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The Delta Times May 14, 1907

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Vol. 4, No. 36.
LADNER. B. C. TUESDAY. . AY  1., 1907.
Ottawa Letter.     DELTA COUNCIL.      The Market.
just arrived, fresh from the manufacturers,   insuring   the   VERY   newest
the labor disputes bill takes precedence. With respect to ihe torra-
er, the Government, alter making
a tour hy commission, through the
country, and bearing the views of
Largest range of Ladies' Waists, Skirts, etc., ever shown here.
-Girls' White and Colored Wash Dresses.
Ladies' Summer Underwear in Pine Wool, Lisle Thread and Cotton,
in long sleeves, quarter sleeves and sleeveless.
New Hosiery and Gloves.
New Summer Dress Goods.
Ottawa. May.).���The session has | The Delta Council met in the: New Westminster, May tt.���
| ended after a little over fire months j Council Chamber on .Saturday, i The usual crowd of pa.ple altended
(of work, and a general review oi the I May   _uhat   % with  the',he wccklv  Market  yesterday, but
1 situation may-not he without inter-! ,, .',,,_. ,     .       . , _, r
. , Reeve, II. M. Vasey, in the chair,, lhe supply of produce was far from
j     While a great deal of private leg- j und   Couus-   0ibbie'    Davie-   Gil" j bei" E up t0 the mark-    TUe cause
. islation has been  enacted,   interest; christ and Paterson present. , oi  the deficiency was the wreck et
enters   around    the    government!     Minutes   of   previous    meeting! the Guichon train as it was rolling
measures in which the   tnrifl   and | were adopted as read. j 0,! to the Fraser river bridge about
9.30 a. tn.    The train had a  large
COMMUNICATIONS: c        , .        ,     . . ,
' quantity of produce on board which
From B.  C.  Telephone  Co.. re,was   gathered   up   at   Cloverdale.
removing   polei  on   the Boundary ! and other places, all  of which  re-
! nuiined on board until  the broken
Secretary of dovn engine was removed aud  the
loard of Trade, track was cleared ,ate in the
calling the attention of the Council! afternoon. The passengers, how-
to a meeting of the Board, for the ever' who werc accompanying their
purpose ol placing Westminster on ��oods t0 L>tton &luare refused t0
the chart as a national port.    The sit in ,be train flnd wait' so man?
, keeve and Clerk were appointed a j
[committee to attend meeting on thej
22nd inst. M^^^
From   Farmers' Telephone  Co.,
asking  permission  to  build   theii
line   in   Delta   District      Request;
granted with the usual restrictions
and   the   Reeve and  Coun.  Davie |
Received and filed
I Hay road.    ..��u,w uiu
nay person or corporation wishing      FrQn] A   .,  w g{
to express any,  go*t to work  and'        Westminster Boan]
|framed a  tariff,   whicli,   while   not]
[ particularly disturbing
Mens' Department.
French Balbriggan Underwear, colors Pink, Brown, Drab, at
LargeBt Stock of Work Shirts shown anywhere, also Regatta and
Netfige Shirts, W. G. & R. Brand.
Visit our Shoe Department, and see the fine stock of shoes we are
We have secured the Agency for the Celebrated
"CARHART" Union-made "OVERALLS and JACKETS" for this District.
Mo-Wear Hats,
All our Hats ar�� now in.    No two Hats alike.
a���������Bi'in   ���������������__
F. "V/  '\,       - .M.__B_B_M��
All lovers ol vocal music, red
especially works for mixed voices,
have for some years been familiar
witb the song cycle entitled "In a
Persian Garden." The composer
of tbis unique masterpiece���which
was inspired and set to the words-
of the "Rnbalyat of Omar Khayyam," is Madame Liz* Le bmann.
An interesting article on the life
and work of tbis charming woman,
who was a famous singer before she
retired from public life in order to
eompose, appears in the June nutu-
h=r ot the New Idea Woman's
Magazine. Tke author who interviewed Madame Lebnpagn ip her
home at Wimbledon, near London,
gives delightful glimpses of the
^tiiet life which the artist lires. here
Mrs. A. Fisher will be "At
Home" to her friends at Broadview
i-'arin on Thursday and Friday
next, from 2 to 5 p. tn.
At the meeting of tht Westminster Board of Trade, held last week,
 ^^^^^^^ tht  one   in
force, made a  more  equitable  distribution over the entire list.
The new feature was the inter-
j mediate tariff which opens the door
I for better commercial relations with
other countries when they feel inclined to approach Canada on the
subject. The British preference, oi
course, conuneuds itselt to all students ot political econuiony, aud
tends to bind Canad.i aud the
mother laud in closer bonds ol commercial unity and amity.
This bill introduced by Hon. Mr.
Lemietix, Minister ol Labor, is now
I undergoing a very severe test us to
! its efficiency, as it is being  applied
I to tbe situation existing among the
! western   coal   miners.    The    only
! difficulty  experienced so far  arises
| out of the want of knowledge of its
lllf   provisions by lhe operators and an-
* ployees.    However,   as   the situation develops,, and  the presence on
the ground of the Deputy  Minister
of Labor makes matters clear,  the
primary difficulties of the situation
are rapidly disappearing,  and  the
way is opening up for the board of!
conciliation   provided   by   the   act
getting to work and settling all the
disputes   which   gave rise to  the
present strained relations between
employees and employer.
One   remarkable   fact 'has been
obvious   during   the  sessi.-n,  and
tbat is the great  strength  of the
Government,  and   the conspicious
ability  with   which  the  aftairs  of
| the country   hore been managed.
I This is noticeable as to the result of
\ departmental work,and also as to the
j debating strength of the Liberals in
| the House.    It is more remarkable
I when contrasted with the weak and
ineffectual showing of the Opposition.
The strong man in the Opposition
was heretofore supposed to be Mr.
Foster, bnt after being given every
opportunity to int himself right
with the House and the country, he
signally failed to do either. Papers
friendly to him have declared in unmistakable 'anguage th.it his dny is
doue, and as a power in politics his
time bas passed and gone. He is
now openly   regarded   as a deatl
rs,, tj. , .   .   ,    ���     .  weight to the  Conservative  Party
On Friday evening last the Band      . _.     ��� .    ���,
r,, ,..,.. ...   and  the Party organ  in   Toronto
Roys cntirtaitied  the  pm nc with     . .      __   ��� . '.    *
,,,..,. c advises that he be dropped
the urst i'i a series et ooeti-air em-'
, i of them climbed out and hoofed it
I to the market and looked on while
i the hungry townspeople scrambled
for the snpply  ol  produce which
arrived by boat from up and down
i the river.
Prices remained the same as pre-
I vailed at the former market, for  all
were appointed to superintend plac-1
i'ng el i oles.
From Stokes & Cullis, applying!
for permission to build  a  platform
iu front ot their new premises   The
Reeve  was appointed a committee
to superintend this work.
From W. N. Draper, P.L.S., enclosing plans ef the Trunk road
from the river to Westham street.
Received and filed.
From Tupper & Griffin, re service ot writs and notjees of injunction to stay proceedings re tax sale
the staples except fowls which weakened a little.
The supply of beef was a little
larger than usual and sold at the
old prices ��f ro and rt cents far
hindquarters and 8 and 9 cents for
forequarters. There were plenty of
buyers and all the beef wat sold
Mutton was very short in supply
aud but a few of the many people
demanding that class of meats ftw'a
accomodated. The ruling price was.
14 cents a pound.    Veal was. more
Left *in the hands Of the Reeve and] Pitiful tba�� >* has been heretofore
Clerk with power to act. Itkis sPri"?' bllt  sti11  ,hort of the
Re  the  Dredge  King   Edward; demand.    Most of the carcases on
the Clerk   stated that the dredge is1 ��ale were 1,rouSfet in from up  rirer
here on   Monday,   I3th I and a sn'a11 qnantity came off the
Transfer Irom Delta.    The  bulk ot
Reeve ��� SUPP^V went for 11 cents and a few
should ''��� carcase= were S��W at  11 J-*
In   this   connection, the
suggested that the  Council
ui- TIIE SiiASO...
certs. The evening was not :o
promising ns might have been desired and the counter attraction of
a dance oh Westham Island were
the means of keeping quite a nuir.-
E.Goulet brought up the matter of jDer awaT from the promenade
sandbars forming o\po-ite Ladner,
stating tbat he had referred the
matter to the dredge authorities
who bad promised to give their attention to tl v n atter.
with her husband, Mr. Herbwt Bedford, and their children. Many interesting photographs, showing Mme.
I.ehmaun in her home surroundings, add to the value ofthe text.
The number of instruments weie
reduced to fifteen through the illness of some of the members, but
nevertheless, the performance was
much enjoyed by those iortanate
enough to tide it in.
A. Clausen has now on hand an
entirely new . stock of Clocks,
Watches and Jewellery of all kinds.
Call and see them.
^^^^^^^^^_^ tor the
good of the cause     	
To one lamilar with the work of
the session, the question arises: Is
there any Opposition? If so,
what are its functions, what
does it accomplish? Upon many
questions it is divided, a very
significant one was the tariff. Some
members wanted ' free agricultural
implements, and the leader of the
Opposition with some ol his followers wanted a duty placed on them.
Throughout the session there has
been no unity,no oneness of thought,
no standing together on policy, it
tke Opposition have any policy.
There is uo discipline, and the
party is divided into factions, and it
has uo objective point to which it
appears to be heading.
endeavor ta get tbe dredge to store
the sand pumped up somewhere
where the Council could get at it
with teams instead of having to
tetch it by scew.
W. H. Ladner thereupon offered
to sell to the Conncil, at the rate of
$250 an acre, that three-cornered
plot ot land situate between Wad-
hams Cannery and Chinatown, with
132 feet of waterlront.
It was decided to acceDt this offer and endeavor to get the dredge
to fill same with silt during dredg
ing operations.
Coun. Gilchrist was granted permission to fill holes on the Eyton
aud Vasey roads.
A tender was received from J. P.
Follis for clearing portion of Cemetery lot at $400. Tender net accepted.
The   Reeve, Finance  Committee!
carcases were sold at 11 yt cents a
1 pound. The ruling price lor pork
was 11 cents per pound, but there
was verv little ou sale. There
seems to be a great scarcity of pork
throughout tbe district A couple
of dozen small scuking pigs werc
The district hen it running a
pretty good heat judged by the
quantity of eggs that kept psuring
into the markets ou Fridays. The
supply has averaged over 1,000
dozens lor -everal weeks ar.d shows
no signs of diminishing. There
were about 1,200 dozens on sale
yesterday at 30 cents retail and 25
The snpply of butter is gradually
looking up. There was a large
quantity on sale at 35 cents aad
nearly all was sold. A few dealers obtained 40 cents from regular
and Clerk were authorized to sign I The fowl mclrket weakened slight-
a promissory note for $2,000 under& and even at reduced prices birda
the Temporary Loan Bv-law. .'did not sell very  briskly.   There
Thc matter of fixing up the Gulf-! was an usually l��r8<* quantity of
side dyke was  left  in the hands of; 1,ens and ver>' few lieavV {o"**' Tb��
Gibbie with power to act.
Coun ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The question was brougtit up of
where may the Constable he found
at night, and R. F. Handford stated that he wauld not leave anyone
in the lock-up unless he was near
at band.
The matter of building a sidewalk from Westham street to the
Vicarage was lett in the hands of
Coun. I. avie with power to act.
The mancr of opening a road to
the beach al Grimsbv townsite was
left in the hands of Coun. Davie to
report at next meeting.
The fallowing accounts were ordered paid: J. Gilchrist, fcr money
paid out, $2; Gilley-Bros., $613.30;
G. T. Baker, $2;_; Marshall Smith
(Continued on Second Page.)
& Co . $28.25; L Jordan, $72,501*
J. Collinsou, $15; C- Twelve!,
$76.25; Chung Chee, $27; Kwong
Tong Chong, $2.80; Hong Iljng.
$32.50; Nom L'e, $118.20; W.
Gray, $5; S, Rawlins, $5, S. Aber-
crombie, $6.25; J. Scoopinicb.
I56.25; J. Townsend, $60; Sam,
$45; Joe. $46; G. Ormiston, $75;
B. C. M., T. & T. Co., $44.49;
Delta Times, $10.20; N. A. McDiarmid, $150; B. Evton. $7.50$
A.S. Leslie, $3.75; II. M.frazer,
Counc'l then adjourned till 54t��
Ufday, May a^tlt. at .0 a id
Wirrr;.-,,-���-��� -.---������--    , ----- I , ...- > . ������
T'rsu^nErv fy;jry Tcbsoay.
Subscription' , St.OQ ��� P��* year.
a*    1    ���	
Social tvening.
The members ofthe W. I. F. C.
I entertained a large circle of friends,
I an Friday evening last, to a social
dance in Kirkland's Hall. Westham
island, when a splendid  time  was
-   n,nke  tortunes  out
���" tHe future you
put something ii.to
pre .ent     ,
���5 ..JUST OUTf W
On t .1 - ' o-p ..ere 1 ev
Dividend! all
over ^rit'nh
.       Columbia
��� hospitality  of the  Islanders is so I
Among those pre-
Gflsitfl AdftfrtlaeBMUlta, to cm:. yver Une fnr
tk.firitln.irtion.mdsccauper line tor each' .   . ,,        ,        altended.     The
aat��e<lner.t.in��erjoa.    The   numhet   ol   linrs. *pem   UJ   tin   WHO   aneiiueu,      1 nc
nc_oae.l l.J .he ipiir^ s.ccvi-l^.t,  l?.lne*to th.
aolr. tor Cuntne.-<_fti .ulrer:j.-.Tnen'.�� cr.n he I ^^J] tnOWH that there is n�� Ueed to
��1.1 on application utthlsofice.
P.-i-inff mstir-a ,xcenlft p .. line to: e.ih tus
��irih t,r.i recsii. aoOeHrSaA,. lir��tage��$i.��o,
.'.IT cpes-iai notion, Uut.objJCt ot which l��tn.
waf-iotethepesisjlin ti-nrtt otanr lmll��ldu_l   Ken21t,   II.   Trim,   H.   Nesbltt,
cr ci.mp.-.aj. to be coalfeilCfad (-.a   ..leeul^euient; _  ..
*aJ . !si-s_��s! ����:��� '.-i.lr.glj.
.11 iu.T/T.i��:_.   ..*._ ��sWsi',A  f.-t  Lft-'-l or tiered
out aa . :....', for.
Curre��j��jndrars- iaTUr.1 ca matters ol public
ls__.CM_, Cemaiuxiic-U^D* to eslltur roust he ie.
ctusparsls-st hr n^me of writer? not nMeaaarily
for puoUgfttipiv, but M tTideui-e otrgood faith.
Gbf r eBpoaitaace m ... reic . t'sia f .f. ce by T .urs-
*. ��ti-- -sotog
��so, R. N&��
go into detail
;ent were:
Mesdames J. Tamboline, J   Mac
Misses M. MacKen .ie, K. Foster,
& Whitworth, H. M: Manley, ���.
; Kaskey, M Gray, M. Gilmore, M
j Cotton. M. Trim, ���. Wiillams, ���.
j Ttemboline, A. Crane, R. Ceder-
I b.ir^, 0 Cederburg. ���, Carbon,
; M. Bussanich, M. Cosulich.
Messrs. 1.. London. II.  Wright,
I VV. R. Savage, M. Mends, F. Kirk-
I .and, J. Savage, C. Booth, D.   Sinclair! H. Savage, Di  Eastman,  J.
I A>. Savage, D. Robertson, W.   Sav-j
Late frosts appeal to have done Uge, ���. Calvert. ], Tamboline,   J.
great iujary- to plums, .baying drop-i Faulkner, ���.Carlson, ���. McRae,
$ed west ot ihc fruit to the ground, j ����� GeorgeSon, D. Nesbiit, H. Nes- j
 I bitt. F,. Monkman, D, Montgomery, j
ft; Cosulich, C. Mason, M. Pultner,
A. Trim. J.   Trim, C.   Trim.   A.
TPESDAv, may 1,4.   1:907.
Cunt, hiing over 100 Views in everything,   rtost paid soc.,..Stamps.
Richest Province in the British Empire.
^Vfr-H<-����H--.-.~.'�� ���?���.-���?�������� 4����-r"H. 4-,ii *-{*+-! -*-<-��-*���-"H-v-fT-* I-' *?���������?
Kicked, Nothing Unities;.
INothtn_ Vent'ireil, Nothing Won.
T'e Ri.
st Men in the World are'investing in ��� B. C. Copper-
Gold  Minis.     Wbv can't you begin uow?
lh.- Or.��__(.  dnld'C opi ����� IJUcovery ol. the Age ln B.C.
rat onup m m, li tguojn
hurt I).Har Snbeeribe. *ted In Development of Mlnee.
Special Offer, 20c Per Share.
Mines directly wesl of Le Roi, whose shares .are now ..bout
Le Roi No. 2 shares are about $15. antl went up to $100;
and Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. ot Canada, Ltd.,
shares $150 each. Grar.by Mine pain over ��2,000,0110 Dividends
in 190ft, shares $145;"and*all ^old-copper mines in B. C. paid
Large Dividends. Big Four assays-tmin $5 to $,.00 in gold,
copper, silver, with 32 per cent, in tiie Treasury; on the Railway
near Smelters.
NiiTK���Most of these mines sold for a'-few coins mice, but
over-capitalized/even now pay Big Dividends-.
BUY-   TO-DAY,   YOU   Willi.   -.KVKSt.   RKGRBT   IT.
Rossland Mines received Highest Awards ior richest i.old-
copiiei (ii*e sent 10 St. Louis l_xpositi.>n. Biff l-'our had liest
Display at Dominion Fair, New Westminster,-B.C.-
Nfo less than 100 shares 'sold, All Cash.. Above thii shares-
eun be hnd ��n instalment \ ian, or >early contract, 15 per cent,
cash,.balance monthly
Company hae ao Ailtin or liabditiee,   Send f _r Illniarats-d Prospectus to Secretary.
BIG   IO, ft   MINES,
P.O. Bex .74, Vancouver, B.C., Cana!ia*
DcTta Transfer Stable
Team Work Bone at Specially low Prices.
JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor-
Telephone " Ladner" No. 10.
VMi'M 'hr-M ���M'H4''��-t'M'��^��-M^^4df4'tr4^��-K-H��-t-��f ��.-H*
V. T. Ry. & Ferrj Cos.
Tiie slashing which Ls being done
���:>n the Bcwridacv Kay road  has al-! Hbrsfall.
yeady made 3 great improvement te
this parr ot the district.
Music   was   supplied
by * Mrs.
i New Sefvice���Port Guichon and  Ladner to  New
Westminster and Vancouver.
.Leave Pt. Gutcliou, 6..30 a.iiL    Arrive Vancou .-er, 10.20 a.m,
Leave Vancouver,   2.10 pjti.    Arrive Pt.. Guichon, 6.00 p.m.
Gives  Passengers   four  hours  iu   citker   New   West.
i minster or Vancouver.
New   Freight   Tariff  effective    September    ,5th,    'o6_
Gretitly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Pott Guichon,
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay.
We would tnp-p-e .t to the CoanciW
'hat,   wink   the   asaistancs   of   J.
(jtrauet, tbey.continue:the ditch ca;
iX\c east side ni the Beandary. Bay j
rpad to the foot of th? hi'i.- at least,
this year, y��iiiclt- v.. ill  esjabl* them
tp. wid'en said road at  S.Morrow's
Where it is sorely needed.
Retaesaber the auction sal.* at the
above yard wkiob tr.Jiei place to-
tnoirow sfterioon. With a continuance ofthe present fine weather,
iLfre should be quite a large turn-
out 01 farmers aud buyers. The|
���tock for sale, though not so numerous as usual,.aro all of high class
and worthy of the attention; of all
intesested. Patronize the institution by your presence even though
von do not buv.
Our Bs.ud Boys base accepted an
engagement to play at .Steveston
on the Si.th inst.
The-Royal Bank of Canada is
here lor your convenience and will
lie pleased to give you every, attention.
(Continued fio.u  First   Pane.)
Utev. A. McAnley  went  over to
'.he Terminal City yesterday.
An injunction   hau   been issued
ijainst tfie VUr.icipality of Delta re-]
���training   them. ir*u�� falling  pro-1
jieriy fo* tsates.iti certain  cases In-j
veijred tu the Wilson vs. Delta suit,'
t)ie hearing cf-wJtich cciiues up to-
tUy a> Xeir Westiuimter.    Tbis, it!. ,,   . _���       _.��,.*        ,   . ��� t_
1 hens so.d at from js. to *.o and caick-
:.f hoped will hasten the decision ty mg brought $7 and %S. The supply
the above lawsuit which has beea j was fair.     There were a kvt ducks
unduly delayed. | in evidence which  brought  $12  a
- ��� ^        ^���; d*����eh.
Potstoe:-) sold at $1&  aud  J30 a
ton.    There  were not  more  than
:..5 sacks on sale aud  these were
easily disposed of.    The supply  ol
potatoes in the district is rapidh
(Httftnishing  and  it  is improbable
that the prife will go down any from
j the present  quotations.    Very  few
McCqrjuick came over from I potatoes remain  in Delta aad  the
short Rtmona and Favorite brought verv
j few from np river points last Thurs-
! day.
f��. Swensen and M. Mends came!    Tbe dealers- are still purchasing
over, from   Westham   Islaud,  this; bay at $12 a ton.  During last week
Skeining, on a short business visit.   I the little steamers Pineal and  Hot-
  ; ager, unloaded timothy   hny at the!
Brack man-Kerr   wharf from  Mud
Bay.   These is very little hay  lor
sale in the district nor*.
R. II. Qttaggan, of Sunbury, was
on the market, vendin,; butter- j
Mis. H. G.   Tavlor, of  Cadner,
Quite a number of persons were
disappointed. Monday niorui g,
when tbey discovered that the Sir.
Transfer wss not niakin ��� I er regular trip an that day.
According to  The  Commercial, I.
of Winnipeg, the  visible supply of
oats in tlie United'States and  Canada, east of the  Rocky Mountains.,
is   5,472,000    bushels,    compared
with i 8.8-15,000'bushels a vear a^o '
l!U.>rporrtetl IRf,��.
When you wish to buy visiting
cards call on the Delta Times ��� o
will sell the best money can . . ..
If you need them printed, why you
are money in pocket by. calling on
the Delta Times first;
iV/e. titiiiister Branch)
Time Table
Cars Itiss'i, V.'ruilni .St. r Ior Vfc11COttVer.lt 5,50
atid 6.50 fc.rir, _n,l hu'urly tlieirii.trr until 11 *p.
iu.: Saturdays u.i'1 Sundays at 11 p.ui.
Cars leave VaiVootrv.r f��r Westminsters at 5.50
.11 si 6...t.";i. in.. T..-. hourly thereafter until ic p.
ni.: SaturdA.ys tail Sitiiiiiiiss nt :i p.m..
s      .
Wl- run tivsrsf..nss ffeigtit- eara-. _-twt cit. Wcst-
...K.ster mui Vancouver ami nil shipment*are
handled witli tlie utin.ost.eare unit delivered '.�� .
consignee without .lilay Specialatlrntioii paid
to fnnt shipinenta, Oui wdgous uuet all boats
aud trains,   _ or.ratea, etc apply to
CAPITAL, ,.      - - - $3,900��000
RESERVE. FUNDS,       - - $4,390,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Train. Mgr.
w eatnilnster. II. t;
1   McQU .RJtiK,
Loral Mgr.
E.  T.   Calvert is  laid  up
iivaitack ei ijuincy.
"Vancouver, yesterday,   on  a
I - ��� ���
How often do we hear it remark-
led, "lis only a cold," and a few-
days later learn that the man is o_
his back with pneumonia. Tbis is
of such common occurrence that a
cold, however slight, should not be
disregarded. Chamberlain's.Cough
Reme'ly counteracts any tendency
of a cold to result in pneumonia,
aud bas gained its great popularity
end extensive sale by its iJium.-t
cures of this most common ailment.
It always cures and is pleasant to
take.    Fos sale by All Druggists.
t  J. 1IEKI .EY . !
Savings Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates,
East End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville Street,. Cordova Street ; Grand
Forks, Nanaimu, Nelson, Port Essington, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon,
Chilliwack, Cumberland, Port Moody and New Westminster.
H. B. MARGESON. Manager, LADNER, B. C.
Ladner Exhibitor
NEW WK.STM1NSTKK,    :-:   B-. C.
/, -t-fouttmcturero ul all kinds ol
t Soda Water, Ginger
,*.    Alie .and Sumraei4
\ Drinks,
j       Your patronage solicited
Wwi. Lasseter, jr.. has made
such rapid strides townrd recovery
that he is expected home to-morrow.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves- Ladner
at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.; leavesStv/es-
tPUi at 9 a.vu. and 5 p.m. Every
day except-Sunday,
ii butter.
mars'   ur-
G. T. Baker, N, A.  McDiarmid
8��d C. H'. Morg*ti were among ll.ftl ���
risitoys to Vancouver, on Saturday,
]k3t; te ttike  io  the  Masonic cere-
monies tbtre on Sunday.
Messrs. E, LH ci. and J. Allan, I
Vti+vc been making good proaress of;
late ou tbeir holdings, 011 the Point!
Roberta road". This shows the in- j
di .strums side of the men.
,Mr��  I.   Whitwort
offered egg*-and but. r
ket quotations and o 1
Mr*. T.   Robeits,  of Boundary
sposed of her s_oc   ������  bu tea
and esgs at the pr.iailin    n  ures.
Mrs. A. Read, ol Ladner, wss
among the ��arket vendors with
butler and eggs.
Mrs. A. .Martin was iti'to market
'.rom Westham  Island.
.W. N. Draper,
raoviK-ciAJ. r.A��n Svxvkyor
Room j.v.u ar. iiu.t*.N*w vy<H��uin9irr.
Jan. 8th to 11th.
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
Six Seconds.   Three Thirds*
WITK -   -
White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Silver
Spangled   Hamburgs,   Buff
Orpington? and Black
Tbadi; Marks
Copvbiohts Ac.
, nyoiie no . .lng a i-lictf>i aoa cTeHcrttitlnn mn.
:_ly aarortiiln our opinion free whether ni-
.ntMn Is probnbly pal^rt .bl��. CnmnmnlPii
sftiif.iyr'.iitii!oiiM.il. HANDBOOK onriu��m
t frm. oldest rsency.formicuriiiKr.itenui.
iitsintfl t.-iltisn turoticb Munn Ai Co. rs.'c��lv.
cm nottci, ultboat olinrgo, In tho
Scientific Jfttttricati
hinrtwmoly U1l.��trftt��d w��ckl7> T^rnort *\t
it*tion of ��� nr Rdentiflo tounml -pQIWfl, W t>
��ri fonrnjonthB��|L Boldbyall tiowmIpbIit.
Braneb Ofllca. CtiT St- W����Mn��tnn. I). 0,
delta wm mm
Try Big Four as aa  investment
whila you mr.y gftt it cheap,
The inmit son oi E. T, Calvert; SUTTON'S SEEDS���Flower"and
had a rery nasty'tal', this morning,'
when he fell some fourteen feet into
The regular spring meeting of
thf above Institute will be held on
May 20ih ard   21st.    Meeting will
Vegetable, itt packages.    Field be addressed 1 y  Mr. W. S. Fraser.
���f Bradfor', On!., and Ur. Tdmie,
ijie   hold   ol  the S.S.   Victarian
ljr; \y,cidley was hastily summon
ed atid discovered- that   no   very.l
aerious injury  had resulted.    Thei
Uttle fellow is resting easily. |
Seeds���Beets, Carrots, Mangel
and Swede, in bulk,.may bo obtained fromlLM. RICH, Ageit
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., L;d-
ner, B.C.
of Victor!?.    See posters.
I By order.
N. /*.. McDIARMIP,-
|Lad��er, May i^'b, 1^07.
T 71
I     I     I
��� ' ��� 'i
I 'I'I
Eggs for Hatching���
T�� in  iimi mrm\��?.   ��iili��r fti^  �����'
ksiil*��ts rt i��jw��s-X ��W ��������.
IT M vmy wsur *hb QBwav.Amiw,
eivts pimtTWUTKHMMP. NTinuiri
MB M.T8 Vt��Y UTTlt
Cmaitlar iti fine nmaranct ��� lta
���plan .ill an. urin^- qualitiaa���and .Ti.1,1
a_panMis~an4 JtciJe to mm your am.
Wst tataraafcs by tiling l~.
Fullist datafla of informauo . in our
Wholaaal* ManufawlHrarai
B. C.
The Delta Times*
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Denying,
tivery work of all kind* at*.
tended to promptly.
J. liii. Coffin�� ji*
La��!-_-. 1. C
Ladner Carriage Works,
Always in Lincm
With   tatest   Improved   FARM   IMPLEMENTS, WAGONS & BUGGIES.
Largest Stock in Province to (^0039 frpm.
KOBT.'MAY, Agent,
"ar.lage   building, Repairing *  Painting^ Black*
smithing   A   Horse    Shpobig*.
Bebaval Separators.
Receives both Ladies and Gentlemen as resident \
or day students. Has a complete Commercial!
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain'
Teachers' Certificates of all grades. In affiliation;
with Toronto University gives the four!years']
course for B. A. degree, and the first year of thei
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Pros-1
pectors' Course" for miners who work in B. C.   j
Instruction given in Art,  Music,  Physical!
Culture and Elocution.
For    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
^Anglican.)    ...
I Holy CotPiputiiciu���ist and jro
Sundays at 8:50 a.m.; 2ul mil ^tli
Sundays at 11 a.m.
Matins, 11 o'clock.
EJvensong, 7.130 o'clock.
Sunday School at io a.m.
Friday evening, Ot'anv at 7:30.
Rev. K. R. Bartlett, M A., Vicar.
i..\ rnoi.ic
.Services tirst. aud third Sun,lav of 1
each mouth at to:
iu.; Beuedic-
tiou, /130 jt.m.
Sunday school tit 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Sotnruuuiojj
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.     !
���Rov. Father Wagner, O.M.T.,
Parish  Priest.
Pneumonia Bronchitis Catarrh
La Grippe Quincy Rheumatism
Etc., Etc.
It witl.���-pay you t.o own one and be on the safe
side. One Oxydonor in a family will" banish all the terrors of disease from the household if only used as soon
is needed and in a reasonable way.
This is the Actual Experience in many thousands
of families who have adopted this advanced method of
treating disease.
Inflammatory Rheumatism.
Mr. J��5. Ansen, Rosslnim, UX., Cam* writes, Mareli 11, 1901 : "Skune live yearn ^5<"* 1
jtot Usydonor Tor my wile who was suffering from feraal* weakness. Alter a week's use the
���sloetnr himself was surprised t�� find such a change, in fact it was cnaugh to induce hlm to g��l
?.�� 6sydonor mr fib ?i5',er.
*.\ t-hort time _uo iny wife hart an altick of inflammatory rheumatism^ She could
wot walk aim htr Jtiinti were much 9woollen. She applied Oxydonor, and before uight the
Iritis had ceased, au<t ne\t morning there was very little swelling, and she could wall* as well
aa tvt'i*. Mit. had .1 similar attack before we got Oaydonor .ind was uuder a doctor's care for t
month, dud suffered agonic*.
"It hr��;.ciir*'l me ofa sevtre cold,**
Send at once for book No* 7'S, giving further in-
iormatiuii about OXYDONOR a;id many reports from all
parts of tlie country.
364 St. Catharine St. West, Montreal.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a. 111. and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.tii. every
Sabbath Sdiool at 2 p tn every
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at S.
Ki-". J. F. Betts pastor.
Services next Lord's Day at 1:
a.m. iin'l 7,30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 10 a m Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A, McAuley, Pastor.
I     Sabbath  services ��� Crescetit  fe
[land, .3 p.m.; Ladner, 7:30 p.m.
j     Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thyrsiay at
8 p.m.
Kev. A. H. Huntley, pis-tor.
Have you got a Savings Bank
; Account in the Royal Bank of Can-
j ada?    If not, you should open  one
; as soon as   pcssible.    Deposits   of
*t and up received.
The Delta Times
For more than 20 years Mr. J. B.
Massey, of 3322 Clinton St, Minneapolis, Minn., was tortured bv sciatica. Tbe pain and suffering which
he endured during this time-is beyond comprehension. Nothing gave
him any permanent relief until he
used Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
One application of that liniment relieved the pain and marie leep and
rest possible, and less that one
bottle has effected a permanent cure.
If troubled with sciatica or rheumatism why uot try a 2 ycent battle
of Pain Balm and see for yoursel
how quicklv it relieves the pain.
For sale by All Druggists.
Job Printing.
ycu obtain 1 Fir .arm of doubtful quality
The .KpeHtnced Hunter's and
ff*���""*"* Matksman's Ideal
by ahootleg our popular
Ask yonr local Hnrdsvurc
or Sporting; Good. Merchant for tho STIsVKNH.
Jf you cannot obtain, wo
Ship direct, eipremi prepaid, upon receipt of Cftta*
log l*rice.
Send 4 cents in . tnmpe for 140 Pace
lllu6t*-ntod Catalog, ini'luding-ircu-
tare of latent n ldltlnna to our line.
Contain* poim si on shooting, ammunition, the proper careof a firearm,
etc., etc. Our attractive Ten Oolor
Lithographod Hanger stalled any.
where for nl it contain stamp*.
P. O. Box 4007
Chloopeo Fall*,  Man.,   U.S.A.
iliii'sinia. m Gold Mine.
| Go!t] was discovered in California la
ISIS mui iii Colorado iu 1 .5S. The discovery was accidental iu both cases,
and liie f.i.t treated tbe impression
that mines were "lying around loose."
Adventurer* drifted about in hope of
"stumbling upon a mine." Mr. Thayer
tu Ills "Marvels Of tlie New Went"
mentions several Instances of lucUy
"stumbling." Three men while look-
ins for gold in California discovered
the dead body of a man who evidently
hud been prospecting. "I'oor fellow!"
said one of the trio, "iio has passed ia
hia checks." "Let's give him a decent
burial,'' said another. "Some wife or
mother trill bc glad if ever r-iie knows
lt." They began to din a grave. Three
feet below the _ur.aee they discovered
_ign_ of gold. The stranger was burled
lu another place, and where they had
locateo, a grave they opened a gold
Old Cola* rrom Old Mints.
The "mint house" in Boston existed
about thirty-four years. All Uie coins
issued from It bore the dates 1052 or
1G02. the same dies being used probably throughout the thirty-four years of
coinage, Some coins had been made
in Bermuda for the use of the Virginia
colony ns early ns 11,44. Cupper coins
bearing the figure of an elephant were
struck in England for the Carollnus
nnd Kew England in ll_>4. Coins wero
also struck for Maryland bearing tbe
effigy of Lord Baltimore. A mint was
established In Rupert, Vt., by legislative authority tu 1783, whence copper
cents were Issued, bearing on one i;ide
a plow uud u sun rising from behind
hills and on the oilier a radiated eye
surrounded by thirteen stars.
Pen Picture of n Beuhtl.fnl  Hone.
A pea picture of a beautiful horsp is
to bo fouud In one of Sewell Ford's
stories in "Horses Nine." Here it Is:
in the stalls at Qrny Oaks stables were
many good hunters, but none better
than Pasha. Cream white be was,
from the tip of his splendid yard long
tail to his pink lipped muzzle. His coat
was as silk plush, his neck as supple
as a swan's, and out of his big, bright
eyes there looked such Intelligence that
one half expected him to speak. His
lines were all long, graceful curves,
and whon he danced daintily on his
slender legs one could see tbe uiuselee
Bei under the delicate skin.
Tlnsuicht It Might De.
Mrs. Newrocks���I'm determined that
Cynthia's debut shall pas. off with
groat eclat.
Mr. Newrocks���What's eclat, Maria���
expense?��� Puck.
The Poor Do_r.
A Parisian clothes dealer klated ���
dog ont of bis shop. The dog shot eat
with some rapidity and knocked o*a��
a woman with a jog of milk. Tho
woman broke the jug and upset nu
elderly gentleman, aud tlie jug cut
both of them. At that moment a cyclist arrived and was thrown off Ills
machine by the prostrate figures, snd
simultaneously a cart earns up ind
smashed tbe bicycle. Tbe magistrate
blandly advised the entire squad to
proceed ogainBt the dog. and tkey nre
uow looking for It.���London Glebe.
Absent minded.
"Rather absentuilnded. isn't he?!*
"Extremely so.  Why, the other ulght
when be got home he know there was
something  he wanted  to do,  but he
couldn't remember what It wns uutil
he bad sat up over an hour trying to
"And did he finally remember it?"'
"Yes; he discovered that he Wanted
to go to bod early!"
I'lent.   on Flaud.
"You would get along a great deal
better if you didn't get so excited," snid
the calm man to his Irnaclhlc friend.
"Can't you loam to keep yoqr temper?"
"Keep my temper! Well. 1 like that."'
retorted the other. "I'd have you understand that 1 keep more temper In
one day than you bave In your possession durlug a whole your!"
A  Luolsj.   Coll.
"I don't mind telling you now," said
young Dr. Frankly, "tlint .\ou Just
called me In at the right time."
"Really!" exclaimed the eonvulow-
ccnt. "I wasn't so bad as tbat, was I?"
"Bad! My dear sir, you were good.
I was down to my last cent and needed
tbe money!"
The Traveler's Ready Anmrer,
Mrs. Z.���Listen, George. The baby is
eaylug "Oo-goo-Ja-bo-oo-go." What
does It remind you of?
Mr.   Z.���ITm!     Reminds   me   of   n
braUeinan culling out stations.
Iter Object,
"But why ls sho so anxious to be
prominent In secicty?"
"Because sbe wants to go on tb*
A Flstitiiiar Bishop.
On one occasion Bishop Selwyn was
going down tbe river Walkato with a
Maori when the latter, wbo was very
lazy, left off paddling the canoe, at the
same time muttering that if Solwyu
were not a blBhop ha would���well, "go
for bim." In a moment the bishop told
the man to turn tho canoe ashore,
where, stripping himself of everything
episcopal, be said, pointing to bis
robes, etc: "TKe bishop lies tliere; tbe
man ls here. I am quite ready; come
on." Tbe Maori did not "come on,"
however, bnt quietly resumed his work
without another murmur.���London Tit-
5 !
Nurseries  &  Seedhouses!
Headquarters tor   Pacific   Coast
grown Garden, Field  and  Flowei
Seeds that are thpro.ighly tested as|
to vitality before ollering for sale���]
that are subject to gover.uni.tut in-
spection as to freedom   from  weed
seeds;   Samples s'.at to-intending |
Large stock ol IIO.ME GROWN
fruit and Ornatneutal T ;��� . now
matured for the sprint; trade.
No expense, loss or delay of futni
i;.-i.-i"u or inspection
BEI. SJJRJ.I.IES, SprayfPurops,
SprsiyTtijj Material. Greenhouse
Plants, Cut Flowers,
We   do   business   on   oui   own
(.rounds���no rent to pay and are!
prepared to meet all competition
Let tue price your list before placing your order.    Catalogue Free.
A Lenten Sermou.
A poor umbrella solely.
I'm not fur prfinchtng meant,
Tet 1 have gotten holey
By always keeping Lent
V.t Better.
Cbolly (slghlbg)���I cannot exist with,
out ber.
Alfred���Well, what's the matter with
1 Terte. tine il
If I were but  . child _aaln
An - hnd my life lo go fWSkin,
I reckon I'd go wiu opain
And hoe the same old i��w airgtn.
New York SherlftH.
The reason why the sheriff of New
Vork cannot be elected to two successive terms Is tbis: it Is tbe sheriff's
<Iuty to carry out the process of courts
against official delinquents during trial
and after conviction. Should a sheriff
endeavor forcibly to bold over for a
second time after having lieen defeated
for re-election he would bc the instrument of the court's process ng .lust
himself, a parndoxlcnl position which
the law avoids by making him Ineligible for re-election.
is  ..-.:��.'.rr~ -_/,w��=W��:-**��,-*�����-. . ,-,*>.��.>��._,.<_wste_
icUfi sj
i. ���' , ����� ���*?*    ir.
-���' '���-���> f<A i
U -���-���.���; ���.-'.���  :
3010 Westminster Road.
. gh Remedy
The Children's Favorite
-������'.jut: EH---
I    Coughs, Colds, Croup and
Whooping Cough.
'1' .isremedy !* fnniom. for Its mrf ever
_    nli.r.i* :��� rt ,,t llio PivUi7.i.l wmli!.   It run    (
.    ..I'.vu;s-t.o il.-;,. .iils.1 neon.   It eontftiiiB no   h
^   ,   l��s. v��r ofaor Hnrmml drug imdjuny bo   f
v    ^..iii..,..   i l,tf liily lo a babysd to cm mlult   I
f   Price 30 otsi Lnrge Si2r, SO CtS.   I
Stii>. I nn* I.nr.a I'ssuruMtui.
Young ladies in Russia a-e not at all
sverso to loug engagements and use
nil sorts of artlflctm to stave off tbe
weddlug day as long as possible, while
ln Slam, where old maids nre unknown,
as all girls marry, tbe recognised
length of an engagement Is one month.
If an engaged mnn ln the Argentine
Republic (tallies beyond s reasonable
time In leading hie fiancee to tbe sitar,
be ls heavily fined, and If a resident et
the republic should fall to marry be ia
taxed until be reaches the age of
eighty. Iu oo country la the world are
courtships so abnormally loug as In Bohemia, where ongagemstts commonly
last from fifteen to twenty years. In
fact, there recently died at Uie age of
nlnety-ulnw an old m��n who bad been
courting for seventy-five jears and who
was aiunied on his deathbed.
"Her msrriage was a great disappointment to ber friends.''
"Ob, yes. They all predicted lt would
turn out unhaimilY. and it didn't"
Sound.  Not  Snbatanee.
Dubbs���Weil, was your salary raised
as you expected?
Tublis���No. but It was razed 10 per
cent.���New Vork licrtild.
Pate's DescMe.
Galr.fst h&'.a. .-',_ wl_du:a v.-i rr.ay not pre*
Vet lhat  her taste le _��2.<iU_;s_s _r_ot t*e
1 must affirm.   This !��� ponelusjw test:
The fur
That   matrhis3   iiuuj 4   complexion,   eyss
and hair
Should grow oa Uitud. but Dature gave a
bear I
luls .liled
"And now," said Professor Longhu��
ter  as   Ue  greeted   Mr.   Henry   feck
"what shall ue make of your little boj
1 ���a lecturer? He has a sincere'taste fot
���'I know be has," replied the mall
parent. "He inherits it from his moth
Ten Draukurda.
Ten drunUurds are nearly ns numerous nn opium fiends and social gamblers
among onr less guarded maids aud matrons of the idle aristocracy of wealth.
It is a terrible dissipation. Pome of
the victims boll the tea until every bit
of the quercltuunlc acid Is extracted
from tbe loaves, whieh renders the beverage bitter and dangerous. It Is so
astringent lhat no mucous membrane
can readily overcome its effect. Women who revel and luxuriate like It he-
cause lt is a good 'pick me up."���Kew
York Press.
mt Su SnrprJilntr.
"Does yo' lalk huckleberry pltt
Claud ���'Dei fl I could'eat huckleberry
pie till I'm black In de face.
lite  Support.
Ne foreign nobleniaB is ht,
Yel It haa con.e lo pass
That Mabel paya hia tailor blUs,
Aid Btelln pays lhe gas.
Fsir Phyllis staves the landlord off;
(in Kut" tor food he leans;
They are tlie sirln he rhymes about
In all the mugaztnes.
Willing, to Try.
"For the tlrst year of our married
life, dear," 6aid the young man who
waa poor, but had prospects, "we shall
bave to live principally on love."
"Well, people can live on spoon victuals, can't they, George?" she said, suuj-
gling closer lo bim.
A Different (taxation.
Perldns, .Tr���Why don't you buy thai
horse of Beth's, pop? He's got a flue
Tcrkins, Br - Pedigree! The question
Is, Is he wutb anything? Why, boy,
them eussicty folks what comes her*
In thc summer bus pedigrees.
follHlud Cj-nle.
Betty -Mr. Cynlque is too polished
for tvonla, Isn't he?
I'eggy-Oh, dear, yes. Everything ha
says reflects on some one.
. lorg'.natlo.
The s.m of a kii:gly fanatic
L.ove.1  a makl  v. liom his father,   .
p ha tic,
Forbade htm to wpd.
" 'Tie the style!" tlie prince said,
"For combines to be Mergunatlcl"
Her Achievement.
"Charley, dear," Hald youug Mrs.
Torklns, "you know yon said we oughl
to put something hy for a rainy day."
"Well, don't you think this bargain
rain coat Is perfectly lovely?"
l-nmeetaa Mn ..
"Moan!" exclaimed tbe museum
freak. "Why, he's so mean that ha
broke his engagement to tbe two bead-
ed girl because lie.was afraid of bei
millinery bills."
The   OrlKtnnl  Girt,
She's quite original, ihey say.
A blithe antl wirsionie elf;
She plays Beethoven ln a way
lie didn't Jtnow himself.
Quite  Ncce .nary.
"Well," said tbe plain citizen, "thert
are always two sides to a question."
"Of course," replied the diplomat;
"Otherwise how coniil we dodge it?"
Literally Exact.
The Politician���Now, don't quote ma
as saying anything.
Thc Reporter���t)h, noi I'll simply publish what you said.���Ufe,
A Georuia Mails
Don't be discouraged; keep a-tryla',
An' you will gel your wlih;
Bomclimea the very ahorteet Una
Fulls up the h;*go��t nsh.
HIa   -Vifa'a Bread.
Brown���I believe that half a loaf ia
better than no bread.
Towue���H'm. Guess ynu never tasted
my wife's bread.
Se married a leading lady,
And ahe'a le..dlng still, 'tig aaid.
Tor she spends his money so freely
That ba nev.r eun get ahead.
���Philadelphia liulletla.
Old Greybeard���It's a pity to keep
such a pretty bird In a cage.
Mrs. De Style-Isn't It a shame?
How perfectly exquisitely lovely it
would look iu a hatl--New Vork Week.
And Rich aa >��s,
"What Is lt that mikes mea great
papa f'
"Persistent adrertisltig, my son."���
Oleveland riajtu Uejier,
Legend pf tka Loaklna Glass.
Who ever heard It stated that tha
looking glass was first Invented to spite
a pretty woman', .^mi bow would it
ba possihle to epite a woman by showing her a perfect rejection of brr ow��
dainty self? Wall; according to Japanese mythology, the deity presiding
over the sun and furnishing light tp tha
world became Infuriated st some trifle
and hid herself awsy In a cave, th ua
depriving humanity of a vefy ne.-ea-
ssry clement In order te Induce bet
to come out the mirror was invented
snd placed ln the cave. Tbc beautiful
goddess, seeing another beautiful goddess within those narrow confines, immediately departed, and the peopia
took care that never again should sba
enter tbe preciueis of a cave. And ao
that ui'.^t valued of worn aula treasure!
wns invented for spite, but for what
u tF.fferent purpote has it served!
, ..<;.. UK DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, MAV 14, i*>7>
tfaagnaEa*ia*aox�� rrgwiaTT -~\ trji-f
i;,ocui XEwaj   Wedding Bells, i For sale. Cheap.
Misses A. Sprott aad li. kettles,!
visited the Roval City ftu Friday;
A very pretty wedding took place
I at  Hillfide  House, Mi Idle .Stewi-
acke. on April-3rd. at  2  o'clock p.
A- tadies' Second Hand  Bicycle,
May ba seen at   Robt. Mny.sStore,
Westham Street
Harold Betts, of Columbian. Col*
m., when Miss Fanny Fleck, second
__���_���      ��� ., Idautjhter  of  Marshall   Fleck,  ex-
leee,   arrrced  home, Ft-day,  ou a. -. , ______.���
E '    . .  ��� J i Councillor, was united in marriage
��h-3.tt rw* j ;o Aitx Fjsher, now 0f Ladner, B.
^_____ . . rs   formerly of Middle Stewiacke.
W II. Ladner returne<l home,! At the above hnur t<i the strains
Biiday evening, from a visit 10 the] af the wedding march, played by
Royal City. '��� Miss Ida Brenton, the bridal partv
  entered ths beautifully   decorated
' parlor the bride on the nrm. of her
Mrs. T MoNeely relumed home, | L^
Thursday erenine from a visit toi    ���,,  ' _  _   .
a_iui-.ua, ^"'��_. The groom   wa.s   supported   by
the Roval City, ; sidoey Rlecki brotherof the b,We;
  j an(j   t^e   bridesmaid   being   Miss
Idr .. P Clark and daughter, Miss Nellie Fishes, of Hallway Brook.
Mary, were among the Royal City's j    The ceremony was pertormed by
visitors on Saturday last. 1 Rev, R. I. Coffin.
  The bridal party stood  in a bay-
window which  was formed into a
Mr andiMrs. T. J.  Armstrong ,      ... .       ,     c .
' * 1 beautiful   arch   oft evergreen  and
and   daughter,   Miss   Nora,  we�� and ^ ^^   deeorated
guests at DunleUl, on Sunday, last.    wkh ^^ ^^
���  J    The bride looked charming in a
Mrs. and  Mrs.  G.  \V,  London j sheer white material,   made   verv
j- Girl or. Woman for Oeneral
Housework.. Small: family; good
wages.    Apply at
Tenders Wanted.
Sealed tenders will be'reeeived by
the B.Qard- of School Trustees, up
till noon cf Saturday., the i��th of
May inst., for the erection of a
School House on. the Boundary
Bay road.
Plans and specifications to be
seen at the Secretary's Office.
Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
I.adner, May 4th, 1907.
Delta Stoek Yard,
Court of Revision.
Notice is hereby given that the
Court of Revision for the Municipality of Delta will be held in the
Council Chamber,. Ladner, on Saturday, the 25th dav of* May, 1907,
ut 10 a.m. Any person desiring to
make complaint against his or her
assessments must give netict m
writing to the- Clerk, stating the
(���rounds of complaint, at least ten
days before said date.
I; C.M.C.
Ladner, April 19th. 1907.
Wire Beg Leave
To notify the people of Ladner and surrounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced prices^ making it possible for parties who contemplate building,
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same cost as piling or other inferior
and son,  Arthur,  returned home,
Friday, from a visit to Vancouver.
Mrs. P. Math Mon, accompanied
by her gracd-dmghter, Miss Jennie
Taylor, visited  '.lie Royal. City on
George. Grauer, our promising
fount rancher, west over to
liburme, oa..Saturday, last, to spend
Sunday at heme.
W. T VVoodruff, Superintendent
ef, the B C. E. R. Co., spent a
ooupl* of r.��yf+. bere,.l*st week, oa
a. visit of inspection.
Mi,ssejfR. Cederburg and E. Benson, of CoJnmbian College, returned koine, Friday,to spend the weekly, vacation vytfa tbeir.parents.
pcetti.y with allover laee, with
graduated tucks, white ribbon sash
and orange blossoms.
The bridesmaid was tastefully
gowned similar to the bride.
The wedding presents were numerous, costly, pretty and useful.
The groom's present to the bride
was a beautiful combination toilet1
case in leather, with fittings of
ebony aad silver, and-to the bridesmaid a silver brooch, with, the
initials- of ths bride, bridesmaid
and groom.
After congratulations anikl showers of confetti, a dainty luncheon
was served to icc.guests.
The-bridal party left for; Halifax
an the Maritime. Several ot the
guests, with thair best girls, ac-
companitd the happy cample to
The pretfy bride will be mack
j missed:im tke circle in which she
j moved, especially in the Division of
S. o) T., in which she always took
Write for Prices.
15 Fat Cows and Steers, 6 Dairy
Cows- with and* in Calf, io
Shorthorn HVIfers,, 4 Yearling
Heilers, i- Purebred Roan Shorthorn Yearling Bull, 2 Jersey
Bulls, 3: Purebrsd Kolstein Bull
Calves, General Purpose Horse,
Yearling-Colt, r Tainworrh Boar,
Spring Wagon, &c., which
1V1R. H-.N; RICH will SI.LL by
XTX AUCTION in. the above
Yard on
Wednesday,. c^Iay. 15
J907,. at 2- p.m.
Further Entries Solicited
J\rc Your Hens
Broody ?
I* have fate Bred
Buff Orpington
Eggs at
$2.00 for    15
$6.00 tm 100
SW Af e* if you haTe clnCK-
E.__.t.   1VL<3 ENS   or ^qgs   to
���������������   ��� ; SELL.
B. O.
... H J'. L-LM ^-
,���.jjt j .JIM'. ���!_��� aBHHBBgBBMgggMB���ai
Port Guichon.
[aICHES Silverware,
Cut Glass.
j   wjt    Ui      A.}    ill    WUIWl    niA\.      ��i*TV ��� 7^    ��.w���
Mrs. L. H.  Nicholson  returned L   deep   interest .-Truro   (N.S,)
Vftncouver.on Saturday evening, i jj^-g.'
after spending a f��v* days visiting j
>��er mother. Mis,. F. W   Harris.
J'ack Townsend was able to return to. doty again, on Monday,
after a week's rest caused by hav-
.*����� cut his foot while chopping
inrtisB'.i'or *he road
Ameethig will be held in Hugh
McDowell's shop tO'iUGrrow night
to organize a Baseball Club. All
interested are invited to attend.
Meeting called at S-o'elock sharp.
Rev.   A.  McAuley- will conduct
service in tbc Presbyterian Church,
on-   Sunday,  morning   and in the:
Methcdist Church in  the evening,'
o:�� accoant of the absence of Rev.
.*[. F, Betts*
Tbs Royal Bank, of Cautsda with
its splendid connection all over
Canada, affords vom excsptional
banking facilities.
Jas. McKemmie,. engineer- ini
charge of the B. C. E. R. Co.'s|
piatit here, went,-over to Vancoaver, j
��u S��.arday,.to attend the Masuniej
ceremouT'ot decorating the graves]
nt deceased members, wh:ch tool, i
pilace on Sunday last.
Kev. J. F. and Mrs. Betts left; on
Monday, to attend the annual meeting ( (the B, C. Branch ot the-W
M. S. and the annual Conference of
the Met)K)d_st Church. Ccnler-
ence convenes in Vernon while the
W.M.S meets in Queen's^Avenue
J^etbodigt, Qlnjrch, New Westminster^
A' c-rtain well' h'.r.o#fn huntsman
was startled .out of his noonday j
asp, on Saturday Ia;;J, by the cry
ol "A bear I* a bear is at the sheep."
Leaping hastily to his poor sore
feetvind gtaspmg his shooting iron
he draws his hand across his face
and. hurries off to dispatch-, thtit
terrible bear. As he hastens-on he
can just discern (without his specs)
.something black among the quietly
Btazip& fiock, Yeslit is a bear.
Let mc get a little closer* Br.a-a-n.
.\fy, but I thought that biaci sheep
*as a bear. Wonder il anyone saw
tc .
If you had all the wealth of i
Rockafeller, the Standard Oil mag--
nate, you could not bay a better
medicine ior bowel complaints than
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and
Diarii;caa Remedv. The most eminent physician cannot prescribe a
better preparation for colic and
diarrhcea, botlt for children and-
adults. The uniform success of
this remedy has shown it to be superior to all others. It nevtr fails, and
when reduced with water and sweetened, is pleasant to take. Every Jam-
i ily should be supplied with it. For
I sale by All Druggists.
When wanting a New Drestr just
Ijhat. TBE WHITE HOUSE bas some
of the
Newest & Nattiest Dresses
erer sbowa ia the City..
Wa have them in all sizes from V&-
year toi 17 years,, and in all prices.
Watch Repairing a Specialty,
Jlndrew Clausen,
f_-_-;^��. 1 ir^r., -���(-=- v-T*
A.. J. BIRTCH,,        -        275 Columbia. Street
Keep Your Eye
on This Space.
__U_l _J J��_ -
Estate of
W.   L.   McBRIDE.
Gcaeral tlerchont,
Phone 5.
Port Guichon
Gasoline fttgmes, Wwt Pulpcrs,
Produce Stored and
_j.   M ffHT:.^ B sg T'iLu^
^ Walworth-Rolstori Co.,     |7O    All     B,    C,    POllS,
no 16 Westminster Ave.,   -   Vancouver,, B.C.,


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