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The Delta Times Feb 4, 1908

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 M. S, No. 23.
We have placed in Stock, this week ti.OJJ Rolls
Wall Paper, comprising all the Mew Shades and
Prices from 5c t
'�� J?��##
Border Sold at Same Price as Hanging
Sample�� Mailed
m Letter,   Miss Ada MiratL     The Market.
Ottawa,   Jan,   28.���Iu   spite of'     Miss Ada Murcutt. of Australia, ''    New    Westminster    Feb.    i-*-
determined   and unprincipled   ob-! appeared here on Tuesday evening Tlre weekly-market, yesterday, was
-struction ou the pari of tie Opposition, the Government has made progress in several directions, with public business of great importarce.
It is a privilege equal to every
"member ofthe House to interrogate
thc Government on matters of public interest. The Liberal members
seldom avail themselves <f this
privilege. Very rarely is the name
ofa Liberal member identified with
a question, and then an examination of the character of the information sought will disclose that the
matter is of moment.
Torres Abuse Privileges.
On'the other hand, the Conservatives abuse this privilege in this regard. Ths House has been in session twenty-six days, anl the questions and notices 01 motion number
1,315. That is, there 'were 560
questions and notices of motion,
and as each question is only counted by its number on the paper, the
tact that from three to ten questions are incorporated in each numbered question, brings the total up
to the figure given here, 1,315.
Matty questions are lenghty and
difficult, and involve much work
���in several departments that they
are changed into notices of motion
and come down in the shape of a
To answer 1,315 questions in
twenty-six days entails an amount
of >1 .bor and expense which is almost incredable. The routine of a
j busy department is disturbed  and
lasr, and gave a very interesting
lecture in the Town Hall to a veTy
good audience.    Miss Murcutt is a
patronized by a large number from
both'tbe district and the city who
roamed about the stalls and purchase J produce as fancy <5r urgeucy
tall, striking figure, find when ad-fSictitted. "Nearly--_.!��ki.nds ot produce were in good brisk demand
and prices  remained   firm   at  old
quotations with  a few exceptions
verv  pleasini  mode of|where higher ggures ,wew. asked.
dressing ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
great force and at the same time I
possesses a
expression. It is about nine and a1 Almost the entire supply of good*
half years since this lady was here [on sale were disposed of without
before and still sbe had several in-1 trouble.
The supply of beef was not quire
teresting reminiscences to relate of
her experiences in making a landing at Canoe Pass during a fog, in
company with Rev. Mr. Misener.
She gave a very vivid account ol
her life in the slums of London.'
Eng.. (luring the time site was endeavoring to see London's life as it
really is, snd to fiad the cause oi
most of ils crime.
During the course of her lecture
Miss Murcutt gave her reasons for
espousing the cause of temperance.
She stated that, wheu she was
travelling through the different
countries of the world, she could
trace the greatest 'degradation lo
the curse of ���ifltenjperance~-a'L'ohol
introduced Ly so-called civilization
To 'those interested, the 'lectutr
would appeal very Strongly and it
is hoped that when she returns
here,   in   about  two  weeks' time,
that the capacity of the hall will be {-prices
���equal to }ast week's quantity although quite adequate to tbe demand, The call for prime stock
was strong and those having the
-best lor sale were quickly relieved.
Tbe dem*nd for lamD and mutton was''not so brisk t-his time as .it
'former markets, and -although th-S
supply was r.ot Itrge tbe vendors
ef this class of 'meat were 11 At
���speedily relieved. There was a
vigorous call for veal all morning
and good prices prevailed. Tbc
supply v. as about an average ��ce.
All the supply wis easily disposed
of. The colil weitlrer is iwtvirig
the effect of increasing the deaa'Sd
for port. Although the supply
was very large, vendors Iiad little
j'trouble in clearing out tbeir stock
at good prices. The deraead its
���likely to remain active feSr some
���weeks with correspondingly good
The supply of 'fovyls, principally
chickens, was the largest that the
market has seen since the week
preceding   Christmas,   a   circum-
Upon Applloaii
taxed  to the full.     The lectures I
will   be    on    the   lecturer's   fripj
through    Siberia,    Japan,   China,
Korea,   &c,  qjid will,   no doubt,
prove -very  profitable  to all who J stance   due   to  the fact that the
will take advantage Of them. Very |<Chinese New Year celebrationronr-
public business suspended for long I 'ew, indeed, have had the privilege j meKces to-day. Hundreds oi birds
j periods of time while the files are of-seemg so much of the various were gathered .up by fne Chinese
���^^^^^^��� " countries   of  the  world   as   Miss jobbers.   'Only-a few .*.ueks -were
Murcutt.     Sbe  has  not   followed,.offered.
in the hands of au  army oi cierks.
whose regular duties must pass in-
^Bring measurements of Rooms and we wil! tell you
how much paper you require.
to arrears. Tbe cost to the country j the beaten path of the ordinary! The supply of eggs was about
is something enormous with respec; traveller, but sh�� l*s visited and-the same as that of last week and
to these questions. The Conserve I made most careful and interesting j pricesVemained firm. The regula'r
I ti ves add from one to two hundred study of those portions of the 'retailers bad but a limited supply
new question's each day, and a world whichlie oft the usual lines -which they were able to -dispose of
large staiMs'kept busy hunting up of travel and which are still very. to their local patrons. Batter sold
replies. .little -known   even   to   the  most ja   large   quantities  to   the  local
The subject of returns asked   fcr, studious. trade,
hns assumed very serious propor| The chairman, Dr. A. A. King, The demand for potatoes is rather
tions. Without any thought of the j highly congratulated Miss Murcutt weak, just now. The supply was
labor involved,   with  no  apprecia-1 upon the fact that she had recently ,not large, but  what was on  sale
was not vigorously sought after.
The supply of apples was a large
one and  the demand  active.    H.
j'tion of the difficulties, with  ne  re-1 been made a  Fellow of the  Royal
Smith & Co.. Ltd
NC.LAND  ANL)  1 AlESTI NE,    To sti I tcribers 01 Farmers' Tele-,1
,,', . phone Co: Alter in -Directory, -No. |
Kev. J.Calvert, B.D.,  lectures,,       ��    ��* ''"
I is evening, at 8 o'clock, in West-;
The annual  ball of the   Delta
Farmers' Institute  will  be  held ii
|,m 'Island school .house, on ".Eng- BRAN,   SHORTS,   Whole   Corn, jthe Town Hall, Ladner, on Thurs-
' ] day, i-eb. 2otb.     Further partictt-
lid nud Palestine," illustrating it I
jjtn lantern views. The same lec- j
We and views will be repeated iu
Methodist Church Ure to-
j;rrow even ing,.and in Kust-Delta
Thursday evening, 6th -inst.
i'is is''.lie first lecture .in a course
^interesting   and instructive lec-
Cracked Com, Rice Meal, Chit
Rice, Chick -Feed, Timothy and
Clover Seeds may be obtained at j
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.'s
warehouses, Ladner, from MR.
If. N. RICH, Loci! Agent.
lars will appear later.
The "Riverside" Mission ^^^
JM to be givifl here during the 'ts preparing to give a "Mission-
ban, similar to that of'-last year'arv 'Evening" to the Honorary
jt'cii was so greatly enjoyed by 1 members and friends in tne  Met'n-
|lse who Iuard tliem. odist Church,   ou   Thursday,  tlu    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
kev. Mr   Calvert's  lecture,  last  13th inst.   A pleasant time  is ah- j'Stook out for particulars next week
on   Yorkshire, wa.s   greatly ticip.Ued.    An offering  will  be re- and make uo engagements for any
Ijreciate'     Come ana  hear liim ceived  at  the door in  aid of the of the evenings of tiie  third  wet'.;
||n.    Admission, 25c. :uncls of the society, l-iu February.
Does your birthd iy fall on any
date between the 17th and -'mid oi
j February? If so, put it off, or at
Circle j least postpone your birthday party,
because Miss Ala Murcutt, the
renowned lady traveller, will be in
Ladner for that wek, giving a
series of lectures in the 'Fowl. Hall.
-gard to the expense Conservatives
ask for copies of all papers relating
'to the sale of something or other or
;the number of acres homesteaded.
or the number of acres unsold, with
"���in a given area, and in due course
the minister brings down a pile of
.'papers several feet thick, and tbe
member who asked ior ihe return
has probably lost what little iilter-
est he once had in the affair and the
stack of carefully copied documents
joins the conglomerated mass already ill the possession ofthe cletk
of recortls, and there the file may
! repose until Docmsd_y.
This is a very serious subject ar.d
more so from the factthttt the Op-
i position ������constantly accuses the Gov-
��� ernment of u desire to conceal its
operations. A more unjust or ttn-
���seeinin.-ly accusation wa'S never
made It is almost increditable the
mass of information supplied to the
Opposi ion'by iheG veroment, ai 3
the Government might be jusilied
in refusing much that is asked for
on the ground that the request was
vexatious or frivolous.
Scottish   Geographical  Society, an
honor which falls'to but few.
Town'Hall, 27th Feb.
ta half hours-of solid fun.
Two nnd
W. L. Slater paid a short busi
ness visit to the Te.rmiua_.Cit);, last
The Laduer Orchestra made their j peden, of Westham I-slaed,- dispos-
second public appearance this even-fed of quite  a large -stock -of first-
ing and  their presence was much Mass apples and  ether Delta ship-
appreciated.    Unfortunately,  they Lcrs sold to local merchants,
were not heard to  tbc bestadVan-      Dressed  chickens brought 20c*
tage   on account  of'the   poor ar-j pound and sold rapidly,
rangement of the  stage, which de- j    ,TheTuli��g prices w��:e as -bllews:
feet it  is  hoped will  be (remedied J     ftee(t   hindquarters,   Sc  to  8#c
when next they appear.    We hopej per lb; forequarters, 6c to 6,��c.
that when Miss Murcuttnestcon.es     Lamb, 14c per lb.
here the orchestra  will again en-j    Mutton, j,..c���pirn.b.
liven the oacasion by their presence, j     Veal, small, 1 ic petMb.  large,7c
  j to .So.
'    'Pork, 9c to 9,'2'c per lb.
n/y ill lUiio j    'Eggs, wholesale, 30c per doc.t'-re-
! tail, 40c.
Fowls, $6.50 He ���{,;. 50 per
: chickens, $6 to ��7.per <ioz.
;     Ducks, ��1. to j|sio-<a ck*:.
A special meeting of Presbytery-
is  in  session,   to-day.  at St.  Andrew's Church, Vancouver, to consider   thc   call   presented   by >lht,
Ladner congregation to the Rev. J.
H, White.    Messrs. J. A. Paterson,
Wm. .^minie and John McKee were'
appointed Commissioners to appear
at Presbytery in support of call.
Rev. P. B. Oswald, of-Sapperton, j entertainment, 27th Feb.
will supply during our-vacancy.      | ��� ,  .
Geese, Jt.
C_K--t.._s, dressed, Jocpef"
Bv.tter, $gc to 40c per lh.
Pol 1:-.ex, JltS per ton.
Apples, 90c to ?t.-.5-��t-..-vs.,
Look out for  Mrs. Jark-y, grami
_ ___ I    \\rhen-you wish 10 buy visiting
The Ladies' Aid ofthe Methodist cards ca.l on the Delta Times who
Church  will   meet, on   Thursday | will ���sell the best money  can  buy.
next,  At the   home  of   Mrs.  Sid J'lf'ymrneet. fhem printed, why you
Brodie,  Crescent   Island   road, at are money in pocket by calling, or
' 2:30 p.m. -the-DeIt.1 Time." first. THK DELTA TIMES* TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 7508.
Subscription, $1.00 per year.
Casutt) Adverli��eMet.U, io cecU per line foi
the Gr*l ins:rtiun,aud jvenu per line ior eflCl.
tuUrt^iu1'111 innertiou. The number ol lints
nekoaedbythe apace occupied, 12 lines to tin
ftatc�� ior Commercial Advertisement! orii be
kad uu application at thi* office.
ftatdikg notlcea 10 ceut* per line for eacb In-
Birtb and Ueatb notice*, 50c., MarTtagcs$i.03.:
Any apecial noilce, the object ot which is to
���roc.utc the pecuniary benefit ot auy Individual
-Or Company, to be considered an advertisement
aud charged accordingly.)
AU advcrtltemeota charged for until ordered
���at aud paid for.
Orreipondence invited on mattera C* -public
tetereat. Comtnunicationa to editor must oe uc-
'companied by name of writer, not necessarily
,fi��r publication, but as evidence of good faitlt.
Correspondence niu*t reach this office by Thurs*
lay evening.
R. Manlky,
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY  -1,    1908.
The Elastic Light was up to its
fusual Mondav night tricks again
last night���went out for some time
and then gave us a parting shot
later on, just by way of makiut. a
^contrast in the darkness. We may,
possibly, have a little juice by-and
by.  "L
Our drawing took place on Friday last, when Miss Lena Leary
kindly undertook the task of extracting the ticket which haDpened
to be No. 66, held by Warren
Louglieed, who was very much
.pleased with tlie i fle.
There will be a meeting of the
Libeial Association next Monday,
the 10th inst., at 8 o'clock p.m., in
Oddfellows' Hall, Ladner.
All Liberals are requested to attend, to meet Official Organizer
Mcintosh and Mr. Jardine.
Jas. Boyd bad some experiences
of a rather exciting nature while
out du:k hunting yesterday, which
he is not likely to forget lor some
time. While hunting on Rhine-
bart's Island he heard a shot close
bv followed immediately by the
most horrible yells that it has ever
been his misfortune to listen to. He
at once concluded that someone
bad been accidentally shot aud, in
his haste to rescue the unfortunate
victim, he overbalanced himself
and fell into the icy water. However, he climbed into his boat again
an* proceeded to where he had
heard the shot when he found a
Greek fisherman, whose cheap Belgian gun had burst and a piece of
the metal had badlv wounded h:s
hand, tearing away the fleshy part
at the base of the thumb and mak-
jijg a very serious wound. Jim
bonnd up the fisherman's hand as
well as possible and started for
Jjome, he was suffering consider
ably from exposure himself, being
iyet up to tie neck from his involuntary immersion and the cold,
law atmosphere and tailing snow
did not temedy his condition. Per
haps for this reason he forgot to
unload his own gun and, when
hauling his boat np under Marshall
Smith & Co.'s store, something
Struck tbe hammer of tbe gun
causing it to be recharged. The
charge of shot penetrated the
double floor and found its resting
place in the ceiiing; fortunately no
One tried to prevent it from reach
ing the ceiling, for which Tim is
sincerely thankful. He is also
thankful that the Greek fisherman
did hot kill himself as, judging;
from the unfortunate fellow's language, te was not in a fit Condition
to expect  much  happiness  in his
futuie home,
JUV...  -
F. Ms Logan, manager and sec-
trary of th. Vancouver horse show,
who has just returned from a trip
to Seattle, Tacoma and Portland in
the interests of the horse show, savs
that horse lovers in those cities are
becoming very much interested.
At Seattle he saw  a  number   of
the best horse people there, such as
J, D. Farrell, vice-ptesi lent of the
Southern  Pacific Railway, who is ,
going to send a ntruber of horses, j
includj ig his not.'d hone Fox Catcher, which has a jumping  record ,'
of 6 feet 8 inches;  John Considine,
the theatre man,   has  recently   returned from New Vork,   where  he
purchased a pair ofthe best horses
shown .it the New Vork horst show.
These, with  his  prize winners  at
the   Seattle   rind   Portland   shows,
will  also  be   here.   A   number   ol
others from Seattle ot almost  equal
merit are expected. Albert Hansen,
the well ki own jeweller, of Seattle,
also donated a valuable prize forth
best ladies'  saddle   horse,   and   e\-
pecis to  attend  the show  himself.
C. F, While, the   well  know  lumberman of Seattle, is  also  bringing
ing up some horses and  wished  to
have a box reserved.    Iu  Tacoma,
J. S. Baker, president ofthe  Fidelity   Trust   Company, has  sent   in
8 or to entries aud  secured a  box.
A numlier of other entries  will  be
sent in from Tacoma.
Then in Portland, the Portland
Hunt Club donated a very valuable
cup, another was also gtven by the
president ofthe Portland Hunt Club.
T. S. McGratjh. The Portland
Hunt Ciub have secured two boxes
and are coming tip tn full lorce.
Besides the entries from across
the line, there will a number of
horses Irom Victoria, Calgary, Ladner, Chilliwack and Kamloops in
fact all the outside points, _o that
the question ol having a good show
of horses is practically an assured
fact, and some already predict thete
will be a better exhibit of horses
than has ever been seen iu Montreal or Toronto.
Mr. Logan adde 1 that a large
number ot valuable cups have already been donated, many of which
will be on exhibit in a few days.
Mr. Logan is leaving for Ottawa
to-day to attend the National Live
Stock convention which is being
held there next week, and will be
absent about three weeks. While
away, Mr. O. T. Tees, 433 Seymour street, Vancouver, will have
charge ol horse show matters.
!\'    ;i
V. T. Ry. & Ferry Co,
New Service���Port Guichon and  Ladner to Nevs
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6,30 a.m.    Arrive Vancouver, 10.20 a.nt
'.cave Vancouver,   2.to p.m.    Arrive Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m
Si.yes  Passengers four  hours  in   either   New   West
n nster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   '06.
"���reatly  Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichoa.
cut (   rs will be furnished without delay.
ii fill 81
Incorporated 1S6V.
-r     sf  NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B.  C
Accumulate, Awak   or Asleep, though earth uakes or fir
disasters   prevails   though   financial  depressions  come  ani
go, YOU   NEED   LOSE   NO SLEEP, for the security back of
Our Loans do not exceed 40 per cent, of
the value of the  property  and  NET  you
5 per cent.
60  YEARS'
High  class  vaudeville, all local
talent, Feb. 27th.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves Ladner
at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., returning, leaves vStevesion at 9:30 a.m.
and 4:30 p.m.
Andrew Clausen has a 6x9 smile
on, to-day, as ihe result of the safe
.1 rival at his bome ol a bouncing
baby girl.    Con;,raiillations, Andy.
Trade Marks
Copyi.1 shts 4c.
An. one sending a. kcteli and .pncrlntlon may
quickly ascertain our opinion free wheLher an
Invention lsprotml>lvpatent_Mo. Communications Btrlotlf oonfl .outMl. HANDBOOK on I .items
Bunt tree. OMest n. fmo. for hoc tiring patents,
Patents taken tliruu. h Munn & Co. receive
IptcUU notices without chatty, in tho
:.:..;":. jaericasi*
A hnndsomoly illustrated weeKly. Largest ci>
eiilmiou of any BtientlUO journal. Terms for
Camitlu, s::.vr�� a yoiu�� pontage pre pat d.   Bold by
Bruaeh Olllce. 025 F Ht, Wash iDeto a, D. a
'ptcuu-noncet wimiuuh
For Sale.
Tenders Wanted.
Tenders will be received by the
Delta Munic;pal Council, up till 12
o'clock noon, Saturday, h"eb. 8th,
for the following work: Clearing
and grubbing all brush and ttee^
on the Slough road (rom the north
line of I. Whitwoith's larra to the
south line of E. S. Browne's larni;
also clearing and grubbing all
brush and trees on the Trunk road
Irom the Gowdy road to the Bensoi
The lowest  or  any   ten Ier  rot
necessarily accented.
Ladner, January 25th, igo8.
Total Assets Over Forty-Five Millions.
Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Given Special.
Savings Department.
ccounts may be opened with deposits of ON E DOLLAR
and   Upwards.     Interest paid,  or credited,  quarterly on   31st  March, 30th Jane, 30th
September,  31st.  December.
C R DANIEL, Manager, LADNER, B. C,
Mandolin F
Having been requested to start a
Mandolin Class, am now prepared to do so. For terms, etc.,
apply i,
B.   H.   WEARE*
Care of Mr. J. W. Lanning.
Incubator  and
new.    Apply to
Brooder,   nearly
Notice to Creditors
While in Vancouver on Tln.rs-
dav last, Mr. Smith, manager ol
the B. C. Leather Companv, very
courteously showed us over their
handsome aud well stocked store,
and, from wlia' we s.av, wc ..in
well recommend our patrons to do
Lisbon, Feb 1���King Carlos and
the Crown Prince have been assassinated. Two ol the assassins were
killed nn the spot, and the third is
believed to have committed suicide
in prison.
Carlos I. wa? born Sept. 28th,
1863, the son of Kins; J..uiz I ant!
his Queen Maria Pin. He married
Marie Amelie, daughter of Philippe,
Due d'Orleans, on May 22nd, 188O
He succeeded to the throne on Oct
19th, 1889.
The Crown Prince, Luiz Philippe
Duke of Braganz.i, was bom on
March 2tst, 1887.
Acclimatized Stock.
Se ds
For the
Farm,  Garden, Lawn or
( .nservatory.
Re!' tble Varieties at Reasonable
Pi ices. No Borers. No Scale.
���No fumigation to damage stock.
No windi' agents to annoy vou.
Buy direct anl get Trees and Seeds
that Grow.
Fertilizers,   Bee  Supplies, Spray
PtiRips,   Spraying    Material,    Cut
! Flower.,   etc.     Oldest   established
nursery on  tlie mainland oi  B. C.
Catalogue free.
Ii. J. HENRY'S Nurseries,
Greenhouses and Seadhouses
VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
Mandolins, Strings, Etc.,
Supplied at Citv  Prices.
Fashion Stables *
��   NKW WKS'MINSTER,    :-;  B. C.
Manu-fiicturcrs of nil kimta o(
Soda Water, Ginger
Al-e and Summer
I       Your patronage solicited
Trucking and  Draying,
Livery   work  of all kinds
tended lo promptly.
J. Nl. Gollinson
Lit .ntr.B. C .
$4.00 ?er Year.    Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
Man .iiilis. 47 W. 2STU ST., NSW YOB*.
]>JOTICE is hereby given pursuant   to   R    S.   B.   C.   1897,
Chapter 187, that all creditors and
ithers having claims against the
estate of William Henry Ladner,
late of Ladner, io the County of
Westminster, Farmer, who died on
or about the ist of November, A D ,
1907, are required, on or before the.
ist day ot MarcTi next, to send to
the undersigned, one ot the Executors, the full particulars of their
claims and the nature of the secur
ities (if any} held by tliem.
And further take notice, that
after such last mentioned day the
Executors, His Honor Judge
Howay and William J. Watson,
will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the
parties entitled thereto, having re-
g ird only to the claims ot which
they shall then have notice, and
tlie said Executors wili not be
I able to any person  or persons of
fhose claim  notice shall not have
i en received by them.
Dated 27th day of January, 1908.
P.O. Bqx a66,
New Westminster, B.C
Ladner Carriage Works.
Get Your Grinding Done
While You Wait.
W. N. Draper,
Room >, Ellird Block, New Westminster.
G. T BAKER, Ladn;r, B. C,
��� ��������� ~m*m^m*^mmmi^^*mm*m*����mim^m^mmm*^y!i*m*m^^m*~mmmm~***^*^mmm*r*^.^^m*^*im*
WAIT and G;i Your Grinding: Done
$2.00 PER TON
$2.25 PER TON
ALWAYS Running on Saturdays.
trenant Crushing Will
i m laffiig of a
Luccessful Wife
GfiTlktnanIs the Product of �� Mother
V. Iio Knows Her Business ���Biggest
SUara ot the Training Falls on the
M 'ther���Some Sage Advice.        J*
pyrlght, 49UT, by Casper .'6. Yost.]
don't wonder -thai you feel tt
territile weight of responsibility resting on you just
l'his matter of raising a family
���1 reckon they taught you lo say
"roui'lng" nt college���is a serious prope-
sllfou any way you take it, bnt H
wouldn't worry about It if J wero you.
M ti ere will be H whole lot of bridges on
.lit- tv iiy, liM .von won't have to erojs
but one ��l 11 -iine. and yon won't have
,,) cross any uutil yo'h get -to -it. They'H
w.-it ;,)'.��� jv,a. all right' 'Ihey never get
"wished away by floods, and they're
never ._ Itard to get tivor as they look
4o be al il distance, so don't fret about
ear. You remember
saying, "Here's Mon-
uesday, and the next
a whole week gon��
ind he'll find It necessary to  ..-ns. <n��
tbe   barber  occasionally,   all   without
tht* fnlu.
���e. -iny
t tl-.���   1)11 i   I i<
da;., t.nu
dny'.   \Y<
."1 n d   in
it hi I
'I' li a t
the   sp i
l!    ih
ID;,1st-   s
'.    ,������    !>'
��� '���: , n
Htl 1 .
'J  slay's   I i!
and   ic . . ���
t I Oil bl es
enough   for
day      Am.
i,i |oo!, itiiwild, tu
p!au uml eon! id
er.   hi i   hot   to
worry,    It's  all
���IkIu and proper
to ilgure on little
��� ������-ii    William's.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
uture,   bul   It's  "A whole weel: ooik
ill wrong to let   and nothln'done.''
in.r  plans -pile  up Into 'burdens on
ie pre'-But.   Just keep that Idea flxefl
i viier Milo n(igv,in while I give yon
���,."n,. b'liien.-iiie views on the raising
,f .loll!)  Willi I!.:.
In (lie lh-. filiii'p, little girl, you warft
ti reeogtitej tl* fact that your-baby is
, boy ntid' thi1 main object of your train-
. ,; shoi 1.1 he to make a man of him.
If be lives loUR enough he'll get the
equlsite number of years, he'll get big
i:s_>in.i    lo    VSTOUr    full    UTOWP    tSOUMfl,
i lie Hoes lotuj enough he'll call on the
liarlier tuicaxlonttllg.
.uch  help   from  yoa.     But   it 'takes
���ore than that to make a num.    You
.n see lots of very good imitations of
.eu walking up aud down tlie street
ay day, but real men are scarce, and 1
nnt my grandson to be a real mailman   -ith backbone and self reliance
nd courage, upright, truthful and just;
luane   In   his   dealings   witli   others;
laving the fear of the Lord,  but uo
ther fear, in his heart; courteous and
entle aud kind, particularly to women.
���Id men and childi-eu; lending not only
it bund, but  n  head aud a  heart,  to
those In distress    It takes all tbat to
make a real man. a genuine geutlemnu,
aud I've seeu mighty few of that kind
iu this world who weren't tlie product
if a mother  who knew her business.
}nce lu a  long while the good Lord,
for some purpose of his own, turns out
.. first class mau williou'. tmy apparent-
-nunan help, but It isn't often, and it
won't   do   for   mother  and   father   to
lazily and [fleuBly fold their bauds aud
trust   Ir.  "Providence.     That  kind   of
tntst Isn't any account until you have
(ion? the best you cab with the Job.
The Mother's Responsibility.
S3.'honey, it's tip to you and William
to make ii man out of tlie kid, nnd the-
tsi��g.\.t share of tbe milking  falls on
y.,,i,  lor In  tbe
T~h _ liaising    of     n
family a father
Isn't n s u a I I y
good   for   rnuctt
��ito opt     the
heavy   standing
around.  At any
rate,   he   won't
cut   uuy   figure
���iu the game for
.several  years
.yet,    and     the
time    to    eom-
'moiice Work   is
-right now    You
-eau',t begin the
training    of    a
child too early
I've seen many
a baby hopeless-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^     lv    spoiled    he-
'��� It \va- a in.uith old, and the tirst
��� i- ni.sic apt-tu get.n false start than
t> later ones  It's wonderful how much
ts'lligenee  tliere  Is  in  a   little  bald-
-filed. I'fd faced, stump nosed kid not
��� i* dai-S old. uud It ts equally   re
..-it-kalile how easy tt Js'fn'^t that In-
(.lligeuee working iu -the wrong direc-
lion at that early use. .Iiittla John William says to bini:;eil'. "I find by experience that if I holler long enough and
loud enough I'll get anything I want."
Therefore he boilers, atd unless you
give bim to understand, gently, but
firmly, that this thedly of his Is entirely
incorrect and based upon false premises he'll continue to holier, ar.d you
and William will have to dance to his
whistle through many a weary day and
many a sleepless night.
But tbe worst feature of this false
start ls nbt in the discomfort lt brings
to his parents. It 'Is the 'Influence It
has upon bis character, for character
building, my dear, like any other building, has to begin at the foundation,
and defects in the foundation are-more
dangerous and harder to remedy than
!:    it
<~~,*d$ (wj
/:.*., I qmtd tor
iii uch.
Th-crclore lie hollers.
faults anywhere in tlie superstructure,
:'. be...!:: o:i little John William uow,
honey, before be gets the bit between
'iis teeth or his gums nuiJ liiusiiwa-y
'.villi you.
Things tbe Doy Must Learn.
When I was a boy, I had tt eolt one��
lhat I   was very proud of.    It was a
jim dandy colt, pretty us a.picture and
smart as a steel trap, but I wailed bin
long to break It, lot-it 'have lis ow��
way until It  wouldn't have any other
',...-, in'., tho ll.'sl time I tried to ride
i! it . iruck off across 'tlie meadow like
:i   lb-laywl  telegram.7 All   my   pulling
-.ml sawing and shouting didn't make
i  bit  of Impression  on  hiin, and Invent on land on, getting .faster all the
hue. until be came to a stake and rider
all fence.   Then he stuck his f .ro feet
���In  the  ground   and  stopped.     But 1
didn't.   I just sailed ou over that-fence
aud landed hi the 'middle of -n blackberry patch.    That blamed colt never
would let anybody ride hlm.    Hut I"
I'd commenced witli him at the rlg'U
time be would have made one of t.|.
liest lior.es that ever came oft' the hliu
grass.   And'It's the same way with i
child.   Let bim once get the Idea Hxe>
in  his  bead  that  what  he  wants  In
must bave and lhat papa and mamma
are  just   overgrown  servants,   wIiom
business is to see that he gets It, aiili
ills ten chances to one that  lie  \vU
jever be cither a umn or a mouse or .-
jug  tailed   rat.   as 'the  saying  goe:  <
s'o. my .dear, when Violin William ho'
ers without apparent reason just I.
'���������  holler     li   won't  hart   hits.    (
tiie contrary, ica .-i ��,-������- |.,<.......... ...
nature for lhe expansiou aud develop
ment of  tbe lungs.     .,��fi -while be';-
faking physical culture exercises he's
learning a few things that will be va!
liable to blm later ou.   It's mighty ini
liortant, it's absolutely esseutial, tha:
he gets on to the fact right uow thai
'he world wasn't made for bis amuse
lent and that mamma nnd not he Is
ie boss of the ranch.
That little matter settled, you'll llnd
lie rest of tbe way comparatively easy.
.it rn!c-s it is settled.���unci settled fo.-
��epo, the road to Dublin won't be ti
Ircumstnnce for rocks.    Po you  re
i letnber the old example df the borse-
tiue nail iu your arithmetic, tlie one
���it shows the wonders of arithmetical
���o-g;-;. . .n;'?   Well, that's just the way
ie difficulty K>f settling that question
c.ea.-es every day  you  postpone il
That's why'I'iiy -.o in uch stress on tbe
Importance of ..!oi-is it now.   I know
ri., diS.-'??   ���   /J
'llw.il he stopped, hut I didn't
he's such a p"eeious liltle cherub, so
cute and cunning and nil <that sort of
thlug. It's mlghly hard to deny hlm
any tiling be '.vails, but you should
keep before you nil the time, my dear,
not what lie i.i. but What he is to he.
You know wheu n-sculptor h making
n  model  for a statue he 1i:vs to have
moist clay and to keep it moist.    Unless he does he can't give it the form
he desires.  It's ju-; so with your baby.
Unless be Is plastic, so tu speak, you
cm never mold hlm to your will,   l.'n
less lie le.-irca the lesson of o...l:i-nce
you <::;:i never gl-c .:,s e!_ii'��c;er sflial
-'i'in which is the e.Kence of re.;! man
��� hdod,   Tbe mak.ng<of r, man Is a big
job. liut If obedler.ceds made the foundation it isn't so very difficult.    And
yet obedience me.itiiU  be sniiine submission.    .V child must be taught to
obey  because the commands are Jus!
ami right, and when needs be he should
bu siioivn why they arc just and righl.
���Ills spirit Is to be trained and devel
���ped,  not crushed.    I   never had any
���vtience with tbe old time method of
tlsiiig  children,   which   was  nothing
���s (ban tyranny.   It was a whole lot
utter  than  tlie modern,  way  of nn-
���llled license, bnt it wasn't rigid.
Cliild-a Reasoning Being.
A ehlkl should lie treated ns a being
allowed witb rp.-isr.u and should hi
iingbt to do right because it is right,
ot because a mother or a father com
lands It. Thai, of course, mnkes I
ipcessary for hlm to know right fron
rung, and you cnu't put in too mtldi
I ;ne giving him that'bnowledge. Teae!
our boy to lie truthful and hones
ind courteous und show him why b
should be so. Don't make the mlstntre,
however, of holding up the fear of
punishment as the <:-hief reason. A
boy who dees right because he ls
afraid te do wrong Is in a fair way to
'jecorae a coward. If be isn't one al-
ready. l.'n the contrary, show him
that these virtues distinguish the real
man from tbe imitation. A man ma?
possess courage nud backbone uc6
physical strength and yet be no bettss
than many four legged brutes. GefiSr
ine manhood is a mental rather than ��
physl -ai condition. .Muscle is highly
desirable, and I hope John William
will bave plenty of it. but don't let
him get the notion fn Ills bead that
that Is ull be needs. A boy is naturally a good deal of a savage and has the
savage's admiration for strength. Lots
of us older boys haven't got very far
away from primitive ideas in that particular, but all tbe same it's a matter
of mighty small Importance in the
making of manhood compared witb
tlie attributes of the mind.
These are just general principles, my
dear. You can't make any rules that
will fit all cases, nnd you hardly ever
find two children exactly alike lu their
dispositions. Methods of training must
lie adapted to each.individual. A slipper or n shingle judiciously applied to
tho right spot Will work wonders la
many cases, while It's worse than useless in others. Study your boy as you
never studied any lesson In your life
and mold his mind and his character
according to the material you tind you
-have to work with, always -keeping iu
mind the one definite aim, tbe making
of a man.
This Is a serious "subject, little girl,
nnd I have treated It seriously, but if
you go at it right and begin nt tbe
Muscle is hiijhly desirable,
commencement you will find this
training cf a child-one of the greatest
joys of life. There is nothing as beau*
tiTill as the gradual -USfo.dl_g of the
mind of a little one. and Here is no
task so noble nnd 'ennobling ���us that
wliich gives proper direction to Its
development. But start uow, honey;
start now. Don't iput it off till ue.v!
year.   Your affectioj:ale father,
Giving  Him a  Lift.
"There   wus  ouce   upon   a  time  nr
actor." said n speaker, "who, after in
enforced -idleness of two months, wn
lucky enough to secure au eugageiueii
In n town l v enl-. live -miles away
'.��� ���    __��-
Pounded 1692 Incorporated 1893 j
Provides a Christian Home for Students of botbi
sei.'. _ at moderate rates;. Has a preparatory c'ass for.
jtniior students taking Public School work. Does High
School work and prepares for Provincial Teachers' Exam��
inations. Teaches aTl branches of a Practical Business
Course and -confers Diplomas. Imparts a "Liberal Education in its Collegiate Course, and in the Ladies' Course
for M. ]���'. L., and M, L. A. In Theology confers the degree of B.D. In University work can take students through
the CHi.i| Icte Arts Course for the B.A. degree of Toronto
University, with which the College is in full affiliation. In
Sciefioe teaches thc First Year of Toronto School of Science, and has a Special Engineering Course adapted te
Practical Engineering work in this Province. In Music, a
complete course in theory, voice culture, and piano and
���organ, in conjunction with -the Toronto college of music.
Speeisi! instruction in art and elocution, while all students
.-ire required to take physical training with all the privileges of a well equipped gymnasium.
Delta Times
Ctivacn   PrfJTlGte_
AM. S.'sliVIS.
Holy Communion���ist ai-il 311'
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.i 2nd and 4th
Sunduj. at 11 a.m.
Matins, -11 -o'clock.
Kveusoug, 7:30 o'clock.
Sunday Schools-it 10 a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Kev. K. R. Bartletr, M.A., Vicar
-jjyffiS-jy       gi
c.'. .ii owe
Services-first and third Sunday oi
each month at 10:30a.m.; Benedic-
tioii, 7:30 'p.-il
Sunday school at -3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Communion
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Rev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.-,
Parish Priest.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
;>. m.and 7:30 p.m.
C!:;s5 meeting, after th 1 morning
s 1 \ ice every Sunday.
Sabbath School at 2 p m every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at S.
Rev. J. F. Betts pastor.
Services next Lord's Dav at ri
a.-'-. ::nd 7.30 pim.
Sabbath School at roam Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Sabbath services��� Crescent Island, 3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
Sun 'ay School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting 0:1 Thurs lay 1
8 p.m.
Rev. A. H. Huntley, pastor.
"iae tase ws.! a iiurry up'iruu in*.
factor had to reads tbe-distant io',vn
.that iiistit. If Iio Tailed to arrive, then
4iis part would lo "Ossigned to si,me
���one else.
"Well, tlie man patched hi -rn
4xiots with patent Vnre. i. plum up
li-is fow belongings la a uewspapfi .il
aet out in the caity morning 111 mt
along the towpath. lie bud onlj .-, .'.w
coppers; lienee-.l'be  . rn in was �����
po. I iiiiii .v.
"Cut after tbe poor fello.v h :
I'l-oil some i-ii' 1 r neren ini'o> I. . I
gave out. lillsterj rose "ii lih< feyb.
fatigue ovk ia:ue Win. and In despiilf
he threw blnirplf na tbe gr.l! li mi ���-.!
a tree.
"As !:o lay there ia a bitter wood
eanalbeat bt>vp i.i      lu.   it drew n-nr
.lowly, aud -in i i-    nHed ih.- actor.
" 'ffpin'in.' be St.mted. rlslug hurriedly, 'captala, !���'>���' nji. for the in-, a
of heaveitV
"'Waal, v.cj! d'ye waBtJ' ��ald the'
captain as he stoppeu the boat!
'"'Oaptain,' said thc actor, 'I hav*
to trot iu Quag tonight to play second
heavy is "The Evil Tliat Men Do." -1
am footsore and weary anil oan walk
no farther If you will assist me I
wil! werli uiy passo-.^.'
"The r.i\: ain gave t'he actor 11 tlntll'y
���"All i-.'.til.' lie said. 'Load tlffl
lioss.' "���"NewTorts Tribulw.
'Milton's Q.iaint Pc-trait.
.T<i^_i   Mlltou'8   liannonh'all   aud   Ins
geulose soul did ledge In a lieautll'iil
��� and weil'preportloued body. He was. n
spare man. He had abraim (auburn)
iiayi-o. Ills couiplexlon o.\ 'Ceding fah-o
���ho was so fnlre that tin v railed h in
���"the laily of t'iiri.i-'s .college.;'   Ovall
���face.   Ills oio a darke gray.   Iio had ft
-.leKcate >tnn:>..iile voice am! had go.-_l
sliill.   flki  ftitliei' .���5-.stfu<1,;'d 'liim.    lit-
-hnd an oi-rr.it) 'ij lds-hoW_e:*he pHiyi.1
^011 that mot:,    cf':i very cheerful li'i-
.jiionr. -llo w ml I .io c-heiii-rul even ie
his gowtofitt.. i!-".l alng.   iio was very
'.le.-iltlr,- nud i;ti- I'rom all diseases: sol-
���dinio teste any  pUystque��� (only some-
tinios he tooUe manual: only toward hia
latter  end   bo   \v:'.s   visited   with   tire
gow-lo, spring and fall.   Iio hnd a vory
ngnod  inetnnrie, hntl holoove ihat his
oxoolli'rft metliod iV-.hiiili'Mj,- ��_���_ dis-
IJposing did muoli to belpo'l.is memorie.
lie  protioimred  ftps   lettor  rt  (littera
"canlnni very'liard���a eertalne slue of a
'flatyricali"-, lil   Temperate mau, rarely
"tlrank lierwi_ftu tneales.  Kxtreme pleas-
��� ant iirt.iiMii'.voi'satioii. and at dinner,
-Slipper, etc., but s-itvi-icil'-Aubrey^
""llrlef f.ltVK."
Time's Ch^ng!5?,.
Xo dMutil '; I. . tlllnn ini.-ahsfaotor^
���WorUI 'ii.I mars ;.he roadside with
"tnwdry advertl'-ements of drafts and
'food, tun J'.iss .hi"! two eoKtiii-ies ago,
remonil'ov tlw place of these boards
was taken hv gibbets and prow peeked,
tattered i-<n-|j-e-- swinging In Iho wind,
nnd tbe bend�� ul rt-'od jpSfletiteii rot-
tod in me i-uiii ou Temple Bar���-Jrand
Catue of BeaAacheo.
Too little blood in tha brain Is a fn��
qaout cause of headache and mny Imi reco?.
Bizod by.the ache being un tho toy.of t_��
lioad, hy constant di_ziiie_s and by noiws
In the oarc. Tho best cure la a sligbi
���timulnrtt, suoh as strong tea or coffee o;
hot Buuii���anything whioh will Inc.east
the clicuhnion. People Who suffer witl
these headaches should always sleey witb
Iholr heads low.���Eichauge.
Good For a ChlM.
"A white potato, ronsted, net boiled,
���should be tho llrst vegetable given lo*
ohilil, but In (uinmoy time ils vfle.% mint
bo watched. Oue of tbo nnme fruitful
sources'of sickness with young chil.iren It
giving'U-1-iiu animal food indiscrlininawty
Bud ton oft_r.. 15 .f, uiution and ohiakes
are the ouly articles fit for ehildi-ea.
Pr<i1e<_;iQff -Soiled Ham.
After a ham bas been boiled and before
getting cntirciy cold It will b* found a
(food plan to wraparound i* o loug strip
���f thin old muslin, tying it on with a
���trlng. This*��iay ba turned back a. fast
M the ham Is siloed, lu the mcuiwhilf
W keeps tho edible from tke lui.t__iai< al
isuld bo familiar .'!_____.
Rvidi-jico or a_> 1 urr.
"BWdley always seems induitrlaua,"**-
marked tlio gossip. "And yat he aeva> aa-
���coniplislios macb."
"yes," replied tb* eager ltstraer, "h��'t
-one nf these people who wbansrur they <J*
anything make you think they'4 b�� flrst
race hands ut something ��lae."���Waiiil-iy-
tou Star.
I'lHIHK I'i:ililian(.
"s^The playwright h.-ilf Lie play ktd atalen.
'Tot   whan   flrst   uielueni .tnockad 'it
That   author's   cliseka -wl'h   ra^a   ware
Be thuught hlaaudleaoeuaed him badlv.
"But, thoiorh Ihe "ko.Ib" so flerr-oly roardi,
\\'c. can't abtat ur.f^irntR.s qniz 'em;
'5t strikes ua that tlie rltflu reward
l''or plat'iur;i.m Is p;..j-je��-1_ni!
.-Ally Slopar.
"Nothing peema to pleas*, you," he MM
"I confess," ehe replied, "that yon 4a
' not exactly meet ire,- approvM."
After he hud imviirilly digosted that h*
was Inclined to be eveu more _lilor.���CkU
oago .Vost.
An Aetreaa In Aft Ian.
One of tho young ladies of th* oditipagy
���who, Iiy tlio woy, nevor seem to untie*
stand that black people nre men���thougkt
It great full to go to a Kafir's kraal, peap
In and kiss her hand to the chief -Leatda.
Ho immediately came out tobuyhara^C
was very much in earnest about It.
"No, thank you; I am sot up far sue-
rtdon today."
"Three oxen."
"Really very good Of you, tmt"���
"Four o_en."
"'No, thanks; I'm not for sal*."
"Five oxen."
"No; let me go."
Ho let hor go with �� Zulu oath,- and hK
friends, wbo had missed her, congratulated her on bor safe return, whloh they lu^J
reason to do.���"Random S��aoll��etk_Mi"
-}*������ B.- Oanthony.
.M_t__BSsl     ^""ai THE DELTA TIMES, f HESDAY. FEBRUARY 4   :5o8.
Do not make any engagement for
Feb 37th.
W. Riddler returned bome, ou
Thursday, from a visit to Vancouver.
H. D. Benson came home, Saturday, hem a visit to the Royal
Priends of Mrs. Wm. Stokes will
���regret to leain that she is very un-
Mrs. Mclnnis aud daughter, Miss
.Jessie, visited Vancouver, last
���W. J. Leary, jr., spent most of
ilast week on business in the Terminal City.
H. M. Vasey returned home,
Thursday morning, from a visit to
.the Terminal City.
Mrs. Jas. Follis went up to the
Royal City, yesterday, in preparation tor an operation.
Mrs. D. B. Grant is improving
���icely from a severe attack of inflammatory rheumatism.
'Mr. aud Mrs. Geo. R. Manley
were among the visitors to the
Terminal City last week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Louglieed and
family leave, on Friday next, ioi
tkeir old home in the east.
'Miss Elsie Benson, of Columbian
College, came down, Saturday, to
���pend Sunday at her home.
Mrs. H. N. Rich and Mrs. H. J.
-Hutcherson spent a couple days in
tbe Terminal City, last week.
Mr. snd Mrs. W. E. Curtis and
son, Master Eddie, left, Saturday,
On a visit to the Terminal City.
���Mr. and Mrs. Alex Davie visited
the Royal aud Terminal Cities,
last week, returning home on
Thursday last.
W. E. Townsend, of New Westminster, paid a short visit here,
last week, to do several small jobs
of bricklaying which he had on
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Armstrong
���and daughter, Miss Nora, of New
Westminster, visited, last week, at
Dunleith, tbe home of the Reeve
and Mrs. J. A. Paterson.
Mrs. P. Matheson is able to be
out again after an attack of la
grippe, and went up to the Royal
City, yesterday, to see her daughter, Mrs. H. G. Taylor, who is
very ill.
Mrs. D. A. McKee and niece
spent a few days in the Capital Cit.,
-last week, returning home, on
Thursday evening. Mrs. McKee
^reported snow having fallen at Victoria during her stay there.
A. few weeks ago the Diet of Fin-
^nd, by a unanimous vote, adopted
a resolution prohibiting the manufacture, importation or sale of any
hind ef spirituous liquor within the
jito _ts of Finland, It is hinted that
,the Qtar will not approve thc
measure, from tikie. fact that the
Russian, government derives a very
lsijjjp income from tbe export o
���vodki, the Russian whiskey, into
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties SEVEN and
Eight Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up.
White, Shiles & <��,
New Westminster, B.C.
1016 Westminster Avenue
Vancouver. B.C.
Agencies Represented���
Hartford Fire Insurance Co. Insurance Cu, of North America
Phoenix Insurance Co. of Brooklyn    Tlie Oceuu Accident .-. Guarantee Corpora-
Connecticut Fire Insurance Co. tion, Ltd., of London, Mug.
Imperial Trust Co., Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.
Jus! Received
Two   Cars    Cyphers    Incubators,
One   Car    Swift's   Be��f   S;raps,
Royal Standard
To notify the people ^of Ladnfer and sui*
rounding- district that we are^Jnow m a
position to oTer Vancouver Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly recced prices, ma^i-tig it possible for partie3 who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about tha
same cost as .filing or '\ other inferior
Write for Prices.
B. C,
Calvert & Lewis,
LADNER,     -     -     B-C.
The great and only Mrs. Jarley
will be at the Town Hall on the
27th Feb. Remember the date and
keep it free from engagements.
For Sale.
One Purebred Berkshire Boar, of
famous Shannon stock.   Apply to
for Sale.
About 100 Cords Alder; 1,000
Cedar Fence Posts and 50 tons of
Mangels.    Apply to
For Sale.
Gnt Glass,
Watches aad
All Kinds of Jewellef\\
New Stock For Xma*.
Call .ind See Then*.
Jl. Clausen,
LADNER,   B.  C.
Plows I
A Delta Farm, containing 160
acres of first-class Farming Land;
young orchard; new house; large
barn and stables. For particulars
apply to the owner
448 Sixth Ave. E., Mt Pleasant,
Vancouver, B.C
Plows i
Plows I
To grow heavy and clean crops you must
Work Your Land Right.
To Start Right you must Plow Right.
To Plow Right You Want the Right Plow-
The Right Plow is the BELL PLOW.
We Have Them
Sale by Tender.
In the matter ot the Creditors Trust
Deeds Act,   1901,  and  the Assignment o'  Jebn MacKenzie, ot
Ladner. Dry Goods Merchant,
QEALED TENDERS will be re-
ceived by the undersigned up
to Saturday, the 15th day  of February, 1908, at 4 o'clock  p.m., for
the purchase of:
1. The Freehold property known
as Lot 48, Townsite ot Ladner,
with building thereon, recently occupied by John MacKenzie;
2. Tbe store counters and tables
contained therein as per inventory
to be seen at the oflice ot the undersigned.
Separate tenders for each. Thc
highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Assignee, Ladner, B.C.
Dated January 27, 1908.
Gasoline engines    and   boat motors
1-s every Apiece "of Harness that
leaves our store. Each piece is
iashioned from the best {leather aud
most select metal," and the workmanship throughout is first-class in
every respect. Our Saddles are th'.
tjlk of all horseback riders for co 11-
fort and ease, and they"are_ scrup 1-
���ously made and finished by experi
enced operators. ;Give us a call
when yoojnext need S3:nething ia
our line.
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
112  Hastings Street,  Vancouver, B. C.
fate of
General Merchant,
CHICKEN, Alive and Dressed, Always Wanted
The Beet line of Hen Supplies on the Market
Commission Agents,
General Dealers & Machinists.
Phone 5,
Port Guichon
Produce Stored and
To AI) B. C Ports


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