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The Delta Times Dec 22, 1908

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Vol. 6, No.
Second Annua!
Plowing Match
The 'Delta 'Council  met  in -the
'   '-��� J Council Chamber on Saturday 'last,'
iinnual plowing mulch held |'Dec.   'iitth,   at i ipim.,   with   the
Gifcta_-_.'s   farm,   Crescent
I    Th-
i*t   J.
j Island, era Thursfiay last, under
jtthe auspices'��! tbe Delta 'Farmers'
I Institute, was quite a successful
i __Tair, twdVve iplowmen competing,
. ari increase 'of five over last year.
j'Iii Class I six competed, |J. Lowrie,
j .. . _)are,.J. Mowat, R. Pybus.C.1
j Kettle's, S. Morley; Class H, H.
[���Montgomery, J. iJtrepberd,- Class
j-WI, Robt. Woiley, (Rudie K.ttson;
A number of visitors wete present at the closing xxainises in the
various Too__G.ent_>vv��i_:rn_iicliigrrati-
Reeve, 'II. J.   Ku;di.ai<son,i.n  the fied ati'Jieimaiiwd iadcancement in
chair, isiulCoiuis/Gilibie, GikihTist, fall   .Ire grades, .esjwaially   in   the
Morley and-'.imbree present, j Pried: pel's room  where tbe pupils
Minutes  -of   ipreviows   -nwtfiingiihowtH tJipt-great^jaiinsand interest
The Best Christmas Store.
We're making it worth your white to do good Xmas shopping atfe
-H onae this year.
stocks, sr&efti ok
Class IV,
��� hus.
iR.  A.  Coleman, J. Py-
were adopted >�� reaE.
;Firom the Returning -��fficer, <r*-
jpoftiii�� the election of R. 'J, Htttch-
erscn'to the'Reeveship by acclamation;  also thst he had
oath of office.    Received
have hc-..n_B-9nHn their wofrk.
��� K-Mwryiueat iprogramme (mostly
the wwk ofthe pupils themselves)
was in evidence in the Principal's
room, as follows:
taken'..*!       iL JUSB����. LADNER.
] I fe-ov-evy H. Shirley
This store is making a big specialty of sfcrootly holiday
a very creditable appearance.
. j     It is to be 1 oped that a lively in-
Fancy Ohina, Dolls and Toys, Baoks and (James, Ontleirss, 'Swiswiiif ��te_l iuiiiow._ig4p.iii be kept up in
Novelties, Brushes and LARGE ASSORTMENT FANCY GOODS, Men's1 the district and *e hjpe t0 seo
���Jtrnm VV. ST.  Draper, enclosing j mire.\K..ple Leaf iForewer. Class
j plans-of diverted  road at   China- j JaofpsesCartier  JT.<Ck_k
The  field mot Hieing the one or-j! town.   (Received an6 filed. ' CaSonfcition .. .K. 'Plewes
liginally-selected, had been to dress! I   'From P.'Burns,  asking  peTmis-|?.La��i_ii_gof .h���*ilgrin__..E..Brew5ter
ed, and this, with tbe sharp frost o_Pio" t0 continue ditch Already dug^ Indian Wars ~.iE.��Onrtis
the.previous night, made  tbe work *�� half-mile east <ff Benson road.       Shti'.eiiacadie  IA Thirkle
Considerable d_scussioi_��nsued as! Boundary War A.iBnowue
thfc.e drawbacks tbc{��owmeu made ,t0 tlle best nwtbod  of disposi__g<cf ^Mandolin Seteetian  '
the bog water with  the result tthtt       M. Lar.ni.^.'W.'fiutifeesMt.
stbe Reeve was added to theeow-jWar-of r8i_ II.'.White
mittee   to 'obtcin  legal  advice rre My'-��wnCanadian:_r_aaBe__.,E.Xord
Hi-thing A.s�� toiitttew-iew P. Bunas 'fieheBionof 1S37 J. MncInnU
Neckwear, Fancy Suspendars, Hou3e Jackets, House Slippers,  Gloves,
Silk and Linen Handkerchiefs.
-  M_hlf am for XI! Ages. (
Christmas  Groceries.
Large fresh sfcfecteA stoek of Fruits, Peels, stc, for th* XMAS
New Ta_ftiBza Otrrrants, deatied in lib. packets, N*��w Muscatel "Raisins in lib packets, Fine New Eastern Sultanas, New Peels, New Valencia
Fresh stotk of Ntits, Raisins and Figs suitable for the Table, F*ncy
-3-Oocolates, Nuts and Candies.
Xmas  Stockings. j
A visit to our display of New Goods will assist ia aeciSiag what to
igiv*.   SHOP EARLY.
This Store will remain open ever? evemm during Xmas week.
'Sa'turday last was a ireeorti'bredfc-
���er for runaway carriage accident-:
Mrs. S. 1Wwley*Was thrown ont'day .tit Surrey ��Cetltre.    Deceased
cri'her baggy but, tfbrtuuat&y, wftsjwas  about   55 ."years of   age anti
leaves a widow, seven sons, Na^^f,^ ^~" .^
man,-_hi is.-jjosepb, ThonMts, John,
(City, and when near bis own bome,
j Chris.   Brown,   .sn;  of   the   he_t
known farmers of this district, Wtes
killed  by  being thfeWn  frdtu his
1 rig.   The  funersfl takes plaoe -to-
Henry and Clarence and a 'daughter, Jatee. Ohe ol tte bOj^s *is at
MeOill University stndyiiig r��edi-
cine. i
IVtrs. IX -A. Mdfcee "was 'thrown
from her carriage and somewhat
injured about the head an& fac��,
'though not seriously.
, MesdBmete A. 'Parmiter and -R. C.
lHarker aud daughter also were nn-
'Ceren_on_miT_.y duteped at the cc��r- i
'ner of the GreeH 'road, tthrmigh
.their horse Shiein'g at -some sacked �����*:to-����ftt����, at 3 p.m.
ipotatoes.   Ftfrtunarcly'nothitjg df a "	
se#ious -hatiite  happened though BR^-   ^flcmTSi    CR*ACKEO
they tthgHt easily have been drown- Cor|)i   Corn_����H-'fim*��*ii.
ed at this pomt. Ker  Mjlling   Cq    ud f H   N
vWhile-teturning irom the Rov��l      RICH, Ladiier, B.C., Agent.
Thfte'wHlihte a^meetfhg Of .aiffer
side Klission Circle .11 'the Parson-
ThetisiiU W��ttlcly meetiOR<ot'the
above eltib, this -eV-ning, will be
'cancelte6, 'the .i*kt meeting for
practice and business will  be  held
December -9th.IT A fl-lP attendance is
reiJtieSted ash  is  .mended  giving
fan etir-efMhim-titiin the irear future j
and a date ;.s to he settled ��t tli^l
(Signed)    *_. 'V. "McKEE.
double  the  number  competing   at
next year's match.
The day being very fine, a large
number of spectators were on the
Tire plwwmeu, jmdges and friends j
were vei<y hospitably entertained by
ear. and-TOrs.��Giicltri_t.
The judges were Mes.rs. J. C.
Strittb, of 'Vancouwr, ����d Wm.
.Smillie,-of Ea*t Delta.
Ijollortttngijsthe prite list;
Class I ��� High>-cut plows, J.'
Cowrie, C. Kettles, IJ. Mowat-
Class If-^10 or Ks-inch plows, J.i
Shepherd, H. Montgomery.
Class III���Boys 'under r_8 years,
'10 or 12-inch iptew-s Robt. Morley,!
iRudie Kittson.
Class IV���men who 'oe��ec won
�� prize, R. A. Coleman, J. Pybus.
Best Start-
Class r���J. MoWtt.
Class II--B. Morftgotaery,
Class III���Robt. Korfey.
Class IV���J. Pybus.
*Best Finish���
Class F~-J. Lowrte.
*Class II���H. MatotgOlteefy.
Cla^s III���R. Motley.
ClassiIV���R. A.Coleman.
IBest Ins and Outs���
Rudie Hittaon.
fiest Turn<SW_t, Teflfc and"��utfit���
Rudie Kittson.
Youngest Ploftitwy���
Robt. Morley.
���Oldest Plowbo)-���
Sam Morley.
IB-sl Fitting Collar���
Rudie Kiltson.
*traightest Flawing, C)ass'_I_���
Robt. Morley.
Best Working Plow���-J. Lowrie.
List ot Potations.
P. Clark, set w.-Eetrees, ��5.50.
W. H. Taylor,       do       do
Stokes & Citl-in, ham, $2.50.
aud the matter was laid over till
next meeting.
From Tupper & Griffin, re V., V.
& E.  asking authority to apply to
the   Railway   Commission    which
will meet bone early ins Jnimarty.^Oawada of _ft*!Ar_\
Reached anBtEle^ antl counsel em- ���Cl"'*df4_'s1SiiHTg..���.
powered Mo aapply to 'the Railway
Comniissi<__"te:J_ave tire rraadimat-
ters adjusted.
'FfomlDr.!. W.'Wo��_tey, ipoirtt-
ing oat'the need ot a Street tight
at tlie'torn.. of Challtcktlian *nQ
Delta -streets and ��sk��g ithat a
lamp'fcc ipt��i_.(t tthere; the Doctor
also wished to '-knov. the reason
why the street lights do net burn
all 'night.
Tbe-j^*��tsare 01.15''paid ior from
dusk till <i a.m., and the Reave,
CleTk*nd,��out_ Gitchrist were'ap-
pointed a'tontMiittee to ire.mace
the street'liglVts.
From J, P. H'an_i_tou Bole, re
Lee Quong,  asking   $^1.80 Tcom.
Love of Country R. Anderson
Confederation G. Frederick;
Dominion Hymn Class
British Columbia... W. Hutchersou
My Country 'Tis 0/ Thee _CV����i
'mebsie fL.��fc��_nwlcfH.! Hiihon
:U.'Brewstet;-E.T.��.^f_��r, A. lie-
Bride, E. Onrtte.
Spelling Match  ...,tCh__��
God Save the Kiag.
The different parts we�� welJ
reoSered And tbe ���debate: "Resolvol
'thiaKCanafta.would he coJuroerciaHy
��benefitted wece-ishe OKted mth tbe
'U.-S.,'" res_lted +n-i_vTicl��ry fcitthe
��dv��oates s��f Uaicle "Sam.- John
Bull wasw.. aiE�� sbon anr_ -so was
���serirHy toar.d��K.ppeta,'4_i_t jwt up��
bra's-'-6ght agimst'bher-esallntion.
Therroowsiwcre taStef-Ely ^leo��-
ttefi __rKthe'^'e_t.Te season and the
pupils d_sprrsdd.*pith<eihe��rt��;ebeeT
for their toa4__��.s.
pensation'for daraages sustained by
road passing through hisrjv.ope.-V. j
P. E- Ladner exiplanied^tbe imat-
ler to tbe Conncil as arranged _>e-
twctta himself, the _ate fieeve arid
���the interested Chinese.
The c��_Mn'unltcati��o was received
und the matter let": in the hands of
j the Reffve with yower to afct.
Conn, 0ibhie-gave notice that at
not satisfied with the
wbich theiCoutfcil  bad
mum ��� to ""rt'tBave fhe -^bstrntctions
ifr<��n'ld.Wh .taaid i'J�� ba'ild ��.Talks'-��c
The _teere' thon^it ttfiis <wa. Vht
*be_t that coald fee done trn'tieriprts-
��nt drcnmstaiKes    M-tftion carries.
Coun. Embree reported Hhat Ed.
'G��tk_yi.s_i_ ont de\vc%'ke'iu -E**:
the next'stneetiSg  he  w#uld inlrc-f    ' ' ,       ^_
<-i.ee a road by-kw. ��n abUan Vhe ^^   "* ���*'
B. Alexander stated tlJat'<he^asrtnBtted t0  B0*& ^ Goufly to re-
imnnerHnfP8'*",ldy1re *�����������*������������.   *' 'Ut*
treated iihis|*^^he tck.!..
^^ I    The i.c*ve m& Cttrk<X.-e�� sn-
Coun. GWbie did-nct think pi^. |th��ri,ed'*8 ,o6k;,ilrto '*����."Mattertrt
jicr proof had been glcen the Conncil "��bU��a*n�� �����I����art��i <��m tbe
that his horse had been inj.Tredlfcy Domimo11 ******* forddyking
going throngh the bridge, he hav *����*��***���� ^ fer "fl-eof the
ing used'the h��rse the day after teei ,Ta^' .
alleged accident. L  '^^>c,wingnzaotms were or-
s*te t, btirtte'tSf ""^     K '^a,y?r'f ,7: H-
|VN, Rich, 9%; <G. 'T. _._keir, $30 6t;
Mr, Aletcander
horse examined by'Dr. Thoipcwho1 ,
said the��dmal%ad��**etved a tad|'Ks-��**-. iSW; fJ-'Cflchtist.
MKj 'B.'Civ * vta.,"��_j'c_��AV 'J��v._
1'inlet 'Iwmlifrt'.t'o., $?m& Gillify
H. J. Hutch��TfOH, hit, ��-.50.
Latimer & E1WU, brace and "set;    Council rtf-usedHo'talr^  	
of bits. tther action. "        fBros" ?T<6^ ^��� *.  f^w,��,
T. W. Fester, ham, 53. 1    I- r.atari* n_n��.teflr��_ V.ia���_r.,<r^I5*3^' "R  tfendteA.. *33<.-5$,
A'p��rse V^s Totind 011 Sunday
evening la*t ttnltaining a number of
tit.k��ts for "Marshall Smith & Co.'s
drawing. Owner vnay have same
.by CsiTlmg at this office and proving
D_ta Times, gonds at Claasen1-,
R-y.il Pank, casli, $5.
-A. Clausm, goods, ^2.50.
J. A. Logan, pair overalls.
'J. Rea ��h, pair boots, $4.
E. T. Calvert, wH_��er,
W, H. Smith, sack flour.
S. W. FiStfer, razflr and strop.
Marshall ^Smith SSc. Co., whefl-
Jer\is 'Iir^et Lumber Co., Delta
Saw Mills Branch, 1000 feet fence
.Hiigh McDowell, whip, $3.
ificeand W. H. Tayl��rs.
��ver ditch  Mtweeti Telephone'8?fJ-  ^^   $S^:    Bt!t,t "*****
���n n_*t-Tcn, fee <X)rtVk ���'���as
The Reeve'thoaght fc was a.��'��' ^njnre�����- ��5e ^re'K ���s ��P"
grace to'the villa-e��o allow such*f*��*_*���?*��* ^^ n����l
Condition .0-exist and the CoU���c��retert^,,,^nriM*fc,��#^e 'fceId k
eh��ald flrdtt iWemWed. |the TVs^n fi��.
1 Own. Emhree thought the dittffc! 'Cn mot,on *?.Clerl�� was onler*1
shoAld be covered over. j��> - .WMB ^the Collect'* Roll on
Coon. OiUfcrist said-ahox should^wmwry^nd^^og.
be put dtw.:tthen��Med in mnA+lJPSS���** then ac^umed til
fsidewalk  pet-ftntft.    He wt3��ld l*>*��*y.'>��n.*i_fl,*W.��.
���move that'people be "notified toTe-
tnove 6bsttufction' from ditch.
Coun. Gibbie would' move  that
the Reeve instruct-the Road Fore-
' We have'a''"fine liwe ifvpipe^k
all the best makes, 'Suitable -*tfr
OC��as_gifts���W. ��� H.. 8__J& - THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, DECEMBER iz, 1908.
Subscription. $1.00 per year.
0_iu_l AdT.rtiKmcisti, io cenU per tine tm
Ike _r�� insertion, and j centi per Une for eacb
B-boequent inertion. Tbe number ol line-
reckoned b. tbe apace occupied, iillaesto tbe
Ratca lor Commercial Advertisement! can be
bad on application at tbis office.
Reading notices io cents per Una for eacb Insertion .
Blrtb and Deatb notices, 50c, Marriageafi.M.
Any special notice, tbe object ei which ia to
promote the pecuniary benefit of any individual
or cumpany, to be considered an advertisement
and charged accordingly.
All advertisement* charged for until ordered
.til and puid ior.
Correspondence invited on matters of public
merest. Communications to editor must be accompanied by name of writer, not necessarily
for publication, but as' evidence of good faith.
Correspondence must reach this office by Thurs-
lay evening.
Geo. R. Manley,
TUESDAY.   DECEMBER    22,    I908.
We wish you all a very Mesry
Is your name on the roll as a
a member of the Rifle Association?
We need a few more ere we can go
any further ahead.
We do not think that the committee in charge of the plowing
match acted wisely in changing the
location of the match after advertising it for R. Pybus' farm. It
niade things awkward for a great
many people, the notice being so
very short.
r: The Board of License Coramis-
���siSriers'toet in: tbe Council Chani-
$?r'on Saturday last with the
Reeve, H.J. Hutcherson, in the
chair, Coun. Gibbie and R. p.
Kittson. J.P., present.
: A Ministerial deputation wait.d
upon the Board seeking to pr^eve^nt
the transfer of the Delta Hotel license from H. N, Rich to R. D.
��� Tie application for renewal of
license to sell liquors at Port Guichon ��� was grafted to Mrs. E.
S. McBride without comment, but when the transfer of the
Delta Hotel licence came up there
was quite a lively interest taken by
the rev, gentlemen.
Considerable hearsay evidence
of a condemnatory nature against
the hotel, bnt nothing in the rature
of a directly substantiated charge,
was brought forward and the license was duly transferred,
Coun. Gibbie wished to be put
on record as opposed to the transfer.
On motion it was decided to recommend that the Council appoint
a license'inspector to report upon
the conduct ol the hotels to the licensing board.
The Board then adjourned till
next statutory meeting.
School Report.
Following is the honor roll of
the pupils in the various classes of
Ladner public school fot the month
of December:
Fourth Class���Winnifred Hutcherson, Mabel Lanning, Hume Hilton, Estelle Brewster, Hazel Shirley.
Senior Third���Eric Taylor, Roy
Anderson, Edwin Curtis.
Junior Third���Annie Bown, Eva
York and Catharine Reagh equal.
Ethel York, Irene Seed and Joe
Martinich equal, Lucile Handford
Second Reader, Senior���Stanley
Clark, Kenneth Siddall, Wanda
McCallan, Cedrie Hilton.
Second Reader, Junior���Norman
Lord, Lawrence Latimer, Nell e
First Reader ��� Susie Pinnick,
Mildred Ellis, Ralph McDiarmid.,
Second Primer ��� Albert Olsen,
Roland Lanning and Russell Ladner equal, Stanley Smith and Albert Webster equal.
First Primer���Viola Richardson,
Russell Seed, Walter Williamson,
Eva Williamson, Maud Frederick.
A. Class���Arthur Cosmau and
Douglas McDiarmid equal, Dorothy
Chart Class���Arthur Olsen.
To Junior Fourth���Roy Anderson, Theltna Clark, Edwin Curtis,
Arthur McBride. Eric Taylor.
. To Junioi Third���Clarence Ber-
nev, Stanley Clark, Cedrie Hilton,
Denha__ Hilton, Geoffrey McCallan,
Wanda McCallan, Ella Seed, Kenneth Siddall, May York.
To Junior First���Clive Brewster,
Clarihda Davis, Violet Kerr, Russell Ladner, Roland Lanning, Albert Olsen. Stanley Smith, Albert
Tashion Stables*
Trucking: and Draying.    Livery "Work of
All Kinds Attended to Promptly-
All Kinds ot Firewood Always On Hand.
ttMxn-poT-M IStf*.
J. M. COLUNSON, PMne 20, iftWB, B/.
of Waterproof
For Winter Weather
CAPITAL AUTHORISED.       - $ 10,000,000
CAPITAL PAID-UP,      - - $ 3,900,000
RESERVE FUND, - - $ 4,890,000
Total Assets Over Forty-Nine Mill.os.3.
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers GUrefc Sp��ci��l
Savings Department.
Accounts may be opened wit'h deposit- of ONR DOLLAR
a>_rd  Upwards.      Interest paid,  or credited,  half-
yearly on Jane 3<st'h and December
jlst <each year.
K. D. SIMPSON, Manager, LADNER-, B.  C.
 L "..l-Li.
Repairing Neatly and Promptly Done.
the Delta Saw mills
Are Prepared to . . .
Furnish All Bands of
Shingles,  Doors, Sash and
House   Finish  of  All  Descriptions.
R   D. McKenzie, Profv.
Mewly FurnisheS Throughout, and
First-Class iri Every Detail.
Rates .��_ Ajpp.icat.cfli.
B.   rl*
We have been presented with
some splendid calendars from
Messrs. E. T. Calvert and John
Reagh. Mr. Calvert has two very
pretty ones, one of which has hir-
toric value, being a picture of
Washington's headquarters at N>
ack-on-the-Hudson, during the
Revolutionary War, while that of
Mr- Reagh's is handsome letter
rack gotten up in forestry desigr,
A burglary is reported to have
taken place at Cloverdale, on the
15th inst., when B, B. Smith's
Store was broken into. A small sum
of money, about $_> was stolen
Irom the safe, which was wrecked
by exolosives. Blankets and other
articles had been placed round the
safe to deaden he ��oun I. ������ nd the
Store was thoroughly . < deied.
Entr 1 ce was e T cted by rr. ans of
a Jjfodow pane being removed.
The following clipping has been
handed in by one of our readers
who, apparently, bas been struck
by the lack of patriotism displayed
Breathes there a man with soul so
That to himself has never said,
My trade of late is getting bad,
I'll try another half-page Ad.
If such there be go mark him well.
For him no bank account shall swell,
No angels watch the golden stair,
To welcome home a millionaire.
To such a man the noisy din
Of traffic may not enter in,
For bargain seekers by the score.
Shall pass, not heed his dingy door.
Tread lightly friends let no rude
Disturb his solitude profound.
So let him live in calm repose,
Unsought except by men he owes.
And when he dies you plant him
That nought may break his dreamless sleep;
Where no rude clamour may dispel
The quiet that helove< so well:
And that the world nity know   its
Plant on  his   grave a  wreath   of
And ou the stone above: Here lies
A man who would not advertise
The  BEST Water   Tanks   Are
Made at This Mill*
��������� Manufacturer!} of ull kinds of
| Soda Water, Ginger
��� Ale and Summer
A Drinks. I
Jt       Your patronage sohdtseq..' J
��� v
*sv$*������3,*.^��..��3_t**��.��H%,.��^.t��fr.��. ,*..��*{,.,..ft
begs to announce that he re-opencfi
his Mandolin aiiii Violin .Classes
-in Waddelfs Hall, over Gilford's
barber shop, on Thursday, Sept.
For further piftHictAitS apply tc
Mandolins* Strings, Etc.
"Supplied at City' Prioes.
Piano and Orgtfnlfl. DeR. TAYLOR,
W. J. Goard, of Vancouver, who
comes with the very best recommendations Iroin the leading musicians of that city, as well as from
tbe best ot the piano finns in the
East, tvill be hear about January
4tb, '09. Mr. Goard intends to
make regular trips here twice a
year; all work guaranteed.
Parties wishing work done will
kindly leave word at
The Belta Times Office.
Remember the Cantata to-night.
Miss Hutcherson returned home,
yesterday, from Vancouver, tor the
Christmas vacation.
Services will be held in All Saints
Chu ch on Chris mas morning as
folio vs: 8 a.m., h��iy communion;
11 a.m., matins, se.mon _nd holy
p]VERY assignment of the right
of a South African Volunteer
entitled to a land grant nuts, be by
way of appointment of a s'lbstitut.
and must be in the form provided
by the Act.
Special attention is called to Subsection 3 ol Section 5 of the Volunteer Bounty Act, 1908, which pro
vides that no us. iguincut of the
right ofa volunteer by the appointment ofa substitutestaat. be accepted or recognized bv the Department
of the Interior which is not executed AND DATED AFTER THE
LAND grant issued by the Minister of Militia and Defence in favoi
of the Volunteer,
Commissioner of Dominion Lands,
Lit'      ATI.
p8th September, 1908,
Veterinary Surgeons.
All   Calls	
Promptly Attended to
Phone 35 Stainton Block
Ladner, B.C.
W. N. Draper,
Room 1, Kll-Td niock.New Wertmiimter.
Lows Fnser River Fretgnt 5 Possenser
Per S.S.  ""FAVORITE""
Carrying freight and passengers
to all poiifts between New Westminster and Westham Island.
Leaves Brasik.na.. & Ker'.s wharf
daily at 3 plm.., except Saturday, al
2 pstn. Add?tic>;ia1 trip on Men-
days leaving at 5 a.m.
Returning leaves Westham Island 7 a.m. daily eKrept Fridays at
6 a.tn. Additional trip em Saturdays leaves Ladner at 5:30 p.ifi.
Calls aft Steveston Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays only..       >
The Launch J'. C. BRTfCE will
leave Ladner for New Westminster
at B a.m., on, and after Tuesday,,
Sept. 8t!h; Tetwmiiii'R leitves New
Westminster al 5 p.m. each day,
carrying passengers only.
Tickets good -until used, on either
S.S. Fsvorrte or Launch Bruce.
Acclimatize Stock.
For the
Form,  Garden, Lawn ��r
Ttelia liie Varieties at Reasonable
Prices. No Borers, Ivo Scale.
No UimigaTii.il to dann^e stock.
No windy agents to annoy voi\
'Buy direct and get Trees and Seeds
that Grow.
Bertiluers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying .Material, Cut
Flowers, t_c. Oldest established
irnrsery on   the mfttiilanti of  B. C.
C_tirioj*ne feee.
11.1 HEM'S Nurseries,
dreenhohses and Seedhouses
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
Our Entire Stock of
Ladles' and Children��9
Ready-to-Wear Goods
and Fancy Goot
All  New and Up-to-Da&e Stock, to Olear at Comfit and
_. j. 6IRTCH,
C'T .'3   VJ.
.. ���
B        r
��� .T .'.
���      T,         .,*    ".    V';
.iin n ������
IT I'i
:��I :.:i ! luilH ���-'
if. (0!
rue li
r 1. i-_hiy ! . .
���   -.   .!?.,*.
MIS ��
i.vt. trail wit:-.;
��� ���: 1 .>: wiiiit..
y. in
ridfti .: p fc:n
^___       *
j iv old aplifi
. ��� 111 ilia.
_���                 __j
.-: y 1 ��� pav*. ;;
. . murt'
1 l li-.-
grinding lelou
ur'a hfeftrt
Ki Ml
W    .n
Ij of Mo.hor L
_���                Ti
.1; i.
u ilii Uu Am'
tr.' birth
���                   Kt
TV 1 ,-.
m U>
Lilllfl I h _-.-*_> K'l
UlliC pilrs.fc
Tbeir walla of books. tfa__c mer ..-J nisi,..
Not in an Idle, aim tan hod*-
Nl!ij;itr_ received Uta power,
Or curbo_ lecked tho _nn rays fast
Or fit tree grcw'to spire and mnst.
Fond TiuT 1-.1 (-._iis]__tt with equal pi id*
i       On vaullillgsdonie and |u:iiriu���swide.
j       Her lmip.i.h_r_ theillliginH winas.
Her altnrs llit elect, l.Klr.s.
1      Tl'is human tide _e_r_ in its flow
The wild unnuts tlie voi.e of wo*.
-Tlint flrst u lifeless ocean bore
ila pain to earth's primeval shore
-.rutst Urnss in Overland Monthly.
A Chance of ntan.
\:'X car. 'for nobs.ily.
j    >n.l Itr'si-.-'y cirs-Ti for mc."
S;.n_   .__!���;>- tut, |.h,y.  in  tiie <��-.Yeet ���***
��� -., .     hpy,
j.   W'li'   .���m.ti-lly.tculd we.
I io his imo'lr-rmiad . ibe Are.
j    And _-S.c-_.tfcr Th'- old h.n's ne_t,
i Whil? Iii;- . iir.Vi-oni Ila place highoverhead
JVs.nl s_.isi;_e [an  ���'..,. .want,
3h. fitted the At u'.or tiaii.
And pi.-lu-d .th.   b  rr-c-s Tor tea,
And wonders d i!..\_i in .irr tender heart
.Y���_i e htr It.He boy could be.
Alone in'.he-ditn'Oit! 4i:irn.
Tommy itt- w irlr.l. ���i' phiy.
When ilie cuuaT^une Home andUbe .hi*.
ows fell
Over the new mown hay.
So into tfc-e klLrl.cn he rao,
V."1th n iroisy hit yi! yi.' ���
His mclh-T h:id jr.ntl.. <hlm a Trosted cak*:
Sl.c had '���i..;i. "him a saucer ple.
3o lie fravc'liav a .ovlng'tiug���
"I will holp'n. xt tTme." said he.
"I care for somebody.
And somebody cur a for me."
-Mary F. Butts In Outlook
.Their Greetings When VWrny Met fa
After -War*.
An nnocdnteii-inilntDt} nf thu luto-'tlacnh
Tome, a Mury lund lphl.uii.lirij|ii_t. Mr,
��01110, li, ii|ii>eit*s, <wuc In .is'turly lifo a
*OKtleT. -Jiy linUnst.y anil i.hrift ho arm
kcquirod a niiitl.tttto'-ui-tiin. and for some
tliuu ticfnruilihi death wus one of tbo rloh-
Test.iirn .uliis part of the Btnto.
���Aiudiir Mr. Tome's acquaintances whtli
���working around tho stable was -a c.irpen-
'ter named Samuel Walker, who hnd
������ better faculty for spending: money than
'for saving It. Later In life ho thought II
���expedient to remind Mr. Tome In thu pros-
���eiiiTo-of ._<n-(rwd 'that he waa at one Unit
���only ��>_tallleman.
It was on the occasion of an entcrtaln-
���nicnt ut the Port Deposit Opera Hotiao
'am! tlie citizens of tke'town were crowding around the ticket oflieo'window when
Mr. Tomo approaohed. A murmur pass
od through the crowd,-ami uin��yrstci)|i_d
aside, giving way to the noted iphilnn-
���tlirnpist tn.thnt.be might BecuroThls ticket
���at once, iimtcaa of having to wait hti
'XiieyJwflroiglott toshow4ho_r*es]aic.t foi
tho niuiiwho lmE gniiiMl the (up round in
���fortune1* ladder and ���who fenuw how tn
"os.lst hia fellow men. as mony fn the
��ru>\d could testify.
One nmn, however, kept his place. Thia
was Mi. Tome's rid friend, Sum Wni!- r
tnrtrnd uf giving wi<y ho ri'miiv! ���������:1 via
*ono loud eeougk to *���*> heard hy alt pros-
*ntT "^'mliot Kit.11 itn.��Bive .ip +�� .laks
XEoiuel 'Ho aina��ao'b��tt��r'thntii_ am. 1
���used to know *himn_ien he Wim-Snt-hhl
tbat'n sti>bte boy;"
^fr. Tome did  not reply until after ne
bud secured his ticket niirV matin way for
those who had so courteously wilh'-.lrnwii
'for him.   lie then said in a quiet lune. ���'
'used  to know n man hy the name pf .-.ru':
Vv'alkcr, whd wns a cnfpenUTT, and I Ull I
<erst;iii,l |hn* ��,Wo tatoc r,.u. ���i'uliK* ^s*
���oafpontor stilt"
Thai poople np|!lvmde.t KlMs .ulfttaUMlta,
���etotl Ami 'Walkin; slunk awny.
'��aeer ~W*T t* Kill FMk.
tlatlyeg of the Torrei strait Jinve .m
'���rlginal method of .killing flsh. Ill"
places wh__e larttes and large flsh are
,wont to -congregate th^r erect pltft-
forms, and as soon its a great turtle or
ifish npp��TB 'the nwn on the nearest
llflatfoTtn throwB a hnrpoon ��nd almost
itnrariRbly strikes the -animal. After
this is done-one of the bther men Jumps
'from his 'platform with a rope, which
'he ifnstens around' the 'tail <Jf 'the captured flsh. -One end et this rope re-
-mains tleQtoia platform, and thus (he
���flsh or turtle is soou'stlfely secured. It
'Is likely, however, 'to plunge about ��
.good deal, and therefore tlrase -men
who are within'reach-df the rope are
'obliged to 'hike rare that lt does aot
trip tliem up with It.
-8_er nan.
���*<_ lntena",'"��he said, "to give ln chnfl-
ttf as muchi��s I speed on'dress, lfa
��uch a grand Idea, so'enno.itlngl"
"It's a good'plan,"'he admitted. 'H
ithli:'i you spond tao'-iu-b-ou drtnw anyway." .'
"Whnt's-th��t got toBo with It?" _1m
"Why, you'll divide ..your wardrobe
���money, won't youf"
"Certainly not. I eepeat.you to-dea
<C_naH_'o Woo__.
The impression  tbat British  North
-'America is covered with valuable tlm-
tfcer is -fullacious.   'Blaek walnut, red I
���cednr and  white oak are 'not  found |
north of Toronto.   A line drawn from I
'tlie-city-of Quebec to."Bnultrflte. Marie
will  designate the 'northern limit df
beech, e'tu vind bitch.  The north shore
1. I.nke sliipertor will '-mark the north-
��� oni'iiouhduTy of sn^nr bard iiT'ipl..
Wss Agnes 'Jtoppller of .rhllndelph:
has finished 'her ������History of Philade.
MmB.s-5ttdellna!P_tti,'wTitiiha_ been ste-
tng >ln Switzerland, thinks of adoptir.y
jouthiul nleoe.
Lady Golttm, whose death is annouiTCt '
from Adelaide, waa one of the lentiln.
jhllanthropio workers of South Australhi
Lody  Hermlone   He.lL-n   Blackwood,   :
daughter-of Lord Duflerln, is tc hu-ume
���trained nurse and is now a proh-tioner i
���Chelsea Infirmary.
Miss Jennie Flood, Who'lms trade n gii
et her eountry plaee'to the Univorsity t
California,i|s>worth $7,Out),000 and is t!
���icheat unmarried woman In tho stale.
Mrs. E. A. Bennett of Lairoro, .:. I)
bas an Angora cat farm and mys . l.o ca:
Hot raise enough rata 'to-Bupi ly tho ti-
���Hand, wtoloh _.pi.ne!paily from tiie en.:
Mrs. Emily Warren Boeliling, wife n
8olonol Wash-HgtonA.-Kuclilingfif ilrooi.
lyn  bridge fame, Isuttulnlng dlstinclh
��s a lecturer'ttt-topiCH inioresting to c-li.
Mrs.'Catherine Wltcomb.  88 ysnrs ci
�� hale and hearty resident of CiiU'si.iu
Mich., and a brldo of 18B4, was Willi hi
father, a Mr. Earl, when   in 1833 hlrt ni���>
log clihln, \ms the first lu tl.e. Icru-t   !
tween Kalnninzoo and (.cpn.ic pinlric
Ullzaboih    ltldcr   Whcnton.   tho   wt
known prlwmevinigelist. Ins vliilfutl ���     .
4>rison   in  e*<FCy   important city   in   ���
*orld.    She lnw iJieoonio  known t-i
tallroad  momr'siti receives nnnu.-il  j:-.��� .
��ver ail tho'tugo .iiws in tbi_ country.
.   Miss Molllo Atnliiason of BpilyUu, Hi.
woigha 500  poun:is and liicu.-im-s 1  '.. ..���
Inches ar: und  the wiiist.   Hhti Is a ko'
cook, n skilled  scan:, tivr-s, S8  ,'...!.-  i<l-
can   pick   Up It 000  pniii.il   Imr.-i     : ]-iii
arid put it nn h'-r shtitiidcrand tnu'. .-  ....
���elf generally useful.
Jira. .itt'rgi'.Vft I.hlir la ';.���"-������:'��� -r t
sewing ir. Iho I'rhirsily of ..i..iu--'T
Silra.-iilnjr i l-ii.ii.attd li .- nv, ii n -i.-,:-.
nieiit- in tho -.limm-ota i'; l.r.ul cl .-.r-i.
turn tw�� yertrs aaa* '-^l-'-' si'-'-i...:- ..
farmers' dtiuuht is, and-they f,uni.-i\c I.e.-
aud ttiiiiin iir ip_ a Vtcdsi
Mi.H M; ry II. Ci.iroll. ff>.0 hns ,:-:-t til-
it./jiljnhl irtflctii-y-l. i. m.::��   .->���:'��� ;T'  - ������ -i
Titoihns l.li'if Can-olK ;. ..-,a.   i -i'; .-.-
hind  in   Isiflli, and it ,'������ '.-i��� i.i  .'..... .....
: i'u fur.f.il, v iir.c> r,,, ,..> ;.i i,. ,...,!;
��� i I   o!   ti.ll   1 i.ion ...i   -  i    -   '      -
���v.:.- l.o:; :-   |H'llnal,enl |..;.-.;'in l.���. I...
���i thn >.-'-. -i llll.-t .;!.
i-i .-���-^- .-.-.-..
fha ,-isiug ti -ii.i tliu-.iiilitnry nni
-.'-, h'-.: t ,-'-,-i i.!l!:i;of iii' li:inl. .dps Bin
',: .... i | " -ri.-i ! ir i.-iT|-:iiii .-is on tiio r. =
.-   ;!. \v   i -I--.;...-liTl;- liuli'jLit:.t, ����� ii.-:
...  ���'-���-��� iflV-rn.   nn)
���  ..... ; .: plj   v-.-.'io   hear ynu iTi!:''r
���.'!.'.; yo'i t:-' i.<U lr.s-a yonr country,."
i'i'-, I t!.i love uiy country,""he .'-r
���-��������� i ' a" I l''-i wiil'i:;; 'to o-'crlnol.
-.i,:,, ij.,;. I'ln bli-_iilif I can go so I'm
' t.i  pr.i'si' n_ o-iuKing."���Vijisltlucton
��� ���- % ��ot��tvartllT Kaee.
The population nf St. Kildu, the moat
(Westerly of the inhabited Scottish Jules,
is a unique one in many respects. The
pjoplo are the most lonely in the United Kingdom, tbere being very litth'
communication >with the mainland und
sometimes not for months at a-strettSi.
Socially the islanders are*praotically��
commune. If the head of n household
Is Injured or loses bis life .timong tbe
recks, bis. widow and family .Usire Lu.
tlio proceeds of tbeir labor W'ff lie'
were tbere to takevpnrtiiu.lt. -Ififamily.
ltlness prevents uny one joining it the
day's work, the is asked to stay at
liome, and'liie interests will not be lo��t
sight of. All questions, complaints,
etc., ure 'Ut-X-rmined by their mode, or
local pnrliament, whose judgment 'is
final. Early morning conferences use-
ally determine thc day's tasks.
St. Kildluiis are a most Industrious
and active as well as a religious people, and ou tbe Island at any rate the
vexed problem of cliurch oitendan*.
hns been solved. Evory man, woman
���nd child capable of leaving tbc bouse
ihold goes regularly to church, ant?
only some serious disability will keep
nny person at 'home.���Scottish Ameri
Influence of Clilldrena.
Childl._9(l In Its weakness ls often"*-
strength 'tbtit resists the strain 'of ill!
���the passions, and that holds even when
���lleep hatred, exerts its tpower -tO'drlve
"If tt were<n��t'foTit!.e<chilB,U woulK
taot live >with you ttnother day," 1
'heard nn 'angry husband soy to 'ills
twlfe, -whe��'rigbteous.iiidigi_attou-<lrovp
(him nearly to distraction.
That was quite a number df 'yearf
mgo, and uow thoy have two more chll-
rdren to strengthen the bond between
<hem. This littte episode of domest_;
ilnfellclty wns recalled by some statistics that recently emanated'from tBett't
Iin and which speak volumes.
Theso statistics have been carefuljy-
gtithered from'the divorce courts, anil'
show thut '.tit t>f Ia',000 'Klivwces 5SSi
*weros_iiited wlietv tbere were uo clrtj-
Kll'tilij 21-1 where tliere was one chiltl,
13t)HVlioV_ tliere were two children.'.-CO
iwhsrrt thei* -were three children, i!3
���where thero were four children. 13
where there wero five children aud If"
whore  there were six  children.
Tkr i��iil T >'., ii. n-:st Thin.
!,-���-..��� . re v.-itli u_ iTffaiu, tlia bravo laddies
'" '.lue,
tml ive '���-��������� conic Uiem nil with u will,
...    vc'il h.lji -lifin  (orset all the ��c;>
i-,. '.miu ihri null t
There Ihclb-UTuit-OtM echo and thrill
..nd It's lh.-inT:f:il we irre't.inre'o no greater d;st:i_y
As we uraze on each conciuortng trooii;     ,
hey mv i.-'.th us djruin from the thick ol |
>nd the tiiln o"t the rofTee"aria-soup.
���New York Truth.    ,
Some people jieverairtke' mistake*
Nor get Involved in strife;
They may be very happy, ���_tt
Thuy lead a lonely Ufa.
I Hobson'found-SrTith>#ngag��_l in vlR-
'lonuisly polishing bis shoes. "What are
l.you doing tbatifor?" he Tasked. "I al-
'"ways thought >yt>�� '-wore patent -leather."
j   "Tliewemseato'bt'pitteBt leather,"***.
I piled Smith, painfully bringing bis spl-
���nnl column Into Its normal  position,
������but the patent-on them baa expired.*
-SnritlcBl Wit.
1 Al Baardman of Minneapolis tells k
Wtory Illustrating tho onvions rivalry be. I
ftweens-his town anil Ht. Paul:
"Andristimac fromSt. Paul gAt hurt
jtomehow over at MlniioaiHilis and w-tft
(taken tu-omMf tin hospitals. His-injuriei
Wore painful, but not dangerous. IIoW-
Tovcr, ho felt sure that -he.would uot stir- -
���vive, and ht constantly-walled tcithe stir-!
" 'Ooh. -dochtor, do ���soinathin Mr/me
���quick. I'm dyln. I .know 'I i-em. >VU i
"uovor tre-St. 'I'atil-elive.'
" 'See St. Paul alivet' blurted cut t_*;
���surgiiin. 'You'll die of old am 'faofoM!
������nybodyevcr sees St. Paul alive.'
"An . It mado that Irishman se mad lie
���wanted to thrash tho doctor, and nobody
>heard any mora wailing from hlm, but he
got out of the hospital at the earliest po*
���allito day."���St. Louis Globe-Demoorak
A Mutter of Whose Frleit_. i
Blobart���Yes, I once thought of-g����l��g
on the stage, but friends disstttideditne.
Knocker���Kiiends of tbe stnga,'I:pre-
'fjvnoi-iil <)l.llllll��.
'XHves of great men ull rctnlnU ua
That It isn't only pluck;
Wc would do ts ivclior better
If we-oni^- Iiad thoir luck.
���New Yurie'Times.
From tbc Father's Side.
Senator .h'np_.er��� ..'oil, did Sterling
say he'd'Totc for our 4.111?
Seuntor Mnlnchnntz���Noi'lie said he
couldn't Imaginen lilll'tif .iuikut-crooked and odious'chinacte.'.
Senator tirnpliier-Iii-M you teH him I
was fatbering'tlie measure?
Senator Mainchants ��� Ves, nnd he
said he.fancied the bill's cbaract.lis-
tics -bud '-been -iuheriteU.
^Vtto Can TelIT
"Papa," said 'IViuiiny Tretlwoy.
"Now, Tonituy," raiilied-Mr. Trodway,
"I shall answer-only ono more question
today.    So tie careful-what you ask."
"Yes, papa."
'Well, go-on."
"Why don't thoy bury the'Dead sea."-
Barpor's Bazar.
Wantanno���What a memory yon
bave! Did you ever forget anything in
all yonr life?
Duzno (nfter profound thought^���J>ot
.that .1   can   remember
ne  Wasn't  Too  Derft.
Deafness is largely n mntter of habit,
���ays a writer In the New York Press. I
kuow men who cannot hear you two
feet away, though you buwt at them,
���yet at the distance of a bloefetthey wfU
.���grasp your faintest whisper, flome itroli
'deaf for convenience, some for fraud,
, some for'hypocrisy. Beware of tbe deilf
man. One'df'the>o___l-deaf mien was
old Matt Griffin, loug ago an assemblyman from'.Griffin's Corners, 'DaiawdTe
eounty, tl. .f. T*y emrttesyfieaf .mom;j
'bers receive front 'setttB In the1-assembly, while ���others usually draw lots.
'When old MUutt was excused from
drawing a fellow member uotly protested. "But the old man ls ns deaf as
a post?' salH'flie'hongeiieadeT. i-DeatfT*
exclaimed tbe protestatlt. "Matt'Grlt-
fin deaf! Wby, bless your:honestT��odl,
he could hear a ten cent slrinplastcrr
rattle in n bag of feathers!"
Helplntc Hlm Alonar.
"Then there Is sueb ������ a thing aa heart
failure, la there, dc.torV" -aaid tha
handsome -youuB widow.
���'Cwtalnly, madam," rcspondea tka
bashful young physician. "The records of tlie profession are full of'���
'.'It's a perfectly unnecessary diseasa.
Isn't it, doctor?"
On tbis hint ho spake.
Te_ s���.Taek.firoposcd -Inset nigbt and I
accepted hlm.
.less���Did :yea, dea*? By the way,
don't attempt to cut'glass with that
diamond, os I did, or you'll make another nickln tbe stone.
���The monkey lost bis hold nnd feirin-
hi the-trocodlle'a watting Jaws. Even
then ihis wife'did not desert hlm. "l'
Just dropped ln for dinner," he said,
with au-eucntfiiig smile.-
Hyphen  Saccee'di' flymen.
The I'rofessor���They hnve traveled
safely along the happy Journey until
���now tlmir tftipcs are ubout to be'realized.
Mrs. Mnlaprop���Y��s, Cupkl, tthe ged
���of love, must now give way to Hyphen,
'the god of matrimony
"Her marriage was a great dlsap-
��polntment to her friends."
"Obv-yes. They all pretMcted it would
turn out unhaunilv. ��ntt lt didn't"
Mrapboak Paste.
A Une paste for scrspbooksoan- Wrnadt
"from alum water and Hour, 't'A teaspoon
fills of powdered alum dissolved ln enough
���cold water to make��� pin. af paste. Pour
���the water, when'the alum>_��dissolved, Kp
���anough hour tothtokonitfas stiff as com-
���non paste. 'Bting tt to a boll, stir all tits
tiinj, and when done add -a few drops et
t'l nf cJotos. The alum prevents far-
kies.tatlo>-, aflU >t-ho oil of cloves prevents
m iestroyh ''' vegetable mold.
The Market
New Westminster, Dec. 19.���
There was a��ver>y good market yesterday, and a good business done.
Following is the list di quotations]
prevailing at yesterday's market:
���   Beef,    hindquarters,   .7c   to   8c
per lb; forequarter., 4c'to sc.
Mutton, ioc ton ic per'lb.
Lamb, nt- to iac:per Ib.
Veal, medium, 1 ic.perllb; large,
6c to 7c.
Pork, 8c��to S^c per lb.
Eggs, wholesale, 35c per doz;
retail, 60c.
Butter, 35c to 40ciper lb.
Fowls,  $7,00 to $8.00 per doz;i
chickens, $6.00 to $7.00 per doz.
Broi.erf, $4.50 t��-$6 per doz.
Geese, alive, J.1.C5;   dressed, per j
lb, .aoc. j
Turkeys, 26c to 27c per Id.
Ducks, #10 to fill a doz.
Potatoes, $11 no $ 12 per >ton.
Apples, 75c to $1.00 a box.
Onior.s, $-.25 per-sat?.:.
Turnips, 50c per sack.
Can ots, joe per sack.
Paisnips, 75c f��r sat*.
Fsounded J80�� Incorporated 1893
rProvicles a "Christian Home f'for Students of both
sexes at moderate -*tes. Hsts a preparatory class for
junior students taking Public School work. Does High
School work and (prepares for 'Provincial .Tead'hers'' Examinations, Teaches .all branches >M e. 'Pfatf-tfcal Businew
j Course and confers '-Diplomas. Imparts a Liberal Educa-
] tion in its Collegiate Course, -and in the -Iv&dies1 Course
|for "M. "E. L.,a.i!<_ M. SL. A. In heology^infers the de-
|gree of B.D. In University w<jrk can take students through
j the complete Arts 'Course for the 'B.A. degree of Toronto
j University, with-which the CoEege is in full ^affiliation. In
\ Science teaches the  First YeEr of Toronto  St-ho��! of Sci-
fence, and '.has a ^Special Engineering Course ^adapted 'to
iS&^SSSS S S ft^��ia"Pneering work ��n this Previse. ;fe ^ic, a
Sundays at n a in. (complete coiTi^e in "theory,   voice culture, t._k_   piauo _ej_E
Matins, ii o'c'ock
,- Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
*��� Sunday .School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany.at 7:50.
Rev. F.J.. Eartlen.M.A...  Vicai
organ, in conjunction with the Toronto college of musR;.
Special instruction in art and elocution, while all students
are required to take physical -trainiujj with all it lee ;priv-
ilcg-.s of a iw_dll .equipped gymn-ar,iirni.
Services first and third Sunday of
each uioiiili.at loyoa.m.; Uenedic-
tion, 7:30 jimi.
Sunday school at -31p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third 'Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Ipamsh Priest.
Services next Lord's Dqy at 11
a. hi.and,7:3o p.m.
Class meeting, afterths imornibg
set vice etesy "Sunday.
Sabbath School At a p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursdayievening at 8.
Rev. L F. Betts. pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 a tn Midweek meeting on Wednesdayjeven-
iiig-dt 7.30 o'clack.
Rev. J. H. White, M.A,
If you average the cost prtoe of J-M Asbestos Roofing over
ie period of years it is in-Bervice, you will see that "J-M" is
the. _   ^__
cheaper to use irhan any other prspared roofing. Being made of
Asbestos, an indestfwtible mitier-l, it is permanently durable,
and a* it dees not rehire any coaitinp or.paiatiqg, its first coat is
the only cost.  ! EasJly applies! by Hrryes.a.
Asbestoside is ar. 'A-be_6os She*ttjmg-arfdiis ithe moat economical, durable and eamly applied siding .known.
.4_kl��rsi_npl��&and ueictMt
576 First Ave. B. ;  Seattle, Wash'i
Sabbatli setyices��� Crescent Is-
l..nd, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
SundayjSchool^at 10:30 a. m.
1 - Prayer meeting on Thursday
8 p.m.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p,m.; return-
hig, leaves Steveston at 9:30 a.m.
and 4:30 p.m.
��  Bnnk'01re_t<rr.
-6tTsinger���Boy, oan you direct me to
s-lhe noaroet lmnkf
���Hoy���J kin f��r sixpence, sir.
Stranger���Sixpenee I -Isn't -that Mftk
n��y���Ye_, ��lr,btit lt,<e hank dtreototi
������rnhnt glte high pay.���London Punch.
"Ah, yes, "-she sightid.    'U w��_ robb-d
*f a lover by th�� cruel war."
"Which one," har dwelt friend asketi.
"Tho Mexican, the civil 'er the Yanko-
Spanko."���Chicngo News.
When you wish to buy visiting
cards call ontlie Delta Times who
will sell the best money can buy. [
If you'.teed them printed, why you
are money in pocket by sailing on
the Helta Times first.
60   YEARS'
Tradc Mark*
' A _Tone_endlng a sketch nnd deiorlntlon m_J
antolur ttKortnln our opinion free wnetuer an
��� iimmtion In probably Jwtqnijih^. Commnniw.
tlor.3rtriotlfcoiiMoiit_a. HANDBWK on Pat.�����
ecnt free. Oldest imttcr tor 8_t_il��jl*p��ten_w
iVstciitt-iaken tiirouch Muim^Kl
ijit cla-K _*fc, ./ittiotttobariie. In tfie
$t\mm Hmcricatu
A hnodsOLioJy Ulimtmtwl weekly. LftTRest Pir-
culutiou of aflv^iJMftnilfln journal. T*rtuft tor
Cm; .i.rt, *:��."���'�� a yoar, po. t:M:e prepaid. Hold by
all newsAleaten.
MUNN XCo.8"6""*"' Rework
, Jitunc-OiBoe. KKsF-KU W__hll)irto_. fc.X,
Tlie Bella Times THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, DECEMBER  ... 1908.
Come and help find Santa  Claus
at the Town Hall, to-night.
Rev. Mr. Taylor, of Vancouver,
visited here on Saturday last.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Brandrith
celebrated their silver wedding on
Saturday last.
Xmas goods arriving continuallj,
new nuts, Iruits. confectionery, etc
���W. H. Smith.
There will be no Christmas Tree
and Entertainment in East Delta
on Christmas Eve.
The S.S. Sonoma will make only
one trip on Christmas Day, in the
morning, the afternoon trip being
G. Grauer shipped some prime
Xmas beet to J. Grauer, Eburne,
yesterday, to be used for the Xma.
trade in Vancouver.
Miss Rich returned from Vale,
and Sidney Rich irom Victoria, on
Saturday last, to spend the Christmas holidays at home.
Editor Delta Times :
Sir: Your oft repeated query "Do
we need a new Town Hall?" may
b_ answered by saying that we
need a great many things* worse.
With new sills and a new foundation and thorough cleaning the
present hall would probably be
good for a number of years yet, at
least until some of the more pressing needs have been met. We
want more aud better roads. We
want an ample supply of good
water for man and beast. We
want that filthy abomination of
Chinese shacks along the river
front cleaned up and we want
better sanitary.conditious all round,
much worse than we waut a new
Town Hall.
In reading your report of the result of the nomination for the
Reeveship as well as your report of
the discussion which took place at
the public meeting the same day, I
cau but wonder how long the people are going to want the things
enumerated above. I also wonder
if the electors of the municipality
are going to re-elect Mr. Hutcherson at the annual election next
mouth. If so, what has the municipality to look forward to, and
is Mr. Hutcherson the best available man for the position? Without a word of disparagement for
Mr. Hutcherson, I  think his want
7 p.C.
On Your Money
S p.C.
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties Seven and
Eight Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of aU charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & <&.
New Westminster, B.C.
Agencies Represented-
HMttord Wre Insurance Co. Inaomnee C, of >ron_ AmtfWa
Phcenix Insurance Co, of nrooklyn     The Oettft, Accl_e1_t & Guarantee Corpora-
Connecticut Fire Insurance Co. tion, Ltd., oT London, Biffr.
Iniisi'rinl Trust Co., Ltd. Vancouver. B.C.
We Beg Leave
' To notiiy the peopte a. lada.* and sur*
rounding district that w% &_r�� toow m a
position to ofter VaneatiVSS. Iatan_.
Portland Cement
At greatly reduced prices, makmgSjit possible for parties Who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Elliott, ofthe
firm   of Latimer  & Elliott, leave,
on Thursday next, for Seattle.! of municipal experience will doubt-
where they will spend Christmas j ]ess be a considerable drawback to
with relatives. hjs usefulness and  this same want
of experience will  doubtless be tbe
Deputies   Phillips   and Morgan,  cause of more or less  costly errors.
representing the M. W. A., return- We have a number of experienced
ed to the Roval City on  Saturday j men in ,he municipality some who
evening last, and will be back ab. u: | have a,ready  served  the  Pe0PIe as
Reeves   with   good  satisfaction,   I
may mention Messrs. H. D. Benson,
middle of the  week  to   finish up
matters here.
Dalton Deacon, of Plumpers
Pass, will be at P. E. Ladner's tor
two cr three days between Christmas and New Year's and will have I acceptably for years as Councillors,
John McKee ancl R. E. Kittson,
these men have all had experience
in the Reeveship. There are in
the    municipality    a    number   of
gentlemen   who   have   served   very
with him two good   working Collie
Dogs for sale.    Price $25 each.
Missionary Social.
any ot whom might well be promoted to the Reeve's chair. There
has been no time in the history of
the municipality when we needed a
caretul, level-headed, experienced
man as Reeve so much as we do at
this time. Large sums of money
will have to be expended in repairs
to the Gulf dyke; a water supply
we must have; the effort to improve
our roads must be continued without increasing the rate of taxation
lor that purpose; sanitary affairs
also should receive a  great deal of
The young ladies of River-ide
Mission Circle held a missionary
���ocial in the Methodist Cnurch here
on Wi inesday evening last, when
Miss Preston, a missionary on furlough from Japan, entertained a
fair-sized audience by giving some j atteution from the new Council,
interesting experiences in her work j My object in writing you, Mr.
among the women of Japan both' Editor, is to arouse public attention
in British Columbia and in Japan.! to municipal questions before the
During her address, Miss Preston annual election. For myself I will
donned a handsome Japanese bridal j say that I would like to see one of
costume, much to the delight of the the gentlemen I bave named as our
smitten ones in the audience. j Reeve for the year 1909.
During  the evening,   the chair- I am yours,
man, Rev. J. F. Betts who filled
that position by special request of
the president, reudere 1 a shott
prayer and eulogized the young
ladies upon their endeavors along
missionary lines, after whicli the
secretary, Miss Jordan, read her report, showing a very creditable advance.
After the report had been disposed of, the young ladies proceeded
to tell how they had each raised a
dollar for the good of the cause as
follows: Miss Davis, by taking in
washing; Miss L. Kirkland, pulling
mingels; Miss O. Kirkland, selling
Chickens; Miss Jordan, crocheting;
Mrs. Betts, by marriage at the Parsonage, the fees of which go to the
minister's wife; Mrs. G. Devitt, being married now does not attend
many meetings and, therelore, did
not know anything of the $1 raising proposition.
Mrs. Lanning rendered a solo in
her usual very pleasing style and
then the young ladies passed around
the refreshments which were much
/enjoyed. Miss Preston supplying
Japanese tea and sweetmeats for
the sroaH sum ot five cents each,
Hlfer which the meeting dispersed.
j-Jome Made ffrread
is tne delight of the prudent house-wife.
No other family flour has gained such uni-i
versal^commendation as our ROYAL STANE-1
ARD brand. Itjis the standard of quality for
home bread-making. Ask your [dealer for!
ROYAL STANDARD flour on your next order.
Sold by W. H. SMITH.
Guaranteed by
Vancouver Hilling I Grain Co., Ltd.,
Have You Seen the Latest
Thing in
Machines ?
B. G,
All   sorts v of First-Class   Jewellery,
Silverware, Cut Glass, Etc.
Jlndnw Clausen,
1ADNER.  B. C.
When You Require
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleum, Window
Shades ot Any Article ���of Furniture or
Household Furnishings a visit to LEE'S
STORE will convince you that there is the
Visitors Welco��__#.
B. C
The Ladner Auxiliary of the W.
M. S. will meet at the home of Mrs.
Wm. Wilkinson, on Thursday afternoon, at 2:30 o'clock.
.Service will be held in the Methodist Church on Christmas morning at 10:30 o'clock. Tbe public
is cordially invited to attend.
40-Acrc farm for Sale
Known as tbe Deemer place, on
East Delta; all improved and
under cultivation. Price, #5,250.
Apply to
Ladner, B.C.
For Sale.
Ten nice pi^s, three months old;
11 pigs, seven weeks old; 1 brood
sow; 5 dozen spring chickens; 1
new incubator (Cyphers); a number
of orchard and garden tools.
The   D��I!   PATCH
is as fast
a washer!
as its namesake on the track.   Gome and see it.
Besides the above we have the NEW
CENTURY MACHINE, which is hard to beat,
and the SNOWBALL, any one of which would
make an excellent Christinas present.
Nothing nicer than electrical fixtures,
shades, fancy globes, &c* for gifts, useftil and
ornamental. .
Estate ot
W.   L.   McBRIDE,
General Merchant,
Phone 5,   -   Port Guichon


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