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The Delta Times Jan 5, 1909

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6, No
The filarkct.
Delta Council     Christmas Tree.
Our Big Annual
New  Westminster,   Der.
The  market day of New-
week is always the slowest
year and this week was  no
tion,  for compared to   the
of tin
rush and bustle oi business,
market building was quiet, very
qiBtft. It was not that the peop'i
���d. the chy did not want to buj:
they were-every bit as anxious to
obtain    supplies,    and   'especial'.}
The IDcrlti; Council nidt in the
Council Chamber on Sd'.urday last,
Jan. end, at 3 ip.tn., with 'the
Reeve, H. !j\ Huutii .si.n,'in the
chair, nnd Conns. Gibbie, Davie,
Gilchrist, MorW- and i-'.mbree present.
Minutes 01" previoit. meeting
were .adopted as read,
From D. 'Robe, tson asking fOT a
poultry for their New Veer's din- jiioan of ^3.C)00 on ^ Lot ,92) G2
<s lUrt *
'���Granted under usual conditions.
From '1 upper .& Griffin re refer-;
JTiag matter of Rirer ro.id to
���way   Commission.     Received -end
On  motion  tV.e Cellector's HRoll i,
and-statement of arrears as illumed ley the '-Clerk  w,-rs recei id and
the  Clerk  author-iced to -cortt��rtie
.The Reeve reported tiai .ns.'made
settlement with tthe  Chi_am<:.i for
%M mXmft^U^M^^ M*&mLTm
Watch Next Week's Adv.
tiers; tl e purchasers were there a:
many almost as during other weeks,
but the reason for the slackness was
to be found in the fact that the fa'-
tn-rs and their wares were absent
The change ef date made necessary
%y lhe fact that New Year's da\
fell upon'-the regular market day.
the bad con litiou of the road foi
lowing tlie bad weather <)f fhe season and the close approach to the
farmers' .loliday, New Year's tDay,
were the main factois  that  caused
the Iarmers to stay at home.    As si ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
consequence, of course, the markei iClerk <*dweH .��-ipay*��_tte.
was short  in   almost  everv line of!     The Beita HM ir��ry By-law ua
iproduce.      Yet   it   was    noticed :jread  a *flSt tiffi?-
marking fhe growth  of  the Nevv I rescinds .he gayette mi'fhe ol'd road
Westminster  market, that  quiet as
it was, it was far in advan e of thi
corresponding market of last year.
Beef was the most plentiful stoek
ion tlie niai_Ket mid   the supply was'
only fair, and ail was readily dis i
j posed of at the ruling prices of the i
I past   weeks.     Lamb   and   mutton
shoft even under ordinary conditions, were still more so and the
!"tieninnd<wcs-stTong at 'the prevail-
| ing figures. Veal was-shott and in
! good 'demand generally. Pork was
! in geo 1 demand, the result of short���'
i'ness of other meats and stimulated
A CI ristmas ttee   entertainment
was held  in  Boundary Bay schodl
house on the evening -of  .lie aotfc
ult.   micter  lire   auspices   of   the
-Boundary Pav'brci.itrof All Saints
Sunday  school,  snfi  'was a   huge
���success,'being .he best of  .ts kind
���ever held eft 'Boundary   Bay.   The
schodlbGU_vwes tastefully decorated krr .Ire T3CC__iitjn-and great credit
is due   .be 'committee   having the
1 entertainment  'in    Charge,     viz.:
! Misses   F. Brandrith antt !K. lHea. 1
\ and Robt. Smith, assisted  by <Hher
willing hantts'of the district. About
Kajj.jtwet.tv   i!o'_r*s 'were   .dltcctei  for
i'the Christmas tree fund  of whit?..
I about  sweteen   were   expended   in
'buying  snitabre 'preseitis   for ithe
children, the   .5_.a1.ee feei.ig Tufri-.
'into   the Swnda"V-st-hed'.  fund,  of
which Robt. Suij-fc'ts ^upOlnwrU
Thr paPreiiR. anH ehliftrtn -tf_��n_i-
tited tetlre s_'ncol '.".ocse abmr..^.}*,'
m-^^^^m,^^^^���^^^���^������k     P ra- swpper 'rifhrr. "tiifli   serve-.! '���'"
thesum at fit*.   -Received, and the;tlw   children.,  after   wtii&i" ��__]<_
were indulged in tint. I Santa-Clan*���
^^^^^^       (-made   his appearance  from clou
Above by-law ii?aH()   wfeet, each .c1���H   rer,;v,>,.  ,
-suitab:.-'present a'tso s '-'.".v.   I
through Chinatown and defines the|and,ca ,dfeSi after vvliich 1(he g^-^
nevy piec- of diverted road, being a' wrr. ���.IVjd ,witb s^.,^,.   HM(j <be
potion o" the con inuatiou of S tan- j foliowiiig'pragiaro.Bfc-v.as'rendttred:
ley street. ^Recitation ffiveliae _*tr_lu
Cr*.. Davie asked to  .: .ve tt- tfecefcaiktr./'ISai.^tlavs"	
pairs done to  Laidlaw   street,  in lft**j'wre Witglft
Recitation,   "The   Night   Before
Christmas" Katie Wright
Recitation, "Christmas Bells"	
done to Laidlaw street, iti
front of St. s\ndrew"s Presbyterian
Church. Coun. D.i vie was authorized to spend $ 10 on same.
The   Keeve   reported  that lights
would lie re-arranged as smou as
man a wives--to do-, -a me.
Ccran. MfrvieyeliT.-:ted  tht;
matiot. that all have not  j.*��i .'llseir
share'for cleaning  out ;the 'Soudy
road -fiiWli,  and  'the  'Reeve   and
Clerk  tneri  authorised ta
���_ s.��� JPeari i^efl.��E
Ti.e:Bi>��:nie v\"ee V/wSow"
���      Robt. Sinitt
rr.for- i^ecitetlcn,    "Bartiey   O'Jimuff-m
Buttered Hat"- l.tH  Weare
"SaitS, "Mts. Ifioeligwois ^Christ-
nias(C?W:e'". ....Hi   'Smith
by   the  cold   weather; the -supply
wasadequatetomjetnhed.tnand.    CIerk  were "����<w����d ���*���   wltecl|'Re_itat. ,n,  "Rflg Time <in .-New
Fowls were eagerly -sought after hale"ce dHe �����*��**. *lsc Cowrush-j    Yorl_''  B.<H. Weare
in common with all  other kinds'of c(1. T0<rk   *"?   W*^  s'J^:iffd  t0 Comic Reading,"*. Vi^t in-a
! poultry, but ithe supply was very : P1"1���16 wBindnals. j    Bathroom" Robt. Smith
i small indeed and the would-be r��r- ]    Coua' G,bb,e reT>orteh  l1P0,l'tl,e Song, "Coons in Georgia*\.N.Alien
I repairing ofthe Gulfside dyke and, ,.Reci,at40i)> .��pafs Christmas"....
after -some't.iscu*.icn, it   was de-; p   ��Sa-t4rjtj,
! chasers had toturh to other meats'1
I for their New Year's -dinner.    The
11 '
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
A  Local  Option  Rally   will 'be
Lethbridge, Alta., Jafft. 1.���Tbc
st car of <coal <was shipped from! b^ki>in'the Town 'Hall, Lfedne./oa
e ���Royal'mines overthe nenv spiff:l Tbnrsday evening, Jan. 7th.    The
:entl<y  completed,   itt was billed
_egina.    All shipments Will now
nade over tins -spiff.
meeting <wi!l be addressed by Rev.
Dr. Spence 1, Supt. of Local OptioB
Campaig"! i r'B. C. Everyone is-
'terested in the question, either fav-
' ne regular monthly meertng ef
,c>fter Wffi.T.U. Will  be  held in
Andrews' Presbyterian Church,
ii   afternoon, at g.'joo'tflock. The
;ject ofthe me��Jtitig'is "Ph.ity,"
id a donation tff money, towiils or
. ad-Hum -_.jeiiig._ken  uplor our
"'TjMinci-tt Rescue  Home.    Dona-
.'"ons wjH be thankfully received
from any Who are interested in this
awrrk. ���
cBably or othiTwise, is requested'to
Represent.     Chaintakeu at 8 p.m.
We are pleased to be able to _fc-
port Uwt G. W. Brewster's young
daughter is'Oli the high ro_d��to're-
h'ollowit-.g is �� list of the winniii
numbers at Marshall Smith & Co.';-'time is slow, the
Xmas drawinfj:
C9512���Mrs. Win, "Rea^h.
C9<��72���Fred .\rthur.
C9971���C. A. Wickson.
B10800���-A. M. Maxwell.
C1670���L. W. Liubree.
B13607���Jas. Bone.
C9IJ49���.. .I,. Heniiessy.
8. C4105
9. C8a64���D. Gum.. #
10. B12582
ConstHation. C7728���Pyke Bros
prices remained ste.idy.    The same
remarks   apph'    to   -clilcken   auH
ducks.    A few geese   were offered
and  sold   easily.    There   were  no
turkeys offered but tbe enquiries
for these birds  indicated   that they
nvould 'not have been oflfered  long Ip
'had    tbey    been    there,    ��ressed ���
birds were in-equally good demand |" ...   .   1
'but were also shoft.
Eggs remained at the new figure
set last*w*ek, the nyw buyers hav
ing shown themselves  unwilling to
purchase   at   lite  continued   high
figure.     Further   decline  mav be
expectetl . from tiotv  on until the
-spring.  ��� Butter is    still   of igoo<l
quality and'.hepriee shows "no sign
of changing   from  that  whicli  h:s
! ruled   for  tlie  greater part ol  the     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
i year.    There   is  ample   to   supply ^������        i        	
the demand St that price. [ per lb- foreqnartets, 14c to -c.
The apiilc market at '.he ipresent!     Mutton, -ioc to n ic prr lb.
pilrchisers  de ir-       Lamb, '^tc'Xo �� jc per'ib.
ing  the   best  quality of  fruit, ami      Vwll/medium, 'neper lh;   lafige,
; .he  growers  holding  on -to   theii   .ic td7c.
^better class df stock in   anticipation ' }: Pork, Sc to 8J^c per IU.
���of indreased prices as'the-spring ap-      K^gs,  wholesale, 45c   per   doz;
pioeches aim  the supply   befcomes -rretail, -^ac.
|-setrce.    The apples on the   mar.et.!     Butter, ^sCto 4��c per 'lb.
!This -wetfk   were   dlmost   entirely 1    "Fowls,  S7.00  to $ ..00 per doz
i-second  class,   and   their  sale   wa    chickens, $5 50 to $7.00 per dor..
!<\xry limited. ',     Broilers, $4.50 to $6 per doz.
The vegetable market was quiet, I    ���Geese, alive, $1.15;   dressed
..itled to'use powder  in
-iup.ffs, etc., wt-icb-ere a
i'the Sykes.
The   following    accoTinis    were
passed  for  payment:  C    R. Lord,
-$64.50; W. M.   Reagh,   $5;   Pielle,
W. Oliver ask 3d leave to use the
Granted in order.
W. A. Kirkland called attention
I of the Council to .be-fact tliat'trains
I approach the T..ation_ 'without
'whistling. IRcferred to G,"K. R.
'Agent at Vt_nco;i\er.
Coun. lvnbree did  nr.t  h.iow of
any sinking of ro��id on the Wg   hill
: or of salt water coming i.!i  ��t 'East
;    Councll'then r.iljotirrred  Ull sSat-
: nrdayr.e*-t, ^thiiifltt.
destrovtn^       _,   sa____^______________________n
T-erpsicbore v/as "represented
menace to,._ ^^^^^^^^^^m
Orehestra wh.cii rendered a
varied selection iW tn-osic suit-able
.oTTiR'tffrpsijVsorcau 'ftiaction. There
were about seventy people present;
quite a number ot young people
���were out from the village, also a
t number f-tow-Gulfside, P. T. Cibbie
Lema family, Wfs.'J-ss. S.^Masori'Jwkl
I'family, Miss Smith and W. K��_-
I nessy, also nbevieral 4'isitors from
It is'tire-intentional.,  the execTi-
1 .
tive to make this Mi aiUMul affair
and Iraternalize with rthttr ftiends
���of Gulfside., .A.so it is their intention
ki ho... an -eirtertainmeir. 'Vtt the
meor'futtRT m liid'of thc or^an'fund
ot whioti the schooS is badly in
-need, dodders for which will appe_T
The proceedings were htought to
a close by .foe nsrcautirre bring ae-
> corded a ^'flte '*! 'thatiks far iheir
-service. and the singiqg ol the Na-
'".ional 'Antlvem.
Corn,   Corn   Meal-��� Braoktr.an-
Ker   Milling   Co..   Ltd., H.
.RIC-H..ladiiet, B.C.. Agertt.
���fhe -supply 'being small except in
kpdtatoes,'the dematiH for Which is
("still quiet, the supply  being  small
 ^^^^^^     [-except in potatoes, the  dew,a_M for
Mf*. (Rev.O j. F. Betts has 'been | .vhich-i.-��till qr.iet.
1 laid up during'(he past week,'bi.tj     Following is the list ol qurtttttions-
W.'.yis able to be utragate mow though liprevciling at ye_terH^yvs m_t..et;
still weak.
Beef,   -hindnuarters,    7c   to
lb, 20c.
Ducks, $10 to f.n a doz.
'Potatoes, Jlinto|i2 per ton.
Apples, 7"5Ctoi$_.oo a b��^_.
Onions, $11*5 per-.ack.
Turnips, 50c per sat...
Csirro;s,����;oc per sack.
SI'a  .i-'ps. ,75c.ppr sai*!..
Editok  DS1.TA TlUfS :
"Sir. :I wish tc- otll yi��.ir atteu �����
to t_e��,pontaiieiiu-TOv.tbreak of mat-
j-riffionial fever which has o. rr��_i
per fan the district socth-ef Laduer. it
���is up to those iu authority to attenkl
fto tbis matter and quarr.nt'lue the
! effected district ;if'iii��t;esSF.rv, as if
jlleft'loitgo untht6keti,'tuay prove an
: cpidtrmic of e-s��rio��s chaitcter afit
I ascttier cases mayibcin <t_ sine o
sj .
g_l_'_T_^ _ .     ..     '-
avBscs.iPTio,N, $1.00 ^ery^r.
-\DV_.K_1SIN ��.    KATKU.
Ctt^JJjil Advertisement;, 10 Ctr.sfcs par line toi
fet fit3j.in_jrt.io_i, r.utl sctnts per Hue Ioj ench
vibttc^ucnt insertion. The number ot Unci
sfckoued Uy i}ie sps.ee occupied, 13 Ajjics. tt> the
1 ch.
Rates (jt Cu.ir..-;>.:,ii A^dvettlspmeuVs ca�� be
)itd ou applicntinn .iL t his uttioc.
Reading notice*loc^ut&pet Luc fox iMicb iu-
Birth aud Death notice*, 50c., Man_age<i$i.eo.
Any spfcial novice, tlje object ol v.Iii.-.l.s 10
^ornote the pecuniary benefit of nny Individual
or Cump.'uiy, to be considered mj. ativt-*r'^/it'nit.nt
.nd cha.^i.i Hccordiufcly.
A-lndv^ptJ.^im-UtU' chafed fo* ujitii ordered
���tut and paid lor.
Correspondence i.n.viud. o.j mutters of public;
interest. Coniiuuiup_.tious v<> editor must be nc-
^ompanied by utuue of. wriw,'i:, noi necessarily
for publication, but as evidence off goqdJpUh,
���correspondence muf4,rea_cl_ this.ott.c_ by '-jhu^s-
fyy ev.-Ul._K,
R;. Manlky,
TUKSDAY.  JANUARY   5.   1909.,
Geo. Mackie  is mentioned as a
Contestant in Ward V.,
At the t.ijne ol' going, t<o press the
Str.. Favorite had opt arrived at
Ladner, baft was somewhere be<<
tiween Sunbury and here��
Tweniv-two deg trees of trcst last
night built quite a nice thickness
��f ice, and skaters were seen taking
a tr iai s\ in on the dredger ditch..
Tfiare was no mail, this morning,,
the S..S. Sonsma being, laid up s. .
Westham Island, w.th a ho." i*
her  hull caused  by   the   recently 0Ter their serv
formed iie.    .She will he there over
Correspond mce.
^ditqr DnaTA Times:
$ix:. No wind ol that promised
sueetfug to liwuss ths water question.. Ar? lh? committee afraid to I
enlighten the people? A te*' days
ago. the R eve was criticising the
Councillors for their inability to
supply inforauttiofl. Has the way
this. wat.r question haabteu hand-
fed been abuve criticism? Po r.ot
imagine the interest of the taxpayer
isgoinjto die out wilh the past
little outburst. We want full in-
5orma,tiou oh, this water questioa
and we ase going to have it before
tihe scheme materializes. Waler we
must have and this hesitation to
inform tfiq. taxpayers is. cjeafchig
distrust in l&e minds c. the people i
, wWfch w.lil react against the scheme.
What about our .School Trustees?
,Why have they taken no steps to
estatblishi a High School at Ladner
for ibis mtmfcirpaliity? Why must
parents be pt*t to the expense of
'seudijig tbeir cbildren to, Westminster, or elsewhere. There are more
'than enough qualified pupils iu the
municipality to wamant the immediate establishment of a. High
School.. Da our Trustees, know
that we are dependeut upon, the
forbearance of, Trustee, in West-
niLut_ .r and elsewhere ior the higher education, of our children and
Ishat they are l.i��ih!,e tabe sent home
a>t any time? Wake up 3 (m I)_ia
School Trustees and d > your who'e
duty. There should ba a good
turnout of ele iqrs 0.1 nomination
day i.iid there--! cUd be i o b__Mt -
tion oa the- pant of got 4 men to
ess. IX'.t.i expecis
every elector to do   his duty at   ll e
Tashion Stables*
Trucking and Draying*.    Livery Work of;
���AU Kinds Attended to Promptly.
All Kinds ox Firewood Always On Hand.
J. M. COLLINSON, Phone 20, IftPN-R, B.C.
$ 3,900,000
$ 4,390.000
gHOESj    ^HQES 11
of Waterproof
For Winter Weather
Incorporated 1369.
Total Assets Over Forty-Nin^  Millions.
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special
, Attention.
Savings Bepartmant*   .
Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and   UpwarJs.      Interest paid,  or credited,  half-
yearly on June 30th and December
31st each year.
K. D. SIMPSON, Manager,  LADNER, B. C.
^-piriiiij . .catty and Promptly Done.
R. D. McKenzie, Prop.
Newly Furnished Throughout, and
First-Class in ..very Detail.
Rates on Application.
present time.
The latest report from Ward II.
mentions P.. Morrow, |W. R..EllisJ
and D. A. Mclfee as possible contestants agaUipt Coun. Davie. Nou:--
yiation day,,of course,, will seeijuite-
$ differtr.ee, when wa <y_pacti to see
Not i ce
To ���wn: Electors oe DcikTAi
Ladies and Gent-emeu���I_t compliance with th ��� request of a> large
! number of tfee  ratepayers from, all
Davie elected!by acclamation. Uvw tlle Municipality I _t_.ve.dee.dr,
        ���:      :    - i-ed to  becpiae- ti  (candidate lor ihe-j
As will be  seeu   by  relerence to, office of Reeve nt- the election now [
our advt.  columns,  &, E- Kitt.onJ abou* t0 be did.    Shook* you de,j:
the Delta Saw mills
Are Prepared to ...   ���
Furn-'sh 4_U Kinds ot
Shingles,  Doors, Sash  and
House   Finish  of  All   Descriptions.
11 C
B*   K.    WEARE
begs to announce that he re-opene.il
his  Mandolin   and  Violin Class
in Waddell's Hall,  over Oiflfon  ���
barber shop, on   Thursday,   Se, t,
Por fiT rther particulars  apply to
V   NKW WKSTNINSTKK,    :-���   B.C.
���I* Manufnctttren. of nil kiudfiol
v Soda Water, Oinger
���:���    Ale and Summer    .j,
.���. Drinks. j,
,|.      Your patronage soiiciteci      !
The   BEST Wafer   Tanks   Are
Made ai This Mill.
has officially announced his  inUUr
me   tiie   hotKi.   to   elect   me I   will)
give the best lhat in. in me to the
tionofn.nt,k.gfor the- Reeveship, lce of aa.Icl,nicipa.itjt in ol4er
Taere will, be,, no doubt,, a shargJ|t0.fi_nl a satislactory solution to the
contest betimeen Mr-.. Kittson aud. various grav.- problems which we
the present Reeve, H..J. Hutcher-] ha*'e to iaee. Bb itt sow 2-2 yoars
���_ .since I first toalc  my  seat  at the
.-.,i,m ., ,   ,, -Council  boasd   and   since  than  L
WARNING! 'have been ehhea actively  engaged
 , .or. i�� close- tmich- with  municipal
The City of Vancou. er will short-1 affnrs  and the knowledge- gaiae.d
ly  take steps to. safeguard   their fr��wi experience ought to he of use
A Gauntlet, last week:. Owner
may hava same on proving property aixl pa.yia��g. for tbis ad.
$80  REWARD.
Veterinary Surgeons.
All   Calls	
Promptly Attended to
milk and cream supply. They propose to force people supplying milk
or cream to thai city to> show, by
analysis,  t?I.Tt cow.-; are getting a
at this erittca. irate-.
I  am  opposed  to peiisona-1 can-
Host between Point- Roberts and
.    .,, Westminster   bridge  on  Monday,
svassmg aad wiil'net approach yo��.| Dec, 28th| ^o8i a pocketbook  co��-
��� in that way hnt will l'eave- my casei-taiiiing about $68.   Finder will rein your, hands and  will  cheer.i_.lly j.'ceive above reward: on, returning
Phone 35
Stainton Block
Ladnw, B.C.
good  supply of! pure-water, also ahid*bv y��ur decisicm,
that all stables rre keptt ia a. sani-,        Vl)urs Wthtafly.
ROBT. Is..
Inry condition^
How will this aiTect the itickers.
gainst Detta'S pure watet-scheme ?!
: same to
Inipraved farm for Sale
Auction Sale!
FVteads oi Mrs. ��C. W. Nelson
will be pleased to l#ar,n that she i-
i^nproving nicely.
jyjR.  II. N.  RICH ba.   received
W.N. Draper,
Room 2, Kllnnl IlIock.New Wi-stmmsk-. .
Carrving freight and passengers
to all points bjtueen New Westminster and Westham Island.
Leaves Rrackman & Ker*s wharf
daily at 3 p.m., except Saturdays at
' 2 p.m. Additional trip on M011-
I days leaving at 5 a.m.
Returning leaves Westham Island 7 a.m. daily except Fridays at
16 a.m. Additional trip ou Satur-
[days leaves Ladner at 51-30 p.m.
j Calls at sSteveston Tuesdays,
l Thursdays and Saturdays only.
Tickets good "until used, on either
S.S. Favorite or Launch Bruce.
RffantloSina, Strings, Etc.
Supplied at City Prices.
New Crop, Onion, Carrot. V iu-
gel, Timothy, Clover, Alsyke,
in stock, more to arrive.
All on test at our Greenhou . ���
best to be obtained. Sample; ,t
to intending purchasers.
Get them o.T first hands no middleman's profit-.
Leading vari.ti._s of home .,ro v.i
Fruit and Ornamental Trees. e
Supplies. Spisiy Pumps, Spra ii ��
Mixtures, Fertilizers, Greenh u^e
140-Page Catalogue F ree
H. J. HENRY'S Nurseries,
30sic. Westminster Ro;ul,
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
Tenders will be reci\ed  by the
undersigned np  to  twelve  o'clock
.   noon, January   20tl_, 19C9, fof the
" ' purchii'se et the whole-or a port on
UHiE    R'l.V..   l'KL,    K..   HICKSioltbeir-u.mot the late- J. A. Puter���,-��-*-   ins-.tfetions from the   F.xecu-
ALMANAC ! s��"- be tug part of  hoi  139. Group, tor ^ lht, j^^   Mt. j  A  Peterson,'.
,   ��� '' ,.      M. New Westminster   District, con-; to  gEU    BY AUCTION   Pn   the y
lior 19C9V ready Nov. 15, 190*.. bes. . fining 120 arret, more or less,
aver sent out, beautiful eOvar* in      Tenderers to i.taite am-omit  tube
, .    c  _���,.!._:.   ,r  d.���i  ti- ,...! paid in cash and terms required on
aolors, fine ooUraut  ot   ifr.ot. Hicks 1 f.    .   , ,r, .   e       ��� *
* .        '. * > the balance.    This farm is conv.ni-:
Hi colore njl; tb�� old: f��at.t?efv ami j ently situated,, one- mile from I.ad-!
���jeverisl new ones in the book..   The i ner on Truule rom, is  alt mulei \
!��_, astr.< Tiomical  year   book  and | ealtavalioa and  1 boroughl.y under-
, , ,      -      ,, -'  ,  drained, about 60 acres fronting ou
the on h one conl -41111113 the original 1 ^_ '.   c,      ,       w  , ��� k      \ r .      .    . ������
,. ,_    ���     Cteseent  Slough,-    I*  lift,    a   new,! P_ir_!_   TA   Iff.
���.Hicks  Wsathe*  I'orerasts.      By j fcwo.storey    UUK   room,   ciwelling, i ���m'"   ,W  tX"U
mail 35ir on; news ..lands 30c.    One'witb Ixick kitchen  aijfl  wooflsljedi, t 	
copy free with   Word  and  Works,; all   modern  coityerrienceft, ftwnacej !:
Uie'best U  monthly  in   America 'heated   and  eltc.ric  lighted;   new 1 I lOi. AcreS-Tbe property of the .
I l>a��n, 50x90,. and barn 50x80;, im-| lvxccntors of th�� late   Mr. W. H. '
plement  slmds, dwnlling   for   hiied| Lad Ken.    'I""he farm  is  advantage- i
oiisly situate, adjoining the Village [
ot Lndner, close to shipping points I
and is in first-c^ass condition  to be |
premises, 1 mile East of Ladner, 011 !
-Saturday. January  16th, i
1909,  at  1 o'clock.
i    Turms. Cash.
Our Entire Stock of
Ladies' and Childrens'
Ready-to-Wear Goods
and Fancy Goods
All New and Up-to-Date Stock, to Clear at Cos.   and
Discounts- oil almanacs   iu   q.uau
tides.    Age>iiswa.nted.    Word' ajid Kmen; driv&i| Uar.n a.nd  other out
Works    Pub-.    j_o.,   2201    Locust '��� buildings.
StBeet,, St. V)uis��� Mo.,   lively  citi [.  The highest or _tiy lender no*
ten-owes it to himself, to His. fe I -
Sow!* and ton Prof, HiidirS to possess
>he "Hicks'" forecasts���the only re-
necessarily accep'.ed.
Agent for Executrix.
Drawer 309, New Westrjitist ..,.
cropped with grain
For fw_her particulars apply to
Y' ���
A fTt..ry of -Wlnisle Dart-..
T_e_' l.i n KTor.v 'olJ ot her Iiy a resident
J..I 1 '!���'lisildi'iTiii v liii '   il..i-.\.s why V.'irnli
Wlnvls \- as \uii* fi itctit* by lli'o veterans ol
iie Conlu. unite a_>ny   'i'lio man who tolli
" wmt a .oloii.l   untler ihc stars nnd tan
|*ail I.t 1 ow a 1 lull mun     "lli-.tfivu yeuri
.... I wasn't,"   un says.    "I'd  lost evorj
[ponry Id h/.i btifoRe tlio wnr, and I hail
pot mnde intiny slneo   A bip slump in thsi
it: l.u.i  done for me, and I put up ut.
v.- Vork hotel with just enough to pn>
v bill nr.d  no more.    My  norves gavn
y   :;rnl  I wag taken  111.    The doctc*
Id 1 mug'   have n long res', and a eon
|| lite change ..   -feno.    I ffl-.ld I might reid
in lim grave ant. . .nnpo thism: imu for thai
Wot tbe next, world, but lint I had no mon'
1 ey or fi-lends and would never luavo th��
r ei:y nny wny but feet flrst.    Well, MU
I l3avl�� wu stopping at that hotel. ,Sh��
knesv I wouldn't accept money from her,
I 10 sho got the doctor to pretend ho wai
lending mo hlg own.   I went abroad and
cumo home cured nnd already on the wa)
I  to wealth.    It wh ouly then that I found
out whom I owed my life ta    You know
her book. 'The Veiled Doctor!"   Well, fa
mo there Is In an equivocal significance lt
tbat name."���Philadelphia Press.
Olrlngr Bow���.
In Connecticut a few years ago lived i
lady who bud a beautiful flower garden,
tn which sho took great pride. The whok
neighborhood was proud of lt, too, and peo
ple drove miles to seo It. She fastened twt
lar.ie baskets on the outside of hgr fonct
next to the road, and every morning thegt
wero filled with out flowers���the large,
th'isvy kinds ln ono basket and the dell
cute, fragile kinds In tbe other. All thc
sohool children going by helped themselva
ant) ""ullt'd the better for It, and bushiest
men took u ureaMi of fragrance into theli
dusty nil...n which b��lped the day along.
Even the tramps were wcloome to ull tht
beauty they could get into their forlorn
"You out such quantities," some om
1 laid to her. "Aren't you afraid you will
rob yourself?"
"The mure I cut the more I bave," sht
answered. "Don't you know that If plant*
arc allowed to go to seed thoy stop bloom,-
lng. I love to give pleasure, and 11 ll
prollt ns well, for my liberal outtlng Is tht
6-crct of my beautiful garden. I am lll-.t
the man ln PHgi'liu's Progress,' the mun
I give uwny tho mora 1 have."���Exchange.
A Water Mir Poad.
An admirable | ond seen some years sinot i
was made in the following manner: A
hole sumo Ivi feet In diameter nnd 5 feet it
depth was first dug, and this was plastered
wis1', mortar to the depth of 4 inches al
the sides nnd bottom. A pleoe of lund plpt
wns put in to muku tho desired drain, and
due respect was paid to constructing I
place outside of whore It went through,. <
thnt the water would drain eff through t
layer ot rocks nnd sand. When tho nior
tar was dry, it was treated to ��� cont of ot
torn content. In the center wa* construct
ed a miniature island of stones and earth
und nnnu it wns a muss, of foliage nne
flowers, while pink, white nnd yollow w��
ter lilies filled tho space uround it, und
���emu tadpoles grew tn bo sedate frogs H'l
j far the shade of tho broad loaves. Out
year half a dozen dwarf i alias and n lot nl
old  fashioned wandering jews made tht
,   -land a fnlryliko placo, and several yea .
' .tor :imii... 11 is plants of many oolors reveled In tho sun nnd moisture of tho I?land.
No ono who has not seen une of tho mini*
.nro ponds can Imagine their beauty.-*
Vick'B Magazine
Ask Yoar Brother.
Whon i. young woman has a fastidious
brother or a nomrudo sufficiently ini i mat*
to bu allowed ln a friendly way to crlticlw
ber good points in dross, It is not at all'.
bud idea to nsk bis advice about tho styu
of neckwear she adopts. A man is not In
dllTiTcnt In I lie neckties of hlg sister's as
his sweetheart's toilet, und though his asl
vice is often uouehod In somewhat offhant
terms it ls usually worth follow iug, and
bis suggestions should at least bu considered.
A tull girl, with n long, swanliko nook,
may wear to advantage a ecurf with s
large, loose l_)\v. Her short und plumt
friend, with n li" .d set low on hur shoulders, must not niufllu herself u; till shs
seems to huve no c_ck to speak uf. Fo.
ber tho narrowest hand oroonUssufficient
to mark the line whore the dress onds.
| A gentlewoman never tolerates soiled ol
flimsy or cureless neckweur.���Philadelphia
4IIKK Story mt Riult. Life _*<_���
libra tsl 8erfi_��m.
Marriages by order were so commou,
��y�� Prince Kropotkin In Tho Atlantis,
ihat among our servants, eaoh time ���
(*oung couple foresaw that they might be
ordered to marry, although they had ne
mutual Inclination for eaoh other, they
took tbe precaution of standing togethe*
aa godfather and godmother at tho christening of a child tn one of the peasant
families. This tendered marriage Impossible, according to Russian church law.
The stratagem was usually successful, but
once it.ended ln a drama. Andrei, the
tailor, fell ln love with a girl belonging
to one of onr neighbors. He hoped thnt
my father would permit blm to go free,
as a tailor, ln exchange for a certain yearly payment and that by working hard at
bli trade he oould manage to lay some
money aside and to buy freedom for the
girl; otherwise, ln marrying one of my
father's serfs she would have become the
serf of her husband's master. However,
M Andrei and one of tho maids of our
household foresaw that tbey might be ordered to marry they agreed to unite u
godparents ln the christening of a child.
What they had feared happened. One day
they were called to the master, and tii.
dreaded order was given.
"We are alwayg obedient to your will,"
tbey replied, "but a few weeks ago we
acted as godfather and godmother at a
christening." Andrei also explained his
wishes and Intentions.
The result was that ho wns sent to the
recruiting board to become i soldier.
Military service in these tliueg was terrible. It required a man to serve 25 years
under the colors, ami the life of a soldier
was hard ln the extreme. Blows froiii tlm
sergeant nnd tho officers and Hogging v. ith
birch rods and with sticks for the sllgb. ���
let fault wore the normal state of affairs,
l'he cruelty that was displayed surpa.'���"-..1
all imagination.
Thus Andrei hnd nc* to fncro for W
yenrs tho terrililo fnto of n soldier. All
bis schemes of happiness bad oome in I
violent end.	
A   Korean   Procession.
The procession cf tho king was I'd by
the pi-icr;'] if t'.-.e riirgncrd supi-ruli
dressed, supported by retainers en Ills led
pony and f-lloVsuT by clouds nl t\..- ..
Varies, each with his train, soldiers. WPli
carrying nlnlt fannies of-arrows i-enehiuf;
_"i.i!y .Ten rs 'll.u loan. : lid I.t.-c li;,^:i hi
Oik broondo stiriutinnttd l:y pliiiiTC_ ���'.'
i lieasiu ts: siru.i.l. in rows of I<tm j-i tin
fjlost deiiiiito shades of blue, gm-n :-
niii live silk gauzu over whito; halbeitilors
'.'randees. em h with �� rillimoof Imum.
mon; rows af royul haulier men, currying
yellow ami blue silk Hags omhla/.otiutl;
'���vivr.lryt'H'ti In imitation geld l eli_.!i
iml meiiheval n.Ti.w- a- -.1 tiger hunters
ivciu I tig it inr. o It it hia. .i lin'swl. lie uii.n!
irntviis I'.i'd dark b ueeoiiis. trailing loi.-t
With sonrce'.y n pause fallowed tl.e prcsl
��� lei 1. of  tlio  f..:-i ii'.ii ij'.i.'-i', high I'.lioru ilu
i.ir-. in:,' _.> I .so ITIT.igl ..< a bb_k | r.iifora
ftrrylnff rs lilaek chair ���������..: :! -.1 with i
eopnrd !��� i-khi, _ne oai uun ���'���' f which wa-
.- ulRlit ne '
' l;
���������I   ii !���  grn .���"���   ��� " ' Ai.vi'   ti
ll III III    It   iU   b: ������:")"��� ��� iii ili'il
t (Mi;.i rb ithalr _f i   1 I s tjiu-t-  eh
led   iiT'il  en- ii'sl   I ��i.i:.l 'Mn. wn'i
I.1I-C111 i    f ���
BERLIN'S  .:.:::
��� ��� :���:���.:���
,  ill.  I!���
| In thc solar system there are 17,000,004
tomots of all sizog.
I An authority on microscopy states thnt
tlio hair of a woman ran be distinguished
by its construction from that of a mun.
Tho height of the mountains In the
moon has been measured. One has an altitude of 8(1,000 feet, and several uru upward ot 80,000 feet lu height.
An Instrument for scolng objects under
water has beon in willed by a hy t.ro< graphic
engineer of ltussia. By Its aid tlio Ivittom
of livers to it depth of trom 45 to nil tot I
eun bo distinctly viewed. In tho examination of wrecks this submarine telescopo
will bo ot great service.
Tho longest single arnh tnastono bridge
ts 08X feet, over the Kialto at Venice.
Tho greatest structure ever raised by the
hand of man ts the pyramid of Cheops,
founded 4,000 years ogo and measuring
T40 feet square on the base and boing 449
.'oet high.
The hangirg gardens ot Babylon were
ierrae.es on columns. The gardens wore
tvO feet square and over 400 feet higb.
The ascent from torraoe to terrace was by
Ci," bi s of marble steps, and oa the highest
I'm. a lii_r . rs^.s^w/sis.
Sueb a i.*.*s_a*et
Now, the tall int ridsrs rough,
Havlnf, irol I heir har* won doash.
Bonn will hear the zephyrs sough
\�� Ihey l.e b nua.h the boi-.gli,
fur awny from piano and hougl^
���Jlosc. li, _ide ihc rippling loush,
I But they mustn't catch a cough,
No. nor dose it a la Gough,
I And���but, say, this lg enough.
-m��v_A-,__l   Plain     -��_l_.
Tab*- at Hie Worg.
H�� (after marriage)���Wbat! Ton
bare na fortune? Yoa aaid orer and
orer again tbat yon were afraid some
one wonld marry yoa for your money.
Sbe���Yea; aud yon aaid over and o��er
again tbat yon wonld be bappy with
me if I hadn't a cent Well, I haven't
��� wot
H'louH Visir.. nr.it��srcd by A|��othe
s- :i is-H on " belt- Hhops.
The Ci-.r.i n|i ciriigstore liahvaysn mys
ry i.i H)o AmerliTiin when he lir.-it bo-
ulisoa one of its customers. It is not
,, :i(!y so uo:r.[._o_onsive as tlio American
:> .'intioii i.f ihe Kitiiio kind. Thonpotbe-
..:;.;, i\ ���[ ,'i-T:T,e:.t. �� hli-.h is only one fca-
ni'c.of the A:m rieiil) drug store, is an In-
l.'iii ixiciit cBiohllslimont In Germany nnd
; ii \n;;-d to tho filling of prescriptions
,,-.),;     ,i   ���:  j , "   ���������..   ,.,..,>.,,, ;iry     'p))e
.:: 0..::!'t-.i," quite a separate place, pro-
ritlu. half tbo nrtlcl-S customarily found
licre i.'i the drugstore It is to the dro-
tgorlo that otto must go for soap, toolh-
brushes, drills in the pure and ull of the
'.rtick'5 i.ot dealt in by the apothecary,
lhe division may bo a convenient ono aft-
sr tho mysteries havo been mastered, but
It is confusing at first.
Another peculiarity of tlio apnt'iconrles
Is tlint most of  thorn havo mimes displayed,    That custom dates from tho oarliost
days of thoir bistrjfy.    The old names of
tlio _bc��8  l.T'.vo stTi'vlve-i   to sipum extent,
although thu purely fantastic names have
given piano to other., better suited  to the
commercial exigencies of modern tinioB
The cily   today   possesses   1(14   gimps of
apothecaries,   and    many   havo   adopted
names taken from the street, square or region lu which  they aro situated     There
aru 5�� ��f these, and li) are known only by
i tbo names of their proprietors.    Nineteen
I are named after birds, the euglo having
I ton  named  iu  its  honor     Tbe.ro are all
I sorts of cades atnon��  these ten���black
! red hnil while    Other names include v.iP
1 animals,   luythul-gluul   inline.,  such   at
I  Minerva and Flora, .tuid rojal titles llll*
I Triedrlcli   nnd, Augusta Victoria     Mosl
ourlous are lliose culled alter famous l-.ls
The fall shades, both In silk nnd cloth,
and even when oombined with bright colors, ure still quiet in effect.
The soft wurm brown and a pretty soft
blue ure fou_d in combination this yoar,
both in materials and m gowns.
Many handsome Imported gowns nro IB
cashmere of delicate shades. A coarse lr.ee
applique is seen on handsome afternoon
and evening gowns.
Stylish skirts are made with tho plaid
ou the biits and apparently of thu tniuk
Woolen material of whicli golf capes are
made. They are pretty on slender women.
The baby Persian lamb Is lo be found
ta mi effective trimming on tlie builie.es of
many gowns. It ls ef-ecti.u in giving
ohnructcr to it gown of one of tlie protiy
Shades of brown.
Chinchilla in narrow bands finishes ths
bottom and outlines panels of handsome
tccoption and evening gowns, and with
excellent effect, though some people object
always to fur on house gowns.
Very pretty jnckots of fawn color, stylishly lined with silk stripes and piuitls,
are to bo found at reasonable prices. A
styli. h jacket has a straight, loose l'tout.
oue upper und two lower pockets.
Rhinestone buttons, large and small,
appear on many pretty frocks, cut steel
ornaments, a largo plain crystal button.
and there Is nothing prettier than ths
plain crystal button wliich has no ornamentation.
The very becoming medio! collar ls seer
on inuny reception gowns. With this high
collar in the back und lapuls at either clde,
a square out neck filled in with soft puffed
mull, tho offect is very pretty und much
B-lected by elderly women.
Tho lining of your gown this season
must be of tho same color as it or us th.
trimmings to bo nu foit.- They may lit
a shudu lighter if duslred, but thero must
bo no contrasts. These small thinp,. Uc
much to make tho general eloganot ef lu
gown.���New Vork Times.
A Hnrd Shot.
Among the stories told of Dr. Emmons,
t Well known clergyman ot n former da;
and generation, them are many whiej
show his keen wit,
lu the town where he was pastor then
lived a physician n ho was a pantheist am
look pains tu let every one-know it. I!���
had mude frequent boast that ho eouli
easily conquer Dr. l.minons in argument
aud ono day cumo his chance. Iln aud tin
doctor met at tho hnusc of n sick man.
"How old nro you, sir?" asked tho phy
slclun brusquely
"Sixty-two," replied Dr. Emraonsquict
ly, although his eyes showed his surprise
''ilny I ask your ago in turnf"
"I've been alive sinco the oreat inn I ���
ono form or another," _uidthiphy_u_.nl
"Ah, then I suppose you woro will
Adam nntl Eve In tho garden of Kdeuf
Inquired the doctor.
"Certainly," camo tho reply.
"lim!" said Dr. Emmons placidly
meditating on tho other's face. "I nltvi y-
thought there wus a third porson there
but some bave differed from mo."���
youth's Companion
Hol>  Communion���i.t   and   vl
Suudays at 8:30 a.m.; 2nd   uud 41:- j
Sundays at 11 a.in.
Matins 11 o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
sSuiuiav Schoui Tit I'.j ii.m.
Friday evening, Utnnv
Rev. H. R. Baitletr, M.
Tl.    7. jO,
\.,   Vital
Services first and third Sunday of
each month at 10:30 a.m.; Benediction, 7:30 -p.m.
Sunday school nt 3 p.m.
Low Mass ami Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. F.ther Wagner, O.M.I..
Parish Priest.
Services next   Lord's Day at   11
a. m.and 7:30 p.m.
.   Class meeting,, nfter th.' mornifip
service every Sunday.
Sabbath .School at -2 p ra every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at <S.
Rev. T- P. Betts. pasto;
Founded 1892
Incorporated 1893
Services next Lord's Dav at 1
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School .130 p m. M'v
wi-i 1< meetil'g en Wednesday evei
ttj; at 7.30 o'clock.
1'cv. J.  H. White, M.A,
Peach   rita.
The statement has been mnde thnt
prusslc ncitl was mado from poach
stones. This is altogether a mistake,
for, although under certain conditions
a truce of the main principle of the
deadly poison can be found in pencil
stones, there ls not sufficient to produce the acid without other essentinl
ingredients. Indeed, without the process of fermentation there is uo evidence
at all of prtissic acid in the atoues.���Exchange.
Just the Place,
Irate Landlord (to couple who are
taking a lovers' wnlk on his property)���
Now, then, can't you read?
Amorous Youth���Oh, yes, we can
Irnte Landlord���Then go to the end
of this road nnd read the sign there.
Amorous Youth���We have read it. It
aays, "Private," nnd that is Just why
we cume down here.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.; returning, leaves Steveston at 9:30 a.m.
and 4:30 p.m.
toriuil jiorsouiigos, such as Armiuiu_, ito
land uml Slog-fled,���hlichuniro
Pollttcal Economist*.
While grent fortunes and great Industries have almost inviirlnbly been
created by uneducated meu, pnrveuua
unembarrassed wltb learning, wbo
taught themselves what tbey found
necessary to know, we Bud, ou the other band, that those men wbo hnve made
commercial science, political economy,
their atyidy bave not shown any success In business^ and have renin ined
theorists. , Most political economists
bave bad to live on tbeir pen. Mr. Cob.
den went bankrupt In business. It la
true tbat Rlcardo was well off. but be
waa a stockbroker by trade, aud witb
hint political economy was only a hobby, not a serious result. It la Strang*
how few business men of tbe first rank
bave a good word to say of political
He Wns Moire.
"Did the uotea of a bird ever move
you?" asked the poetic girl.
"Yes," replied tbe young mnn. "I used
to call on a young lady, nnd every time
the cuckoo announced the hour of 10 1
yree\ home."     _   ~ .     ..
60   YEARS'
Trade Marks
.....        Copyrights 4c.
Anvononcndlng nskotclinnd d��__. Iin miv
enls-tiiy as _tt. in oar opinion fre�� wliciiicr fc:i
Invcialnn 1�� pvohr.lil. Jiatooifilila, Community.-
tlon.Mrlctl.conlld-iltlal. HANDBOOK on PatenU
���out (roe. oldest aircncy tor ���oouring IiMonia.
I'ulcus taken tProusrU Munn * Co. receive
UKciai notice, wlchuu.otmrge. In too
A hondsomoly illuatrntml weekly. I��_n>c_t clr-
etU-Ltion of any sclontlTlo journal. Term* ,, r
Canada,ITI..5 a year,postane prepaid. Hold by
all newsdealers.
Branch Oflice, _�� F _tH Washington. T>. ('���
Piano and Organ
W, T- Goard, of Vancouver, who
comes with the very best recommendations Irom the leading mu
sicians of that city, as well as from
the best ol the piano firms in the
East, will be here about January
4th. '09. Mr. Goard ititpnd. to
make regular trips here twite a
year; all work guaranteed.
Parties wishing work done will
kindly leave word at
The Delta Times Office,
Sabbath services ��� Crescent Is
land, yp.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday sSclio;! at 10:30 a. 111.
Prayer meeting on Thursday a
3 p.m.
Provides a Christian Home for Students of both
Ssxes at moderate rates. Has a preparatory class for
junior students taking Public School work. Does High
School work and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Examination., Teaches all branches of a Practical Business
Cours: aud confers Diplomas. Imparts a Liberal Educa
tion in its Collegiate Course, and in the Ladies' Course
for M. E. L., and M. L. A. In Theology confers the de
gree oi B.D. In University work can take students through
the complete Arts Course for the B.A. degree of Toronto
Univ. rsity, with which the College is in full affiliation. In
Science teaches the First Year of Toronto School of Science, aud has a Special Engineering Course adapted to
Practical Engineering work in this Province. In Music, a
complete cotir.se in theory, voice culture, and piano aud
organ, 111 conjunction with the Toionto college of music.
Special instruction in art and elocution, while all students
are required to take physical training w th all lhe privileges of a well equipped gymnasium.
When you wisli to buy jisiting
cards call on the Delta Times win
will sell the best money can buy
If you need them printed, why yot'
are money in pocket by calling on
the Delta Times first.
01 Mcfi id
ANY available Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt in
British Columbia, may be home-
steaded bv anv person who is the sole
l.eadofa family, or any male over iH
vears ot Tijie. to the extent of one-
qv.arter section of 160 acres, more or
Entry must be made personally
at the local land oflice for the district
in which the land is situate. Entiy
by proxy may, however, be made 011
certain conditions by the father,
mother, son, daughter, brother ot
sister ot an intending homesteader
The homesteader is required to
pertorm the conditions connected
therewith under one of the following plans:
1. At least six 'months'Jresidence
upon aid cultivation of the land in
eachjyear lor three years.
2. If the father (or mother, il
the father is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a faro? in tlie
vicinity of the land entered for, the
requirements as to residence mav lie
satisfied by such person residing
with the father or mother.
3. If the settler has his perman, nt
residence upon farming land owned
by him in the'vicinity ot his honn-
stead, tin* requirements as to residence mav be <a'i_fied by residence
upon the said land.
Six months' notice in writrg
should be given to theComtnis .nmir
ofDotninim Lands at Ottawa ol
intention to apply for patent.
Coal.���Coal mining rights may 1 e
leased for   a period ot twentv-01 e
years at an annual rental of $l per
acre, Not   more   than   2,560 acres
shall be leased to one individual or
company.     A royaltv at the rate of
five cents per ton shall be collected
on the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy ot the Minister of the
N.B.���Unauthoti/.ed publication
of this advertisement will not be p_id
If you average the cost price of J-M Asbestos Roofing over
the period of years it is in service, you will see that "J-M" is
cheaper to use than any other prepared roofing. Being made of
Asbestos, an indestructible mineral, it is permanently durable,
and as it does not require any coating or painting, its first cost is
the only cost.    Easily applied by anyone.
Asbestoside is an Asbestos Sheathing and is the most economical, durable and easily applied siding known.
Ask fot- samples and prlc��<_.
576 Fust Ave. S.
Seattle, Wash'
Mrs. Sear* and family, and J
! ambert. of Otter, are quests of Mr
and Mrs. Jas. Pearson.
PUBLIC   NOTICE   is   hereby j
given to the Electors of the JJunici-1
pality of Delta  that I  require the '
presence of the said Electors at the
Town  Hall, Ladner, on the  nth'
J. B.  Elliot  returned  bome,  on j day   of   January,    1909,    at     12
Thursday   last,   after   spending   a j o'clock  noon,   for  the  purpose of!
week in and around Chilliwack.      j electing persons to represent them j
j in the Municipal Council as Reeve
1 and Councillors, also two Trustees
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Cameron, ofj to represent them  on the School1
New    Westminster,    spent    New j Board.
Year's Day here, the guests of Mr.!    The mode of nominating candi-j
and Mrs. T. W. Foster. ! dates shall be as follows:
  The candidates shall be nominat-
���*    ���- ���    ~~- ���*���      ' I
ed in writing, the writing  shall  be;
subscribed   by  two  voters   of  thei
municipality- as proposer and sec-j
ouder, and shall be delivered to the
Returning Officer at  any  time bc-
���    ., j tween the date of  this notice and 2
i p.m. of lhe day of nomination, and
B.  C.  Telephone  Co.   has pur-  .     . .    ,        ���  ,   . .���_
* ,   I in the event ot a poll  being neces-
chased the cottier lot  opposite  thei ,       ..      ...   .    ���������������,, ���.,
rr 1 sary  such  poll  will  be opened on
Royal Bank and will put up a com-1,,       ,..   .        ,   T        .     ' ���    .
. .    ���     ;   .. ..     ithe   16th day ot January, 1909, at
the Town Hall, Ladner, and will be
kept open  from  9 a.m. till 5 p.m.
On Your Money
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe .security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties Seven and
Eight Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles &
New Westminster, B.C.
Dr. and .Mrs. Woodley and family returned home, Saturday, from
Vancouver, where they had been
Spending the New Year.
Agencies Represented���
Hurttord fin Iniurimcc Co. lii.ursnce C.., of North America
Phoenix Insurance Co. of Brooklyn    The Ocean ..celd.nt & Guarantee Corpora-
Connecticut Tire Insurance Co. litm, Ltd., of I.onrlon, _tng-
Imperial Trust Co. Ltd.  Vancouver. B.C.
bined residence and office building
in the spring. This will make a
great improvement to our town.
Messrs. Wright and Pybus,while
in Victoria, saw the great $md only
Guy Walker, who wished to be remembered to his friends and a>
quaintances on tbe Delta, also
wishing them a merry Xmas and
happy New Year. When in Victoria he may b_ found on Johnston
street where he has an up-to-date
clothes cleaning and repairing establishment.
We Beg Leave
To notify the people of L��dnt_r and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to ofter Vancouver Island
Portland Cement
At greatly reduced pricSs, making it possible for parties vr ho contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about tht-
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices*
$250.��� In Prizes
Given Away Every Month
Absolutely free with....
Ctandard plour.
School Board.
of which every person is hereby re-1
quired to take notice and govern;
himself accordingly.
The qualifications for a Reeve orj
Councillor shall be his being a male
British subject, and having been for
the three months next preceding the!
day of his nomination, the register- \ . ',     ��� .
ed owner in the Land Registry Of-, Every 49lb- sack of Royal Standard   Flour  leaving
lice of land or real property situate our mills contains a numbered coupon.    On the   rat day of
within the municipality of the as- ^ch mouth 10 numbers will be drawn and published 111 the
sesseri value, on the last Municipal fi��t issue of this paper following.    To each one holding the
Assessment Roll, in case of Reeve,! duplicates" of these numbers we will, upon return to us of;
ot five hundred dollars or   more,| coupon, deliver free of all charges to auy address, a Hand-'
and in case of a Councillor, of two
hundred and fifty dollars  or  more,
over and above any registered judgment,  and  being  otherwise qualified as a voter.
B. C,
some China Dinner Set of 109 pieces, value $25.00.
Tbe  Board  of School   Trustees
met  in  the  Council  Chamber  on 1
Saturday,   Jan.   2nd,   with   Trus
tee  shall   be   any person  being a;
householder   in   the Municipality, |
and being a  British  subject of the!
tees Smith Wright  (in the chair), m age of twenty.one v��rSi and!
A.  DeR. Taylor,   and   W.   Pybus [otherwise qualified   to  vote  at anl
present. j election of School Trustees.
Minutes   of   previuus    meeting I    Given under my hand at Ladner',
were adopted as read. jthis a8th day of December, W.8.
From  the   Trustee  Association,! N. A. .McDIARMID. ;
getting lorth the benefits to  be de-'. Returning Officer,
rived  by  membership therein and ���
asking Board to  forward  their an-, ~~
mtal membership fee.
From Mrs. R, Devereaux   apply
in? for the position  of Janitress at
Ladner school.    Laid over for consideration by full board.
Tbe Secretary reported having
engaged Miss Wells, of New Westminster, as teacher for Gulfside
Tbe report of tbe committee
which waited upon the government
te new schools was received, the
government undertaking to look
into tbe matter. 	
On motion  the account of #20
expenses ot committee was ordered!    Teu nice P'KS- tbree months old;
.. .,   ���_  *_,      . ���    .     c     II pigs, seven weeks old;   1   brood
paid  as well  as 5710, salaries for'  ��� l    _   , /��� ,
,       , Isow!  5 dozen  spring chickens;   1
December,   08. , ���ew jncubat_r (Cyphers); a number
Thc   Board then  adjourned  till of orchard and garden tools.
Saturday, February 6lh, at -> p.m.   j SEED BROS.
Full particulars on the back of each coupon-
Saving Them To-day.
Remember, we  guarantee  every   sack   of   ROYAL
.���    .       , ��� ,    , ,���       STANDARD to be the purest, sweetest and   most  whole-
The qualification of School Trus-! ,        ���, a  . .,     ,,,__i.,_��.
1 ,  .       I some bread flour on the market,
iny person  being a '
Sold by W. H. Smith.
Vancouver Milling I Grain Co., Ltd.,
40-Acre farm for Sale
Known as  tbe Deemer place, on!
Kast   Delta;    all    improved    and
under cultivation.    Price,   $5,250.
Apply to
Ladner. B.C.
For Sale-
Have You Seen the Latest
Thing in
Machines ?
8orts   of   First-Class   Jewellery,
Silverware, Cat Glass, Etc.
Jlndnw Clausen.
When You Require
Furniture, Garpets, Linoleums. Window
Shades or Any Article of Furniture or
Household Furnishings a visit to LEE'S
STORE will convince you that there is (he
Visitors Welcome.
NEW WESTMINSTER,        -       -       -       B. 0
Try fhe
is as fast
a washer j
as its namesake on the track.    Gome and see it.
I ���
Besides   the   above   we   have   th��   NEW!
NCW    rlOrCIWCirC   OiOrC CENTURY  MACHINE,   which is hard to beat, F ���f IUfn_B_Ofl_IJ_L
* and the SNOWBALL, any on�� of which would*" *"'        mwm***���*����� *���''9
For anything you may need in Hardware !mto) an excellent Christmas presant
We carry a complete stock in all lines cf
Shelf Hardware, Stoves and Tinware  and ��� ., .       '   . ., ,_.���,_*_
respectfnlly invite you to call and get ��sc- Nothin^    mcer    than    elecfcrical   fixture*,.
shades, fancy globes, &c, for gifo3, useful and
quainted with us.
We are Sole Agents for The Oxford Line'
of STOVES and RANGES, and hava a
good line to select from. i
We make a spec'a'ty cf all kinds of Flumb-J
lng and Tinwork.
Fx. ending you the Season's Greetings,
We are Yours Respectfully,
Latimer & Elliott
E. T. .talvert.
General Hcrchant
Phone 5,   -   Port Guichon


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