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The Delta Times Jul 30, 1907

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jp^ /"**
Vol. 4, No. 42.
_i -....  ��...    .   _!_-'- J
The Market
We   Make
to Order
1.4 i.
Meeting.     Delta Council.
Mew   Westminster,   July   27.��� J    The Vancouver Jock*? Club will      The   Delta   Council
' Yesterday's marVet was well tttend-j hold a matinee -ueetirjg qn Satur-j Council   Chamber   0
ed,   both   by   sellers   ami   buyers iday next,   August   3rd,   when  the July   j7ih,   at
Irom Vaucsuver,   and   interburban , following programme  wili  be  run', Reeve, H. M. Va
points, as well as by the citizens  of off:
met  in   the
on    Sa'urdr.y,
p.m.,   with   the
sey, iu  the chair,
Perhaps you don't care for the accepted styles.
We'll modify them to suit your tastes.
Perhaps you have ideas of your own in dress.
We'll carry them out to the letter.
We'll  show  you  hundreds of samples of choice patterns,
have your Suits and Top Coats made up by the best tailors in Canada,! m��llded fro12' '
i lb.,   while nice
We'll Guarantee Beforehand that Everything
Will Be Exactly as You Wish	
Ther 3 will be a big saving in prices, too.
No Custom Tailor can give the same quality of cloth and lining-
same trimmings and tailoring���for our prices.1
New Westminster. | It
The crowd* began lo an ivo early
I in the day, and business wat kepi j
1 at ;i brisk gait well up till noon |
1 when by that time the majority of|
I patties having farm produce to dis- j
1 pose of were invariably sold out.
The heel supply was more exces- j
sive but sufficient to satisfy  all de-13-
mands which  were almost exclus-i
ively all for prime beef, the poorer
I quality not finding very good sale, j
I The most ol what was offered how- j 4-
j ever was in first  class shape,   and '
! was selliug at 6 and 7 cents for fore-1
! quarters while  hindquarters   were
j briugiug iu S and 9 cents ou choice |
j cuts.
Mutton and lambarestillia tip-top
j demand and have practically usurp- j
'. c-d the place ofthe heavier meats dur-1 5
! ing the warm weather.    The s.oek
on sale yesterday was in good  con-1
jdition,   looked young  aud  tender,:
'. and during the early part of the day
I there was quite a  rush  on  at  the
-stalls handling this class et  meat,
We'ir which pretty well had the  butchers
I cleaued mil by noon.    Mutton com-
1 to  14  cents  perl
lamb sold  readily
for 15 cents, and iu some cases went
even higher.    Veal was also a last
seller and considerably short of de-;
mand.   Eleven cents was the ruling
and  Couns.   Gibbie, Gilchrist and
Paterson present.
Minnies   of    previou
11 were adopted as read.
From Sir C. M. Tupper, re Rivet-
Trot or Pace,  -.30 class,   half-.
mile heats, j in 5, 5 per cent, entrance; 5   per   cent   extra   irom |
money winners.   Purse .$125
Gentleman's     Drivtti <     Race,:
Owners driving,   for   unmarked
horses. Half mile heats, 2 in 3, road, enclosing report ol the Rail-
Entrance $5. Purse $75 way Commission's engineer Re-
Matinee Stakes, For three-year-reived and the Reeve and Couns.
old9 aud upwards, weight for Paterson, Gibbie and the Clerk
age, 10 pounds below the scale, i wei*e appointed a committee to atone mile.    Purse $135, tend the hearing of the suit.
Pony Race, For poaies 14.2 From Dr. A. DeR. Taylor, secre-
aud under, 7 lbs. allowed fpritaryof Uie Delta Agricultural So-
every half inch below 14.2. Non- eiety, asking mr .1 grant towards
winners this year allowed 5 lbs., 1 the exhibition. The sum of $200
top weight 135 lbs. ii mile, 5  toi was granted.
From C. If. Richardson, re the
gazetting of the ditch on Annacis
Island. The Clerk to reply, informing him that il is the dyke and
not tlie ditch  that  they   need for a
enter 4 to start. Sweepstake $10
each with equal amount added
by V. J. C.
Ladies'    Purse,   For  a)l  ages,
nou-wtauers this year allowed   5
lbs.   >��-mile.    Purse $75 roadway.
  From J. W. Pike, re loan.    The
j Clerk was authorized  to advance a
The Fall meeting will take place on (loan oi $2,000.
Saturday, August 31, and Monday, j     The Delta Revenue By-law pass-
.September 2 uext,   Programme willjed its third reading.
be published later.
!     The Clerk was instructed to write
I the government asking  payment of
[ the balance of last year's approprl-
; ation (��500) for the River road.
The matter of cordwood on the
! r*.
According    to    the
Sir  Wilfrid I.aurter,
market, and sold readily
cents per pound.
The supply of butter still holds
I as good as ever, and for quality
! what was offered yesterday was
j hard to beat. The price varied be-
I tween 30 and 35 cents lor tht dairy
J product and some interesting bar-
gaiuing was carried on.
A fair supply of fowl was  offered
I and commanded good money, good
birds being   prime   favorites  these
days.    Several crates of good heavy
I birds solds at SS  per dozen,   while
i lighter birds  found no difficulty  in
Learn the satisfaction and economy of our made-to-orderibeing(lisposedofat$7 per d0/-
' The. demand for young chickens was good and lively, and
though a lair supply was on the
market no trouble was experienced
in disposing el them at from $3.50
to $4.50 per dozen.
Ducks are not very popular just
now, and consequently very tew
aje being  offered.    What changed
Cemetery and Gravel   Pit lots was
Vancouver I -*- ���  tlle llan<^s of Coun. Davie
nrice for veal   which was  sold  outlm    11    o-     ,.r-.--i  t it       ' aud the Clerk with power to act.
price ior veai, wuitu urns  suiu  "l" , \\ ori._    s,ir   Willrid I.aurter, Hon.,     _,,.,, ,
early iu the day. j ,,    ���.      , ...     . 1     The L.erk was instructed to noti-
. ,   ' Mf- lempleman and  the Japanese',.,   -,,,������,,   .;;,,.,...,_   ,,   ,___,������_.   ���i
A fait supply of pork was on  the. K J v j'>   Ju:i:i  Simpson  to remove   ob-
eleven ' Consul bad a discussion, on Friday j structiou from ditch in front of his
��� last, in the Premier's office at Otta-'. stables on Challuckthan street.
Thc Clerk was authorized to call
Let   us   take   your   measure   for   the   next suit.i
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
for tenders for the old wa;i n.
Council then adjourned  till  Saturday, .August 10th, at 2 p.m.
W. J. Powser, K.C., M.P.P., has
been appointed Attorney-Genera?
for B. C.
wa, on the question of Japanese immigration. The Consul explained
that the agreement between the
Japanese and Canadian governments a few years ago was being
strictly observed, and that there
was no intention on the part of
Japan to depart from it. liefore
leaving their own country the Japanese must procure passports   from I
their government aud the Japanese; The Royal City is to have an-
goverument agreed that nol mere'other large shingle mill built on
than    one    p.-issport    per    month! Lulu Island.
for    each    district   would    be    is-	
issue! to its citizens who desired)
to come le Canada. As there .are I
about forty distticts that wo��Id permit five hundred a year to come to
Cauada direct from Japan, whicli
number has never being reached. 1
That agreement is still in '"orce. >
The Japanese arriving iu British;
Columbia are   from Honolulu terri-i
Messrs. Jas. and Tom Pearson,
were among the visitors to the market on Fridav last.
There will likely be another excursion  in  about a month's lime
j when it is hoped that arrangement..
lund*   yesterday   were   quoted  at i t��ry,and over them Japanese consuls
from $5.50 to $6.50 a dozen. ran   exercise  no official authority.
The supply of new potatoes is I They can, however, do a great deal
getting stronger, but yesterday's in dtsuading their people irom leav-
sales were weak as lhe offerings in] ing the Hawaiian Islands, and
the  potato   line   were   ill  a great  this will be done.    Many  of them
Vancouver is to have the first 16-
storey building iu Canada, which is
to be erected on the site ol the Le-
land Hotel. It is to cost S:6o,ooo
ami work to commence in two
will be made to have the Band out.
The Royal Templars of Temperance, of New Westminster, turned
out     strong,     on    Friday     night 	
last,    to   take   in   the   moonlight I GRAIN   SACKS���"tyi   per   ioco
excursion to our little but progres-J    (less $2_50 for spot cash)_Brack. | a
N. Rich. Agent, Ladner, B.C.
sive   town.       The   S.S.   Ramouaj
brought 175 and   the launch Nora!
had   about   30.  on   board.     After;
spending about an hour -.md a half I
promenading, the party was  called | Account in the Royal Bank of Can
aboard shortly after the  lull  moon
had  put in an appeararce.'    The
absence   of   music  was  much   re-1$, and up received
many  cases small  and   in  .1 very
. ' green condition.    The ruliiiR price
London, July  26.���The Express was $'-5�� and f I-75 PW sack.
printed a story of the discovery near      A  SO��d supply  of small  fruits
I Glastonbury Abbey of a  glass ves-j was   <-.flered,   especially   currants,
Isel oi beautiful  workmanship  andlwWch  commanded  from   Sc to oc
parently ofgreat antiquity, which ; Per   l'ou"d   f��r  tlie  bluet variety
have   already   arrived   have!
mau-Ker Milling Co.,  Ltd., H. :the disri,vereTs believe is the  Holy while red   .urrruts were selling at
' Grail of the Arthunal legend.   The'6c  Per  pound.    Several small lots
Holy Grail, which Christ is reputed  of cherries sold at ioc per pound.
Have you  got  a  Savings  Bank ; tok��ve drank froiu at the Last Sup-; Market Notes.
per, according to  ancient  British     J. Johnson was in from the Scott
ada?    If not, you should open   one tradition, was brought to  England road with some nice fresh eggs.
as soon as   possible.    Deposits   of j by Joseph of Arimathea after  thei     C. Kleiue had fresh laid eggs for
I crucifixion.    The vessel  is of blu-sale.
|ish green glass of some kind, cuu-      Mrs. Quaggan was
Our   worthy   Clerk   lit   up   thei'.   When you wish to  buy  visiting j "singly inlaid   with  sliver  leaf.    A  bury with her   usual
Town Hall aud plAced it at the dis-1 cards call on the Delta Times  who I number of eminent perso��s   iuclud-  butter and eggs.
posal   of  the   excursionists   for a will sell the best money  can  buy.  'n�� some peers with ecclesiastic in-
dance  but, apparently, there  were I If you need them printed, why you  sti,,c!*- hftve   examined   it.    It   i.
in  li >m Sun-
fine  stock of
but few who fully understood what
\vas done ns the dauce did  not m*-
are money tn pocket by calling
the Delta Tunes lirst.
stitict., have   examined
now in the possession of Professor
William   Crooks,   who   has   undertaken to solve iu history.
Mrs. Pelers-.c, of .Sunbury, was
a visitor with butter and eggs,
Mesdames Alexander, N'eilson
and An lerson, from ''"������ bury, were
gone to  the   United   States,   and,
nnme ol them uow on the
Theo.    Horrobin,    chaufTenr   of
Auto Xo. ^3  from Vancouver, was
fined <2.s and costs, on   Friday last,
at New Westminster, for speeding
within the city limits, going at th��
way are ; ra,e Qc aj-out ^0 m\\eii per i10ur.
destined for the railways, The;
whole ipies'ion is engaging ihe attention o! the government which, 1 Oue hundred and seven dwellings,
while recognizing that il cannot I totally cr partially destroyed, a
altogether prohibit immigration, is, property loss of $175,000 and over
hopeful that with the co-operation! 250 people rendered homei- ss is ihe
of the Japanese government, it can j result of the disastrous fire which
limit it to such numbers th it no ill i devastated a portion of the north-
effects will result to the piovince or: em area of Victoria, Tuesday after-
to its citizens. ' j noou !'*-'������
.��� . .ii. . i	
on  the market  sellin;  fresh   laid j
eggs and butter.
Mesdames    Taylor,     Matheson,
Whitworth, Roberts,  Smith,  Kee-
"I never, had my hay put up ao
well or so quick as this year." said
one of ou. most prosper0its farmers
last   week.    Something   over   two
gan, and sStoney were all seen at! hundred tons was saved, this year,
their usual places doing a thriving; by while labor, ou lhe farm we are
trade in butter aud eggs, for which; speaking of, and an average of 3^
produ ts thev are so w li known.       loads,.) day were hauled T. DELTA TIMES, TDIiSDA1
m'i"/i   30. 1907.
StJWPStPWOM. SI.00 per year.
*...vf _n. 1.-. RATES.
Cis^-  AJ.ertidcmenta, \j cants per line lot
j    Ottawa, July 2c.���There has been
1 much said in the press ol the coun-
I try, and upon  the public  platform
Conservative     orators   have   bar
to seiid for persons. , a;.,er_ a ie
cords, aiit^ i.i exam ne ivitnesses on
oath or affirmation, and Hat the
said committee du report in full tbe
evidence taken before them and
all other proceedings on the reference."
No sooner did Sir Wilfrid comply
X^u^^i'n^TT.s'Tum.!?; L.r .inc.   aaguedoa the subject ofthe "Arctic | with the request of ihe   Opposition
pckonrsl by tor cpacr ooetspled, 11 line* to the
���IC h.
..ir* lot Camwerual _.<lr��rtj.__u'-. t.
WaA ot, .r.plicfltian at thi* office.
can be
Reading nsticf* lu cent; p
line tor each In-
Scandal, f  so called..- How  many to give   them
citiz��ns ��^Canada really know the j proving'their charges,   tha
plain,  unvattoished   facts with  re -j atten. pted lo dod*.e the issue
opportunity   of
1   they
lttion to the lCTe*ic��   The: subject ^bei.'d not be overlooked, for it has
P..nh an J Death notk-
, Mnrriai.e. fr.oa.
was brought up in the H*cuse���It j an important bearing on the matter,
became the object of an enquiry by j First came the explicit charges,
a select committee of Parliament���j then came the committee to inves-
lt was ventilated upon every possible j tigate the very charges made. The
huree. foi until ordered j occasion, and after it had ceased to j men who had so glibly attempted to
be a public question of interest to discredit the government, hesitated
the members of the House, it was to accept the government's chalenge
made to do par.y political duty in 31 to make good their charges, and ob-
vague undefined wav as the "Arctic! jection was made to the terms of the
Any cpeci-1 notice, the objes-l Ot trhlcti I. to
prtsnotc the pecuniary benefit of any Individual
at company, to be considered RO Advertisement
and cbftfyed . c .���r/J_.;;..
All fcd\'f-rti.vtaf_t.
���nt end n_l d ior.
CarresponJence invltcl on m. ttcre ol public
Interest. Comi_iui_ic_Uo_4 lo editor must be ac-
ctompariied hy name of irrit, r. not necens_rily
Ibr publication, tsut a. evidence (.1 Rood faith.
titorre.pondenc- i .jist rea. . this oflice l.y Tlnirs-
**r evening.
On the TiH-ik road, on Thursday
la^t, a brown lentlier wallet containing a small sum of money. Apply
-H-f**4-*-i'4-I-f-.-f -j--* ���;���������!*>-���:> ���(���������������-I-fv-f ���:������������;.���������+���..-. -��~*-v
Delta Transfer Stable
Tenders Wanted.
Team Work Done at Specially Low Prions.
Tenders will be received   by
Delta   Municipal  Council,   up
noon Saturday,   August ioth,
tke p rc'i s. of I 4-inch wagon.
By Older.
X JOSEPH JORDAN, Proprietor. ��
-������ Telephone " Ladner" No. 10. )
4 <p+ ,\.a ,|,+ ,j.��.ft +.;. 4.1. +.]. 4.;. 4 .^^^4_^4.^4^}..f��^._H.����-f .{.+ ++#
V. T, Ry. & Ferry Co
f>EO.  R    MrtNtiiv,
TUESDAY,  JULY  ;,o, 1907.
We would ask the Council what
they have done towards removing
bulkheads, dams, etc., from the
ditches ?
i resolution.
What Was Alleged. To t,lis the Preraier replied  that
j he was better informed than  when
The charges are comprised in three1 ^ .^^ ^ ^^ &n illv.pstigation
allegations. First, that the supplies! ���We are,, said hc_ ���gM whh
purchased for the Arctic were paid , ^ stalemem frcm gentleraM1 op.
for at extravagant prices; second, j ..e< r,on.. .ake .]S tQ0 serjou,;v
that the quantities were greatly fa when vve talk wildly. it ,��� all froth,
excess of the requirements of the J -t means nothing at au. 1 confes,,
expedition, and, third, that It L^ that ,n lhe futHre t at a��� events
was impossible to have placed on will be wiser than I have been in the
quantity   of stuff P��r-j past) and when  geutlemen  on the
When the electric system was in-
atalletl  here we were promised  a
board the
It was suggested, but  not defiti-j
itelv charged, that some of the goods!
���ervice from dusk ro davlight, but purchased found their way into tl e
tow the curreat is turned oft" at one I possesion of government officials,but
other side talk a.s wildly a.s they
do I shall henceforth realize that no
importance is to be attached to their
New Service���Port Guichon and  Ladner to New
Westminster and Vancouver.
Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 a.111.    Arrive Vancouver,, 10.20 a.m.
The above Reward will be nai<i j r.cavc Vancouver,   2,10 p.m.    Arrive PtGuidhoo, 6.00'p.m.
to anyone returning to the undersigned, a canvas bag {made of red
and white awning) containing
clothing and linen, which was
stolen from tbe wharf at Ladner on
the evening of Friday, 19th inst.;
cr to anyone giving such information as will lead to the conviction
of the person who stole same.
New Wes-ininslei.
July, _4tb, 191*17.
o'clock a.m. Quite a long while
to daylight Ihis. fn cases where
there is sickness this is very annoying and it is up to tlie companv
Xe do better if they wish lo retain
theit customers.
In view of the fact that Victoria
has just suffered the loss of a large
portion ofthe city by fire, the sug-
festioa has beeu made that some
Jdndoffire protection bc provided
for Ihis district, and  we would ad-
this  feature of   the  case wa.s not.
nude   specific  enough  to demand
particular attention.
What Sir Wilfrid .Said.
Trsnquille   or   Fortune   ranch,
nine miles west  of Kamloops, will
be the scene of  the first sanitarium
instituted by  the anti-tuberculosis
"These charges are too serious to! societ-v oftl,e Province.   The action
be passed over and I have only to'of the board of directors in locating
.ay that I agree at once to the sug-i the institution at this point is due, ftEALED. TENDERS addressed
j to a report of a committee of which B   t0 the U1.dersigned, and endors-
Dr. Pagan wis the chairman.
Gives  Passengers four bom*,   in   either
minster or Vaaa-couver. .
New   West-
New   Freight   Tariff   effective    September    5th,   'o(a.
Greatly Reduced Rates.     For particulars apply to
Agent, Port Guichon.
Sufficient Cars will be furnished without delay.
l_i'tirput-itdd 1869.
gestion made a moment ago by  the
Han. member for Leeds (Mr,  Tay
lor,) when he  says  that if  he  be) 	
given a committee he will prove p. Christie, Esq., M.P. for South
everything that he has charged. I' Ontario, spent a lew days visiting
can only say to my honorable friend Mr. aud Mrs. Johu McKee. Dur-
that I think it my duty, speaking|ing his stay. Mr. Christie was given
1 the opportunity of seeing  for him-
[self   the   crops   produced   by this
on behal! of the government, to say
vise the purchase of first-class handj that the government  cannot allow
engine and  outfit complete, fitted J tliese serious accusations to be made j jv.ta land     lie said  he had heard
a great deal about out crops but
used to think it was somewhat or a
fish storv, but since he  has  seen it
j CAPITAL, - - - $3,900,000
'RESERVE FUNDS,       - - $4,390,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
ed   "Tender for  Public   Building,;
Cumberland,   B   C,"   will  be  received at this office  until   Monday, I
August  19,   1907, inclusively,   for1
the construction of a Public Build-
ing, Cumberland, B.C.
Plans  and  specifications can   be | __ _ . , ,
seen and forms ot tender obtained | Deposits of $1 and upwards received and Interest Allowed at Highest Current Rates.
Savings Department.
for the  road  so that  it  might  be! without giving the honorable gentle-
! m?u who make them an opportunity
taken to any part of the district.
With the advent of the Farmers'
Telephone svsLem improved fire
protection would be all right.
P. Young, of Xew West-
, is visiting Mrs. F. Cullis.
Yf. McKturol has rented the W.
J. Leary. jr., property, at Canoe
Robt. Deane's infant  son of six
buried on .Sunday.
Alf Coleman had the  misfortune
to lose a newborn babe on .Sunday.
J��he little fellow  was only born on 1
Master  I). McAuley, visiting atj
the Manse lroui Vancouver, is suffering from a broken leg, the result
of having fallen frem a swing, last
to substantiate them,and to-morrow,
if the honorable gentleman wants a I for himself, says, "We have not put
committee, he shall  have one.    If) it half strong enough."
goods have beeu bought at extrava-:
gant prices we must know it.    If it
is true that  supplies  were bought
that     were     not     actually     put!
aboard   this ship,  but hare gone!    There wa.s a very pleasant  gath-
���liewhere, it is to the interest,  not eri"^ at ,he residence of Mrs. Geo.
' Paddon, 011  the  Slough  road, last
'evening, under the auspices of  the|Hpon to do so, or it  he fail to com-j
Ladies' Aid of the Ladner Metho-
! '/list Church, of wliich Mrs. Paddon
! has been an  esteemed  member and
plete the work contracted for. If
the tender be not accepted the;
cheque will be returned.
The  Department does  not bind
an  officer  for several years.   The I itself to accept the lowest or any
only of the members .1 this House,
but of the members of this government, to   know where   they  have
gone, and  if there   has been any
r.ike-oiT*n favor of anybody,   it  is
weeks died ou Friday last, aud was; to the interest of the  government ......,.,.
1 that wc should know who benefited ! obJect was to *"e soffle ��pressien | tender
by  it.    The  government   will   be; oi'the love and esteem in which she
prepared to meet the suggestion of! ^ held by tlie ccingregation forjhe
hou.  gentlemen opposite that we
should have a full and complete investigation."
The first point to be observed is,
that,following immediately upon the j for. lKnBl;uld; .WJ.^���8to purp0SCS
charges made by the Conservatives,
,Sir Wilfrid Laurier promptly announced his willingness to appoint
an investigating committee to inquire into their truth.
The resolution of May   t,v 1906,
at this Department and on application to the Postmaster at Cumberland. '
Persons   tendering   are   notified
lhat tenders will not be considered;
unless  made  on   the  printed form
supplied,   and   signed   with    their 1
actual signatures.
Iiach tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chart- j
ered bank, made payable to tlif j
on.er of the Honourable the Min-1
ister of Public Works, equal to ten I
per cent, fio p c.) of the amount of
the tender, which will be forfeited 1
if the party tendering decline to
enter into a  contract when called,1
East End, Mt. Pleasant, Granville sStreet, Cordova Street; Grand
Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Port Esslngton, Rossland, Victoria, Vernon.
Chilliwack, Cumberland,  Port Moody and New Westminster.
H. B, MARGESON, Manager, LADNER, B. C.
Ladner Exhibitor
Jan. 8tli to 11th.
��������������*������������ ^���������������^������������^������������^������������^���������������**.��'*J��.-H��>
; consistency of her life and her fidelity to the church and its work, and
j to say "Good-Bye and God Bless
Vou" on the eve of her departure
residing for the future,
A verv pleasant feature of the
evening's doings was the presentation of a lady's hand bag, the gift
of the Ladies Aid, ".as a small
token of love" after which refreshments were served by the Aid and
the gathering was brought le a close
with singing and prayer wnen a
formal good-bye was said
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, July 19. 1907.
Newspapers inserting this advertisement without authority from the
Department, will not be paid for it.
W.J. Leary. jr.,  having rented '     which the comn,ittee was to ad-
aiaprooertyhere and purchased a dress Jtselfi rearis as 1(>iIows:
fine residence 111  Victoria  he will.     ..Whereas specific charges  have
��ove his family there in about twoL fflade   hy   membws   of this
peeks'time. House    from     their     seats,     to -     	
  ithe    efirfCt    that    t|le     SUppiies|     Mrs   p]ett|   0r Vancouver,  is a
Mr. aad Mr-. Win. Work arrived ! wliich, in the summer of 1903, were; guest  of her   sister, Mrs. (Canon)
from the liast, vesterday, on a visit I purchased  by  the   Department of Hilton.
to their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. H.| Marine and Fisheries for the gov-j Mrs ^,cGaTin> of Winnipeg,
M. Vasey and Mrs. Qilla>iders, at ernment steamer "Arctic were not I,. ^ng her uacIe and iunt, Mr.
Riverside Farp. I all put on board the said steamer, j ajjd Mr .  R   ];   Kiltson
M.R.C.V.sS., Edin.
New Westminster, B. C.
Eight First Prizes.   Three Specials.
.Six Seconds.    Three Thirds.
White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Silver
Spangled    Hamburgs,   BufT
Orpingtons and Black
liggs for Hatching���
*   NKW WKSTM1NSTKR,    i-i  B. C.  *
1 1
A Manuf:ictvirers of ull kindsof A
���[��� Soda Water, Ginger 4
... Ale and Summer ��>
i Drinks. |
J,      Ymir patronage solicited     &
s*s.J.s��^..t..J*.��..J#.#^��.# _J#.��4*<��mfam.*.4��*��*4fr
Fashion Stables -
Trucking and Draying.
Livery work of all kiuds attended to -promptly.
Wil. HEATON,    J. Nl. Collinson
Wefk has commenced on the ojd
but were in part diverted for other
uses, by, and for the benefit of, persons still unknown;  whereas  like
.Mes age:
D. S. Curtis' Drag Stora,
I Columbia St. Phone 43 j
[tt Railway company w
B. C.
Uiflifpr. n. c.
Ladner Carriage Works.
Wellington  Cannery towards coa- charge$ haye aiso beeil  mac]e thatj
yertiag same into a liquid glue 1 ac
Plans of the subdivision ol  Wellington Farm and all other informa-
(Westminster Branch)
Time Table
excessive prices were corruptly paid  tion may be obtained at  this oflice.
fory, where the famous Lepage ar- ��� fo, saj(1 suppljeS| and thati in  con., Several plots are being sought after
tide will be produced. ; nection therewith, pecuniary bene-: so that  you   want   to  hurry up, If |^^^^h-j^��rttar
��� ~ ; fits werc received by officials of the! vou wish to make a choice.
L'uion prayer mee.tiug services
mill be held alternately in the Pres-
'pjtepan. Baptist and Methodist
ghurches during the mouth oi August, commencing ou Thursday
pext in the Presbyterian Church at
.7:30 o'clock.
said department.
"A special committee be .appointed to inquire fully into all the circumstances connected -syith tbe purchase of said supplies, the disposal
of the same, and the different matters above mentioned,   with  power
W. N. Draper,
R.OOM. a, KHiirtl Block. New Westminster.
Cars te*ve Westminster for Vancouver at 5.50
until 11 p.
Curs leave Vancouver for Westminsters at i.50 |
nd 6.50 11. 111. aud Inmrly thereafter until 10 p. I
11,; Saturday, ami Sundays nt ll ptn.
nnd Sundays t
We rim first-class freight enrs between West*'
minster and Vancouver and ;il) Shipments are I
handled with  tin* utmost eftre antl delivered  to
consignee without delay     S|>< clnl attention paid
1 to fruit shipments.   Oui wagons meet all hoal*.
and trains.   Kor rates, etc. apply t<>
; Traffic Mgr. Local JIgr.
Westminster, B. C.
650 ft, 14 1>2 cents.
Receives both Ladies and Gentlemen as resident
or da}/* students. Has a complete Commercial
or Business Course. Prepares students to gain
Teachers" Certificates of all grades. In affiliation
with Toronto University gives the four years'
course for B. A. degree, and the first year of the
Toronto School of Science. Has a special "Prospectors' Course" for miners who work in B. C.
Instruction given in  Art,  Music,  Physical
Culture and Elocution.
Por    Calendar,   etc.,   address   "Columbian
Principals. ���
'There Is always a ctiaace
to enjoy some ehootlng
A ROUBLE FIREARM: the only kind we have
been making for upwards of fifty years.
Ask your.ftealnr, and lnnf��t. on lite
STEVENS. Whose not sold by Uo-
tuilrn., wo ship direct, aiprww Pre*
pTiKl. upon iNM.'ipt of Catalog g��rice.
Hutul inr I ��4> l'ngc Itlmiruteii
cmtnlim. An in dlniif n��tih|e book ol
ready rv4rt t-nrr ior mun und hor
KhiMiirri. Mulled for 4 cents In
*tuiu|��*l<��rovt-rpoi.tn_En. HemKlful
%'t'u f'olor Jfn��i;;rr Iwrur.if-.1e4l ffbr
hIk rem* In Rtnmiin.
J. SIKVKN.4  ABBffl  &  TOOL  CO.
V. O. llox 4007
riiicopoo rails.
Mum*., U.S. A.
Umm  Magic  M*-r  Bo  f.rtnr-.nr*  Cf t
Votitk WfiJi Malt-..'Inser*.
I      Tlio San. FranciscoCull gives(he follow.
1  log   description   ti   somo   cniertaln;i'.j
I  tricks:
The profeasosr takes a smalt liquor aim..
j Thi* im fills witn water nnd drops a sllVel
| (uarter lute ��� it. Over'the smaller j_i_>._
1 fan places & 1 arger ona, merely tn show.that
< Uieie Is ne connection l.?l.\i��-ii him'di'li
i   t*s?--.iin.     Imniodialely'ihe.larger g:_..;s._
ii<.iv ueuiminiioi
NUllda'/S at "-i:"'1 .-Ml
-tSt    81
nd 4th
Pneumonia Bronchitis 'Catarrh
,'��& Grippe Quincy 'Rheumatism
Etc.    Etc. wll mouth at 10.7,0 a.m.; BeneSic
; tion, 7:30.j'.ru.
T,       ... . .   . .. c\    Sunday school at 3 p.m.
It   will   pay  you   to  own   one   and   be  on   the safe;    Low Mass and Holy ��ottimjiui<}ti
side,    One Oxydonor iu a -family will   banish ail-the ter-| first and third Mondaysat '6 a. m,
rors of disease from  the household if -only used as soon
�����s needed and -in a reasonable way.
MAII!NO 4 OPARTBl: .li;��ff.
removed nnd he wiivivi his lands ovt*r tie
mnailer one. Tho espouse Is marvelous.
Tha silvor eoin ^hesttatos but a moment.
Then it qulvois slightly,-Jeaves itH place
undor tlio"Wtftar u:i- slides i:p 'the inside
of tbo glass until It reuohtis the top and
topple* Into bis hi:ml.
A cigarette orclgar la laid on the tafc'e
ami slid olonr ncross It.
A half dollar laid on a spectator's hm..,
next to she Trritit, crawls over tho length
���of th* hand aad drop, info.hie hand^nl
his bidding.
Wost of tiie trlrlrs relato'Co the mystoil-
ooH pownr ot moving small light object*.
weighing I*** then li-jur ounces, nnd ta
-.._�� s.loci ion of cards.
The "psychic power" add all suoh er-
ljplanat.iong.are reduced��to oiro: A kuuiaa
hnir a nil a small hit ot shoemaker's wax.
Usually the performer has sevoral ol
those Ions hairs Muck about his person,
but this cleverer the performer the fewerof
itheso Iwwill .hnve. Tn ea��h uml of i_��*
-hair a tip of B.oomnkor'8 war is fnstesod.
One piece of tho vol --serves ?<, )Ki]d th*
hair I" the pa-former's clothing and keep
,-    ,        ..i-i.-      1 r. it within  roach,   The othor,pi .oe I* left
vices first and third .Suuday cf   treg ta nt.a,.u totbe des,_.(i/obj��;e ������_,
give ii '.lie necessary "psychic force."
To move a cigar, coin or card by
"psyrMe" or any other kln'4 of mysterious force ask a spectator for the loan of ���
���Igar or coin. Layiton a table or any oti-
��r destrt .1  place, and while .0 pas .lng tit
Mittiiis. ; 1 o'jJuek.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock.
.Sunday School at ro a.m.
Friday evening, Litany at 7:30.
Rev. E. R. Bartlett, M.A., Vicar.
Rev. Fathesr Wcgiier, O.M.r.,
-Baxish Priest.
This is the Actual Experience in many thousands
of families svho have adopted this advanced method of
treating disease.
Inflammatory Rheumatism.
Services next  lord's "Day at ti
a. 111.and 7:30 p.m.
Mr, Jrs. An Sen, Rossland, B.C., Can., writes, Mareli ll, 1901 : "Some five years ��go I '       Cla^S   UlCCilllJ��.   tO 30 a.m.   every
fin Oxydonor for rny wfte who was  Buffering  (rom  female  weakness.   Aftor n week's une the   SuirImv,
S'irjcriscd to fi��*1 such n change, in f��ct it was enough to induce him to Rtt
���factor himeel
ti�� Oaydonor for his sister.
"A short time ago my wife hs-i nn ��'>nck of inflammatory rheumatism,    she could'
Hot walk end her joints  were  much  SWooHen.   She applied  Oxydonor, a-rid   hehire  night tha
ptllnfl hnd censed, nnd next morning there w.is very little swelling, nud *he could walk a^ well 1
as ever.   Sl.c kad a 'iiiiilnr attack before we got Oaeydouor ard vas under it doctor's care foi a
month., and suffered agonies*
"ft has cur *d me ofa severe co'd."
Send at once for book No. 78, giving further information about OXYDONOR and many reports from all
parts -of tlie country.
364 St. Catharine St. West, Montreal.
S.abbtith sSehotJl at -. pm every i
Sunday. Prayer meeting every
Thursday.evemng at ���'-.
'I'o t;.:rra rtewed figs With whipped
crean; put eaoh tig on a small square of
iro_. e oako .. ;atly cut and plk> whipped
crenrn on tba top.
To presorvo Togetable* keep tiie stalkH
In wntur uutil j._uly t.) 009k. Eggimwj
bekoptlij burning'tbora ln s_!t and oar-
roia unj tiii-iiins by burying la layers in a
box of naml.
If, iu nsirii. sour _uilk wilh soda for
jcriudi- pokes (.r- muffins tba naiik do*_ 1,0%
fonm as it should to. produce the desired
���si_-hlr:i!-i--��� _. ira-poruiftil of \incgar added
to ts.a wili wiil yivi! tbe desired result.
Hmi3i<!:c(y!or. sometimes think nothing
mi 1 be di T.a with i-old hak��i potatoes, I o-
Ia.s; overdone, tbey warm up quite tr~, not-
isiuotoril^ as tba boiled, nnd iJulnujnl-
oo's rtolpe. for corned beef hash oall-i for
"nn oqual^juantltyoJ chopped <:olsi baked
^us-i.sua Names'Bestoirtfd t,y Apisil.*..
~c*j.rj^_  s.ii  Tls.-i,-  HJastjtsi.
Tbe tiur-njan drugstore isalwaysa m>'i
tery in the American when h�� first t-e-
c.trues one of its ouatomen il. is ir')t
nearly so ooinprabeusive4is*--ihe A.nierio_ti
Institution n? the same kind. 'J'Jie ftpofcbe-
oory's departuiunt, vki.th in only 00j f&n-
turoof thi; American drug store, ls an lo-
d.'iioii.ifini, ostabilshinent in Germany amf
Is devoted to the lilliug of presorlptfomi
*rd lha d.utU_iK>f the apothuoary. I iw
"droguerle,'1 quite a separate place, pro-
Tides half tireGrticlescustomarily fouu*-
be!�� i:> the drug'store. It Is to tho dru-
juoi-io that ono niust go for . oa],, tooth*
brushes, drugs in the pure and all ot tin
articles not tlcilt iu l.-y tlie apothocury.
Tlm division mny be aconvenJent one after thu tuysteries have ]_i#n luasteiud, but
it is c-infusing aMlr.it,
A .viiiurpeo.ilia. itj- of the apQtheoariM
ls that most, of theiu havo uaiues displayed. Than custom docee from tha earliest
days-of their hlslor/. Tho old nsmos of
tire shops bare iuryjrod ut some extent,
although the purely fantastic nan.es hum
given plac��; to others .batter suited to ti-^
couiiuurvi .1 exlgenei'as 'if modern times.
Toe (.-ity 'today -pos-ios-fis lii< shops of
a{K>theoaries, and many hava ucloptiAt
liotMCH lakon froio tbo stroet, square or ro-
gioii io-which they ore situated. Thore
aro Sii of riirtso, and it) are known only by
tiio names ni their proprietors. Nineteen
are named after birds, the o.glo having
tan named in its honor. There ut-o all
sort*- of e . ,:us among f h��*a ten���blaok,
ro-.i and white. Othor nomad Include wild
animals, mytholivfloal nuAiuas, such t*o
Jlinorva and J'lora, am) imyei titles like
Kritidr: ;h and s\i:j,'iisia Victoria, Host
curious are those called .i.er famous hid-
^tmiiiil personage,:, such im Armiulus, Ho;
lain; and Siegfried.���K.-cchoutfe,
k.r.pUo.li_ Pastvs
A line paste for sornpbooks can bair.sds
(Irom alum water and dour, 1 V, teaspoon
fu!s of powdered alum dissolved in euo-.igk
cold wator ro make a pint of paste. 1'our
the wator, when the tduni is di. solved, ��a
enough Hour to thicken it as stiff as common paste. IJlring it lo a bull, stir ell tht
||me, au.l when dono add a few drops of
VI of cloves, 'i ha almu proveuts for*
.luo.tctio's, and the oil of clovasjirevants
i *i <ostrsij�� ���.'!��feget_U_ta injit.
Iiett.s, pastor.
ST. ANl>i;i;V\ b 'FKOawn^KIAII
Services next Lord's JXty at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School <it mini Mid-
j week meeting- on Thursdoy evening
'ut -.-/' (-'clock.
attach ona end of the hair by the affixed
wai, the other end being, of course, still
attached to your person. Make a few
passes with the hands n.er the object to
.convey the Impression that yoo arc filling
'tt vrit .1 magnetism, th..n gradually draw
away. Thaobj'vt will follow you if the
-hair and wax attend to thalr end ef ilu
���v. A, McAttleVi Pastor.
,       . what, should  they em but.  Betsy rolling
Itllltiey, pastor.   llon.n Uie gwlB| tfct ixml and si___i foi���
The Delta Times
Haw e.tlW Ool  Ht  1 l<-knnm��.
Betsy fa raolfaer was unusually busy 011*
j morning. 3ho and Haunnh ware in ih.
. kltohon. making pics, c_ke��, puddings
j and farts, for company was expected ihu
1 afturnoo!-,.
Hot.sy ran 'into the litclien and wm ssi
bothersoiue that her mother gave .liar a
E Al'TCST. .bowl of custard and  told ber to fre'd her
poor dolls in tho attio.
Sabbftlil   services ��� Crescent   Is-       Away ran Betsy, and after find lng out
,,,.,.  i .,,!,.���,.   _   ,,,,,��� i itbat her dolls refused'o cat she sHt-lown
p.1.1..  J���ull.tl,  7.30p.m. I ona little st-wi and tasted li herself.
Sunday vsdioi I at  10:30 a, ill. Meanwhile the oouipeny had srrivi^i,
...      ,   ,���_.,:    .      .  iu ,  .   1 s   and ainonc them was Botfly's "favorite,
l'i.o;ei   tn.cell.lie OH lliHWday at    !;noIe.J,e" .-Suddenly they heaud-some
1 S p.m. ' thing "bump, thump, bang, Wang,"nnd
A,   H
sVftar -Betsy ��� had recovered from her
fright she told C nole Jookthat a drottdful
animal had chased her.
t'nole slack told her that he would eh_*e
I It away, and Betsy cautiously showed the
1 may, clinging to Uncle,lack's hand all tfaw
: Nurseries  &   Seedhouses Mn"��-
! At last   they oa im to the attic,  and
! wliat'Shodldt'ncle.Taak see hut au Indus-
-.--                               1 (rlous spider xnlnalog a��. y .��. iilsi w. h. r,
' iiiiublcd-stooi and a gossl deal ul cuslaid,'
...                             ,.               _ i'nelo Jack laughed  hcartllv and  Mid
f-leatlqiwrrlers twi    lJacihc   Coast \ that Betsy would ba-hta"Llttlo Mist Muf-
omwii  Garden   Field  and   Flower, '��"���" "s long as she lived.���Chaw Bern
.      , , , . I elsiu iii New York Herald.
needs 1l1.it are thorottglwy tested as ______
I to vitality l-efore olTering for sale���1
suttject (0 govarnnwi.1 in-
M. .1. HENRY'S
spection ns'to Free'doni from weedl
seeds Samples sent to intending I
J.ur.ec slot*!, tl HOME GROWN
Fruit  aud  (Ornamental Trees now)
iiialuned forthe spring tivide.
BU  tls-scissc.
iHe'told'iier ,,., cssulJ ;..u surviTS
If the paths they for: must lis- spsrt;
��� Sh* spurned him -yet lie's slid alive,
^inl that'.   1110 thing that hreaks*het
���t'hloayo Js'ews.
Job Printing.
K Ulmnrisliis Uatlook.
"That boy next dooi who isieornitig to
-^lay tbe cornet looks consumptive."
, ....      "Yes, but you mustn't count too mueh
I     No vxtieuse, loss pnflelay ol furai-U, tJ).,.   The av���raKB tsv n( ,llusidanB |,
;:.iii"ii or inspection. ' alii to-ke ��7 yean."��� Ctovelimd Plain
HUE SURM.IES, Spray Pumps, IW"'
Spniyiiie     Material,     Greenhouse tmnr*.ti..*t fo.ta.
' .Tohnnv���Tha verbiage was   so hod I
. Plains, Cut Mowers, ooo.ldn't ride my wheel.
Wc   3o   business   OU    cur   own       u" Sister���What are yoo talking abeutf
"well, when I saw the wore 'verbiage'
grounds��� no  rent   to   p;>y and are  'in tba paper and asked pa what, it muaut
j prepared to medt all competition.     : ***"W 'wind.'"-Cincinnati'anqulror.
J.>;t uie price your lis! belore placing you1' order.    Catalogue Bree,
Chols'e of Two FtIU.
ill's always-very wrong to fight.
Hut, nono the less, my son.
'Improve your muscles���don't relax
Aa If all -strife were dona.
m. j, henry:,
3010 Westminster "Road.
'It's always -wry-wrong to fight,
Rul never close yotn ears
When I'ncle Sam suggests that ha
May uessii uew volunteert.
ilt>-#;ways-rery wrong lo fls.ht;
The saying's old and terse,
TB'.it to make bottle and gut whipped���
That's Infinitely wone.
���Washing tan Star.
I^nglUh Royul Tlils-w.
Tho kings and queens of England wort
not always styled "his" or"her majesty,"
or aftor tlie pnttern of that bestowed upon
Victoria, "iior most gracious luajusty."
Henry IV was stvled "his;.race," Henry
���'.'! "hie un-st ext'ollont graoe," Edward
IV "high and mighty prlncu," Henry
VJI "his giA.-'oand bis majesty," Henry
VIII -'bis higlincss" and afterward "his
majesty." Subsequently the English kings
wcrosryLsd "his sacred majesty."
A lar For If.
Mamie���Only think, Fred Sarndershas
given Carrie Moore a diamond for an engagement ring.
Steve���That's all rlgh*. Carrie's father
Is t. painter and glazlor, 'J be diamond
will come in handy iu his bu-ine^.~l}or-
ton Transcript,
, Gnml ItfRioB tu Ussrr>-
The trials of a musical ocooiupnntst are
many, If wo may credit all the-Stories
told of them A young professional recently played acooiupaniinonts for the perforators ntn private entortainmont for;a
fashionable charily lasting for uoarly two
"Horo, you seo, I have no ohanco to
take a breath for ton bars," said tliaauva
tour flute player, indloating tsi tho accompanist a passage In his opening solo.
"There arc a number of such places In
my _o]os,-And if ycu'l! hurry tho liioe
whenever you oome to them, it will l��ij��
relief to wy wifo, for all my family are
subject to apoplexy, ami I've already hud,
ono slight attack."���Youth's Companion.
Trtinble ou *iie Vnnt*liilt-r.
"If you'll always givo nie full swing,"
observed the pendulum, ''you will never
hiu-c any trouble with yourlinnds,"
"I don't know," replied ihe clock, "if
tt wasn't for your going book and furth in
���ny works, 1 never would hare an^
strike*. "���Chh .urn Tribune,
Hlsnofcrck 1. a l>rink����.
-When iBismarck   was   In   London   In
1848, ha was invited 10 visit the famous
brewery of Baruhty .-&  Perkins, and his
fans;s, having hoard of his reputation nsa
beer drinker of groat prowoss, presented to
I '1 iin an enormous tankard of old ale, iu
I tho confident expectation that ho w-uik'. Iw
1 obliged to admit himself vanquished by It.
j "1 sci/.<_i tl)o-ianka:-d.'' Bismnrok told Sit
j Charles Dllke, who tells the story, "and..
, thought of   my country and   drank   no
J Prussia and  Ultcd  it  till :i was empty.
Then I thanked my entertainers���eourte.
! ously,'I hope���and  succeeded in   makiirg
! tny way its far as London bridge.   iThsra
i 1 sat down in ono of tlie stone reccssos,
and for hours the gieat bridge went roun_t
' BQd-reun . ma."���Ezchanse.
& Xlec Railroad.
���"General Arohlo Wllllnms," says tea
I -Kansas City, Journal, "was on a traia gp-
-Ing up Piko:s;peak oa a day iast summer.
At the half way house ha got otf and pirr-
chased a big -basket of violets at .inn.
iper.i'eof $10. .Returning to the train, ba
-pmsontc-.l each woman with a beautiful
bouquet, Hiongh all of the women weaa
ssttangare. By nnd by the husbnnd of oat
ef thc woinei:. cauie i_v"'_ from the-i;n��t-
ifngoar,.and-She said to bins: 'I think this
'Is tbo nicest railroad I ever rode on. Thai
brakemnn over there gave every una af M
a lovely  ..hiewe*.' "
Ths fall shades, both Id silk and clott
ta . c-?en when combined with bright eol
or:, are still quiet In tffect.
The soft warm brown aad a jprHtty soft
blu,* are found in combination this year,
both ia matsjrlals aud in gowns.
Many handsome Imported gowns are In
oi si 171 .ere of dulicata shades. A course loot
applique ls seen on handsome after:.���...
���anl evening .gowns.
ntyli.-sh skirts are mads with the p!; W
on tha bias and apparently of tho i.i..
Woolen material Of whi. h golf capes ...m
tuado. Thoy are pretty on slom!��r wo_ ;n.
Tha baby Persian lamb ls to be fount)
as an effective trimming on tne bodices of
many gowns, It is effiwtivo In giving
ol.oru iter to a gown of oas of tha protry
eb idos of brown.
Chinchilla ia narrow hands finishes tht
'bottom and outlines panels ol! handsoafa
-MCeptlon ami evening .own.-, and .v ith
��� aCO'I-u.. eileol, I hough ..into poople objettt
always to i'or on house .'owns.
\'s:i-y prvtty jackets of fawn color, stylishly lined with silk stripes and plaids,
���ra to bu found at ..���.-....nubia prices. A
stylish jacket has ��� si: .light, loosa front,
o:..i upper and two lower pockots.
Hhinostouo buttons, largo and small,
appear un many pretty frocks, cut steel
irnanients, a Inrgo plait: crystal button,
and -.hero is nothing prettier than tin
(hliu orysM 1 button which haa no oroa-
Uisntul i..l:.
': he very boccuilng medio! collar ls seen
ou many reception gowns. 'With this hiph
collar in the hack and lapels at ehhoriide,
a square c.;c neck tilled in with soft poffiti
mull, the effect is very-pretty end "much
niocted by elderly women.
Tht lining of your gown this senson
ictisl bo of 1 he same color as itorasllrt
trlniiulngt lo hu au fait. They may ba
a shade lighter if desired, but there must
bo no contrasts. These small things do
much to mako the general eieganca of tht
fuwu.��� Now Vork Times.
War V-Mielx of (oe! i.li<-e stitnTM
liuve til-siniipfttrml.
Curious disnppna.-awces uftd oocldenM
to our warships characterized tho early
history of our navy, and fn spile of nil Hie
efforts of tho navy department to explain
the cauKc of too disasters many of them
arc as absolute mysteries today as when
tney happened,
���When tlie government built ton new
gunboats to prosecute the war against
Tripoli iln it>05, they were sent out as
Boon ae tbey were finished and before they
Werc namt_I. Each one was given a numlier and di&patched to the scat of tho war.
-No. 7 sailed from .New Vork July 20,
littii,, uiu'or uho command of Lieutenant
Ogolvio, and after she cleared .Sandy Hook
light she was never hoard from again.
��he went down with ull on board bofora
���he huti-even been named.
A most extraordinary aeeident was tc.at
wliich happened to thc oorvct Mononga-
hcla nt.Smla Cruz In 1807.
Wmi. at ar.ohor in the harbor a fromen-
dotis tidal wave lifted her upon its orost
and  omried   her clean ovor tho  town of
Frodorlchslndt and back again withou
injuring thu town or the lout to nny gn .1
extent.   The receding wave laud.'d her 1
tho beach instead of in too deep water
tiie harbor, and  it cost our governi.ie;
(100.nun to  Hunt   her again.      Fully  U.
strange wus Co Into of tho aloop-of-wai
Walerec    sho was anchored iu 'ho harbor
��f ..riua, Peru, in  1868, when a huge tidal  wave swept  inland and flooded  the
���v ho'.o clly.    The wave ourried  the sloop
several   miles  Inland and finally landed
hor in the midst of a tropical forest.   It
was Impossible to relon. .> her from such a
peculiar position, and the government sold
her "or a nominal  sum.    The purchasers
turned fho vessel into a hotel, and tlio remains of lhat once formidable war-ve sol
loom up in the tropical forest.today as a
monument to the power of tiddi waves.
Among other cases of disaster which'me
all. iliulc.l to the violence of tho waves or
weather I hore la none more Interesting
thun ths* of the strango.fate of -the Sara-
'toga. When she-sailed from Philadelphia
in Ootohar,'1780, under tbo command Of
Captain James Young, there was no flnor
or handsomer war ve6sol afloat. That
she was as formidable ns she was attractive was soon demonstrated in a practic*,*
way. After cruising around a short tinu,
she captured three British vessels In succession, and then, with her prizes, sho
started to return to Philadelphia, but tiff
the Delaware capos she encountered tt
Drill, h ship ol thu line. As the Saratoga
Carried only 18 guns and the Intrepid was
a 71 gun ship, Captain Young considered
It safer to run away. Tlie enemy did not
chase her far. but returned to.protoct. avf&
recapture tlio British prizes. .Tho Saratoga sailed away In tho very'teeth ofst
storm, and she was never heard from
again Did sho fouv.de;-ut sea in the
g.si.-, or wns she blown up by ber owe
-uugazi nes?���Leslle's .'.'ockl.v.
UlraMlnjr . !��� f>l_nnl��e.
They used to tell tue when I waa a llttk
girl and had broken iny tlor.rest doll, for
example, or bad lawn stung by a heo on
the day before my best friend's blrtInlay
party Uw. every Affliction ls�� blessing in
disguise. I was neve-clever at. penetrating disguises, btlt there arc times when (
agrt��e to the truth of the saying, especially
when tha afllirtions arc other people's.
Just a few evenings ago I heard a young
: girl, who lias just eoiue home after six
months out of town, playing the piano. (I
waa so much struck with thu Improvement
Ilu  hor ttv.hnlc since 'I  hoard her befow
' tlint I .pose about it.
! "It's all due ton little 'run around'-!
bad on th* middle -finger of my right
band." she said. "I waan'?- doing niu.-h
practicing, but I was embroidering a oen-
terpleee 'or. a friend who is to be marrlrt!
next month, and I couldn't lose any time.
I put my thimble on my ring (finger, an8
nfter a  few   d_ys  I-.-vu.:'   us9.Vii.jUSt M
J easily thativay aa.ot ftksrmlddte finger.
I When I began to playtheplanoagaln.il
ts-oa amiif 1 to find how my third finger
had gained ia strength, ilt had alwajjt
been my weak [joint before. .3 alwoysi aaa
It for thimble iiiigei- now. ami rev. see tbe
n<snlt. I've advised everybody to try |t.
'it's an ill w Ind'���you knew M|a rest.
in .India wbeot la still thrashe.1 by be-
Ing trodden out -hy-bulloal^; ami buffet
.. <Qood Plan.
"I wonder why artists are -always so
careful to sign thoir piofuresy"
"Possibly ao's the public can tell thaty
(am the bottom."���riietnjpollten fHE DELTA
TUESDAY, TTTLY 30, 19*7.
Mrs. '1'. McNeely visited tlieTerminal City on .Saturday last.
C'oquit'aw, B.C.",
June 29, 1907.
i .iessr.. White, vShites & Co.,
New Westminster, B.C.
Xew Westminster,
June 22, 1907
Messrs. White, .Shiles & Co..,
New Westminster.
II. M. Va;ev paid a short visit to
the Terminal City on Friday last.
( ."titlemen. Please accept thanks j     Gentlemen:  We beg to acjcnowl-
ii.r cheque, dated. June 28, from the; edge receipt 01 vour cheques in set-
I Connecticut   Fire    Insurance   Co.,; tie ment   ct   our  claims   upon   the
W   II  Hazlett   rf the  B.C.G.R. settlement for- loss   in  full, by  tire j Hartford and Connecticut- Fire In-
Co.  paid a short business visit here i which  destroyed my barn on June su ranee Companies for  our loss by
last week ' z^ ^ire ��^ Jmle   2nc'-    Please   accept
  I congratulate yot.  upon  cepre- thanks for your prompt payment of
: seating a  company which  pays ils these claims.
.Mr.  and   Mrs. D. B.   Grant  re- ciaims so  promptly, and  with   no v��������� tr���..
,   j      * m -��    ���   1 _* I    _.___ 1 ours     Ul.ll   .
t_ir��ed home, I-ridav. ircm a visit: trouble to the assured.
Best Macteery
On Eartft
To notify the people of Ladner aad suiv
rounding district that we are now in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland   Cement
to Victoria.
Yours truly.
Mrs. T. VVoolery returned home, 1
Kriday, from  a  visit to  iriends in
Seattle, Wasl..
Mr. and Mrs. Grimmer, of Lulu
Inland, are guests of Mr. and Mrs.
John..!..! "hardsQu.
���Signed,! IJ. McI.I.AX. | I.. A. Lewis, Mnnaget
White, Shiks & (��,
260 Columbia Street,   -   New Westminster, B.C.
fiP'J.iJ.LI SSBB '
Robt.    Atchison,    oi*   Fleming,' ������ j
S_.sk., paid a short visit tore, last L_ ��� _       TT
'     . I Notice or S.\:.k���Two Horses, 1
���vyeek, seeking land. Dairy Cow_ ,.00 CbJckefiS| Deta0.
 . I     crat with two seats, Buggy (near-
, ~. .,    d\    'y new*-, one 4-ineh Tire Waggon..
A. ii. White, Of White, Shiles &      gets of  Harness,   Feed   Cutter. !
Qo., of New. Westminster,  visited      Spray Pump, .Seeder, lawn Mow-
hiere on Saturday last. er,   Daisy   Churn,    Milk   Cans,]
______________ Crosscut and Other .Saws, Grind- j
_ __ stone     and     Frume,    Crowbar, |
Mr. . Jno. MacKenzie and daugh-!     Scythes,   Forks,   Shovels,. Brace j
ier, Miss Margaret, visited the Ter-J     and Kit> Tools- &c- &c-
a'inal City or. Friday- last. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE  &
EFFECTS,     comprising     Bed-
_ , , steads, Feather  Beds   and   Bed
ding, Easy, Rocking and Other
Chairs, Lounge and
Extension Dining T;
beard, Barometer, Canary and
Cage, Crockery and Glassware,
Stove, Pictures and Frames,
Clocks,.Books,.Quantity of Preserves, Fruit Jars, Sic, &c,
Vancouver Prices
mi fi I
At greatly reduced prices, making* it pos-.
Bible fcr parties who contemplate building I
to put in concrete foundations at about the
same   cost   aa   piling,   or    other   inferior
Write for Prices.
rs &
Misses i. ciina.and Beatrice Jack-
ion, of New Westminster, are visit- \
iag their aunt; Mrs. P. Shirley.
b. c.
H. B. Margeson, local taanagc-r
ofthe Royal Bank, left on Saturday
last, on a two weeks' vacation trip
to California.
Tp, II. N. RICH  has  received
I instructions  from.. Mrs.   Pad-
j don (who has disposed ot her prop-
' erty', to SELL BV AUCTION, on
Cushions, j I can handle your Small \y\     f|fc    1 aVlOr
Highest Prise.-  for Tip- Agent,.
Top Article..        Ladner,   -   B.C.
AlCIIE^ Silverware,
pre* Cut Glass*
W. J. Brandrith returned  home,! the premises,   i.yi   miles  soutli  of
Thursday, from the interior, where; i;_ifii_rr,   on   WEDNESDAY,   -rn
he had been attending meetings of
Fruit Growers.
AUGUST, 1907, at 2 o'clock.
Terms Cash.
Port Guichon.
Watch. Repairing a Specialty.
Undrew Clausen,
C.   A.  Crosbie,   Superintetidant; mi^l|ililHiiiKi|"Wii i" i1  f i i        ' iif n   i   in .nn'   III 'llll  111 ' '  (i    "
for B. C. ofthe Royal Bank cf Caa-, a i__sso_������_��?��a^.iiy^^
*da paid a short business visit here* j |j {��
On Wednesday last. i I
B. C. Leather Co., Ltd.
112 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
John Oliver, M.P.P., paid a visit 1
tp-Ladner on Friday and took home, g
the sacks for his grain.- crop, and
other necessary supplies.
English M Tanned Harness Leather
Mrs. T.' j1. Armstrong, of New
Westminster, came down, Saturday, ou a visit to Mr. and Mrs. J.
A, Petersen, at Dunleitb.
Fisbermen will please take
notice* that   w*<
Misses Katie McNeely, Ethel
Carlisle Katie Muii and Katie
Read came in irom the Buy, Satur-.
day, to take ia the sights.
Chas.   Hartnell,   business roan*
agei   ot   the  Farmers'   Telephone
Compnny, accompanied by his son.'
,-iisi h visit,here last v/cek.
C. B. Daniel, of \ r.-ioriu, arrived
here,    Friday,    tii   reliev'    IL    li.
l$firgeson,   local   manager  of the.
Royal Bank, during his *aca;ipn.
_#rs, Roberts, sr.. of New Westminster, returned home, Thursday,
alter spending a few days visiting
}<er son, '.'hoc. Roberts, at Boundary Bay,
Alex. Davie receiveda bad Wow
ta the fate, on Thursday last,
while superintending the unloading of-hay .,i-.his farm on tin. Slough
j.6ad, but nothing serious. i:>- likely i
.0 re?��lt. |
Best Fishing
Made in the World To-Day.
These Boots arc made hv The Robert T.vyi,mi- Ox,
��f Halifax,
I'hey are made from
They ara a Thigh Boot, the uppers being. 38.ir*choa M-.b.
They are band-made thwughout and are ABSOLUTELY
WATERPROOF.. Fishermen don't have to, \��ear gum. hoots
when they can get boots like these,.
The price to everybody is
a paS$*m
! Saddlery Hardware, Horse Blankets and Stable
i Requirements.
Closed   Uppers    Leather   and   Shoe   Findings,
Trunks,, Bags, "Valises.
Estate of
W.   L.   McBRIDE.
General Merchant.
I Phone Sa   -   Port Guichon
taaonmrn^/maaaa n��-
Sold" exclusively by���-
CTeo. (irauer went over to Van-'
cpxtrer, Friday, with the expocta-
UV�� of being able to take his father!
bome from the hospital. Mr. I
Qrauerv,although leaving the-hds--
fjital, is a loug way from complete j g"
Produce Stored and
New Westminster m$ Vancouver, B. L
tEm&8mwE3S&aBJaEt��mzam WBass^xxss^ss^SM^JsiimaiA: vwNOm'.iiM
B. C


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