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The Delta Times Aug 6, 1907

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 Vol. 4, i\0. 48.
l.i .��
Ttic ilarket.    ; Ottawa Letter.     Victoria's Fair.
iij #j56/^
If'.    mtO.
i - sMSl *'**-
New Westminster
The  m as     ��� 1
buyers, yesterday, a
;arge    toe.   of pro uc
larms in lhe vicinity ol
fering   .or   sale   on    he
stands.    The   people   o
August 3 ���
ed      nh
er i- a. -a
rom  the
e cily of-
the  city
Ottawa, .July 27.--The policy oi   . Victoria Jul;,��� ,3..-The twenty-
. . sixth annual exhibition  uude    the
t--   -ov rnmeut   1     receiving   un
auspices   "(   ihe British  Columbia
Criticism at the bauds of the  oppo-   ��_..���������,,���.   1    .,-���-.- ���   ,.
11      Agticureural   As.social.cn   w:-    be
sition, therefore it 1 ecomes neces- J;eld in Victoria on the five days
sary to give particulars of -public: commencing September -24th and
business ar.d how the same  is -con- 'ending 28th,
flocked dowu to lhe market aud did
I ducted to the e��-d that tbe people,
mav know how the   government of
their buying  for   tbe  week ai lhe|sir -V7.;.;n{1   i<;iurier tas adeemed
reasonable .prices prevailing.    Th* j the pledges made  when asking the
attendance, both inside ami outside [-suffrages ol the electors.
of  the   market  where  a crowd  01!    Tbe   Internal   Revenue   Lepart-
sighl"c<: ��� gat lered, was quite lar
an ' '.' e : ni iunt 0   the 1 de���'  rep.
ex 1
ed wai
Some of the  vendors  arrived as
! early as 7 o'clock, but the  greater
majority did  aot make aa appear-
; ance until S o'clock, when the inar-
kket   was   formally   declared open.
r)UR CLOTH!NQ sets th- fashion to.
men who want to he weSl dressed.
When you  wear our  Clothing you
yon know there's not a man in town who
has anything: m re stylish or in better ffi'J^r^JT^
uicut is one of the revenue producing departments of the government
aud is at present being ably admiu-
iitered by Kou. William Templeman of British Columbia.
A comparison with former years
under Conservative administration
discloses curious rest-Its. In fact a
coDsperi-ion with last year gives the
most   gratifying   evidence   of   the'
The committee of management
under whose direfcti oft the foir is
held is making every effort to make
-it's gratid-tticcess nnd from present
indications'it will .iirpas. ai.vthirtg
lever  held ill  ths  Canadian   West.
Tne associat.'on is  iisder  the'pat-
wonage   oi   the   Provincial   Government of the Pro ."ince of British
' Colombia us Well as  the  corpora-
j ticvn of the city of Victoria, both   iX
whom give Urge "rants.
During the past year the association has purchased 'tn additional
sixty acres of land and'-the property
I now owned   bv   the  association   Is
���the most valuable and best laid out
^exhibition grounds in Canada. The
! total cost of improvements to the
'grounds and biddings is ��50,000
Receipts for Last Vear. kifd the prize list will add another
Tbe fiscal year-ending 'March 31, j-Sso.ooo.   Everything possible is be-
tke revenues ol Ctimda, trom every
'source, ar; ever on tbe increase.
. j The buyers started arriving about 9 j
o'cKck  and  from  that  time until I.
noon a brisk business wes done.
The supplies of meat 'were quite I
large and the demand, although not
good for heavy meets-such as beef,
mutton aud icr_, was very goad'1907, was a broken period of uine'-ing done by the cemmittee to make
for veal and 'lamb. The sales in : months, and the receipts cf 'the In-. 'be fair a M'ecess aud it is safe to
the heavy meats, however, was.teru-al Revenue Department were***, that it v...' te the largest ever
coped'With by the sellers  bringing',$12,007,646.    Addiug the receipts! held in British Columbia.
for the  first three mouths ef the;    The committee  has already  ar-
enrrent   fiicgl    year,   which   will ranged   for  hcrst 'r*ciag  for   four
dors were well satisfied.    The sup- ��� round out the  twelve  months for-days cf the fair, for wliich   prizes
ply of-voal was good while the sup- purposes of comparison, the fallow-! amounting "to $5,000 Will be devto-
ply oi-mutton  and   lamb  was only I ing is the result-. \taA.    'lh? association cwns the be_t
fair. iNiae mouths to March i half-mile track in the Province kcJ
It is made in such a range of *izes that you can get an abeoMelyl   A,B0Dl; ^'-V.f tgss w"��*'���     31, I9��7 " %>*wWd ^recently been improved at a
�� J   hand and sold readily at ��0 cente ��  April, 1907 ,     1,-23-3,921 cost of .$2,500 and will be in perfeet
perfect fit���whether you are tall or -��hort-��-3tout or slender���smaller or
larger than the average.
Our Clothing holds its shape.
It 'is tailored by experts���the finest cloths and linings are iis & d���and
'�����very seat is sold with our personal guarantee oi' "money's worth or
money back/1
Our Clothing is mighty  satisfactory clothing  te   buy���and  equally
satisfactory to wear.
Kay, 1907.
.,404,778] condition for the races. Iticlureii.
$17,562 among tbe other attractions will bc
 i a brorcho busting cutest in which
During the paitweek there have
been things doin^ at the Police
Court. Besides others who received fatherly lectures atid small fines,
���one offender, A. Carett, was first
-fined $5 and on his second appearance was sent'up for 30 day*.
It  the  Police Magistrate would |
be more severe in his dealings with
law breakers (drunk anfl disorderly
Miss Alexander, of Vancouver,
is visiting her grandparents, Mr.
awl Mrs. C. Beadleston, .Slough
GRAIN   sSACKsS���fgo   per   ioooivisiti,1K ����� '-**  Delta,-last  week
(less j-2.50.for spot-cash)���Brack- the U'lle SirI was sct UP��" alul batl
man-KCr Milling  Co.,  Ltd., H.
N. Rich. Agent, I.adner, B.C.
9%c; foreqnarters, 6c tc 7c; mutton, 13c to 14c; veal, nc; lamb,
15c, hogs, r:c; eggs,--retail, -30c;
butter, retail, 30C-35C; fowls, $7 to
$S; chickens, $3.50 to ^4.50; ducks,'
s$6 to ?7; potatoes, $25 to $27;
blackberries, t_rr crate. $1.25 to
Market Xr.ter,.
���J. Cline, oi .Scott   road, showed a
large quantity o: tggsaiul butter.
J. Johnson, of Sunbury, bad a
srge quantity Of apples and lack-
berries, also a-few eggs.
The butt<: aud rggs ol 'Mrs.
Taylor, of Ladner, showed up to
good advantage and sold readily.
Mrs. Keeg-au, o   Woodwards, included dressed owl in her let and
bold them to a Ivautage.
,    ,. ,. , ,        ,   ,, , Mrs.   T.   Robur s,   of   i ound 1117
ly disfigured by a bull   terrier dog, ,    . , r      .
_, ,._-,-,.,     ,.._., Bay, had a numb.'  o case- of iruit
ni the result of which thc little one!    .,
wth- crstes ol eggs and some butter.
Some good chickenswerj -eld by
$3.0:3.506.    I��  other  words,  un^l handsome   challenge  belt   indicat-
dozeu retail.
There   was   a   gocd   supply   6'fj June, -1907 ���     1,'
dressed fowl on hand Vrhich told at; -���-
about 75 cents.    The quality of the!     Total for 12 months..$:6,053,907 j riders from al! parts of the province
birds was very good.    Fall grown Rtceipts  Ust  Ccu*rvative Year. wiM Uke ?*? as  wdl   ar several
birds  were  in  gcod   demand  and j from   the  Nfirrthwest   and   as  far
anything  sffering  on   the   market      The totil recipts fo: 1895-96, the south   as  ye.xas<   q-he  ^i���ner.iB
was snapped up at  the  prevailing |Iast year of Conservative rule  werei lhls event will be presented with
figures.    Quite a number 01   ducks
were offering bnt only  a   few  sales
were reported,
A large supply of this year's potatoes was shown on the market,
but the wholesalers showed a disinclination to stock upet present so
the potatoes went to the small buyers who boueht them up readily.
The prevailing prices were as follows: Beet,   hin.{quarters,  8"-*c to
der Liberal administration,  within;
ing   the   championship of British
the short period of teu years. theTe-|��oluaifc_a. Val��ed'et$iOQ acd'tn ad-
ceittt of this department have in- ditional Jiooin cash. An effort is
creased $8,040,401 per-annt-m, more, aIsg beil,s -madt t0 have Tom Long-
than donble. 'boa'.'he .'qu'j-distance champion of
Comparison of Expemres.        ��� Canada take part in a race against
i some loeal rn-jners.   The Calgary
football club wbich won tiie  chain*
In vS9S-96 it cost  the  Conserva
tire Government  ^91,32:0  to col-1
, r *o _    t    ptonship of Canada at tbe Winnipeg;
lect a revenue  of $8,013,506.    In ��� f '   a
a revense
1906 it cost the Liberal Government
$837,1-38 to collect u revenue of
$16,053,9*7- The revenue under
the Liberals mere than doubled, and
the expenses increased ouly about
42 per cent.
For tbe year ending June 30, the
total revenue ofthe departrae.it wr.s
f14-435.557-   *o  that
While   Mrs.   IL   B.  Nobles
daughter, ol Westham Island,
fa:r wil:-very likely be present and
1 will meet tbo various team*, 'cf the
! Province.
In the extibitior. proper the
j committee has left nothing undone
: to make the fair a success and it is
I expected that the buildings will be
i tilled to their limit. The committee
1 haE   arranged with ; the  Canadian
Tacific Railway c -mpanv  10  grant
revenue is in excess ofthe previous;
u   .   _��� o th       ,- ' special la'.es over their lines from as
year by ft, o 1-8,351.     fhesc figures    '
1 ,   c , .     ...     far hast sc Calgarv and every point
show a wonderful expansion ui the; s   - ' ^
,     ��� , ,,     , ion the line will br included.    Ia all
business ol the department comparing the last two years only.
These figures  are   interesting  as:
ment which visitors to  the  Capital
cases the return trip can  be  made
for single fare     This1 is an induce*
AccomVt'in ihe Royal Bank of Can
ada?   If not,'yrtu should open  one
bums) it would be  much  more en-jas soou as   possible,
couraging to the Constable, and
rthe district wonld soon be rid<of
(he undesirable element.
  had to be taken to the  doctor  and
I have a number of Stitches  fat into
HavejKHi  got a Savings Bank |the wou���ds to dr.iw th m 'together.
'The little one is doing nicely.
A-savage brute like that  should
*Mrs.!J. Fountain, bride of our
local conductor, arrired here on
{Friday evening last from :Bel!ing-
$1 and up received.
Deposits   ofjbe   ordered destroyed   before
further damage is done.
1 M. Law, of Kast Delta,
Duck; were oil red
I Qusggan, of Sunbury.
I Mrs. I. Whit-.voiih, of Ladner,
j showed some potatoes, butter and
'When'you wish to buy "Visiting
cards call on the Delta Times who
John Oliver, M.P.P., advocated,; -Mrs, Vi^alker and daughter, of
last year, the sowing of winter | Aldergrove, and Mrs. Fred Jack-
will sell'tltc best 'mOtiey can buy. [wheat on acceunt of its early ripen- son and family, of New Westmin-
If you need them printed, why you j ing qualities and now he has ister, spent a couple cays on "-a visit
are money in pocket by calling on threshed already before J the oat to Mrs. P. Shirley. Mrs. Shirley
the IVltn Times first. (crop wa.s ready. iis sister to.the twe l*+ie��.
going to. prove not only that the department is grcwir.g in siie and importance, but with the largest increased revenues the strict .-s: economy prevails in every bra ich, as if
proved by the slig.it increase in the
cost c collecting the growing rev-
The people do well to ponder on
these maters, whei tbey bear the
OppoMtf to -chaining that the ut
rr.os; ex:trRi-''*gance is permitted it,
the irar.Kaction of 1 ublic business.
It coM the Conservatives approxim-
| city kave never yet received and   it
is expectrf3 that it will result hi
j bringing a large number of visitors
to tbe aii. Forfreight on exhibits
: the   sau'e   advantages  have .been
secured and xhibitors will be able
I to send their exhibits to Victoria
jvfith very 'little trouble, for which
j full fare will b^ collected, Hjut they
I will be retui m -d- *o th eh destin.itior;
i tree of  charge,   mafeiHfc 'it to   all
ititenls hall arc Kfi.-.irs for the
: exhibition close Sept .'6th,   this ie
absolutely imperative and  any  J_p-
attlv seyen per cent, to collect their!   ,
T .       .   _, .   -, ,    1 plication rcccivedtatter thisdatewill
Internal revenue tnd  it  costs the,,
T 1      1- ���   a�� 1   c .be refused.
Liberals approximfttelv five per cent.       ... .      .
,,   . .    .,    ., A-wv lnforniat'.or.'demrert will bt
to collact  cne double the amount., '
^s. , ,    .      ,, ,       cheerfnllv-rut-inlied ion ipppbcatioi!
these  facts speak  for themselves      _  ��� ll "
,  .    ,   .   ,,   ,   . | to 7. L. ^mart, Seofetat'y, victoria,
and shoul I bs thebeit answer poa-l _       , ,
...   ,   ,,    .        u.     ...   ,    ,, I In; e lists have been mailed   to   all
rtble to thi Unsubstantiated allega-   ,, ,    ,       , ,- ,.
R     the important centres ol the prov-
j and others will be tna.iJed.an   ho>b
_ea,ls in
('(.''-vntin.ii.r! on   Second   Vn: ii': DELTA  TIMES, TUESDAY.
i i i. ST
TjHL. delta times.
auJSClWflaON. $1-00. per,-y*^r��
for Those
who Think
School Board.
sjivi;. 11- ic R.u i.'
^kmia^So^f^iali^iilTf^'e^ i -Man is not an organism;  he is au
��b��_.a��t loiertton.   T?'f.1_n.um.^_��.'..11?;;i     intelligence served by organs."
cupied, isliae. .o the
The following changes ;md ap��
J pointraents bare been made to the
1 teaching staff of this district:
Ladner���Miss McNeill, B.A.. nt
Boundary Bay���Frederick Ml!.
Westham Island���Miss L. Tutn-
Sunbury���Miss Marv ^mit'i.
Annieville���Miss Hoffard-.
. ,.   , Miss Mabel Lord na- b.-tn trails-
t_r .u��i_i u-Mr*. tut oUect oi whtcKUto but it is of little consequence to me _      , .       ���       ,       ���      ,    T   ,
w-omote ih�� pecuHiiF-,.,uii��tit oi ��uv lndividuni, ^ , ferred irom Boundary Bay to Lad-
orcs.un.umy toi,.- cvsoiijer* . nu asiverj^mci,:��� where I came from.   It is oi a ^i��at _.- pr:���,���-..
����sici��r����-usix-rOuagi). ner rnniary
iai.si^-<i��la��l-Ji ihaigiA to: u.tti ord��e. i��Jeal of consequence, though, where
om�� . p.l�� lor. | . m going to      L co.jfcgs   t<) .ome
Crreepoodetsf t InvtUll  on inuUffra ol public J ...
S^Uratt.   Commuus _��__>u�� to r ii'oir-.su" b�� nc- i CUrlOSltV 8S tO illy origin; and I BID
cetnpanitU by name of writer, not uecessurily 1
for pub-tailon, but u trident* oi koo d laith.: far fTom savins,   tbat it   Will   not do
Corrttpondtncc uiiust ttich thiiotf.ct by Tbur*-. ur lTOD1 saying tua\ u   mill   uot uu
ouy. good to trace the history of the
STctton'dby -.Of
a_u. uiConuattGkU ._dvcrdi*i_eii*.*.can be
a��_, ou >s ypUaalis: a at_bla oC��.
ReiJin�� notice* loc.ut-* per liar lor cacb lu-
Bl- '.atl.n_.-itb n. Wen, jii. Mairiageikji.oo.
���Sir W. Hamilton.
"Many able scientists are investigating  the   road   through   which
men came up to .their present state,
On tbe Trunk tt ad, on Thursday
last,.a brown ..-ather wallet containing a small sum of money. Apply
ifv evstim.
QSO.   K    MaNUS:.-.
(Contiaued from  Hirst Page.)
origin of the buma u race- and of;
| everything  else  in  this world.    Ij
tions   of extravagance in the conduct of public affairs-.
All Departments Alike..
TUESDAY,   AUOT73T   6,   I9O7.
Out of the hay and into the grain
is the condition of affairs ksre. The
baying is scarcely oyer when the
binder and thresher are operating;.
.  .,    n       .   ,     While.this article quotes the  re-
regard the labors  of Mr. Darwi-n        .     ,      . ,      T, ,   ���
., , . .   ... ,      oerd onlv of the  Internal   Revenue
with profound interest,   aad   V be ' -
1 Department, the same general  on-
lieve the world* owes hini a great [
debt of gratitude. Although I may
not accept all: i_is speculations, I
thank him tor-aay fads, or any deductions from facts, which have the
appearance of nearly definite truth.
I.do not participate a particle in the
revulsion  and  horror which some
of the Railway Jfee! at thr ide�� tB*t Keu sP.raug
irom same lower form of existence.
Only shew me that i' am clear of
the monkeys aud   I urn perfectly
servations apply to all the grea1 departments. Thtre isnot. tee of the
revenue earning departments, which
does not show increased receipts
over last year neither is there one
that does,-not show a smaller percentage iu the cost ot operating,
than the ConserYativs. can point to
after being in charge of public affairs for eighteen year?.
What it All Means.
At the  sittings
Commission last week, the Council
came   off victorious,   gaining   the
following point,. Route Mo, a? with j willing that :t should be-true tbat! if.everv department of govern,
a 7 per cent. grade and fill with I millions of years ago my ancestors L,eat shows increased business--^
concrete culvert,, the railway con- sprang trom them. Let there bejeconomy ]��� administration is evi-
j>any to maintain lhe whola. of the' difference enough and distance j dent upon 8very hand���if the com-
roaa for three years. Tit questi.n I eU0U*h betWeen *'* *nimils *ad I ��"* ��' tte count y is on the in-
ot costs is laid over..
'     WAAJ      U1WKV.II11UI  Al      UJLI
.    ,     . ���. I lated to them.   I would as lisf have
! sprung from a monkey as from
' some men that I kuow of. If I
j look at the Patagoniana, or the
��� N'ootka .Sound  Indians  or  the Es-
Tender* Wanted.
Tender- will be received  by  tlie
Delta   Municipal   Council,, up till
noon Saluv ay,   August  10th, for
the purchase of 1 4-inch wagon.
By Order.
N.  A. McDIARMin,.
Delta Transfer Stable |
Team Work Done at Specially Low Prices. X
i20 REWMD;
$ JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor. J
��� Telephone " Ladner "" No. ro. I
LJtj ,t, i iT._L.Ts A tT�� I.T. A ���?��� LaLU*X4>l��LiaL^��Li .T. A JL a. .Tn 4.f. k .T. a its A .t. A -*-���*��� *-���
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
New Service���Port Guichon  and  Ladner to New
"Westminster and Vancouver.
! Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 aju.    .\rrive Vancon/er, 10.20 a.m.
Tlie above Reward will  be paid j Uave Vaiieoaiver,   8_IO pjn.    Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m.
to anyone returning to the  under-' , ., ., ,.,
Gives  Passengers  four  hours 111   either   New   \\ est-
si ned, a canva3 bag (made of red
and white awning) aontaining
clothing and linen, which' was
stoifen from the wharf at Ladner on
the evening of Friday, 19th inst.;
or to anyone giving such information as will lead to the conviction
ofthe person who stole, same.
New Westnnnstei.
July, 24th,. 1907.
minster or Vancouver,
New   Freight   Tariff   effective
September    5th,
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay.
I tne and I  do not care how nearly 1 CTease���if the  general  revenue is-
I my progenitors may  have been re- iarger' than   arer ���if   the
A cordial invitation  i�� e*tcaded ! quimanx of the extreme North.it
s. .1     a 11  -v.     it        1      ! does uet seena. to me that there i��-
to all tl-sr 3abtath school  workers'
Eiuch to choose as to parentage, be-
ana others interested  111 thr work,. ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^.maU
��f othei cUurchss, alto members, | Ld0 not tare so mwch about the
adherents and the friends of I .ait past aa-1 do about the future. It
Delta, to Bltead Ae Sabbath School >_ "ot' of the alithteat importance
Institute tn be conduc'.f-d by Rev
J. Ci RobertsoD, B.D, General
Secrernry for Sabbath schools, and
B. W. Kelly, Ph.D.', Vice-Principal,
3Jigb School, Montreal, will be
beld at -St. Andrews' Presbyterian
Chnrch. Ladner, on Tuesday evening next, August ngtb, at 7:30
Miss Phyllis Davis, of Nanaimo,
i�� a fiie. t ot Mis. Rich.
that I should trace my early associations back, to a million years ago.
All my life is io eking forward. I
do notcare where I caaae irom; I
want to know where I am going.
If I am going with the animals,
earth to earth, that is sad enough;
bat if I' am under that attraction,
that mighty power which calls the
sun to make summer iu the bosom
<>f winter, which all the winds and
ice cannot resist, which generates
heat, and which cutcf heat brings
life universal, infinite, multitudinous, innumerable���if I am under
that power, and it is still drawing
you aud rae and all along in these
path*, a��id it is vouchsafed that we
may  te rartakars of the: Divine
! nature, then that is something that
Messrs.    Knott,   ��' Vmcshw.j, ^  ,0 ^  ^^y
and   Baguett   Bras,,   of Australia, |. ^ tf) feeL
paid a visit here, last week, looking \    ���Now_ ^ wen fcore fa ,he  rear
f?r 1,md-   j if they will, it is for me to look  up
and. see where I am going. For,
MisalsaUI M. Douglas, of Bos-j if is.iife and immcrtality.and joy in-
ton, Mass., who has besn visiting Lgable snd full of glory there I care
her consins, Senator and Mrs. I not fur lhe Mti I care not for the
Biley, of Viotori* is the guest ofj ,kjm.that I sloughed off agea ago.
Mr: and Mrs. Johu McKee, at|It is for the future tint I cart.
:-Rosetta." | The Christian   has- little  to  tear,
.       . : I      think,     if     it     will     only
lead   on   to  this.      Not   to   deny
The Roya' Bank of Canada is
here lor; your conveiiieuce and will
be pleased to give ycu every at-
Frieads of Mrsf W. J. Leary, jr.,
will be pleased to 'earn that she is
asvx-h im. roved'in health, and will
soon be able to *.��ndertake th?   tri.
tbc past, nor to be indiflerent to the
things of the past, it is not probable
that wt shall in your day or mine,
find out everything that God ever.
to Victoria where sue wll  ttBdergoUougkt 0f or did." It is far
TO operation forfappendkitis.
Early yesterday morning, while
on their way to tbe oanaery at
"itoint Roberts, two young women
were accident.-Ily shot through the
careless handling of revolvers by a
aambtr of dranken, men _.ic��mpe<!
;(��the bush.
important that we should have faith
iu the future, and know which, way
to fly when wc have tbe inspiration
ofimniigration, than that we should
know what took place myriads of
ages ago, or what was the condition
ot the raoe then."���Beecher.
general expenses of governing tho
country are less tban. the added
business would warrant; why would
tbe people desire a change of government?
These are matters for the poeplo
to bear in mind and act accordingly..
Scandals have been alleged, but
never proved. Attacks have been
made upon one section of Canadian
citizenship. Some criticism ha*
been dire;ttd at the great public
enterprises fostered and inaugurated by the government and this is
the sum total of so called Conservative policy,.
It is into the hands of men who
cannot rise to higher, thoughts or
greater deeds than those suggested
above, to whom the government of
the country would be entrusted and
the welfare of the people committed,,
should the Liberal party and its iir
liutrious head, Sir Wilfrid Laurier,
be deprived of office.
W. H. Taylor had the misfortune
.u iose a new born babe last week.
At  once, first-class  General Servant, suiall.iamily, high wages.
1090 Nicola Street, Vancouver.
C3EALED   TENDERS  addressed
to the undersigned, and endorsed   "Tender  for  Public   Building,
Cumberland,. B   C,"   will  be  re-.
ceived at this office  until   Monday,!
August  19^   1907, inclusively,   for |
the construction of'* a Public Building, Cumberland, S.C.
Plans and specification* can be
seen and forms ot tender obtsined
at this Department and on application to the Eostmaster sit Cumberland.
Persons tendering are notified
that tenners will not be considered
unless made on the printed, form
supplied, and signed with their
actual signatures.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque- on a chartered bank, made payable to the
on er oi the Honourable the Minister of Public Works, equal to ten
per cent. (1-0 p c.) of the amount of
the tender, whicli will be forfeited
if the party tendering' decline to
enter into a contract when called
upon to do so; or if he feil to complete the work contracted for. If
the tender be not accepted the-
cheque will be return wi.
The Dupartment does not bind
itself to accept the lowest or any
By order,.
Department of Ttiblic Works,
Ottawa, July 19, 1907.
Newspaper* inserting tliis advertisement without authority from the
Department, will not be paid for it:
CAPITAL, - - - $3,900,000
RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $4,390,000
A Qeaeral Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
East End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street. Cordova Street r Grand
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Port Essington, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon,
Chilliwack, Cumberland, Port Moody and New Westminster.
H. B. MARGESON�� Manager, LADNER, B. C.
Ladner Exhibitor
wm in sn
Jan- 8th to 11th.
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
Six Seconds.    Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Silver
Spangled   Hamburgs,   Buff
Orpingtons and Black
Onto mv premises, on the Slough
road, about the ist of August, one
Milch Cow. Owner may have same
on proving property and paying for
this ad.
M.R.C.V.S., Edin..
New Westminster, 13..V.
Eggs for Hatching������
*|     PER SETTING, *C
^1    6 SETTINGS FOP;   ^��
W.. N> Draper,
Room i.Ellard Block, tffw sTtstminster.
O. E. Corboufd, of Xew Westminster, spent Sunday with his
family at his summer- residence,
Boundary Hay.
Arrangements   a?e   about   compete whereby tbe  B. C. Telephene
Company will take over   amd operate-the line of  (he   FumKiss' Tele-     Ed. Ku
obone Company lecently organized' local, left,
here.   No arrangements have been Wash., an! Frank Pearso, ci Kr-
^sdc, as yet, foi n.night service.-,    lerett, has arrived to take, his place
Me��-:n e>:
D.. S. Curtis'  Drug Stor?,        j
Columbia St. Phone 43
B. C.
ie MinukcttirwB of alt kinds o*
��� Soda Water, Ginger b
.*.    Ale and Summer *.
I Drioks. I
1       Your patronage solicited X
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery  work of all kinds Attended to promptly.
Jm Ni. Cellinson
l.udtin . B. C.
Ladner Carriage Works.
:, late brakesman 011 the J TJig-   Delta   TlITieS..
mi week,  l'er Everett,
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
Can> leave \V._flimi:r*ter tbp "frto-trawiw at5.so
j nud 6.3011.111. nnd hourly thereafter until 11 p.
nn.; Saturdays nnd Sundays at iip.-m.
Carslenve Vaucouverjbj' Westminsters at 5.50
and 6.50(1, m, nnd Itwiri^- thereafter unttt 10 p.
m.; Saturdays nnd Sundays at 11 p.m.
We run Srst-dnss fVeight cars between West-
rainst��r. 4ju1 Vancouver and all shipments aw
hninlltd wirh the utmost eare and delivered to
Constance without dthiy Special attention paid
to frmt shipments. Ottt wfttfon.. meet ATI boatf<
and trains.   For rates, etc. ;*pply tu
RfBc Mnr. Local Mgr.
! ^cstibiuatei .li. C.
650 ft, U hi cents.
(1. T BAKER, Ladner. B, C. THE Ui.i.'iA TIMES, TUESDAY, Al
.Receives both Ladies and Gtntlemen as resident1
or d.ay students. Has a c()friplete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain
^Teachers' Certificates of all grade?. In affiliation
with Toronto University gives the four years'
course for B. A. degree, and the first year ofthe
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Prospectors' Course" for miners who work in B. C.
Insiruction given in   Art,  Music,   Physical;
Culture and Elocution.
Por    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
If jou obtain i Firearm of doubtful quality
Tht Kperltnud Hunter'i ind
- Marksmsa's Ideal
��r��liabl��,.nerri_g STEVENS
by���.noting our popular
Ask your local riardwara
nr Sportinc GooiU Mer*
chant for On* STUVEN*.
If you ctiimot obtain, wo
ship   direct*   e��preii_>   prw
paid, upou IX-<j.t-lpt of VmtSee
log l*rlev>.
Soud 4 cuutA In stamp* for 140 Pugo
Illustrated Catalog, Ine lutllnj; elrcu-
Km of laleitt additions to our Hue.
Contains point* on shooting, ammunition, th*. proper ear* of a flrearmL
etc., etc. Our attractive Ton Color
Lithographed Hanger mail ed auy-
where for gig cents In stamp*.	
P. O. Box 4097
ChlcopM  Falls,   Mass.,   IT* 8. A.
JVynph, hsst thou ne'er beard
SUTery, mystic as thy linglng,
In th? hidden delW
ffbun *"i. zephyrs, gently playing,
ffun u ic unseen bands w��r�� r.v��   iaf
Tbinc own soft blue iaIIs?
Osuis not dainty notea forth stray* f
Oi osroU light or knulls?
Yet wby risk If thou canst hear
Strains that ne'er to mortal car
tthall, alas, be known?
Well I know that inurtal eye
Used a 1' eack flower a lullaby,
HvTMit and all its own.
Shall I count tbat naught and sigh
And brood urn-he errd, alone!
���Jiugcini Renwioli in Latin Quart*
Holy Communion���ist and 3rd
Sundays a.t 8:30 a.m.; 2nd and 4th
Sundays at 11 u.ni.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
EveijsonR, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev. K. R. Bartlett, M.A., Vicar.
La Grippe
Etc., Etc.
It will pay you to own one and be on the safe'
side. One Oxydoiior in a family will banish all the ter-j
rors of disease from the household if only used as soon |
sis needed and  in a reasonable \va3-. ;
This is the Acluil Experience in many thousands
of families who have adopted this advanced method of
treating disease.
Inflammatory Rheumatism.
Mr. Jin. Aiism, KoMlunil, B.C., Can., write, Vtnrcli h, lyoi : "Some five yean ago I
got Oaydouor for my wile who wa. suffering from female weakness. Aftsr a week's use the
doctor himself w.\_ .urt.ris.ci1 to find finch a change, in f�� .1 it wa. enough to induce him to get
a a Oxydonor fur hi* sinter.
"A short lime a(o my wife had au attack *l" iiifiammatory rheumatism, She could
not walk and htr jnint_ were much swuolleu. She applied Oiydouor, aud before night the
pains hnd ceased, and next morning there was very little swelling, and ahe could walk as well
as ever. Site had n similar attack >>�� ftsrc sre got Oxydonor and was under a doctor's care for n
mouth, aud suffered agonies.
"rt has cured me of a severe cold."
Send at once for book No. 78, giving further information about OXYDONOR and many reports from all
parts.of the country.
DR. H. SANC11E & CO.,
364 St. Catharine St. West, Montreal.
Services first and third Sunday of
eacb month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 -p.m
.Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Muss and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services next Lord's Day at n
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every
Sabbath .School at 2 p ra every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at sS.
Rev. J. V. Betts, pastor.
f*ovr lb* Cbeliea Sftf_e Avoided LtaA-
lair lu Fuuill.   Prayers.
Mr. A Curly!* writes: "A much per
verted account of tho following Incident
hnd lor yours appeared ut intervals la
newspaper*. Tho story wheu correctly told
1. aot without. Interest und evon huinol
end li very characteristic of Carlyle. la
tho autumn of 1874 Uurlyle nnd hia niece.
Mi.^ M. 0. Altkon, wero visiting ut the
houee of Mr Patrick .Swuu, then provost
uf Kirkculdy und ut adutelung auteriut
a pupil of Curlylo. Ou tlio Suuday evening Mr. Swuu uml hid guests wero usaeiu
blud alt<r dinner In the drawing room,
tad i. nne one proposed thut Carlyle should
ruud aloud (or tho entertainment of tat
sompany���u rather large ono. He readily
yunscnud, und seeing the bible lying on
the futile ho opened it at the beginning ef
Job, Ma favorite book..
"No sooner bad be seized the Bible,
bowever, than In marched the servant* one
after another, tuid Curly le perceived that
be was, as ic were, trapped luto ounducr,-
ing family worship. Uow to got out nf the
dllciuiuaf Thero seemed nothing for 11
but to read and to keep on rouding and ta
await what time and chance might bring.
tie began with tlie tlrst chapter of Job and
��v_id chapter after chapter, making remarks now and agulu on striking passages
Alios' this sentence, 'Is there any taste la
the whits uf nn eggf he exclaimed, 'Ui. I
bless uie, I never knsw thut wns in Job I'
or '1 hud quito forgotten that wos in Joh
A Iittlo while after that his niece mint
iorwurd to the table, and touching hit
arm whispered, 'Uncle, do you not think
tou kave read enough for one nighty' Ht
(eve her a pleasant smile, kut continued
reading and "expounding, inc.- two of
three more shapters bad been overtaken
bis niece agala uiiii forward and suid
quietly, 'Uncle, you really ought to stop,
you we, the servants are all ln tht room,
���nd they'll have work to do yet.' Ou this
being suid, ur whispered, to hlm he sud.
di'iily rose, thai the book with emphasis,
laying loud enough for all to hear, Well,
If I'm not to be allowed to
suppose 1 must atop,' and walked out uf
tho room with an air of offended dignity.
On going to bis room soou afterwurd hit
nie��� found him laughing and rejoicing at
his happy escape. His llrst words to her
were: 'I hope, lass, thou's not offended!
I could not se* how else to get out of It' "
Services next Lord's Day at   n
a.m.]and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath .School at 10 am Midweek meeting on Thursday evening I
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A. McAuley, Pastor,     j
Sabbath  services ��� Crescent  Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
S 11.111.
Rev. A. II. Huntley, pastor.
The Delta Times
Job Printing.
m. j. mm'
Nurseries  &  Seedhouses
Headquarters lor Pacific Coast
grown Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds that aie thoroughly tested as
to vitality before offering for sale���
that are subject lo government ii -
spection us to freedom from weed
seeds. Samples sent to intending
Large stock oi HOMK GROWN
Fiuit and Ornamental Trees now
matured for the spring trade.
No expense, loss or delay of fuiui-
vjation or inspection.
BKK SUPPLIES, Spray Pumps,
Spraying Material, Greenhouse
Flatus, Cut Flowers,
We do business on our own
grounds���no rent to pay and are
prepared to meet all competition.
Let me price your list before placing your order.    Catalogue Free.
3010 Westminster Road,
I VANCOUVER,   -   B. C,
General Maximo Oome*. the Cu en hr 1
grown �� board, which he now wears iu tbt
style of Napoleon 111.
Governor James H. Budd nf California,
���e longer bears so striking a resemblance
jo George du Maurler. o lie has bud his
beard shaved off.
A l'rotostant monastery ls to be erected
by tbe Duke uf Newcastle, who Is �� strong
High Churchman, at Kast MarShaus, ln
The I lev. H. A. Brown, the chaplain of
the tough rldors, will ut once re. ume hit
duties us rector cf the Episcopal Church
ef the Advent in Preseolt, A. T.
Justice ! i-ivid J. firewer has returned to
Washington ufter a vacation spent on tho
Ihores of Luke Champluln, six miles from
. railroad, postofflce or Telejrraph station.
Harare it. llohurt, who bus just rotlrea
after i'i years of service from his position
ae editor of The Hallway Age, bfts beeu
oonneotod with Chieut;.. Journalism ��Um_.
Koi. n Plonquotto, the composur el
"Kip Vun Winkle" and "The Chimes of
Xortuanily," hus boon maitc'a cbevulier cf
the Legion of Honor by the . ench president.
Frederick W. Lincoln, tiie war uiuyor of
Boston, who died reocntly, was a descendant of Amos Lincoln, sun-in-lnw oi i'ss.l
Severe und a member of tie fuiuoue "tea
Senator Thurstou sa;.s that from the
time be was VH years old his desire was to
become a United States senator aud that
now, hit ambition having been grutiiied,
he wlll nut bt a candidate fur re-election.
Pundit J, C. Ctatterji, the high caste
Brnhruan who has arrived in New Vork,
has cast aside his "thread," the distinctive Bruhmonlcul caste murk, tn become a
theosopblst aud disciple of Anale Be9_nt.
Lieutenant ColoDel Sir Henry Kdward
Mct'alluin,t!ioij..wg',T��rnoroi Newfmiud-
laud, is known for his project for the defense of -!lng.-poio, which he carried out
In 137-1, and tlie fortifications constructed
there in mm. ln lsyi he acted as sptelol
aommlssloner ln Pa Jiang during the dls-
lui'bunues and was -udlvially thanked ft*
his services.
Lord ..shburnhnt'-, thc ��ngjlsh u_;ent
af Don Curios, muriates ulso the aff'alrs of
the Princess Palaiologo, alalinant to the
thrones of Ureeue und Turkey; Princess
ilisiis ot Bavaria, who contests that of
Naples; Princess Lu .wig of Bavaria, who
thinks herself entitled to that of England,
and Queen Carola of Saxony, who claims
th* right to the crown of Sweden.
���!���������� TrmA.imrn   Make  Oe*�� Vm%
���f Their r.im.1 Extrcasltfee.
Tbt French ethnologist, Professor W.
Regnault, has made special studios ln the
far east la rugard to the ability of the
Hindoos to make useof their feet us auxiliaries of their hands. This ability ls particularly noticeabla When ont watches
Hindoo tradesmen at tbeir work. Tht
tarpenter employs his feet as a vise and ai
��� gauge; tbe shoemaker holds tha shoe
between his feet, leaving both his bands
(re* to work upon it; the Hindoo butcher
holds a knife lietwcen the big and the seo-
ond tot and cuts his moat by drawing it
across tht knife and pressing lt down
wilh both hands. The help of the feet is
most valuable in weaving, and lt is a
wonderful thing to us tn see a Hindoo
artisan use both his hands aud bis feet ln
handling his loom. Kegnault also ob
nrvsd a child climbing a tree and grasping the branches of 1 tha tret between tht
flrst two toes of either foot whenever a
bold could thut be secured.
This collaboration of ths feet with tht
hands, It would teem, ls the result of
several changes tn the physical des lop-
mtnt which tht Hindoo race hat under
gone In the course of time through outward agencies. Thoir hip joints are much
freer and more limber than ours and will
permit them to squat on the ground and
at tbe same time draw tbe feet to near
to thtir hands that tbey can grasp with
their feet the work ln band and hold lt
with tome expense of ttrength. The ankle
Joint It alto lim bor and workt freely, and
the big toe It more developed and can he
moved by them at will as regards Ils bending and stretching, lu saparatlng frea.
and approaching toward the second toe.
The normal foot of tht Hindoo thnwt ���
large space between the big toe and the
second This, however, Is dut solely to
their wearing sandals, whloh are held iu
place by a woodsn peg placed betneen
these two toee. The eonstanl muscular
���xeroitet practiced la holding the saudals
aaturully tends to strengthening these
toee, and the uee of the feet, being a general custom and tried even by children of
this tender age, has gradually changed the
Hindoo anatomy ���Philadelphia Hecord
f ��arel<7 *t Tia.
That tbe goldih'lds of the world an
Bnch more extensive than the tlnflelds ll
��� fact whloh might strike tht untclrntlflt
person with a curious feeling of surprise
The tlnflelds which are known te exist
���over an area ot lees tbau lis.rn. 1 iquam
willsi, while the goldflelds are something
over 1,600,100 square uillee. Therefore
there are 188 square mllos of gold bearing
regions for every single mile ef git .und
where tin In known to exist.
The Importance nf the tia Industry Is
antroely apprecioted by those who have
oevsr mnde the subject a study. North
America has no tin mines. South Amerloa
but one, Asia has two, Pern and Hollvia
suntribnte 4,000 tons a year and Australia
mines about 6,000 tons a year. While ws
are all practically fanjlllnr with wlmt is
oallt .1 tinware, very few of us appreciate
the fact that pure tin ploys a very small
part In the manufacture of thoso articles.
The quality of tinwure has within the part
few yoars tlbtortoratod with amassing rapidity, air of which is attributed to tht
limitod supply nnd greot value of tin.���
Kew York ledger.
Steel and ludachlte afford a sew eeas-
bluutlou fur buckles.
Black enamel and gold are used to assure striking aud original effects in a new
line nf brooches.
Earrings thus far mada by n jeweler
whose patrons are of the must exclusive
sort consist mustly of single pesirls and
Golf scoi'e books ni* dainty things ss
lately made ln Hussla leather, with un or-
uauisrit of crossed n���ti sticks iu gold ur
Silver upon the cover
l. un metal grows iu popularity. Aa ob
_ect attracting much admiration In a
Broadway (New Vork) window is a chatelaine with watch, bonbonniei-t and haif
a doisvu other trinkets in this metal.
Algrets are a notioeable feature ln the
fall stock of tho best establishments, aud
a uew point about them is that the largest
stones are frequently mounted highest,
reversing tiie usual order ef large stones
below and small ones above.
The "American pig" promises to be a*
Successful In jewelry as In war. Piggy
has figured for some time as a popular
tharm, but now various ether ornaments
are taking ou porcine outlines. Pig
ferooches, bungles, stickpins, paperweight*,
tto., seem destined to be a fail.���Jewelers'
Cream face powder should always he
���sed by brunette*, white and pick arounly
suitable for fair people.���New Vork 'i'rih-
A little borax sprinkled on a cloth and
rubbed lightly ou the face is a good remedy for blackheads. Care should be taken
to rub lightly or lt will make the akin
Too much care oannot be taken to get
tbe snap that suits the skin, and, when il
Is found, to use no other. A dry skin re-
fuires an entirely different kind ot soap
from that used for the oily skin.
Ths ee of uny thing that tends to dry
ths skin should lie avoided, such as bay
rum, sloohel, camphor and ammonia. If
used In great moderation, they are all
good, bnt thry will ruin the beet of skins
U ussd lavishly.
A mixture of ont ounce of hydrate of
chloral and one pint of water ls suid lo be
nseful in preventing the unpleasant effects
Of profuse perspiration. A soft linen cloth
should lie used ln applying the mixture,
and II ah.iuld be all.sweU to dry ou the
Ilasllek giiiiri,
An English innkeeper was found In
brd one morning with his throat bndly
ent "Why did you do It V" tbey asked.
Uo rvplied: "I"or amusement. I bad
nothing else to do."
This chimes In curiously with an old
French epigram ou English wanner*
and custom.;
Hire lien  Sir  John  I'lempoudlng of  the
Who  hung   himself  one  morning  fer  a
> tin
Tba Mudlter-
are the spouglng
��� l    The grounds
Bahamas, south*
.nd parts uf  UK
a**, Ttirr Ar* SlurM. .1 and BreugM
I'i* irsu ths- i\ ater.
The sponges of commerce and th* drirf
s_se.linens of other Bpeoles are not. the ac*
tual animals, but merely -.heir skeletons
or framework. That which constitutes
their vital parts ii removed ln preparing
thein for market.
Sponges do not have tlio power of motion pus-jessed by mot: animals. Tbey ait
sreurly always attached to submerged ob-
jocts. Since It ls impossible for tbem to
go in search ot food, they can grow o;il>
lu pluce^ where there Is plenty ot food such
ae they require.
ihey are more active in frvih than ln
���til] water und die ln a short time if exposed to the air. The suriaoe of a living
sponge is covered with minute pores,
.through which wawr ia imbibed, carrying
with it both the air and thi organic par*
tides ns.-eBS'kry [or the si...por; <if life.
Sponges are distributed through all*
and are classified chiefly nooordlng to
struct,,rr of ihc skeleton
ruiicuu and li.e Heci sen
grounds of the ..Id w il
uf the new world nre the
e^n uud western J*..rldis
West Indies
'the U.-SI s[ .ingeot commerce is found ln
the Mediterranean and is known as ths
Turkey, cr Smyrna, sponge. Il Is obtained
hy divers, who go clad ic armorwheu diving.
Sponges are usually obtained hy fishing
for tbem.    When n sponge vessel arrive*
at the fishing grounds lu the Bahamas, lt
is anchored, aud the ui^w liu mod lately get
ready for work.    The spouge flihor's outfit consists of a small boat culled u"dlu-
gey," a long hook und u water glass. Ths
1   sponge hook is ��� three  [.rouged Iron fork
attached  to the end of a very loug  pole.
:   The water gloss is simply a wooden water
bucket with a bottom uf commou window
'   glass.
j      To use it the glass bcttom It thrust Into
;   the   water,   the  fisherman   puts the bail
1   around his nock and theu buries his heed
:   Mn iu tne bucket to exclude th* light
There ore always sviu man U> eaoh dingoy
���one to oot us "sculler" and th* other as
"hooker."    While  thuseitller prupel* the
!   dingey along very slowly the hooker, ln a
'   kneeling  position, ke-jps his  head   lu ths*
,   water glass, looking dowu tn the water.
i   When u good sponge is sighted, ths hooka
gives . signal, and tbe dingey stops.
Together the sculler aud hixiker thrust
'  the -("jnp.e hook down through the water
1   atid run it  under the spooge.    The roots
'   are thus pulled looee from tlie  rooks, aud
soon ttt* game Is lu tbe dingey.    i'_u_the
'   work goes on until a I. jatload is obtained,
aud then thoy ore taken ��shore and placed
,  in  crawls   to  Le cured     The crawls are
1   hull; by sticking pieces uf brush or stake*
into the sand just out of the water or
j   where ll Is very shallow.
They wmalu iu the crawls while tinder-
: going nisoeruiiou, and ths refute ls carried
{ awny ln the ebb and Sow of the tide
I Usually ther tue left in th* crawls for a
! week; then lhe fishermen remove them
j and give them u heat-lug for thepurpoee of
i removn.g Ul chanoe lmpualtics. After
I  the heating tbey ore thoroughly cleauscd
- anil  sue ready for market.���PLiUdelphia
:   Crass.
1   Tlsst.i mi Smn Tkinwivnaa< It ve
ilia W .ddtaii .'e��.
������'!'!.e law is very blsuk on th* owtion
! wlih ii arcudonally amies np as to the le-
I gai  ii gist, f a clergyman to marry him
I salf," observed a lawyer. -'Of onurje thor*
u.- siisi many clergymen who hsve ever
I eouuendod thut they bad Use legal as wet'
j as thaeocleslastlo&l right to perform a max
! ri.'.^s when they were personally panic!
I to il, and there never Will lie, from  tba
peculiar ciroumstanees of the ease. As far
I as the luw_ uf this District are ooucorned,
however, a clergyman is just tu competent
! to marry himself us lie ie to marry others,
; fur the reason that the laws do not say
: anythii a to the contrary, and the clergy
I man's recti flout* that th* uiarriuge has
i beeu performed I* all that hi needed to
i make It lawful.
"I uiu uot uu lueoclaalastiual law to any
! groat extent, and I am not able to explain
] the eliurch ot-Jl nances, but as far as I can
Jaaru a clergyman of any of Uie leading
I denominations ha* all the church right, to
I marry himself lhat fee has to marry others.
j Th* Court of queen's bench In Dublin on
\ Nor. 18, 1868, had a case of this kind un-
j der consideration, the only point ln issus
being whether a clergyman oould marry
himself. The case was very fully argued
1 ssad lsi-q>ort<\d in the reports of that conrt
', and quoted by many Knglish law writer*.
1 The decision was In the aihrmetlve, and
1 that is the law of  England today.    Soul*
of the state laws may have thought it ueo-
| et--iry to express nu opinio* in the matter,
but 1 havs never seeu any.    The case thai
I refer  t��. Is cited in   the books as that ot
- Hentis.ii   versus  Beamish,    li was a pro-
���eeOing for a divorce, In which the que*.
! tlon was raised that there never had been
��� marriage,"���Washington niar.
A   leak  Dtr**l*r.
tt|**ng*r--Bnv, **a yon dlrset at* I*
tk* ��*��r*��t bank?
Boy���I tlu for sixpence, air
Mrangsr- SUpsac*! Isn't tkat high
Boy���Yes, sir, bat Us bank dirt*lots
wbi.t gits high pay.���L- mdon Punch.
"Ah, yes,"*he slgbfd. "lwas��*bb*d
���f a lover by th* cruel war."
"Wkieh mm," her dsarwt frltnd asked
"The Uexloan, the civil *r taa Yenbo-
Ppanke."���Chicago News.
Its, 1, ef Course.
Tar. .ti���liven tho hairs of yonr little
hi.su are numbered, Freddie.
Freddie (prilling out a hair)���What
number  Is  tliir*��� Philadelphia   Norih
Ileasee la Me il *u.
The principal  reason  lhat boMM cannot I* built rapidly ln Mril.ii ls tbat th*
walls aw always matte very thick ln 01 .lee
1st withstand the occasional earthquake
shock*.    In the thin walls usually put np
[ In the I'nlted .stale* the mortar will rood-
' ily dry and "wt" aftrr the vail is orootod,
I  hul hero, where wolls are made anywhere
from U or I to fl feet thick, they must lie
[  1.1 lowest to dry  thoroughly  as  they  nr*
liullt, or sea-ion. oonsoqtienoot result from
th* drying of tho onter edge while the oen*
1  t"r I* still "green,"    Tbus il Is thul on*
soea the walls all ever a new building   in
different stage* of oompletloD, and it le
���;�����!��� a curious tight to sre ihln ItiM-rlor
wall* completed  to 11 yeiiit  much higher
thoB  Mi*  thtck   eutidile  wk'.Is. ���Neslern
r��*U*al flanre*.
Ooiuniotl people often use figures nt
I Speech which are both poetical and string.
! While visting tn Norfolk near Hie North
' sea Tennyson wos much Impnwetul with
; Mm saying which he there hmrd, "Tb* sen
Is moaning for thc loan of the wind."
This poetical aajing he tiM-d to com]inN
wilh another ho heard used Iiy an old ilsh-
womati who had lost two sons at sea. On
��� stormy ilny she, clinching her fist at the
advancing tide, cried nut:
"Aye, roar, do!    How 1  hates  to Mg
��bet show thy white teeth I"��� Exchange.
He's Ihe Vt er.1.
Ton Beoher lune the blankest f*e*
(ni this terrestrial hall.
Otrii who snap their kodaks ut hire
p*sit itt anything m all,
^' ���Cillesg*   itte����d. THE'DELTA 'f.iyTF.S, TUESDAY. A.UG.UST 6,  19 c
Geo. Sheldrake returned home,
Saturday, trnra a visit to the Koyal
City. !
V. Herring came down from the
Royal City and spent Sunday at
the Bav.
'I'. W. Kerr lias sold his store, at
Cloverdale, and intends moving to
Miss Katlileea McBride returned
home, Saturday, from a visit to lhe
Royal City.
y, Grain, Barns, Implements,
Furniture and Houses
Insured From Fire
Best Machinery
On Earth
White, Shiks &
|230 Columbia Street,   -   New Westminster, E.C,
Mrs. I. W. Clark, of New West-1
minster, is visiting her sistei Mrs. j
W. J. Hadden.
We Beg Leave
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
rtland   Cement
Mrs. W. Abercrombie is some- i
what under the weather, sufleiing j
from a scalded foot.
Miss C. Dotcenrod, of Grand
Rapids, Mich., is visiting her sister,
Mrs. T. W. Foster.
Miss Nora Dockrill, of Westminster,   came down, Saturday    an
visit to Miss Robinson.
L. Renkl,  o:   Manitoba,,   :. ���
here on Wednesday, to take   . 1
around lor farmiup lauds.
Miss Margaret MacKenzie returned home, Thursday, from a
abort visit to the Royal City.
Miss Bernice Shirley went up to
���the Koyal City, Thursday, on a
Ttsit to Iter aunt, Mrs. F. Jackson.
Mr..  Jos.  Jordan  went over to
Everett, Wash., Tuesday last, on u
visit to relatives and returned home
vSat urdav.
Mr. aud Mrs. Smith Wriplu and
family went over to Lynden,
Wash., Thursday, oa a short visit
to relatives.
Dell Shiles, of the firm of White,
Shiles & Co., Mew Westminster,
paid a short business visit here on
Saturday lasl.
Notice of Sale���Two Horses, i
Dairy Cow, ioo Chickens, Democrat with two seats, Bu).'��y (near-
ly new\ one 4-inch Tire Waggon.
Sets cf Harness, Feed Cutter,
Spray Pump, Seeder, Lawn Mower, Daisy Churn, Milk Cans,
Cr u aur, Oti ei . av s, I Grindstone aud Frame, Cr wbar,
Scythes, Foiks, Shovels, Urace
md FSiL, Tools, &c, &c.
EFFECTS, comprising Bedsteads, Feather Beds and' Bedding, Hasy, Rooking and Other
Chairs, Lounge and Cushions,
Extension Dining Table, .Sideboard, Barometer, Canary and
Cage, Crockery aud Glassware,
Stove, Pictures and Frames,
Clocks, Books Quantity of Preserves, Fruit Jars, &c, ftc,
]y��R. II. X. RICH has received
instructions from Mrs. Paddon (who hns disposed ot her property) to SELL BY AUCTION, on
the premises, i '>. miles south of
Ladner, on WEDNESDAY, yrn
AUGUST, 1907, at 2 o'clock.
T.brms Cash.
Handled on Comm:
For Your
Alive or Dressed. Ladner,
Port Guichon.
J. N. Kendall, oi Vancouver, representing the Capital  City  Nttrs-:
.ery   Company,   spent a  few   days'
here last week.
W. A. Kirkland, W. J. Lanning,
A. Clausen and W. H. Smith spent Jj
Thursday  on  the Nicoroekl  with
��ery good success.
%lr. and Mrs. Fred Robinson and
family, ol Xew Westminster, came
down. Thursday, o�� a visit to Mr.
and Mrs. W. H. Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mitchell and
daughter, of Victoria, returned
home, on Thursday, after a short
jrisit to Wm. A.bury, East Delta.
Plans ofthe subdivision oi Wellington Farm and all olhir informa-j
tion may be obtained at  this office.'
Several plots are being sought after
se that  you  want   lo  hurry up, if
you wish to make a choice.
Remember the auction sale, on
Wednesday next, by H. N. Rich, \
it .Mrs. Paddon's residence on the;
Slough road, when a nice lot ofj
fiseful articles will be disposed of.!
Among other things to be disposed]
pf are the following: a hoises, 1
(iairy cow, 100 chickens, two-seated !
democrat, buggy, nearly new; j J
fanr-inch tyre wagon, harness, feed j
gutter, spray pump, seeder, lawn
mower, churn, milk cans, household furniture and effects, etc.
At 1 reatly  reduced prices, making it pos*
sible for parties who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about th ������
same    cost   as   piling   or    other    inferior
Write for Prices.
B. G.
AlUlEd Silverware,
HU  Cut Glass.
Watch Repairing a Specialty,
Andrew Clausen,
EL C. Leather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. |C.
English Oak Tanned Harness Leather
Fishermen will please take notice that we carry
Best Fishing Boot
Made in the World To-Day.
These Boots are made by The Robert Taylor Co.,
of Halifax.
They are made from
They are a Thigh Boot, the uppers being 38 inches high.
They are hand-made throughout and are ABSOLUTELY
WATERPROOF. Fishermen don't have to wear gum boots
when they can get boots like these.
The price to everybody is
Saddlery Hardware, Horse Blankets and Stable
Closed   Uppers    Leather   and   Shoe   Findings,
��� Trunks, Bags, Valises.
Estate of
W.   L.   McBRIDE,
Oeneral Merchant,
Phone 5.
Port Guichon
BnOQ a pair*
Sold exclusively by���
New Westminster and Vancouver, W C.
Shipped Direc
To Al! B. C Ports.


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