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The Delta Times Jan 28, 1908

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kl. S, No. 21.
Saturday Saw the Close
Most Successful Sale
In the History of
Our Store
e   Finish   Stock-Taking
This Week
And Next Week We Will Commence Opening g
New Springy Goods
Which Have Been Arriving Almost Daily.
See Window Display
As Viewed by One of Delta's Young Aspirant.
Journalistic Honors.
Tbc question as to the admission
of Asiatics is common alike to tbe
United States and to Canada. It
is by far the most perplexing, serious and vital problem of the present day because its settlemeut will
determine the civilization, welfare
and destiny of the white race of
America. On one side of the Pacific are the over-crowded countries
of Asia, searching for an outlet for
their sulplus population. On the
other side is the broad continent of
America,with its boundless prairies,
its vast forests and its rich mineral
deposits,all waiting for the immigrant. But although America needs
immigrants, she must have settlers
ot the right kind. America needs
people who have the same social,
domestic and political notions as herself which qualifications the Asiatics most emphatically lack.
There is something even in the
national valor, of which tbe Asiatics
have made so splendid a display,
tbat differs irom ours. It bas au
air of fanatical ckvotion tbat reminds oue of tbe story ot the three
liegemen ot Tiruur, who, when ordered by him to prove to a -tranger
their devotion by committing sui
cide in different ways, at once obeyed. In all the large cities along
the Pacific coast Chinese aud Japanese quarters are to be found. They
live as Americans and Europeans
cannot live; it is not unusual for
fifty or sixty ot them to be crowded
together in a building barely large
enough for the family of one white
man. In these crowded quarters
life may be seen as it exists in fai
away Asia. Chinese barbers, busilj
shaving the heads, trimming the piy
tails of their countrymen, merchants
selling   rice,   opium  and  Chinese
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
Miss   Lily   Burr   entertained   a.
On  Thursday last, the  boys  of
atimber of ber young tr.iend ...en ^Crescent Island bad a little excite-
���Wednesday last, .o a Birthday !����*in the chase and caP*ur�� ofa
|P*?ty, when a very  enjoyable time
ras   spent   at   games,  music and
|dancing until the witching hour of
aidnigbt whea the   happy  party
dispersed for their homes.    Among
jtbot e present were:
Misses Mane and Juue.ta Me-
Jluskey, Ma.tie Pybus, Maggie
. ilchrist, Greta and Vera Gillanders, Hazel Price.
Messrs.  Thomas,   Arthur   and
[Douglas  McCluskey,   Willie  G��-
IChrist, John Pybus. John Harris.
A. Wickson.
bear wbich was rounded up aud
���shot on Hopcott Bros.' farm, Tilbury Island. The animal weighed
about..JQO..!��..    . ..���
Look out fop Mrs. Jarley, grand
intertainmeni ^ .j. Fei
V, Remember*lie dance to be given
in the Town Hall, on Friday evening next, by the ExceMot; Club oi
Delta. Come aud have a good
time,   . -  .
BRAN, SHORTS, Whole Com,
Cracked Coru, Kice M.mI, Chit
Rice, Chick Feed, Tinuthy ..nd
Clover Seeds may be obtained ;it
Brackman-Ker Hilling Co.'s
warehouses, Ladner, from MR.
,H, N. RICH, Local Ageai.
The deputation to wait upon the
government re better communication with Westham Island and as.
sistauce for the dykes, were to ap.
pear before tbe government to-day,
and, in order to be on time, they
left for Victoria on Sunday last,
Following is �� full list ot the delegation: The Reeve, J. A. Paterson,
Coun. Gibbie, Messrs. H. D. Benson, R, E- Kittson, H. J Hutcherson, P. Swensen, Harry Trim, C.
H. Trim. Chris. Albertson, J. A,
Savage, J as. Frew, Jos. Tamboline
W. E. Lainna; went over to Vancouver, on Saturday List, on a shoi 1
Visit, r'eturiitng ou Sunday.
clothing, etc., others seated at a
table eating or rather swallowing
rice from little bowls lilted to theii
lips and shoving the rice into thei:
mouths with their chop sticks.
The Chinaman especially is .
menace to tbe white laborer becans
ot his very efficiency. It is this
that was one of tbe principal cause-
of the recent labor riots in Vancouver. He is industrious, quiet,
sober, patient and always willing to
learn. He keeps to himself, saving
his money with the bope ot some
dav returning to bis native land or
at least ol laying his bones there. It
is this strong national spirit that is
characteristic alike of all Asiatics
Tbe Hindoo hopes to have his
bones thrown ou the Gauges aud
the Japanese is always ready to give
his life for the Mikado. This spirit
is a tremendous power that binds
them together constantly by direct
iug their gaze toward Asia, ami
along with tbe antipathy that exists
between the white and yellow races,
prevents their fusion into the gener
al population. Perhaps it is this
antipathy that is the chief cause of
the present difficulty and where
two distinct races exist side by side
one of tbem will surely dominate
tbe other.
It has sometimes been urged that
the public schools ot our laud will
bring about assimilation, liut so far
the assimilation has been intellectual rather than moral or politic il
The evils of a vast unassirailatetl
population are to be seen in the
Southern states where 12,000,000
blacks exist side by side with the
whites. The Japanese, however,
are far more intelligent than the
negro, they are alive with social
pride and social as; irations  which
makes it so difficult  to  deal  with
The progress of Japan is without
a parallel in the history of the woild
except perhaps that of Greece after
the Persian  war*    It  is  less  than
fifty years ago since she joined  the
great family of nations, to-day she
ranks as one of the great powers of
the world.    In  1870 she  bad  no
navy or mercantile marine, and a
Jap was   seldom   seen  outside  of
his native land.    Now Japan has a
splendid navy; up-to-date  in  every
respect,  75  per cent of the ships
having been built in England.   Her
mercantile    marine,    manned    by
cheap crews  and  engaging   huge
subsidies from a liberal government,
has   ousted  many   British   vessels
that formerly  enjoyed a   monopoly
of the carrying trade ot the Pacific,
Japanese aggressiveness, energy and
modernism is spreading to China,
arousing    the    "sleeping    Giant"
with  immense resources and great
population.    Can the white people
of America be blamed then for looking with   misgiving  and  alarm   at
the vast inrush of Asiatics to  their
country which   is  taking  place  at
tbe   present time.   Australia also
is thoroughly alarmed and   has  already passed rigid exclusion laws,
barring out the Japanese and Chinese.    They realize that a  union   of
the Anglo-Saxons and Japanese can
never be, the two races being alien
in all  their ideas  and  ways.    The
Japanese are already looking with
covetous eyes upon the possessions
of the British, French, Dutch,  and
Americans in Asia.    One  third  of
the  population   of the   Philippine
Islands, consists of Japanese, many
of them being spies, serving the interest- of    the    mother    country.
Canada   has   sent    Mr.   Lemieux
to Japan to negotiate with them tor
the restriction ot Japanese immigration   to   Canada.    While  he   was
treated with every courtesy, entertained at elegant banquets, he was
respectfully told that Japan  could
not  consider  anything that would
tend to abrogate the treaty already
existing between Great Britain and
herself.   But this is only an excuse
The truth is that Japan will   never
of its  own  free will  restrict emigration   from   her   shores.      She
knows that   every  subject of hers
in   a   foreign   land   is   to   ber   a
source of  revenue  and   strength.
Japs are Japs wherever they  may
be, and in case ot war would fly  at
ouce to the aid of tbe mother country,  therefore  Japen's  best   policy
is to encourage immigration. Above
all treaties, above  all  laws,   above
every   other   consideration   is  the
great law of self-preservation.    Japan needs new territory to  serve  as
an outlet for her surplus population
The 19,000 square  miles ot   Japan
The Market.
New Westminster. Jan. 25���
Yesterday's market, owing perhaps
to the inclemency of the weather
keeping tbe purchasers at home,
was considerably less active than
those of the past few weeks. Plenty
of produce was in evidence in nearly all lines, but the demand was
not as brisk as usual, and quite a
large quantity of vegetable produce
was left on the hands of the vendors.
The auction also experienced a
falling off, there being but few animals put up for sale.
One of the most noticeable features of the dav's trading was the
falling off in the price of eggs
which sold as low as 35c retail.
Some of the sellers, however, who
had judged the demand better,
found tbat it was just as easy to
obtain 40c and disposed ot tbeir
stock at that figure. There was a
large supply, but the demand was
such that few remained at the close
of sales. The opinion was freely
expressed that more eggs would be
on the market from now on and
that the price would fall still lower.
Wholesale price was 35c. Butter
found no change from previous
week's selling from 35c to 40c.
The meat supply was somewhat
short, more especially in beef, the
only exo _jtion being pork, of which
there was a liberal amount on hand.
All sold at slightly increased mini-
mums over the prices ot last week.
Hindquarters of beef sold from 8c
to 8}��c and forequarters from 6c to
6#c. A fair supply of mutton wa*
offering and all found ready sale at
13c, lamb selling at 14c. Veal sold
readily at toe to nc for small carcases and 7c to 8c for large; tbe
small stock finding a more ready
demand. Hogs were scarcer than
they have been for some weeks and
sold at 9c and g%c.
A plentiful supply of chickens
aud fowls was offered, selling largely to the Chinese, whose New
Year, in which these birds largely
figure, commences next week. The
celestials endeavored to force down
the price, but finally toed the marlc
and purchased large quauities, paying from $8 to $9 per dozen, according to quality for the larger
birds, and $5 50 to $7 for chickens.
A lew geese were offered and sold
at from $1 to $1.25 each. Ducks
fetched from $9 to $10 a dozen,
Quite a number of mallards changed
hands at 75c a brace.
Apples were plentiful but the
quality was not of the highest, and
only a few of the best fetched
about $125. The ruling prices
were from 85c to $1.25, the latter
being mostly for Baldwins.
A new departure in vegetables
was the supply of turnips from
Delta, which sold slowly at 75c a
sack. A lew cabbages were also
offered. Potatoes were very plentiful at $1 a sack, $18 per ton tor
can barelv support  her 45,000.0001
inhabitants, therefore she is  intent 1
1 _________
���ipou aggiandizenient  achieved  by I
10 H-a<ttr what   means.     This   ac-      Town Hall, 27th Feb.
"imts for tlie   Russ.-Japanese war; a half hours of solid fun.
anl    Japan's  treatment of   Korea.! ________
Tbis explains also Japan's recent!
attitude towards the United States
Whenever n pettv crime was committed bv a S.in Francisco hoodlum
upon one ol her subjects her ambassador wns at once running over
to the ao ver n ment at Washington
with bitter complaints that were almost insulting in their character,
Now, however, as Uncle Sam is
sending a lar;e  fleet of warships
Two and
Remember the auction sale by.
H. N. Rich as advertised on 4th
(Continued on  Second Page,)
J. H. Cain sold, on Tuesday last,
the forty acres of land recently purchased from W. S. Whiteside. Mc
Cain bought tbis property about
six months ago for $7,000 and received $8,000 for it.- Pretty good
interest on the investment. Both
these sales were negotiated by
Arthurs. Whiteside, THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, JANUARY aS, 1.90&
Published 1 v$* x Tuesday.
ajimcxoTjQ*, 91.00. pwyw-
(tw .1 Adrtttl��r��<Jsta. io ctfiU per line foi
\kt tt* itmrrtion, nnd 5 cenl�� per line lor eacli
mibm-quent insertion. The number ot lints
reckoned by tbe ipuce occupied, ia Hues to the
Kate* lor Commercial Advertise*), nti can be
fe. . ou application at till, office.
Rinding no Mceiiip centi J>n line (ot eacb in-
If r li o n.
Birth and Death notify, ��oc., Marriagc��$i.��o.;
Any special noki. e, tbc oljject oi, which is to
jroriote the pecuniary benefit of any individual
3? company, to be considered aa advertisement
itnd charged accordingly.;
4)1 advertiaeaeBtA. charged let uuU 1 ordered
���Ml aud puid lor.
Correspondence i^yltei), 94 matter.? ol public
t^erast. Connm^tf*WOM to edjtot w>t be accompanied by name of. writes'., noi, necessarily
fof. publicatioa, t^it aa evidence of, good faith.
C_qfreapoudeuce must reach this office by Thurs-
i*X evening.
Gjsq. R^ Maxlby,
TUESDAY.   JANUARY 2S,    1908.
It is ruq^ored tbat au electric
railway will soon be au accomplish-,
td fact between Seattle and-Vancouver, passing through Ladner
a��d taking iu Blackie Spit. The-
work to be undertakes* by t)he B.
Q. Electr,v. Tb jp would put Ladder- within, an boijr of Vancouver.
This, accompanied by a. system of
good water;, woujd make things
pretty lively for- Delta.
W. C. T. U.
Our town is being favored to-dayk
with a visit of Miss Ada Murcutt,
of Australia. Siw�� her last visit
to Ladnw this lady bas travelled
round tbe world, lecturing and
working in the iatereats of tbe
"WomenKs Christian Temperance
Union,"* and thos, wi** attend tbe
meeting in the Town Hall, this
���vening,. will doubtless spend a
pleasant and profitable hour. Mrs,
Betts is, receiving member* of the
Union, and their friends, at The
.Parsonage, tbis afternoon, to- meet
Miss Murcutt and Mrs. fas, Cunningham, of New WestminsHr.
"Gentlemen, I eannc. permit a
question of me ie revenue to be considered alongside of a question of
'morals;: but give nie a, sober population, not wasting tbeif earnings on
strong drink, and . will know
where to get my iievenue."~~Glad-
stone to London Brewers.
If it is right to, prohibit by law
indecency, vice, crime and; disease-
creating conditions, it is not right
to protect by law tbe. cause of these
"We desire- intelligent voters,
cleau politics and puse government.
We shall get all three in pestfection
wher. drink is d.ri,v��u ot.t.>l���Glasgow Reformer.
(Continued Irom  First Page.)
The juice was  accidentally lost.  tl0m  the  Atlantic  to the Pacific,
, ,       ,_/.,_���        Japan has suddenly become exceed-
last   evening,   mi   about   half  in; K,       ,. . .
mgly poJite and  meatfly.   The ad
how.    It would seem as, thoughI     ... of Japan  fa a boriowed OM|i
tbe*e. difstujcba^iqes are caused by llot i^e the western, seached by
tlie.extra heavy traffic oi convey- slow, poiftfnl degre."-. Their spiriting the working and business men tial growth has. not kept pace with
to their homes, as tbe current has their material development.   Tbey
have the arms, the garb, the equip-
I men's of western  civilization, but
they are still Japanese.   Therefore,,
(ailed at about the same time of
flay on, eaph. of tbe la>st three or
foufi breaks. The company certainly tries to. give us a, good service, although it is very annoying
to users of the j liice to Ipse it just
at the critical moment when it is
jgpst. needed..
SchQol Board.
Clearing Sate
20 p. c.  -   REDUCTION  -   20 p. c.
Commencing January 15th.
We include in this Sale all our entire Stock
of Leather Footwear.
We are crowded for apace for our large Stock
of Spring and Summer Goods now on the way, and
we want to make acquaintance of more people
looking for Real Shoe Bargains of the best assortment of shoes in Ladner to select from.
All goods are marked in plain figures.
Abovft discount will be given off regular
Sale Closes February 1st.
Terms Cash.
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
New Service--Port Guichon and  Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.m.    Arrive Vancoiwer, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2.10 p.m.'   Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m
Gives Passengers  four hours in   either   New   We_t-,
minster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff  effective   September    5th,   '06..
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars appl}' to ���
Agent, Port Guichon. 1
Sufficient Cars will be .furnished without dela)-.
Incorporated 1869.
���j BBMgP-KBCMgg
CAPITAL PAID-UP,        - - $3,900,000
RESERVE FUND, - - $4,390,0001
Total Assets Over Forty-Five Millions.
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special]
Accumulate, Awake or Asleep, though KARTHyuAKEs or pirj.
go, YOU .NEED   LOSE  NO .SLEEP, for the .security back of
THEM   :..
Our Loan.   Uo not exceed 40 pen cent, of   7  ���,��>������ fVnf
bhe value of the property  atwl  net you   �� "*'*   WH*
Tbe Board of School- TsHistees
y��*t in tine Council Chamber on the
>7th inst., witb Trustees Wright,
Ifybus ��ud A- DeR. Taylor present.
Qn motion, Smith Wflight was
^ppointpdj chairman.
Xjnutes.of the. pqevipus meeting
Were adopted as 1 ��ad.
The estimates for th* ensaisg
Xear, were handed down, amounting
tifcfo, 60a which will be Ant to the
TJhp yeiionp supjfliss. fcr th*.
schools iq, the district were ordered
tp, bo. procured.
The  Boand visited  the  Ladne��
school and lett the matter of th *
outbuildings, in  tbe hands 04 A.
9eR. Taylor.
lx fa?* been decided to. clean the
schqpl grounds up and irom this
Qn ope of the teachers wilt be pre
sent tiufing the noon, houn.
when they find some cause or pre*
t.u.t to wrest from America or
England their Asiatic possessions,
���as they surely will when tbey
think the tine is ripe���.hey will
bring into play the science and
methods of western civilization, but
these w 11 be backed tip by eastern
U'hen we consides all these tacts
it behooves us to, arouse ourselves..
Australians, Americans and Can-,
adians should be determined to go
to, auy ext .emities rather than give
way concerning Astatic immigration. It will not da tor us to fold
our arms and say that the Imperial
navy can afford us ample protec*
tion. Our own men must take an
intelligent interest in the navies
and be realty to extend willing
hands to tbe mother country to
help her solve this problem. Then
with one- front, a common determination and a, common patriotism
we shrill have nothing to fear. In
tbis way, and in this way only will
the problem ot Asiatic immigration
be solved.
Wheu you wish to buy visiting
cards call ou the Delta Times who
wiil sell the best money can buy.
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by calling on
the Delta Times lirst.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac
Anyonemh .1 ng art*tolV��_d*e��crtpttirni
. .lokli waartala our opi__ja free wlietlifii
Invention l�� probalilr lMonfiWo. torn muni
iionmrictH.<_,_fldcihttl_. HANDBOOIton I'w-i
���ent free. 01 fleet airency tor lecurlnffpatenti
int free. Cfldeet eiencr t_c lecurinzpateni
Patents taken t .rough. Munn * Co. rec
(peclal notice, without eheme. tn tfit
Scientific American.
A hendeomelr illustrated weekly,  lugmt olr-
llatlon of any aciontlflo joarnal.   Yerma tttt
_anada, tX76 a year, postage prepaid.   Bold by
eU newsdealer*.
teS he 18 U WMhlngton, Ik
Tenders Wanted.
Tenders will be received by the
{Delta Municipal Coudcil, up till 12
l.o'clock noon, Saturday, Feb. 8th,
for the following work: Clearing
and grubbing all brush and trees
on the Slough road from the north
line of I. Whitwotth's (arm to the
south line of E. S. Browne's farm;
also clearing and grubbing all
brush and trees on the Trunk road,
from the Gowdy road to tbe Benson
The lowest or any tender uot
necessarily accented.
Ladner, January 25th, 1908.
Savings Department*
.Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and  Upwards.     Interest paid, or credited,  quarterly on  31st March, 30th June, jotli
September, jis'c  December.
C. B. DANIEL. Manager, LADNER. B. C.
Mandolin 7
Having been requested to start a
Mandolin Class, am now prepared to do so. For terms, etc.,
B.   H.   WEARE,
Care of Mr. J. W- Lanning.
Mandolins, Strings, Eta.,
Supplied at City Prices.
���e.sfr .ei,>'eii>.e. ,;,'���������>>��.���>.sifr'eifr.e.'frsesfr-m}i
I mh i m wm *
Manufacturers of all kind* o.
��� Soda Water, Ginger *
* Ale and Summer
j. Drinks.
i      Your patronage solicited
\ -_
.Jngh- class vaudeville, all local
yileut, Feb. 27 th.
MB*h^0 Smitfi visited  tbe Terminal City ot> Saturday last.
E. Shaw, H. McDowell and Roy
Page visi:*... tjie TikmiiMil City,,
^p.fH^idav. lahV
Mrs. Fred Jackspu,1 and two
children, of Neiif' ^wtwiaster,
^ gnest^of l*ts,-P. Sfaisitey.
.....  .*.-. ���)������!!���>. aa-
W. Mtwwell nief with adj accident, Q�� Friday Ipst. ,Wbi|e haul-
jfjg in a load of hay, he. wa& knocked off" the 'load  striking  his bead
Kobt.  May  and  \V.  H.  Smith
wetU up to the- Royal City. this,
mprniuj, to> attend Masonic fenttv
W. N. Drape?, of New Westminster, arrived here, yesteretey, to
complete-some-survey work he had
on ban ck
Remember ! the- Drawing takes
place-on Friday afternoon next, the
hist day oi Januaity. Come and
sse it.    At 4 o-'etock.
After the wat �� had subsided at
E B. Noble's farm where it broke
through the dyke, the ground was
literally strewn with live herring.
R. Bt. Nobles ��ppea*s to have
l��een struck the hardest of any on
the Delta by the jecent storms, a
krge seefcioa of his dyke having
gone down, letting in the water at
every wds, He will rebuild it as
sti<jt}.as a dredge ifl^ayaijablj..
Acclimatized Stock.
For the
Farm, Garden, Lawn or
Reliable Varieties at Reasonable
Pafces. No Borers. No Scale.
���No, fumigaittpi- to damage stock.
No windy agents to, annoy you..
Buy direct and get Trees aad Seeds
that Grow.
Fertilizers,, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Material; Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest established
nursery on  the mainland ot B. C.
Catalogue free.
IU. HENMrS Nurseries,
Greenhouses and Seedhouses
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
Notice to Creditors
"JVTOTICE is hereby given pursu-
X1 ant to R S. B. C. 1897,
iChapter 1&7, that all creditors and
others having claims against the
estate of William Henry Ladner,
ilate of Ladner, in the County of
j Westminster, Farmer, who died on
or about the ist of November, A.D.,
-. 1907, are required, on or before the
tst day oi March next, to send to
[the undersigned, one ol the Executors, the full particulars of their
claims and the nature of the securities (if any) held by them.
And further take notice, that
.after such last mentioned day the
JExecutors, His Honor Judge
Howay and William J. Watson,
will proceed te distribute the assets of the deceased among the
parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims o�� which
.they shall then have notice, and
the said Executors will not be
liable to any person or persons of
.whose claim notice shall not bave
been received by them.
Dated 27th clay of [r.nuary, 1908.
P.O. Box :_-)-*
New Westminster, B.C,
W. N. Draper,
PROVINCIAL land surveyor
Room 1, Kllaril Mock. Ntw Westminster.
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kinds attended to promptly.
J* M. Gollinsen
L_<lner. B. C.
$4.00 Per Year.    Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
M.ou��_. 47 W. asm ST., N*w Yoiut
Ladner Carriage Works.
Get Your Grinding Done
While You Wait.
Q. T BAKER, Ladner, B. C.
WAIT and Get Your Grinding Done
$2.00 PER TON
$2.25 PER TON
ALWAYS Running on Saturdays.
trenant Crushing Will
aiccessful Wife
! <">�� FIRST BABY.���Wifehood WHb-
"!:.' Mot .erhood Merely Ihe Ve��li-
Dule oi Matrimony- Children Complete the llo me and Cement the Parents' Love - Chi bile ..  Love.       Jm
flit, 1307. hy Casper S. ToetJ
ii tu J list plum tickled to
death.. I'm so pleased I dou't
ItzioW which ono of tlie boys
I s lji I'm so puffed up I dou't know
MsiieUiur I'm corning or going. I met nn
olii rrleud down tii.. street a little while
<i>;u, aiul lie snys tb ti)o: ".loliu Hnoed,
���.f.'Ut'a the matter, with you? You're
. tr.-.ipin' as Wffli ns ii Ally Just off the
Kress. Biv;i elected governor or famtc
bo, iy leave ymi a fortune?" I reckon
that'* the way I look, mid I'm sure it's
(Ue wny I f.>el. Somebody leave nie a.
fll'tUttel Well, I guess y.08. Not a
measly biiuoh of money. Oil. my, no!
>'��� imefblng better than (fold or green-
ha<;.s or checks. I've always hoard It
Haid that there., no fool like a young
father except an
old grandfather,
aud I'm ii-.-_Ls.1n-.
nlng to believe
there's *o ine-
thihg In It. I
went around tht,i
In 0 ml.lit; and
l.'..t'f.a;iie! for u
box of (Tandy, a
ri.1   b .llo -li  ami
beaming nice :> seraph upon everynouy
from t!ic rn!; lo tlie man with a ga-
U!l! I never saw a Cheshire eat nnd
never s.tw aa.vbody else who has seen
one. bit if ihere is such a thiufr I bet il
would no out of the grinning business
if it could ;ret a square look at Bill's
face about now. I kuow how It Is.
I wits Just tlmt way wheu your brother
came. But a g-'isiidfatber's feeling Is
different. When a fellow finds that he
ls a papa for Ihe lirst time his delight
Is so mixed wilh embarrassment that
be just looks silly and feels more so
firaodpa isn't troubled with embar
rassment. He may act foolish, but hi'
doesn't feel tlmt way, and ln consequence he gets a great denl more fun
out of 'lie situation than papa does.
Importance c! Baby's Name.
And you're going to name It John
William! My. but that's a combination that ought to conquer tbe world!
.     f]   ;��� ;,   !..,,_���,.   I
tumbled to tbc
fact that I w.m
n few years premature, but yoa
Can eat tlie candy yourself, and
the other things
A box u' ediiHu, a bal-will keep. That
loon "nil ��� dm-1. telegram ren.'l-
knocked me o.f my feet. Of course 1
was expecting ll. And also of course I
knew tie Chances were uliout six to a
naif dozen that It would be a boy. Still,
when. I opened that yellow envelope
nml in-, eye dropped on tbe word "boy"
I felt like throwing up my hat and
In illerln ���,' Mite a kid. Maybe I did. Anyhow. I know I hit'd a live dollar gold
piece In iny pocket that disappeared
Just about tbat tin o. nnd I bave a hazy
recollection of a messenger trotting
away with an eest t'tlC grin on bis dirty
face.-. :  .  .
1 wonder If'-Blll 'staking It ns hard.
Probably not  Pro ably he's Just standing around with Ins bands In his pock's, '"isis.,. op and down on his toes and j
With ia ecstatic grin on his dirty face.
Tliere are a -good many .Johns and William* scattered ordund, and there's
some of them I v oulciti't be proud to
have in my fumll ; but. lake tfietii-aM
ll.ey run, the fell .ws with such hnn-
tiles arc a little b.'l above the average.
J doii'l care whin Shako: penre or anybody el .0 ttifyii, iii re's a Whole lot In a
tin rim, and who. i ���" ��iai1fjtf a kill with
.'. ...xr.tA.Aii .::,:i..:ii:-':i or ��� something
ljt:e I,)iti1 he's :'.���������', -.' iiinitiicnp ll'wt's pre'.
ty Mire lo place !..;:i with tlie also runs
unless he's got hiore get-up nnd git
th.o the puij 't'.ty. Many a good man
has been bold liel.iw bis level by Use
weight of !_;s i.'miie. Hot John and William! Everybody knows what tbey
lire and wliat the;. Kt|lii|! for. There's
Iio uonscu.-e about them. Tbey don't
make y.iu think .of curling Irons or
rullis'd shirts or spats. .No, Indeed!
They give ynu au impression of backbone, strong anils and a broad chest,
with a hen., rising above tbat is full
of ,'om;..i_i. ever; lay brains, the kind
of. brains that. <!���, things .worth while.
Tbe lirst ii^-:rvs..i.ms of other people
have a good do.J to do with a man's
���on.-_���-.<��� or/failure in life, and a fellow's, nuiii .��� Ik s fiiiye to do witli fixing
first imp*-, .-"o���:.. ihan most peopl* reai-
I-e I've always been mighty glad that
my nn'me Is .lohn. It's been a whole
lot of help io me. nnd I'm sure pleased
th it my tirst irrundson can start out
oi. the road without any dead weight
tt, carry    l.i'.o'wise I'm proud that he's
Founded 1892 Incorporated 1893
Provides a Christian Home for Students of both
sexes at moderate rates. Has a preparatory class for
junior students taking Public School work. Does High
School work and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Examinations, Teaches all branches of a Practical Business
Course and confers Diplomas. Imparts a Liberal Education in its Collegiate Course, and in the Ladies' Course
for M. E. L., and M. L. A. In Theology confers the degree of B.D. In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for the B.A. degree of Toronto
University, with which the College is in .full affiliation. In
wScicuee teaches the First Year of Toronto School of Science, and has a Special Engineering Course adapted to
Practical Engineering work in this Province. In Music, a
complete course in theory, voice culture, and piano and
organ, in conjunction with the Toronto college of music.
Special instruction in art and elocution, while all studeuts
are required to take physical training with all the privileges of a well equipped gymnasium.
To ke Given Away
Stevens .32 Calibre Target Rifle.
Drawing Takes Place
named after me.   Rill can toot his nw>
hor. '
Th<!  Holy  Million  of  Moiheihood.
it's a great thing to be a gruniifaihei
It's even a great thing to lie a I'ath'-i
itiit irreater. miicb greater, than eiliic
it Is io lie a mother. There isn't an;,
ihing on earth as flue or as lienullfti
as a young mother, my liltle girl, ami
I'm certainly glad that my daughter
has joined the ra:;i;s of the eanonized
You've started o:it right, honey, I
dou't care a continental ding what
they i'ay about woman's mis. he:. They
can get tip In the clubs and twitter nil
they please about women doing this or
womea doing that for the uplift of humanity. That's all right enough, but lt
shouldn't obscure the divine fact lhat
woman's greatest and grandest and
holiest mission is motherhood. Let all
the other little missions trail along behind If they want to. l.ots of them are
fine, mighty line.   Vour old daddy may
th -ii- mm Hi. i
\��XIT f
Held below his level by the weight of hie
ise n little old fashioned, but he ain't
u knot on a dead log. He don't believe
in scotching wheels of progress of any
kind, und whatever will help the women folk to keep away up at the bend
���if tl.e procession will flud me a packing lt. iint. ull tho same, they should
not he allowed to get in tbe wny of tbe
main business of tlie sex. And that
|.,.,i.,,.... nlv dear, is likely to give a
noi,inn about all she wants to do for a
few years. Tiie unmarried women uml
the old married women as well as the
maidens all forlorn can put in all tlie
time tbey want ou Bide issues, but the
young mother has her work cut out
lot- her, and |!ni pretty sure tbe-Lord's
going to be satisiied if ahe attends to
lhat. She can do more to uplift humanity hy raising her share of It at
home tban she can do in a hundred
years of effort ln any other direction.
That's the way I look nt it little girl.
Wifehood Is a grand and noble thing,
hut It's Just the introduction to the
real purpose of a woman's life. Wifehood  without  motherhood  is a  good
leal like a person going into tlie vestibule of a church and stopping there
it may be a beautiful vestibule, with
floor of mosaics, with marble columns
ind Imposing arches, but nevertheless
it's ontf the entrance to the great audi
Anybody  wbo (;ets no farther than
Mm vestibule misses tbe crowning glo-
v uf the edifice.   That reminds nie tsi
. story I've
heard about an
old couple who
came up from
Arkansas to lit.
Louis to visit
the world's fair.
They were a
nice old couple,
but they hadn't
been around
m u c b. However, they got
out to the
g r o u n d s all " Wc'd l,ettcr *cc Ule
right.     bought txitjirst."
their tickets and went through the
gates. Theu they paused iu some be
���wilderment Thero was so much before .hem that they didn't kuow which
\v.iy to turn. After twisting his neck
lor a few minutes tlie old gentleman
spied a lofty portal over to bis right
There were ninny people passing
through, and above the aritt be read
the big lettered word "Exit" "Well.
Maria," he said finally, "that looks
pretty nice. I reckon we'd tietter see
the exit lirst." Then lliey joined tia
crowd and fofttid themselves outside
Tbey say the old man Is still talking
about the way them fellers down at
t?t. Louis swindled bim.
Children thc TicB That Bind.
Yes, little girl. I'm glad you hnvi
.tai'ted right, and not alone heeaus.
you are thus filling the highest mission
of womanhood. I am glad because you
are laying solid the foundations ci
happiness. You and William mlghi
get along swimmingly together all ot
you:' days, but you would miss most ot
the pleasure, most of the beauty, moxl
of tiie glory of life if you passed down
the great road unaccompanied, foi
home, my dear, h never truly a home
until Its walls echo to tbe prattle of
childish voices. Tlie love of a husband
for his wife or of a wife for her bus
baud never weils up from the deepest
are the tie that binds harder nnd fister than an;, words the greatest preach
er on earth an say; theirs is tlie love
wbich cements and makes perfect that
other love, and down at the room of
most of the domestic dissensions which
j have their culmination in the courts is
the lack of that bond which nature de-
And that .isn't all. little girl. A home
without chlldreu ia like a rudderless
ship drifting aimlessly from no place
to nowhere, lt may be stauch and Its
cargo mny be gold, but It has no destination uud it never gets there, as a
Milesian friend of mine would say. It
is children, tuy dear, that give purpose
to life. It is children thut take Its
hearings, set its course aud fix its
haven. Little John William bas given
you something to live for, something
to work for, somethlug to spur your
ambitions. Without bim you have simply existed from day to duy; with hlm
you have a definite aim. Already 1
can see you planning his future, and
It is tlie working out of such plans that
makes the perfect man und the perfect
woman. There is no discipline for the
character like the Joys and troubles
which go with tlie responsibilities of
fatherhood and motherhood. Oh, yes,
the troubles wlll be there, along with
the worries and the vexations and the
tlutinnabulatiou of the slipper on the���
oh, yes, they're ou the programme. But.
bless your heart, little girl, that's part
of the game, the diversions which drive
monotony away, which keep you keyed
up aud watchful. Wben things go too
easy a man's likely to go to sleep on
his Job; likewise a woman. Therefore the good Lord Invented trouble.
Present iny congratulations to Bill,
keep oceans of love for yourself and
tender my most profound regards to
John William.   My, myl   How anxious
The tlniinnalmlaUon of the slipper.
depths of the heart until their hearts
are filled and expanded by love ol
their little ones. Love without children
is like a song without words���beautiful.
It may tie. but meaningless and Incomplete. I dou't set myself up for an authority on matrimony, but if I were go
Ing to write an essay on how to be
happy when married I would put down
just one word as the sum and sub
stance of the fjrst principle, and that
ono word would tie "children."   They
��  Gird  In the   wrong Flock.
The temperance r.oeiery was co meet
that afternoon.    Mrs.  Pliilpots dressed
in  a   hurry  and  came  panting downstairs.   She was a sii >rt. plump woman.
"Addie, run up to my room and get
tny blue ribbon rosette, tlie temperance
< badge," she directed her maid.   "I bave
I  forgotten it.    You will kuow it Addle���
blue ribbon and gold  lettering."
"Yns'm, 1 ktuws it right well."    Ad-
I die coul.I   uot   rca I.   but  she knew  a
| blue ribbon  with  gold  lettering wheu
I she saw ii, aud therefore had no trouble lu finding It ii.id fastening It prop--
I erly on Ilie dress of ber mistress.
|    .Mra. I'bilpots was too busy greeting
I her  friends  or  giving  close  attention
to the speakers at tiie meeting to uato
that    they   smiled    when    they   shook
hand.,   wilh  her.     When  she  reached
home supper was served, so ahe went
directly lo tlie dining room, where th��
other   members   of   the   funilly   wet*
"Gracious me. mother!" cxelaluie,l
her non. "That blue ribbon���have you
been wearing (hat at the temperance
A loud laugh,weut up ou all sides.
"Why. what is it. Harry7" asked the
good woman, clutching at tbe ribbon in
"Why, mother, dear, didn't you know
that   was   the  ribbon   I   wore  at   the
The gold lettering on the ribbon read:
"Atlanta Poultry Show.    First Prize.
Hantain."���Youth's Companion.
The Delta Times
Job   Printings
It's possible to get too much of a good
I am to see bin.,' But, say, whatever
you do, don't tell me he looks like his
grandfather. Not yet, my child, not
yet   Your loving dad,
P. S.���I almost forgot something I
particularly wanted to say, and that Is,
while I believe In children, I'm pretty
well convinced It's possible to get too
much of a good thing. I hare always
felt more pity than admiration for the
celebrated old lady who lived In a
shoe. J. S.
CHURCH   NOilCii_-..
Holy Communion���ist and 3rd
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and 4th
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday .School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev. H. R. Bartlett, M.A., Vicar
Services first and third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 -p.m.
Sundav school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, after the morning
service every Sunday.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting everv
Thursday evening at .S.
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor.
Services next Lord's Dav at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 a m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Sabbath services ��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday ..
8 p.m.
Rev. A. IT. Huntley, pastor, j
Nothing Else to Do.
Several teachers wbo were assigned
to the city playgrounds were discussing
the amusing and diversified ambitions
of the tots in t!i":r charge as to what
lliey hope to he when they "grow up."
A teacher told of one little girl who
In all sincerity gave her a reply that
was not likely to make her vain.
"Would you like t 1 tench children when
you become a young lady?" was the
question. ".Sji'm." wa.s the emphatic
reply. "What would you like to do?"
persisted the teacher, "If I'm pretty
I'll be an uctressi" came tlie answer,
"liut suppose .',011 are homely?" asked
liie teacher. "Weil, then, of course I'll
have to be a teacher," said the child.���
Philadelphia Ilocoid.
Not A Ito gether Bad.
A policeman saw a man acting rather suspiciously near a jewelry store
one evening: so. going over to him, he
demanded to know wiio the man wua
and what he van'ed.
"I'm thlnklug of opening a Jewelry,
store in this neighborhood," replied the
man. "and I'm watching to see if there
is much trade." Whereupon the policeman went on his way, satisfied.
Next morning v ord was received at
the stntl ui li.use Pint Pie Jewelry store
had beea enterel nnd robbed during
the night. 'I'll" policeman wbo bad nc-
eoste 1 'he tn; "terlouS stranger snid re-
Mecti'-el'. "He me.v le a thafe, but he's
no li ir'"   r.lpplucotfi.
"Le Gardes Forestlers" of AI��xandrt
Dumas has been revived in Paris.
Eleanora Duh hau announced that shs
Will play only in Italy unless her health
Weber and Fields announn* tbat naxt
spring, after the Now York lessen, they
will take tbeir big oompany over to London.
Sol Smith Russell produced recently
"Uncle Dick," tho new play that Martha
Morton has provided him with. It wai a
Caroline Hull ls to join the army of the
London Invasion. Miss Hull sings in
three distinct voices and la a charming
Mr. Kdgar Pemberton has presented tbl
manuscript of Tom Robertson's "Sooiety"
to the Shakenpeare Memorial theater al
Stratford -on -A von.
Laura Burt la to desert the vaudevWi
���oon, having signed to play tha leading
role ln the next Kew Vork Casino production, "A Dangerous Maid." ���
Mr. Bancroft'! play,   "Teresa,"  aecmi
to he prospering at tii* London Garrick.
It will bs succeeded In duo time by a new
pl<-����� by  Mr. Leo Trtvor called "Brothm
I   Officers."
Ariel Barney annoanoei tfiat tboreoelptl
of 1 rancis Wilton Id "Th* Little Corporal" are io largo tbat he would not be surprised to aee his star clean up (100,000 ea
the seaton.
In sunny Italy recently one of tb* greatest actors of that country, Kovelll Glorgtt
1'ntl. died of a broken heart. Ho hit.
���trugglcd for yeara .gainst thu nputalloo
���f having an wll eye.
In his interesting memoir* which on
receiving du* consideration at pre. ent
Alexander Salvlnl _n.l.-_:s tho llandttol
Kdwln Booth, hut expresses th* opinion
tlmt .iir Henry Irving was lha belter interpreter of tho character.
Possibly Lillian Russell ls merely ambitious to ho able to say thnt she ha* beli
four of n kind.���Milwaukee Sentinel.
Camara's real fighting will occur whea
It comes to getting a naval approprlotioa
through the con ca.���Washington Stjir.
Commissioner Day pets a fee of ISO,001
for hia services iu Pails. Dee* he earn It
by Day's work or peats work?���Philadelphia Time*.
How in the world did General Kitchener ever win out without having Utcpbai
Crime and Richard Harding Davis aiougl
���Evansville Courier.
Kitchener and Dewey icem to be two al
��� kind. So Kitchener ls made a p**r, an4
Dewey���well, Dewey la almply p**rl**��
���Richmond Dispatch.
Aa a com]sound of foel and aoonndnl
Esterhazy appear* to be the nioit itrlking
���ample which th* clow of the c*ntury any
where exhibit*.���New Verb Tribune.
The law which at present governs tn*
practice of medicine ln France forbidi tb*
���Imultaneous practice of medicine and
pharmacy even by a person who mny be la
possession of diplomas in both tubjeota
. ^s_S&.-^E_��| THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, JAN   ARY s8, 1508.
Do not .fake any engagement for
Feb 27th.
tw -������"��� ae eastern
Mrs. Adam Read, we are pleased
tp state ,js improving nicely.
Mils Winnie Foot, of Vancouver.
if w gt}est of Mrs. D. Anderson.
G- W- Lqpdoa returned  home.
Sunday, fgpm a trip to Kansas City.
Jos. Jprdap and D. Ifeuny went
HP to thp -Voy&l City, on Styiday
Hans Q. Mfids ajii_sol;d 27^ acres to
Jj, IJ,  Caift, qp Tuesday  1 e^t,  for
Friends, off G, Byrom, will be
���leased to..note-that he is improving slowly.
N. A- McDiarmid returned home,
IJriday morning, trom a yisit to the
ijemioa _ Qity?.
IX Woods, cams aye*r ftoin Vancouver, IJriday, and spent the; day
-tere.oev business bent.
Auction Sales. ���>. To-ciay. Mrs.
^evereaux's; W. ..oagheed's, on
-5��H{sday ne nt, Feb*,uaj"K 4th.
Misses QJive-ai^l Hel^n Vgalker,
ejt New Westminster, sp^nt Sundav
iere^. tijf gt^sts-qf their, uncle, A.
Mrs. N: A. McDiarmid and family returned home, F .jd^jr��� from a
Ijtree weeks! vjsit tp, friend* in the
The great and ouly Mrs, Jarley
witl ke at .he Town Hall on the
37th Feb. Remember the date and
kqtp it free ftpnj, engage .newts*
^euare glad to be ablfe to import
that the much-needed1 stock,- chute
WflA corn - a .e ttow finished at the
Great Norjberp dock, Port Gui-
ckon, wkifh -4^1}, gp-e^Hy fpcilitat*.
t'])p handling ot stock to be loadedi
kff Vancouver ajid other-points.
On Your Money
6 p.f.
Guaranteed u,pon absolutely safe security���first
Djprtgages ou substantial city properties- Seven and
Eight Per Cent.. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon suiflfr ranging from, Fiys. Hundred Dollars, up.
, Shiles & (��,
New Westminster, B.C.
Ajjjencitje Represented-**-
Harttord Fire Iiisiuauve Cq, InsuranceC, of North A-mpric*
Phoenix Insurance Co. of Brooklyn    The Ocean  Accident & Guarantee Corepra;.
Connecticut Fire Insurance Co. tion, Ltd., of 1,0 ..''ou, Kng.
Imperial Trust Co., Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.
If yea haye a boy gr-owing up,.
t��ere is no doubt but that you
t^ould like- for him to be able to
bring you heme a turkey or a
goose once in a while.. If so,, help
him out by, straightening up your,
account apd getting a few chances
in tbe drawing for a Stevens rifle.'
For Sale.
One Purebred Berkshttfi IV ar,
���jfamovts Shannon stock..  Apply to
Far Sale.
About 100. Cords Aides; 1,000
Cedar Ifence Posts sjpd 50 tons of
'Mangels.    Apply to
For Sale*
A Delta Farm,, containing 160
acres of first-class Farming Land;
young orcbardj new house; large
barn and stables. For particulars
apply to the owner
44�� Sixtj. Ave. E., Mt Elegant,.
Vanoouver., B.ll;
tetimatized Stock.
For the
Farmv Garden, Lawu or
1016 Westminster Avenue
Vancouver. B.C.
W�� Beg Leav
Just Received
Two   Cars    Cyphers    Incubators,
One   Car    SwUf's   Best   S:.aps_
To notify th�� people ol Ladne* and sur*
rounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it pos��
sible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about the*
same   cos1,   as   piling   ox   Qtksr   inferiw
Write for Prices.
B. 0,
farmers'  Institute
The annua) meeting of the Delta
.farmers' Instituta. was. held in tbe
Qouncil Ch��nber, ��p Saturday last.
-KJth a \^ery small attendance. On
H��ot��on Alex, Dasie took the.ch.uf.
Miwutessof previous meeting werej'bighest or
di\ qpted aw re��d.
Robt, May was appointed auditor
ViceL. M. Richardsqn.
The Treasurer's report, showed
-l>ie.Ipst-ttite-to,be��n good1 standing 1
W.ith a balance.on band  of $615 30,
which was received and adopted.
The tollowing officers.were dec.
t/d for.the ensuing year.:
Presideut. I?r. J. Kerr Wilson.
Vtce-[ residenV, Alex,. Davie,
^cj.-Tre^., N. A. McDiarmid-
Itfrectorfc^S. Morley, W.  Montgomery, W. A. Kirkland.
' Auditorpr-JV,  DeR-. Taylor,  R>.
Delfgatcto CJentwlj It}$ tit-He, N,,
A. MqDia-fttid;, al.er.uatG, S. Morley.
After-scspfcdiseus sion it, was de-.
cided to hold a social: evening, in,
the near future, and' the tollowing
committee was appointed' tp make,
the necessary arrangements: Waltetv
PjriM%  %  B.   Dante., G. Honey
Sale by Tender.
in the matter ot the Creditors.Trust
Deeds  Act,   1901.. aud  the Assignment of John MacKenzie, ot
Ladner. Dry-Goods Merchant,
QjEALED TENDERS wtji be re-
ceived by tjie undersigned up
tp Saturday, the. 15th day  of February, 1908, at a o'clock  p.m., for
the purchase of:
V Tbp Fretehold property known
*s. iipt 48, Townsite ot Latjner,
with, building thereon, recently occupied by John MfacKenzie;
��. The store counters and tables
contained thereip as per inventory
to be se.eq.at thefcofftce oi tin. updeo-
;   Separate tender* for each*    The
any  tender  ljofr i>eces-
sarijy accepted.
I_Q. N. RlCIi,
Assignee,  Ladiier, B.C.
Dated JaiWflfy stS7> igtpS.
man, D. Montgomery and C. H.
It was decided to appropriate
I75 for special prizes at the Delta
Agricultural   Society's   exhibition
^nd the w��VW- W* left in 'h��
hands of the officers.
The matter of the plowing match
was left in t��jR.hands of the officers
Tt;e. meeting tljcn adjourned.
I   ...        s \.
Comprising ��� Diningroom TaJ>le
apd 6 Chairs; Rocking Qhair,
Childws Ciiair, Qoaph, &dei>o:ird,
Singer Sewing. sMachine, mRm
SAM, fynplouro, Carpet Squares,
Bedroom Sets, Iron' Bedstead,
Mattresses and Springs, Toilet
Set, Cuftain Poles, Blinds and
Fittings, N,o. 9, McClar^ Qook
Stoye, Seti,of Dishes tjncl, Crockery, Washing Maphine,. Wringer,
Chuwi, QuajitiJ-y Pneserved
Fsivits, %c,,' &c., also 50 Biy-
mottth Rock Chickens, 3. Hives
ol Bees, 2 Tons of Hay,, Qjian-
tity of Miaitgels, Feed Boiler,
RoMcxf 6ft. Wire. Netting, Set of
Single Harness, McLaughlin
TOP~BUGGY and numerous
other Effects, which
]yiR.. H. N:. RICH, Kas  neceived
instructions from Mir. Warren
Lougl��ped to Sell  by Auction, at
his residence on the Crescent Island
Road', on
Tuftsdayn 4s.1fa Velftfuary,
Ii9p8.. afc 2, p.ra.
The Auctioneer calls special; attention to this nearly   new  lot of
iTkuvs Cash.
Reliable Varieties at Reasonabl.;
Prices. No Borers.. No Scale..
No, fumig^'ion to damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy direct and get Trees and Seeds
that Grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying Material, Cub
Flowers,, etc.. ��irlest established
nursery on  the mainland of  B. C.
Catalogue free..
It. J. MY'S Nurseries,
Greenhouses and Seedhouses
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
LADNER,     *     a
Plows f
Plows I
T& srovr heavy an<i cltsan crops you must
"Work Your Land Right-
To Start Right; you must How Right.
To Plow Right You Want the Right Plow.
The Right Plow is the BELL PLOW.
We Have  tn2m
��HICKEN,, Ahve and Diressed,. Always Wanted
The Boat line of Hen  Supplies on the Market
Commission Agents,
Gen.QraJ Driers & iyiachinist%.,
All Kinds of Jewellery.
New Stock For Xmas.
Cull and .Se<z Them.
Jl. Clausen,
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
\\2 Hastings. Street, Vancouver, B. C. .
English Oak Tanaed Harness Leather
I ����_-I.RRS
'    '      '  .    i . '
Saddlery Hardware, Horse Kanketa aad Stable
Closed   tippers,   Leather   and   Shoe   Findings,
Trunks, Bags, Valises.
Estate of
Vi.   L.   McBRIDE,
General Merchant.
Phone 5,   -   Port Guichon
Produce Stored and
(To RIIB.C Ports.


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