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The Delta Times Dec 15, 1906

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Array dJ>
_. ^v
Ypl. 4. No. 15.
r���   i  i ii       i
dutj. coBscn. I   mm��.
For the Xmas Podding: and
''    Council  .tnet    in   ti*_ -/Council '���    Ti.e Ci..r'.'-r t.'_. CLriitrrns Oi-e?-
^���   . HCliamber on Thursday, De_. t3th, -etta, given in the Town  Ua.:, lac*
Victoria  Dec.  8.-1_ebt7 is An-: with the Reerr, W. ILLadwr, in|*venin- by the children *��.tadner,
drew Elliott's rcp^rtK. the-Depmyi'-lie. chair,    and   Coiir*.   Gibbie, J ���[*   ^, ���<�����-   *��**!*}
vi * l.. tu. Kicnardson, mil  Grandma,
ilinister cf Agri��_ltineon Farters*? Davie, Paters*!, Uim.andMiahtee, ^ y.^ j ;ld.,e.. ,.V(frc v.^,, sns.
Institute work itrfhis proTiacc. Mrj 'present. :| teined t-rroug_io.tt; Uie little one'-i
El_f6M.-_&testMFSw "h.s -floti��e<l     Minutes   of  -prerlo-iB   meetiug ,_lso dJS.tl.cfar.part well.
since lie last visit tn '-British Col. |w-re adepted as read. "sAfVr -he Operetta, tbe following
natbia,   about   five   years   ago,  4    A communication was mffl ton _����.��*-*�� WW wellreijijcred: Vk
D. Dove, sectet_.fj**#pp<5inted by the
New Cur ranis,
New Raisins.
New Sultanasj
j marked ifflprGYer_j-i.t in iivo sto-li
t breeding.   *,_iile'.iiie  readily gives     .... .        ,  ,,
.,      .,    _ _���_������_��� _��� e pt-Ww -nieetinws  held   to  tiiscu
���1thepann to coast fruit growers for r **
.1 the manner in whieh their fruit is aalt��s   pertaining   to  thc   River
J packed aud put-cut-ire market. Foi-jroa'1' v'"bich was received.
I lowing ts the report in full: ;    This introduced the River
Dear. Sir,-Agreeable to iastruc- i By-law, 1906 (Xo. 2),  which  was
iin duet,   Miss   Ladner  and I.e..-
Harris; song, E. T, Calvert: soty.
Mr*. Cros-.;  violin solo, Miss ^,_'���'���
nei; song,   iir-;. QL��_-5-*afcg. ���>"-___
j ____:.���-__r_>s_.
Road j    j
reviewiuj. tbe evening's emcr-
lent, although everything was
we cannot hcio but   note
gr._c. cisctit
management committee.    Th.
tion I would beg .jeave to report to j thoroughly di__u_sed by tho. - con- j firsl clns_     _ 	
yoiir department.regarding jtt.g- certied of whom a goodly number Ltbe.-wcc_.le8-. otlij�� wi-i- get-up,
���itrg-aud Jfai-fntsf .Institute work were present. ! which refects great ci sc.it on iin
doneaurmgAs-etem'tuitclffsed,    !    Dr. Wilson, after explaining bit'
Five years bare elapsed since I
last judged live stock and .'attended
institutes in -Iritiih Columbia, and
during that time I notice -a
marked  i_pproT-��ie_.l  ia tbe liyej
*,.. ���,._Uu, *iuv. __.yii.iuss._ig "������� management couuaittee. The little
objecticMis to the road as defined, j totB aaii tbe ageU C0UpJe> ei.,ecially
saidbeViidact blame the Council grandpa, -are certainly deserving-of
as tk.-y -had only a.-.ed v/iihin their j Speci��l meatiau.
right.        ,^���-
D. Dove sajQ he
did -not -think
st��ck��^ibif   P��;icular!y. i* thi.-1th"y   were   S<**i:i��  an even dea        ,
.hecsie'irt  hc-r^s.   In the draft j He thought the water rights would |of gwee.
clasivrj many acitna'_*j- were shown I
iii time be cf .the utmost \s.'tie for i
'ilrs. Cross -appeare'd '-before the
Liduer public-for tbe first time, last
evening, and .captivated  the lovers
ficrg, vbut we -regret to
! state that a Uundi ��f ill-mannered
th*t would net V^ve taken *u iu-[1T!!ich we are geUi"S: nol1a!!1S intloT�� csus��4 so much annoyance as
i.fi.rpla-eUiU'.ny'.how in America j retur... It wai np to the railway | .g t'jtraCf .jie Q\QSt atteutiou which
.������There is * r^pfieqey ia some j company to put before the people a j ths occts:oa dcierved. We hope
cases* to glorify *_.e-t_, ep^ition tout_i__-we acceptable to tho settles :tQ h<a, Mrs- Cl0Jg afBi, ja the
'-te-^uaUty; that ftnght, abore _u J He p��__-*ed'U-��-tbe company put 1 T(sry near futafe_
.���ty'sg*, toll*avoided.    An -exceed* 1 ��P  jtrS.coo and let   tie .Council. 	
mg-ty'igQcd  repTe����iitiitive 0�� .the' bl'i^ the r0Ed
liackuey horse wafl**hawa, a _K_ere!
jEat&B^     ��t��Bi
11. Hurr did n��t think there was!    &������*��� '&>   VVo,le?r apeut a dsy
He did!*<**r 'twoja-tbe &o*ral*��Chy this week.
ices 1
Tickets ior Grand Xmas Drawing.
!-general tiMr<?,f-��udi a sullies would; ���n*1'-"i* ^M hla ,0 ^r-
!ina;ewyeaM,a(ldteH��'ofthousai��di.jii0t Scc "�����%.   *'hc road -should *;
I to ike horse Ta.ue.��ftl__ country,    j'raade-any Itfngei- than the present
!^,.CatUev6othbe^^��d__��r7breeda,|Ke would, uot  suggest   anythim
j ahow that tlKr ha?4 been-bsed with short of a' rirer r*ad'Alottgaide the
ijadgmeat afid fed and cared- for .jajpeenemt B
Utichai_.aHnera8tokadtotke>liith.'|.   ;H.'M, Nasey said he could not
! est development ia tbeir, reapectivej.Sfe wll.T the company could   not
hinge. .'; build another road above the prs-
!   ;l' nmtice ithat in sheejt there has i --at-River road.
j bscn greot improvemeut in breed- j    v- ����-e��sea wanted to know why
��� iug to type tn 1 ia fitting for exhi* :tbe raviHe *��= M��t bridged at tba
j bltioM. i P-Ot-fi. ���    He wa_ _f tke opinion that
Hojjf. tua -how masked .improve- jtHe ravine ?��eul*_ be flW-���___ ��
_��eut and-several exceedi-ngly good j culvert pnt in.
representative herds -were-shown I    H. J. Creaawell was ugI k.  fcvorj    Ti)e HfiW  grm   of  j;iectr;ci.aHS|
Kvery endeavor should,:bc raadrlof giving.away tbe   water right*, the Dfc5jU Kiectric Construction Co..
(to ;ind;uce   farme.r.i   te   u_e ohIt j ��*��***g tbe present aoad. . m^rc 9ptmr\ Up for business in The
R. IL. Reid, representing tke G. J ^^ -j^^. block_
K. K,.,s*&-vcke at some length ex-.
���.    sjJ-_--__-l- ���im    I'm   ���������11-    ��� i���Hi
plaiuin�� .the pesitiou of the com- [
pany iu tbe-natter and pointed out]    We will kewdaaeed to Hand our
what the company .ras prepared to! custemers a  Cakndu- if tbey will
Smith Wright Tfftarued heme,
yesterdny, from a vi__il to the RayaJ
City. _        "
VCe are pleased' to* see onr young
friend, Percy .Slater, iB ablo t_ out
and about again,
Don't forgf-.tli*^Childr��n'sFancy
Dress Ball, on Friday evening next,
is the Town Hall.
|.pure bred sires in breeding of-all.
kinds ��* .live stock, _a._d-,of .still
ftirthe: making e_.hib.tio.is. more
ed'.icutivc   in -their   character   by
(judges exf laining type md- Kasoaa
j-for their awarde.
1    BvC.-i---easily fore��ost,:m-. the
|-Do��uinio��-'ns tegards the manner
do aad further *bau tha., Sue sai
he co-sld.y.ot pwmi.e.
The ti-we of departHve. b��ving arrived when Mr. Reid had -to .ir.stre
for Vancouver, a vote w���� .tkeii
with the result that: -P-Oviding- the
d   enqnire at oar i____ce
. Marshall sSmitb __ Ca.,
for   same���
live.. Westminster has jutt_pass-
edr.tbeihT._es of a  municipal  Kief"
ien swith the .esult that three new
men bey. _.ec_t   retnrned.    Mayor
Keary, cf caur._.,.w.as. re*e_ected by
The ntembera- of tho Lord*_* J>ay
Alliance  met   i��   the   Methodist
1*Cherch, last Mon .ay evedrr^, and
organieed a branch wbich is to be
���called "Delta BiEncii of Lord'siBay
The following officers wereeleci-
,___: President, Jobu McKee; Sec.-
(Treasurer, A. DeR. Taylor; Bn-
[���-cutsive Comimttee���'J. W. Ilntid,
!__.pi9copal; C. Nelson- Methodist;
l J. A. 'Paterson, Fresbyteriair; H.
Xowis, -.aptiat.
Monthly meetiu.a aire toffee helti
���u tho first Monday in esch month
[ .in the Methodiat, Presbvterian and
Xing of All .Cough Medicinea.
Mr. E.*G. Case, a mail carrier.of
Canton Center. Conn., who has
been in tbe U. S. for about sixteen
years, says: We have tried many
sough medicines for croup, but
Chamberlain's -Cough iiReiaedy in
king of all and one to be relied
upon evi:fy thne. "Wre also find it
the best remedy tor coughs aud
colds, 'giving certain. results and
leaving no bad ___ects'.''. For s__e
by All Drnggiste.
Canon Hilton, weTegetto learn,
was too ill'to take divine service
      last Sunday evening, but on Tfaurs-
Uaptist Churches alternately, at** [day managed to eraWl out of bed
1 (o'clock p.m.
A good number of members hare
ifceen .enrolled. ?
and  get down town, and will --conduct  the   services   to.corrow ��as
U-'su.-ii.      .; ,.
in whifh-fcer fruits are -.packed and
I pnt on the .market;   in  tbe near
futbre, if sbe-igratp the.opportunity
Sbe will -have utulieptrted .control I *^K*r Company will fill the ���M.
of the market of tbe great North-;ravinc 8t th* moutU and buiId Hi
west, as swell J.3 r-etatning end cx_. sixteen fcK.t.^vc-. pe'r cent,  grade! acdamatiQB
tending- her hold of marl-rets across!road ^ 'the t��I>-J tbc -O00"0" tre\ .	
-} the Pacific as   an   ontlet-'tor tbcJe*POW��rcd to amend-the by-kw.    !
pwduttofidier orchard*    -��� !    I"--he event of-tbe-C9aK--any     At tne pub.ee
!    In Farmers' IiisUtu-t-ea..MiSs��ose, I failing to-meet .bis demaml. notice! Monday.J��t,.�� tfae River road,-r
!     , .,,-    ...    , _   .,���..      I ha. bee*, filed to an ash the bv-law. t��oao_i-*w_- paeaed req nesting tbe
'and   _nysdf   attended   tl-iiitv-fimr;u'1'' oten uieu lo *i*-l!''' U1C ���-���,._... ,.,.,', ,.,
- .-!    cann  Paterson:then iw-odyced! Council* to quash-thc!l>y-la*,', -r.-hich
, meetiugs, holding at sever,. 1 places      ���*-cu*n   -�����._'_-.���. -"���-*'  iu-.___.twj -_....
: two meetiiiKs per day, -ton-itf spite!the Trnt;k ���A mcUer a,jd flfecd i moU���
;of  excc.ss.ve   rain, mmVtm   and lbat tbc Coi*Ecd mcet *Z*in
a basket- mmli wc ���had a won4erfuny gocdi-'Stb in*_t.,*t to ...m., m order that
Crescent: ,..._....__���.___._.   t../-.....__ _.   -^.thip matter.might be finally elispos-'
meeting held q__
1 wss   brought   before
on the l-C*V-''���._'' ���<������" Thursday iast.
On T-ueaday  evening
l'*Social was given  in tb�� .wowni j alH,11(iatSc(.;   KfytmA a rat'eh morei"118 -*��"�����-"*sn- o<= n��uy *a��opos-|    The -aubject -of the setoson.-to
lslandfchoolHcu.se, in ate! of tb��j aCute-interest  in   I_s'Kutc   work!ed of *>rtbisC0-:nCj.. morro.v��,cveaing._jn  the Ma&odfct
Christmas Tree foi tbe-little folks. |9inw,1.!a8trCttei.ded . BPetitlpg in; The Zezvc m* apoeited as dele-; ckiiKb. will bc '.CUrpi-ng the
There was qcite a terge -tt_rnojtt| tbc rtotitxct &K yw& a&c> show;I gate to,a mecUBg.to.be held iu.V��*:jCaWtfi_. :t!je iast ,;��� tl.e s($ies Qi,
and bidding was voi'y brick which j ing tilJ. {aru.erfi ^ moK nA mofe | oeiiver on tbc r^th (*ycstei_k_y.. for; ���The 3^-. an�� Sat!3C of the y^
Tim the price of b.akets ..up prettjr}^,^^ ,.retliz!ltioil 0f-the!fchc PKfl'ose of iaBl'tuting an 01d_jby v>a,-ich it is (itemed. "
ibigh.   ��: very -pleas.*t -evening}bet}efit w be deflrfd f,raai attej]d. j Man's Hock.   He ,v._s instructed;     .	
was spent *..d tbe -.cat 'sum oi w     such-ni-etingaand studying 1 to*sup?ort the movement.
.fcs.75 wa�� raised. 'ilitcrafcirc^ed by .the department!    ^f��r. theuEuaUccctintsh-d beeii,
~. '    '     "'loUgnculttrre.   Tie*aucceSs.tf our!l5asi:',:,l the ���Cocn* *��*.*��������*�����*   to; meet arttl-tre.t fev the "ehildreu
The atBtnal Chri_tmcs---i.tert_��in-
���._,   H..  ,    n      [me__.n__^etovery^��h^ha��cedi
SHORlb.  VWiole  Corn,. by ^ ^^ of Miss Ros? ^ th.{ rc a.���. |be heldotKhe. Town Hall, on^he
Com,  ����ee*lMl,ChUjdefcgat:oni .woacaing^tcr tiuin
Rice,  Chick Feed, Timothy and.'hers* attending the ineetinj^  andl
Clover ��ceds,   Suttans Cardet.  one ;��nd -all
j. j evening; of F:id��?, 3ist i��3��t.   The
' children   are    busy   jnapticjug ft
I tspeaking for Miss Rose, .as .vrell as I chris. n��-s    seme
.xpress^.ddight^t KVPcU   we m-ould heartH? thank Yhletidt��tp^ which tbey hope
���nud Bfield Seeds may be obtained! *he- r��cw depart-are iu Institme work ycu fcr y<Mr tbrntghtfidness in  ar   wi]1 ^\ illU-restii _.. to, thoSE w'��.
at Brackman-Ker MiSiag Co.'s M�� the ptevwee. J ranging   cur -itinerary   in .such a mU ^ fam ^ thcirpwacnet.
Kverywheie   we   wore-   received. manner.>-3 te   in8U:e   our   work a Parent* and  fij-ftds*��_ sprt)*#y
'.with kJLudncs- and courtesy, am< pleasui^e. 'I'.uvj'i,?1
called    "The
warehouses,   I_i_dn_T, "from
H. W. RICH, I.cwl A^eirt.
Mr. am
T|JE DElTA TIMES, :di?VRD&-, DECI-.arr.7T." :>, i$c#.
"������-   .._!/__���������_  ��� ���-.  '    ���' 5 - ������"_-'���'  '���   .'.-*���   - -_ *5S5Bfa.J     -    -      .*_���    *--���-���*���   -?-'���- 1	
l?l-Bn��.nED  EVERY  R.\TCHDAY.
QasscRiPTicN', $1.00 per;y;^_-h
Geo. ... ManIsE*-*,
.SATURDAY, D_.CE-I_-.SIs   I.*.,  t'���--������
Xo Opium iu Chamber-Iain's Cough j     Y\;'..---i. you, w-ish lo  tyrr.y   vii.iti.tig
_jLc_g,ed\\ 1 |ca?(ip.c__ll oiif^hc Delta Times;, who]
a, y, u, vy
I  *<-*���!��� ��v*>'i-.-:.vk-^.%.*...--_.;.. .:.*a
Delta X,pdge, No.  12 mecte- first; $
-:- + ���>������.���{���+���.- ���< -_��� + ���;-ir ��� ���
v*iH* sell Uu*. best money  c_u_. buy.  aud third Tuesdays oi cash B-onth
If you need thenipi.ii. ted, wha you 7U Odtf_8t-lo.vs' Hall
are money it}., pcvkei by  callij.g  on
the, Delta Times dr...
" .*_." "Tf.'fl m
j    Th-jrp.ip not the. least, dapgei. iu
! giving ChamberlairJs Congh  Rem
J edy .or.ma.Lchildr_,��.as it contpius
, no opium or. other  harming dr,ug.
��� It ba.a. aa established, reputajictj, of
!mere than thirty years a.s the most,! ** ,��� 2._-_   j*      F~^jkiM.	
���L^fift#dici'in use.for.oold^HOtiCe   t$   CrOBtOFS
j crci-p ajid wkpcpirig. tough.    Itabi. _ ^ I
--7.-. __..-_-���.��� --:     -   -.._--.----���"-:. wavs Cll!.es aa^ is.,p_e..sant tp lake. 1. |
Beginning  wjlh Tnf_3i_aj.. Janu- Children like it.    For salq. by Ail!1" *�����<��� m'^ter of  the Companies*]
"'* !     WiJjtdmg-Lp Act, i.So'3, and Am-!
i\>n    J lull 1   ���*>
Taos. Todd. W.W.        H
T. VV. KERa. Recorder.} f
W.. N, -Draper,
Delta Transit
ON SHORT Nt&Tl;..?}
Team Wfos.k Bonn at Spooially Low PrSbes.
Room 2, Kt._i.rd Block, Now W.cetiniuetjer.
���JOSEPH JORDAN, fto|_rie*4M��,
arv Sth. 1907, the day  af publics- Dwiggisjls,
tion ol Tap, Dj::..".-��� T->i-.S�� _j,ill be k ���
ciiang.d-to Tues7_;.'. evening   in-'
_tead of Saturday as at .present.
ending   Ac's, unci in tiie matter j
 r. .-**.���-r.. I,    of The Ii,-e.'ri,wr.i-.f-....ry Co.,-Lim-
j:    ited. LiabaHtv.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Itadnerhw-0Tieg is hcvily ���ive:, g��j a], J
"L-*s\       :ls _ 1      si.      ��� :
 J -������ Telephone'" Ladner " No. ic
For ;iSaIc or Rent ' *^*****^**,5^,H^'J*,f,**^'H^*+*^
;at -.a.m. and 3 p.m.; leaves Steves-i.-.-    creditors   nnd othc.'j.  irayinj.
.ton, ���.$��� 9. a.m. r.nd 4 p.m.    Ever.y | clahns against   tii... ..bov e- * nailed j    Thc   property    known   as
*-�� n.'^asmn'
to send .their names and nfttlreuses K
We reSret to note tbat Coun.8l��fH��* except, Silr.day..
Smbree ba? qsculed to  drop out ofj
tbe   1-Iuuic
"for a annbir a\ y.ears and 0V,i���!*.Io>��g time, but verv little damage! pany; ���*... 11IItL,., :,k.
Company iVsQ reut-:s':-.le-.l, on  _., be- Palace Stables.    Apply at !
fort: the 3'_*t day of IVcc-mber, .*9.y3, THIvS OFFIQK .
V. T. Ry_ & Ferry C<x
BkipaV fwern._is��it.    Mr.;    Tbe storm of Monday night was W lj>S M'ft'0';^*8 baeh.i.11    Cf(1UI,_c   -     "     " ~  '" ' "^   '	
JUiVUm ser^nt one of tke most severe felt  here for ^C fcl��^'t2f afcl P aS",0n    btab}CS *��  Serytce-Port   Guichon   and   Lacta-fHT to   New
v>vb._'ui  the  u'.uio.'.  confjdencq.was
-otiae that
nentioncd date the
has beti} reported.    'J'he fn>t  com-  nuer such   last
! dieted tpw._., ejected by  the B. C. I sa*(* Li|l*idator will proceed to dis*
pbriM. nut oia%- by ^v-W^*13' ij^ectric Rn.hvar Co., to oonvey th-v triblJte l!ie asst>t:; l)f the Company
.   -'-.    , ��� -��. _������i,or ,,-' ���������.. ',����� ' r    '  t*i ,  ' i* v,    among tbe parties entitled thereto,
jjtrffer a large number oi  .... .^���^^^iievihb^e f,f. oHt, K^ haji.in| reganl only to the claims of
'oiy-.s di  tke district.     We   had ing, bad a very  fair, lx-*4  a?t to it_J which   vb^   r,ini-.:'.i-_i��.r   1*.ns   then
Trucking and Dniying.
Livery   work, of all
tended to promptly.
Bqped to see  the present Council stability having weatbere.Mv��ou'd^. nertit^..
. .,  ���.,,-,;.. j;.. ��� night's gale in first class condition, i
coBt1nue-t9getberttBv.il certain dis-     *       ���
pules  bad   been  ii'...:^-.qrily   dis- i '
However, we   ^op*. ***'3
po6td of
?t i,s auMouuced that accurdiug to.i
v&fSigy n_|ll got be tbe; means oijau *&������#��� ����t  forth  by the -super'!
:''     S' which  hM|inte*ud.en*'oC  ^.'Vali-?5... ^ie   -tl*'j
Sth and oth ol Js.nunry_. _ijo-/, h^e-J
been made holidays for the. seho��h
bated this. ..5th day. of- Nov.ra*
er, iw.d.
Liquidator, l.adiier, I5.%G.
%& Nl. Gollinsen]
disrupting tbe hnrni-..y
cbaracterixad   the management ef
satters mslfticlpal.
��$dner Carnage Works.
��� J-icave Pts Gf.ic-!ioM, 6.^0 a.m.,   An��*i*��e YaJicoti���/_*_��,,iQiJi?ei a.ui*.
s at.| Leave Vancouver,   3.-.IO .p^.u.    Arrive Pt.Gn-ichoH.,. 6.00 p.m-..
.Mo-uliy, Wednesday and Friday.
Give,*.  Pa.55ey.gcrs  di';* hpiiys  in  eiU-cv   New   Weat-
niiui.L.'r. or Vigi.i^.vctn:.
New   Frejglit   Tariff  effective   Sept'einrjcr   5LT1,   -06.
Grt-aliy Reduced Rate.-.      For particulars apply to
A^ent, Port Guichon.
^tt.f.i..-.-.icu,t Cars will be ur.**:.:.,liecl v\;itlu)ut delhv-.
In   conversation   with    Mr.   C.
teachers   of   the coast  and. lower,
mainland, to permit th_.ru ,to attend :
the teachers';-conyentiou which w.ill",
be held iu  New  Wcs'.}iiii,i_ic., q:*
the 7th aud 8th.    A.specinl- rate of
~*r_' E.W ''.?������ *�����'" ss ��� ggaggac: ac
,. , .,    ,- ,. . ��� Siagle..farcfos.tlie rottnd  trip Irom
Xnaimell, marjjger of the lisitt.de-      *  ;, l ;
" ���-��� v     *    all points hi the province has been.
men Avrayl
Oad Cart
For every Dollar,
intYi\>/.'.%[ -i on account
jiartraeBt of tbe B. C:���___ fc, we are, arrangcd for from tke c�� p p _ and j o;]e Tkkct fpi, t^p. .^ _.. j^^g ^jH he give
special rates will also be granted by
the Great Northern and  the  H. V. \
Electric Railway Company.
giveu   tbe   following  information:
Tbc light will be available   from
tbe temporary plant, en  the 20th
i_.st._,-i��c''-^pt T_i!!..be turned c* at j
dusk uutil midnight,  anjl. f.s-m 51 In Praise _��- Cb.ambeflai.n.'s C��,ugb I ���*-*.:
a.m. until, 3 a.m.    Iu  the casc.ef) Remedy.
public   cutertai.nments   extra time I    There., is.  no    oilier   nfef.irine
will be granted 011 2��*pijcatioa..
' Sho.uld thc abeve arraaceBiepts
' . ,. "��� '     ,',       .    'i_a*}iref>sio!j-.. of gratitude us Chain-:
ao^besal^c^jr.ws would a.msc| ber,���;n^.   Col]-g1l   Kemcdv.    lt   is
tbat a public uiectiuj; be called and | effective, and prompt relic! follows I
Mr.   Rtimmcl! asked to  attond it. j!t*  uscv    M^.J  P:ir(c"1-'  �����">-!
! where do not hesitate'to testnv to
Ivtr. Rummell will be in Ladner on its merits for the benefit of o.tiiers,
Tueri..av'��nd-\^cds._.^ay  of as^!Il is-.p-.t-crtpjii- cure for.cfo-^ a^l;
i wl^prevent the  atcuck if given   ur:
'iTec'*- j the first appearance of the disease '
>.;-'-uvi-!ig v,..i11 i Close at.
5 o cli
ick 1
u..\v saift]
���ii j...*sav-:.
()K.3,_ppr_Ji.d l.o'..
a. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C.
A General Banking Business Tx"____aa��ted.
��� manufactured   tlmt   hav
; so   muck   praise   tvad
received 1
so    tnmiv.
The milkinr.-_.)._gh:iie lia��arrived
in VaHccure.'. find, if sti. suitable
jijace can,jb_ foHiid ��1 cr... n.a.r Ladner, it will be,- operat^d^ c>:i.. cxli-ib.-
���.ipn bhorily uii^r Qbf^-*_i��->,
It is especially  adapted to children
as it is pleasant to ta^js and  con-1
tayis no.tjLi.ing injurJoi;.*-.    .Mr. b.'. A.
Humphreys, n well-kn6yr 11 r^ddeiit
and cl.i'/, in   the  store  of Mr.   17
I,cci:(, of Alice, Ca;_q Cclp.cy, .South
Africa, says;:: "1'ii.ave  tiseii   Chamberlain's Cough Rein.ilv   '._. war-d.
off crorsfi and c.lds,.iu  my  :_iriil\-.
1 futi-id it to be. yery aal_isUctary!
"~~~ j and it sir"s. int: ]>leasu;e to repom-j
As wiil-b;-_. agtJLced, by   1 efert^jcet mended .il.,''1 ��� Fce rji& by 741 Dr.ug-;
to the reports.of t'sr^Cotincil and. ^1SlS'
public. Eagetijjgs,   tbc    r_'^paycrs.[^-*'^^^^itiSBi^mxaim^.-i
have  given  Bfitise .tlja.i, tbpy wi'dj ^afltedv,
quash the.Rivcr l-oad,RS-l_w as itj p[KST CUvlc;S FARy ;1. aN1),
stands.bt^ia.^*. bj  t^_.mea_itime,.'.    married,   very   gopd   uiilkc-.;,
sflere- t_�� tbe Railway Companv, as! under=l,-ind, ec��s aiid deify, work,
* -   ���' *   "���   "��� wis! to bo?,i,d men, wrtcn  requyed.
Iieii!-e and laud.    Apply. Box .:7\ :
Misssion City, B.C..
. . .     ���*-..-������/���
Tlta. is the Tomulati-v,Vi *���-''''* !l'r-
popularity of  Moffet's   "_^��ST"
b,rea& Sour.
Best ir. tuuclt imitated, but
good, bakevrs. at  once K&cpgi.i'.c  the
'.lifterep.ee- l_i^_Vvses\ tl;,^.-. cyjjffliual and
inferior imitatious.
Moffet's, ^��EST"* iruikes.
iiakc day, .\,d.eliglit. ai.i,d,. if-^ rci-ult**
a certoinUv.
Columbia Floujiii^ Mlll$ Oo.s> ttd.
fN'u-iscr.fs   _^: S-^Edhonuses
a.   coiapromis.e,    an    ani^jjdiiiea^
whereby^bs)*, le^gt^f tb^ne^road
vwill be shorteried by, sometJ__pg likg
:��oo fct.t.andflo away with a large
arncuritjOf side JiiH, v^ by. filling].
the big ravine at tbe.-S^-utlbagd
avlng a,7Npc, grade.    Kr. &5idi     Hcad-y.arlcis lor.  l'm%   C^st!
I .    .', I grown  (,arden, Field aud  Flower]
promised to .-bi-iit thi .ner.-propo-j ���
*-       *���������        *" ��� Seeds vl;s;'ire tho.-oug*n.y tc's'.c-d ..M.i.
������ition totbe.prover.,-.*u:sii.r_tks-s but|tc y.^]Uy b^0^o%mg fo^fl^~
h��ld oui,tfc,^ g p.c.  grade.   TbeU^t arc^t^j^t tO;,govesy��ient 1-.1-,
majority of thr.y.* preset rtfpfi in. spc.tio;.._is to  ke-'^'.-pi   In-ni   wteed
favor ofyp.'c. or Bfttla^ig;. [seeds.    Samples stiit to i4it*fpding|
��� V.'o l*elicre the camproeafee tg be, PU*i*.'-ws*M-
' '������ *���   .       ,'*,',  ',        tjr*cJtcckc^,H-iME-GHaWN
a very fay-one a���d osfi which tlf��| ���    .*
-^     �����. ��� 1 brtii... a:ul. Owianiei-ital   lr(fc{.iiii\v
Compi-:iy,V(dlll_;..,:r:li!:n��'d .to acjftpt  mi,u,T��(i fc, tb, s   ^   Uade.
j j Deposits of-- $11 aiid: it_--v��a_.d_j. lieQei^ad and Intw-
est Allowed at Highest -D-H-reiat Rates.
-������^61 BRANCHES.	
Fast Knd. Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street; Grand Forks, Nanaimo,
Nelson,    Rossland,   Victoria,   Veia��&-_,; Chi'Iivyiu!:,   C.iiru}>ei-!ai.iLcl   and
rather thiO;- del.^ -v... >vor)t any
lopge:.. Tbe t-antr.if t is k-i ..n;i .the
men are only waitin^t'-t?, -v;rd to
gjj ahead, and a-.deiay f.uffifiently
long to ^akg.the maittr liefore the
Ejiilway, Cp-ajnissi-^ wauld cost
t^e Cpo^py.^^^yM- #Te_
pfeba^-. .tbon tti3 ,mf.ej..ii>ig ol ih?
c��mpr^?jj?<B.jj5$v.W mffilh ^'e b*-*,
lieve/ tkerefora. thf - . 'b*t B-Ji''**_\vj
vvill piss iu amc^-le-a^or-iv,. j
.No-cxi'e^se, loss.^.del-jy^fu.mi-
P-HIv SUIT-LIKS, Spray Ptwapn';
Spis-^itjg. .VJ:atarisil, G.*-iie;.'Jn.Hi��i'
Plants,.Cut Fiowtrs,
\\'.>s do businc'.s uu o:ij; o-.v.n
grounds*��� no. rq-it to pu�� and axe,
prepared, t_..,jit_*-_._--11 c<..tn'petaic.n.
Let me price your list before pISL>
iiig ::ou-prd?v.    Catalogue Freif.
Pc^(.  ..'iis   D.%t.4ctii(s
0 Jt nVer B C.
ConVa\nitig ovot -���'**.view- It. ever5*l-j_iiff.   Vost I'tjid f*v-
]",i'f*tru!iji^*. ?He; lU__iir_Us* Kr.��on*..>s M th��i�� th-"
f-i-hv.st 1-rovjtisC^iiitth-S British, Empire..
ap }: HENRrYi
i,      .,  r..-.::.,::7_-_-:. ������ j       _r_40 .Vcstmitfstor Road,
fihambeirlain's CoHgH RsroiHly Vancouver   - bc
Nothing I'LJicJ. NotMoji C4fjy__. Ii��i,finm VeDttfrcd, Noticing Won.
The�� Richest, Men int.n, Vt'v_jJc1 nre- ii_.-*_s.i.-i.r in -U-. C.. ��� Copper-
Qold  Mititis-.     Why canll you be'gin now.;;
la^ (lr-ate.. Oon!fC��r'r*-tJ ni.iavf.r.v o1 (Uie Ace IsV^s.C
is-.,. ._W,*W��HU  I.
Csftiilri.it*, result, pi c.rHsW.s(,.
Sp.tgi&t Oks-JVliiHith,Offer, IS&. P_>* Stiare.,
Mities diroclly west of the I-/.^ Roi and Le Roi N'o. 2, largest
gold-copper- !ii.,,.e's..i;.i B.C,.; paid, L.irge Dividend*,. A.*.snys .Irom
j.{.,p$__ I ti .jwop. 0�� i%go'ld, on ipw, sil ver,-, etc!
Kor..v!.j!i.l Miiues receive'I I_Jgb_-_S_^��ft��fo ior, vici..--.- pri.Td-*
_6{ipe^ ere senatoi St. CoulJ_CE*po��fti()n. Bi�� l*:o'*��- f��a<- West
DJsi'tey..,.. f.'o.mi!iio,-.:-.l':_ir, N<j.v\V__tiu.n_t*r, IU.',; .>c*ab_.,.i9o5.
N'u lcs:5ihai.i 100 shares :..l.i. Sliur.ss-sfan be. l��ad on lr.iital-
i.aent. plt^, payj..eiit:.Kiii--.4Vd"'l_.'. -i-1. p*-* centif casbji balance
e*.'i3].'any lmsiiu ck-'. -r,,;.- oaMlitif..   S.iid 1>_*r lU'js'.ra. .d I'i_>-p=clu ijo .'���-���:: '-.>:���.
P.O. Box 174* Vancouverf B. C. GJannda.
1 _
Toys^ Books, Etc
AT =*
���r5r'^--_*^__a_*_t-^'itiS_^ <|_J8__$; *g
TIU-, B��T,TA 'tlMl^ "-!_"."" 7 J\...,**.
\l ARE TO TKE fRONT apin this year witli a lurner Assorfinertf lis... ever before, of TOYS and
_ fANCY GOODS, t&m ���__,_ Glassware, etc., Caflgry, Faacy Bsiwp linen, fancy Han-Kerchiefs, Ladies'
and Gents' Neckwear arid EVERYTHING THAT IS IN DEMAND AT OiiflSTHAS TIME, Mm Presents
for All.
Also large range "Ladner Souvenirs" and Christmas Post Cards, Xmas Cards, Calendars, Books,
Hymn and Prayer Books, etc
Bring the Children to see the Mechanical Figures In the window
a. *��_a-
���1 Sawing Machine
tf Do.lL
3 Steam Cooker.
4 Rug.
0 Biedroom Set.
a Hall Lamp,
7 Tea Set:,
8 ^-Dozen Table Spoons.
Q Drawn Linen.
10 Piano Drape,
11 Water S��tk
12 Boa Boa -..isUi.
18 Cruet.
14 __-auud^lB_tf9]c*fc.
15 Ladies' U.mbre.3_t.
10 Bmbroidered Cushion Top.
17 Inlaid Jardinier Stand.
18 Burnt Leather Panel
19 Ladietf Hand Bag.
20 Souvenir Book of Rocky Mountain View*.
A TICKET for a chance in our great drawing will be GIVEN AWAY with each 60 CENT PURCHASE, and the drawing will take
place at 9 ��'Clock Monday night,. December 24th, in our store, in the same way as previous years, which proved
very satfefaotory to .all concerned.
1 (Ko employee or member of Ms family will be allowed t-o participate in this drawing.)
Prizes wil he on Exhibition in Our Show Window, Monday, November 12th, on which date, we will
commence giving away tickets.
___-���_  -uniirn wn -T"
Mr. John Oliver, M.P.P.,
will address tbe Electors
ol Delta at
JRast Delta School lion?*, Dec. 17,
��� at 7:30 p.m.
Mud Bay School House, Dec. it.,
at 7:30 p.m.
Ball's Prairie School Hon--'.', Dec.
''*- .. at 3 p n*.
ladner Town  Hall.   !������>-    "������**,   at
7.30 p.m.
Scott Road School House, Decs 21,
* at 7:30 p.m.
Cloverdale Hall, Dec. ss, at . p.m.
An _v__ation hns been extended
to Mr. McKeu.ie aud tbrcujh bim
to anv Ministe. ci the Cr_.vu, cr
other Government speaker, to ke
pros^nt a:ul address the iue;tings.
Itlisa Kirkland is viiUlB, friends
In Bellingham.
linns Monigon-.ery has rented H.
!    Attbiif's farm and  has   taksnj
���:������ '.r his entire stock fcr a period ofh
five years, he has a swell topcover-;]
cd   buggy  in  tlie bargain.    Say!
won't he be going some next summer.
1       , ���������^- r.  ���      m. ....��!_!������--��������-l..-.
��_- Vr%
The youug folk of the   "Silver"!
Mission   Band   of  the   MethodiiU
Church held their last regular meet-j
iag on Saturday lasl at thei Parsonage.     After   a   short   programme
they   resolved   ther__..elves   into a
"Thimble Party" in the interest of
au Autograph Quilt   which   they
have undertaken.    Eefore leaving,
"Aiternoon Tea"  was served   by
Mrs. Delts.
A  Convention  will be held   at
Ci.verd.le oa Saturday, Dec. 22nd'
to choose a candidate to contest
Delta District  in opposition to the
i present Government
On tbe Trunk read, last  week, a
I.noies'   Knr      Owner   may   have
; same on proving property and pay-
ij; for this ad.
C. tt. _*Tergaa visited tbe Koyal
City. rVeiaesi&y.
l_t��. T. W. Poster visitrd New
Westminster, Thursday.
I To th* E-,-.CToas or Dklta:
Ladies and Gentlemen���I hereby
beg to intorm you that I shall not
be available as a candidate at tke
forthcoming municipal elections oa
account ef press ol private hwsMiesa.
fV. J. Ladry, jr., arrive- bome,
9att_rdoy, au a abort visit.
Jff.   A.   McDiarmid   ejeat    the
early partof tbe week iu Vaucoufer.
The Cash Store
Linen Xable Cqvers
Manufacturers' Seconds,
25 p.c. Off.
\yE bought a manufacturer's surplus stock
of pretty Linen Table Cloth;-?, with
some very slight defects, just enough to
notice when you look for them, at a large
reduction, nence we are able to offer them
to you at the above 25 perr-cen ..reduction.
$2.00 Cloths for ^50.
$2.50 Cloths for #1,8 5.
$3.00 Cloths for $8.86;
$3.50 Cloths for $2.75
The Cloths are from two to two-and-a- ��
half yards long and sixty to sixty-six inches
wide.        ..... ,s       ......
We Beg Leave
To notify the people ot Ladiier and surrounding district that we are now ih a
position to offer Vai-coiiver Island
Portland Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or othet infericw*
Write for Prices.
A Full Stock of Shades and Fixtures of all kinds kept on hand.
Wiring and house furnishing a
specialty. ���    -
T* NSewhray?
W- **--��� Curtis returned borne,
Tne-tlay, froin a visit to the Royal
City. (Columbia St.,   -  Xew We_t__i.iister
~ "~~~ P.O. Box 364-.   Phone 369.
Mrs. and Miss Samuelsoa, ef
__"o.Bt Roberts visited Lednor yesterday.
F.; Cullis and bride returned
heme, Tuesday, from a visit to tbe
Koyal City.
____rs. Tabu McKee returned home
Wednesday evening from a-visit to
tfeeJ-oyal City.
Worry McCormick and' Thos.
fhertreed loft, Monday, on a bant
iug trip to Langley, etc.
Mrs. H. L. Wilson returner
hoae, uu Saturday last from a visit
tO-rie-ulsia Everett, Wash.
IVrOTICE is hereby given that the
Partnership heretofore subsisting between us, the undersigned,
as Teamsters and Liverymen, has
been dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts owing to the said Partnership are to be paid to John M.
Collinson. at Ladner, BC, aad all
claims against the said partnership
are to be presented to tbe said J. M.
Collinsou, by whom the same will
be settled.
Dated at Ladner, B.C., November 23, :oo6.
Have You Any Chickens ?
267 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C
NEW WESTMINSTER,       -       -       -       B. (2.
Christmas   Goods
Silverware, Cut Glass,
Watches, Etc.   . ".   .
1 JJust IT for Xmas _. New Year Presents
. _-' n_-j._l-.-t_;1 *_-_!_-.'���-.. j i_'_i_j.i_.]
Undrew Qamen,
LADNKli. b. c
-<_���!_!���'���������-   '��� -JU-LLJI ���J-H.J.U'I   tl ������   f-.J..J__J.J��.J__Bi
_'     >
For Winter Wear
it".  J.   A.   Paters_n   returned  . __ '���'��� ��� *
kopo.lastevenini.Dccouipaniedbvl1 Pfly  Highest   Price   for
iefaieco,  Mi^ Non* Armstrong, l AH   Kinds,
otNew Westminster.
Mrs. N. A. McDiarmid and fan>j
ily "returned   Wednesday   Iran, a
visit to   ber  sister,   Mr..   II.  D.
Jtensen, at Kverett, Wash.
A. W. Oliver returned buine,
Monday evening, from the North
where he beta been engaged all aum-
mer in tbe cannery busiues..
Min Montiomery returned bome,
yesterday, from tbe Royal City,
accompanied by Mra. MacKenzie
vrbo will be thetj: _u.st for a few
���      ym   ��� . im*
As afternoon tea anl small sale
pf work will be held at Mra.
Man-sball SU-kli's on Thursday,
pec. 20th, from s to '6 p.m.i wben
the djawipg fof tbe Tatiouret. Doll
and. {Sofa Pillow wi'H take place. A
charge* af ioc. vt. 51! be made for tea
fuiii the- proceeds will he devoted to
Che Yi-ntv-je Ftuul.
Port Guichon.
When you are wanting anything in tlte
line of Blouses, Dress Skirts, Petticoats,
Underwear, Hosiery, White: Gootjls, Neckwear, Ribbons, Furs, Smallwears, Holiday
Goods, or
Bonnets,  Hats, Furs, Dresses,.   Underwear,
Hosiery, Etc.
Call and let us show you.
Goods and Prices Right.
m $3.50
K $4.00
We have tbe Greatest Value
"in Shoes
Good Solid Reliable Footwear,
Just ihe Thing for Winter Weather.
A. J. B1RTCH, -        275 Columbia Street
We -.airy these int all Leathers and bave a .lull line of Sbapeo
ama Sizes to Fit All  Feet:
Nothing in Town to Equal Them*
J* REAGH,    -    Ladner, B.C.
..������.���-..-���-..'.������i,.. .j."
jjBfi-ai_e-M.il1. _,il.,u -**_!.-Ui"
Estaie Wh__a Tou Want to Ship or Store
Your Produce or Live Stock.
_L ....    J 1���J1J...U_.L-1'
l-.J_.JI.   . l.-L-ll.-. JTWlMUJ.
- ' ���*  '*>
Gseline Engines, fiaot Pulpers,
ETC.    j*.. .i-
Grain Elevator
Capacity 000 Tona
Sp-uee 24,000 Squtire F^,
... .���*.;; *-.!���'-*-!-'*?w:i**--.������ -r   --**:
�����e Walv/orth-Rolston Co.,
* i" cu IT "Weslmlns ter- Ave.-,. ^ V-^oTtvTi-, 6. C.
Port  Quichoti. B, ��^


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