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The Delta Times May 7, 1907

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Vol. 4, No. SB.
I lit.
Delta  .School  Board  met in th?
Council Chamber, Ladner, on Sat-
New Westminster,   May   {,���No
unusual features iiwiikct! lhe weekly
'urday,   May  4U1,   with   Trustee:); sale   ��!'   farm   produce   on Lytton
J Kittson   (in   the  chair),   Wright, 'Square yesterday.   Nearly all the
I Pybus.and Quaggan present, quotations were the saihe as gov-
;:     Minutes of the previous meeting I erned on the wrc-k previous and the
:��� i :
just arrived, fresh from the m
facturers,   insuring   the   Vggv   NI^ES
Largest range of Ladies' Waists, Skirts, etc., ever shown here.
Girls' White and Colored Wash Dresses.
Facts About
Canada's Minerals
Estimates for iqo*5 will exceed
>f 120,oou,000 for banner year. Co-
Ibalt, Out., Alone furnished $35,000,
I 000, mostly silver.
Practically all the valuable miner-
[als are found in Canada.
Can ulii's uiiniral production in
iyi-15 reached "j millions,
Canada has produc-1 in the last
twenty yeais 600 millions worth 0
minerals, (notifying tbe Btard that they carry; ^ j*^;,, ..,���._,,.,10r; 0,-,beHe
Canada has produced soo millions a full line of school  suppliss,    Re-
in void since 1H62. ceived and filed.
One halt of this  has come  Iroui ;    From  Alex.  Robinson, Supt. oi
tke Yukon.since  1896. Elucation,   asking    whsthcr   the
Wire adopted as reid.
I-*ro;a  Dominion   Manufacturing
j Co.,   Vancouver,   ie  school desks,
j Received and filed.
1    From Messrs. Clarke  &  Stuart,
supply of goods and tl e number ot
sale were about tbo . j��ne as at the
previous market^.
Heef hindquarters realized from
;o to 11 cents a_ 1 lorequarters from
V to 8,'v ceiit��. B-c-l was on sale in
larger qu .utiiie-i than  it  was last
The Yukon produced 12 millions sbhoel site at Annieville  has been |-flr prom p|entjfa
rorth of gold in 1905. cleared.   Received-and Secretary to     Nbttflthstandit
��� and. All was sold out. Under a
very strong demand veal sold at it
cents. A similar price wa3 obtained fer go��d hogs, which were also
Canada ranks fourth itnong
world's gold producing countries,     decided upon uutil tke
Briti-sh  Columbia ha    produced 1 dispute had bee* set tied
J    Canada's   Vukon  go! 1   fields is
Ladies'Summer Underwear in Pine Wool, Lisle Thread and Oottoii,|ij5,ooo square miles ia area.
!    Yukon   placer-   hav.'   produced
mwe gold   than  any
I iniin-s in tbe world. [school grounds.
Canada's mineral jioductiou has 1    The Secretary
a long sleeves, quarter sleeves and sleeveless.
New Hosiery and Gloves.
New Summer Dress Goods.
��� ug the large qnan-
the j state that location of site cannot be ti,y g0#d pric��� hpld afld fowls s0,d
River road j from tH ,0 {lQ) aad e~m kizheT< ,
j dozen.   The cal! for good chicken*
searly 100 millions in gold all teld. j    Oa motion the Srcreiarv was instructed  to  purchase next winter's
supply of fuel for the -tho ils.
It was  deti, ed  to  make no re-
other  plater |d��cti0B in tie rent far the Trenant|���d w_rp purebaSed principally for
i breeding and laying purposes.   The
wai  instructed to!
was very brisk and lhe eutire stock
was sold at prices ranging trom
$7.50 to {68.50 a dozen. Most ef
the fowls 0 1 "ale were laying hens
Mens' Oepartmen
French Balbriggan Underwear, colors Pink, Brown, Drab, at
Largest Stock of Work Shirts shown anywhere, also Regatta and?
Neglige Shirts, W. G. & B. Brand.
Visit our Shoe Department, and see the fine stock of shoes we arej
'.���arrying. !
demau 1 for   laying   and   hatching
increased 600 per cent, since 1S96.    call lor tenders for the ereciiou of aj hcns vvaB ^^0^ by tbe fac^ that
Capital invested in Canada min- j school   house  ��t   Boundary   Bay. j j,jri paterson) %r Kpwortb,   a  well
I ing, 104 millions. j Teuders to be in by noon of Sat ur- j knowa de|tfeiJ diapMed of \50 bejM
Nickel was sccidently discovered day, tbe   18th  inst.   Specifications 1 ^     B,.ctj0w-    Quite a unaiber  oi
at Sidbury in 1882. ] may   be  seen   at the  Secretary's fow]s came-froar Lainer.
.    Canada   produced   40 _ millions;office. ��    The eg* market wss somewhat
' worth of nickel in 1905. The reporis od the condition of weak QD Friday cvving| ���odoubt.,to
Sudbury's   nickel   mines   have Ith- several schools,   by  Inspector Lj,-. receaJ. arrival o1- j?a8teru aad
_~    [reached a depth of 1200 feet. js-.ewart,    were    then   read,   and  Oregon eggs in the province.    Tf'e
0UC[    Canada has the best and richest shows tkat, with two exceptions^iMngvo��itUlie demawlat the pre*
! asbestos iu the world. ithe competency of the teaching staff' ^^ pric�� Qe 2_ cents wholesale watt
Gold was uccidently   discovered ' is very gecd.    In fact, the teaching  probably also due to tba Kreat quan-
on   Ulondyke   Creek,   Yukon,   in labilities of tbe two mentioned, are tjty 0{ esf,n wbjc_, was ofiered. TL*
1S96. .not so 11 w:1!  at  fault as their iu-Lg^ supply migM (rora 8oo t0 I000
Canada   produce   14'...   Millions {ability to maintain discipline.   TbisIdozenSi jjUt Friday my. ifully  1400
worth ol co_l in 1904. iis a very good showing indeed.        jdozei_��� 0��� sale.    Nothw.rthstanding
Canada has 100,000 square miles I    The following accou its wer? or-; t)lis tl)f. retajiers so],i t(J ^j reg���_
���f coal-bearing lauds. dered paid: Salaries for April, $665 ;|iar custom���s atth��sOld pries of 30
Britibh Columbia produces overiR. J. Dean*, ��3; Marshall Smith A | cej_ts, and mai]y askrf Qg high gS
1 million tons af coal a vear.
Co.,   J8.15;    K.   A.   McDiarmid,:
British Columbia produces 200.- {$37.75; W. Wright, $1.50.
We have secured the Agency for the Celebratedi����otonsofc��kea>ear
, I    Fifteen thousaud misers are em-
" CARHART "   Union-made " OVERALLS and JACKH i^d��the Bouadnrycountry ��
; British Columbia alone.
The Crow's Nest coal beds are
- estimated to hold enough coal to
'��� last lor 5,000 years, if miaed at s
tate of 4 million tons a year.
Mineral bounties paid in  1904:
��� Pig lead aad steel ingots, $893,641;
71;. cents wholesale.
The butter market
was nn inter-
ETS" for this District.
Ready-to-Wear Hats.
All our Hats are now in.    No two Hats alike.
���"     '��� ���  ������    ' mmmmm   - .-    	
Marshall Smith & Go., Ltd.
lead, $112,229.
Canada produced six millions
worth of copper in 1905.
Canada produced 85 per cent, ol
tiie world's  total  jroduct of cor-
- uiiduin.
Canada produceJ nearly oue mil-! mew a.....n.t   a:  employer  .-:  thc
\ liou dollars worth ef petroleum in
Re janitor work i* the outlying jesting iliasamch ns the snpplv and
schools the matter was left over; tUp demand W8S abollt on a par and
until after the holidays. there wasi therefore, nochange from
On motion it was decided to pur-' tbe dd pdce of ,5 ���d ^0 ce^g<
chase a teachers' desk for  Gulfside;     potatoes ..dd agam Dn Friday tt
schaol. . fr0H1 jjg t0 ^0 a ton_   Tjj, stippl)-
The Board then adjourned until | was not quhe so jBrge as it WQS IaSt
Saturday, May ilth, at 2 p.m.        ^ w;eki but all wbo ^^^ for po.
  I tatoes got them at $1.50 a sack ia
SUNDAY   CARS   DISCONTIN-Israa:i   ]oU'  and al ^8 n tnn JT*
larger quantities.
On March 25th,  Magistrate .McDougall, of I ictou, Ni S., gaVejudg-
The  following  advt. was  Ukei j
from Lloyd's Weekly of April 14th |
held the third  annual las,:
.SWAIN   (Horace    Hector),   ol
As will he seen by reference ta
our adrertisiag columns, If. N.
Rich   will
spring sale, in the above yard, on
Wednesday, the 15th inst.,. wheH a
nam ber of head of prime stock will
he offered. These sales were inaugurated for the benefit of the
farmers of this district at d the buyers wbo pay peaiodical \isits here,,
and have proved of it estimable!
talue to those  who have availed
Bristol, E'hg., was last heaul
Cloverdale, near Vancouver,
!    Nice new fences have teen erect-
jed  around  both   lhe At 1 liem and
Methodist church propert'es.
mn   1	
themselves    ot   the   opportunities!
t,hus offered.    See to it  that   theJDky
sale ou the 15th is rot one wit less tion
popular and beneficial than He pre*
Canada's   mining exhibit at  St.
Louis ranked aniens the best.
Kosslan : ores took L;rst prizes.
<____';.-ii.-?      The gold-copper mines  of Ress-
ROCKE* land, British Columbia,   Lc Koi 1
I aud   2,   Consolidated   Mi��iti<*' a��d
___- I Smeltisg Company of Canada, Ltd.,
- are all doing well, payiag large
I If you had' all tbe wealth of j -Wdel,d8i Km, BIG FOQR COM-
IRockefeller, the IStandard Oil mag-LjjG rQ Tn,,; F0K],; p-RONTas
i nate. you could not buy a better predicted by eminent e.��ine.,rs
��� medicine for bewel complaints tha��; gome lmt aj0   Jv0oks Tery bri5k,t
j Chamberlain's Colic, Chalera,  and; 	
Diarrktta Remedv.   The most em- "
inent physician csnnet prescribe a \ The S.S. .Sonoma leaves I.adner
better preparation for colic an*! at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Steves-
diarrheca, both lot children ard'tou at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Every
adults    The   cniiim   snercs  of day except Sunday.
this remedy bas si own it to l.e super-: 	
ior to all others   It never tails, and
Ttaflibeiton's Cough Remedy
>j_3 Cplilx Croiyj ami Vf.tipojfleg Cmtab. _
Thursday nest beiiig Ascension jwben rer;uced wjtt, water and sweet*
them will lie an eaily celebra-
_  Holy CoiiiBitmion at'
id Evensong aid Ser-
p. 11.  in   All  Saints'
of  t!
7 :,to a. in. -
ened,Jis pleasant ki take. Every 1am-
ilysl ould be supplied with it. For
sale by All Druj!K��sts.
111011    is-1    ri
Church. Lndner.   Tbe Vicsr hopes
there will be a large attendance at
both sen-ice?.;
Tr\  iln To r as an  investment
while you may get it cheap.
SUTTON'S SEEDS���Flower and
Vegetable, in packages. Field
Seeds���Beets, Carrots, Mangel
aud Swede, in bulk, may be obtained ifrom H. X. RICH, A sent
Victoria,   May   ;t,.���Correspond-
,.,,,.      euce lietweeii the O. T. P. company
Egerton 1 ram Co., 111 tbe following       , ., . 1    ���     .,    .   _
" . and the government during the last
words:���"The defendant, Robert fewdtfys n'ould appear to indicate
Frame, did work, in the running pf very plainly thnt the company is
car No 107 en March 3rd, being. prepared to recoguiz? the claim of
tke Lord's Dav, and was paid wages the Provincial government witkTe-
fw it by the Egerton Tram Co    l'Sard   t0  dealin* wilh r,"lian re'
.,  I serves on Kaien Island,
think the work lie did  wa.s  servile       .,.      ,, , ,
After   the   purchase   of   10,000
labor. I therefore convict the de- ��� acre, on Kaien Isia,d fr0m the
fendant, R. Frame, to pay a penalty provincial government tke G. T. P.
of ii with costs of suit, and in took further steps with regard to
default of payment to lie imprisoned j acquiring land oh the neighboring
in the county jail at l'ictou for the; Indian reserve by approaching the
term of 24 hows. j Indians directly  with the permis-
Although the Train Co. bad-sion of the Dominion government,
previously appealed successfully te j The provincial government object-
the late Judge Morse on a former'ed strongly, asserting a right te
case, it lias at once decided to dis- assume ownership ofthe land if
continue the running of its system abandoned by the Indians. ThcG.
on the Lard's Day, claiming that: T. P. has directly address*! the
tke service ou that day has been j f rovincial government 011 the sub-
ruu at a loss all along. This is to Meet and received the reply thatcara*
the credit of Pictou people. ful cousi leration will be giver,  any
Doubtless the law will be invok-l proposal submittted by the com*
cd also in Cape Breton County, party. It is now evpeetedIhat-tlur-
against the two American compan- ins the next few days the O. 'I'. P.
ies there  whicli  for two or three will formulate a definite offer for
Brackmau-Kcr Milliu
ner, B.C,
Co., Lad-1 years have run their systems ou the these   lands   and   that   a   prompt
j Lord's Day in spite of the law,���S,,se .Ueme.tit will b; retched. Tiiii DELTA
PtTBttSHnn r.YBRV Tuesday.
Sossciuption. ^t.OQli p*a year.
Messrs. Siekcs & Cullis are to be
congratulated on their entt uprise in ;
building,, on  Westham str et, ene |
of the most: up-to-date  and neatly i
elaborate   butcher   shops   iu   the
CMui . j7,s:.(krieai., 14 <*at�� pa line fo. I province, in connection wilh which
SSfiSSnSS^S^SSfi? Sr ffl�� they have installed  a cold storage
ntitowdtotb. ��a�� actuated. ,,Unc*t<. the I   ^ ^^ Qf uking ^ gmtcst_
itatei tof,coinmerc:��i a��ijeitteeiwot��can bt care cf their meats during tho kot
J 77eattLer.,
B"     The building,  which
Us.I on nppllc*tiin at tun ottos-.
Rc.Mlicg n.-..iccs> :c ccn'.f. ;er line bit- ea
Dirth tail r��ti. nottetft, $01, . !ar_ingt**;.c;s.
,_*sy s.p..-sd.l uoUN-, tbc cl^ct ut vilicbUto
pjoriotr the pes.-..ul��r>- bentfit oi-fsuT In ili*ldui<l
Ol ci.mp.ny, to te CO .iiilerssl a-i Rdvcrtinemei:'.
anil chfuges! aoconlinsty.
Tt�� met c fortunes out
r.i Vic future ><iu must
put something into the
pm#nt    ���_     ��      .     ���
Containing orer tooVi^rwa -n everything.. Post psid 50C., Stamps.
Richest Province in the British Empire.
��� ������������! "��"w'iwmy"y�� ������*�����"������**ff ' fV'T    ���.��� .��� - �����-���- J -     r > ���
\u tiling Kicked, Nothing Gained. Nothing Vtntured,. NtKhtnti Wm,
���T. NUMB
j TbejRiebest Men in the World are investing in
Cold Mines.     Why can't yon Ik-imii ii
/Ul advertise meat* cba?_
Cuit .Mid puiil for,
Corrri^cn.lr .cr incite . o_ mutters nt public
Uiiero... CptnMUllC vitoxtl to Cilitor must be ac-
campaivicJ v.y twuuc of writer-, no-mecei.aiily
i'or publication, but an erldencr of i-ood faith.
Cfsrrr.pon.leu-o ��u.i,rv?.c . thi.;.( Usee by Tliui,.
ia*. --vrnlnit.
3.. M..V.UK'.*,
TCF.SDs.Y,   -VtVY
is nearly
ready for occupation, is two-storey
with a sai t <? ->t eomsaodious livisg
rooms-   above,   the    whale   being I
26x40 feet.   The mater.al used on!
"'^ ordered j the outer walls  is galvanised Iron, |
I pressed in imitation of stone work. I
i When  cot;04. le te this store will be j
! a credit to l,r.dner after it hus ab-
, sorbctl   thc   balance   of Crabapple
: Farm, filled  ia bctwen  -ir and the
: Pore   aud    spread   out  ac
j'Slougli to Greencroa.
j    li. T. Culvert is somewhat uuder
yon :k'!mh now
The Qtimin OtU-dtpm DUaavae. a* the Age In-B.C.
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Bone ai Specially Low Prices.
1 the weather, suffering from a.severe
Seeding operations are  well uu-      ,.
der wav uow. Although the aeason j	
started in  rather   slow e-?erything j    jej, Milier pa^ a si,ort ,js_t  t��
planted has  made-great headway | his sister, Mrs. C,   H.  DaTis,. last
during the past two or thrse weeks, | t. ��ek.
livary foliar Suburlkesf a*atl tu DasJo.uxat ��l Mlnc��.
Special Offer,. 20c Per Share.
Mines directly west of Lc Koi, whose shares are now about
|ti; Le Roi !<o. 2 shares arc nbout $15 and went up'to$loo;
and Consolidated .Mining and Smelting Co. ot. Canada, Ltd..
shares $150 each. dauby Mine paiu ovpr $2*006,000 Dividends
in 1906, shares ^"145; and all gold-copper niines in B. C. paid
I.aryc Dividends. 54iK four assays Iroui $5 t�� f8oo In gpld,
copper, silver, with 32 per cunt, in the Treasury, ou the Railway
near Srnelters.
Noun���Most of thrse raiues sold for a  few cents ;w_ec, I ut
ess  thej j| over-capitalized evtu now pay Big Dividendr..
Rossland Mines received Highest Awaids ior richest ts':'d-
copper ore sent to St. Louis Exposition. Big Four, had Bc_t
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
Mo less than 100 shares ?oltL AU Cash. Above this shajes
can be had en instalment:plan,, or yearly contract, ng pes cent,
cash, balance monthly.
Ccui>*u. li-�� ao .Utota et Uabaitiaa.   t^usl Ur liluMristttl Proepeetua te See) tmry.
P.O. Box 174, Vancouver, B. C., Canada.
JOSEPH JORDAN. Proprietor.
Telephone " Ladner" No   10.
��� ��������>��� ��������>������-
*��� -S-4-4-4--K '1*4-K��-I-M' ���^-i-H-4*^-> -i-H- H��-
V. T. Ry. & Perry Co.
F. W. Harris returned to Vancouver, yesterdav afternoon, afte:
spending a few days at home.
In  Chilliwack the keeper of al
' 'bliud pig" was fin��_JSt*5 and oosts.
This ia certainly  up to date,  and
Delta migbt well proat by such an
.      17 ,    a-    ,_..   _���|    Miss Chriasie Smith taok second
exa��plc.    Hers such oneaders are _ ,.-,..,
priae at the dag show aeui in V an-
^disturbed and unless in the nat-1^ onThtrsdav lait> witil Vsr
iti-al cour:-c ot events, they become] jjttj-e rej. ttrrier.
iiead ones,.they are allowed to pro-i ,,	
^New Service���Port Guichon and  Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver. *
I Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 *'..��*���,
'Leave Vancouver,   2.10 pan.    Arrive: Pt.Guiciion,6.00 p.m.
j-. Monday, Wednesday and Friday
I        Girts  Passengers  four  hours, in.   eitker   New   Wes*-
;��� minster or Vancouver.
.        New   Freight   Tariff  effective    September    5tli,   'o_>,
���Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply t��
��� E. T. CALVERT,
Agent, Port Guichon.
I .      Suffeieut Cars will be fnruished without delay.
The Royal Bank   of Canada  is \     According  to  Tke  Commercial
j here Ion your convenience and. will |of Winnipeg, the visible supply ofj
ibe pleased to gi,ve  you every  nt- joats in the United States and  Can-
i tentkm. !ada, east of the  Rocky Mountain*,,
bushels,    compared
18    l>, 472,000
with ifr.tij.coo bushels* rear ago
I Ml ��� III
fit by their -��nlawfttl business with-
out hiinlerance.
j The Royal Bank of Canada with
I its splendid connection all over
! Canada, affords you exceptional
j banking facilities.
When you.wish to boy visiting:
cards call on. the Delta Times  who j
will sell the best money  can  buy. j
If you need them printed, why you
are money ia pocket by calling on
the Delta Times hrst. ,   ,(
���.iiuai    m.JL'..
���I _..-_���  .It'll. Li.
la��r|��aM 1MJ>.
It mote iiubhc spirit  were dis-'
*.,.,��� , I    Mrs.   \V.   H. Smith   returnee,
���alanyed in thia little village  of oun _T .^	
��.' b hotve, vesterday-, from Vaucouver,, . . -
wc should soon see 'iimgs -noting where shc ba9 beell viSltint  ijer      now often do��e hear it remark-
instead of lying deed ar, at present. dttaghtert Miss Minerva. Ld, "It's only a cold,"  and  a: few
Wken  bsisiues.-i- men lie  back   ia i&ays later learfl|fchat the-wan is o��
':lieir ens?, chairs, and say,. "Weill    ,r__  ,._,.___,   __ '  ,  ......_,.,��� 1 Ms back with pneumonia.   This is
we AW. hav* to adtertise we are Mre.Hetfiert��gtort,t..ftyemp��.ed hefe
so well kacwu," tkey  are  sinkiax from New  Westminster aud have
into decay aad   the iartner  is tht; taken   up   their   residence   in   C
first to notice this fact and says ta Lord's boMe.
Mrs. Calvert, sr... aud daughter,!   .,   , *,.-   ���
' of such common occurrence that  t.
tinwelf, "If those business men ia
5c.s Villiigi* ioa't swu meke ap, I
ait goiig-ta tows witk my trad*."
T LiA-Bfic who la moat alive to
ki; ows iateseots is tke. man wHq is
willing te. patroriiae home i��d'J.strj.
blBMelf. (specially the liome papei
stkich cannot exist upac subscriptions alone. The horn* paper is
tbe aJvocate of all the improve-
aaeuts whicU tiie business man desires., but it the business man doe.
not possess sufficient public spirit
to assist the home paper, why ne
I .cold, however slight, should hot be jsm r.t .mmr.
I disregarded.   Clianibcrlain'si.Cougli
I Remedy counteracts any tendency
(.Westminster Brancki
Time TabU
ti.it. Itir. We&tniiiiptcT 1tfr Vaucourcr nt ;,.f^
mid I..--0 nir.. uml  hourly thereafter   uutil  ll v-
m.: Kk3ui1sis,_ ,m,\ rt-tmltyii s.l 11 lhat.
���   Car* leave V_��ccuver l*-t \Veat .'juater* i^t >.?.��� ;
antl (,.5c a. id. knsl hourly tiiereatler until 10^. \
tn.il.i..jdky�� lalX ^uu.laisi ist u p.ms
rausGstx cars. ,
We run Ivrat-clasa lielKt-1, ears Vetwren West- j
minuter ami Vuacom-er aud all phijuaeat- arc
lianille'l with, tlm utinoaeeare and deliv-re��i tn
cotislgnee without delay    Special p.ue_.i��n raid ���
ti) fruit ahi-,imenta.     Oui wnuoua  rueel all Itoats. "'
and traiKe.   Tot rates, etc. s.f.. ly to
Hew ar * vour fences. l.i thev
r.eeif, resif.cing T Why not try C,
Wickson'u wire f.;rcing? He expects to atart out about ist of May.
?,ee ad. on 4'.i. p.>.e.
of a cold to result hi pnekmoriia,
and has gained iss great popularity
and extensive sale by its prompt
cures of this most common ailment.
It always cures and Ls pleasant to
take.    For sale by All Druggists.
II it rontimws warm we will
open our. Tee Cream and Soda
Fountain Department an Saturdav
*ext. Crufhed fruits and flayars
of all kinds.���W. II. Smitli.
Tbe   Ladner Comet Ba��d will
! orea the season with a concert in
dewtves to go. te the wall, wblc& the Band Stand 0��� T;lidf.y cvepins
'ae na doubt will'da sooner or later.
OU-r advice is, "Advenisr "
next. This is 'he S<-V of a series
of concerts which will be played
duriag Hie-next few months.
M. Mends ca��ie over Irom West-
bam Island,   tc-d��y.. on   a   shoit
Trade Markc
copvhiohts 4c.
Anyon* nen .Ini. a ,k��teh antilwimlpllor .may
ilcKly. ajccrtuln cue oi.lnloo fr����lheihiiT au
contK>r. 1.1.robalilypauntgWo. Cominuolo..
���imtriaiyi-oiiBilontlal. HAKDMOll tiuPacmsw
it, li (so. 01 ,e��c aiieDcy foe aw _inu. pateiiu.
fatatiui uken Uirouna Burin a Co. rejetra
iKtat r,��.-il��, withont ��bar��e, Ilk tba
SckMttflc Hmerican.
v handsomely 111 .ate&w -I weakly.
Ij.tinnt Mr-
Terma, %.'! a
'ilatl'ji."J any Mlanitae louoaal.
, ,sar: four mor.tba, lis Bold brail tiowsdealaw.
nraurti Olteo. MS RBL. WMhtiwtnu. L). C
H. M. Vassy returned home, on
Saturday, irom a. visit to the Royal
City. .
Try our new Blend Ceylon Tea,
3' pounds for a dollar���W. II.
Mrs. A. Fentan, some time ago, 1
moved her house baek a piece froir|
the street aad now a neat fence is:
about completed bot'i of whicli
have improved tke appearance ol j
of this end of Delta street consider-1
I . Mr(jr/,RXJ��,
l'raft.c Ufr. Local Mjtr.
tv aa ta taster. 1. C.
| CAPITAL, - - - $3,900,000
! RESERVE FUNDS,       - - ^4,300,000
A G-eneral Banking BitsineBS Transacted.
Savings Department*
I Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates?.
East End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street, Cordova Street; Grand
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Port Essington. Rossland, Victoria, Vernon,
Chilliwack, Cumberland, Port Moody and New Westminster
.����fr-M4_.sa.ifr a ifr.a -fr.as.$��a s^d-Mfr-HQlsa^HaMft
..>l .. *
i in
���J. NEW WESTMLCs'STSH,    '.
A Maaufactarera ���-. aU'ituU-al
a. c.
Ladner Exhibitor
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer
Your patronage solicited
������fr������fr����fS��t'lfr*��lfr *>��{peO'e%,'w>w$+e$.0*ele*+4e
W. N. Draper,
ILDftB 1. Kllssj.1 Waek, Mew W<��taalui.��tr.
. The poles for tbe Farmers' Telephone  Company   will be on- the
���,  , grounfi. 011  tiie   14th inst.,, j when
Tbe towers aa-. poles 'or the  B. | payment for the same will 'have.to
C. Electric Co.'��  wire  have about I bt mfcde-
beea completed and tbe transform- A11 Stockholders will kindly pay
ers have been installed so that we| Tor sharer, at Roval Rank. Ladner,
mav expert the juice to be forward-! 9�� or below above date.
ed .-:bo ;'  the first of  lu��e wben I
hive  ins is'led motors.
e   sn'iW"-:!   t.i opr-tate':
Mrs. A. McLeod, cf Vancouver,
it a guest of Mra. Jas. Eollig, Sair-
utew road,
���,  those wli
Miss   Violet    Ladief   returned | will th' u-
hame. yestcitlav, from a short visit j them-. ��� '
to ths Roy.il City. .
 ,  A very handsome civp donated by
,.       .     thc 11. C. Trials Club to the  Delta
y.. Scoopimcl. �� mownittg t��'^ AiculUiral Rotiety lot competition
loss of an infant son born but a fewN ^ ^^ Kxhibiti(m  moy be
Hours Wore death. I        ^ ..^ ^^^ q| a   ^^
 "~ " 'Jeweler;    This cup is certainly  a I
Cyril'Gillftnders, nephew of Mrs. very liu. one and such a valuable j
I). A. McKKF.
��Wanders   of   Rivcrsidi\   was
ipwn,,today, on business bent.
prize sliou".
merit tbc keenest com-
Eye Specialist,
Eyes testetl free fur Glasses,
Parlors opposite Columbian Office,
New W-tstminster, 1* C
)i  u   Waal  aaTarl����,  aitaae far  aaw
bu .aiafu it impnrriac fM, mm.
it w vwrr i*��i�� am v>mii nfnm.
tivis nmux mmi mot Mwromw.
is h��e, uemmM *ko mnt mwi
��nb bwt�� nut inue.
Cuasiider Im i.t ��)>p��*ranee ���- lta
SplrniliJ aHslurinff qualities,-and Hll^lit
trapansia���and d��a4a to. saevfc j-tsur iwa
l��st LBjereal.   by suniff ift.
Kulleat details of taforanattun In our
METACLIG R00FI1.C CO., umitid.
Waal -yssta Manufactu/-era,
Jan. 8th to 11th.
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
Six Seconds.   Three Thirds.
White Roeks, Barred Rocks. .Silver
Spangled   Hamburgs,   Buff
Orpingtons'and Black
Eggs for Hatching���
B, C
' - ������*'���'���
The Delta Times.
Fashion Stables��
Trucking aad Drayiag,
Livery work of all kiads at.
te��ded to inromptly.
J. M. Collinsou
UUaar.a. C.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Always in Line
Pi   i  "ji
With   Latest   Improved   FARM   IMPLEMENTS, WAGONfl & BUGGIES.
Largest Stock in Province to dhooae from.
MAY, Agent,
���   -    -   -   -   E. C.
Bar.iage  Building, Repairing A  Painting, Blank,
smithing   &   Horse   Shoeing.
OoLnval Separators.
\Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C. tiif. delta Times, tuksu
; a v
Receives both Ladies and Gentlemen as resident'
r day students. Has a complete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain;
Teachers' Cer.iflcates of all grades. In affiliation j
with Toronto University gives the four years'!
course for B. A. degree, and the first year of the
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Pros-'
pectors' Course" for miners who work in B. C.
Instruction given in  Art,  Music,  Physical
Culture and Elocution.
For    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
(Anglican.^-""-     fear
Holy Communion���-ist and  3rd
Sundays at 8:30 a.tnij mid ami 41b/
Suudays at n a.m.
Matins, rr o'elnelr. --���   -  ���-���
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday .School at 10 a.m. -
Friday evening, Litany a*
Rev. E. R. Bartlett, M.A., Vicar.
Services tirst and third Sunday pf]
each month at 10:30.a.m.; lienedic-
tion, 7:30 -p.m.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.   .
Low Mass and Holy Cpiumuuiou
tirst and third Moudaysat 6 a.m.    [
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I..    '���
Parish Priest.    |
best .king lor r. j.r-jwi .-.; boy I
lj;��rnin.. to .boot v.ell or.d
acquiring Qualities of
. i__l..-wOl.n.OL,   DECISION,  AND
snail Jus. t_.8TI.-ES8 1 il.l.iliiiu IDCCATti IS.
/.Sic. your Dottier for BtovetK KUles���
RliutKiina���Viatols. [tistet nn our tim&.
honored make, if ..,,11 cannot obtain,
KB ship ili-(.:t, 1 si.... _- nwroaJd. ui-in
receipt or Catalog l'r.c-e.
.wytlilr* jou - ��� 1
s font. !a MO Face II
,,_ ._.,. cr,,,, j��� n.-.n
-I T��n Colaf ll.,,,.
'im" or*l��b roo.,,���,,.
. -.lllu.m-KVJ.N8
���  ..I .'0*l/.C.    ffu..|s,l
I   .1 .-_,_,.   IW'.tai-
��� .-...,....  fur fv.r
1 I u tm* la .'��iurs,.
I>. O. Bos 4097
Chicopee   I alta,   Maaa., U. g. A.
La G.*tppe
Etc., Etc
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m, every;
Sabbath School at 2 p m every j
Sunday. Prayer meeting every:
Thursday evening at 8. .
Rev. J. F. Betts. pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
It  will   pay  you  to  own  one  and   be  on  the sale
side.    Onr Oxydonoi  in a family wili  banish all the terrors of disease    om   the  household  if only used as soon:
���*s needed and  in a reasonable way. |
This is the A ��� ml Experience in many thousands
��� families who have adopted this advanced method, .of
e "'.)g disease.
Inflammatory Rheumatism.
Mr. Ju.    - _*B, Rowland, B.C.,  -nn.,  vritea. Mar h tt, 1901 : "SoKC fire yeara isjo 1 j
g   . ; ...;.     ' for 1 y   1 U< who was  _nffi:riag  f-om  fcra .1-  weakne.^6.   After a week's une the
lr w     t    nr tf   *��� fi..d each a c ._��.>, iu fuct it was en ugh to iud.ee him to get !
.-/      ��� r fbr hie eister, ,
Sabbath services ��� Crescent Is-
laud, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
8 ji.tn.
i.ev, A. II.  Huntley, pastor.
"A *hc>   tir-
n't  -:  of Inflammatory rheuwatlam-,    She  could
-nil.- ;d    hir   -_nt    were mnok awttlleh.   She  appl e.   Oxydomr, a .d  belore  night thc
.   .a ��s.J, .-->���   or .1 i . r ini. t.-'-   w -    -r - ii..l< .^e'.liug, uus! sbe coalS walk as well
-r.       e ha-1 .1 sic.llnr Httack t>ef��r. we ^et 0-. iauer snd was rader a debtor's care for a
t*, .z.   ^_il_r d agonie .
i: has c !*'
f a sever-
crmation al
��� ������:-, 78, giving  further in-
. -._' i many reports from all
tl   Cv   'WV/.,
st, Montreal.
. a.i r*i **twe
Have you  got  a  Savings  Bank
Account in the Royal Bank of Can
ada?    If not, you should open one
as soon as ��� possible.   -Deposits   of
$1 and up received.
���UaatoMM ��� Ei__u�� Law*.
la striking onntrast ta tka pretest
law* t* prevent habitual tLraakwa nans
vtare I Am*. ewa*m\ k* tka ratf a et Quaes
Mkutuklh. Th*L*sad_iw��c__aB*��*__.pta
te the British bumub record that la
1504 orders war* *et dowu by tba tarda
aad ethnn *t bar majesty's privy c*ai-
eai tar tka refermatWu ���( tka great dls-
���sdeta ueminittad by tka *xo��*aive
������salmi- et alehouses, which tba Jus-
*ca* vara erdsreJ ta reflate. Tba pu b-
Meae* wara uaayellad ta give ta tb*
ce��atekila atf tba parish tba Mun aad
baatsssa *f ��ri��jjr una wha CraiitMiatad
vbokr kaa*M and wara f��rbldd_iB bi
bar* _.a���T *awm |>Uyed tbaraia. Ob
ftemimja a* jarsuiia dwallir.. vltbta a
aula et tb* yablle lu.aaa wara ull9w.nl
ta aatar axcapt auluitaBtlal hea����V.wi_i-
��i�� UuTatliji te i-Uurofc, stud tlu 9uly
far a raaanrtn' '- Obi Ui i��fr��ali Uis.-ua-
uairas. OfU'laeslj, tbc uhiit cstuvUtlat
agatnat >��)��ltaina waa tba "brawluf
afc-��u4*r ila auU b��a_- Uuta ia wUnlo-
mma far auia'a \tmij."���Leai*�� Ukrem-
Wmlui >��s..j_�� oerar _aak�� mlaUkia
.1        Kit **t iDTbieod la auito;
;���    Th��y tun I. vuy hUDiiy, but-
Thoy imi a lastly lira.
Moaaral UvIhIssm.
l.ivos it |rut msii uu r*niln4 oa
Thut lt lUl't _il;- i.; ..-_,;
TTa Wf.uli do us wall or I.altar
IT wo only t.-.l 1 hair lu��k.
- A'ew lark T.
The Delta Times
alob Printlnm
For more than 20 yeats Mr. J. B.
Massey, of J332 Clinton St, Minneapolis. Minn., was tortured by sciatica. Tbe pain and suffering wbicb
he endured, during this time is  be*.
yoivJ comprehension. Nothing gave
bim any pcrniauent relief until be
used   Chamberlain's   Pain    Balra.
One application of that liniment re
lieved the pain and made fdeep ar.d
re.st   possible,   and   less   that one
bottle has effected a permanent cur ���
If troubled with  sciatica  or rheu-
I matistn why not try a 25-ceiit bottle
i of Pain I!alia aud  see  for  yourseli
1 how quickly  it relieves  the pain.
1 For sale bv All Druggists.
Nurseries  8c  Seedhouses
_teadquarter�� tor   Pacific   Coasi
grown  Garden, Field  aud  FloWe
I Seed's tbat are thoroughly tested ti
to \ itality before offering for sal   -
that are subject to  government in-
Lapection as to freedom  from weed
seeds.    .Samples scat to intendinj
! jnirchasers.
;    Larpe stock oi HOME GROWN
Pruit  and  Ornamental  Trees now
j matured for the spring trade.
Xo expense, loss or delay of fund
gatioi. or inspection.
BEE SUPPLIES, Spray Pumps,
Sptayin'g Material, Greenhouse
Plants, Cut Flqwers,
Wc do business on our own
grounds���no rent to pay and are,
prepared to meet all competition.
I,et tue price your list before placing your order.    Catalogue Free.
M. J.   HENRY,
3010 Westminster Road,
1 YANCQUVE.R,, .-, B. C.
A Matlat af *bn< rriemi.
Btobart���Taa, 1 uuce tiiuu^bt i_r saiaj
���n tha atage. but fiiaiida dUauadad m��.
Kaovkn -ti'rteadi et tba atari, I yr*.
Saaaata Kia.
Kind taily���How iiiulj ar* tber* la
tb* family lieeiie ywuraalfi
Uttla Awl*���Kour; riaisiua, wave,
���later aad a distant relatU*.
"Tbat hi eoly tbrca. Tba dlataat tei-
���Ut* hi uot a member et tb* family."
"Ob, yea, ha ts.   Ila la my brother."
.  "Your brother? .then ta lau't a dte-
tent ralaUra."
"Taa, Bia'aiii; b* ia la tb* PU-'i^
ylnaa."       ���
tvoia a.ete h..tt..*\..
"1 auppoa* you'd Ilk* to be worth ���
Billion dollars?" ah* iiigg*at*d.
"No, uiubs," rapliad tba tr*iuj>. "It
'utl be too Biticb troulil* lookta' after
tb* inouay. All 1 waat ta tbat iciua
feller what's worth a milium dellars
���hall provid* far me."
Th* Vlrat Iraa ifcli��.
the flret Iron ship baa uior* rapated
blrthplait-s tban Huuiar, atx^rdldf te
ChamtMn* Journal. Both tb* Clyd*
ami th* bf*r**r claim pre-��Bilii*BC* la
tbis r**p*ct Sir U. i. Doblaou et Bdla-
hurgb iJaalgiinl au Iron raasal U 181C,
whirb wa* iM>t lauDch*d till thr** yaar*
later, and lt In aaid tbat an Iroa boat
wns w*tk*d on tb* S*T*rn wa ae far
back a* 1T87. Bt**l waa not ua��d ln tb*
constrnetlon *f merchant ahlp*' hulls
Bctll UB0. OM aalta were not alone la
their b*U*f lhat ����. waa B*ant by
Pi-avl��*nc* te ioat, but iron to g* to
th* botteBJ. A saral coiiatmrtor of
seine reipnte ewee said: "Don't f��l* ta
Hie of Iron ships. Thej- are contrary to
nature." Now Bone but small t-raft are
bollt of wood In England.
Bach Waa tb* Victim Ia * Street Cat
Faare Tt-anaacttou.
It wag in a Boston street car. When
tbe car stopped at a crossing, a lady
got up and went to tbe door. As sbe
rose there was tbe chink ot a coin on
tbe floor, but before lt occurred to any
one to stop ber she was out of tbe car
and across the street. Two ladies wbo
had sat next to ber looked Willi Bullous IndiaY-rence oa tbe floor. On* of
Ibetu RTaned slightly forward, bit said
nothing. Just as the conductor was
reaching I'or the bell rope a you..-^ n.an
spied the coin and dashed out ot lhe
cor. He caujht tb* lady who bid left
tbe car, ba/ided ber tbe cola, ran bavk.
caught the step of the car as the motors begun to Hlng lu crescendo and sat
down breathless. One of the twu ladies
opposite bim leaned forward and said
coldly, "Voung iuhd, what did yuu do
with tho nickel I dropped?" The passengers tittered. An oii\ man at tbe
other end of the car turned lu bis
neighbor. 'That reminds me." be said,
"or something lhat happened to- my
wifo years  .go.
"It was befor* tbe days uf conductors, wh��a we used to drop om- nickels
iulo a slot, aud tbey ran down _ groove
to thu box bvhind Ike drlTei'.
"My wife bad started out wiib jt little cbauge aud sue of those troublesome fire dollar goldpieces which used
la be more commonly lu clrculatloa
thaB they are now. Her eye* wi-ie not
good, aud ao tke was nerroll* about
ber goldpiece and bad il uu her rulnd
nil tbo way downtown.
"Wbeu sbe took u car for bome, she
met a frleud aud grew Interested iu
ceHTe.-satlou wltb ber. Sbe put ber
cola tu th* slot abseatmludedlf. 'Ibe
drlrar turned aa 11 struck the box. Stou
remember the colli fell Ut* a g,jn
uuupai'tiueut first, aud then tb* driver
pit. had a lover wbicb aaut lt luUi ta*
slioug box beiow.
"AB my wife beard tbe click of tke
lever gb�� thought of ber five dollar
goldplec*. Sbe looked lu ber purs*.
Sur* enwugh, it was gone, ab* wrs.l
forward and spoke Us lha driver. He
said ke hadn't lookest very carefully,
but he thought there were only thre*
nickels lu the giasa receptacle whea ha
pun'aeil Ibe leVe-V.
"My wife lKRUtei!. Thi driver said
If ska would ride to .Ue end of the tin*
Ik* cashier at the station woald opes
tk<i lm_. This Bteaul a Journey cf twa
wi!ma beyond our street, and ir.v wife
wss U a hurry,
"Aw old jieutleiuRii who aat by t'_e
6onl' sal si ha was going Io the end of
tke line and elTn.'u to give her $..tf."i
cents and t'et lhe goldpiece al the station, itiy wife thanked liiin aad lo-ik.
tlie JLHiiicy. \\'be!i ��_r gut home, ��*J
found l.be five dollar goldplec* lu the
lining of her purse.
- "Kelt day 1 weut to Ihe atallt.u. The
1-i����ler sals! an olu g.entlaman had riiai'la
hlm vpiui th* box. 'there wus nu gold-
plece. The old fentleuian hid left ia
a rage, refusing 10 give kl* name, iie
tald he 11 nil been swindled aud did ant
waut to be known for a fool.
"We adveril.t-d lu tbe papers, but w*
sever heard from bhu."���Tontb'a Companion.
I A .lata! Warship Auioas tha Hohrawa
Th*  01d  Testament  recordu  ahow,
notwithstanding the Tarloua rarlsioaa
tlu'ough   whieh these venerable b**k��
bar* nassad, tuxny iadiculiaua *f aal-
mai   worauip   among   uie   israelii**,
which must hav* lasted for ages !>e-
f.jre the prohibltioH lncuU-ated ia th*
second liu* of th* Decalogue wis fur-
I mulated.   At s comparatively late date
I "Jehovah   was   worshiped   under  tbe
popular symbol of a bull,  whll*  the^
twelve  oxen   upholding  tlm   laver   ia*
Solomon'* temple, as well as tbe horn*
adorning th* altar, were drawa from
the prevalent bull worship." %
Modern research has also proved that
1 the cherubim wet* represented la lb��
form of winged bulls.    U. I^normant
; In bis famous book or tha "Hegiimlngs
j of History" says that during the ilia*
! of tVie kings and prophets "mint aa-
| sun .Ily th* ch*rtiblm, as there deacrib-
I ed, are animals."
ouf. :iia._3.
A Sn* Tors girl broko ber aria shaking
hands Willi her beau, 'i'hat'a what ah*
get-i fur lr.jnt.lng bliu to such a formal
greeting.���PhiliidelphSn North American.
When a woman says tbat ona of hat
cblldron luoke like her husband's family,
lt la her wuy of admitting tbat it ls not
as good looking aa the taat.���Atohlaoa
Ths Ohtoago millionaire who baa paid ���
*u.w (iii:.,i>'M tor the rut-urn of his lav*
letters is In a position to uppruciati- th*
wisdom of Dion Bouoloault'a oaution,
'-.aM;vui'.ki.-:s a lady through aa Ink bob*
lie."���Kansas City Worm.
Cough Remedy
The Children's Favorite
Coughs, Colde, Croup and
Whooping Cough.
TMi rwo*��] j* In fiiraoBii fnr Ua cures ovw
5 r '"Kfi p��rt '��r Uiq oivllieed world, it eun
It ftlwuys ho dppon-frii anon. Tt contains uo
; on lain or other > nrmfa] dmp snd mny t��o
I pivfu as confidently to n l��i_l\v ab to nn mlult
\   Price 35 Otej Large Size, 50 cts.
���waankli ef Stag* "Bealaaae."
One of tbe peculiar things alxnt a
copyrighted play ifl thst any little pleee
ef business er any sew lines which
may b* Inserted in th* manuscript
wlili* a stink cimpnny Is playing tb*
drama belong thereafter ta the qua
wbo otvns tbs copyright.
Every time a stock company rants a
play for production from the owner of
th* copyright tt Is cot, Interlined and
adtlnl to liefore it Is produced. A stage
manager, for Instance, may interpolate
soffit speeches lu order to work op te
the lutn -lacllen of a song er specialty,
or be may strengthen tha climax by
putting In *om* new and strong tines.
Often th*** Interpolated lines prove t*
be tbe most striking ln Hi* play an*
inak* decided hits. If thry are left la
when the manuscript ko*s back te lis
owner, tbey becom* his property absolutely and may uot b* used hy th*
unit) who wrote them In any other production; therefore shrewd manages*,
before they return a play to its owwr,
always tak* great pains to eras* *v*ay
scrap of correction er Interilnaatlea.
ln this way only may they keep what
really belongs to them.-
Hrphen   Sn.-i-c-eda  Brmrn.
The Professor���They bare trnreleil.
safely along tlio bnppy Journey until
now their hopes are ubout to bo re-
llr-i. Mnlhprop���Yi's, Cupid, the gud
of love, iimsi now give waj to Uyphetl,
the trod of matrimony
The opper Rhine 1* open to aavlgaltac
���bout Hw days a year.
The Volga well merits being raaked
aniuni. lha {.rent rlvars of tins worl-l. It
ts uavlgaMe fur ttver J,000 tnilee, and te
wlthla ��� taw faaadrod uilai ef tit. hi._-
Twto* a y*sr Ihe CaepUn overflow* an.
atiacds mtlUoBS ui flsh���saffloleot to feed
the whole of oautrul Asia, It advaataga
oould bu lakes af tbaae l'.:.n-oct raaisuruae
fives by nature
Tl,,-,, flies \r. AMe te Teat.
The  proboscis  of  the   fly   an*,
tongues of bees aud ants arc turn.
wltb numerous delicate hairs s.t :���
nt-.te pits. Theso are perhaps conr
wltb the organ of taste; but,
the eiact locality ef t, is sense In
s��cts is uncertain, w.  know that :
p-oups of cells In the- tongues of .
mals called taste buIbB form lu
tbe ends ot th* organ of taste.   T!
rary ln number, Increasing In the h
et animate.    They are very cloj'--
exceedlngly   numerous  Ui  man.  wl
th* tongue of oven tb* cow lias si
tS.OOO taat* bulbs.
It   wonld   be  interesting   to
whether each apedal taste excites
special group of nerteg nnil That onlj
thus   corresponding   to   th*   sudltor.
' aarvea.    These taste bulb* were dis
| covered iu 1867.   Esch one consists ol
two kinds of cells, one set forming sr.
outer protective covering,  tlirout,;,
opening la which project from fl-r..
tea of tbe true test* cells.   TLor.?r -
portaal, tbey ar* not apparently _:-
���euUal part of the ��rgau, for blrn .
reptiles hav* none,  but neither  1'    ���
: tkey a keen seae* of taste, excepl ,
hapi Tb* p_rrot.
faat-rnlat tb* Latter "T.~
A writer lu gdenc* denies that I
letter "/" t�� a lineal deacenuart :-
J tie Romas "T," which in th* tire
Clcer* waa borrowed from tie Oi
l alphabet t* i-spreaeat upsilon  ln
trsnslattos of Greek names.   The I
ter is only used, he say*, aa a vowel
litssiiterate upsito tu Iohii words
thvr direi-t from Ahe (Ireek or Indltr-c
ly through Latin o'r 1 reuch,   ln u gic
i majority of caaes-tb* BngllSll "y" it <
seail ut,sonant eerreapondlng 1:: vsluo
with the continental "J."    AIoiij;   vltY.
Ibe  ��tltsr   Kumau   letters,   "y"
adeyted by t.'ie Anglo-Saxons ffom ILs
l.aria alphatn-'t. with a value spproii
mating  lo  that  of"!."     In   f.-u t.   i
claitua that tbere la not  a  lineal  de
*c*ndant of tbe Anglo-Baxon "y" n
lu eilsteuee.   Th* letter "y" In i ��� del
. liugliah words ie, curiously enough, *���*
claims, nut a "j" at all. but & li-.        ���
sceadsiit    ef   th*   Augl*-Baxon   ' %.'
whls-'b wss the Reaian "O" evolved    ���
th* K*��ahA eat af aa earlier "C
Natare'a CeHeaa Tea* lmm.
Ijftt a* ehsMirve a law common to at)
treee.     First,   aattker  tbe stems  nor
j bon-'.as of th* BJtpIe. elm or eak taper
��.;   it at tiie point where tbey fork.
: Whenever ��� stem aesala fertb a whiicd
and a l.ranch aesda *ff a smallerbout;h.
l��-.d- er steia, they r**aala th* aam* is
diameter, and the original stem will
1 Increase rather thaa dimtaiab until lta
! next branch starts.   He boagfe. branch
or stem *v��r narrows aear Its *xtrem-
! ity *xc*pt where lt parte with ��� por-
1 ties ef Its snbatance by sending of
another branch or stem.
All tree* are alike in thla respect, and
If all the b* ughe, brew be*, stems, btida
and biaseosia w*r* combined and united without lose ef *pac* they would
farm a r*nad log tha same tn slse and
diameter at ib*-t'-unh from which they
apriag. Thla la ona of nature'* Imp.t.i
live laws snd aever fails to prsv* true
A  T.nr.
Little Dorothy r*rkls* was Milally ���
very  tnithft)  eblM.    Whea  ahe  was
not truthful, she waa plausible.
Coming In fr*m bar walk eae morn
tag. she Informed bar metber that ah*
bad tees a lion la tbe park.
Xe satonat of peraunslnn er retaon
lng wavered ber atatement one hair's
braadtb, we at night, when ahe slipped
-down beside her knee, her mother aaid.
"Ask God te feawive you for that flU.
Derotiy bid her fa^e for a minute:
then sbe looked straight into her mother's eyes, witb ber own ahlning liko
atars, and said, "I did ask bim, mamma, dearest, and he said: 'Don't mention lt, Miss Perkins. That hlg dog
hss often fooled uie.' "
ham t>>�� fierm.T'�� <*��
Senator tiiyiphter-Well, did Ktertyflf
say he'd vote for our bill?
Benstor Mhlnchsnls���Noi he suid tin
couldn't iuiHgiae a bill ef n moro .'.xik-
ed and odiotiri character.
Seimlor Craphtcr-liid yen teli Mm I
was fathering the measure?
.Senatoi- MnlucbautS ��� Yes, snd fio
���uiii he fancied the bill's chargduU*
tics Imd been lnherlled.
The nrernge cofl'ec troe In _Toin' raj
Produces half g pound nf bi-ans. THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAYr-MAY' ���/-, 130;.
I.OCA.L NEWS.   StCVCStOn Awaktil   Rr Sale Cheap, f       For Rent
������-   JE
Mrs. Fenton  ri.iied  the  P<07alj
City, last week. I
T. E. ladner t^ok in tlif weekly
29 .rket on Friday lasl.
Nljss A. Sprotl took in the v.-eslc-
_y market en Friday last.
Mp, j. Greer-  w_9 a  visitor to
tfie Royal City, last,week.
Miss K Montgomery visited New
-Vestminster, en Friday last.
Y.lt~.  '<;���.   Efcvereau-._ bag  moved
ipto   R.   Store's   hr.ii.--r-   on  Delta,1
Strcr-.. -j
Mrs. D. McGregor and family rr
turned   home,. Friday, frpta a risit
to Xew Westminster.
Mrs, A, QeR, Taylor returned
Iwnir, Saturday CTening, from :i
visit to th? Royal City.
Mrs. G. 11. Rent, of New West-
ajinstcr, hut laje of I^ast Delta,
i$ a guest of Mrs. (Dr.) King;.
Mrs. 11. D. Benson, accompanied
by, Miss Elsie Benson, returned
home, Friday, from thc Royal City.
On Thursday evening last an enthusiastic trc-eting was.liel.i at, ::,e
Court* Hosi-r.. Steveston, svliwi it
was unanitneusly ngieed that a
citiietis' league should lie formed'in
Steveston. The following executive was. appointed
President, J.. Hunt; first "Vice-
President, J. J. Wilson; second
Vice-President, ,S. Traynor, Secretary, P. S. F.ilkner, Treasurer, E.
K. Steele; Committee���\V. Burton,
J. L. Conway, W. McCali, I.
O'Neil, M Morrston, T. M,.r^> all,
A. Wagner, H. Murray, and A. H.
The tuwnj has felt lor sums
time that outside capital has not
realized its advantages, and tfce-
league will therefore endeavor to
encourage local indttfltty, and place
before the public the advantages of
the river and gulf frontage for fac-
loryjatid mill sites, etc., and the
iich orchard lands of Lulu Island,,
destined to'become the fruit, vegetable and poultry farm fcr the Vancouver market.
It will also co-operate with   the
dyking    commissioners    io   hnve
Stereston included by the new dyke
now being constructed, and aim  at |
the incorporation of- the  town,   as;
soon ns circumstances will  permit. I
Persons desiring information about
Lulu Island wnuld do well to  communicate with the Secretary.
A Ladic.' Second Hand Bieycle,
May be seen at Robt May's Store,
Westham Street.
On Tnesday last, a. brown and
white Collie Dog. Finder please
return to
Crescent Island;
Any    person    found    harboring
same after publication of this notice
will be prosecuted.
Residence and 20 Acres of Lam',
and a Residence  aud  6}i  Acres cf
Land, within i \{i miles ot Ladiier.
Apply to
Ladner, B, C.
I We Beg Leave
To notify the  people- of Ladaer  and surrounding district that we are now in ajj
I position to offer Vancouver Island
Court of Revision. Portland   Cement
Tenders Wanted.
Sealed tenders will be received by
thc Board ef School Trustees, up
till noon of Saturday, tbe 18th of
May inst., for the erection of a
School House on the Boundary
Bay road.
Plans and specifications to be
seen at tk�� Secretary's Oflice.
Lowest-or any tender-, not necessarily accepted.
Ladner, May 4th, iqd).
Something Mew
Notice is hereby given that the
Court of Revision for the Municipality of Delta will be held in the
Council Chamber, Ladner, on Saturday, the 25th dav oi Mav, 1907,
at 10 a.m. Any person desiring to
make complaint against his or her-
assessments .nust give notice in
writing to the Clerk,.stating the
grounds of complaint, at least ten.
days beiore said date.
Ladner, April 19th, 1907,
At greatly reduced prices; making it pos~,
sible for parties who contemplate building,,
to put in concrete foundations at about the,
same   cost   as   piling   or    other   inferior
���Write for Prices.
Robt. May and W. H. Smith j
.sjetat over to Vancouver, yesterday, j
to attend Masonic ceremonies there,!
Miss Thomasine Kerr returned,
yesterday, to Columbian College,
after spending; the weekly vacation
si home.
Friends ct Mrs^ Jas. Fr��w will be
pleased .to lfam.that.sh,? i$ improving nicely, after having undergone
a very serious operation.
Tbc-V. T. R. con nisnccd ou Satur- j
day last, to rt.n  a through  train,!
from Tort Guichon  to  Vancouver, 1
qvery day except Sunday.
Re-/. Mr. md Mrs. H\i..tfey went
n/ver tS'.tha Terminal City oa.. Fri-
day la_.li Mr, Huntley has purchased thf T. W. Kerr property.
Eldoa Bredie nplitfncd heme, on
Yuesdav la$t, from jubilee Hospital,
.^rctorsJf where he underwent an
riperatioa for appendicitis, lim is
Retting alonj nicely now.
How often do we hear it- remarked, "It's only n cold,"  nnd  a  few
days later learn that thc- man is ou
his back with pneumonia.    This is
of such common occurrence that a
cold, however slight, should not be
disregarded.   Cham bei Iain's Cough
Remedy  counteracts any  tendency I
of a ccld  toi result  in  pneumonia!
and has gained its great popularity
and extensive sale  by  its  prouiptj
cures of this most common ailment, j
It always cures and  is pleasant  to1
take.    For sale by All Druggists.
Delta Stock Yard,
Arc Your Hens     j
Broody II
B. C.
I have Pure Bred
I am now prepared to build coi!
ed spring wire fence witb wooden
For further; particulars and prices
apply to
Eggs at
$2.00 for
$6.00 for ICO
See Me ffi
if vou have CHICK-
Crescent Island.
0. Box 45
Port Guichon.
B tf ��
Among the visitors  irom West-!
ham Island who took in the sights1,
ul Eadner an Saturday- evening last]
were; II. Savage. R. Jorgensen. A
Tfitn,  J,  Sav��g<\ }. Trim and H
Geo. I.asscteri sr., vi;_tL-d his sen.
William, on Saturday last, ami reports him as having .successfully,
Kiassed through the operation, ou
lhat day, and that he is doing a.--
���y^fU as cu la expect .jl. y
Voting l-Miie Simpson, l��a-i a bad
Sijueea*, last -vcei., citised-by being
jatnnied against a ligi*:t pole whilst
endeavoring !.o stop a rutiawa.-
team. Wc are pleased to report
nothing serious is likely to resu!i,
I   t   I   ���-   J    .    S
5. Fat  Cows and   Steers,   6 Dairy
Qows. with   and.  in,  Call',.  10
Shorthorn   Heifers,.  4  Yearling
Heiiers, 1 Purebred'Roan Shorthorn   Yearling   Bull,   2   Jersey
Bulls, 3 Furebred Holstein Bull j
Calves, General Purpose  Horse, j
Yearling Colt, j.Tasnworth Boar, I
Spring Wagon, &c, which
"Yt'R. II. N.. RICH will SELL by i
XTX AUCTION in the above;
Yard on
Wednesday, Jtyfey X5'\
1907,,at 2 p.m.
Further Entries Solicited!
Whea wanting a New Dress just
that THE WHITE HOUSE bas some
of th3
Newest *% Nattiest Dresses
ever shown in the City.
We have them in all sizes from %-���
year to 17 years, and in all prices..
A. J. BIRTCH; - 275 Columbia Street
g���BBMBBB ' -���..- .������HS   EgBBBSBBgggg,���aaag
ATMlh$ Silverware,
Cut Glass.
Watch Repairing a Specialty.
Jlndrew Clausen,
I.ADNER,   B. C.
'l'T-'_-'-��������� ^L'U JILI-'J-LJ-'LL'-H-IT^C^-.1
Keep Your Eye
on This Space.
-.1 L.-H..I
Estate of
W.   L.   McBRIDE,
General HcrchciiU
I Phone 5.
Port Guichon
Jim McKetnmie, eugineer in
charge of the light station here,;
CftP^e very near losing his life ouj
F|ri(Iay, evening las-. Whilst re-.
njioying a brush from the dynamo.;
nrhich bad Ivccome qverhc^ted he, I
in 3��we way caused a citcuit turn-,
ipQ about 150PT0US thiough h;3.
Unity, with ithe result that he was
aurled' wwe distance.    Dr.   Xjug
J��PRSy'��2 to-^ ou ll,c sI,ot a��' tIle
tiowdid all tu his power to 1 .store
hrr.*, a.nd fittttty/suf-^cdori. Mr.
%Kemmi? is-alHglit aa'-.n.'i r(^Y,
Oasoliac Engines, Roof Papers;
We Walworth-Rolston Co.,
1.016 Westminster Ave.,   -   Vancouver, B,.C.
lo All & C Ports,


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