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The Delta Times May 19, 1908

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mV^^Sjll     I^A
Vol. 5, .So. 37.
Sti miner Necessities-
ftHA!NERY-Ladie8  and OWldrea'a Ready Trimmed Hats, No Two Alike.
���",' ':    rr      in all the colors and shapes that fashion has approved.
Ladies' Sailors, Children's Galateas, Wash Tam3, Etc.    Come early while
assortment is good.
Mies' Neckwear and B^!s-New Wash collars, New wash Beits, m..1;
" Widow Bows, New Veilings in all colors.
Ottawa Letter.
Thrice Welcome.     The Market
Pattern Department
We lhave a Complete Stock of the celebrated McCall Patterns and can
fill your order for anything in the Pattern Line.
FASHION   SHEETS   FREE   FOR  THE   ASKING���Subscriptions taken
-for the McCall Magazine at 75c per year postpaid, including
One Fref. Pattern.
Ottawa, May 12.���The subject oil The ladies of the Presbyterian! New Westminster, may 16.���
the amendments to the Election ] church held "X Reception"" in St. I There was a very satisfactory at-
A t has been tbeoccaswn ol a great Andrews" Churoh here, dn   Friday tendance at the market yesterday.
diflerence of opinion in the  House!       ... :     , ., ���. ___��__._.
j evening Inst, for lire purpose of -ex-1 and the summer weather iot-*gfat a
during the past  week,    ll  must bei '     ' !
i ,..!/-. I tend-ii" a heaiiv welcome   lo their large contingent ����� -townspeople to
remembered tii mi what tbe Conser-1 lcuu*ufl B u����w wcjcbibc  id iiwn      r. * i    i
valives de-cribe as the thiu red ' new paetor, his wife and family, j the stalls. Amang the ncrteworthir
line oulra:_e in Manitoba will be : The church wa .very prettily decor-1 sales were a purebred bav mare at
corrected  alter  tbis   bill   becomes I atej  v,;-ti,   {_ov,-erS| b0tk   cut and fa2..  ���*>  a Shire  horse at $300.
potted, which gave a verv  pleasing The horses brought iuto tbe ring
No Person Disfranchised
In this connection it  should
not 1
effect to the interior.   There was a "were in good condition.    An aged
large attendance, East Delta being!'-Clydesdale stallion changed hands
at ��100, but the average seems be
run aboul $15�� a bead lar horses
suit bie for general iartn purposes.
A mare and colt passed under the
be    forgotten    that    Conservatives .
,     especially well represents.
Iiuve  charged   that   owing   to   thei
crossing off of names'^ the Man!- I    J- A  Paterson occupied the chair
tuba lists by using a red line, tboi>  and, in a   few   well  chosen words,
sands of voters have been  dislrat.- ,extended, on behalf of the  congre j haran���...  ,,   %,0()    a   torraill      A
hise,i.    V.Y,l,  tin, m   mind.   ''e gation, a hearty welcome to Rev. J. good looking Durham cow was sold
H. White, his wife and family. 1 for ��35 and a Jersey foi $50. Good
Messrs. W. Smillie. Johu McKee | milking cows tor lamily use seem
aud H. D. Benson  following in  a! mjst in demand.
,     The bee I market was  well sup-
<��*a��jEU_S  CLOTHING
Men's Department
We hav�� a swell lino of Blue and Black
Bfcigo Suits at $14 and $ 17, made from
the highest grades English Sergey. Guaranteed fast color.
Men's Fancy Tweed Suits aft $7, $8, ^9,
$10 to $15, all of the latest spring cut,
and finished with the best trimmings.
Boys' 3-piece Suits, single and double-breasted styles, from     $3.5 D to $7
Boys' 2-piece Suits, Norfolk styles, from -       * - -     $2.50 to $6
Boye' Fancy Flannel and Homespun BUSTER and BLOUSE SUITS, al.
nice line BOYS' WASH SUITS.
.New Regatta and Neglige Shirts in larga ran'ge of New Spring Pattern
statement made by Mr. Borde-,
when replying to .Mr. Ayleswortb,
is a most curious one. Mr. Bordi n
said���Hansard, May 5, '08, page
S1 _ 1 .-
"01 the 50,000 or 75-100 electors j
in Manitoba  not one  bas couie to
this House 1.\- wa\ ol pelitiO    asking for anv redress at tbe  hands of
s'parliament, and ii"t  one name
hash:-. 11    ven by  my   hoi:, friend
tbe   li     ier oi' Justice  tb     after-
ni.,,     ai ��� mau n the province oi
���  ,, has  been   unjustly
similar strain.
Rev. A. H. Huntley and Rev lv
R. Banlett also extended a hearty
welcome to their co-laborer ami his
family and, at the same time, administered some good sound advice
to the members of the church and
congregation, exhorting Hum to be
faitiiul  to  their  pastor, to attend
plied and all meal sold at quotations. The butchers suffered from
no shortage, and prices fadd at
usual figures. Mutton and lamb
were short, and in demand throughout the day; of pork there was*
fair supply and the demand was
equal to tlie call. Thc warm weather tcakes a change iu the -quality
church regularly and  to help the oiewdj  and this w|��� becomc j,..
.vote.    I would like,good  work  along by  their   workL^j-^y the case  a3 the aaaou
to   g
me nai
>l> 1   r ti
'  ���    ���   j'
. a
A    1
s, Buy ir stance in Mani-
Brii:i��h  Columbia which
:;l      t' P   1-   tlpO-ili-. 11   of
and prayers so as to encourage the
minister to the full in his endeavors.
Rev.   Mr.   White   replied   in   a1
plain, --tnightforward manner, saying that, should his  ministry  here
ttie   further   on, upoh   the 'end in one year, in five vears, or in
a Ivanees.
Fourteen cents was the
I ton  price  for mutton,  while veal
ringed according to quality from
nine fo eleven cents per pound.
The wholesale price on eggs held
at 23c, and this showed a small in-
sane [age, Mr. Borden is quoUd itwenty years, he hoped the same, Cr(,^ re,aj] prices running up t0
a-, sayiu, :   . (good fellowship whicli existed WwL, a  doMU_    The 9Upply of liye
"My Hon. Iriend the Minister of (would exist then. j poui,rv was most satisfactory, and
Justice has not given any names ofj    During the evening', interspefsed j pricos Ior good !a).jng bens were in
persons deprived of their votes."      I witb  the addresses, the .ollpwingi ^   |.j jj   figures,   there   being  a
Red   Line Scandal a Myth.       (excellent programme was rev:<iercd:^ - ...dv )ur,a-et for good quality birds.- .
This beinj. lhe .admission on the Quartette���"Sw��t ami Low"     I Cu.'ck.en* Sb'ld  easily, and broilers,-
floo r of parliament by the  leader of >     Mrs. D. A. McIIefr, .Mrs. (Capt.) ��� ^g   ��)rst   ofthe   seflSOU,   fuU��<-l   rn
the opposition, to'Wit,'that no per-(    Cross, Thos. Shortre'ev! and  H.
son from Manitoba had complained |    Rnynfer.
of being  unjustly  deprived of his j Violin solo���"Scottish Airs"	
Shoe Department
We-v��ho*. -tiothang but HIGH GRADE SHOES.    Our Stock is now complete.    All the New Spring Styles, in Tans and
Patent Leathers, Etc.
rshall Smith & Co., Lt
���-Philadelphia, May 14.���That the Tlie Band Boys have been pttt-
"pick-tig of -buttercups is injurious ting in some good work practising
'tothe healtl, of children is the |.for xhe a whe��� they betake
*th��_9_yof'Dr. W.. W. Chalfonte, of
Ne.**4$5 'North Sixteenth -street.
-He^edared, to-day, at a meeting
<of; physicians'that some cases'called
measles are not Measles at all, but
��**'the effects oi gathering butter-
"tfups'and inhaling the perfume.
""Buttercup fever," is the'term
iDr. 'Chal'fOdte gives tlie disease.
'"���lta ' Germany aud Holland there,
���-ire ��1aWs<forbidding the  growing
and lipicking of buttercups," said
Hbe 'physician.    "Land-owners are
���csnti-ined,'and dairy inspectors are
"assigned to-see the pastures are free. u������,i,���..e ,,������ ,   ����� ,���_.,.,,        .
.��.�� ��v�� d,,���w.     1    _i . ���      Huntley s bouse to-morrow, at
��0M���� flowftrs    In these countries
"���frtdemic-iof ttMittercup fever' come
iWgiilarly and  in" some cases  the
*4lisease.pro��cs fatal!'''
'themselves to Steveston lor the Empire Dayeeldbratiiui, and for which
'the S.S. .Sonoma will make two
extra trips, leaving Ladner at 12:30
and Steveston at 1:30 p.m., an4 in
the evening, will leave Ladner at
,7:30 and Steveston at 8:30 pin,
Dainty pockethandkercbiefs, collars, aprons and delicious candies
will be offered for sale by the ladies
of the Baptist Church Aid, at Mrs.
p.m. Afternoon lea will be served
and the ladies hope to me-t a large
(number of friends. 1   .
A-.ie;ttlv.p<uteii up folder is being'
llstribmed.  broadcast   throne  out!"''. "".'^ .'-'l T Vll"
the'Dominion by the  management
f ths Dominion lair, '-win h   tj es
place at Calgary from 'June 29 to
July 9 ofthis year,   The ffoider is
illustrated bv a number o' sple    id
views of Calgary,  and contains n
large amount  of 'interesting  inor-j
niation dealing with Sunny A' ��
Special excursion'rates over th
P. R. will l* in lorce Irom lhe coast
during  the -exhibition, single  fare
being charged for the  return journey.
Seeds, Timothy and Clover Seeds
���Brackman-Ker Milling Co.,
Ltd., H, X. RTCH, lalner,
B.C., Agent,,
vote, and tb-.- accompanying challenge to ihe Minister of Justice to
name a man so deprived, what becomes 0! the contention that by the
use of the thin red line upwards of
ten thousand Conservative voters in
Manitoba were disfranchised 111 the
Dominion elections of 1904^
The Opposition cannot have their
cake and eat it. They cannot keep
alive their "thin red line scandal"
and at tbe same time deny that any
voter was disfranchised. They
must cither admit fhat no scandal
or injustice resulted from the use ��� l
the thin red line, or they must, admit the necessity for an imendn en
to the election law.
Why Line Was Used.
The reasons f r the "thin rei
line" have been explained msr)
times. The Dominion constituencies in Manitoba are made up ol
portions ol as many as ten local
constituencies. .For instance, the
Dominion constituency of Macdon-
of Duf-
lerin and portions of "Morris, Assini-
1 boia, Rock wood, C.imli. Lakeside,
: Poitage, Cypress, Manitou and
I Mountain. Therefore when thi
candidate sends to the-Clefk of tin
j Court in Chanc ry at Ottawa fi
i'the voters' list tor Macdo aid, hi
receives the entire votes' list, ol
ev^ry provitjeia' c ������ ������ti.tueii y ��� hi. li
mav be iu whole or in 1 art withii
the bovjiti-sries of the Dominion
What must be dotre ihcif?    It is
quite obviuus'thilt as only   .1 r'io- s
of some of ihe provincial constituencies   are   within   the   Dominion
onstlfueiicy, thar as to  those por?
 Miss Jessie Mclnnis
'Jock o' Hazeldean"	
\'iolin solo-
: ready sale at prices ranging accord*
1 ing to their size, from  ��3.50 to $$
' per   dozen.      Young   ducks   also
ni5c.e their  first   appearance,   and
soon -Lhsa-ified hands.    The promise
....Mrs. J. Honeyman j for the seaSeW w.sures that vendors
'Entrancing"     i vvill do well-tO'CuItkate good birds
 Miss 1'helma Clark both with a view He  then *��g-lay-
"The Mighty Deep"~     ; jng qualities and useftiluess astrible
 K..D. SimpsonIsupplies, both of great ^imjiortance
.Solo��� "For All Eternity"....      110 th<, householder.
 Mrs. <Capt.) Cross     The flower stalls were an  attrao
Quartette���"The  Home-Land-1.,    j tive feature of the market.   A large
Mrs. D. A   McKee, Mrs. (Capt-) | quantity of bedding plants were on
Cross, T. Shortreed, H. .Ra-yner. saie al Imv figwes.
Mrs.   W,  II.   Laduer  and   Mrs.      In  vegetables the  demand  was
Mclnnis accompanied  the  various! fair.    Potatoes *were  not disposed
numbers. j of as readily as  might  be wished.
After  the  programme   had been'although a large consignment was
disposed ofthe ladies  undertook to; on hand.   The retail  figure was a
fortify the inner  man  preparatory dolhar a -sack.    Turnips  stood  at
to dispersing, with the  result that  75c a sack,.and  no-change  is .eat-
the 1 ujoynieut 0   the evening was j peeled.
complete and the ladies aredeseiv-l     The following ,_re the prices.that
ing of great credit lor the able way] ruled during the day;
in   which   the  evening's.entertain-1     Beef,   hindquarters, SHc to 9_ic
ment was conducted. 1 per lb. forequarters, 6c to 7c.
 Mutton, 13c to'14c per lb.
, Laudo, ,s'_ c to 6'jC perlh.
According to the lirst draft ol the I     ,T   . ,, ,.    ,
Veal, small, tic pet lb; large, 9c
to ioc.
j     Pork, 8^scpeT Th.
Butter, 35c to 40c per lb.
!    Eggs, wholesale, 23c per do���; re��
j tail, .25c to .30c.
I     Fowls,   $8 to $g per doz; chick*
Quite ifewoi  our  friends have ens, S6.50 to fS.co per dor
a loning-c niiiuittee 01 the Methodist Conference, Rev. J, F. Betts
returns to Ladner lor another vear.
Of course, this is liable to change
been unfortunate enough to lose
horses of late. Among them being
E. Cammid;e, jv.. Perram, Jas.
Pearson, A. D. Paterson aud J. M.
Broilers, $3.50 to $5 per.dazeji.
Ducks, young, ��6.<;o to $7 a doz,..
Potatoes, $ 18 to fso per ton._
Turnips, 75c per sack.
Rev. A. H. Huntley will  deliver
a lecture, on Friday  next, at Cres-
On Thursday, the 28th inst., H.
N. Rich will ...elL the household
furniture and effects, the property
cent Island  school  house, entitled: | of Rev. A.   II.  Huntley,  at  Port
"Life   and   Its   Perils   iu   Inland  Guichon, when two very finejap��
China."    Admission free.    Collec-
(Continued on  .Second Page.)      Hon in a^d cf the organ fund.
auese  tea sets  will, among other
.things, be disposed of T-HK DF.I.TA TlfctfeS^TtftSDAY, "MAY to,
Casual AdvertiseiuenU, ia c$uts per Une foi
Chefirtftlu6ortton,und5ceaUper Une ior each
subsequent Insertion. The number of lines
ftckoued by the space occupied, i_.Uq.eato tbe
Kntes lor Commercial Advertisement* can be
h^d on application atthlsotfice,
Kesdlng notices to coutK per line fur eacb Insertion,
Birth and Death notices, ^ac.t MsrftBges$i.oo.""
Any spsclal notice, thc oi/jfrrt ol which is to
fcrcr-iote tbe pecuniary benefit ol any Individual
���r company, to be considered an advertisement
��� c-J charged accordju��ly.
Ail odyertiaecient*. charged (^. auUl ordered
cut and paid for.
Correspondence invited on. matters ot public I
tier-Mi.   Communication* to editor must be ac-
c6tnp ^^^^^^      * "- *
I A football n ?tch was played here i
S.OWCMPTION, $1.0Q per year,   j on Saturday last, Westham Island]
'v. Mainland, for the benefit of. M.j
' Palmer. There was a,large.attendance of spectators when Westham
kickeij off. Westham immediately
pressed but H. Qniehou cleared
nicely. Westham continued the
pressure but Hutcherson saved well.
A fast run by J. Savage resulted in
the Islanders getting their first
goal; A, Trim  shooting this from
! his centre. The Ladner. boys played hard after their rst reverse and
Luinsden scored with a nice shot.
        _     Immediately    afterwards    London
..-.puulcd l)>  nnme si" writer, not necessarily! ,        ,    , . ,        , .,.      .
foi; p'ibiicatios, but ���� evidence cf good faith, neaaea    tnrouga    lor    westoam.
Coiic.poin1.nce  mult r.'acb tbis office by Thurs- \ ...  ,r . ��� .,_..        ...    ..      r
I Half-time was called  with the Is-
| landers leading.
Ou. resumption, the Mainland'
jpressel hard for the equaliser buti
I Westham's defence was sound. The
second half was very even, neither
side scoring and Westham ran out
winners by two goals.to one. The
Mainland gave a smart display
against their more experienced opponents and had no reason to feel
ashamed of the score.
For Westham J;. Trim, J. Hamlet and London were best, while
Hutcherson, J. and H. Guichon
put up a magnificent defence. V.
i Guichon was the best half on the
j field with G. Fleming following^
close. The forwards were poor
The collection.amounted to $20 35
th L.'J.Cfr-.j-y-'s
MoiiMii.     fashion Stables-
Trucking,  and Tiayirf-    livery Work of
��11 Kinds Attended to Fiomptly,
All Kinds or Firewood Always On Hand.
J. M. COLUNSON, m* 20, i\m*\ u.
"A Sire at last \o, g��-t Sizeable ar.ct S��leab..o haxuess hor
The Graft- Champion Hackney Stalltea
Diamond I
844-8. Imp.
tjLj'evsul iik.
GRQ, k
St< 1  ai-c consider
TRK3DAY.   1IA,Y    19,   igoS.
(tobs to fee Boys.
Th* following is a. message from
Ijord Robeits to the Hoys' Brigade
qf Cornwall, Bnglandi and the advice applies with equal force to the
hoys of this country:
''I  believe  this trailing-to   be
qttyte. invaluable   to   you,   for   it
teaches  you, ta acquire  habits of
order, regularity ar\d discipline, the
possession   of which  goes  a  long
way to form a,m��u's character, and
tfcli$ve  me, boys, character  is by
fat the most important  thing to be
attended   to;   for,   however   clever
apd well educated, a man may be, if
he is wanting in  character he will
never be respected by those among
���*hom-.his lot.in life is cast, and it
\i#>u>ld be impossible for him to suc-
cje*4-,in the world.    By  character I
Uieati being in  all  respects what a
gentlemau  ou^ht- to be,  and,   remember,   boys,   when   I. use the
vford gentleman I do  not  mean a
man .of what is cabled good birth. I
?5.ean  a  mau  whq. is by nature a
gentle  man   in every sense of the
word���who is truth, upright, honest, straightforward, pure and clean
both in mind- and  body, respectful
iiH^.shedient tp superiors, and kind
and-cpnsiderate to all  with  whom
he may come in contact.    It is the
possession of these qualities which
enab}?s a ma.u-to get  Qn, whatever
njay   be   his lot in life.    I   have
lvnown,,many such  men������men who
commenced at  the very bottom of
tiqe ladder, but whoclipibed rapidly
to the  highest rung, au<J  wpre re
spirted   and,; honored, throughou
"���I delight it., boys being at
games, but I am inclined to think
tha._ drill, with its concomitant
physical exercises, doss even-; more
than games to improve the health
a,$d stamina of boys. lam a great
believer in the well known Latin
saying "Mens, sai-.a in eorporc
sa^io," for without a healthy body
Hi is very difficult lor-the mind to
stand the heavy strain entailed by
rpntinuous mental work, or anything lite serious lesponsibility."
whtu in peed oi reliable.
Call and see ovv- lines foir
Men Women find Children
The Cheapest Store in Town for High Class Goods
MonclsW, S. Morrow*s Furm:
Tuesday,, Qikhrist's ; ;
Wednesday, S. HuiVs '���' ;
[Thursday, I. Johnston's tt ;
Friday, G. B. Embree's " ,
Saturday. Jordan's. Livery Ladner;
Christopher Moses, Esq.*
Ylcjtoria, Proprietor.
Peniberton   ���'
Dr. Wilson
Louey Bros.'   "
Inverholme Stock Farm.
"       "  till Monday
G ��org�� Brown,
Stud Groom
111 ��� 1 m
laoorporated 1869.
(Continued Irqm   First  Page.)
tions which overUp, the names of
voters in tbe overlapping part must!
be stricken off; otherwise they could '
vote twice. They were strickeu. off
with a "thin red line." The men
fWhpse names were thus stricken off
were not disfranchise.!, they still
remained iu their, proper voting,
Tories Did Same- Thing.
The act of running a line through
a name wrongfully on the voters'
list is not confined to the Liberals,
neither is it unrecognized by the
Manitoba statutes. Sub-section 6
ot section,65. cap. 52, of the .Manitoba Election Act, 1904, provides
far such revision of the lists as follows:
"A line in black or red shall be
drawn by the revising judge or barrister in the middle or through the
name of any person struck off the
ljst of electors or from the list ol
applications appearing in. the registration register, but in such a manner that the name can be readily
11 read and distinguished."'
The only practical difference is
that the Liberals used a red line,
and the Conservatives selected a
hlack,one, fgr the lists were revised
and changed by the Conservatives
previously iu the same manner as
that adopted by the Liberals, with
the .exception of the black line being used instead of.the red.oue.
the Delta Saw mills
���ff��� '��'.���  �����'������������       ���       ' ���' ������   '      "        "*���������������' SS ,. ������1,..^M|IWI1U .11
Are Prepared to ... ..
Furnish All Kinds of
Shingles,  Doors, Sash and
House   Finish, of  All  Descriptions.
Tota. Assets, Qv��r Forty-Five Millions.
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
Savings Department.
Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and   Upwards.   - Interest paid, or credited,  quarterly on- 3.1st  March, 30th June, 30th
September, 31st  December.
K. D. SIMPSON. Manager, LADNER, B. C.
The  BEST  Water   Tanks  Jkre
Mnde 'ai This Mill.
For Sale*
About 5 tons of Burbank
lings at jjfci8 Per t��n-   Apply
Men n�� its
For Sale.
Horse   and    Rig   lor   sale,
Typewriter-.    Apply to
For Sale.
well-bred    English   Setter
Apply to
East Delta.
Tfcndcrs. Wanted.
Two, YounR Horses ��� 1 black
two-y,ear-old and' I Day mare, 1
vear-okl: Strayed frnm Knder-by'-
plan'. East Delta. Anyone knowing, of whereabouts of snnie. kindly
F'orist, New \Ve .    i 1 -;er.
Delta Stock Yard
The 4'.h   Annual  Spring  Sale will
be held in.the above-Yard on
Wednesday,   May   20th,
Present Entries���ajdairy cows,
of which some are in full miik; s
twc-year-olcl heifers in call 4
year-ling heifers, 20 yearling and
two-year-old heifers and steers,
5 beef cows, 1 three-vear-old Ayrshire bull, 2 Shorthorn bulls, 1
three-year-old Holstein Bull, 1
one-and-a-half:ye.ij\-oUi Hjolstein
bull. Holsteiu bull calf. 60 fat
sheep, 15-ewesand lambs, 1 boar,
1 team of I four-year-old horse
and 1 five-year-old, mare;, set of,
double harness,. &c... &c.
Further Entries Solicited..
Terms cash..
14.00 Pv'Ynb   Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
���*%  NKW WESTMINSTER,    X Bt. C*
**- Manufacturers of all kinda oi
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patro��age solicited
��� .
������s>*��H��*frssv3>s��i>frs   ..^%..l|frs.s��frs. -^..i^.    I'Q <W8
4J W. itt a ��t.. N��w Yom.
W. N. Draper,
Room a, Ettard BIock^New West n tia iter ���
Acclimatized Stock.
At the meeting of local fans held
ia H. McDowell's office on Friday
night, it wa. decided to (orm a
baseball clubhand the following
jjjKcers were elected:
President, J. Guichon.
NLIatiagv, H. McDowell
Sec-Treasurer^ K. D. Simpson.
Captain, W. H. Wilson.
The.membership iee.vwas fixed at
Tenders are asked up to - noon on
l Wednesday, the  27th inst., for the
; furnishing of all the labor, tools and
hardware required  in  the-erection
of a  frame  barn  oiv Rose Island,
Fraser River (near the  Oilery), 60
feet long  and 40  feet  wide  with
sides   r.*5   teet    high   and   floored
throughout.     Bam  to   be   set on
cedar  posts  about  4  feet 6 inches
above natural surface.
1    Also, for a lean-to to said barn 60
J feet long and 20 feet wide, framed
;and set on posts same as bam.and
1 iioored throughout.
Each.tender to be accompanied
by a bill ot the lumber required lor
both buildiugs.
The undersigned will provide all
the lumber delivered  adjacent to
uu    _.    , __,_���- ,      .    ..     .     jllie  ground   where- barn, vvill. be
'TShe-Band wuLpiay in the bandjere(,tl?d
3ta��ioo Saturday evening next.     .,   T,]e lowest) or. any  tender> 1)0t
���. . I necessarily accepted.
Has your subscription run out?i U�� ABBOTT,,
Dpt^wit tot Ue hilled. j��st drop) 720 Jervis.Street,
i&> andj pay.   Stock costs money, Vancouver, B.C.
SMffl.epQUjth, 'Vancouver, May iStli, iqo8.
I hereby give noticv that at the
next meeting of the Bo. rd of I.i-
cense Commissioners lor lhe- If-*lt;<
Vluuiripality, I intend to.  ipplv I
e  to
to, H.
a  transfer 0!  tl
liquor in Uie H      ^^^^^^^^^
Rich, of Ladner.
May 10, 1908.
Teterihafy Surgeons.,
AH. ealte   ..   ..
Promptly Attended to
Phone 35
Stainton Block
Ladner, B C.
Furniture mt Cf .eds.
Comprising���Sittingroom and din-
ingrooni suites, sideboard, extension dining table, easy, revolving,
l.athiii and other chairs; library
desk and' easy chair,. 2 heating
stoves, caruct squares, 2 fine
Japanese tea sets, 1 English tea
sets, vases and ornaments,
PIANO by RoseiKtiantZ'
and cabinet  '���tool, Hammond's 4
shuttle TYP1.VVRITER^ sewing
machine,    curtains   and    poles,
library   of   books,, pictures   and
frames, 3 bei.ro .10 suites,   beds
and   beddii] .,   tlie   usual  assortment  of kitchen   crockery   and
tinware,   lawn   mower,   garden
tools and small quantity of loose
hay, which
AIR   H, N. RICH has received
instructions from Rev. A. H.
Hunllev, who is leaving the Province, to SEftt BY AUCTION, at
his residence, Pnrt Guichon, op
Thursday, 28tH May* t908
at  1:30 p.m.
Tiuims Cash..
Court of Revision.
Natice j.-- hereby given that thi
Court ol Revision  for  the  Mnriici
pality of Delhi, will be held ill tht-
CoiMicil Chamber. Ladner,. wi S;r
urday, the 13th clay of   ['Uite, 1908,
at 10 a.m.    Anv person desiring to
make complaint against his or  h . 1
assessments   must give   notice   in
writing to the Assessor, stating the
grounds of his or her  complaint, at
least ten days before said date.
Dated at Ladner, April 27th,, 1908..
for Spring Ckaa-Up.
Puqe.nqd. Vigorous. RJppd. will keep
yoiv iu good health.
will, give you,
Good; and. Pure Blood.
Send  5pc- for trial; |i.oo package
(two months'" treatment)..
Agent; Waktimv
WirJfoo Remedy Co.,
Y-yico.u.v.e^ B.,Q..
For the
Farm, Garden, Lawn or
Reliable Varieties at Reasonable
Prices. No Borers. Na Scale*
No fumigation to damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy.ypu.
Buy direct atnd get Trees and Seeda
that Gsow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cut-
Flowers, etc. Oldest established
nursery on  thje mainland of  B. C^
Cata!,ogi,ip ftiee.,
M. i^flENRVS Nurseries,
Oreenhjeuses arid $eedhouse&
VANCOU^KR��   -   B. C,
Mandolin i
Having been reque.sU-. to> start a
Mandolin Clajss, aim now pre*
piwedi to. do; sc^ Fo^ te^s, etc%
B.  Mm  WEARE*
.   Care of Mr. }. \V. LANK1NO.
Mandolins, Strings, Eto.9
Supplied, ajt Ci^y Pr^fSM, NAVAl   M.'STERIES.
'fljir W*.��la of rtiel alted Stnlc.Tbat
fipve I)iKn.f|i(-|ti ��.t|.
Curious illmiipearancf. ur.tl >i��lilenWI
lo our wijrt!.l|is uiinracttirtod tho curly
history of bur navy, nml tn spit" of all lhe
-Jortn of thu navy department to u_pl .In
-iie ruuse of  Iho climtters niany of them
��� ire n. absolute mysteries today as wben
;��� hey linpyunc il.
When the govornment built ten new
gunboutg to _iroseouto tbe war against
'irlpoli  in   IS05,  t.hoy  were Bent out a*
| j- on as they wcre finished and hefoi-t thoy
ware rained,   ftach one was n'tven �� uuin-
' her and dispatched to the seat of the way.
So". 7 sailed from New York .luly 20,
.���.'05, under tho ccinmantl of Lieutenant
���   -elvie, and hfler sho cleared Sandy Hook
-i..-ht  she  v....; novcr heard  from  again
I. I.a went noun with all on buurU Loior*
I'.:,; h.-id even heen Lamed.
A most extraordinary acoident waa that
which happened to the curvet Mononga-
hela nt Hnnt.-i Cms! in lfil>7.
\ While at uLehor in the harbor a (rumen-
cus Iklal v.'ave lifted bur upon itstresj
i::.-l carried her clean over tho town cj
1 I'rodi .'li-bstadc and back again without
Injuring the town or tho h.oat t;. uiy great
extent. The receding \v...e laud:d her oo
tiro heaeh instead of lu the deep water of
I'm harbor, and ic oust our goveriuyeut
��� ICO.UOO to Moat her agnin. Fully a*
tflrangewns thu ftuool iba eloop-of-wtnf
. utereu. .Slio was luichored tu ho tuutWJ
of Arioa, Peru, in 18(13. when a huge li-
fill wave _,ve.pt inland and hooded tin.
v. hole city. The watto carried tho sloop
several miles lnltts.ll antl finally landed
fci-r in the midst of a tropical forest. It
was Impossible to.tele.iso her from such n
pooulinr position, and tlio government sold
Bor for a nominal sum. The purchasers
turned tlio vessel into n hotel, and tho remains of thnt once formidable war vessel
. .ii. up in tho tropical forest juday as a
monument to thu power of tidal waves.
Among othor casus of disaster whieh aK
. tributcd t-o the viol1, nee ol   t'.:e waves o��
"nfch.r thoro is none moro interesting
iin", uf thu straugo fate of tho Sara-
Whon sho ealUd ft->ni Philadelphia
''J'rr, H'Jii. under  tho i.nnu and of
e".     sJ.ail7lis Voting, thcr�� was no finoi
ii    .  adsouit-P   war vessel allo.it.     That
i        s as formidable as she was ntti.iit-
- soon dcmonstral   i  In a .prarllc!
After crul-iiig ureulid a short tliiiii
tired thru1 iit'ir-ish vessels in sue-
find  then,  with  her prizes, she
to return to PI iladulphia, hut, oil
iwnro cap"n the  encountered a
i-������: thu iu.e     As tlio Saratoga
y US gun Hand tiiu Intrepid wns
������        hip, Captain V-���uei: eo-isidcrcd
����� i i;n u h y.    'ii'o onrmy did not
ch       :���.-���-. but returned to protect and
I . ���   fJrii t..li prizes.    Tho Sara-
e- avvajf   in   tin very  teeth  ofa
ib >i<! .tho  wns  rever   hoard   from
'-,���- ....   - in  f-v.-.i.-l-r at sea  In   the
str. '        -l.'il  a n up  hy  her owe
.African elephai
���rith ruinnr_..iili
A newly born .
;��ci, from his h
tt ir tho hr.'-it of
nti-iw tlm sno.., oui
possible hulk, ai.d !
'i iii oyo oi Il.o ^ li
that  lc is a high   j
abltJJg the bl   I
U_nrt. .: le di -  -
A Mugsi i-huBcl ���;
with varying tastes,
beet root, another
another toiuatctes.
fllt'n  will  taste  no
can elimb mountains
:, measures tdiuiit six
to .ho top of hi.-s head,
irs-tie dogs to burrow
I up into tbe luiullost
_us ulucp.
MM" is so constructed
- -.ssi-od teli scope, on-
r ohjeots ut un almost
family has flvo cats
One la ravenous fot   1
cms only i .cumbers,  '
another fish, and thtt
lag but broad ���.->_>
A. ill. Hnxfymoon r*svlnd!isa.
Pho���I really ought to havo n now hat.
He���How would ii do to stick a few
foat-hors in tho top crust of ono of those
pies you baked In-t week? Ycu would
havo something that would last then.���
Cincinnati Euquirer,
The nizzie.t Helsrht utVnior.
.No laurel wreath entw ne tut me;
My very name po&lerlty
Bl.a 11 n.'v- r kuow, ami yet, without
The sllghli st shadow of a doubt,
A hero brave, triumphant, free,
I've this day proved myself to bei
Not A thi�� tattle's crimson fray,
I.ot ln the sight of men, I my;
Tint whieh 1 did was braver far
Thun any tearful l.ar ot v-s-r.
Than any deed which sons or beak
perpetuates���_ tired the cook'
In the solar system there aro 17,000,006
comets of all sizes. ���-
An authority on microscopy state* that
tho hair of n womnn can be distinguished
by its construct ie>n from that of a muu.
Tlie height of tho mountains in the
moon has b ion m&asurfid. One has an altitude of ull;000 foot, and several aro upward of 80,000 feet ln height.
An instrument for seeing objects undar
water has been invented Iiy a hydrngrnphio
oug'neer of liussi i. By its aid tlio bottom
jf rivers to a depth of from 45 to 110 foot
Kin Ito distinctly..viewed. In tho nxnmi-
mi! n ot wrecks this submarine lelesuupo
vill L.e of great service.
The lon?estFir,s'o i'i :h InastSne bridge
i'. ;_ lsct, oyer ihe Rial toat Venice.
Tlm grontisst structure ever raised by the
.ami of men is the pyramid of Obcops,
oitnuod 4,000 yoav. ago and moasuriug
Hi feet njuaro on the base and being 44U
cot high.
Tbo hangir g  gardens of  Babylon were
lerroces on  i-eluuins.    Tho gardens were
| ,;)!) fest aqunro and over 400 feat hig^i.
| t'he ii-sei nt fr..in teriv.ee to terrace wns by
, lights e.s marble steps, find on tholvlgkest
so... ft tt^ty . rs.^^s.s7.,-.s.
li ���
��� . 1.1
.11 ll
1 11
��� I'll
Coar.OM Oiien.
Ue l'otneioy, a clever
of the seventeenth ceii-
: . sii'l orator, an eminent ad-
i an intimate friend of Mo-
���tit on lining asked one dny
tr to wlmt lie meant to do
on replied. "If there.is any-'
llll I'll make bim a barrister}
make hlm n judgn."
T"-u court of appeals of Xew York
held tbat it was no ground for a new I
because the jury in-a murder c:u i as.'
ed chureh on Sund.iy in custody of
sheriff aud Jieard a sermon on tho pn
ionco sit criut'u
in Liberia ���-!���"
Founded 1892
Incorporated 1893
Provides a Christian Home for Students of both
sexes at moderate rates. Has a preparatory class for
^nior students taking Public School work. Does High
School work and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Examinations, Teaches all branches of a Practical Business
Course and confers Diplomas. Imparts a Liberal Education in its Collegiate Course, and in the Ladies' Course
for M. E. L., and M, L. A. In Theology confers the degree of BJX In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for the B.A. degree of Toronto
Universityj wi^h which the College is in full affiliation. In
Science teaches the First Year of Toronto School of Sci-
sMice, nnd has a Special "Engineering Course adapted to
Practical Engineering work iu this Province. In Music, a
(pomplete coufse in theory, voice culture, and piano and
prgan, in conjunction with the Toronto college of music.
pefial instruction in art and elocution, while all students
Sarerequired to take physical training with all* the priy-
Jle^es of a \yell equipped gymnasium,
i ��'���   mn     .ijs^iww_si
tallnillrd fieri Tape Uanrpalloa Ovll
Old Tlm* Melliuda.
���'I'eihups tho (raveling publio .o!d<_n
etops to think of tho vast amount of red
'. tpo that is now wound around tho work of
the pasaeiiKor oonductor," remarked on eld
time railroad man
"In tlio nld days itli the pnsEongoroon
���factor was requ.red to do wa_ to place .
'-���ubber band around a bundle uf ticket.,- l.e
had colli i led and send lliem in to tbo oflice. 'lhe cash collections on an average
night run iu iho.s. du.VB wore luige, be-
oau.-o no ticket! wcre sold alter G o'clock
p. in., the hour when all ticket oHieei
closed. Tho each oolleotlop on a irain often
amounted lo (300 in one night. Tho conductor at tho end of a round irip would
take this money to tho cashier's window
and would write n report oil a sheet of paper that would road Boniclblng like this:
'Door Sir���Please liv.d Inclosed $300 foi
cash collectioui on trail.s Nob, u and a
Bon. 10, 1880 ' The conductor-did nut
even take a receipt from lhe cnabier. AP
the cashier did was to smile and nay
Good morning.'
"liut. a i as...-ngur conduct-,r today hul
ri'oie trouble sometimes rum a boy fight
Ing a yellow jacket's nest. Bod tapo hai
Uon piling around him for years, unlil to
day ho spends about, all his liiao in punch
Ing mysterious bol.w tn tickets, writlnji
duplicate checks nn.l mulling out leilioin
reports. Tho coupon tickets are all bourn
around with red tapo. Cash collection*
cause un Immense amount of tediouBWorfc
today. Tho conductor must now account
for every cash faro collected by gl\ ing tie.
passenger u drawback, or else a duplicati
ohock In tho presence of other passcngori
uf tho lime the fare is taken.
"'Ihen, too, the conductor has to sor
nil kinds of tiekets in sun ion ordor am
rut urn them in that iiiiiimer, lining outi
blank giving tho ln.nil-cr uf lath kind o
ticket lined on tlio train. This n-i-r
must bo sent in by the conductor liefori
Rolsg out on his noxt run Therefore b
ts conipollod to make out his report as b'
cocs from station to station, and tbl
moans from ono to two or inure l.i i.r-
lir.nl work on tho report u!ono on a rill
tt would taiiu half a day for me to give a
the dotal la of this rod tape. For Instauc.
a certain uuiuiiur of punches must be In i
ticket uf one kind aud u certain numbei
In another stylo uf ticket. If one pure'
mark is not made. ;i,e conductor rucolfc-
a letter calling bis attontlou  to the dis
��� rejiiiiify. and l"\ is liablo to be sn; ' ���
if it- ocxrs-agaiu."���TopuLu Sinu .mui
'Vt, :��� li * ?.. :r ttVii a l*o reltsnv. .-*.
"Inm ii'i'i a ntly uinuicii," said a/.-e,
Heuian who notices things, "in reiiinrii
lng tho tendency of mu��t people to i-ai*
tho Viieowhen addressing a!-: I -irner w '-.-
has uu Imperfcot knowlcdgu of Hie lun
guage. Tho impression Beems to be ibnl
tho loiuP i- one yells the mure likely one i.
to Lu understood, whereas the proper wn-'
to speak lo a foreigm r is tuuse a low, ii i.
tinct tctio, and. above ull, piounuuoo eaol
word separately V, bat makes any atra..gi
language hurd co understand Is tho hnbil
which natives fall into of running the lasl
syllable of one word into tbe first of tin
"For Instance, you might make n soun.!
like this, 'Icouwiu isterb iai kut ooday,
!��nd while I would keuw p rfectly well
that you said, I saw Mr. Iilnuk tuduy,
no Frenchman or German, even with i-
good theorotical knowledge of tho tongue
would have tbo fatnlust idea what yo-.-.
were driving ut. Then, tho ehnnccs aro,
you proceed to repeat tho Bonn nee fasti
and luster and louder and louder and gi
awny marveling at the stupidity nf uui
Musins aeruss the pond "���.-on- Orluani
Times- Democrat.
''E3DAV, MAY u
i'j( 8.
flerniiiii In Mllwankr-e.
to Milwaukee, of course, tbe .Kngllsl
mnguago is used in the onnductof but!
uess, allhough ut. least from 00 to CO, l!
aot a |. ieater, per cent of the i eoplo hav.
command of tbo German language, whiel
is taught in thu public uchouls
In almost every business, in nearly all
we col/-morclnl houses, which aro for lie
most part conducted by Germans, the Gi:
mun languago is used along with the ling-
llBh, and so ignorance of German is regard
ud as great n fault as ignorance of English,
If not a greater one. Recently an at tempi
was made to remove the German languag*
from tho curriculum ,'i lhe public schools
but tho Inquiry instituted fur this purpim
proiiuccd U resiiit vory vexatious to tho In
novators. Tho overwhelming ruajorln
of the non-German parents decided in I,
vorof having thoir children tnnglit t'e
Qcriuan language Thus Milwaukeo, it
this case also, bn.-i maun good bor roi tta
Uon as tho Germ..3 city of America.���
���Tme   Thoutstxtleii   CliHdreii   anil   aa
Extruct Froni Old tnasiKle1. Iliary.
A group of young folks from the IiigL
school stood en tho corner, giggling at old
Maggie, thu brown mare, who, hitched to
3 post, near hy. sto"-l patiently switching
sway at the Mies. The young folks laugh-
_d at her rough hide, her stumpy tail and
olniusy feet. They called her Nancy
Bwks, Gunpowder aed Bucephalus,
T'he next morning, wheu the gigglen
dhd Into tho schoolroom, they taw on tht
blackboard this;
"KXTl'.ACIS l-'lill.VI Til . DIAUV OF AH OLD
"I am only an old horse, hut when 1
was young 1 w;i3 handsome, and f look u
priiio in let! ing no one pass me. .Now 1
can do little, but I try to do that well, 1
tako invalids and timid old ladies out
driving 1 let little child-en drive mu,
and they can slap the lines, rattle tbe whip
and si,out as loudly as they wish; i;
doesn't try uiy nerval. Sometimes thuy
climb my back for a ride I step very
carefully, su they won't fall off. So 1 do
when tiie baby toddles around and 1 am
cropping grass on the lawn.
' I am always ready to carry picnic parties to tho woods. I go for the doctor. I
taku guests to the train. I never shy at
tooting engines, bicycles, baby oarriuges
or wlieu!barrows. I take grandma to tho
weekly prayer meeting and sewing sool-
ety. I dou't remember ever playing a
mean trick In my life. Somo time in tho
future you may he old, poor and slow.
How would you like to be laughed at?"
The scholars read the words, looked at
one another, giggled a little���very feoble
giggles���then, with flushed faces, bent
over tbeir books.
But they wero thinking I���Mary E. (J.
Brush In Youth's Companion.
Little   Ulster   I'leuanntfaa*.
Little     Mister
Quite at  home In
any placo;
Notliii.a    in    th*
world to do.
But to statu! and
grin at you,
Wlili..  his  mirth
c ompel ling
whim -'
Makes  ynu stars
uml    grin    at
An.    Ills   quaint.
o!-J    Cushioned
ln<l  tho garments that he
.Volul  r what lie's
sin ling for?
Just   for   fun,   lt
may be. or
Simply  laughing at himself���
Oui.li an odd. good natured olf.
Don't   you   wish
yii    hatl    his
And    tha   nether
garments that
Have   the   pockets bulgingsut
With two chubby
fists.       a o
Mister   Pleasant-
face can tell
Where tho  lfar>-
p ydlmpUfl
Those  queer
wunka    that
wink at you.
From  a   rounded
e h e e i.      u r
For   he  captured
soiu.s, I know
And his grins. <::
pictures sliuv/
Gnaxed them so securely they
Simply could not break uwny!
���Chicago Record.
Tlid E.iii'tssrt i* Oorsil Tnra.
Bisiv.-uvk was no lover of lh,,:1 i:i I
of tbo English  language, yet ho did the':
both a go-id turn at tho  famous congf'i -
of Berlin at tho oloso of the H-usso-'i ui I
e ii war.    i>ewire that timo tho c.ij Ion u's
liinyuilgn uf tbo world had  been   !"������. ���' '���
and  it was expo-tod that tho disctissluni
-si-  i)v. ,...,,,,,-,-.. sv'.-eii   he  conducted   ���
fun id io use  an    '_-i,n.:..;.:   but   t-
aud Bismarck,   .ho was president ui  lh<
congress; thought ii wool '��� bo Inconsidcr
at.e to let Bcs-consflcid stand nloito  In i
doing, so ho spoke English, too, end '������'������
liab was thus mado ti'-- bliicial   lahgnn
uf thu congress.    U has not   b    i i!i
unlvorsal diplomavlc languii -i.!-,:, Ften .'
has ceased to bo thut, and lingllsb seunu
to Inrro tho best title to ihu succession -
Youth's Companion
Perils ol1 Divers.
Scientific liivisilgallous havo demos
stratod the fact that the groat- depl-isi
tbo ocean uru inhabited by spcolcs nl I '
that cannot live in lhe ip pej-h'��;_ 'i'h, I'
Bosh is so louso in tuxluru lha,-, it lull
apart when thu great pressure of wa'.ii '..
reduced. A report colucnnng tl'.d :���;: -e ���
fishermen of Tripoli giics evi.leiue lu I li
effect that similar causes wiil pre.in.,
similar result* In men Tho divers Ire
jtieiitly die "f paralysis if thu liu,lis
caused by pressure ou thu ipino through
working nt too great dcptlvt. Thoso suffering from this complaint M-e said tc l��
eonio perfectly well when tlu-y rodesccn-1
to bo again attacked when I hey ciuurg.
from the sea.���Sni.i Francisco Argonaut
4 Qrenter <:<>iiveiileoce.
"Tlie nearest doctor Is- mllo9 awny,
lan't ho?"
"Yes, but thn cemetery ie rljlit
��� Fcr Trap cr Field a STEVENS
��;t::LE or double barrel
SHOTGUN is Ideal. Low in Price
���H !(r.i in Quality���good gun value
right through! Made in standard
gauges, lengths, weights, etc.���
Hammer or Hammerlesa Styles.
Por fl -it' by .n 11 j ro. rt-B
Hive r -rdwiu-- un _
. eorUng Oooda M*r-
lullUlit.   If vou oannot
obtain, we snip dii ,���������'.
eipt ������.pttjiB.i.il, npon
rec ai pt of Cat&log
Sen J for lio-pisae lsltu-
trftted Dauslog detcilb-
ing entire outp at.
Hal attractive cover
ln colore.  Mailed for
'- centa ln itAmpi to
P.O. Box 4098.
Chicopee Falls
What tfae Word "Grog" Ohh From.
The word "grog" has a curious history.
It comes in a roundabout way from the
French grosgrain, of which our English
"grogram" is a corruption, meaning a
stuff of coarse and heavy texture. Bluff
old Admiral Vernon, who commanded the
English navy just before our war of independence, wore brooches made of this material and was nicknamed from that cir-
sumstunoa "Old Grog." He used to have
bis men mix water with the rum that wus
always served to English sailors as part of
their rations, and hence uny dram mixed
with water came to bo culled "grog" und
tbo place where such things are sold a
"groggecy."���Miss E. F. Andrews ln St
Waa It Hyimottam?
"Had a queer oaso the other day," said
a popular surgeon of bills city, "and 1
dou't know yet whether lo attribute it to
some physical peculiarity or to witat the
hypnotists call autosuggostion. It was
like this I was called in to perform a trifling hut usually very painful operation
on a gentleman's eye, aud before 1 begun
I used cocaine freely on the membrane
Tho job was done in a few minutes, nud
tho patient never winced. He said be lilt
nothing and was astonished when it was
all over. When I returned tu my olliee, I
discovered, to my grent surprise, that 5ba
bottle 1 thought contained cocaine Ian
nothing in it but distilled water, 1 Pod
picked up IbovMong vial by mistake, but
somehow the water did the work Justus
well us tho drug. How do I explain itV 1
don't explain it ut ail. There aro the
facts. You may draw your own conclu
sioui."���JCew Orleans Tinu.s-DemocraS
I ^ Holy Communion���ist and 3rd
Sundays at 8:30 a m.; 2nd and 4tk
I Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Kvensong, 7:3oo"eiock.
.Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev. R. R. Bartlett, M. .... Vicar
Services first aud third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.'_\; Benediction, 7:30 ���p.m.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Commuuion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest,
Services next Lord's Day at it
.. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, after the morning
service every Sunday.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. I. F. Betts. pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at   11
ja.m. and 7.30 p.m.
��� Sabbath School at 10 a tn Midweek meeting on Friday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. J. H. White, M.A.
Sabbath  services ��� Crescent  Is-
iland, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
J8 p.m.
j Rev. A. H. Huntley, pastor.
To make fortunes out
of tie.- luture yen must
rut something into the
present     ....
Agents Wanted
Tn "Sell   Securities.
FOR   S1" 5 Pnilf Lauds nud
' cheap      Hmues,
Cily Lots, Farms aud Suburban
Uold-Conperft P ovl
Big   Divl.ands   all"
isvir Brltllb
Tbe fall shades, both In silk and cloth I
���nd ovou whon combined with bright col !
ors, are still quiet in clfuct.
The soft warm brown and a protty Eoft j
blue are found iu uomblnnlion tills year, j
both in materials and in gowns,
Many bandsoiue Imported gownB arc in  1
onshmere of deflcate shades. A coarse lace
applique ts seen on haudsuino afternoon
and evening gowns.
Stylish skirts are made with the pln'il
on the bins and apparently nl thu thick
Woolen material ol whicli golf capes aro
(undo. They uto pictty on .louder wonu 11
Tbe b,il y Persian lamb Is to ho found
ts an otic- -ive trimming on the bodices of
innny go. is. il Is effective i:i giving
chi-.r.s u r tua gown oi one of thoprolt)
ihudos 01' lu- iwn.
Chinchilla !:i narrow bands flnislu _ lie-
bottom and o .'.lines p.'ir.i'.iif handsome
reception ami craning guwus, and with
excellent efi'eol Ih ugh-some peoplo ubjeel
aliia _ l-i fur on hou9. gov as.
\ ory pr- ny .1 ��� kola of fawn color, stylishly llnpd '��� I : --:��� ��� strip -i and - :-.,-���-,
gru : 1 bo found al icii: ill Is prices. A
6t..l:-:i jackirf bus r. f ra, _t. ,0 >_ ,.si.it.
oie: u; per ite-.i 1   ������ lot.  -'       ke! 1
llhincstowa i '���' 1  e ������  ' ���    ������ and s::i ill
��;���! our on  ma y protty Ir     ���. cat si
ornaiucnte, :i I..  ������ a ���' ,    -    , -l I .,
soil   lie ro  is  1 ������' liii, j  : :��� - ���    ���  than   -   ���
plain ���  . stul  button ���������- i ii .1  --������    nc 1
'j :- ��� vory bi net ��� r. ��� 1 ��� -.'��� a-.'. - a-
On 1     '���>' rm 1 ���..:;������:��� ��� ���   1
'���-. II,  ��� ::   '!.-   '��� e!. :     : '     A    ..'���
t\ sip.iure cm neck I - ��� , in v
1.      ;. 1.���     ���  "is, '.'.;,, tl]     ltd
*.0ci   ������;��� 1-yi.l '----:
'i : 11   :.���/���    ��� ������
l:-. t bu of  1 -u 1..S...I- 1
a -     ...   d ���      rtl     ie
1    .     .       .
;���   ���       .   ,,.  Ill :.   s. Ul
Acreage, itc
Contain.us over loo Views.   Post paid 25c., Stamps.
Richest Province in the British Empire.
INothlns; Risked, Not .in_ C'ained. Nothlni; Ventured, Nothing Wra.J
Splendid Opportunity to Invest.
The Richest .Men in the World are investing in 15. C. Copper-
Gold  and Silver Mines.      Why can't you begin uow?
The Greateet Gold-Copper Discovery of the Ase Is In B.C.
I Hum wmo
Every Dollar Subscribed used ln Development of Mine.
Special Offei���20c per Share, will shortly advance to $1.00
Mines directly west of Le Roi and Le Roi No. 2, ihares
sold from 5 cents to <ioo.oo; and Consolidated Mininj? and
Smelting Co. oi Canada, Ltd., shares $150.00 each; the Giant
California, adjoining onr own. shares about $110.00; Granby
Mine pain over $3,000,000 Dividends per year; Gold-copper
mines in British Columbia paid Large Dividends. Big Four
assays trom $5 to $Soo in gold, copper, silver, with 33 per
cent, in the Treasury.    Invest now and you wont repret it. JJ
Notk���Most ot these mir.es sold.for a few cents once, bu
over-capitalized even now, pay big dividends. Big Four ii on
the railway, near smellers.
Rossland Mines received Highest .\wards ior richest gold-
copper ore sent lo St. Louis Exposition. Big Pour had Best
Display at Dominion Fair, Kew Westminster, B.C.
No less Hum 100 shares fold. All Cash. Above thi* shares
can be had on instalment plan, or yearly contract, 15 per cent.
cash, balance monthly.
Nearly Two Hiles of  Railway on Property.
Company haa no debts or l;��bil:ties.   Send for ninstrated rrospectaa aad Booklet, "Mining Up-to-Dntc," to Secretary, with .. cents in itampt.
P���Q, Box 174, Vancouver, B.C.   Canada.
. ' paSm
��<���:;�� Pn. ll!   }<    -,-.
. ������!' v. !������ (,' i -   ��� ��� .      1111 �����. "���'
ni.** : >- inoilo tippropi mm     c   my r*
v.  1" iillK   n t'tii 1 lull       -i-i r e
���r;:. .-:-.' piwlly ui.i:i.,i 1 11 rod  : -.  . ���������
I'll n ciimll l-irrt'l er Is-:  ui nl. 1   '    li."
rtepT.n.    To ll'd nliwi il .1 -i four    r;  il. i
.priee-i nm nlilvrrl \-.;-,: i- -i- ��� I lien 1 '.rs n
kBil ..i:-UU(��l Willi a olrelll��r piece i I s..-,
alotli, llrinly nmluil    .-,-,. ���viaxit 1   *>������
v*l-.:'-li  nro  ul>,'  1 h-.s* -���    ive ucl \-. irD  il
Mine kind ol  < loili      . . it   Hill  tf* '
nmv n�� upl-.ulr: rs-i an   tuiri,.
���  1.5 i.'p Mni'r nil pvpiu.-h.
II    ;������.;,:���!;���'   ever;, nnily   Is
.;-... leu.
_-"���.': 3C3��� "i.t
^l*����*. THE DELTA TIMFP, TUESDAY, MAY 19, r^oS,
__T_y_iii maaat
Mrs. A.-Roberts visited lhe koyal
City, last week.
Mrs. H. N. Rich visited the Terminal City, ou Friday last.
Guaranteed upon absolute.}' safe security���first
-.mortgages on substantial city properties SEVEN and
Eight Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
Mw. Wm. Mason visited New'j   uPon suras ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
v    Westminster on Friday last.
Mrs. A. Magee, ot Vancouver, i-
visiting iriends in Kast Delta.
- Mra. I. Whitworth took in the
usual weekly market, on Friday
Mrs. T. W. Foster and daughter,
Miss Katie, visited the Royal City,
last week.
Mrs. J. W. Welsh and son, Master Charlie, spent Thursday in the
Royal City.
. ,Geo. Grauer and Geo. Sheldrake
.were among the visitors to the market on Friday last.
Miss Elsie Townsend, of New
Westminster, came down, Fridav,
en. a visit to Mrs. A. Roberts.
Mr. Porter, of Vancouver, returned home, on Friday la-t, after
a. short visit here, the guest of H.
N. Rich.
Mrs. Cassidy, of Latiglev, came
down, on Saturday last, on a visit
to her mother, Mrs. Morris, wbo
ia very ill.
. The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at 1.30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.; returr-
i��i;, leaves Steveston at 9:30 a.n\
and 4:33 p.m.
White, Shiles & (��,
New Westminster, B.C.
Agencies Represented���
llnrttord pirc Insurance Co. Insurance C, ol North America
Phoenix Insurance Co. of Brooklyn     The Ocean  Acoident Si Guarautee Corpora-
Connecticut l-'ire Insurance Co. tion, Ltd., of I.omdon, Eng.
Imperial Trust Co.. Ltd.  Vancouver. B.C.
. E. T. Calvert, of the firm of Cal-
v .Tt & Lewis, lias been appointed
buyer for the Vaucouver-Prince
Rupert Meat Co., ei Vancouver.
..., Miss Manlev, of the Delta Times'
staff, left, Saturday, on a well earned vacation, part of which will be
spent visiting friends in Vancouver.
v Dr. G. Kelson Thorpe, B.A.,
graduate of Ontario Veterinary College, has located here and taken up
bis quarters in the Stainton block,
When you wish to buy visiting
cards call on the Delta Times who
will sell the best money can buy.
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calling on
the Pelta Times first.
. Remember the auction sale at the
Delta Stock Yard, to-morrow afternoon, at 2 o'clock, when the record
will be broken. A very large and
very fine lot of stock will be disposed of and you will be missing it
it you .fail to attend.
We  want YOUR eggs.    Taken
the year round you will make from
'5  to 10  per  cent,  bringing them
here.   Since   the   30th   April   we
liave been paying 25 cents per doz.
tor Eggs.  N.B.���Only strictly fresh
. egg* wanted���.Marshall   Smith   &
'". Co., Ltd.
60  YEARS'
Kitchen Economy-
Flour is always an important item in your
household expenses.
Royal Standard Flour.
will help you to reduce this item.    Its greater
productiveness makes it most economical.
Every granule is bread producing. There is
no dustlike or break flour in ROYAL STANDARD, no cellulose or fibre (as indigestible as sawdust) from the wheat berry.
It is concentrated bread, nothing more. Its
purity, color, and prod aoUvene3s make it the
best flour of all to use.
One sack will convince you.
Sold by W. H. SMITH.
Vancouver Milling I firm Co., Lti,
We Bos,
1016 Westminster Avenue
Vancouver. B.C.
Just deceived
Two   Cars    Cyphers    Incubators,
One   Car    S wilt's    Beef   S:raps,
' To notify the' people of Ladner and -surrounding district that we are mow in a
position to ofier Vancouver Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate buildhg
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferuM"
Write for Prices,
�� BROS.
B. 0,
Calvert I Lewis,
LADNER,     -     -     B. C
Agents Wanted!���16x20 crayon
portraits 40 cents, frames 10 cents
and up, sheet pictures one cent
each. You can make 400 per cent
profit or $36 per week. Catalogue
and Samples free. Frank W. Williams. Company, 1208 W. Taylor
St., Chicago, 111.
(During This Month Only)
Fine Tone���A1 Condition
Something to Interest You
Pasture wanted for 12 or 15
heifers and cows, or will let them
on shares for thiee years.
Apply at
Next time you're in town
drop in and see our   .   .   ,
New Century and
The most up-to-date labor savers on the market
also tte
"Eze" Wringers
With Covered Oog Wheels
Can't Tear the Clothes.   .   .
������certain <
Trade Marks
Copyrights <tc.
���en41ng ��� �� ketch end description m �����
"rtain our ��pinion free whether oa
eonBdriillnL HANDBOOK oi.rniente
fleet eiency tor ��ec-uriu_ patents.
ea throu. h Munn 4 Co. receive
.... without oherge, to the
mine American.
Mly illustrated weekly, largest air-
[any MientlfloJournal. I'erma for
_f�� year, postage j	
SBIBnmhwy, |
K Bt.. Walk Ing too, ft T
i prepaid.   Boil ky
Plants for Sale.
Cauliflower and
Tomato Plants.
Slough Road,   -   Ladner
Commission Agents,
General Dealers & Machinists*
Cut Glass.
Watches ����z*
All Kinds [of Jewellery,
New Stock.
���Call and See Them.
Jl. Clausen,
Of every description can be
found here. There's not a
thing missing which ought
to be in it. Everything
needed in stable, barn and
harness room included. Every article has been gathered
^�� with great care, and you will
V, fy not have a chance to complain about their quality.
B. C Leather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Estate of
W*   I.   McBRIDE,
General nerchant,
Phone 5,   -   Port Guichon
Produce Stored and
To All B. C Ports.


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