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The Delta Times Jun 2, 1908

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 r~ Wisiative a^
Wei. S, No. 39.
Summer Necessities-       ,
The Store of Quality and Quantity.
We are showing a large range of BloU3es in all the new styles,
.made from fine Lawns, India Linens and Organdies, from $1.25 to $3.50-
Summer Hosiery and Underwear-
This is where we are strong. ��e import all our Hosiery, and you
tran rest assured, prices are right and quality first clas3. We -carry a full
range Ladies' and Children's Cotton and Lisle Thread Hosiery, in all
���Ladies' Summer Vests "in ^-sleeve and sleeveless, from 10c to 25c
.Ladies, Lisle Thread and Silk V��sts, Lace Yokes, Etc,, at 35c to 90c
This is Bathing Weather*
We are showing a -nice range Ladies' and Children's Bathing Costumes in Navy Serge and fine Jersey Cloth, with fancy colored braid
trimmings, etc., all sizes.
Also Rubber Bathing Caps at 50c each.
Ottawa Letter.
Ottawa, May 29.���The government will to-day again attempt to
put through some ot the pressing
items ot supply and pay the overdue salaries of
throughout Canada.
The Market
School Board
New Westminster, May 30.-1 The Board of Scho(jl Ttustetd
-The attendance at the weekly-mar-. nM.t _��� the Council Chamber on
ket, yesterday, was about up to the; Saturday last, 30th tilt., with Trus-
average, and'a brisk business ��as| tees Smith Wright (in-the chair),
auctioneers   having   a | A. .DeR. Taylor. V. Swensen, Wm.
��� k'naggan present,
previous   uieet-Bf
civil    servants 'done,   the
The opposi- j DUSV 'time in the  rings.    Prices on ! Pybus and-R. K
tion -is still determined absolutely to fthe whole.raiiged as. at recent mar- j    Minutes   cf
Men's Department
New Spring Suits in fine Tweeds,
Navy and Black Serges, Etc., with
Best   Trimmings   and   Latest   Out,
From*? to-$18,
Complete   Stock   Boys'   Clothing.
Hew Neglige Shirts.    New Neckwear..    New Bats.
Shoe Department
*��     We carry a complete stock ��f HIGH G-RADE SHOES for -the whole
ffeanily, in all the New Spring Styles.
block supply failing the capitulation of the government on the election bill. The indications point to
������another all -night sitting to-night
and possibly all day to-morrow
with the resumption of the fight
��� again next week, and all night sittings until the government has
���shown the country the impossi-1
���bility of dealing, under present parliamentary rules, with such factions. The stubborn minority are
determined to avail themselves of
.constitutional privileges and to
'���completely block the whole business of legislation. The question
of dissolution or of applying some
form of closure so that the minority
rule may not prevail indefinitely
will be considered.
Advices received here by thc
government show that the new
election lists now being prepared in
Manitoba are being manipulated by
the Robliit-Rogers machine to disfranchise many Liberals throughout the province.
Militia camps of Canada east 6f
Winnipeg are to'be cancelled and
there will be no gunnery training
tor rural corps. It is probable
there will'bi no militia corps .ent
to Quebec for the celebration in
���Jnly.    '
This is due to the refusal ot the
opposition to vote supply for this or
kets. Considering that it is a season when lar-m production is quiet,
and at the-same time many farmers
are busy  with seeding  and spring
-were adopted as rtud.
D. Wilson, officer in charge Of
'.Free Text Book Ilepartineo t, notified the  Board that -books will be
work, the  mertet -showed uo fall- j'-mpplied before'.be opening  ofthe
,ng oft. j next term and endoeicg  terms to
In'the auction rings "a fair  bust
ness was done. The chief item
passing under the hammer was 3
team, a bay and white horse, for
$480. A truck -wagon and horse
sold for $2'5o. and a grey for ��275.
Another grey changed hands at
$150. For $150 a pony, rig and
harness was sold. A'black torse
weighing woo pounds -fetched 5.90.
Another -notable 'item was a bay
mare for $45, and  a -cow .f..r ft6.
be filled in by teachers, deceived
and the Secretary authorized to
forward copies to the different
The Board here adjourned for
private interview with Inspector
On resuming-open session/Trustee Quaggar. was authorized 'to
supply necessary articiesfor Annieville school.
On motion, the   Secretary  was
.... , , authorized  to  accept   all   resieaa-
There was also quite a trade among . ���   ,   ,
jj_ ��� ,  . _, 7  tions sent 111 before 'the
the small buyers in young pigs. A
large quantity of implements, etc.,
were disposer! of.
Meats retailed at prices which
have ruled recently or Slight advances. There was a good supply
of .all kinds ot meat save mutton;
���and lamb. Beef sold readily, while
mutton and:lamb, beir.__ short, met
with a good demand. There was a
fair offering of pork, an', the supply e; sily ound purchasers. Veal
had a good sale, prices remaining
The demand for live poultry continues to hold firm. A lew ducks
also  reached  the market.   "Voting
any other purpose.    Parliamentary d,.ckens are ^     ���.   ;oc a ]h Qn
expenditure  is now 'urgently   re-
"quired at-camps which make holding   of   them    impossible   unless
.5th June
���and to insert necessary advertisements to fill vacancies.
On motion it -was decided that,
on Thursday next, at 10 o'clock
���a.m., the ���. lull ��Board i4iieet at C.
-Kettles', and look over a more
central location lor a schcal site.
The following accounts -were ordered paid: Salaries fcr May, $7aj;
-M. Smith & Co.-, $18.90; G. T.
Baker, Sri; Bath & Kershaw,
$16.60; W. Cressard, $27; H. J.
Cresswell, $75.75; J. M. Collinsou,
#3; R. May, fit.40; G. Grauer,
The Board Ihen adjourned fill
Saturday, July .4th, at 2 pm.
money is voted this week and there
is no hope ot that The small amount of funds now available to the
militia department will be used in
holding camps for four western
provinces as usual.
mm. tKTTCRNS (AeTs for Monthly Fashion Sheet) McCALL PATTERN
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
The ladies 0IS1. Andrew's P res-
iljyterian^Church, will hold their an-
mual StHWvberry and Ice-Cream
-Festival in ��ddtellows' Hall, on
'Thursday,.June iiith, whea a short
^programme will be rendered and
tthe Ladner-Cornet Band will supply
tthe music.
Mts. White, "The Man-
receive each  Thursday
luring lhe month of June.
Reni-Hn ber tthe dattce on the 9th
Fur the convenience of those
wishing to -spend -'Saturday night
and Suuday tin the Termiual City,
the S S. Sonoma will, during the
summer months, run -special 'trips
as follows-: Leave .Ladner at 6:30
p.m. on Saturdays and ai 6:30 a.m.
on Mondays. Commencing the
sibove schedule on-Saturday neat, [SUTTON'S FIELD-'& GARDEN' thought the answer would be that
-..���'  will
(nernarr Macfu ddea in Jim   ^Miysical Culture'--)
The average individual does not
realize that a certain amount of energy is spent for every moment of
his life. Breathing, for instance,
that is continuous, requires energy
as well as the heart, and the functional processes of the; body that are
continued even during sleep require
energy. You lilt a heavy weight,
and there is an immediate realization that you have exerted a* certain amount of lorce. What i- the
source of strength? Where does it
come Irom? Was it merely ri force
exerted by the muscles? Was it
furnished to the muscles by tbe
blood-as it circulates-t.noUjjh .very
minute cell?
Again and again, in studying thc
human body, the question is asked,
"What is the   sourc   of   human,
energy?"     Of    course,    at    first
foot, and :25c dressed. The Chinese
jobbers are a blessing to those hav-
inji old 'sitters, and other elderly
den_?.ens of the yard, to clear, and
good sales were reported In this direction. Chickens, on the whole,
were not fo plentiful and all sold
readily. There was a
ing of broilers.
A mc-etwg of the Delta Literal
Association will be hfcid in tke
Town Hall, Ladner, on -Saturday
ood offer-1 next- at 8:3o pstn.
A good attendance is request (id.
June 6th.
June 9tb.
-Town   Hall,  Ladnev, j    p q   Agent
The funeral ofthe late E. E.
flPenzer.'of'the firm of Crowder'&
-Penzer, took place, on Friday last,
ffrom Ihis   residence,   1662   Beach
Avenue, Vancouver. The deceased
twas 60 years old,  and   leaves  a
widow and three children. Deceaf-
ied -was well known here.
Fair  Eve clipped  oft   a   four-foot
Then trimmedandTolled it flat.
^What's that?" alked.Adam at her
"I'm making myself," fair Eve replied,
"A 'Merry Widow'4iat."
Seeds, Timothy and Clover Seeds this source is in the lood we eat;
���Brackman-Ker Mii'in ('c | but I mean, beyond ' tliis. Where
Lt'.,    H.   N.   RICH,    Ladner,  does the energy come  from?    Thc
actual force that comes to the
muscle, for instance, when one's
will bas sent out the message that
a certain effort shall be made from
whence eomes the actual power
which is used in ti is effort?
If it is anv sati-i raction to the
person or persons who typewrote
un anonyuous letter to my mother,
tnikine vile, lying accusations, to
know that the letter was returned
to me wilhoutihaving done its dirtv
work. There can only be one verdict for such a contemptible occupation.��� L. J. THOMA-S.
There wil b: a special meeting
of L- O. L. N >. 1612, Friday evenings June 5th. Members are requested to attend.
The quantity oi eggs on sale kept
prices at 25c1 to 27c, wholesale, and
30c retail, This compares favorably with last week, and sho?:s an
upward tendency.
Butter was short, and prices held
at 30c to 55c per lb. retail.
The supply of potatoes exceeded
the demand, prices rulin.' at slight
ly below the old figures, A dollar
a sack is now hard to ;.ei, and very
likely with the new crop entering
the nis.rket there will be a jireat revision of prices. The standard of
$18 a ton still rules the market, bin
prices are fast weakening.
There is a great demand on the
part of the stores for fresh vege-
I tables, and in conseqir.-nce the lots
Teaching the market were short
Nevertheless the supply was lair,
i at any rate iu greens Some cauliflower sent in weighed eight pounds
a piece.
In "flowers there was a falling off,
but otherwise little change is to be
Several boxes cf apples no bed
the stalls and sold �������__.
The following -are thc
ruled during the day:
Beef,   hindquarters, .S';o#t.
per lb; forequari- rs--, ��� ''���., ���  0 7
Mutton, 13c to 14c per lb.
Lamb, 15c to 16c per lb.
Veal, small, uc to  11
large, 9c to toe.
Pork, 9c per lb.
Butter, 30c to 35c per   >.
Eggs, wholesale, : 5 e to 27c per
dot;- retail, ^300.
Fowls, $7.50 to <9 per doz;
chickens, $6.00 to j>8j��er doz.
VV. E. Laning, late'xoaduttor <m
the _secal,  came in from Everett,
! yesterday.
R.G. Witcher, ofv-Caron.'Sa*.,
was a guest -of Wm. Stirling, at
Boundary Bay, onSunday last.
Frank Sutherby left, Friday, em
a trip to Abbotsford and expects to
return about the end ofthe week.
C. Adams, of the ,Adaias"Bn-.
gine & Launch Co., Vancouver,
paid a short visit here thia week.
There is to be a football match,
on Saturday next, at 7 p.m., on
the grounds of the Delta Amateur
Athletic Association, at Ladner,
between teams representing East
'Delta and Ladner. This match
should prove to be very interesting.
The provincial .overnmeflt in ar��
ces that j ranging to  --end parties to survey
l Porcher Islnnd-fst the mouth of the
, to o'jciSkeena, the east bank of the''Fraser
i near Alkali Lak -, lhe territoiy bor-
'dering Ootsa, anl  Francois Lakes,
,the northeast shore of Babine Lake,
per lb; j and  the  country immediately aur-
rouiiding Blael .water :and  Clusclus
Broil.-r., $4 to j. 5.50 per dozen.
Duck��,   young,  $6.-so   to  $8 >a
.PotRtoes, ��17 to $_&p_?rton. THE DELTA TIMES* TUESDAY, Jl NH 2, 1308.
w. c. t. u.    fashion Stables-
Subscription, $1.00 per year.
It is good for you to know that
most���nearly all���great meu have
had great regard for the Bible. To
many ot them it was the Book of
all books. That was true of Sir
Walter Scott, whose novels many
of you are beginning to read.
When Sir Walter was attending
some lectures in Paris, he was iu
company with a number of infidels
who sneered freely at thc Bible. He
said nothing, but later read them
as a selected essay, the Prophecy of
^^^^^S^^^ust^iHabbakuk.    They thought  it was
C*��u��l Advertisement^ 10 Cents per Une foi
Ihc first insertion, and 3 centt per Une lor each
rabiequent insertion. The number ot lines
l-Kkencd by the apace occupied, laUnuato the
Rutta tor Commercial Advertiaemtnta can be
kad on application at thia office.
Ee��dlug notice* 10 u*aU per Una fgr each Insertion.
Kiithand Death noUcea, soc, Marrtagcs$i.oo.;
Any apacial notice, the object oi which in to
proi'iote the pecuniary benefit of any Individual
or company, to be cunsidcred uu luivertisemeut
and charged accordingly.)
All Advertisement* charged for until ordered
out ��ud puid tor.
co tu pun led by numc of writer, not necessarily
for publication, but an evidence of good faith.
Correspondence wuat reach this oflice by Thursday evc-Utug.
Trucking1 ard  DrayiDgr.    Livery Work of
All Kinds Attended to Promptly.
All Kinds ox Firewood Always On Hand.
J. fl. C0LUNS0N.
Dhnnp *>n  I <I!WB  " r
R. Manlby,
wonderful, were delighted and mar
veiled that they had never heard of
this fine composition before. They
asked him who was the author and
where he got the essay. He said:
"God is the author, and I got it
out of the Bible."
Sir Walter Scott on his deathbed
asked Lockhatt to read to him.
"What book shall I read?" asked
Lockhart. And Sir Walter replied,
"Why do you ask that question?
There is but one book; bring me
the Bible."���Ex.
TUESDAY.   JUNE    2,    1908.
Fall wheat is doing well considering the cold weather which is keeping everything back. There has
been very little growth compared
with what might be expected at
this time of the year, except it]
might be in the hay line which bids!
fair to be heavy. 	
__��� ~   ,,,.,- I     A  book  that   every    "outdoor"
A very wife suggestion was made I man and bov will enthusiastically
the other day, by a prominent East | welcome has just beeu published by
Ender, that it would be a good the makers of the famous Stevens
tiling lor the district if a number of Firearms. This volume consists ot
the largest sto:k raisers here would! 112 profusely illustrated pages  and
Of ALL KINDS may be had here.
First   Come,   First  Served.
"A Sire at last to get Sizeable and Saleable harness horses
The Grand Champi! Hackaev SUilisa
" Diamond City "
8443 Imp.
onday, S. Morrow's Farm; Pemberton Fatlffls
Tuesday, Gilchrist's      " ; Dr. Wilson's   M
Wednesday, a Haft's  " ; Coulth-ird's     K
Thursday, I. Johnston's " ; t,oney Bros.'1   **    Elgin.
Friday, G. B. Embree's " ", Inverholme Stock Eartu.
Saturdaj'., Jordan's Livery Ladner,       **       ** till    onday
Christopher Moses, Esq., George Brown,
Victoria, Proprietor. Stud Groont
make arrangements with  our vets
to accept a guaranteed  yearly sum
Incorporated 1869.
is devoted to woodcraft, the haunts!
and habits of furred  and feathered
to take charge of their stock, which ��� game, camping, hints on equipment,
would mean the guaranteeing of a cookil^ ^'    '^here's ozone from
_ . [ the woods  on  every  page.      The
yearly income sufficient to warrant . ���     . "
',    ' j facts contained in "Guns and Gun-
a good man  staying  here, and, at
I uing,
the same time, insuring the health j raost
of their stock.
The caterpillar  pest having in
creased to  such   an extent that it | ning
for that is the name of this
interesting book on the
"Great Out-of Doors" and its attendant pleasures, bear the positive
stamp of authenticity and author-
itativeness Dan Beard, the eminent sportsman, writer and artist,
is the editor of "Guns and Gttn-
What this author does not
the Delta Saw Wills
Are Prepared to . . .
Furnish All Kinds of
Shingles,  Doors, Sash and
House   Finish   of  All   Descriptions.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED^         - -$4,000,000
CAPITAL PAID-UP,        -         - $3,900*000
RESERVE POND,           -         - $4,390,000
Total Assets Over Forty-Five Millions.
Accounts of Oat-of-Town Customers Given Sped*!
The   BEST  Water   Tanks   Are
Made at This Mill*
threatens to destroy ��� large percentage of the fruit again this year,
we would suggest that the  Council
I know about woodcratt and wood
lore is not worth knowing. Every
boy contemplating a vacation trip,
every man betaking himself to the
take a hand in the. matter, and cut  vvoocis anci fieic.s to recuperate from
down and burn all the brush along
the roadside where caterpillars are
found to exist.
U does net seem  at  all  fair that
Individuals   must   spray   to   keep
wears and tears of business life, will
want a copy of "Guns and Gunning" to guide him right in communing with Nature. Remember
that a Stevens Rifle and the book
mentioned    are    mdispensible   te-
down fruit pests, while the Council I quisites for your vacation days.
is permitted to raise as large a crop
as possible because they do not
happen to raise them on fruit trees.
The com] 1 lint is a general one,
and a very reasonable and just one,
therefore should be attended to.)
Stevens Arms are tor sale by all
progressive hardware and sporting
goods merchants and Dan Beard's
splendid effort, "Guns and Gunning," witl be mailed postpaid t -
any applicant by J. Stevens Arms
& Tool Company, Chicop^e Falls,
Mass., upon receipt of price. For
paper covered edition forward 20
cents; for cloih bound book send
30 cents.
Workmen operating on a sewer
ditch in Vancouver, yesterday, uncovered a long stretch.ot coal shale.
Specimens   on   exhibition   at   the
City Hall show clearly fern and
The puWic will appreciate the open ,eaf iirpressions The workmen
Bir concerts which this organization .^ . hat Uace. qC sma,, coa, seams
will give from time to time, wea-1. ^ discovered though the
ther permitting. | siM was illconsicierabie.   The find
was made at a  depth  of about ten
Mrs. and Miss Parkes, ot Vancouver, mother and niece of Mrs.
A. Clausen, returned home, Saturday, after a short visit here.
The Band Boys are hard at practice and are getting  in fine shape
Mr. and Mrs. J. .V. Lanning and
two children went over to the Terminal City, this morning, on a
short visit.
Is  nn wk'.nl  covering,   either  for  new
buildings or improving old ones,
Consider ils Cm; B^penrnnce ��� Ua
splendid enduring qualities���ftnd slight
expense���aud decide to serve jour own
best mtcrotfta by using it.
Fullest dtftails of information in our
Whotesttl* MiWiufactur-_.��,
He Heard���"You did not pay
ven close attention to the sermon,
I te��r, this morning." "0, \es, I
did, mamma !" "Well, wl 1 did
the minister say?" 'He said that
the picnic would start at 10 o'clock
Thursday morning; and O ma, can
I 80?"
We  are receiving a fine  lot of
choice dairy butter daily.    Good as
any creamery  butter and  less ex-
I pensive���>W. H. Smith.
Rev. A. H. and Mrs. Huntley
And family lett, yesterday, en route,
for England. Quite a number cf:
friends went to bid them farewell atj
the wharf. Mrs. Huntley will be j
much misted ;rom church circles!
here.  1
It was announced, on   Sunday!
last, that Mis; Murcutt  would lec-1
tnrehere some time during   next]
week, but after the date had  been
set, it was discovered  there was a
dashing  of interests, therefore the
Methodist ladies  have  decided to
postpone Miss Mnrcutt's visit until
w mote, .suitable occasion.
60  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Anyone. cnaing a sketch and dcBcrlptlnn may
quickly nscertaln our opinion free whether an
1 nvontton IBprobablynatentahie. Omimunln_
ttoneetrlotly conttdentlal. HANDBOOK on 1'atentt
acitfree. Oldest agencyforBecurlnffpatenta
1'ateut* taken through Munn & Co.	
If, rial aotloe, without onarm, la tha
Scientific American.
da, 6.74
. Branch
odsomely ill unrated weekly. L .meat olr-
- any . olentlilo Journal. Terms for
_5 a year, postage prepaid, sold by
361 Broadway, I
lee. 686 V 8t��� Wuslilniroi)", D.l
It is learned that the opposition
of certain parties to the Sumas dyking scheme, as the result of wbich
the entire scheme is at present tied
up, will be withdrawn in a few
days, informal statements to this
effect having already been made to
the Dyking Commission huving
charge 6i. the work. At thc offices
01 the 3, C. Electric Railway Company " was state thai as s on as
the opi" --itioii w s withdrawn preliminary work on the plan would
be inaugurated under the direction
of a company headed by leading
shareholders ol the tram comvany.
As soon as the high water of the
season is iast 1 ctual operati , . <,n
the reclamation 0! the large tract
will be started and the woik v ill be
rushed throughout thc season.
Two Yimng Horses ��� 1 black
vd-year-ijld and t bay mare, 1-
var-old Strayed Irom Ewlr-rby's
/lace, East Delta. Anyone know-
ng ol whereabouts of same, kindly
Klntist, N   v We.tin uster.
I hereby give notice that at the
next meeting of the  Board  of Li-
...mis.        . tor    1 e   l!' I
Vltini   nality, ! ii .d to  ..  ply   ,
a transfer of the license In sel'
liquor in the Delta Hotel to H. \T
Rich, of Ladner.
May 10, 1908.
Savings Department*
Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR.
and  Upwards.     Imterest paid.,  or credited,  quar*
fcerly on  31st  March, 30th June, 3��th
September-, 31st  December.
For Sale,
Five   well-hred   English   Setter
Pups.    Apply to
East Delta
*..5��sa -J..es.J..���������^.���������^���������'i$��sa.ssJ..��*2*-M*'..*.3��.��.*5.
14.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
lUsBEItT J. FOB1E,       ���. PUBLISHERS,
�����iN_s_ii. �� W. mtu St.. IiiwYoxi.
W, N. Draper,
Room s. Eltnrd nioct. New- WeMinliiiter.
! im mm wm
.���.   M
Court of Revision.
i Notice is hereby given that the
Court oi Revision' for t'.ie Municipality of Belta will be lield iu tin-
Council Chamber, LadtreSVisn Saturday, the 13th day of June, .908,
at 10 a.m. Any person desiring t.i
make complaint against his or h 1
assessments must give noti ���
writing to the Assess of, statiny tin-
gfotinds oT his ot bet complaint, at
least ten days before said ds'to.
Dated at Ladner, April a/tb, 1908.
Veterinary Surgeons.
All   Calls
/��� I ended to
Phone 35 .Stainton Block
Ladner, BC.
for Spring Clean-Up.
Pure and Vigorous Blood wifl keep I
you in good 'hea.fth.
will give yon
Good and jPure Blood.
Send   50c  for trial J.1,,00  package
(two months' treatment).
Agent Wanted. ���
new westminStkr,   :-: b. c
auufucturers of nil kinds ot
Soda Water, Ginger. 4��
Ale and Stunmer    i.
Drinks. i
Your patronage solicited      !!
Acclimatized Stact
.-%-ss ���?* (t.
For t-h_��
Farm,  Garden, "Lawn oar
Reliable Varieties at ReasoniiSl-
Prices. No Borers. No Scale.
Mo fumigation to damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy von.
'Boy d-Yett and get Trees and Seeds
that Grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cat
Flowers, etc. 0:dest established
nursery on  tlie rtiBriifland of  .3. C.
^Catalogue free.
M.J.HtNRY'5 Nurseries,
Greenhouses and Seedhotfces
VANCOUVE-R.,   -   B. C,
Mandolin I
W-kUoo Remedy Co.,
Vancouver,  B.C.
Having -seen teqnested 'to Start h
Mandolin Class, am now pre
pared to <le> sf>.    Fer terms, ett.,
Care nf Hu. 'J, VV. Lanning
Mandolins, Strings, Eto*,
Siy.plied at Citv Prkiefs. THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, JUNE z, 1908.
It v.nu :i . mumCT tvtfclit to) Ciiwnporn In
ho v. ir IHB7.     Two lo\"i-Ts -ituori within :
liii .unveiii. nt ��haili"of r. . oriiiiili. saving ,
.  ionjr  turowell���till  tlio  morrow     The
���tiirs wi.ro   shining  with  thai Tudiimue
vbleh makes tlio iieotilinr glory of nn In
ilun  night; und __ia air was heavy witb
'Ai,, BCout of tlio'chaiii|i;r'_ lilfissfim
'Gooil iilght, 111J'duvling. '1 must go.
slid on"h moineirt, only makos-tt harder to
iOU|o you."
"li-. ihon     .VhrnlH khoiitng yon?"
��� V. 11!   sfoij witi-h! flOJV -wi-Hyou fctio*
; our power.    Il.ivins't you kopt mo ton
i'1'.olo n imito. when t-ouglit totbuvo start-
.-.'��� m iiy rounds-DROfeago?"
I luivo )."i t j-rm! tJ8t.v-.lnrcyou llflply
I-": ll a 111'.-.-,'. 1 'llr.VO Mil a longing tOt
? v -tepiivturo. 1���1 am very Rloopy,"
.< hh It -i-aPofully -to t in i Int..I! -yiiwti Mill
'wltio of eu mischievuu.s t-yos
"Well, I am going, lii-nlly, this timo.
toy thc live, you know 1 c.-iuiiot coiiiu till
Into i ������.morrow evening i wish to good-
'lire. 1 tvuro not nil.jut.aift, What's tho us*
�����. a f(!.v i i xtro*npiMB vhen it- lal'ofl np ull
-ii>; tie..) s'i thnt 1 4lover .cu f'C-'i now?"
���'Uli. what nstriVy ami ivhata liosvnl I
'r_n . ���.. it i|Uit-> plainly."
"Vmi cannot, 1 cult oi.'ty..fj.ist��oo your
Y,-|ilt. i'roi k and tho linos of yt_.lrU__._r and
that s.-tirli-r, thing on yom- 'hefid, land���
���J--.UT eyes 1 seo thorn .yhcrovof i am
.Yhoii llic onlnncl gives mo tin order, 1
Maro Btl'iiiglit ovoi- his head till 1 know ho
.ni!) Un 1 li:ivo gone o.ra/.y, nnd 1 seo tliura
-- n tho air���two dark I'rnwn eyes, spar
Tshng with wiekedni-ss and sJiiniog like
tho stars alwvo us now-���and"���
The I'omaindor of the speech w nmiriiwt-
���e.l hv tl-Iittloiliiind iwhii.'h'was 'llll tl slightly
tijion liis lips and which naturally .net
I liu fate ft deserved, .ithere wus oomiiluto
glieitce in the shadow of the vi-vamln. ont-y
���lu-.iken by her soft and hni-ried lirealhing,
null n slight stir as sho nestled into his
aril, .unit v,-;is-s_]asped for an inst.ml to hi-,
breast. Tho syce (native jrtoom), wire was
enluohinp ue:il- -lioslilo his master's wnil.-
lt)y li'iiv, -raised his ���ilrmv.y head anc-
Wor.liiifa . if they hnd gi.nu-into tin. house
Hgidit, -liut just then the farewell was
Hun Ily a.'i-oiniilisheil, and ho-ioteiied e.url
;���:������ ily tn thoir lptll<t-lf{_���words.
"G_od night. Dii-'.i He us-im-ly as you
"l-iiiod -nlglit,. Uf coift-sc I'll lio-ciwly
_t. will tic yours 1i .torn '. sre you Again."
"15c suro yon recognize mc-hun I Vera
siily'    Qood night."
Mastor tinil servnnt turnof nt the gate
of the garden and looked bauk -.She had
steppi.! o-.it of -tho shadow mid it was
| origin '-in r. .h for thorn -to . i-imvi-ry th'tafl
jf her \Wilto mushn dress, Qouiloed to the
! will-it, :;.,d to -.itch the gleam of hor un-
oovnrcU neck and arm.. Pick Manners
"M-ii i.niijriut! iliut ho could distinguish
tho cu.vu of her dark head outlined
i. nil), i   Uie scarlet how -and sec the stitr-
..'���'    ��� '"-..������      ...,,... .... t_l{��||t_U>4_ ,,.
roilo owny     I  wns su hard to leave hor
BVen   lor  u   few   hours;    and  thu   heavy,
dl-i.if-'ii'i; _.-���-,. r-l liie chaiopak blossom
iipl-re- --.| him and stimuli to lie as a
.'i.iirhl upou i.ts-hi-.rt
Jtw.i    in''.:->-, I8_7, whdtl n pnrty df
English ni-'ii mid woni-ii rode through the
Btreet.   ol   the  native city of   Lm-know
Chey wi 'o going  to visit tho shops of  the
nuous gold ond   -il,cr workors and wore
companietl by in escort of native pollco
" their Btiidanro, mid, though the ladles
������.i  -j n-.s ..������������ ���;...! .1.   Hu. uloa. for lliolT
s-r'r-t*-)i ns well lhe I''7. :.r'���'. I -.-. *k
..iv I ni loo 1 ;..i a imiiio lor any .J':., lish-
tinil to Hare lo 'tin 'his -svisiiiaeliti .. ii ere
.ihi-ut si- sl.-iw >���;   f, .-.-;-     Tlio-fclieoteare
ry nir.row Mil lie ihonsi-.-s have, in
���any oases, ovciliuniiiog imlconios to the
pper stories, n?e,itii..g a lecling of op-
rca.ion even in riders, who arc raised
l.ove tho masses of many shaded human!-
y with whiih the countless lunes and
illcys nre filled
Ktlith Vlllnrs wns typically English in
i penranee, having soli, tail- linir and
.ray blue eyes, and with the latter sho
���mv i.azed as if faseimited .it thesliroudeii
.'.-���'.���.i-.s whieh .pa-sed her in mi endless
sti earn. T hoy iiUod hdr soul with terror.
Sho .felt tlint each -of those veils might
oovor some uwful Cragedy, a tragedy whose
horror wns Incroused __infold by the seal of
silence and -of secreoy, typified by that
'liniuiltitg vn'.l
Suddenly shetUftlolt to'horconipanion,
:i gray haired ninn, strong mid upright, a
ainn in the prime of 'lifoauil whoso whole
uppournneo, from tlio tip of his pointed
pray mustache to the -Up -of his polished
riding boot, was ih typical of the J-higltsh
oi-icer as heilt was of (ho .'higlish girl.
"Did you notieo tlint v.oioan. i^ilouol
Manuoitf" she askod.
"Whlalrr" said --in, gs-- ing Mft 'the nitm-
fters Iiy v.'hteh they wore suiTouiidcd with
., I ttlurully lr.-wilderi-d.|..xi,n-sslon.
'J use on ahead. Thero -now, look���the
-..iin with tin 4>rottv blue���sarry, do you
"S-seothe womnn, orTiithcr the figure,
sou -iilean Hut what is thero extraordinary all..ul  hcl":"
'Only her foot. Tbey-arc white���quite
white.    I- ii t if. fauny?"
"Oli, not Theysofton look white with
the dust of tho -road, and besides somo of
ihem ure fair. Perhaps that (particular
wonianisa iliit wouit.li���& Kashmiri. They
aro sometimes ns fair as���no, not you, but
..intiy English .girls," atid-hn glanced admiringly at hor .hizzling-complc.-ion.
Hut her remark had evidently impressed
liim, and for some time he, too, watched
Lim passing women, gazing alwnys.it their
feet. And it seemed to him there were
,i..siiy \-hite���horribly white. Strange
ilorics canto to his 'romembranoo, stories
.vhich wei-e whispered just ufler'thc mutiny, thut all tho missing Knglish women
Jl.d girls hud nut been killed. That
'���nought hod nearly luaddeticd him once.
iCvssn  now 'Im shuddered and saw wits.
thankfulness ''M they had arrived at the
Chunk, 'tilt- pnrt of the buznnr whero the
best -gold, mitlm' shops are situated und
remarkable for the beuutifiV! curving of
tho woollen balconies which overhung the
porches where the work is curried on, The
travelers wero loud, in their praises nnd
���oioparisous with evory picturesque town
in l.ui-opo, giving, however, ue they felt
correct, the preference to this city of "tbo
gorgeous oast."
Tin. principal .police olHcer-soon rushotl
them into one of 'the largest-shops, n loir.-
ceiictl room with n mud lit;��;-,while l*o
wlu.sp.fs.l tto Colonel Manners that the
owner wasuhe iiiggost rascal ill the whole
bazaar, liul, also-the best worker, and that
the Knglish "uieinsahibs" would see some
wonderful tilings Colonel Manners, who
hud ni'ten performed tho duty of showman
(luring his nay in l.ueknoW, know exactly
what, to e.-plaia Bt-.rt wilted e.-poottiutly
tor the inovit..bloexc.l:inii_.on..nf astonishment over the tire���a few pieces of glow
.... char; ������! ���:', r* broken earthenware pot
li ��� very pi'ltnltivu bellows, worked by an
iluinitl i::-: "il, shining; Iittlo boy, and lhe
us-, ...-i..-..fi ,ii--.l Simple tools
iPounded UB92 luiCDrpfla-ated 1893
-Provides a -Christian Home for Students df i>0th
���sexes at moderate rate.1*. Has a preparatory ��-tlass for
.junior students taking Public School work, /��oes High'
School -wottkand prepares for Provincial Teachers' EKani-l
iinations, Teaches all branches of a PlftCtical Business
Coarse and confers Diplomas. Imparts a Liberal Education in its t. ollegiate Course, 'and hi the Ladies"5 Course
ffor .VI. E. L., and M. L. A. In Theology confers the de-
^ree of B.D. In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Cottrse for the B.A.degree of Toronto
.University, with which the College is in full affiliation. In
Science teaches tthe 'First ��ear .of Toronto School of Science, and has a Special Engineering Course adapted to
.Practical Engineering work in this Province. In Mifsic, a
tcomplete *ouwe in ^theory, voiee eulture, and piano and
organ, in conjunction wkh the Toronto-college of music,
jpecial instruction in art and elocution, while all students
."Sarerequired to take physical training with all the ,priv-
til^ges of a well equipped gymnasium.
": ; ��� proprietor was a -I--.et laan, greasy
ttl-d repii'slir  locking, and  ..ith -an  air  j
���si ich  made Colonil  Silannurs .ook even
-I rn-r  than   his woin,     His ronls-were  !
:-! uf jj as l.e idle Hi" niU;i  show-his goods
as quickly us possible   BJbo ���ladit-t thought
all   natives' alike   and   notio.-il   uoihing  i
wrong witli the man's li-er and sly glances '
or the way in whieh he directed all his remarks nnd compliments ._. the young girt    i
Tiny watched him innke a few silver ban-  t
gli-R and bought Bome curious ornaments j
wli h were lying about .lie shop.-but Mrs   '.
Viilars hud  set her heart .upon   Haying u
certain  kind of nose ring, and thero was I
not one to be seen    When tho silver work- ���
er  itudcrslood  her wish,'he went to  the
back of the room, Tvhcrc, In tlie shadow,
Colonel   .Manners .had  seen a crouching j
ligiti-e. end  saying a fow words in a low,   j
inirsh tone he .returned to his customers |
with a pan. itvl-irly fine nose ring, Incrust-  I
ed with ituriptoisos, in his hand.   Mrs   {
Viilars was delighted, and while she con
ducted bin- bargaining with the aid of the ;j
policeman  her daughter wtuniered  to the |
buck of tlio sliop
She was astonished   to   And a woman
seated there, and mom, that she wore the -
identical suri which hail nWi-icti-il her attention  on  the   rottd    TnsUnctlvcly  she '
looked down  .-j-sec *t-lie-.votiian'K feet, but  !
ihe whole form wos-slfroudciHn tho usunl  ,
Vfay, nothing wtr_-vh;ilili.e.at the face, and j
upon that'the girl gazed wilh a growing  ,
horror on tier own    It was the fin o of an ;
old  womnn; <lnrk   bnir  .vim parted and
brought-low over thotforohctul, there was
uo color'In thc sallow chocks,-.ml the eyes
glittered out of bony hollows.   They wero
wonderful eyos, -the onty(remaining trace
in Hint coUs-tOiilHlcO'Of'HHong imst beauty,
but now they were dwful, too. IV_r misery
und humiliation, rage and despair, glared
out of their brown depths as the English
girl bent over them, half  fascinated, half
A voice soumtml across l ho room
"Conio, Miss Vlllars,-Wo-UukG-he going
There is .nore-for you to sec, and the Rim
is getting hot And"���witlvH lender, half
proprietary tone in his voice us ho came
near her���'1 don't bsilf .like your being
horo any longer All, Vs li.lt have you found
Over tho ni-serirble eyes into which she
was looking there omno a sudden change
They poiitivoly darkened wit.it an expression of tho uoutest agony Uus she suu'er
ir.;;-���ill. l_di!h bteit closer, but a Ueiee
gt-sl ure of the h-iddofi tiriu .'ot bade herklml
ly touch, and she oould lint speak���the
-.umnu would mdt understand dCugllsh
Siic felt relieved to know tlvit 'Cnlouol
Manners-was beside her und .silently, pointed to tho'huddle .form shot- n few brief
seconds -his -lUetir 'mne eyo_ -met thos)j
��� ���tin r I-rui-tn iiees���l.rse eycs.^.wl'nl w-it.b
cho cxtrenrfty of shtimiitj despub- nttfl li'.li. 1
wilh such hint lug lis might burn in thiso
of somo lost soul wliog izett across tho Ini-
passable gulf Into the kingdom of the
With a.deep drawn sigh Colonel Mnn
net's passed'out tiS-J looked up. half un
consciously, to the ih(l.i .iluouky above.
"Those hovekval-e stilling.; the charcoal
funics mako then, unbuarallle. Fancy living iu onel    No one tint a native c-   ldl'
Hut, ovomas he.spoke,>he throw^olf the
ileprosslon onusctl by the elmrcotfl funics
ir that unoonifortable looking old woman
in the cornor-aud turned to Hook protidty
nt tho tall, 'beautiful, fair hatred girl who
was nlroucly, surely, his own
Miss Vlllars "bad not, answered him
She stood hosituting on thu threshold,
shading hor eyes from the dazzling glare
before her, thinking of tho-l)luckiicHti, tho ���
v,retcheoncss, i',.chlnd hor Site felt it
would be long'bofose t-lio forgot that faoe;
Iho te eyes, which, to her ( xeiteil iuiuginn
tlon, seemed to be lollowlng hoc still
Was there not somo appeal in lliem. Sho
l-iilf turin-d as though to go back, but
t ..li.nel Manners snid, "This way, Miss
Viilars," and she stopped, ashamed of her
nn loss Impulse
Inside tho dark-nnd stifling shop, which
Colonel Manners!thud li.ein. .ti.lait��0 leave
tne woman still crouchudrupoll 'tire Hour
.-'l.e Itnd thro.VM back her veil as if sho
U'.vi.od air. and the masses- _tf ther dark,
line, SvavlUg hntr were reveali .1 .Miti��i-
iive hair. The very wuy it grew showed
'! -t. When tU- shtiileol the suri wns gone,
her features were visible, and every eurvo
of lips, nostrils,'eyelids and throat cried
out, her Kliglish blood. 'Within b-tr'-brenst
a torrent; of'misery wus unseali .1. -It wns
years since she had tliought, cfltisciousiy
..hotight,*is sho-was^thinklng now
Hut bw 111) years fche had not heanl the
volte she hud hoard today, had not seen
thc faro uponyvhiiSh her i^-BshaVl-hungi'lly
rcstl-d only a few n.omenta ago, had not
[lnrotl, for shnmu mid agony, to admit tho
tienight of liim kilo hor-hi-Mt,.and. .low���
.Ml that-she hull borne 6f fhumiliation, ���
ill nsuge and dully, grinding tyranny
throughout those wwiry yours was as nothing to tho horning torment of those few
.mils wJicn Uie1; had looked down upon
... I- u iiUiiH.'a-p::!-. ot .recognition In his
c.vis, with only a thorror,-whieh was perhaps the inoreireflection\6tthat within her
Sho clorotl .horeyes.    Ifwns asuinnier
���light   Shu stood .��...i FKsirlit.garden    The
s..i!;itof chain pit k  liloss.un"was heavy on
���l.e ulr, and a voico wee speaking from
vityl'ivr away,   'It will lie years before I
ie you tigalli.'
' '������* !.:���.    ri the memi.t-ysif the.f.,i��ti oould
'..--��� ;   - ;::,rft '.nil to riiailiis-ssslio was
::.i,ili';:-<;;.   J)'lil    I..V   pll-.-vbt   'ilj'   till-
1     r loleo:
"Am I to keep then Kiitl .���.-.-_* all  thy
lavi :���  Uisn. Oct thee to < lie, preparation of
iie meal.   Thou hast looked ���(01. lung upon
hcso whiteX-JIs     .i'criiaps they have be-
vitched thoo,-_��:, ecmembcr I'Vill 'huve
. > lazy white'momsnlill-.s hiim."
It   wns t-W 'voice of her niastor,  and
bilo tie- sneer cut   her to the heart, as it
,;,1 ne\cflniled--l-oddthrough ivi! the long
tvarn, 1 he llu'ili died out of her eyes, and,
':.-.wing tbe siirl   closely.i-otind  her  once
. .re. sue passed obeilieittIVlothe'biick of
he house with the slow, gliding step of a
... s.i en-v.-o man. ���*'.-��. M-.-.e4Jac.
tl0W In'Flc- KTrs-cfniifnl.
The successful man grows-up from tht
xly irhono inotwuis���evory.hltig in pl.-tco
Xialnsl. the lititeof need. 'Wliether in Ihc
-clio'il ; recnu, v. ith tho'lesson prepared
.oursin sdvanoe; ln'thowoekshop, with
ill the-tools.In order, no matter If bt
knows tli^y-i-lll not ��� horcqnlrcd'fordayj
io oome (Itli the-wnrohonae, wh- re' a thou-
;.ml and 0110' things can bo found to oe-
iipy'tlio spare .iiop.iH.its, or fntthe worlfl
if ii Ind, M-herct-ilie import* ace of storing
ho bruin-with useful facts Is taken Into
onsltlexatKMi.' tho successful career of tht
'-it ure Is 'being' lWd with �� Hun fMHlte-
io- - -Nu w -York l-��le��r
TH.  Lio'^i..?^.
Pener.il M uinio Oonie/,. v.,-......    f. "-'���
j;rowti .. beard, which'bo no^'wc.vsiintt"
style of Nupolcon 111.
Cover EST Dames il. Bijdti .1"-. _:ii.irni_
no _(iii>>.*r bears so sttlklng a rew.-sjliianci'
so George du Maufilur. ;;.: i..;.. .'iu.l i.i.-
beni-d shaved ell.
A Protestant nnui:. tory is to'bs erect ed
iy the Duke of NeWciis'-P.-,��������''�����.��� is a strong
'Ugh Cliurehmnn at 'East Mitr'/.ham, in
'ih. ilcv. H. A. Rrowti, the mwl'ltrth of
thorough rldsirs. will ut. mien 'resume hi?
duties us recti, r ��.. thu-Bitlseopiil'CIWKib
ofthe Advent in Prbseolt, A. T.
Justice David-if. Jirewor Jbos roluvucd f.
Washington alter u yacatldli spent -o- tho
Bllori s of Luke Ohumplnin, sii milts trom
1 railroad, postoljloo m- tolegrnph statiou.
Horace lt. llnhart. wlio hus justntlroo
ofter 2. years of service trom .ils position
as editor of Tho Hallway Ago, has lieen
coiuiecieU w-ith Chicago jouruulisui tiu'X"
Kobert Flanquufto, the composer at
"Kip \"an Winkle" and "Tho Chimes of
!.Os-niundy," lias been nnulc u ohevalicr cf
the Legion of Honor by the i'rench president.
l-'rederlok W. Llnooln, the war mayor ol
Boston, who died .recently, was a descendant of Amos Lincoln, son-in-law of Paul
llcverc and a member of the famous "ted
Senator Thurston -says that from the
time he wns 12 years old his desire was to
become a United States senator and that
now, hls-oinbltlon having boon .gratified,
he will not'be a candidate for 're-election.
Pundit J. C. Chd-to-ft, the high ensto
Brahman who'has.orrived in Now York,
-bus east aside his "thread,"the distine-
tivo Bruhmunieul caste marlf/tobeoonie a
theosophist nnd disciple of Annie Besnnt.
Lieutenant Colonel Sir Henry Ldwurd
MeCulluni/the new governor of Newfoundland, is known for his project for the de-
-lense of Singapore, which he carried out
ln lS78,-und the-fortifications constructed
thero in 1885. In 18*.. 1 ho acted as special
tsummisslouer in Pu-Bang during the dls-
turhnnoos and Was officially thanked for
his services.
Lord Ashbtlrnhmn, tho English agent
-of Don Carlos, manages.also tbe affairs of
'tlm Princess Paluiologo, claimant to the
"thrones of Oreece und Turkey; l'rincess
Slm-lo of Bavaria, who contests that of
.Naples; Princess Ludwlg of Bavaria, who
thinks herself entitled to that of England,
and Queen Carolnof Saxony, who claims
ths right to the crown of .Sweden.
CCiop   destroying
furred  and feathered
pests are  made  short
shrift of with a reliable,
unerring STEVENS.
C,For Sport or Service
are unsurpassed.
Send 5 isntl In
Itimps lor
Hli__.-_.te. und
Kef! towiti
S'rrvEHs mil
ge .erat firearm
F. 0. Box 1098.
Chicopee Falls, Mass.
C MUROM   fcOftrOL'S>
'(Anglican, j
Holy Coraniunioii���ist an3 3rfi
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and 4tk
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matiirs, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock
Sunday Sritool at to a.m.
Friday evening, I,itau'/ at 7:30.
Kev. E. 'R. Bartleu, M.A.., Vicar
St-cl and malachite afford a new-combination for buckles.
1 Hack enamel and gold ore used to secure sti Iking nnd original effects In a new
line of brooches.
Fsarrings thus far muiia by 11 jeweler
whoso patrons ure-of tthe 'most Bxciiisive
.ort ciaisist -mostly of single .peurls.and
Uolf score books aro dainty things ns
lately made in Russia leather- with an or-
Uiiiuui.t of crossed golf sticks in .gold or
tilver .upon -the cover.
Gun-metal grows iu popularity. An object uttructing -much ailn.ii-utlon ln a
Broad way; I New York) window is a chatelaine with watch, bonbnnniere nnd half
S dozen other trinkets in this metal.
Aigrots are anotlcediiln ft.it uru in the
fall stock of tho best establishments, und
��� new point about thorn is that thc largest
Ftoncs -are frequent]; momttfd |iighest,
reversing Iho usual order of ^afga-tutiiies
below and sniall ones above.
Tho "American pin" promises to he as
inecessfnl in jewelry as iu war. Piggy
ban figured for some time ns a popular
charm, but now various.othor ornament!
wo taking .011 poraino outlines. Pig
brunches, bunglcR.sllckpiiis, paperwolghts,
etc., seem-dcstiMcd to'bo a fud.���.lew.ilcrs'
Special Mios-_ I'or Sl_trr��,
The world, tlie flesh  and the clovl' ere
the chief custoiuuN of--al'.-C. niaiiufacturers,
and a pretty restless, critical crowd of customers thoy tire For them makers of
Inst, rack their brains for change and novelty of sty!.,mud tanners drawthe colors
of the rainbow to their Lathi-.-, using all
kinds of glazes and finishes te'ti'inpWpua-
sled btiycrs'to try their wares.
Thoro Is a class of shoe buyers, however,
sweet faced, patient, minlsturlngangols on
earth, who'in their self abnegation require
specially plain and,austere shoes, refloctiv*
of tlielTipiiet lives ami restrained feelings.
Nuri.es.sistorswi charity, old ladles nnd
women 'Who -i_Vo -renounced tho world
torm �� body of poopltftei v_.om.tspoolul
Vno-.'s aro mado.
Theso shoes, ol o rule, are of black
glazed kid. plain uppers unndoriK*'. wltb
(intent tips ��r nr.uy ,ilh��r��.tgns of vimity
The solontTOtSf oak ler.th -r, very fle_ihle
ond fairly thick No insole Is used,'but a
little lining, so as to avoid any squeaking.
Ihc side stays are i-trictly simple, uud the
linings nm virgin white.
Thu soles uremot "rights" ar.'.l "lefts."
They nre ull of the same shape, to that the
shoes, which are rootvy and .large, can be
worn on eilher foot This Is a valuable
accommodation for nurses, who are liable
to be suddenly aroubod to attend si.-k patients
Tliesn "comfort" sltoes aro nil that Is
olnltueil far tic.in ami nro equally popular
anion;,' tho.-n who attend th:- sick or klovote
then.selves ti< charity or rullgl 01.
A bright BiUosinWT oonnectod with this
elnss ot goods mill t.i u lli.lo sud Lont .�����
ruporter: "V.'o sell ilii-ect to jiihhvr. whose
men visit! .'ity retalh i-s. Tin- retailor, ttsu-
ully oiie<vho.hns bceni-ong cnlnl lished Id
business, wVU-eall utai-.m- i-siiiiilar
place     Tiie lady superior ,. im a Hit
nf the si7.es needed, so that 1. not- necessary to Interview tho ulsters inetusinvus. ti
Is a curious bnslnoMOand one that Is not
easily icastend. "Our pooplo havo been
uniklng. ..hoM jihow for years and know
.1111 ily what ls wanted. Sometimes job-
ui",i desiring to sell our lines instruct u��
;.i brlghtoi' tho shoes up-u little with pat-
sGnultsh Mmintr*.
An Knglish lunkeepci' wns found In
bed ono morning with his throat badly
cut. "Why (lidiyou ��lo It?" they nskod.
He replied: "For amusement. 1 had
nothing else 4o do."
This clriuios ln curiously -with, an old
French  epigram  ou English uuiuuers
and (.-ustsins:
Here llfs Sir .Jolin Plorapoudlng of ths
Wbo  lnins   himself  one  morulas .*>r *w
���       ,      .      !
.._,..,..���_.    ...        ss.-_-jT.S-.s^-)-*l-ls.*-_ . IM
Cream face powder should always be
Used by brunettes, white and pink are only
suitable for fair people.���New York Tribune.
A little borax spi-inkled on n cloth and
Tubbed -lightly on tho face Is a good remedy for blackheads. Care should be taken
to rub lightly or It will make the skin
Too much care oannot be 'taken to get
the snap that suits the skin, and, wben tt
Is found, 'to use no-other. A d-ry skin requires nn entirely different kind of soup
'from thut used for the oily skin.
Tlie ure of anything that tends to dry
ths skin should bo avoided, such as boy
rum, alcohol, camphor and ammonia If
used In great moderation, they are all
good, but they will ruin tbo best, of skins
If used lavishly.
A mixture of one ounee ef hydrate Uf
ehlorul und ono pint of water is said to bs
useful liirpreventingthpuriplensnnt effects
Of profuse perspiration. A soft'llnen cloth
should be used In upplylng tho mixture,
and it Should Iw allowed to dry un the
.Services First and third Sunday of
eacli month at 10:30 a.m:- Benediction, 7:30 'p.-in.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Com mun ior.
first aud third Mondays al 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services nertt .Uord'-s Day at im
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, after the morning
service eveTy Sunday.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev, I. R Betts. pastor.
Services ne_!t Lord's Bay at Pi
a.m. and 7.30 p:m.
Sabbath School at to am Midweek meeting on Wen ties lay evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. J. H. White, M.A.
���The Vital Paint.
Bhe���Father asked tho other dny host
loon we would be in a position to be married.
Ho���DoeBdenr father's health still oon-
tlnuerobuttf���Philadelphia North Amsr
The Austrian .government has- euhirf ed
the boundaries.6f Vienna to such an extent that the 'metropolitan area Is now
'half as large as London, twice aslarge as
Paris and three-times larger than BerltD.
Sabbath  services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m:; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday Schcobat 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting ��� on 'Thursday at
8 p.m.
Rev. A. iH. Huntley, .pa*t<jr.
To make fortunes nut
of the future you must
put something Into the
present     ....
Agents Wanted
To   Sell   Securities.
FOR   SM K  Fruit  Lands tinil
''    cheap     t lotues,
City Lots, farms anil Suburban
Acreage, (tc,
On I'd -C->jfj:cr�� Pity
B I k  Hi, t-t-tnids   all
over Ilit-hili
Comruniiij; over loo Vicwf.   J'ost phid *5"-., Stampfi.
Richest Province in the British Empire.
Nothing Risked, Nothln). Gained.
Nothing Ventured, NotMng Won.
. Splendid Opportunity to Invest,
The Richest Men in the World are investing in B. C. Copper-
Gold and Silver Mines.     Why can't you begin now?
The Greatest Gold-Copper Discovery ol the Age Is In B.C.
G Mill to IB.M WIS
Ev��ry Dollar Subscribed used In Development of Mine
Special Offer���20c per Share, will shortly advance to $1100
Mines directly west of Le Roi and Le Roi -No. 2, shares
sold from 5 cents to $100.00.. and Consolidated'Mining'and
Smelting Co. Ot Canada, Ltd., -shares $150.60 each; the Giant
California, adjoining onr own, shares about J no.00; 'Granby
Mine 'paid over $3,000,000 Dividends per year; -Gold-copper
mines in British Columbia paid Large Dividends. Big Four
assays irom $5 to $800 in goW, copper, silver, with 32 per
cent, in the Treasury.   Invest now and you wont regret it.
Note���:Most ot these mines sold for a few cents once, bu
oveT-capitalized even now, pay big dividends. Big Four is on
the railway, near smelters.
Rossland Mines received Highest Awards tor richest gold-
copper ore sent to St. Louis Fxposition. Pig Four had Bw-t
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
No less than 100 shares fold. All Cash. Above this-shares
can be hsid on instalment plan, or yearly contract, .1.5,per cent,
cash, balance monthly.
Nearly Two ITiles of  Railway -on Property,
Company Im* 110 debts or llntttlitics.   Sentl for Iltn_tr.it- il Prospectus and "Book-
'le-t, "Miuiitg Up-to-BAte," to Secretary, with .s cc-uih in titaiapi.
P.O. Box 174, Vancouver, B, C.   Canada.
The  Delta Times
ekoh   Printing. 'HE DELTA TTMEP, TUESDAY, TT'NE 2, 190$.
WEIGHT���On Mondav, May 25th,
tue wife of Smith Wright, Boundary Bay, of a daughter.
EEID���At Middlesboro', Nicola
Valley, B.C., on May 29th, the
wife ot Roderick W. W. Reid, of
a daughter.
HARRIS���At the General Hos
pital. Vancouver, May 28th,
James Martiu Harris, sou of the
late W. M. Harris, of Loug
..Sutton, Hants, England, aged 27
Mrs. (Dr.) Woodley spent Saturday iu the Terminal City.
E. L. Kirkland went over to the
Terminal City, yesteiday.
Frank Moore, of Oakland, Cal,,
is visiting friends in Delta.
Robt. May returned home, Wednesday, from a visit to Victoria.
D, Woods, of Vancouver, paid a
short business visit here, on Wednesday last.
J. V. Marion and W. McCrea. ot
Point Roberts, paid a short visit
here, last week.
Friends of Jas. McCallan will be
pleased to learn that he is able to
be around again.
Inspector Stewart, of the Department of Education, paid a short
yisit here, last week.
C. Hoffman, buyer for P. Burns
& Co., has been busily engaged
making purchases for the Dawson
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
a,t 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.; returning, leaves Steveston at 9:30 a.m.
and 4:30 p.m.
J. R. McRae, a visitor from the
-Northwest, was here, last week,
looking over the Delta with a view
to settling here.
v��y?     ��a_s_><<
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties Seven and
Eight Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & <��,
New Westminster, B.O.
Agencies Represented���
Harttord|Fire Insurance Co, Insurance C**t of Nofth America
Phoenix Insurance Co. of llrooklyn    The Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corpora-
Connecticut Fire Insurance Co. tion, Ltd., of London, Kng.
Imperial Trust Co., Ltd,   Vancouver. B.C.
Kitchen Economy*
J. W. Gilbert left, yesterday, for
the Interior to prove up on his
mining claim and expects to be ab-
sent about three or four weeks.
A meeting of the Delta Driving
Jfark Association will be held in
K. A. Bown's office, on Thursday
evening, June 4th, at 8:15 o'clock
Flour is always an important item in your
household expenses.
Royal Standard Flour.
will help you to reduce this item.    Its greater
productiveness makes it most economical.
Every granule is bread producing. There is
no dustlike or break flour in ROYAL STANDARD, no cellulose or fibre (as indigestible as sawdust) from the wheat berry.
It is concentrated bread, nothing more. Its
purity, color, and productiveness make it the
best flour of all to use.
One sack will convince you.
Sold by W. H. SMITH.
Vancouver Milling & drain Co., Ltd.,
1016 Westminster Avenue
Vancouver. B.C.
Just Received
Two   Cars    Cyphers   Incubators,
One   Car    Swift's    Beef   S:raps,
To notify the people of LadneT and surrounding district that we are now in &
position to ofter Vancouver Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about the
sam9 cos', as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
Calvert I Lewis,
LADNER,     -     -     B. C.
Cut Glass,
Watches and
All Kinds of  Jewellery,
New Stock.
Call and See Tbem.
H. N. Rich spsnt a couple days
i;i Vancouver, last week, arranging
for the funeral of his young friend,
J. M, Harris, who died there on
Thursday last.
When you wish to buy visiting
.cards call on the Delta Times who
mill sell the best money can buy.
If you need them printed, why you
&re money in pocket by calling on
the Delta Times first.
E. T. Calvert, ot the firm of Cal
*ert & Lewis, buyer  for the Van
eouver-Prince Rupert Meat Co., of
Vauptjuver, is using his best endeavors to supply the wants of the
tirade from Delta's supply.
We vant YOUR eggs. Taken
the year round you will make from
g. to to per eent. bringing them
here. The present price tor Eggs
js ifi CftiJtS per doz. N.B.���Only
Strictly fresh eggs wanted���
Jfarshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
Hawaiian News.
(From Cur Special Correspimdent.)
A company with ample capital
back of it is said to be organizing
here for the purpose of manufacturing shreded cocoanut for domestic
purposes. The business has a
promising outlook, especially in
view of the fact that within another
year or two the supply of nuts will
be largely augmented by new orchards coming into bearing.
The sugar business in Hawaii
has been the best this year in its
history. Up to the first of May,
141,900 tons had been delivered
since the fitst of the year, at an average price of $4.15 per hundred
pounds, making a total of $11,-
650,000. Besides this, on the same
date there were 50,000 tons additional afloat, en route to New
York, which at the same average
price will bring in over $4,000,000
more. The sugar crop, this year.
will reach about 500,000 toos, and
will bring upwards of $50,000,000.
The dead body ot Mrs. T. Snow
Miller, a sister of the wife of Lord
Roberts, England's great military
leader, was found on the sea beach
in the district of Kona, Island ol
Hawaii, on the morning of Mny
6th. She had lett the home ot Mrs.
A. A. P. Reid the evening before
ibr a walk, and it is supposed lhat
she lost her way, the condition of
her clothing indicating that she
had wandered through the thick
underbrush. It is supposed that
she iell upon the beach and died
from exhaustion. She was about
seventy years ot age and had been
a.way from England for several
The Ladies' Guild of AU Saints
Trenant will give a dance in the
Town Hall, Ladner, on Tuesday,
June 9th. Doors open at 8:30.
p.m.    Gentlemen, $1; ladies, 50c.
Jl. Clausen,
Mors�� Qoods*
Something to Interest You
Next time you're in town
drop in and see our  ,   .   ,
New Century and
The most up-to-date labor savers on the market
also tte
"Eze" Wringers
With Covered Cog Wheels
Can't Tear the Clotbe3.   .   .
Of every descriptian can be
found here. There's not a.
"thing missing which ought
to be in it. Everything
needed in stable, barn aud
harness room included. J3*?
ery article has been gathered
with great care, and yon will
not hive a chance to coin-
plain abeut their <iaaltty.
B. C Leather fe, Ltd.
112 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Commission Agents,
General Dealers & Machinists-
Estate ol
W.   L.   McBRIDE,
Genera] Merchant
Phone 5, N*   Port Guichon
Produce Stored and
Shipped Direct
To All B. C


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