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The Delta Times Nov 17, 1906

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���*---__ta--t->_---_----i-*ii'ii'i *     i>j_'    ji _���_-
V��     ���   IN.-   II.
.. .-���~g__-_____:
jtf I.COy?
3 take this opportunity .of <tl._an_.mg ithoee
TOfti�� Jia.ve accorded me their generous patronage
during tke *p_t-__ five years, and also advising*
them that I have turned the frus___e/3S into m
joint stock ^company taking into partnership
"Messrj, W. J. Lanning, J__. T. Eawcete and W��
H, Wilson and from November 1st tho name of
-_he firm will be
MARSHRU SMiTH & CO. Limited,
I a__E_licit fo? ith'e new firm a Continuance njf
'.your favors and tio th&se wh, have iivJt rbeen
Tegu.ar customers I would say "Start Tight now
��nd give .the new firm a trial and see if it tb
-nt^t flnancia^y to your advantage to trade here.
Surrey Ct)ifflCJL   Ap_c_.tJ.al Qfltegc DELTA GOBRflL
Coii-ncil JBct in-lire Town Hall,; New Westminsu-r. 'Nov. 14.��� Council ��� met ia. ifee tfi*aunittl
.Surrey Centre, Nov. tft-fthe Reeve . Mayor Kesry ha_t_, schewe.for tbej Chamber on Satunia.���,.***.���"_.���. ifol__i..
���nd all members -except uCoun.!estallUsbajent of an agricultural wfch tee Reeve, W. U. Ladner, in
Loucks being preseiit. ifoHcjfe' in-coaaection wilh the Ci*.- tk.   chair,    anl    Cotitis.    Gibbie,
Minute.; of previous fBcetmg were umbian College and is endeavoring   Davie,  Paterson, .Hu__U*d��_n_-.e_
��!es*u ttim CsUnnnrieu* to .gecii'ri  tlie co__ose__K;tioi_i   o!  tiie
Tt was moved by. C____n. Murphy,; fedetoUua proviu-cl-i goveanmenU.'
seconded  by  Coun. Jr.hn-.cn, tbat       . . . ,
.       ,,,,_��� , At   prtMt-ru be sav.s i.l.i?,-��.:ovin-.
tenders be -a.-.!!. 1  tor la L_ in a!'   . ,   , .   7  .
.... ml  department   ifl *-. nag   a   good
next.meeting 10:  the construciisjn���<
ofa draVv-bridge ovei th. Nicomc-kl
river  or  tlie  ��_..*���. ver Valley   load
pr. .=__..
vr ere
lieii   61" 'preWonis   -Jteettag
'opted, as read.
< :'j_!___iu;y iCA.ri__j._i.
L*-OTD.t_B.C_st_��J. -Iior_
work.     'there ii also u trivt-lling,
lecturer, te. F. Logan, whose r-&lary      '''*'''
,   ,. , -._    -j-   .-     . . ia paii.. by the Dominion '..and   his|"WfciCeit,   re Oddfellows' .fall,   win*
���plranSsftttd.opec-ficatioas to be seeu).      ... __-_-_ .
1 - travelling   expesate 'by  tbe pr����-trefcrfed u
��� at-.Le"i.cmc oi Loan. Murphy alter  -
November 24th.    Carried.
The Clcik ..-.is instructed to
write the G. X. R. Co. requesting
them tos make t*h.* Drown crossing
one-half _a___c scm.h.cf Hazel ui ere
strong'encragb to carry a threshing
The    following    accoatnts    were
iuce.    The.iaiiycrt'ainkif tha
governments  ma*
o __���. -committee consisting
oth. ait tot*... Denis, Cabbie aud the
__ .ii-ii-cecl to.sCJerk. to examine *iyl rej-ort.
to unite k tn agricultural de- The petition received (roa: J. I..
part-Rent at tbe coli-g- here,; ..J,** a-.id Jd!.other, asking that lhe
His id-h. is to have tbe college, Trank road 'be-defined and all ol-
the crt^fcaot. tb?_R. A. __ I. Society i-_tfc__.cfio.__ removed was ..laid
arrange for .the class issoms and de-..ill nest
irion. tratieE acosniodatit.a, thei lat-
aia oeer
   Xb_ .Jii'ver   Highway ""Hy-lav.
.-  '     .'  '   , " ,   "      ""���       j    V,s7"itel"   <--   whiiil:  coiv'ld   1�� -found: in... nog 1X9  2)  onSsed the  iirfit  sec-
passed  ard  cheques   issued:   The!,, ,      ������,,       " }     ���'    '���" P'^^i me nrsi, sec
Columbian   Co.^tcL,   advertisiug,   &"��'* jfk"   ."""-**S   8SVCr;1"  ond a,d iUird .r.r.din^
g2; H. K   Gillis, cu^u2C^,C.V;1^^!��^.^1^^;fCfKreS h:    . Mr' J' ]?' 5hir!ey._vas  *VP*i*��l
road. Ward.:., ^;jj. ..Ckui-cblmid
���a-'five   -___>_-tliic'   wiiitc-i   c?irrse  in   Ai
powder,  ifeize and  caps, Y/ards  i
arid   .5,   pfic%\ R.  T.   Robinson,
'.vork, '{-I -P.-ro.id, Ward   5. *$ 1.59;
Thos   Oweii,   work,   C.   V    road,!
Y.7;*.;        -'4,-y,   Qoc.   W.  Atchison,
AtnSit��rfor*the-cafreot ye*r at -the
uiual solnty.
��� 'Tenders fer-gradinp-ioad on An-
���:'-.ii*-s.'  wrrc '*F.':T. Parmiter,
*ii.(.c;  C. II. Richardson, S9S, .'On
the   mayor   -..ays   be   could   motion, C. II. Kichards_..;"s  tender
agriculture, horticulture aad b've
j stock. Frem iuvestijatiasia he.
.has ma'le while'tfcraVsflfiijg arouuci
' the country iu. the i:i.tsi-?ii.i -sf the
'.\riird   4
'   g tii-..
'  guarantee-��fty p.ipi_s Lhe first term. .,v,_s tccciite-".
��*S<  J'itr^ i.__  _���.._ 1   1    ,.    1- j       .. * .        ' "*
^rchi , He has asked j. B..-_f_.en.iedy, M.     :The   foilovKiig   accaiiu.s   were
.,    _(.    ..���.   fc.   j   ._. *rohl,.'ip- to'triugthe  ajstt-rr-to-tlie at-, ->8ised.aud or..iered r-aid: Stokes &
7.' S '     a-' '*'*' -.'    d"      M" tett|on   of  Hon.   Sidney ��� Fisher, .-'Cullis, '$5.22; C.   Beadleston,  $8;
coun _wf eiuni y, #40. i minister of _grictilU:fe,   end  Thos.: 55*. x. Kick,  i8:2o;- O. _T.___ak<_r,
_.'0'iji__l  then   ...oi.iur_.ed to meet!.,.��.    . ,,   ���  ~ ., _. .(���>-_
iiia  or.  ..Micrday., December ist, ]������     ,.       ^    .    ,��� ,, .. !..'.,
, ,   ., the Hon. Capt.   T*tl.*:,   the .pro-   M_.*D-..aid,   $:.:=,;   Win.   Gowdy,
I   0 clock p.HS :���:.._:..,...:_.:  -r __.,_... '
viuciul miaister of agric_Ut__r__,
 ^^^     ..i-So;   R.   McWaters,   $^H  T.
  ^ Havens, $77.6-; Jos.  Jordan, S49.-
E.EMOVALS. en.  Wharton  __-   Collison   <-o '.-���
W..P../Alia-ander, who has beeu j I John Simpson, $_*r.5c;'*... Swiipiou.
LooHitecte-^i the local  braikb for'-^-^- Kit.!.on,,vic_-p?ee'deut ot >lft   ij6Ug -fiin?,   SSS;    Kw8_t
I some   time,   left,   Wednesday,   tor  tbe   L>b*w*l,Con_e..rah're   A-ssocift-; Tons Cfa.u)f, v.4o.6o; Joe, $4,-5; Geo.
Seattle where he  enters upo-i au.i tiou of the Delta Ridm-, has called  Ormiston.     $65;     T.    Scoopinicb,
other   run.    Mr. Alexander ttade! �� weeting of the above to be held at. j.53.75; E. Kirkland, $20.62; job.:
quite a  large ciicle of  friends for| Cloverdale,   ou .the   2 >th inst., for| Towaseud,  S_6o:  H.  J. Cresswell.
McDiarmid,    $100;
heal account,-.,
hi._i_e.fc_t.rii.g.his stay here,   and jthc  P"rP0S!:  ��*" loosing a  ca��di-U70;   N.    A
i in wiahing him.-cvery success in bis -datein-^tt^ert of_-.be' adtmicr.stra*, Xon.Z.re, ���?._.4e- re
' new duties, we but-voirv. the senti- tion P^K.Ho��- *��clwrd .JIcHnde: ��6._o.65. ���	
j ments of hit; many iriends. i nttl-.e f��-thc.owing PrsOTincial elec*.   .The Council  then  adjourned till
-,.,.,            .   _,      ,         ��� ���. tioas. Monday. Nov. i:tb, atsp.iH
���A. II.  Anderssou,  better  known'     ��r��. y, ,    r., _   * 1 '
: 3. "Shorty," the local  brakesman,;
has ���also beco renwr.-rd -from here.
He -rIso made many friends for
himself dining his short stay wh<*>
wish him every s.iccess.
THe -Presid__.t of tbe alxwe asso*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ciafio.*,   W. "Ii.  i.adner,   has also.
\ called.i_r a mee.iiif;. in  Oddfellows'      The I-_Ua.'Cv>r.ticil vatic oh Moh
Hall, uu M-anday e;.euinjt next.
day, Nov. iBth^preseirt ihe  Keeve
atid Ccurs. Gibhie, J");t.vie and Paterson.
The Tii.iii.tes'f-f previous ir.eetitr��'
NOTES  FROM THE POINT.        Quite a large na*__feer >cf -friends -were adopted.
i gathered, on Tuesday evening last coB_mrvrri**rtrr_o-
Geo. Mclntne, o-Peint Roberts,!.. ,,    .  '       ...     ',   ���   -*   ���' coajrcMCATJOtss.
' at the homeef Mr..and   Mrs. Geo. ���   ,,-_._, ��-_.;,_.���,_   .,    ,-,        ,
paid tis a visit this week  and says! ��� r.   ,        r���.���..f     ,..,     ._      Fre�� Whiteside & Kdmonda re
1 Mcl_.-U_ky,    Creaeejit   .Island,    tO;.Y, __.c_.i_   -_��.. _,       ,   ,,,   ,  ,
���the lest -storm -waa-the warst  ht' .,,. r ,w '-   ,.���.,��������� .��� .,..,' lax Sale-   **ce��-d a'rtcl  Clerk to
reuaer their isemace  to. the home*  ,,_..,____. - ���j_: .___
has   experienced   during  his -sta*.*! ... ...   ., .,     get legai-advicccn tha ssatter.
^ * ��� ioommg biide a��d-bndegroon. Mr.      r.���,��� .,   T   ���-,      ���. .
atthe Fo'i.t,-whch is two years aad   ,,    *     T . ,   TT _���,_      .   ���_,���,      From R. L. Keid re Kiver road.
.ana  Mrs. fo.hu  Ilpocott.    A  verv  t>-_-- ._,,    _ ,...     w ^
-a half.    He.also reports the roadj                 J            % ^   ****.  ��^ *    *   H.    r''^
in a  rerr   bad .��������_.�� .- this J^      ;  ^   ^^^ 0   bie nn lvmb-.ee and the Clerk
side   ofthe   line,   and   hopes thej Ia!ilH<1 Orchestra-disco-rsed sweet * -^P��-^ .�� connnittee to re*
iCouncil will hnve southing done!                ^ .i.se^ecifacat.ous
to it-right aw***, a.large  ��t.mber     Xi^cw^^JjJV*��    H,��hw^   B--low'
of M__Jtotart. frik intend tak.ag j^m     ... V,��01MW) tJie  pK��,'   ^   .Na
in the masqueMide.ball en the 30th. ���       -   - ! recoiiM-iercd.
As will be _����� by reference to
���ur advartisiag columns, Mr. H.
X. Rich, the liquidator, is talcing
thc necessary steps to wind up this
Company toTuatcrilv rn accnrdanc*
with tke resolutions passed at a
T-C-it -Httitg oP-ahareholders. Aa
eeen as the legal formalities have
bten coaapli-d with, about tht cad
of tke caiHimg month. Jhe purchaser,
Ur. Averill, will take held and run
ttkt Creaasery.
A reliable medicine aud one that
���sh��ulfl always be kept in the home
fer immediate use is Chamberlain1*
Ca-agh Rem_dy. It will prevent
the attack it.given as soon as the
child becomes hoarse, er even after
the croasy .caugh appears. Fer
sa4e by All Druggists.
wss pafsed.es .iaall>-
, Tuesday, by Rev. Jas. A. liaaton,
Charlie the old jCbina_Ban  who
was so badly injured a short wbik
since, has about recovered -and is:
abfc.to attend to his duties again
Wc hare seme *ne Maple .Sywip
fci_�� quart cans.���W. H. Smith.
! Editor -Dbi.tj Tikks:
i    Sir:   T.he Columbian  condemns
the "Man with the Muck Rake"
i while it has nothing but .praise ior
I those who created the muck. I
I would recommend-Uie Columbian
J to help jet rid of the _auck and
jsthen the man with the muck rake j evening
(will necessarily fiad himself out ofj
4_r*b. H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
.JUSTICE.    | Fir.e Dairy  Butter .from different
{The Reeve, Couns. Taterso'n and
 Davie were appointed a  couuniitee
We want y*our.eggs ?.nd -v.-ill pay! to iirtcinew Marshallfimith & Co..,
{.the'highest cash priec  for them.��� i -ttd./xe dyke.
W. H.-Smith.
Fir-st shiptMent of Fan.cy -Cran-
*berriesjust in.���W.-H. Smith.
I  '.	
Service in the Baptist   ChuTch |
i commences at 7 o'clock to-_*_o-row
Couu. Paterson gave  aotice thai
j at the next meeting he wotitd intro-
: duct: a flij;hway By-law.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ���     The.CouEcil-1h��n .Kdjouraed til'.
y, for sEfiftJimaU, wheu they j SatBTdayi NDTember^th,at 2 p.m.
sain until the spriug. i
_Rif_i.i___c_t  and -"amily.-leave, o��
-W.-i 11 rciaain until the spwng
We are getting-a good  supply of
On   fcecoant   of i th. -nvinds aad]    Gee.Xevftt has leased the_ Kirk**
i consequent ro��gh water, Th��rs_ay, ,land _anv,i<r^eraUTs-t;rca_pii.d by C.
the TraRsfer did not putin  an  ap- j H. Datsis. .
ineai-anec on that dar.
Cadher-fs Cocoa, b��tter^H��an**tlM-;
tbtst.   We havei-it.���W.!H..Smitb. j
Don't fonfet" the* wasqneracte-ball,
'"���-mder*the auspices Of the Band, m
-BRAN, SH0R_'S, Whole Corn,
Craoked Corn, Rice Meal, Chit
Rive, Chick Feed, Timothy and
Clover sSeeik, Su_.on's Garde!,
-mid Field Se��1s may be obtained
-tftt Bra��____iati-Ker 'Milling Co.'s
warehouses, Eadner, trom Mr.
U.'N, RICH, Local .Va'cflt.
' Miss P. McDonald - returned
ffcome, yesterday, from an extended
i-fisit to frie_ida in .Vanconver.
makers.   I^ave your buttev���orders'   .
with ue.���W. H. Smith.
 ���      !."-,  Mrs. J. A. Patcrsoa, otDnnleith,
��� -   - ��� b?;as been the guest of her sister,
Mrs. T. f. Armstroi.";, STcW  West-
���-y_sPT_i_T. ���    1 * ... ,    .      , ,
m-, ..__, ��� r, . T    mii.?t**!^,'-BUMng<he^p_-t''*wt��k.
���Sabbath services ��� Cresc��Bt Is-' *     . '
Miss R-ki.'sinlil weht up to ths
Royal iTi-v, WednesSday/on a visit
to friendr.
���Have ..yo* -��Ter --.triedsCadbtiry's
[famous English Chocolates? Wc
J have an elegant line of them just
lopencd up.���\V. II. Sunt::.
land, 3 p.m.; I.adner.-7 p.m.
��� .-HindayEchool at 1030 a.-w.
The-v.-ii.fi storm'OiMheearly part
*  " of tbe w.ek, .eat-teredtb-iiga about
\7.-'A'"*eTCTG*ulT.e'-iss disposed of quite livdy-at the ' D"e.t_-f.awi_iil!,
jt*"1' Praj-er meeting on Thursday at-^V.is prdj-irtty. a. the }�����>. *K; a Mr. dittribtrtng .he '-piles "of lum'oer
l.S p.m. Pearson', of Albens.    Mr. Pears .m ; along tlie ro..ds and ditcbes'but da-
-.C.,Croft, B. A,.,.,pastor. Lr.s'�� wii'(_-,'.\::d family ol'lijjght. i.ij, very..Hti'e dauiatre.-f-thpnivitif. &
>-*��� ���>���?=****-���     v.^'r^-���v-j ���--.���--. ���--_.
TO  :-*:_..
'"the delta times.
PnBi.is.:!!*.;) evrrv S\?v,x.v\\.
M m Hi. HE!!
S0BSCR-STI0N7 $1-00 per year.
____.tr.RTi3twf.1ts___y!a.'-   -���- ���
C_*u3l AdMrtll��s_e��Js. >-��� <������"'��-* P-- llnv f''
Ac-><tlB_.rtloh.'i!ti_ 5_ept��i)rt Iln. ���������< e��n
���n__M��-twat WMttion.    Th*   number   ul   liw.
��� wcka..--_..*.<���   ..-<*.- oefupleA, tallnccta ?fl-
Mali.* tolCs.mmet_i.-sl ..lttni'-mwN ran I,.
bad ua ftppli.,_ii< n fit. thi* ctfi.-e.
Rcn-iag noticre laeentf". gar,line tot.-Wrtl in-
��eruoo. '���
restriction!; contained   in   Sections
and 252 of 'Tbe Municipal
Clauses Act."
3.   T-h**-* River Highway By*kw,
  , 1 oof- (No. -_j as reconsidered and
�� m   r    -.-.-.,     ~r..\a t ��-,���;��.��  -inalljr pc_?p<i in open Council the
A ByrLaw to Change the Location       .,,���,_._��   0
the South ! ""tn da-*'" ?f October. .*_. D. i<-.or., is
hereby repealed. .
4     This By-Law may be cited j
for all purposes as the "River High
,.   wav Ev-I,aw, rqo6" (Xo. 3).
TITHEREAS it is deemed expedi-'
of the River Rond on
Side cf tbe Fraier River Between j
District,   Lot- 17 and 23, Croup
.. x. w. n. i
A. o. u. w:      **"
Delta Lodge. No. is meets fait
and third Tuesdays of each month
in OddfeJkiws' Hal..-
. ..        .  Tho... Toi_p, M.W.
T. W. KERft- Recorder.
Bints-lid r_��s\l_ ao.i*ci, ���,><���., MorTia_-B_i,--.
__J1 aA����ui*m.c��_> charged tVrr noli* oi.l. r,'J -
���nt aosl psii. (of,
Reconaldered and finally passed*
in open Council  this   r.tk day of
November, A.D. igdli:
N. A. McDIAUMin.
ent in. the  public interest to;
I change tke loc-tion oi tlie highway :
p^^^r^$��&^^ al^g ���� *���th '"a,lk ��f thc Fraser !
i_tc.mpaiiy.ioiw cjb^bb-j. w wifrru..in...ui  ]-.;vet fr0rn District Lot 17 to  Dis-;
t_L_dc_ur(u_ accordingly. | ' !
trict Lot 23, all in  Croup 2,   New:
Westminster  District,   in  order  to I
i_vrrripoii4��w. i_ivtted ._ mr.a-.r_ ol public j n|jow tj,P construction of a railway I
l��Wrre._.   CoicoiHoiL-^tionsts) WHor mint Is.- ne-:""   ������������-�� ,
.GOwpamol by *.aiue of writer, uot u'ccsianly; aJone   the   Said    hizllWaV    as    HOW
fer publuution, but a* evidence of good filth. . **'   *'��    -"w   ~^ "        :
'���orr^pond-nos must reach th), office bj Thurs- [constructed and in order to improve
'��� ihe sti i road and to open tip proper-;
\ ty now inaccessible from the Uig.h- 	
i"way as now constructed ; r   Tlit S.sS. Sonoma leaves Ladnei
P>? it therefore enacted  by   thei at S a.m. and 3 p.m.; leaves Steves-
j Mtttiiciphl Council of the Corpora-, tou "at 9 a.m.  and 4 p.m.    Every
Wi N. Draper,
Heotn _. !__���.���. J K'os-k. ��w Westminster.
For Sale or Rent
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Bone at SpootaWf low Prices*
'ily tsrH'.n..
Pet your costumes ready for the
C. M. C. I    The   property    known   as
   Palace Stables.    Apply at
Gko. I..
tion of Delta  pursuant to thi? pro-j day except Sunday.
'Municipal Clauses 	
Fashion Stables
Trucking *nd Draying.
IJTCry work of ali kinds attended to promptly.
X JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
-f TeletAoue " Ladner" No. 10.
+*sH-+*-K<*y* .���+���;���+������ -i'-Y-.I-f *:-f**V4*S>4���*������*>v*K--*"_�������������r4**M*-_.*Y*-l.. 4��4**
V. T. Rya & Ferry Ce.
U'lllH-T. 11   C
���D>-_-* ��� _=�� -^-= _--^a.X3-r-- ,���; /r ��t usx=
S.VTBK HsVV, J.OVSMJKR   1 7. ,19*_-
CsT-s.-:-.-_7r .���.-.-r:z=;-.---���-;���---:; ������-���       ----   | fisiOBS. Oi    U'.t*
Tke   uame   ot"  \V.   Pybus,   F.r.'.l Act"; When you wish to buy. visiting
lm�� beeu raeutioned  as a  probable j     --���    The land and  premises lieie-j cards call en the Delta Tinaes who
cwdidate   t��   coate-st   Ward   n.,'; inafter described ate resumed or ap-, will sell tho best nigaey can buy. t
, . ..    ,   ,     . j propriated..and detlicated, constkut-i If you need them priuted, why vou j
ex theroraingnvumcirrd election.   I ^ ^ ^y^ a public higb., are aaiiey in jWcket by calH���g- m \
-**   -7--7-      wly  i,eing a piece er strip of laud j the Delta Times first. ,
With rhe change.- made and pro- j gi^ty-six  (66)   feet  wide   through \ ,_uj_ __j _-__j-j_ um__iuj
jjosed in tlie BouutUty Bay Scliopl  Lots 17, tfS.7.5, 440, 15, 24 and 13, t
District it would bo well  for the{Graup 2,   New   Westminster  Dis-1
School Trustee Board to  see that trict* Brilish Columbia, and  being
,   . ' thirty-three   (33)   feet on each side ----- -
the school bouse  is placed  in  the;   ....        . . ,      - . _ ,;___���.     M ****.&    Ono^f..^.^
*   ��� ;ot a centre hue which ceutre line ^laAwUSaj    .-��G__^��_rV-_H_F���,
wntre ��f .the district __�����  as pos-: lfR���rihed as follows:  Commencing
.ikie.  I at ;l pomt on the present con* -* Largo Consignment of Carriage Hardware
atrncted Kew Westminster-Ladner and  Woodstuffs; Also-a Full Line of Ploughs
l�� r.ierence to the _nero_c.h1_.5nt I llithwilyt wblch pniHl is 530 feet' and OOaar Farm Implements.
.lithe TtUHk read, at T. E. Ltd- j gntitlmeaterly  measured  along; the
��eir.s.   it has  been suggested that j ..litre     line     of     .aid     liifihw.T! HOt^SO    SnOOinff,     $1.50    pOr    SOt
Ladner Carriage Works.
New Service���Port Guichon ami  Ladaaer to
Westminster and Vancouvar.
Leave PL Guichon, 6.30. a.tm    Arrive VatsjcoUsfer, ie.20 a.nu
. Leave Vauoouver,   __io p.111.    A��-.iv<? Pt_ Guiciiou, 6.-00 p.ra.
Monday, Wedacsda^- and Friday.
Give?*   PassetageTs foiiT  ki-Jtvr.* m   -eahcr   2_Jt-w   Westminster or Vancouver-
N<e��'   Freiglat   TariS   effectiv-e   September   5th,   '06..
: Greatly RoalusC^ Hales      Fer pafi.-ct_.ars apply to
Ageat, Port Gukhon.
S-tffi'Ciee.t Cars wil. %*e fumisiie'd witiiomt de_ay.
the Council compel the removal ��f j trom   its
of   intersection
_,     r id. '���     ,���   _ I n-uh  the southerly boundary line    __       ^__     ___        _  	
��he ����._. ngbt ^^ T BAKER ladner R  C
thereof,   reouest tha.   Mr. ����1mc     ..,_,,���  d^;,,   ml* p��i.,*k5- 1^*      *      Urt|yL<^   -UCUllI-CI ,   L��.    W,
ectuest .����   ��... _.���_��,., mij.atet District, British Columbia
keep his stock off tke nr.d.    By ,,ninnh12-flK.ncc north :.? d.grees 07!
j|. many  cattle being driven oyer I minutes east,   1389.8 feet;   thence j
tkis road  it  is impassable for pe-! south, 59 degrees 3. minutes cast,
'..-striatvs and there is ,uo reasonableI "3*S feet;   thence  south   42  de** j
txcuse for it. 'groes ��4 ,Ki,ulteB east- M5*2 fc���t"<\
1   "   " ":_ _' ('.thence south 54 decrees 27 min-}
fntes east, 212.5 feet; thence south!
' As will bc sect, by reference to) 34 degrees  16  minutes east, 128.7
the Council  notes, the petition, re j feet; thence south   31 degrees 561.
���itfaing of line of Trunk road from [i-inutes   east,   281.3   feet;
���fi--er to-bjndge, has been  laid over
till next meeting.    Ngw,   we be
thence I'
.'���outh- 46;degtees 56. minutes east, t
118.7 teet.. tlience itoEt-h 89 degrees'
\ 19 minutes east, 76.6 feet; thence .
;Bevethe present .Council is quite I north -5 degrees 54 minutes cast, j
capable of settling this matter, and [;_jo.3 feet: thence north 23 degrees1
that it- is their* b.tiuden  duty to se 4�� mimUe.s west,  15ft. l feet; thence j.
settle this, dispate that tliere will be
no further trtwble arisi
We hope, therefore,, that at their
next meeting;, the Council will arrive at a certain means of settlement
north 15 degrees  27 minute* west,
,,'     _. 120..8 feet; theucc north  27 degrees?
ii" therefrom. . ,        .        f
49 minutes east, 93.9 feet; thenee.
north 5&:dcj;rees 49 minutes east,[
237.5 feet; thence   north,   23  de-i;
Erees  11   minutes west, 40.1   feet; f
Say to Your Grocer Distinctly
Moffet's "Best"
The uniformity and superb ^.tahty
of cbis Western Family Flour that
has mad* it _;<} popular has caused
competitors to reprcseut their flours
as "BEST."
pi that Councillor Paterson can fix j thence   north  55 degrees' 04 min-1
tberoacCtipdeceptly thereby add-iutes WC5t> 4&4 ���'��*; thence south*
ing another much desired improve
ment te the vitlace.
72 degrees 30 minutes west, ^3.5
feet;  thence north  78 degrees 57
minutes   west,
feet;    thcuce
.-��� "   "--   -7-3
I north 30 de_rrees 16. miiHttes west,
The prospects are that a.  man j 240.2 feet; thence north 27 degrees!;
with a family will settle on the
Boundary line, near the monument,
in tbe very n__r future.
Harry Nicholson, late of I.adner,
]____; now of Matsqui, paid a short
visit here this week,  and we arc
pleased te. say he did not forget-!
fbatthe printer needed thc sinews
08 minutes west, 24S.5 feet; thence
north 35 degrees 18 minutes west, '.
143.3 feet; thence north 00 degrees
ior minutes west, 118.7feet; thence
j south 73 degrees 54. minutes east,
4.76.feci; thence north, 64; degrees
Incorporated ISW..
$3IB 183,62ft
There is only ��nc *��� BEST1"1
flour on the B. Ci market to-day
and that's Moffet's "BEST."
Avoid, disappoiatmeat in brea.1
making by seeing that your sack
l-ears the words. Moffet's
Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd
35 minutes east, 302.7- feet;  thence
j north 35 degrees 06 minutes east,
.-5-3 'set; theuce north 9 degrees I
A Ge-aeral B&ii-dng Business ...'--i.sa.Csted.
Savlngs Department*
DeposSas of -$1 axtd wpvva&dta reeeired -und Int��r-
:.   est AH-owed _��b Higfee-ft Gtarrent Bates.
'd-   i V         ^| B^iNOIES.	
BRANCHIvS IN BT.BTISH COLUMBIA���Vaticonrer, Vancouver
East End, Mt. Pleasant, Giranyllle Street ���; Grand Forks, Nanaimo,
Nelson, Rossland, Victorra, .V*rnc_a, Chillwi-ack.. Cnmberland and
New Westminster.
maam jfn-'ae*.1,....
..- _.jm���_, - msrxswsrs ggggagae
Just Arrived^*
ii war.   May ethers think UU- SS��inutef west< t(*z **' thencel     Get your House wired uow
wise. It would do iu;
;ock1 and them
ujiumcs ease. 1   _* i .���     _.*        r
,    .   .   .. ..      .        .-and nie your apphcattou for
i 176.3 feet;  thence north 14 degrees, J cr
j 50 minutes east, 513.3- feet; tbencej Electric Light  now, so, that
\ erly boundary Hue of said Lot 23
Gt.uy.., from thc southwest corner
[if said Lot 23; thence north  23 de-. ���+*^>*J&^>^-~*+,Q^-+"*-+i>��<>\
"| grees  2rj minutes .east,  .14*  f*._t,',|
Cough Remedy
Th�� C*-iiWren'�� Pavorito
CoinfT-i.*., Golds, Group nnd
"Whooping Cough.
Tlifrfwfflr��<.s*ls f_ni<i���� for��.�� _i_r��#(.T��r
RlWft.* I'S* ��� l"J,*sT*��l.s*�� UUr.n'.    1 t " .WffttRsS p.ss
��sp1un> or sj-lisr lifsnnfui s.rntr _n_ msj- l-��
��l��nr_ iiFst. ��f the r.Tll)7.��sl msrlsl
rftyi. Is*   '
m 11 i'M.'-.IwiH.v t" �� ___),��� ���_ l�� (iu��<!nl��
Prlca Do ct��; Large Stz_, SO ele.
north 37 degrees 29, minutes east,; the poles may be distributed
393 feet, to a point on the southerly j       _ "
1     j     1 ���      fI .       <-- past your premises,
boundary line of Lot 23, Group 2,i.r        J e
Naw Westminster District, Itritish};    Applicattou blanks may be
Columbia, which point i*H��.4����tkad   of  Mr.  McDoaaldv the
easterly-measured alimg; the south-!
.,_ !; Electrician.
f more or less, to a point _n  the pre-' v
v * J   i
Westtninstcr-Ladner] .��.__
f.seat    New
r, ��� ��� ' i .
: nighwav. as constructed. ; ,1.
[���    1.   The   said    Corporation    oftj^
fDelta hereby expropriates th. land j | _.rw .VK8.rMW6TKRi
and premises described itt Section
1 hereo�� f.ir thc purposes nf'ore-] ���>
said, and. is hereby authorized to
enter upon, break up, take or use
the said land and premises ior the
said purposes without the consent
j oi thc- o..-!,c,r:. there'..'..'���'..bi'.'.t to tire
Mf.iiufoclur*_rB of nil tends ol
Soda Water, Ginger �����
Ale and Summer    ���>,
Drinks. X
Nurseries & Seedhouses'
Larg�� stock of HOME GROWN i
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now
matured for the &1T trade.
No -expense, lessor delayof .6r___
gation or inspection.
BlllbS for Fa^ Planting
Headquarters tot Pa__% Cc__9t!
xrowii Garden, F^eld and Flower-
5eeds in season.
BF_E SliPPIJ.ES, Spray Paitups,
Whale Oil Soap. GreechouiEe Pltuts,'
Cut lowers,
W* -do busin___ ��n c^_r own
5.roon_l8���r.*�� rent to jiay and are
;.repeT*sd K.. meet ali competition.
I,��t tne jr.-icc you.- list before plac-
Catalogue Fiee.
Tans, Oxfords &
Blucher Cuts
A Fall Line of
3s. and
Get a Suit at OrMoe.
��. c. * j
4- jug you_ ord����-
j       Your patronage solicited
'm^mml**^e^e^i^m^.i^*.i..*i.*^. I VANCOU VER,
3310 Westminster Road.
-    B. Cj
HJ.Hutcterson's -'fm. i>r.idd -?id:d,..dd'd':<
.*. \
BttSSR *?, ~9*>-
��� ���---�����������"-���- *���_ ���*-���������.-.-
WE ARE TO THE PRINT apin lis par Willi _ larger .Assortment than ever before, of TOYS an.
TANCY GOODS, China an. Glassware, etc., Cutler*/, Fancy Drawn linen, fancy !HM.ker.h1efs, ladles'
and Gents' Neckwear and EVERYTHING THAT JS IN DEMAND J5T CHRISTMAS TIME, Suitable Presents
for tAIL
Also large range "Ladner Souvenirs" ancl jChrisioias Ri^.C��ti^.'l^
Hymn and Pxaver Books, etc V
Bring the Children'to seethe Mechanical Figures Tin the window.
brand MnmmaS Xmas Jmm\rawMna-$M2B m Prmem
1 Sewing Machine.
2 XtolL
;B Jgteain Gc-oker,
***& Bug.
���5 Redroom Bet.
i.8 HjiII Lamp.
!7 Tea Set.
'��. *^��__4bq___ Table .Spoons-,
:9 Drawn Linen.
IIG Tiano-Drape.
- d
11 Water Set.
12 Bon Bon .Di^h
IB Cruet.
.'��.4 Laundry Basket.
'3 5 Ladies' Umbrella.
.16 Embroidered Cushion Top.
17 Inlaid Jardinier Stand.
13 Burnt '.Leather PaneJL
19 Ladies' .Handi_3ag.
.j20 Souvecir Bj->j_>k of Ec-cky Mountain Views.
_A TICKET for--., chance in our great drawing will be GIVEN AW��Y with each 50 GIFT FURO___iLSE. and the drawing will take
jplace at 9 o'clock Monday night, Dejceniber 24th, in our store, in the same way^��8 previcvi'-a years, which proved
w-ery .satisfactory -to.-sill ec-__ceraed.
((No employee .-or member of-hie family wlli'be .-__Howr*��'.d to y-mi-fc-ipafce m t-Ms drawings)
Prizes wlU Ihe tan ^Exhibition in Our Show Window, Monday, Noveinb^r Oth. on whi��h date, we will
commence giving .away tickets.
& Co
._^_-T__L_   " '������    !*��� �����'.'*���
Mr. and .Mr*-. Jas. McCallan and
' son. JeiTrev.   returned home, Wed-
i.   nesday   evening,   irom   a  visit to.
Remember the   masqjitrade   c> ! ***** ;�� tlie �����-
the 30th.     !
Donald Kane visit?!  the  Roy-.
Cit*, thi* w.ek.
Farm to Lease.
Sealed Tenders will  be received
..     by the undersigned up  to  Xovem
W. S. I.ivmitone drove up to th    ber ^ fo. .^ lease of the far
market, Thur.day. occupied by II. ]. Arthur  011  the
. " 1 Parmiter road.
]     Highest tender  not   necessarily
H.Creech spmta fe.v days  i'1: accepted.
Vancouver this week. For further information apply to
Mr.   and   Mrs.   W.   H.  I.adne:
..sited the Royal City, this week.
Mrs. I. Whitworth retuued. yes-;
Unlay, from a vUi*. to fiends in!
the East. ���   I
Rev. J.  F. Betts aud Rev. C.
Croft will e-ckautje pulpits .to-mor-i
row evening.
H. Llewellyn spent Saturday and
Sunday ia Vancouver and N.w
Mrs. Jahn Honeyman returned
koine, yesterday, hem a visit t��
friends in Westminster.
Our shipment of Stilton and
Fancy Full Cream Canadian
Cheese.���W. II. Smith.
H. N. Rick drove up to the
Jteyal City, Thursday, _u account
���t the u.n-arrival ot the Transfer.
M. 17   Wharton   is  back  tgitiuj
frow   Vancouver,   where   he   has
bee.u engaged witk a teat*, for some
A meeting  of the  Libcral.Cc-i-l
servative Association is to le held ,
in Oddfellows'   Hall,   Ladner,  on
Monday, u.th inst., at 8 p.m.
All in favor oi  the present Tro-
viiu'ia!  Administration  arc   cordi- j
ally invited to aiteud.
President pf Local Association- ���
STOCK.     > i
20 Horses,   including   Heavy-
Draft and General Purpose.
60 Head of Cattle, includ-i
ing   Dairy   Cows   auci   Voung j
implements. Mowers, Binder,:
Wagons.   Harness   and   usual
assortment  fount.,  ou  hu occu- i
pancy of _oo Acres, which ;
,1R. II. N. RICH has received,
instructions f una Mr. William
Gowdy, who has disposed of his
farm, to Sell by Auction, at ihc
Farm, 3 Miles south-east of Ladiier,
Mrs-. L. H. Nichol.on cam* oven
l'rtwi VascMi.vtr, yesterday, en a'
.���visit to her parents, Mr. and Mra. j
F. W. Harris.
Saturday, Dec. 8, 1906.
Full particulars ia future advertise ments.
Notice to Creditors
Rev. J. F. and Mrs. Belts returned home, yesterday, if-ir. Vancouver, where Mrs. ll.tts had been iu
attendance on a missionary meet-
J. Calhonn, of Kdmouton, Alta., j
has been visiting his sister, Mrs. J. j
F. StaintoH, fer a few days.    Mrs. i
Calhoun is. at  the present in hospital at Victoria, having undergone
a successful operation for appendicitis.
Messrs. D. A. Anderson and A.I
Steele, of Vancouver, have taken
Up the positions vacated by Messrs.
Harris and Siddall at Marshall j
Smith & Co.s, store. Mr. Ander-:
son is in the grocery department!
and Mr. Steele is attached to the \
hardware department.
In  the  matter of   the Companies'
Winding-!.'p Act, I-.Q8, and Amending   Acts,  and in the matter
of The Delia Creamery Co., I.im
ited Liability.
"pjOTICE is hereby given that all
creditors and others having
claims against the above named
Company are requested, on ot- be*
fprethe 31st day of December, 1906,
to send their names and addresses
aud the particulars of 'heir debts
and claims to 11. N, Rich, Ladner,
IJ. C, Liquidator ol the said Company, and further take notice that
after such last mentioned date the
snid Liquidator will proceed to distribute the assets of the Company
iinieug thc parties entitled thereto,
having regard only to the claims ol"
which the Liquidator has then
Dated this 15th day of November, 1906.
Liquidator, Ladner, B. C.
The jovial cont-iiancesof Messrs.
Bert Harris and W. H, Siddall, jr.,
will be greatly missed at thc Big
Store both of whom severed their
counection therewith on Saturday
last. W. H'. Siddall leaves, on
Wednesday next, for Prince Rupert, while Bert Harris expects to
leave for Kamloops at the beginning of the new .���_���r
Top Market Prices
Dressed Poultry
New   Laid   Eggs
Vancouver. .
E. T. CALVERT,       j
Local Agent.!
The Cash Store
W�� Bern LemVi
To notify tbe people of Lac______. and surrounding district that we are now in a,
position to offer V_.nco.iver Island
Once in a -while we happen to get a ']
real strong bargain in something  our customers    need.     Flannelette    is    something
every housekeeper needs.     We bought, recently, several thousand yards of good heavy
I flannelette, before the last advance in prices, |
and though we could get 121/. cents a yard
for  it  to-day  it is  on  sale  at  our staple
I counter at
Not only is it good and heavy but
very very wide, some pieces measuring 35,
36 and 37 inches. In light and dark stripes,
blues, pinks, fawn, greys, etc.
B a
267 Columbia St., New Westminster
118 in emu. ii fl .. c.
When you are wanting anything in the
line of Blouses, Dress Skirts, Petticoats,
Underwear, Hosiery, White Goods, Neckwear, Ribbons, Furs, Smallwears, Holiday
Goods, or
Bonnets,  Hats,  Furs,  Dresses,   Underwear,
Hosiery, Etc.
Call and let us show you.
Goods and Prices Right
J. BIRTCH, - 275 Columbia Street
New Westminster, Nov. 17.���Wc
bave requested Mr. W. H. Smith
to look after- our Laundry Agencv
in Ladner, next door to H. McDowell' *. Harness Shop, until further notice.
n ii If MM ��1
Kindly t.-ikc notice thnt- we will
uot be responsible for any'debts contracted by Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Ciutcbqn irom this date. ���
' Estate of Id. Guichon,
'l'l'I'iiNNl.   Ck'-Clt' i.V,
Part Guidjo-J. Nov. ������. '06.
At greatly red-need prices, making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
���same   cost   as   piling   or    other   inferi_w.
Write for Prices,
B. &
��� ...HIU, --.���U. L'J-H-
Cut Glass,
And all kinds of Jewelry
Riijsais'ing a Specialty*
LADNER,   15- C.
sbe g 'l __eeg m. r ee t. uaiaajn a ;bbhb
m $3.50
We have the  Greatest  Value
in Shoes &   "V**
SSaad Solid Reliable Footwear,
vfusi the Thing for Winter Weather.
We -carry t.iene in all I.ei.thers and have a full line *of Shapes
and Sizes to Fit All Feet.
Jhothlng In Town io JEqual Them*
-    Ladner, B.C
���%...!.     eapB
(iasoline Engines, Root Pulpers,
Estate When You Want to Ship or Store
Your Produce or I_iYt Stock.
ETC.. \
Grain Elevator
Capacity 500 Tons.
Space 24,0-30 .-Square Feet.
l$fe Walworth-Rolston Co.,
ioi-T Westminster Ave,,   -   Vancouver^ B.C.
Port  Guichon, _BL C*.


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