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The Delta Times Oct 20, 1908

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Array ELTA
��"T"*. u
L. 6, No. 8.
LAllNER, ��. C, TUESCAY, CCJCU��K _0, 1908.
1 _..,,.... .��.-.���,.-_.
adies' Blouses-
Ladies' Fancy Flannelette Blouse?., assorted colors, from $1 to $2.25.
Ladies' Fancy Flann��l and Oaahmere Blouses, from $2.50 to $4.50.
adies' Skirts-
Fine Black Wool Cheviot Skirts, all sizes, Special at $3.75,
Fine Black, Brown and Navy Skirts in Qiieviotsj, Broadcloths, Efcc.,
trom $4.50 to $8.5(1
Ottiva Letter.     Well teaw e4     Sctiosl fieport.
OthPW-, Sept. 26.���The Mail and     On Thursday evening last there |    'Following is fits report of the
EmiiYe, having been brought to was a very good turnout of ithe -standing ofthe .f r.. iive pupils ib
Bargains in Men's Department
Factory Samples. Factory Samples.
be ok for its erroneous statements
as to the circumstances attending
tbe Saskatchewan Valley Land
Con pans,, in which it was persist-
ly i rged and made to appear that
Mr.Adamson, M.P., was the sole
bemCciaryin the Uatwaction, ..as
.-tanged its tune to the extent ot
adding, "tmd bis friends" alter Mr.
A d mnsori' s name.
Thwii -only a small correction,
but it is evidence tbat the . .ail and
Empire was either ignora it of the
'acts or maliciously suppressed
them. i
More False  -Statements.
Returning to >ftie . ubject again,
after Sir Wilfrid -Laurier bad related the facts of the cas* at Strath-
roy, .he Mail repeats misreprestnta
tions fcrmer'y wade, aid r.ot already retracted, and "pu:
electora'e to hear the Liberifl candi- the various dlasae*. of '!.....nt:r 'public
date, Robert Jardine, express his school for the-mouth cf September:
views  on "matters ipcHitic.     With Wmrott HfM.i,.
Mr. Jardine -upon 'the platfcrrm "Fourth Cla*.���V. .i.uMrsti "Hutch-
were Hon. Wm. templeman and'��W0B,-Mabel l,aiit,i.iq, Jessie Mac-
A. Hard mau. jlnnis,    Estelle     Brewster,  . Ha/el
Mr.   Hardman    ws   the   first ,S1"rk.''    ,_.
speaker cdlleti upon aud he remark-! _ Sw"or ^ ~ Uov   A���^*���.
ettthat he had heard  Mr. Cowan Eric Taylor, Thelma Clark, Edwin
say that Mr. Borden  had promised P*8* A^ur McB,id*'
u u    ���       t. ���.��� ..   n i     t_- Junior Third���Ea*. Davis, Percy
he would give British Columbia a  ���  '   . . .����� ���_���_-��_>,
ft..l-iirson,  Joe  M��*iiim.h, -Keltic
Bussanieh, Mildred Brewster.
Sec md '4.ead_.r, Senior���Stanley
anoilher impleading and  absolu'��lvj the
About 200 patos Md's Hae BAft. :��&, RtgiAar <65c Hid 75c, facial 40c.
AbdB-t 150 pairs Men's ElLis Bracks, Regular .503 and 60c, Special S5c.i
About 60 pairs Men's drain Comgreas Shoes, all sizes,       Sr*c��al $U50.'
Men's and Bays' Sweatee
Ttois is SWEATER SEASON -and we have a large .stock of Sweaters
in all weights and sizes : i
Men's Sweaters fro n $1.25 te $& j
Men's W��ol Jackets irom $3.50 to $4. \
Buys* Sweaters -aad Jerseys Buttoned ._ n Shoifider and Roll ��ollara
Etc., from 50c to $2.
Complete Stock df Underwear for the Wtoste Family
Marshall Smith & Co., Ltd.
���Brackman-Ker Milling Co..
Ltd., H, N. RICH, .Laduer,
B.C., Agent.
If you care for music and pretty
stage effects be at tbe Town Hall,
Ladner, on Thursday, Nov. 12th,
at 8 p.m.
'The 20th Anniversirv of .ht
"opening of tbt Methodist CliUrfch
in Ladner Will be Observed with
appropriate services on Sunday,
the 8th of November next. An
anniversary Stopper wiH be given ill
���Oddfellows' Hall. Ladner, on the
Tuesday evening following.
The ladies of the chute'. an__-
'congregation, undfr whos, direction the supper will he gmn. re-
mfember with mu.h ipleasure the
^generous   \ dtr Onnge accorded   by
���the public on ill -staMiHar occasions j ����P��a
���   _,T j ____it4_._a_.il_.���..__. i_�� most accurate results.   ��Ver 50,000
in the past and wftM* delighted tt> case9 q{ d_fective ^ight torrect.
ed. Satisfaction positively guaranteed at moderate charges, consultation free. If you are troubled
with headaches, nervousness, &c,
and unable to obtain relief consult
him early.
unt.ue  dha.g__    This is
Mail and F.mpiK says:
���tn fhis 'case, as the country
knows 250.OCO acres of public land
passed to Mr.Adamson, M.P., and
a .ew comrades at . . 'an acre. That
land 'was "sold '_t various prices,
.some sections at $6 an acre, some
at $do, some at -$12. O.tt of the
transaction Mr. Adamsoa aid his
friends ��made $1*7150,000. The
speculators itndnrtBOk to ray the.
countrv $250,000 for 'the property..
Tbey turned it 'Over, ant* j;ot $2,*
ooo.oeo lor it. nett_.ny"the huge,
profit tnentioned.
What v*ould tbe average reader
gather from lhe ssfbove statement,
made by a jre. umably reputable
paper?   He would understand:
t. That the Saskatchewan Valley Land Company bought 250,000
acres trom the country at $1 an
2. That the land was sold fcr
$2,000,000, netting a profit of fi,-
3. That Mr. Adamson, M.P., put
through the'denl and was the man
who receivid 'the biggest slice-ot
piofit. :
The Tntth of It.
What are _h_ facts? It is true
that the Sasl atchewan Valley Land
Company \ uichased trom the tov-t
ernment 250)000 acre. of land at $1
an acre. The^MaH s'.ops here -ik(
tells but haff a Wuth. which is
worse than a lie. Belore purchase
.ng these _5o;ooo from the govern-
'ment, the eompnn/ had already
���purchased for $1.50 an ..ere, 450,.
000 acres frOtn the Qu' Appelle and
Long Lake -Railway Company, a
company whWh b_-d received a railway bonus from th: Conservative
government,"covering the odd numbered sections adjoining the evm
��n Saturdey  last, the Westham I numbered  outs comprised   in   tK��
million dollars, but that he did not
want the other provinces to Tcnow
anything ��f this.   Such an action
he characterised  as   an   uustates-
mat.like act.    The  Better Terms
question was no. a party issue.    It
was better to treat this 'question on
a broader basis and to 'look   for
better tetms in the way of further
dev 'opment and  improvements in
the province by the Rotriinioir-gov- \
emme_\    In Mt. Jardine they had .
forward j a man who w��s tbe^first to promote ,
I the rc'ieme for the improvement of
what the the Fraser Tfrer.    He had taken
this proposition   _tp just ttsdie al-,|
ways dealt with airy-king, and thev i
could rely up.n lifs -seeing it com 1
pleted.    Touching 'upon   the   im- tions.
portance  cf lhe  work, Mr. Hare! ' tion t
man said he 'had  learned from the; men
manager ol tlie 1_tg Fraser  mills]men
that of th
���Clark,    Octfham    Hilton
McCallan, Cedrie Hilton.
Secoi d Reader, Junior���Hilda
j Massey, Norm in Lord, Nellie Ellis.
Fir.! .Reader ��� Susie I innick,
Wildred Ellis, Gertrude Rich,
'������L'.wr   ��e T.atimer.
Second Pvi_t.T���Roland Lanning,
'Rus-.     Ladnar, Albert Olson.
First Primer���Viola Ricliar&scm.,
iChin   Lee, Russell Seed.
Ca nt Class���Arthur H. Cosman,
E)ou;':.s Mcliarmidf Antiie .'Bus-
sanit' i.
A more it..q-.Ko*.is pcrstcu-
] an that put upon the fishcrr-
��ws rever perpetratetl. The
lad s'.iongly resente I tbis
out hundred millions ofi'treatnieilt; l u' some of them haH
lumber they were going to cut, I'been convittedin the prosecutions
sixty-five millions would ._.n.e to'.'ttnd.- riken Vy ttet: .provincial gov-
go ont on vessels; this meant at'������ernm.nt. Now, however, .these
least one vessel a week :being load-i'conviaions had been ^uasheti by
ed. Every ship that came np the rjudg Howay ��� (applause,) ��� who
river wonld mean at least a thou-lsai4 'Le provinc- had no Tight to
sand aotlars .0 the merchants of.sss.i.- :hese oL-r_oxioussTe_;ulations.
New   Westminster;    then    there, Rivci  Imp.crT����_��i.t_,.
WOUld be some 800 hands employed      R   eTrirg to ,he Fraser nver im.
FtM) f BALL.
at the mill and in the woods. The
manager told him they would require half a ton of butter per
month, 200 bushels of oats, and
about P50 tons iof hay
they would see that tbe tillers of
the soil in the district were going
to benefit by the establishment of
this mill. Nor was this the only
industry of the kind that would be
established on the river. .Jt was.
pretty ceftai.i tbat within two or!
two and a 'ball years of the river
improvement being completed the
population of New Westminster
would be doubled, and tbis would
mean id vastly increased market.
The speaker Ihen ��gave comparative prices of commodities in 1896
and at the present tij��e, the great
increase of these showiw; how won-;
derfuHy thecommertiel interests of
the province had developed under
the progressive administration of
the Laurier TgovCTttment. (Applause),
FraseT Fisheries.
R6b.rt lardine, who w;.s��ceord-
ed a bea:ty > reception, swid nhey
ha<l abundant' evidence on all  sides
W. R. Inman, M.D., Eye Specialist,'of Vancouver, will be at 8. W.
Fiiher's Drtog Store, Ladner,jOct.
27. T-8, .19, 30 Hnd'31. An experience t.i��tW.ntvi_in_: years in Win-
afed   VancotrstSr'Irtsures the
greet once more aU who will favtfr
lthem with tbeiripresence.
Lots of fun at ahe Town Hall,
November ��r_th.
1 tbat tbe country  bad enjoyed a re-
Ish-ii I Jtiniors  played a very'nice 1^250,00D atres'referrel to. iraarkable "__ra of prosperity undci
game with  iht  Ladner Juniors at      It is estallisked, then, that tVe j the Liberal  administration, and ,e
__tattl.y Park wien the visitors beat Saskatchewan  VaHey Lind Com-1 did' not believe tte oWrctors would I \
the home tea* 12 to ��, ipany omied,7-��o,eeo 'acres, and net; now turn ou! -Sir Wilfrid  I^ant.er's'
A chnllenge is about to be issued feso.ooo acres. ^government to  make iroam  for a
to the East Delta's to play a match j    It is estailisbed  that whatever rpatty that bad done noOhiiig.   H��rv-
ipTtifit'resulted mult be spread overnngt.odched vpon tfce .^siMlc and
\%9!,Wbo acres' (because this was the Better terms question, Mr. Jjn-dwse
amount ultimately bought from'thej proceeded to-speak of thewnpott-
Qu1 Appelle and Long l.ake Com-j ant 1 ical issue in -regard 1 to 'the
pany), and not the 250,000 acres treatment cf the fishermen. The
bought from the government. I'Domiaion regulations in   regard to
Mr, Adams**-, was not a member fishing   on   the   Fraser  were  not
of'.tte House -^hen ��� the arrange-|��iuite as ihey should  be, and  he
prov ment, Mr. Jardine .said this
wo ild not only give them a thirty-
foot sliannel a��\-ay to th_ Culf, but
v.e l'd ser\e to protect the dykes ori
Therefore |,tfae   DeUa   and  Westham   Island.
This work'was.in no way an election proposition. The government
had'taken'the matter >up in earnest
and it would be , pushed'ti rough
with all speed.
Hon. Wm. Templeman reviewed
the work of the government iu a
lucid nnd iisteresting sieech, ard
daimed that it was this t'n.'.t really
formed the ;s_.ie of tiie present
elect ion.
A'ei Tke passing-ef the usiuil
vote i.l lh.nks?tfc. sjjieeting Closed
amid applause.
The Conservative candidate, J.
I). Taylor, held a meeting litre or.
Fridav evening last, when a very
fair num'bec forrred out to bear
what he might have' to say, but the
majority Tvere verynruch disgtistdfl
at thc >.at_d.r.nut forth by "Little
F:,:tikii'," vWbffln *Rhr. Taylor ��� nv.-
fi io firry in his train. Wm--
Kenxie should first cleanse his own
skits before he under! ikes to de-
normc. others  rom the pul lie plat-
om_ Week frr ���_ Saturday.
The auctitn sale at the Vasey
Farm, of the liva and dead farming
stock, the property of the late Mrs.
H. ... Taylor, Which took place on
Wednesday test, was a very swe-
form. However, instead bl assisting to roll <��p a majority 'or J, D.
Taylor, _:s actios on Friday nigfct
h:i^ be^i the alieiiatkrn-ol marry
Conservative -votes, some of wbich
will not be caM.ct Ml "while others
w'.'.K'go it. tawrwMfoe }��_a��tg 1 __���
'Jas. Pearson, wbo has been  laid
���up with  typhoid   fever   lor some
���weefks, is able to be up again fona
cesihil affair tinder H. N. Rich's-metrts Were made with the govem-lwouW devote hisefiorts to gettingjsbort wiiile eac'i d iy, while Jnc.
ablfc hammer Und good prices were j ment, ��nd he 'to&k no part what j these amended, hut tbe chief fault. Smith, who < contracted typhoid at
retflf5-:d. Th��re was a veiy large) ever'in the negotiations which werc ?iiad heen on the part of the pro-1 the sam-* time and (rom the same
turnout of bnyeft and  bidding was conducted by  Mr. A. D. Davidson, rvinoial'povernmeut, whieh l>_d in-'source,   retn led,   yesterday,  from
activi, prices for dairy stock ranging from $to to $m*c per Uearf.
(ConrtflWed   ftu,Second   Page.)
I troch-ced an act and starte'
[January  to .enforce .tbeir
ii  last1 New Westminster, where he'iri
regula-lbcen under medical treattuenj. THE DELTA TIMES, TUESDAY, OCTOBT.T1
' t.   I    Vi"
Subscription, $1.00 per year.
Casual  Adverti-tmciits, to cents per line Tot
the fitst insertion, snd seeds pet line lor esch
subsequent insertion.    The   number   ot  lines
reckoned by the space occupied, u Hues to the
Rstcs tor Commercial Advertisements can be
ti.d on application at this oflice.
Rending notices in ceuts per Une for eacb Insertion.
Birth nnd Death notices, 50c., Mntrltgtuji.eo,
Any special notice, the object ot which is to
promote the pecuniary benefit of anv individual
or company, to be considered sn advertisement
* nd charged accordingly.
All advertisements charged for until ordered
out nnd paid for.
Correspondence Invited oa matters ol public
merest. Communications to editor nitint tie accompanied by name of writer, not neceasnrily
for publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence mutt reach this oflice by Thursday evening.
Geo. R. Manley,
Ere another issue of The Delta
Times the Dominion Elections will
have taken place and voters will he
waiting Anxiously for the latest returns.
We are on deck again after an
absence of two weeks on the sick
list and have to thank our many
friends for the expressions of sympathy at our recent Illness.
(Continued horn  First Page.)  *
of Dnluth,   Minn., as set forth iu
the order-in-council.
It has been  established that Mr.!
Adnmson, M.P., li.ul nothing to do
with the Department of the Interior
with regard to this transaction."
Very {Misleading.
The Mail and Empire leads the
public to suppose that the Saskatchewan Valley Land Company
owned merely the 250,000 ncres
purchased from the government.
The fact that this company owned
and paid for 869,000 acres of land
besides had been maliciously concealed for the purpose ot deceiving
the public.
What About  the  Profits?
Before tliere was a dollar of profit
on the transaction the .Saskatchewan
Valley Land Company had to purchase the following and get the
money back aud iucur #200,000 of
869.000 acres from Qu'-
Appelle & Long Lake
Railway Company, at
$1-50 $1,303,500
250,000 froniGovernment
at$i      250,000
Expenses      200,000
Tashion Stables-
Incorporated WW,
Xothiug has been done, apparently, towards arranging for tbe
annual ploughing match. With
such splendid weather prevailing it
seems strange, to us, that active
steps have not been, taken towards
arranging for this interesting event.
Wake up.
B. H. Weare  spent yesterday in
the Terminal City.
Mrs. J. H, Kemp and daughter,
of Vancouver, are guests of Mrs.
Frail. &ithertty.
Ho clue has been fi und as to the
identity of tbc robbers who broke
into tbe local po.stofl.ee on tbe 3rd
jr. St.
Friends ot Mrs. Adam Read will
be pleased to hear that she is improving nicely Irom her recent severe illness.
My friend, have you  heard of the
town of Yawn.
On the banks of the river  Slow,
Where blooms the waitawhile flowt r
Where the sometimeorother scents
the air.
And the soft goeasys grow?
It lies on the valley  of watstbeuse
In the  province   of Letterslide;
That tired feeling is native  there,
Its the home of the  listless  Idont-
Where the PuUitoffs abide.
Tbey smile when  asked  to advertise,
And  say   they   will   do   it tomorrow,
And so they delay   from  day  un'.o
Futtingitofl   cycles   up   and  leads
them away,
And they   soou  bave  to  starve,
.beg. or borrow.
Placing the total sales at $2,000,-
000, according to the Mail and Empire's figures, and deduct the fixed
charges, the profits on the transaction dwindle from $1,750,000 to
less than $250,000.
The Mail charges up the total
profits of the Saskatchewan Company to the 250,000 acres purchased from the government at $1 per
acre, utterly ignoring the other
assets of the company which provided the main profits of the transaction, and w ich cost the company
a large amount ot money.
The Conservative party seeks to
gain power by disreputable tactics
such as these. Deliberate misrepresentation, and bold attempts
to mislead th . people, fittingly
characterize the action of the Mail
and Empire in its criticism of the
Saskatchewan Valley Land Company.
How About This?
Will th'. Mail explain to the
people why li. B. Osier, M. P., for
Toronto, refused to accept tbis very
1 md as a bonus from the Conservative Government upon the allegation that it was unfit for settlement?
Will the Mail explain why, if tbe
land were so very valuable, did Mr.
Osier's company agree to take $1
a.re in lieu of it. from the Govern
ment, and why did Mr. Oiler's
company sell the land tc tbe Saskatchewan Valley Land Company
for J1 50 an acre, if it were worth
so much more?
Trucking end Draying.    Livery Work ofj ^
All Kinds Attended to Promptly. (CAPITAL AUTHORIZED,
All Kinds oi Firewood Always On Hand.    ;cAP ITAL PAID-UP,
��������������� RESERVE FUND,
Total Assets Over Forty-Five Millions.
  ���-.--��� "| Accounts of Out-of-Town Customers Gilt* Spec.a
Shoes for Everybody
Some Shoes look well and wear  badly, others look badly
and wear well,
Ours look well, feel well and wear well,
We not ouiy aim tit  having the latest styles, but honest
goods as well.
We have All Sizes and Widths and can Fit Any
P'oot Accurately and for very Little Money.
It wont do any harm to start dealing here.
Savings Department.
Accounts may be opened with deposits of ONE DOLLAR
and  Upwards.     Interest paid,  or credited,  quarterly on 31st  March, 30th June, 30.I.
September, 3est  December.
K. D. SIMPSON, Manager,  LADNER, B. C.
Repairing Neatly and Prom)!!/ Done.
R   D. McKenzie, Prop.
the Delta Saw mills
Are Prepared to ���. . .
Furnish All Kinds of
Newly Furnished Throughout, and
First-Class in livery Detail.
.Rates 011 Application.
I.ADNER,      -       -       -       B.C.
Shingles,  Doors, Sash and       II
Hoi&e   Bnish   of  All   Descriptions.
NEW WKSTH��NST��K,    >i B. C.
ManafacWflTrs oTnll kinds ol
Soda Water, Ginger J
Ale and Summer    *
Drinks. X
K.      Yksut patronage solicited     i
-__-_ft-���___%_ -�� -** ^ ..���_.__ _#_ _. _*- .-. *+- _ .a.^t_d-*d_______Pl_________k
^^^^^^^^^^^^^m^j^^m^^rm^^Wj^^^^^^i^^^^p ^^ pu^^^^^^^Mp
The  BEST  Water   Tanks   Are
Made at This Mill*
Mrs. A Coleman Is getting along
nicely, according to latest report,
after having been iaid up during
tbe past two weeks.
Never miss a good thing either
in business or pleasure, you "will
regret it if you do. All kinds oi
good things at the Town Hall,
November 12th.
60  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac
Aa-oae .md tag ��� ���ktteh m4 dwcrtntlon may
._. _    jjjdeti,,, ,
UeMlf wceruin rmr opinion
on Patents
Setter torncnitnCMtrata.
.   ronf k Mun J-&. no '
_     .   tahai (or
��**p��_.   80-.br
, fa F 3L, WMhlnaton, D. OL
C'VERY assignment of the right
of a South African Volunteer
entitled to a lund grant must be by
way of appointment of a substitute
111H must be in the form provided
by tbe Act.
Special attention is called to Subsection 3 ol Section 5 of the Volunteer Bounty Act, 1908, which pro
visits that no assignment of the
right of a volunteer by the appoint
ment of a substitute shall be accept
ed or recognized bv the Department
ofthe Interior which is not rxb-
land grant issued by the Minis
ter of Militia and Defence in favoi
of tbe Volunteer.
Commissioner of Dominion Lands,
28th September, 1908.
Miss Murcutt will be here tbe
first week in November and give
lectures, illustrated by 50 hand-
painted stereopticon views, each
evening. Full particulars in next
l��. DeR. TAYLOR,
All   Calls   .   .   .   .   .
Promptly Attended to
Carrying freight and passengers
to all points between New West-
tninster and Westham Island.
Ba  Ha   WEARE
'legslo r-fB_flfl.ee .hat be re -opened
his MaiKrio.iT. and Violin Classes
in Waddell's Rail, over Gift\v<.'s
barber shop, on Th .rsday. Sept,
Fo'r .'nr't.��er raWiculars  apply to
MamdoUns, Strings, Etc.,
.toadied .ft Citv Prices.
Acclimatized Stock.
For the
Farm,  Garden, Lawn or
25 Dairy Cows, 10 two-year-old
Heifers and Steers, 1 two-year-
old Grade Bull, 1 Holstein Bull
Calf, 9 Fat Sheep, Southdown
Ram, Berkshire Boiir, Taniworth
Boar, 4 Driving Horses, (.rev
Mare, 3 year-old, 1400 lbs., &c.,
&c., which
YfR   H. N.   RICH   will   SELL
***���    BY AUCTION in tbe- above
Yard, on
Wednesday, October 21,
1908, at 2 p m.
Terms Cash.
Phone 35
Stainton Block
Varieties 'at   ReasonaWd
Xo   Betters,      No   Scute
\ro   f. negation  to damage  stock.
No -windy   agents  fr>  annoy von.
I Refiable
Leaves Bracktnan & Tver's wharf Pnces.
daily at 3 p.m., except Saturdays at
2  p.m.    Additional   trip on   Mondays leaving at 3 a.tn.
Veterinary  Surgeons.)    Returning   leaves  Westham   Is-  Buy direct and.get T_-��es and :
land 7 a.m. daily except Fridays at that GTotf.
6 a.m.    Additional   trip on Saturdays leaves Ladiier .rt 5:30 p.m.
Calls    at    Steveston    Tuesdays,   ... ,        ���,.   . . ,. ,
ti   .  t ___-_��_____. 1 .      '       Flowers,   etc.     Oldest   ect;il>Hie
Thursdays and Satnrdavs onlv.
Fertilizers,   Bee  Supplies. Spraf
Runups,   .Spraying   Materiil,   Oil
W. N. Draper,
Room 1, KUurcl Block. New Westminster.
The La-cinch 3. C. TJRUCfi trill
leave Ladner for New Westminster
at 8 a.m., on a"nd^ after Tuesday,
Sept. 8th; returning leaves New
Westminster at 5 p.m. each ri��y.
carrying passengers only.
Tickets good nntil used, on either
S.S. Favorite or Launch Bruce.
nursery on the mainland
Catalogue frees
N. J. HENRY'S Nurseries,
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A. J. B1RTCH,       -       NEW WESTMINSTER, B. �� Vnr, DKLTA TIMES, TUESDAY, OCTOBE* 6, 1908.
CLEven r.wteR thick*.
Muffle  MB/ He  I erforiiiri  by a
Von ta With U��ft Vlmss.re,
I'hsi Sun FrunolscoCull glv*. the follow.
description   et  wm   entertaining ;
IS,-ft': I
. i,o f)rofc__er"s��ke���� _wn__1tqnot fl��__. '
Is ho fi.l�� wltn writer und drop* w ill.a ,
Inner luto ��.   <)������ ��tbo _mi��ll����ln_i I
, i���0es a larger-one, eusiely to sho* <h#
,��� is no ���oonneotlon Kwsin 'hlm ao*
. coin.   lbn��K_iUtt-f tha larger glass It
��ATfl*B* QOAItTKR *WM1��.
firn.*,1 nnd hew_��as his'bonds wsr thi
.slier uno.    Tho response It marvelous.
Iho illvm- ��K__ Uesttntes *>-������� moment.
kiun it q-lvi���� illRhtly, Heeeee lta pint*
luler the "wAwmnd slides  up tho Instils
tbc +��1.��_mtttM tt Hroaohes the top ant
pples Into lb.slbai.il.
IA <:l. nrotto or clgnr Is telfl'o* tbetatfct
he! slid clear across It
[ A half dollar Said ___ a spectator's hand,
Bit tn the .wrist, crmwla ovar tbo length
tbe i>��ma aad drops Into bin IiiumI _N
la bidding.
Must at the trick* relate tatha inyste*-
hi power of moving small llgUt ob)eotk,
weighing less than foar -Hmoee, and ta
\e selection of cardt.
The 'paychlo power" aad .01 took efe-
���natlnna wte reduced 4a 'one: tk. bumsua
air and ��� sresW ait of shoemaker's wax.
Usually tha qnrfarnier haa several mt
hem long balm wtuck about bli ponoa,
(ut thn cleverer the performer the fewer of
bene ho will have.    Tn each ond of tbt
air a tip e. shoemaker Is was lafastens*.
> i i__i��* tho wax earn*, ta hold tia
iir In tho performer's clothing and Verm,
I within  much.   Thu other .place  I. left
tv t.i attach wjettm*��de. In* object aid
\\ ��� ,��� It tho necessary'"*pa?c_'_i forco."
'in   move  a   clgnr,  coin   cr  card   by
p.-. i hie" or any other kind of mysteri-
iris i ��� i-co ask a spectator for tba "loan ���of n
llic- r nr coin. I_��y It on ��� toble-or-any oth-
��� ili.lrcd  place, andwhile ao#M*_lg d|
the Impression IW y��_ are ailing
magneWam, ahtm gindually draw
The object win follow -yon H tha
id was attend ito thahr oad af _h��
t-tt-WIKG Kcioia.
_.twV.tne'end _t (ho hair hy tbe _
*���_, tlm other wnd lielng, of courae,
attached Co your penoa. Alako a U*
b_ssi>ii with tba bands over dba object In
uiivoy the Impression that y��R_ ��ra Ailing
Jit with   "    "    "
lawny.   The
bair and
****, a*t*ea*t
lie tny'��� mother waa muxmeeii* eem em
I-nmruing. She and Hannah wars In t_b
l&itchon, making plea, cakes, puddings
land tarts, for ooiupany -was -sxpeoted tbat
1 afternoon.
lictiy tan iMtbtholcMbah ton- was ee
I tnitlieraoms 'Ihiit her mother gave her a
Jsbnwl of custard and >told .her to feat 'h*c
|��"i"T dolls In the_i_*
A waj van Jlut. y, -a_A nfter<flndlng ��M
I *i_t her ddtti *ef uasBto'eat she-_��slow*
I-en a little stool and tasted ItUiorwIf.
Meanwhile ths oompany 'bad -arrlrst,
| ami among tbem waa Hetty's favorite,
Tnde Jack.  -Suddenly they heard sonia-
Milng "bowtp, thump, <bang, wang," aad
I %hat dhould (they aoe *bnt Bstay roUlac
dim- n the ataln, tha bowl and-spoon foi -
! 'lowing.
After HMtsy Iiad .recovered Tram liar
>?riRht Asttold Unoto-dash __ba�� a dread/til
��nlmal had chased hot.
I ncle Jack told hor that'ticwould'chase
It nway, ana ���Betsyeatltiously showed tha
Way, cllnglBB*to<UtNkKjack_iq__id all tha
time. ��
At lost tbey eeem do "ton <��t��s, ���_���>
"���hat Rhould Undo Jaek nee but an tndas-.
.rloui flplder spinning awny at his wob.w
"���'I'liiilcdstool and a good deal of custard.'
I nclesfack laughed heartily and snM
-.'"���.ul!.TtHjrw��oW be bla"Ultlo Miss Mnf-
���< <i" aslting ��sshe 4.rod.���Grass
stun (a Kew Vork Herald.
*��� .r*Ilia (Muass
*'t an aTenlng |__rty In London
Vine nito a gushing girl was Introduced
V Mark Twain.
"Oh, Mr. .*w_tna1" Hhe -said.    "Now,
i|i!<-��_s, ���do-telliinil   I'm been thinking dt
'taking up'W.HlMK.'imtil am m afraid df
that dreadful-writ*���'-turnip ono huara-Sh
'auinh abtWt. tDM.7da<ererilm_i>ltr"
"I did, madam."
"And what did you take for UT"
-lloefsteak "
"Just fancgl ��ut -how and-whera'dM
f��a apply W
"liroiied and IntanaMy," _Mtt Vdk
1'wain gravely. "I oant anAW��r for lti
*elng a panaoea, but It cured _h*���Wott'df
VMffe *Woo��lea uiK*.
'A Confedorate veteran quoted hy Nm
few Orleans Times Democrat eieje
" Woodon gum iSid ��dv_d^r w��*k bofaw
-fort Ulakcly. Tbo Yankeea 'flxed them
oi', and <*cy shot Just as-wnll as If 'thoy
*nd licoa .naiiufactured of Iron. Vheop
���posing llnoa>Wi.re 600 yards apart. <_*��
^onf��le��at_B<Wsre behind the walls oftas
fort and tthe 'Fsttord-s were strongly ��n
trenchod. General Ganby, Khe Vnrit.ee
eoniinandsr. was without artillery. What
"Bid he -Oo'hut imanuf _ctUTa>!��0 wfiHare
from black tuw 'trees. IBlaetpgmu'irtt.
��rowevei7��rh��n>lnith_i��Mlnity. fl_rf*ar��d
'them out, put'Iron'bands around them
and fired 8 Inch shells furnished by Far-
lagut's ileal The lines were so close that
���IgM charges sufficed, and tbe extempo-
mneous weapons d.d_il] thatwaaaskad mi
Alter a l�� isii��:*.
'Onfl dollar a   r.ir.i:"   An ������ ^iiCtliifd'.
r. lun the shop assist u4 _itth 'ti It, 'her (hu j
price.    ' Why, thnt '.���tutor' it.int "
4 Wo can't nlliinl toi.u.14t (or-iuiy _��u," .;
ix pi ird the young im.h.
"Well, I TknowVlutre tt ���tianlftiR Ht for
I itvs." shs repliiil, "uiit't nm u,* goods
iii.-lne.s womanHn'pay n.or.i than a tfcinp
ia worth,'!
And then _H 4)iarc'..nl out df th* sliop '
and paid 60 emits '<urt. h.'tiis.iin'to an to ii '
pl.ico wheto .he i'i*' 1 pvt.Uke r��u��*Jiln;-!
(ur US asuts.���M. irupo.iuiii. '
A1K S<\*>JsPS.
AlTlltf.   ItllcU    i.s    I.
i. 0   i ..rt .1
and  ard
.o{y Coniinniiioii-
Sunil���ys.a. $:$q a.iu.;
Sn.K_ays-at i�� -a.m.
.M-iitiiis, m. e'o'.uck.
li\ensongs, 7;go ��~.d��_k.
_*iii(!;iy __:hoi.l at jo a.m.
W. may _-.it.uia_;., LlUU'V at 7;_,a
and 4_lit.
, .vi'.ii . _l : ..��t'
It) ..(.THii'iiiiu '
t _r. uor.iei.y u et.
me�� i
K Ul
The ll��rMna \ t ltTM��t I ri��.
'  Thorroprlrtiir���I.l .1 you (,��� tup ihe big
gest "Frld.:y llnritniii ^k.  v.._��'* j
Tba Clerk-Ves,,.,
Tlte Prupr-BUO^Ai-.d llK-'"'(���"S'Th,u. f
Cost"  ban nr, on_  tl.e * s'lil 'inn I, mr.
On'y" pl.'ioard mi. t!_. "Litlt'OueHd liwii
I'x rchnwr" i U;iif
The t'lerk ��� Ycs.trrr  n_'��r them.
Thu I'mprleMr���'I'lii ii �� litit In Tophfl
ciiiscil all Uic__l,*__iu n tu riinou' .if (lis
Tlie Clef*���* pusciaa ���saldfclr. air -
Mlotsland Ftlihs .luilnr.
Rev, K. R^ Bajrtletr, M.A., Vicdti
���CAT1K I.K-
t_. rvices ilirst and thir_ Sunday oi;
eocL inufitli at 10:30 a.~rn,j Uenedic-
lion, 7:30 -^.m.
Sundav school at 3 ?m.
6jcw .Mass and Hc9y Communion;
fitst imfit'liird Mcmiafyfl ut 6 a.tn.
. stlki;.
.s<.'.o*ii:���. To*.. j
Ivo n.*i_gi_nIs 11 ot. t.
Nn ir,iT-- n 'r li 1: n.._ ��� <r, rf
Bul. Ji:sl   ill 1 liwiiic.   I'i.1 1...|IHf 'j
lv SOUI.A  n��c  (I f.    ���: tl I. J
1 _tn mv own ' . ive; . r.
And v h n I'd l:n��;i  -'5 ~t"*1 '
No btlloiiH nolo jihi er
bit: s tui.h io sny me rnty.
Thry enei ifiJ _.t i.iy nml>|tlon_t
I Till  I'rsj' _.�����-. I' I'll I I
Cy im Dii'lMk'    1 f 1. 1 i>ik
\.l.o e iiii'Ji   o-i |vii si ci��*l
Vy l.ii.rt is fi.li u( i.ipi.u-si.
My trocd is ever bl  ml.
Fir wh n 1 Hn-v iry wli n'le.
I'm the lead, r't-f lh 1 hand.
���V, _._:.;!.j.on STal
Owaarahl* af 3t��*e **Ha_taiSn.*
One of the peculiar tilings nbout ��
ropyriKhtfd play Is ��iat any little (fleor
of buaiui'iii �����. :aii^ 'new lines wbicb
may be tracrtcd In the mmou-trlpi
while a utiH'k fompons- 4* playing the :i
drnma btJfctng tlmrwvfiit. it�� 41a> ami'
who owns tbe XttpytitdUL
Evory time a atodk oenipmiy rents 10 i
piny for pro_i_tion froui the ov.-ner ��_���.'
the fopyright It la cut. Intcrlliiitl nud |
ii.Meil tnilicfore it la prwluei .1.   A sUjh'
niaiiiigor. fdr Instance, utny InteniolntM !
some spceehm In w*��r le wort tip *e !
the lntrixluitlcmtft a-aoi������ar ��|>etiulty,'
er he may strengihen (lie ttluiiix by;
putting In some new tindntroni; liues.
Of teu these lnterpohit<4 -IhiM prove to
be the most -fitFH__�� <ln flie piny attfl |
innke dpolile* tilts.   *f t..ir^f are Icft1.i
wlien Ihc i_iaimscrlT�� pot-s buck ie 'Its I
nwncr, 'fltey beccmie lii�� protufty Mfh-
solntely nnd may urtt 'lie -uneA 'by flic
tn.-iii who wrote tliem in uny oilier pro
auction; (therefore  shrewd   iiinmii.ei'��
before they return n play tn its owner,
always tube qsrent.pains Ui ertlne every
ternp of correction ��w Interllneattloti..
lu this wiry-otAy ini:f\ .hey <U<ti4> ivhai '
really beldngsHe��hi.u
Rev. Father Wagnw.O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
Services tnesttt l,ord's Day at
a. m.and 7^94. p.111.
Class meeting, after tht
service every Sunday.
S.bbatfeSchool at 2 p tn
Sunday- _Yayer meet-n��
Thursday (evening at &.
Rev. T- F. Belts, pastor.
Stfrnces ti��ext Lord's Dav at 11
a.tn, and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath Sohool at ie am Midweek meeting on \Ve.iticsday ever.
ing at ,7.3s (_'<__���-__'..
Rev. j. H.  White, M.A.!|
t;,),i -s'nay ! n'le'.i
l-.;i'.l \Uot..rot) I
��:i >, iionipatiy.
JuIto Cpp ��������� illwp|V_i?
i_ 1111 ..r Ftirty."
r in iv   't nctt<sT'<iRr
ItUvn " -'-t I.sitlei '���'���'��� '-
Wn!tcr r_' h - ..   .
t,\::, "i.y 1'ii'. ��� ii >'? Ont
c:.. fir* li, 'At.;. ^���.!  ,
Eup')'! t'* In "T'-ie'fr 13^ oi liw ' '��� ���
A  i..'T:..'.V   ...   .'._!���_" (lllllrtVII '
Hi: o !>.���_.'-." nl 1 .e NiV; ti :i;,:'(
lis.e.y ...mt_M.il i.. tbt lilt** MIT il'. vilU
Star.  lln��_ji. ������>:.. in ".'. Hit of riiisinos.''
]! ry ('n- ir. v.ht plijyj t. fltt'ln ��n!o tl
"A .��� .r_��ijtR' iks-JvMv >��rk," 1_ u IsOolcr.
"A Mls(lttl.-inilnW9,',��he lntest furt* b>
l)il   S.htitIkI, *t/e* '*s 1li'i;.l'.leui  O. t. 9 w-
Wash Inr tou.
l_siitiii' i.. Davuitport litis lioon recn;riii;e��l
for "tlie Cohimbus theater (New Voclt;
stock company.
M.itv llunipton wlll br stnrrod ln a i<e��
piny Aftor thn holiiliiys ttinlor <hr tliree
tion Cf .Ith.o.i l.ilt.
Qrnoo I*. At_eH*aa &"*��� ta'Clevola'11.
toaoooiita posiTi ni-aB 'leuuiuf -lady of 1
stinks .(mipiir.ytlmre.
".>jr.Hloi-sey,"-or rath* liRy Isanfttn
Is to-rcttim't��(fliO>stai.o. The race iriiul.
Is alt rl^ltt,'Iwt'.he'chiiru Istxitttrr.
Pojanded 1892 lncurpura1��4 1893
Prwides a CWr'r_t.M_   Koine for   StudeiUs of   botU
at  jnodferate   rates.    Has   a   preparatory   class   for
Does Higk
A���'~9 r,<>M; lec�� is a nloo round . mn.
The liappier snmo __<��� are the mr.rs
money<hcy _hhs_��_.
Tin ���elavator 4n �� depcrtassKt atoro it
merely a .hotillftn-.
1'opulnrity often wtne M acquaint,
anevs and'loses old friends.
It fremiontlf rains oi> the .Just lierntt.
tbo unju-tlhn*varriaB .Ittilil*mmbreUu.
When a younginosi squeezes an heiress
She Is apt ta 11 mdhcrself pressed for money
A possin.lst 1�� ooa who Is al _ ays ex poet I
lng ba. tuok feB_ Is-sulpalsed >whon 1
sexes at .inooerate rates, nas a
jiB-uior students takiug ferifcBk .Sr.hool wonb.
���St-he��l -woiik aaifl pneferes for Provincn.! Teachers' Examinations, Teaches all branches of a Practical Business
Course and confers Diplomas. Imparts a Lifcera.1 Education in its Collegiate Course, and in the Ladie��- <G_mrse
<or M. E. I,., and M. L. A. In Theology conFew tSlhe dts
gree of B.D. In Iimi ver..ity \v��rk can/take students through
|ithe complete Arts Course for the B.A_ degree of Toronto
','University, with which the CuDlege is in full affiliation. In
KScieiice teaches the First Yoar of Toroirtc School of Sci-
tence, anil bas a Special Engineering Course adapted t��
Practical Engiaeering work in this FrevibCJ. Xu Music, a
t_fceery., voice culture aud j)iano and
organ, in ic��b|iination with the Tow. kite ^college idtt music.
Special instruction in aitt and elocutien,-while -Bill student*
are required to take phvsico!l training vv/itk nil  the  pri .*���
^.yisiflli services ���Crescent
lanfl, 3 p.Tn_; I��a*ner.. 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting on Thursday
.8 p.m.
A-t<T-*pens_l_t;.at.vo!_r(.;s'ss*_f*_lon It .
tho cot;ncry btu tow then .we patrlotu j.COniiplete   COtlTSe   ITi
enough for It.
A fishern nn snjvflsh shmild not ba pri
tnittod tu lie -vh-.n they run hu hung. The.
��� .ivo mli'.ht 1�� viW .if Ushcnuctt. 1
When a wonian eun  cjienk tlirwor font '
istiiisuaaui fliiuoil', _ho is toulis.i to vhr.v I  .. ,-,,..
iturseii ���woyn., .. ��_.u who ���uu__as^-ii 'j lieges .fl a w&5l eqiupped gvmuasmiji.
iut 0ua.-Ohieuiro News.
tVlmt tu  Vt��. _  ���Jt-n(,Vw__j 1 s-..ii��.     j
The IVurO "t���r���,^.���'��� ili:-.'t.u);:   '   "    ' ���  '. I",    ':
{ enoies In 'li ���rui'i s.    ,Vtn ....'���   ���   '   1 '   '|
s''reneli prospnitn. of   ivl.u .1  onr l.:ii;li i
���ri-i ^ram"   is �����. s<io_"_iiU��. ,  iiieu.'..i i
nil' of cn'frsti triil'le _'"Vli stum I.I'll
.oil Atlmii.il ���Vennon.'WtK/ci.iiiil.iiiiile.l tm
Knplisli ntivyjiistlboftiri ouv wi<r uf/iutlc
���emlrnce, wora'hroochm.'W.iiii... tl Is in��
erinl and was 'nluhnnnuA . ro i< lh;|t etc
���ui.i.itiince "6l . *-n��n." llv ti 1 <l to liTiv. I
.lis nun mix Witter witl. the turn Hint was
'ilwnys served to 1-nglish sailors ns pnrt nl
��huir rntlons, and Imnco inny i!rn:ii iiii._iri
.111)1 wnter came to Ik ntlMI "gto^" uml
hu pluua wli'iiw-suOts tthiti^a are ��.uhl t
'WMHeef."��� SUM 'B. W. Andrews lu St
,vr��im-n CI Ilea Uf Ay.
The er<*rn vlfitor finds the eltlea'dV
tis. nortliw?.torn const brimful of life.
Color, aliHilllcance. picturesque Interest
nnd. though the forces which itiava
combined 'In "their nuihlng are -Borne-
what stmllnr. each htt*ia'dUtlnct��ehar-
acter anQ IwdlvldunlitT. "Llve^." -a
word of tlie west, mny tt%ll be applied
to tliem���oaort of brisk activity, youth-
f'lluess, HMMUM. They totwUie truther
unusual capacity of doing 'big .hinpa
���ud talking about tlMiiii lustily rt the
same time. 'It 4a "the -evy -of the 'street
corners: "Just watch aaa ��row. Seem
getting to tba fronf-Itay Stunnard
Baker 4d Century.
The S.S. Sonoma leaves  Ladner
at 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m;; ���retum-'i
ing, leaves Steveston   at  9:30 a.m.
and 4:3��,p,,m,
When you wish to buy  Visiting
cards call-on the Delta Times who
will sell the 'best money  can  buy.,
���If you need fltem printed, why 70U
are money in pocket by calling oni
the Delta Times first.
���WW. Varieties tf_ Mtn-Mtn.
There is prol_Hilyinn iirodiiift-rtf iltmr-
gntiic nattiTc<_HHt. WhitHitlnsriisse iniieh
popular inyKtitr* mnil tiil-ootieeption al I
���slicstus. It Is svttgtitSy .Tiictt-rMxiod that I
the principal dhtiin mt tliis remnrknlih
product Istliatiit'i-Mtnot lux-onsiiniotl I v
tire. Thero am, i'limmw, uo less than nix
varieties of a_tei.ii-,-wli of which pus
sesses �����_uallties jieetilinr to itself. Tiicy
may ^je'cla. *lt\e& .��_(nllo\vs: Aiiianthus,
In which the (lbet. wee so vxceedlngly
long, fle-iblo'.nd hnstoi.'ttiM thoy may lie
woven into cloth; ooiniiion asbestus, with
the fibers much less flexible���It Is heavier
than the ur��* s,��.utT> �� dun grwjn |n co|.
or,��ouMM.imos pearly In iubvot and oily tt>
theitouch. tmeuntain cork, light eaousb
to float on wnter; ��iowwt.-vin leather, also
very light, but HhinMrsaud more flexibM
thaa the last; inoii ntnin paper or blue as
bastus; mountain wood, which In-external
appearance rosewbles dry wood. As s
inatter of fact, nearly *M warletlss have
more or less the appearance of fossilized
wood. ABbeRtna'baa'boen found in nearly
all parts���<*-the globe.���New York Ledger.
Del.1* eamrty ��fi* .vomnn who WwiM
���tl.*r aurso a yea dug than a Iwby.
Don't marry tha womnn wh* wornia
ratheodle thua<s_wra iMHMMK'two seasons
IK*H sututy 'the -toman 'win wants
things Jju_. Usmuss'^whsr-woijian" have
Don't niaiiy-lha'wumati who'uyys brio-
���-brno for thn 'host room and borrows
kitchen itlteuslts fro_t4mm- -n*lgh_ors.
The gmntl Ylzlcr was��anibltlotia
"I think," sftld be, 'Hhat hiy'hss4 wlll
bs on a irediil some day."
"Hal"��nM the caliph.    "Good Ideal
I'll bnvo *t snruc-t off mtToaaar*���IndlM-
apuiis >-*unsrt��.     ^^^^
���flcH'-lie W��H. 1
Ton noeher hss the blnnki-stfae* I
On this l.-fle. irinl  ball.
Olrls who.-������v .lierr koihiks ��lt hiss 1
Dan't g��t ��ityt_tn�� st nil. t
���Chicago AecoML 1
'������TVi.e.mi'flrInk there ls any��8iniK-r 6t
��.nterlrn being dominated \m <Buroper
"No. .-..v." nmJtreKB* Mr. Meaktaa
with f-truwdlnary emirtitrtJls; "not so
Kong ns eniliieiit'Burt.peanatcontlnaaita
1 marry Aumrlcaosglfla?'
Stmlr or Hustle'*
"Vy boy," sold the mnn of Meal '���#���.-
.���eminent, "It you want to become a master of your profession you must study-
study day and night."
"Yes,"   replied   the  energetlo  youth,
���aud whllal'm away off In a corner studying  soma other   mini wlll   ba hustllaf
���rcund^sttlng aU the bat
To the busy housewives 'in
midst of their morning duties,
monotonous query, '''wtoat shall;
we have lor lunch?" at times is al-
aost maddening. A delicious vet
substantial-��_id economical dish can
>e quidtly anfi easily prepared to
answer this question which 'besides
satisfying tbe pAate is eratitying'tcj
ithe homekeeper as she hears the
hungry broo'd around her table ex-<
claim "Why, this is mighty good."
Takes cold boiled rice from a previous meal and freshen by bringing
to a boll with aa'lk, using enough
Ho get a soft ydt firm nhcttm. Addhj
�� beaten egg if desirtd. Sweeten,]
��� id flavor'to ttr.ste. 'Pitt 'this in a1
s.rving di^h and ptJhr tw it the
���syrup and trutt from a can of pinei.
apple. The Cayenne] variety is
preferable as it is sweeter and gives
�� pleasing fruity flavor. This m��y
���be served ��cold or ;fes -soon *us pre-
iparcd. This 'novel Hiili -seldom
i'fiils to pieesa, and its muttiti've
Wtlue is beyontl qmotion.   Try it.
%. V. C.
Haw ta Handle ���'Vara.
s���What ln time did you let Btmber
ten that long yarn ��M oeer again 4orf Us
mtie, 1t to you only the dny before.
���Fogg���The day boforef Why, lie lias
���aid it to me .��teas than ��our times ths
p-st ��w��_>k.
Jlatis��� And fw/e let, hlm .*_ It agalnl
���Fogg���Of >oo_rse. While 'he is telling
4hat story 'he ilsntfsnylng anything else,
and, as I'm not ohligod to tttten, yoa
���hnow.'I can think of something elso'wltb-
���Ut4)etiig ta thsilsaetdls -irbed.���BostdU
Lighting 'tee TJ/rntrfia*-dl Egypt with 1
���lectin My and thesiustallntlon of a%A,< 1)0 1
horse|KiW��* ��l��l��nt,i*>ocst sonic f _fri,t-Hi,
ls a p'un oow'under oonsideraUen 'tiy ihs
Brltish governiiimtt.
The Vntteon Is soon to ' be -ItflMid w_th
electric lights, the 1 plant being set up lathe former bamoks of the French giuirds.
As thoro are I l,-ete rocm_Ptbe^ilun��s-wlirbe j
fultoan extvnstre^M. fi
A professional sohool of electricity !���"�����'
be established at St. Germain, near-Pa Hs, j
to be called ths Ampere instltuta. The;
school Is Intended to furnish laborers and:
foremen with an electrical education, aaid
llrst class Instructloa wUl bo given! to both;
If you average the cost price of J-M Asbestos Roormc waer
the period of years it ia ia service, you will gee that "J-M" iis
!______,*" 'UBe Jthan iu*r,)tJ,er prepared totAaf.  -Being -ma* ��Sf
AafcegftK, an lnhe-tructible mineral.'It ia'limKUfsenWy <����<r_*fc,
���nd as it does not require any coating or,paruting, .its. first (MR is
the only cost.   Easily applied by anyone.
AsbeStoside is an Asbestos Sheathing and is the fsost economical, durable and easily applied siding known.
A��k for ttmmjoUim unit prleoa.
576 First Ave. S.'
Seattle, Wash
The Delia Times
On the 1 Jib inst., a Iwr a*l'.
white Spaniel. When last seen was
following Kro -sportsmen in Penn
berton's big field,'near the house.
Canoe Pass.
Finder will bc rewurded on leaving same at
"Successar to
HavhigpitrAaS-d'ttte -tlbove busi.
ness, I am prepared to do fust-class
worfe ��� df dll l-kinds -til lldundering.
For ten years successfully operated:
a latmdjyin N. w .V^yk City.
yoar Palronge "Earnestly
Job   Printing*
Por Sai
Keep the evening of November      A hundred dollar option on a
i2th free. ' new piano.    Apply
7 p.C.
On Your Money
3 p.c.
R. D, McKenzie was a  visitor to
the Terminal City, last week.
Watch out for full particulars of
entertainment on Thursday, November 12th.
Ik Dtt UBS' If runt
Mrs. E. B. Ladner and two children returned. Saturday, from a
visit to New Westminster.
Friends of Miss Kirkland will regret to learn that she is laid up
with an attack of appendicitis.
The Annual Meeting of the Delta
Farmers' Game Protective Association will be held iu the Town Hall,
Ladner, on Friday, October 30th,
1908, at 8 p.m.
We regret very much to state
that our worthy Reeve, J. A. Paterson. is still very ill at Jubilee
Hospital, Victoria.
H. D. Benson returned home on
Friday morning, from Vancouver,
when, he had been on busiuess in
connection with the water works
The annual meeting of the Delta
Farmers' Game Protective Association will be held in tlie Town Hall,
Ladner, on Friday, October 30th,
1908, at 8 p.m.
Alex. Davie is able to sit up
again after having been confined to
tbe house during the past two
weeks or so and hopes soou to be
able to be arouud again.
The members of the Dandelion
Club entertained a large number of
their friends in Oddfellows' Hall,
On Friday last, when an invitation
. dance was enjoyed until about 3
(O'clock a.m. Everything passed off
Dr. G. Kelson Thorpe left, on
Saturday last, on an urgent business call to England. During his
absence, Dr. A. DeR. Taylor will
do all be can to look after the veterinary business. Dr. Thorp is t<>
be back eafly in Tanuarv, 1909.
to the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Dredging Coal
Harbour," will be received until
Friday, 30th October, 1908, at 4:30
p.m., for dredging required at Coal
Harbour, Vancouver, Province ol
British Columbia-���
Tenders will not be considered
unless made on the form supplied,
and signed with the actual signatures ot tenderers.
Specification and form of tender
can be obtained on application to
G. A. Keeier, Esq , Resident Engineer New Westminster, and at
the Department ot Public Works,
Ottawa. Tenders must include the
towing of the plant to and from the
works. Only dredges can be employed which are registered in Canada at the time of filing of tenders
Contractors must be ready to begin
work within twenty days after the
date tbey bave been notified of the
acceptance of their tender.
An accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to the order ot the
Honourable the Minister of Public
vVorks, for one thousand dollars
($1000.00), must be deposited as
security. The cheque will be returned in case of non-acceptance of
The Department does not bind
itself to accept the lowest or any
By order,
Departm��!tt of Public Work*,
Ottawa, October 7, 1908.
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement if they insert it
without authority trom the Department.
Guaranteed upon absolutely safe security���first
mortgages on substantial city properties Seven and
Eight Per Cent. Guaranteed, free of all charges,
upon sums ranging from Five Hundred Dollars up,
White, Shiles & \%*
New Westminster, B.C.
We Bern Leave
Agencies Represented���
Harttord Fir. Inn-rone. Co. liMWirnnce C-, of North America
Phoenix In-nrance Co. or llrooktyn    The Octm Accident * Guarantee C_*ora-
Cotinectlcut Fire Insurance Co. .ion, U<1.. ��r l.oudon, Hn*.
Imperial Trust Co., Ltd. Vancouver. B.C.
To notiiy the people j>. lAtifter and aul.
rounding district that w�� are now m &
position to ofter Vancouver Island
Portland Cement
At greatly reduced prices, making it po$.
sible for parties Who contemplate building
to put in concrete foundations at about th.
same cost as piling or other inferior
Write for Prices*
Oan only be made Irom flrst quality of milling
wheats. We have our own buyers on the prairies securing for us the choicest grades of milling
wheats, from which ROYAL STANDARD is
made. Skilful milttog and selected wheat enables us to guarantee every sack of ROYAL
STANDARD to you. Get the habit and use the
best   It is the cheapest in the end.   ,
Sold by W. H. SMITH.
Vancouver Milling I Grain Co., Lit,
VA-NCOtrVETr., B. a
Cut Glass*
Watches fa*
All Tfvinds of TewelktyJ
New Stock
Call and See Thei*
Jl. Clausm
i Public Meeting
Will be held in the
Town Hall, Ladner
October 24th, '08
At 8 o'Clock p.m. in the Interests of
And   other   Speakers   will   be   present.
The Conservative candidate has been invite! to
Ladies Es^e liaily Invited.
-    GOD   SAVE   THE   KING    -
When You Require
Furniture, Carpet 3, Linoleum, Window
Shades or Any Article of Furniture or
Household Fuin:s.rings a visit to LEE'6
STORE will convince you that there is the
Visitors Welcome.
JfSW WESTMINSTER.        -        -       -       B. Q,
The Days Are
Getting Shorter!
Is Your Lighting System in good order ?
Now is the time to order your new fixtures.
We are Agents for the Largest Electric |
House in Vancouver and can do your work
right and at reasonable prices.
We Are in the Market
For All Kinds of Produce,   See xis before
going further.
How About a Gasoline Engine
For wood sawing, chopping, pumping, &c.
the head of the list.
,'  /_   t
is one of the ma-iy a.mrableqi
^"^  '���*���'��� ���'���'������������ '.'jtsm.'..
ities that yob caw c_unl o _ i( A
ptftcliase all yon.                     I
/     ir
V '��� '..''���'"''' '^ddjr. jy '��� '���'
H;��M933 and     j
<__ all
mA.-   1 JJ3t    m   . _���*������
/y/yWi f::.<���'������:���
Hor3j GooJf.    1
1' -H^lft >_^^_r
im   L\           v^ * T /aa\rt^T_r)   IUHr
f mT^mm^rW.T^
<ff us. Oar stock i* hrge,'._��
terials Gne, the style nn 1 >i��l
tion of each artic^ is tliorOtH
good.                                     1
B. C. Leather Co., Lti{
in Hastings Street. Vancouver. B. C.
Estate oi
Wa   L*   MeBRlDi
E. T. -CALVERT, '���'gsix
Phone 5,   -   Port QuiciK


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