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The Delta Times Apr 2, 1907

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Array r*~l&"*\
.������\;\^a^�� h:->,u,.
v       A?ii 8-130/
|Vo!. 4, No. 30.
LAU.NiiR, B. C, TUESDAY, APKIL 2, 1907.
ttfes Makepeace Writes to Her friend, Miss Mellar,
of CloverdaSe.
ruif Tree Cleansing!
.Mv Dear Madge :
Ladner, Tuesday Morning.
.it Marsha it
Tbe Deputy Minister of Agncul-I    New Westminster, Marc
tare requests us to publish tbe tol-j Tpi,,  ,.-r.:ef   stttaotion    st
lowing: | (j
In view ol  iln.*   at live  measures
bow being carried on   by tbe Pro
ie Market    Government
Sfan a d Scetfs
ay's m:.r_.t, apart from tk
offerings  wer-? tha
y ester-
> usual
Horticulture lor I exhibitions of flowers oh '-ale at tbe
furchasers of red  clover,   alsike
ar.'l timothy seeds who want a good
just a Hue ta let you know of my-parchases. I got my waists
Smith & Co.'s. They bal ouly just opened up their New Summer Waists, aud
I had some difficulty in choosing from among the mauy styles shown. They hav.
them from 7f>c to $5.00. Yon w.l. Lave, ft good welection if you call early
next week.
v,.r my new skiti., I have chosen a medium Grey Tweed Mixture with the
:��� r 1 effect.   They had quite a variety in Blacks, Greys, Browns and Navy
at from $3.00 to $6.00.    I shall get a black skirt later, either a Lustre or Yene-
it'.y. and ,-". Davis.
_e_. lovely exotics
,  who were  lucky
ion or possibly a. serge
vincial Bo .nl of
the cleansing up of all eld orchardsl stands of Mrs,
aud gardens, lhe following excerpts��� The beauty o
1'iniu tbe issue ol the Oregon   Agri-; appealed   to
culturist of the 15th of k?rch are enough to view them, and many
���ot amiss, and will serve i" show purchases were made, ior the pur-
the-effect that much work I,a* omjK.se. of decorating private homes,
property values, to say LOtbinfj.ad churches, People, even after
of the improvement in the quality j completing tbeir purchases,
of fruit produced, | lotli  te  Irave tke viciuity  of the
"J.ose County fruitgrowers we:e- flower booths, aud turn to the more
nevei se activ: as at th: present 'prosaic btisiaess of domestic wants.
tim* in rutting their orchards ;n I Spriug 'mm', and young veal
shape, killing out old dead trses.r] were ia good demand, and farmers
ne* aad spraying  in who were lucky enough  to
planting new ones a��d spraying  in | who were lucky enough  to  iave : weecj seeds
clean articlu should see to it that thi
1 seeds they buy are clesrly represent'
etl by a reliable person or firm to be
j ot" first  quality,   i,\   being  marked
''No.    1,"     "Prime'1     "Fancy,"
'��� "XXX," or such Cher designation
1 ior   which   a   special  standard  of
purity is fixed ia Section 4,   ot the
we,e'Seed Coutio! Act.
"Government Standard" is a term
coined by seed vendors and may be
misleading unless clearly understood. Section 4 ot the Act fixes a
standard of quality in respect to
below  which timothv,
a wholesale manner.    Fruit Inspec- these articles fouud ready sale at. ,sjke ^ red doyer swdg afe flot
tprBeeb;,  Wh. is busy te a bee, lgo.4 figures.   F.wl   aud   chicken Lllowed   t0   be  sold   for Ieediog
,t intend getting a couple of Waists, come iu Friday, and I will go with tells ����that orchard ist. are anxious were fairly well represented,  ����d dther by farmers or seed meretaata.
j 1. his standard allows of tbe  weed
seeds named in  the Act  about 90
they will hav their new hatf- ready then, too.
Do yo.. know I   believe  Fred  has hud  another  letter from that git
kut  m.ay  oi theji,  not ��� were soou disposed  uf.    The  web-
usaps *>' tkeir  own,   are j tooted variety, such  as  ducks  aud!
at  West
'IT I s
writing, sit
iit   SltC; I,
al   any   rate   I   saw   thc   same   style  of   little   grey envelope in a
although   I was unable   to   see   the   postmark.  1   caul think who else
ottld be from.    Don't you worry.    I'll find out about it. /
'*' s for boots for Bobby Bright, they had   so many good  Strong Boot3, a
variety of prices from $1.25 upwards, that I  decided  to leave it
to get the boots,, both for Bobbie and Bessie.
i am getting for Mary a pair of  their "Tru-Fiu" Sho93, they will last till
she outgrows them.   Tbey cost $3.00.
Fred got his new suit at Marshall Smith & Co.'s, too.
swell;   Let me   know  your  opinion when  you see  it.      Tell Mrs. Bright, the School
Shoe   for Girls are $1.45 for size 10 and smaller, and $1.90 for larger
..dzes.    They  seem to  be   of good serviceable le.aher and yet nice and Soft, they hav.
them from $1.25 to $2.50.
te .pray
tWiting patiently f��t ihe taau  withlj(.e8ei   were   qaoted   as
Outfit  la ihow ��p and do the work thirteen  riclfars per doz
for them. Those who are in the field
jwUk 'be neccesaary equipment c.tl-
u   not begin to meet the demand forjily.    Potatoes were in fair evidence.
..their   services   and  men   wko areiand teew brought up at twenty-four
! familiar  with the  business c.ndojp-r tua.
^ well by getting outlits ��ud going j
high as
but none
were offered ior sale yesterday-
Apples are jtill scarce and sold read-
Mrs.!    q he inspector has been surprised I    Beef, hindquarters, 9c to
al the   willingness ol fruitRrcwfeni Iforequarters, 6c to 6tfc*l -
, '-'ic lh.
wherever he has interviewed them,
to conform to the law either as to'
spray iag or rooting up old wont out!
orchards.    Mrs. IJuddlestetj, Peter
Ry. and sever*' ethers are  ptefU
With fondest  iove to you and yours, from Mother and
Yours very sincerely,
���Fred says he will be seeing yuii in a day or two.
,S.���Tell your mother that M. S. & CO. have thoir children's suits opene
m    now.
I   think it real I ing to uproot  *\i trees that   uiivr(
j c*atcd to bear good fruit and   have !
' scale on them.
I     Fruitgrowers   are   alrcadv    well
potted o�� the  law which excludes'
fro* the  market  wormy  or  scale!
I infected fruit  and they  intend to{
j have a 6ue product to offer to
coasumers this year.
"The fruit industry of the country j
u coining to the front aad the faiae i
��� of our products aloag this line, will
in a short time put the Hood River
i product ou the run.���Kugene Register."
"Clackaniac County would  sell
j for a million dollars more this
spring thtn last for the single reason
that a ptospective buyer on locking over the prosp-ct   would  come
: upon so ��iany shear, and pruning-
I hooks in active operation. The time
Veal, uc to u '
Pork, io'-sC lh.
Mutton, 13c to 14c lh.
Potatoes, $24 toa.
Eggs, 25c do/..
Butter, 36c to 35c ft.
Fowl, $.S to $10.50 doz.
Chickens, $7 to f 9 do/..
Ducks, Ji 1 to $ 13 doz.
Apples, jSl.40 to $1.50 box.
Ouious, $1.50 sack.
Eister fete.
i iu oue ounce of red clover, 200 iu
I oue ounce of alsike, or 400 in one
jounce of timothy seed It is 10
I seeds that will pass this lowei
standard, but arc not sufficiently
j clean to grade "No. 1" that tbe
: term "Government Standard" was
t attached last season.
Some seed vendors have advertised seeds under "Government Seal."
i No Government Seal is used on any
j seeds offered for sale in the trade.
: Some realiable seed houses sell
j grass and clover se ed:; sealed oy
; ihem and ior which they alom. are
'��� keid responsible so long as the seal
- remains iatact, but uot after it is
I broken.
To avoid the provisions of Section 3 of the Act which applits
mainly to seed , rain, so��e seed
vendors represeui t. farmers that.
on account of the Seed Coiitul
Act, they arc oflering their grain
; for sale for milling or feeding put-
, p.sta. If onered for sale for seed-
iitj, such seed vendors are required
[ tt* make clear to intending pur-
: chasers, that the seed  contains no
Come and Have a Look.
Grand Opening of Spring and Summer Goods this week. iiIS���.lvr���tw>,(,lltkeKastemiaiid
hunter's   first   question    shall   be
as heretofore, 'why are these Mossy
Old orchards allowed to take up  so
1 much . oed  land?'    Wheu  we say
sow to stranger., 'Clackaniac Country can produce  a  . o.d  ^rade ol
fruit and wa abuadauce of it,' the
wois-covtred. old orchards will aot
mutely whisper 10 the Itranger ��s
;be p.sse. along, 'it's a miserable
! lalseh.od,'
"The law may  be rigorous and
, ->ve way descry it now, but it is the
; first step and sn absolutely necessary step toward Rrowiaj; fruit successfully   iu   the cauaty.    Within
three   years   there   > ill  aot  he a
jjjpice to condemn it.���Or?, ou City
arshal! Smi
Co., Ltd.
On Wednesday < veiling last,
quite a large number of Iriends oi
Mr. and Mrs. John Simpson undertook the difficult task ol ". urpris-
ing the old folks at home,'1 oritthe
Fairview R< ad. Aft'T the first
detachment had obtained au entrance the main bodv soou took
charge ol the floor and the light
ftmtaslic was tripped until i2'i3o.
whan a spleudid repast was partaken of. Alter the inner man had
been recouped the dance was resumed and continued until about
4:30 a tn., wheu a. well satisfied
crowd adjourned to their homes.
Among those present were:: 1
Mesdames J. McLeod, W. J.
Leary, B. Helmer, B. Alexander,
|. Follis, W. Stokes.
Misses Lena,, ljd.ua  and.  Ed till.
Leary, Mae Jordan, H. M. t. anley,
Ruby Thirkle.
Messrs. J. McLeod, N. Monk-
man, Ernest Monkman, J. cosulich, Donald Kean, Wm. Maxwell, W. Byrom, Jas. Fit a, W.
Stokes, T. Thirkle, J. Inmau, Dan
Kenny, W; Read, R. "Page,
Music was supplied by M. Vid-
sNHvi   ARRI.AI.P.
The Easter Fete, given  ir.   Oddfellows' Hall, under the auspices of
the Ladies'Aid of the Methodist] wild oats, wild mustard, cockle and
Church, en Saturday last, was a'such other noxious weed seeds
great success, financially and other-j when they are in the seed.   Ths
wise.    Thc  weather   wa
lar from  ol3iect o!   l!ie   Act   ls   t0   protect
,    ,     i farmers who wan', to protect theru-
what might have been  iesired,  b t,    , .      _
Ihe attendance was very good. Thc
M.thodist indies have a  recorsl   for
gelling  up  thi
aud they  lost  no prestig
SUTTON'S SEEDS���Flower and
Vegetable, in packages. Field
Seeds���Beets, Carrots, Mantel
and Swede, in bulk, may bi obtained from H. N. RICH, Agent
Ijrsicknuin.-Iver Milling Co., Ladner, B.C.
Camber.ain's Cough Remedy
-uif.a Cot,U*. Croup and Wlusopiu% tluucb. j*\
Mr. ai d Mrs.   William  Lasseter
and family, and Mr. and Mrs. J. C
Lasseter and   1 snilv,  arrived here,
.., Tuesday last, from  thc south of;
jEnglard  and  are  guests o.  Geo. 1
Lasseter, sr., at Trenant Farm.
William Lasseter is a bro'ber ( f: ~
our respected resident, Geoitei How are vnur fences ? Do thev
Lasseter, sr., and, with his at d geed replacing ? Whv n.t tri C,
his son's families, has come to this' Wieksort's wire fencing? He ex-
country te make bis bome. Being j petfs to start out abeut i.t ef M��y.
pla-terers by trade, both father and -See ad. ew 4th paae.
son should experience no difficulty	
iu  obtaining  employment   in   lhe
,   ,     ' The  auction sale, on Thursday
cities round shout us. ���     *"     ,,,,��., ,     ,
last, by H. N. Rich, ol the nones,
_ .... I dairy   stock, implements  and  ef-
The S.S. .Sonoma leaves Laduer j fects, of the late Win. Witter,   was
at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Steves-, a great success, there being a lar^e
tou at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.   Every | attendance and prices realized ior
day except Sunday. everything were -.ovl.
selves against such weeds.
vides the means for fanners to  buy
tsced   inteliigentlv.    Farmers   who
kind of an afudr,; deliberately buy feed grain and use
on thisH' ^or StJt(^ c,in   carcely hope for
occasion.     During   the   afternooa legislation  ihai will protect them
te.  was served, and fancy  work,\bom   lsss on account   of   noxious
novelties,  etc.,   were   disposed of:
from 6 to 8  supper  was dispensed,
and from 8 to to an  excellent programme wa-s rendered as follows:
Instrumental, Miss L. Kirkland;
recitation,   Miss Nellie Ellis; duet,
Mrs.    H.   J.    Kirkland   .1  '1   Mrs
Lanning;   recitation.   Mis    Millie
Ellis; song. Mr-. Cross; s,->ug, Mrs.
H.  J-  Kirkland,  recitatit n,  Miss
Kstelle Brewster; song, Mr.-,. Cross;
song, Mis. W. A, Kirkland;  -ong,,
Dr.   Woodley;   dialogue    L'i ies''
Aid; sou,-, j. \\*. Kutid. |
Somewhere in tiie  neigh , rhood
of }sc,o   wo?  the   handsome   sum]
ti   ted.
Strange as it may seem,low-priced
stock is still to be obtainel in .
empany owning property, the de
velopmeat ol wbich will eventu-lly
make bigger mines than are even
now in operation in the camp. Sueb
a pro ertv is owned by the Big
Four Minin. Company, which is
bow developing on at ti'c iarg st
miues in tke Kossland district, B.C.
"Investments are I i-in^ made by
sni.l nv.s >���', r.ho pay or their
stack in tiion:k: in->ta r. en.s extending over a period ol one or two
years, the money collected being
spent .lmosi entirely in purchase,
development and equipment of tne
claims, ancl none 6f tbe officers,
aside from the acting superintendent, being paid salaries. The mining is thus carried on in an economical  manner aud men of smai.
oats in the United States and  Can-1 means are afforded a 1   opportunity
ada. cast of the  Rocky Vlouutains, O'f becoming  interested in minim.
is   10,073.000  bushels,   compared'operations."    Buv Big Four share*
with 83,636,000 bush sis 1 year bp,o   now.
When you wish to buy visiting.
cards call on the Delta Times who]
will sell the bc.-.t money  can  buy.
If you need them printed, why you i
are money in pocket by  cajling  on
thc Deltt . hues (ir. t.
According to The Commercial.
:,l Winnipeg, the visible supply of JTSS-S-S,
���THK DELTA T1MKS, TUKSDAY; :,\: !" .1. i, 13^
rcP^KiffiCrt  r.vm;v Tr��tt)A.v.
Shall $. omen Vote!
SfESCRiMlON, $LOO per year.
Editor Drlta. Timss:
1     Sir: An excellent letter bas been
, _ I contribute! tn the Press on the be-
, half af the W. C. T. U. by Mrs.  J.
AByEETifflo a*T86. :;  Makm. President.    She strikes
.__tiuBl Ad��rt!��3f-Al��, u. c-rsti per Uat fot ; ,,       ���   , . ,. .^     j      j   whea
tuUciticot ln��*rtlon.    Tht-   number   ol  lints;,!- sav. tint  tiom_n  should   have
atcknnrsi r.j th.��� aptier o<- upiftt, ta line* to the ' SHe s""s lua'  WOme.i  .aoutu   uavc
|Bch- ; setnethin;. to a.y  about  the ccn-
a*tei 1 ..rconmrM. ji sdnrttesuati c��n be! t|nufd ��xi��tence of the temotatiot .
Aad on application 0,1 '.)'���) ���-*��� -������
_,   ..       _. ,_,,,-     which   meet   their boy. at every
attdiat aotlctiia cat.tt ptt Ujm fot mcb li,< >
���"'t^n. turn   after they   have cru.sed the
Btttlxtadt_Mtb.naHe��ii,soe���Mftntaet'f>s*o,    doot-step of their  homes,   and  are
aj\> ssoaaiiii ncityce, tts obj��t oi ��uirh u to j out 0f the sound of their mother'.
fsomotr tit. ^c. u.j.iry l-encfil sit bit indlviduttl
at es.ntpajij, to be conllierci aa ��a��ertl*(<n��.,t   voice.     Sho  lufther   Contends   that
.wt clxaffrfej ..��,-,.rdiuBly.
/.11 _ ._-.=��t,t_Ka- .--',- ..h-ra-f,l for  until (.'Jerri
t��t,ma '.ssstl fcr.
Osni-spaclencr Invited ��a m_U��r�� ot public | W��me�� with property need it. WOBien
IfttltMt.   Cominiifiisatlcmito editor muit te ac-��� .     ,,., ,     .
Somp.-inif.!  by aaiu'-- of wttter, not necowarily   With   DOtnes   aau   chUllre      Beeu    lt.
tlm p-i.'.IcsitlM., but i. eTldencs- of jood foitl-. I __ , , ,
COrce-jfiondeo*- rav-��rcajciitH,oi��ceby-rhur,-; If lt Weri.'   ��ece-<��rv    tO SllOV     ,bat
Alt e��euim, I .
a wauau is capable and deserving
womea aeed a vote to protect themselves; wageearaing women need it;
R. Masiky.
Tuesday, Aran. 2, 1907.
To those personally interested in
the widening and straighteniag of
the Trunk raad. we wish to s.y
ithat on account of W. N. Draper,
P.L.S.. hating taken a survey j Henry So��er3et and Miss Francis
party owt  ta Sumas, his services! Willard, and women of that type.
of power of administration, we need
only quote the history ot Queen
Victoria. Would it aot have been
a little better if, at certain periods
i of the nineteenth ctatury, Queen
I Victoria had presided over a
council having; the directioi of
affairs, composed, say, of the
Baroae.s Burdett-Coutts, Florence
Nii-htiagale. George Elliot, Mra.
Sooth,   Ladv   Beacon.ield,   L.dy,
.cannot Lc obtaiaed  here tor two or
three week, ut the least
ficuU piablcm.  this year,  ia
matter of road-making.    Through!
As; a Man Eateth   ""'_:;
So is his strength. Ten? of tlo'-Kncs-oi
men will testify to the deliciouaness and
=ustaininp  ptjenpth  of  Fread   m?.de   from
Moffet's "PEST" Flour
Best is strong in gluter-Mbe vital essence of
tiie wheat.      - veil, -"ricl'iK ts lend? a creamy
abearance  tc  it eo cififej-rnt from that of I
orf'iiaiy     ��.* c   v- 1 te   ' ctirs.     In   ordeiirg |
v-f.K-*-:-*-+*-M--r + -r-*-l--*-M ���_������+ ���4-*-_-t-i-*-:-^-i"fH-^-e-f���_-*���.-*
!_ ��3l
Team Work Bono at Specially Low Prices.
A   '���-'
���t Telephone " Ladner*" N'o   ii.
���f *������>���+��� +��� -l-��-i-�� ���*������������*-������ -:-���+'��� ���!*��� *�����
,,-   ;-  :     .- T��f.^.j.+^v
V. T. i(y. & Ferry Co.
nour   i cm
our   Grocer,  ask
" I EST."
fcr ..Moffet's
3 [ I'lev/  Service
to New
Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Port Guichon  and  Ladnei
Westimnster and Vancouver. .
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.-jn.'   Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 a.m.
I.eave Vancouver,   2.10 p,m.    Arrive PbGuieliou 6.00 p.m.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
(lives  Pa^ssenger.s  for-  hours  in   either   New   West-
���'linBter or Vaucouver-
liKlTlPIl   C01.-UMB1A
i Tbere .re few who wauld not
j hesitate to ask tkeir mothers upon
: important matters affecting the
; welfare and moral education of
, their ckildreu. There are few wko
1 will not grant  that women  oiten
The Council i�� up against a  dit-1 co*e t0 th�� ri��ht conclu��i?n   mach
.   ; aiore rapidlv  than  men, and  the
1 difficulty   anlr  arise,   when   they
'I are asked to give a reason for their
warcity ��f labor, .caws and  ateam-j ccncl���,iong>      Bl,t   in   .YotinK   by
beats they   are   left   without   the,'ballot it ��a> be safely interred that
ai.auft  of   fettiuc   fravel  eut   of the majority  would come to tight!
tkeir  nit at  Tort Kells,  and the' col'cluslon��. aml Wer the ballot j
Mr. and Mrs, L. M. Riclm'dson,
the popular manager of tht-lecal
branch of the Royal Rank, and his
estimable biide. left, to-day, for
Nanaimo, where they will make
their home for the present.
Mr. and Mrs. Richaid-ion will be
much missed'socially ami many are
the regre s expressed at their le-
11 oval.
The Delta Ti .es joins in wishing them every success in their new
home. f tl.".
There   was   a   grand   ball,   last
New   Freight   Tariff   effertive    September
Greatly Reduced Rutes      For particulars appty
Agent, Port Guichoa,
vSufficient Cart: will be furnished without delay.
- -' (Westminster Branch-) I
Time Table
Curs Xtuvt Wrstininatcr tor Vanccuvrr nt 5.50 I
autlti.%0 a.m. aad hourly t):eifn/ter until It p. j
��n.; Saturdays and Sundays ai 11 p.m. !
CftrK leave Vancouver for Weitminsterti at /..��*
and 6.50 ti. m, and hourly thereafter until ift p.
m.; Saturdays aud HunridyK fit 11 p.m. j
.  TVrTui, .:r.'it-clasr fteift-Ui  car* Vetwrti.-' We��t-
minslfr  nnd   Va;u:im\Vr uud  .til Phipntf'utB'nr*
mb ii  aaeg
- ii
.htturilt^l witli tbc ulmost cafe r.u��1 delivered to! f~i A 'DTT1 A T
consignee without ik-lay    Special uttentioti paid4 wAl il Ja,!-^ *
ttffrulf shipments,    Out wagons meefall Ivoat
SmUrhius.   Kor ratM, eK apply tn
B!I> GRP.C.okV,     *"" j   McytlAR^'lT.,
Traffic Mrt. . Local Mgr
Weitwintter. D. (*.-
lneorjy��fHf��il I����9.
A General Banking Business Transacted,
j they  would   not   bxu'e   to express
j their reasons.    Women tote im our
I municipal aflairs, then why not ea-
rhole  ftan-
to do tkeir work, then it ii up t,:>
them to buy a couple lar tkeai-
aeWe_. "Oh. bat look at tke ea-
ptase!*'" rre hear some say. Wkat
tloe*; it matter to this municipalilv
:to spend, �����>, <j,oeo ior scowt,
when we take into consideratiaa
.Ue amount of ��iama{c  that will
questioa  wkich conironts tkem is I
tbis:   "Can we  afford  to let the
roads raa.  for this  year, witbeut; tn,st  lhem  witk t{,e
repairs?" chise >
To the above questioa, we answar      It is only in a very recent period |
���last emphatically "ItoI" *lmt women bafa been permitted to'CAUC*H
_. ..    _,        .. ... take their  place ia   the   business
It the Cotiactl cannot hire scowm       ,,     ...     ,��, ,
world.    We   know   only too well
how thoroughly nnd conscientiously they do their work, in maay instances far better than men. And
while I am not prepared to subscribe to the opinion that universal
sufira(e sbonld be granted to all
woaiea of all classes, I certainly
think that those womea who have
a stake iu the world, should bave a
evening, ill Kirklanw's Ha'l, Westham Island, wh:n a very _ .easintr j
tune was s-pent by- quite a huge i
number oi young people. I T
.. s%...<;.....*.^_.y...*,..��^, ..m.-.s.h^s.��..*��.*���*..
.1.    :
Savings Department.
f j deposits of $1 and upwards received and InteT-
est Allowed at Highest Ourrent Rates.
;.ll kludstl
��. C.
jbe done to the raads already msde say in the adaiiaistration of affs.irs
hy  neglecting  them  for oae year; Aad there cannot be two opinions
.tiaae, to say nothing about the
lass to the individual farmer freat
repairs ta rigs, etc.
Of ceurse, ta take $3,000 out ai
.the present revenue would mean a
.heavy drain, bnt, in ��trder to effset
.this drain, we would suggest that
the taxes be raised anothei ive
taills, which would bridge tha natter over, and the scows would always be a valuable asset if properly
as to the appropriateness of women
i becoming proficient in medical aad
surgical science. They should ba
Membtrs ef school boards, aad all
kiadred institutions. There might
be sow* arrangement by which a
woman coald not be nominated for
a political positioa, unless she was
recommended at a council ol ivo
Mea ot undoubted steading and in
flurace ia the community.
I am aware that this a delicate
matter, and one upon whick it
would  ba difficult to   express an
lock or gravel .ir  both we �����,t!8Plnion  without   *ivin*   S0Ble ot
��� fence, but those persons who differ
PRANCHES IN  BRITISH COLUMBIA���Vancouver, Vaiicdtivat
East End. Mt." Pleasant,  Granville  Street;   GT��_id  Forks,' Nannimi>,-'
Mr. Wm.  Thos..   < smorga^, pro- '*
vincitd Constable at-Cl apleau, Oa- j 'l
tano,   says:    "I   'auuht  a severe
cold   while lmnti; ;;  *   burglar in.i<_
th�� ftire0! cw itriii  inst   fall.    Hear-1
iag of Chamb.T.ain's Cougti  feni-J"-
edv, 1 tried it, a->-.d afier using  two
BTriail   bottles,    1    was   c��mpletely
cured "    This remedj   is  intended
especially for cough's and colds.    It
will loosen and relieve a severe cold
in less time than  any  t ther  trest
vent   and is   a  favorite   wherever
its superior excellence has become
known. For sale by All Dru��j.ists.
A, M;,n,3f;:(.tm*rs\
*    Soda   Water   Gilisrcr ,4.! Nelson,   Rossland,   Victc_ria,' Verncjs',   Chilliwack,   Cumberland   #ni
Ale and Summer    1 New Westminster.
Drinks. ...
Your patronage solicited .     J'
H. B. MARGESON, Manager, LADNER, B. C.
Notary Public,
Auctioneer, Insurance
Incr Exhibitor
W. N. Draper,
Room j,EU��rd Block. New Wts��min����r.
Farm for Sale.
To Advance <sn
Mortgages . . *
Jan. 8th to 1.1th.
have in order to save what wark
has already been done, therefore, it
is up to the people to strengthen
the hands oi the Council and ssne-
tioa tbt above suggestions.
HI Wi        U'    Slot 1
A number of young folks spent
}.aeter Monday at the Bay,
Seventy   Acies,   cnliivn ed   tind
must grant that there is something', u ' e ,     am   o'      pranar'
to be -.id on  both sides, not the;
least on behalf the worn-tn.
Under the Athenian laws it was
a disgrace to show anyone the
wrong road. I am not presuming
to direct.    "Furor scribendi."
Vaacouver, B.C., March 26, 1907.
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
Sax Seconds.   Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Silver
Spangled   Hamburgs,   Baff
Orpingtons and Black
Scott  Feutou   rtroc   over   from!    K��(1I��y Sraith- Kdw'��  Hutcher
Var>c-.uTer, last week, and spent a! ���� *��d Warren Livingstone came
few cloys on a visit to fctt mother.
I home, lust
I holidays.
week, to   spend   their
For Sale.
Gus Devereaux, of Colombian
College, came down, on Friday
last, to spend the vacatio�� at home.
New Westminster lost, last week,
two highly respected citizens in
the persons of Mrs. Ken McRae
and j. E. PhilKp..
One "Daisy" DeLaval Cream
Separator; one Churn, and' Perfe^
tion butter Worker. Cheap f 1
cash.    Apply at house.
' -' Slough Roitd.
TT. B. Margcscn. ot  the Vancou-[
yer stftff.of tht Royal I .'ink of Can- SEED GRAIN���Red Fife Wheat,
ada,   arrived here an  Wednesday     Six-Rowed Barley, Carton Oats,
eveniug last and took ever tke
tnaiiaffenieiit oi the Ional biaach
<n_ Thursdays
Timothy   and    Clover   Seeds���
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.*  H.
N. Rich, Agent.
Eye Specialist,
Eyes tested free for Glasses
Parlors opposite Columbian Office.
New Westminster B.C,
it.  1.  iimi ww! .(,  mtlmt lit  mm
MilMhDf�� ���" >"f mum. *M mm,
aivse ����f nt wwtkis reeor psstkiiw,
is mt, ueimiiM mta soar rem
am mn vmunn.
Qrmi4.t it. &M ygaiMmm ��� ',*
ip)*ti4.l mduriac *li)SSmwa��. Meal
��Mji.Mi   ltd *nu .��� m mtm ypur �����
hart MstainK kjr vrim. k. ,
VuHm! iiMla ef i_(M*t>ti��i in vuf
mm**: ,
METAUIt RSQFINI08., issnn.
-"���ttmot* tea - *-���	
Eggs for Hatching���
The Delta Times.
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and  1 Baying.
Livery work  of all kinds attended to promptly.
/. Af. Collinson
U*a*r.B. C.
Eadner Carriage Wjrks.
Always In Lin:
With   Latest   Improved  FAfcM   I^TLB*
Largest Stock in Province to choofte from.
ROBT  MAV, Agent,
?ar.laga  BuHdlng, Repairing A  Painting,  Black*
smithing   A   Horse   Shoeing*
BeLavai Separator*.
i��_-fcM���>.i 1. aaamii 11 aa run-
Q. T BAKER. Udner, B. C�� ;THK tmi/Ta TUfBS, TUESDAY.
, a Grippe
Etc., Etc.
���Rh t urnatisn.
It will pay yo.
,'U   0!
[side.    One Oxydouor in a family will   banish
the saf<
the ter-
i!"'"! -OS   SOOU
se  cr
Holy i lommunloD
Suudays a 8 30 1 in
Sundays'at 11 a.m.
Matins, 1; o'< .-...ck
Evensong;, 7.7,0 .
Sunday Scht ip! .
itethod   of
irors of disease -from  tbe hoasehohl
|as needed and in a reasonable way,
This is tin; Actual   EKpcrieitct   in im.)-
fof families who bave  adopted  thi.s   advanced   v.w
(treating disease
kiflammatory k heu mat-ism,
Mr. Jai. AllMS, R<_��Imw, B.C., Cm ., isrim, M��rth it, not "Some fit'
'4*1 Oiyiloiun-sfci vy ��tlc *b�� mn ��� uOcnuic '.fro:u fttua.,- weakness. _.(!�� . '
sl._-u.i lilni&M' Wstt-turprlteu to Ctud eoch i duti,--., ut fuel tt nil ��t_itti: h u, !._.������-
.u o*ysi-,_s.)  tat hif 8utt.-r.
A fhor. time ttf.o uiy wife im* bu mt .<.-!. of Indinjr,an��tr vi: launltsi ������    aJrc  caakU
ua walk &��d Vr jvlt��i, iscrc uioca gwootlcu.   sin'  .pplk-rt  Oxydouor, nud  '.-..���-.- alum ihc:
3,*tu�� li.s'l ceased, tit, . next moTulug there was -xy. \\Air it vndUuff, and .lie ��� ������ lid walk as well |
Lti, ever.   bhe biwt a rl:iiil.,t utUci befor. we got Q Ty-wonr
jtuoutb, nod tuffcred agoule .
-.1 a i.-v-.t_- cold'.**
Servixea iir-?.; and third .Sunday of.
feacti moatb at 10:30 a.in., Benedic-1
��� tion, 7-,���.<: ���p.m
I    Sundav-sthool-at 3 piin.
,..' M    Low Mass and Holy Communion
'' ''_��� I erst aud third Mondays .it 6 a;m.    j
!      Pec. Father Wau'ner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
���! _tor
":t l-.m cured
.Send  at once   for  took
formation about OXYDONOR
.part;, of the <mratrv.
No, 78, giving   further in-
and many report* from all
364 St. Catharine St. West, Montreal.
i.t- ��  �����   - _. .   - ������. '" . ������   1     a   ' -tr-i'....    ���     say
ygii vm m TREBLE
JWI dbUdf. . Fl-nafrn e��iwW
(ill qqilltj
The Ti_r,i_-_ii'od   .uilcr: ..nd
Martuitnan'a Ideal
byOwtty m pqarfu
A��>U yo't- local Kt2^W��L_o
or   Si'ortliift   Goods   Jtfei-
rnant tor the STEVEN!.
It yon cannot obtain, wa
#Wl�� ttircct- ��<tptt...   pre.
I p<ud. upon reoalpt ef tjata.
log IVicu.
-ten4 4 ceute in it_ mi.s lor 140 Page
IllustratedCuIiUor,Ln.lading elrcn-
laieel latcat addition* to nttr line.
Cont aljia polrvU on abootln^. ammo.
(Utl��n,tli��proparcaT��o( a finvTj,
etc, ate. Onr attractive T*,\ Color
Ull|Ofraph��d Hanger result->'. auy.
trhgre for al�� cantain atampg.
.*. O. Box ��D0 7
ChlvApco Falle, Hut., t.. 8. A.
i,ss,  ivluda'Oi  Way.
Iu aa Kwt iaw ���L'c-iivt tn attorney
VTjtn arguing .v''tL 'jiptt earne^ftinss
nnd eloi_oi-iii-e In the mid. i cf Lti'- argument be paiisct'. a moment, lays uie
*Grefiii Ban, and s-iM:
"I Bi",.- your honor shnkm Bii'lieod at
that Statement 1 tleelra to roaflirm It,
aliho'i^li your henor itlssenti."
"I hur-j not iatimatcO," replied tlie
Jut??'.--, "lio-tt- I sU'nilt'i construe the <:vi-
denvs or -svljot my decision will bs in
(!���.-. ,--..-(, -! n(j ,.,iu|. remark i�� uncalled
��� V,.r., ui.i.'k .- out l"'-A,'-..''
' Tltat. uitiv bo '.r.uf.-' -Ilir, court re-
pUad. "Tln'iv yiii* n ��<r <iu my our, and
1 rcscrvvd One right ^ remove ii iu ttuy
nianncr I tfi^ fit Proceed wiiu your
( i*iris   ' ,.��htus/'a  IkrT'jn.
Caleb Cusblug's peculiar tummer of
dreut nn . bis eccentricities were l'r��-
litietiii.i tlio subject ��f newspaper mil-
clw. /.!ihisii|_!i quite o lsr,-v and portly isimi. liii clothes always net-im.! to
bu.' two or three sUet too large for tiiu
nn tl of Uie cheapest inateri.il. lie nl-
TTi\ys .urirtg Ltolb euimuw antl v.inter
wore tt large cloth cap pulled close
down tin lilx Ik^.'. and Altogether looked (iiijih,.it&- bill the brilliant jurist
and diplomat, line day, after reading
an unusually caustic copiment upon tils
drtss*. Uo remarked to tb" writer, "I
tu^a by fit* time that foe! 'sua old ns
���=:  '- ������������-wiji  >�� 3
Services next Lord'-s "Day at 11 j
a. m. and 7:30 p.m. The Royal Bank of Canada with
Class raeetirtg, 10.30 a.m. every! its   splendid  .counecUou   all   over
Sunday. Canada,   affords   you   exceptional j I ��fn>' h�� will care ?$ore for -comtoit
Sabbath School at 2 p in  every! bankmg facilities. \'Vn" ?a9blo?�� .-;
Sunday.      Prayer   meeting   every ^  *,.�� on -.�� oatrua p.m..
"*""*"  H It no uncommon thing to ��e�� a
Geo. H����aall left vestcrdat' (or tnftle ostrich, strutting about followed
���������',������" , ' .',, " . ' '. i by Three or four dlstlnot broods, all of
Iw, where he  will remain, dur-l^metfcnt atees.   When the incubating
Thturd.-iy -evening at 7.30.
P.ev. J. F. Betts.-pastor'.
Services next Lor'.''   T  y
ing ihe snrnmer  t��K.ni'
in mining operation,.
a.m. and 7.30 p.tn.
1    Saribath School at i-o a m    Mld>
:| week meeting on Thursday <.' euing
i at ,7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A. McAuley, Pa tor.
���Receives both Ladies and Gentlemen au resident
or a ay students. Has a complete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain
Teachers' Certificates ��fall grades. In aMfatipn
with Toronto University gives the four years'
coursa'for B. A., degree, and the flrst year ofthe
' .. 0 &chf;o '/' Science, Has a special "Pros-
pectors' Course" for miners who work in B. C.
Instruction ;?iven in Art,  Mttsic,  Physical
Culture and Elocution. . ,
Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
c-abbath services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m., Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
8 p.-ti,
C. Croft, Ii. A��� pastor*.
Have you gof a Savings Bank
Account in the Royal Bank ol Canada? If not, you should open one
as soon as possible. Deposits of
$t and up received.
engaged I'prooess is completed, th<: cock.
I leflfl.   tie yonuj: ones off aud i"  he
aittu. unotlicr proud .nipa eugBges in
....   ��� ��� .   .������ 1 a terrific combat wlttt liim.   The vnn-
qnlebed tti:-4 retires without 11 single
Messrs. J. TflacKenr.ie, M. Mends  euiek, while the other, mirroundcd hy
Jas. MacKenzie ami Freddy  M��e-   tli��> two hroods, walhs juvay ��� ti-luni-
Kenzie spent Good Friday on the-'*nulii*   _..���	
Nicoratkl, but, on ftcedant  of the: t:.r��'nimitu Awny.
he aw rain nothing was done in ,Afl,'r P��*cMug ou tke woaston ��t
I tu* reopening ot a rt'ut.ired <-hureh the
"Ir-- ir- i't ���;*. -                                     ; ;,(_|t,0p thanked the church warder, an
1 oM 'farmer, (or ht�� uluire In Uie good
i ho"s.   "Aw.-1 uniit thunk your lord-
| ��hip fur .to'.u' sei'lnon," wa_ the reply,
' "hut I couM cot help thinking, as you
m'rci'. about Bin, that your lordship
I trtu3t ha��9 been a ,'Htle wildlsh yoar-
! f*K"u|atd�� ��si. were �� youiw uuiu."
Tbere Are trhree^.trntammttaaea, Camp
factanlara, ���mUUM' and Taolnk.
lu tbeor) '.'orifaclfti.i'.k. -J. .1h�� re-
ligiou of tl.e Ktate. Tho siuit: oificlfl_i
are the literati ivboihave Becml'Ud thalr
positions through the stJUJi' ��� r.'t the
classics���i. e., ttfc: "Satrod WrtCIng* ��'
CoofuciiiB." The Confucians:, rempl>��fl
nre protected and honored by the atult',
arid the worship of Confuri-iJ .. caiTltltt
on tit the exjsH.-ige of th.- Btate, lu -tt
lirn'.ted senst. Uo, Buddhism can ol*.
chilui to he a slute religion, 'this saniis
is also-ti'ue of Taoism, siii._c deceased
generala aud statesmen arc aB&lgii?'d
their coiTespouiliii^' I'jipks with tlii-
laoistic king of the lower irorjd'4u
hades, lu this-role XUtti' are .MrShtpdB
iti Taoli-t'it.' temples. 'In this ,v..y It )��
posBible for a Oblnaman to m .!;e use
of ull three rclifc'toiis without gettiug
iato csnttiot with the distinctive priu-
ciples of uuy of them. Tftelr officials
worship together. In (uufi-nl services
uiouks of both oiKlers are I mnd per-
forming filiations on dinVt. ..1 days.
Tbe : public temples arc usually In
control of the Taoists, but eaiueUmos
are iu charge of llU'Juiiiats. Not rarely
Taoistic feods arc found ln Duddbist
temples and vice versa, fioiut'tiintiis
they -differ ouly iu uanto. 'iue Buddhist goddesB of mercy is the Taoist
goddess of heaven, Tbe pearl kiui. of
the Taoists ls tl.e Imperial ruler of tho
Buddhists. Both system, teach tbo
same ten prince.', in hnil"., sud eves
a reproductisu of the Buddhist punishment in hell ls found In the Taoist tea-
"Hviw did th* doctor tell you to take
tk�� medicine, Larry���Internally or externally ?"
"Naytksr wau, Sor."
"But it must har* been ou or th*
"Dlvll * bit, sor. Wayther wan."
"Bat look hers, Larry: that's sbiurd,
It must havo beea ou* or th*other, yaw
Nay ther wan, I tell ye. He toul'l nie
to aiwff It up me uose."
TH6T;Hll.0!.EN 0.   EARTH.
f'-tn- hj tb��-��*�� .n atiun. nidi day
I ..t.��- sad <tr<wi_ ��_,:��� tb* t_4l|drt_i ftt-r,
ftlssftilly li-'nt.,irg ��h��ip hllla pf ittfitt,
tilling il-^r_ v^icmi itiffli i'-'.'I ctf't*1!
. -A .'.tttt Ah. ;���! tsuim tat l'��* r**' fro*! dftse
.��t"i Urn m��tt ���* ��� W> I' �� ���'-r >��n f^iT,
syv,* r'j,** ��ii4 *U��t��r scd howl and *..])
&.',. pbllftkiql^4il>-tVsfl libs ffn brlagtvitp.
And j.-ap and .j-.i*. . ie .heir toys! state
Fi,-!In _�� -t;* thrfiagli h nswe.d'gste,
A*.! lard sn,t lady rld�� Kl and fio
Tt)! 4 far-.-'!'-- rx'tr. "ll It titats tAgol"
y_ s^v"- v. ..l ittweU 8. d rtalace t'.U
'Tit .j, Wll ft, tscril, oad th .-jr U**i tV.fm Ub
��_tl�� tiia ttd? !'.-�� lauplngly up tbe bay.
.�� . t'n* ssrd taadc pamce. :s tvashed "���������*..
Conl ,n��im��_��*.
i o-,,��. who bad tried several 'times to
I jump across s stream nnd hud repeat-
' edl.v fallen in .ur.lly succeeded, when
I he sflid to a friont., "How much better
1 I iiui thnn you Irv bavtng a^���complisbeI:,.
' a dlffleult feat."
"Not et nil,"' replied bio friend.   "1
j ��m better '.hut' yoa In noi wishing to
jiitup enon."
1. the city J fee Hi*, men
��� -,, ,hs- eblldiah sani*-^ Again*
:.. a iialBc . t.t brick nml fWtis
. . -l-
InrfuVh -t.-.ill'it'. it fll tlteir own:
't fee \
���ulla sro sf_d wilh tits i&TU'etweSHbs
bonie ���
weeks ago "during !thei
severe winter weather bdh my'
wife and myseii contracted severe colds -which sp.:8dilv dt-
?eloperi into Jthe {worse .kind'
of la grippe witl! (allots Miserable]
svmptotnt,1' sars Mr-lj,   S.   Egles-I
And t'-.(--rrr.f t�� patched wilh thslr brokSS
'A;tO t.hi^f. and r'aUer and howl nrd <sar
Alt' p'j'is-hf-J trinkets their toil _riiige*p.
And l inv ffiid''t;tiern rr, ttip'.r royal yuts
; Pawi in and oui thr .ugh is golden gaH,
Ansl lordjtntl lady rl<** to and fro
Tit! a *rit*\-f,u-*' fral't'i, "lt if urn* to ro','1
Frdili grmeand ]t-vtliinfl pa) .cf tall
ThSj; 'urn a-jra>.  .nd l)t��y i*av�� tlif in ��1),
And tii.ft li.oVf pn through ��� thouasnd'yssHi
And th* unan m.i'f pnbux���it dlfapppai*.
-N'jjos !.'..t*rmnn In L. X. W.-Bulletin.
The Delta Times
Don,of Maple Landingjoxva. 'Knees
end   ioint'   acliins,"^muscles* sore,
head stopped up, eyes.aiid nose ni' ���
miiig, r.ith alternate spells of chills
and fever.    Vv'e began'Msing Cham-
! ber'.ain'--9   Cough   Remedy.   aidr.iE
['the   same with a double   (Jose   of
;'C-tatnberlain'si f-toraricti and Liver'
1 Tablets, and by Ur,-liberal use so c
completely knocked out the trip"
Sold by All Druggists.
Tho   Sarrvdl  Rons*.
"Ther* Is only on* road to suco*** la
llf*," said tbe man who had msd* W��
IncWy snd retired.
"And how shall 1 kuow Ui* rosflr
isquircd tlie imdding young man.
"Well," replied lli�� man wlib lim
lucky, "yon go rigbt along this path
of adversity uutil yoo reach tbe-firet
turn to thc right.'*
"Yes. ye��."
"And you'll find * road 'barred at-
will) a gate and a slRti tlmt fays 'l*o
Trespnaslng.'    Well, that's' JL"
Teifctllj, Sat*.
A tourist In a remote part of Ireland,
Having stayed th* night at a wayside
inn not usually frequented by visitors,
informed th* landlord iu the morning
that bis boots, which had been placed
outside bis room door to be ���_'!�� .tied.
hud not been touched.
"Ab, ah we," sold th* landlord, "and
grown   Garden, Field  and   Flowed you molght put your watch and chain
ontsi'de J oar room dtx��r lti this boas*,
and they wouldn't be.touched."���.'.on-
j Nurseries & Sr.rdhouses
Headquaitct.. tot   Pacific   Coaa
Joeb Printing.
.Seeds that aft thorougkly tested
: to ���.italitj before offetitic, for sale���
[that nre subject to c;oceinmcnt
I spectiou ab to freedom from weed
rsee'ds. Samples scat to ititenditi ���
. purchasers.
Large stock oi HOMI. GROWN
.Fruit uud Qyn.tiucitt.il Treei} now
. inatnretl^or'the spring trade.
No expense, loss er delay of 'umi
I gation or >i'spectio'--.
��� tiliV. StJI^PUES, Spray iP*mp��,
Spraviiig     Material.     GJfeephouse
Plants, Cut Flowers,
1   We  do -business ��n   enft  own
prouuiis���no rertt )to .pay aud are
piepared to ��e*t ell competition,
j   L*l m^.price yewr list before plac
ing your order.   Catalogue Free.
I don King.
Thi* -Ditf��ra*nc��.
"What r, luswy a clear conscious*
fe:" exclaimed ihc- bigh minded statesman.
"Yes," answered Peun'.ur f-orghun',
���'it's a luxury, but it isn't a necessity."
"Good �����'�� Bofl Thtu*.
Bill���That mau Is a homibl* .liar.
,*l!!l-Ok, 1 don't know    1 tktak Wa
very good at It.
Anlmala and Aleakal.
Many aulaiala yield to ibe seductios
of mui driuluirg, especially e!spkaat��.
hor. oi, cows aud swine. Poultry, eaps-
olaliy tuitkeys; will absorb tbe temotiug
us-iiii Ull'lbey tumble over in leadev.
sire*, lying -around us if dead aud ut
Urly iguorlug their accustomed roost.
U11 aw aliening tbey 3tn ,.:-.ur for.u ts��w
uoiiici.u uud soou recover, but it bs
hours before they, re.'-est/.Hie-ir- cheerfftl
'Their' I.asi. '
"Tts." remarked toe sad Looking
Straii_i'i-. "! hnve seen lhe hist of uiauy
a. good mail."
���'Doctor or undertaker';' queried ibe
tnr.si behind the white apron.
' XeliLer," replied-be-sf itn^ s;id loak<
"I'-iu a shoemaker."
A Deep Tfaoaahl.
"lu a-tu-owtt study, cli'r"
"Yee. I wae ,insf thinking."
"I wan Just wondering'why a.fello*
never has us much trouble borrowing
trouble ns the Wouble be has bonow-
Ing other things."
Didn't Try Hot ti.
fhawd by a tet, I cltrabtd u tr**.
kl)' trouwm er* * slcht to-SMt
I am conntiKlstd, th��r��<*r��, t. writ*.
"Th* bark na* far wort* than th* hit*."
���U��iv*r��lty ��f lltettlsuu Wrinki*.
Au    Mlisisuntcrti   Tnils.
Dliiwtt���Say. trap backbones are iy��
serial Ktorle*, aren't theyS
;_;���- ��� '.   s"..--";.-.!!!^    tr.   our   _ie<:'KS.
Th* Bptaart.
"Tb*y *ay tb* glass Mter ba* atad*a
"Y*s, he can afford to oat all cat
glass now."
XAtaO tka Ttat**.
"Sho hss th* figure ei a Venu."
"Is sh*. then so onfashkiuable as
'H* at*-of all th* v"<��nt fooAs
Kor a*k*d a tlnsla qttMllon
And drank tl,* patrnt tncdiclna
To *ur* hte !tidls*cl)cn.
How tVusni't Wn,tf HlJ"Oj)ernti.
-\'agnw carried en opera4n hiu jnititi tos
years hciui'i". he'.io^.ii* tosoO :. u.iwn ou [n-
p��.r The work or.os begun,.himever, It
wo* perlorincd wilh ligbtuiogll >- spead
Even when tin old man' ho wrott'di w ti th*
���cor* lor one of hia (amons operas with
such rapidity thai two (rained utnuua
SDSei were unnble V�� k,'cp up wilh hiiu.
60 absorbed in his v.ruing did V,s'gntit
bsoonie that In bis -etiirtigraphy were es-
fNSHd rho different emotions of tho per-
'���ontiKwi of tho opera portrayed by time
.paawgnc.���suttdtei.' Ho;us>-.v .'.iriml.
(���rill   Art.
"Don't yon think ber fact has an artt-
fdsl tint?"
"Tin 1.   man'  It'a a  solid  color."
3010 Westminster Road,
Quit* SlmilaT. , -
U Montt-VTho U that 613 -MUm   fi*^b���.J S
tbat Is si ways-buutiug for yon to buy '
him a drink?
1* Moym-'H* claims io belong to
tbe upj>*r crust.
1.1 Montt���'l'brapiwr crust, *W? Well,
I notko U* Is always short and slwayo
<PI��tr *l t'rart..
"I'wtiav*," T����tm'��irl tbe unsuccsst.
fat sontributor, "yon dblu't coh*V1��?
��y MtU* od* tru* to lifo."
������Oh, ��t was tea* *iK��igh." rtpll*d tlio
���dltar. "1 asmir* yon Ui*r�� wa* mete
trath tkaa poetry lu wbstvnu said"
lu 1 Minion tba prsferrad rir*** ter ��� i��Mt-
k*r fiald   la a <*u with latif itrtatiit-..
��� larg* aptrm, with;tmbmldtry tntKs em���
tttrndown ���ullars. Tk* itmnm M Hm.
ear am anlye m��tw�� ���! t*r*>, Vat mOM
Vmf)�� *r��tw- �������.
���A lhfc J��lr*r��a��.
'MsVHe-Don't you think a girl should
marry au ecoitoratt'Sl man?
Dolly-I euppos* so, bul it's just elm.
tal b*iu�� *uga����tl to ooa,
1. h.'   MarUa  af  ttrtilur.
"lie llUS (be stamp of (.ettitis on hit.
"Ves. Also tbc glos.i of geuia* on Ide
AM An OsrawBta,
All giinneutf thonltl I* Oioronghly aired
l.,r"t* orlolttfd
away In drawers UDtH ihoybafe V.>.J cv,-ry
bntortunlty of drying and iitirijytntu by
*apo_ut���Tto thtoptu window-,. It nothlog
wore. Evtiv-a boiinr.t or nyi,Sr of (tlovca
should not b* Mt awuy at once, nftt-r rtt*
fotbiouof theoT*rl����tidiou��, who oannot
b*ar to ec�� no Article out of plan,for o moment Jf the b*drociii lc JH't ulhm fitting
room,-Shit :/i*y b�� arranged by leaving a
window open- Witt* all tbrOugk wis day and
��hTi��ing IL* -C-fi^r up<sn thi;. disorder,
whieh !��� the blgbnt type nf nsutneta, be-
rante It is txtstntial to-wholcticoiaueati end
bealth.        ___-____-___	
Tft Uemetnada Tir.r.
Buy aii asy toyshop * small ring or oe*
an etnhrolrtery ring of large f )7.e. C-0T��r
It with jnotllnsftud then wind brijtbtp ribbons around it.��. asto completely bide the
itmitlin. .Fioin an uphold!erer $ct. two
dof,tin drill curtain ring .tt jmlithcdwood,
Slip th��*e tin <wo Itngth* td brottd ribbon.
Murk foiir.roln<* on the rln��-cqusl dl5-
tr,nc��e��p��rt. and few th* ribbo!i'ond��M>.o
thnno rointt', iiitiltlnjr b how v.i ��ach -join
snd anotVis-i- in the oentor ol tirq circle
Wlinr* liter: ilsonti cri#n. Toant-b curtain
ring fatten a lltlghhtU wilh s bit of nar-
tow ribbon, changing snd VHrylna the ool-
or*, an* he,l.., will h��v�� a cltamilng toy.
'-She flaaitnaatratad.
"Mrs. Sniall, Said the lodttetr to hU
landlady, '1 thought you diun't allow
muoking in' the psrlorf"
"1 don't," replied Mrs Small, with ao
Wgy. ''Who's doing it, I'd like to know?"
"Well, if you bav* lliu*, ytnt might ataf
Id and remoostrat* with she luu.p."���
riok U�� Up. '   I
im evi>r sckuowledces a atlstaka
so 0,111 "ir nf when Ue puts tb* Ugbtatl
- cud of a cigar In hia awath.
iA-Ai. remedy
���Tire Children's ,JP*��-'��s'f&'t'^
��BTtghs, Colds, JOrtpii^ and
^^0O|)MW^B*iftSh ���
' s-=    ��� :^-.'v.lms*�� for il-cirosi over
. .-.,..        -���*f n��.��H) wort1.  It. cm
,:���.���......,    .      ,. ;fd'tiT_m.   lt v.   '��� mt* io ,
hi :-r_il ilnir in. . uifiy 1")
.        i-.-��,,t\bitl.-- r.n t<- ��� u . .ult ''
. : .cj 2ij c-, i-^rg* Size, 60 cts. E
SWSSmm B*a)
Percy Gifford paid a  sl-.ci t  visit
to hi? parents on Friday last.
Miss Flora Cook ret u ued u^^..,
011 Saturday, Irom a visit to tiie
Royal City.
The Royal Bank   of Canada  is
here ior your couvciiier.ee aud will
1 teutiot:.
Rev.   C.   Cioft  returned   home, jbe Pleased  -��  **��  *�� evefy  ilt*
Friday, from a visit to Vancouver.
.\lr. and   Mrs. A. Clausen  spent
Good Friday in the Terminal Citv
Miss Stella Graham, of Vancouver, is visiting  her annt, Mrs  I,
Gi fiord.
Mis. C. Beadleston returned
home, yesterday, fram .-sandon,
where she has been, ior some time
past Bursiog her daughter, Mrs.
(Dr.) Ceram. aud reports having
left her daughter at Sandon, improving iu healt':.
W, J Biandnth left, Fridav last,
Ofi au official, visit to the Okanagan
Mr. and Mr-; J Park.-',, of Van
cpuver, nie. visiting Mr, ami Mrs.
A   Clausen.
MissJJetts, of Royal Columbian
Hospital, p.iid a short visit here, on
Saturday last.
Uu S*nday next, Rev. A. E
Hetheriugton, pastor of Mt. Pleas-
nut Methodist Church, Var.co.iver,
will preach missionary sermons in
the Methodist Church, Ladner,
morning and evening-, when collections antl sbbscriptioas will be
taken for tbe funds ot the Missionary Society. Mr. Hc-titeriugton
will also preach ��l Westham IrJanrt
in tbe afternoon.
io banners.
ru m t  ������ n titti -
The undersigned Company arc
prepared to furnish Seed Barley at
actual cost (to be paid for iu acceptable grain next fall), to farmers
who will grow Barley lor us. We
will pay $22.00 per ton, f.o.b.
steamer, for first-class Malting Barley, free from wild oats and other
foul seeds.
Th?re-is raoney for you in growing Barley.
Nan .imo, B.C.
Er*d. S. Whitmid*. Secretary.
For Sale.
A Full Stock of Shades aud Fixtures of all kinds kept on hand.
Wiring and house furnishing a
B.'rre-' and half Hewing1 nnd a
parrel Salmon Bellies, cheap, for
cash.    Apply
1907 -- SEASON --1907.
Cowder Castle,"
(Imported Clydesdale Stallion)
"Diamond Cross,"!
(Imported Hackney; j
The above high-class animals
will be placed on the route between
Ladner and Surrey, commencing
about the 15th ot April, 1907.
.-Stopping places wil! b: nuiioujic-J,
ed later.
II Ifll We m.
We Bern Leave
To notify the people ot Ladner and sur-
1. Quoding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland   Cement
At greatly reduced! prices,, making- it possible for parties, who contemplate building,
bo put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices.
Miss Crissi.. Smith went down to!
Victoria. Good Fridav, c��� a week's! RHEUMATISM   MAKES   LIFE
visit to friends MISERABLE.
 "  ^   , A h8ppy b0me 'V1'0 m0,t T''!1- j Columbia St.,
al.,a   possesion    tkat    is   wubiu
the reach ol mankind, but you cau-
ust enjoy its comforts  if you  are
suflieriag   Iron,   rheumatism,    You
Mr. atid Mis. Mason, of Vancouver, paid a. short visit here, lasl
waek, the guests of Mrs Stainton.
7* Mowbray,
NeW Westminster
P.O. Box 3C4.    Phone _6g.
Miss.Thonucsine Kerr, of Columbian College, spent the Faster holi-i
���lays here ou a visit to her  mother.
Mrs J. F.   Fietchei   aud  son, of'
Victoria,  arrived  her., yesterday,;
aud are the gueajtsof Mrs. Sfaiatos.I
' throw  aside   business   cares   when
Something New
you enter heme and ycu can be re
lieved Irom those  rkeatuatic  p.ius j 	
also   by   applying    Chamberlain's
Paiu Balm.    Oae application  will!    raB1 now prepared to build coil-
Si,e   you   rebel   and   its   coutin- Lj lprjn, wire fence-with  wooden
ued use for t short time will  bring stgM
about a permanent cure.    For
by All   Druggists.
For further- particulars and price*.
1 apply to
V*\e regret.to state that  .he  Lad-
ner Fish Market has had  to close
Harold Betts. oi Columbian College, spent thc Easter holidays
with tiis parents at T.be Parsonage
\miAMAji      BO  YEABS'
._;-..-*-���      'V'-s-.'' -i-.s.l-,��:s'sk.,iwt_
^si_f_i  ffi.->_s��3'.
M Your Hens
Broody ?
I have Pure Bred
Buff Orpington
Eggs at
$2.00 for    15
$6.00 for  100
b. a
Cno lilfa. if >'ou h*Te CHICK.-
ree Me ENS or EGGS t0
��� SELL.
'dGdi*-' is-*^1- ~t.>*'"'- MAft-.'.s
Crescent Island
0. Box 45
Port Guichon.
__,.._ ':. _eggg
Cut Glass*
Watch Repairing a Specialty..
JRndrew Clausen,
LADN'ER,   B. C.
came  01
.'.-;��� Irom
on    Wf
to speud
the bol
lavs ou
the farm
i\nj*ooa winding a sk&trli and descrlptlotj tun*
n ckly '. ������������ artfllh our opinion tree whet tic* hu
. i-nrV.ri ts probahly pdten able. CrnnnuTiloa-
i-fir* t!7.'..::t'Joii:ifll. V:.��NL'tJU0u on Patrnt.,
tit froe. Oldost uwoncy for flecurIn(Miatont8,
Icon torousb numn a. C... rtwlva
SSEE?&*& !^��<i&^?��^v
!*����� I ,
i !'
'iifonirt liu,- .   .
���-.'.is i.jtscp,   . Ithr.ut etsUT.
, In tcm
Misses Clara and Mabel Lord re
iurticd, yesterday, fiom the Roy��
City, where they  .pent ihe Eattei
Scientific H^erican.
\ handsome!; illufltrfltcJ weskly.   hnrgtat Mr-
ilatlon of any -ctemlflo Journal.   Terras, %i u
it-- fouri&ontnsiIL BoiUbyftn.n��wiiamiwa,
u,-n__b oiii. c. BU F hi- Wartilmrtou. l>. c
o Creators
Frieads oi Mrs. A. McAuley will
lit pleased to learu that sbe i-i re-
cpvering nicejy fioui her rece
Re William
nt TVOTICI.   is  hereby  Riven   that
1 all persotis having an) claims
or demand's ngainst the late Win,
Witter, who died on the   :4th day
Miss Elsie Benson returned home of March, 1907, at Boundary Hay,
m  Wednesday evening last, from in the provinccol British Columbia,
,..'.,    ',.      ��� ,,   , , .,     "re  required   to send  bv post pre-
CaUifflbiaia Colledge, to spend the     ,d J ,i; Mi,.(.  U) tht, under.
Raster vacation. signed,'executor under tbe will of
   , Ithe   said    William   Witter,    t-beii
I names and addresses and  full par-
Mrs.   I.   A.   Pattirsi n   returned  ticul.rs in   writing ol  their claims,
'-i.*'>if, Friday, irom the Royal Citv. '-and statements ol their   accounts
accompanied   bv   her niece    Miss aud the nature ol the securities, if
sjora Armstrong. any. liel* by theft.
And   tt,.-''  notice thai, ailei  the
  iS(. 0j \],-.V] \ijD'/-, tbe said executor
Ni,. antl Mrs. C   Clift.of  Bilnia. :^11 1-^-^1 --'!i''nl��''t�� 'he assets.
,, of thc said di eqsed among tne per-
by., returned home,   esterday. mom- entitled there! ���.having regard
va. after spending atfew d��ys visit-. only to the claJms of wbich lit shall 1
ine at Tbe Pacsoi ag-e, ihen h
When you are wanting anythin^ in the U
line   of Blousasi   Dress.    Skirts,,  Petticoats.
Underwear,  Hosiery,  White   Goods,  Neckwear,  Ribbons,  Furs,. Smallwears,, Holiday
Goods, or
Bonnets, Hats,. Furs,. Dresses,   Underwear,
Hosiery, Etc.
Call and let us show* you.
Goods and Prices Right,.
For Winter Wear
At $3^0
We have the  Greatest Valine
in Shoes
Good S&rlt.? Re'iable Fcctwo* r,
Just the Thing for Winto- Weather.
these in all Le.thers and have a lull line ��f Sh*p*��
and Si��.e�� to Fit All  Feet.
Nothing In Town to Equal Them.
-    Ladner. B.C.
Mi��. [os  Harris returned home,.
on   Saturday,   ;v^m   an   extended Ladner,
vjs.it to Ontario,    Sbe  ivport. lnv-i , , _MLJ
in.. spe.V. a  l':--as��ttt winter in the
The    .'iiiiiti 1    meeting   of   the
J,.idles' AkI v-iii be held on Thursday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, in  the!
Meihydist  Church, wht_L.a   full-at- B
tendanee i. rei;-,i.estecl. *
\re : acl notice.
it: N. RICH.
���(���-,!(.:t.  Estate   o(  the-  late
William Wit:.-;.
B. C:, ; ih March, 1907.
A. J. BIRTCH, - 2.75 Columbia Street
Estate of
General Merchant.
Phone 5.
Port Quichon
On Thursday evew.ng, the Wo- j
sunn's Missionary Society will hold
its Easter thankoffering meeting in !
Uie Methodist Church, at,8<u'ch.ck.'
A. good prggranime will bo r< ndi
ed, nn i;itt.-K-->ting ."ealurc of wbich1
will beau address by  Mis. i.Rev.,
W. E..Pescott, of .sWc^'xy Church,
Vancouver,    Refreslfirients will be
served at thft close of the meeting.
i't-di  ���   d-YA:dltt
Gasoline Eiigincs, Ro(rf Pulpcrs,
W'alworth-Rolston Co.,
1016 Westminster Ave..   -   Vancouver, B.C.
Produce Stored and
Shipped Direct   -
To All B. C Ports.


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