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The Delta Times Mar 5, 1907

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Array 1' - _���' 5>i
i-7 3���rf  $
_8eL-____- ___L__ftf
/       Hi
__.     _��_
_ Hf    'M
A Ip^X
.        V _r       Bl      n __f
.A    .1   M~M^~^e%^$
^ \~m\^
V��l. 4, No. _o.
Advance Showing of New
Newport's BayM SCMKM. fltilfiB.      I3_e Market.
f\U$ Stock _>! Jfarfs and Bays'
Clothing whici? *s wow am=
plete, contains tne very newest lab=;
rics, besides sfcankiard staple lines,
faultlessly tailored., so .hat tJbe* j?e=i
tain that* shape, j
A_-_tIt*_ .to   Jul;    18,    !���....,-
Ol* Majesty, by ��,<_ wWh tho ad-j Council Chamber, I*dn��r
���.I.;., .'-".l consent if the __.na.tu nml
In.US' Of oonunonft 0f Canada, en .cH
:,�� folljows:
i    In   this  act,  unit.** th* .enr.ttM
otherwise roauires,���
'iti   "The  l.nivi'3 nay  means  it,.'
;.������:imi .1' lime which begins at 12 o'-
��� i'..-ii mi Saturday afternoon nn.i <iu!-'
:,:. tr. <_ ..-lock on tlie-following aftiv
���rtion"    has
Delta  School  Boe.d -c.fi >-; (tie     Sen   trVentmiastet   Mnrch   _.���
o<". Sat- Kriflay, March j, ',ura busy day
it ii.
U��'      Kl." ���:. ill'.
irlmlual   code.
' unlay, March   2nd, with *?. _���:. t__-s |'at   Sw Mew W��tni_ns._w market,
Kittson .(in   the  ckWtr).  Wright, j-he crowd appearing mn ths scene
, :"'Aet:Sen, i!;yti!i_'��'.id 9..:ij.:'<: u r.i��- early in the morning, and  business
���sent, ("or.i.u-uiiij;   i.:i_h aitrtil practically
M'-iiUi... ol the f ri'Vimf, ._- etittg  a=i 'he-proiiii .dud .feeea disposed
jwer..-adopted--as read. ,    ,-...    Th- farr-ie.-s ban',  ac difficulty
Voided io k.-:,.. .. .-iHii. t;.,.jr WJles acdaltheuth
(there   wes   im-  tnu.ke  adaraoce ia
.he  prices,   '.he d:tn*rt& for iodd-
' stuffs in most eases being nitber  it>
<->:i w^ii-iii i'   wa
cept (iie mops as  received, 'ese  10
I_r cent   discount.
Tfea Secretory  rej-ioM-e'd   * _ 11; i i. -
dale school ets  formally Q&ene'd on
(ci "\'nss��I" Includes anv kliul ol
.''������-'11 or boat used tor ooureylug
j.as. ongers  nr  freight   uv   water;
(di "Hallway" Includes sieuni iall-
nay, uleetrie railway, strum nilhvuy
and tuamway;
(e) "Performance" includes mi}
ptiiui-, match, sport, contest, c_dilution of entertainment;
ii 1 "temployei-" Includes e ei;
piT.--i.ii  lo  whoao orders 01   ctlrectloiib
'the   rst   iust., w,��� tii   Miss 'XU\k  us
��� teac
Tb_ cainplaitfl <ii -V.". E.tCurtia
was then lake;; up and. after tlie
evidence iiaii  ail been   heart,   tae
Board weat irttn cwamittee of the
I whfil," aad, ��lt;r d_e (klilie.ation,
".h_ fo-lowiflg reps-jtt was banded
I _xce SS of ihe supply.
'1 ii'-; retail price of eggs i_ quoted
j-s-.jo centr, axkxeis. Three we��l__
i^KC-"St* rrtt _ selling-at-tht weeliry
:maik_l for^sctftnd 50c a dozen re-
Tlie -tipplyof b'_efr.'�� . exkaiiste'il
W>y dc-ing time, although there
j was a good qua��tity ml it brontlrt
wu. Onlv a lais_.ip.ilr -cf Teal ttwe
auy other persons u by IiIh einpioy* T* 'be __t_ard _��i T, u_'i.e_s, Sella brught in, and thit. wm c.nickly
ni.'ui liiiiiini to oonforra; (     District:
Provincial   Act"   means   Un
Vour C9_IJ_itt._ ot   fchr-W'ho'r
lvlori'8 Fic^s Canadian Tweed *_.ui1.;s,.^li Ej^esJ
at $7iOQ, $8.00. $9 00 ���& $10 00.
Men's 3F_ne Scotch Tvceecj Suite, in the new I
Plaid  Patterns,   Etc.,   all
size_,   $12.00,  $14-00   &
$15.00. .
��� fcotij*'.  up  br  bite early  trriyals.
��Pork was  rather  limited,   the de-
'veitigatint the charges   maiii. 1>> Stusiid far this b��iuj7 stronger tha��:
l Mr. W. E  C'Urtis -gaina'   -Mr. \.u   -for the past   fe*��   weeks.    Mutton
ders��tt, first   assistant   i�� '____dncrrwas ia good deaiaod, hjit the sitp-
school, lot   iaflietins ���corporal pua-li-y was net ecnal to'th-c _ccasion..
It  ..Kill  not-be  lawful  Cor any 'isl-s��-.- ON   Ills  son, hddr iJurtis, Wi-   meur   __i:ld_;e   buyers swere
witk Undue fUH_rHy, IwTiirj   li.ai d ���: 'di*iipi*oint_d.      P'awlc,   _Msks and
ihi    -riovni .ai   Act"   im
��� - lui.--t.���!���   ni   any   municipality   or a:-.}
inilillr   n-i   of  :.ny   pravlnce   whethu:
i-M.-r. . il  before or rfri".' oonfedertttlou
No   **��>.���.   to bo Mude in' Uu duetts  >n
��<>!���!. Done 011 Lord's Uny.
M.eij's irancy English Worsoed Suits,
-iv8T--Tefst   designs,   latest   cut,   etc, ������_..���   siass  -at
$mm &��� 313.00.
_feys' and Youths' Stflits in tfhe new ctoiibte
fplea-r-ed N��i-f��lk *_*���-*/_   .SV-piece   Sui_>  frctm   $.1.7-.*7i
���up _?<_ ^9 oa
Large R_a,^s tftf new N-egl-ge -SiiMs, "Coat
���Style," ia ��Yl ____ new p^stterns. The faB-vcaif- W.
C.. & E. Brand,   See w..��dow display.
IF III II��11 ill III 111.
> 13 tti
118 III
shop mt
inumbtr oi the birds were
Andtrsui   was 0(Tared.    Geese were nowhe.e to be
ps.-B.ri un tin- Lord'tj Day,  ex..".-!st
provided   herejn   or   ir:   any jprovin- Ull   -he   evidence   _'...:Uvb".    Jiavr i chickens ..ere ii. �����._-.���.! A- maud   but
.���lal  iii'i   or law  uow or _.��r*_a��r  In . eMHe xlIiani���IMlsiv   to _Hre-_��d_ioilk U����ti<J
ii.r.-i., to Bi'll or oftnr fur .ale or i.nr-
cbase  uny   goodsi   chatte4s   or   otliei
poi*sonai property, or nny recti estato, I probably tu_ severe in at !��__ two'j-ieea, coRsetjuently there u-as no de-
111 ij cany on or to ti-anauct ui.., bu    cases. I maud.    Thcprices ofthe diH_reut
irit-si ..r uis uniiiiu.y ceiling:, or in      2nd.    Thai,  having   Irani   the-bird* were the same as las. v.eek.
..i���.1. ���!���������,    -i.i. caiiine, ur f"r Ufacpli__��i-ti��>n    i-l    Mr.   Clatk,   lh.e[no advance bertg t-corded.   ���
all mi'.-1     A fif-r ru 1 -;���'.>��� 0. up. ifs were of-
sr_-.11 Lo do; ur i*,iipl'._v Si,.i' uin-r per- .__ .     .     ,
.u��� 10 du. ,,fl thai day _.,v metm. bua- fP-.incip.-il, wcconsido. li*
ter. of di.'.oipline mny te**af��l. teftl-fere. l*_r sale, a-ntl .-.nit reedy*Imy-
fin his liantis fn fntrwe, and that k er*. The yuulftr ol the fruit vrtt
l-vould be nvwise fot ilii- ftosnl torC-peoiallj' gouel end no difficulty
��� '���!!.-"icrc iH.iiin tlicw . .*isvi-i'e Mr. w.ul I be sjfpertenced iu seHing
. .liderr.-.'i:   i >.   bc7i.;  too _evere in j'larger.cpiarrtites every*Friday,    A.!
.'-.id's bay do auy work ot ueo��__tj ,'*-  ,w"  castl   '"rreath'   referred t";o';l'er fc .ii, .-fir-  were if. -dig about
ur moroy, und for greutei' certainty, if I'd, to��a_;i(iB bin' te be-noore care (1li. .5,,m,.
but nol bo a_ t.i restrict Hi.; ordinal.1
mc-j.ning of the eipresslon  "work  of
neeeselly or m_rcy", it In ���ln-r -ly .1
in.-..., ur labor.
\Vorlf_ at Vf-i-i_-.ii.v mui  M.'ii'v
3. NotwltbsLandibg    iiii.viii'iir 1
In 1 .iittiiiiLd, an," person may
111! ill illtlilf.
(���Sg4.)   PA PL SWl'A'fcl.M,
-1 bairmau.
*S. it'.Tt-. '*���   K-!':i iw.; y  were or;
The   Beitrd   then   acljouTff��d  till
���S..i.n:dsv. sAj-nl 6lh, it . p.is
Judging (tosses.
rUi-.d tltii-t Ii t.liul 1 bo deonied to in-
r.ludo tlm tollowinff claesea ot work:
m) Any necessary or customaiy
���woi'-k in fjiinoetion witli ilivim- worship;
Ho Work for tlm r.-'i'i uf 1 it lines. :
*iid   suffering*!  Ipcludlng  Uie   sale  01 j
uitigs,  Uiedlcinoe  nnd   sui'tflcal   appll-
hiii***�� t.y retail;
ii'.i  Hecelvlng,  transmiUlmf nr <ic-'
liveriiig telegraph  or  ti.iri.hoio mw-1
i-i/ Starting or maintaining firci,
making repairs t.. furnaces and 1
pa,ir.s in c(u*t*a of emergency, aad doing any other work, when sue-h liroe.
repairs or work aro essential -to liny
fniiur-'try or industrial process of such
Donllnuou. nature that 11 oannot bo
such industry or its-product ur to tlio
plum or property UiH-sJ in mioIi i^m-nf1-;
ic',   starting or   maintaining  Hres.f'demftllSttatiffll, am!  vr-  ,,?---.!,:���
and   veotilatlng,   pumping  out,   and
inspecting-'mluM, when any such work
r.s eBBeiitU) to tho protection at property, liie or health;
ii'i Anv work v.iihuut Un. dolnp of
which un the Lord's l.ay, elt-otrlc cur*
the previotM weekf,
no ch.Ti��i*e r<: ' the��� jv ices  hcitif  re-
Ciii-.'t 5 wftre a����sttxrBgi��a. ever.
1 ��)-K.TW_TKS����.
Beef. l',iii*f.ii*t'iev... !vt t*.oc'R.
for?tjota*teT*, 5'������'etc G*tc ft
V��al, nt*t8 ri S'-'lh
Vr?k,' *.:_; to  lo'..  ft
Muiton, 13c to 14 . ft.
Pstitees, Jt j o to JUo tun.
iigss, .vr. Sot,
K'.itle'i., jfiK-to 35c fti
tKowl,.rf_8 t<|':. doz,
Obicketis, 5; to *_  dbz
liuelcs, ..t: to$12.doz,
Appier,���"���?-..** t-.$i...o box
Oio-is.J'.r'-i s;ic-c.
n��-��- i- mi
There-wn.s q-.ntc * cood Ittriiftut,
o\-i Tufisd��ay i--if.t, it Invetholine
Stock Fartti, to take in tke )tjdg.ng
cttases, w'uieit taok nlace there under .the supervision of Dr. Tolmrc
snd F. M. Logau. tliere ss�������
"ferest intereS; intnifeSted by ihe
fanners geaeially, i�� 'this p.afctieal
Kev. Cxw;,;. Uiiton has wovsi-:
of opinion is fhat it cfinot be re:' into vfce house recetUly oce^itl-ied hiy
peated too ��f.��n. Fred Keeling
Each  ni'embSr  talfihR   pari   wgsi _   _ .    ,	
provided, with '<-, scorj card tv!.;.'-!,1
contahred-tlie u^jirea of the diflfereitt     A^ong'the-lady  visitors ti tbe
weeMy-market w��re: .M��daB!e.-i  I.
The   aatitul    meeting   et  the
'Dairymen's Associitioa of Britifb
���'Coliitnbia will be held en Thursday and Friday next, at the Agri-
cultural l)qi��rt��terit, p.fHataent
buildings, Victoria, R.C. The lirst
imeeting will be liclrl at % ci'clook
'p.m., 0'i M.-itrh 7th, -t')<_>7-
The Premier and Minister ol "Aej-
ris*ultnre Will atteu3, _t.net atidies;)
the Convention. There will also
'be papers anil addresses by'lcjidriig
experts on subjects Touting 'to the,
Dairy Indtistry so we hcrpe to sec a
'large number of T).ihvm .11 present.
The C. P. R. Corap.inv .Ute that
they will issue a rnte df a iure and
���one-third on tlie certificate plan, if
'tivcntv-five or more p.rson. attend
ithe. con vetytioii.
G. T. Haker has installed an
electric motor for tbe purpose of
running weodwarking taachinety
and a gri*t mill. Attei thi! connections hare been made .Mr. Baker
iVill l>e able to grind -yOHr grain
; while you v ait, as well at being
[able to de ali his .awing aad plan-
ling, thereby -.workiug up his ex-
:petisi-v�� hard wood;; to !tbc best
The "Riverside Mission Circle"
'will tuee*t, to-morrow, at the "P. rson-
age. Frn ;i 2 to 6 o'clock' the
meeting will take tbc form of a
"Tkimble Party." In the evening
��� Shprt misiionar prpfrntnme will
be given when the honorary mem-
bcis ate .invited ta be present. '
; -at row.
' Tke annual meeting oi the li.C.
.Stock IVreeders' ���Aisacifltiou will be
hild* iuthe City Hall, New We. t-
miarter, on the 2.1-1 inst!, at 8
o'clock p'.m.
As:the Sptiag ��air *.nd Auction
Sale i�� beitiu held i.i this time the
C.I'.K.-Company-'wil! issue .-t-mn
tickets at single tart- rates, staadard
certiScates not required
All iu-lcrcated in Live Stsck mat-
ters-should -attend.
light,  heal, 1 "iu nit,  water orfparts of the aniuials'to be judged
together with tbe ouvalftr o; point.
^Fred'-tceling has movei: iifto
uew bouse, on Stanley Street.
Chamberlain's Cougi? Remedy
Cures Colls, Croup and Wheoplnx Cou_!i.
tia.s cannot th> eonMnitouslJ1 supplied
for lawful.purposes:
(ei Tha convoying at iravi-ii.-r. and
'ii.tls liioltlental thorolo;
ihi Xlia conUnuanco to their des*
(iivaLion ,'i trains ami V-*i_.*t3 in trsn-
_li lYtiiwi ttio Lord's Iiay tw^tlnr, .'inJ
work iiicijontul theretoi ,
(1) Loading mid unloading merchandise, ut intcrmodiato points, on or
from pas. eager boats or trninr3:
11) Kw.'1'lug railway twi.-ks clear ol
nnow or ioe, nioking repali-s in t_i*!f.-
of t-m-'i'jye-uc-y, or doing any etlier
-j-s-i'lc of it like iti,-lil'nit.,-_l chara-.ter
neoessary to keep the lines and trftekd
open on ti.- Lord's Day;
(k) Work before C o'clock ln thv
'ioronooii and 8 o'clock in tho afternoon of rut'.i craws In handling oars
in railway yards;
(!) i-Ociilln... unloading, ,-ntd oper-.
ating any ocean-going vei��.,-l whloji
otlior.vlte would lv* unduly dolayeo
aficr lie? h. heduled time of sailingi
..- j.-.y ves-t-1 -.sltii'ii otherwise  wouii.
(CoiUimi:"l on Third PaR-e )     ,
whfft��.r_h, 1*. C. T_vi-j>.
tfe-at a perfett ftnlmfl should score:       "*"      __ ...
Thei-'tkete-��,erc two 6thei coliitnim,'
one for tbe competitor to eftver"tlu. I    SUOftld   ytfu   ir;_'.i   tc  pnrchtiie
figure*  he ctfnsi.ered  the  auitua.}^u^ 0rVi��glou "eggs tor 'fc<jtebitflj
worthy   ef and   anfl-.her "t'c;   ihc!c;''* -n !'-' ^* ^1'VC!' wlfose advt.
ngti.es -the inrige considered cOr-p08 Wll^nd o,i pag��M.
ticct.   'During thrcontc: tbc ]t_dgc
wished ro know tbe prcpiliv reasorts
ior the  figures given, and we*��re-
'1 he ' reguli!
t he re si ���
meeXniK    of   tbe
pleased to state tbft quite a fewtrfJ J^    ^ Jd  '^    *?��***
__.,_. Chtucb   Will  b.*  held   al   t
our yatwg farmers ca rae verycloseL ,-   ,,
���    .,    , . ,    .   _ 'dencr   01   Mrs,
tt thefiguresoftheTudtrcs
,,--     ', -_,      , ., -.    -    >teURfb Toad,   on   Thursday,  -tH:
Ine  aas.nce of the smart ateci,,���,    ��   ,.      - ,   ,       ,   /,,'
',   .      ,     , inst., at  iixo oclock,    A   11    .<-
set wss rea-srked ���_*. by the "hldges ',     .
, ... :        ���'    h    ; tendance is earnesth
whe pJso stattd that  tho.-..-  present
appeared to be'deeply in'teresfed in "
the lecture -and   to weigh wattersj SUTTON'S SEEDS���Flower .Wi
thorcitigbly wbich gttve great satis-j Vegetable,  ii:  packages.   'l':dc
factiou to the lecturers. . Seeds���Beets,   Califs,  it*tigel
Everyone    nttending   cxprci.fcil j and Swede, ir, bulk, may be  ob-
sati=fac;i'-.n with   then   oiititig- aud tained Itum H. N   RICS, A'.-.cttt
hopes to see these classes continued BrAcknVan-Kci �� ;Uag-Ce.  '_>���<
im the near future. 1 ,K,   r* ;��� THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, SIARCIJ
ScascKiPTiox, fl.OO per.yesr.
,M.V8RiT18M   BATHS.
Casual AdTssrHiemMltS, 13 cent�� p*f lint foi
Ilu. fin* ItuMrtloo, end 5 cents per Une for eielt
mbaequeiit insertion. Th* number' ot lines
reckoned bv *'ne ��p.ce occupied, i_ linen lo the
Ratts lor Commercial Ad��erti��emMH�� con be
tiKj on _pi ; -nion h*. ���.' -_ office.
Resijirw [i   nr- ,
Bint. ir.,l ����,,!
ceutf pet '-'-ne lu-,-e.tr-_.
���i. pi., MerHegeft^M
Ai. ip.-___.! notice, Ue object otiKlHch it to
p,rs_-".oti- ll_r pee--n:��ry benefit olJlilY indlvldu.i
��r cmpaiiy. to I -. eotsildered ftn., ���a.verttwi'iet.t
iw.'. charj_if . in-eordunjiy.
All advertiastuii-rsti el.iirr.-,.l 'ar t.l,til ordered
em s-.J paid tip.
ssswtt��p_u .ui-ci* In.itt.i ou matters ot public
!. tejtw.. Cutnusjuicatiuiiri tu editot must tie u- -
sonpanled by ua mi ut" vsriter, not nccesn. ri'y
Ifor publication, bet ... evidence of.good faltl .
Conetpwisdeui.-? wu.; reach tl___iofl_.ee by Thun*
.'ay .-. -e,is.ss
souvenir  and further commanded
them to be presented in b:<t name.
Enclosed is a specimen charm
-which please snow and explain to
jtour school. Kindly advise tbe
Honorary Secretiry for British
Columbia (Leonard Tait, Esq.,
Principal ofthe North Ward School.
Victoria), of tbe number- yon may
nee.l, keejiug the oue sent lor
yourself, as a, small memento.
Yours truly,
Superintendent ��f Education.
CrSO.   R.
TUESDAY, _t.<L*:CH  3,   1907.
The Provincial House will  meet
ou Thursday next, ;th inst.
Although tbe Lord's Day Act,
as passed by ;hi Douiruioii government, bas br ;_._iii- law, it' will net
he cufarcid uuiil tbe Provincial
{���veilwent has legislated on it.
Tbe verdict of the .School Board
in tbe recent investigation into tbt
t;hat|��9; el cruelty against one tf
the teacher9 shy*"* that whilst tke
Beard has no intention of .uteifer*
tag with the discipline of tke
sehooli tbey do aot i��t��ad that
puuisksuents adsniaistered te children shall be   umnectstarily seveie.
There w.ere two opinion* expressed in the evidence before tbe
Beard���that nj the teachers who
thought tbe punishment was aet
teo severe, aid that ol the. pupils
who thouE'4t jnst '.he r.pgosite. If
their positions on the end ol the
strap had been fe .emsd the opinions weuld probably have been reversed also. Ij. is sometimes a
goed idea to put yourself in tbe
other fellow's place and i' t\ *
Golden Rule cou'.d be used a little
eftener than it is tbire would et/,*
be so much cause for complain.
Bridge Tolls.
A revised schedule- of tolls for
the New Westminster, bridge is
published :n the latest number of
the British Columbia Gazette, the
ae*r rates goinc into effect itnmeci-
sately aa fellows:
Adults,   each   way,   each   (or  8   |
pickets for 25 cental 5 cants.
Children over 5 and under ia
years, each wav, each, or 16-tit kits
for 25 cents, 2 cents.
Vehicle* drawn by one horse,
empty or loaded, including driver
each way, or 8 tickets ior $1, is
Vehicle drawn by 2 horses, empty, including driver, each way, or
5 tickets.for a $1, 15 cents.
Vehicle: drawn by 2 horses, load-
el, including driver, each  way,  or
6 tiekets for Ji, 20 cents.
Cordw.iod and shingle bolt   waggons, drawn 1 y 2 horses, including
i-river,   round  trip same  day,   25
Milk vans, drawn by one or two
horses, reund trip, same day, or 12
:ou��d trip tiekets for Jl, 10 cents.
Each additional horse over two
attached   ta vehicles mentioned, in \
items .;. j, 6, and 7,.5 cents.
Cattle, hemes, tunic*,., donkeys,
t.er head, 5 cents.
Gouts, pigs, sheep and calves, in
droves ot five, each ciove, 20 cents.
Each additional five, 20 cents.
Special tickets can be- obtained at
half tates for warket (i.ys only en
application to the government agei.t
A few reasons why Good Housekeepers 2 -zerywfceia lase
Moffet's "BEST" Flour
for Bread Making';
"'BEST" is a local product
It's  strength  and  purity  are
For the sake of economy.
"BEST"  has  proven   all   its,
Every pound is guaranteed..
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Bone at Specially Low Prlooa.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
t Telephone "Laduer" No. 10.
For Sale by Good Grocers Everywhere.
Columbia Flouring Mills. Co., Ltd.
F. VV. Harris spent Sunday witl
his family.
We are pleased 10 report that
Cap.. VV. Oiii'er lias so-far recovered as to be able to be out again,
Sunday beiag the first tine he was
ii l,'1(i walk out since his severe
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
New Service���Port Guichon and  Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vancouver, 1 o .ao a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m.
Monday, Wednesday aud Friday
Gives  Passengers four  hours  in   either   New   Westminster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective   September    5th,
Greatly Reduced Rates      For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay.
The Patewon Lumber Co. spent
a. few days here last week, looking
over the Delta Sawmill property
with the view of making au offer of
purchase, but, as yet, nothing
definite has transpired.
(Westminster Branch")
Time Table
Cars l����v* WVatminstcr tor Vancouver at.1.50'
ami 6.50 a.m. ami hourly thereafter until 11* ],. 1
in.: Saturdays and Sundays at it p.m. ,
Cars leavr Vancouver for WesUnlnsters at ;...*-.>.
and 6,^u a. m, and hourly thereafter until 10 p. {
in.; Katurday-i and butidays at 11 J.'.in.
We run first-cluss freight cam between Went* I
minster ami Vancouver and all shipments are
handled with the utmost-earc and delivered to
consignee without delay Bj edal attention paid
to fruit shipments. Oui wagons* meet all Isoats
and trains.   For rales, etc apply to
1'raflic Mj-r.
InwrporuMd U&tf.
Westminster, .1. c.
I   McUUARRlI-:,
Leeal M_;r.
The leciuxe,. last eveninf, by
Rev. A. I.. Hetheriiigtoii, "Chi-
Chaco to Sour Dou��h," was the
best patronized of the course. The
lecturer jjave a vciy interesting
(leserii tion of the various views
which were very numerous. At
the close  a   hearty   vote ot  thanks
�����������*. ,*s��5,**s*&****2fc*ssi5*,*siC**s'���*.
at New Westniiastei*, or to
Collectors on the bridge.
.ic Toll i was tendered the'rev  genlletr.an.
:-: s. c.
Tenders s-e asked up to- norm on
; Saturday, -<ith March, for the* re-
Its pleasant taste and prnsnptj muval of rocts, logs,'��;nd rubbish!
cures bt.ve made CharobeiUin'sI atKi for the ploughing and seeding !
Cough Remedy a favorite with the i 0f 5f, acres 0( dyked land on Rose |
mothen of small childien. It quickly J Iilanci ntar t-_je Qilery to be com-1
cures  their congks  and colds and j pieled before 20th May next.    The
tb? under-
<}  NKW WlSTM??l,.TfiR
���J. Manufacturers of. all kindsot
��� Soda Water, Ginger
���t    Ale and Summer
�� Drinks.
i       Your patronage solicited      f
1 h. *t��-h**.-*-.*.-��-.*^��^..s^y*w,s*.am^.^. .*^*..2.,��^��
CAPITAL, - - $3,500,000
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $4,000,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department*
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
BRANCHES IN* BRITISH COLUMBIA���railcoaver. Vancouve.
East End. Mt. Fleasant, Granville Street; Graud Forks, Nanaimo,
Nelson, Rossland, Victoria. Vwnc��. Chilliwack. Cumberland and
New W*atrotn��ter.
Ladner Exhibitor
j prevents any danger of pneumonia j 5etd lK) v,e [urtiished b>
The fellnwing communication has |or other serious conseqtse��ees.    It 8jenedi,
been received by  Principal C'ark, | "ot   on'y  ���-** cro��r.   but  when
,  _,     ,   , ...       ,     ,  .   , given a. soon as tbe eroupy courh'
ol  the  t.adBcr public school, anal * ... .      '   .    _
speaks for itself:
7__f��r .Sir ex Madam.
It Ktves   me  pleasure  to  secow
appaars will preve��it the attack.
i sale by All Druggists.
P. O. Box 1039,
Vancouver, B.C.
wend to voui sympathetic atteutioa
un oiler made  by  the  British  ai tt
Foreign   Sailors   Society���Patron,
Vicc-Admir .1, His Royal Highness
.ht Piince if Wales, K. G,,--��f   a
copper shield for vour school  rnai't
from the  copper  of Nelson's  tuoj
flagships, Victory and Fouilroyant. ]
Where a ton pupil- .'e .ch.   takes
a Victory chum  (25 c.nU each'V j
theacbool  is entitled to thia up-J
���rieunted shield.    If the school i*j
small a^d only 25 chaimi are taker.;
The Royal Bank of Canada witl
its   splendid   connection   all   over
Canada,   afforJs   you   exceptiona!'
banking facilities.
The Delta Times.
A.  O. U.   W.
Delta Lodge, Na is meets first
and third Tuesdays of each month
tin Oddfellows' Hall.
Thos. Tobd, M.W.
T. W, KEKR. Recorder.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at & a.m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Steveston at 9 a.m. and. - p.m. Every
day except Sunday.
W.   E.   Curtis   Las   install       a
.'indiiiiil mi hi& farm with   ibe re
Cu ; ti . ������ a tiie Company i
the lie ;i is ic may pay account
due to the Company to Mr N A
McDlarmi'. Ladner, B C . whon
receipt for such pnvn en * ^hall I" .
full and sufii. ieut discharge,
\i .    . A   M Diarmi '  wilt     so
receivs    .; , I . ..t u        1*1     elect 1 it
light and   powi r coimetti'.ns ant
��� unge lani] *���
t    it   si'. RUNG,
General MaBager
'"1        " '
lhe Society   <?ould st.ll like it to suit that a line stream oi  cl.-..randj
posaess  a   sbieH   (which   bears  aj-gpod water  is  now   available      r
suitable >ifcripti5n,   aod  sives an j stock and domestic uses. ,
tngravinj; ol  Admiial  Lord Nel- j  1	
son's   famous flagship,   Victory.) AFFWCTED   vviTH   RHJEUM- Dated Peb>uftry,i6th, 1907
Among   :hes-   nmajl   schools   ��.| ' AT ISM-  ���* -���
afcield   will accordingly   be   given'
each year for competition, the award, ~"
is be m��dfe. lot '.lie best; paper on  ad     '1 was and am vet afflicted wt'li \<BdJ ff
given subject (maritime  preftrnd) rheumatism," says Mr. J. C. Bayne. j
a��  may   be   arraaged.     Froia   a editor  0} the Herald, Addiagton. j
Colonial Empire point o! view,  tjicj Indian   Territory,  "but thanks to
movement  is thus   eiuiucntly ed-  ChambwIni.-i-s Pain Balm  aih   able!
tjcatioyal,    p^riotitt   qad    pbilasi-,.once more to attend to business.   It
thropi'.'-     Tlit   funds raisedby the! is   tbe   best    of   liniments."      Il
���sale  of tht.se cbsMiis arp i.jed in' trotiblod.v_itb I'haumatism S'-Ve Pain
fielping our brave sailpip. ���.' Balm a tr-jal and J.OU ar�� certain  to
'The ..or.ls :>f the Vdmiraltv. gave; be more ihnu pleased with the
-1,, ,.. ,-,'vr i'.sr this m.i'.pi/ic.1.1,1.1 Lis prompt relief which it affords. Oik-
trtajcstv King T'thrard Ims diiccted j application .relieves,thc pain. Ior
his jntuls to be  stamped  on  eveiy [sale by All Druggists.
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
Notary Public,
Auotfjonecr, Insurance
To AdvBifGO mt
Mortgarfcs * * .
Offer j'oii Bpbndtd HnprowtmffBt. at
���_tj11 pr"t. fee any ntyW *f buildinij.
We rniiUf them rWnpIttf. k> suit
any nixfd or fhajwd ffruettire���the
wmijr* m-1-i' fir'*\i including door aad
v-iadow r.'tp^. rrink*?, ��tc��� ia a ffT*Jt
ra liety pf stylea.
Th#y pii-* a vary Viandpom*. affret,
ftad-rndurin^t  practical *atMfnem9n.
We (fi\e. eatimatea if veu send
,wea��rurtinent9 and outline of tht birild*
Th!atU over.
M^tcvKic Roofing Co*,
WKo^vsalo Manufacturer!*.
Toronto, Canada.
ROBT   MAY, Agent,
LAOtSTEI': '-.-   -   -   -"���   B- C.
Jan. 8th to 12th.
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
Six Seconds-   Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Silver
Spangled  Hamburgs and
Buff Orpingtons.
B. C.
W. N. Draper,
Room i, Kllartl ivluck. New WastmmeU-r.
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work el all kinds attended te promptly.
J* Nl* Colllnson
ut*..., b. e.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Always in Lfneassm.
With   Latest   Improved   FARM   IMPLB-
Largest Stock in Province to.,choose from,
Qar.iswfe   3 olldlng, R cp Irfng A   Pmtlng*  Bl ohm
sntlthn     A   Horse     Shootn.
DeLaval Separators.
Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C, THE DELTA TUttES, TUESDAY, MARCH :*, iof>;.
"iag?y TW!Ti jjyj'iig.i'-1...1..-j, gBBBBSS
Receives both Ladie3 and Gentlemen as resident
ot* day students. Has a complete Commercial
ov B-lsiness Coarse. Prepares students to gain
Teachers' Certificates o'' all grade?. In affiliation
with Toronto University ; ives the four years'
course ror B. A. de Tee, and the first year of the
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Pros-
pecttMPs' : otirse" for miners who work in 3. C.
Instruction given in  Art,  Music,  Physical
Culture and Elocution.
'���'.>r    daleadar,   etc.-,   address   "Columbian
0oU< (?e "
-*..:.'-:     REV. W. J. SIPPRELL, B.A., D.D.,
Tha Delia Times
A 1.1. SAINTS.   _,  ....    .....
tio'ij   Communion���ist ami  3id
U  . .1 ������ nt 8:0o a.-.i .   .iid   and  _in
In id ui :. at ti a.in.
Matins, 11 ("'clock.
liven.'.out;, 7 o'clock.
Sunday .School at 10 a.m.
Rev. E, K. Rartklt, M.A., Vicar,
[N���WLiwfs Day Ret
XQpiitifiiJe^ftcai. VU;.  V ���;-...
C-l'l UOJ.IC
Services lirst and third sSuiidiiy of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 -,i tu
Sunday scboo at 3 p.m.
Low Mass anl Holy Communion
first and third dondays at 6 n.rn.
Kev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services next Lord's Day at ti
a. m.and 7'.;.o p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath School :it 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting even
Thursday evening at 7.30.
Kev. J.T:. Betts, pastor.
Se. vices next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath-School at 10 urn Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
ut 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
-Sabbath  services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Lndner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
8 p.m.
C. Croft.  B, A., pastor.
Have you got a Savin- s Bank
Account in the Royal }..;nk of Canada? If not, you should open one
as soon us po.sible. Deposits of
$1 and up received.
We would not be without Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It is
kept on hand continually in our
home," says W. W. Kearnev,
editor of the Independent, Lowry
City, Mo. That is jiist what every
family should do. When kepi at hand
ready for instant use, a cold may
oe checked at thf out set and cured
in much less time than after it
has become settled in the systtm.
This remedy is also without a peer
for crottp iu children, and will prevent the attack when given as s on
as tbe child becomes hoarse, or,
even after the croupy cough appears, which can only be dene
when the remedy is kept at hand.
For sale by All I.) rugguts.
Jof* Printing.
Nurseries  &  Seedhouses
Headquarters tor Pacific Coas
grown Garden, Field nnd F
Seeds that are thoroughly test, d as
to vitality before offering for salt���
that nre subject to government >��� ���
sped ion as to freedom irom weed
seeds. Samples sent to jnten
Large stock oi HOME GROWN
Fruit ancl Ornamental Trees now
matured for the spring trade.
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.
BEE SUPPLIES, Spray rumps.
Spraying Material. Greenhouse
Plants, Cut Flowers,
We do business on our own
grounds���no rent to pay .ind are
prepared to meet all competition.
Let me price your list before placing your.order.   Catalogue Free.
.iOIO WcfttmUlster Road,
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C,
be :ri Ml : ilq i.t-issiiecr ������'���: l;-.\: r,
p.-.i by the clewing cf navigation; 'or
or loading or unloading before 7 o'-
clock in tho m'-irnlw; ot after ;.
o'clock In the afternoon nny grain,
cor! nr 1. ,.- carrying vi*..=_.,i after Li.;
fifteenth dey i.t" September:
'rn'i The oaring Of nillli, pJiapm, ir -1
lh-.) animals, and thc unloading ol aa
faring Por perishable products and live
animalH,   arriving nt  rny   point   during th" 1 .'.r.l'n Imy;
(n) Tfie operation <if any toll or
drawbridge, or anv ferry - bj>a1
authorized by competent authority t -
carry passengers on the Lord'. I  Ly;
(a) The hiring of h./reos or cairl-
I ages or small .���-nl ' I ��� - the persona]
! u st -if tbe hirer nr his family for nr..
': purpose not prohibi eel by this act;
(p)   Ai-.y unavoidable  work af:*:   '.
i ,'i'locfc i.> the afternoon of '-lie Lord's
[Day,  In   the  preparn'-lon  of  the  r. 3-
��� uliir   Monday   morning   edition   of   a
daily newspaper;
(..1   'J..ie conveying  of  ilii  .tajee
ty'f; mull;; and work Incidental thereto;
(r) The delivery of milk for domestic uso. and the work of Cvra��_.ti,
pervants and of watchmen;
(s) The operation of uny Canadian
electric street railway company, whose
line Is lnterprovlnelal or International,
of its cars, tor passenger tralllc, on
ihe Lord's 1'ay, on any lino or brunch
now regularly so operated;
<t) Work don., by any porsoii in lh>.
public service uf Ills Majesty while-
acting therein iraJ.ir any regulation
or direction of any department of tbe-
iu) Any unavoidable work by ilsh-
1 rtnen after 6 o'clock in the afternoon
of tho Lord's Duy ln the taking "f
(v) Asll operations e''.nn<*cted with
Iho making ui' mapls sugar and maple
sj'rup in the maple grove;
(w. Any uiinv ildable work on the
Lord's Day to Bave property In ca. e o'
emergency, ur whore such property
Is in imminent danger of destruction
nr sorlous Injury;
ii.) Any work which the board ol
railway commissioners for Canada,
having regard to tho object ot this
act and with ihe objoi t of preventing undue delay, deem necessary t -
permit ln connection with the Weight
trattic of any railway. Tin. cost of
all. applications to the board under
IbU paragraph shall t.o bormi by the
applicant, and, if more than ori-i, ln
such proportions on th<t board dettfr-
mlnuM. Notice of application, In
wliich the reasnns to be relied on shall
be fully ,ct out, shall be given tu the
department of railways ami canals,
in other respects the prooedure under
the Hallway Act, 1803. shall, so far
an applicable, apply.
S-ubrttltlltloJi of Another ll'lleU) fi*
the IsOJ-i's Duy.
-1. Except lu caseB of aiu��>rKcney, It
shall not be lawful for any person to
royalro any employees eiiguged ln
any work .'Inscribed ln paragraph (c)
uf section 3 of this act or In the work
of any industrial process or ln connection with tlm transportation, to
do on tho Lord's Day the usual work
I cf his ordinary calling, unless such
employee is allowed during the nsxt
blx days of such weok, twenty foui
consecutive hours without labor.
3. This Boetlim shull not apply to
nny employee engaged ln the work oi
any industrial process ln which the
regular day's labor of such employet
i-i nt.t of more tliau eight hours' dur
a tlon.
liauira nml Performances where Ad-
mLirfott Is Charged.
5.   It  shall   not  be  lawful   for  an>
person, on the Lord's Day, except ei-
provided ln any provincial aot or law
now or hereafter In force, to engage
ln  any  public    game  or  contest  io,
gain, or for any priae or re -anl, or tu
be present thereat, or to provide, 1 ii-
gage  ln,   or  be  present  at  any   per
formance   or   public   meeting,   el
where thnn in tt church, at   ,hl   1 sn
fee is charged,  directly  or   Indin      ..
elthfr for admission to such perfori
ancc    or  tin etirg,    or   to   any   ple  1
within which the samo if provided, ot
fur .my service or privilege thereat.
2. When any performance at which
_n admtsiion fee or any other feo is
so cliurg��d is provided ln any building
nr place to which persons are conveyed for hire by tho proprleten-o or manners of such performance or by any
nne acting as their ����ent or under
their control, thc charge for mich conveyance shall b# deemed as indirect
payment of such fee within the meaning qf this section.
Excursions    by    Omveyom-cs  Where
Fee Is Charged.
0. It shall not be lawful for any
person -in the Lord's Day, except at-
.trovldcd by uny provliu lal act'or law
uow or here-after In force, tn run, eon-
duct, or convey by nny mode of conveyance any excursion on whicli pass*
v... . -i-vr-.v:"*,-.s���
be. I uu.sjc 1.; a growiagCby i
__c..r..:ni.  to i hoot well -:".d
CsXtt^r_ngqu_t_lt!i__ e.
SELF-CONTROL.   bn_;-i..3.*<,  ,'.
m-iuiX..., Is) STEVENS FIRE ,rj _ EPCCATli '���'.
Ask your Dealer for SteVeda Rtfla���
BuotKuns���Pistols, l:^*ij( on our Ume-
bouojod tc ',... If you cannot obtain,
we iy.tp direot . ������:��� ��������? ;��� ,-e-pa!,t. uijon
reoelpt of Catal  ��� :'~     "
,1's.r.itLliij >.-.-...   :;   ���.. _..~, -.a,--!;  .Vliijll!
1.1 I. Unl ,u ilu '.,  . '   ..-.: .:   lC.Ut /      _    jt.'   I'
i.r c ui-itci, io -_ ���.;   i��� .   , .,    :..;.. ,'lj:
IU Isa CV.-..I ll.u._   ..-::,.  ...��n.llui  I  *   s.s.irl St
j 'Ji.li 'orelabroom���luti .tf r��omwIn.imuj.  | i.
j      i. ii. EVE .?. ARMS -i i.;..!_ CO.
P. 0. Unx -U,9V
Cnicopto   1-aiis,   Musis., U. S, A.
t��_i... .syajxra,. is- ��� ������  "  '������'mb��.^
__-_���  .'i-sTiswi-.n-r-   .rrr B_BBaac     i-^sc-i___j_----._
cngurs   nre   conveyed   for   hire,   and
i having for its principal or only   ..Ij- I
1 lect the carriage on that dny nf such
1 pa.-s^ngcrs  "or amusement  or  pi^ai-i- '
' ure, and passengers so c nveyod jiiali
; not be deemed to bo travelers v.iihln
lhe moaning ot th'._ act.
- Advertisements    ol    Prohibited  Per.
I      formances, tt."., Wherever Taking Place.
7. It shall not be lawful fcr un/ person t-> advertise in any manner v. hat-
I soever    any    performance    or oihei
thing prohlbitud by this act.
'.'..   It  sluill net bo  lawful  for  an.
porson to odv.er-tlBO ln Canada In any
1 manner whatsoever uny porformanci
or othor thing which If given ur d ine
In Canada would be a violation uf tills
8. It  shall   not   be  lawful   for  nny
person  on  the  Lord's  ' ay  t.i  shooi i
with or use any gun, rifle or other _imi-1
lar engine, either for K"ln or in such
a manner or in such places ua to dls- \
turb  other  persons in attendance  itt i
public worship; or In liie observation
of that day.
Pule of Foreign Ji����. 1 wipers on
:��    F.FFi-XTS��
'��� ' ' ;���-" ������'��� ���������������.: Sui; ��� Iron
: 11 ��� '���- ��� ni liedstea Is Chests of
iiinvn::., ,.:. iv h, Dining 1< i.m
Table, Parlor Table Dining
Room, Rocking and other chairs;
Raymond Sewing Machine. 3
Hesters, Kitchen Tabic anl
Chairs, Kitchen Stove, Dishes,
Kitcbi :;.' ������ *, 1'ot-i, !':-.-:s, Tu'.���;,
&'-.. &c , wnicli
J^R.  H.  \. RJCIi :hs  received
instructions    from     Mr.   D.
McLean tt.> Sell by Auction, at  bis
residence, iu ihu* Village o . Ladner,
Saturday,    March    16th,
at 2 p rn
offender mny t,., prooeed.ed agaltisl
either und��* the provisions of thin
acl, or uhder tho provlslon. of any
other net or law applicable ... the or*
fen s oharged.
Llinltadoi. 01: Actions.
15. li.j action or prosecution for *
violation of thi. act aboil be com*
men :ed without tho leAve of the al*
torney-general for the provion.- la
whieh the oftent-e ls alleged to have
been commlttod, nor oftor lh/> c.tpit-
fstlon of sixty days tr-o-.n th^ umo of
the commission of the ullujjfe. offence,
C-orrtmen-'icraent uf Act.
16. This aot shall come into Eoroe
on tha llrst day of .March, one thousand n'r.e hundred and seven.
CoprRiaHTa 4c.
- nyone seniHiig n nlntch _it���*��� (ls-s.^ripti**t ��**
ultlv n��i'nruiiii ��-s,r ODlttlon tree vsi,&ii;qr . t*
ontfon la probably pisteiUAiiia Cvtnintt&l_ns
negtrtct 1/1���'..niMt.'.iiuil. HANDBOOK i.n 1*hi��ui,j
I rrro. t i|,Us�� -.tpairr fur .tcurlti^ p_MM ..
I'litonta takoo t: - .. !-. iiu-.u . .'#. t.'t.i..
-lot ;iii' .f, nit tout litusryo, Uitiie
Scientific Hmericdtu
haiidflomely IHustPftted ��e*kly. T_arae��t Plr
t.iiM.in i. :' auysclontlflo i^urnai. Tortnt,|3��
���iC; liisif Tu- titlia, |L  801-11.1 nil r.jf.ai.dolet-L
.'11 liOleKs. IT6 K 81, V*����s,IDKt.._. J��. t.
Kroske .Smith, Uie pur*er cl Ike
S.S. Vi.torisu. is around I��tiii renewing old acquaintances.
The Ro-yal Bank   of Cauad*  is
here lur yuur convesietice and wili
1). It Hhall not be lawful for any
person to bring into Canada fur Bait
or distribution, or to .ell nr distribute
within Canada, on tbe Lord's fay,
any foreign newspaper ur publication
classified aa b newapaper.
Penalty for Infraction of tlio .let,
10, Any peraon ^\1k, vlniat.'s ;iu.e i,j
Iho provisions uf ih!!) a.t Hhall foi
eaeh offence b*. liable, op summer,
conviction, to a fine, not leas than,one
dollar and not exooedinff forty aollaraj'*? pleased to jive yoa every ��f-
together ��lib the .--..^t of prosecution,   tentiou.
Employer's Liability few V1 ilaw fill	
Aot8* The  uiual  monthly  aniou niis-
11, Every employer who authorize, sionary prayer meeting will be held
or direct, anything lo be done ln vlo* j in lhe Bapt-;M Church on Thursday
iation  of any  provision  of  thin aet, 1
' evening next.
Bhal!  for  each  off.-nee    bu  liable,   on I
summary conviction, to a fine not <.x- '	
lecdlnit one hundred  dollar, and   nit
less  than  twenty  dollar?.
Liability   of   Corjmu'iition   reruiliiinjj
Unlawful Acts.
ltf. Every corporation which authorizes, directs or permits lis employees to carry on any part of the
business of such corporation in vlo-
lation of any of tha provisions of thi.
aet. shall be liable, on summary enn-
vit tion before two justices of th.-
peace, for the llrst offence to a peti-
Kldon Erodie left, on Wednesday
lasl, fur Jubilee Hospital, Victoria,
where be was to uvderje -s oper*
atioii oa Saturday *.^st.
When you wish t*  buy  visiting
cerili. cail ou tlie Delta  Times  whf
will sell the best iuo��?y  cau  buy.
If you nceel theiu printed, why yo��
are tuouey iu pocket bv  calling  oa
alty not excuedlns two hundred ant.' the Delta Times fir.t.
tifty  dollars aud   not  loss  than  fifty
I dollare,  and  for  oach eubsequent of- ���
j fence to a penalty not exceeding five j     According  to  The  Commercial,
1 hundred dollars and not lens than one ; cf Winnipeg, the   visible supply of
hundred  dollars,  in  addition to  ar.y i     , ,.     T.  .    , ...  .
.   ,   .     ,       _     oats in tbe I uited b'.ates aud  i. th'
..Liier   poalty   pr<';ie-rlbi>d   by   low   fm
! the same offonco. | ad��' ��sl of the  K*k-r Mountains,
_ _ ��� is    11,212,000   buskals,   compared
Ui>cr__tou of Railways. 1 ,     ,   ,
witk 36,223,01.0 ku.ktli a year age.
13. NothlpR herein .hall iireuont the
iperatioc on the Iseu-d's Day fur pass- | "~~~~~"������������-
eiiger traffic of n.ny railway subject to |  f*^*mmm.*mi
ih*  legislative authority of ttuy province unleKs inch railways is prohibited
by  provincial authority  from bo  operating.
3. Nothing herein ujutll prevent the
operation on tho Lord's Day for passenger tralllc hy any rallwuy eompanj
incorporated by or Fubji-ct to the legislative authority of tho parliament oi
Canada of its railway whero such Operation is not otherwise prohibited.
ITovlnclal  I_ii.V .  Ilwy  Aots  Not
14. Nothing   horplu  shall   ba .construed to repeal or im any way affect
any provisions of any act ur law  relating in any woj t.i tho observaiYbej
of the I/Ord's I\iy in force hi any pro-1
vlitco of Canada when this on comes
into   force;   and   'where   nne   oerson]
violates this aiiy    of    the pro'vi^lons
I ni tills noli an. such offence Is nlsd a
vi. tatii      ���       y othei  act or 111 . tfld'
Cough Remedy
i      Tho Children's Favorite
tl ��� Cl'toBS���
I    Coushe, Golds, Crottp and
"\Vbonpi11g Oouph,
&        Tlii. rrmri.y if fltwett* fnS il" etirftf HT*>.r
5 Klisret- -.-.-.rt i-f 1>:r rlvillv,(-ii ���.iir'i.1.   11 ^.'-li
i( si-.     - ', - ,i��; ..   ���/-; y;.,,.,.    Jl .-;il*%.i- K*
^ ,.'     ���'��� ���     I It'.,' H.rWfui :".' r *'      **���      us
y ^i. .-���_ ��� ���       - ' , i . _ I   '.������... -.s ..  i.i
s   Trie. : j cte; Large tit.;-, bu e:..
ium*m* emminm**.i****'<mmm"**^m ESI)AY. MM.:
c,  !.:'���-
1  <\s v. s ��  L__     _. . A._ YV t-"^-
* l\    .. V  J-i   """    ���     :   ���   -.        -   - J- '
enl ot Kippered K:rr,u;j and Fin-
in Haddie���Ladner Fish Market.
J. W. Wi
la3t weel
visited  Vjncouvet
Geo. Q. Dennis has left on a tny
to Mani'.oba.
M:. aud Mrs. D. B. Grant visited
Roys! City last week,
Miss Dean-.?.* went over t�� the
Terra ipj.1 City last week.
I-i. M. Vasey  w*ut  oyer to the
Te.TS.inal Qity on Friday evening.
A rrocl.imaiioti issued by S. A.
��� 'letchet announces that a court ot
revision for the voters' list ot New
'Vestminster, Delta, Dewdney,
Richmond will b- held in the provincial court house on May 6,
A Padlock  Key with string attached.   Apply at
Situation Wanted
Ladner Tis
Constantly Kept on Hand, also
Mi��3 Nora  Armstrong,   oi  New!
Westminster,i.s visiting friends here. I    Housekeeper seeks a  situation.
 . I Apply at
T. E. I.adner, accompanied hy
his son, E.B,, visited Seattle last
Gee. Grauer returned,{yesterday,.
from a short  visit  to his home nt
Mrs. D, Price and| daughter,
visited'friends in Bellingham, Wash.,
For Sale.
ic Fi
A Full Stock of Shades nud Fixtures of all kinds kept on band.
Wiring and bouse furnishing a
For Sate.
The Paddon property, consisting.
of ioVi Acres, with good Cottage
re_idesxie aud outbuildings. Apply-
One   "Daisy"    DeLaval   Cream
Separator; one Churn and   Perfce-1
tion  Butter  Worker.      Cheap  for ���
cash.    Apply at house.
T* Mowbray,
R. C. ABBOTT, i Columbia St.,   -   New Westminster j
Slough Road. r.O. Box 364.    Phone 26Q.
Something New
Are Your Hens
Broody ?
1 have Pure Bred
we Men Leave
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding -r'istrict that we are -now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly Teduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices,
NEW WESTMINSTER.       *        -       -       B. G.
H.   Llewellyn   went   up to  thej
Koyal Citt on Saturday  last, on a j
short Tisit. 1     Onto   my   premises,   about  the: ______
.���_.  1 jgth   January   last,     an    English ;
Miss Clara Lard, spent Saturday j S,tter   DoS-      Owner   may   havej    j am now prepared to bnild coil-
and  Sunday  at her  home  ia   lhej�������� by proymt property and W ed Sprin, wire feace will]   wo6den ,
Royal Citv. | in* expenses. \
*                                       '                    JAS.  ROGERSON.    I     _     .    , .     I
 ���               j j    For further particulars $nd prices |
apply to ,
Eggs at
$2.00 for    If)
$6.00 for   100
Miss Elsie Benson returned home,
Friday from Royal Columbian College, en a short visit.
-ij jib-mi���B uji '.
m-.'.l1    eae_e
Mrs. E. A. Crawford and datigh- \ A��Jf*TTMfiU  &AiF
ter,  Miss  Kathleen,  are spending ]****%* M #CSfW   .��*%*.��.
the week in Seattle. !
: ,,���._,,_.       , Orescent Island
��� Leinpnsmg���Bedroom  Suite,   Iron 1
i     and   Wood  Bedsteads, Chests   of j P. 0. Box 45
Drawers,   Couch,   Dining  Room |
Table,     Parlor    Table     Dining
  i     Room, Rocking aud other chairs;
Raymond   Sewing    Machine,    a
1*  Lt Sytnon, of 8an   Francisco, j     Heaters,    Kitchen     Table   an.-: j
, "   .      ,        ,   , ,������,.  J Chairs,   Kitchen  Stove,   Dishes,
spent a few days here, last week, a, ...       '                            '     ���,      ���
I                           t. ' K-itchenware,   Pots, Fans, rubs, ,
iftiest at Ticnant Park. ', &c   g.c   ^^{^
 JATR- II.  N. RICH has received j
I instructions    from     Mr.    D. I
C. Rutnmcl, tnanafer of the light McLean to Sell by Auction, at  his'
department, B. C. E.. R- Co., paid a 1 residence, in the Village of Ladner,
Shart visit here on Monday last. on
Saturday,   March    16th,
��i^/-��/-i A/tsr* if yoti have CHICK-
toee me ENS or EGG8 ���
Port Guichon,
_] Jimi'_g_'_ _j.i.jl_ 'iu_.
1.. ji 1   w!u_ .w.i g_
���-��"������'.J     .!���
Watch Repairing: a Specialty.
Jlndrew Clausen,
���m i**wcna
Mrs. O. Houle, of New Westminster visited here an Friday last,
and left again on Saturday morning.
at 2 p.m.
Tenders Wanted.
.Miss Winnie Betts, oi Royal Cel- \ '
ntnbian Hospital,  came down, on      Tenders will be received  by the
Friday   and returned on Saturday j Delta   Municipal   Council  up   tlii I
evening. I March   8th,   for   deliveriug   2,000:
. , yards el gravel on the  river  bank,
Oan McGregor returned home,
Friday, acco aipamed by his daugle-
Miss Christy, from a visit t�� the
Royal City.
between  Sunbury and   .Sunnvside.
Gravel to be  taken  from the Corporation's pit at   Port  Kells.    One
thousand yards to  be delivered before   May   ist and  balance  before
Jun j 1st.
Mr.   aad   Mrs.   L.  Gifford  and      Also for delivery 2,000  yards of
three members of the family return- crushed rock st Ladner;  500 yards
ad, Thuraday   aad   will   take   up, to bc delivered before May ist, and
their residence here. ; 500 yards each month, during May,
 . I June and July.
'     For further  particulars .apply to
J   McLeod, of New Westminster, j ^ lU!cimig,ml
spent  ���������  couple of days here,  ln-t
week   taking   iii   the  Ian  of the
shooting1    During bis  stay he was
tlie fmest of his sister, Mrs. Jas.
Ladner, Feb. 16th, K507.
-U._f.HW _-__���_____________
____-I.- L
When you are wanting anything ia the
line of Blouses, Dress Skirts, Petticoats,
Underwear, Hosiery, White Goods, Neckwear, Ribbons, Pure, Small wears, Holiday
Goods, or
Bonnets, Hats,  Furs,  Dresses,   Underwear,
Hosiery, Etc.
Call and* let'us show you.
Goods and Prices Right.
J. BIRTCH, - 275 Columbia Street
For Winter Wear
At $3.50
& $4.00
���W<e have the  Greatest  Value
iu Slices
Good Solid Reliable Footwear,
Just the Thing ior Winter Weather.
Wc ���carry these i-n all Leathers and have a lull line af .Shapes
and Sites te Fit All  Feet.
Mothing in Towa lo ��aual Them.
J. REAGH*    -    Ladner. BMa
U.-l . I'   ,1-Sg
men��� u��.m ��u
Estate ot
W.   Lm   McBRIDE,
General Merchant,
Phone 5*   -   Port Guichon
ins. M -''ullan r-ame home, las'
evening, with a fine team of well
matched brood mares, and a first
class stock horse which aifivcd in
Vancouver on Satwlay frora Calgary. These animals will be used
in connection witb the Delta*Meat
Jfr. Otid Mrs. John Simpson et -
tprtained �� number of friends at
their home,--an Thursday evening
last, when a Tery epjoyable time
was spent in tripping the light
fantastic after which a sumptuous ie-,
past was partaken of anl the'-appy,'
p^rty brok<Mip-ftbout 2.30 r*m-       j
Produce Stored and
Gasoline Engines, Roof Propers,
Walworth-Kol:ton  Co.,      TO     All     B      G
1016 Westminster Ave.,   -   Vancouver,-E.G.


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