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The Delta Times Mar 9, 1909

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Array I / WI _i     ^^
6, No. 3f8
LADNEI., B. C, TUESDAY.. MARCH fi, 1909.
Ready for Spring Business
AH tiie New Spring Goods have now arrived.     All
Departments Complete.
School Board   'Our Victoria letter    Ibe Hsrfaet.
The  Board of School 'SbuStees
Vi-ctOT is,   'MtittIi
Ladies' Wear.
New Dre33 Skirts ia aR the new
materials and colorings.
New White wear, New Blouses,
_Mew   Hosiery,  Gloves,  Underwear, Kaincoats.
Wash Goods
NEW PRINTS, new white and
colored muslins, new "laces and
Bew   line    NECKWEAR   and
BELTS m sll the new iaieas.
McCall   *   Patterns   -   MdCaTl
Men's  Department-
ME_."S   and  BOY��'
See the new "Cambridge" Suits for
spring, the Tery latest designs in fine
Scotch Tweeds all
sizes, at $12, $14.25
and $17-
Boys' 2.-piece Norfolk and 3-piece Suits
in a>K the new Tweed
���effects from #2.75 to
.<������. New A. e*t���n;iif!.i _���. March 6.���
met .n -the Council Chfttribcr >oa ! week has seeu considerable progress Market condition-, -.nil continue te
Saturday, Matih Ot!i, with Trus-jmade'in the work ot the Leg.s-j'iniprove as th. spring opens up,
tees Smith Wright (in the chair), Mature. The Medical Kill, shorn ot. reach week seeing au increase in the
A. DeR. Taylor, P. Swensen, W isciae'd-.ts objectionable features, fs)Quantity of produce brought to the
Pybus and R. H.!g)uaggan,present,  nearly through rlte'coninikh. . .uc.gfr.: market for-sate, and an i.-icrease in
Minutes   of ' previous
were adopted as read.
From A. A. King, M.H.O..��otn
plaining against the size and con
meeting j at i>; 'expected tbat prorogation j.lie 'demn__ ucr all 'i.nes. Last
1 will tie inched next week, al wieek was the !___:-to. sometime,
ltbe��#,-some of the mast important ^ wc_,,. ^.^h'tetter, aithougt
bills -tillTstnain 'tc  be  dealt witli. , ,
,        ,      ���, _, ,    ,'muclrmore business will come  be-
namely,   the   Water   Clauses,   tl e
Gmnd Trunk Pacific and the Put.   *>re tbe tull Strength d* theipnog
is attained. -Frem etrly morning
until pi o'clock a good business
was done and -by 'that time all the
stock hedtheen ckrared in theibuild-
ion of toilets at iLadner -school,  lie Service Bills.
Received and filed, and Secretary to
From A.M. Maxwell, teaaliei at
East  Delta, asking  power *_  deal;!
with ascertain bf-d 'boy. Teacher sheJving'tbis subjectlorthepresent,
to b. sustained even to expulsion fhe peculiar action of ..the Govern-
of scholar. I ment   in   voting    for    Hawthorn-
From Alex. Robinson, Supt. of] thwarte's'-esolutior. which declares
Education, notifying the Board of j that Loccl Option is ���dbjectio....-!. e
���the government'-.ntcitiou to build and jnefifeative is now ^considered ns
schools   at   the   foHowin ?   places: j att <ipeB .defloration of sJ-OStiliK-nq
Local Option.
The appointment of a Con_��iis-
sion to cotlefct  information v iiich
Benson troad, Gulfside .and Annacis
Island, also requesting the Board to
procure "deeds of lots tor saiue. The
Secretary was instructed to forward j wju be iwefoil t���� the Licensed . .ctu
deeds-soon as possible. ! aIers' Associatwau, at .ke expense of
SHIRTS and -GKLOVES bearing this Kram a numbw ��f residents of the Province, ought to be con-
u��������j r.~~���iA . .-v... Ur. .. ��.. .���r.iStrawb<,lrv  Hill, asking  fora>new5eiusive evidence as'tc the po*kioo
brana are considered the best fitting scboo, to be bailt in tbeir di9trict,
goods on the market.
Wi? carry a complete ._i?e oi
these Shirts-and Gloves and recommend them.
STANMELD'S Tfederwear for
Men sand Boys, in .all weighta
HATS���See oifcr Me of Hard and Soft Hats in all the
New Spring Shapes and Colors     .      .     *     	
New Easter Neckwear.
Hardware Department
Received and filed.
From Miss Ella Hoffa.l, asking
for   tlrree   ���chairs    lor    Aunievillehjgt vegetation is slow.
school.    Setrretary to smpply same.'l     A large number of new re__'
With regard to tbe old  TrenautLre  in  ^.3. Qf constructio*
school grounds it Was decided not
to rent the grounds again a-; it may
be needed at any tiiae, but the Secretary was permitted .he use of i;
ifor keepiug the itencts'in repair, provided he vacate mt Htty Him?. if?e-
cju:i>ed so to do.
The Secretary read   the Inspec-
EDrron IDblta T. m_ s-
Sir: ����� .ftinjj to a great  deal  of
tor's Teports   wliich   showed   the I misunderstanding   in     connection
schools ia this  district  to  be'in a;!
A Car of the BEST AMERICAN BARB WIRE just in, at fa g ||).
Grocery Department.
Hew and Strictly FRESH GROCERIES arriving daily.
Wc Want Y��ur Business.   W�� mil Your Eggs.   PRICES
i'Verv good  condition.   The Secretary was authorized to forward to j
each teacher  a copy of t e In$pec-
tor's remavksupoiiitheir work.
The following accounts were or
dcred  paid: S. \V.   Fisher,  $2.40;^ possible so as to start practice early
R.  T.  Lord, ite .30;   Delta  Times, I We'require *u enrolment  of thirty [though more were offered thi_<w.el_
���$4.30; E. Hof__-d,'$_.5o; A. Qu*g4 men at least' p,nd the more we can
s^an, $2.50;  H.   N. Rich,  $20;   L.figet in, the less will bethe individ-
Lanning, Fawcett & Wilson
TheTenswer of 'the 'Governu_o.it
to the Local Oi>tiou petitions to
g ant a plebiscite was looked upon
as   simply   a ���eoarenient   way   ,.f ] in8 ��,n<l tiieU uyers l_*ci moved-onto
the sqic_ve''V.'l_e;-e an -e.vcepticnally
good stock' business was being
transacted. ''With the 'progress of
the -season the deuMmH for horses
and cattle at reasonable .prices is
feecontiag-stronger a��d itbreawns tc
develop i'l.o a rush.
iieel was p.i_sit..fti_ ��rid 'the'de-
tnand w��.; ^.oc ., ailVihe pritceimeat-s
selliiig'.e_iliiy*t 'last week'-sp-rices.
Mutton was cnore rplenttftli 'than
usual, hut was st.li -sho*; of'the
'heavy demand. .Vc-al-was much in
request and although the supply
was large in comparison with previous weeks, ithe .deta&ntl ^was
equally vigorous and sold rapidly.
'Pork vras n<.: as larf.^y represented
���as last week and was soon sold out,
(the price vetnaining steady.
Eggs were offered in large numbers and although an endeavor was
tn uie to maintain theprice s_t last
V7.*ek. a weaJr.ness was shown from
the start ant. dealers were glad to
se.1 .'.t 3c sbott < . last week's wholesale figure at the close. Butter was
offered'in sufficient quantity to supply the market but no more.
Fowls were muck more numerous tha_. tbey have bean tor many
���weeks, but stSl were insufficient to
���more than cover the heavy demand.
'._ few ducks were shown on the
warket a.id immediately sold at $ri.
Apples   were   not   plertifel   al-
1 f the Government.
The    weather    has   benxt    v^ry
changeable.    Crocuses are in b.o_m
'the outlook for a year's
'business is v..7 good.
title Association.
with   Rifle   Associatior.   matters,   1
think it would be advisable io pub-
'lisha   lew  of  tne important 1 ides.
We are nm.icis  to  bave the ,Association ir. working order ��s-soou as
Hardman   & 'Co.,
Brandrith,  $9; -sal-
Reserve Friday, March iTth.
DR. ROBSON WILL  PREACH, told by  the  Doctor is one of most
intense  iriterest.    The  public  are
Rev. E. Robson,  D.D.,  of Van- c8rdlally iBvitecL
couver, is announced to preach in
the Methodist Church here on Sunday next, also at  East Delta at 3] 	
'O'clock in tbe afternoon.    Dr.lRob-i    .Rometnbcr the .Sale of  Granite-
son is the only surviving timber ware now on *tl*a.imer & Elliott's,
of the   first band of missionaries j
sent out to British Columbia bv tbej *"" J      '
Methodist Chtft-ch !in Canada. tPifty
years ago on the 10th of February
last the little band of devoted men,
consisting of Revs. Dr. Evans, Sfe,
White, A. 'Etewning and fi. Robson laudefi ;at Victoria to lay the
foundation of a woA which has
grown to such propottions in this
���province. Dr. Robson will preach
jubilee sermons in the afternoon
���and evening. The story of the
taarlv days in  British Columbia as
W. H. Smith, Grand Master of
the A.O.U-W. of 15. C, is in Van-
COBVer attending the session.
SEED WHEAT ��� Red Fife and
Blue Stem; Timothy, Clover,
Root and Garden Seeds.
Brackrr.an-Ker  Milling  Co..  Ltd.,
H. N. RI.CH, Ladnei;, B.C., .<_gent.
We arc   gfatl  that   the people of
Ladner and  Steveston .,-HI  again, I
to-mof-OW. be pieced in ��� .omr.intii-i
cation with the city by  means of a
large steumer, and the general consensus of opinion i-s that the re-
Hansen, $15
-$i.75s W. J.
dries, $710.
The follovnug tenders wcre then
For Janitor WTork���
iF. J. Perkius, at $;o per month.
B. Featoii, at $15.-50 per nioiith
ifor "Eve months, and 5t6...o pir
���month-for seven'months.
Mrs. R. Devereaux, at SitVper
Mrs. 'Lucas, at $20 per month.
!    On a  ballot beiu^  taken,  Mrs.
I'Devereaux  received   the   appotut-
'ment, duties to comme.ice April tst.
For Flagpoles���
IR. A. Coleman,'$90.
J. P. Fdllis, $1)22,50.
L. Hansen, $60.
On motion L. H msen wa��
awarded tlve contract.
���F��. building toiletat V.t-   Delta���
,    'PI. J. Cresswell, $30.
i   'This  tender  was consi ired too
1'fcigh aud  tbe  bivildin,;  was lilt in
lithe hands of A.  Pel..  Taylor  to
ual cost. Our greatest expense
will be tfce building Tend maintenance of the range. The annual fee
wtll le decided upon at the next
sumption   ot   the   service   by  the,, ,       ,     ,     , ,
��      ,r.   . ������ ,        , 1 have same done bv cay labor.
Transfer will be welcome. I J
Robert Jardine has taken a move      The   Roard   ,b=" ���*djou_*M
whiet 'will fee cordially welcomed Saturday,sAprilJgtiVat - l-ul-
by the twriners. and  his  action is a I
prompt   response   to   the   petition
whick Was widelywrculated ercong
the   merchants -some  weeks   ago.
The service will be in "the bands of
Mrs.   (Rev.) J.  F.   Beits entertained the members of the Sabbath
men tlit__iighly-i-e.l't�� 'ihe river. '[School Board at the  Parsona , , on
a  gootl  setvtee  is guaranteed and
the hew owners are men   who have
Wednesday evening last, when sht1
presented her report of the Sunday
only'local interests to stive, instead School Convi.ntiou which was held
of a.great corporation to whom the
conduct of a river boat i�� but _
small matter.���D'lily News, New
Westminster. .March 2, 'oq.
at New Westminster some time ago
and considerable important business
.was transacted by J he J-oat<J
than for some time and all .found
tjuick sale. Potatoes were more ic
evidence but the-Strength of tbe demand was sufficient to boost the
��� price frora'Jko to $2? a ton.
Following is the list of quota-torn
to be not less than $1 perfprevailing at yesterday's market:
Beef, hindquarters, 8 hie to 9;^
Any   maic  between   i_   and   60; per lb; forequarters, 6^c to 7'_c
years of age is  eligible  by  t.king:     Mutton, 13c to 1 ^c pir lb.
the oath ol  a.legianc.  to His Ma-|    La-.ib, ..4CM0 r-jf'j per lb.
jisty. j     Veal,   medium,    tiVjC   per   lb;
'Anytr.ember may resign "by giv-'.a.ge, 9c to roc.
ing three mouths notice iv. writing.      Pork, f.c to Sj-jc per In.
Tv.'o.hirdT. maj irit    vote of  mem-     'Eggs,  wholesale, /eye  per   dor;
bers tpreseiit  at .1  special meeting I retail, 35c.
will-expel any "member. Butter, 3.5c to 40c- per lb.
The government allows ove riBe      Fcwls, lJS.oo to Mo.no per dor;
to every four in.mi and   10a   rounds chickens, f7.aot<_$S.00 fics'doe.
ot ammuiiitieii   per man per year,      Ducks, $12 per dor.
which   must   be  accounted   kir, 49 i     Potatoes, $2: per tent.
Apples, $-..1 io'$C50>a box.
��'lions, $2..".f. pci-'-sack.
I uinips, 75c"per-sack.
Carrots, jr- p(-r sack.
Va:snips, J' jkt sack.
rounds must be lir.-o at tic. nl -.-..iiRe.
each year.
A-umtihi.i&n aliOVe the '100
rounds will be p.ro\ide<3 at the rate
ot 2c per round by i_,-��� Dcpari nent.
In addition to the set of "Standard Rules' eacii association makes
rules deemed necessary fcr tbc
proper carrying out of the Association's interests.
The idea of the Hover .uncut is, I
think, to train men to sho .t so 'bat
in timeof-need there is a psrii y
trained body ot"mec to fall back on.
If the time ever comes when it will
be necessary to call out the K'We
Associations in defence of our coun-
tty every right-minded mau would: The Grand Lodge, A.O.U.W,,
be eager to take part. \ which  was to have been held in
I   think   the   Rifle   Association; Nanaimo,   this   week, was   trims-
ly will be tke sowce ofa t;r.at deal
of uipyment for t'he members At
verv little pcr.cun! errpius::.
Any person in<erest��d may see
ihe "Revillations lor Rifle Associations" by caMing here. 'We have
tJ.e oue set oniyctipresent.
Youts, etc.,
���    J. W. WOODLEY.
scheme   a   good   one and   besides
teaching us to shoot more accurate-
ferred to Vane >uver on accouftt*.'
.the .'ormer.city beip^' ,qua_antiiwd ;thE DELTAnTIMF?, TUESf AY, MARCH   ., io^o.
PVI^IS-LED   HV_RY  TuESBA.Y.       '
SubscjjsUjtson, J1-00 Wi-XW-  I
I        At>vn_TIsi_3 Jks4,TKS.
g_ai_iu��_t. l..i....lS����'��>Per ' ",r ,*"c"|
jubwquciit insertion. The number ol lln��,
Jckuu-d l>y the i*��.ce _x'i**ed, ti lines to the,
nch. I
Rales Ioc Coinroerd.il AslV-itl*euienU <p�� bli
l^s.l on tppUcatiuii ��t ths. o_in_.
Rendiun ootiees uraib. per litis tor. each in-1
airtTi Uenth nui'* Marriage nonces, $:._-. ,
,\jjy speci��l _ov.��. the ohjrrt, ol which tato
BrupioUrthc pecuniary benefit ol any ni.lh-i.l__l
Sr rompaiiy, to be c^u.idered __ advertise ment
_jid cfcHgpM'fiCQOi'diagty,
yyiadr. rlis.3vrsrf�� 8)��rS��s4 fi.;u alii (*il����<t*|
cya and paid for.
Correspondence invjled c�� matters ql public
merest. ConiniunieHuous to editur nuist be ac- |
ccnipnnied bs1 name ot wri-f-r, no^-necessarily
(pr publication, but as evidence un goad faith.
Correspondence innst rei^h L_is oflice by Tlinrs-
^Generations of live, wide-
awak.T American Boys Lave
obtained tbe right kind of
by being- <. |aipf_.d with the
"' uiitfri-iig, time-.h.oupre'd
ATsl PKOgra&Blve llnr.lwn.',. and
BnOBHUrUMOlta MiTTvhnnts lull!. !l)
STBVBNS. Kyniii'iinniit-iititjilu.
IVO ss,41l)sluisdirs<i..i'.\pii'SMi.T'ei:4id
up_ur��oeipto_ Cutali.h'l'riie.'
R. MiUJiBv,
tsenls i-i si: .-nps lor
Must rat..i,C_j��_u
KepK-ts.   wi'
B T B V B H 8
nml general
Aroariu ln-
!T\ (Tl tOl'5.
P.O.D.i 40:j
Cbicopce fall*. \i���\..
(Fashion Stables*
-1 it ii i
Trucking and Braying.     Livery "Work of
All Kinds Attended to Promptly.
Incorporated t.-6'i.
All Kinds o_ Firewood Always Oa Han...
J_    M.   COLUNSON, PhOne  20, UDNER, U.\ Total Assets Over Fifty
$10i003 000
$ 3,000,000
I'.) '.'._���-,.     !>J
TUESDAY.   MARCH Q,   1909.
of Waterproof
Fof Winter Weather
A  very  enjoyable evening   was
It must be very gratifying to the j spent   at   Crescent   Island   school
Water. Ccj_mit.ee. to see the way i house, oa Friday last, when a large
Signatures tyid  assessed values.ate number of friends turned  ou_  to
; hear  the  following excellent pro
j gramme which was well rendered.
Mandolin Trio...Misses M. lanning,
W. Hutcherson  and   M#.  B.H,
(Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
Savings Department,
Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and  Upwards.      Interest paid,  or credited,  half-
yearly on Jnne 3,0th aud December
31st each year.
K. D_ SIMPSON, Manager,  LADNER, B. C.
piling up 00 the petitions, after all \
the opposition set agaiast it.
For the information of the doubter we- would say agaiit that: By
signing the petition
J. Johnson, Prop.
begs to annorwiice that he has reopened his Mandolin and Violin
Classes in   Waddell's   Hall,   over
Newly Furnished Throughout, and , GJfford.s ^^ shQp
First-Class in Every Detail.
Rates on Application.
Repairing Neatly and Promptly Done.
For further particulars apply to
for  water you i Violin Solo	
are binding ysoutselfc to. rao pa?.ieu- ]   ong'".""	
I Recitatiiin
..Msy_?t_.e�� IWack
.Tlielaia Clark
..Miss Liddylo
....Annie Tidy
tor scheme,,but merely taking *ej Vocai r>ue,	
matter out of, the hands of the com-j    Miss, Liddylo a.xi Alf. Johnston
mittee   and;  placing   ife  with-  t'fle | Dialogue .........At Home j
Council,.alter which you will hav.aj Misses Jttua- McCluskej ��_>_ |
asav as to whether- 31011, will vote.! Haaei Price.
f    '. . . . .   .        ,     Song.'. ,,,..Alf. Johnston
fpr the scheme brought dow.n by ". ,. , ��� ��� . , w..\
v �� -r j Cowic Sketch.. ..The Poisoned Full
them.or not>. H. Howard, V. TayL^r and
  1 ��� 1
-:��� T���t.   ��� ������1.,, ������': "��. Hs Weare. |
Two or three weeks ago an anti-i \��n.ido-in Trio.......M. Latinitig,. VV. j
waterite   said   _)��. b,a4 an, article, j     Hutcherstwi and B. H. Weura.    |
. ,     r -,.   , .-, 1' .one Rev* Mr. Owea,
taken,from an Laster.i jaoer whJCh  -    5 ���     .   ~.,   !
,,. .        .    . _.   ! Recitation  ���iWinie Tidy;
h? wanted us to publish against the 'g         Miss ^d
water,-schsme.    After  waiting P��- gong Chas. Brawn j
tientiy fpr. this great  article, which j Vocal Duet      I -_-__-____....���..-...,.-__��___-____-_______-______.
i? to upseti all  the  ideas which .v,e;     Miss, Liddylo  z~,\d Alt. Johnston I
have formed regarding a supply of; Recitation...... ,Um. McS_ide| Jfg&     BEST     Water      TankS      Art
good water, he tells us he is afrjid i S^  ������..,,,-Alt- Johnston;
. ',      . . ,     Recitation ,.���...Mvrtle Mack;
to let us have  it tor   fear vie might .   ..
ft    I Whistling Duet ,,,....,....,.....
birn the tables oit him ryid his aati-; R Yoorhies and C_ Brawn j
Vater scheme. This certainly 1 Qosnic Sketch���"Lodgings for j
speaks well for t!jp strength ii  the     Single Ladies Only" _ Mrs..!
Are Prepared to . . .
Furnish All Kinds of
Shingles^ Doors* Sash and
House Finish  of All  Descriptions.
ManttoMnSm Strings, Eto.,
Supplied at City Prices.
Mfliiu-fncture-a*. of ull kinds ut
Soda Water, Ginger
Ale and Summer    *
Your patronage solkitea
mmm$Hi*fam$pm��mi.&m*$iri ��*�������� ��&.>s^.i��^.
Xew Crop, Onion, Carrot, Mangel, Timothy, Clover, Alsyke, now
iu stock, more to arrive.
All on test at onr Greenhouses���
j, best to he obtained. Samples|sent
{   to intending purchasers.
Get them off first hands _so mid-
dlem*ri's profits.
Leading vnrieljes.����f home grown
1 Fruit and Ornamental  Trees.   Bee"
(Supplies,   .Spray   Pumps, Spraying
[Mixtures,   Fertilizes*,   Greenhouse
Made at This Mill*
<j*se we have baen able to advance
lp favor.of a supply of goodi waters
A^i so.it is wit^v all-; right-thinking
��ibbs. Landlady, V. Taylor;. Mi*.
Potter, Lpdg.lV B- H. Weaje
God Save the King.
i     Mjss Liddylo, ii.   an  A.ustnUiai&.
if they will only own. up to its j o{ gMa��� ^emu* ability.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
| at 8:30 a.m. and 3T.-30 p.m.; returning,, leaves Steveston at  9:30 a.ui..
and 4C3P p.m.
Seed Potatoes.
Three kinis-ot  good  Seed Pota-
l.toes for sale.    Apply to
Call and seethe-bargains-at. T.fUi-l
met & Elliott's.on-Graniteware.      I ~
 __-,  1     \iwm for sale  on  Trunk road.
Services���| Ai Plv X.Y.Z. ,
Alt   Saints''   Lenten
Wednesdays, tj,.p.m.;  Fridays, 7:30
pim.;. Confirmation Cl_ss> Fridays,  ���
4 p.tn.
Avery quiet \veddin_ iook p'.ace,
Tuesday, evening last, ;it All Saints
Church, when' Miss Mie Jo. Ian
was united in. the bowl. 0! holy.
matrimony to C". M-. Mu.gan. K.ev.
E. R. Bartlett. officiated. M'ss M.
M'acKpnzie acted'as bridesmaid ancl
B. Hk Weare suppot.9d the gjootB.
Good water is an absolute necessity. I
tp tlyg district.
{nflpg Classes*
The Delta Fawners? Institute arej
'qp be congratulated upon, the qtial-i
ity of the spea,kprs. who were sent,,
here to ad.rej_> them, yesterday,;
Messrs. MacRae and Hodson eiviujj
a very good account ol  themselves..
It must be very diseottraging to!
these men to show U'p at a place qf,
meeting and 'jave to wait around
Ipr an hour and a half or more before they can get, to work, as tvaitj
thc case yesterday afternoon. Seattle, Wiu.i., Mnr. 5.���Steam-
These judging classes are of the! sl,iPs for sale :>nd ^a'<^ aruataj
utmost importance to our young preraiiaiX...o). the Pacific: Coast and
ipen as -��eU as to the olderr ones,] the Ahsfca* transportation-lines are
and tv; believe the greatest g^odi sendtns .igonts into the Great Lakes
���yoiild be accomplished if the Instir' country and: al&ng the Atlantic to
tute would meet betwehajid audij "egotiata for craft to be used this
diyMe yie membership up into s des|sararaer in ����"ving tourist parties.
Qti th{| different classes of stOQk���U>"om Seattle to. Alaska,
drawing lots for places and each' ' ���
side appointing acaptain, when, np.| f. Johnson,, of Vancouver, has
doubt, a sufficient number of those! purchased thc tease of the Delta
intensely inteiested might be got. Hotel from. Rt D.. McKenzie and.
together at, a seasonable hour an<J; took charge yesterday..   Mr. John-
For Sale.
Egqs for Hatching.
I'tliebred  Brown Leghorn Eggs.
��� vv is She time to get them if you
not wish to be disappointed.
I ust evening,, between the  head
the  Slough  and the  village of
.iner, a la lies' muff. Finder please
'.urn to
in the 1 otel business,, though only
a young men. The last, house in
which he had' a partnership being
Befu.t the meeting closed in thc
aftwnoon somewhere near seventy
were jjrestnt  and   in  the eTening
ti|ere was a f^ir t��rnoat but noth-j the New Alexandra Hotel, Vancouver, of which he was also man.
ager until it was sold last fall. C.
Qladwyn,, who was also connected
with Mr. Johnson in the Alexandra
brs come over with him and.
ing coajpared to what sbquld have
1   ml *     'Til    *sss"sssssssss^s��.
Two  weeks only.   Graniteware
id^g at bargain prices���1  timer &,, Hotel,
Ttlhoit. w'^1 bave charge of the bar.
i fjave installed a rs h-.p, elactr.ic
.tor in my crushing mill and am
ivV   "Already   Ready"   to  do the
1 work a* cheap as any oue.
For Sale.
Buckskin Manet, bra-ken. to ride
and drive, quiet;1 one bay mare in
foal to Hackney "Philostone."
Of Vernon,   Okanagan, hns come
to settle in Ladner, and is prepared
to fix up
in good shape, op anything on the
farm, by Day Work or Contract,
and will take- work on the share
Would lake- the management of
a Farm.
Good References.
Teams Reasonable:
Piano Tuning.
M;r.   W..  J.   G'oand1  tuned   our
{Westminster Branch)
Tihne Tal .�����
I Cirns. Iture Westminster tor VanCO*lver ftt^SO
I aml'o.yt ii.ni. ami hourly theiwaflcr until ir p.
, 111.; Saturdays nnd Suncmyaak ti p.m.
1 Cars leave Vancouver for Ww_����iti��ters av y.50
and 6150 11. m. ami lwmrly thereafter until 10 p.
t in.; Saturdays and Sundsiys at 11 p.hi.
j W��t .rai lirsfc-cla��s frtfijflit we* betweeu Wcflt-
miust-er and Vaucuuper mid nil BhipmetUft ure
haii'lludswlit1. Uue uOiiUMlt eare and delivered to
consiuneo: with*��rt dc'du/ Special attent��Vjn paid
to fruit shipments. Otu WHgOtlH meet all ho.it..
and trains.   Kor rates, etc apply to
SI�� G*K(?0��r, \. McQUARRsTR;
irraffic Mgr. Local Mmv*.
atalogue Free
M. J. BtNitY'S Nurseries,
30to Westminster Road
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
W. N. Draper,
RroMn ��. Ktlnrtl Bloc*. New We_tmt_��t-r.
Fisher's Dru-f a,ndCi
-=       Book Store
Rancher's Needs.
Lime & Sulphur Spray,
Imp Gat. 50c
Bring container.
Arsenate of Lead     Sfcigle lb 25e
[.(_��.. Stone ii. 15c
Imported direct from England
and guaranteed to coratisoi. less
than 1 p.c. Stilp_-_.!x- of Iron.
Petro-atun. fb tin 30c
A fine grade, suita-b'e for liouse-
hokl use as wall as veterinary
Carbolated Petrolatum- _D tin 50c
! Foimnliit       pint, quart or gallon
For dippiaig grain:  Goverturaent
I '���'GRAriD'"'   Pie.no an��_   regulited'1    Stand_ircl.
Ithe action to my entire satisfaction, | |ateir:iatiwiai Stock Food
I and   I  eaa  conscientiously recom-j package & paffs
! mend him to anyone requiring this.! 	
Household Needs.
large bottU 35c
*5C 35c & 50c
LIIQUID VENEER      25c & gpc
Bestt polish for furniture.
CHLORIDE OF LIME   2 lbs-.50
CREOLIN (diBi.nfcctant.      lb 35c
Special price per gallon.
bar 25c & 40c
W.'A. K"itikland wishrs to inform
the public that after the 31st ot
March he intends going out ot the
milk business at Ladner and also
. -shes to thank the puhli.- nr their
generous patiquag . in the past.
itneot wo.k.-Arthur Be^veii, Or-1 MAY'S, St. Paul and MinneapoHs, Northern
ganist  and   Choirmaster,  St.   An-1 ^* '                    r-i                   _  /-   __  _ c 1                        ���
Stews' Church. Vancouver. B.C.   I Gro^tx Flower and Garden Seeds.
Will   anaff..  rsg.ii.hr  trips, here and -���*���-���-*���*-*-���*-���-������--���-.
anvone wishing  their   instruments
tuned or repaired will  kindly leave
their, names.... This Office,.
S. Wi FISHER, Piim.B.,
Druggist and Stationer^     -     *     Ladner, $,C, THE DEI.TA TIMES, TUESDAY, MARCH 9, igo ..
church ^notices.
AI.l. S llsSTS.
Holy Commuuion���ist and yr.
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd un<! jtli
Suudays at 11 n.m.
Matins, ti o'clock.
Evensong, 7:^0 o'clock.
Sunday Schnol at 10 a  "
Fi id y ������-..-.tiii; - ._ Litai.
Rev. E   R. Bartlett, M
on ;
.Services first and third Sunday ol
eai ii month at 10:30 a.m.; Bene .'is -
tion, 7:;,o -,).tn.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Commuui
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.   ���
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services uext Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.111.
Class meeting, after the mornitii;
service every Sunday.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 8.
Rev. T. F. Betts. pastor.
Services next Lord's Dav at 1
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School 2:30 p.m. Midweek meeting on Wednesday even
ing at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. J. H.  White, M.A.
_! j .,>
\ M
\\ Nl
'oundsd 1892
Incorporated 1893
Sabbath services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Suuday Schoul at io;;;o tt. iii.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
8 p.m.
Provide- a Christian Home for .Students of both
sexes at moderate rates. Has u preparatory class for
junior students taking Public School work. Does High
School work and prepares tax Provincial Teachers* Examinations, Teaches all branches of a Practical Businegg
Course and confers Diplomas. Imparts a Liberal Educa
tion in its Collegiate Course, and in the Ladies' Course
for M. E. L., aud M. L. A. In Theology confers the de
gree of P.D. In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for the IJ.A. degree of Toronto
university, with which the College, is in full affiliation. In
Science teaches the First Year of Toronto School of Science, and has a Special Engineering Course adapted ta
Practical Engineering work in ihis Province. Iu Music, a
complete course in theory, voice culture, and piano and
organ, in aonjunctiou with the Toronto college of music.
Special instruction in art 'and elocution, while all studentg
are   required to take pliv
ileges of a well equip;.;
with   all  the  pr_T-
���i.i ""vniuasium.
eo   Vi_AR3*
.. oe Marks
Copyrights -ic
Anronosending a. ketchend_p_crtr-tIin ran7
quiclil. ;i_e_rtai_ our opinion freo -.TiiT.Tl.cr uu
IliTenli-n ts probnbly putentiiblo. Ooim.i__I._-
tinniTilriaUrcon-dcnUal. HANDBOOK on frr; as
sent freo. oldest neeo. y for .ec-iiniirpitlenlTjs
Patents taken tljrou..-b Mmiu & Co. receive
tgictatnottcs, without ea.rga, __t._o
AhnnUKomely Ulustratod weekly. I_ii{tos_ _ir-
culutloa of any sclentlflo joarnnl. Terms for
C_nu_ii, 33.75 a year, po.statto prcpuiU. Sold Ijy
ali newsdealers.
ftlOKii! ft Co.38lB~a��,'~'' Kew Vork
Br&ncb OfflOO. G25 F EU Washington. D. C.
UUI<IUU| iu 1 nu
If you average the cost price of J-M Asbestos Roofing over
the period of years it is in'service, you will see that "J-M" is
cheaper to use than any other prepared roofing. Being made of
Asbestos, an indestructible mineral, it is permanently durable.,
and as it does not require any coating or painting, its first cost is
the only cost.    Easily applied by anyone.
Asbestoside is an Asbestos Sheathing and is the most economical, durable and easily applied siding known.
,s__il_ Sor .samples nnd prices.
Any available I-Oi.'.in.on Lands with. 1
In the Railway Bel' ln British Colu u
biaj n-.ay be homesteaded by any pel ;
0J11 who ls the sole head ot a family,
or any male over LS vears or age,  to I
'the extent of onp-guarter section    01
j 160 acres, more or less.
.    Entry  must be mail... personally th i
ihe local land ollice for tiie district ill
which the land is -eituate.   Entry   bj ,
I proxy may, however, be made on re
j tain conditions by the father, riaothc
j son, daughter, brother or sister of a
j intending homesteader.
The hom?3teader is required (0 i'.-
fdrm the eruditions conneoted then
with under one of Iho following plan
(1) At lcasl  s!x months' resideii
t:c:i and cultivation of the Uml    In
.rich year for three years.
(2) If th,- father (��r mother, if th  j
."nther is dec onset}) of thp homesteader
resides urea a farm In the vicinio
the land entered for, the requirement)*
as to residence may be satis . 1
.-iicli  person  residing v.-iih the   athi 1 |
nr mother.
l"',i If tlif settlts'r has his permaneni |
residence u,.on  farming    land    " "������   '
S' h:;n In  the vicinity cf his  '    ni
.tiearl,   tbe   requirements    as   10
tlence  may  be  satisfied   by  rt-sklenci
upon the said land.
Six months' notice In wi'i'ine; should |
be given to the Cummi: .1.mer pf Po-I
minlqa Lanes at Ottawa of intention!
to apply for pnti.it.
COAIs.���Coal mining rights mav be;
leased for _ period of twonty-one
years, at au Tiifiiiuii rental of S1 per
acre. Not more than 2,660 acres shall I
be leased to one Individual or com- j
pany. A royalty at the rate of five]
cents per ton shall be collected on j
the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of tbe Minister ef the Interior.
NT. B.���Unauthorised publication of
Hi's ��dve��tlseraen( will not be paid
y^h Q9&�� qhV
7ft e Helfe Tissues THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY. MARQH 9, 1909.
For Sale.
Word Lta& been  received oi thej    Bay   Mare,   about   1400 lbs.,  4.
marriage ��f Elsie  M.   I.ynch to J.  years this spring, sound, gentle and
A, Hill, ot Filer, Idaho. March 4th,  broken.
Can be seen at J. Ramage's.
SEEDS from M. J. Henry's
Nurseries and Seed House, for
sale at W. H. SMITHS, Ladner, B.C.
7 p.C.
On Your Money
_>   P.C.
For Sale.
The dates for the registration of
wotets h^ve been changed from the
second Mondays in March and September to the second Mondays in
April and October.
On examination of the hull of
the Lapwing which is on the ways
for repairs, it has been found to be
practically worn out and the engines may be removed.
On Friday, the 19th inst., the
Band Boys will give their annual
entertainment, and, according to
the number of hours they have
been putting in at practice, we
might expect to bave a first-class
evening's enjoyment supplied. As
the proceeds of this entertainment
sre to be devoted to tbe purchase
of new uniforms, it is hoped there
will be a large turnout.
According to the way the tickets
���re being disposed of, the third annual social evening of the Delta
Farmers' Institute bids fair to be a
great success. No stone is being
left unturned which is likely to
contribute to its success. The
ladies are being called upon to supply the refreshments which is a
guarantee that there will be a
plentiful supply of the good things.
Come and have a good time.
Oue team   ot   Express   Horses,
about 1200 lbs each; one team of
Work Horses, about 1400 lbs. each,
all young and sound.    Apply to
Ladner, B.C.
For Sale.
Eleven Hens and one Rooster
Black Orpingtons and some Buff
Orpington Cockerels, all purebred
stock. Also half dozen Chatham
Brooders, cheap for cash.
Apply to
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties Seven aad
Eight Pkr Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upou sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & <��,
New Westminster, B.C.
Agencies Represented���
Hartford Vttc IiisdrnH-c Co. Inss.siice &����� of North AmerWa
l'horiiti insurance Co. of Brooklyn    Th. Ocean AcciAtti. & Gdarantwe Corpora-
C��n__cti"��t Mr. Insurance Co. tion, Ltd., of London. Kut.
Imperial Trutt Cos, ttd,  Vancouver. B.C.
Capt. J. C. Bruce lost his little
son, George Beckett Bruce, on
Monday last, after a Ions illness
gUsTeritig from typhoid fever. The
little teliow was onlv three years
and three months old. The inter-
msnt took place on Tuesday afternoon at the Oddfellows' Cemetery,
Sapperton, Rev. W. H. Barra-
clough officiating. The bereaved
parents have the sympathy of the
community in their hour of trial.
Prominent members *of Queen's
Avenue Methodist Church, New
Westminster, have purchased one
of the rnost desirable properties in
that city, for something over $10,-
000. The property, which was
owned by Mrs. T. McNeely, will
be cleaned up, subdivided and a
portion reserved for a parsonage.
This will mean a great improvement to the city as the property
had fallen into a very dilapidated
Ih the   Matter of   the Estate   of
WILLIAM   SAVAGE,  late   of
Westham Island, District of New
Westminster, Farmer, deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given on behalf of James Gilraour and Edward
Harriss Savage, the Executors named in the last will and testament of
the said deceased that all creditors
and others having claims against the
estate of the said deceased are required on or before the 13th day ot
March, A.D. 1909, to send by post
prepaid or deliver to Edward Harriss
Savage Dominion Trust Block, New
Westminster, B. C., their christian:
and surnames, addresses and descriptions, the tull particulars of their
claims, the statements of their account and the nature of the securities, if any, held by them, duly
And further take notice that all
parties indebted to the said estate
are required to pay forthwith to the
said Edward Harriss Savage the
amount of their said indebtedness.
And further take notice that alter
such last mentioned date the said
Executors will proceed to distribute
the assets of the said deceased
among the parties entitled thereto
having regard only to the claims
of which they shall then have
notice and that the said Executors
will not be liable lor the said assets
or any part thereof to any person
or persons of whose claims notice
shall not have been received by
them at the time otsuch distribution.
Dated at New Westminster, B.C.,
the 3rd day of February, A.D. 1909.
.Solicitors for the said Executors, i
Lucky Numbers
Below we give the numbers for February that are entitled to the ten beautiful and costly 109 pie'ee china dinner
sets we are giving away each month to tht users of ROYAL
STANDARD Flour. Compare your coupons with the
numbers quoted below. If you find you have a duplicate return it to us and we will ship you one of the$_ beautiful
dinner sets carefully packed aud fully prepaid.
38381  45782 29414 29��93 43168
37677 81175 41614 31574 33149
If vou are not in the list this month save your coupons, you may
be next month. You may find you number among the ��_ni.ers at any
time. Remember the coupons are placed in the sacks as they leave the
mill and yom are jtts. as liable to win next mftnth on one of this month's
coupons a.s not. tn the meantime gather all the coupons you can. Ten
must wh. each month, why not you?    Persistence will win iis reward.
The woman who buys ROYAL STANDARD Flour
is using the best bread floui th_t skill will produce or money Will buy
and at the same time site has the prospect of secttt'.Hg a handsome priz.
each month.
Soli by W. H. Smith.
Vancouver Milliitq & Grain Co., Ltd.,
Two Weeks' Sale on
In order to malte room for Spring Goods, which are
arriving daily, wc have decided to put our
Entire Stock of Graniteware on Sale
and for the
Next Two Weeks
ve will give a discount of
IO Per Cent.  Oil
all Goods of this kind.    Our Stock is New and Fresh and
you should take advantage of this Sale.
Eggs taken in Trade.
Fanning Mills and Cean Seed
Grain Go Together.
Bell Plows
In All Makes and to Suit AU
Gasoline Engines in Pill Sizes Trom l\
Horsepower tip. Two and 4 Cycle aid
Make and Break or Jump Spark Ignition.
Cyphers Incubators
Are the Kind to Hatch StrongJChicks.
DROP IN and see us in regard to these few lines, |
they are all  O.K. fair this season  of thej
We Beg Leave
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now on a
position to ofter Vancouver Island
Portland Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties whs. contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling ot other inferior
Write lor Prices*
B. G,
���-������"���-���������"���- mmtaa. -  ��� --*
All  sorts  ai  First-Class   Jewellery^
Silverware, Qfp Glass, Et_\
Jlndrew Clausen,
IADNE'Rs b. c.
All Kinds of
R Howard,
-   TAILOR   -
SFSt and Stj4e Guaranteed
Next Door to H. McDowell's Harness Shop,
DELTA STREET,       -       -       -       LADNER, B. C.
E.   S.   McBRIDE
e. t. emm
Latimer & Elliott
General Merchant,
Phone 5,   -   Port Guichon


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