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The Delta Times Feb 12, 1907

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Array .'���A ���
. ol. 4, So. 23.
i  t _ .        -----   1.       'SDe-feiio BETA COUNCIL fi. X 0L PJans Piled
Advance Showing of New j    an. po.dt.__s
Spring Suits,
UR Stock of Men's a��d Boys'
Clothing, which is now conv
plete, contains tbe very newest fab
lies, besides standard staple lines,
faultlessly tailored, so that they retain their shape.
T.he iOaltc. iCoumtll  m.i in  the      Victoria,
. j Council   Chamber .on   Saturday,  ortingChiei
Miu*   February  oth, at 2 p.m.,  witjb tbelwiifl .Fori
-ul :i,.'tt<*'i  I
a he route t
|.iimb-_u fkt
ii-i-h   Colli:,7
Bt iastrnctissn of ".-be Hon
inter of Agriculture a distribution, Reeve, H. M. Vasey.Ma the chair
is hfing made this season of samples and   $&,,.   ClWr-e   -nrivi,,    Gil
of superior sorts oi grain .and  po-:  .   . _   _, ,   ���
totoes to Canadian farmers -kPt*.^��� ' a*r*'" aD'! Alm�� ''r?s
improvement of seed.   The stock j
fordistwbution^of'the -very best: Miautes nf r**e.iO-s
j and has been secured mainly, from! wers ad-spled as read,
tiie excellent crops Keently had at.1. ���-'" c.iiirTsicATioN*.
the Experimental Farm at ..riflian
Head, Sask., _n.d -Brandon, Man.
The; _-_ap.es consist of oats, spring.) re9'de,ib? of Moiikman sroad asking
wheat, barley, Indian corn (for en-jt0 ilave -he aame of said road
silageOnly) and potatoes. The quaii-! charged to that of Fairview road.
tity of oats seat is 4 .lbs, and of Received and request grained.
wheat cr barley 5 lbs., sufficient in From 17 C. Ganible, re field
each case to sow one-twentieth of j notes of survey of the Truuk road
an acre. The samples of Indian | from Ladner's Landiug, stating
corn aud potatoes weigh 3 lbs. i that no direct ccraniunication had
each.   A $uat_tity of each of .the- been-received from the C-uncil and
. -��� 11 eti. ���*���,���-j atliisV,
Con. m rsionei o! Lands
has accented ihe plans
y ike (1 T _���. Showing
the 1-n.e in British Col-
railwav wil! enter Brit-
iia .-a the   Velio vi-hcml
A petifiorrwas received "from the
following   varieties   has   been   secured for this distribution:
Oats. ��� Banner,   Wide-Awdke,
' Whfte    Giast,    -Danish    .Island,
j Thousand Dollar,   improved   Lig
owe t, white varieties)-aud Oe."dfiud-
er (yeliow.)    Black wits aie not re
! commended for general cultivation
that the'Governtnent does  not pos-   .7
sess ar.r Md i_j_rt_s.   iReceved and
Considerable discussion here took
place as  to  the  best course to be
.locating   the   above
HetCs Fine Da-radian (Tweed Suits, a& -sizes, ���and m ,nly se!Jt 0l,t whe"spedal *
���8* $7.00, $8.0Q, $9.00 & $1*0.00,
Me&'s Ftefc Seotoh Tweed Bit-lbs, In tbe new
Plaid .Patterns,  Etc.,   all
toes,   $12.00,   $44.-00  -&
Pass, sriUniij n -r7i ofCowdiui and
Moose Lakes aud  will  follow  the
: mrth   hank  of the south fork of
i*the   l'"iascr until   it   is   joined   by
: the north fork.    The river will   b_
: crossed   near   Fort   George.    The
line will leave the fort on the south
and will follow almost due .vv-er: tn
Fraser l.ake;  it  v.-il'   th_n  change
; and go northwest along the north*:
! east bank  of -.fee Endakaw  River
I and Burns and Duker Lakes te the
i headwaters  of the South   Bulkley
valley.    It will follow the  Bulkley
er   oa  the east  side  and   will
cross the Skeena.    At Ha.elton tbe
lint will turn to tht southwest  aud
follow the uorth bank ofthe Skeena
to its mouth, then cross to .Kaiin
Island terminus.
The line wili run-up to '-.eehaoB
and Bulkley valley and this is  con-
Worsted    Suits,
etc,,  all   sizes   at
Men'a x-'ancy English
newest desigu.s, latest cut,
$16.00 & $18.00.
Be-ys' and Youths* Stits in tfee new double
pleated Norfolk and -3-piece Suits from $1.76
up to $9.00.
"Large "Eange t.f new Neglige Shirts, 'Ooat
������Style," in all the new patterns. The famous W-.
���G. & R, Brand.   See window -lisp-ay..
If 1II IB .1 III shop here
Marshall Smith & Go.
THK   BA.M). the time af writing:   Come   ,   5;
_____ -altos,   4; tenor,   1; trambones,  a;
-baritone,   1;  tubas, z; piccolo,  l;
Fram a progressi-ve point ot view lCiarioiiette8> a; druml, 3; making *
tthi Band practice e* Friday even- .j,tai 0l JO active members and z
ing last was oue at the most sue- more instruments to fill. .1.ow-is
cessfol held for some months.    I��l*-he time ior those wish mg to learn
the first place a full attendance of
���old members.-Bade, h .possible _��� get
to work on* quantity ofiiew music
*nd the bcghiners' class, whioh has-
heen in process of wrmtftion for
some time, was gotten on a solid
���working.footing aswl. niider the in-
"Strnction oi ArtiiiiT Leslie, will, we
feel sure, be in a position ta take
���their places with the __de. Bat^d
-an instrument to get in their application and start rij>.ht i*i with the
.beginners' claes.
Have you tritdCadtnary'-g Cocoa?
We have it.��� W. H. Smith.
1 j snd Coun. Gildhrist be a csminittee
"to   interview   Joh.   Martin,  K.C.,
posed, its characteristics bring  the
following tlie water level for almost
the .entire distance.
adopted   ia
named rotiti.
The  Reeve was df't.e opisian
tbat the  Council  should  do all in .   ,
.   ���                                                : _._. i                  ...   ,     ,     , .         ; siclerea the most feasible of anv nro
asked tor. their-power, with  legal  advice, to! .   ...   ,        ,   ,-......
Whka-T.���Red   Fife  and Whin'get this road straightened out.
, ,��.,   ... .   -   ,    ,, w      ii.-.        /.-i_i- -,  ,  avoidance of lone briu_rc? and
! Fife i.beardless varieties)*   Preston,      Moved by Coun. Gibbie seconded  ,__.__, .      .     7 ,
'; Cringle's   Chanir'lain   aud   Huron i;by Ce'un. Davie, "Tiat the Reeve
I (early beatded .soBts);  Percy   and
; Stanley (.early beardless varieties)
Barley.���Six-rowed,   Measury,! with  respect to  this   matter   and';    The   Cleric   was   authorwed   to
Odeila, Mansfield and Clau-de two !*--dvise what can be clone."- communicate with J.  P. Rithtt"&
rowed, Standwell, Invincible,  C_.u-|    From Joha  Oliver, M.r.F., r.sk-; C"-. Te parcbase of piece el pioper-
��4i��n Thorpe aud Sidney j-i*ug the Council to inform him as to | ty along thc Slotigh   road, opposite
what    [ ublic    ia.prer.metfts   are
needed.    On motion, it was decided
ta ask  Mr. Oliver to endeavor to
obtciu ?,.,ooo  for  ths River road,
Cap! better comn_uiljcation  with West
I ham Island and  $.*,oeo  for Tnink
I.vkiak t'OK.v (for-easil.iiie).���
Early sorts, Angtl cf Midnight,
Coniptou's Early and Longfellow;
later varieties, Selected -Learning,
Early Mastodon and White
a d'.imf
The Clerk was -.ii-.trricted'to subscribe for-six copies oi the Canadian Municipal Journal.
The school estimates foi   thc en-
Potatoes.   Early   varieties,  ���
Early White Prize aud   Rochester
Rose.    Medium   to   late  varieties,
Carman No. s, Meney   Maker and
Late Pcritau. These later varieties
I are as a rale more .pradnctive than I �����il9-f year, amounting te  fa.-Syo.
the earlier kinds. ! were received and adopted.
Ouly one sample can  be sent  to      v*'- H* Ladner was granted per-
| each applicant, hence if aa indl- j mission  to put dewn  a drain en
vidua! receives a s_m.t*fc of cats be; Hotham-streei.
cannot alsb receive one of wheat,!     The Reeve nnd   Coun. Gilchrist
barley,   Indian  corn   or potatoes-.
Lists of names from one individual
or applications for more thau one
sample .ar one household, cannot be
entertained.   Tke samples will  be
.-.ent tree   of
: Delta Hotel, tc'be used -ss
; tor road material.     >-.
The following acc_A-.nr*. vttie or*
���dened-paid. School account, $733.-*
t2; P. Clark, $3 75; H. McDowell,
$10.70;   J.    Martinich,    $4:56;   K.
'Gi.ay, ^2.50,   Delta   l.'w;t  .V Com-
l-mission Co., $6.75; Y7 1. Mr-Bride
' Estate, &..-.0:"O. T. B\ker,i$39.7s-
iGilloy   l.rcs, -fii*::-i:   N.-ifts.Hie
��iarniid, $o-.(>y.  S, Ii��_F, $6; T.,.
i W. Etril-H.ee, $6; VI". _777r.dtitr, $_:
I C. Beadleston, $&,   R.  J7 Kittson,
$20. Yuen Lee, #3.20.   Joe, S7;   E.
Simpson, $3.75; J. Simpson, $3.75;
I ���]. Scocpiu.cb,  JSia.50.  Geo. Orm*
raston,    $65;   j.    Tewnsend,   JI60;
I were appointed a committee to ob-' Grant A-. Kerr, $1:24.62-, M,*.$naith
tain lejc.il advice from Jos. Martin, ���* Ca.. ^25.40; Telephone accoiirtt,
K.C, re the River read. L'$i.8o; 15. C. Gazette,  $2.50;  Delta
The   matter   of    repairing  -the! Tiraes,*-?.5.rs,'Mrs Fenton, $5.
RivcTTocd was left in tr-e hands of
'Council ;be.i adjourned to meet
again on Saturday,.February 23rd,
at 2 p.m.
charge through ��the Cohm. Dennis.
mail. The location otHhe eiectric-ligh
Applications should be addressed j pole line was accepted,
to   the   Director of Experimental!    The   Temporary    Loan   Bv-lawj     Harry Guichafi had  the misfoi***
Farms, OUawa, aad be sent in any '"passed its first and second readings,' tune to sprair an ankle, .en  Satur-
Tbe Ladies' Aid of the Metb
ocM_t Church -will *me_t iu Ipeola '
^jys on pai-s-ite and M their baid sessioa. at tbe Paarsonage, to-mor-
���stand during the coming snmmer. tow afternoon, at 2:30 o'clock, ta
It ��ay *l>*a_-ililj! be of inteiest to -attend to some work preparatory to
���the public to know the geher. 1 the approaching fete an March
-makeup of the Baud ia instru- 30th A large attendance is eurn-
jmentation, which  is as follows at estly dealrert.
time befarethe fifteeath  February, I    The Clerk was instructed to com-
' after which the list will be closed,; me"<* the assessment on March ist
so the samples asked-for may _��Und ��Mturn the-Roll on April 20th.
sent oat in good time for sowing. | The Clerk was authorized to
Applicants should mention the vari- j n***1*6 arrangements Iot an over
ety tbey.prefei with a second sort! draft-at the Royal-Rank, and-.o get
as a alternative. Applications will necessary municipal book..
bc filled in the order in which thev I *8 -Challuckthat: .hreet, it was
Rev. R.Gardon Tanner, of Ilaiu-i are received, so*loag as'the srtpplv | decided to move the -sidewalk,
OKd, will occupv thepslpit of the -j of seed lasts.    Farmers are advised throw the clay ridge into'thc-eiitn
to apply early to avoid possible dis ' of the road and^rade it.
appointmeitt.    Those applying for'    The  matter of cattle corrals at
Indian corn or -potatoes will please' Chalhickthan   station  was left  in
j bear in mind that the corn  is not:lhe   ,iands   cf  Conns. Davie and
I usually distributed until March,and
! that potatees��cannot be mailed from
j here until danger from -frost in
transit isover. f.o postage is required on mail matter addressed to
the Central Experimental Farm,
Methodist Chnrch here, on Suuday
next, at Wli services aad will de-
Uiver his populirr lecture ,,Tissot*9
2_-fe of Christ," tnthe Town Hall,
on Monday eveniag at �� o'clock.
This lecture will be illustrated bv
���stereoptieon Tiews, putting upon
tbe canvas many scenes taken from
Ithe greatest work of one of tlie
greatest of masters in Art of modern times. Wr. Tanner will also
preach at East Delta on Sunday*
afternoon and repeat his lecture
*th_re on Tuesday evening, 19ft
Paterson, with power'to act.
Coun. Dennis was authorized te
build a bridge on the 'Laws and
Kittson roads, also to Tepair the
Scott "road.
The Reeve atid Clerk were au-
thorrted'.a sign the contract with
the B.C.E.R, whea satisfactory.
clay last, during the nittch between
Westham Islanders and the Shamrock .��� of *'a7-,cor.vcr.
At the last regular meeting of
tbe Ladies Aid ol the Ladu.r
'Methodist Church, conveners cf
committees were appointed a-ud
further srange-uerits made for the
'Easts: Fete they propose to hoTd on
the 30th |rox. They promise to
give further particulars of this interesting event later en.
C. Arthur *is WMind
a touch of4a ffrippe.
ngniu after
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
Com C.M., Cre.�� .__. Wkl_rpl��|t -���_���_.'
An assortment of lleiutz goods
I in Cliili Sauce, India Relish, Ciiow
!Chow. etc.���W. H. Smith.
The Clerk was instracted lo call
for   tenders  -for   2,000  yards   ofj
gravel from "Port Ktlls, 1,000 yards
to bed_Hvered by 1st oi  May bal-!
1 ance by   1st June.    Tenders to be
in by March 7th; also to advertise'
far ?,oon yards of-crushed rock,
The annual congreg��tio��ial -melting af St. Andrew's Presbyterian
Church was beld, -Wednesday evening, January 31st. After the usual
reports ofthe various organisation*
of the clunrch work were received
jand adopted, J.   A.   Lofaa, D. B.
Graut and D. Montgomery were
elected to the Board of Management and John McKee was re-elected Treasurer. The Ladies' Guild
Stitte.i iu Uieir report their intention of adding jioo to 'Mr. Vv
An'cy's salary for .joij?. ���rrrl- -BffiLTA TIHSS, 7U-S3J9AY, PDERUARY
PCB__f.H5.T>  JiVrSR-V Tuesday.
StrBScaxP-tiON, $100 g__.y<-ar.
lug Stranger
Tie  steam tug  Stranger,. Capt.
.. Robt. Fenton, tender to the dredge-
Ring- Edward, was <*>iink off West*
Caa_al /_i_��rH_cmtt*,t��, lo cc-nai p��r lint foi
lb- tir��l tl.t-I_ton, md 5c.i1l.-sper. Iii:.- fi-r each
subsequent iarertjon.     The   DUtabef   ol   lines (
_r_kon��_ h. **<��� apace occupied, lallncato the   jjam I9laE(J   oa Tuesday last.     The
unci.. ��� ,. .
.   r. , , _,    ^     ��� ..������_��� k�� tUR was- in  collision with an ice*-
Ratca tor Cssmmer-i-l A_lvr-.*as��ro(-ti*.. enn be        *��
_a<i ou application m thia office. floe.    Members of the crew saved'
Reading notice* ._��-e.i*s ppr 'ine
Birth and ______..l.ol_ce*i 50. . Mar*tages$!,_0.
Any  5p.i-.al notice, tiie otje.t ol whicli IB to
prs*r*ote t___e pecuniary benefit ol bus iudividu.il: poiltOOUS   and
OT c.mpans. ty fce co'_fis] ..*.- c_,  advertisement'
aud chiir^esl aiKorsliuglv.
All ���dvett_-__n_>_iit ch.-ii*!j^sl Tcl
Out and paid for.
C��rr<.��pondeoc- .(.vital 'On. ir.ol-tcrs c.l public 1 ....        ., . c ,
int_re.-t. _omiiumi-a_ionaio editor mutt fie at-' indistinct the  ice-strewn  surface Ot
totnp.-.uied by name _f writer, _ofcnec___ariIy   _,       . .        .,      _s.
tor publication, i.ut as evidence of.Koodfaith. - the river when the  Strainer cross-
_ori..|,ui_il_uc_ muK reach thi*-of!k-? l.v TU-urs '
amy eve-tug.
ise.se- n>-[themselves, by jumpiag ont on th*
' ice.
The  Stranger was   towing   sixj
mdr.i.i-.:iilpontoons and  a blacksmith   shop
rigged on a scow, the flotilla being I
ntu or-iercd on the way to Victoria.
\ gray, deceptive mist rendered
Gao. R-.
The Cruise of the* Neptune is the
title of a neatly bound volume compiled   by   A.   ?'.    Low,   B-   Sc.
F.R.G.S., office? itt charge of tlie| _��� avoid  it
Daminion  Go-terntiisi.t
ta Hudson Bav  aati the Arctic Is-
i e<l from the mouth of Woodward's
Slough to- the- soath slsojie- of the-
main   river.    About   thia   time   a j
idriftiug ire-field loomed ahead. An- j
other floe, se-vesal acres in exteulv-
was-driving across the main chan-]
ue! in the current from Woed-j
ward's Slough, which empties into!
the river at right angles. Just then I
.be ice ahead ot the Stranger!
grounded, forcing her to keep out'
The approach of the
xpe-dicioui 8t*icr ***** which wa-- quickly closing
' m  irom the opposite  side of  thei
river   was   not   noticed   till   tool
lands during the   years   1903-04, Uate>   when   ,   ram  ���,-   ice_   with;
)as jast been turned out at thei the whol��*weight of thc field be-i
Government Printing Bureau, Ot-|hiad *., struck the tug amidships, |
fawas This is an interesting as- crushing isi her timbers, and leav-j
well as iiistrHctive book, containing ��ne a ragged rent through  which!
the water cernmenced to  flood in.
C.3 illustrations of places visited, of
atiiinals and of the inhabitants of
the frozen noith. The, contents
are composed of, historic  facts,, de-
The engineer called  up  that shei
was leaking.
The captain Stepped out of the;
wheel-house   to   look below, lit
and crew  walked  un tlie  ice back'
At last Saturday's meeting of the several h_____red feet to where the
(Delta Council* the question offstring of pontoons had drifted
straightening the Truuk road, from i against the to
the River to Challuckthan bridge in
ami   without  even
getting   wet,   they   all   clambered
saltly on board the scows,  jusn  asj
the   towlire   connecting  with  the
sunke* tug tightened and snapped
The   tug   Restless,   following
short distance astern, came up and
took charge of  the   drii.ing  pou
toons, nud took the men off.
The tug Clive, wbich was coni'
ing no-stream at 'cIk- time, saw th'
Iu the event of a tram feie being j stranger go down, and up to  oflei
built  into Ladner,  there is- very any assistance thait might be need
little doubt tha* this piece of  road I ed, and the crew   of the   wreckti,
will be required for-thrji purpose as tH*-   took advantage- ot. the oppor
particular, was again brought tip.
It appears that the?* are go field
notes of the. survey o��- this road i;*,
{���he possession of the Government,
'heretore ___�� Reeye and Coun. Gilchrist were au.hoviied' to obtain
Legal advice cu this matter.
the company alaeady has property
adjacent thereto. ��� B-ut the one
thing necessary is thai the uoadwsy
shall be properly and permanently
Other industries than liie B. C.
Electric Railway Company may
wish to come here, and wbese can
tun-ity   to   on   up   the   river ether   to   New   Westminster.     The
Restless, with the pontoon's in tow
then proceeded en iur way to Vic
Capt Robert Fenton is owner as
well   as   captain  of the  Lost  tug
There is uotVnuc   chance   1 doir
���anything towards rai ,v,..; t..i whil
thc tee C04itinui.-s  t-o   fu     in   ih
more  valuable properly  ba found \^Wl but whan the stream is cleai
than alasg the Slc-ugh bajik ? '.again trhese  should  not  bs- much
Therefore, it i_ r.n-wisc toaHow difficulty La locating the vessel,  ou!
.kese conditicas to   exist, and lhe! accountcf the long tow line still con-,
aected Sw hsr, which will   undoubt-
The Highest Attainment in Milling
Has Beea Achieved in   ...��   .
Moffet's "BEST" Flour
"BEST" is the resttlt of years of
sillily,, experimetiting and experi-
e.ic��-. It Ls ti-.-leii by iht most
modern process known, from Wes_-
< 111 Hard Wheat grown on virgin
soil, and for autriaient has outclassed, by actual test, every other
{lour on the nuirkct to-day.
For sale by reliable Grocers,
**rcrywhere. Say Moffet's "BEST"'
'.o vour dealer.
Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
���*���������� ���fr��^*H'��^*H*-'��*fr*H*-��*^��'h'v-l*��
Delta Transfer Stable
Team Work Done at SpcdalSy low Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor.
t Telephone " Ladner " No. 10.
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co.
Cost $100
V��vy   Kew   Le*
far 50c.
Pmy   Big   Dlvlds-4-.
a I over B.C.
Conlalnliig ever 100 Virws In everything.   Post Pnul 5.1c.
Illijslruttnp the HoaudlessS Ursuurce- ol tliis. tlie
Rich!.-st Province in the British Empire.
\'u ..-.Irs kis.ed. NotMng linjned.        Mattalac Ventured, Nothing Won
K-riptioa ef th* feltufds,.Eskimos. :"Det' **e  engrnetr eetnigg with  *
geology ^helmXu n*ayigatio��j met- :valis_-in��b__haBd. and the water foi*
.... ,.       ,. ,        ,; lowiac almost at his. heels. Snatch*.
eorological cbse-rTattons, buds and'.      , .      ,. ,        ,*,_������_,,
I inp his valise p_nd a roll ot blankets,:
their eggs, plapts, tossils, notes ou , _be capUilJ jusa.ped for ,he ice.Sddi j
the physical oondaUotis of t<*ae Es--just as- the water reached the deck,
k raosi etc., which niaks it a valu- The other two members of the crew
able adjunct to the home 'iLrasv.    | were already out  on  tlie  ftoe.    A i
  ! mintrte and   a half after she was,
' struck, the little vessel disappeared
T RUNIC ROAD. ��� beneath the waves, while her captain! S
The Richest Men in the World are investing in IJ. C. Copper-
Gold  Mines.     Why can't yon begin now ?
I be QrcateBt OaLil-Copi tr Dl_eover_r vi tke Age ta. ft.-.'-
s;. fsn ii-Mi m m. it
Certain ao reuilt profltal.lj.
Special One Manth Offerr 15c. Per Share.
Mines directly west of ibe l.e Roi and Le Roi No, 2-, largest
gold-copper mints'in B.C., puid Large Dividends. Assays Irom
3.5.co to $800.00 in geld, confer, silver, etc.
Rossland Mines received Highest Awards ior rich��w. gold-
copper ore stnt to St. Louis Exposition. Big Four had liest
l -splay nt Dominion. Fair, New Westminster, B.C., October. 1905.
N ' less than 100 shares rol'd. Shases can be had ou lnstal-
mer.i plan, pa\_n'.iits monthly. 20 per cent, cash, balance
C-.-ttpa-iv has uo *ltl��ts oc l-abiUUtft.   Stud tbr IltustrAted Bros{)��cii-ftbG-Secrekary.
Bffl  F&W  MINES,
P.O. Box 174* Vancouver, B. C, Canada*
[Nev/ Service���Port Guichon and  Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
r Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.ra.   Arrive Vancou>rer, 10.20 a.m.
Leave Vancouver,   2.10 p.m.    Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Gives  Passengers  four  hours  in   either   Kew   Westminster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff  effective    .Septemhetr    5th,   '06.
Greatly Reduced Rates      For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will he furnished without delay.
.ncorpeiMed 1*69.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Ourrent Rates.
East End. Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street; Grand Forks, Nanaimo,
Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon, Chilliwack, Cumberland and
New Westminster.
= L. M. RICHARDSON. Manager, LADNER, B. C.
Ladner Exhibitor
Ottr Sheet
Metal Fronts
Offer you ^ffciMlid' ttnproranwnfc, at
Bin all cont, ior any ntyl* of building.
Wo matte Uicirt complete, to suit
nny tacod or shaped stntclurc���ttia
on.ire metal finish iricl.klin^ door and
window caps, cornicM*., etc.���in a great
variety of styles-
Tbey ET-vc a Torr hnfuW-nte -*ffe<***%
and' tndttrlngi. pr&ctical itatUfaetion,
V.'o give et-.tmatefi H" y.m send
HK--1 s-inrmcml    ��'ii.d o<>Uino of 1 iie buU_W
Tbmk It ovor.
Meta_llic R_oofing Co.,
WKolosala Manuf-sMureiss,
Toronto, Car_ada.
Get vour House wire-i now
and file your applicatioa for!
Electric Light now, so that j
the poles i_.s.y be distributed j
past you? premises.
Application blanks may bei
had of Mr. McDonald, thej
A.  O. U.   W.
Delta Lodge, No.  12 meets first
and third Tuesdays of each mouth
in Oddfellows' Hall.
Thos. Todd, M.W.
T. W. Kerr. Recorder.
Conner tbifl wcik is done tbe battel
it will be for the couimunit
-japrovenJCLi- of the village.
uedly br easily picked  lip   by   drag-
���ging,   Th       n el
j tatlioms.ijj dept.li.
ROBT. MAV_ Agent,
is ten to. twelve   LADNER. B.C.
Do uot wash the horse's feet ini
water cr le. theia.get wet 'cltcner |
tb'an can be avbidad y/hile tutdci I
treatment and use the following: One |
ounce of chloride ol ;inc aud 0111-1
���ance of tannic act 1 and one qfiattj
of water. Shake well and moisten j
the parts twice .7: day snd cover 1
over with soft woolen batjdages
T, Todd 16 somewhat under t lit
weather, 'suffering fro.n a slight
'���-lH'h ��f cr.ii'pe.
Mirs. B*tt  bas been lail tip for al
few days with a touch o-l la grippe
^tn^argt, Public^
Autstiw..'m>ars, Insurants��
���*. 5.*,
Tnapit M-pwb
An��om ��.'..losj! a nkitoh..!***- iweriMMl ��i��f
nttlol_.fl nacefUln on*. ,-sp_il..n f;-eo-_msift��f to
i ,v.'i.t(o_ i_r*t'fc.ohIr.^^,4-rt,_"___i_*ffl9,_lrt��a-
.,,._'-��::i. 11 ����� txKiuu...t:_lI. HAHOB-Jtm '"��'��->_ifl
-nt l-*e. ..'Iciest osKiricy _.'. H^c_.-__,#rj.ut-mti_
rnusnu tratsi) ttir-auh. alnia ft Vw. t-ssetrc
.��� ..WMstlo., ttuhoa.'.-binvo, t_tbo
SMfic Jfttt-irSca.!.
* t.nfl'Somci.7l_rltifl*f_rt��-_ wppM-j*.   T-,mipc*fc Mr��
*miUpU'OJ nny acieminn Journal.   TeWjA f;t n
V.r;.ncii Offloe. 6___ F'Stu V*l--s|iin_itnn, U c.
i-   =__= =___ -|
X NKW W3BTMK.ST1.R, :-: B. C. ���*
X M:.in-.-fuctur.rsi oC all lunris o* ���>
i Soda Water, Ginger ���
X. Ale and Summer i
t Drinks. \
i Yonr patronage soltcited f
���J�� v
Jan. 8th to 11th.
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
Six Seconds.   Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Silver
Spangled  Hamburgs and
Buff Orpingtons.
W. N. Draper,
Room a.Kl.ord Qloclf. New WMtminata
Fashion  Stable
B. C.
Trucking and Draying.
Livery  work   of all  kinds attended to promptly.
\Ja M. Gollinson
|ji_m-r. II. C.
Ladner Carriage Works.
The Delta TimeS.
Always in Unease****
To Advance en
Mortgatjes . . .
'hambsrlain's C^gii Rsmsdy I
ureACpl-l&i Group aud v;...- pliULCqu^
With   Latest   Improved   FABM   IMPLEMENTS, WAGONS $ BUGGIES.
Largest Stock in Province to choose from.
ammeoaawm m ������ ��� ���*_ mmmaamamaamammaaaamaammm
Car.tago  Building, Repairing & Painting,  Stash*
smiUilag   &   Horse    Shoemg*
DeLnvai Separators.
aaajmkwwmmnaae m taaaM *��'*>��� ������ aaaaaom WW!   aamtom
G. T BAKER, Ladner, B, C, THE DI.L7A ?&����& TEESD-'-.V, Fk?.P,l5Al-_Y ..
all s.mxt:-..
, Anglican..
This a'lint-nt is usu til   <   u ;ed ! ;
rheumatism-oi th ��� raus ���:���������  i id m
be   cured   by   applying   Ciianibei
1:l,;y...C"!n!,:ls-n^'..::    Sl...^8'. �����"��--'������ Pdn -Mp two or three tines
I a ili\ and rubbing the parts vigi
jouslv -at each application.    11 thisI
i sloes u j. a.i >! '. r_'_i_.,   bin 1   on   tiie,
Ipieceol flannel slightly  daaiptnedl
| ii;.ost sure to  foil >.v.    For  sule  by
All Diiiggists.
.'':,'.   a.in.     isl Sunday   in month,
i; a.m.
Matins. 11 o'clock.
U; ;..-. .     -.    _    -   -.-.   |   ,���,;.
t     Sunday .*-���- hool at to a.in
Fridav, evening service '.
Kev. Cimon Hilton, vicar.
I.   VI liOJ.lC
i - S ���!���. i ..-��� first and third Sunday of	
i ii mouth i.t ii :,���.'...'.���:.: Benedic-i
i,,,, | __.,,,., ,��� Professor  Donald   Mcintosh   gives
sSunda. schoo at 3 p.m. the  following  Remedy  to  rcmovel
'    ���   v   ss anl - July Communion  worms trom the stomachs of sheep; \
��� ,'iis 1 for grub in the head of sheep:
| First, give each sheep   . ne  ounce
'fluid extract of spijelia nn-! senna
at .1 dose ' iree limes a day until it
I urge : ��� n 1,  grub  in   the   head
LetVrnliti. . , ..i.t>s>t well zr.l
���, ' . ,ss__i_..- .: ; s.L:j_.l. t_:s _i
SELP.CO ,. Ut    .   DECISION,   ANDj
.-'-' lo.t��ST_< ..:,- _ :.���:���..."_' r:, , ;jj...: i
|[ Ask your  :' v.: :��� fur . ., ,..:. ;: ;���. ._ 1
['���    "��� " i���il l  .. :   m uui time-1.
-���"-   li' ���������.. ���'���'...', obtain, K
'.'���_.;._, Ul.,..-, J
[Ol i Scotch-aw..]
eicft, fairies -a-..*- en tin. muur try at...
(t_k.i_.eti ta.r In tbe ie--_.ii.
Stray tjjke- thtaeSifiom ta.ir (ti'-'.' *,_...��
Msi; haply '���������':sg to the- flower!n_ .ltiji
Or the pink sod purp_e heather
! j:ij, -. k:i_; ar, blind In ti.e my*1.."* incut,
Ba? fi.D. tha kva 'tu a wiu-me Ugh*.
ff. ���_;. morning -re&ks sad-the ...i rial a��_
(____-__oei liircijs :-.'.h_ tt-_.t*<
Tha n, ..srin.'id suis*- s?ith gh-t'niri* lire's
Like ', ������; s lew . run? tvitii p-li oud :'.s~z
O:...:   .'.'.i. j.1.1  ,-;..'.: I. -_l__!_
(Gus-uoi.s tbrea Ls _.-v a��� . i-^.
A_t _>-*oe tha isr.i ti.��r ar-* har|. f_r_s��..
__._. wiie- -._. wind breath.., :_ir _fc_-n��.f
(___olian fun ps in th* beaiiiei I,
Bweet out-la rtr.g_ r.-_.n ':   ��� ti ... .trihi*
Aid Wild I I'd free 1. lis. .     .*:. .....
2?hrou���h *.:,>* pink and parple i-s_tsas.f
(Neyei u ,.-'.^ may reachiay e��r,
bu. tvone tb. Ibss I. It -��._.-: to heari
���Pall -i-'l __-_:j-_u_.
��� sir-.1 uud lliini lion 1
s a
fi a.m.
' ..M.i..
i,'7,.,7:.'..;;       7,777. . ';.;,
II _J _   ���-. i-lnlsm.)        ., .. : , .. .......   ,
I J. STEVENS A.1.Y.S _. i JOL Co.
j 1>. O. l;__ 4fc��7
f Chicopc.   Talk.,   v.,,..,,  U.S.A.      f
��� ���.- -���'���      "^^ 11 -���*���-��� -���--������- ���! -m-mii      __���___���_!  "
Receives both Ladies and Gentlemen as resident
or day students. Has a complete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades. In affiliation
with Toronto University gives the four years'
course for B. A. degree, and the firs*, year of the
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Prospectors' Course" for miners who "work in B. C.
Instructio:a given in  Art,   Music,  Physical
Culture and Elocution.
Por    Ca,lendav,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
ME. ii; >DKiT
I     -ts        - .        ���-
servu es next- l.,on.i .-
, ���:. in.and - :yi p.m.
Class  meeting, io.30a.1n. every
' Sunday.
Sabbath School  at j p ra   every
j.Sunday.      Frayer   meeting   every
Thursday evening at 7.30,
Rev. J. !���'. Betts, pastor.
j ��� an ... ly be removed by an
Day at  11   t ��� n. and this should bi don
iiualiiied veterinary.
by  a
Dav at   11
Sertii es next Lori
a.m. and 7.-,o p m.
Sabbath School  at 10 am
;" week meeting oh Thursday evening I counteracts any tendeuc.
The mother who h;.;. acquired thi
liubit oi keejiing on hand a botile
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,
saves herself n great amount of uneasiness and anxiety. Coughs, colds'
and croup, to which children are
susceptible are cured by its use,    tt
1   cold i
In tbe sulu.1' <y;ti;iu then i.r. 17,000,00.
..met. cf till _i2___
An imthorlty ou microscopy suies :'....i
ifco ha.r ul a woman can b_ _flsliat[Ul_ili__l
by iln -.-[..tritetint, iruui that ol ;i m_iri.
l'_e b.lgbl of lh.) niouniiu.,,, ia ihe
Hiiuu liu- -su-a ms-sured. Out. haa un ul*
tUudetif S_,OOO (est, aud aoTurut ura up!
ward ot 80,-00 feet lu Li>tgLt.
An instrument for s.-:.Infr objootfl Tin-Jcr
w*-wj- harliet'ti lnventod by a bydrogwbl.o
wiglu.tT uf Ku.ila. By its ai,;' ihe t-|_tto_n
or rlvr.rs to a d��i.ili of from ���:_ i_ (10 M ;
can be distinctly viewed, la ii.-5 ennui-
ni.ikiii of wrecks tbis submarine teleseup.
will bu of greiit service.
30 O ClOCK.
j.f\'. A. McAuley, Pagtor.
ervices ��� Crescent  1.*
land, ., p.m.; Ladner, 7 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.       1
Prayer meeting on Thursday af.l
���8 p.m.
C. Croft, li. A., pastor.;
Tin* S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at y. a.m. and 3 p.m.; leaves .Steveston at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Every
day e'-xcept Sunday.
vcterinory ol the Homestead
to result iu pneumonia, am! if given
a.s soon  as the  firs,  symptoms ol
croup appear,   it  will   prevent  the
attack, This remedy contai ,s noth-j
ing injurious and mothers give It to ;
their little ones  with a  feeling oil
perfect security.  Sold hy A'! Drug- '
When ynu wish to liny visiting!
cards call on the Delta Times who'
'i ill sell the best money can buy.
If you need them printed, why you I
are money in pocket by calling on I
thc Del.ta Times first.
According  to  Tiie  Commercial,;
of Winnipeg, the   visible supply of
oats in tlie United States and  Can
ada, cast of the   Rocky Mountains,'
is    11,982.000   bushels,   compared
lb  27.
��� 7,000 bushels a year ago.
: giv.s the following treatment for ai
'.���orj.e with heaves. The disease
is incurable, but tl.e distress niayj
be relieved by giving half an ounce,
of Fowler's solution of arsenic nightl
and morning, wetting all food with!
Iiii>evvat_r, allowing double the us-  Williuin Holmes' UdMr' ha!
ualrest time alter meals,  feediug m the case taken against him by R,
New   Weslminslc
7- ���
bat straw iii preference to hay, and
1 grass us the only fodder in summer.
The disease is caused by continued
A. C.lera.
lhe    same   place.
Coleman was engaged to bale   hay
for Holmes and the two had a dis-
Tiie Delta Tim&s
distention of digestive organs  with pute as  t0  **ovv
,_  .      ,    ,       , ,- ���     ,    baled   ami   the    price.      v.. ...������,.
course mod and  working  animals tr I
claimed the price was  to   be   Si 1
much  was to  be
while so distended. The tendency
to the disease is hereditary, so that
affected animals should not be used only *r 00*   There were  l8S ,-',ls
per ton, while Holmes said  it  was
foi breeding purposes.
baled   and   so   Holmes    paid   $185
I into court.   The action  by  Cole-j
man was for $235 which included j
la   small   sum   for   alleged   delays
caused bv Holmes as.well   as the
I extra 10 cents per   ton.    The  case'
Nurseries   &   SeedhouseSt"'*������������ hc'Avd yesterday by Judge Bole
j and   this  morning   h*uded   down;
;    licadtjiiaitets Ioi    I'aciljc   Coast judgment in farm ol   Holmes with !
grown  uajdeii, Field aad   Flower costs,
Seeds that mr thoroughly tested us! ~~
to vitality belore oflering for .sale���iC mmuii Cold   ai ��� Me   Cause   of
lhat are subject to goveriiment in- Many Setious Diseases,
speclicjii as to  freedom  from   .feed
[seeds.    Samples   sent   to intending      physicians  who  have sained
'hvsiciaus who 11..ve gao.a n
1 national   reputation as  analysis of
Large stock ol KOMI'; QROWN|thc Ml)se ()t      ,:,������ dJ8e|,
Job Pi
uses, c aim
i that if catching cold could be void'- i
ed a long list of dangerous ailments
would never be heard of. Every,
one knows that pneumonia and
consumption originate from a cold,]
Spraying    Material,    Grectihouse|and cl,ro.ljc dtarth, bronchitis, and
Fruit  and  Ornamcui.il  Trees now
matured for the spring trade.
No expense, loss or delay of fumi* j
gaiion or inspection.
f-.EE SUPPLIED Spray Pumps,!
Plants, Cut Flowers,
We   do   business   on   our   own
all throat und lung troubles are ag-j
gravalcd and ieudero.,1 more serious
grounds���np rent  to j>ay and a��. bv"-each fresh attack.   Do not  risk
prepared to meet all competition.      y:)UI |jft ,)r 1;l!;e cliair.es when vou
Lot me price your list before plac* | have a cold.    Chamberlain's Cough
iug your order.   Catalogue Fre
cure  ii   before  these
30IO Westminster Road,
VANCOUVER,   -   B, C.
dine-ises devel.p. Tbis remedj' contains no opium morphine ot other
harmful drug and Las thirty yens
of reputation bark of it, gained by
its cure tinder evety condition. For
sale by All Druggists.
Tin) longest single ��r.h InastoVe brtdgt
l*Vi,i fwt, OTtr tho Rlalta ut I'linloe
Tbo greatsst strtictiire'ev.t' raised 1 y (ha
bs.M.1 uf ,111.11 i> th�� pyramid of Ci.-'-;.,
.ouuded 1,000 . rsrs tiy.j ami liieasiiring
"jrt feet .ejus,��� t_i tine isis- _uii l,*iiih' id)
teit high,
Tlie hanging jj-Nruiini! ;.f SJabylon wero
l_rra._8 nu coluuiT-B. Ths gar_f_.]& were
*til) ft'fit sqtlura eint ov,-r 400 ,*u-i l,l).'h.
ThoastMiDt t'.iiu terraot _j tarrueti was L.v
flights of mai bin steps, tail ca; th. _lg.'.t_t
.m h U_ri��s r_ss-ww,.is-
IMdn't  M,'iiB.:rc- 'I'llom,
luaao lliomle.v once ran "against p
swin" while !������' luring In I Itrhfl 111 fi itn
ty, Conn. As 1 reenll the Btoi'y, lie was
Itoluiing before a local Instil ill* iil-on tl'f
siitijfi't of a trip ho bail recently mucin t..
California and the Voseiuito rallty, wind
iej.' up �� Ith ;i lieautillil duacriptii �� of the
Bridal Vi-il falls, which so charm nU who
visit them.
As ,'iy took his seat ho was surprised to
tt. ti-e Vnntl'-m.ii! who had presldrd orcr
tho n-i't'tin*. step forward and pay, "In ao
cordani'u with our usual custom, wa wil!
now be glad to hear Bny questions that
the lii-turi'v may bo dosircd to answer iu
r.:lulio:i to tlio subject upon which ho has
been balking.*'
At tliiri a bill, red banded man ros* In
me aumence ami wnn a ra.--i,m|.* Totce
said, "I would liko to ask of thelootnrot
iho exact height of the Bridal Veil.1
llromliiy, wh" had expcot-U nothing ol
ihl�� Ulnii, nnd wns never strong In details
s- .d flgni-ee, wns entirely taken by >ur
prlso, but jfave no sign thereof ae re rost
and advanced to the (nun of ihe i latforn
snd coolly answered, "I did not measure
then., bill r.s nearly as 1 can reiriotiiber tin
exact height Is Ml feet !..'. inches. No
further questions were asked of that lee
Hirer.r- New Haven Heglsler.
Trlek�� ef Purls Cabmen.
Pang it full of counterfeit coins, and
tho i*abmen make, uso of Ihem quite In
psnloualy. You take a two franc flat-re
rid>, and when yon re��eh your hotel
you In lhe ax-uerosity of jour heart
i-ive the cabman S franet.
Voa har. Just got within the rest!
bul* wh��a you notice tin* eabuian has
H�� apologir.**, bat the eoin yoa bars
Siren him ii bad. You look at it. Yen.
it 1* bad. It is nothing bul a bit ���(
Yon ara pretty certain in your miu*
that it isn't the coin you gave Uie maa
���which in nlnety-nlno case* out of s
hundr*.. it isn't���but you dou'i care t����
haitglt In a hotel corridor anil W* aub-
j<vted to the ignominious glance, of
other folks as a foreigner who gives
pooi' French cab driven bad money. So
yon tak�� the bit of lead and give a good
Of court*? the cabman ha. changed
tha coin. Yon gave him a perfect ly
good three franc pleeo at the start,
which he has In his pocket, and he has
bluffed yon luto giving him another _
franca In exchanga for a ntel.s* bit of
lead. Tn vititor- to I'arii let thla bc a
���wn Kinds ef a Un*.
* liltle 1'oa. Is s<_��i afloat
."pon tlie moonlit waler,
In which ?, youth _o*s ..i'. foi'*_*)tl.,
with h'-P n*'sr:iN*r'n daughter;
H�� h'jt> '.lie shor. a nil* or ra_rs.
.Vlent: Iho I lughlng syi>.ter.
Th**�� 1 a. tin-* Isoal severiflv He-.il
And h  -s hl�� n_'��'!*'.--I- -. .l.si;.*>'.*r.
- ���'' '.'���.: ��� ^ro  '..:..;vi.
Time in O.srn.
Tha Tresidcnt���Is (hg list of faJ.ibtill
player, thorpnghly adver.is._d.
The ]).'..n���It is.
I'h" resident���Than I ghesi we mlg! ���
as well ojssn np the college.��� Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
A Palei-mil Wall.
I'ra vimIi e-:d worn anrl w.-;uy, I acn fr.s_-
tiIskI to �� thread,
I nev^r g*' a breath ef pcae." liH Dloli '
Miff in b< -J:
At morn, at nlpht, I prowl and blta:  I
ch.'irK*. I pilch a".d t- i
I have to ba tfiose animals ho saw at th'
county fair.
���Chicago Reeord.
4 lh  That  *_;,.1,- the Wur Scut*
Lu,...- Tbeir .UusL.k.
Th. Presbyterian prints a war ao_.il   .--
ofao nnconventloual sort. Ulfferont i__ .-
a,-, niii  .-���.-..si  more oi lei_ '.nto It, _s_H.rU
lu.; t.j ���':,.::''. diff.rjnt habits of  mind, by;
1 all v.;.'. llnd it In.era.ting
|     .-' imt    ii..':.. ..'is who were croaslng the
Atlarr.i-  wet  ir,   the   cutin  on  Sunday
sight, to sing  hymus    A. they saog thrf
last   hyiun,   '.leius   Ijover of  My  r;...ul."
: ono oi them heard an exceeding., rich ufj-t
.  b ���-,   . :':i voice  behind  hlm.   He  hsok.4
round, aud alt!iou?h he did not know tlu
face, bethought   thai   Lu L-i.-vv ti'e voi__.
So, s.i..-:i lhe miisl'a ii_��sed, lie turned ui__
] a^kuci t!'-- jui.u If he had been iu !'is -ivil
I war.    The man r_rili_��i that lie hnii lieeu a
[ Confederate so!_i. r
"Wero you at such a place on such a
night?" asked the llrst man
"Yes," replied the second uian, "and a
oiuious; thing happened that nii. lit whieh
thi. hymu  hus recalled to uy mind.    1
was posted on sentry duty utar the edau
of a wood,    lt w:i_ a dark night and mv
cold, and 1 wus a little irightened Ux.au.-a
I the enemy wore supposed to bo very near.
! About midnight,  when everything was
{ still and I wan ft-sllng homesick und reU-
' arable and weary, X thought that 1 woRld
; cumt'ort myself  by praying and singing a
hyuiu.    I remember nidging .beet Hum:
"All my trust on th*_ Is stai^l.
���All my help from iUe_ 1 tiring.
Cover my ^-r_n_-:**ss heuil
With tii.! sha.ow at tby whig.
"After   Kingh.'g   shut  a strange  |.e.ns
i came  dowu  upon  me, and through  th_
|  long Titgt't I felt iio more tear."
"Now." said tiie other, "list-en to n,y
I at- iy: 1 wo* n Union soldier _.t_dv.ns in
the wood t,hat night with u i.urty of sesiiits.
! 1 saw you standing, although I did not
��-.: your faoa. My men LaU their rnlea
footis-oil upon ycu, waiting t!ie wi.iil to
Are, but w hen joy sang,
".'_��� -i my d. fehseless !i*.id
** lib Ilie si,.i.low of tliy wing.
1   s.-iiil, -jl ���.'-.. lower year  fines*, we will
go home.' "
Dlceatll.lllty ui (_��._ Food,
If i^ impossible io digest ariiales of fo-.-l
nuiii I hoy arc raiiud to _ moderately high
tempivalurs.    Much of ths Illness proya-
Je;i. In siimmur would bu avoided if (icople
ote warm food, as theytlo in winter.  Deli-
cata |>crsotia espScl.ilt.* should avoid'wild
i di*lies and drinks. They are. extremely ta x-
! Ing  to ilia  dltcosllvu [ipwera and iigreai
I draft on the vlrtiliiy.    1 h_ hmnao cystem-
{ bus just so nitieh  power in reserve, and if
thi*: I* exhausted In warming up the lar^e
I amount of cold food thai is teten into tha
i sl.imaeh there is but 1 it-t lo left to earry on
: the othej* pitioossoa of oxistatica.
A physician of wide exporienca says
. that for t* years he has seareely had a
! (lay's ill: -.rs or an .V'liv's i*atu, and tbis
oxomptlon fnxo ���uffering he attributes to
an unvarying practice ef takiug t plate of
hot soup tures or four ttmsa a day, winter
ami summery. His pTaer-iea ll largely met-
rnnrslltan. ���>.��,_ If he I* tin-, or overtaswt
he isaaes it bis tmpetanva amy to vistg
tii* rvearostr flrst class hotel and get. a dish
of tbe best sonp lis oan find. He frequently take- it without accompaniment of auy
K.irt. Occasionally a cracker or roll ia
oaten at the asms time.
Tills man declares that, all thlugs heing
equal, he will stake his reputation on tha
theory that nine-t��nths uf the Intestinal
trouble, of the summer snason oould ha
avoided by the systematic and frequeu.
use of hot berurags-B, or. what is bettor,
dishes ��f soup eaten as hot aa they can ba
relished.���Mew York h-nlger.
Tho grand vider was ambitious.
"I think," .-aid ho, "that my head will
bo on .". iroda] s-irre day,*'
"Ha!" said tho caliph, "flood Ideal
111 have U m-iicl. olf at once I"���Indian-
sooi:* s*��ntrn<i..	
The Vital Petal.
Phe���Father asked the uth.*r day how
eo,in we would ba in a position to bo married.
He���1-oes dear father's health still ooa-
Mnuew.-uei.f-Philadelphia Ninrtb Amer-
Tha Austrian gorernmeiit lir.n mlar-fr-d
the boundaries of Vienna to suoh on extent that tho Motropolltin r.rea ta ruW
half as lar;.** as London, twice aa hrtie u
Paris and three tiir.., Inrg.r than 3orHc
Uougfi Bemedy]
The Ohild_*��ffQ Favorito
Qoi^hs, Ooldc, Qrbup 8&4
Whooj ing Oouffh,
'i hi s ��������� *-7 -'      mi for it**.' :������'���" ���������������""
L- i'i.>-o , -   :   ' :��� d   /.:���'' :.    II  i*  n
hi--.' -a it Ippci -(J uiji ������.   !��� *.��� *.; ' i. no
I  . ;��� ������ '���;���������' i ��� fi ! '*.' ��� ���                    lM)
I    .-- - cfl ,       -\ .   ������ \  ������  ��� i��� "   .   ,    u. Ui     ���-'���'������ -\
- .--. ��g i-:- ; i irtr^ Btm, 60 cts, THE 'DELTA- TIIViT.S, TUESDAY, F^RUASY 12, tfO?.
v 1. ��� i   ��� .     *.
Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Grant visited
Tlie Market,
Now    Westminster,    Feb.   9.���
i Taere were many signs of marked
' improvement   in  yesterday's mar-
The S.S. Transfer recommenced  fc.t   and   the tttendanc. wfts th,
! largest lor a number of weeks*.    It
������ is expected that by next week the
river will be clear enough for the
i boats to be running and that  farta-
! ets will commence to rush in   their
Mr.. G. R.  Manley  is confined j P*-��-***�� wd make up lor the tost
to  the  house trom  tbe  effects
la grippe.
Vancouver last week.
her visits here, on Wednesday last.
J. Grauer took  about co head cf j
.beef cattle over  to   Eburne, > estet ���
C(|  time of the past few week*.
{farmers all had sunshine in their
! iac*s and expressed themselves as
_______ __ . pretty sure of a first class season
A much needed supply of coa! j ahead. They consider that tht snow
arrived. Wednesday last per S, S. j has a great fertiliiing power and
^Lapwing. 1 and that lots of snow means lots of
-.   ���  I garden and orchard produce.
The florists were once mere on
deck yesterday, and from their
corner came a continuous stream of
Ladner Tish Market.    We Beg Leave
Constantly Kept on Hand, also   ...
DELTA STREET,        -        -        LADNER, B. C.;
Miss   Rich   entertained    a    few |
.friends, at her heme, on  Thursday
evening last.
Dr. and Mrs. A. Kendall, of
Vancouver, spent .Sunday in town
visiting at Dr. Weodley's.
Mrs. A. T. Smith and niece,
Miss E. H, Anderson, are guests of
Mr and Mrs. D. Andersen,
Rev. J, P Bowell, bursar of Co'*
���mbian College, spent ��� few days
here, last week, on business.
T. Cosulich, el the Ladner Fish
.Market, paid a short business visit
to Vancouver on Saturday last.
carnations,   chrysanthemums   and
other floral delights.
The butcher showed a line of
choice cuts of a character which
i7fast malting the Fraser valley
famous. A recent visitor from
England stated that he had alta >st forgottea the taste of a choice
S lglish roast beef until he tasted a
plateful of the Fraser valley product.
Butter was fairly plentiful, and
tho vendors who make a practice
ot coming to the market re, uirly,
sold out all their stock-111 trade.
The price wa, a little less lim than
it has been and 30c per pound v, ill
be the prevailing price nexi week.
Eggs were more plentiful 11 an.
tkey have beea and as a result the
prict showed signs of weakening
wkick were very welcome to those
who have to purchase. Whole
salers atartod the market by offering 50 cents per dozen, but us the
supply began to roll in, the price
weakened until, it dropped to 47
cents per doz. It is expected that
the price will take a decided drop
ky next week if the present mild
___       ���        ��� weather continues,
Mrs. T. W.'Foster received the There was aa excellent supjly
sad intelligence, Sunday, of the 0( b?ef carcases, which were all
death of her mother at Grand j sold at quotations Pork was also
Rapids, Mich., at the ripe age ofj somewhat more plentiful than it
76 fears. I has been, and as usual thc demand
~~~ i was strong.
To notify t'he people of Ladne.- Mid au_>
rouading -district that we _vr�� .mow in a
petition to offer Vancourer __s__.__d
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it possible fbr parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about th*
same cost as piling or other inferior
Wanted a good   reliable   Housekeeper,   about  35  or  40  years oil    A Fiill .Stock of Shades -and Fix- "j Vl/fjf*-. tier  Pri_rf_C
age.    Apply at ,ures &, ��� kindg kept on hal](L
 _���_ ���____ :      Wiring and  house furnishing a
Friends cf Robt. Pybus will
pleased to learn that he is able
be around again after an attack
ta  grippe.
W. D. Betts returned to Kamloops, on Wednesday last, but received an extension of his holiday
and returned home again yesterday.
From  Inverholme Stock  Farm,
one large white Yorkshire Sow.
Information  as to   whereabouts
will be suitably rewarded.
Somethings Mew
I     t  ::ow prepared to build  coil-
���*    it.: wire fence with  wooden
F r 'iirther particulars and prices'
ap'*- to
C. fl. WICIiSON,
C'esc.iit Is'.ind.
P. O. Box 45       -       -       Lad ier
j specialty.
T. Mowbray,
Columbia St.,   -  New Westminster
P.O. Box 364.    Phone 269.
Misses K. Honeyman and E.
Rich left, Saturday, for All Hallows' school, Yale, where they will
resume thsir studies. Their return
had been delayed by tho heavy
5-aow which had fallen there.
Two goals to nil in favor of tbe
..Vancouver Rhamrc c.s wss the result of Saturday's match in Vat *
couver, Westham Island played
one man short most of the gane on I
account ol Harry Guichon's aeci
The last home match will be
played at Wtitham Island on Saturday next, ifith inst., between the
.Vancouver City team and .the W.
J. F. C. There should be a good!
turnout st this match at it certainty'
will be a good one.
Veal was scarce. There a great
many enquirers for that product
and the price was from a cent to a
cent and a half higher than that
offered last week. Mutton was
also short with a strong demand.
Fowl were somewhat more plenti-
; fnl than they have been during tht
past two weeks and demand was
strong. Chinamen being specially
keen to buy. Ducks were offered
in small numbers and were greedily
bought up by Vancouver dealers.
Apples were scarce, and  the de-
1 mand was good.   There is at the
! present timo an excellent  market
I for first class stock.
Potatoes   were   offered    in   fair
' quantities. The enquirers for that
line of merchandise was weak. It
is not expected that there will be
much c emand for potatoes till th**
cold weather is over.
The St. Andrew's Auxiliary ot
the W. F. M. S.. held an open
meeting, on Wednesday last, the
(Sth inst., at whii:. Rev. A. McAuley gave his celebrated lecture,
A. McDonald and W. Main were
in town, last week, finishing up
some work in connection with the
lighting system and moving two or
\ Trip to Salt Lake City and the!tliree '""P*'
Have You Any Chickens ?
I  Pay Highest Price   for
Ali  Kinds,
! NEW WESTMINSTER,       -       -        - ~     B. ���..
���a*. jL.ii..i-i. ,__ 1.. ,__����� s.
E. T. CALVERT.   |
PoTt Guichon.
When you are wanting anything in the
line of Blouses, Dress Skirts, Petticoats,
Underwear, Hosiery, White Goods, Neckwear, Ribbons, Furs,fi Smallwears, Jpoliday
Goods, or
Bonnets,  Hats,  Furs,  Dresses,   Underwear,
Hosiery, Etc.
Call and let us show you.
Goods and Prices Right.
A. J. BIRTCH, - 275 Columbia Street
Cut Glass.
Watch Repairing a Specialty:.
Jfndrew Clausen,
For Winter Wear
m .3.50
& $4.00
W�� have the Greatest Value
in Shoes
Qood Solid Reliable Footwear,
Just the Thing for Winter Weather.
We carry these in all Leathers and have a (nl. line of .Shapes
and Sixes to Fit All Feet.
Nothing In Town to Equal Them.
Ja REAGH,    m   Ladner. B.C.
Estate 0/
m.   La   McBhRIDE,
General Merchant
Mormons," after which a special
collection was taken up and the
tnite boxes opened, all ef which
netted something like $26. Refreshments were s.tved daring tbe
eveniug by the ladies, after which
the Meeting adjouin.d,, sll being
well plesseci, having spent a very
pleas'siB- and profitably, time
Phone 5.
Port Guichon
���-���WESTHAS,   ATTENTjqK!
"Rev. .Gordon Tanner, b. ts...,. ofj
Jlatm-jond, will jw his *?opt_tar
lecture, ."Tiwot's Lifo Chris*.'' 8 ;
lustrnt-d tvit'i _t_n-i.pticon views, |
in the .School If .use 0:1 Westh.u:;
Island, Wednes'luv evening, .oth
"'* ..u��t, at 8 o'clock . I
Gasoline Engines, Root Pulpers,t       . ,
^ Walworth-^plstonCo,,     i^Q    jQ^||     j^      Qt
1016 Westminster Ave.,   -   Vancouver, B.C,; '


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