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The Delta Times Nov 3, 1906

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W*Z     ���       <Y
NOV . - !0C5 ^ . ��� .)-
- %QC
emm*fme^L.:i..u^nii.^*,,'i',i'i\ii,t*���. ��*���_--1
LADN..W. B.    ... 5ATURD-*V,.r.0VEnEn;< .., ir-c-6.
__. i
I take. Hdi,* opportunity of than&ing those
who have acpotded m'etfei. generous patronage
during tb�� past five years, and also advising
them that I have turned the business into a
joint stock company taking into partnership
Messrs. W. J. Lanning, A. T. Fawcett and W'
H. Wil3on and from November 1st tho name of
the firm will foe-
'-,      ..  ... .   -r :.:.   ...... -      v    " -- -       -        '
I solicit for the new firm a continuance of
your favors and to those who have not been
regular customers I would say "Start right now
and give the new firm a trial and see if it is
not financially to- yo-jr advantage to" trade her*?.
Tk�� War. Iri R. Hieka kas beea
[u_npelled by tke popular demand
reansae tbe publication ef kit
rdl known and popular Almanac
���r 1907.   Tkia splendid Almaaat
now ready. For .ale- by newe-
|.alera, or ��ent poetpaid ior 35
tats, by Ward and Work- Pub-
Is-..i��i Company; 2201 Locus Street
|t. Loui_, Iio,, publishers of Word
��d Worka, oac of the beat dollai
aonthly maj.azis.ea m America.
oeswith ��Tery subscription.
Mrs. F. Lord sud son,  Ed... o.
^���ncouster,, are yisiting at Treaant
A reliable medicine aud one tbat
should always be kept iu the bome
for ii_._ni.d_.tc use is Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. It will prevent
tke attack it given as soon as the
cbild beeomea hearse, ur even after
the creepy cough appears. For
sale by All Drugiists.
"A Fast Young Maa" will be
the subject ai which tke pastor ot
ths H_ptiat Church will preach, to**
tu-rruw eveuiug.
m fi*
S _i..^ ._!_,*{,i__. j���j
rase r._j.-_ ,_. _. i_~r��__���;
si.oo :m
*������ Council aietfn tie Cg-uapil' met
Counnunion  to*ta .rrrow at' in the Cj_.-___.--ii CL.-.mber on  Satur**
The Anniversary Tea,..Tuesday
i evening, iu  04-fellows' Hull,  was'    j.t_;
I a   huge   s.iccs-,5    financially   a.cdt ths raid-dtiy Service.
otherwise.     Alter the itmer man     ���*.._. _.a._._-       .* .1 -.
Ttie ad'Jit.on of the young 1;
had tern well looked after adjourn-; t0 AU Saint8. cb&ir ���. a dc,:i,j,.,j
ra.ut was rnsde to the auditorium' provemeut. bjee presetff.
^bere   the   following   programme     Parishioners ase a^a reminded i       Minuses of previous  a_._t.af
was well reutfered under the able, t}iat evensong ou Sundays begins at  were adopted a. itafl.
3 as hereto* COit^cxiCATroStg :
Tbe Delta Highway   By-law was
day, Oct -*;t_. with the J-teeve, W.
it- Ladner, intbe...ai., end C.uns.
Gibbie,   Patwscs,   Huff a_jd  Em-
chairmanship of our worthy repre*,? o'clock, instead 0
[Sentative, JohuOHyer, M.P.P.:        fQre;
��� Opening   pravex,  _*U-_-.   A.   _STc*
Nvuievi address, Joha Oliver, hi. P. j    A beautifl;1 e-d impressiye a
1 P.;  solo,   "Btdouin   Love  Song,"!
[Rev. Canon   Hilton;   piano Asjjo, .
pliss C.  Smith;  solo,   "Tbe   Fog]
cil,"     Dr,    W_od.iey;    address,
Habit," Rer. A.   McAuley;  solo,
"Daddy,"    Mrs.    tanning;    solo,
liijaliy ps.��.scd as reconsidertd.
T'_. E.vs. J. F. Bens, A Mo
An'ry aad C Croft waited oa the
Cpuscil in  regard  to social tlubs.
vice of Intercession for the Dead,
"wbo have departed tbis iii'.- in
Chris:, iaith and feat"   was reader*
!eu iu All SaiisU' Ch-urc-h cu Thurs-j Un ruotioa it   w'_s decided to peti_
day last, it  being  tbe natal of the li*n   tVjt  g.Ver-atasjJt  to withhold
jsarisk   whit-h  ii  Hi.aed   after  the  'iljen:"'i   ���-���"  oltx\)i  iu this simuici-
11 days.
���lovely festival ot
Wm. Hicks; du_t, "Fnities of tlie;lore^ wuww Vi oaya.     It b��- P������y.
Sea," Mesdames Kte&y aud H. J i ii;B B -Wt.* toy the attendance w��s      rii* P*��*< ���>��* instructed to call
^���tirfclatid*- solo  Wis. \";o'et L'-'d_-r-'uct Ytrr  >��-i*_-��etc_ry.    The  chair,  i*r *<-**idtre foT tke grading of the
jsolo, Mv. Ke4y;di-.J.tt.e, __iS.e.!esPJcia'^  t;:' J��^����. l"ued  out Md aqtoss Aauacii Island.    Teu-
! Millie and Nellie Ei:i_: sole, Wm.!in-^  f*���-    The  Vic3r, C__o_ J den, t0 be m by next meetiug.
j dicks; chorus,   "To tbe Work," j ^00,    celebrated    tke    Ble.sed,     i ����� Wlowiug  accounts wera or-
: Ladies' Aid; Cod Suva- tii. King.     ; S��^������l "d preached. : ^.d   P��id: a. _- C.  Morrow, fcjj
TV. R-agh, Jj.-.5; N. A. McDiarmid, $*) Sing, $30; Seven, $i��;
Jas. Kelly, $jo; N. Coatiy, $31.10.
Council adjoutaed to meet agaia
au Saturday, Hoy. 10th, at _ p.m.
j    The dialogue by tks Misses F.llii
j wa_. very much appreciated, as was,
also the siu^iug of Mr. Hicks, oi
Vancouver.        The    accompanist?"
'were   Mesdames   Betts  and  Hilton
���and Uiat C. Smith,
Rev. G. Croft  was  biHed  for au
j address, but was called to Vancouver, and Miss Leila Kirkland, who
was down for an iastruutental solo,
was overlooked by some tte-us.
r _.--
S Pell Throufiii.
Slit. A_idr��w Clausen eutertaia*
ed a jolly party of y.u_s folks, a'
her hot-.*- aa Weiluesiay eveniUj,
iu   (-e.l.e'i��rstiv�� oi t��e famous Hal- ". \1--
iowe'eu. The diniag aud sittiajg Ab��ut a baker's donia af out
rooms were aicely decorated for the' l-��y-- were up before tke beak, thia
orrasip-u ami .a 2***!P>-*o:.ll-o_i_ dis-! -_oruiiig, as ih_ result of tho ex-
co; :-srd sweet liiuiii.' wii.le the- trenie visiiasce of onr werihy Ckie/
y-jiing folkseagagtd-in games wkich  ot  .Police   en   Hsllowe'eu.     Tho
llatted   uutil   ro.-io
\\". G. McQaarrie  has ret-arnedh'be'gai
ilefence ivis ut..-,e-rtak*n  by W. O.
ue of the koyal City'a
youug   lawyera.
The evideuca ia all tke -cases, j��5
: nearly so, was -bout as follows:
About 11 o'clock iiil  thn night of
*es, dancing v��a_ luauncu  ������� ��
[home from North  Yakima, Wash.J [��� ut;;i ajid-Wght when the sum.pt-j    t'",!
alter having waged au unsuccessful uo^ia suapesT was st-rved. niost   promising
war for  the  extradition  of   U. L j     $.���   l��w   a_obi-jsou   w&a  the  wil�� *ho*ai:  tl,in?'  ut' ��(a  ��ev��***r
J Munn; the alleged  LHir.d.rer of the f,,b* p.-jj., a silver  pia  tray,  and. that the cases ware all dismissed ei��
late CI.   A.  Gilley.     Ue cot-firms Mi.lS Estella BrewSter secured  thej c��pt ou? which will be appealed.
; the report siren out by Chief Mc- booby prize, a lapaneoe doll, for tbe
���Ir.tosh that the reason  lor  ii-9 twit*;Cni_eic csrd rats? w!��i��*wws  eajoyi
j ure* oi   the proceedings in Nortb|e.l hy all who took part and  wliich j'
Yakjima was the attitude of the w**| was   very   amusiag   to   tke older]
! men in going back  on   their  st*te*; c'uiUlieu as vv��_l. j the 31st tilt, oa the.  OonsttWe  waa
meats to Detective Bradshaw,  to     Amoag thasa presottt wore: ; pati oiling the street.** h; caste across
j the-chiefs of police at Aberdeen, j Muses Leila Kirkland. Ruby ; a t-:irly of young men __ani:is_? ttt-��
I North Yakima aad other places, iu; KirWand, I.illie Whitworth, Leaas} getter and talking in uudertauas.
I which they implicated Muan. V.'h.twortb, Iraue Hobiosoii, Mar-; That he ordered tliem to go hotae
t While on the stand the wauieu told j gar�� MacKeu.ie, Olga Kirkland, which they declined to do, sayiac
j altogether different stories from the| Olive Whitworth,   Laura  Hutchcr-i that they had as much tight on tho
one which they related  to tbe of-j S0B| Hulda Claussu, Sstelle Iireiv-i street a*, he.    He could say nothinc;
ficers, and  as tho crown  was de*j$ter, Myrtle Kirkl.aud, Katie Foster J agaiast tho boys other than that
pendiug very much on the evidenced jMsie Mclnnis and IHla Sta'taton,    j they refu&.d -ty go home- wheu ho
of the wo��ea for thc success of thei    Messrs.   H.   Betts,   Jus.   Davis
suit, proceediags fell through.
Prize Fn
1 Harold Davis, SedleySmith, Hueae Mr. M-.-Qutrrie, in cross-exa��-
: Hilton, Fred MacKenzie John KiTk-jinttiou. wasted to know whether
[land, Hraest Kirkland and Leon*(the Constable .-.ought that he wae
.(ard. Kirkland. ��� tk&only _e_s ia tewia  a Hawed ont
Mr. und Mrs.W.A.Kirkland^'also, ��ftel- djwlt,    Mast s tn��n' fgo  hone
.joined the hippy tkionf, like s^ood little boy.
Mr. K. Id. Paiwer was expeciedi    The   party   dispersed   to
their j The Constable said he had a oth*
in* n*ja:n.��t these men oilier tka��
that tl.c.v refused to go h����e whea
he  told   thew.    They  are deceat.
Whe�� yom wish to bay via-itiug
cards call 01 the. Delta Times who
will sell the best money caa buy.
If you need them printed, why you
are money ia pocket by calling oh
the Dsjlta Time* first.
Tlfe Ladner Auxiliary of "The
Woman's Missionary Society of the.
Methodist Church" will celebrate
the twenty-fifth anniversary oi the
organization of that society in
Canada, in the Metsadist Church,
ea Thursday tvi-ning. Refresh-
meats will be served during tke
eveaieij and an interesting pro-
grau-tn- will be rcade;ed, a prominent feataie of which will bc -The
Wen Shun Motion Sunt" by mem .
bers of the Mission Baud. The
chair will be taken at 7:30 o'clock.
The public is cordially iavited.
to reach Quebec an Wednesday with  homes at 3 a. na.
the consignment of British Colas- 	
bia trtiit. The shipment is an exceptionally good one. It contained1 Sell* Mow ofChainherlain's Cottghl respe/rtahle, hard working young
S30 boxes of apples and 25 bfxes off- Rotted? than of All Others Put nte-h and not saspicious charactere.
pears.    All  were  in excellent eoa-J Together. He taere.y suspectetf'tbe^M hecsnso
ditipu and should prove a  fine ad*j   'they  were standi*.*  tegeflier inn
vertis.ment.     The   shipment   wast     ^ Thos  ^^ _ ^^ ?J , group nnd talking in a low  tone of
sent  torward   fron.   Simons   t-1 ^ g^    ^^^ ?svs:     ���j Hw -Woe.
Quebec, where  it  was  loaded into),    ,   ,    ,     - _.     ~,      . In the mont aertom.  case, that et
* ,���.,,,   ! had the local agency tor Chamber- '
storage  chambers of the , ....,,,        , using    ftlthy and  disgusting lann-
* , lain s   Coa-gh   Rewedy  ever  since 1 ... .       *
liHinress   of    Ireiand   cnl. -  .    .      . ���       --.       ,        jtaag*     in   addition   to   the  other
_..   ���      , it was introduced nj,to Canada, andj  . . .    ,
ronte to Liverpool. _    _. .   _. ..   ���_ T  .      ,.   ,.:cb_i-ge oi loitering, etc.. altueugk
r tl sellas mticu ot it .is I do ot all �� , *
 ^__,  !   ..      ,.       T  , ,   ,     i the case was not proven, the voung
* other lines I  have  cm  my  sttelves;      - ;     ,���   *      ,    ,   ,.        .
.   , . , , _,   ,   _i ., ,-., .. ,        nan wae-fcr.ed IS.v,- mc ading til
A   house social  was   held,   last 1 put together.    Oi the  many   doses; ���    ,., .., , . _��
.      , _��� _._7 I _._.._.  '_.__ t  _. s; costs, which case irnl be-apnealei.
evenieij, under the auspices of the; sold under guarantee,   I havo net, rr
tbe coi;!
Ladies'Guild ef the Presbyterian! had  one   bottle  relurued..   I   can;
'Chunc... at the home of N. A Mc-j personally recMtimend this mod-' We cannot condone with the de��
Diarmic. A pleasant ereaisg wasi icine a3 I have used it myself and j struct*;*!* ol property neitlter can we)
spent   aud   a   neat   sua)   realized'gieen it to my children aud  always j snpport the bringtag up of young
which will go towards  wiring -thi
with the best results.'"   F.r sale
All Druggists.
i uisit under
trumpery  chargca sack
: as those brought ia co*ar: -to-day.
Don't forget the masquerade ball, Capt. tJrorvn mav be all tight t>w\ H. Creech in* n-lready issued hi*; Rifle raspberries were- pla.1_e.__,
under the auspices of the Band, on ithe water, but lie does uot do we411 Xmascalendars Which are fine ��pecj*i to-day, from the jardc-?. ctf *5^|
Koir-flber 50th. 'en .. wet. c's.y rc..d wilh a '.-.a-.n. wens ef decorative print;*".?;'. !s&.Q.-li.e. -Till. '.H.-.TA TIMES, SATURDAY, NOVliMDEU 3, 1986.
Pl'BMSaED EVER-V   F-,.V*rr_-.__��AY.
ScBaCwrxiox., $1.00 per year.
Casual  Ai-rertisemiMits lo Crttts per line fur
lie Cr_t iuA.-rtion, tn_ scents per line lor eacli
������hs-'.sjHriit  i*ii��tion.     The   muulx-r
r_K-.'.a-.i bf.tlie space occupied
Uch. ^_
_tale<_ lor-CoTamMcial AdTerttscnients can be
11 wm,
A By-Law to Change the Location:
of  the   River   Road   Through;
District Lots 16, 25,  15, 2^ and
23 Group 2, X. \Y. D. j
' "W*HEREAS it is deemed expedi-,
 H        ent in the public interest to]
had.-.|iis_i_��Mthis__._�����. , c]jang(. the iOCation of the highway'
_n��ilin1.:iciticeSiacent_per line for -acU l*��*j1klcing the SOUth batik of  the Fraser j
River through District Lots 16
Call In
of   lines
ill.lies to the
And  Try
An Oyster Cocktail
mrtlia��4nent_.notices, 3.)-., Marriages$.._o.
Am*,   special, police, the object ot which, ia to
_*r_noteth.e pecuniary benefit ofimy individual
-*x c.rr.paaj-. to be coamilereil fin. ai'lrertlsseiaent
_���_ ch.art.i_ tcsotslinaly.
A','. _-eeTtisrmm_. chargeil for until ordered
.���nt and p_ld_>r.
-.rrefpenilence inrite.1 on muter., of public
ifcterest. CojxiBUi-ucittiott. ta editor tciiFt be ac-
c.mpnnifsl hy name of writer, not necessarily
Sir publication/, but ns eri__r_it*e cf good faith.
le��rrespe��d��nce tnu-lreacli thisoftice by Tbtirs-
*��y eve__n_.
Geo. R.
^  _<> [
15,    24 and 23 in Group 2 Xewj
Westminster District,  in order to j
allow the construction of a railroad
along the said highway   as   nowi
constructed  through  said lots and |
in order  also  to  improve  the said j
road and to open up certain property now  inaccessible from the said
highway as now constructed ;
_< - I
Be it therefore enacted by tlie'
Municipal Council of the Corpora-'
tiou of Delta pursuant to the pro-! in Oddfellows'Mall.
Harvey  Creech.
A.  O.  U.  W.
Delta Lodge, No. 12 meets first
and third Tuesdays of each month
S.-TERPAV,   NOVE.MBKli   3,   100(3.
We are sorry to see so many ofj
our young men hailed before the
beak, as a result of Hallowe'en
celebration, bnt at tfie same time
we do not sympathize with anyone
who may have done wilful damage
te property. Pun is. all right, but
tke beya should keep strictly with-
visiaus of the   "Municipal Clauses
1. The laud and premises hereinafter described ate resumed or ap-
l propriated and dedicated, constituted and established a public highway, being a trip of laud sixty-six]
(66) feet wide aud being thirty-
three (33) feet ou each, side of a
centre line described as follows:CotB-
mencmg at a point oh the centre
line of. the  Ladner Highway thu-
T. W
Todd, M.W.
KisRK. Recorder.
, niug aloug the south batik of tho
in the bounds of decency and then j Fnwer   Rirer   tour   hundred   and
they wouM have tbe sympathies ofj thirty (430)  feet southwest of the
the people.
western  boundary ef Lot Sixteen
! (t6),.GroupTwo (2),New Westniin.-
! ster. District; thence runuing south,!
  j'73 dfg. 07   min.   w.    1389.8 feet;!
ChilllwacL has had the tmsfor- the"ce uorlh- 59 ies' *l Inin' *-
��� . I i2>,8 feet; thence north 42 deg. 041
tune to lose two of her citizens,;    - r   .     .. .u
'train, w..  ^q-5.2 feet;   thence north,
Delta Lodge, No. 21.���Theregtt-
lar meetings of this Lodge are held
every Wednesday evening at 8 p.
m. Visiting Brethren cordially invited to attend.
R. C. Absott, N.G.
W. H. Taylor. Sec.
W. N_ Draper,
Kossm a, }.!!��._ Block, New Weslrainster.
Fashion Stables -
Trucking nnd Dxaying.
Lifery work of aU kind* attended to promptly.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
Telephone " Ladner" No. 10.
*���** ���**H-*H��*H*^+-H��H��**--H4'*H'*H
Delta Transfer Stable
���LA��>NBfe. B. C
Team Work Bonn al Specially How Prices*
��� *�������_���+ _��� ��� ++-H4+*+<i>4-s-*'ll-+*+ '^^������'f**lV��*l**��^ ^**4*^>H'�����I!������^^^a
gatHB-S ts^aBnaaanm
Shooting   Motioes
__._n.i-. B. C.
McRAE & Co
A iull line of English and Irish
Tweeds and Fancy Trouserings always kept in stock.
���Shooting' Notices on hand; Visiting Cards,
plain -or printed.; Job Piu-______g of all kinds.
���dive ns a -call .and Save Money.
the Delta times, Laimr
_m-IU-l.-!.-llMI_,__U_-JII'.     I   11''IF. I.WIJ..'�� lUU-JlIU^
through tke destruction, by fire, el\'^A
���ae of her public, buildings, to wit,
the lock-up.
'We wonld ask the Council, How
weald a priiener in our lock-up
Aire, i�� caae of lire ?��� When the
Conatablo is away 011 other duties,
tnch as hunting up J.'9 P. during
-tto absence- of the Police Magistrate, etc., who is there to Jet the
prisoners out in case granger ?
When the yot_Bg-4.hit.aman was
brought np a week or so age, he
had the appearance of having been
ia cold storage fer awhile.
It would be well for the. Council
to, look into these matters and set
things in order. If a. man is only a
cwBH-on- drunk, justice demands
that his body shail bc properly
���.l��ken- care of. We certainly would
not care to see a similar fate hefall
any ef our prisoners as that which
Chill-wax-k has to record.
uiiH. w.,   212.5 feet;
thence worth, 34 deg. 16 miu. w.,
128.7 feet; theuce north, 3. deg . 56!
min. w., 281.3 feet; thence north,
46 deg. 56 miu. rr., 119 ieet; thence
south, 89 deg. 19 min. w., 76.3 feet;
thence .south,   75 deg, 54 min. w.,
i40.3 feet; thence south, 23 deg. 46
min.  r.., 156.1 feet;  thence south,
15 deg. 27 miu.K., 125.3 feet;thenci
south. 27 deg. 49 min. w., 93.9 feet;
thence south, 56 deg. 49 min.  w.,
234.>S feet; thence south, 23 deg. 11
miu.  1:.,  42.SS leet; thence   soutli,
55 deg. 04 min. K.,46.4 feet; thence
Ladner Carriage Works.
Headquarters for���
Pure Manila Binder Twine*
Bale Ties,
Barbell Wire,
Lubricating OU,
Or   Any   Other   Old  Thing  thn
Requires at LO WEST PRICES*
I Ml IK OF ���
lcc.rpora.fd 18*9.
G. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C
north, 72 dec. 30��iin.K.. 183.5 feet       .   .,    _   _        .,,,���..
thence  south,   7�� deg. 57 miu. K., j     In the first months of the RuBsm"
27.3 feet;  thence south, 30 dec it> >pau War WC had * Striki"B   eX'
mill. ��., 240.2  feet; thence soutb> ample ot the necessity for prepare-
_ j-_-_------------_-----__l----------------__-----------_R_________i_^____i_________l
27 deg. 08 min. _.., 248.7 icet; thence
A promiaeu t Montana uewapaper-
naan was making the round of the
.insane asylum ot* that state in an
���fficiat capacity as au inspector.
.One of the inmates mistook him
fbr a- recent-arrival.
"What made you go crazy?"
"I was   trying to  make mouey
-���nt of the* newspayer business," re
south 35 d_j-. 18 mm. E., 143.1 feet;
thence   south, o deg. 01  min. _���:.���!
119.7  feet; thence  north,  73 deg. [
54 min. w., 476 fee<;  thence south,
64.deg. 35 miu. w.,302.7 feot; thence
south, 35 deg. 06 miu. w.,985.3 teet;
thence sontb,  9 deg. 55 min. K.,
1622. icet;  thence south, 7 deg. 01
min. w., 176.3 feet; thence south,
I4deg. 50 rain, w.,523.7 feet; thence
routh, 21 deg. 29 win. iv., 4S7 feet,
to a point in the centre of the said
���highway, 115 feet x.K. ofthe south
boundary of Lot 23, Group 2, New
Westminster District.
tion and the only advantage of
those wbo, so to speak, "have
shingled tbeir roofs in dry
weather." The virtue of preparation has made history and
.given tis our greatest men. The
individual as well as the nation
should be prepared for- any emer-
jgency. Are you prepared to successfully combat the first cold you
take? A cold can be cured much
;more q.uckly when treated as soon
as it has been contracted and before
it has become settled in the system.
Chamber.ai��''s Cough Remedy is
famous for its cures of colds and
The" said  "Corporation    of Jil should be ke^ at band rettd-* for
* [ _! * _.   .__:_ *��� __.__    I SIS     _-.	
Delta hereby expropriates the land
ajid premises descrioed ra section
instant use.
For sale by All Drug*
plied the editor,', to humor the ^e. (one hereof: for tbe purposes afore- [
' said, and is hereby authorized to i
eater upon, break np, take or use!
vented one.
"Rats, yoit're-not crazy; you're
jnst a plain* darn fool," was the
lunatic'�� comment.���Ex.
Get your costumes ready for the
The S.3; Sonoma leases Ladner
at �� a.m. and 3 p.m.; leaves Steves**
ten a? 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Every
day e_-__ept Sunday.
The subject of the sermon in the
Ifcthediat Church te-morrow even-
-.a-g, will be "Inatmbrances," being
-.the fourth in a series of Sunday
, wreniDg discourses en "The Sou.
. aud some of tbe. laws by which it is
iJLOIAN. SHORTS, Whole Corn,
Crae)aed;,CorB, Rice Meal, Chit
Rice, Chick Feed, Timothy and
Clover: Seeds, Sutton's Garden
and Field Seeds may be obtained
at Brackmarr-Kfer Milling Co.'s
. warehouses, Ladner, from Mr.
.H. N. KICK, Local Agent.
the said.land and  premises for tb��;
said purposes without the consent 1
of the owners thereof, subject to the
restrictions  contained   iu   sections
351- and  252  of "Thc Municipal
Clauses Act."
3.    This By-Law may ba cited
for all purposes as the "River High
way By-Law, 1906" (No. 1).
Reconsidered aud finally passed]
in open Council this  27th day of
October, A.D. 1906.
��� I" HERE*Y  C-.KTIl'Y���
' (a) That thc forexoiag is a truej
copy of the "River Highway By-!
,La_w, .906 (No. i\"
C. sM. CJ
Word has been received that
ene huater from Vancouver has
shipped no less than sixty or ^venty
pheasants to the above named city
\ since tbe season opened. This looks
more like nia-ket hunting than
true sport. A man wbo does this
kind of thing may well be termed'a
Mothers need have no hesitancy
in continuing to give Coamberlain's
Cough Remedy to their- lrttlfc ones,
as it contains absolutely nothing injurious.    This remedy is not only
As witness ray band. under the | perfectly safe to give small children.,
Review of Reviews,
Woman's    Home    Com-
Success Magazine &
The Delta Times
All for the small sum of
The above combination is o*. ef
ithe mest popular likely to placed
before thc public this season.
If the above dees net meet your
requirements we shall be pleased to
make yon thc following offer:
The New Idea Woman's Maganiue
The Delta Times
Both of the above toe $1.35 per
Renew your Subscription now and avail yourself of the above splendid
OssAFITAL, - - -**���'���        ^��QCHOOO
RESERV.E -FDNDS,      - ���- $33Q3;.743
TOTAL ASSETS, - -        $31,183,625
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department.
| Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Trtfcer-
est Allowed at Highest sCurrent Ratee.
East End, Mt. Pleasant,  Granville Street;   Grand Forks, .Nanaimo,
[Nelson,   Rossland,   Victoria,   Vernon,  Chilliwack, -Cumberland -iind
New Westminster.
L. M. RICHARDSON, Manager, LADN.ER, ��B.C.
Just Arrived^
Tans, Oxfords &
Blticher Cuts
A Full Lime of
leashes to informtTic -public that
he barfi started a new laundry, op
Get a Salt at Once.
the se.il of the said Municipality on-but it is a medicine of great worth I pg^,,   q_   t.    Baker'-s   Carriage!
the 27th day of October, A.D. 1906,
at Ladner, in thc said Municipality
ef Delta, I'rovince of British  Columbia.
Works, Ladner, and will be jiteased
to Wait on all those* wishing tbeir
and merit.   It has a. world wide
reputation for its cures of coughs,
colds and croup and can always he ,
relied upon.    For sale by all drug- { Lnunury
gist?. done up in first-class style. .��.
UA i .  ;\i.j v .;-."MBhi.   ;,  rg-jp.
W. ST. ���%. & Fewy .Co.
iNew Se_:vi��ae-*-tPort Guichon and Lsdner to .New
���W-X-_-__-n*st<_r end ^.ancouvrer.
jieave Pt. Gaikhen, 6.30 a.m.    Arive Vancouver, io.-2o.____a.
;J*eave -V_u_cou\'.er,   a.io p.111.   -A-rrive Pt. Guicho_j, Stoo^pjxxi
Mondiij-,*- Wedueisduy and Friday.
. Gi*ves passengers four hours  in ..cither   New  ,W__s_-
.3r7.1in_.ter or .Vail (.Oliver.
New   Freight ..Tariff   effective   ���*6epte__r_>er  ::.5t'h,   '06.
Greatly Reduced Pate,**      For partkniars--apply to
Agent, Fcrt>Guix-hon.
^ufficieiit 'Cars v.-ill Le ''furnished .without delay.
e    .' m-u- _���.!..
9_-Rssc_Bee__i ip.l
���_?rod_.ces the --most wholesome
��and nutritious .bread. It's vers*-**
superior flour, milled fpom spec.-
-ally .-selected hard wheat, and
-wili produce ���mo.ce.loa.v.e.? to the
^ck 'than -any 1_our on the
���market. Say Moffet*s *ffi_EST"
lo your grocer   _.  ...
-CiaLumbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
-___,_, -fiAlNTS. ,f
Holy   .Communion ��� Sundays
J830 a.m.  ._���*_._. Sunday  in mouth
11 a.m.
.M-itilis, 11 �����' clock.
Evensong, 7 o'tkek.
Sunday s-c._ool._it i-Q_a.ni.
'Friday,- e'.'eniKg-service 7:30.
Rev. Carta*- Hiltou. vicar.
.Ser.tices first and third-Sunday oi
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday schoe! _..*3 p.-m.
Low Mas*L'cnd Koly 'Communion
first and tliitd Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rfrv..Fa-h.c Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services ue__t Lord's Day .Et 111
a. m.and 7:30 ���p.m.
Class uieet-mg, 10.30 a-.-m. -every
trie! ay.
Sabbath fjeli-ool at _> p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday eveniiig at 7.30.
.Rev. J. F. Bet is, pastor.
Services next Lord's.Day at  11
I a.m. and 7.3o���j>;_n.
j    Sabbath-School at to vm .'Mid-
j week meeting on Thursday evening
I at 7.430 'o'clock.
! Rev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
I Sabbath services ��� Crescent Is-
1 land,'3;j2un.; Laduer, 7:^0 p.tu.
Su��day*^jch<_ol at iot��..'m. .
Prayer meeting ou Thursday at
S p.m.
*C.'C'reft, il. A., p'ist.r'
I. j. Mrs -
Nurseries .& Seedhouses
Lar^e stock-of TK&MF^OROWW
.Fruit and Ornamental Trees now
matured for the fail track.   .
Notexpe-ise. 1o8_.��_t delayofrfumi-
S..ti_.n.' or; inspection.
B-ifoS ** E-M _?Janft_2g
Headquarters ter Pacii.c .��oast
���.giown Garden,'Fkld .and Flower
__.ecds.in season.
_3B.EE SUPPLIES, -Spray Ptuiips.
."tt lisle.Gil Soap, Greenhouse PLants,
j *Cnt Flowers.
���We do hasiness on oar own
grounds���no .rent to pay and .are
prepared to meet all competition.
.Let mc price your list before plac-
i3?'g kLVOi^r order.   Catalogue Free.
5000 Telegraphers
mamma       NEEDED
J Annually, to Fill thc new positions |
icre.*Ued by Railroad and Telegraph j
ICompanies.     Wc   want   YOUNG
! MEN. and LADIES of good habits to
j *ND R. R. ACCOUNTING . . .
We furnish 75 per cent, of the
Operators rand Station Agents in j
America. Out six schools are thc I
largest exclusive Telegraph School.*,.!
in the world. Established 20 years j
and endorsed by tall .loading Rail-'
way Ofiicia_s.      , -, j
We-exectite a $250 Bond to every
Student to, furnish  Inm  or her a j
position paying from $40 to $60 a 1
month in States ��ast of the  Rocky
Mountains, or from  $75 -to $100 a:
month in States west of the Rockies;
j immediately upon graduation.
I .Students can enter at Eiiytime.
j No vacations. For full particulars
j regarding auy of our schools write
J direct -to our executive office at
I Cincinnati, �����.   Catalogue free.
According to The Commercial,
of Winnipeg, the visible supply 0!
oats in the United St__t-_�� and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains;
is 9,081,000 bushels, compared
with 25,270,000 bushels a year ago;
9010 We-._r_siri._-_r Road,
���yANCO.UVE._l,   -   B.
nft-t ibhbit
j Cincinnati, Ohio.
P  j Atlanta, Ga
V'  Texarkana, Ter. San Francisco,Ca
���Buffalo, N.\
La Crosse, Wis
[Gough lemedy
The Children".. Favorite
��� OUKKB���
Coughs, Colds, Croup find
Whooping Cough.
"i\\W,. oincdy-lo famous for lt�� <>bt��b..).��.
r. larg* ntr. 01 the civilised world. It c��n
nlsi'Hj'si l>o tloptsusltKl enon. it rssntitlni no
obittra or nths-vr liftrmtsil.s.et.is' nml may Ivo
Ei .0B tKoouHilmsiij, toajMbj. ��__o ut adnlt
Price 2_> cts; Lar_ro Blze^Orcte.
Th-BM.M.f'la'.n'a e,*'t*' --���>-r* -��*-
wfiannreriaiB 8 Di_rri��_��_ Rfi��_��iy.
ssNevorfaili.  Dnsr it tier.. .It im_y.��_-e_U_c.
j*^.ti$,,ip* ���>'��<��.��s_i.-��*>>.,��<**^i��'s*>_;.^..;��
\H\m 'mux*
E. C.
Maa.1tiiwt9l.r_ of all-Iii nds 0.
Soda Water, Ginger
Ate and -Summer
Yonr patronage solicited
I .if 11
Hunting *r shooting will -not be
ermitte.. on the imperial ���Farm
��ithont permission from
S.,0*. C. MORROW.
iU4n��r p. C., Oct. r_y, ^06.
Get ���your .House .wiire-i *now
and file yeur application {for
Electric Light <no\\, so that
the poles may. be distributed
past 3'O.ur preiuis-e...   *
-\pplication Wanks may'be
haS tdf ^r   ;.vcPonal:.  the
Our Sheet
Metal Fronts
Of&T-you vpwtndtd impc-iwwicnt,  at
���mail cmt, fcr amy ntftc of hwii-Cay.
'-We make thorn cmtipbeto, to Kmat
maydmttid or ohaftd rtr_iw��re���thm
Otieirt&mvtmX finish inc-lttdiaic d#e��r awl
���n_k(���nrcaps. eornMe���� etc.���ia a grwt
T-_wKytif utiles.
T**5-TTtTe a v*i7 hftatfeonx* elfact,
ami vmhirmg, fractiral Mtin^act-oa.
Vf fpTa evftmatea rt you smmd
inaaaurementa and xwtHac of !*Se bu_l_W
TWiifcit -mVOte
Metixlllc Roofing Co^
WMiutb Nanofaoturers.
Toronto. Canada.
'ROBT. MAY, Agerft,
$4J>_K��R,    -   -   -   .   .    B.-C,
TI;o __.._.-_ncels-'.w_6C K*s-?;ij-3rl M!<_|fng ist'iff.lU'.
R��.Ba____.-,��.-_n__ ,\ Cbf��t_*-_|- - -11,_...,__u. fi ,:���
Lli___e _4u_j^_.;sc_ml_9-_l    Ctrl is .'J'BVE!.SI*
t-wn. ...:..._. c-i?i��__ii___i bebl__ -ar //���>,.. .__!
/rsv.sf line of
BIFI,_its   rTSTOtfi,   .SROXOrNS
^ Isltlo Tglgaoopea, tfclIOs	
As>> TC:i.Lna'oftcJ,r-L_l
i.. i.s_..,ip:,��,r 14,
_^6t_ve��s'.. lf��.ilr.--'J <:'*li:-- dMcribtaK
IM��bu!n.w��_!-p.i i '���">��"'�����,���*.���"���-_��""<���-���
1,exmttt__*<^__-___n      1     v ,-.,..._-. .
ro-_-.t o/cat-_*t pri.g.
B_-_i_, tlirM-colef A:.,. Inmti ):_���. ..r ss^l u f.i-
s.a. 'tJ fu- Is .._-. .��� .: :    ..;.
f-.o. !.-.,..���
CHtcorai! ;-.'..���-.-..y.i.;,.;.- -;.a.
THE t31TY'3-*^OlCfe.
TUnh'st tbon tb_._catu_-e otil; dwfM.
-'Vaort.. BoUtuds hl_ mc-_tue t___s-_
..?l_t) r.jiij- Irapro.n, of htr _ui__<1
On scialwr puck anil Itmelj siraud���
- Uole tui. {uu ber mighty heart cuttld ____fl
. I- b-os-uing.v.cvo a__<_, rriu-ptrlug wind!
' 3*.uy, la thi. strif. the force r.tcaicc
. _!_>. strUj[!_lotl lu old uisli.l atroiu*.
''&*-_ rat- ti-L-i cry of pav. and mar-C
l'rom out the _riu_,l__ git ii i'h hnarl
Jitturcr womb -f Mother i_ftrtiit
That traveled witli the _U_d._' Utrth
_.evr baar. to lim* time itriuelt. yU.ut,
f-hair wt-Ui of books, -_i��_-i bu-mL J-jfcm
*_Tot In ta idle, alia___�� Lov.t
'-.laffuru r_u_ived bli-pew-r,
-Or enrboa lockas! tbe ��u__ ruya fati,
��� Or Ur tree graw to spit-; and Eja.t.
'Fond nuture auiUaa wlUi iv,:nl prida
- On vaultiag.-loui. mid v��rali'l.g sv-itk.
'��� K��' harpalu_.ordi_hei_l_*_lD��.__r_t-__
i)dBr.).ltai-s:.*.tu! eloctriu tLr-u.
_.'hl. IiunuuB tide boars lit lta fisvr
^,'ho wild n&r.-it, Uu: vole, ot us*,
That fir. t a lifeio_t_ oucan bora
bi pain to ..nil', pi-itu-ta. shore
���EriK'-t tiro's* in Oru'laad Ma___*)f.
tti-to'Srtscttaira'^rVlira ?_.*  t-_-
Anscceodoia U rvdutcd of thu iatoi^aoiofb
Tom-, _a Maryland _plillau.hroi��i*l:. *-]___���.
i_.o_Be.tt uppeure, was iu 1.U����___. ltfo_t
hodtlur. By imluatry and thrift liu .nun
-cc.ulred a i node-rat a fortuno antl foi- soiua
tlino Iwfora liis dsatli was ono of tho licti-
es. wen ln Mu part of tiie tsUito.
Among Mr. Tonie'__oq_alnl__-ne.snhtst-J
���lorlriud around th.-__oblo Wn_u\ careen-
tor nciiiot! Samuel Walker, who had
a twttor fucltUy for t.punilln_. money than
for naving lc. Later la Life ho thought It
���ipudlcnt toremlnd Mr. 'i'on.. In i.ho i_ces
erics nf s_t crowd that Jte wa. at t<i_e Clui
It was on tha o.Q__s_a_.sr.f ai> ��nt.rtatii-
niciitnt (hu Port Ufpetsit Opera llou_r_
and the sjitlzons of ______ town wore crowding around tho.Iok-t.oi... wJndow ��b,.._
Mr. Tonic upproaehed. A luavtiiiir _ius��-
cd through the crowd, snd iunny_--.pi._d
aside, giving way to th�� not.-ti __iilliin-
throplat ao that he uilghv securo his tluket
At onoe, 1 iB__eat. ��f having to wait til*
Tbajr- w��i*a gladtoshaw tfcalriospect foi
tha mnn who had eaiuod the t_ip round la
fortun.'s laddoraud .wi.��- Itncv. how to
assist his fellow lugs., a* ��iu_y to tha
#rowd oould testify.
One man, howerer, kept his placo. This
was Mr. Tome's old friend, Sana Walker
Instead of giving way he reiuuj'k-d in a
tono lou* enough to be .heart by ull present: "I'm do! itila lo givtr-up to Jaka
Torn*! lKe ain't no l��tter thurt I am. I
used-te know-hluvwhcu he was BOthlB
but a-stable boy."
Mr. Tom. dill no.vxep.3* uatil .i_. ter be
had aecured his tiukot an�� made way for
those who had ao courtco-u.!y wiihdrawa
fur him. He then said in a quiet tono, "I
lisod to know Usinas-by tlie nanio of Sa-h
-Walker, who was a earpcutur, and 1 un
ilerstand Shat the same Sam. Walker le a
carpenter still."
Tho people applauded .this wild rebuke,
-aad _____ Walkar eltusk away.
iSleaalnva ta BUhbIbc,
.Tfeey n����d to tell mewben I was��. Uttle
girt and had broken my doarrst doll, for,
eiampls, or had hew* -ttuig by a heeea
the day beforo tuy best friend's birthday
party that e>orys*.fDkt*lon is aiilessing ta
dlsgntee. ���! was never a'evsr at, y<>netrat-
Iuh disguises-, but there are times wheu 1
agree to the trnth of tbe snylngi especially
when the afflictions are- other ��� *i**_f le'n
Justa few ereiilugetigo I beam's n yonugJ
girl, who has Jtiat eoiae home after six
luonthr, out of town, filayi ti(,- ...in plann. I
was so tnueh struck with* tbe imrirtis-rineBt
tn - heir terhultt since . I beanlf hor b��fere
that' I spoko about tt.
"It's all. duo to a little 'ru_ around' I
had en tlie middle Auger of my right
hartd," sho nald. VI wasn't doing tntioh
prat. Icing, but I wae embroldcring.a cen-
torplp,*o for.u friend .who Is to-be married'.
i.eit month, andtl.oouldn_i loeaan.*. W!t:e.
I ps.t-.nly thlmbl_>��b my ring ttusw. nnd
after.,a few daye I -oould use It. jurt as
easily that rr'ay as on tho middle .finger..
Wbon'I bognu'aa play tho pinnostg.-Un, I
waanmazod ��� til ilnd how my third I'mser
had gained -sta strength. Jt had alw.tya
been iny weal; point before. ,1 always us*.
it .on-thimble Anger now, and yoceoe th*
restti.. U'rwadTlsed eTerybotly ��o try rt.
'It's an isll-wviud'���you know the feat.
Aa a*-S'ree*d*i��_.
Tom���Why were yon eo drt-rmtecd
ta kiss thnt plain cousin of yours?
DIek���I wanted to estnblisli tt precc
_leat. She hae two tcry .pretty sitters.
*.V!'!;bc-.n.i___."; jackets, hats, Cat, m-^i
il/A costuuacra tir_-aow aj>;*___;j._.\
SuirpHco i-ffoc._ ar* mur*. usbd. e;_- V:s
fccdi��.i j:' LiJiiaarl wtlc s5s.s_4iD_; gowfi..
Ilonaii-ng f-r.-.r,U, arching- back ;ii-.?-.r^'
U'.i hips, roprascnt ono cf tho n.w fciturac
of Stylish jii-.-ko-.s-iud co'its aoxii:.__;s_:v__,,$
tho cu'tY__;...is_i;?or coitun__*s.
Tclwrtji cio aaurod cf a pn ai jUt*cs_Ma
the i;casoi.s of i-.Siind 1_-^J fci'lh. u:.;..-
Ing of ��_s:__s-_ entire, for redlngotes,
_i:irts, -Sirai-s, wakt t__rr. U__..;iis., a;'.-
.'l.-.ery-, *_..
"'ho prieeoss shape wili to .t<-,a._-i. Urbti.
toliii7'i' drossydiiy_i��d_-eteniiig iiil.;,,
thle autumn, aad nothJug.cj__Jd !.... :.'.ort-
perfect thrin tho Ut as_.��u_-t_td_i��^o__.4e.
the newest ::.odcls.
There l-j.?! t_rci��t._(?a__ir:-_!l f'^r L-':!i Vhs
StoULktrd��� CJEd l_ncy. i_:ilcr:-.l_'lu _,!__cj_:.
ami this fall t_ic-y are.ln��pgh. cat in very
mat:)- dlffarent weaves.settber*. ���_ .,j.l *st,_i_
cria silk. ar._l vrool m-iitarfe..
IJl_c!_ g-'.vu_ of lovcdf i_*u_3pa-.--ci,*. ti-
_e.niJl.s-ph.m_-.-_i weave's- oyer -ilk ��. i-ka'.\&
sii'.l iii:_i__?k_r ujatti!__) fev day w-ur
wiil Juke high place In ti.3 r-i.'.kso? ____>
leoiicr ti.. two bsiason. befonujis,
Tho deeply jointed pepluw ovafsKlrw
tf thMHiason <_sj not always taetclt'tbs on-
liir.kh't.jxud, If prsferre'd. __u i.-_ made '-f
(stlrcly dlifereut fsl.'.i.:. 'jtareforo it
may prove .inust._icsl_'a!.le for t__.osiQli._i.
Vli loiv-iscjrde, hayeu.-fr fiil:., in
and dark rich autumn colerltigt,
gr.-tl.*!, fall)., bongallne, imperlj-t r;
fast, all ths lustrous corded silks-
high Toguu, both for gowns ei-tir. u
con,bli.KlJs_:i unes.
Mohair--braid in vnrlo,:.:. trill;!.* <;__
buttons -et _;rnd_ti-9_*.e frjt:t.:t-j skirts n&6
bodices i.f'._"'oiiK_ dress*_Cabiiii_s��s and slll-
bmid aiidf,aia!i taiio-.--"buttOB-* ornamsut
t!ic co.tunios made-of ilucw weaves of-w^sl
snd .ilk 11.-1- wool matsrlaJa.
faille, _��n��'_tlitie, vislo-r... ^-jps _u.'St
many .cU___* lustrous- corded silks ar*
brought out tu- ch_.!_iing-"*-_ri.-y, nui
th__e -_.o._'.��_d alike for, entire gowns, tansy waists, capes, oasts and fet'^tylisiJ'Coni.
lUnaUoii t-8lle____'._siu_iu_s;_v.���Siew_fcrk
ml for
;._iaie.J_h_a:..B i-.>scr_(.'J to^��_y!ngej
Court-nay Thorpe i.. in Kilen "Tai-py'_
Kth-1 Wintirop Is with **._! Suiith _._��-
Sell's .outijun;;-.
sltillo Opp will appear in Jwauden in '-'.i
Uan of Forty."
U_I1�� _?o__'s, new opersUt. -_,c_es".y U *_.-
WitJr<'r Parkins.is doiuf'-hlg l>'j_insss
With ".��i.v .l-'rieu-l front In .Ue:'1 ���
Cbat1ssJ-si-is]ton��i*._Ui.,aja__- .ymy Mere**
Bupcrbus lu "The Sign wf iir Cross."
"A Dangerous Maid" follows " Vuukes
Doodle Dundy" at the Kew "fork Casino.
Harry Woodruff 1st the hit-mt- vu'-u-s-i!'*
Star. Ho appears in "A Bit of BMSlriess,"''
, Harry Conor, whs. jUays-thettiltlorole In
".-���A S_tsongi.r'*i_i.._teVf I's,*!:,'1 is a Bostoa
"A Misrfit Martiage," the l��tt _t fane by
Du Sou-bet, will be prodnepl O.t. �� ni
���Sdgar J.. Davenport ha�� ht-et. j-e-v.j.j/jysal
.for the ��("ol_m'___t ..__-���af_if (Sew Vers)
.. stock _-.���:. ipasy.
>Ury iiaiiiptoa will be -tisnv.: tu:/i new
���..play lUtiT the holidays hutl.t ths aires-
��� tfiuu nt,ia.robldt-..
Uraee I*. Atwell has gua;< to Clevsland
*<o aoec.pt-a pe��itlan_��;..l,jK.ilii_g. btvlt ut a
stois-k cutiipauy tliern.
"Mr. Jersey," er rafehwr' 1,'liy' i.aiigtry,
-Is to jatura to tlio (slut's.. The raoe ir��?.__
iauii -Iglvt, but, the stage ls bettor.
���A tslm.r PTlltsssl-r. lw<s. 3.��*�����___._,
j F-cso s-.;n un:! sif,^^,
j       Cn�� Kt f.lsjr* ii<��iietfi-i::i��____ngV4*I .SB*.
*_, 3L*b11 .-j! 11 V/o^J,
A _o*.i!..w ma-.*<*yU__.!�� fr_^i a tra.
'     ��� itpriim's berald roljtooatuUxl c-lsair tc ma
".Pseel   Oh. frrc!"
|      -.Ah, v.i:li what IXeraot liutiko-d,
j     '��� What buoyant mood;
:      ' 1 -id f. iUi.i.,-!^aj��_;_| (,nN rafir
; '.'., th.t ���,*;_,{..'���.���;,���!
j       *hat .-..::��� :. vuioi_s*J*h.��'-!l ���> ?v:-> tou....
-mmt dr-anidelfsbt, v,J_< ����ul'_i-_i n-i.,*..
i       -"Freel   UU, Uo :"
t l,:^ il-.u'.'; : :. _J;-isvJj�� lr.,J. ..iii Ul
��� �����? t!.v *.'..l,srtis'i
s_Oui;_ more tlui-saft _n_ria arkisptr of -It
i SI I .'J . ,
]      j.Mis. w:.v<:S i.t Hiain,
j        Anst sll-Uia Uult' Iswtghtt-rsjbat ilirrab*
,       . JJl via...���:',.! ;;t.,_is-x., u.i.iw fhill ��...s;rer.y!
r<_?r.__l' (..;:, free!"
-.'.'li.-.L.:i ���.._;:_.'.J.   ,':,.. s..Ur,-,f_trtS
-+-i'.tS_*f.>/!_*;.2  THE  RUiNS.
| l-'laal.ar.d La��t_inl>ist S-latu ut trno ai
IreJuu-I .-Did <'..*il<...
J3n__��tJrel8nd'sin8g_il_i_sat i-ulnud sas-
j t'.ii<u..:i:c i_s .u_!iki'..e{ . la this uiannsr.
lsTha��oclent��_-alHB.*tl_e;Ci__tlcr_nghs ov.r-
j looked i.'_c,i_._i Swilly, and it wuh one ts.
j the most��<_;rlni*cly residences in  Ireland.
Kvtnina....- li tell !35o decaf stud was nu
j Inhftbit-d.
| as usittUi !n.i��:'li-cJr-?i_!_i��ant.'oe, wbsc
j tlm peasantry- wanted to b;iiid a pigsty, re-
I pair a rou___ar anything ut the sort, tbey
; t<*ii. Aba stones: Xroin tiie ruined csstlo,
whloh_was.dlsap___sring pleceiuoal wbsi.
I one :!h.v tho then Uottl Londonderry paid*
j vlilv tn ids: Irish pMperi}-. Mlieu he saw
j tbestato:'4he__istle was In a:>d reflected
i ou ilie fact yiat it wits-'jo wiudi Iduntiflsd
IwsHth t'u history.ofjils f.irnily and even a��i
Ua ruin wixit ��a. glory of tirlaud, he deter-
swsnlned to put-a sto_r<ta the oucroaohtnenu
leJrhst liad been niadu.npon.it.
| Bending Cos 'iii* agont to f*ivehlm ordcer
jt tbat t_'_ ;;eopl_-<',-��r. un longer to remove
j.*t:.-,n_*. from  the-.juiltilng, ho instructet'
Inm to.'r.iis'u the plate .cclcscd-nrlth a wail
l: fix icot-Mgh aa*! well ewi��ii to kocp oOi
'��� n>��pus_a>r._ Jiut i-alng.-doc...lie wont bar,
��� v,ay and  <Ud ,tn>t return-to Ireland  fo.
three or four years Uo then found, to l*if
>._i_Utt:'eii_e_tt, thr.t, the old castle had ooai-
't!t:-eJ.. disappeared, and^-i its..place tho-n;
V��ji_ a U^* v.-.ill Inclosing i'tithing.    Send-
t-ing f_rW5_.flgent!-':bes,.deinan_l.d tokno*.
���why his orders Lt.'idfk.. beea carried out,
' [fie i'_;ent Insisted lhat they had been.
"But whore ts the castle?" demand*.'
Ilie inarquls,
"lhe castle, ls l_? Bndivd, I built ta.
���.wall wlt.h.t'*, ta;-'.lord! .Ij, it fer uie to _ki
. ._s.ii._i_r mites for ik oi trials wtth thaflneat
i- stones'iu".^.-^'^ lyeside meO''
In telling the man to bu_ld the w<t_*
i /surd Isondonderry ba-1 said nothing what-
-ieyor about presomti_g ihe- eastio, wbich 4s
. nor/..- thing of th. past, .-.evertheless Lhe
i -wall i-ktt good one.���l_t.*f>_!un._i'H-lii_s.
*A Creaked Dnis_.
**Pfce rrookexlost broob.inVsmerlntirisJtse
Name pond brook in Maine,-(..sido whi'eli
an electrlo road run* for some dist_u_.e be-
���low Crow leys. The Songo rivor isrtofa-
*ta��o* to this crooked little stream. It is so
cooked that suckers caught there have
eurvatureof the spina,according to��I>*��7-
iatan honKirist
Smut**.,  tt..-^d^^-r* '
A $tit)goldplsoe U a rih'��-.rt��uiiil sum.
Tho hajipi.t'.eonie men aro.-.he iuare
SBoney they pe-Besa.
The elevator ln._o -_*_,��rfment stare is
merely it-tihopllfttti'.
Popularity often wins new as .tsaiat-
aneos and loses old friendi.
It fre_inetitl_i' rains on thm just bsc_as*
U_> unjust h��;. -.-.irrit-d nfl hiu UMbrvlUt.
When a young mam m]u<_-?*s.s au heiress,
���he is apt to finiliorself-pvessed for Money.
A pessimist Is on* wi'o is alwaysaipBBt-
fng lud luvl, aad is -sarprised whea it
Aft��r spending a two weeks' vacuist.m.l'i
tho c.untry Hat' few ��u-u -arv i_vv!..ii_f
anough sfm'it.
A iUberBiBa aoys fisU-shoaW not be f.i-
Kitted to 11a when vh��v csn Vw hung, the
Satsi��.i)!ght bo said nl fi��henj��n.
WImui a woman-can ej:i-nk three ol four
L_ugua__s fluaiit-*-, sho li foolish to threw
herseit atvay on. a ui.i'i-wbs nn_a__.taac:
hut ���a_.-��t_i:.oag<.' Kct-s.
__.a.rve.l_.-i t.i Tttntik.
Johnny���Tho verblago was '<o 'tad 1
���cnldn'T lido niy wluvl.
Bis Sinter���Vilintoto yos.lii.K'mif.'dsuUt?
"Wis!.,- Whon" I saw "tho word 'vot blags'
Is tho paper ami asked in what i�� meant
Ik. said-wind.' -���Cincinnati Enquirer,
��� *C_ate* o-MTwo JJvlK��
/It'-n-civ.-ars*-"-''''.*' wrong to tlsi-li*,
liliit. uon<> the lestt. i_y son,
Umprov* your muscles���don't): olaa
-As If s-iKsttifo ��.re 0ot>,.
i-It'e alwa-ys"v"*ery"wronf to f.K'ht,
Bnt never rltwe yot-.r .-ar.i
'"When Vite'r, ."am ein;;.'-!*!*- tbattfta
Way nets} sew WHU-U-ira.
��It'a alwajTi v��ry ���ro��;; to -ft_ri>t;
Tb* sarlns'a oM aud leri-.��,
__But to make Lattle ;iii(t ��et **>.ll.i>e_���
a-ba��'* hiflntttty worse.
���Wasoibgtai) -Star,
'I'be tit-:i< Iluat Usee ia l.undoa.
i     'IVeWard  thi* middle of March London
!**_-__.-nlyl_t-foi_M.s-.nu arrangeuicn* in blue.
'afino nice  is flxad-ios the ais:>oud riaturdny
;��� before faster,'.when   tto  l-omloner, who
i lias pawed weeks  and mouths witho-rt
I li'.iLl>__.y or pajjeant,.ls'4h the humor to-
; jmake Uio m..st, of It.   Ani! London deeo
jsLvik-.h Itsolf..In au_s!eip,'itlon.    The drapei-c
irWlndsiWs_iec__.es. �� harmony in blue.    i��j
uCufA   tt-i sUitijiKT'sj'Sadoos the_ milii-
i-jj-ir'Si  i-i' do__pj_l��_Vegent .street;'so do
' Oxford street, Bteadllly, J.cnsington.   In
t'he tttrtkutl and ;0_5_ap��hlo  the fakir put.
..itway his  p.nny bagpipes ajutl his shirt
-kinds and Lis toys and brings out trays 61
��� tilh.v light aud dark -jitia-buttonholo buds
The i:all'.vay,cum|s_,;iics [jj'int their-tiiue
. t���!.,!.s  mi  light mid dnrk- blue, and  the
papcrsj it they de uot change the color bi
i tftudr ink, eutwduvu. police news and liter
-��ry iisite-i  to dvvota the spa_o to daily ac-
counts of; the orews cut for  .iractioe, and
.tbj oolutuas of personal gossip are filled
.���jviiti i_escriptloBS..af the men, thoir food
-���and thelv fane!.*.   The condition of No W
.taut *;'.>r. importance' ;huu tho hoalth ol
. tho prime H:!nl-i'___' and the blister on the
jdlngor uf n strok*'UKxro-u_-rio.<is than a do
fssur, lu. India. About us.' -.ut of ersry lot,'
jk.i;;).- in London have something staked
upon Uie race, for UiuiJ.judtvner is a boen
gum blur, .though his gambling has beeu
usfis'.ia'ly suppres.ed, possibly  the reason
of its never fhillug ehanii for hlm.���Mrs
..kHisabeth J^utiins. Peui>ell in-Century
.That IlotlicrauuK* "il."
Sjniaking of /-ha letter "!i," a writer tv
! the llcchcat.r.Post-Express suys: "Curiously enough, tho 'h' Is not_-tropped north
of VoTk_hlre,tond Scotland, wilh charao-
tiiri*4*'i thrlftluese, fakes t.lia utmost can
ef lt. i.rt'land.is prodigal4n emphasizing
tt, nud, so fur Mi knowf-ifehe colonies ar*
a'.iui sound on. this point. Only England
MfUS*_ to aspirate. .Sometimes her con-
S'stent iimr..;u-a<i_i in this.miittor is aintis-
tug anough.
" *'ar. _xui_s]*_a,' there _!_.�� .village in the
���natecm sountles which re;nlo��'s in tlte
-nur.it) of. Haw. A parishioner was askee
what ho thought of-.* strange prnache)
���who had been holdings* aers-iee lu the Til*
" 'Wttll,' .its, said, ill liked tho gontle
ana.].    '1* 'ex1 vas just suited to us folk
��� " 'Why, what was his tcixil''
" Ut .wwo a tex' from .'IsO p.ultns,
''Stlvtld in liawo and sin not"���-t kiiiiiiiISb
��o 'siiuul. hilkn.' "
Saeb a i.��.*ir��aael
:New, th* gallant riders roufth,.
iHavlBg get their hard won doush.
-Boen will Tiear tho rephyrs eougit
Aa tk*;.- lie t.ei.___tii the tiooRh.
.V.r away from lrntieatnl bo-__.lv
__**- beside the r!_>plln__ IciiKh.
But they mustn't catch aroougj.
'.Ke, aor dose It a la Gooirh,
��� An*���but, say, this Is eriough.
-Tll.vi.oJ   Plain  nula
'Hniiililty Is iho vlrtn. trll -preach,
rnone practices, nnd yot.everybody is
content to hear.���Seldou.
Th��f law which at prssen. governs the
practice of modioine in Franoo forbids.tha
���lmultaoaoufl prhctioe of medicine and
phnrmaoy even by a porson who may beta
.possemlOB of diplomas in both subjects.
-A llii'-rj Ulcl *s����ni_f.
.Tlte lord chief justice <��*f :Abysslnlate
s_kr.i.i'll.*d tiy a rori-espondenf, of'ihe St.
James Uazett*.as a cbe*-ry��Jtl gentleman,
dreywcl lu a huge black hat, with a green
���ilk l._u>!lk<*r��h_r( Med aro-'ind his head un
alerneath tlie hat, blouk silk cloak oin-
broldereil with gold, smart jmrjile silk skial
Kiulerntsath and eontiuuatious of ttie fairest linen.. He-was also armed with a long
-award '.i-i. red scahtiard, and his squires,
running alongside, carried..his rifle aad
(old Riountetl shield.
���A .Kintatter'a < <smi*W����iit.
'-A   treat   many   Episoopal   clergymMt
.|-Fobably would sympathize with the English bishop who said- recently: "The twa
-.hinge of whieh.I am most tired aro ' Tho
Cburoh-'sOno Foundation'and cold chlek-
an,   Tbe ^y_oi> seems alwoys-to bo chosen
���whereveri go,.and kind, hostesses, with
<_|iii(�� extraordinary  unanimity, provide
���cold ehioksa for luaeheon."���New Yofk
-*>t.m*b-dy -has -ban tw-B-tanag WnU
���Whitmsn'S "Leavss it CJrass"4ntoifa.***a��.
As Walt himself -woaW-aaT, tsfioshl'"���
Cleveland l_*nd*r.
AltiTnlnluKi huts nr? tha Mwskt thing*
���ifor tho nee of Klondike miners.   They ar*
well  adapted   for   light  houseketiilW"-
Ot.K-i' l.''>iffs ..��.'< KocinvroU. -T-/.K DJ_L*?A T��nSS. SATURDAY, NOVEifBEJ. 7.
�����.-u__��..'��� -jy.'-ms----isua-i���"-S4j.s __-__*��� i^ga
-.,��. ���
i_OCAil    1NJ_4.W5._
P. Shirley suited ll e Teiipi_-1*
City, ye_.--du.j-.
T. W. K,erq v s^ed th- Tens-Hal
City oa SaUi; lay las'.
Dr. Wilson was a visiter to New
Westminister, this we.k.
Ref.   Cation. Hilton  visited   the!
ihe Royal City tliis wee'..
Stailcy  Goastiej   paid   a  short
.busines.- visit here tkia -*e-sk.
Mra. J. F. BetU took iu the
'.R-yal City and Vaucouver, yester- j
yiss M-Lellaa- returned l*t_*ie..j
��� esterday, from a visit to tha Royal.
City. j
H. J. Hiftcbsrsoii relur_i.d home,'
Tuesday, trom % visit the Royal!
Hits Nora __.r__stro_g,  _f N��w
.YVestnmister,.   i*   vi*lti)����    friends
Wa. Stokes went oyer to Va_-
ct-irer, Ttaterday, ott a kusiuess
Mrs. J. Reach aud sen, Oawald,
went over t�� Vi_4.cou.vtr, yesterday,
on a visit;.
Miss Wad'd.l, _F Vancouver
ratne over, yesterday, oa a visit to
xirie_ids here
Alex. Davie returned home Wednesday evening itora a trip into
ijhe Interior.
Tho tnlj. nhaflfls t_o.is lu -it-k ftt,,. s-l.-tu,
bul ev.u when co_.i_.in_d with bright ���-���-_���
ors, arc still quiet larffecc.
The soft wi.ii.'i crown unit a pretty Bol'4
blue nre found ':���. eQ_.__p_.tlon this yea*.',
Loth in (materials acd in notvui.
Many _an,d=ui_e nnportftl gowns oyo lu,
(jiishiMert* oi _ls.-!:>.itie shades. A dear.. l_oa
*��]);iiltjiii.' Is. seen im hands-til- S-totaociQ,
__,i evening gowns.
Stylish skirts nro made with the plaid
_u the Mas anil apparently of tha thick.
��.ss.l_Q luaterial ol whieU go!,.1' cupss nr*j
Kiado. They aro pretty od Blende, women.
The baby Persian lamb is t_. l;_ lonml.
te an effective trluunlng oh tbe Bodices o*
ai.iny g.v.ns. it 1_ effective iu giving
chtimcttr l;>a ..u\vn of one of the pretty
slsiiilc.-ii of brown.
Chinchilla ln mtrrow bantU ltuUhes th*
b-.n-sjiu and otltHnes __ii>.ls of hri.'ui.on.e
jttcpfiuu and rvt-niug ftuwn*, and Willi
.-..client, effect, .hough some _:._>_t'.e object
i}ways to. fas -n house gowns.
Very i.rvtly jackets et f;iv;n color, sty],.
bhly lined with silk stripes and ylalas.
st. tu I.-. Juiiu.-l nt ..ii.-iml-I. pilceti. A
stylioh jacket hsiis a straight, loose front,
anelipper and two lower pockets.
Hbloestone buttons, )ui-k��) and stnali,
��p|r_nr cu many pretty frocks, cut _t_.7
ornaments, ft large plain crystal button,
and tbsro is nothing prottlar than r,!i_
glnln grysnai buturn whi-.-li litis no orntv-
U ho v<_-y '..ccn-log medial cs.llar is _weii
on many rocoptlon gowns. With Ibis high
dollar in ihe l-tok and lapels at either side,
s square cut neck tilled iu with _o_t putted
.null, tho etfcci Is ve.y pretty and uiuch,
illected by elderly woutsn.
Tho iiuing of. your gowa- this sou^on-
must bo of the name color i-s it ar ns lti.
trimmings- to bp att fftlt. I'hay may bft
a shade lighter If desired, but tbere iu-..
Iio no co-Uftists. 'i'bese small things __���
moth to mako the g_.i_.ftl ol._.__uoe et the-
j_v.u.��� Now Vtirk 'i'liuss,
' Now WlUlaB. Waldorf _.**�� is ckLuatng.
to lie aa A__._ri.__i oitlaeo. -'hie ls gum
nf tlie anplaasftut results of the war. VT.
��rere perfectly _o��_��_it*d to have WHUisr
atf-amed et ����.���Wa_hlngt��_ P_r___.
F^'.^y--*-^sJ-^��JgaK��-�� _:>������������.-- i :^s-..TAiii*. _.-h^-_:.--.-.--: | -y_. fjt
" i-    -JJ��� .1   '- SI -!_.'.!.'S*-K_^rgr7; . .    _-.l_t..s1��
Once in a while we happen to get a
real strong bargain in something our custom-era need. Flannelette is something
every housekeeper needs. We bought, recently, several thousand yards of good heavy
ilannelette, before the East advance in prices,
&2_d though we could get 12^ cent-a a yard
for it to-day it ?s on sgle at our staple
counter at
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that v/o are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
vVrite for Prices,
IT Hubs-., witraew raise t-tte @ut��_i, As
tvalse of his eouatrytusB will never uhi
te a full stop.���We. Louis Bept-.bll*.
While he js>be-t iliewoikerf ItfU.g lmt%
sunken wrecks eS _uuiti��_je.Me__ou algki
give tire _l��rT._____e a beost.���Deceit .1 <._��������
It took Mr. Mebfxo n leng Mwe te is slat
��raise. 'Kkes* sre lets it _.aoyla wh�� ur4
_p__allfl��d to ���7D.Ba.bi1e ���_ it. lit. H-e.soi..
���I*b!Ja.!.lp-__ Bull-tin.
All that seenis necesiary la te tuention
4_ I.ip.tBuant Hvbss.ii wbethta- It _. _��-
e-red to have Sbe ship eoiuo trp ei ge
down.���Washington Star.
Constructor Hohsnu has sii��\T_ hfiesell
an enginear af tbe vary frt. ardev. Tit
ypder tlio .j-JUh emi -_:i.lqnitt*d s��st.-u*
of on; navy, being a staff ol'ilew, ho nan
never be given executive command <_h
Voard ship and has only noiuiual rank.���
ihllarlalphia Press.
Not only is it good and heavy but
very very wide, some pieces measuring 35,
36 and 37 inches. In light and dark stripes,
blues, pinks, &wn, greys, etc.
S a  an/a &gmlii/ �� Hm
267 Columbia St, New Westminster, B. G
118 lil��lie il B...
B. 0.
Ifiss-s Alice ttnil Viol.t Ladner
returned home, vestcrda,y, fmm a
visit to the RoyrJ C.ty.
Vfrs. T. McNeely retut.eerl horae,
Thursday eveuiug from an extended visit to friend), in tk9.__.sst.
-rair   la   Moderatlou.
Wlfe-If I wors t*. die,. Phil, .wha.
would you do?
Phil���I'd bo most crazy.
Wife���Would you marry again?
pi_il?-No'.I pronldu't !_������ that _rn?&. .
i w
Cut Glass,
And all kinds of Jewelry
Repairing n Speohtlty.
Jfndrew Clausen,
IiADNEl-.   B. C.
ssUW-ua.. ^ xo�� mm'jiL j . mv j. era
loots and Shoes
Mrs. K. F. Cl-rfc, of V��ac��UY*r, j
hit been tke guest, during tha-;
��ast -wetk, of M��. T. Woolery.
Her. Tk����. Oswald, late of T.ad
Her bnt now or MK.i.n, kas sectpt-1 r       *     ,. 4 _,,
ed   tbe   call* te   the  P._fib_fteriaa
cburck at Langley.
��nt�� my pretuinei* about October i
25tk, o��e R��d Bull. Owner can:
kave saw. by jiroviug property atd
Kdgai Fgiton islui_i_d liome.
Tuesday "r__aIreratt \Vash.,wkeie
lie kfti ke��n eigagasL during tl ���
past jaar _u Benssn's dre_ge.
Mrs. McNivea and two sons a_��
xired here, W-dsesrl.-T, from Gi"a��*
gow, Scotl_u_, to j'.iti th* ��th��r
.U-irtberfr oi tke family wko arri red'
lost year.
On Tkursd'ay, ths as-h ia/it.,. a-
Breast Piu with Pearl (Jetting..
Finder please return to-
Mrs. T. W. FOSTER.
To[> Market Prices
f'AlD   I'O...'
Dressed Poultry
Quite a nuvubsr ! aur farmers-
are anxieusly waiting tke acriral of
the niiltiag machiae-, wbic'.i tk* B.!
C. lilectric G_. mteH'l iast-Jluig o��.'
its arrival frAui tke east, 1
When you are wanting- anything in the
line of Blouses, Dress Skirts, Petticoats,
Underwear, Hosiery, White Goods, Neckwear, Eibbons, Pi.rs. Smallwears^ Holiday
Goods, or
Bonnets, Hats, Fura, Dresses,   Underwear,
Hosiery, Etc.
Call and let us show you.
Goods and Prices Right.
20 p. Oe Reduction ��"JLL ����??s
Now is the time to outfit in Nobby,
Up-to-Date Styles	
Tans & Patent's at Cost.
-J-!.."    -inr-fla
P_rson_r desirous ot t-ubscribi-igi
p the Daily Wb_dd -flay do so by��� ���
leaving their namea at this office..,
The paper wril be deliyi*i��l in thej
village for pocent-si week. SIX'
isstias,'delivered regularly, for only:
i-oc. Extra, cnjniair Bjav b? h.i_l at;
anv lime.
A.  I)|.:s!',Rl.*A.Y,
17 T. 'cALVKKT,
Local Agent.
A. J. BIRTCH, -        275 Columbia Street
fufm REAQH,    -    Ladner, B.
Estate When You Want to Ship or Stor^
Your Produce or Lire Stock.
:��� si "��������������� ������;.-'_��� . - .*�� '   ��� t._.i*vm > ��������� ..
'1'he IS. !_f. Elecifric l.oy.i av-e to
!,c congratulated on the successful
cnter.Uiginenf they pat up, last
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lhat when next the Electric Boys
spread themselves they will have a
�� ."M-cr Ijouse.
|J �����*
Grain Elevator
Capacity 500 Tons,
Space 24,000 Square Feet.
Port  Guichon, B? C.


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