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The Delta Times Oct 22, 1907

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Array i
5 Vy-s��atiye A^r��
i  V V?. JL
mm '���* "J'*-1
No. v.
frail Growers.
Tlie Market.      Ottawa Letter.
I    The fifteenth annual intern fitioa-      New Westminster, Oct. 19���II
Hal   convention   of  the   NorlLwest ia question   whether anything can
I Fruit Growers'  Association will be!be Jolle t0 i��ppress the nutb
i keid in the  City  Hall, Vancouver,
| ou the 4tb, 5th an I 6th of  Decern-
T *.        mAAtilsiAm irm.        I 1. __       *��*._   \   .
lt    IS
Mow On.
We have a Full Line of
Loaded Shells on hand *
Bonax, Eley & Sovereign.
Ottawa, Oct. 15 -The people of
the new ptoviuce., while extending
to Mr. Borden snd his party every
courtesv and tha lavish hospitality
for which the we.'.em country is
proverbial   dn   Mt   appear   to   be
! whf>!es?le  buyers   in   lhe   market
leach week. That the habit is legili-
[ mate is  au  argument  iu  its favor
ber next.    In  addition   to  the or- j )jllt  t]ig
! binary program me  of the conven-1 source of auuoyauce to the regular greatly concerned about the mack-
tioH,  there will  he a competitive retail buyers goes  without saying-,  vaunted  platform  which  is to bo
���fruit display, and   medals   wili  be i Farmers  coming;  in   early   iu   the' �� P����acea tor all the ills of the cen-
! awarded as follows: \u>eruit,t  are   met   by   those   who tury.
Class i-For the best five  boxes j 7     by ** **? ��f ka9ffIe,i^ af!     Conservative Pre,, Indifferent.
| the prevailing price.
of   apples,   5   vanetier���tst,   gold j    a farmer who     -   ' ,:- interest is manifested   in
medal, value  Jicc;   2nd, gold atidL
silver medal, value J50;   3rd [rir.e,}
i cheaper than the  wholesale market
came  a   loug dis-'
taace,   yesterday,   was told  by   .
.,    ..����� 1. ..   -, ji      ,     .      , whflesile 1 uyer lhat eggs were 7c
the "Birks" silver medal, vain. J. 5. |rf2uW than the
Class 2���For the best display of
fres' fiuit, nny de. igu of stand rot
rae .an 10 fte: high and occupying floor space of net nt>re than 5
feet aqyare: rst, gold medal, value
Jioo: 2nd, gold and silver medal,
3rd, tie "Birks" silver medal,
valu:. Tke man being a newcomer
sold ou', only to find, wkea he
reached tke market building, that
eggs were 5C-kigher per dozen than
last week.    Others tell a like story.
tho tour by the Conservative press,
that no representative has been sent
along to convey to tke Eastern Conservative, some idea of tke raptnro
with wHcb the Opposition leader
kas been received by the electorate.
It is rather the irony of fate that
the Toronto News is the only paper
12 Guage Black
$2.00 per 100
Class 3���For the best box of
commercial apples. Each exhibitor, las former weeks, and
or his representative, to have the [was normal,
privilege of addressing tbe convention and the judjes for 7 minutes
on th- m-iits o* his exhibit and
the district In which it was grown:
!st prixe, the "Kirks" silver medal,
The supply ef beef was .bout an i ,reprfen,ed ��" the ��r8U,d' *ad tUe
averag. oa. and prices remained ^ luC"bra"��nS ��f "�� ^respondent
.u. . ��� -1 _   ,    . l. i convey the  impressions  of  tho in-
the  same as  prevailed  last  week.! ,.  ..    ,      ,     '
m.^ , ,        i dividual rather than a reflection of
The supply was not  quite  solartje.
occurences.    It   verbatim   reports,
the  demand
or a generous synopsis of wkat was
,.       ,        ,  , _.. . i said, were circulated  by the corres-
Eggs have taken another uoward \        . }
&���>.      ,   . ... ' . .  ,    pondent on the spot, then the East-
ight and are now  selling as high , ,
A   ��� . D ���       ,    . ; em readers  could  torn their own
as  50c  ver  dozen.     Butter,   fresh i     .  . , .
'       ��� ... ..   1 opinions much   more   intelligently
ranchers, sold at 40c a lb, I   ' .
t      r- ...        .jinnd   with   greater   regard  to  tne
of a   fair qualitv  soldi ,   ��- ,
, j   . j 1  _.      1   . .l ,     ���        ,-._.'      s__   actnal effect produced,
value $35; 2nd, bronze medal, II5;  at the usual prices of from $4 to 16      _, .
'      , .   ,   .. ,        ,.    ,      The conclusions reached by Eaat-
a  doz;n.    A  better grade realized! ,        _.      ���    .    .
. ���  ,        t . _.    ,     em resdev* of Mr. Borden s speech
es high as $7.50 a  ��<������"     n.s.-L,.;! ���
from the
Cash Prices.
Special Quotations Given on Case Lots.
Guns and Ammunition.
Marshall Smith & Co.. Ltd.
���tock SALE.;
Following ia tke list of officers I Remember tka anction sale of
for the curreat year, elected at tke live stock, ele��, at the Delta Stock
��cent   session!   of   tbc   Sunday 1 Yard to-morrow   afternoon,   at
.School Teachers Convention held
in Vancouver:
Hon. ]���resident, Noah Shakespeare. Victoria.
President, G. F. Gibson, Vancouver.
First -lice-president, F. O. Cnn-
field, Ue.tminster.
Second vice-president, Thomas
Bryant, Nanaimo.
Secretary��. A. J. Passage, Vancouver.
Chairman of Executive Committee, H. J. Knott, Vancouver..
Met. t ere ia addition to tbe Provincial officer* on tke executive
commiftea���Vnaconver: W. P. Ar-
o'clock,  wben  50 boad of choice
stock will be disposed of.
gne, A. Hugget, E. F. L. Rickarda,
W. J. White. Victoria, Dr. W.
Russell, Aid. Jckn Meston, Geo.
Carter. New Westmiir.^ -, C. j.
Keitbh IV. J. Kerr, C. i, nine.
Kamloops, Rev. Mr. Vfylie. Ab-
botsford, J. G. Craha ��� .. Chilli-
wack, Tohn Orr. La'ner. A!an
Calvert.    Nauaimo. Mr. Powell.
Mr��. Robt. Moffit, of Chi 11.wack,
1 visitia; her sister, Mrs.. G. T.
During the travels of the Deputy
Game Warden, last week, he came
npon a certain rancher, who does
aet ice why the game warden
���kould be allowed upon his premises nny more than anyone else,
and dnrim . bis visit he asked Ten-
font terrible whether there were
any hen pheasants in the house, 'd
whereupon the following reply was'
given: "Ho, my mother cuoked
*-m all yeste lay, anl we ate
3rd, bronze medal, Jio.
All iruit mas!: be grown in the
district from wliich it is sent for
exhibition, but not necessarily sll
by the exhit itor,
Thc dutv i.n ex'.i' its from Wa. 1 -
iugton, Oregon, Idaho and  Utah,
j will be paid irom the  funds  of the
All exhibits should be sent, express prepaid, to Maxwell Smith,
Secretary, N.W.F.G.A., Vancouver, B.C., in time to arrive in Vancouver aot later than December
and. They should also have the
aasse and address of tbe exhibitor
aad the class number plainly marked oa the end of each package.
All entries to be made on the
forms furnished by the association
and should reach ths secretaiy Dot
later than November 25th. No entrance fee required.
All fruit for competilien in classes
1 and 3 must be put up in Canadian
government standard apple boxes,
measuring 20x11x10 inches inside
The most suitable material for
these packages is clear spruce lumber, or similar soft wood, of the
following thicknesses, viz.: ends,
% iu.; sid��s J_i in.; top and bottom,
j{ in.; aud the top and bottom
should be put on with cleats,
Exhibitors roust provide .lauds
and arrange tht. ir own exhibits ia
class 2; aud all must be completed
before 9 a.as., December -j'!:.
Auv fruit grower or. Fruit Growers'Association in  Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Idaho or
1 Utah,    may     compete    for   these
Entry forms may   be  h.v! om application to the secretary.
i     The membership  fee   of $1 may
j be paid to the secretary between 10
and   ti   a.m.,  December  4th;  any
nerson is eligible  for  membership,
i A copy of tue official  report of the
'contention will be lent to all  mem-
desen.    Ducks
sold at frera $6,50 to $7.50 a dozen.
Fruit was  a  fair  supply, apples
a-i i re us e peciall/.
ere as ol-
es is that the Opposition leader
���peaks to large audiences, is well
received, atteiiivel/ listened to,
but tbat-   ro   -n.- 1   enthusiasm   hst
prevailing prices ���
been aroused in say section  of tht
hindquarters.   8c    to j Domiaion  throl(gh  which   ko  b���
oreqoarters, 5tfc to  6c; ""t-j^.e,, which wouM jus% the ���,..
dressed,   13c; ve.l,   medium, L,^ that tke  puMic-iBd i�� b.-
dressei',    ioc   to
dressed, 7c to Re; hogs, 9c to 9,Vjc;
eggs, re'ail, 50c; hatter, .-55c to 40c;
fowl, per dozen, $6.50 to J7.50; 1
ducks, per c:o_en, $6.50 to $7.50;)
chickens, per dozen, #4 to $y,\
pears, per box, 75c to Jti; aDplea, I
per box, Soc to $1; potatoes, per!
I ton, $17 to $18.
the fifteenth annual internaiioual
convention 01 the Northwest Fruit
Growers' Association at Vancouver, may rely on getting the return
rates quoted below if they are care-
ic; veal,   large,, bf iafluenced   to any marked ex-
Disgruntled Followers.
From all accounts, the platform
is not regarded with that degree
of confidence which an aspirant to
the Premiership would consider satisfactory. In fact, it seems on tke
contrary that many ofthe party do
aet recog--i_e in the Halifax platform a document that contains tke
essential c-:ements ot'success.
British Columbians Dissatisfied.
From British Columbia are heard
Public meeting Thursday at 3.
RAN,   S'!-
>i. IN.   Who
!       .
C.acked   .'
or'n,  Rue   ���-���
Ric-,  ��� Ink
.   Feed, Ti
Clover See
Is ;iUV he   0'
1 at
Br^ckm . .-
v.-r      \tillin
r         (
, Ladner',   ���"
H. N.  RICH, Local Agent.
Transportation Arrangements.
The following rates ob.niiieci from i
'the various transportation com-
j panics have betn pia-ited on the,
basis Of a minimum attendance ofj
one hundred. Hulas we have assurances horn .the vaiious fmit-
grewinjr districts in the territory
cevertti by the association that the
total attendance will be upwaids of
five hundred, all persons  attending
ful to comply with the  terms.    In  the grumblings of a  representative
all cases  delegates   must  buy first-j body of labor  meu,   to  tiie  effect
class one-way tickets lo Vancouver, j that Mr, Borden has not been   very
and secure from the agent at start-j expliciiin his promises touching tbe
ing point  a certilicaterreceipt.    On j Oriei.tal problem, and that   he has.
presentation of certificates, properly, seized upou their local trials at this
filled out and. signed  by the secre-1 time tj  make  political capital  for
tary, fo Hi" Agent of the company, himself and to discredit the Ottawa
over    whose    lines    the    delegate government, which is doing all pos-
reaches  Vancouver, return  tickets sible, iu a dignified  aud  cousliiu-
will be isstWdi to all   points ou tlie j uonsl manner, to meet what every-
Canadian Pacific Railway in British   body admits to   be  a  very   aenoun
Columbia,   free:  to all   points over  situation.
the United {States fet one-third fare, t ._���_.__, .        ,-,        . ,.,,   ���   r,   . _.
Manitouaus Present  1 heir Protest.
Tne Manitoba Couservatives hava
(.sue ranch iurther, they hsve pre-
prepared �� document in which their
dissatisfaction with their leader's
policy is set forth. Further than
this they request their political
friends in thc new provinces to hold
aioof from Mr. Borden's meetiugf.
This can s?arce*lv he regarded  at
encouraging  from a   Conservative
stsndpoiat.    It very clearly proven
one thinr that   the  scandal   crv in
As  will   be seen  bv reference to 1     , ... m .    . .
,    -       , , not regarded as sufficient to arouse
euradvertising columns, the Reeve. , .,     ��� ._*_-_.
*" ' , ,.  .the  enthusiasm   necessarr  ��o  pro-,
has been requested to call a  public,. . -  .��� , ,      ...
H     ��� .       , 'duce a change ot votes,   and   with-.
Meeting oi the farmers far  the pur-J     . ., _ ,.    ,, ,, _.   -
* / out a very  considerable number ol
pose ol discussing  the question on  , ,        ,   .    ,, ������..
F ���----.,     electors swerve from their allegiance
pratectias:   the  farmer against the'     .,    _.,      ,       .      ,.- �����_, ���_���
1 * I to the liberal party,  the Conserve-
by  the  average! _, , , _
.   .     1 tives are doomed to remain to eppe.
is expected that   ...     �� .	
1 J sition for many veara to came,
good turnout ofj
it.   M
\'a*ey   returned   lioii,e,
from a visit to the Royal
Chas. Twelves has s�� far recovered as to be able to set around on
annoyance caused
game hunter.    It
there   will   be   a
tkose interested as this has become j
a very serious question   and  oaei
which   mast   be   handled  with   a,
a firm hand.
Rock Pybus haa donned another
indelible smile as the result of tha
arrival of a habv girl. rfim. PI-LTA KM!??,, TL2-3DAV. OCTOBER t��. 190?.
piE delt^v times.
Ptjblkmd kvbry Tuesday,
^uijsckiption, 51.0Q pefyeac.
Casual AflTertisemeuU, st> oaotl per Une fo,
lhtfir��tlu��-rtion,��nd sceuliper tine tor each
���ntaaequent insertion. The number ol lines
reckoned by the tpace pccafl.4, iillaesU tbe
natea f�� C����u��in_al AdvarUs���fnta can ke
had on appUeattoa at thla oSce.
Reaaiag notices to cents per, Une (or. each ti
Birth a��a Q��** %oUce��, 59S.. Matrl*ges$i.M.
Anv special notice, the object ol which Is to
promote the pecuniary benefit of any individual
* cumpaay, to be considered an adTertiseweut
��� fad charged according ly.
All adTertiseaneata durged fw, mntll i
our.uo paid lor.
Carreapomlen.ee in.ite*. an matters ot publio
tueraat. Cammuaicatians to editor, ntust be ac
cfgup auied by name of writer, uot necessarily
tbt publication, bnt as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence mast reach this office by Thurs-
.ay.er eulag.
9X0. R.. Maj��l��v.
T03SDA.Y,    05TOBKR  21,   1907.
Subscribe now and. be in time to
(et tke new serial stories about to
b��t started in Taa Dblta Timbs.
tiee Ufa qf an editor is aot all
rases. If ke pleases one faction ke
4i*plea*ea the.other. He is accused
,|f saying too mack about some
ane and too little about another.
JJ.be suggests % remedy foe any
aocial evil a large part ei tke com-
maaity ia profuse ia ita expressions
���f disapproval. So be taxes kis
weary brain to escape tha skoals
tkat mean aUipw rpek to so many
We ara pleased to aote an later
eating desire on tha pert of onr
readers to secure at tke first possible moment a copy of ';j.i* paper
s id some call at tbe office aud get
tycopy aa it. falls, ffesh irom tbe
press. Tbe reason is we publish all
the mews all the time. We want
you to kelp us make it still better
by notifying us of the death, marriage or importaat transactions in
s^kick any one liaax tke country is
Cosao,. in and square yourself
with the printer aad get a. ticket for
tke Xmas Drawing, when a No. 1,7
single shot -3. calibre. Stevens tercet rifle will be given away.
' Tke conditions nre :. Every one
whose subscription ia paid one year
if advance beginning witk September, 1907,. will be entitled to a
The prise is a very genuine and
handsomely finish al article and
Well worth trying for,. New subscribers also have the same chance.
The drawing will take place on
tye evening of December 24th next.
F. Lighter,   of Sydney, N.S., is
here en a business visit.
Wester RecoiNi yr<mte..
A record of 250 inches of water
was formally granted, on Thutsda;
last, by Government Agent C. C
Fisher, to Delta Municipality. This
matter will come before the Council
on Saturday next wheu definite action will be taken.
Sometime during Wednesday
nigkt last, the Ladner Drug Store
was burglarized aud a small sum of
money taken therefrom. Entrance
was eflected through the iront window, the glass ot which was broken
by an axe which bad been stolen
earlier ia the evening from H. L.
New Westminster, Oct. 21.���Two
convicts made a break ior liberty,
Saturday aiternoon, from tke penitentiary here. Daring a heavy fog
Convict Stoae and, another struck
down Trades Instructor Imlah and
made a. dask for liberty but were
foiled in tbe attempt by tbe Acting
Deputy Warden taking a hand aud
they were eventually placed under
lock and key.
Tha football match st Tancon-
ver, aa Saturday last, betweea the
Westham Island team and the
Vancouver Celtics, resulted in 2
goals-to nil ia, favor ot the latter.
Tbis is tke first time the Westham
Island boys ksve met defeat this
seai 111, aud the .Vltics are consid-
e ed to le tke strongest tc_m on
the schedule. Pretty good record
for farm r bays.
At is o'clock, noon, on Wednesday last, a quiet wedding took
place at tke home of Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. H. St��eves, when Mrs.
Steeves' sister, Miss Annie B.
MacKeuxie, of Sydney, N.S., was
married to Mr. W. H.. Wilson, of
the Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
Rtv. A. McAuley performed the
Qeremouy. The bride, who was
unattended,, wore a travelling suit
of navy blue box cloth with hat to
After the ceremoay, the happy
couple drove ta Westminster where
where they entrained for tbe sunny
south to sy end their honeymoon.
On their retara Mr, and Mrs. Wilson will reside in Ladner..
Dr. A. G. Rothatein, of Vancoa-
ver, is here on a business visit.
Dr. Wilson  and  E. Shaw went
,ip to the Royal City this morning
The Royal Bank of Canada with
\\a, splendid, ceanectiea tfl ��r*r
Canada, affords you exceptional
banking facilities.
Mn. Jas. W. Welsk and dangk-
ter, Mrs. V,, Guichon,.spent yesterday in the Terminal City.
Tjhe-S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at I a.m. and 4 pja.; leaves Sttv.es-
to�� at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Every
<|ay except Sunday.
Misses Martha and Sarah Lore,
dnugbters of Councillor I.ove, of
i|4��Rpby . parsed*home, .Saturday,
sfter spending a few days visiting
at Hope Farm, the gaasts ef Visa
Tom Brennan, of Doaglas, ar
rived here, yesterday, on a short
business visit.
To   make  fo.;.-r         ut f|   TOT*     /"\I  TT1   I
Of the future you roust JIJ>I      IIUI    I
put something into the ** 21
present                          .. '    ' IIIB  '    "    '.    '. ��^
Oold-Coppers Pay
B I k   Dividends   ah
over British
a .       Columbia
Containing over ioo Views.   Post paid 25c., Stamps.
Richest Pravince in the Hritish Empire.
. thing Risked, Nothing Gained. Nothing Ventured,. Nothing Won.
Splendid Opportunity to Invest.
Tlie Richest Men in the World are investing in B. C. Copper-
Gold and Silver Mines.     Why can't you begin now?
The Orestest Onld-Copper Discovery of the Age Is In BX.
1% ran fi
Bvery Dollar Subscribed used; In Development of Mine-
Special Offer���20c per Share, witl  shortly  advance to $1.00
Mines directly west of Le Roi and Le Roi No. 2,. shares
sold from 5 cents to $100.00; and Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Co. ol Canada, Ltd.. shares $150.00 each; the Giant
Cnlioiuia, adjoining our own. shares about $110.00; Grar.by
Mine paid over $3,000,000 Dividends per year; Gold-copper
mines in British Columbia paid Large Dividends. Big Four
assays trom $5 to $800 in gold, copper, silver, with 32 per
cent, in the Treasury.    Invest how and you woat regret it.
Note���-Most of these mines sold for a few cents once, lu
over-capitalized even now, pay big dividends. Big Four is on
the railway, near smelters.
Rossland Mines received Highest Awards tor richest gold-
copper ore sent to St. Louis Exposition. Big Four had Best
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster, B.C.
No less than 100 shares fold. All Cash. Above this shares
can be had ou instalment plan, or yearly contract, 15 per cent.
cask, balance monthly.
Nearly Two Hiles of Railway on Property.
Csapsa. has no debts or liabilities,   Seud for Illustrated rroapectui aad Bo. c-
lct, "Miami Up-ts-l)ite," to Seorstary, with 5 ceats iu stamps.
P.O. Box 174, Vancouver, B. C, OanaOa.
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
Have you got a Savings Bank
Account in the Royal Bank of Canada? If not, you. should open one
as soon as possible-. Deposits of
$1 and np received.
-. ilefcl
Copyrights &e.
sanding ft sksteh snd description ma?
leertfttn our opinion frea whothvr an
* probably p_tant��iila.   Commun'.tw-
 "���.K on Patau tn
Onto my property, two Pigs.
Owner may have same on proving
property and paying expenses.
.oaaatrletlytonUdontlal. HANOI
������nt, frea. Old." '
agency for securing patents.
._ through Munn k C'   "
without elusive, ta tha
I'atsmts takes through Munn k Co. 1.0t_ve
Scientific American.
. handsomely IllnstraUd weekly. J_,raest sir-
iilsllen of any srienUSe Journal. Tnrnis, %l a
>,ar: four months, $L Soldbyall ncwsdaalorg.
Bnin.ll Office. (35 V St- Washington. D. C
On Saturday, Oct. 5th. a small
Yellow Bitch. Owner may have
same on proving property and paying for this. ad.
Any   person     r     er - as   font r
hutitin     rsV-'i-i   >���>���������>���   be praises owne I or occupied     y   tbe undersigned will be proiecnt-���' accord
in; to law.
J,  )'. B'lRR.
ADAH BEAD, Deceased.
Any person bavin?; claims against
the Estate of the late Adam  Read
are requested to furnish particulars
of same to the undersigned.
Agent for the Executrix, C. C
New Service���Port Guichon and   Cadner
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m
o N.
Leave Vancouver,   2.10 p.m.
Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 a.m.
Arrive Pt. Guichon. 6.0 > 0.1
Gives Passengers four hours  in   either
minster or Vancouver.
New   Weso
New   Freight- TarifF   effective    September    5tl
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay.
Incorporated 186*.
Total Assets Over Forty-Five Millions.
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
Savings Department*
Accounts may be opened with deposit.* of ONE DOLLAR
and  Upwards.     Interest paid,  or credited,  quarterly ou   31st  March, 30th June, 30th
September,  31st   December
C. B. DANIEL, Manager, LADNER. B. C.
W. N. Draper,
Room ��. RlU.'d Block. N��w WMtmlaiiter.
Lumber,  Lumber
Clearing Sale.   Big Cut in Price.
We requiro moro Yard room and we
are going to clean up.
We have on hand between
Mrs. Fsrkss, of V��n��ourer, ��r-
iriTed here, yesterf'aT, on a -visit; to
her dsajbter, Urt. A. C1*��mb.
Ceaie in  and  pay up y��ar subscription sa as te  be  ready t�� start
fright wheu the ��ew seiial be|ir,s.
The Ladies'G'vW af All ��ai��ti.
Tre����ntt are 'Rainj: t�� eatenals
ti(eir fritnda to a Halleire.-e.a- da��e��
ea HytS^HagjiV'BK Dfty.; Octoier
31st next, which happens also to lc
> Js.     It".?:    * .'.
Miss  Fosttr  went   aver   to the
Terminal City en  Saturday last, te
take ia the football Match and assist
j in cheering on our boyf..
Mrs. (Capt.) Newcombe, cf Vaa-
couver, i*t��rnecl home, yesterday,.
;i(t��r (ijencUpiS. the past week or se
visitiaej Mrs. (Cn^t.) Oliver.
300,000 and 400,000
feet of Sawn Lumber
Whi��b MUST be Cleared out in the next two
weeks.  We can supply the. following:
Shiplap, Flooring,
Dimensions-all sizes and length;,
Large Stock of Plank.
This will be sold strictly for Cash.
St* bling j or your teams whilst load. ag.
to wait on you..  No Delay.
Further information is obtainable at
W.  H.  Smith's,   .    .   ���   .    Ladner.
(Westminster Branch*)
Time Table
Cam leave Weutrtiinster f��r Vnacauver at 5.50
and 6.5�� a.m. ami konrly thereafter until 11 p.
m.; Saturdays and Sundays at 11 p.m.
Can leave Vancouver fcr WestMinatera at j.sa
and b.yi a. m. and kcorly thereafter until lop.
m.; Saturdays and Bunday a. at a p.m.
We run first-clasa freight cars between Westminster and Vancouver and all shipments are
handled with the utmost eare and delivered t*
consignee without delay Special attention paid
to fruit shipment*. Oui wagons meet all boats
and trains.   For rates, etc. apply to
traffic Mgr. Local M jr.
Weatmlnitcr. B. c.
The Delta Times.
| IBI1 SON Iiil
!NKW ^KSTMIJiST!.!-:,    :-:   B. C.
Mawtifoclurei-H of all kind. o(
,   Soda Water, Ginger
*     Ale and Summer
�� Drinks.
i       You. patronage solicited
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying,
Liyery work et all kinds attended te promptly.
J. Nl. GolMnm��n
Ladner. 1. C.
M.R.C.V.S., Sdin.
New Weitmimster, B. C.
Central Livery Stable,
Columbia St.        Phone 157
Ladner Carriage Works.
Beaver Bam Mill
te hriei Leu a.
jSOOTT R04P,      -
i s. ww% ner.
Get Your Grinding Done
While You Wait.
G. T BAKER, Ladner, B, C,
. A"
deceives both Ladieg and G-entlemei   aa * isidenl
or  day  students.    Ha'.i a complete Domnier
or Business Course.    Prepares students bo     .n
Teachers' Certificates of all grades.   In affiliation
with Toronto  University gives  tbe  four rye
course for B. A. de&re , and the flrst .y -    of b. c
Toronto School cf Science.   Has a speci \H
pectors' Course" for miners who work in B. 0,
Instruction given in Art,  Music,   Physical
Culture and 'Elocution.
For    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
Thore Is always a chance
to enjoy some shooting
A RELIABLE FIREARM: tho only kind we have
been making for upwards of filty ycais.
Ask your Dealer, and insist on ilie
STEVENS. Whore not sold hy Ite-
tuilcrs, wo fchip direct, ggpreai pri��-
PftMj iipon receipt of Catalog price*
Wt'ii.1   tin*    i .;.     Jl'iiuo   ill.i   ll*:it��<i
(���ni.tioff. a�� tji.J.u.tieuttn.Iile >t��nk ��.t'
ready rererenc-i. i'uv man and bov
ultootcrn. JllititCil Tor 4 cent a In
nt il in|��N t n cove ������ i>o.ti; o�� Hcmm. tll'ul
Ton . ol ,��r UiiEigei* lortvunli'd lor
slv rent* In ftt.iit._t>..
l\ O. Uox 4097
HtMI., U. S. A.    '
Look 0
ror o
w Story.
job Printing.
Holy Communion���ist and 3rd
Sundiys at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and 4th
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, r 1 o'clock.
Kveii-ons:', 7:30 o'clock.
Hnnday School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev. E. R. Dartlett, M.A., Vicar.
Services first and third Sunday of
each mouth at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 y.tri.
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
I ow Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Kev. Fatter Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services uext Lord's Day at 11
���1. m,and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbatb School at 2 p 111 every
Sunday.- Prayer meetiug every
Thursday evaning at 8.
Rev. J. F, Belts, pastor.
Services uext Lord's Dav at 11
a.m. aud 7.30 p.HJ.
Sabbath School at 10am Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A. McAuley, Pastor.
.Sabbath   services ��� Crescent   Ts
land, 3 p.m.; Laduer, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Trtu'rsday at
8 p.m.
Rev. A. H. Huntley, pastor.
Thero is
of Fhiludalpl in v..... h sho
Davis >���:... h :ld bo dear by
ti,.; I '-���:.' ta army   Tin
lt wo 1 a coin    I  under thu  -t.   1 uuu I ;���-
Bud is ia)-,,',-'. i;.;, mm.    -". i<iv., y   ���
ego 1 ��.isn't."  ho says.    "I'd  lost every
penny I'd  bod before the wnr, and 1 In. I
noi; made ninny Bine.   A big 1 .amp in tb ���
west l.isit  9bn .  fur too, and 1 put up at 1
New York  hotel with just enough to pm;
my bill   and   no  moro.     M7   nerves --������
way, anil  i  was  taken   111.    'Ihe doi tn
Bald I must have a long  rest and �� co',��
pleto '���)���:.i-'.'-, -.   vnim.    1....;,i 1 mif-hi ..- .���
In tho grave anc. *Mangoti 1,.iti
of the next world, f.ut ti-. i i had no    ��� "
ey or friends aad would  _over  leave   hi
oltj any w��y bi-t feet ' Well, '
Davis was .topping at that bot>l
ki'ow I wouldn't nocopt money froi
co she got. th>i doctor  to  pretend hi
lending Tho bla own.    I went ubruitd
T TC.T. T"
.. I{
(.nm hotno ourcd and already on tl .1 . j
to wall h. It. .vita only then thut I foul il
snt whom 1 owed my Ufa to. Von km ������
htr book. 'Thu Veiled Doctorf Well, foi
nm there Is in an eimivoe '��� iI"iiiUcai.i'U U
Unit liume."���Philadelphia l resfl.
(ilvttt* riovrssrw.
In Connecticut a .ew yeara ago lived t
Intly who had a beautiful flower gordeq
In whli h shu in' i; great pride. Tho wholi
neighborhood was 1 roudof it-, too, and p-.:o ..
plo drove mile_ to Gee H. Shnfasteui-'.i tw_
iarsii baakets on the outside of her fi__r��
iivst, to tho road, and evo.ry morning i!:r-.
wore filled with out (lowers���tliu large
showy kinds in ono basket and tbe dell
oate, fragile kind., ln tho othor. All the
auhonl children going by helped thoiuselvoi
and studied tho hotter for It, and buslnca
men took a breath of fragranoe into thei,.
dusty offloes whioh helped tho day along
Kveu tho tramps wero welcome to all tin
beauty they oould got into thoir toi'lon
"You out such quantities," soiuo om
��_ld to her. "Aren't you afraid you wil'
rob yourself?"
"The moro I cut tho morn I hava," ,'.',
answered. '' Don't you know that it i-hu-.'j
arc allowed to go to seed thoy _top bloom
lnisi' i love to givo pleasuro, a.'id 1! I,
profit ns well, for my liberal cutting is tb*
seoret of my beautiful garden, lam Ilk'
tlio man In 'Pilgrim'sProgress,' the men
I giveaway the moro 1 havo."���%ich_ngs
A Water Lily Pond.
An admirable 1 nml soon somo years. inci
was made In tho following manner: A
liolo some 13 feot in diameter and ", toot ii.
depth was first dug, and this was plastered
with mortar -to tho depth of 4 inohes ni
tho sides and bottom. A piece ot lead p^pi
was put in to mukntho desired drain, ant
duo respect was paid to constructing 1
rlncu outside of where it went through, ft
that tho water would drain off through t
layer of cooks and eund. When tbe mor
tar was dry, it was treated to a coat of ci.?.
torn cement.. In tho conter was construct
ed a miniature Island of stones end cirth
and upon It was a mass of foliage an��
flowers, whiiu pink, white and yellow wa
ter lllioa tilled tho spaco around it, and
sumo tadpoles grow to be sedate frogs under the shade of tho broad leaves. One
year half a dozi-n dwarf callus nnd n lot o)
old fashioned wandering jewa mado thi
Island a falryliko place, nnd several yean
latoi'amnr- His plains of manycolcrs rov��l-
od in tho sun and moisture of tho Island,
Nu one who h_s not seen inin of the miniature ponds can imagine their beeuty.���
Vink's Magaalno.
.  J.
Nurseries   &  Seedhouses
A��l�� Yocr Brother.
When n young womnn has 11 fasMdlom
brother or a comrade sullloiently Intlmatl
to be allowed lu a friendly way to cviiiuim
hor good points ln dross, it is riot at all -.
bad idea to ask his advice about tho styv,
of neckwear slio adopts. A man Is not lu
different to tho neoktlea of his sister's 01
his sweetheart's toilet, and though his n-1
vino i 1 often oouohed in somewhat olThani
tonus It is usually worth follow Ing, and
his suggestions should at least becouslil-
A tall girl, with a long, swnnlikn neck,
may wear to advantage a ecarf \?irh 9
large, loose bow. Her short and pluntp
friend, with s in-id set low on hor sboul*
dor��, must not muffle herself up till six
seems to have no u-ek to speak of. Fc*.
hoc the narrowest laud oroordlssuCflolen.
to mark the lino whoro tho dress ends.
A gentlewoman never tolerates soiled n?
flimsy or oarelessueukwear.���PhlUuslpliL*
Headquarters tor Pacific Coast
grown Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds that are thoroughly tested as
to vitality before offering for sale���
that are subject to government inspection as to freedom from weed
seeds. Samples sent to intending
Large stock ol HOME GROWN
Fruit and Ornament.il Trees now-
matured for the spring trade.
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection.
BHE SUPPLIES, Spray Pumps,
^praying Material, Greenhouse
Plants, Cut Flowers,
We do business on our , own
grounds���no rent to pay and are
prepared to meet all competition.
Let me price your list before placing your order.    Catalogue Free.
M. J.  HENRY, j
3QU>   .Vecstmi!..st:r Road,
VANCOUVER,   -   B.C.1
That Bothersome "13."
Spoaklng of thu letter "h," a writer lo
tho Boohestor Post-10 .press saysi "Curiously enough, tho 'h' ts uot dropped north
of Yorkshire, and Scotland, with characteristic thriftlnt'ss, takes the utmost care
of It Ireland Id prodigal In emphasising
It, and, so far as I know, tho colonies ars
also sound on this point Only Kngland
refuses to aspirate. Sometimes her cons'., tent inaccuracy in tins matter is amusing enough.
'��� Kor example, there is a village In tho
eastern counties which rejoices In the
diiiiiu of Haw, A parishioner wat asked
whut be thought of a strange preachci
Who I'..Ml liosin holding a eertics ia Ihu >.!���
in go.
" 'Well,' ho said. 1 liked the goutliv
Ulan.    'Is tex' was just nulled to us folk
" 'Why, what was his loxt.'
" 'It wero a tex' from thi psalms,
'Stand In Iiawo und sin not"���lt founded
���0 'oiuely lolke.' "
A Chs-cry Old Savace.
The lord ehiof justice of Abyssinia is
dofcrlbMl by a corrcspomlout of Iho St
James Gazette as a cheery old gent Ionian,
dressed In a huge black hat, with a groou
silk handkerchief tied around his head un
demeath tho hat, black silk clonk em
broldsred with gi.sd, smart purple si Ik si, iri
underneath aud contlnuaiions ot ths fair
est linen. Ua was also armed wilh _ long
iword In a rfd scabbard, and his squires,
running alongside, carried ids litis aud
gold mounted shield.
A HluUlcr'a ComnlnlMt.
A groat many JSplscojw.l olergymon
probably would sympathise with tl.e Eug
llsh bishop who said 1e.11.11y1 "Tlie two
things of which 1 nm most wu .1 are 'I he
Church'sOno Foundation'aad cold cl..s_
eu. 'iho hymn scums c.lwajs to bo chosen
whereter I go, and kind hos.i.ses, with
unite extraordinary ananluiivy, provide
eold chlckeu for lunuhouu."���tii* Vork
H ._di.oisiit:?.
���7 ��_. in a flrei;.:: hi :] ne'er torffsti
He made t- 11 Ihousii id 1      irs n t,
And lie awoke lo swear     bil
And m.d iio had lo.. :...i -       '   alt!
-Vi> to Date.
*.....   ,,,..   ...w)y   1^  Token   *��-jt   _ti-1
I 1 .. : :.������ '���> (Tie Earth tins r_ip:y
B : '-���. - : in -s.f,i. to Its Owner \.�� Us
'.:'.,.,'. Over end Ot-..-.* Afvahi.
.-,],.. ....-.-...I  .-jatoms of tlm hr;>a'ib:h e .
���������:i in Cuba are ln some respects much
lit., those ol I''-Tii'-iil.' said a forrjicr re��-
I -r ,,r  ;......... .,j   "xho poor there. Ilk*
11 ��� c Ul  S] --.in, 01101 on !-- on tunural
in 11.1 j by mal Ing one col In serve for a
iiun.l   ������ ol funerals lu succession    in Us-
' .-      ti'ccoi .  11 11  '';.- a very
t.-.���'--<-���>.���'-i-��� t   i-i;-,-.  0f  work, covered  with
Mi   ther --.  :  ������.-. ly si uddud with  I raaa
II ��� I Us Ild is .-.��� . ������ ���: wii li hlug -i. so
t-Jait t+.a coffin open* nd huts liken large
trunk, ni course tiie S'lliug prico of an
aitiole iik��� this wi 'id be beyond the
' ... ul any ; ior 1 - Ily, ;.i" 1'" rent
i...- ono 'I ��������� ;-' ������' mpi:    h ply -.null.
"Whon u inn.r.! :.r ci   ill 1 reaches the
grave i.i the great Vratxt letery, Just
mui-: le of 1 :.-ii-"i the unci rtaki ��� - nn n,
In lead  il lowering the 1 nilln, n| nn Its lid,
tak .1 the corpse and   lower It  Into iu
Is treating place, Tho empty coffin Is loft
thero until a Oallejto takes It bn . to its
owner after the mourners have retIrt'd.
'"J lieso Oi I! 'gns, by the we -. . iri ves of
II ���:-. Ill S] Vi, ii., -���'; . h I WOI ll of por-
t -VI 111   1.!-. If V 111 r   ::   I IV     :.:  I'i ��� tU-
jriasii servant to i.-arry a parcel or a valise
through tin; streets, ,;,' will answor you iu
a tono of offended dignity,'Vou chamar
11111 Gallego'(I will go nnd e.il a Ual-
ieg |,(oi 110 native i'i .-: . ������ \vould tw
Sffn carrying u load of a,.;, liliul In publio.
"'i'!:''.-.1 Uallcgos havo no objection to
tarrying a loaU, even whon '.ho load is a
roe.-Titly vacated ooffln. That is tho kind
pf work tiny come to Lisbon (or, so that
In their old age they may go across t'he
frontier to Qulieln aud live o^i .ijje'r savings, And ono Iittlo incident t!>_t hap-
j'ci.i'il while I .vn.. In I Isbon Showetl how
lirlu iuii>resslon superstitious roftardi' J
(loath niako ou tiie fjallogu nilnd '! -.
jr.lty  of   Lisbon  collpoted   toll   on  tfn-'i
illMII.-'l*   Witllin  ItS     IllllitS.  IIIKI   III  Trt W",.ll
guai .s ai tii:) -ii-i irent ;.eVH. .;:' i.00 oity m
i-:o thai nuthiiig ' us 0 uus.gled in.
"One very rainy aftieruoon the guard ri
tho 1'razeroa (.nto glancud ulong tho ns I
that loads iu the cemetery aud sow a 1::. - -
plchoiis looking package lyln; on tl >
ground olosu under tho wall on one sld .
Thorn was not a living being in si,,:n<.
Tho guard thought ho had dot,Kited a clot.
Ho thought that that, package, whatovei
It might iio, had been loft there under the
w.h'1 by Fuuiirglprs, who wero no doubt
sheltered soihowhero ia Us neighborhood
and '.vat- hing their opportunity to rush it
through the goto as soon as tho rain held
up a iittlo. So tho active and.Intelligent
onioor got liis littlesword ready to draw nt
_ mii!".-.: 1 nati :-. and, regardless of ''���>
downuoni .;,. ��� l alongtho rest! to "���_.���
prlro and ai [H> .-.; 1 the ���11111..-;:,! r., or. .".'.
Iflai i. 1 i.:  v ;----:s.
"'-'-..! 1 ::.' a r. r.i within 20 yards of the
auspiciousobjflot, tic mado out through the
rain the: thi oaso on I' ������-, ground wns of a
rod color and studded nil ovei wlth-brana
nails, 'i'hi.r. discovery startled hlm a Iittlo, liut iho nest moment h" was uttorly
deuiorallxod at. seeing the Ild >if tho colVii'
Iiy open uml n disheveled head thrust it-
ScU out, Its eyos ^taring wildly. Without
Walt 111 j In draw his sword or challenge ths
apj.ii! ition, tha guard faced about and retreated cl n run. Whon hu reached the
gate, be.callod his oomrados to conio and
we the abandoned corpse that had bur.-;'
open Its coffin on tho way sido. The foreo
Mixed their oarbines and paraded under
shelter of tlio archway, but what they saw
wns inly a very bedraggled tiallcgo tramping toward them, carrying an omptycoffio
en his book.
"On examination the Oallcgo deposed
that, holm, overt-ikon by tho rain on his
way from the comutery, ho had ahup himself up in tlio oodin to koep dry a.-i I wait
forfalror woathor, but, whon ho hoard footsteps stealthily approaching, ho began to
be afraid that some one was oonuug to
play a trick and look him up. That was
why ho had so suddenly thrust, his head
out and stared, llo was no corpse, but an
honest, hardworking Gallego. As for
the ooflln 1 the BOllores guards might look
for themselves and see that lt was empty,
"There sooms to tie a oortain uiorl Id
fondness for what, may tie called playing
with tho dead ln Portugal. Thoy seem tn
take ��� peculiar delight iu dressing up
their doad and exposing them to public
vlesV. I happened to bo present at the
aolutnn requioin of a cardinal patrlaroh ol
Lisbon, whon thc corpse, dressed la full
canonicals, was 1 lived in a half sitting
posture to fnoe tho crowd ln tho nave of
thu cathedral, and I thought et tlie time
that tho interment ought to have takou
place sooner.
"Ono fine Sunday afternoon Id spring I
wos strolling nlong one of tho main thoroughfares of Lisbon win 11 the shouts and
merry chatter of a lot of little buys and
girls attracu_l my attention to a side
street. Tho children, nil nicely dressed,
were coming down the side streot ate
brisk walk, evidently Interested In something that was being carried along by
throo or four of them. When they reached
tho corner, l saw that- the center of Intor-
t;-r. was a very small brass studded ooflln,
Ths Ild was upon, and I could too thu little flower (looked and bedizened corpse Inside ol It.
"Another time I mistook tho oorpro of
n child on its way to tlio grave for a waxen
image of the Madonna being carried ia
pre-'otslon. It was a little dead girl beautifully dri'saod ln white satin ond wearing
a whiio veil and white flowers. The litttt
body had been made to sit up tn ��� chair
which four boys were carrying on their
shoulders. Tho bearers and the other
children In the procession wore white rli.
bons and white Gowor., all emblematic ot
Innocence and happy oonfldonoo that the
sou', of thoir iittlo friend was iu pjjmdUe."
���Now York Sun.
rii'i)V.: I! -���- " it no Doly -Jw��l*
Where solUudi  ���     mesimifn tolia���
The only Impr. - of lit: hand
Oa soiniK'r pe:.,: and lnn.-ly sirand���
Solo tot rue hor ini ;hty heart could ��nt
In I. looting wavn end whispering -.viod1
Nut, in this Btrife the force r.inr.ins
That BtrUKcll : in - !! uplift strains.
Er^t ros9 this cry of on? . and mart
From out tlio grim   aii glacier's hsart
Matorer womb of Mother Earth
That travel   ! with the Andes' hlr?h
Now bears 1 liese granite niii.,
Thtir walls ,.; books, these ,:_cr.,.i liiiie.
Not ia nn Idle, ei-   '  is hour
>i:.-::ira r.cuive.l i   . power,
Or ccrbnn looked the sun rays fa<rt.
Or iir treo unov to spiro ui-.l oiasC.
f. i:--i nature smiles with . .ml pride
On vaulting dome ind prairies wiJ*
___,.. 1....     cjtord tin, singing wires,
H.;r 1,1 ".ui-is-1 im electrlo fli��s.
This humau tide ', mrs in It. flow
'P.-.- wild unrest.    . 1 v..: ������ of woe,
'J':      il- :  1 lif.--      ., lean bore
lu ,::d-i iij.i:ir.!i', urimetnlshore
.-Ernest ti, u , m Ovi.i land Uonthlf,
flsclf Greetlnes  tv'icn Th*��   Hei  fir
Alter Years.
An nnOod-to is related of tlio hit'. JocrA
Tome, a .'ii-i; land philanthropist. .Vr
l'onio, it appears, was in bis early lifo r
hostler i'y industry am1 thrift ho soon
:-. -ini-."I ���; moderato fortune and fur souis
ti nu beforo ids death was ono of tho richest men In his port <-f tiio stale.
Among .Mr. Tome'sacquaintanoeswhtle
wording around tho staMo was a carpenter nana. 1 Samuel Walker, who had
a better faculty I'or ppetiding money ihan
for saving it. Later ln life he thought it
expedient to remind Mr. Tom 11 in thu pros-
on-., of a crowd that ha was at one tlmi
oniy a stabloinau,
It wss on the oocuslou of an entertain-
Uient at ths Hurt Deposit Opera House.
ir.,l the citizens ol the town weto crowding around the ticket oilice window \-jh->_-.
Mr. Tome approached. A murmur pass
r,.-l through tin, crowd, and maijy stopiso
aside, giving wuy to the notod phlli _���
tlir.ipi.t m that lei ?ulght secure hh. 11, k - - -
st i.'ico, instead of having to ws;it bk
'i hey wr,ro glad tofihow thelrreapect fiu
th'j man who bad gaiucd thu top round le.
fortune's ladder and who know how to
assist his fellow meu, as many in ths
crowd could testify.
Cno man, however, koot his plaeo. Thi?
was iir. Tome's old friend, Sum Walk-T
Instead "f giving way ho tomarkod iu a
tone loud enough to lie heard hy all pr is-
eat: "I'm not goin to givo up to J.i_<
Tomel Ho ain't no better tha" Ij.ni !
UM-i to know 'liu whim ho was uothin
but a stnliiu boy."
Mr. Toms did not rcidy until after iir
had seonrod his ticket and made way I' r
those who bail so courteously withdrawn
for him. He then said In a qui't tone, "*
unci io know ii man by the name of Svn
Walker, who waii a carpontor, and I ua
ierstand that the same Sam Walker Is a
ear| enter still."
Thu pooplo applauded this mild rebuke
iti-l _i_!.-i Wai&or slunk away.
(;*>*. fl'Boii.-a oans.
A Confederate vetoran quoted  by
Kew    Orleans    Times Democrat    s
"Wooden  gillis did  deadly   work   br
Fort   Blakoly.     Thu Vankees  fixed t
up, and  they shot  just as well as if   1
had been manufactured of iron     The opposing  linos were GOO yards i.ptirt     Ths
Confederates wore behind the v.i-.l'.s of ths
fort and  tho   Federals were  strongly In
trenched.    General   Canhy,*  tho   Yankee
eoruuiunder, was without artillery.   What
did  ho do but manufacture 100  mortars
from black gum trees.    Black gum trees
grow everywhere In the vicinity   He bored
tbem  oat, put  iron  bunds around thorn
end fired 8 Inch shells furnished  by Far
ragut's (loot.    Tho lines wcre so close that
llgilt charges  sufficed, and tho extemporaneous weapons did all that was-asked of
UlBQI   "
The young man with the military nnl-
form bad been telling of his hardships and
dwelt with yswtloular emphasis on the rations. He was slcqusntly indiguant, whea
his mother luterr ., -ted.
"Hooald, people who hear yon might
think yon do uot leve your country."
"Yes, I do love my oouutry," he a������
ewerod, 'and I'm willing to overlook
faults, but I'm blessed If I can go so far
as to praise Its oooklug."���Washington
6 NX.
Ykrevvfc Thlek ssl Tfcta.
Ther ara with es stiia, th* brara laaaies
ln blue,
Unit wt wcleema lhom aU with a WIU.
iit��� we'll hcl.   them forget all the wees
tt..,  wstit throufh
-.��� un�� ih* h_tti�� notes k!ii an. thrllL
And it's thsakful wa are thera's no great-
��r dP-nnay
As we gate oa each cenquerlr.f treop;
I They ara it ith us ag .:n Iota tha taluk ol
the fray
>nl the thia of tha co "Toe anj soup.
-Mi-it Turk Truth.
The ontflt of an oyster tongs men'scanoo
oonslsts of a pair of rakes, a pair of tongs,
* pair of nippers, a cutting board, several
culling hammers, a couple of half bu&hel
boskets and au Iron hulf bushel.
The triangular bridge nt t'roylan<, Lincolnshire, is the oldest bridge In KnglaDd
and one of the greatest curiosities.
�������������� a Taken at t��TS>.
A Chinese gentl'ii an  always rrn*i a
pair of fi-sse to tlii- I. ily of his ohel-��. and
^ir.y i.) looked  upon as Ue emblems ni
--: -iii*.��l BsJeUlfr.
Six Varieties of Aal��-��tns.
There is probably no product of Inorganic nature about which thero Is so much
popular mystery nnd uilsoonoeptlon as
asbestus. It Is vaguely understood that
the principal olaim uf this remarkable
product is that it cannot bo consumed by
fire. There aro, however, no loss than six
varieties of asbestus, eaoh of which possesses qualities peculiar to itself. They
may bo classified as follows: Amanthue,
In whloh the libers aw so exceedingly
long, flexible and elastic lhat thoy may In
woven Into oloth; common asbestus, with
the flbere muoh less fleilblo��� it is heavier
, than the flrst variety, a dull green in col-
���r, sometimes pearly tn luster and oily tc
the touch; mountain cork, light enough
to float on water; mountain learber, alsc
very light, but thinner and more ticxiblt
than the lost; mountain paper or blue oa
' bestus; mountain wood, whloh ln external
appearance rossinble3 dry wood. As ���
nietter of fact, nearly all varieties have
more or less the oppooranoo of fossil uud
wood.    Asbestus has been found ln nearly
I all p��rts of ths globe.���New York Led^eE
W_t Caa TelIT
"Papa," said Tommy Tredway.
"Kow, Tommy," replied Mr. Ti-rdwny,
"I shall answer only one more <jue��tU_|
today.    8a be careful what you ask.''
"Yes, papa."
'Well, go on."
"V, hy don'tthey bury tho Dead sea?"--.
Barpw's fiaaac. r-_ .rrcf'-ee^-jfcL.! aaEXi
Public Notice.
I am requested by a u umber el
Ratepayers to call a Public Meeting in Taws Hall, Ladatr, ea
Thursday, Oct. 24, at 3 o'clock
p.ta. For the purpose et forming
some mean?, of protecting tbe landholders agaiast the raids ef un-
principled hmnteis from tke cities
who make a practice of trespassing
in the pursuit of game, ta tka detriment of lire stock of all kinds.
Mr. aad Mrs. Ale*, Davie speat
Uridey ia the Terminal City.
Wat. Lasseter, jr., spent Sunday
at bis home, Treaaat Farm.
Miss Dotcearad spent a couple of
days in .lie Royal City, last week
Mrs. H. G. Taylor left, yesterday, .on a .dsit to friends in  Ks-.cn-
Mra. Crisp, of Dawson, is visiting
bar sister-in-law, Mrs. Marshall
F. C. Butler, Teller 1 of tha local
bank, spent Saturday in tho Terminal City.
Mr .an..Mrs. Hooper, of Esquimau, are tnes^a, of Mr. and Mrs.
if; J. Lanning.
liii H. Clarke, of the Royal Sank
staff, visited the Tatmioal City on
Thursday last.
Old Established and Reliable Companies..
Claims Promptly Adjusted..
White, Shiles & <��,
260 Columbia Street,   - New Westminster, B.C.
When you wish to buy visiting
cards call on the Delta Times who
will sell the best money can buy.
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by. calling on
the Delta Times first..
Miss Jeanie Taylor left, yesterday morning, on an extended visit
to Iriends iu New York.
Mrs. W. S. Whiteside, of Sua-
S^irv, left, yesterday, on a visit to
Sfieni* in A_bany, N.Y.
Messrs. A. Davis and D. Rhodes,
of'Vancouver, spent the week aad
litre taking, in the ���hcasaat'shoot-
. .1   ,
Fref.. MaGora, Ph.D., is hilled
to lecture oa philosophy, ia Oddfellows' ' Hail, oa Friday, evening
��� ' 1
Geo.. Grimaton,. of- Kew Westminster, spent a. couple days, last
week, pursuing the wily pheasant
o�� Westham .aland.
50-Head of Stock - 50
4 Fat Cows. 3 Dairy Cows; 3 two-
year-old Heifers in calf ; 30 two-
year-old   Heifers  and  Steers;   5
Yearling   Heiiers;   1   three-year-
old Durham Ball;   1 Bay   Horse
(1100  lbs.),   1   Bay Horse (1500
lbs),   1   Brood   Mare; Ytarliag
Colt; Roadcart;   &c, &c... which
MR. H.   N.   RICH  will   SELL
XTX   BY. AUCTION in thaabove
Yard on
Wednesday,, October 23,
1907,.at 2 o'Clock p.��.
Further Entries Solicited
Terms   Cash.
Hon ;
Handled on Commission.
Best EtedHBOY
Wm Bsu Leave
To notify the people- of Ladner and sup��
rounding district that we are now in a
position, to offer Vancouver Island
At greatly reduced prices, making it pos*
sible for parties who. contemplate building!
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost, aa piling or other inferior
Write for Prices?..
SSKiJxnyj^ EwX^aZfrnW ^n^Tmr
1. CI
Top YAM.VEK Prices
For Your
Alive or Dressed.
1 Port Guichon.
W. H. Taylor,
Ladner*.   -    BL C.
W. lW��s��nd, of New. Westminster, returaed home, on Thursday,
witk a good hag. Whit*- hero he
was the guest of.Harry Bui r.
A. Calvart, returned home, Saturday, from Vancouver, where he
attended the sessions of tka  Inter-
natioaal .Sunday ScheelConvetnion
1. ��� , ���
which met tkire.
riarrr Manley. of thc it. C. E.
J.. Co.'s Vaacanver staff, spent a
few days here, last week, tlie guest
of I. Whitworth. Ho took home
with him a .brace of young cocks as
the result of his pheasant hantiag.
I;. J. Thomas retnraed, yester- '���
ier, trom Revelstoke, and left j
again, to-day, for.tke -many Seoth.|
wherrhe. will reside :a tho future, j
John's jovial oonateti'auce will lef
mmch raisssd irom this community.'
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Vasey and
daughter,. Miss Edit, leave about
taa end of this month tor a trip to
tho Bast. Mr.'Vasey intends tp
bring back' some stock on his return and anyone wishing to in.pt rt
animals from tke East will do well
to w~ him before, he leaves.
Established 1888.
Incorporated L9Q7,
New Westminster and Vancouver* B.C.
Tremendous shipments of New Fall Goods now coming in.
We can give you better shoe satisfaction than any other Shoe
House in the West,.
All" our Shoes are made specially foa us feom. designs ��f
our own..
We carry a high: grade* of Waterproof BeKMta. fan Mens and
Women. We alsa control the agances for tfie best lines of
MEN'S WORKING' &. LOGGING BOOTS man.tfad.ured; to-day.
We would call special1 attention to our line, of       ���
American Gum Boot
They are the Celebrated' BALL BRAND made ih Indiana
and are the Very- Best, Wearers' that money can buy:. No* more
"Kicks" on. Gum Boots, if. you bu$- them from us..
if It's Anything in Shoes Consufi Us.
JOHNSTON'S �� shoe woa,
New Westminster, B.C..
Vancouver* Branch,,      .....       409*. Hastings Street.
AlUlE-? Silverware,
l^PP* Cut Glass.
Watch Repairing a Specialty.
Andrew Clausen,
LADNEK.   1. C.
B. C Leather Co., Ltd.
1T2 Hastings Street, VaucouTer,, B_ C.
English Oak Tanned Harness Leather
MA*UFACTt. ��H*S or
MAL**a nr
Saddlery Hardware, Horse Blankets and Stably
Closed   Uppers   Leather   and   Shoe   Findings,.
Trunks* Bags* Valises.
Estate of
W.   L.   McBRIDE,
General Merchant;
Phone 5.   -   Port Guichon
Produce Stored and
To RIS & C Ports,


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