero is neither ohnngo nor power,
save in Cod, tho lliph, the Mighty!" i.h'o
tatlons from tho Korun uru also Crauly in
ii'oduccd in conversation by tho icarnod
na nro proverbs utid sayings by tho gonor
lljlty of Moors, a knowledge of whicli is a
great help tn conversation.
Several lltllo social USIlgOS nf Moorish
life deserve attcr.tii n, though not confined
to Morocco, su-Ii us tha eichiumtlon tc
one who sneezes, "Tho torgivouoss of Tie I
beon mo nud ontl.ee!" to whioh thorcplj
is, ".Justice nnd prnlse to Godl" If D
man who yawns in public does not ll .> tho
prescribed formula, uny ono speaking to
liim may place thu buck ot his bund to lib
mouth, uttering a pious sentence, ns tt:
devil is accredited,wltb performing nn m
plousant operation In yawning luotitl
On tlio other band, tr.y on v carli g n nov.
garment or looking Fpucially sprucu o
having pol'fornied some olhvoror merltu
i tis act receives the compliment. "B!
_uhh t-uk ' ("in thy Btrengtli' )
A Moor knows how to enjoy agood Jok,
to the   tt.!!   !|>nl   I     led  ( 11   tiie   I! in
��� :"iuis bm : -mi- ���'. in !   t o. .-ni v li houl r
it. aim in ills h uuhi i    nn ���-, the ���. v. ���
��� I  the story will join ln tho process tt
Kaislug tlielr right hands fur above tin
;��� nds as th.y roll bank, thoy bring  th-.-i.
.-.Mother tn a heart., shnko.    Thero Illivt
is u grand: r way ot enjoying a joke li
rented   Thuwonion when happygivu \sn.
���i their feelings by a shrill "Yoo yoo, yc
yoo in ii i "    -I'hII Mull Gazulto
Chnrneter Il'.illdh,.;.
Chnraclor Is the wool of lionor from
whicli a coat of until can bo woven ti:.",t
the swiftest arrow of shame or the
keenest knife of disrepute cannot
pierce. Every thought Hint enters cur
mind, every net we do and every word
we utter adds a link to the golden
chain of character. The strength of a
steam engine can be esUmated to within nn ounce of its limit, but it is impossible to estimate tlw force of n noble character. The hardest hearts are
softened and the most repulsive dispositions become fascinating. Our failures and our successes help to form a
reputation that muy be destroyed by
an external force, but the destruction
of a character can only bo effected by
some internal force.���Our Hoys' Magazine.
Her Ilca.on.
Dr. Torter hud responded to a note
left nt his door by a fai mer askin;1
him to go as soon as possible to see lii.
little boy, who hud "a very bail cold."
The doctor took ono look at tho child
and turned to the mother.
"Don't you know your boy Is coming
down with measles?" he asked severely.
"Yes, doctor, I knew he was," said
the woman.
"Thou what iu the world did you
mean by writing uie he bad 'a very bad
cold?' " asked the doctor.
The wonian hesitated for u moment:
then, looking at ber husband, she snid.
with sullen frankness, "Neither him
uor uie knew how to spell measles."
A  Mail Olihc'llu.
Patience��� Why, slie geve tbo best representation of Ophelia 1 over saw.
"Yes. You know Ophelia ia supposed
to be mau'.'"
"Well, there was a party in one of
the boxes, and Ihey talked loud enough
to be heard all over the theater, und
she was the maddest Ophelia 1 ever
saw iu my life!"
Ht.t Soiirec- ,,f Informations
Backlotz��� I'ott don't mean to say tliis
is tlio first you've hoard of it?
Backlotz��� Why, It's the talk of the
Subbubs���Ves, but my wife is away
on a visit.
How Imposition.
Harris���Walters has been looking
pretty sad since his daughter got married, hasn't he?
Correll���Yes. You see, he had no
sooner got his daughter off his hands
than he found he would have to put
her husband on his feet.���Towu and
A Financier,
"Brlggins makes money by establishing
orenmcrios in country towns, does hu? I
thought it wns a notorious fact thai llttlt
orenmcrios don't p:iy."
"Thut's it. Ilia agent works up a
creamery enterprise in some small town,
and Brlggins goes there the next yenr,
buys up tho machinery for u song nnd
sells it to somo village where they have
never hud a creamery."���Chicago Tribune.
(Anglican, i
Holy Communion���i it
Sundays at 8:30 a.iu.; 2:.d
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matim , 11 o'clock.
Evens< ng, 7:30 o'< lock.
: unclaj School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litauy at ,.,,....
Uev. H. R. Eartletr, M.A.,  Vicai
ca ra >i,ic
Services first and third Sunday of
eacb month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 ',).m
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services'next I/ord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, after the morning
seivir-_ every Sunday,
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. T. F. Betts. pastor.
Founded 1392
Incorporated 1893
Services ne.ct Lord's Dav at   1
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sal hath School 2:30 p.m. Midweek meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. J.  H.      iiite, M.A.
Sabbatli services ��� Crescent island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sut day School a; 10:30 a. ro..
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
8 p.m.
Provides  a  Christian   Home for   Students of  both
j sexes  at  moderate   rate..    Has  a   preparatory   class   for
junior students taking  Public  School work.     Does High
i School work and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Examination.,     Teaches  all  branches   of a  Practical Business
'Course and confers Diplomas.     Imparts a Liberal Eduea
tion in its   Collegiate  Course, and  in  the Ladies' Coarse
for M.  E. L., and M.  k. A.     In Theology c.nfers the de
Igree of B.D.    In University work can take students through
'the complete Arts Course for  the   B.A. degree of Toronto
University, with whi^h the College is in full affiliation,    In
Science teaches the  First Year of Toronto  School of Science, and   has  a  Special   Engineering   Course  adapted   to
Practical Engineering work in this Province.    In Music, a
complete   course   in theory,   voice   culture, and   piano  and
organ, in  conjunction   with   the Ton.nto college of music.
Special instruction  iu art anl elocution, while all students
;are  required to take physic.tl training  with   all   the   privileges of a well equipped gymnasium.
v- Trade Marks
ffFSBStfr^ -.     DESICH3.
Anyone Bonding n skoteli nnd dcsorlptlon mn.
qntclil? uscortp.lu onr o;.tnlon free wad her uu
luTissul.n la prohalily pntentnhl _ Communldt.
tk .ir.._rioi)yi"smiii._;i:_. tint.'UBOOK on Patents
Bir.t. irno. Oldest ftizoncr for -oaorlpg inuc-ma.
I.itcnts taken tnrounn Munn At Co. receive
sy.'.-i'il ntiiir'.. without cbniyto. In tba
Scientific American,
A hnuiisomuly Illustrated weekly* Largest ctr-
culntlon of any sotentlfla journal, 'forma lor
Canuda, t. .75 a year, put.ti.go prepaid, gold by
all m.n'_dcc,ler_.
Ei_lSNN ft Co.��f ����������� New Yer-:
Branch Oflice. 626 F Bt.. Washington, D. C.
. ti'
Took the Mini.
"Just by wny (it n l.lnt, you know, 1
tolil inr sho lookoil swoetnaougb tu i.iaa."
"Well, sho siilil tliatwna tho wuy .ha tn-
tenil.il to look."
"Ami so"���
"Praolsoly."���Chicago Post.
Ii--.-. i!_,-�� Miu Ako Then.
A young niiivric. ti-.-tti never vivtlltM
that bo Is .gutting old until Iio in uu   iollod
to liny full fi.T'ii fni'lii_ IIt'.i��� li.-n n whol
hns liim un nsti'i
inetoiiil 'i'rlbunu
-ii ha
Crn.y   In    !Hocli��rfttlons
Wtfe���If l WHiu to iii., l'hil, whut
-,������:,! you doV
.   .:   I'd In  i:    t cr i"v.
w Ifu- Would you marry again?
i'Uil-No; 1 woli'.ilii't Ijb that ci'iiliy.
Some ooiiunontators maintain isnt ��v-
eryono ot tlio Ksiilins hail a iii. iimi ilunco
appropriated to It und that It Was to Ml
own inudlii tlmt David danced before the
the av. mi;., rato of wagei ln Korea M
M coots a duy.
Open House.
J'Coino and dine with us tomorrow,"
���Bill the old follow who had Uiodohla money uud wanted lo i u_h bis wuy into iooi
"Horry,"  replied the elegant man, "1
enn't.    I'm going to sen 'Hamlet.' "
"That's all right," said tho hospitable
eld gentleman, "bring him with you."���
Luudon lit lilts.
Sueletj' S.m* In In din.
We learn from nn Indian paper that Mr.
��nd Mrs. Tlianiliynayananipiiliii are now
on a visit to lvovilkiulyiriuppti. Mr.
Thaiiibynayagampillai is the son of .fudgo
0. S. A___nuyngunipillniund_fiii-ln-law ol
Mr. A. .IiHnbiilhigainuiudolliur.���\Vo*4-
minster Ga_etto.
5. *^mr$&e$M��-.d> ^
Any available Dominion Lauda with- j
in the Railway Belt in British Colum
Ma, r.'Tay be homest.aded by any per
son who is tho sole head of a family,
or any male over IS yenrs of age, to
the extent of one-quarter section ol
160 acres, more or less.
Entry  must be  made  personally at
the local land office for tlio district in
which the ia;,d is Situate.    Entry    by
proxy may, however, be made on certain conditions by tho father, mother,
] non, daughter, brother Or sister of an
I intending homesteader.
I    Tho homesteader Is required to i or
form the conditions connected there
with under oneol the following plan
(.1) At  kast six months'  residence
upon und cultivation of the land    in
a.li yi ar for three years.
;2) If the father (nr mother, li the
father is deceased) cf the homeeteader
. i Ides upon a farm In the vli Inli y "
the land entered for, the r 'i\'\'- m m -
aa i.i residence may e satlsl .��� I b:
such person residing with thc atttei
or mother.
(3) If the BBttler lias his pi rmanoni
residence upon  farming    land owne
by him in the vicinity of hia homestead,   tho  requirements    as  to   ri
dence  may  be  satisfied by  residen
upon the said land.
Six month..' notice in writing should
ho given to lhe Commissioner of Dominion Lands ai Ottawa of intent-ion
to apply for patent.
COAt,.���Coal mining rights may be
leased for a period of twenty-one
years, at an annual rental of $1 p>'i'
rftore. Not moro than H.FiGll acre, shall
be leased to one Individual or company. A royalty at the raio of five
cents per tou shall be collected on
the merchantable coal miued.
Deputy of the Minister of the.Interior.
X. B.���Unauthorised publication of
this advertisement    wlll not lie paid
If you average the cost price of J-M Asbestos Roofing over
the period of years it is in service, you will see that '
cheaper to use than any other prepared roofing. Bcinn- mnde of
Asbestos, an indestructible mineral, it is permanently durable,
and as it does not require any coating or painting, its first cost is
the only cost.   Easily applied by anyone.
Asbestoside is  an Asbestos Sheathing and is the niest economical, durable and easily applied siding known.
Ask for samples :_n_! prices.
Si W. JOHNS-SNmil CO.,
576 First Ave. S
Seattle, Wash' *?.,?.
rfiSlf&g mm
a.), xgotj.
Fiiday, February 12th.
...     ,..
" uV Concert, Friday,
l  t. {
a     |- ��� V*
Oil Your Money
5 p.c.
Remember  the   Auction Sale  ot
 ��� dairy stock and colts to  be  held at
_  ���.  .. . .     . .���_ T ,,,,,, i Woodwards, on  January   27th, by
C. W. Nelson arrived irom Lynn
Valley, last week, to stay fot a lew-
Mrs. (Rev.) J. F. Belts is convalescent after her recent very severe illness.
H. N_ Rich.    See advt.
The regular meeting of Riverside
Mission Circle will be held in the
Parsonage, to-morrow afternoon, at
3 o'clock.
fence Posts for Sale.
About  3000 Cedar Fence  Posts
tor sale cheap.    Apply at
Two hours1 musical treat by
your own Society assisted by outside talent, Town Hall, Friday,
Feb. 12th.
Geo. Sheldrake has joined the
happy band of smilers as the result
Of the arrival at his home of a
bouncing baby boy���son  and heir.
There will be a regular meeting
of the Ladner Auxiliary of the W.
M.S. held in the Methodist Parsonage, on Thursday afternoon at
3 o'clock.
40-Acre farm for Sale!
Known as the Deemer place, on
East Delta; all improved aud
under cultivation. Price, $5,250.
Apply to
Ladner, B.C.
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties Seven and
Eight Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & <��,
New Westminster, B.C.
Agencies Represented���
Hart-ord rire Insurance Co. Insurance C, ol North America
Phoenix Insurance Co. of Brooklyn     The Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corpora-
Connecticut Fire Insurance Co, tlon, Ltd., of London, Kng.
Imperial Trust Co.. Ltd. Vancouver. BTC.
For Sale.
Ten nice pigs, three months old:
11 pigs, seven weeks old; 1 brooc'.
sow; 5 dozen spring chickens; 1
new incubator (Cyphers); a number
of orchard and garden tools.
The mail stage left here on Friday morning bv sleigh, but the
thaw came alon' so fast that J,
Jordan had to change for wheels
long before he reached his destination, New Westminster.
A meeting of the Delta Driving
Park Association will be held in
Mr. E. A. Bown's office at 3:30
p.m. on Wednesday, the 27th inst.,
at which the financial statement
will be presented and for tbe election of officers, etc. All interested
will please attend.
G. W. Brewster states that he
expects to place the S sS. Sonoma
back ou the Steveston run just as
*oon as the ice has removed from
the river sufficiently to warrant his
doing so with safety to the travelling public. We might also state
that he is getting his boat ironed
sufficiently to withstand the cutting
of float ice and at the same time to
be a protection against driftwood.
The committee appointed by the
late Council to look after the rearranging of street lamps, have
made two very much needed
ehanges by placing one lamp in
front of the Town Hall and another
at Dr. Woodley's corner, for which
purpose they removed the worse
than useless lamps from T. E.
Ladner's and the corner of the
school grounds, The improvement
is very evident to all users ol the
streets of the village and much appreciated already.
Auction Sale!
Including 9 Cows, all young and
due to calve in February, March
and April; 1 Holstein Bull, two-
year-old; 1 two-year-old Colt; 1
yearling Colt, which
T\TR. H. N. RICH hns received j
instructions from Mr. William j
Gay to Sell by Auction, at his farm,
Woodwards, Lulu Island, en
Wednesday, January 27,
1909, at 1 o'Clock p.m.
Terms���$25 or under, cash; oyer
that amount, casli or approved
endorsed notes at three months
with interest at 8 per cent.
Auction Offices, Ladner, '.,C.
Sheriffs Sale.
Under anl by virtue of a Warrant under Chattel Mortgage to nie
directed I have seized and will sell
at the Sheriff's Office, Court House,
New Westminster, on Thursday,
the 2ist day oi January, 1909, at
11 o'clock a.m., all the right, title
and interest of Lee Quong in all the
merchandise, chattels effects, fixtures in the store of Gee Wo & Co.,
situate at Ladner, Lot 106, Group
2, New Westminster District, and
the lease now held by the said Gee
Wo & Co. of the said store premises being a lease c'ated January
7th, 1905, by W, H. Ladner as
Lessor said interest being conveyed
to Lee Quong by Chattel Mortgage
dated 2fUh December, 1908.
Terms of Sale, Cash.
Try lhe
New Hardware Store
For anything you may need in Hardware.
We carry a complete stock in all lines cf
Shelf Hardware, Stoves and Tinware and
respectfnlly invite you to call and get acquainted with us.
We are Sole Agents for The Oxford Line
of STOVES and RANGES, and have a
good line to select from.
We make a specialty of all kinds of Plumbing and Tinwork.
^Extending you the Season's Greetings,
We are Yours Respectfully,
Latimer & Elliott
$25Q.���� In Prizes
Given Away Every Month
absolutely free with*..
Ooyal   gtandard plour.
Every 491b. sack of Royal Standard Flour leaving
our mills contains a numbered coupon. On the last day of
each month 10 numbers will be drawn and published in the
first issue of this paper following. To each one holding the
duplicates of these numbers we will, upon return to us of
coupon- deliver free of all ���charges to any address, a Handsome China Dinner Set of 109 pieces, value $25.00.
Full particulars on the hack of each coupon. Begin
Saving Them To-day.
Remember we guarantee every sack of ROYAL
STANDARD to be the pftfest, sweetest and most wholesome bread flour on the market.
Sold by W, H. Smith.
Vancouver Milling I Grain Co., ltd.,
We Beg Leave
To notify the people of Ladner and .��air-
rounding district that we are now m a
position to ofter Vancouver Island
Por tland  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
. 1
B. O,
Have You Seen the Latest
Thing in
Machines ?
is as fast
a washer
as its namesake on the trac._.    Come and see it.
Besides the above we have the NEW
CENTURY MACHINE, which is hard to beat,
and the SNOWBALL, any one of which would
make an excellent Christmas present.
Nothing nicer than electrical fixtures,
shades, fancy globes, &c, for gifts, useful and
All   sorts   of   First-Class   Jewellery.,
Silverware, Cut Glass, Etc.
Jin drew Clausen.
A. *
iLAD&ER,   B.  C.
When You Require
!���-��� IMI      I ������!   ..I!     I. I   I - ������������ a
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleum, Window
Shades or An/ Article of Furniture or
Household Furnishings a visit to LEE'S
STORE will convince you that there is the
Visitors "Welcome.
F   T   CALVERT, "S;
E.    S*    McBRIDE,
General Merchant,
Phone 5,   -   Port Quichot.


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